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Do you wish you could create consistent time for yourself and the things you once enjoyed before being a mom? Are you tired of juggling ALL THE THINGS and feeling exhausted and burned out? Do you wish there was a way for you to balance mom life and still have time for what you enjoy? Are you ready to find more time for yourself and what matters most to you? Here you’ll find simple step by step solutions to help you create more time and space for what matters most to you as a busy stay at home mama along with practical ways to manage your time and structure your day so that you can consistently find time for yourself without the mom guilt. My mission is to help you get reconnected to yourself and make time and space for YOU through simple rhythms & routines, realistic expectations, getting grounded in your identity, and growing in your faith. Hey mama, I’m Cason! I’m a Jesus follower, wife, and mama to 3 little girls. 7 years ago, I completely lost myself in motherhood. My reflection was almost totally unrecognizable. I felt lost, hopeless, and alone. Motherhood began to feel like one big hot mess that I had no control over and I became a victim to my thoughts & circumstances. I knew something had to give. It wasn’t physically possible for me to continue to give and give and give and never fill my own cup. But it would require that I stop giving into chaos, get to know myself and learn to create consistent blocks of time for me to be able to do what I enjoy. And so I did. I realized that if I was going to thrive in motherhood, I needed to find myself again. I created a plan full of baby steps that helped me reconnect with who I was and what I enjoyed. A simple strategy that I could maintain, a lifestyle that puts my needs at the top of the list with my family’s. And I’m ready to share with you how I did it! If you’ve been stuck in survival mode or hanging on by a thread, but are ready to trade chaos for calm, then you’re in the right place. If you are ready to implement tiny steps of action using solutions that are simple, practical, and rooted in faith, this podcast is for you! It’s time for you to get back in the driver’s seat mama and tell your time, energy, and thoughts where to go and what to do. Start taking ownership of your life and begin to live an intentional, more fulfilled motherhood. Buckle up, mama! You’re getting back in the driver’s seat and the first person we have to pick up along the way is YOU. She’s a slightly different version, but she’s still there. And we’re going to find her together through Her Pursuit. Join the online community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/herpursuit Contact: hello@herpursuit.co

Cason Schulze - Time Management Coach, Habits Coach, Routines Mentor

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    98: FREE Coaching! How to Create a Back to School Routine That is Simple and Effective

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 15:47

    Did someone say free coaching?! Uhhh, I guess I did! It was totally not planned and came out of nowhere, but that must mean YOU need this in your life. In today's episode I'm giving you 3 simple questions to ask in order to create a back to school routine that works for YOU. Not me, not an influencer on IG, but a routine that works for Y-O-U. This is content is so valuable. Don't miss out!! Alos, PS- there is an insane free offer that you can take me up on if you listen all the way through. Again, I'm going with that being a God thing because it was totally not planned.My promise to you is that if you answer the three questions we cover today and implement the action steps you come up with into your life for 7 days, you will start to feel different. And if not, I want you to email me at hello@herpursuit.co and we will get on a call to go over your answers and your 7 day experience. I will help you get unstuck, mama. Because routines do NOT have to be complicated. (Please note - the free offer mentioned in this episode expires 8/31/22)Press play and let's dive in! Today is a good one.Join our Facebook group here!Connect with the podcast here and follow Cason here!

    97: 3 Things to Help You Transition Back to School With Ease & Flow

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 18:36

    Today is a high-level overview of 3 things that are going to help us all transition back to school with ease and flow. Whether you're homeschooling or your kids are going to a traditional school, these things are going to help you get into a rhythm that works for you and your family. Even if you're a mom of a newborn or toddler and you're not quite there yet, these three things will still help you navigate seasons of transition (which, let's be honest, we're always facing as mamas).In the weeks that follow, we will take a deeper dive into each of these three areas so that you don't have to guess or fumble your way through how to practically live these things out in your life. I want to show you how to simplify rhythms and routines as the back-to-school season kicks off. I'm so glad we get to do this together! Grab your headphones and a cup of coffee or plug you phone into your car as you drive and let's get started.Join the community group here!Listen to more episodes on morning routines here: Episode 78  |  Episode 9

    96: Back to.. (Home) School?! Life Updates & What Our Plans Are for the School Year - Back to School Pt. 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 18:15

    I'm sharing a "little" announcement to kick off Part 1 of our "Back to School" series. You can probably guess from the title that our school year is going to look a LOT different. Today I'm sharing our back-to-school plans and setting the stage for the rest of this series. Regardless of whether your child is school-aged or just a baby (or whether you're homeschooling or going the traditional route), we ALL face seasons of transitions and that's what this series will be all about. It's the perfect time for us to cover everything from daily rhythms and routines to how to ride out transitions in life so you don't lose your sanity in the process! I'm so glad you're here with me today.Don't forget to rate & review the show on Apple Podcast!Join the online community here!Connect on IG with the podcast and with Cason

    95: 5 Biblical Reminders for When You Compare Yourself to Other Moms on Social Media & in Real Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 20:20

    If you've ever compared yourself to another mom, then today's episode is going to give you some great reminders that you can keep in your "toolbox" and refer back to whenever you're falling hard into the trap of comparison and PS - you're not the only one! I struggle with this too (along with many others). Today I'm sharing 5 Truths from Scripture to remind yourself of when you notice you're comparing your life to someone else's (whether in real life or on social media). Grab your headphones and push play!Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show so you don't miss future episodes and then rate and review the podcast letting other moms know what you love about it!Want more on this topic?  Check out episode 3 for 4 Ways to Quit The Comparison Game

    94: The Biggest Shift I Made to Go From Overwhelmed & Struggle-Bussing to Intentionally Living with Purpose

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2022 23:36

    Today is all about reclaiming your life. Is it possible to actually create change in your life? Is it possible for you to do something different. To be different. To react differently. To FEEL different? And if so, WHERE should you start? I'm going to share THE BIGGEST shift I made in order to move from completely overwhelmed and always on the struggle bus to living an intentional life with purpose and fulfillment!Listen to my story here!Join us on Facebook here!

    93: Summer Recap - What We Did & Lesson I've Learned

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2022 22:43

    Summer is coming to a close, well not like the season on the calendar, but summer season before kids go back to school. How is it almost over?! I want to share a summer recap with you, along with an update from our bucket list and a few lessons I learned the past few months. I think you'll relate to some of these and I hope they encourage you!Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show and then leave a rating & review telling other moms how this show is impacting your life and motherhood. Then come join us in the community group!Connect on Instagram here! 

    92: Productivity Is NOT the Key to Finding Balance in Motherhood and Life. Here's Why!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2022 24:49

    Have you bought into the lie that if you could just do more THEN you'd find the balance you're longing for? Today we're talking about why "productivity" (or getting MORE) done is not the key to finding balance in your motherhood and life. We'll talk about redefining balance and figuring out how to create it in your life. It's so much simpler than you think! Press play and let's get started.Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show and then leave a rating & review telling other moms how this show is impacting your life and motherhood. Then come join us in the community group!Connect on Instagram here!Other things mentioned:Episode 70 on Creating VisionEpisode 40 on Practical Steps to Setting Clear Boundaries

    91: 3 Things to Clean TODAY in Order to Feel Lighter!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2022 13:02

    Want a quick, simple way to feel lighter? Then you need to listen to this episode RIGHT NOW! You will be shocked at how much lighter you'll feel after cleaning these three things. PS - I'm not a clean freak nor do I regularly clean my house.. oops! But cleaning these 3 things always makes me feel so much more "put together"!Join our community group here!

    90: Creating a Morning Rhythm with Your Kids

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2022 20:49

    Are you trying to establish a morning routine for yourself and or your kids? In today's episode I'm sharing a simple morning rhythm that has helped our household get off to a great start as a whole! It's one we've had in place for years now. I hope this episode helps you in some way. If it does, would you please take a screenshot as you listen, tag me on IG and let me know what you're loving about this episode! @herpursuitpodcast Join us in the community group and share your morning routines! We'd love to hear from you.

    89: What to Do While You Wait

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2022 28:57

    Are you in a season of waiting? I have had quite a few seasons like this in my life where it feels like okay, God, where are you? What's going on? What's the point of this? What's next? Today we're going straight to Scripture to find out what we can do while we wait.Don't forget to subscribe to the show,  so you don't miss out on future episodes!Then, come join us in the Facebook group!

    88: Identity Crisis?! Finding Yourself After Becoming MOM

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2022 32:44

    Today's topic is one I think almost every single mom on the planet can relate to. We're talking about find our identity after becoming "mama". At any point postpartum, did you feel like you didn't recognize yourself? Asking questions like "who am I now?" and "what do I even enjoy?" It's okay if you don't feel like the same person. In a way, you aren't! And that's normal. Today we're talking about how to find yourself again after becoming MOM, so get cozy if you're having some alone time or pop in your headphones if you're on the go and let's dive in!Have you entered the One Year Giveaway?! Leave a review (scroll down past the episode list and tap "Write a Review") and ALSO tag the show in your stories to be entered to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Good luck :)Join the online community here!

    87: A Declaration and Prayer of Freedom Over Your Life & Motherhood

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 4, 2022 4:23

    Today we celebrate freedom and independence in the United States. I wanted to pray a special prayer and declaration over your life and motherhood today. After the Mother's Day prayer, some of you requested more of these, so here you go. Join me in this prayer of freedom. I hope it blesses you!Join us in the community group here!Find more info on working together one on one here.Tag the show as you listen and follow on IG! (@herpursuitpodcast)

    85: Ready to Slow Down This Summer? Here's How to Practically Implement Rest into Your Busy Mom Life!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 30:31

    84: Soaking Up Summer 5: Letting Go of Perfection and Enjoying Your Life RIGHT NOW!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 32:06

    Today we're talking about my real-life experience with striving for perfection, how I've overcome it and how you can too. We'll talk about everything from the power of lowering your expectations in a healthy & realistic way, figuring out what truly defines your worth and identity, how to release the expectation and the self-induced pressure that perfection puts on us.This is a good one, friend. Grab your headphones and press play!Tag the show as you listen today! Take a screenshot of your phone and tag @herpursuitpodcast in your stories.Join the online community here!Want to work together? Grab your session here.

    86: Her Pursuit is ONE YEAR OLD!!! Life Lessons a Year of Podcasting Has Taught Me & Major Milestones the Show Has Reached!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 28:00

    How is the podcast ONE?! I hope you'll press play and celebrate with me whether this is your first time listening or you've been here since the beginning! I'm sharing some life lessons I've learned along the way, major milestones the show has reached, and of course thanking YOU over and over because this show wouldn't be where it is today without (#1 God) but also YOU listening and sharing each week!!!!! PS - if you listen all the way thru, you'll hear a special way I'd like to say 'thank you' tucked within this episode. Good luck ;)Join us in the online community group!Let's work together!Don't forget to leave your review and tag the show on IG as you listen today! (@herpursuitpodcast)

    83: Talking with My Husband Adam About All Things Life, Marriage, and Being a Dad (Part 2)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 37:49

    This is the second half of a conversation I had with my husband, Adam, about having 3 little girls, getting married young, and all things in-between. I wanted to have him on for a Father's Day Interview, but as you'll see it's mostly just us chatting about life, how we met, getting married, and lots of transitions. Be sure to listen to Part 1 right here before pressing play on today's episode.Don't forget to take a screenshot as you're listening and tag the show on Instagram to let us know what you think as you listen! (@herpursuitpodcast)

    82: A Father's Day Interview with my Husband Adam on Life, Love, and Being a Girl Dad (Part 1)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 40:05

    Today I'm sharing a conversation between my husband, Adam, and myself that we literally recorded last night. This episode has been planned for months, but we somehow managed to push it off until the last minute... literally! But that's "life", right?!This guy has not only given me 3 beautiful girls, but he's also my high school sweetheart and best friend. He is the most amazing father to our girls and the greatest man I've ever known. I hope this candid conversation about everything from how we met to all that we've faced in the years since encourages you in some way! Grab some headphones and press play. Don't forget to take a screenshot and tag the show (@herpursuitpodcast) to let us know you're listening!Join the online community here!Check out herpursuit.co for more resources!

    81: Soaking Up Summer 4: How to Find Time For Yourself With Your Kids Home All Day Every Day This Summer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 14:31

    Raise your hand if you've ever thought, can I just do something for myself?? With kids home all summer, it can be challenging to find pockets of time for us to do something for ourselves. We're always doing for our kids and husbands and while we're called to serve and pour out, it's also important to take time to pour into ourselves. Today's focus is not on the (WHAT) you would do if you had the time, but rather WHERE is the time for you to do something for.. YOU.Click here to access the freebie mentioned in this episode!

    80: TIME TIP: Realistic Ways to Get Into the Word as a Busy Mom

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 15:26

    Today, we're talking about REALISTIC ways you can read your bible and spend time with God even as a busy mama. Because newsflash — we're all busy!! I used to think I was like BUSIER than other moms... because she doesn't have to do this, or she has this, or she doesn't have to deal with THIS, or her life is just easier than mine... and I definitely just don't have time to sit and open my bible and read, study, pray.. But it turns out everyone is busy. No one really has extra time and we're all making the time for what's important to us. After today's show, I hope you have NO more excuses for not spending the time with God that honestly, you know you need and truly WANT!Don't forget to leave a review for the show and tell us how it's impacting you!Not a part of our community yet? Join us here!Are you ready to stop the overwhelm, get a handle on your day, redefine balance, spend your time on what matters most to you, and feel present with your kids? Let's work together to help you find your focus and create realistic rhythms and routines for your day so you can steward your time well, even as a busy mama! Book your session now!

    79: Soaking Up Summer 3: How Much Time I've Been Spending on My Phone & What I'm Going to Do About It!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 32:25

    I'm gonna be honest - this wasn't originally part 3 of this series, but after Part 2, I knew I had to share this with you and be SUPER HONEST about what I discovered and my summer plans for my phone. Think of this as a continuation to Part 2 of Soaking Up Summer, so if you haven't listened yet, go play that one first!In this episode I'll discuss evaluating boundaries with our phone, checking in on our screentime, re-establishing boundaries when lines get blurred, and how to do that in a clear and healthy way. This episode is kind of vulnerable because I'm literally telling you the amount of time I've been spending on my phone each week (you'll be as shocked as I was!) and also what I'm planning to do about it.If you find yourself continuously getting sucked into an unhealthy scroll, this episode is for you! Press play and let's dive in together!! PS - just promise not to judge me for the amount of time I've been spending on my phone, okay?!Don't forget to leave a review for the show!Then come join us in the online community and tell us what you're taking away from this episode!

    78: TIME TIP - 3 Things You DIDN'T KNOW About Morning Routines

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 14:52

    I'm not a morning person, but morning time is my new BFF so if you reallly  want a consistent morning routine, this episode is FOR YOU. I'm so pumped because my mornings have literally changed my life. And I know that sounds dramatic, but it's absolutely true. I'm going to share some mini truth bombs with you today, so I hope you're holding tight to your seat. These 3 things are going to completely transform the way you see not only your time, but your MORNING time specifically, so grab some headphones, reheat your coffee or just keep doing what you're doing and let's get started!!Mentioned in the show:Are you ready to stop the overwhelm, get on top of your day, and feel present with your kids? Let's work together to help you find your focus so you can steward your time well, even as a busy mama! There are only a few spots available. Grab yours here!Listen to Episode 9 for 3 Reasons You NEED a Morning Routine!Join us in the online community here!

    77: Soaking Up Summer 2: Want Less Time Scrolling Your Phone & More Time Being Present? Here's How!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 20:02

    Are you tired of getting caught up in the scroll? Are you done wasting time on socials? Press play on today's episode for a little dose of "tough" love and a big heart check. PS - You're not the only one wasting time on your phone. I also have to keep an eye on my boundaries around my phone and screentime and today I'm walking you through some tips that will help YOU do the same so that you can spend less time scrolling and more time being present this summer (and really year-round)! Are you enjoying the podcast? Don't forget to rate & review the show on Apple Podcasts.Join our online community here!Are you ready to stop the overwhelm, get on top of your day, and feel present with your kids? Let's work together to help you find your focus and create realistic rhythms and routines for your day so you can steward your time well, even as a busy mama! Book your session here

    76: TIME TIP: How Many Summers Are There? A Perspective on Time

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 13:16

    It's summertime and I want to question the narrative that we have to "survive" this summer with our kids home all day every day. How can we truly be present and soak up this time we have with them? How can we make the most of the season we're in?Today, we're going to get some perspective on time and just how many weeks (and summers) we have to raise our babies and spend as much time with them as possible. You know I'm all for a healthy balance, so this episode isn't to say you must be with them 24/7, but rather being intentional about the time we ARE spending with them. Grab your headphones and press play!Are you ready to stop the overwhelm, get on top of your day, and feel present with your kids? Let's work together to help you find your focus and create realistic rhythms and routines for your day so you can steward your time well, even as a busy mama! Grab your spot here!Join the online community here!

    75: Soaking Up Summer 1: My Imperfect, Low Expectation Summer Bucket List

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 11:19

    Today I'm kicking off a new series "Soaking Up Summer" by sharing my low expectation, imperfect summer bucket list. Not only will I share a few ideas from our list, but we'll also discuss WHY this matters. Not that a bucket list is required by any means - it's all about intent, which we will discuss further in this episode, so grab your headphones or plug your phone into your car and let's get started!You can grab your FREE Summer Bucket List Printable here! Once you get it filled out (or write yours down on paper) post it to socials and tag the show @herpursuitpodcast I can't wait to see your ideas!Don't forget to rate and review the show and let us know how it has impacted your life and motherhood! You can do this through Apple Podcast.

    74: TIME TIP-Hello Summer, Goodbye Structure?! Why Summer Doesn't Have to Mean Routines Completely Disappear as a Stay at Home Mom This Summer!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 13:38

    Does summertime have to mean goodbye to structure?! I say no. Not if you don't want it to! So in today's episode we're going to discuss rhythms. Here's some of what we'll cover:What is a rhythm? How can you create realistic rhythms this summer?Three steps to creating rhythms that fit your season.How you can keep some sort of flow & structure to your day (even in the summer)2 reminders & mindset shifts for keeping an adaptable approach For a full transcription or to read along, please visit the blog over at herpursuit.coAre you enjoying the show? Would you consider rating and reviewing the podcast? If so, you can do this from the homepage of the podcast on the Apple Podcast app. It should take less than a minute and it has greater impact than you know!

    73: Do Your Days Ever Feel Meaningless? 3 Reminders From Scripture for the Mom Who Is Asking "What's The Point?!"

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 17:08

    I don't know about you, but there are some days that just feel meaningless. It's easy to wonder if anything we're doing or saying matters. If we're not careful, we fall into the trap of thinking "this is so pointless". Today I'm sharing 3 reminders from the Bible that will renew your HOPE and sense of PURPOSE - right now,  in whatever you're facing. Grab your headphones or plug your phone in as you drive and let's dive in!Doors are closing for More Time For Mom! In this 30 day mentorship, you'll learn (step by step) how to reclaim your time, prioritize it, and consistently have more time to do that one thing that you can't seem to accomplish. This group program is for the mom who is looking for community, accountability, and a simple roadmap to go from busy to balanced - chaos to calm. Because it all starts with managing your time! Grab your spot now. We start Monday, May 23rd!Got questions? Email hello@herpursuit.co

    72: Keeping Faith & Perspective in the Middle of an Unexpected Diagnosis - A Mom's Journey With a Child Who is Terminally Ill an Interview with Jess Funderburke

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 39:24

    Is it possible to keep faith and hold on to hope in the middle of unexpected circumstances? How can we keep perspective on time and life when we face impossible situations like discovering a child is terminally ill? Today my friend Jess comes on to share her family's story and spread awareness about her daughter Jolene's recent diagnosis.Jess is such a light and an inspiration. She reminds us that it is possible to choose truth and joy even when our circumstances don't match up 

    71: Time Tip Tuesday - My Simplified Planning Process REVEALED!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 14:43

    After today's time tip, you're going to have a simplified planning process that will help you go from procrastinating to action taking because I know one of the hardest parts about time management is knowing where to start and what to do. My (simple) planning process will give you the exact steps to take, questions to ask, and things to think through in order to manage your time, mama!Time management and planning out your day or week does NOT have to be complicated. I'm here to help you simplify it and show you the basics that help you go from feel like life is happening TO you to YOU happening to LIFE. It's possible friend, even in the little years. I'm glad we get to do it together! Press play and let's dive in!!Door are closing!! If you want to work on managing your time with a small group of like-minded mamas, grab your spot in More Time For Mom - my 30 day live mentorship where I'll teach you the exact steps you need to prioritize your day and have more time for what matters to you (yes, rest + naps included!!). Join us here! We start NEXT WEEK - May 23rd

    70: Lacking Direction? The Reason Vision Matters as a Christian Mom! Establish Clear Direction Regardless of Your Season with These 3 Questions!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 24:00

    What is vision? Why does it matter for your family? What does it mean to you as a Christian mom? Is there biblical significance? Today we're discussing the importance of vision, why vision matters, and how you can set clear direction and get intentional with setting a vision for your family and your life. If you're lacking direction, this episode will motivate and encourage you to get started taking action. But remember, YOU are the only one who can take the action steps. And as you do, I'll be right here to guide you every step of the way!More Time For Mom starts in TWO WEEKS! Grab your spot here if you haven't already and join us for a 30 live mentorship where you will go from busy to balanced; from wasting time to setting priorities and actually making time for what matters to YOU right now in your current season. Spots are limited, so sign up today!

    69: Ending the Stigma of Mental Health with Carina Eberle: An Open Conversation on Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide Ideation as a Postpartum Mom

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 31:08

    TRIGGER WARNING - this episode discusses highly sensitive topics that may not be appropriate for everyone. Please use discretion before pressing play.Today my friend Carina comes on to talk about maternal mental health. Carina is a mom of two littles, a wife, and dog mom. She likes to share her mental health journey, motherhood, and a little bit of lifestyle in between. She is also a follower of Jesus. In this episode, we discuss stigmas surrounding mental health and things like anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation. As uncomfortable as it may be to discuss, these are very real issues that so many moms are fighting alone. There can be so many mixed emotions surrounding mental health and reaching out for help. We hope this conversation reminds you that you aren't the only one if you find yourself struggling or if you've been there in the past. And there is nothing wrong, bad, or shameful about reaching out for help. Even if you don't relate to any of these struggles, we hope you'll better understand your friend or family member who struggles with mental health.As always, this is not medical advice. We are not medical professionals. We are simply sharing from our own personal experiences. This conversation strictly discusses our journeys and how we found help. If you feel you may be in crisis, please seek help immediately. You can call the National Mental Health Hotline | 866-903-3787Connect with Carina on InstagramConnect with Cason on InstagramJoin the Her Pursuit Community Group

    68: Time Tip Tuesday - Want to Take Something OFF Your Plate? How I Automate & Delegate in Order to Have More Time as a Busy Mom

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 21:02

    Ready to get SOMEthing off your plate?! I know you are. There's a lot there. So listen up because today I'm sharing how you can automate & delegate tasks in your life in order to find more time as a busy mom. Ready to find more time and get things done? Want to prioritize your time, but not sure where to start? Grab your spot in the More Time For Mom Mentorship. Over the next 30 days, we will walk through the exact steps you need to uncover what's keeping you stuck, figure out where your time is going and start to manage your time more efficiently.  Spots are limited so don't wait!! Join us now.

    67: A Mother's Day Prayer Just For You, Friend!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 8, 2022 7:23

    Happy Mother's Day, mama!!!! Something told me to record this prayer for you. It was very last minute, in the front seat of my car, through my phone... I actually laid down in bed to go to sleep and realized I'd forgotten to upload it! So here I am, up past 10 pm, making sure this message finds your ears!! It's that important. Very "messy", but also very much a God-thing. So, I hope whenever you play this, whether on Mother's Day or beyond, that the words are exactly what you need to hear. I pray the Holy Spirit moves in your life and speaks to you through it, exactly where you are. He will do that, sis.I'm always doing this mom-life thing right alongside you, friend!xo, Cason

    66: Mother's Day Interview Pt. 2 - Parenting Through Difficult Seasons, Praying for Your Kids, and MORE!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 34:59

    Today I'm sharing the rest of my mom's interview, so if you missed the first part, check it out here. In this conversation, my mom and I sit down to talk about real life things moms like you and I are facing. We discuss everything from having babies at a young age to the fact that you never truly stop being "Mama". I hope this episode encourages you in some way and reminds you that you're not alone in whatever it is you're facing.Ready to find more time and get things done? Grab your spot in the More Time For Mom Mentorship - a live, 30-day group program where you'll learn the exact steps to find more time, stop procrastinating, and get things done! Use code 'MORETIME' for a special discount, but hurry the code expires soon!Resources mentioned in this episode:The Power of Praying® for Your Adult Children (not an affiliate link)

    65: Mother's Day Interview with My Mom - Navigating Challenges as a Young Mom Through Unexpected Pregnancies, Divorce, and Blended Families

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 36:39

    If you know her, you love her! My mom sat down with me for a special Mother's Day Interview to share some of her story and what it was like finding out she was pregnant at such a young age. We talk about everything from unexpected pregnancies to marriage, divorce, and blended families. Nothing is off the table as we share this honest conversation with you about real life and raw motherhood moments.While you listen, take a screenshot and tag me on Instagram @heyitscason to let me know what you think!Ready to find more time and get things done? Grab your spot in the More Time For Mom Mentorship - a live, 30-day group program where you'll learn the exact steps to find more time, stop procrastinating, and get things done! Use code 'MORETIME' for a special discount, but hurry the code expires soon!

    64: Want to Stop Wasting Time on Your Phone, Mama? 4 (SURPRISING) Questions to Help You Find the Solution Within Yourself!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 29:45

    The #1 time suck I hear from moms is wasting time on... you guessed it, YOUR PHONE! Today I'm sharing 4 questions that WILL surprise you to help you find the answers within yourself. Because friend, you're the only one who can take control and put that phone down FOR GOOD! You've got this. And I'm walking with you every step of the way!!Ready to find more time and get things done? Grab your spot in the More Time For Mom Mentorship - a live, 30-day group program where you'll learn the exact steps to find more time, stop procrastinating, and get things done! Use code 'MORETIME' for a special discount. But hurry the code expires soon!Contact: hello@herpursuit.coConnect on IG: @heyitscason

    63: Hope for The Anxious, Depressed, Overwhelmed Mom Who Doesn't Believe Change is Possible (Part 3 of My Story)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 28:44

    Hey friend, this is part 3 of my story, so if you're just finding this episode and haven't listened to the previous 2 episodes, you may want to do that in order for everything to make sense.Today, I'm sharing the basic 6 steps I took to move from anxiety to abundance, burned out to balanced, and pain to purpose. I'll also give you some "real life" steps I took to continue seeking help with my mental health.I don't want to overwhelm you further, but rather empower you with a reminder that YOU can take TINY steps of action toward change. In fact, you're THE only one who can.Others can come alongside and support you, but you are the one who has to decide to seek help and do something different in your life. I pray my story has been one of hope, encouragement, and inspiration. You are NEVER stuck, regardless of how heavy or dark your circumstances may feel.If you believe you're in crisis mode, please seek help immediately or call National Mental Health Hotline | 866-903-3787Join our online community for support.Tag me on Instagram as you listen: @heyitscasonGet on the waitlist for more info on the small group mentorship opening soon!

    62: My Story Part 2 - Hitting Rock Bottom, Panic Attacks, Depression, and a Crisis Center as a Christian Mom // My Postpartum Mental Health Struggles & How I Found Help, Healing, Restoration, and Redemption

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 30:39

    I know, the title is heavy. It's a lot to take in. But it's the reality SO many moms are facing - most of them in silence or all alone.That's why I think it's so important to share more of my story with the you, so you can better understand where I've been. So you can have context when you hear me share about all the things I do now.I don't come from a place of having it all together all of the time. I come from knowing what it's like to be at the bottom, surrounded by darkness, weighed down with anxiety, and feeling all alone.There is no explicit language, however, I want to give you a warning that this episode does go into more depth on my struggles with mental help and being in crisis mode. Please also be mindful of whether or not hearing these things may be a trigger for you in any way and whether or not you're okay with little ears listening as well.My ultimate hope and prayer is that this reminds you that you aren't alone. And it's okay to reach out for help. If you believe you're in crisis mode, please seek help immediately or call National Mental Health Hotline | 866-903-3787Join our online community here.Connect on Instagram here. 

    61: My Personal Story With Anxiety, Depression, and Medication Postpartum (Part 1)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 32:13

    Can we just take a deep breath together before you press play on this one?? *inhale...exhale*This episode has been a long time coming. To be honest, I haven't really had the words or known how to share more of my story like I do in this episode. Even though we've been hanging out for a while, and I share so much with you, there are still parts of my story that feel scary to share. This episode is Part 1 of that. Sometimes there's no pretty or easy way to share our mess, right? So, I'm just ripping the band aid off with this one. I share for a few reasons, but mostly because I want you to understand that if you struggle with mental health - you are not alone. Also, I want you to understand that when I say "I see you" or "I get it" in reference to certain circumstances or situations, I actually do. I've been deep down in the pit... and please hear me when I say, I don't want the focus to be so much on where I've been, but rather where I AM now. But I know it's hard to appreciate or understand the power of the present without first having context of the past.As I share in this episode, I'd always planned to circle back and continue sharing some of my life experiences as a continuation of episodes 1 and 2, but I never did.You may want headphones for this one or to listen when little ears aren't around. There's no explicit language, but the subject matter isn't suitable for children who may be able to comprehend certain terms or phrases (in my opinion).I hope this encourages you and gives you HOPE.

    60: Live it out: Taking Inventory of Your Time - Practical Next Steps for Taking Your Time Back as a Busy Mom

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 21:07

    Today we're talking through some practical implementation steps that Jenna gave us in Part 3 of the Spring Cleaning Series. We discussed how we can clean out our calendars and reclaim some of our time. If you missed it, catch up here!This episode is for the mom who is ready to take some things OFF the calendar and maybe even put some things ON the calendar that will serve you and your family well. We're getting super practical, sis. Grab your coffee, tea, and headphones, or plug your phone into your car as you drive and let's DIVE IN!Join the community group here!Let's work together! Shoot me a DM or email me for more info --> hello@herpursuit.coConnect on IG here!

    59: Spring Cleaning - Time: How to Clear Your Calendar and Make More Time For What Matters to You as a Busy Mom

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 37:33

    Welcome to part 3 of the Spring Cleaning Series! Today we're looking at the area of time. My friend Jenna Arvidson comes on the show to talk to us about cleaning out our calendars and making more time for what matters to us as busy mamas. How can we aligning our calendars with what matters most to us; what we value? What does that look like and why does it matter? We'll also discuss:Simple living for today's mamaWhere to start tackling your calendar when it's super packed and fullHow to decide what your calendar should be full ofWhy we struggle to put things on the calendar that we enjoy ourselvesConnect with Jenna here:Podcast: The Simple Home PodcastWebsite: https://athomewithkids.comThe Simple Home Mentorship ProgramIG: @jennaarvidson

    58: Live it out: How to Start Taking Inventory of Your Thoughts - Practical Next Steps for Becoming a More Mindful Parent and a Biblical Perspective of Why It Matters

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 18:47

    Okay friend, today we're following up and following through with Part 2 of our Spring Cleaning Series, which was all about taking inventory of our thoughts and cleaning them out! Today I want to share my ONE take away and action step from the conversation I had with Mindset Coach and Author, Gabe Cox, in episode 57. If you missed it, be sure to tune in and catch up here before listening to this episode!I won't lie sis, I'm bringing *insert fire emoji* in this one. Because I know this area all too well. I've been ruled by thoughts for as far as I can remember. They cycled through every single day, constantly on repeat. I was a victim to negative thoughts and let them filter my lens of reality for far too long. So, I get fired up when I share with you WHY this matters. Because the good news is, I didn't stay there and YOU DON'T HAVE TO EITHER! Let's go, mama....Grab your headphones, you do not want to miss this one!If you'd like to check in for accountability, you can join the group here!

    57: Spring Cleaning 2 - Thoughts: How to Take Thoughts Captive as a Christian Mom with Author and Mindset Coach Gabe Cox

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 33:23

    In part TWO of our Spring Cleaning Series, I'm sitting down with Author and Mindset Coach, Gabe Cox, for some practical ways we can clean out our thoughts. In this episode we discuss:Becoming more self-aware and recognizing the internal narrative that's on repeat in our minds and how to shift out of thatWhere moms most often get hung up with their thoughts and how to move past thoughts that keep us stuckHow to get started shifting negative thoughts that are stuck on repeat Practical ways to be proactive with the thoughts we think and building consistency around becoming self aware.Why it matters that we get intentional about the thoughts we think and how to take thoughts captive as a Christian momYou can connect with Gabe here! Check out her website here.Tag Gabe ( @gabecox_redhotmindset ) & Cason ( @heyitscason ) as you listen!

    56: Live it out: Decluttering as a Beginner - Practical Next Steps for Getting Rid of Your STUFF!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2022 10:39

    If you missed Part 1 of the Spring Cleaning Series, you'll want to catch that here before listening to today's episode. You can think of this as a follow up to Part 1 where I sat down with Decluttering Expert, Katy Wells to talk about how busy moms can get started cleaning OUT their things. How can we get rid of the stuff that makes us feel like we can't breathe and why does it matter?! We talk about it ALL in Part 1.This episode serves to give ONE action step you can take this week/weekend to actually live out what you heard in Part 1. Because around here we don't just absorb... we also take ACTION! So join the community group for some accountability as we get ready to LIVE IT OUT!

    55: Spring Cleaning: THINGS - How to Start Clearing the Clutter with Decluttering Expert Katy Wells

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2022 30:42

    During the month of April I'll be bringing you a "Spring Cleaning Series" where we're going to walk through different areas of our lives we can clean out to ultimately make more time and space for what matters to us as busy moms while also creating more intentional lives.One of the more practical areas we can start cleaning out is clutter. Most of our homes are overrun with THINGS. But how can we live a life of more with less? Is that even possible for you as a busy stay at home mom? Decluttering expert Katy Wells comes on to help you get started on your decluttering journey. In this episode we'll cover:Surface level reasons and roadblocks when it comes to clutterUnderstanding the deeper connection we have to stuffHow to create a lifestyle around a decluttered homePractical starting points to declutter your spaceAnd so much more!I cannot wait to dive into this episode with you, so grab your headphones and let's dive in!You can connect with Katy and dig into more resources by clicking any of the links below!Katy's website: https://www.katyjoywells.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maximizedminimalistInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/katyjoywells

    BONUS: Giveaway Winner Announced!

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    The winner of the $50 Target giftcard & Mom Mode sweatshirt is announced in THIS episode! Tune in and see who the lucky winner is!!!Are we connect?!You can find me on IG here!Facebook group is linked here!Join my email list here!

    54: How to Brain Dump to Create More Mental Space and Eliminate Overwhelm When Motherhood Gets Chaotic

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 19:52

    Does your mind feel overrun with all of your to-dos and things you can't forget about? How about your thoughts and worries? If your head feels cluttered, this simple practice will help you create more mental space for yourself. Writing down your thoughts, your tasks, getting all of the things that are taking up mental space out of your mind and onto paper will actually help you create more mental space, and be able to better focus. Studies show it also helps with anxiety!Grab your pen and paper and let's dive into this practical episode.Come post your list (or pen and paper) to the community group!Today is the last day to enter the giveaway!! Subscribe, rate, and review the show and send me a screenshot to be entered.

    53: Feeling Unfulfilled as a Stay at Home Mom? How to Measure Success After Becoming MAMA

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2022 32:08

    If we're honest, we've all felt unfulfilled in motherhood to some degree. Maybe it doesn't look or feel how we thought it would. Maybe it's not everything we "dreamed" of. Maybe we don't know how to measure success or can't tell if our efforts are worthwhile.Listen, friend. I've been there. We've all been there in some shape, form, or fashion. You're not alone. And you're not a bad mom for feeling that way. In this episode, I want to see if we can reframe "success" in motherhood and find the fulfillment we're all longing for. Grab some headphones and let's dive in!If you haven't already, enter the giveaway to win a $50 Target card and a cute MOM MODE sweatshirt! All details can be found here, but part of entering is subscribing, rating and reviewing the podcast. So go ahead and do that while you're here!Join our online community here >>> Her Pursuit: Simple Productivity, Time Management & Routines for SAHMs | FacebookConnect with me on insta here >>> Cason | Her Pursuit Podcast (@heyitscason)Receive weekly notes from me here >>> Email List

    52: Feel Like Your Home is a Wreck but Don't Have Extra Time to Pick Up? Get Results in Just 10 Minutes With THIS Time Management Strategy!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2022 16:55

    Does your home feel like a wreck? But you don't have a ton of extra time to clean and pick up? If you answered YES to either of those questions, today's episode is going to be so helpful for you. We're chatting about this proven strategy that will get your results in just 10 minutes!If the mess overwhelms you, if you don't know where to start, if you continuously procrastinate, press play and let's get right to it! Enter to win a $50 Target gift card here!Join the conversation in our community group here!

    51: My Sunday Prep Routine - How You Can Get a Jumpstart to Your Week Before it Starts, Mama!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2022 11:45

    I'm excited to bring you today's episode all about prepping for your week. If you find yourself being caught up in the whirlwind of your days without a plan, without direction, making last minute decisions (which leaves you frustrated), then today's episode is going to help you out SO much. I'm explaining how I prep for my weeks every Sunday, how this came about, why it matters to me, and how it has helped calm *some* of the chaos and alleviate some of the decision fatigue I was feeling on a daily basis.Grab your tea and headphones.. Maybe even a pen and paper if you want to take notes. This one is super practical and we dive RIGHT IN!Join the conversation around this episode in our online community here.If you'd like to receive more content just like this for free delivered straight to your inbox, join my email list here!Don't forget to rate and review the podcast and enter the giveaway to win a $50 Target gift card and my favorite MOM MODE sweatshirt. Details can be found here!

    50: Why You Don't Need Complicated Systems, Trello, or Even a Planner to Get Started With Time Management! Take Your Time Back in 4 Simple Steps Mama!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 16:37

    NEWFLASH: You do not need fancy task management systems or color-coded planners to get started with time management, especially if you're a busy overwhelmed mom who is just trying to get started. It is possible to take your time back, manage your time efficiently, and get things done using these 4 simple steps! Grab your pen and paper mama, you may want to take some notes.Come show us what you're week looks like in the online community group! Enter the giveaway for a $50 Target gift card & my fave MOM MODE sweatshirt

    049: When You Feel Stuck in the SUCK! What to Do When Life Knocks You Down - an Honest Conversation About Where I've Been & What I'm Doing About It

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2022 30:41

    I've been feeling it and I think you have too! Sometimes life gives us one thing after another.. after another. What do we do when we feel stuck in the suck? How do we get unstuck, get back up, and move forward? On today's episode I'm sharing where I've been lately and what I'm planning to intentionally DO to help myself get out of this sucky, sticky place! Life is going to knock you down mama, but you've got to get back up.If you need more encouragement and support, join our online community here!If you'd like to receive notes from me to you delivered directly to your inbox, you can sign up here!

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