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Introducing Bible Study Company Podcast. Grab some coffee or your favorite beverage. We are excited to have you join us. Who are we? Pew sitters on a path to find out what pleases God, our Creator. We are studying scripture through a lens to find out how to live a praiseworthy life to Christ. Dr. Ba…

Ric and Mary Joyner

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    Do we see the Trinity in the Old Testament?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2022 6:06

    #loveisrael #baruch #baruchkorman #trinity #jw #jehovahswitnesses #bible #biblestudy #jesus #jesuschrist #biblestudycompanyLet's find out with Dr. Baruch Korman of loveisrael.orgTo see our full discussion go to

    Spiritual Warfare Part 3 Can Christians have a demon?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2022 86:39

    spirituality #spiritual #spiritualwarfare #canachristianbepossessed #possession #demonslayer #demonpossession #jesus #jesuschrist #biblestudy #bible #curse #witchcraft #witch #prayer #spirituality #spiritual #spiritualwarfare #canachristianbepossessed #possession #demonslayer #demonpossession #jesus #jesuschrist #biblestudy #bible #curse #witchcraft #witch #prayer Dylan continues his study challenge. Can Christians have demons? And what is the most effective prayer for "fighting spiritual entities"? "Lord, we ask You to have Your Kingdom, and Your will come on us in all areas of our lives.(Matthew 6:9- I am struggling, or this person is struggling in this area, and we ask Your forgiveness for XYZ sins of the occult. Lord, only You have the power to rebuke the enemy, and we ask you to rebuke this or that situation or entity. (Jude) We humble ourselves under Your hand, and Your word says if we resist the devil, He will flee from us. (James 4:7) We ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and His shed blood for us that we resist the enemy of our souls. Amen" (Eph 6) 00:00:00 Introduction 00:00:54 Nathan the chicken 00:01:32 Prayer 00:02:28 How did the podcast come to be?00:03:16 Studying scripture to live a praiseworthy life to God 00:04:46 Do we have the same powers as the Apostles? 00:06:28 What is a familiar spirit?00:07:55 Proper bible study matters00:09:49 Familiar spirits will try to deceive us00:11:32 Can Christians use divination accidentally? 00:12:29 Witchcraft. White or black witchcraft is rebellion against God 00:13:41 Do we see omens used in the church? Yes, 00:15:43 How do you know the will of God is about to happen? 00:19:19 Can prophesy in the church be used for divination? Yes, if the person prophesying is doing it out of their flesh, not from the word of God. 00:19:37 Are places haunted? Or are people who go to those places haunted? 00:21:41 How does the enemy attack you and the church? 00:23:29 Yoga poses are dedicated to Hindu gods, whether we like it or not 00:25:00 Is the enneagram occultic? 00:25:40 Distraction is the main weapon of Satan 00:27:32 Is the use of drugs such as marijuana sorcery? 00:29:06 Is marijuana organic? 00:32:55 Christian witches? NO! 00:33:14 Trying to reach dead family members? 00:36:14 How the demonic kingdom is laid out 00:41:51 We may be being opposed by God due to our own pride, not spirits 00:45:41 how do we fall into depravity? 00:47:35 How are the spiritual forces set up? Daniel gives clue 00:49:53 Claiming geographies, is that biblical? 00:50:27 Do we have the power to bind the enemy? 00:53:25 A great prayer to pray for those that are lost is Acts 26:18 00:56:57 Can we question what we are taught from the pulpit? 00:57:31 Drop what you have been taught and study the bible yourself! 01:01:28 What is a disciple? 01:02:11 Are you being disciplined by the Word of God? 01:12:55 God is enough, I am not enough, and I need to study His word to live praiseworthy to God

    Can you be legalistic and not know it? Are you hurting from bad church situations?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2022 70:01

    #legalism #jesus #jesuslovesyou #bible #biblestudy #church #independentbaptist #ifb #baptist #charismatic #nondenominationalchurch #spiritual #spiritualabuse What is legalism? Can we be legalistic and not know it? Have you been hurt in church?  Join us for this time of reflection. We are honest and raw, and we hope you enjoy the podcast and video cast and that it brings healing.  Remember, the church is made up of broken people, and we are included in that brokenness.  Join BSC to use the tools: to BSC: you like, share and subscribe? We can grow if you do.00:00:00 Introduction00:00:47 Can independent baptists and charismatic have common situations in church?00:01:59 The danger of blind spots. Can you be legalistic and not know it?00:02:52 Defining legalism  00:05:15 Be careful of leaders who make the rules and comparison with others00:06:19 We are in Christ now! Glory to God!00:07:27 Ric discusses his charismatic roots and how performance and authoritarianism crept into the church00:12:30 What is a disciple?00:14:21 Is the Man of God in the pulpit always right? Can we question them?  00:15:47 What does "The Lord's anointed mean?"00:21:06 Are we studying the Bible correctly?00:23:01 Passive aggressive behavior has no place in church or families  00:29:23 Doctrine and Theology are important to have a relationship with Christ00:29:44 Anti-intellectualism and seminary  00:29:57 Discussion of proper submission in the church00:39:26 Beginning to speak out in a controlling church00:48:11 Poor handling of the word of God by the Pastors creates bad leadership. Be warned00:50:20 Proper accountability00:51:05 Do not get angry at God. We have no business doing so00:53:39 Leaving a controlling church is painful. How to cope00:56:02 Offering hope and not bitterness01:06:34 Prayer for healing to those in bad church situations

    Clearing up false teaching with Dr. Baruch Korman of

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2022 74:39

    #bible #biblestudy #jehovahswitnesses #jw #jesus #jesuschrist #demonslayer #trending #isjesusgod #michaelheiser #salvation #bornagain #spiritual #IsaiahSaldivar #spirituality #deliverance #trinity #creation #spiritualwarfare #possession #christian #falseteaching #falseteachings 00:00:00 Challenging theological questions  00:00:54 Support Loveisrael.org00:02:14 Dr. Heiser and Divine Council: What about "Us" in Gen 1:2600:22:30 Dr. Heiser and Psalm 8200:27:24 Is Jesus Divine?00:36:28 Jesus in different modes?00:38:10 Affirming the Trinity00:39:06 Affirming 6 literal days of creation00:41:00 the Sinner's prayer is biblical and eternal security00:50:10 Is there a difference between the Kingdom of God and the Church of Christ?00:56:41 Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Ministries01:00:42 What is the authority of the believer in binding Satan?01:02:15 How to pray against satan01:03:23 How are Christians oppressed by Satan?01:05:17 What is the best type of bible study method?01:09:42 Spiritual warfare will start when you study the bibleCourse on how to study the Bible: Donate: 

    Spiritual Warfare Part 2 Can Christians have a demon?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2022 53:44

    Spiritual warfare Part 1 Can a Christian have a demon?I am with Dylan Browning for a two-part series on Spiritual Warfare. Dylan also studies scripture to live a praiseworthy life to God with Dylan came from a Pentecostal/charismatic background and encountered a man who believes Christians can have demons. He recently attended this man's conference and came back with some questions on spiritual warfare. My challenge was this; let's study what you currently know about this topic in the Bible, and then we can have a podcast. He eagerly decided on the bible study! After his research, we met several times to hone the podcast. Join us for the podcast and these questions and lively discussion! To join, here is a link: support, here is a link:

    Spiritual warfare Part 1 Can a Christian have a demon?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 6, 2022 54:41

    #spiritual #spiritualwarfare #canachristianbepossesed #demon #demonpossession #jesus #jesuschrist #bible #curse #witchcraft #witch #prayerSpiritual warfare Part 1 Can a Christian have a demon?I am with Dylan Browning for a two-part series on Spiritual Warfare. Dylan also studies scripture to live a praiseworthy life to God with Dylan came from a Pentecostal/charismatic background and encountered a man who believes Christians can have demons. He recently attended this man's conference and came back with some questions on spiritual warfare. My challenge was this; let's study what you currently know about this topic in the Bible, and then we can have a podcast. He eagerly decided on the bible study! After his research, we met several times to hone the podcast. Join us for the podcast and these questions and lively discussion! To join, here is a link: support, here is a link:

    Romans 1 Bible Study with Erv Puckett- Sad News

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2022 28:09

    #Romans #biblestudy #bible #Cancer #Cancersucks Erv and I are doing bible study together on Romans. Here are some of the things you will learn.  1. The real reason Christ saves us2. What is an apostle?3. The giant change of mind in Paul's life about the Lord Jesus Christ4 Being a bondservant of our Creator5. Hope for gentiles  6. What is grace, and why do we need it? Sad news: Erv's cancer has spread. The pancreatic cancer is in remission but has moved to the liver and limp glands. He has just started a long series of chemotherapy, but Erv is in good spirits and hopeful. The chemo helped with his pancreatic cancer, and the Docs say this will help too. But you can help. First, with prayer for help and healing. Second, he has to pay $300 per treatment for 26 treatments, and his insurance will not cover it, and he is on a limited income. Can you go to the gofundme and donate? Will you share this post and recommend people donate and pray? came to Christ over a year ago, and this is his testimony. listen to the video of this cast go here:

    Can God us your life? How David became King

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 14, 2022 49:54

    As we contemplate the new year have you wondered, "Can God use my life? I am just a nobody in my job and family and doing nothing important". Every person was made by God to serve Him. Our focus is to minister to Him. He wants us to be somebody to Him.Let's take the time to read Psalm 139 for worship.Next: We will examine the story of David becoming king from God's perspective in 1 Samuel 16 whole chapter.  What does "David was a man after God's own heart" actually mean. And how did David become king? Why did God make David king while Saul was still king?  How can we be people after God's own heart?What steps did David take for God to pick him as king? Can you take the same steps.  Do you study the bible from a youframe perspective or Godframe approach to live pleasing to God?Join us for reframing your new year.Our youtube version 

    How do we become a disciple

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2021 53:23

    #sundayschool #bible #biblestudy #disciple #torahkeeping #properbiblestudymethods #Jesus #JesusChrist #yeshua #torah We are looking at what is a disciple. We are having a discussion in our Sunday School class at Christ Community Church of Ocala FL For details and handouts go here: Go to and sign up and join the group.

    What is success in God's eyes?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 64:17

    #Jesus #JesusChrist #GoDislove #Yeshua #whatissuccess #biblicalsuccess But is this the Frame that God approves? Adam and Eve had one law or rule which God gave them that was a negative rule. Although God created them to do His will on earth, they chose to sin. What is sin? Choosing our will over God's will. We think we know best. We believe we are a "good person." And the list goes on. Choosing our "frame" over His frame?  Is there a Godly Frame? Or rather a biblical framework to see life through? Yes.  Hint. We are not in the frame! God and His word sit firmly in the BiblicalFRAME.  Our list starts here. Theme-based study.1. Creator. His world, His rules Gen Chapt 1-32. "Minister to Me..." Exodus 28:13. Judah/Jews "One who praises God." Gen 29:354. "Serve Me." The highest purpose of man Exodus 4:22-245. Walk in a manner worthy of the calling Eph 4:16. Our purpose 2Cor 5:1-117. "Take up your cross daily..." Matthew 16:24-268. So we are not deceived, God gave us the Bible and the HS. 1john2:26When we decided to set our lives and hearts at His feet as a servant then we will take His Word to us and get serious that we are not the center of our lives but the Lord Jesus Christ is the center and we serve Him.  Taking up our cross is placing our will on the cross and going after Him. How can we do that? By submitting to the Holy Spirit as He teaches us away from ungodliness. How do we know what is ungodly? Through His word.  Join us for this special thanksgiving Podcast. We are grateful to you all. Please share, subscribe and comment. It helps us grow.  PowerPointScriptures for study 

    Erv Puckett Ephesians 1:15 to end. Who we are in Christ, Bible study

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2021 73:19

    #Bible #Jesus #JesusChrist #InChrist #inYeshua Did you know faith is a gift of God? So is our salvation. We learn prayers from Paul. We are to have the eyes of our hearts opened. We need a spirit of revelation and wisdom. This sets us apart for Him. It gives us a heavenly way to view our walk with Christ. Join us for this podcast and video.

    Erv's Cancer may be back. Please pray for him

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2021 36:27

    #Bible #Biblestudy #Jesus #JesusChrist #biblestudycompany #Ephesians #cancer Erv's cancer may be back. We are both scared but decide to worship during the news. Our Creator made us with a choice. To choose our will or His will. His will is we totally trust Him with our lives. We do so with worship in the midst of bad news. Worship with us. Grab your psalm and pray with us through this news.  

    Erv Puckett Bible Study Ephesians 1: 8-12

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 52:03

    #Bible #Biblestudy #Jesus #JesusChrist #biblestudycompany #Ephesians #Ephesiansbiblestudy1. Redemption and what it means. The forgiveness of our trespasses (sins) against God's laws. The good news (Gospel) is that we cannot earn or work our way to a relationship with God. We need a rescue (redemption). Christ did it all.  2. It is through Christ's blood. Christ dying for our sin is how we know God came to earth. He was able to fix Adam's sin, forgive our sin 6,000 years later, and forgive the whole world's sin. Each person has an opportunity to access this forgiveness. All we need is to ask Christ to save us with a sincere heart, as Erv and Ric did.  3. Did you know we have access to knowing God's will? We do! Christ, it says of Christ,"7 In Him, we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace 8, which He lavished on us. In all wisdom and insight 9, He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him"  We need to carry these verses about "who" we are in Christ. We are a new creature, and the old has passed away, as Paul says. But why are we knew? What does that mean? It means we are now in Christ, and He gives us the power (grace through His Holy Spirit) to do His will.    But what if we don't want to? Tell Him. Be honest. Have a relationship with the God of the Universe Who died for you and us.   Join us for worship and study of God's word. Grab your psalms and join us to give God glory in our study. He deserves it!  

    Erv Puckett Bible Study Ephesians 1:5-9 We are in Christ!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 41:40

    We worship using Psalms  1. We talk about what it means to be predestined. And we discuss that we are adopted into the family of God.2. We discuss God's kind intention of His will, which is what we are after as we study the Bible, and what that means for our lives.3. We talk about the praise and glory of His grace and how that matters. Grace is always moving us away from ungodliness which is toward God's will in our life.  4. We talk about "in Christ", "in the beloved" and what that means for us. We are no longer a part of the world. Yet we live in it. But He lives in us!  5. We get into specifics about redemption, what it means for the Gospel, and our daily lives. Do we understand salvation correctly?6. He lavished His love, grace, and forgiveness on us and we are still in amazement! We just need to believe in Him. Put our full weight of trust in Him and have the assurance of the things hoped for.   Join us to see how we can live praiseworthy to God. BTW you can use this bible study with a group if you like.

    Erv Puckett and Ric Joyner Bible Study: Ephesians 1:1-4

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 49:25

    #Bible #Biblestudy #Disciple #Apostle #willofGod #ephesians   Erv is approaching his 1st anniversary after becoming born again. His life has dramatically changed.  The second week we had a Bible Study he said something similar to this: "Ric and Pete, I am stuck at home with my pancreatic cancer. I do not know if I will live long. But how can God use me? How can I share the Gospel with people". Pete and I shared that we should just ask God for the opportunity. Erv, within two or three weeks, was sharing the Gospel of Christ in a youth prison where he still serves! He was asked to run a nursing  Bible study AND has found a home church. Your prayers have helped to put him in remission! God's glory! His testimony has been seen thousands of times on youtube and Facebook! He is sharing what God has done for him! You can too!  Ric and Erv started a bible study that we have been doing all year. We decided to record them so people could enjoy the back and forth and use good bible study principles. Ric gets to see the changes in Erv. His wife says to him when he gets grumpy (and you would too if you were sick with cancer), "Hey, are you reading your bible and talking to Ric?" He picks up the phone! This is mentoring and we are mentoring each other! Grab a mentor.  This week we start a study in Ephesians.  We learn about these topics.  1. What is the will of God? How do we find it? Did you know God wants you to please Him with your life? But how?2. What is the difference between an Apostle and Disciple?3. We talk about what Grace is and what it is not, and why we need to respond to God4. When Paul talks about Peace, what does he mean? Too often, we just read over verses and don't pause to ask the HS for help in understanding. Peace with God is a giant concept that needs to be understood. Paul sets the stage for understanding all of Ephesians with this simple line. Think: We have Peace with God! The war is over! We have eternal life and much, much more, as Paul will explain!  5. What does "in Christ" mean?Join us for these Bible Studies. Ask questions. Let's be a community of bible studiers, so we learn to live a life pleasing to God.  His world, His rules, His Power in us!  Erv's testimony is here:, everyone please watch, listen and share. 

    Are Christians Required to Keep the Law: Summary and Conclusions

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021 55:22

    #Hebrewroots #hebrewrootsmovement #messianicjudaism #dochristiansneedtokeepthelaw #bible #biblestudy #Jesus #yeshua #torah #torahkeeping #messiah #hrm So if we want to keep the Torah (Law of Moses), how will we do it? We learned that not even Orthodox Judaism is Torah observant.  We heard from people who said, "Ric, how will we know what sin is if we don't keep Torah"? Our answer is the entire New Testament, written by Christ's direct representatives; the Apostles have many "laws" and explains the Torah. The old testament was pointing to Christ. Christ came. Now what? Keep Torah? No.  The bottom line is that in Ephesians 2, Paul lays out for both Jew and Gentiles that we are now "in Christ." Think of an envelope covered in Divine blood. We are now, "in the envelope," in Christ.  When Christ took the wine and broke the bread, representing His Body (may we say our efforts?) and the wine (blood) poured out for our sin (missing God's will for our lives), Christ was able to release us (may we say fulfill?) from our obligations as Jew and Gentiles through the Cross for our sin! Glory to God!What was the result? Christ said it best: John 2:19  Jesus answered them, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." A change has taken place: A New Covenant is here! While some would say the New Covenant is only for the Jewish people, we can benefit as Gentiles. How? Because we become Born Again. We are made alive "in Christ" by the Holy Spirit of God.  Remember the envelope? Could you think of us as inside of Christ? Christ was able to keep the law and pay all penalties. We get to "hide" in Him! Paul said: Eph 2: "14 For He Himself is our peace, who made both groups into one and broke down the barrier of the dividing wall, 15 by abolishing in His flesh the enmity, which is the Law of commandments contained in ordinances, so that in Himself He might make the two into one new man, thus establishing peace, 16 and might reconcile them both in one body to God through the cross, by it having put to death the enmity." Peace; THE WAR IS OVER WITH GOD! Hallelujah!  Is the law abolished? No. Are our efforts to keep the law abolished? Yes, because no one could as humans. Remember His Body was broken for us. All of our efforts are "filthy rags." Our sin debt is paid. The Holy Spirit is now in us and teaching us "away" from ungodliness! Titus 2:11-12  Mary and I look at it this way. Where are our eyes? On Christ? Or the Torah? We know we better have our eyes on Christ. He is our Maker. If my focus is keeping Torah or any program about us "doing," then my eyes are off of Christ. We also will compare ourselves to others. Otherwise, how do we know we are "doing it," right?  We know that people who want to keep the law are wanting to please God. But is our job to do what the Jewish people could not? No. When my focus is on Christ, I can let the Holy Spirit work on my sin in this body. Do I have sin my life? Do I Lie? Steal? Cheat? Lust? Work until I drop? Think about allowing the word of God to show you sinful motives. From motives is where sin is born.  Let's walk in the Spirit, letting Him lead us to proper biblical study methods to live a praiseworthy life to God for His plans and purposes!  Join us for this podcast. Let us know what you think.  Resources:  Hebrew Roots Cult of Moses story of the law of God Matthew 5:17  HRM Eventually Denies Christ

    Are Christians supposed to keep the Law? Part 2 with Dr. Baruch Korman

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2021 67:56

    #hebrewroots #messianicjudaism #dochristiansneedtokeepthelaw #bible #biblestudy #Jesus #yeshua #torah #torahkeeping #messiah #hrm Some gems Baruch lays out.  1. Judaism is not Torah Observant today. Those who claim to be Torah keeping need to be aware that over 250 "laws" or instructions are related to the Temple being in place. Thus, no one is a true Torah Keeper.  2. There are many versions of Judaism in the US. 3. The "Law" is a unit. If we cannot keep the "law" with no temple in place so then the whole law is "broken." We can learn much about spiritual truth, and that should be our focus when studying the Torah.  4. We all must base our doctrine on the Word of God and our study with the Holy Spirit. We should not follow men.  5. We are saved by grace alone, through faith alone as Abraham was.  6. In Ephesians 2, the penalty and the debt we owed to God was paid by our Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.  7. How does Christ fulfill the law? Watch the video or listen.  8. We must be careful not to disparage a group or church in our process or compare ourselves over other Christians. Keep our eyes focused on Christ.  9. Sabbath is a day of rest. We worship God EVERY DAY, ALL DAY.  10. The whole Bible is available to us, and we need to learn how to handle the Word of God rightly.  Join us for this interesting podcast on Should Christians Keep the Law?  Support 

    Should Christians Keep the Law? Part 1 Dr. Daniel Goepfrich: Theology is for everyone

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2021 84:14

    #hebrewroots #yeshua #Messianicjudaism #torah #bible #torahkeeping #keepingtorah #keepthelaw #lawkeeping #performancebased #lawofmosesHighlights of the interview:  1. Dr. Goepfrich gem of a statement: "Christ was not the atonement for our sin...HE PAID FOR IT ALL. Christ gave us the great exchange. He took our sin to the cross, paid the price for our sin that we could not, and then gave us His righteousness. Thus it is as if we never sinned! Do we keep on sinning? No, because the power of the Holy Spirit is to train us away from ungodliness (Titus 2:11-12)  2. Goepfrich gem #2: Jewish people, before Messiah came, had to go to the temple. WE ARE THE TEMPLE!  3. Goeprich gem #3: Christ didn't abolish the law; HE COMPLETED IT! We have a new beginning with the Holy Spirit inside of us.  4. Goepfrich gem #4 We are not under the Mosaic law. We are under the law of Christ!  5. Goepfrich gem #5 Should Christians keep the Shabbat? It is wise to have a day of rest. So the "spirit" of Shabbat is to be dependent on God every day, but a day of rest is important. The "church" is not a nation as Israel was.6. Where does the church appear in the Old Testament? Hint...oops, watch the video or podcast.  7. Daniel discusses his version of Biblical study principles.  Please, like and subscribe, and share.  Learn more:  Biblical DiscipleshipTheologyisforeveryone.comDaniel's Church

    Intro to new series: Should Christians Keep the Law?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2021 44:36

    #hebrewroots #yeshua #Messianicjudaism #keepthelaw #lawkeepingA. Our introduction to the series and updates about B. Dr. Daniel Goepfrich from Theology for Everyone will discuss the covenants and how the church should look at the New Testament covenants. His viewpoint is helpful to know why churches say, "The law was nailed to the cross." He debunks and clarifies for us. C. Dr. Baruch Korman of gives excellent balance and answers tough questionsD. The final podcast will be Mary, and I am recapping our way forward and gives us tools from a proper biblical study process. So why do this series? Some in this Mosaic law-keeping movement are referred to as the: Hebrew Roots Movement (HRM). However, law-keeping is also in some legalistic churches as well, usually called performance-based to get God to "move" on their behalf. The Torah was part of a covenant with Israel after God miraculously created a nation from Egypt to keep His promise to Abraham. The Sinai covenant is detailed for the life the Israelites were to live in the promised land. The "promised land" can be a symbol of the Bible we have today. As Christian, we can submit our hearts and will to the Word of God to live praiseworthy to God in our daily lives. Why? Because we have the entire Bible at our disposal from Genesis to Revelation. When we were in Messianic Judaism, we heard of law-keeping groups and even horror stories of cult-like behavior. The extraordinary things about people caught up in this movement have several things in common: 1. A love for God, and they wish to please Him and thus do not want to miss anything He has and least of all, disobey Him. Obeying the Mosaic law can set people up to a type of bondage based on someone's (a leader's) interpretation of the Bible. Keeping the Mosaic law will depend on the group and leader's interpretation of what to do. 2. A misunderstanding of proper biblical study methods by taking the Bible in the Old Testament and applying it to obey today rather than the principles Scripture is trying to teach us. Suitable Bible study methods can help us sort this out. 3. Nearly everywhere in the Bible, even in the New Testament, the word "law" is interpreted as "Mosaic law," thus, a bias is created TO OBEY THE MOSAIC Law when none exists. Christ referred to the "Law and the Prophets." However, the Samaritans were only focused on the Torah as mentioned in John 4. 4. A disdain for current Christian churches and practices, which they assume are anti-Law. We will sort through this as well. ​ 5. A misunderstanding of the Grace of God as a license to sin. When in reality, Titus 2:11-12 shows us that the Holy Spirit will "teach" us away from ungodliness. How do we know what is ungodly? Through the Whole Counsel of God (Bible). The New Testament, written by Christ's direct representatives, the Apostles, gives us an interpretation of the Old Testament! If you are in the Grace of God, you are turning FROM sin...not TO sin. 6. Today, or in this particular time, after the Cross of our Lord, we are under His blood and have forgiveness of our sin. We can now give Him a gift. We can offer, at the feet of His Throne, our will and our life. He is our Creator and Savior. 7. Are you in a group like this? No worries. Remember, always follow the Holy Spirit's leading. Put all the teaching you hear up against the Word of God. He will lead you. Psalm 23.Feel free to ask God questions. He will help you. And contact us. We will be happy to help you sort this out. We will explore these areas of concern that have caused many to become ensnared. None of what we write or say should offend anyone. If we do, please remember that we were caught up in some of these groups as well. But because we wanted to study Scripture to live a praiseworthy life to God, He led us to correct Biblical study principles. Join us for this podcast. Please share!Powerpoint presentationYouTube

    Live Bible Study with Erv Puckett: Secrets of God's voice!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2021 64:02

    #bible #biblestudy #cancer #cancerfree #God #Biblestudycompany #voiceofGod #Jesus #JesusChrist #illumination  Live Bible Study with Erv Puckett. The secrets of the Voice of God?Two good friends have a live podcast/video of a bible study the way Bible Study Company studies. Grab your Bible, your beverage,, and your friends to join us for this engaging study.  Is the wilderness going into the desert to be with God? Are we called "out" of the world (Egypt) but still be in it? We discuss these topics and why knowing what "dabbar" means is crucial in our bible study. One of the names of God is YHVH (Jehovah) Dabbar which translates to Jehovah Speaks. And when God speaks...we need to listen. But is there a difference between a casual conversation (amar) that indicates a relationship with God and God's revelation (dabbar)? Yes, there are differences!  Then we need to ask: "Lord, what is the difference between God's revelation and God's casual conversation with us?" Do we receive "new" revelation today? No, because we have complete Scripture called the Bible, which has Genesis to Revelations. But we do have a relationship with God, and He does speak to us and He does illuminate to us Biblical truths.  Let's find out the differences! Join us! Please share your thoughts, and please share.

    Any Doubters in the Crowd?

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    #apologetics #Christian #doubt #skeptic #atheist #biblestudy #God #DoubtofGod #podcastOur special guest is Kedar Joyner, our daughter, artist, techie, Trekkie, and User Experience Designer for the University of Wisconsin. Together we discuss growing up in a Christian home but finding her way through doubt and developing our assurance of faith in Christ through understanding sound biblical study principles.  Is doubt accepted in the church or "frowned-upon"? Who can you go to with your doubt questions? Did you know doubt is connected to anxiety? Did you know that at the heart of doubt are questions? For those with doubt, please let us know in the comments below. We would love to walk with you!   Please comment and share. Don't forget to subscribe.  Here is a link to Kedar's art:'s UW talk on Anxiety and tech  Doubt Podcast Outline:   (can be used for discussion)To learn about salvation:

    Ephesians Chapter 1 Part 2 To be or not to do that is our question

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    #Jesus #JesusChrist #Bible #biblia #ephesians #dependentongod #Jesuslovesyou #inchristTo be v.s. to do. Did we just define our struggle in our life? We start our second Bible Study of Ephesians with the biblical study principles on what Paul is communicating what we "are" in Ephesians 1. So we are to "be" in GOD's POWER v.s., not to "do" IN OUR POWER and strength. But this is where we live, in our heads, emotions, and our will. How can we change to "be" in His will? Easy to say, hard to accomplish. But not complicated in His power. Let's see. Our podcast and video are the practical applications of our DEPENDENCE ON GOD, not on our strength. Did you know Adam and Eve were to have God's help daily to carry out God's will while they were in the Garden? Yes, our lives were never meant to be lived without God's help. Paul explains we are IN Christ now. Yet, our struggle continues. Adam and Eve decided to do their own will, and this rebellion caused them separation from their CREATOR. Christ came as a sinless man, and also God Almighty, the same One in the Garden, Who was to help Adam and Eve carry out God's will. Through the blood of Christ, even though we are in our sinful flesh, we have the Holy Spirit given to us to help us carry out His will, with "every spiritual blessing," which is HIM! We can get excited about this and worship our Creator. He wants us to be dependent on Him. How do we practice this principle? By having our hearts submitted to His Word and be in personal fellowship with Christ and realize we are to "be" in Christ. Join us for this revealing podcast! For Bible Study Groups here is our study: For our podcasts: our YouTube videos:

    Ephesians 1 Part 1 Do you come with pre-loaded software?

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    #Jesus #Bible #Biblestudy #Ephesians #Israel #rockets Ephesians Bible Study with Bible Study CompanyComputers come with, what we in IT call, "bloatware". This pre-loaded software, although meant to be helpful, is biased toward the computer maker. However, this pre-load can seriously slow down the performance of a computer.  Ric goes through each computer we buy and unchecks the software to prevent it from starting up and causing the computer to slow down. It uses computer resources we need such as memory to perform daily tasks. It has to go. We are similar to a computer. We can come with preloaded software (ideas and beliefs) that include; bias towards how we grew up.  Mary was Catholic and has a bias caused by being in the Catholic church. We discuss the particular quirks of growing up in different mindsets. We can say we are almost pre-programmed toward a certain group, denomination, or religion. For example, in charismatic circles, there are all sorts of denominational beliefs and doctrines (pre-loaded software beliefs) that never get sorted out? These "pre-loaded biases" can split churches. We explore how we can be willing to "clear the deck" and build a new foundation based on proper biblical study patterns. Then we can eventually add back in the beliefs we hold in a  particular denomination or doctrines  or toss them out for a foundation based in biblical principles.  Are you willing to toss out cherished beliefs if they don't match up to Scripture? The disciples were faced with this pre-loaded teaching as well. Christ changed it all.  He even said "don't build your house on the sand (man's opinion) but on the Rock (Him). Ric and Mary Joyner discuss our "pre-loads" and the type of hindrance they can become. How do we clear out these programmed biases? Our podcast will discuss exactly how we can change our mindsets by beginning our study in Ephesians. Remember to share with a friend. This helps us grow and get the word out. 

    What is YOUR Exodus Part 3 How do you "exit" this world while still living in it?

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    #Jesus #JesusChrist #Bible #biblestudy #Godlovesyou #Godislove  #exodus #podcast #israel #hamas #rocketsThese principles are what we learned from studying Exodus. Exodus is a picture of our Christian walk, according to Dr. Baruch Korman of    If so, what truths did we learn?  1. We learned about His Character.  2. We learned His purposes for us and his wonderful intentions.  3. We learned we could depend and lean on Him.  4. That we should not be grumblers in our tents (homes)  5. That tents represent an eternal perspective vs. "being invested" in the world  6. God will meet our needs.  7. Suffering is part of the package because we are in a dying world.8. Fear is a waste when the God Who parted the Red Sea has our back.  These truths are what Mary and I rewatched and were amazed at what God revealed to us as we looked back. And we all desperately need God's revelation!    We are taking God's word seriously, and it shows by what He shared with us. We became more and more hungry for these truths and principles, and based on proverbs 1; we can see that God wants to speak to us...if we're going to listen.  Please take time to share in the comments what your Exodus is? And give us a "like".  Will you join us? Will you please share? Please subscribe. is a free bible study tool  Here is our podcast libraryHere are our study notes Here is our youtube cast

    The Chickens are coming! Big News for Joyner's and

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    #biblestudycompany #JesusChrist #biblestudy #wherearetheyjoyners #becomingadisciple #ricjoyner #loveisrael #baruchkormanNews about where Ric and Mary are now living. What Biblestudycompany is up to and how you can help. We are experiencing growth in our youtube channel and podcasting. We hope you will consider sharing, subscribing, and recommending to your friends.We are working on creating short videos on many topics of interest to our walk with Christ, and if you have ideas for what topics you would like to have Biblestudycompany research pls let us know.We are working on a course for people on "the proper methods to study the Bible for yourself without all the fluff."Join us for our podcasts and videos!Here is our youtube channel

    What is your Exodus? Bible Study that Matters Part 2

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    When the Amalekites attacked the Israelites, we learned a valuable lesson: Satan uses people. And he can use us if we are not careful. Our reactions to people matter. Anytime anger is involved or if people treat you poorly, make sure you worship the Lord rather than reacting.  Ric and Mary discuss how they could obtain a new foundation in Christ by setting aside what they had previously learned and allowed the Lord to lay a new foundation as they studied the Word with a fresh perspective.  If we ask Him in our study to show us His will, He delights in our new attitude, and based on Proverbs 1; we can be sure of this promise that; The God of the Universe will give us revelation. If we are seeking knowledge, then we must ask ourselves: Is it for Him or us? Our mission is to study the Bible to find out how to please the Lord and perpetually ask Him how we can respond to His Word correctly.  Join us for this authentic and candid podcast of our learning to study the Bible.Dropbox - What is your exodus P1 - Simplify your life

    What is your Exodus? Part 1

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    #Jesus #Bible #Biblestudy #inspirational #inspiration  #motivation #inspirationalquotes We participated in churches for many years. We can honestly say we did not learn how to properly engage and study the Bible.  Is this strange? We think so. But more than not learning how to understand the Word of God caused major problems for us in our lives and marriages, and we looked through nonbiblical filters at the Bible. How is this possible? Changes in our life created the need for help. We almost lost our marriage. Why wasn't Christianity working for us? What was wrong? Through Dr. Baruch and Rivka  Korman, we learned how to study the Bible properly. Below is a PowerPoint in PDF that you can read the whole story. But we are discussing one of the most neglected aspects of churches which is to show people how to feed themselves with the Bible, and encountering God in a new relationship. He is our Creator. We are made to serve Him. So, why didn't we learn to study His word? Good question. Join us for a review of the last 6 and half years it took us to learn how to study Exodus. Here is the PowerPoint: 

    Trusting God while facing a Giant! The Erv Puckett Story

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    #Jesus #Jesussaves #Godislove #Godishope #cancersucks The urgent knocking on our glass screen door came with a surprise. My neighbor, who walked downcast on the sidewalk occasionally with a colts hat or jersey, was at my door insisting we "talk".  The heat and humidity were oppressive as Florida summers tend to cook. Erv's countenance matched the stickiness and blanket of heat. I  asked him if he would like something to drink. Erv had his trademark Mountain Dew and thus said, "no need." I politely asked how I could help. He said something like this, "All these times you have prayed for me while I walked by, I need to talk to you. I will die from this cancer because there is no cure,  and I don't know where I am going when I die?"We spoke at length. He had gone to church in the past and even been baptized. But here, Erv was someone facing a real giant and unsure of his eternal destiny. Why?  This podcast/video finishes the story. You will be challenged. You may be changed. You may have hope you can share. Pray for Erv. We don't know the ending of the story...YET!To know your eternal destiny go here: 

    Restoration. The plan of God throughout Bible

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    We are offering new glasses for you to put on as a bible study tool for 2021 and beyond. But we must ask ourselves if we should wear glasses when approaching the Bible? The answer is no and yes.  If we study the bible to "get something out of it for ourselves" we are in danger of treating God's Holy Word as a "devotional" and being a consumer. Using it as a devotion is "ok" but we could be missing more. Such as, these words were used to create the universe. Maybe there is more to see than just devotional reading? But we can turn to Him, knowing this Bible is God's revealed Will for us to embrace, it will change us to know we are studying what Our King wants us to obey. Does this make us disciples versus pewsitters? Yes, because Christ said in John 14:14, "If you love Me, you will obey My commandments.  Let that sink in. First, if we love Him we will obey. Second, did He just say He is the author of the commandments given on Mt. Sinai aka God Almighty, the great I AM? We would say, yes. So, Christ gives us a major clue on how we are to respond to Him to show we love obeying His word.  His World, His Word, we are His servants."Ok, Ric and Mary, we get obeying God's word is a major theme for Podcast for Pewsitters but what is this restoration thing you are pushing?"We cover the restoration theme of the Bible from start to finish in one episode which clearly shows that God's Will for us is to fellowship with Him in a garden. The garden is a repeat  pattern in the Bible from Eden to Revelation!  For 2021 we will be pointing out restoration as it shapes our biblical studies. Will you join us? Grab your beverages! Join us for exploring some new glasses. Please share! This is how we grow!   

    Do you follow prophecy?

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    #prophecy #trumpprophecy #electionresults #biblestudy #falseprophetsDid you know that NOT ONE OF THE PROPHETS SAW COVID? Yep! Should that end our trust in these so-called prophets? You have the same anointing as they do. Don't believe us? Go to 1John 2:26-.Mary and I were in many Charismatic churches.  The more we have learned how to study the bible and respond to God, asking Him to help us change to His will, we are moving away from the teaching of Charismatic churches and researching what we grew up having been taught.  It is a breath of fresh air that Dr. Goepfrich, who was not in Pentecostal or Charismatic churches, has a tough time understanding "our thinking" and this provides us with great fodder for our discussion. He cautions heavily against listening to these prophets. I would not caution: We go further.  We would say RUNNNNNN! Read your bible instead. We say, in "Charismatic circles," that the bible is our foundation. But sadly, this is not true in practice.  We tend to look for experiences, trust our experiences, put too much weight in leaders we thought are more "spiritual" than we,  and looked for "words from the Lord" through men? Is this the right thing to do? The bible has a lot to say about  false prophecies and their effect on God's people. What is the effect, you may ask? That we are led AWAY from seeking the Lord for OURSELVES. That is scary, isn't it?  Jeremiah 14 discusses false prophecies, and especially Jeremiah 23, prohibits us from speaking for the Lord. And that makes sense as we are only human, frail and sinful. But can we have confidence in our God that He spoke the Universe into existence, and made each one of us? Is God on the throne of His creation? Of course.  Dr. Goepfrich relates with us his views from Scripture. He said this, and I paraphrase: "I do know this...when we open the Bible and let it speak to us, we are on the safe ground". The Bible is objective truth. Bible study company will always be in the "Reformed Charismatic" camp. Meaning, that like in the reformation of church history, the Christians went back to the Bible. Seeking revival? It starts in our hearts when we study God's word to live praiseworthy to Him.  Get Dr. Daniel's books: his teachings:  and you can join for freeFacebook group:

    Bible Study: Is theology for everyone? Part 2

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    #biblestudy #danielgoepfrich #disciple #discipleship #God #Jesus #JesusChrist #theology #biblestudycompanyIs theology for everyone? Yes!The answer is yes. If you have been in the charismatic or pentecostal movements as we were, you will notice that the bible is said to be foundational, but it is secondary in practice. What is primary to the bible, you ask? Books from  Christian celebrities,  going to conferences, emotional revivals, and worse; are prophecies or dreams that predict the future! At some point in our walk with God, we need to become disciples. This means studying the  Word of God for ourselves, but we need proper training. Where can we get good training? From the website, Theology is for everyone and are interviewing Dr. Daniel Goepfrich that created a wonderful Facebook page and website to help get our answers.  Some of the topics we are discussing are:1. Mark of a false prophet2. Prophecy3. Speaking in tongues4. Why aren't churches teaching people to study the bible?5. How do we know something is false if we are not familiar with the bible.  6. Why we need to study and not put our full trust in teachers but the Word of God.  7. Moving from pewsitter to disciple to disciple teacherWe go off on some interesting tangents, so join us and join "theology is for everyone."  Resources:  (join for free) Tree Community Church by Daniel Goepfrich

    Bible Study: Introducing "Why is theology for everyone"? Part 1

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    #biblestudy #danielgoepfrich #disciple #discipleship #God #Jesus #JesusChristAt Bible Study Company, we want to give tools for pewsitters to grow to become a disciple. As we have learned together, becoming a disciple is about following the Master. But how?Daniel wrote a book that Mary and I are working through called: Biblical Discipleship.Some of the discussion topics:What is discipleship? We have many definitions, but what is the real one? And are we a disciple?What is salvation? Daniel says there are two issues, "Who Jesus is?" And what "Jesus did?"To name just a few topics. There are some fun twists and turns, as you may find enjoyable.  Daniel's style is engaging, informative, experiential, and compassionate.  Join us for this fast-paced podcast/video.  Resources:  (join for free) Tree Community Church by Daniel Goepfrich

    Bible study: Do we understand the Old Covenant and the New Covenant?

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    #legalisticchurches #biblestudy #hopeforhealingWe were visiting churches. We decided to check out Pastor Herman's church and were stunned by the message. It is biblestudycompany's message of hope that we need God's revelation and His help in walking with Him. Many of us have a story where the  churches we belong to got off track and there were much hurt and disillusionment. Some of us walked away from God. But that is not where our hope should have been...on people. Could the wounds be healed? Yes, by realizing people are broken pottery, but God wants us to put our whole dependence on Him, not on churches or people. When churches preach "thou shalt  nots", Christ is saying "I am, and I will". Focus on Christ. Depend on Him and ask Him to change us with His power. Listen to the truth of Jerry Herman's story and how he came from a legalistic church environment. The words were our story as well. Pastor Herman, realized he was managing his Christian walk with the Lord in his own mind and fleshly decisions. He said, "I looked good on the outside but falling apart on the inside".  Join us for this podcast for pewsitters.  

    Bible Study: We need revelation from God! Exodus 34

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    Did you know that in Exodus 34: 28  After Moses saw the golden calf and broke the tablets, and begging God to forgive the people, that the Lord called Moses up to the mountain? Notice the word commandments. "28 So he was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights; he did not eat bread or drink water. And he wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant, the Ten Commandments."If you click on the word commandments, in BSC you will see the word dabbar, which is revelation from the Lord.   Thus, we could say; The 10 Revelations". What were they revealing? We discuss this very question in our podcast.The children of Israel made a golden calf because they decided to put their trust in man and break the first covenant in Exodus 20. Do we? Do we put our entire religious life into a teacher or denomination versus studying for ourselves? Getting revelations from God, in our bible study has changed our life. We had no idea that our Christian walk could be so different. We could actually say about the 10 commandments; "The 10 wicked revelations of our heart".  Yeah, let that sink in. The "thou shalt nots"  of Exodus 20 now are more clear to us since they are revelations of how we need to treat God and people. The Lord Jesus said in John 14:15, "If you love Me you will obey my commandments".  It dawned on us ( was this revelation?) that The Lord Jesus Christ was declaring Himself God (the One Who wrote the commandments) and that if we love Him we will obey His word. How? With His Holy Spirit changing power and a submitted heart. Titus 2:11-12 He also gave us the answer to "Love the Lord your God with your whole heart..." Obey His word. In this podcast, we discuss prayer, the armor of God, and seeking His revelation. We hope you will join us and share! 

    What are the different theories of creation? What will be your decision?

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    When Mary and I started to study the Bible, we asked the Lord what theories of creation should we adopt. We only had one version in secular schools, and that was evolution. And there are many versions of evolution as well!   But, starting in Genesis 1, God gives us HIS EYEWITNESS testimony of the His narrative of when He created the universe. Eyewitness testimony is missing from secular Science. Thus, the origin of the world, plants and animals, and the universe are just theories and questions in the secular world.  We started with a "but," and we should then follow up with a problem; we want to believe the Bible and what God says, and this starts with the creation account.  I find it interesting that God put this upfront in the Bible. Why? Because what we believe matters in our origins and this belief in our origins affects many things.  For example, our worship, sin, eternity, to name a few. Was it 6 literal days or long ages? I was surprised in Christian academia; there are many different theories of "how" God created.  At the end of our discussion, I address my thoughts, and it will ask this question: How big, or small is your God?  We should ask ourselves another question. What is Science? Science is a methodology to discover the truth. Here is an internet definition. "Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence. [The] Scientific methodology includes the following: Objective observation: Measurement and data (possibly although not necessarily using mathematics as a tool)". Based on this definition, isn't it interesting that the theory of evolution is touted as fact? That was a significant discovery for me, but it can only remain a theory because there isn't any "evidence," just interpretation of the data FROM A SCIENTIFIC PARTICULAR WORLDVIEW (which is another way of saying philosophy)!Belief in God is absent in some worldviews, as well as it should because evidence should matter. But why is being anti-god in Science make you any less of a scientist? It doesn't.   Many of the great scientists were Christians with a creation worldview. (Newton, Maury, Bacon) Did that make them less of a scientist? No. But some people in the science world say you cannot be objective if you believe in God. Garbage logic. We could also apply that to those that don't believe in God, right? The goal of Science is to discover the truth, WHEREVER THAT LEADS. But in this case, it matters to us who are bible studiers searching for the correct interpretation of the Bible to get to the revelation of God. We need to know if God did this in 6 literal days. Does our "faith" depend on whether we take God at His testimony? Or does it? It mattered to Abraham. He journeyed to a foreign land based on God's word to him. This action (faith in God's word) led to an entire nation and eventually, our faith in Christ. Our origins and how we perceive them matter. Listen to the podcast prayerfully. Six literal days matters!  Ric Joyner gives his thoughts before and after this fun talk. Will you join us and share? Please comment.   

    Bible Study: What is Blessing?

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    Grab a beverage (this is not to insinuate alcohol) and now read Deuteronomy 28, the full chapter. I will wait. (tapping fingers but not impatiently. Your eyes will light up) Notice the first two verses. Read them again.1 "Now it shall be, if you diligently obey the LORD your God, being careful to do all His commandments which I command you today, the LORD, your God, will set you high above all the nations of the earth. 2 "All these blessings will come upon you and overtake you if you obey the LORD your God: Now continue to read to vs. 15.Let's do some observations:1. Notice the conditions? Diligently obey, and careful to do… "all His commandments…" (the Word of God) THEN you are blessed.2. Blessed are you in most areas of your life where you have influence. Can you do God's Will at work, at home, in your personal life? We are called to do just that. We live so short lives here on earth and then are headed to eternity. Does it matter how we live our lives on the earth? Youbetcha! As we say in Wisconsin. We only get one shot at this life. How will we respond to God? I want? Or what He wants?3. Lest people think this is legalism to obey the Bible (His Word), let us remember the words of Christ to His disciples. "If you love me, you will obey my commandments." Let this sink in: IF YOU LOVE ME. YOU WILL OBEY. HMMM. That is a game-changer. "Hey BSC, my church says I am no longer under the law?". How will you know what sin is if you don't know the bible and what the law has to say? How will you know you are offending God? Did you know the law shows us our sin? And it shows us God's righteous character? How will you get to know God personally if you don't know His character? He sent the Holy Spirit to help us. see 1John 2:26-Did you know you cannot keep the law? No one could. But He can help us if we ask. Yeah, let that sink in. Why? Because Grace is the power to change to God's will, in our opinion. Besides, think about this: John 14:15 is one of the verses that show us He is telling His disciples that HE IS GOD (they are His commandments because He wrote them!) And without the Holy Spirit's help, we cannot obey. Now have fun and go read Titus 2:11-12 because this is the definition of grace. Waiting. Grace is Christ coming to save us and then empowering (blessing us) to be taught AWAY from ungodliness. What is ungodliness? What is evil? Evil is anything outside of God's will. Now ask yourself questions about how the Lord may see your life? Ask Him for revelation. This is bible study. Back to Deut 28. The first 15 verses discuss the blessings. I showed this to my daughter, and she looked at me and said, "Dad, the Lord is doing the work!" I said, "I knowwwwww! And I don't think we were designed by Him to live in this world without His help. Do we want to live our lives in our own strength? And that is what much of Christianity is today. Managing our walk with God through our minds and what we think we need to love God. That is not how the Bible says we are to walk. We are to take His word and apply it to our life IN HIS POWER and BY HIS SPIRIT. But please read the curses now, which is the next part of this chapter. He wants us to be fruitful, and the curses section is about people who reject His commandments (His Word), to do their will, and are now on their own. Curses should bring us to the fear of the Lord. As we read the curses how should we respond? How can we ask God to help us to obey? Did you notice that perhaps there was some pushback in your heart to obey His word? That is the war that goes on that Paul spoke of in Romans 7. Go read that too. How can you ask Him to help you? Hint. Read Romans 12. Who was this written to? And why?We can conclude that for us to be blessed, God's purpose is for us to carry out His will which is revealed in His Word. So, it is about Him and His Will. Not about you or what ministry you will have. Just serve Him right where you are. How should we respond to God to live a praiseworthy life? Perhaps we can drop to our knees and ask for His help to obey His will, and His word BEFORE WE ASK FOR HIS HELP FOR OUR NEEDS.To finish our bible study today, here are new testament promises about the blessing from God, which is Matthew 6: "Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they? 27 "And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life? 28 "And why are you worried about clothing? Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin 29 yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these. 30 "But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, will He not much more clothe you? You of little faith! 31 "Do not worry then, saying, 'What will we eat?' or 'What will we drink?' or 'What will we wear for clothing?' 32 "For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 33 "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. 34 "So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.Notice vs 33. Yep. Seek first the Kingdom of God. Have you lost your first love? The one in revelations? What if it isn't emotionalism but actually that we stop putting the Lord Jesus Christ first in every area of our life? Can we repent and ask for His rulership in all areas of our life?If you are like us and struggled to know how to study the bible to live a praiseworthy life to God, our blog has many resources and tools. Your life will never be the same. to know your feedback. Share, please.

    Bible Study: Exodus 32 Part 3b The cure for deception

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    We ask this question: What is the cure? We need a new perspective. Get into the word ourselves. But how? By being careful with God’s word to know it. By choosing to do so we are honoring God. DO NOT DEPEND ON PEOPLE.  We contrast Adam and Eve's decision not to believe God's word and they chose to disobey and the golden calf. Rebellion or I WANT is at the heart of deception.  Can you be deceived?  Yes. But how?Study the garden patternStudy how Satan fell (Ezekiel and Isaiah)Study the golden calf. About the making of a false religionStudy the bible yourself. Renewing of your mindDon’t give people authority over you. Books pastors etc.  Where are your I wants? Are they aligned with God's will? And what is the "crowd" you are running in or with doing? Be cautious to not go with the flow.  So what is the cure for deception?HonestyListen to God’s word and submit your heart to it. (your will)Matthew 6:12-13 Ask God to go into your heart and reveal your motives and sin. 12 'And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. 13 And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.’  Eph 4 "as a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming;"Join us for this podcast and please share. #deception #deceived

    Bible Study: Exodus 32 Part 3a The Cure for Deception

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    Please note that there are two parts to this one! This is part A.•We have completed two podcasts so far on Exodus 32. Can you be deceived is part P1 from Exodus 32 and lessons from the golden calf.  P2 was Real or Fake Prophecy, Which is It?•We are adding a 3rd.   P3 is The Cure for Deception•A problem is we don't believe we can be deceived. Would our favorite teacher deceive us? In rare circumstances. But what if they themselves are deceived? How would we know?•What is the "Sunday School Myth"?  • Please understand that we can be deceived. Because of this principle: I want… It is either "I want" or God's will. Christ came to do the "will of my Father". Will we?•What is the cure for deception? A new perspective. Get into the Word of God ourselves TO BE PLEASING TO GOD. Be careful with God's word. DO NOT DEPEND ON PEOPLE.•We want to answer several questions today•1. How can we put all the tools together so we can practice not being deceived? We could list all the scripture where there is a possibility•2. What if you hear a teaching, and it sounds good? It feels good? We may even say, "I know in my spirit it is right" teaching. Is this an objective truth? No. What would be your objective way to analyze it? That's what we are discussing.•3. Can you be willing NOT to believe what you have been taught for years and go on a search for God's perspective?•4. 1John 2:26 Says the Holy Spirit anoints us because of what Christ has done to save us. He will teach you.  So here are some "I wants" to keep in mind.  1. Does it feed our flesh?  Do I want to attend a church that is "hip" and cool"?2. Does it feed our soul (emotions)? Do I want to feel good when I leave a church or hear teaching?3. Does it take our eyes off of Christ? Do I want to go my own way?4. Does it make us compare ourselves to others? Do I want what they have?5. Does it take our eyes off the Word of God? I want others to study for me.6. Does it put us "under" the authority of men? I want others to tell me what to do because it is easier than submitting to Christ?Join us for this podcast and video to submit our hearts to our God and King, the Lord Jesus Christ. We welcome your feedback.     

    Bible Study: Real Prophecy or False Prophecy: Which is it?

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    So what about today? Let's start by asking some questions.  The first question we will ask is who and what are we giving our time and listening to?   Are you listening to false prophecy? For example, Graham Cooke and Russ Walden start their prophecies with "The Father says", and then include way too many nonsensical adjectives to have any meaning or relevance beyond a guess application to our life, aka these prophecies are similar to horoscopes. Yep, I said it=horoscopes. Seriously, we need to ask ourselves why these people all sound the same, even using the same adjectives? Notice how they are adjectives strung together with no real meaning, and anyone reading the "false prophecy" can fit the profile. Here is an example from Graham Cooke's Lattitude and Indulgence:"Latitude is the Lord releasing to you a new liberty. For you to explore and extend a new found freedom to be with the Father. The Holy Spirit is going to work with you to develop an ability and an authority that is authentic in your life; for you to come into a new place, a whole new dimension of spirituality and to enable others to press in to that same place. The Lord says to you, there is a fresh season of favor upon each one of you, to go into a deeper place in the Lord." Notice the use of adjectives that literally do not say anything descriptive. Prophetic utterances like this are nowhere in the Bible.  Sad really.   But let us ask the question; who is Graham Cooke, Sean Bolz, Kris Vallotton, and Russ Walden that they can speak for God? Yes, speak for the Maker of Heaven and Earth, The One Who Made us, the One Who redeemed us, and the One who desires we submit to His word. The One Who says about Himself, Jer 23:23 "Am I a God who is near," declares the LORD, "And not a God far off?"Is He so far off that we need to go to a man to get a "word from the Lord?"  If this is the case, that He is near to each of us, why would we listen to someone speaking for God when we have the entire Bible OF GOD SPEAKING TO US, and I can pray DIRECTLY TO HIM. Or is it that we don't want to hear from God directly in His Word because it will reveal our sin? BAM. Yeah, let that sink in. These "feel-good word salads" do the opposite by TAKING US AWAY FROM GOD.  Here is what real prophets do the Lord says: Jer 23:22 But if they had stood in My council,  Then they would have announced My words to My people, And would have turned them back from their evil way, And from the evil of their deeds.  We should ask ourselves: Is this idolatry?  I will submit to you that seeking words from people, other than the Lord, is a form of evil because it is opposed to God's will. Please pray that you are not under a delusion because 2 Thes 2:11 says, "And for this reason, God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie." WOW. That should cause us serious pause. And a turn to the Lord to ask the question, am I deceived? If you are too far in, you will dismiss this blog and video without asking the question. If we are disciples, we will ask.  Jesus said, "do not call anyone Father, or Rabbi but brother." Again, why would we think this person is hearing from God FOR YOU? Why would we put faith into these words, "The Father says,"?  Could our pursuit of these so-called prophets of nonsense adjectives be our idolatry? Do we put the same weight of these false words as God's words? Yes, people do! I did when I was younger and saw the damage done to many people by following the imaginations of men or women. And money is involved, which another aspect of Exodus 32.  Let us ask further questions. What about the groups like Bethel that pursue a false form of the gospel called "signs and wonders"? Their focus seems to be on training people to do signs and wonders versus training them to know and understand the Bible. God's word created the universe and thus will change us as well.  Did you know that signs and wonders Christ did were to establish to Jewish people that HE WAS THE CREATOR GOD AND THAT HIS KINGDOM WAS AT HAND? These signs verified WHO HE WAS TO THEM. Bill Johnson will lower Christ to just a spirit-filled man so that you and I have the same power as Christ! Notice the children of Israel lowered God to a golden calf! This is a horrible doctrine!  Our God is the Creator of the Universe. We must treat Him as such. Our face should be on the ground before the cross by placing our sin on Him for taking our punishment. WE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT FEAR OF HIM TO OFFEND HIM. We can then focus on Christ and becoming disciples. Studying God's word means we have a new focus: to live praiseworthy to Him (fleeing sinful lifestyles).  Let's not conform to these words of men. But submit to Christ by the renewing of our minds.  Rom 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.Can you be deceived is our original question. Let us also state this principle: Any information we take in and are not critical of it, but accepting, we will indoctrinate ourselves is phase 1 of the enemy's plan to deceive us. Next, which is Phase 2, we will perpetuate the same indoctrination by encouraging and sharing others to be a part of these false words and false teachers. Phase 3 is when you are solid in the indoctrination, that you vehemently disagree with people who share contrary information WITHOUT DOING THE HOMEWORK TO CHECK OUT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING.  Brothers and sisters, please read Exodus 32, Jeremiah 14, and 23 and see how closely these false prophets fit the profile of false. Our hope is we will turn to the objective truth of God's word WHO IS SPEAKING TO US DIRECTLY in the Bible with no need for a man to teach us. 1 John 2:26! We say this so you will not be deceived!  Why? We were once deceived by being too trusting. No one speaks for God, But GOD! 


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    Our podcast goes into detail about some of the problems we see in the church today. We show how focusing on Moses (people or pastors or celebrities) will fail us. What if God doesn't deliver our wants the way we want them in the timing we desire? Is God a giant vending machine to serve us? People push the love of God. What does that even mean? What if God is all about His plans and purposes, and it is our "job" to line up with those plans and intentions called His will? It is your work to believe in Jesus Christ and place your sin on Him to rescue you from this world that is in the process of dying. But you are to serve Him, and not the other way around.  What if we were created to serve God, and then to do His will, but we got lost in the fog and noise of the culture around us and lost our way to Him? What if we come back to Him with this: "Lord, I "got" nothing. I need You and am willing to submit to Your Word, with no expectations of anything. I am sorry for worshipping false gods of people, expectations, and lustful desires. Will You change me with Your Power?" If we take that stance and open His word to obey Him, our lives will dramatically change. The power of God to change will come upon us. "Hey Ric, got some scripture to back that up?" Sure do. Go to Deut 28 whole chapter. Pay attention to verse 1. Notice what follows. Then read Ex 32. Join us for the exploration of Exodus 32. Can you be deceived? Yes, you can!For Search Engines: There are many bible verses about love, and there are many bible verse of the day programs. The holy bible provides these remarkable bible commentary. Bible Study and online bible study are available at Bible verses of faith are of interest as well. Even bible verses about hope are helpful. Bible verses about women are encouraging. Read the Bible online with We will all do better when love is patient love is kind. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me in times of trouble. With daily bible devotions, I grow. The gifts of the holy spirit are for every day. Online bible study is so helpful. biblestudycompany is a free online bible. With so many books of the bible, I can grow. We love inspirational bible verses in daily Bible reading.For Search Engines: There are many bible verses about love, and there are many bible verse of the day programs. The holy bible provides these remarkable bible commentary. Bible Study and online bible study are available at Bible verses of faith are of interest as well. Even bible verses about hope are helpful. Bible verses about women are encouraging. Read the Bible online with We will all do better when love is patient love is kind. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me in times of trouble. With daily bible devotions, I grow. The gifts of the holy spirit are for every day. Online bible study is so helpful. biblestudycompany is a free online bible. With so many books of the bible, I can grow. We love inspirational bible verses in daily Bible reading.  

    Bible Study: Exodus 7 part 1 Do we have God's perspective?

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    Moses not only had the King of Egypt angry with him but also the very people he was trying to help. Moses complained to the Lord about his unskilled speech. For our lives and walk with the Lord, we are going to make mistakes. But Who are we serving? If we obey God's will, He takes care of His agenda. Comforting isn't it? Moses expressed to God, that God indeed made a mistake in choosing him to help in God's redemptive plan. Moses was expecting instant results. And we live in a society that demands fast. Do we want fast or God's will? How will we look at our lives to see where we stand? Moses was honest with God and also discouraged even to the point of accusing God of being wrong! In our lives, we have those times.  Does this sound familiar? How many times do we get angry and frustrated because God's timing doesn’t line up with ours? Do you ever have the perspective that if you are obedient to God’s word, your life will be fine? We all experience times in our life where we question God and his purposes. Moses was at that place, but he returned to the Lord and poured out his heart. Returning to God and asking for his help are always the answer. Pharaoh, on the other hand, is a perfect example of pure rebellion. He refused to know Who God was or listen to His Word from Moses. Pharaoh’s heart was all about power, control, and feeding his flesh. With each refusal to honor God’s command, his heart grew harder. What an example of pure evil.We can be both of these people at different times in our lives. If we choose to return to God and ask for his kingdom view, he will help us see it and give us the power to walk it out. If we choose to turn from God and his way in favor of the world and our own view, it will eventually end in destruction. We know the end of the story with Pharaoh and it’s not good.  During these times we want to question God. But He wants us to come to Him even more and layout our hurt, heartache, disappointment, and frustration. And today is a good day with the events in our nation to do this very thing. Grab Psalm 36 and read it back to the Lord. It will comfort you. Join us for this sobering podcast and join us in asking these questions. Are we going to ask God questions or question, God?Who is We are: An online study Bible with a social media communityOur mission: Studying Scripture to live a praiseworthy lifeOur vision: That a “Company” of believers are studying Scripture to live a praiseworthy lifeOur Hope: That Pew-sitters move to disciple and then to disciple teachers bearing fruit for ChristFor Search Engines: There are many bible verses about love, and there are many bible verse of the day programs. The holy bible provides these remarkable bible commentary. Bible Study and online bible study are available at Bible verses of faith are of interest as well. Even bible verses about hope are helpful. Bible verses about women are encouraging. Read the Bible online with We will all do better when love is patient love is kind. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me in times of trouble. With daily bible devotions, I grow. The gifts of the holy spirit are for every day. Online bible study is so helpful. biblestudycompany is a free online bible. With so many books of the bible, I can grow. We love inspirational bible verses in daily Bible reading.    

    What does God think of our marriage?

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    If you are married or in a situation where you are thinking about divorce or are divorced, think about taking time with this podcast and video. Mary and I are married 40 years this year. But, our marriage was almost over several years ago. What changed? Our relationship with God. "Too vague," you say? This podcast goes into some honest discussion about how marriage consists of 3 people. God, you and the one you are marrying or are currently married. But how can a marriage be healed? By submitting our hearts to God's word and a change in attitude toward being honest in all areas of our lives. Join us for this exciting and frank discussion. Share your comments. If you need prayer, let us know.    

    Bible Study: Rethinking the Sabbath (Shabbat)

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    We are taking a fresh look at the Sabbath or Shabbat. Podcast for Pewsitters and are giving a shout out to the TV series, The Chosen, by Dallas Jenkins. In the series, Dallas portrayed a Shabbat dinner in several instances. One was a woman of an ancient tent-dwelling group of people preparing for a Shabbat meal, which was touching. A boy was asking his mother, the purpose of Shabbat. She explains the fellowship aspect and the advantage of gathering family and friends. As a husband and father, I personally love the "call to Shabbat" by honoring the wife by declaring: "A woman of valor, who can find? Far beyond pearls is her value. Her husband's heart trusts in her, and he shall lack no fortune". (Proverbs 31) WOW!Let's shift back to bible study of the Shabbat. Is the Shabbat just an old testament custom or "law" that is only for the Jewish people? Or are Christians to avoid old testament laws and traditions because we are under a "new covenant" and are not under old testament law? Or, as Christians, do we have a wrong view of the "law" and the Bible altogether? What if we took a new perspective that the "whole counsel of God " (Acts 20:27)----the whole Bible is to teach us about the plans and purposes of God? What if the Shabbat has lessons to teach us about the character of God and even our lack of dependence on God? Read Isaiah 58:13-14. Is it possible to put aside your will for one day? We need God's power in our life. Fortunately, His grace comes to us when we submit to His word.Shall we honor the Shabbat? You decide as you listen to the podcast.The feasts and traditions of the Bible teach us important truths about God, and point to Christ.Let's join Ric and Mary Joyner in the podcast "Rethinking the Sabbath." 

    Bible Study: Exodus 6 Miracles happen when God gives us His perspective

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    In Exodus 5, Moses lays out a complaint to God because Moses felt that no one was listening to Him EVEN though God instructed him to speak a certain way. As Dr. Baruch of points out, the unskilled speech Moses mentions is his realization of the Holiness of God and how sinful he is in comparison to the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE. But this knowledge also reveals how helpless Moses is in the face of impossible odds to carry out God's will in Egypt. In effect, Moses's complaint was showing that even though he did what God said to do, it wasn't working out as Moses and God intended. So Moses thought. Pharaoh's response was exactly as God intended. Hardening of the heart of Pharaoh is stiffening to the voice of God and staying in rebellion.We can act like this in the face of understanding God's word and the call to change. If you haven't turned toward Christ for salvation, do so today! Pray and ask Him to forgive your sin and get in line with His will.What happens next? Exodus 6 happens. God shows up with His perspective and prophetic plan. Dr. Baruch shares that the future is a done deal in this scripture, and God is going to move and give powerful promises to Moses and REDEEM HIS PEOPLE, even though they acted wickedly. He hears their cries. He hears ours as well. During this time of COVID, call out to Him today.We need God's perspective. But do we study the bible to gain that perspective? Are we willing to change in the face of finding His plans and purposes? This is a crucial question to ask ourselves because it means the difference of one who believes in a head knowledge... or one who desires to be a disciple of Christ...acting on His perspective and word. Who will we be? Join our podcast and video. Please share to help us grow. Bible study company is free to use.