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This is the best Red Sox podcast in the world. Hosts Jared Carrabis, Steve Perrault and Coley Mick are certified G's AND bonafide studs that give you the best unfiltered takes on Boston's boys of Summer. New podcasts drop everyTuesday and Thursday so subscribe now before you get demoted to the podca…

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    • Feb 24, 2022 LATEST EPISODE
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    Episode 454: Blaze Jordan

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2022 159:18

    BLAZE JORDAN joins the pod and boy is this guy addicted to hitting home runs! The 19 year-old phenom has been in the spotlight since he was 11 years old when a video of him hitting a 395-foot home run went viral, but he wasn't done there. He went re-viral two years later when he hit TWO 500-foot home runs at the age of 13! Insane. Now he's a top Red Sox prospect and we couldn't be happier to have him. We talk to Blaze about what it was like to have that much attention as a kid and when he realized his power was something special, how he got the name Blaze and how it's one of the best sports names ever, his reaction when he got picked by the Red Sox and his decision to go pro instead of playing in college, meeting Mookie Betts at the All-Star Game in 2019, his relationships with other top prospects in the Red Sox organization, and his goals for 2022 and how he wants to progress as a player. Safe to say this won't be the last interview with Blaze Jordan. During the rest of the episode we get another Pat's 12-Pack where Pat lists his top 12 favorite frogs, we talk about bat flips/celebrations and people getting mad about them, throwing at people and charging the mound, N64 and Mario Kart, and a whole lot more. Chris Cotillo also joins the pod for a quick phone call which results in him being indefinitely suspended from the podcast. Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly by going to

    Episode 453: Pat Hates Television

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2022 126:27

    It's another baseball-less week in February and Pat returns with “Pat's 12-Pack” for the third straight week. This time it's his top 12 inventions pre-1950 and boy was there some controversy about number ten. The guys talk about the lack of lockout negotiation progress, the Tyler Skaggs trial and Matt Harvey being in the news, drug use in MLB, Pat's disdain for Magic Johnson, and everyone's favorite spring training moments. Jared ends the episode talking about an interesting text he received from Dave Portnoy during the show. Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly by going to

    Episode 452 - Pat Gets A Haircut

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2022 109:36

    Another week has gone by with seemingly no progress being made towards ending the lockout, so naturally we recorded a near two-hour Red Sox podcast while Pat Light got his haircut. After a near perfect debut to Pat's 12-Pack last week, Pat is right back at it again this week with his top 12 most famous shipwrecks. We mix in some questions for Pat's barber who's a huge Red Sox fan, talk about the Red Sox minor league signees, discuss MLB moving to a universal DH format, and help Pat get ready for his sold-out live show at the Staples center. We need baseball back. Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly by going to

    Episode 451: Pat's 12-Pack

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2022 164:11

    This week we open the episode discussing earthquakes and whether or not The Rock really loves the Sox like that. Shortly after, Pat delivers the longest ad read in Section 10 history which sparks a new segment, "Pat's 12-Pack." The guys then share their showering/shaving routine and general outlook on hygiene. We then break down a list of both active and inactive sox prospects and see where certain guys peaked in the rankings, including Pat Light. Pat shares some stories about himself and his close personal friend Clay Buchholz. We end the episode discussing Pat's interview with Fox Business and Jared's packing routine before traveling. Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly by going to

    Episode 450: David Ortiz is a Hall of Famer (Feat. Johnny Damon)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2022 184:58

    We have a guest for the THIRD straight week as Johnny Damon joins the show to discuss David Ortiz's election to the Baseball Hall of Fame. We also talk to Johnny about how ridiculous it is that he's not in the Red Sox Hall of Fame, how much he loved his years with the Red Sox and how he wanted to stay in Boston, what happened in negotiations and why he signed with the Yankees, outfielders/players getting yelled at by fans, his Grand Slam in Game 7 of the ALCS and everything about the 2004 postseason, his thoughts on Bonds and Clemens not being elected to the Hall, and a whole bunch more. Throughout the rest of the episode the guys dive deep into Ortiz's career and discuss why he might've gotten elected to the Hall of Fame over other guys in his era. Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly by going to

    Episode 449: Tim Wakefield

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2022 196:37

    Tim Wakefield joins the podcast as our string of guests on Section 10 continues! We talk to Tim about Pedro's legacy, his famous knuckleball and its ideal speed, if he had any gas left in the tank to try to break the record for most wins as a Red Sox pitcher, the best Red Sox team he's played for, being there for the beginning of David Ortiz's rise to stardom, Kevin Millar's influence in the 2004 ALCS comeback against the Yankees, Varitek's struggles catching his knuckleball in Game 5 of that ALCS, his favorite non-baseball memory of 2004, his relationship with players on the Yankees during that era, whether the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry will ever be the same, if his demeanor on the mound and the unpredictability of the knuckleball is a metaphor for how he lives his life, his Roberto Clemente award in 2010, Johnny Damon, and his celebrity status in Boston after the 2004 saga. Tim then executes an all-time exit to the interview. We talk for a few minutes about Coley's role in the Red Sox signings of international players before we get into the main topic of the rest of the episode; a deep dive into spiders and bees. Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly by going to

    Episode 448: Jon Lester

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 140:45

    Less than 24 hours after announcing his retirement, Jon Lester joins the podcast in an hour-long interview to talk about his legendary career in Major League Baseball. We talk about everything from his first start in the big leagues, to shadowing Josh Beckett, how winning a championship so early on in his career affected him, the 2012 dumpster-fire of a season, the Boston Marathon bombings, the blockbuster trade with the Dodgers, being traded to the A's, his chances of coming back to Boston in free agency, why it looked like he had more fun playing for the Cubs, and a whole lot more. Pat Light also shares a story about his experience pitching in front of Jon and how intimidating it was. The second half of the pod features Coley down in Cuba scouting players for the Sox and discussion about what the players are actually looking to get out of the CBA negotiations. Enjoy! Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly by going to

    Episode 447: Voicemails

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2022 252:41

    In what is officially the longest episode in Section 10 History, the crew listens to four hours of voicemails from people who are mad at Pat. Some are critical, some are more forgiving, and some are just straight up mean. In between voicemails we talk about the bar scene in Boston and what a Section 10 bar could look like, Brian Johnson's stories and his chemistry with Pat, and the chances Pat would buy a bar in Boston. Pat also shares experiences from his career and talks about the pressure he faced to give up his best pitch. Strap in, it's a long one!

    Episode 446: Punctual Pat

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2021 172:24

    The gang's all here (Jared, Coley, and Jake) for the last episode of 2021. We kick off the episode by going through some hypotheticals of what would happen if a major league pitcher showed up late for his start and what the consequences would be. Jared talks about his love for the Coast Guard and how he's always ranked them equally amongst the other branches of the military. Jared and Coley compare the contracts of Rick Porcello and John Lackey's careers with the Sox before moving into some Clay Buchholz discussion. Pat joins the show and we break down the miscommunication that caused him to be two hours late. Pat talks about his infamous outing against the Angels and gives an interesting anecdote about his interaction with Clay Buchholz in the dugout after he was pulled. Pat also gets into the nuances of pitching and talks about his best/worst pitches as a major leaguer. We end with everyone's New Year's resolutions for 2022. Happy New Year!

    Episode 445: Happy Holidays

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2021 149:54

    Episode 445: In our last episode before the holidays, Jared, Coley, and Pat answer questions from fans on twitter, mostly about Pat Light and his MLB career. Coley thinks lobster is overrated and Jared disagrees, Pat loves space docs and Jared wants to fight the people who narrate them, Jared doesn't think we actually went to the Moon in 1969, and the guys talk about what they want for Christmas. Have a great holiday!

    Episode 444: Bobby Valentine

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 134:23

    Bobby Valentine joins the show to give us some anecdotes about his baseball career during this lockout-induced downtime for MLB. He gives his opinions on the most passionate fan bases in baseball, who should make the hall of fame, stories about relationships with players and owners during his 2012 season managing the Red Sox, dives into how everything went down from being hired to fired in Boston, and shares his experiences putting together his new book "Valentine's Way." The rest of the show consists of discussing Jared's near decision to join the Marines during the 2012 season and feedback on Pat's performance as a co-host so far. Pat and Jake also introduce their new segments "Pat's Peace" and "Talking Shit with Jake." Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly by going to

    Episode 443: Pat's Peace

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 117:11

    Bad news to start the show as we're informed that we're no longer allowed to do fake ad reads, a segment brought to you by Brad's Blueberries. Jared's upset that he didn't get enough shine in an interview about Coley's personal life and career at Barstool. We talk lockout and whether or not players are allowed to appear on podcasts. The rest of the episode pretty much focuses on the Red Sox following and unfollowing Seiya Suzuki. Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly by going to

    Episode 442: JBJesus Returns! (Featuring Alex Binelas)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 186:04

    The lockout is here! Chaim signed three pitchers and shipped Hunter Renfroe to the Milwaukee Brewers at the buzzer. Old friend Jackie Bradley Jr. returns along with our new overlord Alex Binelas joins the show minutes after being traded to the Red Sox. It was a hectic three hours so we could all use something to chill out. Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly by going to

    Episode 441: A New Beginning

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2021 122:09

    For the first time since 2018, a new co-host announces his presence on Section 10 with perhaps the worst debut in podcast history. P U. Truly a stinkeroo of a first appearance. Yeah that's right the Mick Man is uploading this episode and he's got free reign to type whatever he wants here for this episode description and there's nothing anyone can do about it. We also got a new producer! Big changes every which way you turn. Nothing helps you adjust to changes like chilling out with an ice cold Coors Light! Get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly by going to

    Episode 440: We're Back

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 158:16

    The offseason is upon us, Steve is gone and Jared and Coley are here to make sure the show goes on. We open the show by saying our goodbyes to Red Sox legend Jerry Remy, take a look at the offseason ahead, the moves the Red Sox have made, are yet to make and some out of the box scenarios that we'd like to see happen as the offseason plays out. Enjoy! Get Coors Light in the new look delivered straight to your door with Drizly or Instacart by going to ROCKET New customers can use code Barstool30 for 30% off their initial purchase at

    Episode 439: Farewell

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 203:28

    The 2021 Boston Red Sox postseason run has officially come to a close after they fell to the Houston Astros in Game 6. Damn. Today we talk our immediate reactions after the season-ending loss, if there was a specific turning point in this series, having the feeling that there are actually still Sox games left this week, the rotation doing their job in the ALCS, a breakdown of the Kiké drop in the 1st inning, needing to produce something after Nate got them out of that tough situation in the 4th inning, feeling like the game was over after the strike him out-throw him out double play in the 7th, if Luis Garcia was cheating with his average fastball speed significantly increasing, how the Sox can fix their bullpen, if they'll bring Kyle from Waltham back, the top free agents we want to see on this team next season, a trip down memory lane for our favorite moments together over the last few years, our top Section 10 trends of 2021, answer some of your phenomenal Down in the DM questions, and Steve gives a lengthy farewell to everyone to conclude his impressive 400+ episode run with the Section 10 Podcast. Enjoy!

    Episode 438: Do or Die

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 93:53

    The Red Sox have dropped two games in a row to the Astros in the ALCS and now their season is on the line in Houston on Friday night. Today we talk our instant reactions after being at Fenway for these last three games, how quickly the Astros can put runs on the board, Chris Sale doing more than expected in Game 5, the bats going silent at the worst time, Framber Valdez deserving credit for the biggest start of his life, Sox not having a closer coming back to bite them, Hunter Renfroe consistently coming up short in big spots, Sox giving up a ton of 2-out runs, if the Astros got motivation from E-Rod doing the Carlos Correa watch celebration in Game 3, a dumb shirt a store is selling about Kiké Hernandez, the top Red Sox item we would want from this year's team, a lookahead to Game 6 and potentially Game 7 in Houston and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 437: Slam Away

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 121:33

    The Red Sox hit a couple of grand slams and cruised to a Game 2 win in the ALCS in Houston. Back to Boston we go with the series all tied up 1-1. Today we talk who deserves the most credit for that win, if fans and players could hate Carlos Correa any more than they already do, Luis Garcia faking an injury in Game 2, if the Sox should have pulled Eovaldi earlier to save his arm, Cora managing to win today and worry about tomorrow when we get there, more poor umping in Game 1, how Raffy continues to deal with pain while hitting bombs, the total dominance of Kiké Hernandez and if we expect it to continue, how it's easier to watch Mookie succeed now with the Sox also in the final four, us all wanting to be Jose Iglesias right now, waiting for a big hit from Hunter Renfroe, if we can expect anything significant from Chris Sale the rest of the way, a lookahead to these next three games in Boston and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 436: ALCS Bound

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 144:38

    The Red Sox took down the heavily favored Tampa Bay Rays and are ready to take on the Astros in the ALCS...again. LET'S GO! Today we talk how much the Rays eating popcorn in the dugout and prematurely ordering champagne to Boston pissed off the Sox, why Tampa needs to stop acting like they've ever won anything, the power of the #RallyCups, Jared's lucky new jacket, us being fully behind the new Red Sox theme song, if John Henry knows about the podcast, John Smoltz having an interesting series in the booth, getting the good Eddie in that ALDS clincher, Shane McClanahan disrespecting a chair, the Klark's Ketchup ALDS MVP, Lance McCullers potentially missing the ALCS and how that changes the whole series, a full breakdown of these first two games coming up in Houston and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 435: Walk-Off Moonman

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 115:02

    The Red Sox won an absolutely WILD ALDS Game 3 thanks to a walk-off blast by "The Moonman" Christian Vazquez. What a night! Today we talk everything that went down leading up to that homer, how Nick Pivetta deserves endless credit for his miraculous performance out of the bullpen once again, a quick recap of Game 1 and 2 to set the scene for more Game 3 talk, how the JD shot didn't end the game, the madness of that double that bounced off Renfroe and into the bullpen, how hilarious that Schwarber moment was when he completed an underhand toss to Eovaldi at first, Robles being due for an outing like that, Whitlock acing his first real postseason test, if Vazquez knows about the Rally Cups after tossing Steve a ball, Jared's new jacket having some luck in it, when we expect to see Sale next, Kiké making more history, predictions for Monday's Game 4 and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 434: Balloons Popped

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 140:15

    The Red Sox just ended the Yankees year, again. The Balloons are dead. ENJOY THE OFFSEASON! Today we talk how accurate our bold predictions were for this do-or-die Wild Card game, Yankee fans being left speechless after their team once again did not make the World Series or even come close, Cora being miles better than Aaron Boone, how the Yankees don't scare anyone anymore and haven't for a long time, the idiocy of Aaron Judge bringing a boom box back to Fenway, how much motivation the Sox got by knowing the Yankees chose to face them over other teams in a potential tiebreaker scenario, a full breakdown of that perfect relay play by Kiké and Bogie to gun down Judge at the plate, if Eovaldi got pulled too fast, Gerrit Cole completely folding in another big moment, the laughable radio and TV calls of that Giancarlo Stanton single, a recap of the Barstool Sportsbook livestream of the game, Xander coming up big when they need him most, Steve's #RallyCups efforts at Fenway Park paying off, Verdugo's huge 2-RBI hit summing him up perfectly, a legit debate on who deserves the Klark's Ketchup MVP for this game, a series lookahead to this big ALDS matchup with the Rays and much more! Enjoy and Daaaaaaaaaaa Jankees Lose!

    Episode 433: Postseason Rivalry Renewed

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 107:41

    The Red Sox have clinched a postseason spot and will host the Yankees in a Wild Card game on Tuesday at Fenway Park. Can you believe it!? Today we talk how we kinda called this months ago, the stress of everything that went down during Sunday's game, if we're surprised the Blue Jays season is over, the unusual situation of pausing the game for farewell ovations to Nats players while the Sox were mounting a critical comeback, how insane it was that Juan Soto had zero hits the entire series, how much credit Ryan Brasier deserves for the Sox being in this position, some very questionable umpire calls this weekend, how well Alex Cora managed specifically this series with the NL rules in effect, reaction to JD hurting himself tripping over 2nd base while heading to the outfield, having no trust in Ottavino at this point, the importance of #RallyCups this weekend, if we have any issue with champagne celebrations for just getting into the Wild Card game, the Sox needing to put up more runs in the first half of games, a big lookahead to this do or die game coming up against the Yankees and much more. GO SOX!

    Episode 432: Jesus Take The Wheel

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 99:05

    The Red Sox just lost a series to the Baltimore Orioles. Not good. Today we talk our latest feelings on this team with just three games remaining in the regular season, every single potential scenario for a AL Wild Card game with or without the Sox involved, how quickly our ceiling for this team has fallen after this last week full of losses, the unique look the Sox had for their road trip to D.C., if we should have given the Mariners more respect all along, Xander deserving less criticism during this recent skid, the animal the Sox should have in their dugout to counter the Yankees rally turtle, our favorite Halloween costumes ever, a lookahead to this Nationals series and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 431: WTF

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 114:22

    Biggest series of the season and the Sox get swept by the Yankees. That sucked. Today we talk our immediate reactions after another 8th inning collapse, which play in the 8th was the most to blame for the loss, Giancarlo Stanton deserving credit for dominating this weekend at Fenway, how weird it was that a bigger deal wasn't made of Christian Vazquez catching the Judge foul tip and then losing the ball in the transfer, why there's still reason to be optimistic this week, our updated expectations for what the Wild Card game will look like, a lookahead to this Orioles series and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 430: Yellow Streakers

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 112:52

    The Red Sox have won 7 games in a row and may not take the City Connect jerseys off ever again. Today we talk how the Sox really do need to keep wearing the yellow jerseys for as long as possible, what they're gonna do with the 2B situation considering Jose Iglesias has been incredible but wouldn't be eligible for the postseason roster, why this Sox streak could very well give them the momentum needed to contend for the AL title, the weirdness of the situation with Kevin Kiermaier taking the Blue Jays pitching card and then getting plunked in the series finale, why there weren't Players Weekend jerseys this year, our biggest takeaways from another sweep of the Mets, who we think the Red Sox would play if they do make it into the Wild Card game, a big debate on who deserves the Klark's Ketchup series MVP, Chaim deserving apologies from a lot of fans for his trade deadline moves, JD having a much better season than it may seem, a lookahead to this huge series with the Yankees and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 429: Cruise Control

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 120:28

    The Red Sox went into cruise control and swept the Orioles. Boom. Today we talk our latest thoughts on the Wild Card race, why that potential game being in Fenway matters for so many reasons, if it would be better to "eliminate" the Yankees this weekend or in a Wild Card game, what age cutoff you can say someone died too soon is, how it's hard to learn much about the Sox in these Orioles series' because they are just THAT bad, Chris Sale's wildly impressive non-home run numbers, how the Sox look and will look once they are past the COVID issues (for now), if the Yankees are already dead, why the Red Sox have a legit chance at competing for a World Series title this year, the potential Sox lineup for a Wild Card game, lookahead to this Mets series, our favorite Norm Macdonald moments and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 428: Momentum Shifters

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 92:24

    The Red Sox found a way to get out of Seattle with a series win for the first time since 2013. That was big. Today we talk that wild series for Kyle Schwarber that may or may not have earned him some ketchup, if the Mariners are actually good, an updated look at the Wild Card standings, the current odds the Red Sox have of winning the World Series, how wild it was to see an ump eject a grounds crew, if Ray Bourque bringing the Stanley Cup back to Boston was motivation for all the Boston sports titles this century, if Tanner Houck will actually get a win this season, a full recap of that 9-game stretch against good teams, revisiting our preseason win predictions and guessing which one of us is gonna nail it, a lookahead to this Orioles series and a big announcement from Steve. All that and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 427: Wild Card Madness

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 160:00

    The Red Sox have lost two series in a row but it's all about Wild Card survival at this point. Today we talk how tight this Wild Card race is and will continue to be, when the Sox will get more players back from the COVID IL, wasted opportunities becoming a consistent theme for this club, Travis Shaw doing his part through all of this, another look at Dalbec's impressive numbers over the last month, where Devers ranks among the best players in baseball, an updated look at the farm, recapping what happened in the baseball world after 9/11, if we'll ever know more background on Hunter Renfroe's COVID comments, live breakdown of that wild Yankees-Mets SNB game, a lookahead to this Mariners series and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 426: Renfroe Mania

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 93:27

    Hunter Renfroe literally won the series finale against the Rays by himself. That was awesome. Today we talk the current state of the Wild Card race, why the Blue Jays are getting scarier by the day, the importance of Hunter Renfroe to this team, most bullpens sucking, analytics getting out of hand, Yankee fans having no clue how to act because their team sucks, several takes on Renfroe's comments saying MLB told the Sox to stop testing players for COVID, who we'd prefer the Sox to start in a Wild Card game, look ahead to this White Sox series and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 425: Cancel the Sun

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 108:03

    The Red Sox lost their series opener with the Rays because of a big ball of fire in the sky. Today we talk the endless reasons of how frustrating that loss was to Tampa, this team being brutal defensively, when they can expect to get reinforcements back from COVID, why this loss was even worse considering they could have jumped the Yankees in the Wild Card standings, how insane it was that Chris Sale was initially charged with 5 earned runs, why players can't bunt anymore, recap the Indians series, look ahead to the last two games of this Rays series and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 424: Resilient Sox

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2021 87:42

    COVID-19 has taken over the Red Sox clubhouse and they still found a way to split that 4-game series in Tampa. Today we talk the dominance of Garrett Richards the reliever, when to expect Xander Bogaerts back, Chris Sale shutting people up that said he hadn't pitched against any legit teams yet, reliving Mike Mussina losing a perfect game with 2 outs in the 9th to Carl Everett 20 years ago to the day, how wild it was to see Raffy flip out like that, Wander Franco continuing to dominate the Red Sox, how important that go-ahead hit was for Jarren Duran, projecting the best Red Sox pitching situation for a potential Wild Card game, lookahead to this Indians series and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 423: The Show Goes On

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 95:52

    The Red Sox lost Sunday but have won three series in a row. We'll take it. Today we talk Kyle Schwarber needing to catch that ball in the 7th, the Yairo Munoz controversial play in the 8th, why JD needs to stay as a DH, the Sox trying to get through COVID issues, the bullpen almost getting through a series without sucking, Garrett Richards continuing to dominate in relief, where that Jonathan Arauz home run on Friday ranks in most stunning Sox blasts ever, a Wild Card standings update, a lookahead to this huge 4-game series in Tampa and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 422: Stay the Course

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2021 87:27

    The Red Sox have won their 2nd-straight series. That's good. Today we talk the August dominance of Bobby Dalbec, how to fix the issues with Matty Backpacks, Christian Vazquez needing to be better, why the Sox should move Tanner Houck to the bullpen, Garrett Whitlock continuing to prove his value, criticism of Cora's handling of the bullpen being completely wrong, how much Kyle Schwarber loves getting on base, the importance of what Chris Sale is doing in his return, Adam Ottavino being a bit crazy, how there's no stat that accurately sums up defense, a lookahead to this Indians series and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 421: Mayor of Walk-Off City (feat. Steve Buckley)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 136:58

    The Red Sox won a series on a walk-off grand slam by the Mayor of Ding Dong City. That was awesome. Today we talk how we feel after that series win over the Rangers, if Matt Barnes can be trusted as the closer anymore after that 9th-inning meltdown, how we feel about Travis Shaw after the walk-off blast, how crazy it would have been if Xander got thrown out in the 10th because he thought Devers hit a walk-off homer, Brock Holt leading the world in career montage video tributes at Fenway, Cora calling the team out after Saturday's embarrassing loss, if the Sox have any chance of catching the Rays, who we trust the most in the bullpen and being fully ready for a Sox-Yankees Wild Card game. We are then joined by our good friend Steve Buckley to talk the current state of this Sox team, his favorite interactions with baseball legends when he was growing up, the madness of Shohei Ohtani and a big promotion for Tuesday night's Oldtime Baseball Game. After the Buck interview we have a series lookahead for Twins-Sox and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 420: We're Better Than This

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2021 96:43

    The Red Sox got swept by the Yankees in the Bronx. Dammit. Today we talk who deserves the most blame for that sweep, how much we hate 7-inning doubleheaders, where Wednesday's loss stands in worst of the year rankings, why the Sox underperforming absolutely doesn't mean they've quite on the team, if we'll be able to take much from these upcoming games against trash teams, how long fans will keep referencing the deadline when the slumping continues, Yankee fans needing to learn how Old Takes Exposed works, a lookahead to this Rangers series and much more.

    Episode 419: Momentum Shift

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 104:32

    The Red Sox had to sweep the Orioles and they did just that. Good. Today we talk where the current vibes of the team are at heading into this series with the Yankees, the enormous difference it makes having an ace in Chris Sale back in the rotation, if fans overreacted to that two-week slump, Bobby Dalbec being better than Anthony Rizzo since the trade deadline, reactions to Kyle Schwarber's debut weekend with the Sox, how concerned we are with the bullpen right now, a breakdown of the Alex Cora argument with E-Rod in the dugout, what the Mayor of Ding Dong City can bring to this team, having a fun time at the game with Section 10 listeners, Eck being better than ever this year on the broadcast, a farewell to Marwin Gonzalez and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 418: Positive Vibes Only

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2021 111:36

    The Red Sox lost another series, but we're trying to stay positive. Today we recap our first game at Fenway together, if the vibes changed in that blowout Wednesday when Valdez had a brutal 9th inning, this Sox team continuing to lose games they should win, when we will see the good Matty Backpacks again, if the division is out of reach after that series loss to the Rays, what to expect from Chris Sale's return on Saturday, needing the A's to be out of the mix so the AL East teams can all battle for three postseason spots, a Field of Dreams game recap, Hansel Robles being terrible, a look ahead to this Orioles series and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 417: Rock Bottom

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2021 88:32

    The Sox blew a 7-2 lead on Sunday and, well yea that sucked. Today we talk the current state of this big-time slumping Red Sox team, how much Matt Barnes can be trusted in clutch spots the rest of the way, how impossible it is to have 16 hits and lose, the fans that just blame Chaim for this being in the wrong, Nick Pivetta deserving so much better on Saturday, how glad we are the Sox don't play the Jays the rest of the season, this team needing to fully reset on the off day, if we need to start preparing for a Wild Card game in Boston, what we expect from Chris Sale's return on Saturday, a Kyle Schwarber update, lookahead to this Rays series and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 416: Chaim Bloom

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 6, 2021 152:14

    Today we are once again joined by the Chief Baseball Officer of the Red Sox, Chaim Bloom. With Chaim we talk a full breakdown of his approach at the trade deadline, understanding why fans wanted him to make more moves, how close they actually were to some big deals, the impact the Sox being in first at the time might have had on their "lack" of moves, shooting down the rumor that ownership was pushing him towards trading for Max Scherzer, where they see Kyle Schwarber fitting in best when he comes off the IL, the reaction from the front office when they landed Marcelo Mayer in the draft, auctioning off his draft day apparel and much more. Throughout the rest of the show we talk the current tough times with the Sox, assess how bad a stretch this actually is for this team, project what the rotation is about to look like with Chris Sale and Tanner Houck back, show love to Triston Casas' Olympics performance, look ahead to this 4-game series in Toronto and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 415: Ride the Wave

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2021 122:30

    The Red Sox have lost 4 games in a row and everyone is losing their damn minds. If you're out o the Sox, stay out. Today we talk everyone needing to calm down thinking this is the beginning of the end for the 2021 Sox, what impact a somewhat quiet trade deadline has had on Sox fans' reactions to that sweep in Tampa, Wander Franco seemingly only dominating against the Red Sox, how rough it is to see Anthony Rizzo have a huge debut weekend with the Yankees, hoping the deadline didn't mess with the vibes in the Sox clubhouse, how great it would be for Sale and Schwarber to debut on the same day (and soon), Chaim never leaking anything, a Tigers series lookahead and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 414: Deadline Debate

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2021 75:35

    The Red Sox acquired Kyle Schwarber and some bullpen help at the deadline. Was it enough? Today we break down how we feel about Chaim's moves and non-moves at the trade deadline, why the Schwarber addition has somehow gone under the radar, what we think of the current state of the AL East with other teams making moves as well, what we remember most about the Ice Horse's time in Boston, why Chris Sale needs to be back in ace form now when he returns, always needing to remember Chaim is smarter than us, which moves could have made us feel like the Sox are better than the Astros, the importance of every game against the Rays moving forward, Bob Nightengale being the WOAT, a series lookahed for the remainder of this series in Tampa, what the hell the Rays mascot actually is and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 413: Popping Balloons

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 99:47

    The Red Sox were getting no-hit through 7 innings by the Yankees. Then the comeback of the year happened. Today we talk how pathetic the Balloons are, rank where that comeback lands in terms of most important wins since 2018, why Yankee fans need to realize their team just doesn't have it (again) this year, when we knew the Sox were gonna complete the comeback, recap our Live Show from Thursday, Franchy's return to the club, Michael Kay being so wrong about his assessment of Red Sox fans, further expectations on the trade deadline, name our Klark's Ketchup series MVP, preview this series coming up with the Jays and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 412: Back on Track

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 73:54

    The Sox swept the Jays in Buffalo and have some momentum heading into a real 4-game series with the Balloons this time around. Today we talk how those wins can't be understated considering how impressive the Blue Jays offense is, why the Rays just won't go away, the Jays' rotation being garbage, this Sox lineup being anti-slumpable, a shoutout to Alex Cora for 250 wins as Sox manager, if he will eventually end up with the most managerial wins in Red Sox history, mixed reactions on that Garrett Richards start, why we thought a huge trade was about to go down, what to expect from Franchy if and when he gets called back up, a look ahead to this Sox-Yankees series, why the Sox may not need to add a 1B at the deadline and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 411: The Show Goes On

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2021 81:12

    The Yankees had to cheat to win a series in the Bronx. Today we talk every part of that Alex Verdugo incident with a fan in left field, the weirdness of the JD mic'd up clip on Gerrit Cole getting out there, how much players do or don't see hate towards them on social media, the cheapness of Saturday's loss to Cole, the Yankees getting away with cheating on Sunday, a recap of Jarren Duran's first MLB series, if Brandon Workman is cooked and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 410: It's Duran Time

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 16, 2021 111:25

    The Red Sox have finally made the move we all wanted: Jarren Duran has been called up to the big leagues. LFG! Today we talk what to expect out of the gate with Duran on the Sox, how they'll find playing time for him, Chris Sale beginning his rehab assignment, Chaim Bloom being a great white shark that's out to take down everything in its path, Marcelo Mayer getting used to the media attention of being in the Red Sox organization, Coley's reaction to the Sox picks since he was getting married the day of our last show, a recap of Coley's wedding, what players Chaim will target at the trade deadline, where Tanner Houck will fit in on this roster, still being stunned Gerrit Cole had that "for Pete's sake" flipout and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 409: Time to Chill

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2021 64:40

    The Red Sox finished the unofficial first half of the season with a series loss to the Phillies, but it doesn't matter because they have the most wins in the American League at the break. Today we talk Jared's reaction to Coley's wedding, a full breakdown of the Red Sox first round draft pick Marcelo Mayer, giving Matt Barnes his praise for locking down the contract extension, memories of the '98 and '99 Home Run Derby, what we expect to be doing in Denver these next few days for the All-Star festivities, why this draft pick of Mayer has zero impact on Xander's future with the Sox, if we were surprised that it didn't seem like they considered drafting Kumar Rocker with the No. 4 pick, why this year's All-Star jerseys don't suck, appreciation for Josh Taylor's incredible scoreless streak, our first half MVPs for this ball club, how the Yankees find new ways to be embarrassing every week and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 408: Everyone Relax

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 9, 2021 81:23

    The Red Sox lost a series in Anaheim and Angels fans are acting like we're their rivals now for some reason. Relax. Today we talk how obnoxious that series was, if Ohtani is still underrated, why Ottavino said "happy birthday, bitch" to Shohei, Angels fans needing to chill the hell out if they can't come close to selling out an Ohtani start, Jared having no time for Felger's antics, if the Red Sox have the highest chance of being the next Boston team to win a title, where Xander's power has gone, a lookahead to this Sox-Phillies series, expectations for who the Red Sox will take with the No. 4 pick in the MLB Draft on Sunday and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 407: You're an All-Star

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2021 81:36

    The Red Sox essentially swept the A's in Oakland and have the most All-Stars of any team in Major League Baseball this year. LFG. Today we talk if the Sox will actually need another starter added to this rotation by the trade deadline, how many pitchers on the WooSox we would rather have on this team over No. 35, if a dominant return for Sale means the expectations would become World Series or bust, if Kiké can keep up this impressive stretch as the leadoff guy, why you should get to peg one guy each game, how many hot dogs we could eat in a 10-minute span, that ump on Saturday being the worst ump of all time, current thoughts on Darwinzon Hernandez, the importance of the Sox pitchers performing at a high level without the sticky stuff, how much we hate the Coliseum, Matty Backpacks earning the right to be cocky after his first All-Star selection and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 406: We're Going Streaking

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 2, 2021 106:03

    The Red Sox have won 7 games in a row and have the most wins in Major League Baseball. You love to see it! Today we talk if everything is too perfect right now for Red Sox fans, compare this team to some of the best Sox teams this century, how truly miserable the Royals are right now, what the next move is for Garrett Richards, why we haven't heard any expected call-up date for Jarren Duran yet, what we expect Chaim to do at the trade deadline with this team ahead of schedule, loving the Chris Sale news and pressers lately, picking the MVP of that series, admitting we need to drop more shirts, praising Xander and Devers for making All-Star history, some Ted Williams .406 season discussion with this being episode 406, a lookahead to this A's series and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 405: Balloons Swept Again

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2021 106:28

    Start spreading the news, the Louisiana Balloons STINK. Today we recap yet another series sweep by the Red Sox over the Yankees, how we actually feel about E-Rod right now, FanGraphs finally realizing the Yankees aren't good, how it makes no sense that Aaron Boone is still their manager, the demolition George Steinbrenner would have done with this Balloons team by now, where our current postseason expectations are at with the Sox, the importance of Saturday's start by Nathan Eovaldi, the MVP of the weekend brought to you by a wonderful new sponsor, our favorite parts of the Dustin Pedroia ceremony, a lookahead to this series with the Royals and much more. Enjoy!

    Episode 404: No-No Runs

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2021 75:54

    The Red Sox were almost perfect pitching-wise in the series finale in St. Pete, but sadly you gotta score runs to win. Today we recap that tough series loss to the Rays, the awesome watch party we had at GameOn!, what the hell happened in the 9th inning, if Pivetta was actually upset to get pulled with a no-hitter, Yankee fans being dumbos, our true feelings about E-Rod right now, if Garrett Richards' career is over, lookahead to this Yankees series, expectations for Pedroia Night and much more. Enjoy!

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