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Breaking down the latest OU football games from the SoonerScoop.com team


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    POSTGAME: OU wins 16-13, but tonight will always be Rattler's boo bird game

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2021 63:46

    Oklahoma never led West Virginia Saturday night on Owen Field until the clock ran out. That's when Gabe Brkic hit a 30-yard field goal to give the Sooners a 16-13 victory over the Mountaineers. But this game will be remembered or something even more memorable. Fans were boo'ing Spencer Rattler. And others started chanting, "We want Caleb" during the game. How Rattler handles this going forward will define his legacy. But he also needs more help from the offensive line and some faith in the run game from his head coach and playcaller, Lincoln Riley. The defense had a very solid night holding WVU to just 226 total yards of offense. Carey and Eddie are here to break it all down and giving their advice to Rattler on how to handle the boo birds moving forward. It's another edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast.

    Postgame: Looking for answers as to why OU can't take it to the next level

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2021 76:03

    Oklahoma beats Nebraska 23-16 today in Norman and everyone feels a different way about it. Heck, everyone on the Scoop staff feels a different way about it. Carey and Eddie start breaking it all down and why the offense and Spencer Rattler can't figure it out. Then we're joined by Josh McCuistion as the discussion turns up a notch. What is good about this team? Who is Spencer Rattler? What is this OU offense? Can it be fixed at this point or are we just waiting on an eventual disaster. Also, we let Josh get involved in some John Mayer discussion since he decided to join us. No recruiting talk tonight. This is just straight postgame podcast goodness as always.

    POSTGAME: We have nothing to complain about but CFB was weird Saturday

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2021 69:00

    This time the game really was over by halftime. Spencer Rattler was great, the defense was dominant, the week leading up to Western Carolina was brutal in practices. OU was so dominant on defense it was like one big nameless, faceless group. Danny Stutsman led the team in tackles. So what do you take out of a dominant performance against an overmatched opponent? All you can do is just keep moving forward and thank the lucky stars you aren't Texas or Iowa State this week. And you seek out that opponent that will help you find your old friend: adversity. And Texas? Seriously? Wow! Also the sun rises in the east and Iowa always beats Iowa State early in the season. Carey also started drinking a big glass of whiskey during this podcast and was probably a bit drunk at the end.

    Postgame: Not what we expected in the opener. OU beats Tulane 40-35

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2021 68:10

    Oklahoma opened the season Saturday afternoon in Norman. And what looked like a blowout turned into a nail biter. Oklahoma's offense went stale in the second half and the defense gave up enough to make it interesting. We're left scratching our heads to what we saw, what went wrong and what actually worked. We breakdown just about the entire roster and coaching staff in this edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast. OU wins 40-35, but it'll be a week of reflection around here. That's starts now.

    Oklahoma crushes Florida as Sooners set the stage for 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2020 61:33

    In our final podcast of 2020, we bring you the last Eskridge Lexus podcast of the season. Carey and Eddie broke down what we finally got to see together, a blowout bowl game win over an SEC team. We breakdown the stars of the game, the biggest plays and what this all means going forward. And in some strange way we hopefully are welcoming back a much more normal type of college football in 2021. The Sooners proved in the Cotton Bowl that they will be one of the programs to watch next season. We just need to know what players are still going to be around next season. So enjoy our final installment of the 2020 season and Happy New Year everybody!

    Oklahoma takes home Big 12 Championship

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2020 53:15

    After OU lost to Iowa State and started off their Big 12 Conference season 0-2, no one expected they would get a rematch in the Big 12 Championship game. But that's exactly what happened and the OU defense put up another monster performance up front and forced 3 interceptions out of Brock Purdy. Carey and Eddie breakdown Oklahoma's 27-21 over Iowa State and had out plenty of deserved praise. A bowl game will be announced soon and then the offseason could determine if these Sooners are going to head into 2021 as one of the favorites to win it all next year. The offense stalled, Lincoln Riley got too conservative and the game got close in the end. But the Sooners won it all again and continue marching forward to bigger and better victories in the future.

    OU overcomes massive absences on defense, still plays lights out

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 6, 2020 56:25

    Oklahoma beat Baylor 27-14 Saturday night in the final home game of this crazy 2020 season. It wasn't the type of game anyone expected. OU's defense was ravaged by missing starters and Robert Barnes was moved to a starting safety position after he was moved to linebacker this year. The offense sputtered through much of the game, the offensive line struggled and Baylor looked like a team that was capable of shocking the Sooners. But even with so many players out, OU's defense stepped up and carried the offense, 12-yard punts, turnovers in the endzone, missing coaches and everything thing else college football upset gods wanted to throw their way. Carey and Eddie break it all down in this edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast.

    Postgame: Bedlam beatdown as OU's offense proves it's legit

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2020 52:34

    It wasn't always easy, but Rhamondre Stevenson and the OU offense came alive at the end, and the OU defense held down the Oklahoma State Cowboys most of the day. Mike Gundy got wishy washy with his quarterbacks and Lincoln Riley looked like his vintage best self, dialing up some tricks and running circles around the Pokes on offense. Spencer Rattler had his best big game of his career and the OU pass rush made it impossible for OSU to get anything going offensively. The Sooners now control their own destiny as they work to get back to a Big 12 title game in Arlington. Eddie and Carey breakdown everything we saw Saturday night in a 41-13 beatdown in Norman.

    OU wins 62-9 over KU. Rattler gave us a scare and Stogner is a concern

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2020 54:03

    Lots of turnovers on both sides and even more replay delays made the first half disjointed and muddied. But the Sooners just kept rolling against Big 12 competition. Spencer Rattler gave everyone a scare with a bruised hip and Austin Stogner still is a concern. But the defensive line had its most dominant day yet and the defense beat up KU's quarterback all day long. Alex Grinch continues to get production out of his youth on defense and Oklahoma just pounded Kansas into submission Saturday afternoon in Norman. It was good to be home but another big one happens in two weeks. OU works to get back control over its own destiny against Oklahoma State. Carey, Eddie and Bob have your complete wrap-up.

    OU gets back two studs and annihilates Texas Tech 62-28

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2020 60:29

    The Sooners keep getting better after their 0-2 start. With a 62-28 win over Texas Tech, OU is putting together complete performances on both sides of the ball. And now that Ronnie Perkins and Rhamondre Stevenson are back, OU has more weapons than ever. An easy win over Texas followed a key loss by OSU to Texas. And Kansas State lost at West Virginia. The Sooners are just a couple of weeks from controlling their own destiny in the Big 12. Carey and Eddie breakdown what we saw tonight in Lubbock in this edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast.

    OU had an impressive weekend and we don't know how to feel

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2020 60:40

    The Sooners go into TCU and play their only complete Big 12 game of the year. They almost did it against Texas, but they fell apart near the end just like they did against Kansas State and Iowa State. The hope was OU could build on what they showed in the OT period against Texas. That's exactly what they did on defense as Alex Grinch got his team to play their most complete game of the season. Eddie and Carey break down what they saw from our studios in Norman while Bob slaved away on his keyboard from Ft. Worth. Join us in trying to figure out how to survive in this new world where OU football is giving you almost everything you want to see. It's a strange place for us to find ourselves. Also, Carey tries to defend the legacy of Chris Chester while simultaneously showing why no one , including himself, remembers Chris Chester all that well. It's the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast from SoonerScoop.com!

    Oklahoma steals Red River victory from the jaws of defeat

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2020 43:05

    It was a crazy day as usual at the Cotton Bowl. OU appeared to have victory secured but the defense reverted to their form over the last two weeks. But did the Sooners start to find something on offense with Spencer Rattler and several receivers like Austin Stogner, Theo Wease and Drake Stoops? The defense used a lot of youngsters and it all looked really good. Lincoln Riley had a gut check as a coach. He wasn't perfect. He made some questionable decisions. But at least he hasn't been branded as a three time loser. Sam Ehlinger showed a lot of heart, but the OU defense won out in the end. The defensive line was really good again but the secondary joined in a little bit too. Eddie and Carey break it all down and we're ready for the bye week after a much needed win for Sooner fans.

    How bad is it going to get? Has Riley let the program slip?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2020 60:16

    AMES, Iowa - Carey is in Ames where the Sooners took on the Cyclones and it once again did not go in OU's favor. We expected a rebound after Kansas State. But it seemed like much of the same in Ames. The offense wasn't resilient, the defense was bland and uninspiring. Even the special teams had a massive gaffe during the game at a critical moment. Carey, Eddie and Bob all join up to talk about the game and the repercussions mean for OU. How bad could this all get? Has the OU program become #soft? Texas, TCU and Oklahoma State are still on the schedule. There aren't a lot of guaranteed wins left for this Sooners team. Spencer Rattler was fine, the defensive line was good, but everyone else, get ready for a tongue lashing. We're headed for something really interesting with OU and 2020. We just don't know how interesting yet.

    What the hell happened? OU loses 38-35 to KSU

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2020 58:10

    In an especially NSFW version of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast Carey and Eddie discuss the Sooners 38-35 loss to Kansas State Saturday afternoon. It's not the drunken podcast, but it's the bleep free podcast for those looking to get their full frustrations out with us. Spencer Rattler played like a 5-star for a while, but when prosperity turned to adversity, he wasn't ready. But it was the OU defense that was the real star of Saturday's shitshow. What happened Alex Grinch? And what does Lincoln Riley really need to fix when he looks in the mirror? He can start with penalties and the discipline of this football team. It's never a great time for a loss, but this is truly one of the most shocking losses in the post-Stoops era of OU football. The Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast is back!

    POSTGAME: Rattler delivers in 48-0 victorious debut

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2020 55:10

    Spencer Rattler got his first start as an OU quarterback and he lived up to the hype and the expectations during a 48-0 route Saturday evening inside Oklahoma Memorial Stadium where social distancing and the wearing of masks were observed. Carey, Eddie and Bob breakdown what we saw from the pressbox and give you our takeaways from the opener. Spencer Rattler was the star, but what about Marvin Mims and other youngsters on the offense. The defense pitched a shutout and we breakdown all the new faces and improving performances we saw. Welcome back football! Welcome back SoonerScoop Postgame Podcast!

    Final judgment on Jalen Hurts, final judgment on everything!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2019 62:46

    It's here. It's the postmortem on OU's loss to end the season. It was an ugly loss. The guys have plenty of things to say about plenty of people. Eddie finally gives out his true feelings on Jalen Hurts. We're still baffled at Bookie's decision to get himself ejected. We love Justin Broiles but he's got to go. It's our state of the program address, it's figuring out who's left? It's breaking down the quarterback position moving forward. It's our advice to all of you, to Alex Grinch, to players getting it done and not getting it done. We just let our opinions fly in this one so get your take bowls ready to be filled. It's the final podcast of 2019. It's the Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast. One last time.

    Sooners defense looks playoff ready. Is the rest of team?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2019 44:55

    The gang comes to you live from Jerry World where we break down the Sooners Big 12 Championship overtime win over Baylor. The defense was awesome for most of the game, but a third string quarterback gave the Sooners fits. We hear from Lincoln Riley, Jalen Hurts and Kenneth Murray on the win. No one wanted to talk playoffs as a definite, but we all know the Sooners are headed in that direction. We breakdown everything that happened, good and bad. Jalen Hurts had some turnover problems again. Next stop, Atlanta or Scottsdale. We'll be ready to cover the team from either. It's the championship edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast on SoonerScoop.com

    A complete win at OSU. Recapping the stars from the 34-16 Bedlam win.

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2019 47:14

    The boys are fresh off the trip to Stillwater where the Sooners put together their most complete performance of the season in a 34-16 victory over the Cowboys. Kennedy Brooks stole the spotlight from Chuba Hubbard and then the defense bashed him over the head with it. The Sooners were just dominating in the second half of play once again. Parnell Motley was an absolute star on the defensive side of the ball as he wreaked havoc on the OSU offense. Carey, Eddie and Bob are here to break it all down as the Sooners now move on to the Big 12 Championship game in Arlington next weekend.

    Can we even make sense out of OU's 28-24 win over TCU? We try

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2019 50:56

    On this edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast... Well we didn't have to drive all over Texas this week but we do have a late night podcast for you after the Sooners beat TCU 28-24. After covering every second of this team the last three weeks, we're still having trouble making heads or tails of what this team really is. And what Jalen Hurts is as a QB. We understand if you are confused. Is it the defense, the playcalling, the quarterback, the turnovers, the lack of turnovers? There's a lot to like about this OU team. They move to 10-1 on the season and they'll play for another Big 12 Championship in Arlington. The defense is coming up with turnovers to seal the deal and we saw some improvement against TCU Saturday night. It's also good that Oregon lost to Arizona State. So why is it so hard to get excited about this OU's teams chances of reaching the playoffs yet?

    It was the greatest comeback in OU football history and we were there

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2019 49:56

    It's hard to say we can't believe what we just saw on this week's edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast because we were actually there to see it with our own eyes. And we couldn't stop watching it. Jalen Hurts was terrible, then he was amazing. The defense was the same way as they finally caught a hold of the turnover bug and ended up sealing the win thanks to some timely defense. The Sooners had the biggest comeback in program history Saturday night in Waco and it just happened to come against the undefeated Baylor Bears. Are the Sooners a lock for the Big 12 title game? Do they want Baylor again? Is the defense finally back? That's too many questions. We still can't believe what we just witnessed at McLane Stadium.

    OU squeaks out a 42-41 win over Iowa State. What does it all mean?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2019 60:36

    Oklahoma had two weeks to prepare to face Iowa State in Norman. For 3 quarters it looked like this team had taken the loss in Manhattan seriously and come out ready to become a dominant football team. Then the fourth quarter happened. OU's defense had been improved through the first seven games, then it fell apart against Kansas State. After Iowa State, we're left to wonder if this defense is losing it's luster. Carey, Eddie and Bob join up just after the game to talk about what we saw, where this team is headed and where Lincoln Riley and Alex Grinch have to go next. How messed up is this offense right now? Injuries are piling up and Jalen Hurts is still a kink in the running game. And what happened to all the playmakers we saw developing on the defensive side of the ball. Yes, the Sooners won, but with Baylor on the horizon, so many questions still remain.

    Shocker in Manhattan as Sooners fall 48-41 to Kansas State

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2019 42:24

    It's the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast with Carey, Eddie and Bob and we're coming to you from the Bill Snyder Family Stadium pressbox where the Sooners put out one of their worst performances in recent memory in a 48-41 loss to Kansas State. We're also joined by The Athletic's Jason Kersey to get his breakdown on what he saw and to give our thoughts on what we saw and what we heard in the postgame. Hear from Lincoln Riley, Alex Grinch, Jalen Hurts and Kenneth Murray during the podcast. Is it over for the Sooners and the playoffs? Probably. But holy crap what has happened in the Big 12 today. We're outta town. Time to head back in our Eskridge Lexus. Enjoy the pod folks! Sorry about the L.

    Defense avoids hangover, Hurts and offense roll against WVU

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2019 55:05

    The Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast is back again after the Sooners took it to West Virginia 52-14 Saturday on Owen Field. Carey, Eddie and Bob are here to break it all down. Alex Grinch got his defense to avoid the Texas hangover while Jalen Hurts rebounded from his two turnovers against the Longhorns completing 16-of-17 passses for over 300 yards and 3 TDs. Is Kennedy Brooks taking over the running back position? We also breakdown the defensive performance that saw the OU defensive backs deflect pass after pass down field. But is there some worry about the penalty situation with one defender? We go stock up, stock down and hit on some of the days Big 12 results as well. It's the postgame edition you crave so enjoy it before we hit the road again next weekend for Manhattan, Kan.!

    Alex Grinch's defense steals the show from CeeDee Lamb

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2019 49:44

    This edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast comes directly from the pressbox at the Cotton Bowl following the Sooners 34-27 victory over the Longhorns. The Sooners defense was dominant at times and overall, it was the best big game defensive performance in recent memory. CeeDee Lamb also put his mark on this series with a game for the ages. Jalen Hurts finally got to compare the stage of the Red River Rivalry to the Iron Bowl. And even though Hurts had his ups and downs and the Sooners were more dominating than the final score indicates, the defense made up for any deficiencies. Carey, Eddie and Bob break it all down with plenty of soundbites from Lincoln Riley, Alex Grinch, CeeDee Lamb, Jalen Hurts and even Tom Herman. The Sooners move to 6-0 and we break it all down. So much stock up, so little stock down. Eddie made College Gameday this morning too! It's the best breakdown podcast you're going to find as usual.

    Texas week is finally here. How should you feel coming out of Kansas?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2019 71:22

    The road crew took more time than usual to get back from Lawrence, Kansas. But the Eskridge Lexus Postgame pod is finally here. It's really more of a preview of Texas since we recorded right after Lincoln Riley's Monday press conference. Plenty of clips from Riley as we wade through all the news not fit for print and just give you the highlights. Offensive line health, penalty problems, the massive momentum swings in the Red River Rivalry. We're also talking the rise of Rhamondre Stevenson and we still have your stock up and stock down report from KU. We don't harp too much on KU, but focus on what we learned from that 45-20 victory as it relates to the upcoming battle with Texas.

    CeeDee Lamb makes his presence known in 55-16 win over Red Raiders

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2019 61:57

    The Sooners rack up over 600 yards against Texas Tech during their Big 12 opener. No matter how much we try and nitpick the offense or question whether they can keep up this pace, they just keep producing. On this edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast we also breakdown the players who stood out and the reaction from the locker room after the win. How pissed were Lincoln and the players about the dirty hit on Kennedy Brooks? Where the heck was Adrian Ealy today? How did Brey Walker do in his first start? Where did we see the defense get better and who do we pick during stock up and stock down after such a beatdown? Here's your postgame pod because we know you've been asking ever since the final whistle.

    OU rolls UCLA in the Rose Bowl and substitutions are the new normal

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2019 57:34

    We're podcasting from California and right near the Rose Bowl as Oklahoma comes in to Pasadena and takes care of UCLA 48-14. Lincoln Riley successfully guards against the letdown and Jalen Hurts dominates through the air and on the ground once again. We talk stock up and stock down. What players impressed us the most during OU's blowout win over the Bruins. We also talk about how OU fans are going to have to get used to star players being substituted for during key moments in the game. Alex Grinch is looking to develop depth and competition, even if that means OU's best players take a seat on the bench for a series. It's a strange sensation, but one that you're going to have to get used to. The tight end made his way back onto the field Saturday night as well. It's time for us to hit the airport because we wanted to get this to you as quickly as we can. So enjoy another edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast straight from the road.

    POSTGAME: Lots of youngsters make an impression during OU rout

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2019 54:14

    Carey, Eddie and Bob have all your postgame analysis from the Sooners' 70-14 win over South Dakota on the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast. The freshman receivers ran wild, the roster was unloaded onto Owen Field and we have a lot of impressions about the youngsters. Bookie hauled in a pick six and the OU defense continued to make steps forward. We also go stock up and stock down all throughout the roster on both sides of the ball. Lincoln Riley got his run game back on track this week as well and some new names are emerging all over the field.

    POSTGAME: Jalen Hurts surprises us all in his Sooners debut

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2019 47:44

    Game number one is in the books and Jalen Hurts accounted for over 500 yards of offense in a 49-31 win over the Houston Cougars. Carey, Eddie and Bob all convene just after the final to talk about what we saw and what stood out. As usual we've got your stock up and stock down report. Who stood out? And who still needs to step up? Some injury talk as well as a look at Alex Grinch's first game as defensive coordinator. How did the Sooners take the lack of turnovers in game 1. Enjoy the first of many Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcasts this season.

    A loss in Florida. Time to move on to bigger and better things for OU

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 2019 67:34

    The gang is finally back from Florida and all in one piece. Carey, Josh and Eddie reconvene in Norman to talk about what happened at the Hard Rock Stadium against Alabama. Did OU waste two Heisman Trophy winners? Or did two Heisman Trophy winners help elevate OU into a position to become a dominant force in college football? We talk about Lincoln Riley's next hire at defensive coordinator and where this OU program is headed with the recruiting classes that are coming in. Josh also breaks down what he saw from OU signees and prospects in Orlando at the Under Armour All-American game. It's a big show and a lot to get through, but definitely a chance to reflect on the last week and Saturday's loss in the College Football Playoff Semifinal. The full rundown follows below: OPEN - Eddie almost lost some important stuff at the airport 0:04:30 - Lincoln Riley's exit interview shed some light on Marquise Brown's injury and fight to return 0:08:00 - What the last two years mean for this Sooners program moving forward 0:10:00 - Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. Recruiting failures haven't had time to be fixed yet 0:12:00 - Oklahoma is the healthiest its been as a program since they ended the 2008 season 0:13:10 - The Oklahoma Brand and where it stands 0:17:00 - Putting to bed the Lincoln Riley NFL talk? 0:20:00 - What moves do Riley and the OU athletic department make next in terms of growing as a department? 0:22:00 - Josh's impressions of the defensive guys at Under Armour in Orlando 0:26:14 - The search for a new defensive coordinator. Lincoln Riley talks about who he's looking for 0:32:30 - The new DC hire will shape Riley's future at OU 0:34:30 - Defensive assistant changes to come 0:38:10 - Is this racist? 0:40:33 - The future of Ruffin McNeill? 0:43:30 - The All-American Game in San Antonio will have plenty of notable Sooners 0:45:56 - What could a Haselwood signing mean for Justin Fields? 0:47:50 - Why all the quesitons about Austin Kendall transferring? 0:50:00 - Is your glass half full or half empty the last two years? 0:53:00 - What is Oklahoma going to look like next year? 0:56:09 - Lincoln Riley has put recruiting on his shoulders and that's been great for OU football 1:01:00 - revisiting the "a poor" controversy on Twitter and trying to clear the air 1:02:05 - We're officially off the rails with Lynda.com talk 1:05:00 - Help us build the west side and subscribe

    The podcast where Ryan Aber and the guys killed it from Ft. Lauderdale

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2018 47:58

    Another special daily edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast is here and we convinced the Oklahoman's Ryan Aber to join us in our madness. We breakdown the final press conference before the College Football Playoff kicks off tomorrow night. We also review the week that was and what we've all learned about talking to Alabama and Oklahoma players and coaches this week in Miami Gardens and Ft. Lauderdale. It's a really great look into the inside of what's been going down this week in Florida as these two teams get ready for battle. The full rundown follows below: OPEN - Lincoln Riley's final opening statement of Orange Bowl week 0:03:30 - Ryan's takeaways from Lincoln Riley and Nick Saban's final press conference before the game. We like Nick Saban. 0:07:00 - Marquise Brown was a surprising story from the local reaction he received 0:12:00 - Getting past the obvious national angle we all deal with as local media at events like this. Kyler Murray: MLB vs. NFL 0:14:30 - Weird French guy showed up to the press conference 0:19:00 - Lincoln had an overriding theme today: A formula for winning 0:21:15 - Lincoln hates Carey and his questions 0:31:30 - Berry Tramel. A love letter. 0:35:20 - Ryan's take on Alabama's answers about Kyler Murray 0:41:20 - What is a realistic number for OU's offense to put up? 0:43:30 - Ryan Aber vs. Jason Kersey. Who was the better guest? 0:45:00 - Ryan Aber, women's hoops beat writer answers the biggest conspiracy question in sports

    The Orange Bowl Media Day podcast from Ft. Lauderdale

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 27, 2018 36:01

    The Eskridge Lexus Postgame joins up with Coop Ale Works to bring you a group of daily podcasts while the SoonerScoop.com crew covers the Sooners from Miami in the Orange Bowl. Today was Media Day for Alabama and Oklahoma and we play you some of the best clips from media day and break down what happened as this is the biggest media event leading up to the College Football Playoff Semifinal between Oklahoma and Alabama. Carey, Eddie and Bob are all here and breaking it down for you. The full rundown follows below: OPEN - Lincoln Riley talks about breaking through in the College Football Playoff 0:03:35 - The next step for this Oklahoma program 0:08:00 - There were no JoJo sightings in Miami but Herbie made his appearances 0:10:00 - DaShaun White and Bookie talk about potential defensive coaching changes 0:15:00 - The Alabama arrogance? Confidence? Downright disrespect for OU? 0:21:30 - General feeling we're getting from the Bama side is that OU is another puny, finesse Big 12 team 0:26:00 - Breaking down the highlights of Bob and Eddie's days at Media Day 0:31:30 - Update on camp and health. Kyler, Hollywood and Austin Kendall 0:34:00 - Quick thoughts on matchups

    Sooners are Big 12 Champs! Now what happens next?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2018 65:04

    The Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast brings us to Arlington, Texas, for the Big 12 Championship where the Sooners defeated the Texas Longhorns 39-27 for their fourth straight Big 12 title. We recap the OU defense which has become a scrappy bunch over the last couple of weeks, Kyler Murray and his Heisman chances as Alabama struggled along with their Heisman candidate QB. We give you our Eskridge Lexus Players of the Game, the Coop Ale Works Play of the Game and the Kyle McCord from AMC Mortgage Stock Report. Plenty of playoff talk, plenty of Heisman talk, plenty of championship talk on this edition. The rundown follows below: OPEN - It's another Big 12 Championship 0:05:00 - Could OU move all the way to 3 in the playoff? They've now beaten every team on their schedule and won the conference. 0:09:00 - This was a true championship game 0:12:20 - How is Georgia still a threat after losing again? 0:15:00 - Bookie was not in the gameplan against Texas 0:21:30 - The Eskridge Lexus Players of the Game 0:30:10 - The Coop Ale Works Play of the Game 0:37:20 - The Kyle McCord AMC Mortgage Stock Report 0:46:50 - The alternate uniforms Saturday? 0:51:25 - Becky Hager deletes his Twitter account after the game 0:56:00 - The College Football Playoff Schedule for Sunday 0:59:40 - Now we start talking next defensive coordinator once again

    OU wins the shootout with WVU as the defense finally makes plays

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2018 36:14

    It was created in the dark of night and overnighted from Morgantown to OKC and then driven directly to Norman, Okla., by a sleep weary host to your ears. The Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast was created in our hotel room early this morning but connecting flights and airport checkpoint hell means it's finally here. We breakdown OU's amazing 59-56 victory over West Virginia where the Sooners used their defense to make the ultimate difference. The Sooners might have 9 lives, but they head to the Big 12 Championship for a rematch with their only loss of the season, against the Texas Longhorns. Carey, Eddie and Bob break it all down just hours after it was over. The full rundown follows below: OPEN - It was a wild night in Morgantown and Texas wants no part of these Sooners again 0:04:35 - West Virginia was living in 3rd-and-long all night long and the momentum swings were insane 0:07:12 - The defensive effort was there. Finally. 0:08:25 - The Eskridge Lexus Player of the Game 0:12:05 - The Coop Ale Works Play of the Game 0:17:35 - The Kyle McCord of AMC Mortgage Stock Report 0:22:45 -Somehow OU always breaks hearts in Morgantown 0:25:00 - Kenneth Mann is playing too many snaps 0:26:15 - Some good things from the cornerbacks against WVU 0:29:00 - Lincoln Riley and Shane Beamer have a bromance. The John Dorsey sighting pregame? 0:30:45 - It's OU-TX part II 0:33:35 - The CFB Playoff Committee has some work to do this week 0:35:30 - Time to head to the airport

    OU heading to WVU for shot at Big 12 after defense struggles against lowly KU

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2018 70:22

    The Sooners gave up 524 yards and 40 points to a lowly Kansas offense Saturday night in Norman, during the final game for many seniors. In the Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast we break down the struggles once again, but mainly vent about the problems we're seeing in this OU defense as we wonder why they keep happening. While OU gets ready for their biggest game of the year, it seems their defense is playing at the worst level they've played all year. We also go with our Eskridge Players of the Game, our Coop Ale Works Play of the Game and the Kyle McCord AMC Mortgage Stock Report. Get it while it's still fresh and angry. It's the postgame podcast from SoonerScoop.com OPEN -Sooners win a game with a score that is very forgettable. 0:05:00 - Eddie is embarrassed by the performance put forth by the OU defense 0:10:00 - Is this the worst defense in OU history? 0:15:00 - Eddie is sick of F.I.D.O. and Lincoln Riley talks about how to reach his players 0:20:00 - Did you ever play football with Capt. Equipment? 0:25:00 - Lincoln Riley's non-injury injury update 0:27:00 - The Eskridge Lexus Player of the Game 0:36:00 - The Coop Ale Works Play of the Game 0:46:15 - Eddie still can't believe how bad the defense is playing. It's leadership. 0:51:00 - The Kyle McCord from AMC Mortgage Stock Report 0:58:00 - How much blame does Lincoln Riley deserve for the defense? 1:03:00 - WVU might be the only ones that can teach this defense any urgency 1:07:10 - Lincoln Riley's final thoughts on what it takes to move on and win in Morgantown.

    OU wins Bedlam, but did they play themselves out of the CFB Playoff?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2018 76:58

    The Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast is here for an explosive episode where we breakdown OU's 48-47 win over Oklahoma State in Bedlam. The defense was atrocious and what looked like a team getting better, looks like the team that got Mike Stoops fired. How much damage did the defense do to OU's College Football Playoff hopes even in victory? The Sooners did win after all so we'll give you the Eskridge Lexus Player of the game, the Coop Ale Works Play of the Game and the AMC Mortgage stock report. The whole gang is back, including whiskey drinking Josh and pizza eating Bob. The full rundown follows below: OPEN - OU offense puts up a ton of yards. OU defense gives up a ton of yards. 0:03:05 - Lincoln Riley's postgame press conference. How much did this win hurt OU? 0:06:20 - OU's secondary hasn't been fixed by Mike Stoops' departure. Does someone else need to go? 0:08:35 - OU let Taylor Cornelius have a career day 0:09:50 - The offense and the defense can't play together. 0:12:25 - National media were in town and they wanted OU to try and explain how they can be in the playoffs 0:18:35 - It all fell apart early for the OU defense 0:20:10 - There were a smattering of boo's in the stadium today 0:24:45 - OU really hasn't changed anything big picture on defense since Stoops 0:27:30 - OU's resume might not survive their resume even with 1 loss 0:28:45 - The Eskridge Lexus Players of the Game 0:34:22 - Jalen Redmond done for the year. Lincoln Riley talks injuries. 0:38:30 - No surprise redshirt players today like Ron Tatum 0:43:00 - The Coop Ale Works Play of the Game 0:52:50 - Kyle McCord of AMC Mortgage brings you the Stock Report 1:01:45 - We've gone back in time with Caleb Kelly according to Carey 1:04:15 - The recruiting weekend 1:12:00 - Ratings and Reviews 1:15:00 - Is this racist? shows up before we end the show

    U40: Are the Sooners any closer to the Playoff after 51-46 win over Tech?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2018 61:52

    The Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast is here even though the Sooners finished late in the night. We welcome in another special guest in Jason Kersey from the Athletic, even though we didn't make him feel that welcome. The Sooners take down Texas Tech 51-46 in a very uneven performance by the offense and then defense. We talk about the Eskridge Lexus players of the game and the Coop Ale Works plays of the game. We also hit on the Kyle McCord AMC Mortgage stock report. Come check out the postgame with special guest Jason Kersey and plenty of fun with Eddie as usual.

    OU's dominating win over KSU sets the stage for stretch run

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2018 70:08

    On this edition of the Eskridge Lexus Postgame podcast we break down OU's 51-14 win over Kansas State. The offense was unstoppable for the most part and the defense continues to make strides as plenty of big games remain on the schedule. The entire crew chimes in as Josh, Eddie, Bob and Eddie go through the entire day, highlighting the best and the worst from Saturday in Norman. Stock up, stock down, players of the game, play of the game, it's all here. The full rundown is below: OPEN - Kyler gets Eddie in the postgame pod 0:03:20 - Carey congratulates himself for the Sooners being ready to play against Kansas State 0:05:15 - Lincoln Riley talks about Carey motivating the Sooners this week 0:07:30 - The Youngsters are making an impact 0:09:30 - The way the defense has responded since the major changes 0:14:30 - KState tried to set a physical tone in this one early 0:17:00 - Kyler Murray is great. He might be having a better season than Baker had 0:20:35 - OU's defense really gets to prove themselves against Texas Tech 0:26:30 - The Eskridge Lexus Player of the Game 0:34:50 - We talk about OSU uniforms. What the hell happened to the podcast? 0:38:00 - The Coop Ale Works Play of the Game 0:47:20 The Kyle McCord AMC Mortgage Stock Report 0:57:50 - What happened to Kenneth Murray? 0:59:35 - Recruiting news. Lincoln Riley throws out some eyeball emojis 1:04:25 - This week will be annoying. It's a huge game for OU, but it will be all Baker Mayfield/Pat Mahomes this week

    U40: Jared Followill from KOL joins TCU postgame

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2018 90:39

    The Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast welcomes our first celebrity co-host as Jared Followill from Kings of Leon joins us for the entire podcast as we breakdown everything that happened in the Sooners 52-27 victory over TCU. The newcomers, the ups and downs and plenty of reaction from Lincoln Riley and Curtis Bolton. Eddie had some truther support from Jared so there were definitely some tangents, but enjoyable ones. Get to hear from one of OU's most famous non-country recording artists as well as Bob Przybylo. The full rundown follows below: OPEN - Introductions happen and we welcome in Jared Followill from Kings of Leon 0:03:10 - Jared gives his initial breakdown of what he saw today 0:05:45 - Josh's initial breakdown of the defense 0:07:00 - Lincoln Riley's postgame thoughts 0:09:15 - Some of the strange penalties and calls in this game. 0:13:10 - The injury report 0:22:00 - The TCU Showgirls have their own entrance into the stadium 0:24:25 - Thoughts on all the newcomers that start the game and Jared got mad at Eddie during the game 0:29:40 - The differences in the defense up front 0:33:00 - Everything just seemed to be a bit calmer against TCU 0:37:30 - Murray still squarely in the Heisman mix 0:39:00 - This was the offensive line's best game of the season and who is Kennedy Brooks' biggest fan? 0:41:20 - The Coop Ale Works Play of the Game and Jared is the only one who is still thinking 0:45:00 - How does the RB rotation work going forward? 0:51:30 - Curtis Bolton weighs in on how things went defensively against TCU 0:54:10 - Pro Football Focus numbers are in and we also take a look at player snap counts 0:59:15 - The Kyle McCord from AMC Mortgage Stock Report 1:16:30 - Josh's whiskey club talk gets audio bombed 1:19:30 - Just a segment where we kiss Jared's ass for coming on with us 1:22:00 - It's time to just move on with the season now that the first post Mike Stoops game is over 1:25:20 - KState is up next. The defense will get a chance to prove they are physical 1:27:00 - OU in the national picture after this weekend's action

    Mike Stoops has been fired. What next for the OU defense?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2018 62:16

    We record a complete second Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast after news broke that Mike Stoops has been fired. We talk about what has happened, where the Sooners go and Carey even gets some breaking news toward the end of the podcast about Stoops' replacement. There will no longer be a Stoops coaching on the OU sideline for the first time since 1999. One of the biggest in-season developments in two decades. The full rundown follows below: OPEN - Mike Stoops has been fired as the defensive coordinator of the Oklahoma Sooners 0:04:00 - The defense wasn't playing well and a change was needed and we talk interim DC 0:06:40 - Mike Stoops' departure leaves some room open for the postseason after OU just drops to 10 in the polls. 0:08:45 - Lincoln no longer has to live with the Mike Stoops thing hanging over his head 0:11:20 - Was Gallogly involved? 0:14:50 - Was Mike Stoops fired or did he resign? 0:16:50 - If Mike is gone who else is gone and who replaces him next season? 0:23:08 - How did this all go down? 0:25:15 - Kenneth Murray talks about playing in OU's current schemes 0:26:45 - National media is already going pretty crazy 0:28:00 - The precedent this sets for the future 0:29:50 - Recruit reaction of Stoops' departure is already coming in 0:35:30 - It's a new era in OU football 0:41:45 - When will Lincoln Riley talk about all this? 0:46:15 - Glad this is over for Mike Stoops 0:47:40 - The national perception OU couldn't play defense was becoming a problem 0:54:00 - Carey gets a text message from a high level source about the next interim DC during the podcast 0:57:48 - We're not high on Ruffin McNeill if he becomes interim DC

    Breaking down the Texas debacle and the defense that got us here

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2018 75:37

    In our first Eskridge Lexus podcast of the day, the entire crew breaks down the OU-Texas game just before the news broke about Mike Stoops being out as the defensive coordinator at OU. We also record a part two after we got back together after the news was over. But in this episode we break down all the problems faced by the Sooners against Texas and we gave plenty of thoughts on whether this was the end for Mike Stoops at Oklahoma. The full rundown follows below: OPEN - Rumors started flying early this morning. It was hard to make out fact from fiction because Mike Stoops was involved 0:04:45 - What happens if you make a move and get rid of Mike Stoops? 0:08:30 - The scheme was recruited to and this team still doesn't have players to run it 0:12:45 - OU's defensive backs are all the same body type and it's killing this secondary 0:16:45 - Mike Stoops is to blame, but so is the entire defensive staff 0:21:30 - Lincoln Riley was chained with a staff when he was hired by how he got this job 0:22:40 - How good is OU's defense from a player perspective? 0:26:10 - Bob Diaco's resume? Is it any good? 0:30:00 - Why is Jay Boulware mistake shaming Kennedy Brooks? 0:35:00 - Is the OU staff too reactionary and not proactive enough? 0:36:10 - What happened to the special special teams? 0:38:00 - OU only fell to No. 10 in the rankings? 0:39:45 - What happened to the physicality in OU football? 0:41:40 - The Coop Ale Works Play of the Game 0:50:15 - Chances OU and Texas rematch in the Big 12 Championship Game? 0:52:55 - The AMC Mortgage Stock Report. A lot of down stocks. 1:03:45 - We're just sitting here waiting for something to happen to Mike Stoops at this point 1:11:15 - How much would Mike Stoops' departure hurt recruiting?

    Kyler comes off bench for best performance ever as Texas week arrives

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2018 79:23

    It's the Eskridge Lexus Postgame Show. The Sooners were in control for most of the day as Kyler Murray put together his best performance of the season even though he was benched to start the game. Josh McCuistion makes his postgame debut as he gets in on the Eskridge Lexus Player of the Game, the Coop Ale Works Play of the Game and the AMC Mortgage stock report. It's a full show of breaking down everything that happened on and off the field this week for the Sooners and it culminated in a 66-33 victory on Owen Field. Next up, Texas, but before that we break down all the newest revelations from the Sooners such as Tre Brown, Caleb Kelly, Kyler Murray's big day and Baylor's stat padding in the second half. Did the OU defense rebound? The full rundown follows below: OPEN - Josh McCuistion finally joins the postgame show 0:03:12 - Bob's storylines after this was all over 0:04:30 - How are the boys on the boards right now? Josh breaks it down for us 0:08:45 - The Kyler Murray suspension, if you can call it that 0:14:50 - Carey's national Kyler Murray hot take for Monday 0:16:30 - Kyler's numbers were great, but Baylor's defense was atrocious 0:19:10 - The Eskridge Lexus Player of the Game 0:30:50 -The defensive breakdown from Baylor. How good was it? How bad was it? 0:35:50 - The defense did dial up the pressure Saturday 0:39:30 - The safety play today in Norman 0:41:00 - Josh tries to talk over the Coop Ale Works Play of the Game 0:51:00 - The injuries today and who will be back for Texas? 0:57:13 - The AMC Mortage Stock Report. We've all got people to nominate for stock going up and going down 1:08:00 - Eddie gets awful about Landry Jones and Carey kind of joins in 1:08:35 - Bob wants Josh to talk about visitors this weekend real quick 1:09:22 - The missed tackles report is in from PFF and it's a shocking number 1:12:10 - It's OU/Texas 1:14:28 - A little bit of Heisman talk before we get out of here

    OU survives Army as defensive performance overshadows everything

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2018 64:19

    The Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast is ready to go after OU escapes Army 28-21 in overtime. It wasn't the game anything expected. The Sooners only got 40 snaps on offense because the defense couldn't get Army's option offense off the field. The gang cusses (literally) and discusses the results, talks about what's wrong on the defensive side of the ball and breaks down the stars and the struggles. It's another edition of the postgame podcast only from SoonerScoop.com The full rundown follows below: OPEN - The strange, strange day we witnessed on Owen Field 0:03:56 - Mike Stoops defiant about the performance after it was over 0:06:20 - Army ran 87 plays. OU ran 40 plays. It is still hard to believe. Kyler Murray says it wasn't even like football. 0:09:15 - Eddie at a loss for words about how poor the performance was tonight on defense 0:11:25 - The Eskridge Lexus Player of the Game 0:28:00 - The Coop Ale Works Play of the Game 0:34:25 - Kenneth Mann's interception should have led to a win, but it led to overtime instead. Kyler Murray discusses 0:36:00 - Where is the hellfire and brimstone from Lincoln Riley? That's not going to happen publicly 0:40:43 - The AMC Mortgage Stock Report. Who's stock is up and who's is down? 0:50:30 - Texas is going to teach us a lot about Oklahoma 0:52:15 - Carey is going Buddha and has no answers for the defense other than what it is 0:56:00 - We get some late night Pro Football Focus data before the podcast ends 1:00:00 - Thank gawd this game and this week is finally over. Let's move on to the Big 12

    Iowa State defense had us scratching our heads, Kyler keeps coming on

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2018 69:37

    The guys go mobile for the first time from Iowa. The Eskridge Lexus Postgame Podcast comes to you from Iowa just after OU leaves with a 37-27 victory over Iowa State at Jack Trice Stadium. The guys break down everything, from the shoddy tackling on defense, the Jekyll and Hyde day from Parnell Motley, we give out our Eskridge Lexus Player of the game, our Coop Ale Works Play of the Game and our full stock report from Kyle McCord at AMC Mortgage. Kyler Murray had all kinds of national recognition last week, but we thought he had an even better day Saturday. The OU run game is still finding it's legs as Trey Sermon took the bulk of the snaps today. We break down more on the defense, the big plays on both sides of the ball, Marquise Brown's incredible day and most importantly a win on the road against a team that beat you a year ago. It's not all candy and rainbows, we talk about the issues we're seeing as well. But it's a hardcore edition of the OU postgame coming from the guys who covered it in person, talked to the coaches and players personally, and aren't afraid to give you the real take on what we saw this weekend with the Sooners. Full rundown is below: OPEN - Fan reaction was harsh today as far as the defense was concerned. No excuses made, OU has to be better than this on defense. 0:03:45 - Pro Football Focus summary is up. How many more missed tackles did the Sooners have this year than last year against Iowa State? 0:05:00 - Lack of pressure from the defense against Iowa State 0:08:15 - Who graded out highest on defense according to Pro Football Focus? 0:10:58 - It's the Eskridge Lexus Player of the Game. Eddie and Bob gang up on Carey to decide the winner. 0:19:45 - OU keeps going on the road and ripping people's hearts out even without Baker Mayfield 0:24:00 - The Coop Ale Works Play of the Game. Can Carey win this time? Probably not. 0:35:40 - Caleb Kelly might redshirt? That came out of the blue! 0:38:15 - Paul Finebaum is such a boob 0:41:15 - If you were waiting for the other shoe to drop on defense, you feel like it did today 0:44:00 - It's the stock report from Kyle McCord of AMC Mortgage. We run all over the roster. Plenty of stock going down this week? 0:49:30 - Stock down for Grant Calcaterra 0:53:45 - Around the Big 12. Oklahoma State was impressive and so were most people except for TCU. 0:58:25 - Bob Bowlsby was denied a bottle of water even though it was like 100 degrees on the field

    Sooners show us even more in 49-21 victory over UCLA

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2018 60:46

    It's the Oklahoma Sooners Postgame Podcast presented by Eskridge Lexus in Oklahoma City. We were once again impressed with the defense, we break down the players of the game and the play of the game. We talk about the Rodney Anderson injury and where the Sooners go from here. We also have plenty of praise for the defense and are completely impressed by the defensive front once again. Kenneth Murray also redeems himself with 9 tackles. Mark Jackson steps up huge and Curtis Bolton is the unquestioned starter at WILL linebacker. We also talk about the offense and we felt a little let down by the offensive line today. The full rundown follows below: OPEN - Oklahoma's defense impresses and they really got after the quarterback. Kenneth Murray played tackle football today. 0:05:20 - The Eskridge Lexus Player of the Game. We name one player from offense that was easy. So we picked a defensive guy too. 0:13:20 - Sooners appear to have a dynamic kick returner in Tre Brown. 0:14:00 - UCLA had better defensive talent. OU's offense got a bigger challenge and was a bit up and down. 0:16:00 - Mike Stoops' defense was impressive again. Or Bob Diaco's defense, defending on your troll level. 0:18:00 - Austin Kendall appears to be close to coming back and Q. Overton is out for at least a couple of weeks now. 0:19:30 - Mike Stoops talks about developing playmakers on the defensive side of the ball 0:23:45 - The Coop Ale Works Play of the Game. We talk Rodney Anderson injury too. 0:28:45 - Who steps up at running back now? 0:32: 50 - Iowa State is up next. Is 2017 on their minds? 0:34:45 - The Big 12 is screwing itself already 0:36:00 - Bob's quick recruiting weekend report 0:38:40 - Kyle McCord from AMC Mortage presents the Postgame Stock Report. Lots of names to go over. 0:49:00 - We asked for voicemails and we got a couple worthy of being played. Eddie even approved of one. 0:52:15 - Eddie dove for a football on camera during the game 0:53:25 - Lincoln Riley is the new school coach as proven by his approval of Marquis Brown and CeeDee Lamb's clothing choices.

    Hard to find fault with Oklahoma's 63-14 season opening win against FAU

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2018 58:26

    It's the first ever Eskridge Lexus SoonerScoop.com Postgame podcast. Carey, Eddie and Bob join in just hours after the Sooners take down FAU 63-14 in a season opener that was so impressive even we were surprised. Kyler Murray gets his first start, Austin Kendall suffers an injury in backup duty. But Mike Stoops has a defense he can brag on at least for a week. We talk about all the ins and outs of this weekend's game. We name our Eskridge Lexus Player of the Game, our Coop Ale Works Play of the Game and we give our AMC Mortgage Stock Report where we discuss who's stock is rising and who's is falling. It's a full hour of postgame goodness from SoonerScoop.com The rundown follows below: OPEN - Lincoln Riley's impressions of the victory. He won't let you celebrate. He says it's just one game. 0:04:25 - We forgot how good Oklahoma's offensive line was going to be. 0:07:00 - This was a team that was supposed to be the fancy upset pick. But they put together one of the best performances of the weekend instead 0:09:40 - Kyler wasn't trying to just replace Baker Mayfield even though some questioned whether he could 0:14:40 - The Eskridge Lexus Player of the Game 0:23:15 - Oh Texas... 0:25:20 - Lincoln Riley talks injuries and we talk Addison Gumbs 0:29:30 - Defensive moves with youngster that can still make an impact 0:31:30 - Curtis Bolton impresses. Mike Stoops talks about his performance. 0:34:00 - We raise a Coop Ale Works beer to OU's Play of the Game. 0:43:10 - Talking about the new pieces on defense and how much they made a difference Saturday 0:48:25 - The AMC Mortgage Stock Report. Who is rising and who is falling after FAU? 0:52:50 - Final thoughts from the 63-14 victory

    Get ready for the SoonerScoop.com Postgame from Eskridge Lexus

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    SoonerScoop.com is launching a postgame podcast every week that will breakdown games from home or on the road with stats, analysis and quotes from the locker room.

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