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    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 125)- Interview With Auburn's Mike Burgomaster

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 67:41

    Auburn is #2 in the country. Tied for the school's best ranking EVER. So naturally we had to get our A1 Day 1 amigo, Mike Burgomaster, on the pod to discuss this season. We chat about everything from Jabari Smith, to the Kiss of TICH to Burgo's Thanksgiving "Vacation" in Atlantis. We also talk about Taylor's finger injury as well as a recap on bets and Hugs. No Shark today after going 1-2 on bets last week. Something is rotten in the state of TICHmark. That's Hamlet. Culture yourself.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 124)- Coaching Camaraderie, Top 10 Losses & Segments

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2022 65:33

    We bounce back in a big way this week. No longer feeling miserable, the boys discuss how SEC football coaches and basketball coaches would get along. Mike Leach & Ben Howland? Bruce Pearl & Brian Harsin? Nate Oats & Nick Saban? Very interesting dynamics. Then we recap the Top 10 losses that took place. Which was the most disappointing? Following that, we provide a pretty insane nugget about the top 2 teams in the rankings as it relates to the previous title game. It honestly might spoil the season. Then we wrap it up with some segments including a visit from one of our old friends, Where Am I?

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 123)- We Are Miserable

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2022 71:24

    First week of the year is so brutal. We're dealing with some Covid issues, some are stranded from home, it's freezing, we're fat, hungover and tired. But we powered through and had to talk shop about games that actually took place which is a blessing at this point. We talk Colorado State's undefeated start and how last year set the table for their success this season. Then we look at the Purdue loss at home to Wisconsin and try to determine if this is the worst ACC of our lives. Then the boys give out some picks and we finish it off with Hugs. 

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 122)- Interview With Former Wake Forest Demon Deacon, LD Williams

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 89:09

    Do we have an episode for you guys. We welcome to the program former Wake Forest player, LD Williams. One of the best players in their recent generation sits down with us to talk everything Wake Forest and his time with the Brooklyn Nets. He tells us about the legendary Skip Prosser, his relationship with former teammates and some all time James Johnson stories. He then goes into detail about what it's like working in the league and maybe even broke some news? If that news doesn't happen then don't hold it against us. Regardless, if you're a Wake fan, a Tobacco Road fan, an ACC fan or even just a college hoops fan then this interview is a must listen. We also talk a little bit about the TICH bowl, recap bets and introduce a new TICHmas song.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 121)- Interview With The Providence Crier

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 62:30

    Ahhh an old friend rejoins us! It's the Providence Crier and he's here to chat about everything from the team and their upcoming game with UConn all the way to Mac Jones. We really got down a football rabbit hole towards the end. Crier will also give us his prediction for the game and he discusses the biggest differences between this years PC team vs. last. We also get to hear a first hand perspective of what it's like to be a PC celebrity. Then we finish it off with Please Sir, I Want Some More and Friday Bracketology.

    Theater In College Hoops Ep. 120- Interview With Former Zag & Trojan, Byron Wesley

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 88:01

    Really terrific stuff today as we were fortunate enough to interview former player, Byron Wesley. He tells us about playing for his dad, some wild Kevin O'Neill stories at USC, then going to polar opposite Andy Enfield and finally ending up at Gonzaga with Mark Few. He tells us about the losing seasons but also the great winning season he had at his one year in Spokane. Of course he lets us know what some of the toughest venues to play in were and conversely... the lamest. He ends it with a special shout out to a former guest as well! Then we round out the program with some thoughts on Penny, Cuonzo & Turgeon while also discussing Providence's great play along with their hyena fanbase. Last but not least, we give you some winners in Please Sir, I Want Some More.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 119)- Pitino, Dayton, Feast Week and Iowa Schools

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 71:04

    Packed show today as The Shark is back with us fresh off of a Heinicke performance. Never seen a man so happy slowly but surely pivot into anger but we worked through it. Today we chat about where Pitino ranks in terms of all time great college hoops coaches and how great his resume would be if he stayed in the state of Kentucky. Then we cover the huge shocker of the week- Dayton over Kansas. How the hell did the Flyers pull that off? We also recap the Duke win over Gonzaga and break down how there's been a culture shift in Durham. Then we recap Feast Week winners and put some focus on the state of Iowa and their successful teams thus far. Lastly we bring back our old friend, Please Sir I Want Some More. 

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 118)- Zags/UCLA, WCC & Conference Starts

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 73:09

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We know you're probably back in your hometown at the local bar with your high school pals and the townie that still goes to high school parties so if you need a conversation starter, listen to what we have to say on this episode. We discuss the Zags tail whipping of UCLA and the WCC's great start to the season. Then we recap Purdue/Nova. Is there cause for concern regarding Nova's ability to finish? We then chat about Arizona's rise to the top 25 and how much credit Tommy Lloyd should be getting. We then finish it up with YOAF and Hugs. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everybody. Enjoy Duke/Gonzaga!

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 117)- Recap Of Last Week & Loyola Chicago On The Move

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 65:27

    Big week in the college hoops world as Coach K's grandson and stud, Paolo Banchero get into a bit of legal trouble. What exactly is aiding and abetting DWI? We discuss what's next for the program and Paolo specifically. Then we recap that orgasmic Villanova/UCLA game. Is it me or does UCLA just play marvelous matches when pitted against top tier teams (nice alliteration). We also discuss Texas and if we're buying them or not and how exactly did Oregon get dismantled? There's one answer and he goes by Barcello. We also discuss the Loyola Chicago move to the A10. This is good, right? We discuss some of the backlash. Then we close it out with hugs.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 116)- Champions Classic & Bad Losses

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 69:19

    I believe it was Phil from the Hangover who said "We are back, baby!" The new season is finally here so we break down the Champions Classic first and foremost. Coach K's farewell tour is already tiresome, Paolo Banchero isn't the only stud on Duke and Kansas is fielding a team filled with AARP members... but they're lethal. We also discuss some of the worst losses we saw on day 1. Georgia Tech, UVA, Pitt, Washington, Nebraska and Cal should all be ashamed of themselves. Houston, Wichita State, Ohio State & Colorado not off the hook either as they all had pretty poor debuts despite winning. Then we round it out with You're Old As Fuck and finally some hugs. It's been a while since we've given out some hugs. Gear up for the season, folks. We got a long road to NOLA.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 115)- Conference Predictions & Segments

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 61:39

    We are ooooooooooohhhhh so close to college basketball tipping off but before we dive into the season, we gotta make our conference predictions. We run through the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, Big East & PAC 12. Spoiler alert: Shark was kinda chalky so that was a disappointment. Then we discuss Bob Huggins outrageous comments on breaking away to form a super team tournament and we also introduce a new segment! Then we end it with an oldie but goodie: Where Am I? Now go out and enjoy Halloween. Make sure to let the kids grab as much candy as they want, don't be a stickler.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 114)- Interview With Indiana Hoosier Mo Creek

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 55:51

    Another episode another Big Ten ball player interview. This episode we were able to chat with former IU and GW ball player, Mo Creek. You may remember him from dropping 31 against Kentucky as a Freshman... no biggie. Mo tells us about his recruiting process, his relationship with Tom Crean and his time at IU. He also dives into his game winning shot against Maryland when he was at GW and why that was such an important moment to him. Some terrific stories especially if you're a Hoosier. PS- 4 more weeks until the theater returns.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 113)- Interview With Former Michigan State Spartan, Joe Sweeny

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 119:21

    MONSTER episode today as we welcome back The Shark and discuss items such as Armando Bacot's arms, Dan Dakich's new show and our new toy that features Bong Joon Ho. Then we welcome to the program former Michigan State player, Joe Sweeny. He sheds light on some amazing detail from the 2011-2012 season that includes interactions with Draymond Green, the time Izzo turned purple and his Youtube moment. Make sure to check it out especially if you're a Spartan. 

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 112)- Mark Few, Recruiting & Conference Realignment

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 69:37

    No interview today because some action actually occurred in the college basketball world these past few weeks. Taylor & Subbi talk about the Mark Few DUI and what that might mean for his players and they also speculate on how the media treats certain coaches. Big couple of weeks for Kentucky and Memphis as they land monster stars in Shaedon Sharpe and Emoni Bates respectively. Who will be more impactful for their team and who are you more excited to watch? Then they try to keep track of the conference realignment and where each team will be playing their hoops in the coming years. Finally, big hug to Marcus Camby, Jon Rothstein and Chris Webber... all for VARIOUS reasons.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 111)- Interview With Alec White From The Arizona Daily Star

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2021 68:23

    Arizona week rolls on as we bring in a young member of the Tucson media, Alec White. He tells us about his start in journalism, his relationship with some players and coaches and some of his favorite memories. He also goes in depth into the whole Sean Miller saga that you don't want to miss. We've had players and coaches, but never truly someone from the media. Thanks to Alec for jumping on.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 109)- Interview with former Arizona & USC staff member, Jamal Boddie

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 81:09

    We're back here just in time before August expires giving you the good Arizona stories that I'm sure you want. I'm being sarcastic, I'm sure you guys are over the Arizona content but that's too damn bad! *Grandpa from Holes voice* Former manager and assistant director of operations at Arizona & USC, Jamal Boddie joins us to talk everything from his relationship with good friend, JP Prince, to his experience with Lute Olson to his published book. He also provides some great insight on some players you may have forgotten about. 

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 109)- NBA Draft Live Reactions

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2021 104:39

    Pretty simple here, gang. We watched the NBA Draft live and talked shop. Was a lot of fun. Still reeling from that Joshua Primo pick to the Spurs at 12.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 108)- Interview With Former Illinois Big Man, Maverick Morgan

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 2, 2021 77:40

    It's Fourth Of July Weekend, people! Sun, blue skies, fireworks, brats, dogs, burgers, beers, lakes, oceans, pools, creeks, streams, and literally any body of water. Those are the only 2 things you need: a grill and a body of water. We discuss where exactly does Apple Pie fit into that equation. We also talk about the new NIL rule where players can profit. Apparently Jordan Bohannon is already signing autographs at a Firework store. Finally we have a very insightful and candid interview with former Illinois center, Maverick Morgan. He joins us to discuss everything from growing up in Southwest Ohio to playing in the Big Ten to playing in Europe.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 107)- Greg Gard Audio & Penny Stays With Memphis

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2021 76:02

    Don't ever say we aren't accountable. Call us dumb, uninformed, hacks, fairweather. Whatever you want, just don't say we aren't accountable. Because we made a promise to deliver 2 episodes per month and damnit, on the last day of June, we did just that so hug for us. We talk about the Greg Gard audio with his players and Penny staying with Memphis after an interview with the Orlando Magic and hiring a legendary name to his staff.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 106)- Coach Talk, UMass Statues and Transfers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 61:42

    No guest today unfortunately and no Taylor either so it's just Subbi and The Shark bantering about quite literally nothing. We talk everything from Slack to Family Karma to the statue standard at UMass. We also finally get around to discussing the Coach K and Roy Williams departures and offer our thoughts on their successors. Then we do our own version of "Who He Play For" as it pertains to all of the transfers that have taken place since we last gave you an update. Finally, we wouldn't be as absurd as we are if we didn't give a Family Karma college basketball comparison. Be good.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 105)- Interview With San Jose State Asst. Coach, David Miller

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2021 77:56

    We might have a new entry for best interview in TICH history. Some incredible stories shared to us by Assistant Coach for the San Jose State men's basketball team, David Miller. He talks about his ascension from student manager, all of his pit stops throughout his career, how he balances his relationship with coaching, his father's impact, Kobe and best memories. I'm tellin' ya, if you're an Arizona fan, San Jose State fan, Laker fan, Kobe fan, coaching fan then this interview is for you.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 104)- Interview With Matt Moore-Alameda

    Play Episode Listen Later May 14, 2021 63:27

    Do you like the Metropolitan area? Do you like Boston College? Listen to this episode then because we chat with our good pal, MMA, and discuss everything from Knicks, Nets, Devils, Rangers, Islanders, Mets and his beloved BC Eagles. We first talk about the Jim Christian era and harken back to the Steve Donahue era as well. But fear not, after we talk about those train wrecks we focus our attention on Earl Grant. Nope, not the pianist but the head coach. Also sincere hug to Mary Annes in Brighton, MA. It closed down but was an absolute ESTABLISHMENT to the BC students. 

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 103)- Interview With Mike Burgomaster & Transfer Talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2021 63:48

    First episode of the offseason so we had to welcome back our best friend of the program: Auburn coach, Mike Burgomaster. We talk everything from last year's season, the transfer portal, the future of the team and Terrence Clarke. Listen to this episode before you become a slug all weekend watching the NFL draft.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 102)- Final 4 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2021 66:27

    Helluva ride, pals. We close out the season with a Final 4 recap and give out some hugs. What a remarkable journey it's been. The two best teams in the country squared off for the title and we got what we deserved. Hat tip to Scott Drew and Baylor. We also discuss not blaming Gonzaga but rather the pundits and Shark tees off on Leonard Hamilton. Sincere hug for you, the listener. We aren't anything without ya. Have a great offseason and we'll see you a few times each month for our offseason pods.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 101)- Elite 8 recap & Final 4

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2021 84:51

    If we're being honest with each other the Elite 8 games kinda stunk with the exception of UCLA/Michigan. Hell UCLA might've played the two best games of the tournament and they won. Their prize? Gonzaga. Then we look at the other side of the bracket with the Lone Star Shootout as Baylor and Houston are set to square off. The Final 4 is upon us ladies and gents!

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 100)- Recap Of The First Weekend, Apologies and Apologize and Hugs

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2021 59:04

    TICH's 100th episode and we've never felt worse. That's because we're down in the dumps post first weekend. Hurt, hungover, tired and bloated but what a first weekend it was. We discuss PAC 12 dominance, Big Ten disappointment, the "OSU" theory and of course the Cinderellas. We also demand apologies from certain programs while also taking ownership and apologizing to other programs. Then we finish it off with a Hug.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 99)- Bracket Selections

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2021 107:52

    Last show before we tip off in Indy. It bears repeating but I want you all to cherish this moment. Cherish this bracket. Cherish these players. Cherish these venues. Cherish Greg Gumbel kicking it back to Spero Dedes after an update. Just cherish it all. We deliver you our official TICH bracket predictions. Fair warning- this does not mean we've chosen these in our personal brackets. To take it a step further, we might even be playing you in order to get a competitive edge if you're in our bracket. Regardless, enjoy the picks. Ride with us, fade us. It's all beautiful. Enjoy March Madness folks. You deserve it!

    Backdoor Cut (Ep. 104) - Grizz return to action with 1-2 week

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2021 56:00

    The Memphis Grizzlies returned from the All-Star break with a convincing win over Washington, followed by a disappointing last-second loss to Denver, and a Sunday Stinker Special. Despite the 1-2 week, reasons to be optimistic remain aplenty!

    Theater In College Hoops- Live Selection Sunday Reactions

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2021 34:18

    Selection Sunday is finally here. Take a listen to our live reactions!

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 98)- Jerome Week 2, Sexy Cities & Friday Bracketology

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2021 74:05

    Welcome to postseason TICH. We're back with our Jerome Week 2 picks as we break down the power Conferences as well as the MEAC (one of the worst conferences in America). We also continue to go back to our TICH roots as it's just Subbi & The Shark. Then we bring back Friday Bracketology, TWIT and got a lil something extra for ya come next Monday. Next time you hear from us the Holy Day will have come and gone. Selection Sunday is mere days away. Enjoy the conference tourney theat.

    Backdoor Cut (Ep. 103) - All-Star Weekend & Grading the Grizzlies

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2021 61:59

    Rich, Zak, and Mase get together to dish out grades for each of the Grizzlies rotation players through the first half of the 20-21 season. The crew quickly recaps All-Star Weekend and Mase opens a Top Shot pack to close it out.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 97)- Cade Cunningham, The Jerome & March

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2021 57:02

    It's been long. It's been arduous. It's been fatiguing. It's been sad. It's been grotesque. But we made it. A year after the rug was SNATCHED out from under us we've made it to March. Our month and don't you ever forget that. We discuss Rothstein's countdown to March and this past weekend. Specifically how unbelievable Cade Cunningham really is despite having all of the expectations on him. Then we talk about our favorite precursor to the tournament: The Jerome! We leak a few tidbits that you can only get from the TICH guys. Then of course we deliver you some winners and finish it up with TWIT & Hugs. Again, rejoice all. We've made it to March!

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 96)- Duke & Illinois Streaking, Michigan's Ceiling & Bobby Knight

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2021 70:26

    As we inch closer and closer to Selection Sunday we're starting to see some of the blue bloods round into form. Duke is on a 4 game winning streak, Kansas is hot, Michigan State has been piecing some wins together and Michigan looks more and more like a title contender. We talk about these teams as well as the job Juwan Howard has done at his alma mater. Then we deliver this PSA: Conference Tourneys start Thursday! Wake up! Then we take a trip down memory lane as we reminisce on Bobby Knight's flawless chair toss and give out some Hugs.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 95)- Interview With SEC POY Chris Lofton, Jim Christian Fired & Jalen Johnson Opts Out

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2021 67:06

    BIG episode today as the TICH boys interview the 2007 SEC Player Of The Year and one of the greatest college hoopers ever, Chris Lofton. We talk everything from his recruiting, to his overseas career to his victorious battle with cancer. We also talk about Jim Christian getting fired and The Shark is finally liberated. For some reason he wants Bobby Hurley in Chestnut Hill though. Very odd. Then we discuss Jalen Johnson opting out and how the media has responded. As usual we finish it off with Hugs.

    Backdoor Cut (Ep. 102) - Ja Talk, Grizz go 1-2 on the week, Historic night from deep

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2021 56:08

    The married guys get together on Valentine's Day to discuss the recent play of Ja Morant and recap the last week of NBA hoops in Memphis. The Grizzlies suffered two tough losses and got a much needed W thanks to 23 3-pointers vs the Hornets. Stats, random thoughts, just Grizz talk!!

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 94)- Interview with BMOC, Jeff Nadu

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 74:56

    Super Bowl is over. Football is over. The sporting world now turns their attention to college hoops. We're only about 5 weeks away from The Holy Day aka Selection Sunday so we briefly look back on the week that was. We also had Barstool's Big Man On Campus, Jeff Nadu to talk everything from teams he likes, The Wire and his weight loss journey. It's Team Nadu around these parts. Then we finish up with 3 segments: Please Sir, I Want Some More followed by TWIT followed by Hugs.

    In the Can (Ep. 42) — THE MANDALORIAN, SEASON 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 60:28

    Is this the way? Mitch joins Sam to discuss.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 93)- Covid, Oklahoma, Duke/UNC & Brackets

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2021 73:30

    Don't look now but we're only a month away from March. Subbi has one more week left of his Whole 30 diet while the Shark has ripped the band aid off of his diet. We talk Waste Mangement Open, new Covid protocols for the tournament and Oklahoma's hot streak. We then pivot to the greatest rivalry in all of sports: Duke/UNC. Both of these teams stink, they lost to inferior opponents, the players are bad... yet we're all still pavloving for the matchup. We then ask how you fill out your bracket: pen/paper, online or both? We also talk about NCAA video games coming back, West Virginia's GAUNTLET and our gambling corner. Finally we wrap it up with Where Am I? and Hugs.

    Backdoor Cut (Ep. 101) - Grizz Return to Winning Ways, Hot Shooting & Clutch Play, Trade Value

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2021 55:19

    The crew reconvenes for the first time since Chief's wedding to discuss the Grizzlies win over the Spurs, the logjam on the wing, and Desmond Bane leading the league in 3pt percentage. The guys also discuss Ja's clutch play and over superstardom, before discussing trading away a main piece of the current team. The show is closed out with the guys giving their picks the 4 games slated for this week. #GrizzNation

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 92)- Interview with Zak Noble & Crybaby Coaches

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2021 91:59

    A thick, thick show ahead of you today as we talk about Coach K's presser and Bobby Hurley's con. We then discuss the SEC as we dive into topics such as Alabama being ranked in the Top10 and Jerry Stackhouse losing it on his team and fans. Then we bring in host of the Noble-Roosh Podcast, Zak Noble, to talk everything NBA, his time at Kansas and his thoughts on Kobe Bryant & Sekou Smith.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 91)- Dry January, Blue Bloods & Tourney Schedule

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2021 63:37

    Just The Shark & Subbi today as they dive into an array of topics. First we discuss dry January and Whole 30. It's tough but there is no denying that you wake up feeling refreshed. But don't fret, we'll rip the band aid off on Super Bowl Sunday. Then we talk about the fact that for the first time in 60+ years, neither Duke, UNC nor Kentucky are ranked. Wild COVID times we live in but that's why Subbi says that this year doesn't really count. Throw an asterisk on it! Then we discuss if Baylor is getting enough credit, Subbi goes down a rabbit hole and probably needs some air and we discuss if you can lose your Blue Blood status. Then we talk about the new tournament schedule. Some very reactionary opinions but there's no doubt it's a shock to the system. A gut punch. We venture to May I Have Some More and round it out with Hugs.

    Backdoor Cut (Ep. 100) - Grizz win 4 straight, 12 Back, Rooks hoopin!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2021 55:04

    Mason and Rich take you through the past week, which saw the Grizzlies go 3-0 extending their win streak to 4. They talk about positive developments throughout the week, injury updates, and how much fun it is to have Ja back. Oh yea, did we mention the rookies are hoopin?!?!

    In the Can (Ep. 41) — HE GOT GAME

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 14, 2021 72:32

    Podcasting is like poetry in motion...

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 90)- Texas & Illinois, Masks While Playing and Please Sir, I Want Some More

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2021 65:29

    Subbi is back from his holiday cross country road trip and the Shark is back as well despite the Football Team losing on Saturday. The boys are all together for the first time in 2021 and they talk Texas and Shaka Smart. Is there a correlation between his hair and his success? Then we discuss Illinois' up and down season. Is Brad Underwood to blame for this inconsistency? They're just an unpredictable bunch. We then head to the northeast to highlight BU wearing masks while playing and UConn jogging our memory as they're in the top25 representing the Big East. We also did some rebranding. It's no longer "Gamblin' & Griswoldin" but rather "Please Sir, I Want Some More" The Shark and Taylor give you more winners (losers as well). Then we finish it off with Where Am I? and Hugs.

    Backdoor Cut (Ep. 99) - Grizz go 1-2 on the week, Trend spotting, Surprises around the NBA

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2021 56:36

    Sam and Mason talk all things Grizz, including their latest win over the shorthanded nexts. The duo discusses lineup combinations, some things that they like and dislike from the past few games, praise the rooks, and end the show with hot topics from around the League.

    In the Can (Ep. 40) — 12 MONKEYS

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2021 51:07

    It's 2020. 1.9MM are killed by a deadly virus. Podcasters are free to roam the earth and talk 1995's sci-fi bizarro tour de force from Terry Gilliam.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 89)- Indianapolis to Host March Madness, Texas is Back and Interview with Palmer Yoakum.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2021 51:02

    Taylor again takes the mic and goes iso on the first episode of the new year. The episode begins with some thoughts on the NCAA's official announcement of the tournament being held in the Indianapolis metro area. From there we bring in Palmer Yoakum to discuss Kentucky basketball, their struggles this year and where they go from here. Plus we get to hear about some behind the scenes moments in Big Blue Nation. After our interview, Texas is highlighted as the team of the week along with Iowa's rise back to the top five. The episode rounds out as we take a look at why Washington basketball is so bad and then look ahead to a few of the week's best matchups. Taylor ends the show with a hug for the listeners and reminds everyone that no man is a failure who has friends...and no podcast is a failure who has listeners. Happy New Year theatergoers!

    Backdoor Cut (Ep. 98) — Grizzlies/Lakers postgame + season trends and predicted record update

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2021 55:16

    - Grizzlies fall to Lakers in Marc Gasol's return home - Player and team trends so far this season - We provide an update on where the Grizzlies record stands compared to our pre-season predictions to this point - Many minutes were spent lamenting the ambiguity of the Grizzlies' injuries Follow us on Twitter @backdoorcutshow and subscribe on our main feed by searching "Backdoor Cut Show: A Memphis Grizzlies Fan Podcast"

    In the Can (Ep. 39) — SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2020 53:40

    Is it destiny? Fate? A sign? No, it's just In the Can.

    Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 88)- Bans A Make Her Dance

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2020 81:58

    No Shark today as he's licking his wounds from Haskins & The Football team. It's probably a good thing because Arizona self imposed a postseason ban and Taylor & Subbi dive into that. They also welcome good friend of the program and Tucson Local, Ted Skroback, to offer insights and opinions on the program, Sean Miller and the future. Then we discuss the callousness and lack of awareness from the NCAA with their "Mask Madness" campaign and touch on the Big Ten's depth. We finish up 2020 with Where Am I? and Hugs. Happy New Year, gang!

    Backdoor Cut (Ep. 97) — Grizz Locker Room post-game chat (Spurs)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 27, 2020 30:12

    Mason and Sam hop on to talk Ja's historic 44-pt night and the loss to the always consistent Spurs.

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