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Sports talk, but funny.

Sean Leary

    • Aug 10, 2022 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from No Credentials with Sean Leary

    San Diego Trip, NFL Training Camp Round Up + The Resort on Peacock

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2022 45:00

    Sean sits down to recap his epic R & R weekend in San Diego! -He drank liquor-He ate sushi-Guest bedrooms need upgrades NFL Training Camp Round Up -Panthers-49ers-Rams-Cowboys-Patriots-Jets-Packers-Giants-CommandersSean discusses the new Peacock thriller series 'The Resort' Join the 

    DeShaun Watson Suspension Reaction, Juan Soto, Aaron Judge, NOPE, + The Captain on ESPN

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 37:37

    Sean sits down to react to the DeShaun Watson 6 game suspension. Sean discusses the Juan Soto trade to the Padres. Will this propel them to the World Series? Aaron Judge is on a tear. Will he hit 62 dingers? NOPE from Jordan Peele was AMAZING! Have you seen it? Join the

    Madison Bumgarner, Yankees vs. Astors, Dodgers vs. Mets, Kyler, Lamar, Carr, The Gray Man + Top Gun: Maverick

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2022 42:14

    Sean sits down after a two-week hiatus of traveling & wedding planning! He rips into Madison Bumgarner for being a crotch. The Yankees & Dodgers are poised to make the World Series. They HAVE to for the season to be a success. Kyler got a new deal - Sean doesn't like it! Lamar in for a bounceback? Carr is NOT a hall of famer & it's not close...The Gray Man on Netflix REVIEWTop Gun: Maverick REVIEWJoin the conversation:

    Baker Mayfield, MLB All Star Game + Home Run Derby, Kevin Durant + Kyrie Irving, Yankees, + The Terminal List

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2022 35:45

    Sean sits down to discuss the Browns trading Baker Mayfield to the Panthers. Sean discusses the voting process for the MLB All Star Game & throws out some ideas for the Home Run Derby. Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving want out. Where are they headed? LA?The Yankees MUST win the World Series this season or it is a catastrophic failure. Sean has been checking out 'The Terminal List' on Amazon Prime.  Full breakdown at the end!Join the 

    Brittney Griner, Kyrie Irving, Freddie Freeman, Yankees, Le'Veon Bell vs. AP + Hustle on Netflix

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 31:27

    Sean sits down to discuss the Brittney Griner situation. Also - Kyrie Irvin is soooo weird. Freddie Freeman is getting called out by teammates. The Yankees are MASHING. Are we witnessing greatness? Le'Veon vs. AP - who you got? Check out Hustle on Netflix!Join the conversation:

    Chips & Bits Minneapolis Recap, Lamar Jackson, Tampa Rays ClownShow, LIV Golf, Biden Bike Mishap, + 'Jerry & Marge Go Large'

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 34:14

    Sean sits down to recap the weekend event in Minneapolis - Chips & Bits Hastings! Sean also gives a window into the financial situation of a mid-level artist during COVID. Lamar Jackson doesn't have an agent. Sean is fine with that! The Tampa Rays are back being idiots again :) LIV GOLF - let it LIVE! Biden Bike Mishap - Sean debuts 'NY POST IT" Jerry & Marge Go Large on Paramount + is a perfect feel-good movie! WATCH NOW! Join the 

    NBA Finals, Chef Curry, Tyreek Hill, **MAILBAG** + Candy on HULU

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 30:59

    Sean sits down to prep you for Chips & Bits Minneapolis this Friday in Hastings, MN. Have you signed up yet? Sean also breaks down the upcoming game 6 of the NBA Finals. Chef Curry is poised to win his first NBA Finals MVP! Tyreek Hill is whack. He wants more touches? He caught 111 balls last year! **MAILBAG**Sean answers your questions!Join the

    DeShaun Watson, Tampa Bay Rays, Jack Del Rio, NBA Finals, + Critics Hate Jurassic World Dominion

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 33:12

    Sean sits down to discuss the DeShaun Watson situation. More accusers? Lock this dude up. Some of the Rays players didn't want to wear the pride flag. That's absurd. Jack Del Rio called the January 6th Capitol Attack a "DUST UP" LOL NBA Finals are hot. Who you got? The critics absolutely hate Jurassic World Dominion. Will you still see it? Join the WARNING: SEAN IS CRANKY THROUGHOUT THIS EPISODE 

    Memorial Weekend, NBA Finals Preview, NFL + MLB Dump, Blacklight + Stranger Things

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 34:09

    Sean sits down to recap Memorial Weekend. He tried Trunk Club. He also ate at a new funny named stir fry restaurant 'Noodle World Junior" in Sherman Oaks. Celtics vs. Warriors. Who you got? Sean's thinking Warriors in 6 with Steph winning the MVP. NFL NEWS DUMPMLB NEWS DUMPBlacklight with Liam Neeson is terrible. Do not see it. Stranger Things - the kids are so old. Should I watch?Join the 

    Hard Knocks Announcement, Top 10 QBs, "Jackie" Controversy, Naomi Osaka, North Venice Little League, Johnny Depp + Amber Heard Trial, + Top Gun: Maverick

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 38:39

    Sean sits down to discuss the HBO announcement of the ARIZONA CARDINALS as the in-season Hard Knocks team. Sean lists his top 10 QBs heading into 2022. NBA Playoffs. Crash course for Celtics vs. Warriors? Josh Donaldson / Tim Anderson & the "Jackie" controversy. Naomi Osaka signing autographs after losing badly. Come on! Amber Heard & Johnny Depp trial thoughts. Top Gun: Maverick is out this weekend. Happy Memorial Weekend! Join the conversation: 

    Top 5 Games on 2022 NFL Schedule, NBA Playoffs, DeShaun Watson, Yankees, Chips & Bits, + 13 Hours

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 42:36

    Sean sits down to recap this past weekend's epic Chips & Bits Comedy Golf Tournament! Sean breaks down his Top 5 Games on the 2022 NFL ScheduleNBA Playoffs: Golden State vs. Dallas + Boston vs. Miami - full breakdownDeShaun Watson MIGHT be suspended for the entire 2022 season...Yankees are full DADDY right now!Sean also discusses the Michael Bay film 13 Hours Join the 

    Crazy Lyft Story, Yankees, NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft Thoughts, + Under the Banner of Heaven

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 37:50

    Sean sits down to discuss his recent insane LYFT story. The Universe works in mysterious ways & it's shining down on the 'Aaron Judge' kid! The Yankees are LOADED. Will they win 70 games by the All-star Break? Sean's gut is telling him Warriors vs. Celtics in the NBA Finals. Are the Jets & Lions loaded after the draft? What are the Titans DOING? Sean also discusses the new FX show 'Under the Banner of Heaven' with Andrew Garfield! Join the 

    Jerry West is a BABY, Deebo Samuel, NFL Draft Preview, NBA Playoffs, + The Girl from Plainville

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 34:11

    Sean sits down after a bye week (illness) to discuss Jerry West & his infatuation with suing HBO & Adam McKay for his portrayal in Winning Time. Deebo Samuel wants out of San Francisco. Will he head to the Jets? Is Kyle Shanahan overrated? Sean thinks Alabama OL Evan Neal will be the first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Sean has the Warriors & Celtics linking up in the Finals, but the bigger story is the Nets GETTING SWEPT in the first round! Sean discusses the HULU drama 'The Girl from Plainville" Join the 

    Death on The Nile, The Contractor, Lakers, Load Management, Masters, + Women Run the World

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 34:34

    Sean sits down to discuss his weekend looking for movies to find on Amazon Prime. He watched 'Death on the Nile' & 'The Contractor' and has some thoughts. He's seen every movie. The Lakers season was a FAILURE. Those who hate load management - SUCK IT UP! Stifler won the Masters. Did you happen to see Tiger eating that gyro? Cam Newton is misogynistic. That's a bummer. Join the conversation:

    Apartment Relocation Story, Masters, Lakers, NFL Draft, MLB Opening Day + Winning Time

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 33:42

    Sean sits down to tell the insane true story of his apartment relocation over the weekend. You won't believe what you hear. Sean is getting very excited about the Masters. Are you? Sean looks at the teams with the first 10 picks of the NFL draft & decides which one of them will be in the top 10 teams of 2022/2023. MLB Opening Day is Thursday, April 7th. Does anyone care? What happened to the Lakers? Woof. Lastly, Sean thinks HBO Max's Winning Time could be better. Do you agree? Join the Please rate, review, & subscribe! 

    Arians OUT, DeShaun, Vikings VOTE NO, Lamar NO AGENT, Irsay HATES Wentz, + The Slap!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 31:52

    Bruce Arians is OUT as head coach of the Bucs. Did Tom Brady put a hit out on him? DeShaun says he can't answer the question because he "has a girlfriend" - did he "have a girlfriend" when he was trying to boink those massage therapists? The MN Vikings VOTED NO on the new OT proposal changes. HA! Lamar Jackson is negotiating without an agent. Good for him! Jim Irsay HATES Carson Wentz. Can you blame him? The Slap has been so overblown......... let's relax! Join the conversation: 

    Tyreek to Miami, DeShaun to Cleveland, Davante to Vegas, Baker Mayfield, + AFC Power Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 37:07

    Sean sits down to discuss the bonkers week in the NFL! Tyreek has been traded to the Dolphins. Are the Chiefs OK?DeShaun is now the "grownup" in Cleveland. Will it work out? Davante Adams to Vegas! Let the dice roll...Matty Ice to Indy! Baker Mayfield has been done dirty by the Browns. He deserves better. Sean ranks the AFC teams post free agency. Does your favorite team make the top 5?Join the 

    Tom Brady Unretires, Kirk Cousins FML, NFL Free Agency + Proposal Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2022 37:16

    Tom Brady has unretired. Not surprising to anyone. Why did he unretire? Sean thinks one aspect could be the continued off-the-field surge of Peyton Manning. Is he trying to stay relevant by continuing to play? Could be an interesting thought. Kirk Cousins has signed an extension with the MN Vikings. The Vikings are planning to "competently rebuild" and have Kirk serve as their "competent QB" during the rebuild. PATRICK MAHOMES AIN'T WALKING THROUGH THAT DOOR. The Vikings will be lucky to win 7 games with Cousins. FML.  The Chargers, Jags, & Dolphins all went HAM in Free Agency! The Cowboys are CRUMBLING in Free Agency! Sean got engaged over the weekend! Listen to this week's episode for the WHOLE story! Join the conversation: 

    Aaron Rodgers Decision, Russell Wilson, Calvin Ridley, Winning Time HBO Max, + The Batman Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 32:13

    Sean sits down to discuss Aaron Rodgers staying in Green Bay. Aaron owned us all! Russell Wilson is headed to Denver. They should definitely be in the mix. Calvin Ridley has been suspended the entire 2022 season for betting on games. He did parlays! lol. Winning Time has premiered on HBO Max. Sean breaks it down. Sean gives his FULL review of The Batman! Join the conversation: 

    NFL Broadcasting Shakeup, Batman or Robin: NFL QBs + The Batman

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2022 43:41

    Sean sits down to discuss the recent shakeups in the broadcast booth for the NFL. Al Michaels is OUT at NBC. Troy Aikman is OUT at FOX. What is 2022 going to look like? Sean breaks down his TOP FIVE Play by Play announcers & his TOP FIVE Analysts. Sean plays Batman or Robin with NFL QBs.Batman or Robin: Baker MayfieldBatman or Robin: Jalen HurtsBatman or Robin: Trevor LawrenceBatman or Robin: Jimmy GThe Batman opens in theaters on Friday, March 4th! Sean gets you prepped. Join the 

    Top 10 NFL QBs in 2022, NBA All Star Weekend, + Daddy-O or Daddy-No

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2022 39:32

    Sean sits down to rank his top 10 NFL QBs heading into the 2022 season. Does his list surprise you?Sean recaps NBA All Star Weekend & gives some of his favorite memories of past Sprite Slam Dunk Contests - MJ from the free-throw line, Vince Carter's Honey Dip, Dee Brown, etc. Is Steph Curry the greatest basketball player of all time? Daddy-O or Daddy-NO: NFL QBsShould a team KEEP or GET RID of their QB? Derek Carr, Kirk Cousins, Carson Wentz, Ryan TannehillLiam Neeson is 69 years old. Join the

    Super Bowl Reaction

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2022 46:33

    Sean sits down to breakdown everything he saw in the Super Bowl. Overall consensus: Rams won it. Zac Taylor was not great. Joe Burrow is a little overrated & I had no problem with Cooper Kupp winning MVP. Jalen Ramsey & Van Jefferson were awful. Perine on 3rd & 1? Woof. Matthew Stafford is absolutely a hall of fame QB. Kyler Murray is kind of a moron...The Lakers are in 9th place. The Nets are in 8th place. Are we in the Twilight Zone? Summer House on Bravo - check it out! Join the


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2022 38:31

    Sean sits down to discuss Super Bowl Week in Los Angeles!Sean gives his prediction for the Big Game as well as analysis on why he's leaning Rams... Best Bets:Rams ML Cam Akers 1st TDRams First Half SpreadSean breaks down all the events & parties happening in LA this week!  Sean discusses his newest obsession: the Amazon Prime series 'Reacher' Nailed it Failed it: Matthew Stafford MVPJa'Maar Chase UNDER 70 yardsBengals UNDER 20 pointsJoin the 

    Championship Weekend Recap, Brady Retires + Harbaugh

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2022 47:29

    Sean sits down to discuss the AFC & NFC Championship games. Andy Reid is now 3-6 in conference championship games. Can Patrick Mahomes still be considered in the GOAT conversation after handing the Bengals the AFC title? Kyle Shanahan blew another 10 point 4th quarter lead. How?Tom Brady finally retired. Thank Christ. See ya, dude. Harbaugh to the Vikings is picking up steam. Join the conversation:

    Divisional Round Reaction, Championship Picks, Best Bet, 'Scream & The Boys' + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2022 48:37

    Sean sits down to react to the unbelievable round of divisional playoff games.The Packers collapse is especially tough to swallow. 14 months of Aaron Rodgers drama & BS culminates in 10 points at home? Utterly agonizing. The storyline from Chiefs vs. Bills NEEDS to be about the Chiefs! Yes Josh Allen was amazing. Yes the OT rules need to change, but we need to truly grasp how amazing Patrick Mahomes & the Chiefs are. Slingin' Stafford was on fire in Tampa! The Rams got an IMPRESSIVE championship-level road win against Tom Brady & the Bucs. Tom looked OLD & CRUSTY. Do NOT be shocked if he calls it quits. Ryan Tannehill cost the Titans. He was just atrocious. Vrable was bad. The Titans were tight. They blew their best chance to get to the Super Bowl for the first time since 99. Watching this Bengals vs. Titans game, it felt like neither team wanted to win. Championship Picks:Chiefs 40 Bengals 28Rams 24 49ers 20Best Bet: Chiefs -7Nailed it Failed it:Mahomes 3 TD PassesAlso - check out Scream in theaters. Super solid & good twist.Also - The Boys on Amazon is a lot of fun (I know I'm late)

    Super Wild Card Reaction, NFL Divisional Round Picks, NFL Divisional Round Best Bets + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2022 41:04

    Sean sits down to react to all (6) of the Super Wild Card Weekend games! Bengals vs. RaidersWhy weren't the Raiders ready? Offensive line was dominated. DJax drop was costly. Bills vs. PatsMac Jones is one of the worst QBs in the NFL. Let's relax on giving Beli too much credit. Bucs vs. EaglesAre the Eagles the worst team to ever make the playoffs? God that was bad. 49ers vs. CowboysMcCarthy, Kellen, Dak, O-line all a clown show. Chiefs vs. SteelersHere come the Chiefs! Rams vs. CardinalsWoof. Kliff Kingsbury - what are you doing? What was THAT? Divisional Round PicksPackers 28 49ers 17Titans 31 Bengals 22Bucs 31 Rams 21Chiefs 31 Bills 28 Best BetsPackers & Bucs ML Parlay Nailed it Failed itRodgers 3TDsStafford 2 picksBurrow 2 picks Contact:

    Joe Judge, Mike Zimmer, 2021 NFL Awards, Super Wild Card Weekend Picks + Best Bets!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2022 44:19

    Sean sits down to discuss how in the world Joe Judge still has a job in NY. Sean also rips Mike Zimmer for the way things deteriorated in Minnesota. Louis Riddick, on the other hand, is amazing - hire him! Every team should be trying to hire Louis Riddick yesterday.  2021 NFL AwardsMVP - Tom BradyOPOY - Cooper KuppDPOY - T.J. WattOROY - Ja'Marr ChaseDROY - Micah ParsonsCPOY - Dak PrescottCOY - Mike Vrabel Playoff Matchup PicksRaiders 28 Bengals 23Bills 30 Patriots 23Bucs 34 Eagles 21Cowboys 33 49ers 24Chiefs 28 Steelers 17Rams 31 Cardinals 27Playoff Best BetsCowboys -3Raiders +5.5Nailed it Failed itFIRE JOE JUDGE, GIANTS! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!Gronky (2) TD catchesCarr 105+ QB Rating

    Relax on Dak, Officiating, AB, Week 18 Picks, Week 18 Best Bets, 2022 NFL New Year's Resolutions

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2022 44:37

    Sean sits down to discuss why the HATE on Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is just not warranted. The NFL had another rough weekend of officiating. Sean gives his thoughts. Antonio Brown needs help, but he's also a trash human being. Week 18 Picks:WINNERS: Chiefs, Cowboys, Bears, Bengals, Packers, Colts, Ravens, Titans, WFT, Bucs, Pats, Saints, Bills, Rams, Cardinals, & RaidersWeek 18 Best Bets: Rams-4, Saints -4.5, Raiders +2.5 2022 NFL New Year's Resolutions1) Sky Judge2) Full Time Officials3) Eliminate Taunting4) Change Overtime Rules5) "Fall Classic" at historic venue**(NO NAILED IT FAILED IT THIS WEEK)**Recording on Tuesday, we won't really know who's going to fully play this weekend!

    Week 16 Picks, Week 16 Best Bets, Christmas Song Power Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 46:08

    Sean sits down to discuss who is good in the NFL. Who is good? Does your team want to play Indy? Does your team want to play the 49ers?Sean makes his week 16 Picks!Sean gives his week 16 Best BetsLions +5.5, Carolina +11, Eagles -10Christmas Song Power Rankings1) Jingle Bell Rock2) Holly Jolly Christmas3) Run Run Rudolph+ Nailed it Failed it!

    Sean Was Wrong, Week 15 Picks, Week 15 Best Bets, Tom Brady Quote

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2021 41:48

    Sean sits down to talk everything NFL week 14 & 15! Sean was WRONG. He was wrong about the 2021 NFL season having top & bottom heavy teams. He was wrong about Mike Zimmer. He was wrong about Dak's performance against WFT. He was wrong about the Panthers. Week 15 Picks - several upsets this week! Week 15 Best Bets(Steelers +2, Dallas -10.5, Bills -10.5) Tom Brady gives some of the worst quotes. Sean discusses. +Nailed it Failed it! (Broncos Win, Colts Win, Kelce anytime TD) 

    Vikings Loss, Mike Zimmer, Gardner > Kirk, Week 14 Picks, Week 14 Best Bets

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2021 42:14

    Sean sits down to discuss the Vikings handing the Lions their first win of the year. Will Zimmer be fired? Sean would take Gardner Minshew over Kirk Cousins. Heart > Talent!Week 14 picksWeek 14 Best BestTampa -3, Steelers +3, Chargers -10.5+Nailed it Failed it! Dak 3 TDs, Lakers W, 

    NFL Officiating, 2021 Margin of Victory, Week 13 Picks, Week 13 Best Bets

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 42:15

    Sean sits down to once again, eviscerate the NFL officiating & higher ups. Did you see the garbage in Tennessee? Thanksgiving was a flag pukefest...The average margin of victory in the NFL in 2021 is SIX points. Did you expect that?Week 13 Picks Week 13 Best Bets(Dolphins -2.5, Bills -3, 49ers -2.5) + Nailed it Failed it! Join the 

    Chiefs vs. Cowboys, Thanksgiving Football + Food, Week 12 Picks, Week 12 Best Bets

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 39:48

    Sean sits down to recap the stinker from Arrowhead between the Chiefs & the Cowboys. Sean has some thoughts on Brady & Rodgers ahead of week 12. Thanksgiving Games & The Food They Compare To: Lions vs. Bears - Sweet PotatoesRaiders vs. Cowboys - Dry TurkeyBills vs. Saints - Apple CrispWeek 12 PicksWeek 12 Best Bets (Colts +2.5, Packers ML, Texans -2.5) +Nailed it Failed it!Join the 

    Week 10 Recap, Week 11 Picks, Best Bets, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 41:14

    Sean sits down to recap another weird week of the NFL season. Cowboys & Packers look really good, but what's going on with the Rams, Bucs, & Cardinals?Are the Chiefs back to being daddy? Are the Titans actually daddy?Week 11 Picks!Does Sean like any upsets? Week 11 Best BetsFalcons +7, Seahawks +2.5, Colts +7+Nailed it Failed it! (Mostly failed it) 

    Aaron Rodgers, Tony Corrente, Taunting, Week 10 Picks, Week 10 Best Bets

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 37:50

    Sean sits down to discuss the Aaron Rodgers situation. Why lie? Sean absolutely eviscerates CLOWN official Tony Corrente for his absurd joke of a performance on Monday Night Football. Should he be suspended or even fired?Are NFL games fixed? What the hell was that we saw on MNF?  Sean makes his week 10 picks. Any upsets? Sean gives his best bets & why. Denver -2.5, Chargers -2.5, Browns ML+ Nailed it Failed it! 

    Week 7 Recap, MVP Watch, Playoff Picture, Carson Wentz, Week 8 Picks, Week 8 Best Bets, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 37:59

    Sean sits down to discuss the ATROCIOUS crap-fest that was week 7 of the NFL season. Two games were decided by one score. That's it! Officiating has gotten worse! How is that possible?MVP Watch: 1) Brady 2) Kyler 3) Dak 4) Burrow 5) LamarPlayoff Picture: Bengals, Bills, Raiders, Chargers, Colts, Ravens, TitansPlayoff Picture: Bucs, Cardinals, Cowboys, Packers, Rams, Vikings, SaintsWeek 8 picksWeek 8 best bets: Lions +3.5, Bengals -10.5, Bucs -5.5+ Nailed it Failed it! Join the conversation:

    Week 6 Recap, Brady, Vrabel, Week 7 Best Bets, Week 7 Picks, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 41:28

    Sean sits down to discuss the very strange week 6 of the NFL! Is Brady seriously 44? Is Mike Vrabel hammered on the sidelines? We went 11-3 in NFL straight up picks last week. How will we do this week?Week 7 Best Bets - Dolphins +2.5, Eagles +3, Ravens -6Week 7 Picks! Sean has all the home teams EXCEPT one team....+Nailed it Failed it! Join the 

    Gruden, Week 5 Recap, Disappointment & Surprise, Best Bets, Week 6 Picks, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 38:55

    Sean sits down to absolutely eviscerate Jon Gruden for being a hate-filled douche. On a lighter note, Sean recaps a crazy week 5 of the NFL & looks back on his best bets. Upcoming Week 6 Best BetsPackers -4.5, Chiefs -6.5, Rams -10.5Sean gives his three disappointing teams & surprise teams from week 5. Any guesses who made the cut? Sean also makes his picks for week 6! +Nailed it Failed it!Join the

    Week 4 NFL Recap, Urban Meyer, NFL Officiating, Week 5 Picks, Week 5 Best Bets, Bills vs. Chiefs, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 42:31

    Sean sits down to discuss the wild week 4 of the NFL season. Why is no one talking about the Cowboys or Chargers? Sean also ROASTS Urban Meyer for being dumb. The NFL officiating is at an ALL TIME low. Fix it. Now. Week 5 Best BetsPackers -3Steelers -1Raiders -5.5Week 5 picks! Does Sean like any upsets? Bills vs. Chiefs is going to be LEGENDARY! Will any tables in Buffalo survive? Join the

    Chips & Bits Recap, Week 3 Reaction, Monday Night Football, Bucs vs. Rams, Packers vs. 49ers, Positive Daddy vs. Pissy Daddy, Best Bets, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 43:20

    Sean sits down to recap the weekend. He, Anna, & Arec went to South Dakota for a comedy golf tournament - Chips & Bits - & it was a roaring success! Sean also breaks down everything he saw in week 3 of the NFL. The Cowboys rolled the Eagles despite Mike McCarthy being a clown. Chiefs & Chargers was WILD! Bucs vs. Rams was interesting. Packers & 49ers - how can you not be romantic about football?! Positive Daddy vs. Pissy Daddy - what made Sean happy & what made Sean pissy! Best Bets: KC -7, Rams -4.5, Colts +1.5Nailed it Failed it! Join the conversation: 

    NFL Week 2 Recap, Power Rankings, Real or NO Real, Best Bets, Week 3 Picks, Taunting Penalties, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 40:38

    Sean sits down to discuss everything he saw on the field in NFL week 2. Sean gives his top 5 NFL teams in this week's power rankings. Sean also plays REAL or NO REAL with three NFL teams. Are they real or are they NOT REAL according to Daddy? Sean also provides his best bets for week 3. ALSO - The taunting penalties are out of control. NFL fans are sick of it. Lastly - nailed it failed it! Join the 

    NFL Week 1 Recap, Mail Bag, Week 2 Preview, Best Bets, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 49:56

    Sean sits down to discuss the WILD week 1 of the NFL season! Sean was right about the Vikings, but was wrong about the Saints. Sean goes game by game & gives his biggest takeaway. He also looks ahead to week 2 and gives his best bets. Week 1 was a smash with the Bengals & Rams covering, but the Packers dumped the bed. MAIL BAG: (3) questions from Amanda in Boston, Greg in El Paso, & Roland in Hawaii - questions about the Bills, Falcons, & Roughing the Passer!Sean ROASTS the Atlanta Falcons - hope you enjoy! Week 2 Best Bets: Washington -3.5, Rams -4, Cardinals -4+Nailed it Failed it!Join the 

    NFL Week 1 Preview, Game Picks, ATS Picks, Fantasy Football, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 42:46

    Sean sits down to discuss week 1 of the NFL season. He makes his game by game picks as well as his picks against the spread. He provides reasons why (they're probably not great reasons). SNEAK PEAK - DADDY'S BEST BETS: Bengals +3, Packers -4, Rams -7.5THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE IS BACK, BABY! Join the 

    Buddy Brothers #8 (NSFW)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2021 54:00

    Arec & Sean sit down to discuss their week. They discuss their 2019 New York trip, the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series, & epic comedy moments from the past few months. The boys also touch on managing expectations in life. Arec & Sean are buddies, but more importantly, they are brothers. Enjoy Buddy Brothers!Email the 

    2021 NFL Season Preview, Playoff Bracket Breakdown, Super Bowl Pick, MVP, Coach of the Year, Rookie of the Year, CPOY, Fantasy Football, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 43:13

    Sean sits down to discuss the upcoming 2021 NFL Season. He breaks down his playoff teams, matchups, & picks. He reveals who he thinks will be in the Super Bowl. Sean makes his picks for MVP, Coach of the Year, Rookie of the Year, & Comeback Player of the Year. Sean tells the story of how he ended up with Travis Kelce AND Darren Waller on his fantasy team! Cam cut,  Carson COVID, + Dobbins injury and more quick NFL tidbits. Join the conversation: Who you got in the Super Bowl?#NoCredentialswithSeanLeary

    Buddy Brothers #7 (NSFW)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2021 60:25

    Arec & Sean sit down to discuss Good Aura Comedy in Hollywood, Arec's trip to Vegas, Sean's run as a terrible house guest, Arec's inability to find any new TV shows, + much, much more! Arec & Sean are buddies, but more importantly they are brothers! Enjoy Buddy Brothers! 

    Preseason Thoughts, NFL Mailbag Questions, NFC + AFC South Game by Game Picks + Record Predictions, Yellowstone + Nine Perfect Strangers, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 48:03

    Sean sits down to discuss the top stories of the past week in the NFL Preseason. The Broncos seem to be trying? Tua looks fantastic. Zach Wilson is popping & Trey Lance is meh. Lions vs. Steelers was bleh, but the crowd fight was memorable. The Lions & Dan Campbell have a lot of heart. Everson Griffin HATES Kirk Cousins. MAIL BAG! (Ryan in Wisconsin) 1. You have the Vikings at 2-15 - are you high? (Ryan in Virginia) 2. You have the Steelers at 11-6. You're one of the only ones high on them. Why? (Carlos in West Virginia) 3. Washington Football Team has a good D, strong coaching, & a weak division. Why are you so low on them? NFC SOUTH + AFC SOUTH game by game picks & record predictionsColts, Titans, Jags, Texans Saints, Bucs, Panthers, FalconsYellowstone on Peacock - Sean checked out the pilot & has some thoughts. Mike Richards OUT as host of Jeopardy - who's next to fill in? + Nailed it Failed it! 

    Buddy Brothers #6 (NSFW)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2021 55:50

    Arec & Sean sit down to discuss the past few weeks of shenanigans. Arec's birthday in Vegas, Sean's tour dates in Minneapolis & South Dakota + the boys chat Suicide Squad & get HEATED discussing the FXX Comedy 'Dave' - Arec & Sean are buddies, but more importantly, they're brothers. Enjoy Buddy Brothers! 

    Preseason Grades, NFL Top 100 Players List, NFC / AFC North Game by Game Picks, Field of Dreams Game, Suicide Squad, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 47:49

    Sean sits down to discuss his thoughts on week 1 of the preseason. He gives his grades for some of the young QBs + some other teams. The Top 100 NFL players list is out & Sean has MAD BEEF. Sean does his NFC & AFC North Game by Game picks - you will be surprised at some of the records if you just go GAME BY GAME. Sean loved the Field of Dreams game. Have you seen Suicide Squad yet? Find out if Sean thinks it's up to the hype + Nailed it Failed it! Join the conversation:

    Bus Adventures, Hard Knocks, NFC East + AFC East Game by Game Picks, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 41:33

    Sean sits down at his childhood home in Brookings, SD to discuss his adventurous trip from Minneapolis, MN to Sioux Falls, SD by bus. Amish corn cobb pipes + COVID droplets lined the bus as well as people getting kicked off left & right. It was INTERESTING. Sean also gives a recap & breakdown of Hard Knocks episode 1. The MEAT & POTATOES: Sean breaks down his game by game picks & schedule predictions for all four teams from the NFC East & AFC East. Who you got winning those divisions?  Here's a hint - his top teams rhyme with Palace & Mark Ruffalo. Join the

    NBA Free Agency + Trades, Colts Cursed, Dak, NFC West Game by Game Records, AFC West Game by Game Records, Jungle Cruise, + Nailed it Failed it!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 48:49

    Sean sits down to discuss the wild weekend of NBA trades & free agent signings. About $1 billion was tossed around to NBA players over the past 72 hours. Even Doug McDermott got paid. Are the Colts cursed? Will Wentz & Nelson be back in time? Is Dak more banged up than we thought? Sean picks game by game winners for each NFC/AFC West team. Will Seattle, Arizona, LA, or SF come out on top? Can anyone dethrone the Chiefs? Sean went to see Jungle Cruise in the theater. What a treat. Join the 

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