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Long-time fans, born and raised in the heart of Packer Country, talk about the present, past, and future of the Green Bay Packers! Hear our opinions on all things Packers, including our popular segment \"What if...?\" where we discuss alternate Packers history.

Eric Drews

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Latest episodes from Green and Gold Forever

2017 Goldie Awards

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 12, 2018 65:30

 2017 Goldie Awards!!!   -Trying to forget the 2017 season? TOO BAD!! It's time to go back and give out awards for the bad and worst parts of the 2017 Green Bay Packers season!!   -Quick talk about the big news of the offseason: Ted Thompson and Dom Capers are out. Brian Gutekunst in.   -The 2017 Playoffs were awesome. Especially since the Patriots and Vikings lost.   -6TH ANNUAL GOLDIE AWARDS!! You'll NEVER believe who the special guest host is? Who were the Offensive and Defensive MVPs? Were there any? Ha Ha Clinton-Dix takes home many "honors" Who can we kick out of town now that Dom is gone? Perhaps we'll just kick Dom EVEN MORE out of town! Eric goes to Urban Dictionary to try and decipher one of the fan awards.   -Where will all of these changes lead the Packers 5 years from now? How long will Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy last? Will they ever win another championship?   -THANK YOU for 6 great seasons!! @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2017 Week 16 (Min 16 GB 0) & Week 17 (DET 35 GB 11) - Playing Out the String

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 2, 2018 77:29

Minnesota Vikings 16  Green Bay Packers 0 Detroit Lions 35  Green Bay Packers 11 -The Packers season is finally over. This was the least enjoyable season in memory. It was like a never-ending preseason -Dom Capers is fired. Ted Thompson is no longer the General Manager.  -The Packers need change. But change is not always good. -The are three ways the Packers' changes can turn out: they'll be better, they'll be the same, or they'll be worse. We discuss historical examples of teams in the Packers situation doing all three.  -The Packers organization is not immune to returning to their perennial losing past -Where does Aaron Rodgers fit in the organization? Will the Packers build around him or build for the long haul? -Who will be the Packers' new General Manager? -Rebuilding the Packers will be much more difficult than it sounds -Jon Gruden to the Raiders!? What year is this!? -The NFL shamefully decides to play the Playoffs without the Packers. How insulting. -Thanks for listening in 2017!! Goldies and more to come in the offseason! -HAPPY NEW YEAR!! @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!  

2017 Week 15: Panthers 31 Packers 24 - Green Bay's Season is Over

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 18, 2017 82:38

Carolina Panthers 31  Green Bay Packers 24 -There will be no storybook finish this year -The Packers will miss the playoffs for the first time in 9 years. Where is this franchise headed? -The Packers should move on from Dom Capers. But will they? -Aaron Rodgers proves his toughness, but he may have come back too soon. -Is Aaron Rodgers' armstrength a concern going forward? -The Packers are no longer a Super Bowl contender. But how do you fix that?  -Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson are not going anywhere. But can you rebuild with them around? -Thomas Davis takes a cheapshot on Davante Adams. This problem will take a while to fix -We read your Facebook Comments! (Like a grade schooler) -Go Jaguars and Rams!...I guess -Will Rodgers play again in 2017? Do we want him to? -Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2017 Week 14: Packers 27 Browns 21 - Will Aaron Rodgers return? (feat. CrossFire)

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2017 76:50

Green Bay Packers 27  Cleveland Browns 21 -The biggest return of the season is upon us!! Also Aaron Rodgers might play on Sunday -The Brett Hundley Era may be over. We bizarrely might miss it. -What will the future be for Brett Hundley? -Dom Capers' defense is still bad, but this last month likely means it will still be here in 2018 -Davante Adams should get a nice big contract. What will happen to Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson in 2018? -Even if Aaron Rodgers plays, the Packers won't win the Super Bowl. But he should play anyways if he can. -Facebook Comments -CrossFire Returns! If you had a time machine, which sporting events would you watch? Favorite Packers and Non-Packers Moments Should kneeling at the end of games go the way of the Intentional Walk? If the Packers weren't around, who would we cheer for? Suprisingly, we might have had a better sports experience Favorite Moments of NFL Players in Professional Wrestling -The 2017 season has been awful. Hopefully the postseason saves it. -Will the Packers make a Super Bowl Run? @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2017 Week 13: Packers 26 Buccaneers 20 (Feat. Favorite Regular Season Games of the last 5 Decades)

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2017 106:00

Green Bay Packers 26  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20 -The Packers win! They're back in the hunt!....right? -Jamal Williams and Aaron Jones may give the Packers a dynamic they've rarely had -Brett Hundley is tough and smart. But he's not very good. -Clay Matthews has his best game in years, but Dom Capers defense is still scary -Deshone Kizar may be the worst quarterback of the last 30 years -Can the Packers avoid making mistakes and beat Cleveland? -Your Facebook Comments! -The Wisconsin Badgers lose the Big Ten Championship Game to Ohio State. Will they ever get over the hump? -The Badgers should be proud of what they've built....but it's not unreasonable to expect them to be further along after 25 years of success -The best thing about the corrupt College Football Playoff Committee?: It's all but guanteeing that we'll have an 8 team playoff in the near future -Favorite Regular Season Games of the last 5 Decades! (Thanks to Eric Hanson) -How excited can 70s fans get for beating a marginal playoff team in October? Very. -Chris explains how his 1983 counterpart had to make a choice between Lynn Dickey and James Lofton or his date. He chose wisely. -The 1990s was plentiful with options, but many of our fans chose revenge -A game late in the 2000s was Eric's favorite, because it gave us a glimpse of the success to come -2010s: what is the best game of this decade to date? We were split between drama and destruction -Sunday is win/win: either the Packers set up Aaron Rodgers Return or set up the potential exit of many key players @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2017 Week 12: Steelers 31 Packers 28 (Feat. How close were the Packers to moving out of Green Bay in 2000?)

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2017 95:29

Pittsburgh Steelers 31  Green Bay Packers 28 -Packers play a great game...but where has this team been!? -Brett Hundley shines. How was the offense so much better? -The defense forces turnovers, but gives up way too many yards -Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is not playing well -The Packers lose another close game. Have they plateaued with Mike McCarthy? -Antonio Brown is great -The will be no miracle in 2017. The Packers will not make the playoffs.  -The Wisconsin Badgers take on Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship Game. Why is Wisconsin so disrespected? -Alabama and the SEC have been overrated all year. -What was the reaction to the Packers trade for Brett Favre? -How close were the Packers to moving out of Green Bay in 2000? -Who are some of the most overrated and underrated players in NFL history? -Will the Packers beat the Buccaneers? Who Cares!! WILL THE BADGERS BEAT THE BUCKEYES!!? @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2017 Week 11: Ravens 23 Packers 0 (feat. What if Sterling Sharpe hadn't gotten hurt in 1994?)

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2017 76:55

Baltimore Ravens 23 Green Bay Packers 0 -Scheme doesn’t seem to matter. Everything they tried failed. -Brett Hundley is terrible. That’s an irrefutable fact at this point. -Which is more frustrating?: Hundley is so bad after 3 years of "development" or that no one noticed he was this bad until now? -How do you justify firing Dom Capers after losses like yesterday? -Devante Adams is the real deal and is going to be rich very soon. -Kenny Clark only has a high ankle sprain. Whew -What would the Vegas Line have to be for you to bet against the Steelers covering against the Packers? -Random thoughts on the 1987 Players Strike and Replacement Players -What if Sterling Sharpe hadn't gotten hurt in 1994? -The Packers are going to lose to the Steelers on Sunday. The question is by how much.   -HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2017 Week 10: Packers 23 Bears 16 (feat. Best Seasons in Packers History by Decade)

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2017 70:49

Green Bay Packers 23  Chicago Bears 16 -Winning is fun. It's easy to forget that. -Brett Hundley plays great. Will that continue? -The Packers running game performs. How will they cope with the injuries? -Devante Adams is the Packers No. 1 Receiver. -Jamal Williams is a bruiser -Chicago Newspapers are outraged that the Bears lost to the Packers -Mitchell Trubisky actually looked like an NFL Quarterback proving Dom's defense is still bad.  -John Fox has the best challenge ever. -The Packers have the biggest head-to-head lead on the Bears since 1932, giving Eric the chance to talk about one of the weirdest seasons in NFL history. -Wisconsin vs. Michigan. Will the Badgers make the College Football Playoff? -Who is the biggest bust in Packers history? Who are some underachievers? -We rank the best seasons in Packers history by decade. -Submit your own topics for future episodes!! -The Packers can beat the Ravens. Will they? @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!  

2017 Week 9: Lions 30 Packers 17 (feat. Lots of Classic Discussion)

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2017 98:48

Detroit Lions 30  Green Bay Packers 17   -After two weeks of preparation, the Packers are worse than they were before -Is the coaching or the players to blame for the poor play? Yes. -The defense is awful. Clay is old. Dom Capers has to go. All the other familiar talking points... -Brett Hundley is worse than 2013 Scott Tolzien. -Did the Packers recent collapse started with the 2014 NFC Championship Game loss? -Will Aaron Rodgers ever be the same? -Martellus Bennett released -How bad to the Packers have to be to put Mike McCarthy at risk of being fired? -Would you trust Ted Thompson to rebuild this team? Classic Talk! -Super Bowl XXXII still hurts. -Was there serious thoughts of giving the quarterback job back to Don Majkowski in 1992? -What were the most surprising and disappointing seasons we remember? -Why did Brett Favre have to throw that damn interception in the 2007 NFC Title Game!? -Reggie White needs more credit for turning the Packers around. -Will the Packers beat the Bears? Probably not.   -Submit your own topics for future episodes!! @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!  

2017 Week 8 vs. New Orleans (feat. Classic Topics submitted by fans)

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2017 91:45

New Orleans Saints 26  Green Bay Packers 17 -Brett Hundley throws for just 87 passing yards. He has to be better than that right? -Mike McCarthy had a very conservative gameplan. Did it cost his team the win? -The Ty Montgomery Experiment is over. Aaron Jones needs to be the Running Back. -The defense was horrible. Stats and history suggest the Packers could've lost even with Aaron Rodgers because of their performance. -Dom Capers defense has had the same problems no matter who is on the field. -Is it possible to build a team that can win without it's superstar quarterback? History says this very hard. -We go to Facebook to discuss YOUR Throwback Topics Who is our favorite Packers Backup Quarterback in recent history? Chris shares his firsthand experience cheering for Don Majkowski and the 1989-90 Cardiac Packers. What bad season from recent history has been like this one? -What should we look for during the bye week? @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!    

2017 Week 7: Vikings 23 Packers 10 (Aaron Rodgers Breaks His Collarbone)

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2017 86:37

Minnesota Vikings 23  Green Bay Packers 10   -Aaron Rodgers Breaks His Collarbone and is Possibly Out for the Season   -A once promising season is ruined   -The hit by Anthony Barr was legal, but still dirty.   -Did Aaron Rodgers Prime end yesterday?   -As a fan, how should I root for this team to do the rest of the season? What if Brett Hundley is TOO successful?   -Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson have an opportunity to prove their success is more than just Aaron Rodgers. But is it?   -Dom Capers defense is needed now more than ever.....but why should we expect them to succeed?   -SO MANY INJURIES!!! What can be done? Probably nothing.    -Tony Romo and Colin Kaepernick are not viable options for the Packers.   -Brett Hundley has been set up to succeed. Will he?   -Are modern Packers fans prepared to be a loser? @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!  

2017 Week 5: Packers 35 Cowboys 31

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2017 80:30

Green Bay Packers 35  Dallas Cowboys 31 -Aaron Rodgers and the Packers make Magic in Dallas Again! -Few (if any) in NFL history could've made the plays Rodgers did on that final drive -Davante Adams not only plays, but shines -Aaron Jones may be a new weapon for the Packers -The Defense is....still the defense -Should Dak Prescott have taken a knee at the one yard line to run off time? -How good is Ha Ha Clinton Dix? -The Packers have become Dallas' nightmare. What a role reversal from 20 years ago -We discuss some of the pre-Rodgers wins in Dallas in 1975 and 1989. -Who is good in the NFL this year? -We take YOUR questions from Facebook? Is Big Ben done? Is Frank Gore a Hall of Famer? Remembering YA Tittle -Will the Packers win in Minnesota next week? @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!  

2017 Week 4: Packers 35 Bears 14 (feat. CrossFire)

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2017 85:29

Green Bay Packers 35  Chicago Bears 14 -Packers take the lead in the rivalry for the first time since 1932 -Packers make easy work of the Bears despite the injuries -Clay Matthews is the All Time sack leader in Packers history*. *He's likely not, but it's impressive nonetheless -Lane Taylor and the patwork offensive line saves the day, but how long can this continue to work? -The Mike Glennon Era is over - its Mitchell Trubisky time in Chicago -Danny Trevathan makes a violent hit on Davante Adams. How can the NFL prevent hits like these? -Damarious Randall leaves during the game. Is he done in Green Bay? -How do we feel about the Packers after 1/4 of the season? -Tom Brady gets to feel like Aaron Rodgers: it doesn't matter how great you are when your defense stinks -Jared Goff is the MVP of the NFL after one month. He's playing as well as anyone ever has. Seriously. -Dalvin Cook tears his ACL -CrossFire Returns! Who is Chris' all time favorite player? How much would Lombardi's Packers have won without Bart Starr? Pair one offense and one defense throughout history to make the ultimate team! Will Wisconsin ever win a National Championship in Football.  And More!! -Dallas looks to be slipping. Can the Packers take advantage? -We share YOUR Facebook comments! @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2017 Week 3: Packers 27 Bengals 24

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2017 59:02

Green Bay Packers 27 Cincinnati Bengals 24 -Eric is flying solo -It wasn't pretty, but the Packers won a hard fought game -Both the Offense and Defense came up big in the 2nd half -Aaron Rodgers is on pace for over 5100 yards -Josh Jones was impressive -Mike McCarthy wins his first overtime game in 10 years and end his embarrassing record -Does Aaron Rodgers have a shot at breaking Peyton Manning's passing touchdowns record? It may surprise you... -Jordy Nelson passes Sterling Sharpe with his 66th touchdown reception. Does he have an outside shot at passing Don Hutson and making the Hall of Fame? -Detroit loses to the Falcons in bizarre fashion. I feel bad for them....almost. -Bill O'brien acted cowardly -Tony Romo is a great football announcer and a breath of fresh air to broadcasts -We share YOUR Facebook comments! @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2017 Week 2: Falcons 34 Packers 23

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2017 69:31

Atlanta Falcons 34  Green Bay Packers 23 -This lose looked a lot like the last time the Packers were in Atlanta. Can the Packers beat them? -The defense struggles again. Do they have the players to compete? Can scheme help them? -Injuries everywhere! What is going on!? -Rodgers struggles without his top offensive teammates -It's only Week 2, but this lose may still hurt the Packers in the Playoffs -The "Get in and anything can happen" playoff mentality is a myth. To road to a championship often never leaves home. -We share YOUR Facebook comments -The Packers will definitely beat the Bengals....right? @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

What If…? Wednesday: What if the 2003 Packers hadn't made the Playoffs?

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2017 37:20

Check out this week's regular episode recapping the Packers/Seahawks game What If…? Wednesday Debuts! -Thanks to John Bellish for the topic -What if Arizona's Nate Poole didn't make the catch in Week 17 of the 2003 season that knocked the Vikes out (and put GB in)? -Does Mike Sherman still make a change at Defensive Coordinator? -Does a better defense put the 2004 Packers in the NFC Championship Game? -Can the 2004 Packers go to a Super Bowl? -Missing the Playoffs changes the Packers position in the 2004 NFL Draft. -The Packers would not have picked Aaron Rodgers in 2005. Who would be their quarterback in 2017?    Your 'What If...?' Topic could be next! Submit it at.... @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2017 Week 1: Packers 17 Seahawks 9

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2017 82:12

Green Bay Packers 17  Seattle Seahawks 9 -Defense shines. Mike Daniels and Nick Perry play like All Pros -Is Dom Capers' ownage of Russell Wilson approaching Jay Cutler levels? -Is the defense better or is Seattle’s offense just that bad? Perhaps both? -The offense struggles at first, but executes late -How impressive is this win? Does it change any expectations? -Your Facebook Reactions to the Game! -Tom Brady looked like a 40 year old QB on Thursday. Is this the beginning of the end? -Scoring is down in Week 1. Will that trend continue? -TJ Watt looks great in his debut. Did the Packers Make a Mistake? -NFL Broadcasts and Pregame Shows have become obsessed with scandal, protests, and overly criticizing officials.  -Chris Czarnik shares his very personal account of 9/11 -Can the Packers stop the Falcons in Atlanta? @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2017 Preseason Recap & NFL Season Preview (feat. What if the 2005 Packers had benched Brett Favre for Aaron Rodgers?)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2017 118:27

2017 NFL and Packers Preview. It's a super-sized episode! -Packers go 3-1 in the Preseason. That usually means good things historically. -What were we most impressed with during the preseason? What has us most concerned? -Packers sign Ahmad Brooks and Quinton Dial. They bring a new element to the Packers' defense -2017 NFL Predictions Will the Patriots rule again? Can the Pittsburgh Steelers finally put it all together? How good will the Oakland Raiders be? Will the Dallas Cowboys crash back to Earth? Will the Atlanta Falcons suffer a Super Bowl hangover? Will the Green Bay Packers win the division? Super Bowl LII: It's going to be Green Bay and.... -We share your Facebook comments! -What if the 2005 Packers had benched Brett Favre for Aaron Rodgers? -Packers vs. Seahawks Week 1. Will the Packers start 1-0? @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2017 Preseason Wk 1: Packers 24 Eagles 9 (feat. What If Ray Lewis had been drafted by the Packers in 1996?)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2017 97:43

Green Bay Packers 24  Philadelphia Eagles 9 Trevor Davis might be the answer at punt returner 1st team defense struggles in their only series Kevin King and Josh Jones show flashes Deangelo Yancey looks good Mike McCarthy accuses the Eagles of two dirty hits – one on Randall and one on Dupree. Brett Goode is back. Does that help quell some special teams worries? Did you have any in the first place? Thoughts of the NFL’s relatively new found phobia of playing starters in the Preseason. Doeslosing the time hurt starters early in the season? Rookie QBs shine - Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson, and Kizar all looked good Thoughts on Rams and Lions new uniforms  How long should the Packers hang on to Brett Hundley? Does he have a future in the league as asuccessful starter? Will the Chargers fail in Los Angeles? What If...? Returns! - What if Ray Lewis had been drafted by the Packers in 1996? What are we watching in Washington? @GreenGold4Ever  Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2017 Green Bay Packers Offseason

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2017 82:13

2017 Green Bay Packers Offseason Chris Czarnik joins Green and Gold Forever! We talk Chris’ coaching background. Ted finally goes to Free Agency for Veteran Help. The Packers 2017 Draft Class is Star-Studded. Who will be the stars over the long term? What concerns us about the 2017 season? What are we optimistic about? 2017 Green Bay Packers predictions. Will they win enough to get Homefield Advantage? Will they win the Super Bowl? Tom Brady is now 40 years old. History suggests he will get bad soon and fast. Chris explains how the mentality is different among Packer fans who grew up in the 1970s. “Break up the Steelers!” said young Chris in the 1970s. What are we looking for in the Packers’ first preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles? @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2016 Goldie Awards

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 20, 2017 55:14

5th Annual Goldie Awards!!!     -Before we start the festivities, we share thoughts on the releases of Sam Shields and James Starks   The Goldie's Awards!   -Who will host the awards this year!!!?   -Who Walks Away with the Packers 2016 Offense and Defensive Players of the Year Honors?   -Best and Worst Plays of the Year   -Who do we want to give a one way ticket out of town!?   -Bill & Ted Award: Which Packer would we steal from history to be on the 2017 team?   -We share YOUR awards!! The fans wrote in some great selections. What are they and who will win them!?   -We discuss some Green and Gold Forever news   THANK YOU for a fantastic 5 years! Stay tuned for more to come! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2016 Super Bowl LI Recap: Patriots 34 Falcons 28 (Plus 2017 Hall of Fame Class Discussion)

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2017 57:00

CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR THE 2016 GOLDIE AWARDS!   Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots 34  Atlanta Falcons 28   -Tom Brady and Bill Belichick stake their claim as the best ever...but the debate isn't over   -Coming back from a huge deficit has never been easier in NFL History   -How did Atlanta lose that game?   -Tom Brady is about to be Michael Jordan'ed...and that's a nightmare for knowledgable sports fans who like to debate   -Is Bill Belichick the best of all time?   -We read YOUR Facebook Comments!   -Super Bowl LI's cultural impact: Reminding us that every moment of life in 2017 America must be political   -The 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class is Announced! Why can't Terrell Owens get in?   -Kenny Easley is inducted. Leroy Butler would logically be next, but it is looking unlikely   -Now that this Super Bowl trash it out of the way, we can get to February's REAL biggest event: the 5th Annual Goldie Awards!! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2016 NFC Championship: Falcons 44 Packers 21

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2017 58:02

Atlanta Falcons 44  Green Bay Packers 21   -We finally got our wish: a Packers playoff loss that wasn't on the final play!   -When did we each feel the game was over?   -Atlanta is really good and deserved the win   -The Packers defense is terrible. Who is to blame: Dom Capers or Ted Thompson?   -Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense shouldn't have to be perfect to win a game in the NFL   -Aaron Rodgers has lost and Tom Brady is headed to Super Bowl number 7....and it's NOT because Brady is better than Rodgers?   -Quarterbacks by Points For and Points Allowed in the Playoffs (Min 10 Starts)   -Aaron Rodgers is definitely a Top 5 Quarterback of all time...but will never win another title without more help on defense   -Will Matt Ryan be a Hall of Famer with a win in the Super Bowl?   -Who should be in the 2017 Hall of Fame Class?   -Super Bowl LI is Atlanta vs. New England. Who do we got?   -Thank you so much for a great 2016!!!   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!  

2016 Divisional Playoffs: Packers 34 Cowboys 31

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2017 68:47

Green Bay Packers 34  Dallas Cowboys 31   -The Packers are finally on the winning end of a classic NFL playoff game   -Aaron Rodgers throw to Jared Cook was amazing.   -Mason Crosby is awesome too!   -Dallas will be back...but being 13-3 is extremely hard   -Are the Packers better off for having almost blowing another playoff game?   -But seriously why does this keep happening?   -Facebook Comments!  Icing the Kicker Sucks, but what can be done about it? If the Packers win the Super Bowl, is Rodgers the greatest of all time? Championships are a horrible way to judge quarterbacks   -We talk all of the action of the Divisional Playoffs   -Conference Championship talk! Can the Steelers finally beat the Patriots and validate their success in the Roethlisberger Era Why does Atlanta's new stadium look like a gross part of the body? Atlanta is really really good. Maybe we don't believe the Packers can beat them, but nothing that makes sense has occured this season   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2016 Wildcard Playoffs: Packers 38 Giants 13

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2017 56:39

Green Bay Packers 38  New York Giants 13   -On both offense and defense, the Packers went from inept to unstoppable   -Aaron Rodgers had the best game a QB has ever had in cold weather (and the stats prove it)   -This might be the strangest Packers team we've seen in our lives   -How does Aaron Rodgers keep throwing Hail Marys?   -Randall Cobb has a great game   -The Packers defense shuts down the New York Giants receivers (much more than a boat did)   -Clay Matthews fumble recovery was awesome   -How can the Packers stop Dak Prescott, Ezikiel Elliot and that Dallas Offensive Line? By instilling in them the Fear of Aaron Rodgers   -Packers win aside, this might have been the worst weekend of NFL Football in history   -Why are the Pittsburgh Steelers so dirty in the playoffs?   -Divisional Round Picks:           Can Seattle beat the Falcons in the dome?           Why are New England and Houston even playing?           Will Kansas City follow their heritage and lose at home in the Divisional Round           Will the Packers continue this incredible run?   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2016 Week 17: Packers 31 Lions 24 (Packers win the NFC Again!)

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 2, 2017 65:57

Green Bay Packers 31  Detroit Lions 24   -It must suck to be from Detroit today.    -Aaron Rodgers can take this team anywhere...but will the defense ruin it?   -Who the heck is going to cover Odell Beckham Jr?   -Can Eli Manning really beat Green Bay at Lambeau again?   -How far will the Packers go in the playoffs? Sizing up the potential playoff matchups for the Packers   -The AFC Playoffs are a joke   -Who should be NFL MVP?   -We discuss your Facebook comments!   -Is Mike McCarthy one more title away from Hall of Fame consideration?   -The College Football Postseason kinda sucks   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!  

2016 Week 16: Packers 38 Vikings 25

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 26, 2016 45:38

Green Bay Packers 38  Minnesota Vikings 25   -The Packers offense rolls the same team they couldn't do anything against in September   -Jordy Nelson's Pro Bowl snub is ridiculous   -Is Aaron Rodgers the NFL MVP?   -Is the Packers' defense good enough to win a Championship?   -Beating Detroit will be much more difficult than some fans think   -Derek Carr breaks his leg? Is there anyone that can stop the Patriots from winning the AFC?   -The AFC Playoffs are set....and they're going to be gross   -Week 17 Picks     Will the Redskins lose and give Green Bay a Wildcard spot before they play?     Can Atlanta lock up the Number 2 seed?     Will anyone watch Cardinals/Rams?   -College Football Playoff Predictions   -Will Wisconsin win the Cotton Bowl?   -Can Green Bay beat Detroit and go to the playoffs for the 8th straight year?   -MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!    

2016 Week 15: Packers 30 Bears 27

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2016 69:05

Green Bay Packers 30  Chicago Bears 27   -After all they have been through, the Packers now control their own destiny for a playoff spot   -Aaron Rodgers breaks the Bears' hearts again in the clutch   -Aaron Rodgers might never win another Super Bowl, but he's made memories that are argueably worth as much   -The defense squanders a big lead again. Are we headed toward another heartbreaking big game collapse?   -Packers Playoff Scenarios. Where will they end up?   -The Packers and Vikings may both accomplish feats that have rarely happened in league history   -Is Aaron Rodgers the NFL MVP in 2016?   -Week 16 Picks      Christmas football is back!! Yay?   -We discuss Facebook comments!   -Will the Packers beat the Vikings and set up a win-and-in Week 17 showdown?   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2016 Week 14: Packers 38 Seahawks 10 (Plus If each team was comprised of their literal mascot, who would be the best?)

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2016 54:59

Green Bay Packers 38  Seattle Seahawks 10   -This is as satisfying as a win can get.    -Seattle has it's biggest loss of the Russell Wilson Era   -Aaron Rodgers finally shreds an elite defense   -Davante Adams' rise is still incredible   -The Packers defense is as good now as they were bad in November. Was it just the injuries?   -Why does it seem the Packers only play well when they're cornered?   -Christian Ringo had the best pass rush of all time   -Will the Packers make the Playoffs?   -Are the Packers now a legitimate Super Bowl Contender?   -Jeff Fisher is (finally) fired as Rams head coach. Will Jim Harbaugh replace him?   -Why does Eric get so annoyed by Ex-Badgers in the NFL?   -If each team was comprised of their literal mascot, who would win the Super Bowl?   -Week 15 Picks   -Will the Packers get the help they need? Can they beat the lowly Bears without Aaron Rodgers?   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2016 Week 13: Packers 21 Texans 13 (Plus Wisconsin collapses in the Big Ten Championship Game)

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2016 66:35

Green Bay Packers 21  Houston Texans 13   -A Snowy Win at Lambeau Field was just what the state needed after a Wisconsin collapse the night before   -Aaron Rodgers and Brock Osweiler had nearly the same statline, but it wasn't even close.   -Houston has to have major buyers remorse on Osweiler   -Is James Starks finished?   -The defense bends but doesn't break. Will that work against better defenses?   -Phil Simms and Jim Nantz are terrible together   -The Wisconsin Badgers blow the biggest lead in NCAA Conference Championship Game History in a Loss to Penn State because of course they would   -Would a loss to Western Michigan hurt the Wisconsin Program?   -Sort of in depth Milwaukee Bucks talk!! That's gotta be a first   -College Football Playoff discussion. Did the committee get it right? Is Alabama a lock to win another title?   -Tom Brady surpasses Peyton Manning and Brett Favre for most all time wins. It's impressive, but we discuss why Favre's mark might still be more impressive   -Week 14 Picks - is this the week for the Cleveland Browns to finally win!?   -Can the Packers beat Seattle? Sure! Will they? Umm......   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2016 Week 12: Packers 27 Eagles 13 (feat. College Football Playoff Talk)

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Green Bay Packers 27  Philadelphia Eagles 13   -The Packers actually win. We forgot how satisfying that was   -The offense has been playing well as of late   -Why is Davante Adams so much better?   -Jon Gruden is so much fun to listen to. Trent Dilfer is not.   -Was the defense better or do the Eagles just stink?   -Was this a sign of things to come or some temporary relief?   -Week 13 picks!   -College Football Playoff Talk. Will Wisconsin make the big dance?   -We forgot to pick the Packers/Texans game. We think they'll win!   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!  

2016 Week 11: Redskins 42 Packers 24 (feat. Crossfire: Thanksgiving Edition - Turkey Talk)

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Washington Redskins 42  Green Bay Packers 24   -We've finally discovered what's wrong! It's so obvious!   -But seriously, every week creates a new mystery   -Who is the bigger problem: Mike McCarthy or Ted Thompson?   -Aaron Rodgers isn't the problem....probably   -Can the younger generation of Packer fans tolerate losing?   -Crossfire: Thanksgiving Edition! Turkey Talk!        -Who was the most memorable Turkey Leg Award Winner?         -What is the best Thanksgiving food?        -What is the first Christmas thing we'll watch?   -The Wisconsin Badgers might make the College Football Playoff...but are they really a top 4 team?   -We pick the Thanksgiving games.   -Will the Packers be squashed in Philadelphia?   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!  

2016 Week 10: Titans 47 Packers 25

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Tennessee Titans 47  Green Bay Packers 25   -This was one of the worst efforts that Packers have given in a long time   -It might be time to move on from Mike McCarthy   -Firing someone after a string of success that McCarthy has had would be rare...but not unprecedented   -Mike McCarthy will likely get the ultimate blame, but is this more Ted Thompson's fault?   -Aaron Rodgers could really tone down yelling at his teammates   -Davante Adams: We're sorry   -The worst figure in the NFL isn't Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Colin Kaepernick or even Roger Goodell. It's Jeff Triplette.   -We butcher your Facebook comments!! (Mainly because Eric can't read)   -When it comes to political opinions, NFL players are in a no-win situation   -The Wisconsin Badgers actually have a shot to be in the College Football Playoff   -Matt was in Madison for the Badgers game. And it made him realize he's getting old.    -The 2016 Packers are eerily similar to the 1999 Packers (Click to see the comparison table)   -Will the Packers get back on track in Washington? Don't bet on it...   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2016 Week 9: Colts 31 Packers 26

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Indianapolis Colts 31  Green Bay Packers 26 -Packers are dominated by a bad to average Colts team? Are they finished?   -What will it take to get Mike McCarthy fired? Should he be fired?   -The Packers have nearly lost as many games at Lambeau in the last year than they lost in the previous five. What has changed?   -How much blame should Aaron Rodgers accept?   -We discuss Facebook comments   -Week 10 Picks....does it really matter.   -Hey at least the Badgers are good! But are they good enough?   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!  

2016 Week 8: Falcons 33 Packers 32

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Atlanta Falcons 33  Green Bay Packers 32 -Rodgers plays great...but the Packers lose -Green Bay needed one more play and didn't get it. That sure happens alot -Aaron Rodgers didn't get it done in crunch time, but criticsm isn't quite fair -Why do children try to trick or treat at houses that don't have their lights on!? -Does this offensive performance give you more hope for this season? -Wisconsin beats Nebraska. How good are the Badgers? -The World Series beats Sunday Night Football in the ratings.  -Do we want the Cubs to win the World Series? -Will the Packers beat the Colts? -Thanks for tuning in to a bizarre show (for reasons other than Halloween)

2015 Week 7: Packers 26 Bears 10

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Green Bay Packers 26  Chicago Bears 10 -How bout dem unis!? -Packers successfully adjust their offense in 3 days -Will the new offense work when they don't play Chicago? -The new offense may work, but it still isn't fun to watch -The NFL ratings issues are probably due to a horrible product -Davante Adams plays great. Can he keep it up? -How long can Ty Montgomery and Randall Cobb hold up getting that many touches? -Was Clay Matthews' hit on Brian Hoyer dirty? -The Wisconsin Badgers win, but are one upped when Penn State beat Ohio State -Bart Houston and Alex Hornibrook both play. Should they? -The Packers have no easy wins the rest of the season. Will they make the playoffs? -Even if the Packers lose, will you feel better if the Packers offense plays well in Atlanta? -Will Julio Jones break the NFL single game receiving yardage record vs. the Packers? -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2016 Week 6: Cowboys 30 Packers 16 (Plus Facebook Fan Topics)

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Dallas Cowboys 30  Green Bay Packers 16 -Is this the beginning of the end for the trio of Rodgers/McCarthy/Thompson?   -Will Mike McCarthy be fired after 2016?   -The coaching is lacking, but this offense has worked without Aaron Rodgers. He's the difference right now.   -There is no precedent in NFL History for a player of Rodgers' caliber suddenly falling off so hard.   -We're already tired of the Cowboys (over)hype   -Will the Packers beat the Bears and declare everything fixed?   -Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys offensive like expose the Packers run defense   -The Packers have spent 5 years drafting for defense and have little to show for it   -We go to your Facebook comments! -Rodgers problems appear to be mental -These Packers closely mirror the early 2000s Packers -When is the right time to rebuild?   -Week 7 Picks There's only one question: Why did Fox Sports Photoshop Sam Bradford's head on Teddy Bridgewater!?   -Will the Packers even have enough players available to take on the Bears?   -Even though we asked for it, the Packers Color Rush uniforms are kind of tame.    -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!  

2016 Week 5: Packers 23 Giants 16

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Green Bay Packer 23  New York Giants 16 -The Sunday Night Football Intro is Embarrassingly Bad   -The Packers won....but how good are they?   -The offense struggled again, but put up impressive numbers   -The defense looks very good, but have they been tested?   -Is Nick Perry the next defensive superstar we've been waiting for?   -The secondary plays well without Damarious Randall    -Is anyone good in the NFL this year?   -Week 5 Picks No wonder the ratings are down....who wants to watch most of these games!?   -ESPN College Gameday is in Madison Saturday for Wisconsin vs. Ohio State. Can the Badgers score the upset?   -The Cowboys will be the Packers biggest test to date. Will they pass?   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   Download the Podbean App and Follow Green and Gold Forever!!

2016 Week 4: Bye Week (Discussion on FiveThirtyEight's All-Time NFL Franchise Peaks)

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Green Bay Packers (2-1) Bye Week -As a devoted fan of a team: are bye weeks a nice break or boring?   -The 8:30 am timeslot is weird   -The two NFC Title Game Participants, Carolina and Arizona look rough. Is it too early to write them off?   -How is Antonio Brown so good?   -NFL Ratings are on the decline. What is causing this?   -FiveThirtyEight has a great section on the history of every NFL team. When was the Packers peak in franchise history?   -We discuss some of the strangest peaks in NFL franchise's histories according to FiveThirtyEight   -Wisconsin falls to Michigan. Should Paul Chryst have benched Alex Hornibrook?   -The New York Giants visit Lambeau Field on Sunday Night Football. Will they beat the Packers? Will the game beat the Presidential Debate in the ratings?   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever  

2016 Week 3: Packers 34 Lions 27

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Green Bay Packers 34  Detroit Lions 27   -The Pack is Back.....for one day   -The offense gave a glimpse of their past...and hopefully future   -The offense should puff their chests today....but the critics weren't wrong   -Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis were quite the interesting team   -The defense struggled, but showed some flashes   -Will Nick Perry's play make him too expensive to resign?   -Mike Daniels is a Defensive Playoff of the Year Candidate   -Is Matthew Stafford a bust as the Number One Overall Pick?   -Who is the best team after Week 3? Who is the worst?   -Where do the Packers rank in the hypothetical power rankings?   -Week 4 Picks The only thing we know is that we suck at picking -Wisconsin destroys Michigan State -Bye week next week. What should we talk about on GG4E? Send us your topic ideas! -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever

2016 Week 2: Vikings 17 Packers 14

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Minnesota Vikings 17  Green Bay Packers 14 -The Packers offense isn't just struggling. They're really bad and have been for a while.    -Aaron Rodgers has statistically been one of the worst quarterbacks in football over the last 20 games    -Is this era Packers finished as a Super Bowl Contender?   -What is most wrong with the offense?   -Who is more to blame: Aaron Rodgers or Mike McCarthy?   -Why is Davante Adams still on the field?   -The defense deserves better....sorta.    -The Packers won't run, even if they should.   -The Vikings are ok I guess   -Jimmy Garoppolo is out. Now it's up to Briskett!! (or whatever his name is)   -Week 3 Picks This season is weird. Who knows who will win these games? Poor Philip Rivers. He's maybe the most cursed great player in history   -Packers vs. Lions. They can't possibly lose. Right?   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever  

2016 Week 1: Packers 27 Jaguars 23 (feat. CrossFire)

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Green Bay Packers 27  Jacksonville Jaguars 23 -What a great game! -The heat played a part, but the teams decided the game -Were we impressed by the defense? -The Packers were lucky that they got the officiating crew they got -The offense was successful....but it was a struggle -Stupid Question of the Week: Does Aaron Rodgers audible too much?  -Davante do you describe this guy anymore? -Clay Matthews is all the way back -Do you believe in the Jacksonville Jaguars? -Big Injuries to Keenan Allen, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Brian Cushing and others -What if Jimmy Garoppolo goes 4-0? -CrossFire (thanks to Facebook for the topics!) Memories of 9/11 Which young QB looked best: Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz or Jimmy Garappolo? Arizona is in trouble Have the Saints wasted Drew Brees? Are the Colts wasting Andrew Luck? And More!! -Week 2 Super Rapid Picks -Will the Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings? Eric and Matt Disagree -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever

2016 Preseason Wk 4: Chiefs 17 Packers 7 (Josh Sitton release & Badgers beat LSU)

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Kansas City Chiefs 17  Green Bay Packers 7 -Packers release All Pro G Josh Sitton. What the heck is going on!? -How will Sitton's release effect the team? -Sitton's release was dumb. The contract the Chicago Bears gave him was dumber. -Jeff Janis, Joe Callahan among those kept. Carl Bradford, Sam Barrington among those released -There is no reason to believe that the Packers offense will be any better...yet. -After the Kansas City game, Eric has given up on Davante Adams. -Teddy Bridgewater suffers grotesque injury. -Vikings trade a low round pick for Sam Bradford.....wait they gave them a 1st Rounder!!!??  -Trevor Siemian named Broncos' starting QB. They are in deep trouble -Wisconsin defeats LSU at Lambeau Field -Week 1 Predictions!!  -Will the Packers start the season with a win in Jacksonville? Maybe not? -Will Eric eat a Jaguar for the season opener!!!? -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever

2016 Preseason Wk 3: Packers 21 49ers 10 (Colin Kaepernick kneels for the National Anthem & Other Talk)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2016 51:19

Green Bay Packers 21  San Francisco 49ers 10 -The Packers 3-0 Preseason means they're destined for a winning season!! (Maybe)   -Aaron Rodgers plays. He had one bad drive and one good drive. Which stuck with us more?   -Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb look ready for 2016   -Jared Cook is a Beast   -Will Davante Adams ever turn the corner?   -Has anyone been more fun to watch than Joe Callahan?   -Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the National Anthem   -Tim Mastay wins the punting competition   -Tony Romo injury. Will he ever play for Dallas again?   -The Vikings new stadium looks awesome...but they were easier to respect when they played outside   -Mini Crossfire: Will Peyton Manning be better remembered as a Bronco than a Colt?   -Why does NBC think we care so much about their stupid intro song?   -College Football starts this weekend? We preview Wisconsin vs. LSU at Lambeau Field   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever  

2016 Preseason Week 1 (GB 17 CLE 11) & Week 2 (GB 20 OAK 12). - Plus Brett Favre HOF Induction

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2016 41:59

Green Bay Packers 17  Cleveland Browns 11   Green Bay Packers 20  Oakland Raiders 12   -Two Games covered with Half the Effort!   -Hall of Fame Game is Cancelled   -Brett Favre's Hall of Fame Induction was awesome...and proved that his time with the Minnesota Vikings will be a painful wound forever.    -The Preseason is especially bad this year   -Will Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers be suspended?   -Why is the NFL seemingly set on ruining the reputations of its best players and teams?   -Jason Spriggs vs.Khalil Mack wasn't pretty.    -Will Jeff Janis even make the team?   -Dak Prescott shines in Dallas   -Olympics talk. What are the best and worst games to watch?   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever

2016 NFL Season Preview

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2016 60:07

2016 NFL Season Preview -After the break, we're back and ready for more!!   -Greg Jennings Retires   -The NFL clears Peyton Manning of any PED suspicion   -Eric unveils a horrible segment that will never be repeated How many sacks will Clay Matthews have? How many receiving yards will Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings have?   -2016 NFL Preview -Team by Team Record Predictions -Eric finally believes in the Chiefs!? They're doomed!! -Do the Bengals finally make a run? -Can the Broncos repeat? -Will the Packers win Super Bowl LI?   -What are the odds that Aaron Rodgers ever wins another Super Bowl?   -We take your Facebook topics   -Will the Wisconsin Badgers make a bowl game?   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever  

2016 Offseason & NFL Draft Recap

Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2016 51:59

NFL Draft and More! -We watched the draft...sorta. Can't we have it back on the weekend?   -This looks that a potentially great draft for the Packers   -How will these new players affect the veterans? Will some notable guys not make the team?   -The 2016 Packers schedule is kind of weird   -What color rush uniforms do we hope the Packers get?   -Random Topics!  Bucs Take a Kicker Packers sign TE Jared Cook Raiders in Las Vegas? Skip Bayless & Mike Tirico Leave ESPN And More!   -This episode would've been the undrafted free agent of podcasts...   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever

2015 Goldie Awards

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 29, 2016 46:50

4th Annual Goldie Awards!!   -Who will be the host!?   -The Best and Worst Moments and Players of the 2015 Green Bay Packers Season   -This season was very frustrating   -Who had the play of the year?   -Were there any offensive players worthy of being the MVP?   -Are Packer fans being spoiled and entitled for criticizing this season?   THANK YOU FOR A GREAT 2015!!    -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever   FIXING 10 BAD SUPER BOWLS - BLOG SERIES    

2015 Super Bowl 50 Recap: Broncos 24 Panthers 10 (Plus 2016 Hall of Fame Class Discussion)

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2016 51:15

Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos 24  Carolina Panthers 10   -Who thought Denver would dominate like that?   -Denver has a great defense   -Peyton Manning gets another championship...but didn't really earn it   -Cam Newton walks out of his press conference. Was he justified?   -Championships are not the best way to judge QB Greatness   -Was Eli Manning sad that the Broncos won?    -All things Super Bowl 50: Halftime! Commercials!! Pregame!! Peyton kissing Papa Johns   -Hall of Fame Class of 2016: Did they get it right?   Thanks for a great season!   VOTE FOR THE 2015 GOLDIE AWARDS     FIXING 10 BAD SUPER BOWLS - BLOG SERIES   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever  

2015 Conference Championships & Super Bowl 50 Preview

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2016 41:13

-Super Bowl 50 is set: Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos   -Peyton Manning beats Tom Brady again...but mostly because of his defense   -Tom Brady is just like every other great QB when he's not at home: human   -Carolina destroys Arizona. They finally look worthy of their 15-1 record   -Will the Panthers destroy the Broncos?   -The first half of Super Bowl 50 will be played in daylight and that's awesome   -Random topics from the Facebook page -The NFL Network airs the right version of Super Bowl 1. Was it already ruined? -Who will go to the Hall of Fame this year? -Is Donovan McNabb a hall of famer? -The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal is quite critical of McCarthy and Thompson. Is it deserved?   -Cast your ballot for the Goldies Awards!!   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever  

2015 Divisional Playoffs: Cardinals 26 Packers 20 (Plus discussion of failed Super Bowl I Rebroadcast on NFL Network)

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2016 60:31

Arizona Cardinals 26  Green Bay Packers 20   -What an incredible game.....that we lost. Again.   -Mike McCarthy's coaching was on full display Saturday Night   -Will the Packers learn from Saturday and let it reaffirm their existing beliefs?   -Jeff Janis should have played more this season   -Dom Capers and his defense holds true to season form: they were great...until they weren't   -Luck is a weird thing   -Aaron Rodgers might be the most physically gifted quarterback ever   -Tom Brady is the best playoff quarterback because he's great in the regular season   -Did the Panthers beating the Seahawks make the Packers loss easier to take?   -The Rams are moving to Los Angeles and the San Diego Chargers might follow suit   -Will we be watching the San Antonio Raiders next year!?   -The Super Bowl I rebroadcast was a huge disappointment   -Broncos vs. Patriots and Cardinals vs. Panthers. Who will win? Who do we want to win?   -Who will play in Super Bowl 50?   -Now that the 2015 Packers are history, it's time for the Goldie Awards!!   THANKS FOR A GREAT 2015!!   -Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment Below! @GreenGold4Ever

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