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The Kim Monson Show is a daily radio program, broadcast live 6-7 am MST every weekday on KLZ 560 AM. Hosted by Kim Monson, the show focuses on political issues and topics that impact individual freedom for Coloradans, citizens of the United States, and people around the world. Kim's values lie at the cross-roads of traditional conservative principles and libertarian beliefs. She believes in good manners, compassion, success through hard work, and individual freedom above all else.

Kim Monson

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    Greg Lopez for Governor of Colorado in 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2022 57:09

    Laura Hiatt, Communications Director for Greg Lopez for Governor 2022, joins Kim in studio to ring in the New Year. Kim encourages listeners to check out for two new op-eds, The Encouraging End to 2021 by Allen Thomas and Best and Worst of Colorado Politics in 2021 by Pam Long. Kim’s New Year resolution is to thank everyone personally and improve her e-mail management. Kim welcomes new listeners to the show stating she seeks truth and clarity with the fundamental theme of “Freedom vs. Force, Force vs. Freedom.” The Boulder County fires are catastrophic, with high winds a significant culprit. There will be considerable challenges in rebuilding homes as home construction supplies are already in high demand. This past weekend, many people found themselves stranded as thousands of airline flights were canceled due to COVID-19/Wuhan-China reactions. The last two years of COVID-19 virus-related disruptions to our lives are troubling. Cruise ships with 95-100% vaccinated passengers find COVID-19 cases on board. The PCR test is proving to be inaccurate.  New Colorado laws that went into effect January 1st include child sex assault victims are no longer under a statute of limitations, driver’s licenses cannot be revoked due to unpaid fines and absence from court hearings, medical marijuana concentrations for younger consumers changes and consumer protections for auto-renewal contracts. A Texas forensic audit finds that a potential 11,000 registered to vote were either non-citizens or deceased. New show sponsor Keith Renninson is a professional keynote speaker, meeting facilitator, mediator and works with companies to sustain employee retention. He uses TRIP—Tenacity, Resiliency, Imagination, and Purpose. You can contact Keith directly at 512-337-9135 or Greg Lopez joins Laura and Kim via phone to discuss his bid to become the next governor of Colorado. Polis has signed legislation that does not go into effect until 2023, after the November 2022 election. Why? Greg notes that Polis did an excellent job regarding the fires last Thursday in Boulder County. Greg emphasizes that all homeowners and business owners who have been affected by the fire should register immediately with FEMA at or by calling 1-800-621- 3362. This will expedite the process of rebuilding. Greg hopes that priority

    The Encouraging End to 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2021 57:19

    Kim concludes the year with frequent guest Allen Thomas as Allen discusses his most recent Op-Ed, The Encouraging End to 2021.  Kim and Allen reflect on making a conscious decision to see hope within ourselves and our circumstances.  Abraham Lincoln is a great example as he was able to rise above and beyond substantial obstacles to become President.  Kids today are surrendering to their circumstances as they are taught hopelessness and no responsibility for their actions.  Government induced inflation and negative outcomes due to public policy are contributing to hopelessness.  Allen counters that hope is budding as parents are becoming involved in their children's education and the potential “Red Wave” in the 2022 elections.  Weak Republicans are being primaried.  The Overton Window has been moving to the radical left.  As more and more parents are becoming involved in their children's education, we are beginning to see a reverse swing to the right.  CNN and other mainstream media are examples as people see the corruption in these media outlets and people are turning them off.  Another Overton Window shift is happening regarding abortion and the momentum to protect the rights of the unborn child.  Kim and Allen finish off the segment with a discussion on state's rights, and a strong suggestion to be respectful to our fellow man. Steve Cruice, co-owner of Three Points Financial, notes that now is a good time to review your personal cash flow.  On the Three Points Financial website, under the Resource tab, there is a one page spreadsheet to determine cash flow.  You can assess expenses, credit cards, cash disbursement and discretionary payments.  This is an important first step to determine when you can retire.  Email steve@threepointsfinancial with any questions. Hal van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool, comments at the speed of 2021 coming to an end.  He states that it was a good year for his family and friends.  He also notes that his business almost doubled in size and he was able to expand his working staff, for which he is very grateful.  Hal looks forward to the New Year and notes that those who are “focused” will do well.

    The Importance of General George Washington

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2021 57:29

    Kim and Producer Steve ponder what 2022 year will bring.  Will it be more of the same or something new?  America's Veteran's Stories this Sunday will feature Martin King, author of the recently published book Triage:  A History of America's Frontline Medics from Concord to COVID-19.  The show broadcasts from 3-4pm, MT on KLZ 560 FM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website, and the KLZ app.  America's Veteran's Stories also broadcasts 10-11pm, MT, Sunday and 10-11pm, MT, Saturday.  Kim encourages listeners to tune into Reggie Carr's new I'm a Uniter show which broadcasts Friday mornings, 9-10am on all KLZ platforms. Ben Martin, West Point graduate and former Army Ranger, concludes this year's series on the American Revolutionary War.  Ben emphasizes the importance of General George Washington.  Our founding fathers put their lives on the line to ensure our rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  Ben begins with a definition of a pyrrhic victory.  Although British General Cornwallis won the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, it was a pyrrhic victory as he lost so many men and so much military equipment that could never be recovered.  Cornwallis afterwards marches to Wilmington, North Carolina, in March of 1781.  Cornwallis does not meet up with his nemesis General Nathanael Greene, but other adversaries.  Cornwallis eventually surrenders but claims he is sick and sends General Charles O'Hara to surrender his sword to French General Lafayette.  Lafayette states that he is not in command and O'Hara must go to General George Washington, which he does.  Ben continues as Washington returns to New Windsor, New York, close to West Point, because of the numerous British troops present.  Ben examines events leading to the end of the war.  He references the importance of Washington's Newburgh speech.  Ben then moves to the Treaty of Paris signed on September 3, 1783, ending the Revolutionary War.  Ben discusses Washington's final speech to his officers as well as Washington's  speech in Annapolis when he resigns and says farewell to public life.  Ben's concludes with an analysis of this series on America's Revolutionary War.  Kim and Ben share a teaser for the 2022 series. Karen Levine, show sponsor and award-winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, 303-877-7516, comments that life is going fast and here we are at the end of another year.  There was opportunity this year in the housing arena and it will continue into next year.  Karen is filled with optimism.  She will continue to protect property rights and work with intention and purpose.  After all, everyday is a gift.  Happy New Year!

    Robert E. Lee: A Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2021 57:12

    The New Year is fast approaching.  Kim wishes all her listeners a Happy New Year!  Check out Kim's website for recent podcasts and op-eds.  America's Veteran's Stories this Sunday will feature Martin King, author of the recently published book Triage:  A History of America's Frontline Medics from Concord to COVID-19.  The show broadcasts from 3-4pm, MT on KLZ 560 FM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website, and the KLZ app.  America's Veteran's Stories also broadcasts 10-11pm, MT, Sunday and 10-11pm, MT, Saturday. Dr. Allen Guelzo, Senior Research Scholar in the Council of the Humanities at Princeton University and Director of the James Madison Program's Initiative in Politics and Statesmanship, discusses his new book, Robert E. Lee:  A Life.  Robert E. Lee was a complex man, beginning with his father, Light Horse Harry Lee.  Robert believed that he needed to carry the torch to redeem his family.  A major driver in his life was to make right all the things his father did wrong.  Dr. Guelzo shares details about Lee's family, including his father and siblings.  “Perfection” was Lee's goal in life.  Lee is one of the most famous military figures of the Civil War.  Although Lee graduated second in his class at West Point, he spent the bulk of his life as an engineer and was commissioned into the Corps of Engineers upon graduation.  He accepted a transfer into the cavalry right before the southern secession in 1860.  Dr. Guelzo explains there is no other way to say it—Lee committed treason!  This was not just one decision but a series of decisions made by Lee and Dr. Guelzo takes us step by step thru Lee's process.  Throughout the Civil War Lee was very critical of the Confederates and Lee, the ”reluctant Confederate,” surrendered on April 9, 1865, at Appomattox, to end the Civil War. Sponsor of both of Kim's shows, Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial Group, 303-880-8881, wishes Kim's listeners a Happy New Year!  Lorne is grateful that he has been able to help so many people save money or pay off their mortgage earlier than anticipated.  Lorne will be in the office for the balance of the week for anyone needs assistance.  There is no charge for an initial consultation.

    Why Christians Believe

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2021 57:32

    Kim raises the flag of caution when discussing the “Red Wave” of the 2022 elections.  We must reclaim the American Ideal of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Guest Dr. Douglas Groothuis, Christian philosopher and apologist, logically argues the rational case that Christianity is true.  Referencing his book, Christian Apologetics:  A Comprehensive Case of Biblical Faith (with a new edition coming out in February, 2022), Dr. Groothuis defends why Christians believe what we believe.  Those who do not believe in God usually have an obstacle in their way; the most frequent one is they have never understood the true Bible and have only heard an interpretation.  The example he uses is “racism.”  The Protestant Bible is composed of 66 books (the Catholic Bible has 73 books), that span thousands of years, based on our Creator and Redeemer's continued pursuit of a relationship with each and every one of us.  Christ inspired the greatest religion on earth.  There are a number of passages in the Bible that show us that Christ is God in the flesh.  In Mark 2 we are told that Christ, the Son of Man, has the authority to forgive sins on earth and is the Lord of the Sabbath; Jesus tells us that He is Divine.  The inspiration of Christ is seen throughout the New Testament as told by eyewitnesses or those who spoke to eyewitnesses.  The story of redemption makes sense because Christ's human dimension fulfills prophecy.  Two scientific explanations that Dr. Groothuis addresses are the Big Bang Theory and the “fine tuning” argument.

    The American Covenant

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 27, 2021 57:17

    Today is Boxing Day.  This holiday originated in Great Britain and its' colonies as a day British upper classes gave “boxes” of gifts to their household staff that worked on Christmas.  Another Boxing Day tradition is that churches put out boxes for people to give money for the poor and the money was distributed the day after Christmas.  Kim and Producer Steve discuss General George Washington's famous American Revolution victories, during Christmas, at the Battles of Trenton and Princeton and the bravery of the men who served our new nation. Guest Dr. Marshall Foster, founder of World History Institute and author of the book The American Covenant:  The Untold Story, joins Kim for a robust conversation on tyranny and preserving the American Idea through the lens of America's Covenant, a covenant between America and our Creator.  It was 3500 years ago that the first covenant was written between Abraham and God.  The world has struggled with freedom and tyranny throughout the ages.  America's compact with God was written by free people and is the basis of our Declaration of Independence which ends with the words:  “We pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”  The Great Awakening is happening now as people are taking action to restore our founding principles and are reclaiming our commitments to God.  God is a gracious God and He is a forgiving God.  This is the year to reclaim our Constitutional Republic's principles, and we must engage at the local level of government where individuals can exert more influence.  We must use our Constitution, our Bible, our money, our time and our character, within our local communities, to restore our American principles now for ourselves, our children and future generations.  Dr. Foster and Kirk Cameron have a number of “American Campfire Revival” groups across the nation.  Take the time to learn about and consider becoming a member of one.  It is the grassroots that will restore America. Marlin Kirsch, owner of Kirsch Insurance Group discusses the next open enrollment period, January 1-March 30, 2022, for Medicare.  This is a new enrollment period where participants can change their Medicare Advantage plans.  Knowledge is power and you may find a better plan for your particular healthcare situation as some plans will pay for Part B and others have changed their co-pay charges.  Check out their website, Kirsch Insurance Group, or contact them directly at 303-397-7830.

    Yes, Virginia, Christ Really Was Born on December 25

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2021 59:01

    Kim and Producer Steve share their family Christmas traditions, the theme of today's show.  This Christmas Eve Kim welcomes Bill Federer, host of American Minute, speaker, and author of many books including There Really is a Santa Claus:  The History of Saint Nicholas & Christmas Holiday Traditions.  Bill begins with the Dead Sea Scrolls giving us evidence that Christ was born on December 25th.  Bill then shares the historical importance of St. Nicholas (270-343) over the centuries.  St. Nick worked to help the poor in their time of need.  He began his mission when he anonymously threw money into people's homes so that people would give credit to the church and subsequently the term “Secret of Gift Giving” emerged.  Other references familiar to us today that have strong connections to St. Nicholas include breakfast, Christ Cross, Christkindl, St. Patrick's three leaf clover, Wednesday, Evergreen trees, and the nativity scene.  St. Nicholas' influence can also be noted in the writings of Washington Irving and Charles Dickens, and various cities throughout the world including Gotham City.  Bill also explains how St. Nicholas became the Patron Saint of Pawnbrokers, Patron Saint of Russia and Patron Saint of the Dutch.  Bill concludes his discussion with many noteworthy historical events on Christmas Day. Show sponsor Steve Cruice, co-owner of Three Points Financial, encourages listeners to get organized for year end.  Three Points Financial provides a check list of mandatory document retention, including income tax returns.  Steve can also provide a resource to help you get all your financial information from all accounts in one place.  Email Steve at for assistance on this.  Hal Van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool, thanks listeners for their patronage and wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas.  Hal cherishes people being with one another during this season and Kim chimes in that it is a time of reflection, Bible reading, and reading of other great classics.  Merry Christmas to one and all!

    The Twenty Seven Grievances

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2021 57:17

    Rick Rome, President of Liberty Toastmasters-Denver, is in studio with Kim.  The liberty to freely express our ideas is foundational to the American Idea.  Liberty Toastmasters promotes freedom of speech through robust and respectful presentations.  Rick welcomes newcomers to either the Denver club or Liberty Toastmasters-North.  Kim reminds listeners of the recent podcast with Sherronna Bishop describing the forceful entry into her home by the FBI.  Check out the recent op-eds, Rick Turnquist,'s Exactly Wrong – Democrats and Crime, and Patti Kurgan's, Kings of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  Brad Beck, Monday's guest, has an op-ed to be published this Sunday.  Producer Steve brings attention to the U.S. Debt clock.  You may not be into politics but politics are into you as it presently shows $231,922 is due per taxpayer to pay off the national debt.  America's Veteran's Stories this Sunday will feature Marine Veteran Rick McFadden's explanation of General George Patton's prayer during the WWII Battle of Bulge.  The show broadcasts at 3pm on KLZ 560 FM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website, and the KLZ app.  Army World War II Veteran Lou Zoghby, who fought at the Battle of the Bulge, tells his story at 10pm Sunday.  10pm on Saturday Marine Veteran Marty Letellier, who served in the Korean War, the “Forgotten War,” and fought at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, is interviewed.  Tune into Reggie Carr's new I'm a Uniter show Friday morning, 9-10am on all KLZ platforms.  A big win for TABOR, Colorado's Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, as the 10th Circuit Court dismisses a lawsuit challenging TABOR. Rick and Kim's fellow Toastmasters discuss the twenty-seven usurpations listed in the Declaration of Independence by the colonists as they dissolved their relationship with King George and Britain.  Terri Goon, President of Liberty Toastmasters-North, shares a historical perspective stating that the colonists were ready for independence from Britain.  Today we see that the more we “misbehave,” the more Fauci wants to control us.  People must have the freedom to be self-responsible.  Other club members’ comments include:  quoting, “whenever any form of government becomes destructive the people have the right to form a new government;” there are twenty-seven different issues based on government force and government overreach, just what we are seeing today; the decision making process is hidden and PBIs create legislation, like the “Build Back Badder” Act, hidden with paybacks and tyranny; we must know and carry the founding documents with us and talk about them with others; the nature and morality of the founding documents and; understand that inaction by us today may be an embarassment to our great grandchildren.  Rick concludes the conversation with the final words of the Declaration, that we pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. Karen Levine, award winning realtor with REMAX/Alliance and show sponsor, agrees with all freedom comments.  Single family housing development needs liberation from PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) current policies.  Home ownership is a property right and it is a right we must protect.  Karen works at the local, county, sta

    Reversing the Abortion Pill's Effects

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 57:27

    Check out recent podcasts and op-eds on The Kim Monson Show website including op-eds by Rick Turnquist, Exactly Wrong – Democrats and Crime, and Patti Kurgan, Kings of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  One question that is constant throughout history is:  Who is ruling, and is rule via freedom or force and coercion?  Biden ramps up fear with his statement, “get ready for a winter of illness and death.”  America's Veteran's Stories this Sunday will feature Marine Veteran Rick McFadden explaining General George Patton's WWII prayer at the Battle of the Bulge.  Listen in at 3pm, Sunday on KLZ 560 AM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website, or the KLZ app.  Army World War II Veteran Lou Zoghby, who fought at the Battle of the Bulge, tells his story at 10pm, Sunday and learn about the Korean War Battle of the Chosin Reservoir from Marine Korean War Veteran Marty Letellier Saturday at 10pm.  Kim suggests listeners tune into the new Reggie Carr I'm a Uniter show Friday morning, 9-10am on the KLZ platforms.  Heather McDonald has a piece in Spectator World that points out that PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) keep fear running rampant relative to COVID-19; one element is to omit relative context.  Biden is to deploy the military to distribute 500 million COVID test kits.  Illinois governor Jay Pritzker has financial ties to COVID test manufacturers.  Colorado Senator Michael Bennett seeks to “pack the judicial bench.”  Polis appoints Ken Montera as CU Regent to replace Chance Hill who has moved out of state.  The Colorado 2022 legislative session begins next month.  The radical left may be extremely aggressive as Republicans have an opportunity of retaking the state senate.  Denver parking meter rates double at the beginning of 2022. Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial Group, will be in the office over the holidays to help with any mortgage rate information.  Rates are currently steady.  If there is a “Santa Claus” stock rally, rates may have a slight increase.  Give Lorne a call at 3030-880-8881 or visit his website. Guest Dede Chism is co-founder and CEO of Bella Health & Wellness, 303-789-4968.  Bella is a comprehensive healthcare facility founded seven years ago.  Bella provides hands on, personalized care for the whole individual.  Kim and Dede begin with a discussion of Roe vs. Wade.  Dede's healthcare practice can help women who have taken the abortion pill in a panic.  Dede's health providers treat all women with respect and can administer a process that will reverse the abortion pill's effects.  There are over 60 million babies that have been aborted in America since the Supreme Court Roe vs Wade decision.  It was sad to see the anger by pro-abortion groups on the Supreme Court steps as the recent case was being heard.  We must pray that women who have had an abortion understand forgiveness.  The Omicron variant of COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus is here.  It appears that it is more contagious but milder than other variants.  Omicron has fewer hospitalizations and deaths.  Bella has had 4000 related COVID-19 cases since March, 2020, with zero deaths and less than twenty hospitalizations.  Dede encourages people to be proactive and highly recommends the following:  Vitamin C 1000-2000mg/day and triple if sick, Vitamin D 5000 units daily and double if sick, Zinc 50 mg daily and double if sick, Quercetin 500mg

    A Question of Power

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2021 56:14

    Check out for new op-eds by Rick Turnquist, Exactly Wrong – Democrats and Crime, and by Patti Kurgan, Kings of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  The Left continues their push towards socialism as they view everyday people with disdain.  Socialism comes down to force and if successful, will collapse the economy.  Each of us must work for the American Idea and individual liberty by choosing one government entity and watching, engaging, and reporting to others the policies advocated and implementing by these PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties).  Turns out Colorado is not the gold standard for election integrity as the Heritage Foundation report on election integrity ranks Colorado 34th in the nation.  The state of Michigan is in a court case to defend keeping dead people on Michigan's voter rolls.  The CDC and FDA massage the narrative as adverse reactions to the COVID vaccinations increase, including death.  VAERS is a voluntary database to report reactions to vaccines.  VAERS is a useful tool.  A myocarditis death in New Zealand is reported after the man received the Pfizer vaccination.  Ping Pong Polis redefines “vaccinated” as having three shots; this after stating the pandemic is over a few weeks ago.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is texting parents of children over the age of 5 who have not been vaccinated.  Show sponsor Kimberlee Bell, owner of Kunjani Coffee, shares the latest happenings at Kunjani Coffee. Visit the website for daily specials.  Kimberlee's favorite is Warm Hugs. Guest Robert Bryce, Texas-based author, journalist, film producer, host of the Power Hungry podcast and author of his new book A Question of Power:  Electricity and the Wealth of Nations, discusses energy inequality with Kim.  The powerful, radical left environmentalists are working via policy to import energy poverty to our present day reliable, affordable, efficient and abundant energy in America.  The failed European energy policies have won favor by the radical left and must be stopped if America is to continue with our prosperity.  Electricity is a refined form of energy that must be used the instant it is produced and relies on a well-maintained electrical grid system.  Colorado is a key state regarding energy development, production and policy as it is the sixth largest gas producer in the United States.  If the extreme environmentalists are successful in destroying gas and oil production in Colorado, they will export it to other states.  Colorado HB10-1365 triggered shutting down coal production in Colorado and PBIs are using it as a template to destroy the gas and oil sector.  Colorado is the first in the nation to adopt a set of regulations to cut methane emissions.  Eighty percent of our primary energy comes from hydrocarbons and forecasts indicate that demand will continue to increase; this is the highest demand ever on record.  Capital is misappropriated as $66 billion was spent on ineffective wind and solar energy while capital investment in the gas and oil industry is drying up.  A new secular religion, growing in popularity, has emerged where we are to repent to the earth and attack our industrial sector.  In conclusion, Robert recommends his documentary, Juice: H

    Digging for the Truth

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2021 57:31

    Kim is excited to announce the new addition to her team, Jen Hulan, as the show’s new Partnership/Sponsorship Liaison.  Brad Beck, co-founder of Liberty Toastmasters, is in the studio for a robust conversation on current events and “digging” for the truth.  Kim and Brad talk about Christian and Jewish beliefs during this holiday season with Kim noting that The Christmas Season begins with the birth of Christ and ends at the celebration of Jesus' baptism, always the Sunday after the Epiphany.  Moving into the election season, Kim and Brad discuss the importance of candidates effectively articulating principles.  Liberty Toastmasters helps establish proficient speaking skills, including an evaluation component.  When looking for truth it is important to be open to feedback as you may be given a perspective that you did not consider. Kim's quote includes the line, “the truth is the truth even if no one believes it and a lie is a lie even if everyone believes it.”  This is very important to remember as we search for truth.  Everyone should take one government agency and watch it closely reporting to others the truths and falsehoods stated.  Kim uses the narrative on Proposition 119, LEAP, the Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program that was on the state's November ballot.  Labels and soundbites were used that were very misleading.  “We the People” of Colorado saw through these. Joe Manchin, U.S. Senator from West Virginia, states that he cannot vote for Biden's Build Back Better bill as it will be bad for his constituents.  As has been reported, this bill will coerce union membership, control our children, decrease GDP, cause a minimum of 125,000 lost jobs, and add trillions of dollars to our national debt, which is immoral to pass on to future generations.  All this will destroy the American Idea and support the World Economic Forum's world domination agenda.  The silent thief of inflation is government induced and the Build Back Better Act will only make the economy worse. Marlin Kirsch, owner of Kirsch Insurance, discusses the next open enrollment period, January 1-March 31, 2022, for Medicare Advantage Plans.  Some plans will pay for Part B and others do not have a deductible.  It is important to talk to Kirsch Insurance Group when making your medical health insurance decisions.  Visit Kirsch Insurance Group, or contact them at 303-397-7830.  Knowledge is power. Kim and Brad continue their discussion.  “Freedom is a messy business.”  We are a Constitutional Republic and the narrative that “Democracy is at risk” is incorrect.  Kim reflects on her experience on the Lone Tree City Council and meetings at DRCOG (Denver's Regional Council of Governments).  Dissenting voices are tapped down in favor of unanimous decisions.  The conservative base must be consistently on the move, just like the radical left.  It takes time and energy, and Jen Hulan, when she was in business, was a prime example of standing your ground as she was a “warrior for freedom.”  As Kim states, “tyranny taketh and will not give it back.” Brad summarizes his op-ed, Digging for the Truth, comparing an archeological dig to digging for the truth today.  We cannot rely on soundbites.  Instead, we must look at the original source and context of articles and not accept the written narrative as truth.  In an archeological dig it is important to see the relationship between objects uncovered in the ground and the same can be said for current events.  Internet searches are influenced by the algorithms set in place by Google, MSN, etc.  Take time to find the truth as that is our duty.  Brad concludes with a quote for de Tocqueville, “The greatness in America … is her ability to repair her faults.”

    Exactly Wrong—Democrats and Crime

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 57:18

    America's Veteran's Stories this Sunday will feature Army World War II veteran Lou Zoghby who fought at the Battle of the Bulge.  The show broadcasts at 3pm on KLZ 560 FM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website, and the KLZ app.  Kim suggests listeners tune into the new Reggie Carr I'm a Uniter show which broadcasts 9-10am on KLZ.  Visit Kim's website to hear the Sherronna Bishop, “America's mom,” podcast as Sherronna recounts the FBI forcibly entering her home.  Jen Hulan joins The Kim Monson Show team as Partnership/Sponsor Liaison. Mary Alpers, co-owner of Three Points Financial, explains how to set up goals for the coming year, 2022.  Mary notes that it begins with writing out your goals and then discussing them.  This gives a perspective as to what has taken place in the past and what has been achieved.  It is also an opportunity to think about your dreams.  Write down what you want to accomplish and give it both a timeline and a cost.  This helps give you “purpose” to your life. Centennial Elementary School in Denver has a “Families of Color Playground Night” on December 8th.  They are defining our children by the color of their skin instead of the content of their character.  We must be aware of what is going on as we are in a “Ideological Normandy.” Hal Van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool, has not experienced any of the “smash and grabs” that we hear about in major Democrat-run cities.  Crime infested cities are ones where District Attorneys and city attorneys are, most probably, financially supported by George Soros, and have advocated for “defunding the police.”  Hal states that Castlegate's inventory is perfect for all your holiday shopping at both their store in Sedalia and their pop-up store at the Castle Rock Mercantile.  Find kitchen cutlery, table accessories, specialty knives and last-minute item surprises for those on your shopping list. Frequent guest Rick Turnquist, author and blogger at, discusses his latest article, Exactly Wrong—Democrats and Crime.  Without a doubt, Democrats are wrong on their criminal policy.  Look at Denver, San Francisco and any other Democrat run city where crime has increased significantly over the past few years.  Denver's Union Station is avoided by travelers so as to not put their lives at risk.  Rick goes into detail regarding two separate trials, Julius Jones in Oklahoma, and Kyle Rittenhouse in Wisconsin, the different media coverage of both, and the final outcome of each.  It is reported that total Colorado crime in 2020 cost over $27 billion, with most of that paid by the victims.  A golden nugget in Rick's article is, “Society must support those who would do good, rather than glorify those who only wish to harm.”   People must take a hard look at who they are electing and what party they are electing.  Elections have consequences.

    Parents Have the Right to Choose What is Best for Their Children

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 57:06

    Show sponsor and mortgage specialist Lorne Levy with Polygon Financial Group, 303-880-8881, is in studio with Kim.  Army World War II Veteran Lou Zoghby joins Kim on America's Veteran's Stories this Sunday.  The show broadcasts 3-4pm on KLZ 560 FM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website, and the KLZ app.  Kim highly recommends listeners tune into Reggie Carr's new show I'm a Uniter Friday mornings, 9-10am on KLZ.  Today's quote by St. Augustine explains how human nature does not change.  California Rep. Adam Schiff is caught doctoring text messages between Rep. Mark Meadows and Rep. Jim Jordan during a January 6th committee hearing.  Where is the outrage?  People in San Francisco leave their car windows, doors and trunks open so their cars are not damaged when someone tries to break into the vehicles.  New York City Bank of America tells employees to underdress so they are not bringing attention to themselves and potential crime. Pastor Jim Tarr with the Cornerstone Church and School in Basalt explains the religious discrimination he and school parents have experienced by Eagle Country in regards to COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus mandates, specifically mask mandates.  The school and church maintain their belief in the Sixth Commandment, honor your mother and father.  Parents have the right to choose what is best for their children, regardless of what mandates bureaucrats at local health departments and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment put in place.  With 100 students in the school ranging in age from infancy to high school, there is no way they can reach the mandated 80% vaccination status for the school.  Hear the passion in Pastor Tarr's voice as he fights against tyranny.  Legal bills are mounting and if you can help please visit Give Send Go.  They have lost half of their student enrollment. Karen Levine, award winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, 303-877-7516, joins Lorne and Kim to discuss mortgage rates and housing shortages throughout the nation.  Lorne states that the Federal Reserve has now realized that inflation is not “transitory.”  In fact, the Federal Reserve is looking at raising rates 2-3 times in 2022.  All the dollars being flushed into the economy have resulted in the deflation of people's money.  In this challenging housing market Karen has helped buyers and sellers navigate the tight supply of homes through creativity and preparation.  Issues that homeowners must understand are available options.  Most importantly, homeownership builds wealth for the individuals.  There is still opportunity with the record low mortgage rates.  Karen states you need patience and the ability to act quickly if you find a home.  Kim, Lorne and Karen discuss the impact of COVID-19 deaths on housing.  Another point discussed is the impact of Freddie and Fannie Mac's lending for housing.  Pre-2008 they were both traded on the stock market but today the government owns them.  Karen is optimistic that as Americans we are creative and innovative.  She gives thanks for her blessings in 2021 and looks forward to 2022.

    Time for the Supreme Court to Overrule Roe v. Wade

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    Kim announces that Jen Hulan is joining the Kim Monson Show team as Partner/Sponsorship Liaison.  Jen is a fabulous addition to the team.  This Sunday’s America's Veteran's Stories will feature World War II Army Veteran Lou Zoghby who fought at the Battle of the Bulge.  The show broadcasts at 3pm on KLZ 560 FM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website, and the KLZ app.  Kim recommends listening to the new Reggie Carr show with Clancie Jones on Friday mornings, 9-10am on KLZ, I'm a Uniter.  Kim and Producer Steve discuss Polis'” libertarian” stance on mask mandates.  Do not be fooled.  It is all optics.  Polis is attempting to be seen as a moderate as his favorability rate is below 50%.  Instead of Polis issuing COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus edicts he is having his Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment do it.  A robust discussion on the differences between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton point out that Jefferson was looking to the future and Hamilton was centered on the current times. Being the agile person she is, Kim easily shifts gears as the phone lines are not working and the guests cannot call in.  Kim and Producer Steve first take aim at Biden's Build Back Better bill that has a hidden “Toddler Tax” in it.  Kim shares details as to how bad this will be for parents seeking child care.  Faith-based options will not be available, only “government approved options,” and unsubsidized families will see an increase, on average, of $13,000 per year.  This is another example how new and existing regulations make things more expensive, the supply becomes limited and the quality goes down.  With inflation costs already hitting families hard, this will add to their financial burden.  Kim then dissects a recent article about the Roe vs. Wade decision and discusses the current court case heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on abortion.  Rob Natelson, constitutional expert with the Independence Institute, wrote an excellent article on the subject, Time for the Supreme Court to overrule Roe v. Wade. Colorado is an extreme as the state allows partial birth abortions.  Partial birth abortions allow babies to be aborted up to the moment of birth.  There have been over 60 million children killed in this nation.  Where are our moral values?  In the end, both Kim and Steve agree that it is about money and power.  Life News reports that $1.8

    Is Colorado Creating an Anti-Business Climate?

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    Kim points out that unpredictable and excessive taxation along with government induced inflation affect everyone, especially those on a fixed income.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposes $8 million in the state budget to fund the move of illegal immigrants, flown in the middle of the night into Florida by the Biden administration, to Delaware (Biden's home state) and Marth's Vineyard (Obama's residence).  On Friday Jared Polis, in an CPR interview, stated that the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus emergency is over.  He adds that he will not implement a state mask mandate since he shouldn't tell people what to wear.  And the very next day, he walks his comments back.  A recent poll has Polis at a 49% favorable rating, and he is vulnerable in the 2022 election.  Kim examines HR 550, Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021, introduced in late January and passed in the U.S. House of Representatives on November 30th.  All republicans who voted for this legislation should be primaried.  HR 550 is titled “To amend the Public Health Service Act with respect to immunization system data modernization and expansion, and for other purposes.”  Kim encourages all listeners to contact the their senators and congressmen, especially Hickenlooper who sits on the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, and tell them to vote “NO” for this bill.  This legislation is unconstitutional as it is a direct affront to the 4th Amendment. Danielle Greene with Kirsch Insurance Group discusses the next open enrollment period, January 1-March 31, 2022, for Medicare.  This upcoming period is for all Medicare Advantage plans.  The Part B portion price is increasing to $170.10 from $148.50, the largest increase in many years.  Many Medicare recipients will be affected and now is the time to talk to an expert.  You can visit their website Kirsch Insurance Group or contact them at 303-397-7830.  Knowledge is power. Guest and sponsor of the show Roger Hays, owner of Premier Employer Services, a back office professional firm that helps companies navigate payroll, insurance, employee benefits and other HR management duties, informs Kim and listeners that the name of the firm changes January 1, 2022, to PASSIO HR.  Premier Employer Services/PASSIO HR frees up business owners so they can concentrate on their product or service.  Roger and Kim discuss current policy issues that are on the horizon as 2021 comes to a close.  The labor shortage impacts businesses, especially small and mid-size, as they struggle with the “Great Resignation.”  All the government handouts this past year have taught many people they do not have to work to get money.  Inflation is another hit on businesses.  The Colorado Supreme Court recently ruled that employers must pay all accrued “PTO,” Paid Time Off, when someone leaves the company.  “Big Business,” with the aid of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are pushing immigration policies that provide cheap labor.  This is just one reason we are seeing non-enforcement of border laws.  Government is expanding the H1-B Visa program for additional “cheap labor.”  Colorado is looking at legislation that will void employee arbitration and all lawsuits against an employer, many of them frivolous, will be heard in court.  The Colorado Democrats are also looking at allowing an employee to choose any doctor in workman compensation claims. This opens up opportunity for fraud in workman comp claims.  The Democrats have a “trifecta” with the Colorado House, Senate and Governorship and are able to get their policies through with little resistance

    Episode 74: Sherronna Bishop on the FBI's Visit to Her Home

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    On November 16, 2021, the FBI, aided by local law enforcement, forcibly entered the home of America's Mom Sherronna Bishop. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, this should cause significant concern for each of us. Sherronna is the mom of four and cares deeply about our kid's education and that we have honest, fair and impartial elections in our communities, our counties, our state and our country. In this Sounding Off with Kim Monson podcast, Sherronna answers the difficult questions about the FBI's “visit” to her home.

    Biden's Infrastructure Bill Includes Mandated Kill Switches for Civilian Cars

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    Kim recognizes the deep divide happening with law enforcement focus in the Denver metro area.  JeffCO police are on hand to make sure attendees at a Christmas event have masks on.  Meanwhile, Denver's Union Station has become a crime ridden area with risks to RTD passengers, vendors and property values.  The recent FBI raid on America's Mom Sherronna Bishop is another travesty regarding protection of personal rights.  The America's Veteran's Stories featuring Marine Veteran Marty Letellier who served in the Korean War, the “Forgotten War,” and fought at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, November 27-December 13, 1940, airs this Sunday.  The show broadcasts 3-4pm on KLZ 560 FM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website, and the KLZ app.  Additional shows air on Saturday and Sunday night at 10pm featuring other veterans.  Kim asks listeners to read HR 550, a bill “To amend the Public Health Service Act with respect to immunization system data modernization and expansion, and for other purposes.”  Then call your Senators and Congressional representatives to voice your concern and stop this terrible piece of legislation.  This is yet another assault by the federal government and bureaucratic agencies to take away your freedom. Mary Alpers, co-owner of Three Points Financial, agrees with Kim that failure is part of life and we must teach this to our children along with humility.  Mary's firm is a fee-only firm.  Three Points Financial services include investments, tax planning and financial estate planning.  Mary is now helping clients strategize as the tax year is coming to a close.  Mary explains the advantage of “Donor Advanced Funds.”  Contact Three Points Financial to set a meeting and strategize for year-end finances. America is under attack, specifically Caucasian Americans through the manipulation of blacks, with our children as the prize.  Cain has set up a task force and can be reached at  His group is assisting parents who need help and has three main objectives:  hear complaints of people regarding CRT, address schools on a monthly basis and co-ordinate with parents who want to homeschool their children.  Today his group is holding a rally outside Loveland High School.  He also seeks a law firm to represent families fighting CRT in their schools and communities. Guest Lauren Fix, the Car Coach, discusses the “kill switch” that will be in all cars by 2026 per the Build Back Better bill unless we fight back and contact our Senators and Congressional representatives to have this eliminated.  The kill switch will have the capability to monitor your movements and automatically turn your car off if the AI (artificial intelligence) deems you not able to drive.  Additionally, it will have the cap

    The Real Anthony Fauci

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    Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Kim in studio.  Kim reminds listeners to tune in 3pm on Sunday to America's Veteran's Stories featuring Marine Veteran Marty Letellier who served in the Korean War, also known as the “Forgotten War.”  Marty fought in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, November 27-December 13, 1940.  Additional America's Veteran's Stories shows broadcast Saturday and Sunday nights at 10pm.  All shows air on KLZ 560 FM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website, and the KLZ app.  Kim also suggests listening to the new Reggie Carr I'm a Uniter show with Clancie Jones which broadcasts Friday mornings, 9-10am.  We are now in an “ideological Normandy” and we must storm the beaches of false rhetoric.  One of our Founding Fathers, Dr. Benjamin Rush, was correct when he said medical freedom and property rights should be placed in the Constitution.  Unfortunately, it did not happen.  The Senate votes down Biden's vaccination mandate with two Democrats joining the Republicans. Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial Group, joins Kim to talk about the Federal Reserve's comments on inflation.  Chairman Powell has recognized that inflation may not be transitory.  Mortgage rates are fluctuating but predominantly staying under 3%.  There is still an opportunity to get record low rates.  Give Lorne a call at 303-880-8881 for professional advice on mortgages, refinancing and reverse mortgages. Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, founder of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge and author at Popular Rationalism, joins Kim's and Dr. Vecchio's conversation.  RFK Jr.'s new book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, is the basis of the discussion.  Ethical, medical research and ethical, medical practice should be the emphasis today.  RFK Jr.'s book is well documented with extensive citations.  RK Jr. notes that Dr. Fauci, with a flick of a pen, can do anything without any accountability.  The Senate continually funds NIH which does research without peer review and where bureaucrats, including Fauci, monetarily profit from products that are brought to market by big PHARMA.  The book is a stunning indictment of one of the most famous people in today's society.  It's brings to light extremely disturbing data on the CDC website that no one in mainstream media questions.  The data is intentionally confusing and manipulated, including lack of reporting of break through cases of those who have received the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus vaccination.  Dr. Lyons-Weiler and Dr. Vecchio discuss auto body dependent disease enhancement.  The vaccination is more harmful than known and Fauci should be fired at the next Senate hearing.  Dr. Lyons-Weiler stresses the importance of having a doctor you trust to discuss your health, and this includes using the Brownstein Protocol as there are preventive measures that can be taken to lessen your risk of getting COVID-19.  The first step is maintaining good health.  American medicine changed for the worse when it became for-profit.  Medical care should not be political.  The CDC and public health decisions should be apolitical.  Unfortunately, the reaction and disruption to COVID-19 is political. Karen Levine, award winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, reports that houses are still being bought and sold during the holidays.  Inventory is tight, and that is why you need a professional to help you in this challenging housing market.  Karen can be reached at 303-877-7516 and looks forward to talking to you.

    Inflation, the Silent Thief

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    Kim and Producer Steve begin the show discussing government induced inflation, the silent thief very visible at the gas pump. Sunday's America's Veteran's Stories will feature Marine Veteran Marty Letellier who served in the Korean War and fought at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, November 27-December 13, 1940. The show broadcasts Sunday at 3pm on KLZ 560 FM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website, and the KLZ app. Sunday evening at 10pm will be a rebroadcast of Kim’s interview with Retired Army Major General John Raaen, a World War II veteran who was on Omaha Beach on D-Day. A third show is broadcast at 10pm on Saturday featuring Marine Vietnam War Veteran Bear Owen. Affordable, reliable, efficient and abundant energy empowers everyday Americans to thrive and prosper. PBIs, (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties ) are manipulating and increasing the price of fuel through rules and regulations. The Clinton Foundation donations are reduced to a trickle as donors can no longer buy political influence. The 16th Amendment began taxing income in the United States. The right to deduct qualified expenses gives influence and power to wealthy individuals. Kim suggests a total tax (Federal, State, County, Municipal, Property, etc.) of 10% so that we will reclaim the power of the people to decide they spend their money instead of PBIs forcing higher taxes to fund federal agencies and bureaucrats. Kim and Producer Steve continue their review of current issues. Colorado Springs Districts 11 and 20 reverse mask mandates, one key issue they campaigned on. Biden's administration is dealt another blow as a judge blocks nationwide mandatory vaccinations for federal contractors. This is one of many examples where the American Idea and the judicial system are being tested. The World Health Organization states that there is no evidence that booster shots will give greater COVID protection to individuals. Xcel Energy used political influence (both sides of the aisle) to implement rules and regulations to shut down Colorado's coal industry. PBIs are using the same template to destroy Colorado's oil and gas industry. FDA says it will take 55 years to release the Pfizer COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus documents. A recent article examines the reality of mask mandates and the tyrannical use of power. Sen. Bennett receives a donation from a key influencer with ties to Russia and the pipeline Nord Stream 2. Is Bennett working for lobbyists or his constituents? Kim voices support for Adam Andrzeyewski with Open the Books. He has a petition that will require Congressional members to sign an affidavit that they have read a bill before voting on it. The state of Colorado reports they have about $73 million in fraudulent unemployment claims. Taxpayers' money is being used to for COVID-19 contact tracing.

    Remembering Pearl Harbor

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    “Yesterday, December 7th, 1941–a date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”  These are the words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt the day after the attack eighty years ago.  2,403 Americans died (1,177 were on the USS Arizona), 18 ships were damaged, two U.S. Navy battleships, the USS Arizona and USS Utah were sunk, and 180 aircraft were destroyed.  Why is this not taught in America's classrooms and why does mainstream media ignore this historic moment?  Kim reflects on her father's cousin who died at Pearl Harbor and his remains have just been recently identified.  He was on the USS Oklahoma where 429 people were killed. Reviewing current issues Kim comments that it is hard to believe that there is no recognition of natural immunity after infection nor preventive treatments when discussing COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus mandated vaccinations.  Epoch Times reports a cruise ship disembarking from New Orleans, with all vacationers and crew members vaccinated, is reporting at least 10 people with COVID-19.  New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio mandates COVID-19 vaccinations for all private businesses in New York.  Nevada imposes a surcharge that takes effect next year on all workers who have not received a COVID-19 vaccination.  Drugs and crime have escalated to horrific conditions at Union Station in Denver during the past year. Frequent guest Josh Philipp, award-winning investigative reporter for The Epoch Times and host of Crossroads, joins Kim for a robust discussion on COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus mandates, the new variant Omicron, and the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.  Josh explains that DeBlasio is a communist and it is no surprise that he leaves office with an edict demanding all private businesses implement forced vaccinations on their employees.  It is politics over the well-being of the people.  New Yorkers do not necessarily see this as a problem of the left and instead it is seen as a problem of the individual.  The Omicron variant has proven to be mild but politicians and bureaucrats are using it to keep and expand their emergency powers to reignite their power of fear over the people.  Science is Fauci in the eyes of many, which has been proven wrong many times over.  The Democrats are overplaying their hand and may have a tremendous loss of power after the 2022 election.  Josh reflects briefly on his family’s experience at Pearl Harbor as his great grandfather was a chief steward in the Navy.  Josh refers to December 7th as the day Americans woke up.  Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell ran a pedophile ring for the elite.  Unfortunately, many people have refused to testify and the judge will not allow disturbing evidence into the public arena.  Josh ends optimistically stating that if you look at the world it may look hopeless but it is not.  We have hit an extreme low point in our country's history and we will reverse this.  The mainstream media, large corporations, and corrupt politicians do not have a problem with tyranny as long as they have power and control.  “We the People” will reclaim our Founding Heritage and our Liberty.

    Raised by Marxists

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    Kim encourages listeners to read Life of Fear or Life of Peace by researcher Patti Kurgan explaining why we must always Trust our God and not the government.  Andy Peth, part of the KLZ Rush to Reason Show, Tuesday and Friday 3-6pm joins Kim in studio.  The second segment movie review of the Friday Rush to Reason show has become the most popular time of the broadcast and is replayed at 6-7pm on Fridays.   Andy states that “if you only value people that agree with you, you do not value people, in fact, you only value yourself.”  Kim cites Reggie Carr's I'MA UNITER show on Friday, 9-10am on KLZ, as a great example of the importance to listen to and hear all individuals. Mary Alpers, co-owner of Three Points Financial, notes that Christmas is about “threes.”  There is faith, hope and charity, and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Mary shares her own “three:”  give to others, look at ROTH conversions for potential tax savings, and consider I Bonds as the interest rate is currently 7.12%.  You can reach Mary and co-owner Steve Cruice at America's Veterans Stories this Sunday will feature Retired Army Major General John Raaen.  General Rahn was at Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6th 1944.  He tells his story with incredible clarity as he is approaching his 100th birthday.  The program is on at 3pm , MT on Sunday.  Other veterans shows broadcast Saturday and Sunday nights at 10pm.  All shows are aired on KLZ 560 AM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website and the KLZ app. Hal Van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool, gives a brief description of their inventory.  Hal encourages listeners to come into their store in Sedalia or their new pop-up store in Castle Rock.  Their website is another great place to see inventory.  Castlegate has an array of holiday gifts and kitchen accessories, black smith cleavers, outdoor knives and pocket knives.  Hurry in for the best selection. Andy and Kim continue their discussion with Andy explaining his roots—he was brought up in a Marxist family of atheists although they attend an extremely liberal Lutheran church.  Andy comments that Germany's edict to lockdown the unvaccinated is typical of Germany trying to take over the world.  Andy states that it is all about choice vs. control, ringing similarity to Kim's freedom vs. force.  The radical left will use the American Ideal to take away your freedom; they use freedom as a tool.  Mainstream media and social media are other tools used by the left to control others.  Reshuffling the letters of “omicron” changes it to the moronic” virus.  Andy notes the Rittenhouse case was an open and shut case as Rittenhouse was defending himself.  The belief is that there was a division in the jury.  Andy comments that some leftist jurors were probably looking at the case through the lens of:  public safety, private safety; and the political lens instead of impartial justice.  Andy concludes with the statement, Rittenhouse was lynched by mainstream media, social media, the White House and others.

    Radical Nation: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's Dangerous Plan for America

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    Producer Steve notes that Kim's opening of the show had the phrase “inject into our bodies.”  Kim points out that the clip was produced a few years before anyone said the word “COVID-19,” let alone “mandatory vaccinations.”  It refers to Colorado legislation during the 2019 session regarding mandated student vaccinations.  Think PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) when discussing vaccinations, especially PHARMA.  Prop 119: LEAP (a proposed new marijuana tax “for the children”) would have produced what the radical left wanted, a permanent government not held accountable to anyone.  America's Veterans Stories will feature Retired Army Major General John Raaen, a World War II veteran.  General Raaen was on Omaha Beach on D-Day.  The interview broadcasts this Sunday at 3pm.  Additional America's Veteran's Stories broadcast Saturday and Sunday at 10pm.  Listen on KLZ 560 AM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website or the KLZ app. We continually hear that there is not enough money to give teachers pay raises but Pueblo D60 finds $1000 for all employees who were vaccinated by November 10th.  Penn State employees who refuse to get the COVID/Wuhan-China vaccination will be sent to classes to be “re-educated.”  Alumni at colleges and universities begin to withhold donations due to political indoctrination on campuses. Guest Sean Spicer, former White House Press Secretary under Trump, joins Kim to discuss his new book, Radical Nation:  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's Dangerous Plan for America.  This includes why Biden picked Kamala Harris, the first black, female Vice President.  It is all about his legacy.  Sean and Kim also discuss the “Steele dossier” based on numerous false “allegations” that were investigated although there was substantial proof to show otherwise.  As one Deep Swamp character opined, ‘We are not saying it is true, we are saying they are allegations that need to be investigated.’ Karen Levine, award-winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance and long-time sponsor of Kim's two shows, updates us on the housing market.  We are now in the fourth quarter and things have cooled off only slightly, mostly due to people's attention on the holidays.  There is opportunity for homebuyers, especially with low mortgage rates.  Homeownership serves as a hedge against inflation.  Give Karen a call at 303-877-7516 for professional advice on either buying or selling your home. Guest Ben Murrey, Independence Institute's Director of Fiscal Policy, discusses Governor Polis' proposed budget for fiscal year 2022-23 amounting to $40 billion, an additional $3.5 billion from the previous year.  $12-$14 billion will be placed in the General Fund, an increase of $1 billion from last year.  State revenues are stable and actually have exceeded projections before COVID-19 hit, not necessarily because of productivity in the state.  The federal government has “airlifted billions of dollars” into Colorado that can be used over the course of many years.  Inflation is here because of the trillions of dollars that have been printed out of thin air.  The economy looks good on paper but it is not real wealth creation but paper creation.  Looking at $424 million, as an example, to be spent on “air quality improvement,” we see that public policy is about control.  Ben reflects back to the Fiscal Year 2012-13 when the budget was $20 billion.  The proposed budget is double this amount.  Keep in mind Colorado's population only grew 15%.from 2010 to 2020.

    Double Standards for the Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

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    It's hard to believe but December is here.  We each have the choice of how we use our time each day.  Sunday's America's Veterans Stories will feature Retired Army Major General John Raaen, a World War II D-Day Veteran.  You don't want to miss this show 3pm on Sunday.  Both Saturday and Sunday night at 10pm are broadcasts featuring other America's Veteran's Stories guests.  The show airs on KLZ 560 AM, KLZ 100.7 FM, the KLZ website and the KLZ app.  Signer of the Declaration of Independence Dr. Benjamin Rush stated: “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an underground dictatorship.”  Kim's guests today explain that medical discrimination is the new bigotry.  Biden's signed infrastructure bill includes a “kill switch” for all cars which would give PBI's the power to decide who drives and who doesn't. Danette Reeves is Kim's first guest.  She recounts a recent nose surgery that resulted in extreme pain.  The doctor refused to numb her nostrils to remove stints in her nose stating that she could not have the pain relief because she was not vaccinated.  Her husband called the hospital administrator and was told that this is the policy for all unvaccinated patients.  This is discrimination.  What happened to the Hippocratic Oath?  Vaccinations should be voluntary, not forced.  Why are PBIs forcing the vaccine and not even acknowledging the medical benefits of antibodies from those who have had the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus? Lorne Levy, owner of Polygon Financial, explains that Oicron, a variant of the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus, has shaken the financial markets.  On Friday the market had a massive move down and interest rates went down slightly.  The Fed has recognized that inflation is not transitory.  Before mortgage rates go up it is best to call Lorne at 303-880-8881.  Lorne can help you get prequalified and lock in your mortgage rate. Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Kim and states instantly that her prior guest should sue for assault.  What this doctor did to Danette is inexcusable.  Dr. Vecchio blames healthcare turning into a corporate complex.  Corporate healthcare started with HillaryCare, and was ramped up by Obamacare.  Corporations show they will comply easily with PBI's orders regardless of the patient's comfort and rights.  Many hospitals and doctors have become “social justice” healthcare workers looking out for “community” good at the expense of individual patient rights.  This corporate hospital structure does not easily allow for a healthy doctor-patient relationship.  Worst of all, some doctors have become immoral.  Dr. Vecchio echoes a Kim theme:  Wake up.  Do not ignore what is happening.  You have a responsibility to protect individual rights.

    Nathanael Greene, the Fighting Quaker

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    Thank you to the Harris Family for sponsoring today's show featuring Ben Martin, patriot, historian, West Point graduate and former Army Ranger.  Ben discusses the Southern Campaign of America's Revolutionary War. Emphasis is on Continental Army Major General Nathanael Greene who was referred to as the “Savior of the South” and “The Fighting Quaker.”  Kim remarks that the Usurpations noted in our Declaration of Independence, or complaints, are parallel to what is happening today as PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interest Parties) act like Kings intent on controlling our lives.  Kim cites details from news articles regarding Polis administration scandals.  Polis had rewarded his friends and close business associates with lucrative no-bid contracts that included double dipping by one state employee and the invasion of our privacy by another.  Plus remember that Polis paid zero federal taxes for three years. Guest Ben Martin agrees that Polis has violated our rights under the Fourth Amendment which protects us from unreasonable search and seizures.  People must stand up for their rights:  Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness as the Patriots did during the Revolutionary War.  Life is bigger than just what we see today.  Think how the Continental Army never gave up under the command of General George Washington.  Last month Ben left off with the Battle of Philadelphia.  The British now had their eyes on the south.  Washington looked to Greene as the commander in the south but Congress initially chose someone else. Lord Cornwallis and General Greene battled many times in the south.  Greene's favored commander to assist him was Daniel Morgan, a man of great tactical skills, and the one who defeated Colonel Banastre “Bloody” Tarleton in the Battle of Cowpens and thus acquired the vengeance of Cornwallis.   Greene went further into North Carolina with his troops. Ben explains the “Race to the Dan” which refers to the Dan River.  It was a crucial water barrier and Greene, using his superior foresight, realized the significance of the river.  Ben concludes with the major battle at the Guilford Courthouse, which the British won but with extremely high casualties. Kimberlee Bell, owner of Kunjani Coffee, entices Kim with one of her holiday specials, Eggnog Latte.  Also, hours have changed from 7am-5pm so that Kunjani is available for private parties in the evening during the holidays.  Make a special note that Kunjani Coffee is in Douglas County with no restrictions.  Give Kimberlee a shout if you're interested in reserving an evening or Saturday night for your special event.

    Fighting Sex Trafficking in Colorado

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    Guest Debbie Perry-Smith, Director of Safe Rockies, an alliance group to fight sex trafficking, is in studio with Kim to start the week.  Kim reminds listeners that America's Veterans Stories is broadcast three times during the weekend, 3pm on Sunday, and 10pm both on Saturday and Sunday evenings on KLZ.  Don't miss the chance to hear our veteran's stories.  Old Dominion University professor changes the narrative by re-defining “pedophiles” as “minor-attracted persons.”  The veil is off on how corrupt and radical the left is.  Debbie recollects a personal experience when her daughter was injured during a school event, taken to the hospital and was treated prior to Debbie, her mother, being notified.  The Salvation Army goes woke, telling their white donors to acknowledge their “privilege.”  Let's see how that works out for them.   Matt Menza, veteran Navy pilot, explains why he sent a letter to Vail Resorts explaining his family will not be skiing on Vail Resort slopes this year.  Matt has refused to participate in Vail's “Papers Please” mandate.  The people behind mandates are all about power and control.  In America, the words “Papers Please” should send a wave of terror through us when we look at history.  Note the similarities of Hitler in 1938. Marlin Kirsch, owner of Kirsch Insurance, reminds listeners that December 7th is the last day allowed to make changes to your Medicare Plan.  The importance of reviewing both your prescription plan and Advantage plan cannot be stressed enough.  Marlin also explains that Part B participants will see a 14% increase in 2022 from 2021. Kim and Debbie continue their conversation moving onto America's Mom, Sherronna Bishop.  Mesa County is the tip of the iceberg when discussing election integrity.  Sherronna is a key person in looking into election integrity for the past election, 2020.  Sherronna and volunteers went door to door to verify key voting records and found many anomalies, including 30 ballots being sent to an empty lot.  Secretary of State Griswold did a “Trust and Build” on voting machines throughout Colorado on each county's voting machines.  Clerk Peters notes that some election data was erased.  Federal law states the data from an election must be maintained for 22 months and for the state of Colorado it is 24 months.  Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk and Gold Star mom, took images of the voting machines before and after Griswold's actions, and that is most probably why they are demonizing her.  The “FBI has morphed into a domestic terror organization,” as one reporter states.  Twenty-three counties in Colorado have more people registered to vote than eligible voters.  If we do not have trusted elections, we do not have a country!  There is a rally to show support for both Sherronna and Tina this Wednesday, 12/1, noon-1:30, in front of the old Grand Junction Court House titled:  Trust and Justice Rally for We the People.  Bring signs with your county on statewide support.  We must stay vigilant and fight back tyranny.

    2021 Advent Season

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    Kim invites listeners to tune in to America's Veterans Stories this Sunday at 3pm, MT to hear the story of Vietnam Marine pilot Veteran Bear Owen.  Additional shows featuring other veterans will broadcast on Saturday and Sunday evenings at 10pm.  All shows can be heard on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM or the KLZ app. Tyrannical overreach and fear have been the two consistent elements of the government's response to the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus.  Patti Kurgan has written an article, Life of Fear or Life of Peace, stating that now is the time to put yourself in the hands of our Creator, God.  In doing so, peace will fall upon you eliminating the turmoil and anxiety so many people live in today.  Advent is the time of year we prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ. The door to God's house is open and He is waiting for you to enter. Steve Cruice, Three Points Financial co-owner, notes that money can bring joy or can take joy out of your life.  During this weekend of “thanks” he states three ways that money can bring joy:  establish your own financial finish line; give to charitable organizations or people in need and; give with the attitude of gratitude. Guest Father John Lager, Capuchin Franciscan and National Chaplain of FOCUS, Fellowship of Catholic University Students, joins Kim and Patti to share thoughts on the Advent season.  It is a time to prepare for the coming of our Lord and also a time to look forward to the second coming of Christ.  With hope, expectations and anticipation we ask the Lord to come into our hearts and our souls.  We need to be in a state of reflective silence and heed the advice of St. Teresa of Calcutta: “We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness.”  Kim references Psalm 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God.”  Advent is an opportunity to grow closer to God.  One way is to be of service to others.  The conversation moves to the difference between joy and happiness.  Joy is found in the Holy Spirit as He gives us refuge, comfort and strength.  During this Christmas season always keep in mind the image of the Christmas crib in the stable.  Invite your family and friends to reflect on the Lord. Hal Van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool, has a number of gift items for your Christmas shopping list.  Castlegate knives become heirlooms for future generations.  Castlegate has specials for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.  Check them out on their website.  You'll find unique blacksmith cleavers, outdoor knives, kitchen knives sets, and cutlery boards.  You can also visit Castlegate's pop up store in Castle Rock at the Mercantile and the store in Sedalia.

    Lincoln's Life

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    Our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, issued A Day for Thanksgiving Proclamation (recited by Kim) and the Gettysburg Address (November 19, 1863) within a few weeks of one another.  How does a childhood such as Lincoln's produce the man that he became?  On this day we are thankful for our friends and family, and the American Idea, which we have a duty to preserve for future generations.  We also must set aside the government's propaganda of fear and instead follow in the paths of our American heroes. Guest Harold Holzer, leading authority on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era and co-chair of the Lincoln Forum, joins Kim to discuss Lincoln's life.  Harold begins with the tragedy of Lincoln losing his mother at a very early age.  His father left him and his sister for three months, in the middle of winter, to find a new wife.  Lincoln's step-mom favored him over her own son.  She educated Lincoln with an emphasis on reading.  Lincoln was an amazing commentator and his wit added to his effectiveness.  It has been rumored that Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address on the train to the event and Harold clarifies that this has proven to be false.  The Gettysburg Address is one of the most famous and impactful speeches ever delivered.  Harold's recent book, The Presidents vs. the Press: The Endless Battle between the White House and the Media–from the Founding Fathers to Fake News, is a testament to Presidents dating back to Washington having a difficult time dealing with the press and their mis-truths.  Harold discusses Lincolns' reasoning for and the ramifications of suspending the writ of habeas corpus. Karen Levine, award winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance (303-877-7516) and valued sponsor of both of Kim's shows, expresses what she is thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend.  She includes friends, family and God's beauty seen throughout the state of Colorado.  Karen is especially thankful for the ability and opportunity to help people become homeowners, whether buying a home for their family or buying a home for others to live in. This week's America's Veterans Stories will feature an interview with Bear Owen, a Marine Vietnam Veteran pilot, at 3pm on Sunday afternoon.  Additional shows featuring other veterans will broadcast, Saturday and Sunday evenings at 10pm.  All shows air on KLZ 560 AM, KLZ 100.7 FM and the KLZ app.

    William Bradford Saved Plymouth Rock with Capitalism

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    This coming weekend, America's Veterans Stories will broadcast three separate shows featuring veterans who we thank for their service to our country.  Sunday afternoon at 3pm will feature Bear Owen, Vietnam Veteran Marine pilot.  The other shows broadcast 10pm Saturday and 10pm on Sunday.  All can be heard on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM or by downloading the KLZ app. Bill Federer, speaker and host of the radio show American Minute and author of numerous books including The Treacherous World of the 16th Century & How the Pilgrims Escaped It: The Prequel to America's Freedom, joins Kim for a lively discussion on the truth surrounding the Pilgrims coming to America.  Bill explains in detail the historical perspective of the founding of America.  Interesting facts include that the Pilgrims were terrorized by Muslim Barbary pirates.  Bill also explains the devastation caused by the Ottoman Empire as it sieged Constantinople and Vienna, and its relevance to America.  The Ottomans influenced the ruling style of the kings of Spain, France, England and the Turkish Sultans.  Learn how the Caribbean got its name.  Addressing American history, Bill notes the differences between the founding of Plymouth Rock and Jamestown.   He tells the story of Squanto and Squanto’s importance to the settlers.  Bill ends by examining the Pilgrim's experiment with communism.  Originally, the land was public and held in a community pact.  People did minimal work because there was no incentive to produce; it was a complete failure and the Pilgrims almost starved to death.  Then William Bradford and other Pilgrim leaders proposed to let everyone have their own property and be responsible for themselves.  A complete shift of work ethic emerged as people became industrious and kept most of the fruits of their labor or to be voluntarily traded with others.  The Pilgrims began to thrive and flourish. Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial, joins Kim to express his thanks to Kim and the wonderful shows she has produced over the year.  He expresses his gratitude to the many listeners he has worked with in securing mortgages, refinances and reverse mortgages.  He is especially thankful that he has helped his clients save money on their mortgages. If you are looking for any type of mortgage, give Lorne a call at 303-880-8881.

    Being a Christian in a Non-Christian World

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    Kim begins with John 8:32: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  Where is the truth in COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus data?  There is a lack of investigative reporting by the mainstream media as they state half-truths and/or half lies while manipulating the data.  Tyranny and oppression are forced and coerced throughout the world as governments try to isolate the people, many times according to their vaccination status. Dr. Douglas Groothuis compares objective truth to relative truth.  Dr. Groothuis is a Christian Philosopher (lover of wisdom) and Apologist.  He is the author of numerous books, including Christianity that Counts:  Being a Christian In A Non-Christian World.  The book is centered around what is “truth.”  The most important truth is the Gospel as God is the Way to Life.  It's important to honor people's experiences but we must not make up truth by saying ‘you have your truth, I have my truth.'”  Truth is the facts in context.  In order to understand objective truth we must search for truth that is independent of subjective feelings and bias.  One must know the general facts of a situation and one must also know all the facts in the larger framework of the situation.  “All men are created equal,” is the strong foundation of America and has a theological base.  Critical Race Theory (CRT), a form of Marxism, is not true as it divides individuals by race and pushes conflict by defining groups as oppressors (whites) and oppressed (minority racial groups).  America was not founded on racism and America does not need to be torn down.  The American Idea matches up to Christianity.  The First Amendment assures us freedom of religion and freedom from a religion established by the government.  We do have de facto government religions as environmentalism and CRT are established through public education and public policy paid for with our tax dollars. Dr. Groothuis' most recent book is a raw personal account of his wife's struggle with depression and dementia, Walking Through Twilight: A Wife's Illness-A Philosopher's Lament.  He classifies it as a lament, similar to the Book of Lamentations in the Bible when a cry of the heart is placed before God.  Dr. Groothuis asserts that Biblical scriptures offer us much hope in that Christ died on the cross, He was raised from the dead, He ascended into Heaven, and He will come again.  Christ is our Saviour.  Christ experienced every suffering that we as humans can experience, in order to atone for our sins.  The hope of the Gospel does not disappoint us.  Be thankful.  Be humble.  Each of us is created in the image of God.  Ultimate gratitude is to God because of what He has given us and what He will give us in the future-Redemption.

    The Invisible Hand

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    Kim and Producer Steve are joined in studio by Liberty Toastmaster member Christie Whaley and founder of Patriotic Bible Study Chris Tubbs.  This Thanksgiving week the four are grateful for living in America, the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, and our Divine Provider.  God is with us.  We have a civic duty to preserve liberty as the American Idea is very unique.  Colonial Americans read the Bible on a daily basis, including the children, and they knew how to live because of the Bible; very different from today.  The beauty of America is that “We the People” make the decisions on who represents us versus  governed by a king, a dictator, a czar, a sultan, a chief, etc… Christie reads Giving Thanks to the Invisible Hand written by Jeff Jacoby in 2003.  It begins, “GRATITUDE TO THE ALMIGHTY is the theme of Thanksgiving, and has been ever since the Pilgrims of Plymouth brought in their first good harvest.” Danielle Green with Kirsch Insurance Group, Medicare Insurance specialists, reminds listeners that December 7th is the last day for the 2022 Medicare Open Enrollment as there will be no changes allowed after that date.  The advantage of working with Kirsch Insurance Group is their proprietary software that assesses prescription drug coverage with a variety of insurance carriers.  Many Kirsch Insurance Group clients have saved substantial amounts of money as Kirsch Insurance Group helps you choose the plan that works best for you. Kim, Christie and Chris continue their conversation regarding the “invisible hand.”  Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties (PBIs) has overreached their power and authority in their response to the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus.  Less than 1% of COVID reported cases have died of COVID.  More than 99% of those reported with COVID survive.  PBIs are intentionally stripping the rights of the people and “We the People” must put the government back in its limited boundaries, having less power than the individual.  History shows that people flourish under Capitalism.  Under “statism” people lose their spirit and react to the whims of the government by retracking.  Capitalism can cure almost any issue, including racism.  Christie shares the example that in today's service industry you need both a diverse workforce and clientele.  Christie concludes that the truth is found in God and she is grateful to our Founding Fathers.  Chris states that we must trust God and love our fellow man.  Chris can be reached at or on social media with the handle thechristubbs.

    The Civil War of Ideas

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    Happy 158th Anniversary Gettysburg Address!  Allen Thomas, frequent guest and author, is in studio with Kim to talk about Lincoln's famous speech.  Kim encourages listeners to tune in to the America's Veterans Stories this weekend.  There will be three separate shows featuring our veterans.  Sunday at 3pm Kim interviews Nellie Paler, a Vietnam Veteran Marine pilot.  Saturday and Sunday at 10pm features other veterans.  Each show broadcasts on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM. The Gettysburg Address is one of the most important speeches from our 16th President Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln spoke of human equality, sacrifices of the many, union of the nation, rebirth of our nation and a nation of liberty.  Lincoln and George Washington are giants in history as they were committed to the founding principles of America:  that all men are Created Equal with Rights from God of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Kim reminds listeners to give Karen Levine (303-877-7516), with RE/MAX Alliance, a call if they are interested in their family visiting Santa on Saturday, December 11th, 10-noon.  Karen has reserved three spots for Kim's listeners. Steve Cruice with Three Points Financial explains the advantages of working with Three Points Financial.  As a fee only firm, they offer tax planning, investment strategies and retirement counseling.  Tax planning is vitally important with all that is happening in Congress.  One massive infrastructure spending bill has been signed by Biden while the “social infrastructure” bill is working its way through the House and Senate.  The potential for negative consequences to investment portfolios is high at this time.  Steve emphasizes that inflation is a tax on everyone. Lesley Hollywood, grassroots activist, invites everyone to a “No Jabs For Jobs” rally Saturday, November 20th, 1-3pm on Thornton Parkway.  The vaccine and mask mandates are government overreach using force and coercion.  We must stand up to protect our rights, including our privacy rights.  This tyrannical force must be stopped. Hal Van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool and sponsor of both shows, announces the opening of a pop-up store at the Castle Rock Mercantile.  The store is fully stocked with kitchen related tools, steak knife sets and carving sets, and other merchandise.  Hal notes that they have trained knife sharpening technicians for any dull knives that may be in your home. Allen and Kim continue their conversation highlighting Allen's new op-ed, The Civil War of Ideas.  Our country is divided due to the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus disruption.  We have gone from “two weeks to flatten the curve” to “coerced jabs for jobs.”  This is pure tyranny.  As a nation we must acknowledge that this will not work.  We are fighting the same battle as the Civil War where some people are considered inferior to others.  Looking at the past we know that we have fallen short many times, including in the equality of freedom.  However, we have worked to rectify our shortcomings.  We paid our penance with the death and destruction of the Civil War.  Humans and human nature are not perfect however the American Idea is perfect and we must preserve it.  Tyranny is not the answer.  Reason over emotion must persevere.  In conversations over the holidays do not lay blame but be persuasive in your defense of liberty.

    America's Housing Shortage

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    Longest standing sponsor for Kim's show, Karen Levine (303-877-7516), realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, and show sponsor Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial, join Kim in studio to discuss the current housing shortage and interest rates.  This weekend listeners will have the opportunity to hear three separate America's Veterans Stories interviews.  Sunday at 3pm Kim will interview Nellie Paler, a Vietnam Marine pilot veteran.  Saturday and Sunday evenings at 10pm the show will feature veterans from previously recorded interviews.  All shows are on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 1007 FM.  Kim's quote from John Maynard Keynes leads to a robust conversation on Keynesian economic theory.  Keynes was a supporter of government intervention, including deficit spending, during periods of economic instability.  Kim, Karen and Lorne look at Keynesian theory during 2008 and now. Economist Dr. Murray Sabrin analyzes inflation as seen today.  We are seeing monetary inflation because of the infusion of trillions of dollars by the government in the money supply.  The biggest scandal today is that inflation is running at 6.2% annually while interest rates have not increased for savings accounts.  Dr. Sabrin is advocating for a tax deduction on the loss of interest for those savers with Congressional members.  Housing prices continue to rise with income increases lagging behind.  The government is working to micromanage the economy with central planning.  We need a free market focused on lower taxes, less regulation and no infusion of government money so that the economy will run effectively. Karen, on the heels of her returning from the National Association of Realtors convention, reports that the 1031 Exchange has not been dissolved in the infrastructure bill signed by Biden on Monday.  This is good news for middle class investors.  Additionally, the tax on unrealized gains was not included in the bill.  The “Social Infrastructure” bill is yet to be determined.  There is limited housing inventory.  This has led to the average price of homes in the Denver metro area increasing by 15% over the past year.  Refinancing, reverse mortgages and home equity loans have helped many homeowners in various investments.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, federal government agencies that back home mortgages, will increase their loan limit to almost $1 million due to home appreciation prices in some areas of the nation.  Karen and Lorne agree that this is good for home buyers; without the increase in loan limit, people would not be able to afford homes.  Zillow spent big in buying homes at an inflated prices.  They realized their mistake and are withdrawing from their program of buying and flipping homes.  Karen invites listeners to give her a call at 303-877-7516 if you would like your family to visit Santa with all the trimmings on Saturday, December 11th.  Karen stresses that not all realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors.  Karen is the person to help you buy or sell your home.  Lorne advises potential buyers or those who want to leverage the equity in their home to call him at 303-880-8881.

    Liberty: The Key to Prosperity or Gratitude

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    Terri Goon, President of Liberty Toastmasters North, joins Kim in the studio.  Liberty Toastmasters is an organization that assists members in improving speaking and listening skills.  Liberty Toastmasters also helps members bring clarity to topics so that communication with others can be effective.  It is an excellent way to practice speaking in front of others before speaking in public.  Liberty Toastmasters-Denver and Liberty Toastmasters-North meet twice a month and welcome new members. You have the opportunity to hear three different veteran stories this weekend on America's Veterans Stories.  All shows can be heard on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM.  Sunday at 3pm Kim will rebroadcast her interview with Nellie Paler.  On both Saturday and Sunday evenings at 10pm previously recorded interviews, with other veterans who have served our country, are broadcast.  Kim reports on her experience at last night's Lone Tree City Council Meeting.  The city government intentionally makes it difficult to participate in meetings with inconvenient scheduling times of the meetings.  There is no transparency as the city refuses to audio or video record the meetings, therefore the only public record of the meeting is written action minutes.  Terri interjects that in Longmont the meetings are offered live via streaming and they do record the meetings for future reference. When looking up the definition of courage, think of Juli Paulsen.  Juli is an immigrant from Colombia and became a citizen in 2019.  This year she was elected Vice Chair of the GOP in Weld County.  Working with 1500 parents, they held Weld County RE-4 school board members accountable.  This resulted in both the President of the RE-4 School Board and the school Superintendent to resign on Monday evening.  Juli is an example that we can all be part of the solution.  Get involved and be active in local government affairs. Kim and Terri welcome fellow members of Liberty Toastmasters to present on either Liberty: The Key to Prosperity or Gratitude.  There are many nuggets of wisdom in their perspectives:  how despair and hope build into determination; we must keep our beacon of light burning and in doing so we must give in order to receive; it is child abuse if you do not teach your children about the great country we live in; in America you have the freedom to be the very best you, you can be; the assertion that freedom is a necessity as we must refuse to capitulate to government mandates and; people with gratitude in their heart are the happiest.

    Biden Preparing to Auction 80 Million Acres of the Gulf of Mexico to Oil and Gas Companies

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    Thank you to Laramie Energy and Caerus Oil and Gas for their sponsorship of this show! Kim remarks on President Brandon's Build Back Better Plan that “eligible,” media organizations receive a $25,000 income tax credit per journalist the first year and then a $15,000 income tax credit per journalist for each of the next four years.  This can be claimed for the first 1,500 journalists.  Once again, PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) picking winners and losers with the added benefit of thanking slanted and corrupt mainstream media for their inaccurate reporting.  Biden and Polis continue the drumbeat against fossil fuel energy. Yvonne, a grassroots leader in Larimer County, is pleased to report that the Larimer County Health Department has cancelled their proposed vaccine passport program.  The mask orders are still in effect.  Yvonne and other activists prove that “We the People” can stop tyrannical dictates and expose PBI's (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interest Parties) for what they are, tyrannical rulers.  We have won this battle now we must liberate our children from mandated masks.  Tommy Pigott, Director of Rapid Response for the Republican National Committee, reports on inflation rising 11%, and the impact on lower income families.  These families are being hurt the most economically.  Food banks, as the holiday season approaches, are close to empty.  The Biden administration's policies are complicit in what is happening as gas prices increase.  Natural gas prices are expected to go up 130% and heating costs are expected to increase by 54% this winter.  Democrats are picking winners and losers.  We can draw parallels with Solyndra (which went out of business) and other renewable energy companies that Obama gave preferential treatment to.  The Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, is one example of conflict of interests due to her financial ties to a battery manufacturing firm for electric vehicles.  John Kerry, Biden's envoy for climate, flying around the world in his multiple private jets is another.  The elites enrich themselves at the expense of the “little guy.” Kimberlee Bell, owner of Kunjani Coffee, invites listeners to visit Kunjani for coffee, conversation, community and compassion.  They are in need of two part-time baritas so if you are interested stop by to fill out an application or email  For the holiday season Kimberlee has brewed up a few new coffee drinks.  Tuesday's special is a coffee flight offered from 12pm to 6pm.  Come try some new flavors. Guest Daniel Turner, founder and Executive Director of Power the Future, remarks on reports that Biden is preparing to auction 80 million acres of the Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling companies.  Smoke and Mirrors.  In reality, the probability of a company making a bid is slim as the companies know that once purchased, they will have the EPA, Department of Interior, eco-radical groups, and others, breathing down their backs, using expensive rules and regulations to thwart drilling.  11,000 jobs vanished with the closure of the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Biden is considering closing a pipeline in Michigan and a pipeline in Minnesota.  Winter time is typically quite cold in both those states.  Communities were thriving where the pipeline was being constructed.  They've been decimated with Biden's policies.  The current administration does not support affordable, reliable, efficient and abundant energy for Americans.  However, Biden supports the construction of an oil pipeline by Russia.  Should our pipeline workers move to Russia to be employed?  Democrats only want to be judged by their intentions, not the consequences of their actions.  The climate conference in Glasgow was for the rich and famous to enjoy on the taxpayer's dime.  Attendees numbered 39,000.  Let's have an honest conversation about energy.  Get involved at your local level where many of the policies, detrim

    Somnambulant, No More

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    Frequent guest and co-founder of Liberty Toastmasters Brad Beck is in the studio to comment on his recent op-ed, Somnambulant, No More.  Somnambulant is French for sleep walking as in someone is awake but not aware of their surroundings.  Kim and Brad analyze the differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.  We live in a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy.  Involvement in local government is extremely important.  We must make the federal government smaller and have policies decided at the local level where the people are most impacted. Ben Murrey, Director of Fiscal Policy at the Independence Institute, joins Kim to discuss his article, Murrey: Governor Polis crippled small business, now offers crutches.  The Institute, under the guidance of Paul Prentice, published a report regarding the disruption from government policies during the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus reaction disruption in the state of Colorado.  Some of the findings include:  Colorado definitively suffered economically due to the lockdowns in comparison to less restrictive states; small businesses declined by 43% from Pre-COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus levels to now; the leisure and hospitality industry was hit the hardest economically, and as a result the largest minority group, Hispanics, suffered the most financially and; the Fortune 500/box stores saw a 61.4% increase in profits while the mom and pop stores were deemed “unessential” and closed.  Polis, through policies, created the destruction of small businesses and now has a token offering by giving a waiver, in his proposed state budget for fiscal year 2022-23, on fees for those starting a new business. Marlin Kirsch, owner of Kirsch Insurance Group, explains the importance of reviewing your Medicare plan for 2022.  Anyone over 65 years of age who is part of this program, has until December 7th to make changes to coverage for 2022.  Kirsch Insurance Group works with most insurance carriers in Colorado and has proprietary software to analyze what policy works best for your individual prescriptions and needs. Kim and Brad continue their conversation regarding people who are waking up to the damages being done to our schools and our communities by leftist, activist policies.  Parents were extremely engaged in this last election. Policies implemented during the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus were destructive to their children.  When parents advocated for their children, they were shut down by arrogant school board members, which increased tensions.  Education cannot be handed to the radical left.  Instead, parents must insist on their students' learning fundamentals like reading, writing and math along with civil knowledge.  It is taxpayers' money being spent and school board directors must be held accountable.  Much of the “new” money that flowed in due to COVID-19 policies was spent on programs that were ineffective or administration costs, not to aid in the success of the students.  Masks and vaccinations are other divisive issues, with most parents believing that it is a choice that must be made by parents and families, not school boards.  We definitely do not want to be like Austria where lockdowns have been imposed on all unvaccinated people.  It is very concerning that we should “show papers,” similar to Germany in the late 1930's, to go places.  We must all be active in our communities, including joining service organizations, presenting on a topic to students that we are knowledgeable about, attending board meetings, or becoming a member of a local board.  We must be

    Election 2022

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    Matt Albright is Kim's guest on America's Veterans Stories broadcasting Sunday, 3pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM.  Matt is the Director for Center for American Values based in Pueblo, home to the Medal of Honor Gallery.  Have we lost our sense of humor in society?  Cancel culture ruins almost everything but not “Let's Go Brandon!”  Mary Alpers, co-owner of Three Points Financial, discusses with Kim the advantages of working with fee only financial planning professionals.  Three Points Financial encompasses all personal financial planning including tax planning, investments and retirement planning.  This  creates a relationship of longevity and loyalty.  Mary reports that under the current version of the Biden's Build Back Better Act, ROTH conversions are still legal.  Unfortunately, this bill will really hit the middle class financially.  The Congressional Budget Office is still analyzing the bill and Mary is awaiting the results. Kim and Producer Steve review a number of recent articles.  “King” Polis pens another executive order that declares that the entire state of Colorado is at high risk from COVID-19, adding that all adults are eligible for vaccine booster shots.  Efficacy rates of vaccinations drop dramatically.  Bill Gates acknowledges the failure of the COVID-19 vaccinations.  Property rights come to mind when the University of Colorado is sued by sixteen students and faculty alleging religious discrimination relative to the vaccine mandate.  Hal Van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool and sponsor of both shows, notes that the store's inventory is the best ever and he is ready to help out all holiday shoppers.  The store carries knives, beautiful handmade wood cutting boards, and many other useful items.  Hal and his team are ready to assist you in your selections. Guest Rick Turnquist, blogger and author of the recent op-ed Election 2022, shares his thoughts on last week's election results.  Virginia is a shining example of what can happen throughout the country in 2022, including Colorado.  People are beginning to understand that the Democrat party has been hijacked by the radical left whose end objective is to have complete control of everyone's life.  We saw school boards throughout the country ignore parents, not allow them to speak at meetings, exhibit complete disdain and disrespect towards them.  Parents were finally able to advocate for their children and vote these arrogant members off the boards.  Rick cites Douglas County, Colorado as an example.  Virginia turns over the state to the Republican party after many years of Democrat rule.  We could see a compete change in demographics if the Biden administration continues to dump illegal immigrants in the red states.  “If we don't have a border, we don't have a country.”  The American Ideal is based on limited government and the rights of the individual.  Get involved in the 2022 Election and watch the “red wave” spread across the nation.

    Thank You for your Service, Veterans

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    A BIG thank you to all the veterans who secured our freedoms through their service.  Their sacrifices are noted, especially those who gave their lives.  Matt Albright, Director of Center for American Values based in Pueblo, is Kim's guest on America's Veteran's Stories this Sunday, 3pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM.  The “Brandon” administration acts in complete contrast to Trump's as the Biden administration double downs on anti-American ideals, forced mandates such as no jab-no job, increased regulations and high taxes.  Kim, on Veteran's Day, appropriately reflects on her experience in Normandy, France for the 73rd anniversary of the WWII D-Day landings. Frequent guest Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Kim to discuss the COVID-19/Wuhan-China Virus narrative.  How did healthcare workers go from heroes to zeroes in a year?  The government is controlling what doctors can and cannot do.  Polis issues an executive order that gives him power to decide who will and will not be admitted into a hospital thereby creating two classifications of patients.  The problem at hospitals is not beds but staffing as many healthcare professionals left the industry when Polis mandated that all healthcare workers must take the experimental vaccination.  His actions violate the Hippocratic oath of “do no harm.”  Risk benefit analysis and informed consent are not part of the mandated vaccination process.  Polis' actions makes one question what he will do next.  The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states or to the people.  A true healthcare free market will bring down costs, increase access and improve quality.  Governor Polis is setting up two classifications of people:  vaccinated and unvaccinated.  Epoch Times is the media leader in reporting medical discrimination. Dr. Vecchio walks us through a historical perspective of nationalized healthcare.  Karl Max noted that to control the people, government should control healthcare.  Medicare and Medicaid began in the 1960's under Johnson's socialized programs.  Obamacare was signed in 2010, which strengthened government control of healthcare, and made it more difficult for small medical practices to survive.  Many doctors sold their practices to large corporations.  Most physicians now practice under large corporations which is destroying the patient-doctor relationship.  Doctors must obey the corporation's demands (i.e. vaccine mandates) so that they can continue to practice and make a living.  Big business and big government like each other.  Big business influences big government PBI's (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) to write regulations that favor the corporations.  Corporations write checks to the politicians/candidates.  We are witnessing a major transition in the medical industry:  caring, ethical and moral individuals are changing his/her standards to comply to mandates and regulations.  This leads to vicious behavior, to the point that patients are used as experiments (current vaccinations) and some are killed in the process.  We have seen this transition over the past twenty plus months.  Dr. Vecchio and Kim state that Americans are strong and are observant.  Call your representatives and stand up so your voice will be heard.

    OSHA's Vaccination Mandate

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    Kim references Obama's speech at the climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland, where he tells half-truths and focuses on an anti-America narrative.  President “Brandon” was there last week.  Curious that the elites who travel around the world use private jets for themselves and their staff as they opine that climate change is our number one health issue for today.  Kerry states at the summit that America will not have coal plants by 2030.  Kyle Rittenhouse's trial shows video and has testimony that clearly explains Rittenhouse’s actions were in self-defense.  A poll by USA Today, asking people what they want from Biden, receives a response of 20% stating he needs to quit.  America's Veterans Stories will feature Matt Albright, Director of Center for American Values based in Pueblo, at 3pm, Sunday on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM.  Lorne Levy, mortgage specialist with Polygon Financial Group and sponsor of both of Kim's shows, discusses the advantages of a reverse home mortgage.  The Federal Reserve has stated it will begin “tapering,” which usually translates into higher interest rates which affect home buyers the most.  Give Lorne a call at 303-880-8881 for professional advice when researching your home mortgage. Guest Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, founder of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge updates listeners on the OSHA vaccination mandate for all businesses with over 100 employees.  As of now, an emergency stay by the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals prohibiting enforcement of the rule is in place as the regulation raises “grave statutory and constitutional issues.”  This Biden influenced rule shows a new form of government that is ruling be decree and disregarding freedom of choice.  Biden is ignoring the hundreds of millions that have had COVID-19 and now have natural immunity.  The government continues to ignore the data from research underscoring record breaking deaths and adverse reactions from the vaccinations.  People should not have excessive nor multiple exposure to the spike protein.  Interesting to note “entertainers,” which includes athletes, receive exemptions from the OSHA rule.  Additionally, the efficacy data of two shots is deplorable and if receiving only one shot , you are not considered vaccinated.  The Democrat party is helping PHARMA with regulations that hold people hostage and shows the corruption and collusion between the two entities.  PHARMA cashes in with profits and the Democrat party cashes in with contributions to candidates.  Totalitarianism will be defeated.  We must stand up, reach out to our “representatives,” and vote!

    OSHA Vaccine Mandate Halted

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    Kim reports on Polis' disingenuous narrative that he is not forcing mandates while using his bureaucratic agencies to implement COVID-19 mandates, including vaccinations.  It is rumored students are receiving the “jab” at school without parental knowledge.  Republicans who helped Democrats pass the infrastructure bill in D.C. must be held accountable and primaried.  President “Brandon's” policies will lead to the destruction of the middle class.  Employees are losing their jobs because of their rightful refusal to get the “jab.”  Rules and regulations, including licensing, must be eliminated to open entrepreneurial avenues for the unemployed.  This most probably will never be seen under a Polis or Biden administration.  Polis calls for taxpayers to pay for four additional staffers to aid in public relations, which begs the question:  Is this to make him look good during his reelection campaign using taxpayer funds?  Irresponsible government spending!  Meanwhile, Polis calls for more fees and taxes that will be “fair” to all as it is reported he paid no taxes for three years.  Polis can afford an accounting firm to look for tax loopholes as opposed to a small business owner who cannot.  Interesting to note that climate change advocates fly in their own private planes to the global summit in Glasgow, Scotland.  Affordable, efficient and reliable energy cannot be taken for granted as the climate czars attack fossil fuels on a global level.  The closing of Pueblo's Comanche 3 coal plant proves more difficult than imagined as wind and solar prove to be inefficient. Guest Alex Kuehler, RNC Southwest Communications Director, digs into the OSHA vaccination mandate that is granted an emergency stay by the New Orleans-based Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.  Biden today is advocating to ignore the ruling and implement the vaccination mandate.  This is in opposition to Biden stating this past summer that there will be no vaccination mandate.  Biden's fine for non-compliance can reach $130,000.  Alex expects the case to be merged with other court cases across the country for one combined case.  Alex recommends for employees and employers to continue their daily business as it may be a few months before the one combined case is introduced in court.  This tyrannical power control exhibited by the Democrats hinders employees and production.  Democrats have become the party of the elites who want to have complete control over all people.  Virginia has proven that people are awakening to the Democrat “fat cats” that want to take our freedom and control our lives.  The Democrats are willing to take on more debt, which increases inflation, in order crush the middle class.  We must not be complacent.  We must put our faith in our Divine Provider.

    The Importance of Free Market Principles in Healthcare

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 57:06 Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 00:57:06 | Recorded on November 8, 2021 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify Polis' latest executive edict grabs control over state healthcare, including denying non-vaccinated patients admission into a hospital.  Even though Polis is a multimillionaire, a recent report shows that Polis did not pay income taxes for three years.  A Polis' spokesperson claims that Polis paid all income taxes legally owed.  Is the middle class facing “slavery” as the government puts excessive taxation and regulation on us?  Polis appeared at a Steamboat Institute event with Art Laffer and teased “no state income tax.”  We must pay attention to what's behind the curtain.  In the 2021 legislative session Senate bill 260 was passed generating $5.4 billion for infrastructure and implementing regressive taxes to pay for it.  Other legislative bills passed by the Democrat-controlled legislature and signed by Polis without voter approval instituted a variety of other new state fees and taxes.  On day one Biden closed the Keystone Pipeline via executive order and now he is looking at closing Line 5 pipeline that runs through Michigan.  The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals based in New Orleans grants an emergency stay against the OSHA vaccination mandate.  Senator Cruz introduces a bill stating vaccinations cannot be mandated.  The “bipartisan infrastructure” bill is passed with the aid of thirteen Republicans in the House and thirteen Republicans in the Senate.  All should be primaried. The  New Jersey state senator ousted by a truck driver claims 12,000 ballots have been found. Marlin Kirsch of Kirsch Insurance Group urges listeners to call during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period which runs from October 15th thru December 7th.  An analysis of all prescription drugs is important as the cost for many are changing because of government formulas and tiers.  Do not be caught paying more than you need to in 2022.  Kirsch Insurance Group's consultation is complimentary.  Kirsch Insurance Group helps you plan for success. Guest Dr. Murray Sabrin, author of Universal Medical Care: From Conception to End-of-Life: The Case for a Single Payer System, discusses the importance of individual responsibility, financial independence and free market principles in healthcare.  Approximately $4 trillion is spent on healthcare p

    Our Moment

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 59:27 Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 00:59:27 | Recorded on November 5, 2021 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify It's Hal van Hercke Friday!  Hal is entrepreneur and owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool.  Hal and Kim converse about Tuesday's election results and how small businesses were negatively affected during the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus reaction disruption.  Money did not provide wins in some of the elections nor Colorado ballot questions such as Proposition 119, the proposed new marijuana tax “for the children.”  The grassroots did!  Parents spoke up and voted against many school boards that disregarded the will of the people, exhibited extreme arrogance and were very condescending. November 10th is the Marine Corps' birthday.  Kim will be interviewing Rick McFadden, Marine Veteran, this coming Sunday on America's Veterans Stories.  Tune in to KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM at 3pm.   Hal is proud to be a veteran and offers to veterans, military and first responders a 10% discount.  Hal has been building his inventory of knives and he now has his largest inventory ever which offers his customers a wide selection of holiday gifts.  The next few months will be crucial for the small business owner, especially those in the retail sector. Hal and Kim talk about “our moment.”  We must defend our freedom regardless of the number of battles we must fight.  When we talk about battles, we mean the battle of ideas.  Freedom of speech is essential.  Biden's vaccination mandate will push more people to leave their jobs.  Coercion is wrong.  People want to direct their own destiny.  The war on small business is easily seen as the Biden administration rolls out even more regulations, higher taxes and proposes unleashing IRS agents on the businesses.  The fines in the new OSHA vaccination mandate prove that OSHA is being used as a weapon to mandate and enforce vaccinations.  Polis' rhetoric is self-serving as he attempts to revitalize fear in people.  Hal ends with a defense mechanism that calls for all of us to negate half-truths.

    The 2021 Post-Election Conversation

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    2022 Colorado gubernatorial candidate Greg Lopez is in-studio with Kim to dissect what happened in Tuesday's election nationwide, ramifications for Colorado in the future, and why 2022 is the time to elect him governor of our state.  Greg believes that the government, intentionally, has made itself too difficult to understand as noted in the language of Colorado ballot questions.  There were half-truths in the ballot questions.  “We the people” want a smaller government that is simplified and easy to participate in as citizens.  Yvonne was present at Monday's rally to protest Larimer County Public Health's mandate of vaccination passports.  This mandate is a direct assault on the residents as it includes mandated masks, a vaccination verification program that must be enforced by the businesses, and infringing on the privacy of individuals as every paying customer will be asked to “show their card.”  The businesses are rewarded with tax dollars as they harass their customers.  This is discrimination.  Say NO now or the tyranny will only grow into other aspects of your life.  And remember, they want your children and our children will pay the price most heavily as victims. RNC spokesperson Paris Dennard joins Kim to discuss Tuesday's election.  Virginia GOP wins were not unexpected as Youngkin related to the voters' issues and kept his messaging centered around the economy, public safety and education.  What the Democrats are pushing is not what the voters want.  Hard to believe they are doubling down on their agenda as Pelosi is searching for a big spending “win.”  Paris is optimistic as long as we stay vigilant and galvanize our strength by attending local meetings.  We must elect representatives who focus on prosperous jobs, secure borders, election integrity and lowering crime in our neighborhoods. Karen Levine, show sponsor as well as sponsor of the America's Veterans Stories, addresses the velocity of housing.  Home ownership is under attack as multi-family housing structures are being built in favor of single-family housing; multi-family housing is predominantly apartments that entail renters with no rights.  Karen and Kim also talk about teens in Karen's Bible study group that use America's Veterans Stories as an educational tool for their history studies.  This Sunday Kim will be interviewing Rick McFadden who shares the history of the Marines.  Tune in to KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM at 3pm,MT.  To protect your investment in your home when buying or selling give Karen a call at 303-877-7516. Greg and Kim continue their conversation on his candidacy.  Greg states a number of issues here in Colorado that must be reversed.  Greg sees the erosion of the American Dream due to government policies and the Democrats vision of what America should be.  The government is full of people that are not leaders and not representing the interests of “We the People.”  Colorado rural communities are completely ignored by the present governor with Meat-Out Day as one example.  Housing policies, as Karen stated, do not protect homeownership and instead we see the World Economic Forum rhetoric of “you will own nothing” instituted.  Water is very important to our rural communities and they see the state and federal government enacting policies that will redirect the water to the populated Denver metro area.  The governor's reaction to the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus was disastrous for individuals and many businesses as he classified employees as either “essential or non-essential.”  Now the governor is taking control of hospital admissions when the data does not support any emergency orders.  Staffing shortages due to the state vaccination mandate which resulted in, on average, one-third of staff leaving healthcare, has created bed shortages not out of control COVID cases.  With Greg as governor, the state of Colorado will operate under the 10th Amendment which states, “the powers not deleg

    Proposition 119 Defeated

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    Kim, Producer Steve and Researcher Patti Kurgan summarize the election results. Proposition 119: LEAP, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program (the proposed new state retail marijuana tax “for the children”) is defeated definitively by the voters. Almost $3 million was spent by the proponents and less than $10,000 in actual cash was spent by those against Prop 119. A few people can make a difference. This is a huge win for the grassroots! Keep those shoes on as we have a lot of miles to cover for the 2022 election to claim the governor's office and put a conservative into the Colorado U.S. Senate. Amendment 78 and Proposition 120 are also defeated by the voters which gives an unanimous defeat on all three statewide ballot questions. Unfortunately, the City of Lone Tree will get their 55% retail sales tax increase. Douglas County School Board conservatives win all four seats, sending the board back into the hands of the conservatives who care about children, families and teachers. In the words of Vice President Harris, this election, specifically in Virginia, will show us what to expect in 2022, 2024 and afterwards. It looks like Red Wave is coming. Republicans win Virginia's governorship, lt. governor and legislature. Parents are speaking up! New Jersey governorship race is too close to call in the morning. Few thought that the New Jersey governor's race would even be competitive. Is this a warning for Democrats and an overwhelming rejection of their policies? Lorne Levy with Polygon Financial addresses the upcoming tapering announcement by the Federal Reserve. Tapering is expected, meaning the Fed may slow down the buying of bonds which will result in higher interest rates. Now is a good time for some individuals to look at a reverse mortgage before rates go up. Give Lorne a call at 303-880-8881 for advice that can help you and your family regarding reverse mortgages.. This Sunday on America's Veterans Stories Kim interviews Rick McFadden. Rick shares the history of the Marines. Tune in to KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM at 3pm for this terrific conversation!

    Make Your Vote Count

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    Election Day.  Vote!  Vote against those who will take away your freedom and your money through excessive taxation and vote for those who will represent us, “We the People!”  Track your ballot here.  On America's Veterans Stories this coming Sunday Kim interviews Marine Veteran Rick McFadden.  In honor of the Marine Corps' birthday, November 10, Rick brings to life the history of the Marine Corps.  Remember Veterans' Day is November 11th.  Hear the show at 3pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM.  Kim notes a correction on contributions to City of Lone Tree Ballot Question 2E.  The $2,500.00 reported from Colorado Community Media was an expense, not a contribution.  Proposition 119:  LEAP, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program, is a strong NO for many reasons, including it is antithetical to representative government. Gary Houser, grassroot activist supporting Centennial City Council candidate Robyn Carnes, brings to light the far-left leanings of her opponent Fernando Branch running as member of the Working Families Party.  Branch has 60% of all contributions coming from outside Colorado.  This is in deep contrast to Robyn's 92% of contributions coming from within Colorado.  Additionally, Gary cites that Branch was chosen by outside operatives and has been trained by the far-left group Run for Something.  Branch wants “radical change” for Centennial.  Robyn is looking to enhance the city's standing as one of the top 8 places to live in the nation.  Centennial is not broken and does not need the changes proclaimed by Branch.  Jono Scott is a candidate for Aurora City Council Ward 3.  He endorses the slate of Bill Gondrez for Ward 1, Steve Sundberg for Ward 2, Dustin Zvonek for open seat, Danielle Jurinsky for open seat and himself, and not the candidates from the Working Families Party, which is a radical far-left political organization.  Jono encourages us to get involved and has four things to do:  Study Up; Show Up; Stand Up and; Speak Up! Yvonne from Fort Collins reports on the success of the rally yesterday against forced masking for all and a forced vaccination verification program introduced by the Larimer County Board of Health with the support of the County Commissioners.  If implemented, these regulations would be unlawful and unconstitutional.  Speak Up!  Stand Up!  This is just the beginning and we must stop it now.  Is this our Lexington and Concord moment? Guest Adam Andrzejewski, founder of Open the Books, shares his thoughts about  Proposition 119:  LEAP, the proposed new marijuana tax “for the children.”  He adamantly states that the Democrats want to put in a permanent government that cannot be changed and is unaccountable to any entity.  Prop 119 is “legalized money laundering.”  Kim interjects that there are “conservatives” backing this as well.  Adam states that Reagan took a stab at the administrative state and it was Trump during his first two years that really hit the “swamp.”  Unfortunately, with COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus, the swamp was enlarged.  There are over 1.4 million federal executive employees making over $100,000/year with 44 vacation days after 3 years of employment.  If Biden’s vaccination mandate for businesses is implemented the regulatory state will be unleashed to fine non-compliant businesses up to $700,000.  We must defeat the Build Back Better Act.  “Bring the heat in order to see the light.”  Fauci is the highest paid federal employee.  Open the Books FOIA requests have all been ignored but one

    Welcome Kim's Newest Sponsor: Three Points Financial

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    Kim begins the week advising listeners to vote NO on any new tax or tax increase that appears on the ballot.  The organic and healthy way to increase government revenues is to unleash the private sector with lower taxes and reduction of rules and regulations.  Vote NO on City of Lone Tree 2E.  2E is a 55% increase in the retail sales tax rate (1.8% to 2.8%).  Kim relays her experience with the City of Lone Tree's selective enforcement of the “city sign ordinance on the No Lone Tree Tax Increase group,” but total disregard, by the mayor and city council, of the city ordinance that states the “against” arguments of an issue be included when city resources are used to support and tout an issue.  Amazing how the city has taken drastic steps to silence the opposition to 2E with the city breaking its own rules.  Do not forget to track your ballot here. Kim introduces her new show sponsor Mary Alpers with Three Points Financial.  Three Points Financial is a fee based financial firm with emphasis on retirement, investment and tax planning.  Mary guides people through their current circumstances, how long they are planning to work, and advises on how much money must be saved.  Give Mary, her co-owner Steve, or Michelle a call to schedule an initial complimentary meeting regarding sound financial planning for your future; the number is 719-495-7163. Proposition 119: LEAP, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program is a NO.  “Conservatives” send out a text flyer that is dishonest and misleading.  Prop 119, the new retail marijuana tax “for the children,” is not a step towards school choice.  The proposition specifically states on page 3 that no funds may be used for tuition.  Additionally, the Authority Board selects all vendors, withholding the opportunity for parents to choose who their child will be working with.  The Authority would be governed by a nine member board chosen by this governor and they choose their replacements.  Radio ads reference that politicians are not involved with Prop 119.  Incorrect as politicians are heavily involved in endorsing Prop 119.  “Colorado Conservatives” advocating for Prop 119 include politicians:  Former GOP Governor Bill Owens, former GOP State Treasurer Mark Hillman, former GOP Senate President John Andrews, George Brauchler and Rick Enstrom who is running the text campaign.  Most of the organizations that are endorsing Prop 119 are politically left and probably expect to be one of the vendors.  Through October 28, 2021, one major leftist organization, Gary Community Investment Company contributed $2.228 million into the “yes” on Prop 119 campaign.  Former Democrat Colorado state senator Mike Johnston is the president and CEO of Gary Community Investment Company.  Ready Colorado, which identifies itself as right-leaning, contributed $525 million in support of Prop 119 through October 28th.  Be an educated voter and know what you are voting for.  Use Kim's We the People Voter's Guide as a resource. Guest Phil Kerpen with American Commitment discusses Biden's proposed double death tax policy.  Congress has increased the federal estate tax exemption from $600,000 in 2000 to just under $12 million today.  Biden's Build Back Better Act adds a second death tax on capital gains, bringing the effective tax rate to about $43.4%.  This is not in place of the estate tax but a second death tax resulting in two death taxes which will be almost 50% of the estate, and that is before the state death tax is calculated.  Small businesses, family businesses and farms will be hit the hardest.  Although the Democrats state it is a “billionaires” tax,

    Where The Heck Are “We the People?”

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    Kim reminds voters that their ballot can be traced from when it is mailed to them to acceptance by the County Clerk.  Track you ballot at the state website.  Pruett Helm, profiled in the book Mended Wings: The Vietnam War Experience Through the Eyes of Ten American Purple Heart Helicopter Pilots, is interviewed by Kim on America's Veterans Stories this Sunday at 3pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM. Government policies are a contributing factor to the supply chain problems.  The Biden administration is considering payments of approximately $450,000 per person to settle lawsuits of illegal immigrants who state they suffered trauma due to Trump's policies in 2016 where parents and children were allegedly separated upon illegally entering the U.S.  This is part of the Cloward and Piven model from two Columbia University professors in the 60's.  Biden wants to crash our system through overburdensome entitlements so that he can “Build Back Better” instituting socialism and the World Economic Forum's one government rule.  Kim's “We the People” Voter's Guide is an excellent tool to use when voting.  Vote YES on Amendment 78 and Proposition 120 and a definitive NO on Proposition 119: LEAP, the new state retail marijuana tax “for the children.”  “Conservatives” (Former GOP Governor Bill Owens, former GOP State Treasurer Mark Hillman, former GOP Senate President John Andrews, George Brauchler and Rick Enstrom) send out a text recommending a “yes” on Proposition 119 because it “is the largest expansion of school choice in the US in a decade.”  It is unfortunate that these “conservatives” must deceive the voters as the proposition, on the top of page 3, states that funds cannot be used for school tuition.  Additionally, the vendors offered are pre-selected by the board.  This is not school choice as parents and their children are limited in their ability to select services and professionals from a list provided to them by a government administrative agency. The families do not receive money to pay the pre-selected vendors.  The vendors are paid directly by the “Authority.”  The City of Lone Tree's 2E ballot question is a NO vote as it is a massive retail sales increase of 55% (1.8% to 2.8%). Frequent guest Rick Turnquist joins Kim to discuss his recent op-ed, Where The Heck Are “We the People?”  Colorado has spun out of control with the tyrannical government now in place.  The Afghanistan withdrawal was a betrayal to our country and to our national interests.  Biden has no concern for U.S. citizens as he continually changes the number of Americans left behind.  Biden's handlers move him further left than Bernie Sanders.  In fact, using the Coward-Piven strategy, Biden is moving us to communism.  Remarking on Biden's payouts to illegal immigrants mentioned above, Rick states confidently that this is to get people to vote Democrat as no one forced these people to come into the U.S. illegally.  Not only is Biden and other leftists working to divide our country with mask mandates and Critical Race Theory in our schools, for examples, they want to punish people who are successful as seen in their proposed tax policies.  History shows us that socialism always fails in contrast to the success of capitalism and the flourishing of individuals.  Rick concludes, people must educate themselves on the ballot issues and candidates, using Kim’s voter's guide as a resource, and then vote.

    Biden's War on Single-Family Housing

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    It's Levine and Levy Thursday as two of Kim's show sponsors, award winning realtor Karen Levine with RE/MAX Alliance (303-877-7516) and mortgage specialist Lorne Levy with Polygon Financial Group (303-880-8881), join Kim in the studio.  Kim reminds listeners to use “We the People” Voter's Guide when voting on the three state ballot issues and school board members.  Vote NO on all new taxes and tax increases, including City of Lone Tree's proposed 55% retail sales increase 2E, Proposition 119 and all four of Castle Rock's questions, 2A, 2B, 2C and, 2D.  Douglas County School Board sues the Douglas County Commissioners in Federal Court.  The School District sued that the rights of students with disabilities were violated.  The judge issued a temporary restraining order ruling against the mask exemption the Douglas County Health Department issued.  This is a clear example of force vs. freedom.  To bring common sense back to the Douglas County School Board vote for Peterson, Myers, Williams and Winegar.  We all have an interest in school board races regardless of our age or financial standing.  We must vote to protect our children and ensure their success for the future.  Informed voting is a civic duty.  Steve asks Kim to clarify PBI's.  They are Politicians, Bureaucrats and Special Interests.  Proposition 119 unravels and sheds light on the Special Interests of Tony Lewis, founder of RESCHOOL, and his “friends.” This Sunday on America's Veterans Stories Kim interviews Pruett Helm, profiled in the book Mended Wings: The Vietnam War Experience Through the Eyes of Ten American Purple Heart Helicopter Pilots, at 3pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM. Kim, Karen and Lorne continue their conversation giving attention to Biden's $3.5 trillion bill.  As Lorne points out, there are actually two bills on the table, one on physical infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) and a second one that is “social” infrastructure (i.e., paid family leave, free community college, etc.).  Karen states that in the infrastructure bill there is actual language that is an attack on single family ownership.  Kim brings up the potential for an unrealized capital gains tax on homes and the financial detriment that it would result in for families.  In order to monitor people's behavior, Biden sets his eyes on hiring thousands of new IRS agents.  When the government is big and the individual is small things deteriorate, and when the individual is big and the government is small people can flourish in their prosperity.  The question of profit is continually raised, mostly out of envy.  Karen encourages listeners to be educated.  Lorne stresses the need to act, now, before opportunities disappear.

    Say No to New Taxes

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    Guest Wayne Harlos, State Chair of the Colorado Libertarian Party, is in the studio with Kim.  First on the agenda, vote NO on new taxes.  Kim's “We the People” Voter's Guide explicitly explains why she recommends a NO vote on Proposition 119 (the new marijuana tax “for the children”) and a NO vote on City of Lone Tree 2E which proposes raising the city sales retail tax by 55%.  All four of Castle Rock's ballot tax questions are also a NO:  2A places a $7/square foot tax on all new residential builds; 2B is a lodging tax which will include B&B's and the compliance cost can be as high as $600/month; 2C will raise the sales tax on everything, including necessities, and become the highest in the Denver-metro area and; 2D, which is the BIG one, will put a 10-year timeout on TABOR and it is unconstitutional as the state only allows a maximum of 4 years. All four are harmful to the residents of Castle Rock regardless that supporters state only “visitors” or “new residents” will feel the monetary pain.  On America's Veterans Stories Kim interviews Pruett Helm, profiled in the book Mended Wings: The Vietnam War Experience Through the Eyes of Ten American Purple Heart Helicopter Pilots, which broadcasts Sunday at 3pm on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM. Guest Grover Norquist with Americans for Tax Reform joins Wayne and Kim to continue the conversation on tax ballot questions.  Grover correctly states that the estimated $137 million to be raised by taxing marijuana “for the children” could easily be found in the state budget in wasted expenditures.  Prop 119 would put in place a nine member authority board, appointed by this governor, who choose their own replacements.  The authority board can shave 10% of the tax revenue off the top for “administrative” expenses.  The other 90% will go to vendors chose by the authority board which translates to friends and special interests.  The City of Lone Tree 55% retail sales tax increase advocates threaten residents to “Save Our Police so They Can Save You.”  Check out No Lone Tree Tax Increase for well-researched information on why this Lone Tree tax increase is not necessary.  Grover notes that if implemented, the unrealized capital gains tax will face a court challenge as it is unconstitutional; there is no wealth tax, only an income tax in our constitution.  Grover concludes that one should always vote NO on any new tax or tax increase because there is always money to be found that can be cut in the budget, including staff.

    Key Figures of the Southern Theater (1775-1783)

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    Kim steers her listeners to her website for the podcast featuring Wisconsin state Representative Tim Ramthun discussing why he believes all 50 states should have a forensic audit on the 2020 Election.  The We the People Voter's Guide analyzes all three statewide questions and recommends school board candidates.  Ben Martin joins Kim to discuss similarities between 1776 and today.  Ben states that the people were educated and well-read which allowed them to know what was happening at the local and national levels.  The country had a similar split as of today.  One-third of the people were “loyalists,” one-third were “patriotic” and; one-third were undecided.  One glaring difference is that in 1776 congressional representatives only met when necessary as they had farms and businesses to work back home.  Turning to current events Ben and Kim discuss Biden's new policy, beginning in November, when non-U.S. citizens traveling into the U.S. must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus and have proof before boarding their flight.  This policy does not include immigrants.  Denver International Airport had a job fair for 1,000 openings and only 100 people came to the event. Historian Ben Martin continues his monthly series on the American Revolution, moving to the Southern Theater 1775-1783.  Battles in Savannah, Charleston, Waxhaws, Camden and Cowpens are highlighted.  Key individuals integral to the defeats and victories on both sides include General Gates, Major General Benjamin Lincoln, General Nathanael Greene and Daniel Morgan for the Americans, and General Clinton and Charles Lord Cornwallis on the British side.  The split between Patriots and Loyalists was significant in the south resulting in heavy recruitment for both militias.

    Capitalism and the Importance of Voting

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    Kim reminds people to visit her website to review her “We the People” Voter's Guide and Allen Thomas' most recent op-ed, When to Call it Quits.  Carol Baker, Secretary of Liberty Toastmasters Denver is in studio with Kim for Table Topics on the subjects of capitalism and why vote.  Kim brings up the Working Families Party who are “dedicated to upholding progressive values through direct action and electoral victory.  Our mission is to empower people, organizations, and communities to build a multiracial and feminist populist movement that strengthens democracy and advances racial, social and economic justice.”  The Working Families Party has a number of candidates running throughout the Denver-metro area.  Know who you are voting for! Robyn Carnes is a candidate for Centennial City Council.  She states that people are paying attention to this election and understand the importance of local elections.  She warns voters that progressives have infiltrated the conservative narrative and echoes what Kim said earlier, know who you are voting for.  The Working Families Party has candidates both in the Denver area and the western slope looking to overtake school boards and city councils.  Robyn's platform is based on personal safety and security, economic well-being and empowering constituents.  Jeremy Johnson, candidate for Longmont City Council, agrees with Robyn’s points.  People are ready to stand up and have the voice of the entire community heard.  The American Idea must be protected as special interest groups give false hope.  Jeremy is concerned about housing, children and the educational system, available work for the people in the community, and the status of small businesses.  Marlin Kirsch, owner of Kirsch Insurance Group, explains the Annual Open Enrollment Period for Medicare that began October 15th and ends on December 7th.  One of the most important benefits of working with Kirsch Insurance Group is a complimentary review your prescription drug plan for 2022. Members of Liberty Toastmasters-North and Liberty Toastmasters-Denver discuss capitalism and the importance of voting.  Thoughtful and analytical comments include: “follow your bliss” which is actually follow your prosperity; voting is the essence of freedom; the choice we make in voting is the choice we choose for the direction of our country; instead of voting between two evils maybe we should have “none of the above;” the best debate results from making a point through a compelling story and; “giving thanks for the invisible hand.”

    When to Call it Quits

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    Allen Thomas, author and frequent guest, joins Kim in-studio as they discuss current ballot questions and school board candidates.  The organic way to increase government revenue is to unleash the private sector by lowering taxes, rules and regulations.  Vote NO on Question 2E, Lone Tree's proposed 55% retail sales tax increase.  Kim's We the People Voter's Guide is extremely useful when voting on the three statewide questions and school board candidates.  Two school board candidates discuss with Kim why they are in the race, both from School District 27J.  Rene Beach has three children in the school district, and wants to get rid of outside influences and instead allow the voices of parents, the true stakeholders, to be heard.  Ashley Conn has a child in the school district and is dissatisfied with what is being taught.  Both candidates want to reclaim their children’s education by emphasizing reading, writing, arithmetic and critical thinking skills.  Both candidates will implement transparency of the curriculum. Allen Thomas' new op-ed is When to Call it Quits.  He begins his conversation with Kim referencing a fable regarding a donkey, tiger and lion.  The lion punishes the tiger for wasting his time arguing with the donkey, an “uneducated fool.”  Our time is valuable and should not be wasted.  We must engage with minds that are fertile and responsible, focus on what unites us, and use a tone of respect.  There are some minds that will never be changed regardless of logic or reason.  Hal Van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool, remarks that there have been some supply chain challenges for his business.  Hal is working with all of his suppliers to ensure that this Christmas gift giving season will not leave anyone unhappy.  Visit Castlegate for a wide selection of knives, tools and watches.

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