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Mobilizing students on 1,400 college and high school campuses across the country, Charlie has your inside scoop on the biggest news of the week and what's really going on behind the headlines. The founder of Turning Point USA and Twitter's 5th most engaged personality sits down with some of the bigg…


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    How Dr. Fauci Funded Dog Killers

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 40:00

    Fauci has blood on his hands yet again—this time, it's beagle blood and America is rightfully outraged. Charlie dives deep into the latest reporting which shows that Tony Fauci & Francis Collins created a culture of animal abuse and torture at the NIH & NIAID for decades with nothing substantial to show for it...other than an astonishingly high number of dead dogs. If all of that makes you sick, which it should, it begs the question—how can we hold Fauci and the permanent mad-scientist medical class accountable? Charlie walks through what needs to be done to ensure someone pays for this, among other atrocities, in a segment on what every Republican who wants to represent America should run on to be successful and take back the House: getting to the bottom of the Ruling Class war on our republic—from Fauci to Collins to Biden and more.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Ask Charlie Anything 84: Is Alec Baldwin to Blame? Durham Investigates the Clintons? The Truth About Thomas Jefferson? And MORE

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 42:10

    On this 84th edition of Ask Charlie Anything, we take your questions you email us at Today's questions include: Is Durham still investigating the Clintons? With left wing activists taking down a statue of Thomas Jefferson, what is the correct historical take on this now controversial Founding Father? What's the story of Alec Baldwin's on set shooting and is he to blame? Also, Charlie interviews CSU TPUSA chapter president, Gabby Reichardt, who was served trespassing orders from the university for not being vaccinated. Hear her story exclusively on The Charlie Kirk Show. Finally, Charlie details the reporting from Nebraska, where that state's AG has publicly stated he will defend pharmacists who prescribe Ivermectin and other alternative treatments other than the vaccine. Why does the AG even need to be involved at all? Charlie has the answers to your burning questions only here on The Charlie Kirk Show Ask Charlie Anything 84.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Is Atheism Dead? LIVE from Freedom Night in America with Eric Metaxas

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2021 86:23

    Charlie is LIVE from Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona for Freedom Night in America along with special guest, American treasure, public intellectual, and author of many books including his newest, "Is Atheism Dead?" Charlie and Eric discuss the inspiration for the book, namely the famous 1966 Time magazine cover which asked, "Is God Dead?" Now Metaxas responds with a question of his own by logically making an astonishing case; presenting new evidence and arguments against the idea of a Creatorless universe; and outlining why he believes atheism is implausible, unrealistic, and intellectually indefensible.  Check out Eric's new book here: Support the show: See for privacy information.

    How Identity Politics Destroys American Equality with Dr. David Azerrad

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2021 41:42

    Charlie sits down with the incredible Dr. David Azerrad, assistant Professor of Government at Hillsdale Graduate School of Government in Washington D.C. Charlie and Professor Azerrad discuss how identity politics and the civil rights revolution of the 1960s has been hijacked and weaponized by America's elite institutions, leading to the "late-stage of the republic" we find ourselves in now. 60 years later, dissenting views on the left's central pieties of race, gender, and identity are now considered hate speech and a "threat to democracy." How do we reclaim moral and cultural sanity? Can we "laugh in their cathedral" of identity politics and live to tell about it? In one of the most important discussions we've had on The Charlie Kirk Show, today's episode will help you make sense of the performative public morality cult that has taken control of mainstream American culture and give you tools to fight pack. Visit to take more of Dr. Azerrad's courses online, 100% free.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Trump 2024? In-Depth with ‘The Chief's Chief,' Mark Meadows

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2021 42:30

    On a special extra episode of The Charlie Kirk Show this week, former Congressman and White House Chief of Staff to President Donald Trump, Mark Meadows—one of the show's earliest original guests joins Charlie again to talk through the politics of the day—where we stand, how we got here, and most importantly: where do we go now? You'll get exclusive insight from the highest ranking Trump official on what it was like during his time in the West Wing as well as an update on election integrity, China, NIH, Infrastructure, and so much more. Charlie and Mark walk through what it will take to reclaim Congress for the good guys before diving into the million dollar question: is the Big Man coming back in 2024? Get the inside scoop and opinion from one of Trump's most trusted advisers, here only on The Charlie Kirk Show.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Tony Fauci and the REAL "Big Lie"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 36:45

    A new NIH letter confirms what we've been reporting on for months, that Fauci lied before Congress when asked directly by Rand Paul if he was funding gain of function research in Wuhan. Back then, Dr. Fauci was adamant that Sen. Paul "didn't know what he was talking about," but now it appears clear that Fauci knowingly, and deliberately lied, obscured, and misled Congress, a crime punishable with prison time. Charlie also plays the tape from Joe Biden's cringeworthy CNN town hall that has sent the White House into full walk back mode after the near octogenarian "misspoke" on numerous issues of national security, immigration, and vaccines.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    A Horrific Rape in Philadelphia and the Shrinking American Man

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 40:17

    Trigger Warning: Charlie gets fired up in this episode. Recounting the details of a horrific rape on a commuter train in Philadelphia, Charlie explains the crisis of the shrinking American man. Orwell is attributed with saying something profound: "People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." But as the war against masculinity rages, our culture, and especially the cities, have become riddled with unchecked evil. Charlie also dismantles a USA Today article that downplays the criminal's culpability and attempts to say that YOU are partially to blame. Finally, Charlie talks Netflix and their insane walkout over Dave Chappell's comedy special and how another shrinking man has caved to the woke mob.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    DEBATE NIGHT: Charlie Kirk Vs. Atheist, Marxist Professor Ben Burgis

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 128:58

    In a long-form, thought-provoking third installment of 'Debate Night' — Charlie is joined LIVE from HQ by self-avowed Marxist professor of Philosophy, Atheist apologist, and avid lover of the Post Office—Dr. Ben Burgis—to debate the big ideas surrounding what system of government is most conducive to living a good, free, and prosperous life in America. Coming from a perspective of conservative populism, Charlie takes on Dr. Burgis' full-throated defense of marxist socialism in a point-by-point, intellectual disagreement that spans a myriad of topics, from healthcare, to taxes, to schools, and much, much more. In the extended edition, presented exclusively here on The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie and Ben dive deep into the meaning of life, religion and atheism, the existence of God, and so much more—available only to those of you who subscribe to the podcast.   Tune in to 'Debate Night with Charlie Kirk' on TPUSA LIVE to watch these debates live as they air by going to Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Capitol GRILLED—AG Merrick Garland Testifies Before Congress

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 38:52

    Attorney General Merrick Garland, often presented as a kindly old moderate heading up the DOJ, was forced to testify before the House Judiciary Committee and received a world class grilling at the hands of Reps. Jim Jordan, Greg Steube, Matt Gaetz and others. Forced to answer for his shocking school board memoranda targeting concerned parents, his apparent conflicts of interest as his family profits from CRT curriculum in schools, and his failure to enforce the law against illegal aliens, the House GOP committeemen held nothing back. Charlie plays the tape and exposes the DOJ's wolf in sheep's clothing who came within inches of a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    FLASH EPISODE: Satan's Dare with Senator Jim DeMint

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 19:33

    Charlie is joined by Senator Jim DeMint, the former senator from South Carolina, who has written an important new book, "Satan's Dare," that wrestles with perhaps the most profound issue of our time: the death of truth. As what's false becomes more elevated and celebrated, the truth of God's creation becomes further obscured in our culture, our education system, our media, our politics, and much of the Christian church, Senator DeMint's book works to bring life's most provocative questions to the forefront in his newest, and perhaps his most important book. As Senator DeMint writes, "Christians – in fact every thinking person – need to ask the hard questions and seek the answers that will expose the truth and confirm their faith."  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    In-N-Out Burgers with a Side of Anarcho-Tyranny

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 70:32

    You may not know it, but we no longer live in a republic. We live in an Anarcho-Tyranny and what just happened in a showdown between San Francisco health tyrants and a California-based fast food restaurant made it all very clear: the America we once knew is on life support. Charlie walks through the fast food fight against fascism while highlighting the general lawlessness that's allowed to stand while real Americans who just want to live in an ordered and just society are made to suffer at the hands of the state are crushed by the boot of the Biden Regime and their cronies. And before the end of the episode, Charlie is joined by Author of the new book 'Is Atheism Dead?,' Eric Metaxas, to highlight a story from a train ride in Pennsylvania that should make every single American sick to their stomach.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Exposing Cultural Marxists & Crushing CRT—LIVE from Burlington, VT

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 115:35

    Coming to you LIVE on the latest stop from TPUSA's Exposing Critical Racism tour, Live from Bernie Sanders' back yard in Vermont, Charlie takes on a packed house filled with supporters and democratic socialist detractors alike. His speech goes in depth on what it means to live a good and fulfilled live and how only God and the natural order can help one achieve that. This all comes ahead of a raucous Q&A where Charlie takes on the lies of Socialism‘s success, perfectly claps back at a cultural Marxist's attempt to pin him to the mat on CRT, and also heard comments from multiple non-American students who have messages of their own for the Marxist, American left.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Fauci Virus Thought Crimes with Daniel Horowitz

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 64:52

    Host of the Conservative Review podcast, Daniel Horowitz, sits down on The Charlie Kirk Show to discuss COVID thought crimes the mainstream news media doesn't want you to hear about. From Ivermectin, the vaccine, miracles in India, and how the vaccine is affecting our current COVID treatment strategies, Daniel bring some provocative ideas that are not allowed to be voiced in polite society. If you have questions about COVID, about the vaccine, about alternative treatments, this is the episode for you. This is a CAN'T MISS discussion with Daniel Horowitz from The Blaze, a national treasure who will challenge your assumptions and give you the intellectual ammunition to push back against talking point answers from the left and the MSM. Share this episode EVERYWHERE.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    How Virginia Became Ground Zero in the American Culture War

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 39:39

    Recording in Loudon County, Virginia, Charlie reflects on the political grassroots energy on the ground in Virginia. Only a few weeks before the governor's race that pits Biden surrogate Terry McAuliffe vs. moderate conservative Glenn Youngkin, Democrats have realized that Virginia, which was once considered solidly blue, is now at risk of turning red, and they are pulling out all the stops to get McAuliffe across the finish line. In a race that is now a bellwether for the rest of the country, Charlie examines what issues have animated parents, regular Americans, and moderates to bring Youngkin within the polls' statistical margin of error. The school board movement is now the tea party movement of 2010. How did this happen, and how is the Biden Administration complicit in a massive conflict of interest in the CRT controversy stirring up voters in the middle?  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Where Did All the Workers Go?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 42:04

    Charlie kicks off the show with CNN's Brian Stelter's interview of former New York Times columnist, Bari Weiss, and gets absolutely humiliated on his own show. Charlie explains why moderates, liberals, and conservatives should use this exchange as a template for challenging leftists. Next, Charlie moves onto the supply chain crisis as the WSJ asks a provocative question: Where did all the workers go? Charlie breaks down the latest developments on Biden's latest domestic disaster, and plays the tape on paternity-leave- Sec. Pete's unbelievable take on the root causes of the crisis. Finally activist investor billionaire, Carl Icahn, warns the market over the long run will certainly ‘hit the wall' because of the Democrats unrelenting money printing and inflationary policies.  Don't miss the Hillsdale Highlights at the end of this episode outlining How Identity Politics Destroys Equality taken from the Hillsdale course: Civil Rights in American History. Visit to take this class for free.      Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Ask Charlie Anything 83: Inside the Shade War Between Joe and Kamala with Jack Posobiec

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 71:48

    Charlie takes the questions you send him at alongside host of Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec and powered by TPUSA. Questions for Jack and Charlie include: Why would billionaires rig the election for Biden when Biden wants to tax them more than conservatives? How do we talk about the vaccine with our friends who are very pro-vaccine mandates? What is behind Biden's sinking polling numbers: Are people unhappy with his policies or have they lost faith in his leadership ability? Is there a growing conflict between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden in the White House and what are the details of the shade war? What does it mean to be a good person and live a good life? What does Jack mean when he says reject modernity, embrace tradition? Is there a real spiritual war with the Devil? That and so much more... Support the show: See for privacy information.

    How the Nation Can Turn Back to God—LIVE from Golden Spring Calvary Chapel

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2021 43:26

    Charlie visit Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, CA with Pastor Raul Ries to discuss how our nation can turn its heart and mind back to God. The question is how can we do that? In a talk full of practical, spiritual applications, Charlie dives in by beginning with young peoples' lack of ultimate purpose and how this can only be "fixed" by fixing our hearts and minds on something worthy of our praise, worthy of our wonder, and worthy of our devotion, and that of course God. Charlie lays out how the facts are clear, that as the country has become more secular, we become less free. Charlie calls for a rededication to the scriptures and back to a day of sabbath and rest to turn this around. Charlie also discusses the unpopular topic of Satan and why the church needs to more openly discuss evil so that we can become equipped to fight spiritual battles. Support the show: See for privacy information.

    How George Floyd's Death Radically Reshaped America—Exposing CRT LIVE from Baylor

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2021 93:41

    Coming to you LIVE from Waco, Texas, Charlie delivers a barnburner of a speech for his third stop on the Exposing Critical Racism Tour. He walks through the deterioration of America at the hands of the woke mob in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd and the oligarchs who caved to them…all before before answering audience questions on abortion, human dignity, Nietzsche, modern art, and much, much more.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Who Will Blink First? The Biden Regime vs. The American Worker with Jack Posobiec

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 34:47

    Charlie is joined today with co-pilot and host of Human Events Daily powered by Turning Point USA, Jack Posobiec, for an in-depth discussion around vaccine mandates. Citing multiple examples from the military, to the airlines, hospitals and medical professionals, Charlie and Jack pose the question: Who will blink first in the battle over vaccine mandates? Will the Biden Regime stand down and make religious and natural immunity exemptions part of its standard operation procedures? Or will they continue to force the hand of over 43% of the population, which remains unvaccinated to strike, protest, and leverage sick outs like the #freedomflu to bring US industry to a standstill in order to win their medical freedom?  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    How Democrats Rigged a Presidential Election with Mollie Hemingway

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 42:59

    Charlie sits down with an American treasure, Mollie Hemingway, senior editor of "The Federalist: and author of the important new book, "Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections." The two discuss the myriad ways in which the Democrat machine mobilized to seize the 2020 election through mass mail-in voting, changing of state-level election laws, private injections of billionaire money into local municipalities, and big tech's censoring of information to level a major blow to the conservative movement. What are the main lessons the GOP needs to learn to ensure it never happens again? In an interview full of new insights and details from Mollie's reporting, this is a can't miss interview with one of America's smartest political minds.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Exposing America's Expansive Shadow Government

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 72:53

    When you watch Joe Biden give speeches—or just generally go about his day to day tasks as president—it isn't too big of a stretch to believe he's not really in charge. So it begs the question: who is? With the latest developments surrounding the 2020 election and how Corporate Oligarchs worked to bankroll Biden's "victory," new details are emerging about an omnipresent Shadow Government who both installed Biden and are pulling his puppet strings as they all steer America down a destructive path. Charlie's joined by Phill Kline, Director of The Amistad Project, who has been a regular guest on the show to discuss Zuckerboxes and the fraud surrounding the 2020 election for months to unpack this all. He also dives into the supply chain crisis, Rogan v. Gupta, a potentially positive GOP Bellwether in Iowa, and much, much more on this in-depth and extensive episode of The Charlie Kirk Show. Support the show: See for privacy information.

    How Mark Zuckerberg Bought the 2020 Election

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 41:26

    What if we told you 25 out of the 26 cities and counties that received at least $1 million from Zuckerberg's $420 million donation to the Center for Tech and Civic Life, were won by Biden in 2020? A new report from The Federalist confirms what we've been saying on this show for a long time, that Zuckerberg's hyper partisan election rigging scheme of private grants in public elections had a likely consequential impact on the 2020 election in key swing states and counties. How did this funding model change the way certain counties did elections in 2020? Can we affirmatively determine that it caused a change in the results? Charlie has the analysis for you and then, finally, Charlie documents the blockbuster reporting from DailyMail that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden shared a bank account which could embroil Joe Biden in Hunter Biden's FBI investigation.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    'Your Children Do Not Belong to You'—The Left's War on the Family Explained

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 35:07

    Charlie is fired up for an episode you're not going to want to miss. Charlie breaks down the left's sick fixation on the nuclear family and why they want to disrupt and even abolish society's most foundational institution. Analyzing how schools and curriculum have become the number one issue impacting the governor's race in Virginia, Charlie breaks down the polling and plays the tape of various Democrats who have openly called for the state and the public school system to raise America's children. Then Charlie goes through the facts of one of the most shocking and tragic stories you'll ever hear, also from Loudoun County, Virginia, where that school district covered up the rape of a young girl at the hands of a trans student inside the girl's bathroom. This is an episode you must share with your friends and family to fight back against the Biden DOJ who wants to criminalize being a concerned parent, and the woke activists who are putting children in serious jeopardy.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Arizona on Trial with Attorney General Mark Brnovich

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 48:44

    Charlie sits down with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich for an in depth discussion on election integrity and the fallout from the finding of the Arizona audit; vaccine mandates and what AG's around the country can do to fight back; and the corruption of higher education including his lawsuits against ASU. A candidate for Senate in the state of Arizona, there may be no man in America with more weigh on his shoulders to get the next few month right in the minds of Arizonans and conservative movement as a whole. Here his perspective on some of America's most critical issues on this exclusive discussion with Arizona AG Mark Brnovich.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Is the Vaccine Helping or Hurting?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 38:17

    Charlie gives you his unfiltered take on the controversy swirling around Jon Gruden who has stepped down as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders due to contents of leaked emails from 2011. Then Charlie explains why a 16-yr-old student in Wyoming was really arrested for protesting mask mandates at her high school and refused to comply. Finally, Charlie reads form the Blaze's Daniel Horowitz's stunning article that outlines in very compelling detail how the vaccine might actually be making the pandemic worse. Thought crimes incoming!  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    The Ruling Class Is Demoralized

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 37:40

    Charlie has good news. Even while the country is falling apart all around us and as the Biden Administration does unprecedented damage to our institutions and the fabric of our nation, Charlie goes over example after example to explain how the ruling elites are demoralized by how "anti-fragile" the conservative movement has proven to be in the post-Trump presidency months. The more they come after us, the more they persecute political dissent, the more they attempt to radically transform the nation, the stronger the conservative movement grows. They now understand this. And they're terrified.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    7 Lies Controlling the Country

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 36:53

    Charlie breaks down the 7 lies running, and ruining, the country including vaccine mandate misinformation, FDA vaccine approvals (or lack thereof), leaky vaccines, and MORE. This is a breakdown you'll want to hear and pass along to your friends so they can push back against, and debunk, the falsehoods tyrannizing America. But first, Charlie welcomes Kimberly Fletcher, Founder and President of Moms for America, who is fighting back against the DOJ's new threats targeting parents who show up at school board meetings to fight CRT. Support her work and consider organizing alongside her with moms all across the country by visiting Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Southwest On Strike: How Airlines Became the Frontlines in the Fight for Medical Freedom

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 39:02

    With over 2,000 Southwest flights cancelled or delayed across the country, and the company trying baselessly to blame the weather, Charlie examines the real reason behind the quagmire and walks through why the brave men and women standing up against the Corporate Oligarchy's vaccine mandates are some of the bravest among us on the frontlines of the culture war. Diving even deeper, Charlie walks through the activist media's sinister motivation for not covering this massive story with any semblance of truth. And finally, with Columbus Day upon us yet again, and with the left continuing to co-opt this historic occasion on behalf of so-called "indigenous people," Charlie ends the show by resisting the calls to Cancel Columbus. Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Ask Charlie Anything 82: Who's Actually Running the Country?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 42:14

    Charlie takes your questions you email him at on this 82nd episode of Ask Charlie Anything.  Questions include: Is there actually a vaccine mandate in place? Why is Joe Biden running press conferences from a fake White House set? Who is really running the government given that Joe Biden is declining cognitively? Should parents be afraid now that the DOJ is investigating the school board movement? Is the country moving toward national divorce, especially since a majority of Trump voters want to split the country into two according to a new poll? Is it unrealistic for states like Texas and Arizona to defend the southern border without the federal government? What is the big takeaway of the newest job report and what does it mean for the future expectations around the economy?  Please visit to take Hillsdale College's free constitutional courses.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Exposing Critical Racism Tour—LIVE from the University of Michigan

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2021 88:17

    Charlie visits Ann Arbor, MI, home of University of Michigan for the first stop in Turning Point USA's "Exposing Critical Racism Tour." Charlie levels six real world examples of how CRT is being implemented in American industry and institutions in ways that will fundamentally damage the entire society if adopted by the majority.  Charlie contrasts true American ideals passed down by the Founding Fathers and kept alive by every generation of Americans up until today, with the ideas of CRT, which believes this country was establish and founded on racism by racist white men. Charlie dismantles these notions and explains why it's impossible, with an honest reading of history, to believe that America is as simplistically evil as "they" want you to believe. Charlie then takes questions from students in attendance, where no topic is off limits. Visits to come to the next stop in the tour.   Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Is God Dead? Making Sense of Nietzsche with Dr. Khalil Habib

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2021 49:32

    “God is dead.” What is there to say about such a provocative statement from one of the most provocative thinkers of the last two centuries? Turns out—a lot. Charlie sits down with Dr. Khalil Habib, a political philosophy professor from Hillsdale College, to unpack the profound, and oftentimes misunderstood legacy of the German philosopher who has the distinction of being an influence on the politics of both the right and the left—for better or worse. This conversation offers a deep and thoughtful defense of the West and the existential crisis it faces in today's day and age.   To take Hillsdale classes for free, visit   Support the show: See for privacy information.

    McConnell Caves, Schumer Wins, America Loses

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 39:23

    With yet another disappointing, yet unsurprising betrayal from our "Republican" "Leaders" in Washington DC, Chuck Schumer delivers a massive win to Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the entire regime with a two month lifeline on debt ceiling negotiations. Charlie walks through the battle of political will being waged every day in Washington and begs the question: why does our side continue to lose every single time? He goes through and names names and calls for all 11 GOP Senators who sided with Schumer to be held accountable by We The People. And as all of that unfolds stateside, Charlie turns his attention to the unfolding situation in Taiwan and offers an update on the Regime-Sponsored crisis in Afghanistan before tying it all together with Joe Biden's incredible weakness in enacting effective, America-First policy at home and abroad. Support the show: See for privacy information.

    UNFILTERED: A Long-Form Debate with a Deranged Pro-Abortion Activist

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 85:01

    *WARNING: Graphic Content.* In a long-form, action-packed second edition of a new, regular installation on The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie is joined LIVE in Phoenix for 'Debate Night' by so-called "comedian" Ben Gleib to debate the right of human beings to live—both inside and outside a mother's womb. Though the debate gets contentious at times, this episode of The Charlie Kirk Show can hopefully serve as a vital resource for anyone looking to strengthen their argument in favor of life.    Tune in to 'Debate Night with Charlie Kirk' on TPUSA LIVE to watch these debates live as they air by going to Support the show: See for privacy information.

    EXPOSED: Spineless Senators and a Trojan Horse for Socialism with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 37:30

    Before diving into an extensive discussion on the disappointing swamp antics surrounding the debt ceiling with America's most infamous freedom fighter in Congress, Charlie walks through the unconstitutional attack on the Arizona Audit coming from the Biden Regime in Washington. Following election integrity, one of the most important conversations conservatives should be having is surrounding the debt ceiling and the Democrats' insistence to spend America off a fiscal cliff. Charlie's joined in the second half of the program by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to unpack the disgusting lack of political will that exists in the US Senate, led by Mitch McConnell. She also walks through the most shameful aspects hidden inside the Democrats' major spending bills and how this act of cowardice by the “leaders” of the GOP may usher in socialism in America once and for all.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    PFIZER EXPOSED—Unpacking The Fetus-Filled Vaccine Bombshell with James O' Keefe

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 39:13

    As Joe Biden continues to find himself in a public polling free-fall, Charlie tries his best to make sense of why the Regime refuses to course correct despite a staggering number of Americans who are apparently appalled by his first 9 months in office. And it's only going to get worse if the latest bombshell exposé from Project Veritas gets the coverage it deserves. To unpack the suppression campaign from Pfizer which caused millions of Americans to be denied religious exemptions, Charlie is joined by Founder & CEO of Project Veritas—James O' Keefe. Listen to this episode in full for an exclusive insight into the next move from America's most effective journalists at PV. What James has to say will truly shock you.    To support the work James and team are doing every day to expose the American Oligarchy, head to and contact the team with any potential tips at Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Do We Have the Will to Win with Steve Deace

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 45:31

    Charlie sits down with Steve Deace, host of The Steve Deace Show on The Blaze, and author of "The Faucian Bargain," to take a step back from the churning news cycle and and assess the big picture of our current political and cultural moment. What's really going on here? What's at stake? Can the constitutional republic withstand the coercion and corruption, the DC oligarchy, the creep of socialism, and the emergence of a medical police state? What's really at stake? And how do we take it back? This is one of Charlie's favorite discussions in recent memory and it's a can't miss for anyone who wants to go way deeper than just the headlines.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    UNFILTERED: A Long-Form Debate with a Deranged Pro-Abortion Activist

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 85:01

    *WARNING: Graphic Content.* In a long-form, action-packed second edition of a new, regular installation on The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie is joined LIVE in Phoenix for 'Debate Night' by so-called "comedian" Ben Gleib to debate the right of human beings to live—both inside and outside a mother's womb. Though the debate gets contentious at times, this episode of The Charlie Kirk Show can hopefully serve as a vital resource for anyone looking to strengthen their argument in favor of life.  Tune in to 'Debate Night with Charlie Kirk' on TPUSA LIVE to watch these debates live as they air by going to Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Exposing the Swampy Motivation Behind Merrick Garland's School Board Strike Force

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 71:50

    What if we told you that Mark Zuckerberg and the Attorney General's son-in-law may actually be behind the latest push to criminalize Americans who want to hold members of their school board accountable? Believe it or not—it very well could be the case. Charlie dives deep into the Garland Family Tree and exposes what the media doesn't want you to know about our gentile Attorney General. He also offers a peek into the mind of the unhinged radical left in this country, covering a story where the most serious thinkers who identify with the cult of leftism want to see the entirety of some US states just completely wiped off the face of the earth...seriously. All of that, plus—analysis of the ongoing risks surrounding mandatory vaccines and a heartbreaking story of family separation that the left suddenly doesn't seem to care about. Support the show: See for privacy information.

    The FBI Comes for School Boards

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 35:42

    Charlie continues his coverage of the federal government getting weaponized against concerned parents after a terrifying memoranda issued by Merrick Garland's Justice Department has instructed the FBI to mobilize against parents who oppose critical race theory in public schools, citing "threats." This comes just one day after the National School Board Association's asked the Biden administration to reclassify the school board movement as "domestic terrorism." Charlie breaks it all down here including what our next move in this organic, powerful movement needs to be, and what the DOJ really hopes to accomplish by acting now.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    When Did China Know? What Does Pfizer Know Now?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 36:42

    Charlie analyzes the shocking new report that indicates China may have known about the spreading of a deadly virus inside of Wuhan long before it admitted it to the world. Charlie analyzes the exclusive reporting from Human Events, as well as the bombshell new tapes out from Project Veritas which has uncovered shocking admissions from Pfizer scientists admitting that natural immunity is better and stronger that the jab. Finally, Charlie explains why this whole Facebook Whistleblower is just one giant set up.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    The Biden Regime Declares War on Parents

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 37:00

    As the battle to retake American school boards heats up across all 50 states, the Department of Justice steps in to squelch any dissent against the indoctrination of future generations. With a shocking, breaking announcement from Washington DC amidst a nationwide social media outage, the opening salvo of an unrighteous war on parents is kicked off by Merrick Garland. All of this comes as other members of the Biden Cabinet dispute who has a say in our children's future. Charlie walks through the Marxist roots of these anti-family measures before unpacking briefly the great supply chain issue forming off our nation's coast—rightly questioning: is this all part of some ‘Great Reset' after all? Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Facebook Down + the Democrat 'Process' Unleashes on Sen. Sinema

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 36:16

    Sen. Sinema gets trapped and accosted by Democrat "activists" while in a bathroom at ASU where she teaches. Joe Biden says this is just "part of the process" of getting legislation passed in one of the most disgraceful abdications of morality you'll ever see. Social media sites and phone companies go down across after a "whistleblower" spills the beans to 60 Minutes about Facebook. Meanwhile as military activity heats up around the island nation of Taiwan, Charlie breaks down what Chinese President Xi has said about the One China Police in the recent past, and how we very well might be headed for armed conflict with China unless something drastic changes, and fast.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    EXPOSING Loudoun County's Radical Gendered Speech Tyranny with ADF Plaintiff Monica Gill

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 35:50

    Charlie sits down with Monica Gill, a Loudoun County, Virginia teacher and plaintiff in a massive constitutional case challenging that county's coerced gendered language policy. Represented by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Monica is claiming that Loudon County Public Schools is violating her first amendment rights as well as her freedom of religion and deeply held beliefs by forcing her to use gendered language that does not align with a student's biological sex. A 20+ year veteran of the public schools, Monica is also joined by Tyson Langhofer, senior counsel and director of the center for academic freedom at ADF, to explain the urgency of this case and how all of us can help ensure that Monica has the resources necessary to keep fighting to stop the indoctrination of America's students. Please visit, scroll down and click on the Alliance Defending Freedom banner and support their critical work by donating to their Freedom Fund.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Ask Charlie Anything 81: School Boards Use Patriot Act to Target Parents? 400,000 Haitians Head for Southern Border? And Much More...

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 35:59

    Charlie takes your questions you email him at and he even takes a few live calls 1(833) 949-5475 Can states "nullify" unconstitutional federal guidelines? Is the inflation we're experiencing now "manufactured" by the Democrats? Are school boards really invoking the Patriot Act to target concerned parents showing up at school board meetings and labeling them as terrorists? Yes this is not the Babylon Bee. Are 400,000 Haitians now headed to the Southern Border? And what can be done about it. And MUCH MORE!   Support the show: See for privacy information.

    How Texas Can Save America—LIVE from Houston

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2021 48:51

    Charlie delivers one of the most important speeches of the year in a visit to Harris County, Texas. Reflecting on the urgency of the border crisis, Charlie implores the state to take the crisis into its own hands and do what Joe Biden refuses to do: enforce the country's immigration laws. Charlie lays out the case for why bold, courageous actions by Texas will not only defy the federal government, but possibly restore America's constitutional order.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Woke Corporates Come for Texas Pro-Life Law with Rep. Diane Black and Dr. David Black

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2021 41:06

    Charlie and Producer Andrew sit down with Rep. Diane Black and Dr. David Black from 2nd Vote to discuss the latest "corporate villain" news that seems to get worse and worse by the day. Updates on United Airlines, Ben and Jerry's, Salesforce, and so many others. Also, Uber and Lyft target the Texas pro-life, heartbeat bill with an absolutely vile offer to employees. Also, should conservatives support boycotting companies? Has the time finally come where we need to embrace that word as a useful tool to fight back against corporate tyranny? Also, what's happening with the vaccine mandates and are there company you absolutely MUST avoid? Finally, is there is a hidden strategy being revealed on how to keep red states red using corporate laws and other onerous policies to Democrat voters?  Be sure to visit and use promo code 'Charlie' to get 50% off. Spend wisely. 2nd Vote is here to help you do that.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Falling In Love with the Gridlock

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 36:27

    As the Biden Regime's radical legislative agenda continues to stall on Capitol Hill, Charlie walks through the underlying beauty of our current political moment—explaining that what we're witnessing now in DC would actually bring our Founding Fathers great joy. Walking through the origins of the US Senate and the Founders' intent for it to be a sage and deliberate body, Charlie explains that we all need to fall in love with legislative gridlock, even in times when it doesn't benefit our own agendas, because ultimately—it benefits the republic in the long term. He also gives his take on a supposedly "new and groundbreaking" ingestible treatment for COVID announced today by Big Pharma which bears a striking resemblance to some of the treatments and therapeutics we've covered extensively on this show such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.   Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Australia's COVID Catastrophe Explained

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 39:02

    Charlie takes an in depth look at the COVID catastrophe that is Australia. Playing clip after clip, Charlie walks through exactly how COVID has transformed Australia, into an autocratic medical lockdown state. What exactly is going on in Australia? How did that country, often thought of as the rough and tumble freedom loving ally from down under, arrive at, and publicly approve of, some of the most draconian “zero COVID” policies in the entire world. And why is America different? Also, what is the connection between the destruction of civil liberties and Australia's 1996 gun buy back program? Is this type of tyranny coming for American next?  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Manchin vs. Biden—How a Battle Between Joes is Shaping the Future of Our Economy

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 37:37

    As moderate West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin seems poised to deal another deathblow to the Biden Regime Agenda by opposing a massive $3.5 TRILLION spending bill, Charlie unpacks why this fight is so fundamentally important to the survival of the American economy and ultimately, our republic as we know it. He goes through an in-depth explanation of what inflation actually is and what it means for the average American before laying out what the multi-trillion dollar disaster would mean for inflation rates moving forward. Finally, Charlie stacks good news on top of great news with a predictive insight as to what last night's Republican victory in the Congressional Baseball Game could mean for the 2024 Presidential Election. Support the show: See for privacy information.

    Unmasking Biden's Sinister IRS Banking Surveillance Plot

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 38:53

    Charlie breaks down the ongoing internal war raging between moderate and progressive wings of the Democrat Party as they struggle over whether to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill as a stand alone bill, or to pair it with the larger $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. Charlie also dives into the mounting drama surrounding the debt ceiling and whether or not Republicans will cave to Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi's demands that they raise the ceiling in a bipartisan fashion even as Democrats rush to spend trillions of unfunded dollars. Charlie also reveals the Democrats' truly sinister plan included in the enormous reconciliation bill, to surveil the American banking system for any transaction over $600.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

    The NBA & BLM Inc. Butt Heads with the Biden Regime & Big Pharma—Who Will Win?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 35:33

    An all-out war is brewing between some of the strongest cultural, social, and political forces that make up the modern American left. As it comes to a head, Charlie unpacks it all. Between the top stars of the NBA standing up for medical freedom to BLM inc taking on vaccine mandates in New York City and beyond, it begs the question—who will come out on top? He walks through the implications of a fractured left and the cultural impact it will have in America to have so many new and distinct fighters in the battle for medical freedom. Tune in to the entire episode to learn who wins, who loses, and who may never live to fight another day. Support the show: See for privacy information.

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