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In “The Remnant," Jonah Goldberg, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Dispatch, syndicated columnist, best-selling author, and AEI/NRI Fellow enlists a “Cannonball Run”-style cast of stars, has-beens, and never-weres to address the most pressing issues of the day and of all-time. Is Western Civilization doomed? Is nationalism the wave of the future? Is the Pope Catholic? Will they ever find a new place to put cheese on a pizza? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Who is hotter: Ginger or Mary-Ann? Was Plato really endorsing the Republic as the ideal state? Mixing history, pop culture, rank-punditry, political philosophy, and, at times, shameless book-plugging, Goldberg and guests will have the kinds of conversations we wish they had on cable-TV shout shows. And the nudity will (almost) always be tasteful.

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    Latest episodes from The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg

    It's No Game

    Play Episode Listen Later May 14, 2022 66:52

    Haunted by the wailings of a local fox, Jonah brings an elevated degree of curmudgeonliness to today's wide-ranging Ruminant. After offering some further thoughts on the hyper-politicization of American society and the erosion of institutions, Jonah turns to abortion, dispelling a few common myths and outlining what post-Roe law should look like. He also explores inflation, the ongoing Ukraine conflict, and what separates a eulogy from a resume. Plus, tune in for more details on the Remnant's upcoming 500th episode extravaganza.Show Notes:- The Remnant with Yuval Levin- WeRateDogs- Washington Post journalists prove Yuval and Jonah's point- Jonah explains his abortion views- The New Republic blasts Justice Alito- The Wednesday G-File- Midge Decter, R.I.P.- Biden's recent inflation speech- The Wall Street Journal on the looming battle in eastern Ukraine

    Liberty, American Style

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 75:36

    Yuval Levin returns to the Remnant to provide his signature brand of edifying eggheadery. Institutions, the culture war, and the necessity of staying in your lane are all covered in this high minded conversation. Jonah and Yuval also discuss America's unique fusion of liberalism and republicanism and what we can expect from abortion law if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Plus, tune in for an update on the Remnant's special 500th episode live event. Show Notes:- Yuval's page at AEI- Yuval: “How to Curb the Culture War”- The Wednesday G-File- Francis Fukuyama's Liberalism and its Discontents- The Remnant with Francis Fukuyama- Daniel E. Burns: “Liberal Practice v. Liberal Theory”- Carl Eric Scott: “The Five Conceptions of Liberty”- Yuval on Obama's second inaugural- Yuval: “Family Policy After Roe”

    Paying Up

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 68:55

    Beth Akers, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, joins The Remnant for extreme wonkery on student debt and the economics of higher education. Why have the Democrats become so fixated on the issue of forgiving student loan debt, and can a moral argument be made for forgiveness? Furthermore, are most graduate programs pointless? How can we fix America's universities? And can anyone match Jonah's raw disdain for journalism schools? Show Notes:- Beth's page at AEI- Beth's first book, Game of Loans- Beth's latest book, Making College Pay- Beth on why student loan cancellation will backfire- Jonah ruminates on student debt- The Remnant with Alex Tabarrok - Bryan Caplan's The Case Against Education- Bryan on Beth's podcast, “An Economist Goes to College”- Bryan on the Remnant- WSJ: “The Elite Master's Degrees That Don't Pay Off”

    Drive-Time Ruminant 13: Big, if True

    Play Episode Listen Later May 7, 2022 49:42

    The drive-time Remnant format returns for another eclectic broadcast that, initially at least, comes dangerously close to providing actual substance. In predictably freewheeling fashion, Jonah, Guy, and Ryan explore the abortion debate and how the culture war manifests in various cultures, evaluate the merits of The Batman, and ponder when China's influence on Hollywood will decrease. They also make an exciting announcement: On May 24th, the Remnant's 500th episode will be recorded live at the American Enterprise Institute, and Dispatch subscribers are invited to attend. Tune in to hear all the juicy details, and keep a close eye on the site over the coming days for more information.Show Notes:- The Wednesday G-File- The Remnant with Chris Stirewalt- Yascha Mounk's The Great Experiment- Last week's nerdtastic GLoP- Lady Liberty stands tall- Jonah: “A Slow Kowtow to China”

    Young at Heart

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 72:54

    Fairy tales can come true, and it may happen to you on today's Remnant, which sees Jonah reunite with Chris Stirewalt for more rank punditry, dated pop culture references, and gratuitous Clinton bashing. They begin by exploring the Roe leak, digging into what it means for abortion law and how Biden should handle the situation, before turning to J.D. Vance's victory in Ohio and what we can expect from the Pennsylvania Senate primary. Tune in for political insight, but stick around to see whether Jonah and Chris can resist discussing testicle tanning.Show Notes:- Chris' page at The Dispatch- The Remnant with Francis Fukuyama- The Remnant with H.R. McMaster- The Remnant with Thomas Chatterton Williams- The Brimley/Cocoon Line- The Wednesday G-File- The Dispatch breaks down J.D. Vance's win

    Master and Commander

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 58:23

    Retired Gen. H.R. McMaster—Hoover Institution senior fellow, former national security adviser, and foreign policy expert—makes his first appearance on the Remnant to discuss China, Russia, and Afghanistan. He and Jonah examine what led to the war in Ukraine, the likelihood of Xi Jinping invading Taiwan, and whether institutional failures were to blame for the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal. They also dig into America's shifting role on the world stage and what our defense budget should look like. By the end, one question remains unanswered: What's the best war movie ever made? Show Notes:- McMaster's page at the Hoover Institution- “GoodFellows,” McMaster's group video show at Hoover- “Battlegrounds,” McMaster's interview program- Battlegrounds, McMaster's latest book- Dereliction of Duty, McMaster's first book- Putin's case for invading Ukraine- The Remnant with Klon Kitchen- Sergei Lavrov compares Zelensky to Hitler- The Remnant with Hal Brands on Cold War history- The Economist on countries faking their COVID numbers- Operation Market Garden

    Breaking the Veil

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2022 65:30

    On the mend from his sudden bout of illness, Jonah approaches today's Ruminant with his standard level of nerdy panache. After offering a few thoughts on how The Tyranny of Clichés holds up today, he commences a lengthy rant on why canceling student debt would be a serious moral and political blunder, before turning to Francis Fukuyama's work on liberalism. What does the relationship between virtue and responsibility look like? When is grad school worthwhile? And is John Rawls one of history's greatest monsters?Show Notes:- The Remnant with David French - The Remnant with Francis Fukuyama- Wednesday's totally uncontroversial G-File- Game of Loans, by Beth Akers and Matthew M. Chingos- Puppet Master- Shoshana Weissman on occupational licensing- WSJ: “The Elite Master's Degrees That Don't Pay Off”- Jonah reviews Nine Days- The Moynihan Report- Charles A. Reich's The Greening of America- Jonah's notes on nationalism

    Making History

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 57:32

    On today's Remnant, Francis Fukuyama finally stops by to discuss his new book, Liberalism and its Discontents, and Jonah can barely contain his enthusiasm. The resulting conversation is a feast of philosophical nerdery, which explores the origins of the liberal tradition, the state of liberalism in contemporary America, and the future of the free world. How did “neoliberal” become such a popular pejorative? What are the limits of federalism? And should we be optimistic about the political trajectory of the United States? Show Notes:- Liberalism and its Discontents- The End of History and the Last Man- Our Posthuman Future- The Origins of Political Order- Dr. Fukuyama previews Liberalism and its Discontents in American Purpose- Justice Scalia's commencement speech- Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff's The Coddling of the American Mind

    Man Bites Mouse

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 57:54

    Sick with a nasty fever, Jonah approaches today's Remnant not as an emergency podcast, but a podcast imbued with a sense of emergency. His guest is David French, who returns for a lengthy discussion of Ron DeSantis' feud with Disney and what it reveals about American polarization. Also on the docket is what we can expect from Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter and how Jonah and David would change the site if they were given control. Stick around until the end for obligatory discussion of TV, movies, and other items of nerdy miscellanea. Show Notes:- David's page at The Dispatch- The Morning Dispatch breaks down Florida's plan to annex Disney World- Charlie Cooke: “Ron DeSantis's Misguided Attack on Disney's Legal Status”- An extra-feisty Charlie Cooke on National Review's “Editors” podcast- Jonah's latest column on the Disney saga- David: “How Twitter Beclowns the American Elite”- Nate Cohn and Kevin Quealy on the Democratic electorate- Francis Fukuyama's Liberalism and its Discontents


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 23, 2022 67:30

    On today's Ruminant, Jonah serves up a typically eclectic potpourri of rank punditry and historical nerdery. After exploring how, in almost literary fashion, Kevin McCarthy's hidden normalcy has proved to be his undoing, Jonah turns to the origins of socialism, and what the Soviet approach to collectivism can tell us about Putin's ambitions for Russia today. He also shares his thoughts on Florida's Disney kerfuffle, modern architecture, and what we can expect from the upcoming midterms. Show Notes:- The Remnant with Thomas Chatterton Williams- Kevin McCarthy's political malpractice- Jonah: “Karl Marx's Jew-Hating Conspiracy Theory”- The Remnant on Marx and antisemitism- The Remnant with Klon Kitchen- Elizabeth Warren's midterm proposal- Jonah: “More Sandwiches, Less Kale Foam”- Ruy Texiera: “Eyes Wide Shut”- Charlie Cooke: “Ron DeSantis's Misguided Attack on Disney's Legal Status”

    Quelle Surprise Agréable

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 63:00

    Thomas Chatterton Williams, nonresident AEI fellow and writer at The Atlantic, joins the Remnant for the first time to discuss race and ethnicity in America. Thomas, who describes himself as “ex-black,” believes we need to “unlearn race” to fulfill the promise of the Declaration of Independence. But what would that entail in practice, and how can we move away from racial categories while preserving a diverse culture? Moreover, why is it beneficial to spend time residing in a foreign country? What are “American values?” And will France soon annex the United States? Show Notes:- Thomas' page at AEI- Thomas' latest book, Self-Portrait in Black and White- Thomas: “My Family's Life Inside and Outside America's Racial Categories”- Thomas: “Saving Classics From Identity Politics”- Albert Murray's The Omni-Americans- The Remnant with John McWhorter- Emmanuel Macron rejects wokeism- Jonah: “What if we Ran Our Elections Like France?”- James Baldwin: “The Discovery of What it Means to be an American”

    The Right Side: Part 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 60:55

    Jonah and Matt Continetti continue their tremendously nerdy adventure through the history of American conservatism today, taking us from the 1970s to the present. In a conversation tailor-made for holders of the Remnant bingo card, they discuss the Reagan Revolution, the Clinton years, the future of the conservative movement, and much more. Can the contemporary right hold off resurgent anti-Americanism? Could fascism happen here? And how many more times will Matt need to appear for Jonah to ask everything that's on his mind?Show Notes:- Matt's page at AEI- The Right, available now- Part 1 of Jonah and Matt's shameless nerdfest- Buckley's The Unmaking of a Mayor- Barry Goldwater's The Conscience of a Conservative- Milton and Rose Friedman's Two Lucky People- Kevin Phillips' The Emerging Republican Majority- John Patrick Diggins' Ronald Reagan: Fate, Freedom, and the Making of History- Stephen F. Hayward's The Age of Reagan- Jonah: “Appetite for Power”

    Mr. Popularity

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 16, 2022 63:08

    After providing an update on his absence this week, Jonah begins today's Ruminant on a note of uncertainty: He hasn't decided whether an Elon Musk Twitter takeover is something we should welcome or fear. His mind is also occupied by the idea raised by Megan McArdle that Americans are increasingly “sidestepping institutions” in their daily lives, as well as Matt Continetti's perspective on the term “right-winger.” Plus, tune in for a predictably nerdy disquisition on populism and why an old-fashioned liberal ethos is what separates conservatism from statism.  Show Notes:- The Remnant with Megan McCardle- Martin Kramer's The War on Error- The Remnant with Michael Brendan Dougherty- Part 1 of the Remnant's Matt Continetti nerdapalooza- Father Coughlin: Man of the left- Louis Hartz's The Liberal Tradition in America- Seymour Martin Lipsett's American Exceptionalism

    The Right Side: Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 66:31

    The Remnant ascends to a higher plane of nerdom today, as Matthew Continetti returns to discuss his new book, The Right: The Hundred-Year War for American Conservatism. This episode presents the first half of a two-hour conversation between Jonah and Matt, which takes us on a freewheeling journey from the ‘20s to the ‘70s. They begin by exploring whether it's possible to provide a simple definition of conservatism before digging deeply into the evolution of the movement. What did conservatism look like before the New Deal? How did William F. Buckley Jr. shape modern politics? Is fusionism still relevant? And how should we remember figures like Richard Nixon, Calvin Coolidge, and George Wallace? All of these questions and more are addressed within. But to learn about the Reagan era onward, and to hear some of Jonah's quibbles with the book, you'll have to tune in next week. Show Notes:- Matthew's page at AEI- The Right, available now- George Nash's The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945- George Weaver's Ideas Have Consequences- Russell Kirk's The Conservative Mind- Matthew previews The Right in the Wall Street Journal- Frank Meyer's reluctant and apologetic essay collection, What Is Conservatism?- Lionel Trilling's The Liberal Imagination- The Remnant with Stephanie Slade- How William F. Buckley changed his mind on civil rights- Buckley's The Unmaking of a Mayor- Barry Goldwater's The Conscience of a Conservative

    “Get Me Kitchen!”

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 65:58

    The Remnant gets wonky today as Klon Kitchen, AEI senior fellow and author of The Current newsletter for The Dispatch, returns to discuss Russia's information war in Ukraine. With no end in sight for the conflict, Jonah and Klon explore what America's intelligence support for Ukraine looks like and what other measures we could take to assist the country. They also touch on the veracity of Russia and China's COVID statistics, what Putin's war will mean for Taiwan, and how Klon would advise Joe Biden if he were summoned to the White House. Stick around until the end for obligatory dog discourse. Show Notes:- Klon's page at The Dispatch- Klon: “Why Russia's Cyber Warriors Haven't Crippled Ukraine”- Daniel Hannan: “Vladimir Putin's kleptocracy will be his own undoing”- Mike Duncan on the Russian Revolution- The Remnant with Mike Duncan- Klon on semiconductors and the “splinternet”- The Remnant with Lyman Stone- Jonah: “Vladimir Putin, Brittle Oak”- The Remnant with Edward Carr- Klon: “School's in Session”

    My Kind of Town

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 9, 2022 53:37

    Jonah's still in Chicago for today's Ruminant, and he isn't terribly comfortable with the pre-summer weather. Still, severe cold in spring is less frustrating than our political dysfunction, and Jonah has plenty to discuss on that front. After exploring the distinction between disinformation and misinformation and the state of American media bias, he turns to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, Florida's controversial education bill, and why misusing the term “groomer” is both immoral and tactically foolish for Republicans. Ready your bingo cards for a predictably freewheeling ride.Show Notes:- The Remnant with Megan McCardle- Jonah on disinformation at the UChicago Institute of Politics- Soviet disinformation- The paradoxes of media bias- Jonah on the Kavanaugh allegations- Anne Applebaum's UChicago panel- Anne Applebaum on Hunter Biden's laptop- David French: “Against the ‘Groomer' Smear”- The Remnant with Adam White- How Title IX became a political weapon

    Mitch Daniels for God-King

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 74:27

    Live from the Windy City, Jonah returns to the Remnant driver's seat. He's joined by Washington Post columnist Megan McArdle, who has plenty of thoughts on America's strange plague of mobocratic thinking and workplace safetyism. The pair also explore Jonah's distaste for public sector unions, Megan's opposition to student loan forgiveness, and the circumstances in which populism can be put to good use. Plus, for all you bingo cardholders, there's plenty of dingo discussion and kvetching about primaries mixed in.Show Notes:- Megan's page at the Washington Post- Megan: “It's time for major institutions to make their employees get off of Twitter”- Grace Metalious' Peyton Place- Sleeping with the fishes- The New Yorker “flyover country” cover- Jonah and Elaine Kamarck talk primaries- Megan on student loans- The Remnant with David French and Jonathan Rauch

    No Campus For Old Men

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 71:56

    While Jonah traverses the Virginia woodlands, David French assumes control of the Remnant. His guest is Jonathan Rauch, who returns to provide a refreshingly calm perspective on our debates over gender and inclusion. After breaking down the history of the LGBTQ movement, Jonathan and David evaluate the Lia Thomas situation, Florida's controversial education bill, and how conservatives should approach radical gender ideology. They also discuss a potential academic pushback against cancel culture, and the dangers of misusing the term “groomer” for political gain. Show Notes:- Jonathan's previous Remnant appearance- Jonathan's latest book, The Constitution of Knowledge- The French Press- Jonathan: “Walking the Transgender Movement Away from the Extremists”- Jonathan: “What's Happening on the Left Is No Excuse for What's Happening on the Right”- David reviews Andrew Sullivan's Out on a Limb- David and Nancy's Kanakuk Kamps exposé- Does the anti-woke right pose a threat?- Scott Alexander on liberalism

    Drive-Time Ruminant 12: The Naked Truth

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 2, 2022 69:00

    The drive-time Remnant format returns for another predictably eclectic broadcast. Today's episode finds Jonah, Guy, and Ryan perplexed by Madison Cawthorn's claims about D.C. debauchery, amused by conspiracy theories about Will Smith's Oscar's slap, and fascinated by the lowest moments of otherwise great TV shows. They also touch on Jonah's latent arachnophobia, Guy's animated obsessions, and Ryan's fondness for Lucky Charms. By the end of it all, the Remnant may have conclusively jumped the shark.Show Notes:- The Wednesday G-File- Hungary eyes- GLoP, slap edition- The Dispatch's guide to Oscar nominees- The Remnant with Chris Stirewalt

    The Beltway Brothers

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 70:16

    Chris Stirewalt, the Remnant's official “break glass in case of emergency” guest, returns to explain why there actually is such a thing as a free lunch. Over a sumptuous breakfast of granola and omelettes, he and Jonah discuss Joe Biden's dismal approval numbers and the state of the Democratic Party heading into the midterms. They also examine Madison Cawthorn's wild claims about the GOP establishment, Ginni Thomas' unfortunate texts, and the decline and fall of great TV shows. Stick around until the end to decide if “key bump” should be added to the Remnant bingo card.Show Notes:- Chris' page at The Dispatch- Jonah: “When Gaffes Become Policy”- Could Trump blow the midterms for the GOP?- Ohio's Senate brawl- The Wednesday G-File- The Remnant with John Podhoretz- The Remnant with Adam White

    Judging on Empty

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2022 68:34

    Adam White, AEI senior fellow and Jonah's trusted law-talkin' guy, makes his long-awaited Remnant return. The pair take a deep dive into the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings and assess what we can expect from her jurisprudence before turning to the state of legal conservatism. With originalism under attack, will common good constitutionalism soon consume legal academia? Is “insurrection” an appropriate term for January 6? And can Jonah suppress his disdain for Adam's profession and all it represents? Show Notes:- Adam's page at AEI- Adam on the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings- Ketanji Brown Jackson, closet originalist?- Adam: “Mueller Agnoistes”- AEI's nerdtastic event on Justice Alito- The Remnant with Cass Sunstein- Jonah: “Appetite for Power”

    Advanced Bovine Numismatics

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 26, 2022 75:24

    On today's Ruminant, Jonah, now recovered from Monday's birthday revelry, has thoughts on everything from hamburger conspiracies to the history of great societies. After beginning with another deep dive into the evolution of media bias, he turns to the Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation hearings, which have turned out to be surprisingly boring despite a few moments of painful stupidity. Stick around to hear Jonah evaluate Nikole Hannah-Jones' argument that tipping is a product of slavery, and to find out why truth is currently winning the day in American politics. Show Notes:- The Remnant with Brian Riedl- Michael Barone's Our Country- Wednesday's “news”letter- The media bias paradox- The Cornell “guns on campus” crisis- The Remnant with Kevin Williamson- Mayor Quimby- Noah Rothman on “credible accusation”- The Economist on the siege of Mariupol- Why Nations Fail- Last Friday's G-File

    A Fistful of Dust

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2022 80:38

    Kevin Williamson, the Remnant's cheeriest regular, is back for another voyage through the strange realm of contemporary America. A free society is messy, and life is all about contradictions, inconsistencies, and trade-offs. But this can be an uncomfortable truth for many to face. In a conversation that will send you scrambling for your bingo cards, Kevin and Jonah explore the problem with social homogeneity. They also touch on the weaknesses of autocratic regimes, realistic climate change solutions, and Kevin's hatred of Ohio. Plus, tune in to hear Kevin give a rousing reading of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” Show Notes:- Kevin's page at National Review- Kevin: “Autocracy's Fatal Flaws”- Kevin: “Make Putin Pay”- Hayek: “Why the Worst Get on Top”- Christopher Caldwell's The Age of Entitlement- Yuval Levin's The Great Debate- Kevin's The Smallest Minority- The Remnant with Brian Rield- Jonah and Deirdre McCloskey at the Cato Institute- The Books of Jacob, by Olga Tokarczuk- The Remnant with Shadi Hamid- Jonah: “Rise of the Underminers”- Unintentional confession

    Wizards of Finance

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2022 63:13

    Brian Riedl, the Remnant's “unofficial budget guy,” returns to discuss our economic woes. After kvetching about inflation, the deficit, and supply chains, he and Jonah dig into the mistaken idea that the president can control every needle of the economy. Brian has noticed an interesting trend: Since Reagan, we've consistently elected Republican presidents during booms and Democratic presidents during recessions. But what are the implications of that for the economy? Furthermore, did the New Deal make the Great Depression worse? Is Build Back Better dead? And should anyone take Rick Scott seriously? Show Notes:- Brian's webpage- Brian: “Presidents as Economic Managers”- Jonah: “The Raw Deal”- The forgotten depression of 1920- Scott Lincicome on fixing our supply chains- Velocity of Bahnsen- Rick Scott's “Rescue America” plan- Last Friday's G-File

    Rocket Mensch

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 19, 2022 69:59

    After plotting world domination at AEI's World Forum, Jonah is back in the D.C. swampland for today's Ruminant. He begins by elaborating on the strange metaphysical ideas discussed in last week's episode before turning to the war in Ukraine, and the baffling idea peddled by some on the right that Zelensky is trying to incite a global thermonuclear war. From there, things get nerdy, as Jonah explores whether populism may be falling out of style and indulges in a lengthy rant on Woodrow Wilson. Tune in for the cherished sound effects, but stick around to hear a few ideas for the Remnant's 500th episode.Show Notes: - Last weekend's bizarre Ruminant- Metaxy- The Wednesday G-File- The Remnant with Shadi Hamid- Ross Douthat: “Will the Ukraine War End the Age of Populism?”- Michael Brendan Dougherty: “Wartime's Macabre Predictions of a Populist Defeat”- The Remnant with Vin Cannato- The hater's guide to Woodrow Wilson

    Bad Apples

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 74:20

    Vincent Cannato, noted historian and Jonah's fellow deracinated New Yorker, returns to the Remnant for a nerdily random discussion of cops, neoliberalism, and latent Russophobia. With tensions rising between East and West, Vin believes we are in the midst of an “ideological Cold War,” but Jonah (whose pronunciation of “Pokémon” may distract from any serious points he raises) is less convinced. How will America's conflict with Russia and China unfold, and what strategy should the United States pursue? For that matter, is New York heading back to the ‘70s? What's fueling America's crime wave? And will safetyism soon destroy Vin's university from within? Show Notes:- Vin's webpage- “The Editors” podcast on Russophobia- Jonah: “A Tale of Two Cold Wars”- Elliott Abrams: “The New Cold War”- The Wild Man of 96th St.- Biden's New York crime speech- Jonah: “The Problem With Claiming That Policing Evolved From Slave Patrols”- Amazon's Seattle relocation- Jeff Jacoby: “Pushing Back Against Indoctrination at UMass Boston”

    The Godzilla Effect

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 71:35

    Shadi Hamid returns to the Remnant to discuss America's role in maintaining a safe global order. For years, many on the far left and isolationist right alike have argued that the United States should withdraw from the world stage and take a self-limiting approach to foreign policy. But Shadi believes Russia's aggression has proved that Western power is essential. Will we soon see renewed support for Pax Americana? Should a no-fly zone be imposed over Ukraine? And how many bingo card items can Jonah insert into such an inappropriate conversation? Show Notes:- Shadi's page at The Atlantic- Wisdom of Crowds- Shadi: “There Are Many Things Worse Than American Power”- Jeane Kirkpatrick: “Dictatorships and Double Standards”- Jonah on the idea of a new Cold War- Lindsey Graham calls for Putin's assassination- Is the Muslim world ignoring the plight of the Uyghurs?

    Cries and Whispers

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 12, 2022 37:15

    Jonah gets metaphysical on today's mumbly Ruminant, recorded live in a chaotic hotel room not far from Stonecutter world headquarters. Unsurprisingly, his under-caffeinated mind is awash with thoughts on conservative intellectual history. Be prepared for an exceedingly nerdy disquisition on the philosophical differences between left and right and the importance of understanding that life is about trade offs. Plus, tune in to permanently change your perception of the theme from Jeopardy! Show Notes:- The Right, Matt Continetti's upcoming book- Jonah on the cult of unity- Jonah on the complexities of life and conservatism- Alan Wolfe's The Future of Liberalism

    Very Stable Geniuses

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022 83:28

    John Podhoretz, the Remnant's self-professed Paul Lynde, returns to the program to play a game of “Name that Crank.” Throughout history, many brilliant people have also been extremely bizarre. Murray Rothbard hated elevators, Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies, and Gandhi was obsessed with bowel movements. John and Jonah dedicate today's episode to exploring the harmless and not-so-harmless quirks of such figures, before turning to rank punditry on American power, Biden's floundering presidency, and the awfulness of the ‘70s. Tune in for shameless GLoP-plugging, but stick around to find out which Academy Award nominees are actually worth watching. Show Notes:- GLoP, America's favorite pop culture podcast- The Commentary Podcast: Live in Palm Beach- Pythagoreanism- Shakespeare conspiracy theories- Jonah: “Karl Marx's Jew-Hating Conspiracy”- Pure reason- Thomas Edison's spirit phone- Chris Stirewalt on misplaced ‘90s nostalgia- Only Yesterday, by Frederick Lewis Allen- The return of Dispatch Live

    Unfriendly Skies

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 66:45

    Kori Schake, director of foreign and defense policy at the American Enterprise Institute, joins the Remnant for the first time to discuss the state of the liberal international order. As Putin's invasion of Ukraine continues, what will the next year hold in store for the conflict and his leadership? For that matter, should Ukraine join NATO? What have been the Biden administration's biggest foreign policy mistakes? And is America's role in the world in doubt? Tune in to hear these questions answered, and to find out what most people get wrong about Francis Fukuyama. Show Notes:- Kori's page at AEI- Kori: “Putin Accidentally Revitalized the West's Liberal Order”- Kori's latest book, America vs the West- Biden's oil import ban- Mike Duncan on the Russian Revolution- Gradually, then suddenly- Biden's new Iran Deal

    Drive-Time Ruminant 11: Virtual Insanity

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 5, 2022 71:26

    The drive-time Remnant format returns for another freewheeling broadcast, one that finds Jonah, Guy, and Ryan preoccupied with questions of loneliness and fulfillment following Arthur Brooks' recent appearance on the program. Together, they explore the malign effects of social media, whether internet access should be regulated, and how the “Japanification” of America's youth can be reversed. Plenty of nerdish tomfoolery is also mixed in on the nightmares of American bureaucracy, the threat of World War III, and a recent congressional embarrassment. But at the end of it all, one question remains: What movie should win Best Picture at the upcoming Academy Awards?Show Notes:- The Remnant with Charles C.W. Cooke- Social media goes to war- The Remnant with Arthur Brooks- The Federalist on bagel-snarfing warmongers- The Remnant with Paul Miller- Bari Weiss on America's sex recession- Caught in the act

    Get Happy

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2022 74:00

    True happiness can feel elusive, especially in our chaotic age. Thankfully, former AEI president and current Harvard professor Arthur Brooks seems to have cracked the code for achieving it. On today's Remnant, he joins Jonah to explore common mistakes people make in the pursuit of fulfillment, lies the world tells us about satisfaction, the “fear-based cultural polarity” consuming Western society, and what we can do to address America's alarming loneliness problem. Be prepared to revise your bucket list.Show Notes:- Arthur's webpage- Arthur's Atlantic column- Arthur's new book, From Strength to Strength- Family formation in post-COVID America- Yuval Levin: “The Changing Face of Social Breakdown”- Jonah: “I Think We're Turning Japanese … I Really Think So”- Arthur: “The Kind of Love That Makes People Happiest”

    Love's Liberals Lost

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2022 70:54

    Paul Miller, regular Dispatch contributor and professor of international affairs at Georgetown, joins the Remnant to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the difference between patriotism and nationalism. With a new Cold War looking increasingly likely, how should America prepare itself for what may be a major global conflict? For that matter, what does it mean to be a “foreign policy realist?” Has Putin always been this crazy? And what should unify all Americans? Show Notes:- Paul's work at The Dispatch- Paul's upcoming book, The Religion of American Greatness- Paul: “How to fight the new Cold War”- Jonah on Putin and the West- Last weekend's Ruminant- The return of Dispatch Live

    Lunacy's Lexicon

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 26, 2022 62:43

    No babies were harmed in the making of today's Ruminant, which features puppy parades, obscure German philosophers, and an appropriately large supply of bagels. Putin's use of Nazi rhetoric to demonize the Ukrainian government has reminded Jonah that we don't talk enough about the importance of language in public life. The invasion has also prompted him to think about the relationship between language and nationalism, and how national interests should influence foreign policy. Are babies born as blank slates? How would isolationism change America? And will the end of this episode cost Jonah most of his long-term friendships?Show Notes:- The return of Dispatch Live- Johann Fichte's “Addresses to the German Nation”- Johann Herder- The Remnant with Paul Bloom- Paul Bloom's Just Babies- The Remnant with John McWhorter- Jonah's Twitter thread on nationalism- Jonah debates Rich Lowry on nationalism- The Morning Dispatch breaks down the Ukraine invasion

    Our Paramour, the State

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2022 90:57

    Katherine Mangu-Ward, editor in chief of Reason magazine, joins the Remnant for the first time today to explore whether America's libertarian spirit is still intact. In a moment where Americans are losing faith in authority, the right is succumbing to power worship, and pluralism is becoming increasingly unpopular, how can we avoid a “squishy apocalypse?” Moreover, is hypocrisy really a problem? Why can't the government love you? And would the United States be a better place if dog catchers were defunded?Show Notes:- Katherine's page at Reason- The Remnant with Peter Suderman- The Remnant with Leon Aron- Katherine on why you almost certainly shouldn't vote- The Declaration of Independents, by Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch- The Libertarian Mind, by David Boaz- Obama's second inaugural address- The Remnant with Mike Gallagher- Leon Aron: “The Invasion of Ukraine, and Regime Change”- Dispatch Live on the Ukraine situation

    Zombie Bidenism

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2022 49:00

    While Jonah traverses the sunny wilds of California, Chris Stirewalt steps in to host today's Remnant. He's joined by Amy Walter, publisher and editor in chief of the Cook Political Report, for exceptionally rank punditry on what we can expect from this year's midterms and the 2024 presidential race. Would the American people accept a second Trump presidency? Why do certain states stay purple while others become firmly partisan? And could peace and goodwill soon be restored in Congress? Show Notes:- The Cook Political Report- Amy's previous Remnant appearance- Amy on Biden's empathy problem- The Democratic Party's “new politics of evasion”- What do the midterms hold in store for the Senate?

    Point to Point Caffeination

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 19, 2022 77:00

    Sleep-deprived and bracing for a lengthy flight, Jonah begins today's Ruminant with an insatiable thirst for coffee. Conveniently, he has plenty of topics to ramble about while enjoying his morning brew. First on the docket is the San Francisco school board recall, which prompts Jonah to ponder why Democrats keep getting the culture war so wrong. From there, a potpourri of nerdery begins, as Jonah explores the origins of rights and freedoms, Russia's potential invasion of Ukraine, and the importance of distinguishing between “liberal” and “progressive.” Plus, stick around for a tribute to the late, great P.J. O'Rourke.Show Notes:- Try a free 30-day Dispatch membership- Peggy Noonan: “Republicans, Stand Against Excess”- “Alarmingly potent”- Jonah: “It Takes Two Sides to Fight a War”- The San Francisco school board recall- Ruy Texiera's Substack- “Ugly freedoms”- Jonah on the Ottawa freedom convoy- The “Revolutions” podcast covers the English Civil War- The Remnant with Mike Duncan- The Remnant with Leon Aron- Jonah on the passing of P.J. O'Rourke- The return of Dispatch Live

    Land of Collusion

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2022 69:59

    New developments in John Durham's investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe are electrifying conservative media and dominating the headlines. But for those who haven't kept up with the story, it may be difficult to fully understand what's going on. Thankfully, Dispatch associate editor Andrew Egger is on The Remnant to break things down. Together, he and Jonah discuss everything you could ever want to know about the Durham probe. Plus, they indulge in some obligatory kvetching about media bias and share a few tears over the joys of fatherhood. The whole thing may leave you feeling just a little verklempt.Show Notes:- Andrew's page at The Dispatch- Andrew breaks down the Durham probe- Jonah's fondness for Sidney Blumenthal- Furorstarter- Philip Bump on Durham and Trump- The return of Dispatch Live

    Egg in the Face

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2022 60:24

    Tevi Troy is back on The Remnant to explore the strange state of the American presidency. In recent years, presidents have used the power of the executive branch to profoundly alter our system of government—indeed, the presidency Joe Biden inhabits is far removed from that which Bill Clinton left behind. But could the increased importance of the presidency to American life actually be a good thing? Furthermore, why have our recent presidents failed to become figures of national unity? What went wrong with the government's COVID response? And will the American Egg Board soon seize control of The Dispatch? Show Notes:-Tevi's previous Remnant appearance-Tevi's conference on the 21st century presidency-Jonathan Rauch on how Trump changed government-The Kennedy-Hatch alliance-Kevin D. Williamson: “Against Presidential Idolatry”-Tevi: “Barking at the Press”-The unmockable Mr. Obama-Jim Geraghty: “The Omicron Wave Subsides”-The Eric Lander controversy-Jonah on Canada's trucker protests-Try a free Dispatch membership for 30 days

    Happy Talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 12, 2022 71:23

    Haunted by a certain infectious Swedish pop song, Jonah begins today's Ruminant by expanding substantially on a recent point from the G-File: Americans are addicted to despair even though life has never been better. In a moment where anger merchants dominate the media and environmental pessimism is spreading rapidly, how can the optimistic spirit on which our country was founded be restored? And what responsibilities do prominent figures in journalism and politics have in this regard? Also, stick around until the end to hear Jonah elaborate on his departure from Fox and his new contributor agreement with CNN. Show Notes:- The Wednesday G-File- The latest Dispatch Podcast- Climate change enters the therapy room- The Remnant with Lyman Stone- Manhattan bird alert- The Progress Paradox, by Gregg Easterbrook- Jonah: “It Takes Two Sides to Fight a War”- Turning Japanese- Yuval Levin: “The Changing Face of Social Breakdown”- The Remnant with Shawn Bushway- Stacey Abrams' mask hypocrisy- Hugh Hewitt interview Chris Christie- Guy Benson debates Mike Gallagher- Edmund Burke's speech to the Electors of Bristol- The Remnant with Hal Brands

    Baby Love

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2022 73:09

    Demographer and Institute for Family Studies research fellow Lyman Stone returns to The Remnant to make the case for having more babies. With America's birth rate in decline and increasingly large numbers of people living lives devoid of real connections, Lyman believes that we urgently need more pro-family policies. But though Jonah agrees completely that babies are good, he's less sure about Lyman's proposal of lowering the voting age to zero. Tune in for distinctly nerdy debate, but stick around to learn about the many varieties of natalist philosophy. Show Notes:- Lyman's page at AEI- Lyman's previous Remnant appearance- Lyman: “The Minimum Voting Age Should Be Zero”- Ben Sasse's The Vanishing American Adult- Pro-natal pontification- Marriage and childbearing in the time of COVID- Jonah on how we're turning Japanese- The Remnant with Edward Carr- Jonah on Terry Schiavo

    Illegitimate Political Delusions

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2022 67:31

    Remnant regular A.B. Stoddard is back for more exceedingly rank punditry on our dysfunctional state of affairs. In light of the RNC's decision to censure Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, is the GOP now committed to normalizing January 6? For that matter, why are major Republican figures continuing to suggest that the election was stolen? Does anyone want Mike Pence to be president besides his wife? And why can't President Biden celebrate America's recovering economy? Also, be sure to stick around for discussion of A.B.'s two favorite topics: canine companions and Nancy Pelosi's reelection bid. Show Notes:- A.B.'s page at RealClearPolitics- Jonah on the RNC's impeccable statecraft- Marc Short's Meet the Press appearance- Marc Short can't make up his mind- Commentary: “What Democrats Can't Say About the Jobs Numbers”- Jonah: “Let It Go”- Jonah on “Sway” with Kara Swisher

    Drive-Time Ruminant 10: Verklempt and Loving It

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 5, 2022 59:15

    Donald Trump, Whoopi Goldberg, Young Frankenstein, and dentistry - all unrelated in ordinary circumstances, but strangely intertwined on the latest drive-time Remnant. Today's episode begins with Jonah, Guy, and Ryan exploring the juvenile group chats of esteemed scholars and reacting insensitively to a tragic news story. Afterward, the gang turns to rank punditry, rambling nerdily about current events while stopping occasionally to discuss Yiddish slang, extreme skiing, and whether all animals really do taste like chicken. When should you give up on a political party? What would a film adaptation of Trump's attempted election theft look like? And should Mel Brooks do us all a favor and run for president in 2024? Show Notes:- China's continued respect for human rights - The New York Post's unapologetically craven news item- The Wednesday G-File, released to the masses- John Podhoretz blasts Whoopi Goldberg- Trump doubles down on January 6 - Mel Brooks' bad drive

    Two Minutes to Twilight

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2022 66:44

    Are we living through a new Cold War? Possibly. But we're certainly in a new era of great-power competition between China and Russia and the United States. In a Remnant surprisingly lacking in ‘80s references, historian and American Enterprise Institute scholar Hal Brands joins Jonah to explore what America's victory over the Soviet Union can teach us about how it should prosecute today's global conflicts. Hal and Jonah also take a deep, extra-nerdy dive into Cold War history and the nature of American foreign policy during that strange era. Was the Cold War just about economics? Should Joe Biden pursue a modern version of Harry Truman's containment strategy? And was China's authoritarian turn inevitable?Show Notes:- Hal's page at AEI- Hal's new book, The Twilight Struggle- Hal Brands and John Lewis Gaddis: “The New Cold War”- Charles Krauthammer: “The Greatest Cold War Myth of All”- The Truman Doctrine speech- Henry Wallace's divided mind- Jonah on the perils of our virtual reality- The Remnant with Leon Aron- The Remnant with Edward Carr

    Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2022 68:20

    In a brief respite from the horrors of book writing, Chris Stirewalt returns to The Remnant for another round of overpoweringly rank punditry. Mixing shameless self-promotion with nicotine-fueled insight, he and Jonah explore some pertinent political questions. Why do Americans frequently change their party alignment? Are hardcore progressives crazier than members of the House Freedom Caucus? And what is Joe Biden's biggest weakness? There's also a lengthy aside about what life in America was like when Jonah and Chris were young and horse drawn carriages had yet to be replaced by cars, but you'll need to stick around until the end. Show Notes:- Chris' page at The Dispatch- Chris' newsletter, Stirewaltisms- Last weekend's Ruminant- Michael Moore on the “SmartLess” podcast- Could the GOP expel Cheney and Kinzinger?- The Remnant with Leon Aron- The latest Gallup poll on shifting political party preferences- The poll discussed on the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast

    Back to School

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 29, 2022 56:42

    Jonah's in a professorial mood on today's nerdtastic Ruminant, which features disquisitions on censorship, pragmatism, and vestigial partisanship (be sure you tune in to find out what the latter actually means). Also included in this weekend's potpourri is a lengthy discussion of Stephen Breyer's retirement and Joe Biden's pledge to appoint an African American woman to the Supreme Court. Plus, for those still confused by Jonah and Charlie Cooke's argument about Congress during the Anglo-Floridian's appearance on the program this week, there's a detailed explanation of how the two disagree. Show Notes: - The Wednesday G-File- Adam J. White on the Commentary podcast- Jonathan Chait on affirmative action for the Supreme Court- John Podhoretz still likes Ike- The Remnant with Charles C.W. Cooke- The Remnant with Yuval Levin- The Remnant with Leon Aron- Charles Sanders Peirce- Richard Rorty and William James- Bertrand Russell's critique of pragmatism- Jonah: “Banned Books Week is Just Hype”

    Despots and Boomsticks

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2022 81:37

    Charles C.W. Cooke, senior writer at National Review and Anglo-Floridian golf cart enthusiast, returns to The Remnant for another round of exceptionally rank punditry on Joe Biden's dismal first year in office. Before assuming the presidency, Biden made some big promises that he hasn't been able to keep. But is his problem that he refuses to adjust to political circumstances, or that he's simply a hack who was never qualified for the job in the first place? Mixing hearty debate with vigorous agreement, Jonah and Charlie discuss this question at length, while also touching on mandatory voting, the perils of public opinion, and how thrilled we should be to live in a moment where journalists and politicians can regularly insult each other. Oh, and Charlie also can't resist rambling about firearms.Show Notes:- Charlie's page at National Review- Charlie on Biden's year of failure- Jonah's uncontroversial third-party proposal- Jonah's words with friends- Biden's first-year report card in Politico- “You guys were almost separated at birth”- Michael Tomasky's attempted mic drop- The Remnant with Josh Kraushaar- Jonah contemplates mandatory voting- Mad Dogs and Englishmen on the bumbling Mr. Biden- #DontBrowbeatMyPete- Big time!- Charlie's upcoming course on the history of the Second Amendment

    A Tsar Is Born

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 58:21

    As Sting once sang, “in Europe and America, there's a growing feeling of hysteria.” With war in Ukraine looking increasingly likely and tensions mounting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, it feels an awful lot like we're back in 1987. To explore how Russia's bellicosity might affect the global stage, Jonah is joined by Leon Aron, director of Russian studies at the American Enterprise Institute. Together, they address heady questions on Russia and narrowly resist performing a duet of “99 Red Balloons.” Would the Russian people support an invasion of Ukraine? How is Russia influencing European politics? And is there any chance of Russia becoming a quasi-democratic country in the near future? Show Notes:- Leon's page at AEI- Leon's contributions to The Dispatch- Leon on what lies ahead for Putin- The Morning Dispatch gives the latest on Ukraine- Alexei Navalny profiled in Time- Jonah on the dangers of conceding to Putin- Putin on the nukes- The Gerard Schröder controversy

    Ukraine in the Membrane

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 22, 2022 67:27

    Jonah returns to the solo Ruminant format to end the week, reflecting on Joe Biden's dismal first year in office and contemplating what the next three years might hold in store for the country. After what John Podhoretz labeled the “worst press conference in presidential history,” can Biden recover, or will his poll numbers continue to sink to increasingly humiliating lows? For that matter, is unity its own virtue? How would the Russian people and the global community react if Vladimir Putin conquered Ukraine? And do negative comments on his writing hurt Jonah's feelings?  Show Notes:- GLoP's latest grand aventure- Chris Stirewalt's latest newsletter on Biden's political flailing- The Morning Dispatch on the threat of war in Ukraine- Jonah on Biden's Georgia speech- Be like Ike- Literally- The Dispatch Podcast reflects on Biden's first year- Bob Driscoll on the Voting R ights Act- The Remnant with Michael Shellenberger- The Remnant with Edward Carr

    The Great Unmooring

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2022 70:26

    The Remnant's British invasion continues as Economist deputy editor Edward Carr joins to provide a perspective on how the pandemic has affected nations beyond the United States. Together, he and Jonah examine how issues such as vaccine skepticism, excess deaths, and pandemic-related insanity vary between countries, all while kvetching vigorously about teachers' unions and the politics of marmite. Can we trust China's COVID statistics? Are things as weird in Russia and the U.K. as they are in America? And are we in the early stages of a new Roaring ‘20s? Show Notes:- England prepares to drop COVID restrictions- Boris Johnson's latest scandal- “There's no such thing as learning loss”- Steven Brill: “The Rubber Room”- The Remnant with Paul Bloom- Jonah: “Fear and Loathing in the Time of COVID”- Apollo's Arrow, Nicholas Christakis' book on pandemic madness- The Remnant with Matt Ridley- The Remnant with Michael Shellenberger

    Bright Lights, Bad City

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 84:57

    As a young man, Jonah left his heart in San Francisco. But after today's conversation with Remnant first-timer Michael Shellenberger, he probably won't be going back for it any time soon. Michael joins the show for an exceedingly wonky discussion of his new book, San Fransicko, which explores how progressive policies are enabling an addiction and mental health crisis in America's cities. Together, they explore the causes of urban decay and what conservatives can do to reverse the trend in places like New York and San Francisco. Tune in for ruminations on nuclear power, Nietzschean philosophy, and criminology, but stick around to hear Jonah and Michael compare notes on what it's really like to be mugged by reality. Show Notes:- Michael's Substack on cities, energy, and the environment- Michael's new book, San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities- Michael's previous book, Apocalypse Never- Tom Wolfe's “The Great Relearning”- San Fransicko reviewed in the New York Times- Madness in the Streets, by Rael Isaac and Virginia Armat- The Homeless, by Christopher Jencks- The Remnant with Shawn Bushway- Michael: “Why Wokeism is a Religion”- Woke Racism, by John McWhorter- John Dewey's “universe with the lid off”- Paul Tillich's definition of religion- Jonah on the case for nuclear power

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