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In “The Remnant," Jonah Goldberg, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Dispatch, syndicated columnist, best-selling author, and AEI/NRI Fellow enlists a “Cannonball Run”-style cast of stars, has-beens, and never-weres to address the most pressing issues of the day and of all-time. Is Western Civilization doomed? Is nationalism the wave of the future? Is the Pope Catholic? Will they ever find a new place to put cheese on a pizza? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Who is hotter: Ginger or Mary-Ann? Was Plato really endorsing the Republic as the ideal state? Mixing history, pop culture, rank-punditry, political philosophy, and, at times, shameless book-plugging, Goldberg and guests will have the kinds of conversations we wish they had on cable-TV shout shows. And the nudity will (almost) always be tasteful.

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    The Good Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 91:51

    If you thought Jonah turned into an excited fanboy when he interviewed Mike Duncan, just wait until you hear today's Remnant, in which acclaimed psychologist Dr. Paul Bloom joins the program for the first time to discuss man's search for meaning. Human beings are strange creatures: We often deliberately seek out things that cause us pain or discomfort, like horror movies and spicy foods. What is the cause of this “benign masochism,” and what does it really mean to be happy? Additionally, how should human nature be defined? Could video games and virtual reality destroy the world as we know it? And how can Jonah tie all of this in with neoconservatism?   Show Notes: -The Sweet Spot, Dr. Bloom's new book -Jonah: “Democracy in the Tobacconist's” -Dr. Bloom's Google Scholar archive -Conservatives are more easily disgusted than liberals -Arthur Brooks on earned success -Dr. Bloom: “Being in Time” -“Benign masochism” -Jonah: “Fear and Loathing in the Time of COVID” -Political Bloods and Crips -Back to the past -Ezra Klein interviews Noam Chomsky -The experience machine -“We actually compete with sleep” -Dr. Bloom: “Is God an Accident?” -Just Babies -Against Empathy -How You Say It, by Katherine Kinzler -The Remnant with Mike Duncan -A Time to Build, by Yuval Levin -Orwell's review of Mein Kampf See for privacy information.

    Lugubrious Bat-Winged Malcontents

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2021 62:53

    Today's Ruminant finds Jonah irritated by back pain, enamored with California roller coasters, and concerned for the health of his loyal spaniel (send her your love!). It also features a lengthy exploration of whether China can still be politically liberalized, why the terms and conditions of Trump's new social media network are so funny, and how executive privilege actually functions. Stick around until the end for updates about new features on The Dispatch, and a preview of upcoming guests. Show Notes: - The House votes to hold Steve Bannon in contempt - Advisory Opinions explores January 6 - Jonah's brief history of executive privilege - Gimme some truth - Fresh craziness from J.D. Vance - Klon Kitchen on the dangers of China's missile tests - Lipset's modernization theory - Mike Pompeo on Special Report - “We welcome stiff competition” - Visions of China on The Dispatch Podcast - The moral equivalent of war - The Friday G-File See for privacy information.

    Young and Foolish

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 76:10

    Presidential historian and Remnant fan-favorite Tevi Troy returns today for more seriously rank punditry. As you may have noticed, we're living through a strange moment in which it's becoming shocking to suggest that saying things people want to hear is an effective political strategy. How did we get here, and how can we prevent our institutions from succumbing to the cult of wokeness? For that matter, how can ordinary Americans resist cancel culture? Should conservatives build alternative institutions? And has Joe Biden replaced Jimmy Carter as history's greatest monster?  Show Notes: - Tevi's page at National Affairs - Tevi's previous Remnant appearance - Tevi on the Commentary podcast - The GLoP podcast, for all your pop culture needs - Tevi: “How to Defend Free Speech” - Tevi: “Wokeness M.D.” - Bob Woodward pays tribute to Colin Powell - Michael Powell on Dorian Abbot's cancelation - The Morning Dispatch breaks down the Netflix protests - The Wednesday G-File - Bari Weiss on cancel culture - The latest Dispatch Podcast - Jonah on policing and slave patrols - The Remnant with Scott Gottlieb - Tevi: “Biden's Legacy is on the Line” See for privacy information.

    Shadow Dancing

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 74:04

    David Drucker, senior political correspondent at the Washington Examiner, joins The Remnant for the first time to discuss the state of the Republican Party post-Trump and what the 2024 election cycle will bring. Why do so many Republicans choose to minimize Trump's destructive tendencies? What can we expect from Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, and other major players going forward? And will the next presidential candidate redefine the GOP's image?    Show Notes: -David's new book, In Trump's Shadow -David's page at the Washington Examiner -David previews his new book in Vanity Fair -Nikki Haley and the confederate flag -John Eastman's plan for Pence to overturn the election -Peril, by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa -Peril on Trump and Pence -David: “Mike Pence's Moment of Truth” -Steve Bannon's war on Mitch McConnell -Chris Christie 2024? See for privacy information.

    Square Eyes

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2021 81:12

    On today's Ruminant, a predictably sleep-deprived Jonah is haunted by distant memories of his time in Prague and the alluring restaurants that refused his custom. Thankfully, he's able to process the pain by embarking on a lengthy rant about democracy, capitalism, and the charming brilliance of Irving Kristol. There's also a disquisition on the philosophy of hit TV shows and the legacy of The Wire, which will delight Breaking Bad partisans. Tune in to find out if Jonah has adjusted to life as an empty nester, but stick around to see if he can get through the whole episode without mentioning third parties. Show Notes: - The Remnant with Michael Brendan Dougherty - The Wednesday G-File - Jonah and Steve Hayes on The Dispatch's two-year anniversary - “Opposing views” - Jonah's love of Breaking Bad - Conservatism and The Wire - Biden's living on a prayer - Scott Lincicome on America's ports problem - The Morning Dispatch - The birth of The Remnant - Broken windows - James Q. Wilson: “Capitalism and Morality” - The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism - The Remnant with Graeme Wood - Irving Kristol: “When Virtue Loses All Her Loveliness” - The Remnant with George Will - The Remnant with Megan McCardle - The Remnant with Charles Murray See for privacy information.

    Mutually Assured Derangement

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 103:20

    In light of the reaction to his call for anti-Trump conservatives to form a third party, Jonah invites Michael Brendan Dougherty onto The Remnant to discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of such an approach. Things don't entirely go as planned, as their conversation swiftly moves beyond that into the broader strangeness of contemporary politics and the conservative movement. With the American people increasingly defecting from the norms of constitutional government, what can be done to prevent our institutions from collapsing? Show Notes: - Michael's author page at National Review - My Father Left Me Ireland, Michael's recent book - Jonah's uncontroversial column - Michael's response - Charlie Cooke's response - Dan McLaughlin's response - The Wednesday G-File - Trump urges Republicans not to vote  - Bill Kristol: “What About Joe?” - The Remnant with George Will - Remember the Obamacons? - Yuval Levin on nationalism and exceptionalism - Stalin's War, by Sean McMeekin - Macron's plan to reindustrialize France - Ross Douthat: “How Conservatives Can Reshape Education” - Charlie Kirk at his worst - Joe Rogan debates Sanjay Gupta - The Merrick Garland letter - The National School Boards Association letter - The Daily Signal's bathroom story - The latest Dispatch Podcast - Norse mythology - David Harsanyi debates Sohrab Ahmari See for privacy information.

    Money Talks

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 66:29

    Dust off your calculators, because beloved economic policy wonk Brian Riedl is back on The Remnant to discuss everything you've ever wanted to know about the federal budget, spending, taxes, and deficits. He also touches on the right's curious lurch toward industrial policy and common good capitalism, and why conservatives and progressives alike can't resist the prospect of a free lunch. Is the Laffer Curve a force for evil? How progressive is the U.S. tax code? And why is Joe Biden so determined to outspend Mack the Knife?    Show Notes: -Brian's page at the Manhattan Institute -Brian's previous Remnant appearance -Brian's latest chart book -Simpson-Bowles and the art of budget negotiations -Brian in The Dispatch on taxing the rich -How does the U.S. tax code compare with other countries? -The great Nordic myth -Jack Kemp and tax reform -Al Gore and class warfare See for privacy information.

    Authoritarian Mental Gestures

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2021 71:47

    On today's Ruminant, Jonah aims to set the record straight on a matter of international significance: Despite what the producers of American Crime Story would have you believe, he has never owned an oversized poster of Atlas Shrugged. Thankfully, this misunderstanding gives him an excuse to indulge in a nerdtastic exploration of the differences between objectivism and conservatism, the significance of religion to conservative belief, and the differences between conservatives and “men of the right.” There's also a disquisition on social anxiety and Theodor Adorno's idea of the “authoritarian personality,” as well as a rant on those who continue to minimize January 6. Plus, as a special treat for The Dispatch's two-year anniversary, tune in to learn the intimate details of Jonah and Steve Hayes' late night telephone conversations.   Show Notes: -The Dispatch manifesto from two years ago -Today's underwhelming job numbers -Whittaker Chambers' review of Atlas Shrugged -The Remnant with George Will -George criticizes Whittaker Chambers -Al Felzenberg on George's opposition to Spiro Agnew -Jonah ruminates on Richard Hofstadter -The Age of Reform, Hofstatder's book on status anxiety -Hofstadter's Social Darwinism in American Thought -The (underrated) Tyranny of Clichés -Theodor Adorno's The Authoritarian Personality -Sally Satel: “The Experts Have Overlooked Authoritarians on the Left” -Karen Stenner's The Authoritarian Dynamic -The Remnant with Joe Uscinski -Bring the villain forward -Jonah's latest Special Report appearance -The January 6 subpoena saga -Dinesh D'Souza's evil tweet -Jonah and Hugh Hewitt debate the alt-right in 2016 -Jonah: “This Was Always the Plan” -Revelations from Peril, by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa -The Remnant with Scott Gottlieb See for privacy information.

    The Full Gottlieb

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 59:17

    Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb joins The Remnant for the first time to explore the state of the COVID-19 pandemic and what went wrong with America's response last year. With cases falling nationally, Scott believes that the “pandemic phase” of the virus is drawing to a close. But we're still remarkably unprepared for whatever the next pandemic might be. What were the successes and failures of Operation Warp Speed? How do natural immunity and vaccine immunity compare? And is Scott too deep in the pocket of Big Dairy to be trusted on the validity of yogurt expiration dates?   Show Notes: -Scott's new book, Uncontrolled Spread -Scott's page at AEI -Alex Tabarrok (also known as Jack McKee) reviews Uncontrolled Spread -Scott on our failed pandemic prep -GOP officials and natural immunity -Jonah on the great pandemic freakout See for privacy information.

    The Cheerful Pursuit

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 64:58

    The incomparable George Will makes his long-awaited return to The Remnant to discuss his latest book, American Happiness and Discontents. As George writes in its introduction, “happiness has been elusive for this dyspeptic nation” in recent years. Together, he and Jonah examine why Americans have become so restless and what can be done to address the causes of their disaffection. They also discuss how populism should be understood, what it means to be a “faint-hearted originalist,” and how the degradation of America's elite institutions can be reversed. Happy warriors and scowling primitives alike are encouraged to tune in.   Show Notes: -The Dispatch manifesto from two years ago -George's previous Remnant appearance -George's new book, American Happiness and Discontents -George's previous book, The Conservative Sensibility -George debates Oren Cass on creative destruction -Jonah on status anxiety -Charles Murray's Coming Apart -Walter Berns on democracy -Graeme Wood on our elite surplus -Graeme Wood on The Remnant -Schumpeter's Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy -Nietzsche's On the Genealogy of Morals -George on the “1619 Project” -George on public choice theory -George on judicial review -“Conservatism is soiled by scowling primitives” -Hayek: “Why I'm Not a Conservative” -George reflects on his career and philosophical evolution -Jonah and George discuss conservatism on C-SPAN See for privacy information.

    Going Native

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2021 76:58

    If there's one group Jonah has less patience for than post-liberal Catholic integralists, it's progressives who want to replace Madisonian democracy with a parliamentary system. On today's ranty Ruminant, he explores why America's system of government is exceptional, why the Electoral College should stand, and why the Germans don't always do it better. There's also a disquisition on historicism and relativism, obligatory kvetching about Democrats spending money they don't have, and an aside about conservative intellectuals turning their backs on light. Tune in for nerdy references to Leo Strauss, but stick around to see if Jonah can actually make it to the end without mentioning Woodrow Wilson. Show Notes: - Wednesday's “news”letter - Ben Sasse's rant at the Kavanaugh hearing - George W. Plunkitt, no relation to Harry S. Plinkett - Jonah defends the Electoral College - The Morning Dispatch breaks down Germany's election - Biden can't read the room - The Remnant with Mike Duncan - The Remnant with Scott Lincicome - Leo Strauss' critique of historicism - “Hello lamppost, whatcha knowin'?” - Hillbilly lunacy - Robert Kagan: “Our Constitutional Crisis is Already Here” - The latest Dispatch Podcast  - Actually, it's the common good See for privacy information.

    Selling Out

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 64:38

    Scott Lincicome, The Dispatch's resident expert on all things free and economic, returns to The Remnant for a distinctly wonky discussion of tariffs, taxes, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Jonah and Scott tackle our most pressing regulatory questions. Is corporate personhood a legitimate concept? Has Biden undone any of Trump's protectionist measures? And will supply chain shortages deprive us all of Tickle Me Elmos this Christmas? There's also a bit about boar-cobra hybrids enslaving humanity, but you'll have to listen to fully understand.   Show Notes: -Scott's Capitolism newsletter -“Unfair and absurd” -Scott on the exciting world of corporate tax rates -Econ 101 with Peter Suderman -“Human beings, my friend.” -China's energy crisis -Christmas who? -Britain braces for the end times -Scott on America's ports problem -Scott's love affair with the Jones Act -The parley in Pittsburgh -We need to talk about tariffs -Wild boars reclaim the Roman Empire -Otters annex Alaska See for privacy information.

    Fight the Power

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 77:29

    The revolution won't be televised, but it will be broadcast to the world on today's long-awaited Remnant, in which Jonah is joined by Revolutions podcast host and fellow history obsessive Mike Duncan. Over an exceptionally nerdy hour, they explore how Mike prepares for his podcast, whether America's ghastly political situation really does resemble the decline of the Roman Republic, and why even Hamilton can't convince the French to love the Marquis de Lafayette. They also dig as deeply into revolutionary history as you'd expect, comparing the French and American revolutions and discussing how studying the Haitian revolution transformed Mike's outlook. Stay tuned for the references to Burke, Marx, and Yuval Levin sprinkled throughout.   Show Notes: -Revolutions -Mike's new book on Lafayette, Hero of Two Worlds -Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments -Samuel Rawson Gardner's history of the English Civil War -Christopher Hill on the English Revolution -The great man theory of history -The March of Folly, by Barbara Tuchman -A Time to Build, for all of you bingo card holders -Reflections on the Revolution in France -Irving Kristol: “The American Revolution as a Successful Revolution” -Mike breaks down the Haitian Revolution -Pauline Maier on the Declaration of Independence -The Storm Before the Storm -Jonah: “This Was Always the Plan” -Government by rabble-rousing See for privacy information.

    Drive-Time Ruminant 6: Twice in a Lifetime

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2021 72:55

    As if experiencing the Monica Lewinsky saga first-hand wasn't strange enough, Impeachment: American Crime Story is now subjecting Jonah to it all over again. How did we get here? And when exactly did American politics stop making sense? Unable to answer those questions alone and with David Byrne ignoring his calls, Jonah summons Guy and Ryan for a journey into the world of book royalties, internet comment sections, and broadcasting secrets best left in the green room. Their ramblings also address the passing of Norm Macdonald, dark behind the scenes secrets of The Dispatch, and why political provocateurs usually don't enjoy more than 15 minutes of fame. Plus, tune in to hear Jonah tell an epic story of identity theft.  Show Notes: - Wednesday's G-File, released to the masses - The Remnant's super-spectacular 400th episode - Conan's tribute to Norm Macdonald - Guy's Bret Stephens profile, shamelessly plugged - Jonah's return to National Review - The Remnant with Will Saletan - Florida, Florida, Florida - The double - “Schindler es bueno, señor Burns es el diablo” - Duke Zeibert's - Milo Minderbinder See for privacy information.

    Happy Anniversary

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 92:26

    To distinguish The Remnant's 400th episode, Jonah thought it would be refreshing to bring on a guest renowned among fans for his cheerfulness: Kevin Williamson, National Review's roving correspondent. Together, they take an extra long, extra nerdy voyage through the morass that is modern American politics to determine whether the end times will really be as awesome as Kevin predicted several years ago. Why are young men so dispossessed? Is there any harm in grifting to earn a living? And will January 6 be remembered for presaging the death of American democracy? It's a conversation that covers everything from cattle trading to Satan's balls, and we're grateful to you all for listening.  Show Notes: - Kevin's previous Remnant appearance - Kevin on the never-ending coup - John Eastman's plan to overturn the election - Jonah: “This Was Always the Plan” - Jim Glassman on Hillary's cows - Make bureaucracy great again - Sidney Powell's latest insanity - Kevin's time among the flat-earthers - The decline in male college enrollment - Twilight of Democracy, by Anne Applebaum - The Smallest Minority, Kevin's defense of the individual - Charles C.W. Cooke: “Roe is the Problem” - Kevin on Texas' “heartbeat bill” - Mad Dogs and Englishmen on the Met gala - Kevin's spat with Dan Bongino - Kevin's latest book, still in the running for “Greatest Subtitle Ever,” Big White Ghetto: Dead Broke, Stone-Cold Stupid, and High on Rage in the Dank Woolly Wilds of the “Real America” See for privacy information.

    Mere Evangelism

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 76:52

    Chris Stirewalt returns to The Remnant for punditry so intense it could rival the summer heat of New Orleans. Religious definitions are first on the docket, as Jonah and Chris explore the voting habits of Catholics, whether “Evangelical” is an outdated term, and the relationship between political beliefs and church attendance. Afterward, a deep dive into party politics commences, covering the GOP's embrace of working-class men, the right's broader commitment to bogus election fraud narratives, and how the return of radical chic could spark a new class war. Ultimately, only German words are sufficient to express Chris' horror at our current situation. Show Notes: - Trash of the titans - Chris on dumping “Evangelical” - Making the church great again - Catholics and politics - The New York Times on Harvard's atheist chaplain - Jim Banks' push for a working-class GOP - Jerry Seib on the California recall - The Emerging Democratic Majority - An excuse for whenever you break the law - Coincidence? I think not! - Tucker Carlson outcrazies himself See for privacy information.

    Mau-Mauing the Wealth Taxers

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2021 81:53

    On today's Ruminant, an addled and isolated Jonah is haunted by Muppets and their irresistibly catchy songs. He's also fascinated by the Mark Milley affair, irritated by political figures who disregard the importance of rules, and amused by elites who've clearly never read “Radical Chic.” Why are politicians more interested in trolling the opposition than actually doing their jobs? Was the Cigarette Smoking Man really behind the Kennedy assassination? And how many people had to sample poison berries before mankind perfected the art of cooking? Show Notes: - The ultimate tweet - You're welcome - Wednesday's Dispatch Podcast - Musings of a cigarette smoking man - Griffin on Milley - Wednesday's “news”letter - The hidden law - That gala at Anna's - It's unputdownable! - Inside Tom Wolfe's apartment, and more…  - The Remnant with Will Saletan on elite overproduction - We already tax the rich - Do CEOs make less than doctors? - Politico annoys Jennifer Rubin See for privacy information.

    Ponnuru's Brain

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 74:35

    Remnant fan favorite and National Review stalwart Ramesh Ponnuru returns today for a thorough discussion of the jurisprudence of abortion and state of the pro-life movement. Although it's easy to talk about overturning Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey in the abstract, the real-world consequences can be difficult to envision. Jonah and Ramesh explore what a post-Roe United States could look like, touching on laws, the two parties, and public opinion. Along the way, they also examine the horrors of inflation and rise of common good originalism. Plus, all of this happens to remind Jonah of a certain Star Trek episode.  Show Notes: - Ramesh's author page at National Review - Ramesh on overturning Roe v. Wade - The latest polling on Roe - Barack Obama's record on abortion - The Remnant with David French - Return of the eco-Wilsonians - Rick Perlstein's “moral panic” - Why Ramesh isn't worried about inflation See for privacy information.

    Advisory Ruminations

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 72:03

    Accomplished attorney and longtime Jonah associate Shannen Coffin joins The Remnant for a deep dive into the constitutionality of Biden's vaccine mandate and the dysfunctional state of our federal government. Together, they explore the role each branch of government should play in enforcing such a mandate, Biden's failure to diminish the COVID culture war, and whether the conservative legal movement could fall victim to the ideology of owning the libs. Obligatory references to Robert Bork are also included. To paraphrase Lionel Hutz, can you imagine a podcast without lawyers?   Show Notes: -Shannen on partial-birth abortion -Andy McCarthy on Biden's vaccine mandate -Charlie Cooke responds to Jonah -Jonah responds to Charlie and Andy -The latest Ruminant -An Act Relative to Quarantine -The Remnant with Kevin Kosar on congressional dysfunction -David French on partisanship and the Supreme Court -Never Trump, by Robert Saldin and Steve Tenis See for privacy information.

    Never Forget

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2021 60:18

    Jonah begins today's Ruminant on a reflective note, recalling where he was on 9/11 and how the tragedy affected him personally and professionally. Afterward, things get ranty, as Jonah digs into the constitutionality of federal vaccine mandates, the pervasive myth that he doesn't criticize Joe Biden, and the question of whether America should export democracy to illiberal countries. Why is neoconservatism still so misunderstood? Is Biden really a Clinton in disguise? And how have we reached the point where the classic “Sideshow Bob Roberts” episode of The Simpsons seems more like real life than a cartoon satire? Show Notes: - Jonah reflects on 9/11 - The Dispatch Podcast on 9/11 and Biden's grim summer - John Podhoretz blasts Biden's vaccine mandate speech - Biden flip flops on vaccine mandates  - Ben Domenech arguing for vaccine mandates in 2015 - The Remnant with Graeme Wood - “Dictatorships and Double Standards” - Jonah breaks down neoconservatism - The Wednesday G-File - The Remnant with Will Saletan See for privacy information.

    Eat the Elite

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 91:37

    Slate's Will Saletan returns to The Remnant to discuss the anniversary of 9/11, the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, and oligarchs who can't resist the sweet taste of candy. With America's vaccine rollout gaining steam once again, Jonah and Will explore how calamity-ending miracle drugs became the subject of partisan debate, and whether any side truly got the pandemic right. They also touch on the deliciousness of GMOs and how political life may only get crazier in the coming decade. Tune in for violent agreement, but stick around for vigorous debate.  Show Notes: - The Wednesday G-File - Will's author page at Slate - Will: “Why the Party of 9/11 Couldn't Handle COVID-19” - The 2001 anthrax attacks - Jonah: “The Treason of Epidemiologists” - The pandemic freakout and the psychology of disgust - Will on paranoia around GMOs - The Dispatch Podcast reflects on 9/11 - What would the experts do? - The Remnant with Peter Suderman - So much for the new Taliban - The Remnant with Graeme Wood - Elite overproduction - The iron law of oligarchy - Pareto distribution See for privacy information.

    Two for Texas

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 86:08

    Get your black robes, white wigs, and legal dictionaries ready, because David French is back on The Remnant to evaluate Texas' controversial new abortion ruling. He and Jonah also explore the Supreme Court's history of inventing doctrines that can't be found in written law, before turning to the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and what America's response to such a tragedy would look like in today's hyperpolarized moment. Does the Second Amendment protect ownership of surface-to-air missiles? What changes have occured in the pro-life movement? And will Spider-Man: No Way Home destroy the Marvel Universe as we know it?   Show Notes: -Advisory Opinions, for all Remnant listeners fluent in legalese -David breaks down the Texas abortion ruling -David and Sarah on abortion in America -David on the state of the pro-life movement -David's love of qualified immunity -Would reversing Roe have a destabilizing effect? -Jonah on the anniversary of 9/11 -David's latest book, Divided We Fall -David's previous Remnant appearance See for privacy information.

    Back to the Sewer

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2021 66:10

    Jonah's sailed the seas and seen the world over, but everything always draws him back to good ol' New York, New York. Still, although today's Ruminant ends with a discussion of the Big Apple's terrifying floods (which may or may not have dealt a blow to the local rodent population), it also covers the Supreme Court's controversial abortion ruling, the pervasive myth that big corporations are right-wing, and “closet normals” in the GOP who pretend to hold crazy views. With shameless book-plugging, Jonah also digs into how the definitions of left and right in politics have changed over time. If you're a loyal listener, stick around until the end for a proposition you won't be able to refuse.  Show Notes: - David French breaks down the Texas abortion ruling - Jonah's previous ruminations on abortion - Virginia's late-term abortion bill - Advisory Opinions takes a deep dive into abortion law - Matt Continetti on the politics of abortion - A disappointing August jobs report - Richard Holbrooke's damning diary - The latest Dispatch Podcast on Afghanistan - The Dispatch's Afghanistan editorial - The Remnant with Graeme Wood - “Come home. America” - Gabriel Kolko - The Big Ripoff, by Tim Carney - The pandemic's effect on women in the workforce - Ron Johnson says the quiet part loud - Leatherhead's revenge - Someone call the Shredder See for privacy information.

    The Worst is Yet to Come

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 76:41

    Graeme Wood, staff writer for The Atlantic, joins TheRemnant for the first time to discuss the future of the Taliban, the psychology of extremists, and why, depressingly, America's political situation may only get crazier. For the sake of levity, Jonah is also sure to ask about Graeme's experiences hitchhiking across Afghanistan and bootlegging liquor in Iraq, as well as the quirks of being bilingual. Tune in additionally for an update on Jonah's book collection, but stick around for your periodical reminder not to immanentize the eschaton. Show Notes: - Graeme's author page at The Atlantic - Graeme on the future of ISIS - Graeme on understanding the Taliban - The overrepresentation of converts among jihadists - Evangelicals who don't go to church - Eric Voegelin's New Science of Politics - Is the Muslim world ignoring the plight of the Uyghurs? - Graeme's profile of Peter Turchin - The great man theory of history See for privacy information.

    Timing is Everything

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 104:15

    Peter Suderman, Reason magazine's features editor and cocktail connoisseur, makes his first appearance on The Remnant today to preach the gospel of Kanye West. He also gives his thoughts on the Afghanistan withdrawal, the potential of Bitcoin to replace currency as we know it, and the government's propensity to, as Jonah puts it, “spend like a pimp with a week to live.” Is it finally time to buy gold? Does anyone still believe that Spider-Man: No Way Home won't be a crossover movie? And will Jonah's rendition of “Rapper's Delight” become the new Remnant theme song?   Show Notes: -Peter's author page at Reason -Cocktails with Suderman -Macheath spends like a sailor -Stein's law -Money Mischief, by Milton Friedman -Peter on the GOP's lack of a clear economic policy -The sweet taste of power -Eco-Wilsonians -The Parents Music Resource Center See for privacy information.

    Turn and Face the Strange

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2021 61:21

    In the last few years, the conservative movement has gone through a number of obvious changes. But Jonah believes he's stayed consistent in his views, and uses today's Ruminant to explain why. He also touches on the end of Biden's eviction moratorium, the legacy of the “intellectual dark web,” and how hyperpolarization is rotting peoples' brains. Tune in to hear Jonah's final thoughts on the Afghanistan tragedy, but stick around to see if he can refrain from giggling at Sidney Powell's potential disbarment. Show Notes: - The Dispatch's Afghanistan editorial - The Dispatch Podcast on the Afghanistan evacuation - The Economist on Afghanistan's consequences - Supreme Court ends Biden's eviction moratorium - Robert Reich, Jonah's BFF - “Right-wing extremists” - The sweet taste of vaccines - Just deserts - “Leave the rest to me” - Penetrating analysis from Bret Weinstein - Jonah on the “intellectual dark web” - Last week's ranty-yet-sentimental Ruminant - “Our people hate the right people” - The Remnant with Charlie Cooke - The Wednesday G-File See for privacy information.


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2021 76:30

    On today's episode, Jonah, now back in his empty nest in D.C., desperately requires a distraction from the oppressive August heat. Fortunately, RealClearPolitics associate editor and fan-favorite guest A.B. Stoddard has just the topic: infrastructure. Exceedingly rank punditry ensues, as they explore divisions within the Democratic Party, racial progress in America, and why moderate Democrats find it difficult to be loud about their moderation. Along the way, they also discuss whether COVID or the Afghanistan tragedy can be blamed for President Biden's declining approval ratings. Brace your bingo cards. Show Notes: - A.B.'s author page at RealClearPolitics - The Wednesday G-File - Uphill breaks down the latest infrastructure developments - Hakeem Jefferies and Josh Gottheimer launch a PAC to defend incumbents - Drive-thru voting in Houston - The Remnant with Tim Carney - Suicide bombings in Kabul - Biden's plummeting approval ratings - Jonah on invisible but deadly entities - Republican anger at the unvaccinated - A.B. on Ron DeSantis and COVID in Florida See for privacy information.

    Looking for Satellites

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 70:03

    David French guest-hosts The Remnant today while Jonah returns home from his western voyage. He's joined by Klon Kitchen, expert on national security and defense technology at the American Enterprise Institute. Together, they explore the state of the Afghanistan withdrawal, deficiencies in American cybersecurity, and social media censorship at the hands of Big Tech. Should the Taliban be understood as a unified or factional entity? Can we expect meaningful Big Tech legislation to be implemented anytime soon? And will David's DC Comics bias preclude any discussion of Tobey Maguire's inevitable appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home?   Show Notes: -The Kitchen Sync -David reflects on the War in Afghanistan -The state of the Afghanistan evacuation -2034: A Novel of the Next World War -Klon on rethinking government access to consumer data -Klon's report on Section 230 See for privacy information.

    Cats in the Cradle

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2021 87:53

    On today's Ruminant, recorded live from the pungent parking lot of a California West Marine, Yiddish terms are required to describe Jonah's emotional state. With his daughter Lucy leaving home, he processes his grief by exploring John Rawls' original position, existentialist movie-making, and why American popular culture is much more conservative than most people realize. Afterward, all sentimentality fades away as an epic rant on the situation in Afghanistan and the dismal state of American politics commences. Animated by unprecedented annoyance, Jonah argues that President Biden has revealed himself to be plainly unfit for office. But that doesn't make Trump look any more appealing.   Show Notes: -Nine Days, which plunged Jonah into an existential crisis -Philosophy 101 -Jonah's pro-life ruminations -Sweet victory -The Remnant with Eli Lake -The Dispatch Podcast on Afghanistan -Jonah's uncontroversial tweet which provoked nothing but love and praise See for privacy information.

    Tragedy in Afghanistan

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 62:22

    Bloomberg Opinion columnist Eli Lake joins Jonah for a thorough discussion of the tragic situation in Afghanistan. Is President Biden's leadership to blame for the catastrophe? Did Biden ignore warnings that withdrawal would result in a Taliban takeover? And how did the Afghanistan war go from being celebrated on Saturday Night Live to such a tragic conclusion? Things aren't all doom and gloom, however, as Eli is sure to end on a note of optimism. The American experiment has endured challenges on the global stage in the past, but rejuvenation has also been accomplished. Besides, America's adversaries have plenty of their own problems to contend with.   Show Notes: -Eli's page at Bloomberg Opinion -Eli's review of Jonathan Rauch's The Constitution of Knowledge -It happened  -David Sanger: “For Biden, Images of Defeat He Wanted to Avoid” -Jonah: “Dishonor in Afghanistan” -Well this is awkward -Eli: “Framed and Guilty” -Murphyism -“Suckers and losers” -The great debate -Eli joins Bari Weiss' symposium -Biden's latest remarks, which may or may not date this episode See for privacy information.

    Cruel Summer

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2021 69:14

    Today's Ruminant finds Jonah deprived of air conditioning in the middle of brutal D.C. heat, baffled by inexplicable decisions made by figures across the political spectrum. With the Taliban advancing in Afghanistan, progressives arguing that ACTUALLY, kids don't need to master math and reading, and President Biden considering vaccine mandates for interstate travel, there's plenty to be annoyed about. Tune in also to hear Jonah's thoughts on liberal nostalgia, socioeconomic divisions, and the propensity of the politically-obsessed to freak out about minor things. Oh, and bring a squeegee. Show Notes: - The Morning Dispatch breaks down the Afghanistan situation - An emergency Dispatch Podcast on Afghanistan - The Ethics and Public Policy Center's Honor Among Nations - International community, eh? - Trump's enduring delusions - Frederick M. Hess on Oregon's “soft bigotry of low expectations” - David Brooks reflects on Bobos in Paradise - The Wednesday G-File - Sombart on socialism - Jonah on royalty, real and imagined - The Remnant with Jonathan Adler - Biden contemplates vaccine mandates for interstate travel - Amy Coney Barrett upholds Indiana University's vaccine mandate See for privacy information.

    South America, Take it Away

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 89:21

    Charles C.W. Cooke, National Review's Anglo-American purveyor of liberty and golf carts, returns to The Remnant for a spirited discussion of accents, constitutionalism, and all things Floridian. Although Ron DeSantis has faced persistent criticism, Charlie believes he got COVID right, and explains why. With many references to James Madison. Meanwhile, Jonah remains puzzled by the right's fondness for Hungary, the increasingly imperialistic nature of the presidency, and Charles' blissful ignorance of foreign policy. At the end of it all, a fundamental question remains that only listeners can answer: What's the best theme song in TV history? Show Notes: - The Wednesday G-File - The great debate - Bill Maher defends Ron DeSantis - Rabbit season - Charlie's takedown of Rebekah Jones - Hungary eyes - “The Salazar Option” - Achieving our Country, by Richard Rorty See for privacy information.

    Embracing the Chaos

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 91:19

    Case Western University professor Jonathan Adler brings his fluency in legalese to The Remnant today for a conversation that would make Milton Hershey proud. In freewheeling fashion, he and Jonah explore the constitutional implications of the eviction moratorium, whether The Suicide Squad is worth watching, and how mitigating the threat of climate change through nuclear power won't produce an abundance of three-eyed fish. Stick around for a thorough discussion of the principles on which the conservative movement should be based, which causes Jonah and Jonathan to rapidly age into a pair of ornery octogenarians.   Show Notes: -Jonathan's first Remnant appearance -Jonathan's unique take on the peanut butter cup -Laurence Tribe defends the eviction moratorium -“A rare act of presidential civil disobedience” -Is the Supreme Court the Guardian of the Constitution? by Robert A. Licht -The Constitution in Congress, by David P. Currie -The latest IPCC report -“I didn't get rich by writing a lot of checks” -Hankering for Hungary -Kevin Williamson on what's rotten in Denmark -“The Salazar Option” -Jonathan and Henry Olsen debate fusionism See for privacy information.

    Drive-Time Ruminant 5: The Inestimable Trio

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 7, 2021 74:40

    The drive-time Remnant format returns today to prelude a new era for The Dispatch. With Nick Pompella now off to the wilds of Indiana, Jonah, Ryan, and Guy are left to explore the mad world of D.C. living and marmite advertising as a trio. Brace your bingo cards for a wild ride, as Jonah reflects on his conversation with Steak-umm social media guru Nathan Allebach, Ryan ponders the origin of “Republicans pounce,” and Guy previews an epic oral history of The Simpsons. Was Marbury v. Madison wrongly decided? What's so funny about the sweet taste of candy? And who will succeed Nick as the Alfred to Jonah's Batman? Show Notes: - The Remnant with Nathan Allebach - Joe Isuzu - Advertising reaches its peak - Guy and Ryan on The Comments Section podcast - Salty campaigning - “These Superbowl commercials are weird” - The Dispatch Podcast on the eviction moratorium extension - Republicans pounce on Cori Bush  - Vindication for Jonah on “Latinx” - The Wednesday G-File - Jonah's hatred of the Brookings Institution, colorized - “We do, we do” - Coalitional instincts See for privacy information.

    Raising the Steaks

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 72:18

    In the past, The Remnant has hosted prominent politicians, scholars, and media personalities. But none of them have made Jonah as excited as today's guest: Nathan Allebach, manager of the Steak-umm Twitter account. In a conversation laden with meat-related puns, Jonah and Nathan take a deep dive into the bizarre world of social media, where fast food brands often offer greater intellectual nuance than most political commentators. Neil deGrasse Tyson, online abuse, and the origins of Nathan's glorious enterprise are all discussed, as Jonah examines whether we'd be better off without the internet. At the end of it all, one vital hot-button question remains unanswered: Are hot dogs sandwiches? Show Notes: - Wednesday's “news”letter - Where the magic happens - The Joe Rogan episode that changed everything - The Twitter verification saga - Major beef with Neil deGrasse Tyson - Rationalia, eh? - Vindication for the Baconator - What a time to be alive See for privacy information.

    Meet the History Ninjas

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 80:29

    Chris Stirewalt is back on The Remnant to discuss how we can make politics boring again. As Chris observes, we've entered a “wilderness of grifts,” where opportunistic nationalism and Lincoln Project-style chicanery are all the rage. Meanwhile, a new group is trying to turn Joe Biden into FDR, factions on the right are embracing the progressive vision of government, and rage clicks are poisoning the political well. What can we learn from Lincoln in this bizarre moment? How do Americans really feel about abortion? And will Chris finally make a pious man out of Jonah?   Show Notes: -The Morning Dispatch breaks down the infrastructure negotiations -The Jane Mayer piece that made Jonah's morning -Jonah explores Trump's grip on the GOP -Ave, true to Trump -Trump's endorsement goes awry in Texas -The Remnant with Dan McLaughlin -Biden's team of rivals -The Great Debate, by Yuval Levin -Jonah's decadent dysfunction -Jonah on the implications of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health -The real great debate -A musical mystery -Chris' Instagram, where the magic happens -Kevin Williamson on the big white ghetto See for privacy information.

    Return of the Mask

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2021 52:29

    Today's ranty Ruminant finds Jonah alternately perplexed and irritated by the state of the COVID-19 pandemic, illiberalism in politics, and folks who think Twitter is real life. He begins by digging into the CDC's revised guidance on masks and the possible implications of America's stalling vaccine campaign. From there, things get nerdy, as Jonah explores the state of conservative institutions and weirdness of internet culture. Any cartoonists listening should stick around until the end for some striking inspiration. Show Notes: - Christian Schneider on anti-racism - Jonah on the new mask mandates - Wednesday's “news”letter - Last year's kooky Washington Times piece on masks - Crisis and Leviathan, by Robert Higgs - The Dispatch Podcast on the CDC and January 6 - The Remnant with Tim Carney - Marty Makary on the push to vaccinate children - Laura K. Field's essay on the Claremont Institute - The Remnant with Dan McLaughlin - Scarlett Johansson sues Disney See for privacy information.

    A Taste of Freedom

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2021 56:38

    American Enterprise Institute scholar and fan-favorite Remnant guest Tim Carney joins Jonah for a wide-ranging discussion of obscure political philosophy, the state of the COVID-19 pandemic, and why babies are good. In these strange, often distressing times, it can be easy to take a pessimistic view of the conservative movement and America more broadly. Tim, however, believes we should be hopeful on both of these fronts. What does it mean to be an old individualist? Will new mask mandates presage a return to lockdowns? And does it really take a village to raise a child? Show Notes: - Tim's page at the Washington Examiner - Khaya Himmelman's profile of Mike Lindell - The Remnant with Dan McLaughlin - “Crisis actors” - Laura Ingraham's oscars - “Pelosi Republicans” - Patriotic cuisine - The CDC revises its mask guidance - The Wednesday G-File - Washington Examiner: “Vaccinate India” - Making the U.S. more family-friendly - David Brooks: “The Nuclear Family was a Mistake” See for privacy information.

    Grumpy Old Sportsmen

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 85:44

    Unlike Ozzie Smith on his visit to Springfield, Jonah didn't fall off the face of the Earth during his northeastern excursion last week. Today, he's back in control of The Remnant, and invites National Review's Dan McLaughlin onto the show for a discussion of what the future holds for the Republican Party. Together, they explore the creation of the January 6 select committee, how the role of a political commentator differs from that of a political operative, and whether fusionism will survive the challenges currently facing the right. It's an episode dedicated to the common good.   Show Notes: -Dan's page at National Review -Dan's call for Trump's impeachment -The Morning Dispatch breaks down the January 6 committee -Trump profits from false election fraud claims -Ali Alexander and the Capitol riot -Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy's ongoing feud -NR's “Against Trump” issue -Dan's views on fusionism and Republican history -Jonah's views on fusionism -Dan responds to Adrian Vermeule See for privacy information.

    School's Out

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 45:47

    Chris Stirewalt is back in the driver's seat on today's Remnant in place of Jonah. This time, his guest is Robert Pondiscio, a newly minted fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and expert on education policy. Together, they explore how various deficiencies in American schooling can be overcome. Can patriotic civics and history be taught without indoctrinating pupils? How significant of a threat is critical race theory? And will discussing their own high school experiences force Chris and Robert to confront painful repressed memories? Show Notes: - Robert's page at AEI - The National Assessment of Educational Progress - Robert: “How U.S. Schools Became Obsessed with Race” - The influence of Horace Mann - Robert on what the critical race theory debate overlooks See for privacy information.

    Survey Says

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 57:41

    Jonah's vocal double Chris Stirewalt seizes control of The Remnant today in Dostoyevskian fashion. His guest? CNN's Harry Enten, who shares Chris' obsession with polling data. The two explore why polling in 2020 was so inaccurate, the quirks of online polling, and why Republicans who answer polls tend not to represent Republicans at large. They also dig into demographic divisions over vaccine uptake and how vaccine skeptics can be swayed. Tune in for incisive political analysis, but stick around for a considered discussion of which diet cola is America's finest. Show Notes: - Harry's author page at CNN - Jeff Bezos casually visits outer space - 2020's major polling blunders - Inaccurate polling in 1980 and 2012 - How the polls did in 2018 - Max Boot complains about vaccination rates in Republican states - Demographic trends in the vaccine rollout - The vaccine rollout's partisan divide See for privacy information.

    Liberal Fights and History

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2021 73:56

    Get your bingo cards ready, because Yuval Levin is back on The Remnant today to counteract Alex Tabarrok's libertarian influence. Which side is the aggressor in the culture war? How will history remember the Trump era? And why is the left substituting relativism for absolutism? Tune in for answers to these vital questions (which include plenty of ostentatious references to Leo Strauss), but stick around to hear Yuval deliver a heartening affirmation of American exceptionalism. The United States is facing challenges, and we have much to fix, but we have even more to be proud of. As any immigrant would tell you, there really is no greater country than America today. Show Notes: - The week's first Remnant with Alex Tabarrok - Kevin Drum: “If You Hate the Culture Wars, Blame Liberals” - Tim Miller: “Who's Actually Responsible for the ‘Culture War?'” - Jonah's G-File responding to both Drum and Miller - Yuval's third book, The Great Debate - CPAC attendees applaud Biden's missed vaccine goal - Jonah's Twitter debate with Nikole Hannah-Jones - The New York Times' tragic January 6 video - Leo Strauss on liberal education - Gen. Mark Milley feared a Trump “Reichstag moment” - Fame and the Founding Fathers, by Douglass Adair See for privacy information.

    Marginal Revolutionaries

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 92:14

    Alex Tabarrok, perhaps the world's sole Canadian libertarian, joins The Remnant today for the first time. Inflation is on the rise, the vaccine rollout is stalling, and illiberalism is resurgent. In other words, there are plenty of demanding issues for Americans to be concerned about. Thankfully, Tabarrok has a range of considered policy solutions for Jonah to explore. How can we revitalize democracy? Would open borders work? And should we abandon advanced civilization now before the machines destroy us all?   Show Notes: -Alex's website -“Inflation, no chance …” -Jonah on the wackiness of vaccine paranoia -Newsmax outcrazies itself -The Mayor Quimby of anti-vaxxers -Jonah on the importance of character -Ezra Klein on the good old days -Alex's case for open borders -“Born American, but in the Wrong Place” -The Baumol effect -Home Economics, by Nick Shulz -The elite master's degrees that don't pay off See for privacy information.

    No Hands Clapping

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 10, 2021 54:30

    On today's Ruminant, Jonah discusses everything from obscure existentialist philosophy to the realism of zombie TV. Rank punditry is first on the docket, as Jonah examines Biden's poor handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and Republican efforts to whitewash the events of January 6. Afterward, Jonah defends his recent comments about Tucker Carlson and explores the world's progress on vaccinations. Is Western civilization buckling under the weight of liberal guilt? Should America be the world's policeman? And will Ramesh Ponnuru ever persuade Jonah to change his mind about the death penalty? Show Notes: - Biden brings the Afghanistan withdrawal date forward - The New York Times' devastating January 6 video  - The latest Dispatch Podcast - Jonah's debate with Joshua Tait - Jonah's final word on critical race theory - The week's second Remnant with Will Saletan - “I'm not getting anything…”  - Jonah's Tucker tweet, which caused no controversy - Trouble in Tokyo - Republican craziness over Biden's push to “knock on doors”  See for privacy information.

    The Reality Rebellion

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2021 85:31

    Slate's Will Saletan joins The Remnant once again to discuss Trump's lunatic lawsuit against big tech, Biden's first six months, and the endless debate over critical race theory in education. Plus, in a shocking turn of events, Will challenges Jonah on his oft-repeated line that America has two minority parties, instead arguing that both Democrats and Republicans are engaging in a war on reality fueled by the strangeness of the internet. Be ready with your bingo cards, because Jonah's references to defunding the police, the term “Latinx,” and the annoyingness of teachers' unions arrive at an unprecedented rate. Show Notes: - Will's page at Slate - Will on Trump's crusade against democracy - Trump's insane press conference - Jonah: “Yes, progressives. You really do need Joe Manchin” - Yesterday's “news”letter - Tourism in 2021 - “The American Mythology of Racial Progress” - Trigger warnings are triggering - Facebook's astonishing list of genders See for privacy information.

    Law and Disorder

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 74:49

    Only Remnant listeners fluent in legalese should subject themselves to today's discussion of Supreme Court jurisprudence, in which fan-favorite classical liberal Ilya Shapiro returns to claim his coveted gold jacket. Jonah and Ilya explore what the court's conservative majority will mean for future cases and whether the conservative legal movement should adapt its philosophy in the wake of Bostock v. Clayton County. They also touch on some of the most controversial issues raised by recent Supreme Court decisions, including Arizona's voting laws and free speech in public schools. David and Sarah, eat your heart out! Show Notes: - Ilya's latest book, Supreme Disorder - The mysterious shadow docket - Fulton v. City of Philadelphia - “After Bostock, We're All Textualists Now” - Walter Olson in The Dispatch on HIPAA - The Supreme Court upholds Arizona voting restrictions - Ilya: “The Voter Suppression Lie” - Advisory Opinions on the Supreme Court's cheerleader case - Ilya's campaign for the Falls Church Schoolboard, shamelessly plugged - Ilya explains why he's running See for privacy information.

    The Noblest Savage

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2021 74:23

    Today's ranty Ruminant features killer whales, hunter-gatherers, and a special appearance by Jonah's importunate dingo. It also includes as much kvetching about partisan craziness and misunderstood aspects of intellectual history as you'd expect. Jonah begins by discussing the latest Trump tax scandal, the root cause of Tucker Carlson's apparent insanity, and the GOP brouhaha over the January 6 commission. He then reflects on Donald Rumsfeld's time in the White House. The show concludes with a mini-commercial for Suicide of the West, gratuitous shots at Rousseau and Marx, and reflections on the Fourth of July. It's a veritable Goldbergian greatest hits. Show Notes: - Andy McCarthy on Manhattan's Ahab - Scott Gottleib's new book, Uncontrolled Spread - Encouraging job news - Kevin McCarthy's response to the January 6 commission - Paul Gosar and Nick Fuentes, BFFs - Thursday's Twitter-bashing Remnant with Mo Elleithee - Somebody's (still) watching me… - Tucker blames the FBI for the Capitol riot - Donald Rumsfeld and (gasp!) Leo Strauss - Ezra Klein's recent podcast on how good we used to have it See for privacy information.

    The Hangover: An Epilogue with Chris Stirewalt

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 2, 2021 26:36

    The Hangover has now concluded, and Chris Stirewalt thought it appropriate to provide an epilogue to the series. If the last four years have taught us anything, Chris observes, it's that “people are terrible at predicting the future.” After the GOP's victory in 2016, nobody could have guessed that the party would be swept out of power four years later, or that our lives would be upended by a pandemic. Going forward, there's no way of knowing whether the GOP will overcome its current craziness or completely self-destruct, but the rot within the party reveals as much about America itself as it does Republican politicians. Making our republic healthier and stronger is a job for all of us, and we can accomplish it by engaging with our institutions and communities. This series has been a pleasure to put together, and we at The Dispatch send our thanks not only to all of Chris' guests, but to all of you for listening. See for privacy information.

    Why We Can't Have Nice Things

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2021 74:22

    Fan-favorite political strategist Mo Elleithee returns to The Remnant today for a discussion of Joe Biden's first six months in office, America's deepening polarization, and how we should understand the results of the 2020 election. With debates over issues like critical race theory and police reform continuing to intensify, has the Democratic Party really shifted as far to the left as conservatives believe? For that matter, what can Mo's latest Battleground Poll tell us about the challenges America faces, and why is the political side of Twitter so inexpressibly hideous? It's a dream come true for lovers of statistics and infrastructure. Show Notes: - Mo's work at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service - Mo's recent appearance on TheDispatch Podcast - Nate Cohn on the statistics behind the 2020 election - Chris Wallace accuses Republicans of defunding the police - The Bill Clinton/Lani Guinier episode - Abigail Spanberger blasts progressive sloganeering - Sean Trende on Conversations with Bill Kristol - The June 2021 Battleground Poll See for privacy information.

    The Hangover Chapter 7: Chris Stirewalt and David Glade

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2021 46:48

    The Hangover concludes on a unique note, as David Glade, rector of Virginia's Christ the King Anglican Church, joins Chris Stirewalt to discuss what the future holds for religion in a divided America. Politics, the pair note, can be an especially alluring idol. Today, even shopping at Home Depot is seen as a political act, and the forces of populism and wokery have supplanted real faiths in the lives of many Americans. Committed Christians, meanwhile, increasingly focus on relatively trivial political issues rather than deeper ethical matters. With politics, David observes, “a little more disinterestedness may not be a bad thing” when true religion can offer so much more to human beings. He and Chris also reflect on the evolution of American Christianity and how the relationship between evangelicals and the GOP changed in the age of Trump.   Show Notes: -David's work at Christ the King -The Falls Church split -The Great Awakening and the American Revolution -Mircea Eliade on what draws humans to the sacred -Timothy Keller: “Can Evangelicalism Survive Donald Trump and Roy Moore?” See for privacy information.

    New York Groove

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2021 75:11

    Start spreading the news: Esteemed historian Vincent Cannato is back on The Remnant to discuss all things New York City. After digging into the ongoing mayoral election, Curtis Sliwa's rescue cats, and Rudy Giuliani's descent into madness, Jonah and Vin explore what the Big Apple's partisan divisions reveal about America's broader political shenanigans. From there, they consider how the paranoid style in American politics can explain the right's embrace of post-liberal Catholic integralism. At the end of it all, one question remains: Who will be the third man in Jonah and Vin's upcoming production of On the Town?   Show Notes: -The New York Post backs Eric Adams -Brad Lander's comptroller campaign -Curtis Sliwa's colorful discussion with Eric Shawn -Vincent: “Same Old, Same Old, Same Old” -Did Fred Trump attend a KKK rally? -“I'm no FDR, but …” -Jonah on the latest infrastructure fracas -Bingo -OAN's remarkable craziness -Mamma mia! -Somebody's watching me... See for privacy information.

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