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    Latest episodes from A.E.B.G. PODCAST

    A.E.B.G. 170 _GARRETT WILSON HAS ARRIVED!!! (Bengals Preview)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2022 46:21

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast...THE GREATEST COMEBACK EVER!!!!????The NY Jets SHOCK the Cleveland Browns this past weekend with two TD's in the final 82 seconds and move to 1-1 on the season.....How big a win was this for the franchise?....What does it meen for Saleh.....Two games into his career and Garrett Wilson is showing why he can be a special talent....What is his ceiling....is he already the clear cut #1 wr?.....Joe Flacco is the the #3 ranked QB in the NFL according to PFF (yes that's true)....After leading the Jets to an epic comeback- has Flacco silenced the haters (Like Sammy)?....PLUS: JETS BENGALS PREVIEW!!!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 169_Same Old Jets (week 1 review, week 2 preview)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2022 51:55

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast....Don't talk smack about the Jets, Robert Saleh is keeping receipts! After a week 1 loss to the Ravens, where do we stand heading into week 2? The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY from our week 1 debacle vs the Ravens.....How bad was the O line? Just How immobile is Joe Flacco? Is Michael Carter the clear RB1? Next Gen stats provided some DOMINATING info in regards to DJ Reed and Sauce Gardener that will make Jets fans smile! Which players stood out from the pack week 1, and which players failed miserably? PLUS: Jets Browns Week 2 preview!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 168_Jets vs Ravens week 1!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2022 48:54

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast......Week 1 is finally here! Jets Ravens live from Met Life this weekend in the Season opener!! How do the guys feel about Joe Flacco officially starting? What are the Jets chances against an upgraded Ravens defense and Lamar Jackson? What are the keys to a Jet victory!!!??? Zach Wilson out until week 4!!! Reactions, and predictions for week 1-3 PLUS: Some notes on the 53 man roster, and 2022 NFL Season predictions for the whole league!!

    A.E.B.G. 167_Projected 53 Man Roster, Jets Falcons, Jets Giants

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2022 39:33

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast....With Roster cuts coming 8/30- The guys break down the projected 53 man roster for Gang Green heading into week 1! Defense, Offense, Special Team Unit's....Mims, Zuniga, McDermott, Perine, Edoga and more are all on the bubble.....Will the Jets keep 4 RB? 6 Wr? Which Defensive Lineman will be on the chopping block? Will any undrafted FA rookies make the team? PLUS: Who stood out from the Jets Falcons battle Monday night? Joe Klecko finally making his way into the HOF & Jets Giants preview!

    A.E.B.G. 166_Zach Injury, Jets Eagles, Brady Quinn Hate: Falcons Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2022 55:16

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast.....The guys talk Zach's Injury....Timetable for return, Joe Flacco running the show, Should Zach have been playing at all with a depleted offensive line?...Why does Brady Quinn (a massive bust with a tragically bad career) hate Zach Wilson so much?....Duane Brown is officially a Jet- and will be playing LT. Fant moving back to RT. Why does Sammy HATE this move and how long will is take for the Line to get some continuity and operate at a high level?.....Eagles/Jets. Who shined, who bombed, and everything in between PLUS: Falcons Jets Preview

    A.E.B.G. Episode 165_Camp Updates, Green & White, Becton, Eagles/Jets

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 40:37

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast.......Mehki Becton injury: What does this meen at for the Jets, Becton, and the O Line moving forward?....Green & White Scrimmage: Has Zach shown improvement from last year at this point? Who were the stars of the game? Is Tyler Conklin the real deal? CAMP UPDATE: Mike breaks down each day of camp so far. The Standouts from camp and the surprise players standing out so far! PLUS: Eagles Jets preview!

    A.E.B.G. 164_Training Camp Preview!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2022 37:19

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast......With Training camp set to begin, which players/Groups/situations do AEBG think are the most important to focus on heading into this pre season? Becton? Zach? The Rookies? Mims? Carl Lawson? Q Williams? Positional battles? The guys each give 3 areas we should all be locked in on, and preview the most anticipated training camp in a decade!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 163_AFC East PFF Defense Rankings (Beasts from the East 3!!)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2022 40:37

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast.....Where does the Jets last ranked defense from 2021 stack up against the AFC East in 2022! Mike broke down the PFF rankings for each teams Defense - Secondary, D Line & LB.....What positional group on defense are the Jets ranked #1 this year? Which group are we by FAR the weakest in the division? We go through each team, each group, and see where we rank heading into 2022! PLUS: ESPN.com dropped its pre training camp power rankings> Where did the Jets land?.....Becton starting off camp on the PUP list, is this cause for concern considering his injury plagued 2021 season and the "rumors' of a lax work ethic?


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 10:46

    Zach Wilson has had one hell of a week! The Mormon Missle's personal life has made headlines off the field....and there is only one man capable of getting to the bottom of it! That is of course...SENOR WAIVERS!!! Senor flew to Utah to meet with Zach and talk Offseason workouts, nutrition, diet, travel plans....and .......we get the answers on all of the drama surrounding #MILFGATE!!!!!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 162_Beast's from the East PART TWO w/ CJ DeSimone (RUSHING ATTACKS!)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2022 62:43

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast....The Beast's from the East divisional breakdown continues! This week we spotlight the Rushing attacks from each team in the AFC East and see where we think the Jets will stack up! What do the PFF numbers say about Gang Greens O line? Where do the Pats, Fins, Bills rank when it comes to Run Blocking heading into 2022? Who's RB tandems are the best in the Division (Spoiler: Its the Jets!!!!) How can Zach Wilson help the NY Jets Rushing Attack with his legs? Zach accounted for 90% of his rushing statistics the final 5 games of 2021 -- how can that translate into 2022? Whos Slower.....Tua or Mac Jones? The Answer may surprise you!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 161_Beast from the East EP:1 w/ Matt O'leary (AFC EAST PASSING ATTACKS)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 49:23

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast......Part one of the "Beast from the East' series begins! Matt Oleary joins the guys to help break down the NY Jets Passing attack in 2022, and see where they stack up vs the rest of the AFC east! Mike dug DEEP into the PFF data to help us understand where the Jets rank in pass protection, where the Jets pass catchers stack up and of course......we take a deep dive into the 4 QB's in the AFC east.......Where does Zach rank? Is Mac Jones overated?....Why does the Bills O line look like garbage? Where have the Patriots fallen off? All this and more this week on AEBG 161!!!!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 160_Mini Camp, Mekhi Becton looks huge!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 30:41

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast....Mini Camp has begun! And Mekhi Becton looks.....HUGE! Should Jet fans be concerned? Will the whispers of a lax work effort continue all off season? We have mini camp reports on Zach Wilson, Garrett Wilson, Sauce & Breece Hall....PLUS:NFL Exec's ranked the 2021 QB class heading into 2022. Where did Zach end up? Why is Sammy NOT FEELING this list!!!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 159_OTA'S, Ring of Honor, Sauce is legit!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 54:38

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast.......Preparations for the 2022 season have begun! OTA's have gotten underway and Sauce Gardner looks like he is the real deal! What has he shown so far that has Coach Saleh and his teammates raving? What facet of his game did DJ Reed say was DOMINATING!!???...Zach Wilson needs to lock down the basics and execute at a higher level in 2022. What are the 4 main things the coaching staff (and fans) are looking for improvement on?......Q Williams has never played more then 70% of the snaps in an NFL game.....Aaron Donald AVG 89%! Do we need Q on the field more or does Coach Saleh alternating players so often still make sense for 2022? PLUS:The Desaun Watson saga, and we tip the caps to Revis,Mangold and Ferguson for being selected into the Jets Ring of Honor!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 158_Still some holes to fill! (Remaining Fa, Undrafted FA)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 40:11

    This week on the AEBG podcast....You know where we improved after the draft and FA period, but where can we still improve before training camp? The Jets hosted several FA this week in Florham Park, who is the best fit? Which pro bowler looks likely to land on the Jets Roster VERY SOON???.......Joe Douglas was very active in the Undrafted FA market...Who did he bring in? Do any of these guys have a shot to make the team? Keith breaks down the most likely undrafted FA who have a shot this week PLUS: Brady Quinn.....you need to RELAX!

    A.E.B.G. 157_2022 Schedule Preview!!! w/SNY's Dexter Henry

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 68:35

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast.....The 2022 NY Jets Schedule has been released, and the league has once again not done us any favors! Ravens, Bengals, Steelers, Browns (Entire NFC North) to start the season off? Tough road matchups vs Green Bay and Denver.....Lamar Jackson, Desaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, Russel Wilson, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen x2 all on the Schedule for this year.....How many wins do the guys see in 2022? How many wins does Dexter predict? PLUS: Dexter gives his insights on the NFL draft and free agency, the NY Knicks and why the sorry ass Brooklyn Nets got bounced in round!


    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 79:49

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast.....Did we just have the best draft ever!!!?? Sauce, Wilson, Johnson, Ruckert!!! Keith Mike and the boys break down every single pick and discuss EVERYTHING related to this 2022 draft!!!...AEBG predicted Sauce to the Jets....Johnson to the Jets.....AND BREECE HALL TO THE JETS!!! in round two...Time for a victory lap!!!!.......Sam/Jamal trades: What have those trades gotten us?... The Patriots had the worst draft ever and the Media want to give them the benefit of the doubt!!! KEITH ISNT HAVING IT!!! PLUS: Mike and Keith once again NAIL MOCK MADNESS how well did they stack up against the 'Experts' ?

    A.E.B.G. Episode 155_Mock Madness Part 2(Picks 17-38)+ DEEBO SAMUEL A JET?????????

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 64:14

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast.....Deebo Samuel to the NY Jets? What once sounded ludicrous is now coming closer to realitythen any Jet fan could have dreamed!!! What would this mean for the offense & Zach Wilson? What type of compensation would AEBG be comfortable with? ALSO: MOCK MADNESS PART 2!!! On this  episode The guys complete round 1 (picks 17-32) and finish off at the top of the second round with NY Jets picks 35 & 38!!!!What direction do Mike and Keith agree on at #35? What WR does Mike like @38? Which TWO WR's are the Packers taking in the first round? Where will Malik Willis land? Steelers? Seahawks? When will the first RB be selected? Do we draft O line first round? What O lineman does Keith think could be a great value pick round 2?  All these questions AND more answered this week on AEBG 155!!!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 154_Mock Madness Part 1 (Picks 1-16)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 68:35

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast......MOCK MADNESS PART 1!! The guy's are once again back at it with the Greatest Mock Draft predictions in the game today!!! Mike and Keith provide their mock draft selections for picks 1-16 this week.....Who is going #1? Who are the Jets taking at #4? Which top prospects are going to slide? Who has jumped into the top of the draft out of knowhere? Do we draft DE at #10, or WR...or CB!!!! Who is the best....LB, WR, DE, CB, Offensive Tackle? All this and MUCH more this week on AEBG 154!!! PLUS: Kyler Murray to the Jets? Pros, cons and everything in between


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 60:19

    This week on the A.E.B.G. Podcast.......NFL Draft WR rankings!!!.......Rumors are the Jets may be targeting a playmaker to help Zach Wilson and the offense in this years draft; The guys breakdown all the top WR in this year's class as well as some honorable mentions and good fits for the squad.  Who is the most overrated prospect in the class? (Mikes answer will surprise you) Which top WR prospect stock dropped most after the combine? What round 2 prospect has catapulted himself into first round territory and has Mike Lagares losing it at his skils? Mikes top 10 WR plus much much more this week on AEBG!!!

    A.E.B.G. 152_NFL DRAFT PREVIEW: EDGE RUSHER/Kayvon Thibodeaux_W/Max Torres

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 52:48

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast.....The guys sit down with Max Torres from the Duck Digest/Sports Illustrated.com to discuss potential DE prospect Kayvon Thibodeaux! Max has covered Kayvon all three years at Oregon and provides us with an in depth look at everything Kayvon newest NY Jets brings to the table!! We also talk Georgia's Travon Walker, FSU's Jermaine Johnson & Aiden Hutchinson!!! PLUS: Greg the Leg signs with the Jets...Becton a backup?....Solomon Thomas & Much much more


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 9:58

    Senor Waivers visits with Jamal Adams in the most amazing interview in the history of LWN!!!! Does Jamal know what people think about him now? Has the losing in Seattle depressed him the same way he pretended it did when he was in NY?.....Is their a specific reason he is no longer good at football?.....Jamal gets emotional talking about the "Seattle" culture........PLUS: Senor Breaks the new to Jamal LIVE ON AIR that Russell Wilson has been traded!!!....and his new QB is Drew Lock.....

    A.E.B.G. Episode 151_Joe Douglas Genius Moves...Senor w/ Jamal Adams

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 38:56

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Podcast.......The team is reunited to talk about all the drama from the NFL the past week and focus on the Tyreek Hill drama from Wednesday....WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN! Why we are better off staying the course without him......Joe Douglas promised he would build the team through the O line- 3 years later has he finally finished his master piece? We break down 2020, 2021 and 2022 moves that stacked our line up to where it is today! PLUS: Jamal Adams-Senor Waivers......Possibly the (funniest) greatest interview of all time!!! Jamal cries, laughs, cries some more!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 150_Free Agency First Wave! Grading the new additions

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 57:54

    This Week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podccast.....Jets Fans.....Reinforcements have arrived!!! This week the guys talk about the newest members of Gang Green Nation!!! LAKEN TOMLINSON DJ REED JORDAN WHITEHEAD CJ UZOMAH TYLER CONKLIN PLUS: The Guys talk > Braxton Berrios, Tevin Coleman, Lamarcus Joyner, Davante Adams, Christian Kirk, Von MIller, Marcus Williams ALSO: What positions/ targets might the Jets still be targeting? What will the Jets approach be int he draft after this busy FA period?

    A.E.B.G. Episode 149_ULTIMATE FREE AGENT GUIDE w/ SNY's Dexter Henry

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 70:48

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast......With Free Agency set to start next week---The NY Post & SNY's Dexter Henry Joins the show to discuss what his approach would be in free agency and what rumors he is hearing in regards to the Jets direction next week!....What offensive players would he target to help Zach? Which position group needs the most improvement? Does he expect the Jets to make a big splash? What big name FA WR is Dexter not high on? All free agents questioned answered! PLUS: Jets notes> Berrios, Flacco....Russell Wilson trade (and what it means for Jamal Adams)& after the suspension of Calvin Ridley--the guys talk NFL hypocrisy at its finest !!!


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2022 40:14

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast........The guys switch gears and focus on the DEFENSE. With holes to fill across the board, which defensive Free Agents make the most sense this off season? What Jet star does Mike think underperformed in 2021? What CB does Keith think the front office will be targeting and is a perfect fit? They break down just how bad the LB play last season after Mosley and Williams (you will not believe these stats) & go through all the top defensive Free Agents available this off season!!! PLUS: Mike guarantee's a specific BIG TIME free agent will be landing with the JETS!!!!


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2022 55:11

    This week on the AEBG Podcast......NFL Free Agency 2022 is upon us, and the Jets have some holes to fill! We run through each position group on the Offensive side of the ball, review the performances from 2021 and preview some possible targets for Joe Douglas next month! Who will be our backup QB? What's the answer at RG? Will we bring in a legit #1 WR? Can we finally sign a TE!!!?? All these questions and MORE, answered this week on AEBG!!!

    LOS WAVOS NIGHTLY w/ Adam Gase

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2022 8:25

    After a year of sitting around doing nothing......Adam Gase is BACK in the news as a rumored candidate for the Patriots OC job! And who better to get the scoop on all the latest with Adam then the one and only SENOR WAIVERS!!! When was the last time Adam Smiled? Does he enjoy making fan bases miserable? Why is he so bad at coaching? Who's career does he plan on destroying next? Will be branch out to new areas, to destroy franchises in other fields? What are the plans for the game Sunday? All these questions answered and more on the latest edition of LWN!!!!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 146_Super Bowl Extravaganza!!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2022 56:31

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast.....Its Super Bowl Week!!!! The Bengals & he Rams face off Sunday in Los Angeles in the 56th annual Super Bowl Game. We do a deep dive into each team, their positional groups, their run to the SuperBowl and make some predictions!!!!...Coach Lafluer had some nice words to say about Jet Fans. Are we the most underated fan base? Ever wondered how many chicken wings are devoured on SB Sunday?..We have the answer!!! PLUS: Live from Los Wavos- Senor Waivers Interview with former NY Jet coach Adam Gase !!!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 145_Title Games, Saleh/Becton, Brady, Flores

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2022 34:21

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast.....The Bengals shock the world in Kansas City! The Rams hold on to win in LA. The guys chop it up about the conference championship game and if Bengal mania will continue.......Robert Saleh has some harsh words for Mekhi Becton and his future with the NY Jets at Left Tackle....Mikes most hated player Tom Brady is (finally) walking away from the game. What are his thoughts? PLUS:B Flores dropped a bombshell on the league! What does AEBG think about this historical lawsuit?

    A.E.B.G. Episode 144_The Best NFL Playoff Weekend Ever?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 57:10

    This week on the A.E.B.G. podcast......After one of the most entertaining Playoff weekends of ALL TIME, the guys talk....Aaron Rodgers legacy...the growth of Joe Burrow.....Matthew Stafford's ascent into the elite....The wildness of Chiefs/Bills......They talk The greatest games in NFL history....the NFL Overtime Rule PLUS: Mike is still not impressed with Josh Allen! Hear his reasons why he is very good, but not Elite.

    A.E.B.G. Episode 143_The A.E.B.G. Year End Award Show!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2022 49:24

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast......The year is over, the votes are in....and the 4th Annual AEBG awards have been awarded!! OFFENSIVE MVP DEFENSIVE MVP ROOKIE OF THE YEAR SURPRISE PLAYER OF THE YEAR BIGGEST DISSAPOINTMENT BEST FA SIGNING WORST FA SIGNING MOST IMPROVED PLAYER...PLUS: Jets news and notes...Is the offensive line top ten & after perfect round 1 picks by the entire team....we have a Super wildcard Playoff review!!!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 142_Season Wrap up/Playoff Predictions

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 55:07

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast....We talk Jets Bills and our thoughts from the Final game of the Season....The defense finally showed up! The growth of Zach the past 6-7 weeks cannot be ignored! Why he is in a good position heading into 2022.....Did Zach show enough the final stretch to changed peoples opinions on him moving forward?....We Pay our respects to Jet HOF legend Don Maynard......PLUS:AEBG Playoff Predictions breakdown and preview! Who will be the AEBG playoff bracket champion this year!???

    A.E.B.G. Episode 141_Jets vs Buccaneer's

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2022 46:47

    This week on the AEBG podcast.....Zach Wilson and the NY Jets went toe to toe with the GOAT Tom Brady and the Buccaneer's this weekend at Met life stadium...and had our souls crushed once again!!!...Was this arguably Zach's best game?...Saleh's best game?....Who is to blame for the botched 4th down call at the end of the 4th qtr....Is Berrios in the WR mix for 2022?...Denzel Mims didn't play ONE SNAP this weekend! Is his run with the Jets officially over?...PLUS: Preview of the battle with the Hill people this weekend. Can we finish the season off with an upset W!!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 140_Why Wins matter

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2021 41:55

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast.....After an unprecedented week of Roster Changes, Coaching changes try outs and volatility....Zach Wilson and the NY Jets somehow escape Met Life with a victory and made history in the process....The guys break down Zach Wilsons performance, his amazing Touchdown run, and how why this win helps us moving forward.....We also address Jet Fans and 'experts' who feel like LOSING is in the teams best interest to get a better draft pick.

    A.E.B.G. Episode 139_Zach vs Trevor

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2021 53:03

    This week on the A.E.B.G. Podcast....Zach and the Jets played the best first half of the season Sunday vs the Dolphins, THEN....came the second half!!.......What to make of Zach's performance? His progression moving forward? Mike and Keith debate Zach's growth, and comments after this most recent game that DID not sit well with 1/2 of the AEBG team......Why is the defense SO BAD? Cousin Sammy breaks down some X's and O's to help understand what's going on , on that side of the ball....PLUS:JETS vs JAGUARS. Zach vs Trevor. #1 pick vs #2 pick! We talk Rookie QBs and preview this weekends matchup at Met Life.

    A.E.B.G. Episode 138_Zach Wilson: Should we Keep the Faith?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 51:35

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast.....Zach Wilson, Zach Wilson, and more Zach Wilson....After a decent game vs the Eagles, Zach and the Jets regressed back to the norm for 2021, and the Norm is bad....VERY BAD......The guys debate all things Zach.....Is he getting worse?.....Should he sit for the rest of the season?......Why have all other Jet QB's performed better then him this year? PLUS: Denzel Mims disastrous Sunday. Has he played himself off the team? What does his future hold?

    A.E.B.G. 137_We'eeere BACK!!!....Is Zach making strides?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 32:23

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast....The Boys are back in action! Fresh off another loss, the guys take a look at Zach Wilson's progress since coming back from his injury layoff....How has he performed the past two weeks?....Do they see improvement?....Regression?? What positives can we take away from the Eagle game?....Mike addresses Jeff Ulbrichs haters, and if he should have a job after this season.....Have we found something in the run game the past month? PLUS: Saints Jets preview!!!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 136_R.I.P. Mike White

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 43:22

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast......Well Mike White, it was fun while it lasted!!...Fresh off a 4 Int 45-17 beatdown at the hands of the Bills, the guys discuss Mike White....Address the online haters...Talk our historically horrible defense...Give their takes on Rey Ryans harsh words and preview Jets Dolphins!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 135_Attack Of The Hill People

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 38:12

    This week on the Ain't Easy being green podcast.......Jets defense implodes again in a loss to the Colts>>> BUT Another Jets QB not named Zach Wilson kills it in the process!!!.....What does Josh Johnson and Mike Whites play meen in regards to Wilson?...What does it meen for Matt Lafluer's offense as a whole? What the hell happened to the defense? We are ranked last in the NFL...How di we get this bad this quick??PLUS:The HILL PEOPLE ARE COMING TO TOWN! JETS BILLS PREVIEW!!


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 48:11

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast......What. Just. Happened!!!!????? The NY Jets STUN the AFC leading Bengals 34-31 in a Halloween coming out party for the AGES!!! MIKE WHITE bursts onto the scene with a record breaking performance, and becomes a NY Folk hero in the process......Is this guy for real? Why did the offense look so much better? If he continues to play well, do we have a QB controversy on our hands? Where does this leave Zach? PLUS: Special Intro, Epic game breakdown, and Colts Preview!!!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 133_Halloween Extravaganza 2! (& The Patriots Massacre)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 44:40

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast....Just in time for Halloween, the Jets produce another horror story up in Foxboro that would frighten even the most positive of fans!! The guys talk about the Massacre, the Coaching, what Flacco will bring to the table and Zach Wilsons injury PLUS: Just when we thought last year couldn't be topped.....Halloween Extravaganza 2!!! MIKE VS WOOKIE VS THE QUEEN BEE IN A HALLOWEEN TRIVIA BATTLE FOR THE AGES!

    A.E.B.G. 132_BEST IN THE NATION!!! (Jets Pats Preview)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 34:13

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast....Jamal Adams= The gift that keeps on giving!!!!! The BEST SAFETY IN THE NATION is taken to task this week for once again putting his foot in his mouth, and playing like garbage...The guys break down the highlights from an amazing week 6 in the NFL......Robert Saleh had a lot to say this week, and Mike has a simple response to all of it! PLUS: Jets Pats breakdown, and JABRONI OF THE WEEK!!!

    A.E.B.G. 131_Groundhog Day (Jets fall to Falcons)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 48:27

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast.......Another horrible first half, another loss! Jets fall to the Falcons 27-20 in London after another abysmal performace from our young QB Zach Wilson....Why are we so bad in the first half? What can we do to correct it? What level of concern do we have in regards to Zach Wilson? Is Robert Saleh in over his head? PLUS: A brand new Jabroni of the week!

    A.E.B.G. 130_Zach's coming out party!!!! (Jets win!)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 53:20

    This week on the A.E.B.G. Podcast.....THE JETS WIN!!! Fresh of the heels of Sundays dramatic 27-24 victory the boys bring you the most HYPED show of the 2021 season! How excited should we be about Zach? Is ok to dream of 3-3? Is this defense for real? How did the Williams brothers get into the NFL record books? Is CJ Mosley best Jet LB since David Harris? PLUS:GAME BREAKDOWN! FULL BURIAL WITH THIS EDITION OF THE>>JABRONI OF THE WEEK! JET FALCONS PREVIEW!!

    A.E.B.G. 129_Broncos Blow Out/Titans Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 36:00

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast.....Fresh off of another disappointing beatdown>The guys talk Coaching, Play calling, Zach Wilson, the Offensive Line, Drop balls, penalties and everything else that was this week 3 mess.

    A.E.B.G. Episode 128_Patriots Disaster/Broncos Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 39:05

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast......WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT! Zach Wilson 4 INT's sink the Jets chances vs the Pats this weekend....Where does this performance rank historically in the all time Jets disasters? How bad was Zach? Where was Denzel Mims? Positives Negatives and everything in between from this past week PLUS: Jets vs Broncos preview.

    A.E.B.G. Episode 127_Jets Panthers: Aftermath

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 48:31

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green podcast.....It's the Revenge of Sam Darnold! The Saleh/Wilson era begins with a 19-15 loss down in Charlotte, which Keith witnessed LIVE in person!!!.....The boys cover the good, the bad & the ugly coming out of Sundays battle with the Carolina Panthers....Just HOW BAD is the Offensive line? How did the Secondary play this weekend? What did Zach show us in the second half that we didn't see from Sam? Where was Denzel Mims??PLUS: Patriots Preview! Mac Jones & The Hoodie vs Young Zach and Coach Saleh!

    A.E.B.G. Episode 126_Jets vs Panthers!!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 58:14

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast....WEEK ONE IS FINALLY HERE!!! The Robert Saleh/Zach Wilson Era officially begins this Sunday in Carolina!!! We are joined by Curtis and Bryson from the "Panthers on Tap" Podcast to preview week one and get the inside intel on the 2021 Panthers and what to expect Sunday!! PLUS: Panther fans reactions to trading for Sam? What are their expectations for him this year? What do they think of Zach Wilson outside of the NY bubble?

    A.E.B.G. Episode 125_Final Roster cuts! w/Weapons Hot

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2021 67:59

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast.......The 53 man roster has been Finalized and A.E.B.G. called in the big guns to help us break it down! The boys from Weapons Hot join us to talk Roster Cuts, the depth chart, surprises & disappointments from EVERY positional group! PLUS : TE Chris Herndon got traded for a 4th and a 6th rounder to the Vikings????....HOW...IS....THAT....POSSIBLE?

    A.E.B.G. 124_Zach Wilson Love fest!! (Jets Packers)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 33:09

    This week on the Ain't Easy Being Green Podcast......Robert Saleh and Zach Wilson continue the (pre season) undefeated streak with a 23-14 win over the Green Bay Packers!!!.....Wilson looked Sharp, poised, steady and effective. What is his pre season grade so far? How is he doing in comparison to the other rookie qbs? Why his top 5 QB (pre season) QB rating may NOT be fools gold!! PLUS: Lawson injury, defensive issues, Mims/Cole, M Carter sighting, Kroft is ascending and C Herndon still a bum etc etc etc

    A.E.B.G. Episode 123_Jets vs Giants: Pre Season Game one

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 36:32

    This week on the A.E.B.G. 123.....Zach Wilson, Robert Saleh and the 2021 NY Jets made their debut vs Hometown Rivals the NY Giants at Met Life Stadium Saturday!!!.... Which means of course>> Its time to overreact to every single thing that we witnessed on the field! Zach Wilson looked Sharp, Denzel Mims looked Angry, Bryce Huff looked like a starter.....The guys break down every aspect of Pre Season game 1. Who were they impressed by? Who was disappointing? What to look forward too heading into the Packers next week!!!

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