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Sam, Zeb and Ross talk about the Seattle Seahawks. We're just fans of the Seahawks and want to share our love. Just us live as we record every Wednesday at 9PM during the football season: https://www.twitch.tv/hawkscast

Hawks Cast Podcast

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    #612 New Orleans Saints 10-20-21 Monday Night Football

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 82:09

    The Seahawks return to primetime again for a Monday Night showdown with the Jameis Winton led New Orleans Saints; who is going to eat that W to cap off Week 7? We got our first look at Geno Smith as our QB and optimism is there but a lot of questions are still left unanswered. The team overcame a 0-14 deficit and rallied to tie the game at 20-20 but a huge turnover sealed the game. The DEF broke their streak of giving up 450 yards of OFF but it was against a lack-luster Steelers team; can the DEF continue to show some development? This is the HawksCast.NET Podcast. Topic #1 How has your view on the team changed after Geno's first start? Topic #2 Does this team have what it takes to make a late-season run? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Who is the worst Seahawks Weekly dud? Topic #4 New Orleans Saints - If Alvin Kamara is the Saints OFF; can the Seahawks DEF shut them down? Predictions Final Score Saints vs. Seahawks More Passing Yards Winston vs. Smith More Rushing/Receiving Yards Alvin Kamara More Targets Lockett/Metcalf Yes/No Jamal Adams Sack Yes/No Darrell Taylor Sack Yes/No Ryan Neal Sighting Yes/No LJ Collier Active https://www.hawkscast.net/ https://www.twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://www.twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #611 Pittsburgh Steelers 10-13-21 Sunday Night Football

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 85:19

    The Seahawks enter a whole new world as Russell Wilson will not be starting for the Seahawks since 2011. Some fans will relish seeing what a non-Russ led team will look like while other fans assume that our team will be even worse as Russ was the only one keeping us afloat. Either way, someone will be right and someone will be wrong as the Seahawks go to Pittsburgh for Sunday Night Football and show what a Geno Smith-led Seahawks team looks like. This is the HawksCast.NET Podcast. Topic #1 Why is there so much optimism with Wilson going to miss 4+ games? Topic #2 Bobby Wagner came out and continues to say the DEF is close to getting it together; do you believe him? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Jon Gruden was fired for comments he made at ESPN/MNF; is the NFL trying to send a message? Topic #4 Pittsburgh Steelers - Are the Steelers an AFC North clone of the Seahawks? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Steelers More TDs Geno/Ben More Carries Carson/Harris More Sacks Seahawks DEF/TJ Watt Over/Under 10.5 Targets DK Metcalf Over/Under 1.5 Mentions SB XL Over/Under 4.5 Blitzes Jamal Adams Sack/Int What Happens First for Jamal http://www.hawkscast.net/ http://www.twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast http://www.twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #610 Los Angeles Rams 10-6-21 Thursday Night Football

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 78:46

    The Seahawks level their record to a glorious 2-2 after defeating two QBs of the rival Niners. It's a short week though as the Seahawks pivot to the LA Rams for Thursday Night Football in their Action Green Jerseys. The DEF made some improvements but there are legit questions on if this was a mirage and the OFF dominated the last 2/3 of the game but before that moment it looked pretty sad. The DEF changed things up with the appearance of Sydney Jones and Ryan Neal. With the rival Rams in town, can the Seahawks continue their TNF dominance? Or will these Stafford-led Rams team show they still deserve to be the pre-season favorite for the NFC West? This is the HawksCast.NET Podcast. Topic #1 What's the bigger mirage; the DEF coming up with turnovers or the OFF scoring in the 2nd half? Topic #2 Is Shane Waldron instilling you with confidence that he's the OC for the job? Is this what you expected from a McVay disciple? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - What's the best rivalry in this rivalry? DK vs Ramsey? Russ/OL vs. Donald? Carroll vs. McVay? Topic #4 Los Angeles Rams - Is Stafford the guy to take the Rams to the Superbowl? Is there a player that could do that for the Seahawks? Predictions Veta - 28-31 49ers Zeb - 31-30 Seahawks Sam - 21-24 49ers Final Score Rams vs Seahawks One-on-One Winner Ramsey/DK More Sacks Donald/Seahawks More TDs Russ/Matthew More Rushing Yards Seahawks/Rams More Passing Yards Lockett/Metcalf vs. Cupp/Woods Yay/Nay Action Green Uniforms Yes/No Does Urban Meyer Make It to the Seahawks/Jaguars Game as HC https://www.hawkscast.net https://www.twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://www.twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #609 San Francisco 49ers 9-29-21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 78:25

    The Seahawks find themselves asking a lot of questions and fans questioning what's wrong with the team. How can a team filled with Pro-Bowlers and All-Pro's be so uneven; 1st in points scored in the 1st half and last in points scored in the 2nd half. Now the Seahawks are coming off back-to-back losses and now pivot to NFC West rivals the San Francisco 49ers. Can the Seahawks find their way before it's too late to panic? This is the HawksCast.NET Podcast. Topic #1 Always the optimist, is Pete Carroll finally going to crack and make big changes mid-season? Topic #2 Wilson, Wagner and Adams are the highest paid players at their position; are they earning their money? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - If you were the Owner, what are the first two changes you're demanding this week? Topic #4 San Francisco 49ers - Is this game a "must win" for the Seahawks & Niners? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Niners Over/Under 13.5 First Half Points Over/Under 6.5 Second Half Points Over/Under 5.5 Second Half Possessions Over/Under 25.5 Time of Possession More Passing Yards Russ/Jimmy G More Rushing Yards Carson/SF RBs http://www.hawkscast.net/ http://www.twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast http://www.twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #608 Minnesota Vikings 9-22-21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 74:20

    The Seahawks suffer a stunning loss to the Titans; their first home opener loss in the past 13 years and now their 3rd straight home loss going back to last season. The Seahawks must regroup and travel to the great lakes state to face the Minnesota Vikings who need to do all they can to avoid a 0-3 start. Injuries are quietly mounting in some key positions but the core is there but could not sustain a drive. Are the Vikings a Titans clone; a strong running game with play-action tendencies to two outstanding WRs? This is the HawksCast.NET Podcast. Topic #1 Did Seattle's explosive plays hurt themselves more than the Titans? Topic #2 What is most likely to get fixed? What's least likely? Penalties, Offensive Consistency, or Defensive Consistency? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Is Adams the Russ of the DEF? A guy so unique that you don't know how to use him? Topic #4 Minnesota Vikings - The Vikings are 2 FGs away from being 2-0? Should the Seahawks be worried? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Vikings Over/Under 15.5 Touches Chris Carson Over/Under 23.5 Touches Dalvin Cook Over/Under 2.5 TE Targets More Rec Yards Lockett/Metcalf vs. Jefferson/Thielen More Sacks DL/LB/Adams More Attempts Pass/Rush www.hawkscast.net/ www.twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast www.twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #607 Tennessee Titans 9-15-21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 78:44

    The Seahawks open the 2021 season and blow expectations out of the water with a dominating win against the Colts. Pete needed to reset himself after saying the words "Russ" and "Cook" but it was hard to ignore how balanced and effective the entire team looked this past Sunday. Now the Seahawks turn their eyes to another AFC South team, the Tennessee Titans, who got thoroughly stomped by our rival the Arizona Cardinals. Can the Seahawks open Lumen Field with another resounding win? This is the HawksCast.NET Podcast. Topic #1 Who gets the game ball from the opener? Topic #2 Which side of the ball, OFF or DEF, were you most surprised to see? Is it sustainable? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Draft failures starting to rise with Collier, Penny, T Brown, Pocic, etc? Topic #4 Tennessee Titans - Is it worse to face a team off a win or loss? Predictions Final Score Titans vs. Seahawks -5.5 Seahawks Cover 2nd Most RB Snaps Collins, Dallas, or Homer 3rd Most Recs Everett, Dissley, Eskridge, Swain, Carson The Field (minus DK & Lockett) Over/Under 2.5 Russ Sacks Over/Under 3.5 Tannehill Sacks Over/Under 125 Rush Yards Henry Over/Under 85 Rush Yards Carson http://www.hawkscast.net/ http://www.twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast http://www.twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #606 Indianapolis Colt 9-8-21

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 74:10

    The 2021 offseason is finally over as the NFL and the Seattle Seahawks are here to kick off the regular season. We have football all weekend and the Seahawks are traveling to Indy to face the Carson Wentz Colts. Players have stopped their Hold In's and we have our full team ready to practice and hit the turf. The Cornerback room is still shuffling but the HawksCast.NET podcast is here to help maintain order. Topic #1 What is the biggest unknown opening the regular season? Topic #2 Did the front office put together a roster of competing in the NFC West? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Did the Seahawks makes the right decision with requiring vaccinations at Lumen Field? Topic #4 Indianapolis Colts - Is Wentz's COVID situation a cause for concern for the Seahawks, Colts or the NFL at-large? (Changed topic #4 since Wentz appears to be starting) Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Colts Over/Under 1.5 Turnovers for Wentz Over/Under 0.5 Turnovers for Wilson Over/Under 17.5 touches for Carson First TD? First Sack? First Turnover? First Score OFF Rush TD/OFF Pass TD/DEF TD/FG/Safety/Return TD Surprise Star https://www.hawkscast.net/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #605 Preseason II 8-25-21

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2021 83:01

    Welcome back for the final preseason game of the year. The Seahawks starters have all gotten a lot of rest but there maybe some turmoil rising with 21 Seahawks entering their final year of their contracts. The Seahawks secured SS Jamal Adams for an additional four more years but there's now other players waiting in line. The Seahawks host the Chargers in the final game but we don't know what to expect as Pete has been keeping things close to his vest. This is the HawksCast.NET Podcast. Topic #1 Have you fallen in love with any player yet? Who's your Mr. August? Topic #2 What are the Seahawks trying to hide in the preseason? Topic #3 Did the Seahawks make the right move by extending SS Adams now? Topic #4 Should the Seahawks try to acquire someone before the season or go with the roster they've got? Predictions O/U 10 Points OFF O/U 20 Points DEF O/U 5.5 Starters OFF/DEF Play in the 3rd Preseason Game O/U 75% of QB Snaps Geno/Mannion O/U 15 Snaps RB Penny Surprise Cut Surprise Starter FB/LB Nick Bellore https://www.hawkscast.net/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #604 Pre-Season I 8-11-21

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 74:42

    Real football is here and we are so excited. We are so ready to kick off the preseason and we will be covering both the first two games (@Las Vegas & vs. Denver). There's still a lot of question with the roster but the reigning NFC West Champions are taking the field this weekend with a lot of the 2020 roster intact for 2021. This is the HawksCast.NET Podcast. Topic #1 How much do you expect COVID to affect the NFL this year? (90/91 TC roster players have at least one vaccine shot and 100% of staff and coaches are fully vaccinated) Topic #2 The NFL finally made the switch to a 17-game season; how will this change the NFL? Topic #3 Who is your breakout starter in 2021? Who is playing their last year with the Seahawks? Topic #4 Have preseason games lost more meaning or is there something to look forward to? Predictions Record in Games 1 & 2 50 Points O/U Combined OFF Points Scored 40 Points O/U Combined DEF Points Allowed Adams/Brown First to get extended Y/N Eskridge gets activated from the PUP Y/N A rookie starts a preseason game Y/N KJ Wright signs with a team before the 3rd preseason game www.hawkscast.net www.twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast www.twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #603 Post-Draft Drama 5-12-21

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 74:47

    Due to unforeseen life, we paused last week's scheduled podcast but now we get to talk about the draft and the schedule! The Seahawks got their participation trophy at the 2021 NFL Draft with their three picks. Draft grades are in, opinions on the rookies are in and there are so many questions on these three selected rookies because none of them "look" like guys that Seattle has drafted in the past. With only three picks, the Seahawks seemed to focus a lot on players that could also play Special Teams. The Hawks Cast Podcast, brought to you by www.hawkcast.net, is happy to know that we are getting so much closer to actual football. Topic #1 How many of these rookies can be a Week 1 Starter? What about a playoff Starter? Topic #2 Does this rookie class show a departure from Pete-ball and more Shane Waldron Ball? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - What's your take on the 2021 Seahawks Schedule? (https://hawkscast.net/forum/topic/2021-seahawks-schedule/) Topic #4 Should players like Metcalf "train" for things outside of football? Predictions 2.5 Over/Under UDFA's Make the 53-man Roster/Practice Squad Most Improved Position Group Least Improved Position Group KJ Resigns w/SEA/Retires/Signs Elsewhere Sherm Resigns w/SEA/Retires/Signs Elsewhere Golden Tate Resigns w/SEA/Retires/Signs Elsewhere Yes/No Aaron Rodgers is a Packer Week 1 Jimmy G/Trey Lance Week 1 SF Starter www.hawkscast.net www.twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast www.twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #602 Pre-Draft Drama 4-28-21

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2021 74:58

    The 2021 NFL Draft is here and while the Seahawks will have to wait an agonizing 55 picks before they get to pick with the 56th overall pick on Friday we are here for the draft. This is the lowest draft total for the Seahawks in the entire Pete/John regime; it's also tied with the lowest draft capital in NFL history. Pete has said that their first round pick is S Jamal Adams (and he will be in 2022) as well but the 2021 roster is filled with trade acquisitions besides Adams. The Hawks Cast Podcast is here for the draft and we are brought to you by the Hawks Cast Podcast (https://www.hawkscast.net). Topic #1 Can you be excited for the Seahawks draft with such low capital? Topic #2 Does the FO get credit for Adams, Dunlap and Jackson when they get their draft grade? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - How do you mock the Seahawks draft when they are so unconventional? (https://hawkscast.net/forum/topic/seahawks-mock-based-on-trade-scenarios-three-complete-scenarios-used/ & https://hawkscast.net/forum/topic/7-round-seahawks-mock-no-trades-version/) Topic #4 Did the Seahawks limit themselves by not restructuring Wilson's salary to have more cap space? Predictions What round will the Seahawks select their first player? Offensive/Defensive Player? 4.5 Over/Under Total Players Drafted 2.5 Over/Under Seahawks Total Trades 3.5 Over/Under Seahawks Players Traded Away 8.5 Over/Under UDFA's Signed Yes/No Are you gonna watch the first round? https://www.hawkscast.net https://www.twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://www.twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #601 Off-Season Drama 4-21-21

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2021 71:12

    The Hawks Cast Podcast returns for season six and we launched a new website (www.hawkscast.net). The offseason is still here for another week or so and the drama does not disappoint. Key starters have been allowed to walk, no one was Franchise Tagged, and quite a few surprise signing occurred. With the 2021 salary cap staying the same, many worried that the Seahawks would have to run a skeleton crew but Pete/John has added to the OL, DL, RB, TE, and CB which were huge areas of concern. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 How close did Russell Wilson PR himself out of Seattle? Topic #2 Is Shane Wauldron the answer at OC and does he have the right pieces? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Did the Seahawks Players do the right thing by advocating for virtual mini-camp? (https://hawkscast.net/forum/topic/seahwks-statement-on-otas-during-the-pandemic/#postid-639) Topic #4 Which Offseason move will help the Seahawks defend their NFC West title? Predictions Which new player will have the biggest impact? Is KJ coming back? Is Sherm? Franchise/Extend Jamal Adams On-paper, is this team better than the 2020 Seahawks? www.hawkscast.net twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #523 State of the Seahawks 1-20-21

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2021 83:01

    The 2020 Seahawks season comes to an end against the rival LA Rams. Throughout the Wild Card game, fans had to question the Seahawks game plan going up against a Rams DEF that looks like it's built to stop the Seahawks OFF. Those questions were paused after the game but a few days later the Seahawks made a move and fired their OC, SkyBox Schotty. The new plan is to bring in an OC that will run Carroll's game plan of a balanced OFF that protects the ball with a more aggressive run attack but will that work with Russell Wilson? All this and more on the Hawks Cast Podcast Season Finale. Topic #1 Was the 2020 Seahawks season a successful failure? Topic #2 Did Pete fire the right Coordinator? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Which team looks to make the biggest leap in the 2021 NFC West? Topic #4 Which player are you extending/re-sign/cutting/walk? Predictions Superbowl Representatives Chiefs/Packers/Bucs/Bill Future OFF Coordinator Current NFL OC/Former HC/Position Coach/College Coach https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #522 Los Angeles Rams 1-6-21 Wild Card Round

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2021 76:45

    The playoffs return to Seattle as the Seahawks host the Rams this Saturday for the Wild Card Round. This will be the 2nd time that the Seahawks-Rams have played three-times in one season; the last time wasn't a great story for Seattle. But since then the Seahawks have been undefeated at home in the playoffs since the 2005 season. The DEF and Spec Teams have been great down the stretch but the OFF has left fans with a lot of questions. Let's get ready to rumble as this is the Hawks Cast Podast. Topic #1 Do these 12-4 Seahawks stand above the other teams of the past with 12+ wins? Topic #2 What does it say when our OFF looks like it can be shut down blanketing Metcalf and Wilson? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - If you could poach a player from each NFC West team who would you pick? Topic #4 Los Angeles Rams - Will this match-up be different from the last two games? Predictions Final Score Rams vs. Seahawks Other Playoff Games Indy/Buff, TB/WSH, Balt/Tenn, Chi/NO & Cle/Pitt Which is greater: Russ TDs or Donald Sacks More Targets Lockett/Metcalf/Woods/Kupp Yes/No Metcalf's Success Will Come Away from Ramsey? Yes/No Did the Eagles tanked their last game? https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #521 San Francisco (Arizona) 49ers 12-30-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2020 75:20

    The Seahawks are newly crowned NFC West Division Champions. This is the first one since 2016 and the 5th crown for Pete in the past 11 years. This was a really hard, fought division with the title coming down the stretch. The Seahawks are still contending for playoff seeding and can end up as the #1-3 seed and could face any of the Wild Card teams if they don't secure the #1 seed. But first the Seahawks travel to Arizona to face the displaced San Francisco 49ers. The Niners have been relegated down to playing spoiler after playing in the Superbowl last year. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 Does this division crown feel like more of a surprise with how up & down the Seahawks were all year? Topic #2 Has Adams/Dunlap been the best acquisition since Bennett/Arvil? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Are you rooting for the Rams and Cards to make the playoffs knowing one of them may be a future opponent? Topic #4 San Francisco 49ers - Any concern about the 49ers playing spoiler in a game the Seahawks still need to win? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ 49ers 49ers Finishing QB CJ Beathard or Nick Mullens Yes/No Richard Sherman Appearance Yes/No Geno Smith Appearance 40.5 Over/Under DK Metcalf surpasses Largent's Single-Season REC Yards GB/CHI Who wins? NO/CAR Who wins? ARZ/LAR Who wins? https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #520 Los Angeles Rams 12-23-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2020 75:41

    A great win against a strong DEF helped the Seahawks back into the driver's seat with two games remaining. Add that the Rams lost to the then winless Jets helped them firmly control their playoff position. The Seahawks have secured their 8th playoff trip in the past 9 years under a Bobby/KJ/Russ/Pete Regime. They still have a chance to secure the NFC West outright with a win this Sunday. While the Rams have been a thorn in their side, it's the one franchise that has had a strong edge historically against Seattle too. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 Should we start to worry that the Seahawks play ugly football? Topic #2 Are you happy with Seattle's ProBowl representation? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - What would it mean to win the toughest division? Topic #4 Los Angeles Rams - Why are the Rams the only team to really have the Seahawks number? (LAR 7-10, ARZ 10-7-1, & SF 13-4 Russ' career record against) Predictions Final Score Rams vs. Seahawks More TDs Goff vs. Wilson Which Jared? Goof or Goff Rushing Leader Carson/Hyde/Penny Over/Under DK Targets 4.5 Over/Under Lockett Targets 9.5 Over/Under Adams Sacks 1.5 Over/Under SEA DEF INTs 2.5 https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #519 Washington Football Team 12-16-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2020 59:31

    The Seahawks show off they can play a full 60-minute game on OFF, DEF and Spec Teams as they have one of their first blowout in the past couple of years. The winless Jets stay winless as Seattle run up 40 points and Jamal Adams set an NFL record for sacks by a DB with 3 games left in the season. Now attention turns as they travel east for the last time in the regular season to face another NFC East leading team in the Washington Football Team. Their OFF has suffered with poor QB play but their young DEF is thriving and could be a huge challenge for the Seahawks. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 Does beating the winless Jets (in a convincing manner) make up for the Giants loss? Topic #2 How did this four game stretch (PHI, NYG, NYJ & WSH) become more difficult? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Do the Seahawks need to start rooting for the Niners and Cards the rest of the season? Topic #4 Washington Football Team - Should Seattle be scared of this top-5 DEF? (YDS/G 4th, Pass/G 3rd, Rush/G 9th, & Pts/G 6th) (Sea YDS/G 27th, Pass/G 32nd, Rush/G 4th, Pts/G 18th) Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Football Team Which QB Starts Haskins vs Smith Which RB Starts McKissic vs. Gibson More Yards Metcalf vs. Laurin More Touches Carson vs. Hyde More Targets Lockett vs. Metcalf More Targets RBs vs. TEs Y/N IF Seattle gets the #5 WC Seed, do they return to face Washington again? https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #518 New York Jets 12-9-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2020 67:58

    The Seahawks suffered one of the worst losses in recent memory against a subpar passing team that barely passed a 100 yards in the air but had nearly 200 yards on the ground. The Seahawks need to collect themselves if they want to be considered a legit playoff contender as they now need to find out what happened on OFF that only scored 10 points and failed to drive down the field and win the game in the final minutes. Everyone's attention now turns to the win-less New York Jets who suddenly don't look as toothless after suffering a near-miracle loss that got their DEF Coordinator fired. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 What has been the biggest reason for the OFF woes? Topic #2 Is it enough that the Seahawks are still in playoff contention if they're not a Superbowl "favorite?" Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Are the Rams the 2019 49ers; an average QB with a plus-plus DEF? Topic #4 New York Jets - Will either team regret the Jamal Adams trade? Predictions Final Score Jets vs. Seahawks More Passing TDs Darnold vs. Wilson Over/Under Metcalf Targets 9.5 Over/Under Adams Sacks 1.5 Over/Under 3rd Downs Converted 5.5 Over/Under 4th Downs Attempted 1.5 Over/Under Seahawk Turnovers Forced 2.5 Over/Under Seahawk Turnovers 1.5 https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #517 New York Giants 12-2-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2020 59:42

    The Seahawks put together another strong defensive showing and did more than enough to win comfortably on Monday Night Football. The conversation all night was that it was Carson Wentz who looked bad and not the Seahawks DEF for making him look bad. Wilson led the OFF but relied almost exclusively on DK Metcalf as his go-to receiver. DK continues to reign supreme and bare that chip on his shoulder that so many teams passed on him. He and Seahawks get to continue their assault as they face the NFC East leading New York Giants at home. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 Is DK Metcalf the best wide receiver in the NFL? Topic #2 Will fans ever get accustomed to Pete's style of coaching? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Is winning the division the best opportunity knowing the #5 seed gets the NFC East winner? Topic #4 New York Giants - The Giants are leading the East after winning 3 straight; should fans be taking these teams more seriously? Predictions: Final Score Giants vs. Seahawks Giants Starter Colt McCoy vs. Daniel Jones Seahawks RB Touches Leader Carson vs. Hyde Seahawks WR Target Leader Metcalf vs. Lockett vs. the Field Over/Under 2.5 Games DK Metcalf Breaks Largent's Single-Season WR Yard Record (1287 vs. 1039) Over/Under 4.5 Games DK/Tyler Break Baldwin's Single-Season WR TD Record (15 vs. 9/8) Over/Under 3.5 Games Jamal Adams Breaks 10.0 Sacks for the Year https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #516 Philadelphia Eagles 11-25-20 MNF

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2020 76:49

    The Seahawks are coming off a huge win in primetime against division foes, the Arizona Cardinals, and now face another bird-themed team in the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. Are you reaching for the stars with this DEF team or are you still waiting for the other shoe to drop? The running game came back, the passing game was effective and the DEF played well when it needed to. The Hawks Cast podcast is coming back like all the players off of the injury report. Topic #1 Are you buying or selling the idea that the DEF can be this level of "good" for the rest of the year? Topic #2 Is this balanced OFF the end of the "Let Russ Cook" train? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Will the Seahawks regret their earlier losses in the best division? Topic #4 Philadelphia Eagles - Why are the Seahawks so good against the Eagles? Predictions Final Score Seahawk @ Eagles More Sacks Taken Wilson vs. Wentz Which Happens First Seahawks TD vs. Seahawks Forced T/O Over/Under 150 RB Rushing Yards Over/Under 225 QB Passing Yards Yes/No Wentz Gets Benched https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #515 Arizona Cardinals 11-18-20 Thursday Night

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2020 72:44

    The Seahawks suffer another demoralizing defeat as it wasn't so much the DEF that let us down all game but the OFF. Russell Wilson has another multi-turnover game that continues to make all their mistakes look even worse and due to a Hail Mary the Cardinals end up being the number one team in the NFC West and the Seahawks fall to 3rd. It's a quick turnaround as the Seahawks now face that red-hot Cardinals team on Thursday Night. The injuries are still piling up but my body is ready. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 What has the greater chance to improve; Wilson's Turnover Rate or the DEF building off their last game? Topic #2 Are Seahawks fans overvaluing how good this team is through 9 games? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Is Pete becoming the worst coach in the West? Topic #4 Arizona Cardinals - Has Murray surpassed Wilson as an MVP front-runner? Predictions: Final Score: Cardinals vs. Seahawks More Total TDs: Murray vs. Wilson More Sacks Avoided: Murray vs. Wilson More Rushing Yards: Murray vs. Seahawks RBs More Targets: Lockett vs. Metcalf vs. Hopkins Over/Under 2.5 Hail-Mary's Shown From Previous Games Over/Under 3.5 Seahawks OFF Starters Missing https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #514 Los Angeles Rams 11-11-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2020 63:21

    The Seahawks look at what went wrong in Buffalo as the Seahawks were beat in every category; OFF, DEF and Spec Teams. Most people were harping on the DEF but the OFF turned the ball over four times making the DEF protect shorter fields. Can the Seahawks right the ship as they face the LA Rams? This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 Was "Fire Bevell" ever as bad as "Fire Norton?" Topic #2 Who deserved some mid-season hardware? MVP, Unsung Hero, Most Improved, etc. Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Can NFC West cans cool it now that the division when 0-3 over the weekend? Topic #4 Los Angeles Rams - Will a Blitz-happy Aaron Donald make it another long game for Wilson? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Rams Yes/No Will the lack of running hurt the OFF Yes/No Will the Secondary continue to give a 10-yard cushion? Will we see the return of Jared Goff or Jared Goof? Yes/No Sack Party continues? Yes/No DEF Turnover drought continues? https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #513 Buffalo Bills 11-4-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2020 71:25

    The Seahawks play one of their best games of the year as they face NFC West rival the San Francisco 49ers. While they were not playing at full strength (and neither were the Seahawks) the game was not close by the 3rd quarter. Seahawks were up 23-points before the Seahawks-Killer Nick Mullens lead them to three scoring drives before the Seahawks shut them down. Now the Seahawks travel east where they've won their last 10 games on the east coast to face the Buffalo Bills. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 Are you starting to feel the DEF with our players getting healthy? Topic #2 All the talk has been Russell Wilson but do we understand how good DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett have been? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Did the Seahawks put an end to the Niners for the year? Topic #4 Buffalo Bills - Are the Bills the best team the Seahawks will face for the rest of the season? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Bills More Rushing Yards Wilson vs. Allen More Targets Lockett/Metcalf More TDs Rushing/Passing First SEA Sack Adams/Dunlop/Robinson/Wagner/Collier/Mayowa/Other Over/Under 2.5 Wilson TDs https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #512 San Francisco 49ers 10-28-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2020 72:53

    The Seahawks suffer their first defeat this season as they fall in OT to the Cardinals. The Seahawks had a 10-point lead going into the final minutes of the 4th quarter but the OFF couldn't convert a 3rd and short and the DEF couldn't stop a Murray-lead attack. Metcalf's play of the century will be lost to memory because the Seahawks failed to win. Now the Seahawks regroup as some key players return to practice and they face the defending NFC Champs the San Francisco 49er's. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 Who is the prime reason for our success and who is the prime reason for our first loss? Topic #2 What's the one thing that would suddenly change the Seahawks DEF woes? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - The West continues to lead the NFL in divisional strength; did the Seahawks mess by losing to a divisional foe? Topic #4 San Francisco 49er's - 49er's injuries are worse and does that mean the Seahawks should be favored in a fan-less home game? Predictions Final Score 49ers vs. Seahawks Who wins the T/O Game SF vs. SEA If both Carson/Hyde are out, who leads the team in Rushing? Wilson/Homer/Dallas/Other Best Jersey Purchase after this game Wilson/Lockett/Metcalf/Wagner/Griffin/Adams/Other Over/Under Jason Myers FG Attempts 2.5 Over/Under Michael Dickson Punts 4.5 Over/Under Seahawks Rushing Yards 90 Over/Under SEA DEF 3-and-Outs Forced 2.5 https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #511 Arizona Cardinals 10-21-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2020 68:06

    The Hawks Cast Podcast returns after the Bye Week to bask in the glory of a Sunday Night thriller as the Seahawks remain undefeated. Analytics appeared to die an early death as the anti-nerd crowd is saying that the Vikings 4th down attempt doomed them when it really was the dynamic duo of Wilson-to-Metcalf. With the Bye under our belts, the team is getting healthier and making more additions to the roster and rumors of another WR potentially coming to town. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 What does is say when teams are afraid to give Wilson the ball to close out a game? Topic #2 Will these next 5 games determine what kind of season the Seahawks have? (@Ariz, SF, @Buff, @LAR, Ariz) Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Will the West beat-up on each other preventing them from a #1 seed in the NFC? Topic #4 Arizona Cardinals - How much does Murray owe Wilson for getting a chance in the NFL? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Cardinals MVP Game Wilson vs. Murray Better WR Game Metcalf vs. Hopkins More Sacks Jamal Adams vs. SEA LB vs. SEA DL Over/Under 25.5 SEA Rushing Attempts Over/Under 1.5 SEA FG Attempts https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #510 Minnesota Vikings SNF 10-7-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2020 68:38

    The Seahawks improve to 4-0 and Russ maintains his MVP level of play through the first fourth of the season. The Seahawks remain top in the NFC West while some teams fall behind. Injuries and absences are starting rise by a new cast of players are showing off their skills. We'll see if that's enough as the Seahawks host the Minnesota Vikings on a Primetime for the 3rd year in a row. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 Are injuries and Covid the biggest opponents for the 2020 season? Topic #2 Is our 4-0 record masking other deficiencies like our run OFF/DEF? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Is the NFC West coming down from their early week high? Topic #4 Minnesota Vikings - Why haven't the Vikings felt like a rivalry when we play them so often? Predictions Final Score Vikings vs. Seahawks Russell Wilson's NFL TD Lead +/- 2.5 Seahawks TD Leader Carson/Lockett/Metcalf/Other Y/N Ryan Neal Flashes Y/N Cody Barton Loses Snaps to BKK Y/N Run DEF Holds Vikes under 75 Yards Y/N DEF Holds Vikes to more FGs than TDs https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #509 Miami Dolphins 9-30-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2020 61:49

    Russell Wilson cooks up the meal of the season and crowns it with his 2nd NFC Offensive Player of the Week. The Seahawks remain undefeated but the injuries throughout the roster are starting to look really scary. The Seahawks fly east to Miami to take on the bearded Dolphins and some Fitz-Magic. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 Can the Seahawks continue to ride Wilson/OFF into a playoff run? Topic #2 Are DEF bad across the NFL in 2020? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner What's more likely, the NFC West getting 3 playoff teams or the NFC East winner with a plus-.500 record? Topic #4 Miami Dolphins Is this a trap game? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Dolphins TD Leader Wilson or Fitzpatrick O/U DEF gives up 30.5 points O/U OFF scores 33.5 points O/U Russell's Passing TD Lead 4.5 More Carries Carson/Wilson/Hyde/Homer More TDs after Week 4 Lockett (4) or Metcalf (3) https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #508 Dallas Cowboys 9-23-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2020 65:23

    The Seahawks offense continues to shine but the Seahawks defense almost gave up over 400 years of offense in back-to-back games. Jamal Adams still impresses but he seems to be providing the only pass rush. Russ continues his stellar season leading the team to a record five passing TDs against a Patriots Defense that gave up only four all last year. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 What's more unsustainable; relying on the offense to keep scoring or the defense to keep bending but not breaking? Topic #2 Is this the MVP season that will finally etch Wilson's name as an all-time great? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Has the NFC West become the cream of the crop? Topic #4 Dallas Cowboys - Are the Cowboys a Mirror Match? A strong offense with lacking defense? Predictions Final Score Cowboys vs. Seahawks Passing TD Leader Dak vs. Russ Rushing TD Leaders RB vs. QB Y/N Seahawks with a 2-score lead the DEF has to protect Y/N Jamal with another Sack Y/N Seahawks limit the Cowboys to under 110 rushing yards https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #507 New England Patriots SNF 9-16-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2020 63:08

    The Seahawks go all out and let Russ Cook. The most points score in a opener since the 2014 season and they've already tied the 2019 with a double-digit win. Newly acquired safety Jamal Adams finally took the tackle lead away from Bobby and flashed all over the field. Now the Seahawks reset as the New England Patriots come to town for Sunday Night Football. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 Has a Seahawk ever had a debut like Jamal Adams? Topic #2 What are the trade offs of letting Russ Cook? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - What's the biggest overreaction in the NFC West? Topic #4 New England Patriots - Does the threat of a Newton-lead team strike fear into you? Predictions Final Score Patriots vs Seahawks Game Rushing Leader QB/RB The game winner needs to Throw/Run to win Over/Under 1.5 False Starts Over/Under 12.5 Carson Rushing Attempts Over/Under 14.5 Newton Rushing Attempts Over/Under 65% Wilson Completion Percentage Over/Under 75 AQI (Air Quality Index) at game time https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #506 Atlanta Falcons 9-9-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2020 67:09

    The Seahawks travel to Atlanta to face another bird team; the Falcons. This year will be a test to the sport and its ability to bring us together. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast. Topic #1 Did the Seahawks fail the offseason by not signing a Premier Pass Rusher? Topic #2 Will you give this season a "pass" regardless of what happens? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Which NFC West fan base is in for the worst surprise? Topic #4 Atlanta Falcons - Which bird team comes out ahead in this one? Predictions Final Score Seahawks/Falcons Game MVP Fantasy Football Star 1st Half/2nd Half Which half do we score more points? OFF/DEF Which side produces the first big play? RB/WR/TE/DEF/SPEC Who scores first? Over/Under Covid Absences in the NFL 3.5 Over/Under Seahawks roster moves before the game 1.5 https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #505 Season Kick Off 9-2-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2020 67:30

    The NFL Season kicks off next week with the reigning KC Chiefs hosting the Houston Texans to start the 2020 NFL season; one that is becoming more and more unlike any other. The season is filled with unknowns and we hope to uncover a few of them on the show today. Topic #1 Do you expect any surprises to the 53-man roster? Any Practice Squad hopefuls? Topic #2 With no pre-season, who does it favor come Week 1? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Who is the NFC West Favorite? Topic #4 What are your predictions going into 2020? Predictions Y/N Will the Seahawks host fans in 2020? Y/N Will Jamal Adams be everything we didn't know we need? Y/N Will one of our RBs finish the year on IR? Y/N Will players kneel during the anthem and will TV Networks show it? https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #504 Pre-Season 8-19-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2020 67:30

    The 2020 Pre-Season has been cancelled but the Seahawks are holding a live scrimmage this Saturday (8/22) and Wednesday (8/26) for the fans to see. Seahawks fans will finally get to see their team in action when we would be neck-deep in roster positioning and depth chart analysis for our vets, rookies and new acquisitions. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Has the impact of "no preseason" changed the way you're heading into the season? Topic #2 Have the Seahawks done well with these huge trades leading into the season? (2020 S Adams, 2019 DE Clowney, 2017 DT Richardson & LT Brown, 2015 TE Graham, & 2013 WR Harvin) Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Is the NFC West the toughest division going into 2020? Topic #4 Has Corona changed sports forever? Is there anything positive we can learn? Predictions Over/Under Games Played this season 7.5 Over/Under Quarantined Seahawks 5.5 Over/Under Draft picks traded away for players 1.5 Surprise Cut Player/Position Surprise Addition Player/Position Best Depth Position Worst Depth Position Offense/Defense Who will have the advantage going into the season? https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #503 Post-Draft 4-29-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2020 76:03

    The first NFL Virtual Draft is in the books and the Seahawks come away with 8 draft picks (one of the lowest totals in the Pete/John-era) and the Seahawks confused a lot of fans by drafting in the first round (instead of trading back) and selecting a middle-linebacker with the 27th pick overall. The draft is not over after one pick as they selected 7 more picks and traded up twice this year. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Did you get what you want in the draft? Did the fans? Topic #2 Who are you hitching to your rookie bandwagon? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Are Pete/John actually good at the draft? Are they helped by having an all-time QB? Topic #4 What would a shortened NFL offseason mean for the regular season? Predictions Yes/No Clowney resigns with Seattle Yes/No Clowney resigns deep into camp Yes/No UDFA QB Gordon is our back-up Yes/No TE's Jersey #'s in the 40's (41/43/45/46/84/85 available) 2019/2020 Which draft will generate the superstar https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #502 Pre-Draft 4-22-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 23, 2020 75:09

    It's finally here, the first Virtual NFL Draft will be held Thursday. Rumors have been swirling around for weeks and final roster changes are being made. The Seahawks will have seven total picks going into the draft but we all know that John refuses to leave with at least 11 picks; the FO has averaged 9.7 picks per draft in the past 10 so far. Of those 97 players drafted, 10 players have 32 Pro-Bowl Appearances and 20 All-Pro Nominations and some will end up in the Hall of Fame. This doesn't include players that the Seahawks acquired through trade/free agency that also represented the team. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum: Topic #1 Are you ready for another unpredictable, yet predictable Pete/John Draft? Topic #2 Do players acquired for draft picks count towards the team's draft haul? Topic #3 Hawks Cast 2020 Mock NFL Draft (with Trades) Topic #4 What can you expect from a virtual draft? Will this inspire future drafts? Predictions Over/Under 10.5 Total Picks Over/Under 3.5 Draft Day Trades Over/Under 2.5 QBs Drafted in the NFC West Yes/No Pete Takes his Shirt Off Yes/No Are you going to watch the entire 1st Round Yes/No Pundits will hate what Pete/John do https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #501 Off Season Drama 4-15-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 16, 2020 73:57

    The 2020 NFL Season is officially back which means that we see the return of free agency, NFL trades, preparing for the NFL draft and this is all happening where most of the country (and the world) is dealing with a pandemic. What's the impact of Covid-19 to the NFL and the Seattle Seahawks? This is the Hawks Cast Podcast and we're gonna find out. Topic #1 Has this been a typical offseason for the Seahawks and their front office? Topic #2 Can you pay your superstar QB $35m a year and still find Superstars in Free Agency? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner @austinslater Ring Push-ups or Regular Push-ups? Oh and what's going on with our OLine? Topic #4 Has the Covid-19 Pandemic changed the NFL for the 2020 season? Predictions Over/Under 10 Signed FA's stay on the Opening Day Roster Over/Under Clowney signs a $17.5M/yr Deal Over/Under 1,000 tweets about when Clowney will sign Over/Under 30.0 sacks by this 2020 Defense Over/Under 44.5 sacks given up by this 2020 OL https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #422 Season Finale 1-15-20 RockHawk Edition

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2020 74:41

    Seattle finds themselves home for the playoffs after a road divisional game ends their run. A team that was projected to end up under .500 to finish 2019 found themselves in contention for the #1 seed and the NFC West but fell among the stars for the top Wild Card seed and won a road playoff game. Devastating injury after injury, Seattle found unlikely back-ups to aid them but it took its toll as Seattle 2nd tier depth wasn't enough. While the season is fresh in our minds, we look back at 2019 and look towards 2020. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 What was the biggest reason for the loss to Green Bay? Topic #2 What changes need to be made for this team to get over the Divisional hump? Topic #3 Seahawks Twitter What would you like to see in the next Seahawks Head Coach? (if there's time) Topic #4 What's next for the 2020 Seattle Seahawks? Predictions AFC Championship Game NFC Championship Game Yes/No Clowney Returns? Yes/No Reed Returns? Yes/No Britt a Cap Casualty? Yes/No Russell shines in the ProBowl? Before/During Seattle trades their 1st Round Draft Pick https://hawkscast.com https://twitter.com/seahawksforum https://twitter.com/seahawkspodcast

    #421 Green Bay Packers 1-1-20 NFC Divisional Playoffs

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2020 76:44

    The Seahawks ride the rookie wave behind DK Metcalf onto the Divisional Round to play the Green Bay Packers. Seattle finds some of its injuries healing and limited a Wentz-less to just 3 FGs and a duplicate score of 17-9 from Week 12. Questions surrounding Pete Carroll have subsided for a week but now face the challenge of going into Lambeau Field, a place where Wilson has never won a game. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Did we see a great bend-dont-break defense or was the injury to Wentz the key difference? Topic #2 Last year the running game was bottled up and the passing game wasn't used until it was too late - why was this year different? Topic #3 Seahawks Twitter Pete Carrolls owns more than half of all of franchise playoff wins; why doesn't that adore him more to the fans? Topic #4 Green Bay Packers Are you scared of the #2 Seed 13-3 Packers? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Packers MVP Game Wilson vs. Rodgers Beastmode Run Yes/No More Targets Lockett/Metcalf Abandon the Run Game 1st/2nd/3rd/4th QTR Over/Under Rodgers Throw Away Balls 3.5 Over/Under Flags for Hitting the QB 2.5 Other Games Titans @ Ravens, Vikings @ Niners, Texans @ Chiefs https://hawkscast.com https://twitter.com/seahawksforum https://twitter.com/seahawkspodcast

    #420 Philadelphia Eagles 1-1-20 Wild Card Playoffs

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 2, 2020 73:02

    The Seahawks had the NFC West within their grasp but after a 4th-down catch at the half-yard line, a delay of game, a non-PI call on 3rd down and a catch just inches short of the goalline left the Seahawks at the #5 seed while the Niners took the #1 seed. The Seahawks travel to the one team that is potentially more hurt by player injures; the Philadelphia Eagles. Early week injury reports already look pretty bad for both teams. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawk Cast Forum. Topic #1 How would you grade the 2019 Seahawks season? Topic #2 Was the return of Beastmode everything you'd thought it would be? Topic #3 Seahawks Twitter - What would the Trial of Pete Carroll look like? Topic #4 Philadelphia Eagles Is this the best playoff match-up to make the Superbowl? Predictions: Final Score: Seahawks @ Eagles MVP Game: Wilson vs. Wentz 1st Injury Absence: Seahawks or Eagles Biggest Loss Potential: Missed Tackles or Lack of Pass Rush Wild Card Winners: Bills @ Texans, Titans @ Patriots, Vikings @ Saints https://hawkscast.com https://twitter.com/seahawksforum https://twitter.com/seahawkspodcast

    #419 Arizona Cardinals 12-18-19

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2019 66:12

    The Seahawks have officially clinched a playoff spot and could theoretically have the #1, #2, #3, #5 or #6 playoff spot with two games left. This is the 2nd consecutive playoff for the Seahawks and the 8th playoff season for Pete Carroll. Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner have been announced at Pro-Bowl NFC Starters and plenty of alternates. Seattle controls its playoff position if they can win their final two games. This year's team also set a franchise record for road wins and consecutive road wins. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Have the Seahawks exceeded your early season expectations? Topic #2 Are the Seahawks going to succumb to the current rash of injuries? Topic #3 Seahawks Twitter - Is Josh Gordon getting his just desserts after his latest drug failure? Topic #4 Arizona Cardinals Are you worried that the Seahawks are nearly a double-digit favorite against the Cardinals? Predictions Final Score Cardinals vs. Seahawks More TDs Murray vs. Wilson More Yards Drake vs. Carson Best Pro-Bowl Snub Game Carson/Brown/Clowney/Diggs/Quill Griffin/Iupati/Lockett Yes/No Arizona Trick Play Yes/No Murray Wastes a T/O due to fan noise Yes/No Rams win on Saturday hawkscast.com twitter.com/seahawksforum twitter.com/seahawkspodcast

    #418 Carolina Panthers 12-11-19

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2019 74:56

    Seahawks return their house-of-horror as they have only won once in the last 4 trips down to the LA and lose the undefeated road crown too. The team did not look like its self the after rolling off five wins in a row. Win the 49'ers late win against the Saints, the Seahawks fell to the top Wild Card spot and lost the lead in the NFC West. The Seahawks look to rebound against the Carolina Panthers who will be without Former MVP Cam Newton and 2-time Coach of the Year Ron Rivera but will have RB MVP Candidate Christian McCaffrey to contend with. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Is it good for Seattle to get a loss out now before the playoffs? Topic #2 Can players play at an MVP level by themselves or is Wilson's cast letting him down? Topic #3 Seahawks Twitter - Should the Seahawks start over on the OLine next year? Topic #4 Carolina Panthers - Without Ron or Cam, are you losing interest in this game? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Panthers More Passing Yards Wilson/Allen More Rushing Yards Carson/McCaffrey More Targets Gordon/Moore/Turner Over/Under Passing TDs 2.5 Over/Under Rushing Yards 175 Over/Under Time of Possession 32.5 https://hawkscast.com https://twitter.com/seahawksforum https://twitter.com/seahawkspodcast

    #417 Los Angeles Ram 12-4-19 Sunday Night Football

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2019 67:52

    The Seahawks shined on Monday Night Football to take the lead in the NFC West and the #2 in the current playoff standings. After a slow first half the Seahawks scored 24 straight points before some late game drama...which is on-brand for this 2019 10-2 team. Seattle returns to Primetime to face the defending NFC Champions LA Rams. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Will we see a complete 60-minute game from the Seahawks? Topic #2 Are you looking ahead toward the NFC West crown or final playoff seeding? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner Is the 10-2 record the result of luck, a mirage, easy schedule, or bad calls not haunting them? Topic #4 Are we seeing the demise of Sean McVay Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Rams More Superbowl Highlights Seahawks/Rams MVP Game Wilson/Goff More Touches Carson/Gurly More Targets Lockett/Brown/Gordon/Moore Yes/No Wilson INT Yes/No MVP talk during the game https://hawkscast.com https://twitter.com/seahawksforum https://twitter.com/seahawkspodcast

    #416 Minnesota Vikings 11-26-19 Monday Night Football

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2019 65:51

    The Seahawks continue their great road record by pushing themselves to 6-0 for the first time in team history. Seattle returns homes to host the Vikings on Monday Night Football who are also fighting for the wild card spot if-not the division. Russell is continue his great season but may ultimately lose the MVP if that's your sort of thing. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum on a special Tuesday broadcast for Thanksgiving. Topic #1 Are opposing teams afraid of the 2019 Seahawks? Topic #2 Has the addition of S Quandre Diggs be the cure Pete has been looking for? Topic #3 Seahawks Twitter Are the fumbles going to doom the Seahawks? Topic #4 Minnesota Vikings Is this the year that Kirk Cousins beats teams over .500? Predictions Final Score Vikings vs. Seahawks MVP Day Cousins/Wilson Throws 4th INT Cousins/Wilson More Touches Carson/Penny More Rushing Yards Vikings/Seahawks Rushing/Passing Reason for a Win Over/Under 1.5 Drops DK Metcalf Over/Under 3.5 Targets Tyler Lockett Over/Under 1.5 Fumbles Lost

    #415 Philadelphia Eagles 11-20-19

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2019 71:32

    The Seahawks return from the BYE to travel east to face the Philadelphia Eagles but they've also been unceremoniously booted from Sunday Night because the Eagle suck. With the time off the Seahawks can reflect on their latest win but face a gauntlet of competition with five of their opponents with a .500 record or better. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Was this the signature win the Seahawks needed to show the NFL? Topic #2 Is the Defense finally gelling or was this just a "rivalry game?" Topic #3 Seahawk Twitter Is this MVP still Russell's to lose? Topic #4 Philadelphia Eagles Are the Eagles still living in the shadow of their Superbowl win? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Eagles More Passing Yards Wilson/Wentz More Cuts to their Superbowl Win Seahawks/Eagles Over/Under 125 Rushing Yards Over/Under 250 Passing Yards Over/Under 2.0 Defensive Sacks Over/Under 3.5 Points 1st QTR Over/Under 2.5 Josh Gordan Catches

    #414 San Francisco Monday Night Football 11-6-19

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2019 72:10

    The Seahawks continue to put up nerve-wrecking win after nerve-wrecking win much to the confusion, frustration, and satisfaction of the Seahawks fans out there. The show continues on Primetime as the Seahawks travel to Santa Clara to face the last undefeated team. But first we gotta talk about Russell Wilson's amazing week as two-time NFC Offensive Player of the Week and his amazing duo of Lockett and Metcalf. Is that going to be enough to take on old frenemy Richard Sherman? This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Why is this defense so bad? Topic #2 Does the league and the media recognize how good Wilson is playing? Topic #3 Seahawks Twitter Have you heard of the Josh Gordon signing? Topic #4 San Francisco 49ers What are you hanging your hat on for this game for Monday Night Football? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Niners Last Laugh Wilson or Sherman Most unlikely thing to happen? Bigger WR Day Lockett/Metcalf/Field Bigger Rookie Showing Metcalf/Bosa Regret Losing WR Gary Jennings Yes/No https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://www.facebook.com/HawksCastPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #413 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-30-19

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2019 70:41

    The Seahawks complete the first half of the year at 6-2 but questions about the quality of these wins are in doubt. We take a deeper look at how they got here and hand out some awards mid-way through the year and talk about what the Seahawks need to do in the 2nd half of the year. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Can you tell how good a team is by their record? Topic #2 Which Seahawks is taking hardware home right now? Same player at the end of the year? Topic #3 Seahawks Twitter - Are 12's jealous of how other teams win? Topic #4 The Kangol hat returns from the dessert to the swamp - Are the Bucs a speed bump? Predictions: Final Score Buccaneers vs Seahawks Yes/No Russell's MVP Season Continues Run/Pass Game Who is the dominant force for the Hawks? Run/Pass/Def/Spec Who scores the first? Yardage Leader Lockett/Metcalf/Carson/Field Starting Safeties McDougald/Diggs/Blair/Other Over/Under 1.5 Winston Turnovers Over/Under 2.5 Seahawks Forced Turnovers Over/Under 1.5 Sacks https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://www.facebook.com/HawksCastPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #412 Atlanta Falcons 10-23-19

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2019 72:10

    The Seahawks sit at 5-2 through Week 7 of the NFL season and while both loses were eerily similar this latest one feels a lot worse. The Offense comes back to earth and Russell throws his first pick that was very costly. Fans are worried about what these means and then Trader John finds a starting Safety after parting with some loose change. The Seahawks look to regroup for another 10AM road game against former DC Dan Quinn and the Atlanta Falcons. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Can you be a "BAD" 5-2 team? Topic #2 Is the staff aware that they're coaching the 2019 roster and not the 2013 roster? Topic #3 Seahawks Twitter - Why did they build an open-air stadium instead of a dome/retractable roof? Topic #4 Are the 1-5 Falcons worthy of fear? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Falcons MVP Appearance Yes/No Defense Pressure Yes/No Dan Quinn & Superbowl Defense Yes/No 4th Down Flub Yes/No Return the to Run Yes/No First Big Play Offense/Defense/Special Teams https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://www.facebook.com/HawksCastPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #411 Baltimore Raven 10-16-19

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2019 71:56

    Seahawks rise to 5-1 with nearly third of the season through the Seahawks welcome back DT Jaran Reed to the fold. The Russell Wilson MVP talk is turning up while Seahawks Twitter turns up the drama on how Pete and company are winning these games. After a close win against the Pre-Season Superbowl Champs, the Seahawks face an old face as Earl Thomas comes back to town. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Form. Topic #1 Is Jarran Reed the cure for the Seahawks up-and-down defense? Topic #2 What would it mean for any Seahawk to win a yearly award? Topic #3 Seahawks Twitter - Why do fans want to fire Pete Carroll mid-game? Topic #4 What's more worrisome; the Raven's #1 rushing attack or the return of Earl? Predictions Final Score Ravens vs. Seahawks Yes/No Russell's MVP Streak Continues Russ/Earl Who Strikes First Russ/Lamar Who has more rushing yards DL/LB/DB Who gets the first sack Over/Under 100 Rushing Yards from RB Chris Carson Over/Under 4.5 DK Metcalf Catches Over/Under 1.5 WR TD Dances https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://www.facebook.com/HawksCastPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #410 Cleveland Browns 10-9-19

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2019 70:50

    Seahawks survive a nail-bitter at home against the defending NFC Champion LA Rams. The game could have gone either way but the spirit of Paul Allen pushed that kick just right enough for the Seahawks to escape with a 4-1 record on the year. The Seahawks shined on Thursday Night with the nation watching and Sam got to see what Ross deals with for games in a different time zone. We talk about the upcoming game against the Cleveland Browns as this is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Who has been the biggest reason for the Seahawks success through these first 5 games? Topic #2 Is the NFC West the best division in the NFL? Topic #3 Russell Wilson MVP Talk Topic #4 Has the Hype Train failed the Cleveland Browns? Predictions: Final Score Seahawks @ Browns Yes/No MVP Season Continues Yes/No No Handshaking Drama Yes/No Pete messes up a 2-minute drill Yes/No 30+ yard catch for DK Yes/No Defensive Turnover Yes/No Baker gets benched in the game Yes/No Schneider is talking trades https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://www.facebook.com/HawksCastPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #409 Arizona Cardinals 9-25-19 Hawks Cast Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2019 65:46

    Zeb and Ross talk about the Seahawks loss to the Saints and the recovery game against the Arizona Cardinals. https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://www.facebook.com/HawksCastPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #408 New Orleans Saints 9-18-19

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2019 67:59

    The Seahawks stun half the NFL world by winning on the road in the Steeler's home opener. Russell Wilson was Offensive Player of the Week even though it looks like he wasn't gonna make it out of the first quarter. Lockett set a personal high in catches in a game, Dissly and DK caught big touchdowns and Penny flashed amazing speed and footwork to score with is lead blocker, Russell Wilson. But not all is great in Seahawks land as LJ Collier suited up but didn't show much, Carson fumble the ball deep in Seattle territory setting up easy scores for the Steelers and once again the Defense gets caught flat-footed on another flea-flicker. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Has the addition of DK and Jadeveon overshadowed the other players on the field? Topic #2 Is the Seahawks current winning streak sustainable against the other teams in the NFC? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - What keeps your Seahawks passion burning bright? Topic #4 Has the hype around this Saints game died with Brees? Can teams come back if they lose their QBs? Predictions Final Score Saints vs. Seahawks More Snaps at RB Carson/Penny More Targets at WR Lockett/DK/Field Scores First TD Carson/Penny/Lockett/Metcalf/Dissly Over/Under Beastquake references 1.5 Over/Under Video of Brees unable to grip a ball 0.5 Yes/No Pete Challlenges a PI Call Yes/No Jason Myers gets a FG Attempt https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://www.facebook.com/HawksCastPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

    #407 Pittsburgh Steelers 9-11-19 Hawks Cast Podcast - Seattle Seahawks

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2019 65:08

    The Seahawks win a nail-biter down the stretch and come away with a 1-point win against the mighty... *checks notes* Cincinnati Bengals. All Seahawks fan breath a sigh of relief as Seattle retains its undefeated record in home games in September under Pete. The Seahawks did just enough in all phases but nothing was overtly impressive except for some new Seahawk player debuts. Now the Seahawks move on and face the Pittsburgh Steelers for their first home game. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum. Topic #1 Why do the Seahawks always start so slow? Topic #2 Should the Seahawks look to make any roster changes after their offensive/defensive performance? Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - With a franchise high of 89 receiving yards in a rookie debut, is DK Metcalf the real deal? @JGfromtheNW Topic #4 Is it worse to face a team after they suffer a big loss like the Steelers? Predictions Final Score Seahawks @ Steelers Over/Under 1.5 Superbowl XL Mentions Over/Under 2.5 Jerome Bettis Geico Commercials Over/Under 2.5 Seahawks WRs with a target going into the 2nd QTR Over/Under 200.5 Russell Wilson Passing Yards Yes/No DK Metcalf TD Yes/No Change in the Secondary https://forum.hawkscast.com/ https://www.facebook.com/HawksCastPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksPodcast https://twitter.com/SeahawksForum

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