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Deepti has a large probably unhealthy obsession with pop culture, especially reality TV. Join her and her friends with equally problematic obsessions analyze the bejeezus out of their favorite shows - Real Housewives, Bachelor Nation, Southern Charm, Family Karma, Vanderpump Rules and more!


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    Latest episodes from Pop Culture Prisoner

    Latest Musings on RHOP, RHOSLC, RHOBH with new guest Amy Liszka!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2023 89:01

    Deepti is thrilled to chat with new guest to the show - standup comedian and producer of the Love Gurus Podcast, Amy Liszka! They discuss their general thoughts on the cast of characters on Potomac (some major disagreements ensue on one of them!), they deep dive into the ups and downs of Heather Gay and of course they discuss the RINNA of it all on Beverly Hills and thoughts on old RHOBH cast members and some of the latest season's cast. The Love Gurus Podcast can be found on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@theloveguruspodcast7366/videos

    Fleishman Is in Trouble, "SPARE" by Prince Harry, RHOP, Southern Hospitality

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2023 73:06

    This week, Deepti, Haley and Sarah talk about the greatness of the new-ish Hulu show Fleishman Is In Trouble and how relatable it is for so many people; Deepti is in the midst of listening to Prince Harry's new memoir SPARE and shares her feelings about it so far just 2 hours into the [almost 16 hour] audiobook; they finally get around to discussing the Potomac ladies and Haley tries to express why she isn't into it (Sarah and Deepti are loving it!); and finally, they discuss...OH BOY...the new Bravo spinoff of Southern Charm called Southern Hospitality. Jeeeeeez Louise this show is off the rails and they go through the main cast members and try to make sense of their jobs and lives and find themselves so thoroughly entertained by this crazy show. 

    CATCHING UP ON BRAVO FROM THE PAST 8 WEEKS! (RHOSLC, RHOM (Real Housewives of Miami), Winter House)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 8, 2023 86:45

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Pop Culture Prisoner is finally back after another hiatus. Deepti, Haley and Larkyn have much to discuss - Rinna is OUT on RHOBH, RHOSLC is having the weirdest (and perhaps last ever???) season, Jen Shah was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison, Heather Gay is out of CONTROL, Larkyn and Haley are LOVING Miami and Deepti needs to catch up on it, Winter House is over but Summer House will be on soon and so Kyle, Amanda, Paige, Craig, Kory (ugh), Ciara, Lindsay, Carl, et al are still on PCP's minds! 

    Love Is Blind S3, Winter House S2E4 + E5, RHOSLC S3E6 + E7

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2022 96:08

    Love Is Blind discussion is first and then again at 47 min, 50 seconds to 55 min, 40 secWinter House starts around 33 min, 39 secondsRHOSLC starts around 1 hr 3 min, 10 secDeepti, Haley and Larkyn talk about all the couples on Love Is Blind Season 3, so much cringe and disturbing behavior! And a total turnaround for one of the couples. Then of course their fave show du jour, WINTER HOUSE. No matter how poorly behaved everyone is, they just can't get enough of these hooligans! Deepti finds Paige much more tolerable this season, Kory - oh lord puh-lease, Jess's M.O. on the show is heavily discussed, soft spot for Kyle still exists of course....and so much more Winter House shenanigans are analyzed. They then turn then turn their attention to Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and try to figure out why they're all rooting for Lisa Barlow, how they actually like Whitney these days, try to figure out Seth and John's height, attempt to make any semblance of sense with Heather's behavior this season so far....and more analysis! 

    Family Karma S3E1

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2022 67:02

    Deepti and Dina haven't talked about Family Karma in so long! They try to wrap their heads around the premiere episode of season 3 and think about how the cast and show have evolved. 


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2022 103:41

    Pop Culture Prisoner is back after a two and a half month hiatus! Deepti, Haley and Larkyn catch up on all the gossip about RHOP, RHOSLC, RHOBH, Winter House and a little bit on VPR. 

    RHOBH S12E14 + E15 AND RHODubai E10 + E11

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2022 75:24

    Deepti, Haley and Sarah are back at it with Beverly Hills! Rinna's behavior is ferociously disgusting, Garcelle continues with her A+ report card for S12, Erika - ugh whatevs, Dorit's charity HOMELESS NOT TOOTHLESS continues to bemuse everyone, Kathy is on SOMEthing these days, Kyle keep digging a hole, Crystal - her storyline is so out of steam despite being an actually serious topic and even she manages to make everyone's eyes glaze over about her presence, and Sutton....she's still a fan fave but she needs to stop the "WHO ME???" innocent act RIGHT!??! Brief discussion on Dubai - Sara UGH, Brooks NOOO, Lesa meh, Stanbury go away, Nina puh-lease, Ayan still a queen (for some people, for others EXHAUSTING).

    Nathan Fielder's THE REHEARSAL (HBO Max) ~with Sean Serino!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2022 61:13

    **CORRECTION: On the podcast, there was some confusion about Remy's age. He was in fact 6 years old and not 3 years old**Deepti chats with new guest co-host, Sean! They discuss the absolute sheer insanity,  brilliance, awkwardness and all around thought-provoking television show on HBO Max made by Nathan Fielder called The Rehearsal.Long time fans of Fielder, Deepti and Sean exalt his unique humor, question his moral judgments and try to wrap their heads around one of the most bizarre shows they've ever seen.  A show that takes the concept of META to a whole new level. 

    Indian Matchmaking Season 2 (Netflix)

    Play Episode Play 60 sec Highlight Listen Later Aug 16, 2022 135:06

    Deepti and Neelam, both Indian-American, analyze IN DETAIL all the juicy bits of Indian Matchmaking Season 2. For a recap of Indian Matchmaking Season 1 with Deepti and Neelam, listen to episodes 32 and 33 (from July 2020) of Pop Culture Prisoner! Deepti and Neelam analyze everyone on the show including of course Sima Auntie and....The "GirlBoss" herself Viral, Aashay, Arshneel, Akshay, (the return of) Pradhyanum, (the return of) Aparna, Vinesh, (the return of) Nadia and Shital...and also all the people who came on the show but in smaller capacities. Please note: the opinions on the podcast are based on what Deepti and Neelam saw on the screen. If Netflix gave a "bad edit" to people and painted them in a wholly different light compared to what their true character really is...well........that's why you don't go on reality tv! Never trust what a corporate entity will do just to entice viewership!! 

    RHOBH S12E11 + E12 + E13 AND RHODubai E5-E9

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 104:22

    RHODubai discussion starts ~1hr 21minDeepti and Dina are here to discuss the latest embarrassments of RHOBH S12 so far. When will Erika STOP being so lame this season? We are not even scared of her anymore, we are just in awe of the low levels she's gone to for herself. Rinna needs to check herself. Dina has a big analysis of both Crystal and Sutton on these episodes! AND OF COURSE THERE IS MUCH TALK ABOUT SUTTON'S DATE WITH THE INDIAN GUY SANJIT. (DUHHH) Garcelle is still a queen of this season.  What's going on with Asher? How do we "describe" him in today's parlance? All these "issues" and more discussed.Deepti and Dina discuss the latest few episodes of Dubai as well. Chanel Ayan is the most adorable. Sara - BLECH. Brooks - BLECH. Dina and Deepti disagree on Stanbury though! Listen in for all the analysis on all these ladies! 

    RHOBH S12E8 + E9 + E10

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2022 94:00

    Deepti, Haley and Sarah are back after a bit of time to help you process what has been happening on RHOBH. Diana is terrible. Kyle - OMG KYLE!!! She's being a TERRIBLE self-producer this season. Erika is embarrassing herself so much this season that we almost barely need to talk about her. Garcelle remains a season hero. Sutton...well we need to talk about Sutton. She's complicated (per her own words...eye roll...)(BUT ALSO TRUE???) Deepti also wants to dedicate this podcast (recorded late Friday night July 15th) to her beloved cat, Jonny Bravo Greenwood. JB passed away on July 6, 2022 morning. Deepti loved JB with her entire heart, soul and mind. JB will continue to live on in Dip's heart and will never be forgotten. JB is missed every moment of every day. Deepti watched so much Real Housewives with JB by her side. 

    RHOBH S12E7 + RHODubai S1E4

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 70:48

    Deepti, Haley and newcomer to the podcast SARAH discuss what an absolute embarrassment Erika is to herself and all of her shenanigans on the boat (oh BROTHER!) and also where Sarah and Haley stand with Dorit's storyline and Crystal's storyline. They also delve deep into their theories on Diana. WHY is she on the show when she's THAT rich??? They briefly discuss what a dud Real Housewives of Dubai has turned out to be. Such a bummer! 

    Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip S2E1 + E2 + E3 (w/Haley & SARAH!)

    Play Episode Play 42 sec Highlight Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 51:30

    Deepti and Haley are joined by longtime friend Sarah to discuss the AMAZING season 2 so far of Ultimate Girls Trip! Dorinda is hosting the ladies at the beloved Bluestone Manor for this season. Phaedra and Eva consistently bring all the laughs and have the most incredible confessions and reactions to the absolutely absurd mess that is Brandi Glanville. Brandi - wow there are just no words for how unhinged she is this season. Vicki is the biggest Debbie Downer, Tamra has been pretty neutral so far, Jill Zain - MEH, Dorinda is bringing her Dorinda slurs and temper and reminding everyone constantly how NICE she is making it all. Taylor Armstrong from RHOBH has the most insane convos with Brandi...b/c Brandi - once again - is inSANE. 

    RHODubai S1E3 + RHOBH S12E6

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 55:09

    RHODubai discussion is first.RHOBH discussion happens ~ 22 mins 35 sec mark.Deepti and Dina were quite angry at both shows from last week!! They can't help but wonder what on earth the producers are thinking! The promise of Dubai was alluring but it is a real nothingburger so far WTF! On Beverly Hills, it seems most of the action is happening OFF the show and Deepti and Dina get into that. The biggest two delights in the episode were of course Garcelle moving all the action and plot forward and Erika's orange and yellow rashguard that she wore surfing! 

    RHOBH S12E5 + RHODubai S1E2

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 81:49

    RHOBH discussion first.RHODubai discussion begins ~ 32min 20 secIn Beverly Hills news...Deepti and Dina have officially just given up on Crystal! Garcelle keeps on shining, many of the ladies seemed to have had a bit  of a glow-DOWN this episode?!?, Erika is embarrassing herself and of course....RIP to Rinna's amazing 93 year old mother LOIS who sadly passed. WE LOVED HER! EVERYONE LOVED LOIS! In Dubai news...Dina totally turned Deepti around who initially thought  episode 2 was very meh...but by the end of their discussion, Deepti was FULLY INTO IT and is ready for what may hopefully come this season! Unlike in the first episode, they love Ayan much more, thoughts are both up and down now for Sara, Stanbury - ugh, Nina is getting a BAAAD RAP in this episode tsk tsk, Brooks needs to treat her housekeeper better and Deepti wanted to eat all the food at Lesa's Thanksgiving dinner.

    Real Housewives of Dubai S1E1 (SERIES PREMIERE!) + RHOBH S12 E4

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 99:35

    Real Housewives of Dubai discussion is first.RHOBH discussion begins around 57 min 10 sec mark. Deepti and Dina throw some real punches at all the Housewives in this PCP episode EEEKS. They introduce the NEW SERIES Real Housewives of Dubai and my oh my that Chanel Ayan is something else. Namely - EXHAUSTING! Deepti and Dina don't hold back and have loads of first impression thoughts on all the new Housewives. Back to America and Beverly Hills, Erika continues to shock with how horrific she is, Dorit and PK remain absolutely adorable, Kyle STIRS away in every pot she can find, Garcelle continues to bring it this season and Crystal is continuing on with her aggravating millennial role and refuses to say the "DARK" thing Sutton said to her last season (ENOUGH CRYSTAL, JUST SAY IT!!!!)

    Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard (PRE-VERDICT) - with Haley

    Play Episode Play 25 sec Highlight Listen Later May 29, 2022 104:54

    This episode was recorded on Saturday May 28, 2022, one day after both sides rested. As of this recording, the jury is out for deliberations.Deepti and Haley have been *riveted* by the Depp v. Heard trial and HAD to process their thoughts together on it all! They discuss why they got so incredibly sucked into this trial, their conflicting emotions about the whole case and what they saw at trial, the intense universe of followers that they discovered sprouted up around this crazy legal circus, the cultural implications of this case and also their "trial highlights." 

    RHOBH S12E2 + E3

    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2022 94:38

    RHOBH Episode 3 discussion starts around 52min 30secDeepti and Dina continue to wonder more about the "home invasion"; Dina is extremely relieved the new housewife Diana is legitimately rich beyond words; Deepti is a little upset and surprised she's kind of enjoying Erika; they're both so happy Rinna got buuuuurned by Sutton's receipts; while they don't like Garcelle's stupid crystal rock collection, they ARE enjoying her ability to the move the plot forward so wonderfully this season; they analyze Crystal's meltdown; and of course they discuss the latest news on Kathy Hilton and her "problematic" family's language choices. 


    Play Episode Play 30 sec Highlight Listen Later May 15, 2022 90:14

    Deepti is finally BACK to Pop Culture Prisoner after a hiatus and she's here with Dina to discuss the Beverly Hills ladies returning to our lives! Dina and Deepti struggle and go back and forth and up and down and every which way trying to understand the BURGLARY. Deepti wonders if Rinna's trying to push her way into a very specific sunglasses market? Dina marvels at the insanity of how OFF so many cast member "reactions"  were in general in this episode. And Erika...oh god Erika. Of course they discuss her choice to double down on awfulness. RHOBH discussion starts around 8min 10sec mark. Beforehand, Dina and Deepti briefly discuss the glory of Howard Stern interviews, the recently announced Smashing Pumpkins/Jane's Addiction fall 2022 tour and nosy middle school kids listening to this podcast tsk tsk!!!! RATE US 5 STARS AND LEAVE A NICE COMMENT, LISTENERS!!!! 

    RHOSLC S2 Reunion Episodes

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 59:23

    Deepti is back with Dina to have an amazing and *fun* discussion about the three reunion episodes of Salt Lake City! Bad Weather strikes again! Lisa needs to learn vulnerability. Meredith...is pretty GOOD!?!? What is happening...is Meredith back in Pop Culture Prisoner's favor?? 

    Love Is Blind Season 2 (Netflix) - with Neelam and Anoushka

    Play Episode Play 32 sec Highlight Listen Later Mar 4, 2022 103:30

    Deepti welcomes back special guest Neelam (from Indian Matchmaking recaps, episodes 32 and 32 of Pop Culture Prisoner) and her lovely niece Anoushka for an in depth discussion of all things Love Is Blind Season 2!!!! They analyze Deepti and Shake's relationship for over half of this episode because there is just so much to say, especially from Deepti, Neelam and Anoushka's Indian perspectives. And then they go into all of the other couples and what they thought was and was not working for them.Please note: this episode was recorded *before* the reunion aired. ENJOY! 

    Quick Preliminary Thoughts w/Dina on LOVE IS BLIND Season 2 having a "DEEPTI" on the show!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 26, 2022 7:44

    Deepti does NOT like when other people have her name and lo and behold, one of the breakout stars of Love Is Blind Season 2 is actually a lovely woman named DEEPTI. Pop Culture Prisoner Deepti has a few quick thoughts on Love Is Blind Deepti before the official PCP recap comes out later! 


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 26, 2022 54:13

    Deepti and Dina are SO happy that the *very long* sophomore season of Salt Lake City is COMPLETE and we can all move on to the much-awaited reunion episodes! They discuss how Jen's state of mind was extremely confusing and inconsistent this season and they also  do a THOROUGH breakdown of why Meredith upsets them so much in general! 

    RHOC Season 16 Mid-Season Recap + Stray Thoughts on SUMMER HOUSE S6 (Co-hosts Haley & Dina on this ep!)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2022 85:49

    Well well well....lookie LU who the cat dragged in! It's DINA returning to the podcast for a myriad of thoughts on Real Housewives of Orange County AND Summer House! Deepti, Dina and Haley discuss the first ten episodes of RHOC and each of the cast members and what's wrong with everyone! (Not much is RIGHT.) Then they somehow pivot to Summer House even though Deepti is the only one who has seen the latest season but their analysis is top notch nonetheless! 

    RHOSLC S2E20 (+ Show Recommendation + Brief Chat about Summer House Season 6!)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 62:30

    Deepti, Haley and Larkyn discuss how delicious Bravo's hit show Summer House is, Larkyn shares a Netflix recommendation for the show My Unorthodox Life and of course...they all get way into episode 20 of RHOSLC.They try to understand for the millionth time Mary's whole vibe in general, why Lisa even IS friends with Jen, how much Meredith truly scares Deepti and whether this show is even REAL!!! 

    And Just Like That... SEASON FINALE EPISODE 10!!! + RHOSLC S2E19

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 5, 2022 57:21

    RHOSLC discussion begins ~32 min 10 sec mark.Deepti, Haley and Larkyn give their final thoughts on a very up and down season of AJLT! Of course there is more Che Diaz hate and irritations with unresolved issues regarding Miranda (did she just "beat alcoholism" in a few days!??! Is Brady just totally OK with his parents splitting??) but there are also some high points in this episode. Of course Haley is ecstatic that her prediction on Carrie's love life came true (va va VOOM Mr. Producer Man!) All this and much more discussed.On the (hopefully?) penultimate episode of RHOSLC, Meredith simply continues to INFURIATE Deepti, Haley and Larkyn. Mary remains a horrid mean wretched presence. Heather is NOT so innocent! And WOW LISA, WOW with that (supposed) hot mic moment!!! 

    RHOSLC S2E18 + And Just Like That...Episode 9

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 29, 2022 56:35

    And Just Like That...discussion begins at the 30 minute mark. Deepti, Haley and Larkyn go OFF on Jennie who got fired for being a downright racist and otherwise try to make sense of this bonkers episode in Zion where everyone becomes so unhinged! Meredith and Jen are freaking out and screaming one night and laughing the next, wtf!??!? The penultimate episode of AJLK continues to give us more Che that we didn't ask for at all! Carrie looked great. Charlotte was quite fun to watch in this episode. And wow wow wow, Larkyn shares a story from her teenage years that Deepti is still trying to make sense of and Haley is still laughing about regarding Aunt Flo and for some reason a BELT was involved?? WILD!! 

    HBO Max's Euphoria, And Just Like That... Episode 8, RHOSLC S2E18

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2022 80:48

    Euphoria discussion opens the episode; AJLT discussion begins ~ 10min 14 sec mark; RHOSLC discussion begins ~ 40 min mark.Deepti, Haley and Larkyn discuss how they felt watching the first season of the super popular HBO Max show Euphoria; Deepti wonders how ANY PARENT CAN STOMACH IT! They move on to And Just Like That... and of course cannot avoid talking about their utter hatred of the Che Diaz character and how upsetting it is watching Miranda be a blubbering fool around them! They react to Miranda breaking the divorce news (and meeting someone) to Steve, which also left them in part puzzled. But that aside...Deepti, Haley and Larkyn were finally able to ENJOY a lot of this episode as well! A return to form in some aspects, thank GOD. And last but not least...Salt Lake City. Was the bus fight even REAL??  Jen, Meredith and Mary continue to be absolutely incorrigible. Eighteen episodes in and they just cannot wait for this all to be wrapped UP! 

    And Just Like That...Episode 7 + RHOSLC S2E16

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 15, 2022 50:17

    Deepti, Haley and Larkyn are just losing it week by week on And Just Like That...! It's going off the rails. And yet...they will all still watch. The women are making middle age very very very dour. Which is a real bummer. But most of all - CHE DIAZ! WHYYYY TV universe, WHYYY must we endure them!?!?!? Onto Salt Lake City, WHEW BOY. Seth has officially lost it! Gold medal  for most annoying House Husband??? Jen continues to poke at all of us with her absolutely horrific lying and cheating self...and yet STILL sometimes makes us chuckle. 

    And Just Like That...Episodes 4+5, RHOSLC S2E15

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 8, 2022 66:25

    Deepti, Haley and Larkyn discuss how ridiculous And Just Like That...continues to get! And as always, a full breakdown of the ladies in Salt Lake City. Mary is UNHINGED! 

    And Just Like That...Episode 4 + RHOSLC S2E14

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 27, 2021 78:11

    Deepti, Haley and Larkyn are bringing you some analysis goodies for the 4th episode of the SATC reboot. They discuss how people can't get over the "cringe factor"...and how they're not buying into it. Of course they talk about the ups and downs of the latest episode, the in-your-face-diversity (but how they're not necessarily mad at it?) And with these three interior-design-obsessed co-hosts...how could they not talk about all the fabulous wallpaper in the interiors of the apts!Moving into RHOSLC...it's another DOOZY of an episode with another INSANE lunch gone awry! So many points of laughter and anger in this episode! Listen in for all the fabulous dissection. Is Mary AWARE of all her insults or really just that oblivious? Are we actually enjoying Meredith now?? Lisa continues to be a world salad monster like a mosquito buzzing in your ear that won't go away. Is Whitney the most untrustworthy human being OR just a really good Bravo Housewife? All these thoughts and so much more in this Pop Culture Prisoner episode!HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

    And Just Like That... and RHOSLC S2E12 + E13

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2021 63:16

    How could Deepti, Haley and Larkyn NOT talk about the first three episodes of  the Sex And The City reboot "And Just Like That..."??!?! They discuss the highs and lows and how good it feels to have the ladies back in our lives. And then a discussion of the DOOZY of an episode 12 for RHOSLC and episode 13. Jen and Mary are both OFF THEIR ROCKERS! And there is a lot of concern about WHISKNEY'S business ventures, it's not looking so hot. All that and much more, including highlights from Lisa's constant word salads.

    Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip (RHUGT S1)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 11, 2021 65:49

    Deepti, Haley and Larkyn could not wait to discuss the ALL STARS version of Real Housewives: REAL HOUSEWIVES ULTIMATE GIRLS TRIP.  After some obligatory Bravo gossip that needed to be shared, the Ultimate Girls Trip discussion began around the 13 minute mark.Everyone was discussed at length but by far the most *heated* and entertaining debate is about Kyle!   

    RHOSLC S2E11 + Winter House Finale + POP CULTURE RECOMMENDATIONS (again!)

    Play Episode Play 60 sec Highlight Listen Later Nov 27, 2021 68:32

    **At the end of every episode now, we will be recommending some pop culture goodies to consume so stay tuned to the end of the episode for those. They will also always now be listed here in the description for reference too!**At the top of the episode, Deepti was VeRy excited to report on her conversation from Thanksgiving night at home with her childhood friend who (1) is a plastic surgeon now and (2) WATCHES BRAVO.  Connect the dots....the takeaway opinions were great! On RHOSLC, Deepti, Haley and Larkyn chatted about Meredith's opinions that were all dead on and refreshing to be heard OUT LOUD (unlike on shows such as AHEM Rhobh), Lisa's non-committal to saying almost ANYTHING of actual substance being annoying, Mary's sheer and utter *meanness* being too much and a couple big analyses on Heather.Winter House Finale! Is Austen the biggest gaslighter man-child ever? How did the producers have NO footage of Craig and Paige flirting the entire season, did they actually NEVER flirt on this vacation?? Deepti, Haley and Larkyn give all their final opinions on all the cast members and their storylines on the show.POP CULTURE RECOMMENDATIONS:Larkyn:BOOK: Cloud Cuckoo Land: A Novel (Author: Anthony Doerr)SHOW: The Sex Lives of College Girls (by Mindy Kaling) on HBO MaxDeepti:BOOK: Lake Success (Author: Gary Shteyngart)PODCAST: George Clooney episode on Marc Maron's WTF podcast COMEDIAN TO FOLLOW on Twitter: Chris Fleming https://twitter.com/chrisfluming?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

    RHOSLC S2E10 - THE EPIC Jen Shah Arrest Episode!!! + TV/Doc/Movie Recs

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 86:28

    Deepti, Haley and Larkyn were bursting through their seams just dYing to talk about this *incredible* RHOSLC episode following the ladies on their van/bus trip to Vail to meet up with Meredith, who apparently decided she'd spend most of the episode soaking in a tub, for a planned girls trip. As the women gathered more and more information about what was going down with the FBI raid on Jen Shah's life, their own suspicions and loyalties became extremely apparent. Around the 1 hour 18 minute mark, as an added bonus...Deepti, Haley and Larkyn shared the things they've most recently loved watching and are excited TO watch. ENJOY! 

    Winter House S1E2 + 3 AND RHOSLC S2E7 + E8 + E9

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 60:26

    Deepti and Haley are back with Larkyn to discuss the crazy love triangles happening on Winter House. Deepti also admits her conflicted and regrettable feelings about one particular cast member.  FINALLY the "JEN SHAH GETS ARRESTED" scene has happened and it was explosive with the drama around the arrest. Also, Mary's lunch at the Italian restaurant where she blew up at Whitney was MADNESS. Deepti, Haley and Larkyn share their thoughts on it all!

    RHOBH Reunions Parts 1-4

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2021 61:25

    Deepti and Haley discuss all four parts of the reunion. Erika didn't answer anything despite her yelling constantly  that she did! Kyle didn't get called out for all her pot stirring. Did Dorit have a nose job?? Does she pay suggested retail for all her clothes?? All of this and more discussed!

    Winter House S1E1 + VanderpumpRules Season 9 (so far)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2021 62:56

    Deepti, Haley and Larkyn have taken a break from talking about RHOSLC for the week so they could focus on the wild series premiere of WINTER HOUSE. And while this season of VPR is a total dud...Deepti felt she needed to talk out many of her feelings on it! As Larkyn aptly stated, Winter House is the light and VPR is the darkness. 


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 57:25

    Deepti, Haley and Larkyn get to the bottom of the Lisa-Whitney debacle as well as try to really examine the nuances of Mary's existence! And of course there is some major Duy lambasting  for wanting a sister-wife WTFFFF!!!! 

    RHOSLC S2E5 + Some Bonus Celeb Gossip Chit-Chat

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 68:37

    Discussion of the actual RHOSLC episode begins ~15 min mark. Up until then...some juicy celeb gossip! Deepti and Haley pick apart every detail of Lisa and Whitney's dynamic and also discuss Mary's outrageous car crash description scene that left their jaws on the floor! This episode also contains descriptions of some outlandishly terrible fashion choices on the show! 


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 43:11

    This episode is sponsored by https://legallyaddictivefoods.com/ - enter the code POP10 to get a 10% discount on your order for the world's most delicious cracker cookies! Don't forget to check out Deepti's guest appearance on the podcast FamilyKarmaKast where they talked about the latest season of Bachelor In Paradise. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/65-bachelor-in-paradise-season-7-recap-with-deepti/id1501619461?i=1000537844852Deepti and Haley close out the regular season of RHOBH with some closing thoughts on how Erika gives us no reason to have ANY sympathy for her and how Sutton really did emerge as the season's hero while Rinna sunk lower into terrorizing-person-territory. Plus they explain why Kyle NEEDS to be questioned heavily at the reunion for her behavior all season long throwing Sutton under the bus.


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 55:58

    Deepti, Haley and Larkyn have not fully investigated Mary and do not support what sounds like her potential cult-like involvement so THAT aside....oh my god they cannot get enough of the MARY scenes! She is so comically enterTAINing. They also discuss theories of Lisa's  involvement in caterer-gate. And Larkyn gives the listeners some great inside SLC gossip about some of the tangential people on the show! 

    RHOBH S11E19 - **********PCP EPISODE 100**********

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2021 62:40

    Thank you to all the listeners!!! Pop Culture Prisoner has reached the 100 episode mark! CHEERS!!!!!Deepti and Haley celebrate the 100th episode with tangents on...Indian people? Yes it's true. Don't worry, they get to RHOBH soon enough. Learn a little history of Deepti's family at the beginning of episode 100 lol. And also about Haley's supposed other Indian friends. This is the penultimate episode of a pretty enticing season of RHOBH. Deepti and Haley express their absolute exasperation at Erika's personality shifts, WOW it was absolutely bananas. 


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 49:54

    Deepti, Haley and Larkyn currently cannot get enough of Mary and really try to understand what on EARTH is going on with her and Robert, Jr. They end up being more sympathetic than they realized they would be with Meredith's "side of the story" in the fight with Jen, even though both of them are just pretty hard to take right now! Finally, be prepared for some pop culture tangents as they (sort of) semi-relate to this episode! 

    RHOBH S11E18

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 46:28

    Legally Addictive Foods is sponsoring this episode. For the most delicious cracker cookies you've ever tasted, enter code POP10 for a 10% discount. https://legallyaddictivefoods.com/Deepti and Haley continue to marvel at how low Rinna can go on RHOBH. They discuss a heartbreaking "vulnerable" moment that actually read more like a cult meeting when Garcelle  shares what it's like to be in her skin in life so often.  And per usual, they discuss Erika's latest moments on the show. Haley also has a hysterical side anecdote about watching the show "Dear White People" - enjoy! 


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 61:53

    Deepti, Haley and Larkyn are here to guide you through  exactly why they're very into this season but actually aren't rooting hard for anyone?? Haley and Larkyn reveal that they still kind of like Heather but Deepti cannot get over "reunion-Heather" at all. But they do all agree that Mary is A FORCE on screen currently! A crazy force with a crazy house. Also, listen in for their analysis of Whitney and her astonishment at how you have to ... work? ... when you have a business.  

    RHOBH S11E17

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2021 61:29

    This episode is sponsored by Legally Addictive Foods. Enter the code POP10 for a 10% discount on the most delicious cracker-cookies you've ever tasted!Deepti has a blast breaking down the latest Beverly Hills episode with Haley. They throw their arms in the air and perhaps screech a bit at the INSANITY that is Erika's absurd handling of her affairs these days. The LIES at this point are, as evidenced in an absolutely amazing dinner scene with PK/Dorit/Mauricio/Kyle, HILARIOUS. Deepti also gets Haley to try to figure out if Harry Hamlin being with Rinna makes her ANY more decent of a person? They also intensely analyze the entire psyche and actions of Garcelle and Crystal. Tune in for all the hot deets! 


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 58:39

    Deepti is back with her trusty co-hosts Haley and Larkyn to discuss the season premiere of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City! They had to really refresh their memories on the various changing alliances on the show. But some things are for certain, Jen Shah is still nuts and Mary still scares us all with that cult of hers (but damn her comedic timing still cracks us up). These thoughts and many more on the rest of the caste inside this PCP episode! 

    RHOBH S11E16

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2021 43:07

    Deepti and Dina are incensed on behalf of Dorit that everyone keeps dragging her! Drag ERIKA not DORIT! Well this episode of RHOBH confused Deepti and Dina yet again and they explain exactly where the disconnects are in the women's motivations and actions this season. WHY is Kyle insisting that Sutton is weak?? She has laid everything she feels about Erika out on the table. It's wildly confusing. Listen in for all the hot takes. 


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 56:19

    RHONY discussion begins around 46 min 50 sec mark.Yet another Beverly Hills episode for Deepti and Dina to trash Erika's pathetic hypocrisy. They analyze how poorly Erika is playing the cameras in this episode at Kathy's dinner party. And try to figure out what TF is going on with Kyle. And with this whole episode really - it was a very confusing episode where things almost seemed out of order because people were jumping all over the place in their thoughts about Erika. Deepti and Dina also try to  understand Crystal as a person with all her food emphasis. Finally RHONY has ended. Deepti and Dina give their final thoughts on the most lackluster season of what has used to be  the greatest franchise ever. 

    RHOBH S11E14 + RHONY S13E16

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2021 65:28

    RHONY discussion begins around 45 min 40 sec mark.Deepti and Dina discuss every nuance of why this RHOBH did not live up to the previews expectations! They explain how the women are getting sloppy with plotlines and how the Erika saga plot points are just being re-hashed too much.Deepti and Dina  take the time to dissect why Leah's opening scene with her family is infuriating and they also continue to explore why Sonja has fallen too far for them to enjoy her on their screens at this point. 

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