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Highlights from Toby Gribben's afternoon show on Shout Radio. Featuring chat with top showbiz guests. All enquiries to See for privacy and opt-out information.

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    Latest episodes from The Toby Gribben Show

    Anita Atkinson

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2023 15:50

    Anita Atkinson is a self-proclaimed "royal nut" from County Durham who has made a name for herself as the owner of the world's largest collection of royal memorabilia. Her collection of 7,000 royal items, which includes jugs, tea towels, flags, and other items dating back to 1760, is worth more than her house, which is valued at £203,000.One of her most prized possessions is a framed napkin that was used by Prince Charles during a flight. Despite the value of her collection, Anita has no intention of selling it, as she hopes to pass it down through generations of her family.Anita's love of all things royal has led her to create her own royal museum, located on an old dairy farm. The museum includes a tribute to Prince Philip, as well as portraits, books, coronation tins, and jubilee mugs. Currently, Anita is camping out on The Mall ahead of tomorrow's coronation of King Charles III, a testament to her dedication to the British monarchy. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Mark Conroy

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2023 105:31

    Mark Conroy is a highly experienced and versatile tour guide based in London. With a passion for both entertaining and educating his clients, Mark has worked in a range of settings, from school coach tours to medical conferences, and even virtual Zoom tours.Mark's tours are characterized by his infectious sense of humor, deep knowledge of London's history and culture, and flexibility to tailor his tours to the specific interests of his clients. He is particularly interested in the performing arts and media, and frequently leads literary tours, theatre tours, and Jack the Ripper tours.Before becoming a tour guide, Mark studied at LONDON UNIVERSITY and the CENTRAL SCHOOL OF SPEECH & DRAMA, and worked as an actor and comedy writer in theatre, radio, and television for many years. He is also an accomplished lecturer and after-dinner speaker.In this clip from The Toby Gribben Show, Mark is giving Toby a tour of London ahead of King Charles III's coronation. As always, Mark is combining humor and knowledge to give Toby a truly memorable experience of the city. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Bethan Lyden

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2023 6:42

    Bethan Lyden is an accomplished event organizer and coordinator, known for her innovative and engaging ideas that keep participants coming back for more. With a background in theatre production and experience in managing large-scale events, Bethan has a keen eye for detail and a talent for creating immersive experiences that transport people to another world.As the lead organizer of the upcoming free alternative coronation event on May 10th, Bethan has pulled out all the stops to create an unforgettable evening of adventure and intrigue. With the largest-ever online escape room team assembled, participants will work together to help a live-action King Charles escape the room after a heavy weekend of celebrations.Under Bethan's guidance, the event promises to be a thrilling and immersive experience, combining cutting-edge technology with real-time challenges and puzzles that will keep participants on their toes. Whether you're an escape room aficionado or a newcomer to the world of online events, you won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind event, and Bethan Lyden is the driving force behind it all. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Dr Ed Owens

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2023 13:13

    Dr Ed Owens is a renowned Royal historian, commentator, and author with expertise in the modern British monarchy and the House of Windsor. With a background as a former lecturer at the University of Lincoln, Ed has published extensively on various aspects of the monarchy from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, including his 2019 publication, The Family Firm: Monarchy, Mass Media and the British Public, 1932-1953.As the coronation of King Charles III approaches tomorrow, Ed is an esteemed commentator for the media, regularly sharing his insights on past and current royal events. He has appeared on major networks such as CNN, Netflix, Channel 4, Channel 5, and the BBC.In addition to his work in the field of Royal history, Ed is an Honorary Research Associate at the Centre for the Study of Modern Monarchy at Royal Holloway, University of London. He is also a Fellow of both the Royal Historical Society (RHS) and the Higher Education Academy (HEA). His other academic interests include the histories of mass media, empire, national identity, emotion, and celebrity culture.Ed splits his time between the UK and France, where he continues to teach, research, and write about the history of the monarchy. His extensive knowledge and expertise make him a valuable contributor to the field of Royal history and a sought-after commentator on all things related to the British monarchy. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Christine Schneider

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2023 13:01

    Christine Schneider is a versatile and dynamic singer known for her ability to charm audiences with her soulful and sweet voice. With a wide-ranging repertoire of multiple genres, Christine is a master at tailoring her performances to suit any occasion. Her style is smooth and soothing, with a touch of soul that adds depth and emotion to her performances.Whether she's performing solo with just a guitar, or as part of a duo or band, Christine has a talent for creating an atmosphere that leaves audiences wanting more. She takes pride in working closely with her clients to ensure that her set list is perfectly suited to the event, whether it's a wedding, a corporate event, or a private party.Christine's musical journey began at a young age, when she developed a deep love for music and singing. Over the years, she has honed her craft, studying under some of the industry's top vocal coaches and performers. Today, she is widely regarded as one of the most versatile and talented singers in the industry, with a loyal following of fans and clients who appreciate her unique style and musical flair.If you're looking for a talented and versatile singer who can help make your event memorable, look no further than Christine Schneider. With her smooth, soulful voice and varied repertoire, she's sure to charm your guests and create an unforgettable experience everyone will discuss for years to come. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Banji's Class

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2023 10:32

    Banji Alexander's Class is a group of talented young students who have been inspired by their teacher's unique teaching approach. Banji asked his students the question, "If you were King for the day, how would you celebrate?" which resulted in some fantastic and imaginative responses. Banji decided to turn these responses into a catchy and upbeat song called "New King.""New King" is not just a fun song, it also teaches important lessons about how power should be used responsibly, and how the Royal Family relates to everyday life. Banji's lessons have helped his students develop a deeper understanding of the world around them, and have inspired them to think creatively about the possibilities of the future.Banji Alexander's Class is a testament to the power of innovative teaching methods that engage and inspire students. Their song "New King" is sure to become a hit and inspire other young people to explore their creativity and use their power in responsible ways. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Saad Salman

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2023 12:32

    Saad Salman is a renowned Royal Commentator, who is widely known for his insightful coverage of the British Royal Family. He is the Founder and Editor of The Royal Watcher, a platform dedicated to providing up-to-date information on the British monarchy. Additionally, Saad is a Royal Contributor for ELLE, a leading fashion magazine.With his in-depth knowledge of the Royal Family's history, traditions, and protocols, Saad has established himself as a go-to source for all things royal. He has covered numerous royal events, including weddings, births, and state visits, offering his expert analysis and commentary.As the coronation of King Charles III is set to take place tomorrow, Saad Salman is sure to provide extensive coverage of this historic event. His followers on The Royal Watcher and ELLE can expect detailed insights into the ceremony and its significance for the British monarchy. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Or Golan

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2023 10:12

    Or Golan is a highly successful musician with an impressive track record of achievements. With over 1 million copies of singles sold, Or's music has made its way into more than 70 countries around the world. His music has been featured on prestigious platforms such as Times Square and BBC Radio 1, and he has been interviewed on numerous radio and television shows.Or has amassed a significant following on his official YouTube channel, which has received over 900,000 views. As an artist in world music, Or Golan has been ranked 5,484th globally, a testament to his growing popularity. His song Havagabond has earned him much acclaim, reaching the tenth spot for popular songs played in Senegal in October 2022 and twenty-ninth in the new songs category.Or's music has been played over 12,000 times on the radio worldwide for the song I am Greedy, while Havagabond has garnered over 8,000 radio plays. The song Zarar has also been played over 3,500 times worldwide, highlighting Or's versatility and range as a musician. Or's success extends beyond the airwaves, with his music topping radio charts 20 times.Or has also made a name for himself through interviews, having been featured on 24 radio shows to audiences of millions of listeners. In Brazil, Or has made seven TV appearances, reaching a viewership of 2.5 million.Overall, Or Golan is a highly accomplished musician with a growing fan base, thanks to his widespread appeal and talent as an artist. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    LIL BD

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2023 4:31

    LIL BD is a rising rap artist who recently signed with Sony Music Entertainment, also known as The Orchard. With a determination to make a name for himself in the industry, he's been actively promoting his music through various marketing strategies such as radio interviews, playlists, and advertisements.Growing up in a challenging environment, LIL BD's childhood was far from easy. However, those difficult experiences have only made him stronger and more resilient. Through his music, he channels his past struggles and triumphs to create a unique sound that resonates with listeners.LIL BD's latest release, "Real Love Forever," showcases his musical talents and ability to connect with audiences. With his distinctive flow and introspective lyrics, LIL BD's music has the power to inspire and uplift. As he continues to make strides in the industry, there's no doubt that LIL BD will leave a lasting impact on the rap scene. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    The D-Day Darlings

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2023 20:01

    The D-Day Darlings are a UK-based singing group that specializes in performing wartime-inspired music. The group was formed in 2008 by lead singer Katie Ashby and has since become one of the most beloved acts in the country. They have received the support of many prominent figures, including Dame Vera Lynn and The Royal British Legion.In 2018, The D-Day Darlings reached the final of Britain's Got Talent, and their debut album 'I'll Remember You' was released on Sony Music later that year. The album charted at No.5 on the Official Album Charts and went on to sell over 60,000 copies, earning them a BRIT Certified Award for the Breakthrough Award.On April 23rd, 2023, The D-Day Darlings will release their new single ‘I Vow to Thee My Country' in celebration of the King's Coronation. The song features the group's signature harmonies and is sure to delight fans both old and new.To coincide with the release of their new single, The D-Day Darlings will be embarking on a 24-date UK tour throughout April, May, and June 2023. The tour will feature guest appearances from Britain's Got Talent winner (2019) war veteran Sergeant Major Colin Thackery, the young trailblazers The D-Day Juniors, and the newly formed The Brand New Voices Choir.Lead singer Katie Ashby is also the Ambassador of The Dame Vera Lynne Children's Charity, which supports children under five with cerebral palsy and other motor learning difficulties. In 2022, Ashby was invited by Dame Vera Lynne's family to be the voice to raise funds to erect a memorial statue of the forces sweetheart.With their stunning vocal harmonies and dedication to preserving wartime music, The D-Day Darlings are a true national treasure and a must-see act for music fans of all ages. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Marcellus Cox

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2023 15:16

    Marcellus Cox is a Writer/Director from Los Angeles, California. Marcellus has always had a passion for movies, filmmaking and storytelling. His filming style deals with dark/edgy themes pushing the limits as far as he can possibly go with his storytelling touching on subjects such as Race, Religion, and Social & Political issues. Marcellus Cox's work has screened in over 200 International Film Festivals, Won over 150 International Film Awards and has screened Nationwide on CBS, FOX, ABC, SHORTS TV, Revolt TV, Crime & Investigation, Link TV & PBS. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Anita Traci

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2023 10:42

    Anita Traci is a dynamic and forward-thinking producer-songwriter who is constantly pushing the boundaries of the ever-evolving music industry. With a unique approach to blending genres, she creates releases that are fresh, exciting, and always innovative. Her musical style ranges from the pulsating beats of house and drum and bass to the soulful sounds of garage and tech house.Anita has worked on a number of exciting projects in her career, collaborating with talented producers such as Tom Hall, Crusada, Foxway Music, Solar Fringe, and many others. Her previous releases have been featured on a number of prominent labels, including Warner Music, AWAL, and PA74Music, as well as the Orchard.As she moves forward into 2023, Anita is set to announce exciting new music and label signings. With her finger on the pulse of the music industry and her talent for blending genres, she is sure to make a significant impact on the industry and continue to wow audiences with her unique sound. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Cassidy Choi

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2023 8:12

    Cassidy Choi is a talented writer and academic with a diverse educational background. Born and raised in Hawaii, Cassidy currently resides in New York City. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics. In addition, she also holds a Master of Business Administration degree.Despite her impressive academic credentials, Cassidy's true passion lies in writing. In February 2023, she released her debut novel, She Lies Still. The novel is a daring exploration of a young woman's relationship with her professor, challenging the traditional victim narrative of the Lolita trope. Cassidy's novel is an insightful examination of mental health, the complexities of young adult interactions, and the importance of finding one's direction in life.Cassidy's unique perspective on life and her experiences growing up in Hawaii and living in New York have undoubtedly influenced her writing style. She is a creative and thoughtful writer who is sure to make a lasting impact on the literary world. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    The Mad Rap Dad

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2023 22:03

    The Mad Rap Dad is the product of unfulfilled ambitions and a whole lot left to say about the world all rolled up into one nifty mid-life crisis. Having run the gamut of the genre spectrum from punk rock to 80s synth-pop, the Mad Rap Dad makes his triumphant return to the rap game after a 20-year hiatus and the tender age of 41. His most recent collective The Pivot Tones, which combines pop-punk with 50s Doo-Wop and a dash of classic hip-hop rekindled his passion for the latter genre which serves as his initial platform into the music industry as a teenager. As a self-proclaimed “responsible adult”, he has decided to narrow his focus onto his solo project, something he believes will be the definitive outfit that he will grow old with. Bitter, jaded and out of touch, The Mad Rap Dad is out to prove to the world that his message is still very relevant. Touching on topics ranging from history, the 80s and 90s pop culture, and self-improvement to finding greys in your beard hair - he is hell-bent on restoring the golden era of rap with his dignity fully intact, and is taking no prisoners along the way. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Manuel Fernandez

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2023 17:05

    Manuel Fernandez is an accomplished actor and author with a passion for storytelling. With a diverse background in theatre, movies, and television, Manuel has proven himself to be a versatile and talented performer. He has taken acting lessons with renowned teachers such as Chaz Palmanteri and Tom Sizemore, honing his craft and perfecting his skills.In addition to his acting work, Manuel is also an accomplished author. He has written a novel and several short stories, showcasing his talent for creating engaging characters and compelling plots. His writing has been praised for its honesty and raw emotion, and he is widely regarded as a rising star in the literary world.Currently, Manuel is working on a new project that is close to his heart. He is developing a One Man Play that tells the autobiographical story of his life. This deeply personal account will explore Manuel's experiences growing up, including the challenges he faced watching his step-father deal with and use drugs and navigating the foster care system. It will also touch on the darker moments of his youth, including his involvement with a gang, and the redemption that ultimately saved him from a life of violence and crime.Through his work as an actor and author, Manuel Fernandez has become a powerful voice in the entertainment industry, using his talent and experience to inspire and entertain audiences around the world. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2023 9:52

    Alex is an 18-year-old from Nova Scotia, Canada, who has always had a passion for content creation. From a young age, Alex dreamed of being able to produce content that would make people laugh and provide a welcome escape from the stresses of everyday life. Despite initially thinking that this dream was unattainable, Alex never let go of their desire to make a positive impact on others through their creativity.Over time, Alex has honed their skills and developed a unique style that combines humour and relatability to create content that resonates with audiences of all ages. Their dedication and hard work have paid off, and they are now recognized as a rising star in the world of content creation.Despite their success, Alex remains grounded and committed to their original goal of bringing joy and levity to their viewers' lives. They continue to push themselves to be the best they can be, always striving to create content that is both entertaining and meaningful.As they embark on their journey as a content creator, Alex is excited to see where their creativity and drive will take them. Whether they're making videos, writing scripts, or dreaming up new ideas, Alex is determined to make a difference in the world, one smile at a time. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2023 6:12

    3tune is a Dubai-based artist who has gained a reputation for creating innovative and exciting music that captivates listeners. With his latest track, "MOMMA," 3tune once again showcases his ability to blend different sounds and styles to create a unique and powerful sound.Born and raised in Dubai, 3tune has always had a passion for music. He started producing tracks at a young age, experimenting with different genres and techniques until he found his own style. With a deep love for hip-hop, electronic, and R&B music, 3tune's music reflects a diverse range of influences that come together to create something truly special.Over the years, 3tune has released a string of fire tracks that have gained him a loyal following both in Dubai and beyond. His music is known for its infectious beats, catchy melodies, and innovative use of sounds and textures. With "MOMMA," 3tune takes his creativity to the next level, crafting a track that is both emotionally powerful and musically groundbreaking.With his unique sound and undeniable talent, 3tune is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and innovative artists in the music industry today. Fans eagerly await each new release from this rising star, and it's clear that 3tune has a bright future ahead of him. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    The Cast Of 'Groupie: The Blueprint of a Self Made Millionaire'

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2023 20:27

    Bella is a name that has become synonymous with success, wealth and power. A true self-made millionaire, Bella has built an empire from scratch, using her wit, charm and determination to achieve her goals. Born into a troubled family, Bella learned from a young age that she had to fight for everything she wanted in life. This early struggle instilled in her a fierce desire to succeed, no matter what the odds.As a young woman, Bella became a professional groupie, travelling the world and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. It was during this time that she honed her skills of manipulation and learned how to read people like a book. She also discovered the secrets to making money, which she would later use to build her own fortune.Years later, Bella found herself in a position of power and influence. She had amassed great wealth, and she wanted to share her knowledge with others. That's when she came up with the idea of finding five women with similarly troubled pasts and coaching them on how to become rich through mental, emotional and manipulation.These five young and beautiful women were brought together by circumstance, but they soon found themselves sharing in Bella's adventures and learning her secrets to success. Through her guidance, they learned how to overcome their own obstacles and create their own fortunes.Inspired by true events, Bella's story is one of triumph over adversity, and of the power of determination and self-belief. She is a role model for anyone who wants to achieve greatness and a reminder that success is possible, no matter where you come from. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Jack Halebian

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2023 9:34

    Originally created as a blog, HPG Networks has developed into an online content production website with a presence across social media. In 2020, multiple social media brands owned by HPG Asset Management, LLC merged to form one multimedia website.The company is NYC based and offers insights into local news and politics. HPG Networks also provides global and international coverage on a variety of current events. Outside of business and politics HPG Networks also produces a variety of content in the lifestyle and entertainment spaces each having its own exclusive section of the website. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2023 8:25

    Isma is a highly experienced personal trainer and coach with expertise in a variety of domains, including CrossFit, nutrition, mobility, and pain management. With over 12 certifications in these areas, Isma has developed a comprehensive approach to helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals.Isma's passion for fitness and wellness began when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, a condition that caused her to gain weight rapidly due to medication. Determined to take control of her health, Isma began exploring various fitness and nutrition strategies and ultimately discovered her passion for coaching others.Over the past 9 years, including 8 in New York City, Isma has worked with clients of all ages and fitness levels, helping them to reach their full potential through personalized training programs, nutrition coaching, and other tools and resources. With a focus on providing the highest level of support and guidance, Isma has become a trusted resource for those looking to improve their health and well-being.Although Isma's website is currently undergoing maintenance, she is always happy to connect with new clients and can provide more information on her services upon request. Whether you're looking to build muscle, lose weight, or simply improve your overall health, Isma has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Matthew Holten

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2023 28:39

    Matthew Holten is an author and founder of The Moneyless Society, a non-profit organization aimed at helping individuals understand and create a new economic system. Holten's book, Moneyless Society, The Next Economic Evolution, provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of a society without currency, trade, barter or exchange. His vision is to create a future where people contribute voluntarily, when and where they choose, creating an unparalleled economic system that benefits everyone.Through The Moneyless Society, Holten provides resources and support to individuals looking to transform their social and economic networks. Holten's work aims to inspire readers to envision and create a better future for current and future generations. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Holten is committed to sharing his vision of a moneyless society and the possibilities it holds. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Wes Clark & Devon Smith

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2023 16:02

    Wes Clark, one of the directors of "Groupie: The Blueprint of a Self-Made Millionaire", is an accomplished filmmaker with over a decade of experience in the industry. He has directed several critically acclaimed independent films, and his work has been recognized at various film festivals around the world.Devon Smith, the cinematographer for "Groupie", is an accomplished artist with a passion for visual storytelling. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he has worked on a variety of projects ranging from music videos to feature films. His work on "Groupie" captures the raw emotions and complex relationships between the characters, bringing the story to life on the screen. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Ozcan Durak

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2023 7:17

    Mapilio is a platform that was created with the goal of making street-level images and map data available for mapping purposes. The team behind Mapilio came together with the shared vision of making the world a better place for themselves and others. They noticed the obstacles and surprises they faced when trying to gather in the same physical location and decided to develop a solution.Through Mapilio, users are able to upload photos of any location, which are then processed using artificial intelligence technologies to generate up-to-date and detailed maps. The platform is able to scale and automate the mapping process, saving users time and money.Mapilio has a global network of participants who contribute to the platform using a variety of equipment, from smartphones to professional 360-degree cameras. The platform has been used in over 100 countries since its inception in 2020 and continues to make the world a better place by providing accessible and accurate map data. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    acast ozcan
    Michael Ruggiero

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2023 23:09

    Michael Ruggiero is a retired law enforcement officer with 35 years of experience, 31 of which were spent with the Orange County Sheriff's Office in Orlando, Florida. During his tenure, Ruggiero was involved in investigating major cases related to Narcotics, Sex Crimes, Internal, and Persons. He spent 10 years in Homicide as a detective and supervisor.Ruggiero began training in Central Florida 20 years ago and has been teaching Interview and Interrogation for over 15 years in Advanced Training. In addition, he has been teaching courses in Death Investigations and Detecting Deception for the last 10 years. The Detecting Deception class, which he teaches to law enforcement officers around the U.S. through Public Agency Training Council (, is a 2 ½ or 3-day class that focuses on the 3 ways people can be deceptive: writing, body language, and statement analysis (the words used).Ruggiero formed his own training company, Police Training Institute, several years ago, and is also an instructor for In 2022, he authored a book titled “Uncover the Truth,” which provides insight into the skills of body language and statement analysis. These tools are not just useful for police, but for anyone conducting investigations or even those who are interested in detecting when people are deceptive.Ruggiero is passionate about teaching and always strives to bring investigators to another level and enable them to utilize tools many didn't know were available. He is currently in the process of writing a follow-up book on conducting more effective Interviews and Interrogations. His ultimate goal is to influence the way in which investigations are conducted in the future, by training investigators to do their job at a higher level. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Dr Alda Sainfort

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2023 13:23

    Dr Alda Sainfort is a Board-Certified Holistic Care Specialist and founder of Advanced Healing Wellness Center, located in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The centre has been serving the neighbouring and international communities for over a decade.Dr Sainfort has dedicated over 25 years of her life to medical studies and is on a quest to explore and gain an understanding of how to heal intergenerational or inherited pain, emotions, trauma and patterns. After acquiring a Doctorate Degree in General Medicine, she began her career at the University of Miami Hospital in Investigative Clinical Trial Research. She held that position for a few years; then went on to pursue post-Doctorate Studies in Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture, and Sufi Studies & Spiritual Healing. She subsequently attended the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism (USHS) in California where she obtained a master's degree in divinity (MDiv). As a healer, she has received insights that led her to research and deepen her knowledge by exploring, learning and formulating different methods to address lineage-related emotional scars associated with inherited lineage patterns, PTSD, or childhood trauma. Being always on a quest for truth, she was always curious about ancestral relationships with the living. Some beliefs attest that when a person dies, life is over; yet, others and biblical scriptures confide that life is eternal; she was always perplexed by that dichotomy.She has hosted many family lineage healing, and detoxification & rejuvenation retreats throughout the USA and abroad for many years. She has helped transform the health and lives of many, including adults, children, couples, and families with personal, intergenerational, and spiritual health issues. Dr Sainfort is optimistic that a combined approach of Western and Eastern medicine, and a Spiritual healing approach could deliver comprehensive results and more complete care for the population at large. That is the Holistic Approach to health and wellness she advocates. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Peggy Seeger

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2023 11:31

    The song was written for her by her lover Ewan MacColl in early 1957. He sang it down a crackling transatlantic phone line to Peggy who had returned to the USA, unwilling to continue an affair with a married man. That was the only time he ever sang the song which went on to become one of the greatest love songs of all time. “It was a hell of a way to woo me back!” says Peggy. With a simple and moving piano accompaniment, Peggy's new interpretation reflects on the memory of overwhelming love, now tempered with a deep mature knowledge of its fragility and fleetingness. The final verse is telling; often recorded by others as “I knew our joy would fill the earth”, Peggy sings the original and far more poignant “I thought our joy would fill the earth and last til the end of time”. Peggy says, “I've had two life partners, one male and one female, and I have three children and 9 grandchildren. I've come to realise that the lyrics can be interpreted in so many ways. Ewan wrote the tune to mimic the heartbeat of someone wildly in love and I used to feel like a soaring bird when I sang this song. Now I'm grounded within it and that makes me happy.” The 2023 recording is a family affair with Peggy & Ewan's sons Neill & Calum MacColl, and the official video by their daughter Kitty MacColl. It's released for the 67th anniversary of verse 2 (The first time ever I kissed your mouth…..) There are over 1000 cover versions on Spotify alongside Roberta Flack's iconic recording. Artists including Elvis, Johnny Cash, Shirley Bassey, Johnny Mathis, Celine Dion, George Michael, Janet Kay, Miley Cyrus, Paul Potts & James Blake have all stamped their personal marks. In 2022 The Killers performed it live on a world tour. Peggy says, “I love hearing all the different ways that singers make the song their own. It's testament to the universal story and the brilliant storytelling - it's deceptively simple yet so powerful.” Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Scott Thompson & Saint Austin

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2023 8:21

    Scott Thompson is a rising star in the music industry, hailing from Southwest Florida. He began playing music at the young age of 11 and has been dedicated to his craft ever since. In November 2021, he officially launched his music career under the alias "Recluse" and has released several beat tapes and albums that have showcased his unique production style involving reversed guitar and piano melodies.Scott's latest single "Poison" is a collaboration with his music partner, Saint Austin. Together, they have been making waves in the alternative pop scene, blending genres to create a distinctive sound. "Poison" is a hauntingly beautiful track that showcases Scott's emotive vocals and Saint Austin's masterful production skills. The song's lyrics explore the toxicity of a relationship and the struggle to break free from it.Scott and Saint Austin's previous release, "Cold Winter Nights (feat. Blackgod)," was a defining moment in their careers. The song was well-received by fans and critics alike and showcased its nostalgic sound. Although primarily focused on alternative pop music, Scott and Saint Austin are not afraid to explore different genres and create genre-bending tracks that keep their listeners guessing.With the release of "Stella" in December 2022, Scott has taken a bold step forward by archiving all of his previous releases and starting fresh with a clean slate. He has high aspirations for the future and is eager to continue creating music that resonates with his audience. Keep an eye out for Scott and Saint Austin as they continue to push the boundaries of alternative pop music. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    John R Dougherty

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2023 18:20

    John R Dougherty is an author and IT professional who has spent his career immersed in technology but has also pursued a variety of other interests in his free time. With decades of experience in lay ministry, John has preached countless sermons, led Bible study classes, and writing inspirational articles.When he's not working or pursuing his ministry, John can be found indulging in his passions for golf, guitars, and his beloved Kansas City. He is a fan of all things Kansas City, from the Chiefs and the Royals to Sporting KC, the KC Current, the KC Symphony, and KC Broadway. John has a particular weakness for the city's famous barbecue and wishes he could eat it every day, if not for his slowing metabolism.John's latest endeavour is writing the first book in a series featuring detectives Lane Madigan and Ian Jelani and their encounters with Thumos, John's angelic hero. He hopes readers will find the characters both entertaining and either inspiring or repulsive, as there are good guys and bad guys in the story. For those interested, John has also included Easter eggs from the Bible throughout the book for readers to discover. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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    NYAMaverick is a rising artist known for his unique blend of hip-hop and pop music. His latest release, "New Day," is a dynamic and uplifting anthem that celebrates the power of perseverance and self-belief. The song is driven by NYAMaverick's charismatic vocals and powerful lyrics, which encourage listeners to embrace their individuality and chase their dreams without fear. With its infectious beat and positive message, "New Day" is sure to resonate with fans of all ages and backgrounds. NYAMaverick's passion for music shines through in every note, and he is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Jamaal Marvel & TCvsChanze

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2023 12:10

    Jamaal Marvel is a talented singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer hailing from Virginia. He draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres, including hip-hop, R&B, funk, and pop, to create a unique sound that resonates with fans worldwide. With his deep lyrics, soulful harmonies, and infectious flows, Jamaal has impressed audiences with his creative melodies and relatable lyrics. His third solo studio album, "Tales of a Fool: Volume 1.5 Stormfront Edition," is set to deliver a sound that reflects his name, a work of art, and a work of marvel.TCvsChanze is a dynamic rapper born in New York but raised in North Carolina. She started as a slam poet in 2008 and eventually incorporated her poetry into music. Inspired by Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco, she released her first song, "First Class Chick." TCvsChanze collaborated with other artists, including being part of a mixtape called "Introduction to the Masterminds" with New York artists Cookie Malone, Talented Blake, and Virginia native Lamont Lawrence. After taking a hiatus to work and co-found the acapella group Vocal Harmony, she returned to music in 2020, releasing singles such as "Break Up Call," "Do You Mind," and "Truth."In May 2021, Jamaal Marvel and TCvsChanze collaborated to create the hit single "Saturday Night Lights." The song went viral on Tiktok, and their EP "Saturday Night The Party Pack," released on January 24th, 2023, features a collection of fun and upbeat tracks that showcase their musical prowess. With almost 200k streams on Spotify, "Saturday Night Lights" is a statement song that highlights the musical chemistry between these two talented artists. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Tamer Bay

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2023 7:11

    Tamer Bay is an entrepreneur and the founder of a medical tourism company based in Turkey. His journey into the world of medical tourism started when he was faced with exorbitant dental bills in Houston, Texas. Despite being advised that he would have to pay $6000 for fillings and root canal treatments, Tamer decided to seek treatment in Turkey, where he could get the same procedure done at only 5% of the quoted cost in the US.Inspired by his own experience, Tamer established a company that provides medical tourists hassle-free trips for various medical procedures, including dental work, hair implants, gastric bypass, IVF, orthopaedic surgery, and more. The company takes care of everything from bookings to transportation and accommodation, ensuring patients have a comfortable and stress-free medical trip to Turkey.Tamer's vision is to make high-quality medical treatment accessible to people from all over the world, and he has worked tirelessly to build his company into a leading provider of medical tourism services in Turkey. He is passionate about helping people achieve their health goals and improving their quality of life through affordable and effective medical treatments. With his dedication and commitment to excellence, Tamer Bay has become a well-respected figure in the world of medical tourism. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Wayne D Plant

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    Wayne D Plant is a talented music teacher hailing from Stoke, currently residing in St Martins, Shropshire with his fiancée. He is passionate about music and has been teaching in two local music schools.Wayne's musical talents extend beyond teaching, and he has released an album called "Intimate Rush," which showcases his diverse range of musical styles. The album features a mix of upbeat and emotional tracks, with standout songs like "Music Sounds Better With You 22," "Moment In Time," and "You Only Find Tears In The Bottom Of A Glass.""Music Sounds Better With You 22" is a catchy pop song where each line is a title of a classic song. "Moment In Time" is a heartfelt song that Wayne performed on Britain's Got Talent, and "Tear In A Glass" is a poignant song about watching someone struggle with alcohol addiction. Wayne is open to discussing the topic of addiction and how it affected the creation of the song, but he is unable to reveal the identity of the person the song is about.In addition to these tracks, Wayne's album also features other notable songs like "Happy," a lively dixie tune, "God Invented RocknRoll," a proper 50s style song, "Tragic Comic," a song about someone living with depression, and "Labyrinth Of My Mind," an epic song that Wayne has been working on for over 30 years.Wayne is a dedicated musician who continues to teach and create music that touches the hearts of his listeners. You can find his album "Intimate Rush" on Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Sara F Costa

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2023 15:08

    Sara F Costa is a renowned thirty-five-year-old author whose exceptional poetry has already garnered international acclaim. Her poetic creations have been published and translated in various countries worldwide, which has contributed to the transcending of borders with her works. Costa's presence in literary festivals across several nations, such as Spain, Poland, Turkey, India, and China, has further reinforced her reputation as a talented poet.In 2018, Costa's book, "A Transfiguração da Fome" (Transfiguration of Hunger), won the esteemed Glória de Sant'Anna International Literary Prize, which recognizes the best works of poetry published in Portuguese-speaking countries. Her experience living in Beijing exposed her to the artistic intricacies of the city and Chinese poetry, leading her to publish an anthology of contemporary Chinese poetry, which she organized and translated into Portuguese, showcasing her fluency in Mandarin.In 2021, Costa was awarded one of the highly competitive grants for literary creation, funded by the Ministry of Portuguese Culture, which enabled her to work on her latest project. The result of her efforts is "River-Being, Bodily God," a collection of poems now published in English with Red River. With her impressive achievements, it is undeniable that Sara F Costa is a remarkable poet and literary figure, leaving a lasting impression on readers worldwide. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Gordon Leach

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    Gordon Leach is a former Royal Air Force logistics specialist who was awarded the General Service Medal for Operations in Northern Ireland. He is now a senior manager in the education sector and plans to semi-retire at age 60. Despite a major back injury, Gordon obtained a Master's Degree after attending university at age 38. He is a business leader, trainer, mentor, and coach, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America. Gordon enjoys playing golf but is hindered by his back problems. He is now exploring online marketing as a way to semi-retire and escape the rat race. Gordon currently lives and works in Abu Dhabi but hopes to retire to Thailand or the Philippines. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Regina Mazone

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    Regina Mazone is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and social media influencer with a passion for helping others overcome personal setbacks and succeed in their business endeavours. With over a decade of experience in environmental health and law enforcement, Regina's diverse background has informed her approach to entrepreneurship and writing. Her first book, "Surviving Personal Setbacks: A Mini-Guide to Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience," provides actionable tips and insights to help readers navigate difficult times and emerge stronger on the other side. Regina's latest work, "The Introverted Entrepreneur: How to Succeed in a World That Can't Seem to Shut the F**k Up!" is a must-read for introverted individuals looking to thrive in the business world. In addition to her writing, Regina is a co-moderator of the Houston Notary Academy, where she works to educate and inform others about the important role of notaries in society. She also hosts the HNA Midday Rundown on IG Live every Monday and maintains a strong presence on Instagram and TikTok under the handle NotaryZoneLady, where she connects with her audience and promotes her work. With her diverse skillset and unwavering dedication to helping others succeed, Regina Mazone is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entrepreneurship and beyond. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2023 5:33

    What Do We Do Now? is a poignant and timely play based on the book by Kevo Aregbe, tackling important themes of race and identity in a fresh and meaningful way.An African American family in 1965 must face the challenges of living in a crime-ridden neighbourhood. Edwana and her husband Kyle are raising their children, Kylie and Eddie in a world rife with poverty and discrimination. The children must fight the challenges imposed upon them, while their parents try to raise them with limited resources.Kevo combines a timeline of African American issues into the year 1965, using dilemmas of different decades (1940s-2020s) that this fictional family has to deal with. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Jan Gero

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    For 50 years, Jan Gero, The Compulsive New Yorker, has been documenting his life in his books and his written and video journals.Jan, 90, is an author, a serial journaler and prolific monologist, who has been sharing his journey of self-discovery with the public for two decades. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Heather Stone

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    Heather Stone founded Stone Insurance in 2003, delivering insurance options that are tailored to each individual's needs. That same spirit of personalized care led to her becoming a special needs advocate and establishing Invisible Parent as a valued resource.Heather's passion for making health insurance both simple and understandable for all was ignited when her disabled son developed health problems at a young age. That drove her to focus on finding affordable healthcare solutions for all, whether through private insurers or public options such as Medicare and the Health Insurance Marketplace.Over the years, Heather has fostered special needs children and discovered a void when it comes to their insurance and care options. Drawing on her presentation skills, humour, and subject matter expertise, she's a tireless advocate for differently abled children -- including those with autism.Her list of accolades runs long. Highlights include being a member of the Florida Legislative team for national health care, acting as a Certified Special Needs consultant, leading parent support groups, and a role as a contributor for both Kiplinger's financial magazine and Health Care News. In addition, Heather teamed with the city to start special needs school break camps for kids in middle school and high school, providing them with a safe place to learn and play.Heather doesn't define herself by her career, though. A loving wife and doting mother of five, she enjoys a variety of outside activities such as travelling and trying the latest in fine dining. Above all, though, her passion for leading political change that benefits people with disabilities and supports -- and recognizes -- the role that parents and caregivers play. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    stone drawing acast medicare kiplinger health insurance marketplace
    Lievin Crefcoeur

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    Lievin Crefcoeur is a writer known for his love of horror and science fiction. He was born and raised in New Orleans, where he developed an early fascination with insects and the supernatural. His work has been heavily influenced by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, and he often explores the themes of otherworldly entities and the horrors they bring. In his first collection of short stories, he weaves tales of mysterious occurrences and strange phenomena, showcasing his unique take on the Lovecraftian mythos. In addition to his writing, Crefcoeur has also worked as a professor of entomology, using his knowledge to inform his fantastical creations. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2023 8:13

    Ryan is the host of The 90s Throwback Podcast, a popular podcast where he interviews famous personalities and celebrities who were influential in the 90s. With a passion for the decade, Ryan delves into the careers and personal lives of his guests, discussing their contributions to the era and exploring how they made an impact on popular culture. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the 90s have garnered a loyal following of listeners, who tune in regularly to hear his engaging conversations with guests. While the podcast is primarily focused on the 90s, Ryan has plans to expand the show to include interviews with personalities from the 80s and 00s as well. With his expertise and engaging interview style, Ryan is sure to continue entertaining and enlightening his listeners with fascinating insights into the people and events that shaped the cultural landscape of the past few decades. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    acast throwback podcast

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    Yoduh is an American music artist, rapper, influencer, and social media personality who is the founder and CEO of Palm Tree PR. He is best known for his songs NVRSOBER, Downhearted, and Depart. Heartblake is featured in his song Downhearted. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Ron Sexsmith

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2023 21:51

    Ron Sexsmith is a highly regarded Canadian singer-songwriter who has been captivating audiences with his music for over three decades. Born and raised in St Catherine's near Niagara Falls and now residing in Stratford, Ontario, Ron has released 17 albums to date, including his latest release, "The Vivian Line," which features 12 new songs written and performed by Ron.The album was recorded in Nashville with producer Brad Jones, who also played bass on three of Ron's earlier records. Described as a lush, baroque pop record, "The Vivian Line" is inspired by Ron's current stage of life and his attempts to navigate it all.Ron's songwriting skills have been recognized by artists such as Rod Stewart, Michael Bublé, k.d. lang, Emmylou Harris, and Feist, who have all recorded his songs. He has also collaborated with renowned producers such as Daniel Lanois, Mitchell Froom, Tchad Blake, and Bob Rock.In addition to his musical career, Ron published his first book, "Deer Life," in 2017, and his documentary, "Love Shines," was well-received by audiences and critics alike.Ron's 2020 album, "Hermitage," received praise from numerous publications, including Uncut, Mojo, and The Sunday Times. With his captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Ron Sexsmith has established himself as one of Canada's most accomplished singer-songwriters. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Jesse Vega

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2023 14:22

    Jesse Vega is a talented artist, known for his multi-faceted career as an actor, dancer, and recording artist. Born with a passion for the performing arts, Jesse started dancing at a young age and quickly developed his skills to become a sought-after performer. Over the years, he has showcased his talent in numerous productions, including stage performances, music videos, and films.As a recording artist, Jesse has released several hit singles, which have garnered him a dedicated fan base. His unique style, which blends R&B and pop, has made him stand out in the music industry. Jesse is currently gearing up for the release of his upcoming music video "Tell Me(Lies)", which he is also directing. The music video is being turned into a romantic/drama "Short-Film", showcasing Jesse's creative talent and vision."Tell Me(Lies)" is Jesse's second single off his upcoming third album, which is due for release later this year. The music video is set to debut on April 7, 2023, marking the beginning of a promising spring season for the artist. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of both the music video and the album, as Jesse continues to establish himself as a dynamic artist and creative force in the entertainment industry. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Rafi Chowdhury

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2023 8:56

    Rafi Chowdhury is a seasoned recruiter who currently works for Randstad as a talent acquisition specialist for Google. With over a decade of experience in the recruitment industry, Rafi has helped countless candidates land their dream jobs at top companies like Google.Rafi's expertise lies in helping candidates create resumes that effectively showcase their skills and experience, leading to successful job interviews. He is also adept at coaching candidates on interview strategies and negotiating salaries to ensure that they receive the compensation they deserve.In addition to his recruitment work, Rafi is also a dedicated career coach, offering valuable advice on everything from job search tactics to professional development. He is passionate about helping individuals succeed in their careers and takes pride in seeing his clients thrive.Rafi is known for his exceptional communication skills, his ability to understand the unique needs of both candidates and clients and his unwavering dedication to providing top-notch service. If you're looking to take your career to the next level, Rafi Chowdhury is the recruiter and career coach you need by your side. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Alice Beer

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    There is no denying we love a good deal, whether it's discount codes, vouchers, sales or just being able to get something cheaper somewhere else.In fact, 58% of us consider ourselves to be a 'savvy shopper' and 37% know someone who is a 'serial bargain hunter'.One place that has always been known to have lower prices is the duty-free section in airports, on planes and on ferries. The top duty-free purchases, according to research by Stena Line, are fragrances (47%), alcohol (44%), beauty products (23%), confectionary (16%), jewellery (15%), tech products (13%) accessories like sunglasses (12%) and kid's toys (7%). Brits enjoy a duty-free price tag so much that 45% go to the extent of waiting until they travel to buy a specific product in duty-free, with a further 19% admitting they consider doing this. When it comes to searching for a deal, on average UK adults are willing to spend more than three days searching for a good deal. However, it's not just about saving the pennies, bagging a bargain gives us a thrill (83%), so much so we love to brag (29%) and boast (31%) about it! Going one step further, approximately one in five (21%) of us has, on occasion, exaggerated how much money we saved in a deal. 26% of UK adults have told a white lie to their partner about their shopping habits. One well-known savings seeker is consumer Journalist and TV Presenter, Alice Beer. She is on hand to give her top tips and advice on how to grab yourself a good buy and experience the ultimate excitement of a deal. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2023 6:14

    Kev is an upcoming indie pop artist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. He is currently a student at both Fordham University Rose Hill and The Juilliard School. Kev has been making waves in the music industry with his latest hit single, "Goodnights," which is available on various platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Tik Tok. Kev's music has been praised for its catchy melodies and relatable lyrics, and his growing fanbase is eagerly awaiting more from this talented young artist. You can stay up to date with Kev and his music on Instagram by following him at @officialkevvvv. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Frankie Rockin' Smith

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2023 19:59

    Frankie Rockin' Smith is a 26-year-old singer, songwriter, and entertainer with a deep passion for rock n' roll music from the 1950s. His musical inspiration comes from legends such as Shakin' Stevens and Ricky Nelson, and he embraces his retro style with gusto. Frankie loves to perform live and is known for his unique 'shaky-legs' moves on stage.At the young age of 21, Frankie released his debut single, "Christmas Blues," which was written for him by Swiss composer Michel F. Bolle. The song was distributed worldwide by Ditto Music and received critical acclaim for its catchy, fun, and timeless sound. Frankie's music is simple yet loaded with deep musicianship and energy, and he delivers it with conviction and grace.Frankie's love for the 1950s rockabilly era shines through his music, and he is determined to be an important part of the rockabilly revival. With his jump swing, soulful rhythm and blues Christmas tune, he has established himself as an original force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    The Cast Of Sankofa The Musical

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2023 16:51

    Sankofa The Musical is an African Folklore filmed musical that takes the audience on a journey through the life of Sankofa as she uncovers the truth about her past. Sankofa, armed with her seven superpowers bestowed upon her by her ancestors, embarks on a suspenseful and magical adventure that is both educational and entertaining.This authentic and culturally intelligent story is centred around themes of love, compassion, forgiveness, and family, making it a must-see African musical of the year. Through its unique blend of music, dance, and storytelling, Sankofa The Musical offers a powerful and thought-provoking message that resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Join Sankofa on her journey of self-discovery and be swept away by the magic of this unforgettable musical experience. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Lyon Brave

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2023 11:18

    Lyon Brave is a dynamic individual who has made a name for herself as both an educator and entertainer. She has a passion for helping others learn and grow, whether it's through her engaging lectures, interactive workshops, or her entertaining performances. With years of experience in both fields, Lyon Brave has honed her skills to become a highly sought-after speaker and performer. She brings a unique blend of knowledge, humour, and energy to everything she does, inspiring and engaging audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Whether she's teaching in the classroom or entertaining on the stage, Lyon Brave is a true force to be reckoned with. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Ollie Ollerton

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2023 8:19

    Matthew 'Ollie' Ollerton is a former Special Forces soldier and a member of the Directing Staff in Channel 4's hit show SAS: Who Dares Wins.Ollie's military career began at the age of 18 when he joined the Royal Marine Commandos and toured operationally in Northern Ireland and in Iraq for Operation Desert Storm.After completing the gruelling 6-month-long SAS selection process, Ollie joined the Special Boat Service. During his six years in the SBS, Ollie's missions included counter-narcotics, counter-terrorism, homeland security, counter-insurgency operations and humanitarian efforts.Upon leaving the Special Forces, Ollie worked in Iraq as a private security contractor before heading to South East Asia, using his incredible military training to benefit the lives of those less fortunate. While working for a charity, he was lead command of a three-man team bravely infiltrating child trafficking rings, rescuing children and bringing them to safe houses. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

    Vivianne Knebel

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2023 20:32

    Born an illegitimate child in the wake of WWII in Berlin, Nazi Germany to a single mother, Vivianne Knebel's options were limited and her future looked bleak. She experienced poverty, cold, and hunger, and was even driven to the point of committing suicide. To seek out a better life, Vivianne immigrated to Canada as a teenager, but her misfortunes did not end there. However, in response to a miraculous intervention, she decided to preserve her life and keep moving forward.After this incident, Vivianne met a fellow German immigrant, Wiland, who eventually became her husband. But even more than that, he became a catalyst for change in her life. His belief in her is what helped her see the true, immeasurable value of her life. She went on to play a key role in Wiland's business venture and together they built a better future for each other. Since then, Vivianne has run a marathon, learned to pilot a plane, and even beat cancer. She's found a greater sense of spirituality and wants to share her story with the world, to remind people that there is always a reason to keep moving forward. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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