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KNX In Depth: Mass shooting at July 4th parade rocks Chicago area--Brittney Griner asks President Biden to help free her from Russia--COVID cases surge in California--Wildfires linked to mass extinction

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Another mass shooting rocks the country as parades are now seemingly no longer safe from this kind of violence. A parade honoring America on Independence Day in a quiet, affluent community north of Chicago was abruptly stopped as a shooter fired into the crowd. Seven people were killed, another 30 or so hurt. The accused shooter is now in custody. We go In Depth with the latest into the Highland Park parade shooting rampage.  WNBA star Brittney Griner is now asking President Biden directly to help get her out of Russia where she's been detained since February.  Russia is making gains in eastern Ukraine but at what cost? This recent COVID surge in California seems to keep going with no signs of slowing down. That means indoor masks might be made mandatory again in LA County.  We go In Depth into what a recession might look like and if it'll really be that bad.  People are headed to movie theaters again but will they keep going once the Summer blockbusters end?  Scientists are now linking wildfires to a massive extinction event millions of years ago. Are we in for a repeat now?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Supreme Court term ends with rulings on two more major cases--UCLA and USC could join Big-10 in major college sports shakeup--Don McLean talks about his iconic song "American Pie" 50 years later

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The Supreme Court hands down two more major rulings today as it wraps up its latest term. One allows the Biden administration to get rid of a Trump-era policy forcing some U.S. asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico. The other though is a blow to the administration's ability to fight climate change. We go In Depth into these key cases.  We also look at what's next for the court. Ketanji Brown Jackson was sworn in today as the newest justice but it's unlikely that'll shift the court's more conservative views on big cases.  California's gas tax goes up tomorrow. This as the state looks to give people more money to fight inflation.  LA is at the heart of what could be a major shakeup in college sports. Imagine a world in which UCLA and USC join the Big-10. It might happen and we look into why.  We get an update from a woman from Mariupol, Ukraine who left the country at the start of the war and is now unsure if she'll even have a home if she ever comes back.  The song "American Pie" is so famous that almost everyone young and old know the chorus. Charles and I talked to Don McLean about his song and his upcoming show tomorrow in Beverly Hills.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Hate crimes surge against Asian-Americans in California--Inflation relief checks could make inflation worse--More and more unsolved murders--Young sharks "chill" near southern California beaches

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So much hate in California now. The number of hate crimes in the state increased in 2021 for the third year in a row. Perhaps the most startling number is the rise of attacks on Asian-Americans...a nearly 178 percent jump from 2020 to 2021. We go In Depth into why more Asian-Americans are the targets of violent bigotry and prejudice.  The descendants of the family that once owned Bruce's Beach in Manhattan Beach are now officially getting the land back. But theirs isn't the only story of stolen land. Other Black families here in southern California are trying to get land back that was once theirs.  We look into whether it's just inevitable that we're all getting COVID at some point.  Millions of us here in California will be getting stimulus money to deal with inflation. But will it backfire? President Biden pledges more U.S. troops in Europe as NATO looks to expand.  Solving a murder now seems to be harder for police.  Young sharks are hanging out around the beaches of southern California. We look into what they're doing.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: January 6th panel hears bombshell testimony on Donald Trump--Migrant smuggling tragedy in Texas--Catching COVID easier than ever

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Congress hears bombshell testimony that former President Trump tried to join the mob attacking the Capitol on January 6th. And that he knew his supporters were armed and violence was possible. We go In Depth on the stunning account by a former White House insider as we assess the political and legal impact. A deal is struck with Turkey to allow Finland and Sweden to join NATO...will it help a united front against Russia? The human smuggling tragedy in Texas as at least 51 migrant workers die...we get the latest from San Antonio. Looking at two big drug store chains rationing emergency contraception now Roe versus Wade is history. And COVID now harder to avoid and much, much easier to catch.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: January 6th Committee to hold surprise hearing--Supreme Court sides with school coach saying prayers--New G-7 plans to isolate Russia

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The January 6th Committee springs a surprise. The Panel schedules a last-minute hearing for tomorrow. It says it has new evidence about moves to overturn the 2020 election. We go In Depth as we talk with a committee member and Burbank Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff. The Supreme Court issues another big ruling: this time on saying prayers at public schools. We look at the impact. Shock waves continue over the High Court striking down Roe versus Wade. What's going to happen to abortion pills? Also...he used to be the Strong Man on the court. Now it looks like Chief Justice Roberts is sidelined. G-7 leaders take new steps to isolate Russia economically...but will they work? And the Sunshine State of Florida is running out of Orange Juice. We'll find out the reasons why. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth Special Edition--Roe v. Wade Overturned: What happens now in America?--California promises to protect abortion access--Will this ruling help Democrats in November?

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 51:07

The Supreme Court with an historic ruling today, overturning the landmark decision Roe v. Wade and with it nearly 50 years of a constitutional protection for abortion access. Now, it's up to the states to decide and nearly half are on track to either outright ban abortion or severely limit the procedure. We go In Depth with a panel of experts to both start and end the show as we discuss the future of women's rights and reproductive rights in America.  The pro-choice side obviously unhappy. Protesters are outside the Supreme Court building and holding demonstrations elsewhere.  But the pro-life side is celebrating today as a major win.  So what happens now? Here in California, the state is taking action on legislation to protect patients and providers against abortion bans in other states.  And what are the ramifications come the midterm elections? Will this loss today on the pro-choice side lead to wins in November for pro-choice candidates? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Airlines making Summer travel rough--Supreme Court ruling a big win for gun rights supporters--New study links light and sleep to obesity--Title IX's impact on women's sports 50 years later

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Airlines are now making the friendly skies seem like your worst enemy. Flying used to be an enjoyable experience. But now it's a stressful endeavor, especially this Summer as airlines are canceling more and more flights. United is cutting back and American is stopping service all together at four different cities. We go In Depth into problematic air travel.  The Supreme Court hands down its big ruling on guns. It'll now be easier to carry one in public. We look into how that impacts laws here in California.  Now that this case is over, all eyes will focus on the abortion ruling which is coming very soon.   Ukraine is being pushed to the front of the line for European Union membership. But Russia might have different plans.  The water levels are now so low at Lake Mead that they're close to hitting dead pool. That means no water spills to the other side of Hoover Dam. We go In Depth into how that could impact California's water supply.   A new study sheds light on how it's better apparently to sleep in the dark--total dark.  Title IX--50 years later. We look into its impacts on women's sports. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: January 6th Committee member Pete Aguilar on what's been revealed and what's coming up--Will a gas tax suspension really help?--Worries grow over a mustard shortage--New documentary explores stem cell treatments and progress

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The January 6th Committee heard compelling testimony from election officials in Georgia about how former President Trump's team asked them to find the votes to overturn election results. That's far from the end of the story though. The fifth hearing tomorrow promises to reveal more about what the committee says was Mr. Trump's plot to remain in power. We go In Depth with one of the committee members.  President Biden tells Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for three months as anger grows over record high gas prices. If that happens, will we actually notice?  Popular e-cigarettes could soon be banned in the U.S. as health officials look to crack down on vaping.   Stem cells have been hailed by doctors and scientists as the future of treating disease and serious injuries. We go In Depth into whether all that funding is paying off.  Everyone likes mustard, right? What if you couldn't find it anymore in the store? France is running into that problem and there's worry it could happen here too.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Jan. 6th Committee looks to prove election officials were pressured--Uvalde school shooting hearing shows police were there quickly but didn't act quickly--Russia holding American POWs--Health benefits of sleeping next to your partner

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The January 6th Committee back at it to lay out its case that former President Trump and his inner circle plotted to overturn the 2020 election results. The committee heard from election officials in Georgia about how then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows had a key role to pressure them. Was the legal and criminal case against the former president made stronger today? We go In Depth.  A Supreme Court ruling muddies the waters a bit when it comes to church and state.  A hearing in Texas today goes in depth into the police response to the school shooting in Uvalde. It shows police were there quickly but didn't act quickly enough.  Two Americans who were fighting in Ukraine have been captured by Russia. They're now POWs but since they're not official U.S. troops, can America help them?  New recommendations might change the way parents put their babies to sleep. The goal is to stop sudden death.  A new study finds the best sleep is when you're next to your partner.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Are LA and other cities prepared for longer and hotter heat waves?--Airlines cancel hundreds of flights as Summer travel season picks up--God isn't dead but he's not as popular--Tombstone's hidden message said to be obscene

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 49:25

Summer officially begins tomorrow but don't tell that to much of the country, including people here in southern California. They're already feeling the Summer weather as heat waves roll across the U.S. Scientists say expect more and more that'll get hotter and hotter. We go In Depth into whether big cities and states are prepared to deal with more extreme heat waves.  Flying has become a roll of the dice lately. Will your flight take off as scheduled or will it be canceled? Who knows. But is it time for the government to get involved with new regulations?  Ukraine is worried Russia will get even more aggressive in the east.   The Republican Party in Texas adopts a resolution, saying President Biden didn't really win in 2020. Is it moving to the far right? We go In Depth.  We talk to an Ivy League scholar about January 6th and its place in American history. Can these hearings lead to an historical indictment of a former president?  Is God dead? A new poll indicates no but he's not as popular with people anymore.  A man's tombstone message is really touching and nice but some officials in Iowa say the hidden message is a big obscene problem.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Are oil companies price gouging?--President Biden says recession not inevitable--Watergate and January 6th--Pickleball vs. tennis dispute--Is Johnny Depp too attractive?

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Something isn't adding up. Gas prices as high as they've ever been but the price for a barrel of oil isn't anywhere near a record right now. So if that's the case then why are gas prices at or near record levels when barrels of oil aren't? We go In Depth to try to figure this one out.  President Biden says a recession is not inevitable. But many economists and stock market watchers disagree. We look into who's right.  Rain and flooding lead to a stop in production of certain baby formula. Are we in for another supply shortage?  Three Americans are missing in action in Ukraine. We go In Depth into what could've happened to them and if support from the West is getting a little shaky as Russia makes advances.  Today marks the 50th anniversary of the infamous Watergate break-in. We look back and compare what happened to what happened on January 6th.  San Diego is trying to settle a dispute between tennis and pickleball. It's heating up down there with one side saying it's being smacked around unfairly.  Johnny Depp's stunningly handsome ways could've been the difference in the defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard. Is he just too good looking?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Stocks slide again--Tips to avoid financial pain during a bear market--Jan. 6th Committee says former President Trump pressured Mike Pence--Republicans gain ground with Latinos

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Moments after the Federal Reserve announced its largest interest rate hike since 1994, the stock market reacted positively. Stocks shot up yesterday afternoon. Fast-forward to today and it's the total opposite. Stocks are down across the board so again, don't look at your 401k. We go In Depth into what's happening on Wall Street.  But the big shots on Wall Street always seem to come out ahead. How do they do it? And can you manage your money and come out ahead through these turbulent economic times? We'll find out.  It's hard though to come out ahead when you have medical debt. A new survey shows 40 percent of Americans are dealing with it.  The January 6th Committee has laid out what it says is a strong case showing how former President Trump pressured former vice president Mike Pence into trying to go along with a plan to overturn the 2020 election. Republicans are gaining ground with Latino voters.  The West continues to show support for Ukraine but for how long? New stats could have drivers re-thinking how relaxed they get when they turn on those driver-assist programs.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Big interest rate hike looks to fight off inflation and recession--New poll shows fears that U.S. democracy could end--Sanctions against Russia might be hurting the U.S.--A beer a day could keep the doctor away

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 49:22

The Federal Reserve takes bold action to try to stabilize the economy and slow down inflation. It raised a key interest rate by three-quarters of a point. That's something that hasn't happened since the 1990s. We go In Depth to find out what it means for the economy and all of us.  A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll finds most Democrats and Republicans are pessimistic about the future of democracy here in the U.S. A majority on both sides say it's “likely” that America will “cease to be a democracy in the future.” Are they right?  The third January 6th Committee hearing starts tomorrow. We'll learn about more evidence it says it has against former President Trump but is the American public really paying attention?  Remember when people thought all those sanctions would weaken Russia? It turns out they may have actually hurt the U.S. We go In Depth into concerns coming out of the White House.  A result of higher gas prices is more gas theft as thieves in Nevada are apparently looking to provide a cheap supply for Californians.  A beer belly might be bad for you but beer in your belly could be good. We explain the results of a new study.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Southern California housing market might be cooling off--Cryptocurrency sinking following marketing blitz--Ukraine woman escapes Russian occupation--Team sports can improve mental health of kids

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Inflation, sinking stocks and interest rate hikes. Are those the three big elements needed for a recession? We go In Depth to explain that yes, it's the economy and no you're not stupid for worrying.  The shadowy world of cryptocurrency is feeling the impacts too. Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are sliding which has new investors wondering if they made a big mistake getting sucked into a recent marketing blitz.  The housing market here in southern California and elsewhere could finally be slowing down but are there any buyers left to take advantage?  President Biden is headed to Saudi Arabia to warm up a frosty relationship now that gas prices show no signs of dropping.  Russia makes progress in eastern Ukraine as the war drags on. We talk to a woman who escaped Russian occupation but the Russians are still searching for her father.  No joy from supporters of Happy the elephant. A court ruling in New York says Happy is not a person.  A new study finds team sports can boost a kid's mental health. It gets interesting though with individual sports. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: January 6th Committee hears about "intoxicated" Rudy Giuliani--Some Democrats worry about President Biden in 2024--Stocks now in bear market--Apple ditching passwords

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The January 6th Committee lays out more of its case today, presenting evidence it says shows that former President Trump tried to overturn the 2020 election. His closest campaign advisers, top government officials and even his family were dismantling his false claims of 2020 election fraud. There was even talk of Rudy Giuliani being drunk when advising Mr. Trump to declare victory. We go In Depth into the second January 6th hearing.  Some Democratic officials and strategists are already worrying about the 2024 election and if President Biden can win. But who would replace him as the nominee?  A bipartisan group of Senators reaches a deal on gun legislation but is it enough? Bears invade Wall Street and are kicking out the bulls. We look into what can stop the stock market downslide and inflation uptick.  Russia is slowly and steadily making progress in the eastern part of Ukraine. Taking over the region is significant but is the West losing interest in the war?  If you keep forgetting your passwords, Apple has a new plan to keep your accounts safe.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Inflation at four-decade high--Shrinkflation getting larger and larger--January 6th Committee lays out case against Donald Trump--Delayed positive COVID tests

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Inflation is becoming the latest dirty word no one wants to talk about or mention but no one can escape its wrath. The latest numbers show inflation last month at 8.6 percent compared to a year earlier. It's now at a four-decade high. We go In Depth into when inflation might slow down.   Inflation's cousin--shrinkflation is growing. More and more items in the store are getting smaller but not their prices.  The January 6th Committee used its primetime slot to lay out what many political experts say is a compelling case against former President Trump. But did holding the hearing in primetime work to engage the public?  The former president said January 6th was not just a protest but a movement. Is he right?  Russia is partnering with China to try to beat the impacts of economic sanctions from the war in Ukraine. This as concern grows that the war could spark a major food crisis.  The wait for the latest and greatest technology to hit your smartphone could be a long one. The global semiconductor chip shortage is threatening the release of next generation phones.  If you got the sniffles and tested negative for COVID, you might have it anyway. Doctors are finding more and more delayed positive cases.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: January 6th committee hearings start with a primetime special--COVID pandemic and child development problems--NASA interest in UFOs--LA drivers should learn zipper merging

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The special House committee looking into the events before, during and after the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol kicks off a series of hearings. It's laying out a case that it says will show how former President Trump planned with others to overturn the 2020 election results which then led to the insurrection. We go In Depth into whether the American public will be paying attention.  The hearing is a primetime special carried by all the major TV networks and cable news stations except for one--Fox News. Will its viewers get an accurate summary of what's happening? A governor candidate in Michigan is now charged with taking part in the January 6th insurrection.   One of the biggest names in golf is among those suspended from the PGA Tour for taking part in a competing league funded by Saudi Arabia. We go In Depth into whether the PGA will let Phil Mickelson back in.  New data is emerging showing developmental problems in the youngest kids and the pandemic might be responsible.  NASA wants to get to the bottom of the UFO mystery.  LA drivers have probably been merging wrong this whole time. We talk about zipper merging and why it's the best way to do it apparently.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Primary elections narrow down key races for LA mayor and LA County Sheriff--Voter turnout very low--Victims of Larry Nassar seek more than $1 billion from the FBI--Optimism could keep you alive longer

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 46:50

The primary election is over and now it's onto November. As expected, the LA Mayor's race is now down to two candidates--Rick Caruso and Karen Bass. Caruso got more votes yesterday but Bass wasn't far behind. We go In Depth into what to expect between now and November.  That's not the only race of interest here in the LA area. LA County sheriff Alex Villanueva will be in a runoff.  Many statewide races may not be competitive in November but some House seats will be and that could play a role in whether Republicans take control of Congress.  Voter turnout was about as low as it's ever been. We look into why.  The victims of disgraced sports and gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar have now filed claims against the FBI. They're looking for a lot of money after the FBI failed to stop him when it first heard about the allegations.  New omicron subvariants are gaining a hold in the U.S. Are you ready for BA.4 and BA.5?  A new study finds your work might be suffering because of COVID.  Another study is optimistic that if you're an optimist you're going to live longer.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: California primary election day--Personal savings dwindling--Domestic terror warning from the Feds--Top Gun: Maverick aerial coordinator talks fighter jet stunts

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Election day is here. It's the California primary. Voters across the state are choosing who they'd like to see on the final ballot in November. We go In Depth into the key races up and down the state that will have a significant impact moving forward.  New data could be a warning about the economy. People aren't saving as much as they did last year.  The cryptocurrency market could be regulated here in the U.S. if a new bill makes it out of Congress. We explain how it'll work.  A new bulletin from the Homeland Security Department warns about copycat mass shooters and even abortion extremists.  The way doctors treat cancer patients could change thanks to two new studies. We go In Depth into how the fight against cancer is evolving.  FDA advisers approve a new COVID vaccine that uses old technology.  Top Gun: Maverick has gotten many positive reviews. Instead of relying heavily on CGI and sound studios, the actors were sent up to film in real fighter jets. We talk to the person who trained Tom Cruise and the others.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: LA hosts Summit of the Americas--Voter turnout ahead of the California primary--Americans are tipping less--Cheech Marin talks comedy and opening an art museum

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If you've noticed downtown LA is busier than usual, it's because it is. The Summit of the Americas starts today as the U.S. and other countries in North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean, get together to discuss big issues like migration, climate change and inflation. President Biden will be here later this week. But Mexico's president won't, nor will the leaders of some other big players in Latin America. We go In Depth into what, if anything, this summit will accomplish.  California's primary election is tomorrow. Don't expect long lines at voting centers and precincts though if early voting is any indication of voter turnout.  Vladimir Putin is warning the U.S. and Britain to avoid sending certain rockets to Ukraine---or else. We look into if Putin is serious about the "or else."  A big month is ahead for the Supreme Court and the country. Rulings from some big cases will come down soon, including whether Roe v. Wade really will be overturned.  Britain's prime minister Boris Johnson has just survived a no confidence vote tonight in Parliament. We head to London to find out how he survived and if his leadership is permanently damaged anyway.  People across the country are turning into cheaper tippers than before the pandemic.  And Cheech Marin is more than just a comedian and actor. He's an art collector and he has his own museum opening soon right here in southern California. We talk to him about it.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Will Congress finally pass some kind of gun control?--Gas prices keep hitting record levels in Los Angeles--Dodgers honor gay former player--Corporate spy spills his secrets

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President Biden has given a passionate address to urge Congress to do something, anything, to try to limit gun violence that's plaguing the country. The House is listening and has some measures in the works. This follows the recent mass shootings, including in Uvalde, where 19 kids were killed. We go In Depth into whether we'll actually see some form of gun control on the federal level.  The latest jobs report looks good. But many economists and others still worry about recession looming while inflation is still a big problem.   Don't bother looking at the gas prices anymore. They're scary across California. We look into whether we'll ever see the good old days of five dollars a gallon.  The Russia-Ukraine war is now 100 days old and Russia is getting closer to securing a key region in the country. We go In Depth into the war and when it could end.  The Dodgers honor a former player during Pride Night as the team looks to make amends over how he was treated decades ago.  We dive into the shady underworld of espionage--corporate espionage. We talk to a former corporate spy about how he was able to trick everyone.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: LA Mayor candidate Rick Caruso says he wants to make changes for the better--Monkeypox apparently in LA County--Why are there hardly any female mass shooters?--Inflation postponing retirement

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Longtime politician versus longtime businessman. Karen Bass and Rick Caruso have separated themselves from the rest of the pack in the race for mayor of LA. It looks like they'll be the final two candidates remaining following Tuesday's primary election. We talked to Bass already last week and now, this time, we're going In Depth with Rick Caruso to find out why he says he should be mayor. Monkeypox is here...apparently. LA County has reported its first presumptive case. This comes following an outbreak in Europe and cases reported on the east coast. Should we worry?  Another mass shooting--this time in Tulsa. The shooter was a man--again. We look into why you hardly see a mass shooting case involving a woman.  Gas prices show no signs of slowing down and the war in Ukraine shows no signs of ending soon. All that is raising concerns of a possible energy crisis that we haven't seen since the 1970s.   More and more people are holding off on retirement now because of inflation.  The UK starts a big four-day-long celebration and party--the Platinum Jubilee--for Queen Elizabeth, marking 70 years as monarch. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial ends with Depp winning more--Report sets up the framework for slavery reparations in California--LA County lifeguards raking in the cash--New idea why aliens don't visit Earth

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard both win but Depp wins a lot more. A jury rules in favor of both Depp and Heard in their defamation trial. But the jurors favor Depp more and award him much more money.  A historic report is now out here in California, detailing the state's role in discrimination against African-Americans. It lays out the problems, what can be done to correct them and sets up the groundwork for slavery reparations. We look into the state Reparations Task Force report and what it means for California.  Some LA County lifeguards are making bank at the beach. A new report details how one lifeguard made more than $510,000 last year. We look into how.  The Bay Area was once held up as a shining example of how to slow COVID. But now it's dealing with another surge. Russia is gaining ground in Ukraine as the U.S. and other Western countries look to further help stop Russian aggression. We go In Depth with a former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO on how this war will shape Europe, Russia and the U.S. moving forward.  And two scientists say they think they know why aliens don't visit Earth. Maybe the reason why is the reason we might never go visit them.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Outdoor water restrictions in LA--President Biden on inflation--More gun control in Canada--Top Gun: Maverick soars at box office--Coffee and sugar could keep you alive longer

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More water restrictions begin tomorrow in LA. Outdoor watering will be limited to two days a week because of this historic drought facing the state.  President Biden says part of the White House's plans to battle inflation will be to listen to the Federal Reserve.   The school shooting in Uvalde, Texas has led to national gun control. But not here in the U.S.--in Canada. The European Union hits Russia with the harshest sanctions yet during its war with Ukraine and it has to do with oil.  Some sugar in your coffee can be the difference between life and an earlier death.  Top Gun: Maverick soars at the box office. Jurors deliberate in the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Police admit to "wrong decision" in not storming classroom to confront Uvalde school shooter--Conspiracy theories run wild on internet after shooting--Raucous NRA convention inside and outside--Smartphones and mental health

Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 47:27

Police in Uvalde, Texas admit it was the "wrong decision" not to storm the classroom at Robb Elementary where a mass shooter was killing 19 kids and two teachers. Nearly 20 officers stood in a hallway during the attack for more than 45 minutes. We go In Depth into what went wrong with the police response.  While familes in Uvalde are mourning, the NRA is holding its convention 300 miles away in Houston. No guns though allowed when former President Trump shows up. Conspiracy theories are already popping up about the shooting. We look into why this always happens after such a tragic event.  The war in Ukraine has shifted to the eastern portion of the country where Russia is making some gains. Are things changing in favor of Russia?  People love their smartphones but what's the harm in using them too often? We go In Depth into how they impact mental health.  Since the pandemic, more people are working remotely at home. Some of them have even moved to more affordable areas. Businesses have noticed and want to pay people less for it.  Lots of excitement this week on television and at movie theaters. Obi-Wan, Stranger Things and the Top Gun sequel all out now. People have no shortage of entertainment this weekend.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: More questions about the police response to mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas--Father of Sandy Hook victim describes grief after mass shooting--Kevin Spacey facing new sex assault charges--CEO pay raises

Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 49:03

More questions than answers now about the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. How long was the shooter inside a classroom full of children? Why was a door to the school unlocked? Where was a school resource officer? Why didn't police rush in immediately? We go In Depth to try to answer these.  We've asked why other countries have figured out how to stop mass shootings. We head to New Zealand where major gun control reform was recently passed.  Actor Kevin Spacey is now looking at sexual assault charges in the U.K. We go In Depth into the cases there.  Former President Trump has been ordered to answer questions under oath about his business dealings. But will he really testify?  CEOs are getting way bigger raises than regular workers. We look into what's justifying that.  The new Top Gun movie comes out tomorrow. We talk to a retired fighter jet pilot and Top Gun instructor about life in the sky at supersonic speeds.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: 21 dead in the mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas--President Biden calls for lawmakers to take action--Families grieve in Uvalde--Can the U.S. stop the mass shooting problem?

Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 46:57

A country in mourning.  Here we are---again. Another mass shooting shocks an already grieving nation. The latest at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas west of San Antonio. A shooter storms into a classroom, killing 19 children and two teachers. 17 others are hurt. This happened nearly 10 years after the Sandy Hook shooting left 26 people dead, 20 of them young children.  But it's hardly been a decade since the last mass shooting the country. Try days. The nation just got over the Buffalo supermarket shooting that killed 10 people and then there was the shooting in the church here in Laguna Woods that left a doctor dead.  President Biden addressed the country, calling for action to stop these mass shootings. But there's a lot of pessimism that this will actually get done.  A community in Texas and a country is at a loss. We go In Depth to try to unravel the grief and why this keeps happening here and seemingly here only.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: 14 kids and a teacher killed in a school shooting in Texas--LA mayor candidate Karen Bass makes her case for the job--Alleged assassination plot against George W. Bush uncovered--Mandatory water restrictions might be coming

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Another school shooting. This time in Texas west of San Antonio. A shooter kills 14 students and a teacher at an elementary school. We go In Depth into what, if anything, can be done to keep school and students safe. LA mayor candidate Karen Bass shares her thoughts on the shooting and what can be done to stop this violence. She joins us in-studio to discuss this and how she plans to improve the city to keep people safe. The Justice Department has just announced that charges have been filed against an Iraqi national living in Ohio who was trying to organize a plot to assassinate former President George W Bush. The Feds say the man was looking smuggle four Iraqi nationals into the country to kill Mr. Bush because they felt he was responsible for killing many Iraqis and breaking the country apart. We go In Depth into this alleged plot and any possible terrorist connections.  Governor Newsom is getting serious about his threat of mandatory water conservation. But will people really listen?  A bill in Sacramento passes the Assembly that would let parents sue social media companies if their kids become addicted.  Big primary elections today in Georgia, Texas and few other states could show how much pull former President Trump really has on Republican voters. Polls in Georgia show that power might be diminishing.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Little kids get closer to a COVID vaccine shot--Raves may have spread monkeypox--Southern Baptist Convention sex abuse report--Fast food advertising lawsuit--Online spider trade growing

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The littlest of kids are now a step closer to getting a COVID vaccine. Pfizer is submitting data to the FDA that shows three doses of its vaccine are 80 percent effective at stopping symptomatic cases. We go In Depth into when we can expect these shots to go into arms.  Scientists have new ideas on how monkeypox has spread. They say it might have to do with raves.  The first war crimes trial out of the Russia-Ukraine conflict wraps up. A Russian solider is headed to prison for life for murdering a Ukrainian civilian. Will this be the first of many war crimes trials to come out of the country? President Biden says the U.S. will defend Taiwan against a Chinese invasion. We go In Depth into what that does to relations with China.  A report details rampant sex abuse and allegations of coverups in the Southern Baptist church. That's the largest protestant church in the country.  Have you noticed what you see on TV when it comes to fast food is often not quite what it is when you actually eat it? Someone did notice and filed a class action lawsuit over it.  If you don't like spiders, imagine opening a package from the mail and finding a big tarantula inside. It happens. We look into the rising popularity of the spider and arachnid trade online.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Stocks flirt with Bear Market--WHO emergency meeting about monkeypox--Ukrainian reporter describes covering war fought in his home country--New book details 2020 election and the fragility of democracy in the U.S.

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The bears have come out of hibernation and are hungry, chewing through stocks so much that they briefly fell into a Bear Market earlier today. We go In Depth into what that means for the economy and you.  Maybe we should start to worry somewhat about monkeypox. The World Health Organization has held a meeting about the virus as new cases are being found in Europe. Could it reach pandemic level soon?  Speaking of a pandemic, public health officials in LA County could bring back an indoor mask mandate soon if COVID cases keep rising. We look into whether businesses will really want to enforce this again. We talk to a reporter in Ukraine who's been covering the fighting in the Donbas Region where Russia is focusing most of its efforts now. We go In Depth into what it's like to cover a war being fought in your own country.   The 2020 presidential election will be remembered by historians and political experts for decades to come. A new book explains the events before, during and after the election and just how fragile Democracy is right now in the U.S. We talk to one of the authors.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Twitter cracks down on misinformation--Ford vehicles catching fire--Monkeypox in the U.S.--Jumping worms invade California

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If you're tired of all the nonsense on Twitter--so is Twitter. It says it's going to get tougher now on misinformation during a time of crisis. The company say it's going to add warning notices to tweets with misinformation during things like armed conflict, natural disasters and public health emergencies. We go In Depth into whether this will actually work and if it's in response to Elon Musk possibly taking over soon.  President Biden finally uses the Defense Production Act to get baby formula back on store shelves. But could this all have been avoided? Russia is moving troops around Ukraine, focusing more on the east. We'll look into whether this plan will work.  Ford has a problem with vehicles catching fire, even when they're shut off.  COVID cases keep going up as do the number of people in the hospital. Mask recommendations are back. Mandates might be next in some areas like LA County. We go In Depth into whether people are just too fatigued to care about mandates anymore.  Another strange disease is sparking interest. It's called monkeypox and it's here in the U.S. But for how long?  California is dealing with another invasive pest--a worm. This creepy crawly isn't any worm--it's a jumping worm. It can actually jump around.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Stock market pain--COVID cases rising again in LA County--LA schools face declining enrollment--Wild chickens wreak havoc in Hawaii

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Don't look at your 401k or stock portfolios. It's bad, really bad today. The Dow was down more than 1,100 points. Stocks keep falling and falling as inflation keeps rising and rising. We go In Depth into when we might reach the bottom.  COVID just won't quit. Cases are on the rise across the country and right here in southern California. The CDC tomorrow could put LA County into its "medium" transmission range. That's a step closer to bringing back indoor mask mandates.  A new study shows you don't have to get really sick to develop long COVID.  Some public schools here in California used to be over-crowded. Now, the LA School District and others are worried about major enrollment drops over the next several years.  The recent primary elections show former President Trump still has influence. This comes as celebrity Doctor Mehmet Oz is in a tight GOP primary battle for the party's Senate nomination.  Equal pay for better work. The U.S. Women's Soccer Team is set now to get the same pay as the men's team. We look into what this means for women athletes in other sports.  Paradise lost in Hawaii. The state is being overrun by chickens--yes chickens.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: LA mayor's race heats up--Doctors warn of multiple COVID reinfections--Congress looks into UFOs--Cat litter can fight climate change

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The field is getting smaller for the LA mayor's race and it now appears to be a two-person battle. City Attorney Mike Feuer dropped out today and quickly endorsed Congresswoman Karen Bass. This comes not long after Councilman Joe Buscaino dropped out and endorsed Rick Caruso. We'll go In Depth into who the front-runner is now--Bass or Caruso.  More and more doctors are now coming to the conclusion that not only is COVID never going to vanish but that we might get infected multiple times a year.  The number of people killed in traffic accidents across the country is at a high not seen since 2005. We look into why.  Russia was pushed out of the Kharkiv region by Ukrainian forces but Russian troops have now apparently taken full control of the port city Mariupol. We go In Depth into the war in Ukraine and talk to a woman who lives in Kharkiv about her experience during the heavy fighting.   UFOs were the focus of a Congressional hearing today. We get into whether these mysterious objects that the Pentagon can't identify are alien or just homegrown.  A frisky find by researchers at MIT. Climate change could be stopped by cat litter of all things--kind of.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: White replacement theory said to have fueled Buffalo mass shooting--Airlines struggle with pilot shortage--More people live in wildfire danger zones--Food delivery robots

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Two more mass shootings rock the country. Police say a man motivated by racial hatred and white supremacy opened fire inside a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Buffalo, killing 10 people. Replacement Theory is said to be a major factor in the shooting. We go In Depth into what that is and how extremist groups are spreading this insidious idea.  Police say another man shot up a gathering at a church in Laguna Woods, killing one person and hurting five others. The motive there they say was political tensions between China and Taiwan. We look into whether anything can and will be done to prevent further mass shootings.  Sweden says it's serious about wanting to join NATO. It's all because of Russia's war with Ukraine. Will Vladimir Putin's goal of stopping the spread of NATO grow the military alliance even more?  The Summer travel season is about to begin. And airlines are dealing with a shortage of some important workers---pilots. We go In Depth into what's causing the shortage.  More and more people are living in areas where there's a high fire danger. We look into what's causing this--more homes built in danger areas and/or climate change.  The White House has a plan to slow down inflation and the high cost of housing. Pizza companies are having problems finding delivery drivers. The solution might be robots. They're already out there with your food.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: crypto currencies collapse in value--money trouble for tech start-ups--Musk puts Twitter deal 'on hold'--Governor plans inflation relief

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Crypto currencies are collapsing on the markets with up to 300-billion dollars in value wiped out this week. What's behind the meltdown? Is it a 'told you so' moment for the skeptics or just a blip? We go In Depth. Tech start-ups run into economic problems with many laying off workers and cutting costs. Is this a bubble bursting? And Elon Musk casts doubt on his own deal to buy Twitter? What's up with that! Ukraine starts the first war crimes trial for a Russian solider. Governor Newsom unveils an inflation relief plan...and a massive budget surplus. And who's afraid of today's date and why?: we go In Depth on Friday the 13th.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: California could be heading for a 'fiscal cliff'--Edison equipment may have started OC fire--another movie theater closing down--image released of Milky Way black hole

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The state of California is heading for a 'fiscal cliff'. That's the warning from a new report that says we're in big trouble once the federal COVID relief cash runs out in a few years time. And it comes as the Governor boasts of a big budget surplus. So, will the state go bust? What are leaders doing wrong? We'll go In Depth. It's emerged that Edison electrical equipment may have sparked the destructive wildfire in Laguna Niguel. We'll find out more. Russia issues threats as Finland and Sweden move towards joining NATO...we look at the latest fall-out from the war in Ukraine. Hollywood may be home of the movies...but another big movie theater is closing. How many will end up disappearing forever in Southern California? Kevin McCarthy subpoenaed by the January 6th committee in Congress. We get reaction from Washington. And we talk with the Cal Tech professor who helped capture the first ever image of the Milky Way's huge black hole.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: an infant formula shortage leaves parents frantic--drug overdose deaths climb to a new high--primary election tests for Trump--CDC under fire for 'hands off' pandemic approach

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A shortage of infant formula in Southern California and across the nation has left parents frantically searching for supplies for their babies. What's triggered the crisis and what's the best medical advice for Moms and Dads? We go In Depth. Drug overdose deaths hit a new high with the majority linked to Fentanyl. How can you bring the fatalities down? Britain says it will come to the defense of Finland and Sweden if they're attacked by Russia. What are the dangers of escalating the Ukraine war? Donald Trump has a split when it comes to primary election tests of his grip on the Republican Party. Talking the politics of inflation as price increases moderate a little bit, but still remain a huge problem. And...are the CDC and local health officials now taking a 'hands off' approach to the pandemic?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Musk says he would reverse Twitter ban on Trump--state move to tackle inflation may backfire--Russians use hypersonic missiles in Ukraine--retailers fight back against crime gangs

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Could the 'real Donald Trump' be about to get his voice back on Twitter? Billionaire Elon Musk says he will lift the former President's permanent ban if his takeover of the platform goes through. What's the likely impact on politics and social media if Trump is back tweeting again? Is it good for Free Speech? We go In Depth. California is moving to give people rebates for paying high gas prices...but could the move just make inflation even worse? Hypersonic missiles are fired by the Russians on Odesa: we get the latest on the war in Ukraine. We also speak with a Kyiv resident who's now moved to the west for the latest on refugees. The state Retailers Association announces new moves to combat organized criminal gangs robbing from stores. And a top infectious disease expert talks with us about COVID in his family while he stays healthy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: hospital costs set to rise--impact on millions of 'long COVID'--view from the front lines in Ukraine--dealing with recession worries

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A number of hospitals are now seeking to raise their treatment prices by as much as 15 percent. They say they've been hit by salary increases for nurses. It comes as local health care workers are on strike at Cedars Sinai. So, are we going to see inflation in health care costs? How much will premiums go up? We go In Depth. There are predictions that 'Long COVID' could eventually affect a billion people around the world. What are the risks? Vladimir Putin blasts what he calls 'Nazis' in Ukraine. We get more on his 'Victory Day' speech. And we go to Kyiv to talk with a group of film-makers embedded on the front lines with Ukrainian forces. Assessing the chances of a full-blown recession after another tough day on Wall Street. And...first vinyl...will VHS tapes be the next forgotten technology to become trendy? We'll find out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: deadly hepatitis outbreak in kids--moves to stop California freeway expansion--Russian offensive continues in east Ukraine--delay in getting gas rebates

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The CDC has revealed that 5 children have now died as a result of a mystery outbreak of hepatitis in kids. More than 100 cases have been found across 25 states and territories. We go In Depth: what's causing the outbreak? How worried should parents be? LA is the land of freeways but now one local state lawmaker wants to stop their expansion. We'll talk with her. The war in Ukraine sees more heavy fighting in the East. We get the latest update. We'll also talk with a resident of Kyiv who never left about life during war-time. Squabbling in Sacramento looks like it is delaying gas rebates for Californians. And beaming up the latest on Star Trek: three separate series are all streaming at the same time. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: fears over the economy as stocks slump--CDC Director joins us with latest on pandemic--targeting Russian generals in Ukraine--many states may try to ban abortion pills

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There are fresh concerns about the economy as stocks fall heavily on Wall Street. The Dow finished down more than a thousand points, the NASDAQ down by 5 percent. So where are we headed: for a downturn or even a recession? Is the economy overheating? And is the Fed handling this all in the correct way? We go In Depth. We're now into the third year of the pandemic. So where do we stand now...what lessons have we learned...and what does the future hold? We ask CDC Director Dr Rochelle Walensky who is in the studio with us. We'll also get her views on when the youngest kids may get vaccine shots...and her take on the abortion controversy in the wake of that leak from the Supreme Court. Could abortion pills change the whole debate if the Roe Versus Wade ruling is scrapped? And we get more on the war in Ukraine as reports say that US intelligence is helping to take out Russian generals pinpointed by GPS. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: is it open season to attack comedians?--arguing over protecting abortion in California--new moves to punish Russia over Ukraine--Fed acts to curb inflation

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There's shock and anger after Dave Chappelle is attacked on stage at the Hollywood Bowl while taping a Netflix Comedy Special. Is it now open season on comedians? Will they have to watch what they say? And has the Will Smith Oscars slap changed everything? We'll go In Depth. The Governor and California Democratic leaders push for a change to the state constitution to protect abortion rights. We get both sides of the issue as we talk with a Democratic state lawmaker from Orange County and the head of the California Catholic Conference, that strongly opposes the move. There are more missile attacks in Ukraine as the European Union proposes a ban on imports of Russian oil. We look at what will happen next in the war. The Federal Reserve hikes interest rates. We assess whether it will work in curbing inflation. And talking Star Wars as people tell each other 'May The Fourth Be With You'.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: leak shows Roe v Wade could soon be history--abortion bans may follow in many states--the political impact before the Mid Terms--how does it affect future of the court

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There's uproar over the future of abortion in America after the Supreme Court confirms the authenticity of a leaked draft decision that would strike down 'Roe Versus Wade'. Chief Justice John Roberts says no final decision has been taken but the arguments are now fully joined. Will the nation now see a big split with more than 20 states banning abortion while the others keep it legal? And what's the political impact with the Mid-term Elections fast approaching? Will it help Democrats or Republicans? How about the activists on both sides?...we'll talk with the women who lead anti-abortion and pro-abortion groups here in California. And what does this do to the very future of the court at a time when partisan feelings are stronger than ever? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Nancy Pelosi visits Ukraine--COVID spreads in California--Jan 6th inquiry and GOP--Reducing traffic deaths in LA

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The photos flashed around the world: Nancy Pelosi wearing a blue pant suit shaking hands with Ukraine's President Zelensky as she visited Kyiv with a Congressional delegation. But will Congress deliver that big package of aid for the Ukrainians and are we doing enough to help their war effort? We go In Depth. We'll also speak with a woman from the center of the country in a town flooded with tens of thousands of refugees. There are new fears of a possible surge of COVID in California as two new Omicron sub-variants begin to circulate. Three more Republican members of Congress are asked to testify by the January 6th inquiry. What's the political impact going to be? The association that represents the nation's child doctors adopts a new policy to end so-called 'race based' medicine. And are sweatpants and trainers OK as people go back to the office? We go into the new pandemic dress code for the workplace.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

KNX In Depth: Trevor Bauer suspended by MLB--Economic uncertainty in the U.S.--Explosions rocks Kyiv--Los Angeles 30 years after the 1992 riots

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Trevor Bauer could play baseball again but not this season and probably not next either. Major League Baseball has just suspended him for two full seasons for violating the league's domestic violence and sexual assault policy. Bauer says he'll appeal. We go In Depth later in the show into how he could be suspended even though no criminal charges were ever filed in the sexual assault case.  Inflation keeps getting worse and news of the economy shrinking to start the year has Wall Street and a lot of people nervous. The Federal Reserve meets next week and could hike interest rates even more which creates even more concerns about the direction of the economy. We try to figure out what's next. The government is now trying to learn why some people who take Pfizer's COVID medication are getting sick shortly after taking the medication. We go In Depth to try to figure this one out.  Central K