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At NTD we believe the integrity of our world hinges on the accurate and truthful spread of information.

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    Trump Team Files Proposed Protective Order; House Republicans Outline Vision Before Midterms | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2022 26:40


    Trump Explains How Documents Are Declassified; Judge Blocks Indiana's Abortion Ban | NTD Evening News

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2022 27:06

    Trump Explains How Documents Are Declassified; Judge Blocks Indiana's Abortion Ban

    New York Attorney General Sues Trump for Alleged Financial Fraud; House Passes Elections Bill | NTD Evening News

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2022 25:21

    New York Attorney General Sues Trump for Alleged Financial Fraud; House Passes Elections Bill | NTD Evening News

    Special Master in Trump Case Holds First Public Hearing; Hurricane Fiona Slams Turks and Caicos | NTD Evening News

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2022 25:22

    NTD Evening News—9/20/2022 1. Dearie Asks Trump Team About Classification 2. Dems Push to Force Campaign Fund Disclosures 3. Delaware Prepares for Illegal Immigrants 4. Flights to Martha's Vineyard Investigated 5. New FBI Whistleblower Comes Forward

    Adnan Syed of 'Serial' to Be Released From Prison; Biden Won't Confirm 2024 Presidential Run | NTD Evening News

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2022 25:53

    Adnan Syed of 'Serial' to Be Released From Prison; Biden Won't Confirm 2024 Presidential Run | NTD Evening News

    DeSantis Considers ‘More Flights' With Migrants; Lawmakers Urge Pentagon to End Military Vax Mandate | NTD Evening News

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 24:15

    DeSantis Considers ‘More Flights' With Migrants Lawmakers Urge Pentagon to End Military Vax Mandate

    DeSantis Flies Illegal Immigrants to Martha's Vineyard; Trump Warns of 'Big Problems' if Indicted | NTD Evening News

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2022 25:25

    DeSantis Flies Illegal Immigrants to Martha's Vineyard; Trump Warns of 'Big Problems' if Indicted

    FBI Serves Mike Lindell With Warrant; Amtrak Cancels Long-Distance Trains as Railroad Strike Looms | NTD Evening News

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2022 24:25

    NTD Evening News—09/14/2022 1. FBI Serves Lindell With Warrant in Drive-Thru 2. Primaries Conclude With NH Among Last States 3. Lawmakers in Full Campaign Modern for Midterms 4. Labor Chief Hosts Talks W/Unions, Railroads 5. Biden Announces EV Funding for 35 States 6. DOJ Charges 3 Iranian Nationals for Hacking 7. Report: Cost of Illegal Immigration up $20B 8. Racial Tweets Posted by D.O.D. Equity Chief 9. Teacher Who Resigned Over CRT Speaks Out 10. Illinois Criminal Reform Faces Backslash 11. R.Kelly Found Guilty in Federal Trial 12. UK: Queen's Lying-in-State Opens to Public 13. LIV Golf Team Championship Boasts $50M Purse 14. Jets Sticking With Flacco at Quarterback 15. MLB Schedule Tonight: Judge Looks for HR #58

    Clinton investigator Ken Starr Dies at 76; Republicans Unveil Federal Late-Term Abortion Ban | NTD Evening News

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2022 26:18

    NTD Evening News—09/13/2022 1. Inflation Hotter Than Expected in August 2. Clinton Investigator Ken Starr Dies at 76 3. Committee Launches Presidential Records Probe 4. Senator Proposes 15-Week Federal Abortion Ban 5. Robert Cahaly | Chief Pollster, Trafalgar GRP

    Trump Lawyers Oppose DOJ Request to Continue Reviewing Docs; Gas Prices to Spike in Winter: Yellen

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2022 24:53

    1. G7 Plan To Counter Gas Price Spike in Winter 2. Biden To Boost Biotech To Compete With China 3. Trump Responds to DOJ Request To Limit Order 4. Record Amt of Fentanyl, Meth Seized in AZ, TX 5. Veritas Exposes Teacher's Political Ideology

    Judge Ditches Trump's Lawsuit Against Clinton; Florida Ranked No. 1 In Education Freedom Report | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2022 24:15

    NTD Evening News—09/09/2022 1. Judge Ditches Trump's Lawsuit Against Clinton 2. Project Keeps Tabs on the Executive Branch 3. Biden in Ohio: Time to Bury the Rust Belt 4. GOP Raises Concern: Forced Labor Solar Panels 5. Facebook Group to Share Vax-Related Injuries

    Queen Elizabeth Dies at 96; DOJ Appeals Judge's Order for Special Master in Trump Raid

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2022 24:23

    1. Queen Elizabeth II Passes Away at Age 96 2. DOJ Appeals Court-Ordered Special Master 3. Bannon Faces New Charges in Wall Plan 4. DC Mayor Declares Emergency, Creates Office 5. NV Official Arrested After Reporter Killed

    Obamas Return to White House for Portrait Unveiling; Lawmakers React to Trump Nuclear Doc Report

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2022 24:43

    1. Biden Unveils Obama White House Portraits 2. Lawmakers React to Trump Nuclear Doc Report 3. Fauci Ordered to Produce Records for Lawsuit 4. Strange Blood Clots in Most Bodies: Embalmers 5. Embalmer: Humanity May Be at Stake

    Judge Bans ‘Cowboys for Trump' Founder From Holding Office; CA Facing Power Outages Amid Heat Wave | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2022 26:35

    NTD Evening News—09/06/2022 1. Dems May Add Same-Sex Marriage to Gov't Bill 2. Trump Raid Benefits China Agenda: Analyst 3. Official Barred from Office Over Jan. 6th 4. California Faces Power Outages Amid Heatwave 5. CA Fast Food Workers Could Be Paid $22/hr

    Judge Grants Trump's Special Master Request; Activists Sue BLM Leader in Alleged Fraud Case | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2022 22:51

    NTD Evening News—09/05/2022 1. Judge Agrees to Special Master, Orders DOJ to Pause Investigation 2. Biden, Trump Make Dueling Speeches 3. New Poll: Some NY Dems Might Vote Republican 4. BLM Exec Accused of Stealing $10M in ‘Fees' 5. Dr. Swain: BLM Not About Helping Black People 6. Liz Truss to Be UK's Next Prime Minister 7. Expectations Low as Truss Is Named New PM 8. EU Running Low on Weapons Because of Ukraine 9. Spitz Recalls Munich Tragedy 50 Years Later

    Feds Took Over 11K Non-Classified Docs From Trump's Home; Biden Walks Back ‘MAGA-Republicans' Remark

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2022 49:43

    NTD Evening News—09/02/2022 1. Over 11,000 Non-Classified Docs Seized 2. Clark: Seized Documents Need Neutral Review 3. Biden Walks Back Comments on Trump Voters 4. Ex-NYC Cop Gets 10 Years for J6 Involvement 5. Dept. of Veteran Affairs to Provide Abortions 6. $1B in Stimulus Checks Sent to Inmates: Rep. 7. Actress Jane Fonda Undergoing Treatment 8. Concerns Over Ak Ranked-Choice Voting Outcome 9. Argentine Vice President Threatened by Gunman 10. August Jobs RPT: Hiring Slowed, Market Strong

    Judge Delays Trump's Special Master Request; New Docs Show Biden-Big Tech Collusion: Attorney

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2022 48:46

    NTD Evening News—09/01/2022 1. Judge Holds Off on Appointing Special Master 2. Suit Uncovers Gov't Pushing Social Media Censorship 3. Arizona Governor Visits Taiwan 4. Texas Busing Illegal Immigrants to Chicago 5. California Urges Residents Not to Charge Cars 6. Proposed Quarantine Camps in New York State 7. Kirk: Colleges Are Bloated, Produce Bad Ideas 8. KS Teacher Awarded $95K in Pronouns Lawsuit 9. 4th Grade Reading and Math Scores Plunge 10. No Named Storm in Aug. For 1st Time in 25YRS 11. Father and Son Rescued After Boat Sinks 12. Psychedelic Decriminalization Bill on Hold 13. Expert Comments on Calif. Teachers' Pay 14. Broncos' QB Wilson Signs $245 M Extension 15. Boris Johnson Pledges Nuclear Power Expansion 16. ‘Humanitarian Crisis' for Children: Report 17. The ‘Cost of Lockdown' Crisis: Alan Miller 18. 3,000-Year-Old Tomb Found in Peru 19. Animals Cool Off With Ice Cubes in Heat Wave

    NY to Make Churches, Other Places Gun-Free Zones; Desantis Sues FDA Over Low-Cost Drug Issue

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2022 51:37

    NTD Evening News—08/31/2022 1. DOJ: Trump Withheld Classified Documents 2. DOJ Reminds Workers Not to Talk With Congress 3. FBI Employee Charged for Molesting 5 Girls 4. Is NY's New Gun Law Constitutionally Sound? 5. FL Sues FDA Over Canada Drug Import Program

    Last Leader of Soviet Union Dead at 91; Top-Level FBI Agent Accused of Bias Resigns: Reports | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2022 54:22

    NTD Evening News—08/30/2022 1. Last Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev Dies 2. Biased Special Master Suggestions 'a Joke' 3. Top FBI Agent Resigns after Alleged Bias 4. Biden Touts Anti-crime Plan before Midterms 5. Push for Credit Cards to Flag Gun Buys

    Feds Finish Examining Trump Raid Documents: DOJ; Gov. Brian Kemp is Ordered to Testify Before Jury

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2022 51:16

    NTD Evening News—08/29/2022 1. NASA Launch Postponed Over Engine Problems 2. Remains of Star Trek Personalities in Space 3. Order: Judge May Green Light Special Master 4. Graham Expects Riots if Trump Is Prosecuted 5. GA Grand Jury: Gov. Kemp Appearance Delayed 6. PA Abruptly Changes Voter Registration Form 7. Plan for Illegal Immigrant Id Cards 8. FL: A Look at Charlie Crist's Running Mate 9. 15 Protesters Dead in Clash With Iraqi Police 10. Rise in Laptop Landlords 11. Elon Musk Says the World Needs Oil and Gas 12. Electrify Expo Showcases Electric Vehicles 13. Honda Announces Battery Plant in U.S. 14. VA Gov. Vows to Halt Ban on Gas Powered Cars 15. Memorial Held for 13 Lost Service Members 16. SF Realtor Found Guilty of Bank Fraud 17. NTD Holds Chinese Martial Arts Competition 18. Mickey Mantle Card Sells for Record $12.6 M 19. U.S. Warships Sail Through Taiwan Strait 20. China, Mongolia Join Military Drill in Russia 21. Heatwave Still Roasting China, Flood Forecast 22. Chinese Protest Local Lockdown Measures 23. ~1 in 4 Won't Use Heating in Winter: UK Poll 24. Royal Navy's Biggest Warship Breaks Down 25. London Rally Marks Millions Quitting the CCP 26. UN Agency to Inspect Ukraine Nuclear Plant 27. ‘Seeing Is Believing'? Illusions Distort Images Through Eyes to the Brain 28. Malta Celebrates Greasy Pole Tournament

    Redacted Affidavit Used in Trump Raid Released; Facebook Censored Hunter Biden Laptop Story: Zuckerberg

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2022 51:45

    NTD Evening News—08/26/2022 1. Redacted Trump Search Affidavit Released 2. Mike Davis: Raid Was Unprecedented, Unlawful 3. Whistleblower Speaks on Facebook Censorship 4. Powell: High Rates Could Last for Some Time 5. How Will Fed's Rate Hikes Affect People? 6. Asylum Claim Backlog Grows to Historic Level 7. DC Students Aged 12+ Must Get Covid-19 Vax 8. Moderna Sues Pfizer, BioNTech 9. American College Campuses Monitoring Speech 10. Advocate: Rape and Coercion in Pornography

    Redacted Affidavit in Trump Raid to Be Released; 2 Plead Guilty to Theft of Ashley Biden's Diary

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2022 48:48

    NTD Evening News—08/25/2022 1. Trump Raid Affidavit to Be Released by Friday 2. DOJ Memo Advises Mueller Not to Charge Trump 3. 2 Plead Guilty to Stealing Ashley Biden Diary 4. Whistleblowers on Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal 5. Economy Shrank 0.6% in Second Quarter

    Biden Cancels $10K Student Debt for Most Borrowers; Deadly Missile Strike Reported in Ukraine

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 52:27

    NTD Evening News—08/24/2022 1. Biden Cancels $10K Debt per Student 2. College Costs Rising 4X Faster Than Inflation 3. Rep. Jerry Nadler Ousts Maloney in NY Primary 4. Police Investigating After Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Swatted 5. NYC Spending Big to House Illegal Immigrants 6. ~6M Illegal Immigrants Since Biden: Avila 7. ACLU, Media Sue AZ Over Law on Filming Police 8. Banning New Gas Car Sales After 2035 9. University of Texas Could Be Richest School 10. 22 Killed in Independence Day Raid in Ukraine 11. $3B More Aid for Ukraine on Independence Day 12. U.S. Strikes ‘Iran-Backed Militia' in Syria 13. New Mexico Town Running Out of Drinking Water 14. Steamboat Springs Bans New Short-Term Rentals 15. Chiefs Hall of Fame QB Len Dawson Passes Away 16. 7 Chinese Companies Added to U.S. Export Black List 17. Lawyer on China's Hidden Transplant Trade 18. UK: Truss, Sunak Clash on Economic Visions 19. South LA Graduate, Heads to Berkeley With $3.5M

    Jury Convicts 2 Men in Plot to Kidnap Gov. Whitmer; Judge Seeks More Details About Trump's Motion

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2022 54:16

    1. Jury Convicts 2 Men in MI Gov. Kidnap Plot 2. DOD Denies DC's 2nd Plea for Immigration Help 3. What Happens If Governors Declare Invasion? 4. Judge Orders Trump to Provide More Evidence 5. WH Helped FBI Access Trump Documents: Letter

    Trump Sues to Block DOJ From Reviewing Raid Material; Wisconsin School Board Bans Pride, BLM Flags

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2022 52:20

    NTD Evening News—08/22/2022 1. Trump Sues to Block DOJ Review of Seized Docs 2. Judge: Gov't Hasn't Proven - Affidavit Should Remain Sealed 3. Fauci to Step Down, Face Probe by Republicans 4. Sen. Graham's Grand Jury Testimony on Hold 5. Oil Lease Ruling Expected to Bring Down Cost 6. Kiely Rodni's Car Found in Lake, Body Inside 7. Wisconsin School Board Bans Political Flags 8. Arizona's Empowerment Scholarship Accounts 9. 3 Ar Cops Suspended After Video Shows Beating 10. Nearly 5m Illegal Immigrants in 18 Months 11. Mothers of Fentanyl Overdose Victims Rally 12. Special Operations Warrior Foundation's Story 13. Law Enforcement Disperse Street Takeovers 14. Parade Celebrates 400 Million Quitting CCP 15. Injured Little Leaguer Might Fully Recover 16. Russia Blames Ukraine for Fatal Car Bomb 17. Russian Missiles Rain Down on Ukraine 18. Sunak and Truss: Uk-china Policies 19. Former Pakistan PM Facing Terrorism Charges 20. Drought-hit Dam Reveals 'Spanish Stonehenge'

    ISIS ‘Beatle' Who Beheaded Americans Sentenced to Life; Judge Pauses Biden Ban on New Oil Leases

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2022 53:12

    NTD Evening News—08/19/2022 1. ISIS 'Beatle' Sentenced to Life in Prison 2. McConnell: House Flip More Likely Than Senate 3. Davis: Release Full Affidavit, Redact Names 4. Judge Blocks Biden's Pause on Oil, Gas Leases 5. Religious Servicemen Send Report to Congress 6. Government to Stop Paying for Covid Vaccines 7. Polio Circulating in NY Since April: CDC 8. Arizona AG Seeks to Revive 1864 Abortion Law 9. Philadelphia Mayor Sued for Funding Abortions 10. NJ Teachers Union Calls Parents 'Extremists'

    Judge Agrees to Release Redacted Affidavit in Trump Raid; Monkeypox Is an STD: AIDS Organization

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2022 49:13

    NTD Evening News—08/18/2022 1. Judge Might Release Part of Search Affidavit 2. Dr. Ben Carson | American Cornerstone Inst. 3. Fmr Trump Organization CFO Pleads Guilty 4. WH to Distribute 1.8m Vaccines 5. Monkeypox Transmitted Sexually: Research 6. Salman Rushdie Stabbing Suspect Indicted 7. US, Taiwan to Begin Trade Talks in Fall 8. CNN's 'reliable Sources' Ends; Stelter Leaves 9. Mental Health: New Focus for 'back to School' 10. Single Parents Feel the Brunt of Inflation 11. Lowe's Giving Millions in Worker Bonuses 12. Florida Arrests 20 People for Voter Fraud 13. Browns QB Watson to Serve 11-game Suspension 14. Elders Attacked, SF Community Demands Action 15. Taiwan, China Stage Dueling Military Drills 16. Data: Do U.S. Tech Curbs on China Really Work? 17. Zelenskyy Meets With UN Chief, Turkey Leader 18. UK Strikes May Continue 'indefinitely': Union 19. Gen Z Pushing the Fashion Industry 20. A Little Known Botanical Oasis in Los Angeles

    Pence Defends FBI Agents, Calls for Transparency in Trump Raid; Two Fined in ‘Kids-for-Cash' Scandal | NTD Evening News

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2022 51:10

    NTD Evening News—08/17/2022 1. Pence Urges GOP Not to Criticize FBI Agents 2. Bulletin: Calls for Civil War After FL Raid 3. Trump Backed Hageman Wins in Wyoming Primary 4. Giuliani Testifies in Ga 2020 Election Probe 5. 2 Former Pa Judges Fined $200M in Jail Scheme

    Judge Avoids Immediate Release of Affidavit in Trump Raid; Biden Signs 'Inflation Reduction Act'

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2022 53:23

    NTD Evening News—08/16/2022 1. Judge Plans Hearing on Trump Raid Affidavit 2. What Powers Does Congress Have Over the FBI? 3. Biden Signs Dems. Big Budget Bill Into Law 4. Biden Cancels Nearly $4B in Student Loan Debt 5. Cheney vs Hageman in Wyoming Primaries

    DOJ Wants to Keep Affidavit in Trump Raid Under Wraps; Court Orders Sen. Lindsey Graham to Testify

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2022 50:32

    1. DOJ Wants Trump Search Affidavit Sealed 2. Trump: FBI Seized Privileged Records in Raid 3. CDC Reverses Key COVID-19 Guidance 4. Judge: Graham Must Testify on 2020 Election 5. U.S. Lawmakers in Taiwan Amid Beijing Threats 6. One-Year Anniversary of Taliban Take Over 7. Salman Rushdie Recovering Following Stabbing 8. Palestinian Gunman Wounds 8 in Jerusalem 9. HPV Vax: Alleged Life-Changing Side Effects 10. Native Tribes Sue Feds Over Lithium Mining 11. Alabama Football Team Tops Ap Preseason Poll 12. Wife, Supporters Call for Lawyer's Release 13. Falun Gong Raises Awareness of Persecution 14. China Tech Firms Share Algorithms w/ Regime 15. Fears War Is Contaminating Ukraine's Waters 16. Sailors Bring Traditional Sailing to Bay Area 17. Illinois State Fair Thrills Visitors 18. Movie Theaters Making a Comeback 19. Box Office: ‘Top Gun: Maverick' Flies Again

    Judge Unseals FBI Warrant Used to Raid Trump's Home; Actor Anne Heche Dies in Car Crash Aftermath

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2022 50:28

    NTD Evening News—08/12/2022 1. House GOP Demands Answers on FBI Raid 2. Judge Unseals Trump Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant 3. Rep. Mtg Introduces Ag Garland Impeachment 4. Trump Org Tax Fraud Case Not Dismissed 5. House Democrats Pass Budget Bill, Off to WH 6. Is the Inflation Reduction Act Inflationary? 7. DC Again Asks for Help Amid Immigrant Surge 8. Author Salman Rushdie Stabbed at NY Lecture 9. Actor Anne Heche Dies in Car Crash 10. Covid-19 Vax Sidelines Immune System: Doctor

    AG Merrick Garland Defends FBI Raid of Trump's Home; Armed Man Tried Breaching FBI Building: Reports

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 48:17

    NTD Evening News—08/11/2022 1. DOJ Asks Court to Unseal Search Warrant 2. Nunes: Biden Admin Same Cast as 'Russia Hoax' 3. Attempted Breach at FBI Ohio Field Office 4. Former Agent on IRS Targeting Certain Groups 5. Oregon Court: Gov. Can Release 1K Inmates 6. Groups Rally in DC to Oppose Title IX Changes 7. Gas Prices Fall Below $4 a Gallon 8. Analyst: Lower Gas Prices Not Here to Stay 9. Food Pantries Struggling to Feed Families 10. People Pawning & Selling More Items: Inflation 11. LA Approves Funds to Add Police in Hollywood 12. New CA Program for Students and Newborns 13. Initiative Gives School Supplies to Students 14. Bryant Crash Site Photos Lawsuit Starts 15. China Foreign Ministry Takes Backlash Over Tweet 16. Officials Speculate Cause of Crimea Blasts 17. Alleged 'Beatle' Terrorist Appears in Court 18. Harris Hawk Hinders Profuse Pigeon Population 19. Inspiring Students Start Glass Recycling Plant 20. Cowboy Cosplayers in Wa Recreate Wild West 21. Lego Celebrates 90th Birthday w/ Giant Cake

    Judge: DOJ Must Respond to Warrant Issue in Trump Raid; Iran Agent is Charged in Plot to Kill Bolton

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 53:10

    NTD Evening News—08/10/2022 1. Trump Responds to Mar-a-Lago Raid 2. Optics of Raid Are 'Troubling': Alex Newman 3. Rep. Scott Perry Says FBI Seized His Phone 4. Iranian Charged in Plot To Kill John Bolton 5. Inflation Slows After Year of Price Increases

    Reporters Press White House Over FBI Raid of Trump's Home; Biden Signs CHIPS Act | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 54:07

    NTD Evening News—08/09/2022 1. WH Reacts to Raid of Trump Mar-a-Lago Estate 2. Judge Approved Search Warrants Days Ahead 3. Rep. Gaetz: Republicans Are Demanding Answers 4. Biden Signs Bill To Boost U.S. Chips 5. DHS Officially Ends 'Remain in Mexico' Policy

    'Grease' Star Olivia Newton-John Dies at 73; Another Bus of Illegal Immigrants Arrives in NYC | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 53:13

    NTD Evening News—8/8/2022 1. Singer Olivia Newton-John Dies at 73 2. Biden Visits Flood-Hit Areas in Kentucky 3. Dem. Budget Bill Off To House, Set for WH 4. Lawsuit Over Charter School Funding 5. NYC Mayor Criticizes TX for Sending Buses 6. Trump Would Rehire Unvaxed Troops w/ Backpay 7. Trial on Alleged Plot To Kidnap Mi Governor 8. Israel, Islamic Jihad Agree to Ceasefire 9. Whistleblower: Afghan Evacuees on Watchlist 10. Twitter Permanently Bans Author James Lindsay 11. Former Twitter CEO Calls for End of CCP 12. Bill Would Stop CCP From Buying U.S. Farmland 13. Muslim Men Killings May Be Linked: Nm Police 14. Home Burned After Actress' Car Crash 15. Calif. DMV Accuses Tesla of False Advertising 16. American Food With a Chicago Twist 17. PGA Files Motion To Disqualify Liv Golfers 18. Un: Fighting Around Nuclear Plant ‘Suicidal' 19. Heatwave Exposes Paris' Lack of Trees 20. Grape Season in California's Napa Valley 21. Designer Turns Pantry Items Into Ice Cream

    Israel Kills A Top Leader in Designated Terrorist Group; Texas Sends Illegal Immigrant Bus to NYC

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 6, 2022 48:57

    NTD Evening News—08/05/2022 1. Israel Kills Jihad Commander in Airstrikes 2. Islamic Jihad Wreaks Havoc in Gaza: Analysis 3. Democrats Race To Pass Sweeping Budget Bill 4. Illegal Immigrant Bus From TX Arrives in NYC 5. China Sanctions Pelosi Over Taiwan Trip 6. White House Summons Chinese Ambassador 7. Sheriff: Rep. Walorski's Car Crossed Line 8. Local Churches Sue United Methodist Church 9. Internet War: Broadband vs. 5G Wireless 10. July Labor Market Remains Strong

    US Declares Monkeypox Health Emergency; US Delays Another Missile Test to Ease China-Taiwan Tension

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 53:28

    NTD Evening News—08/04/2022 1. Pentagon Delays ICBM Test Over Taiwan Tension 2. Monkeypox Declared a Public Health Emergency 3. DeSantis Suspends Soros-Backed Prosecutor 4. COVID Voting Rules in FL County Canceled 5. DOJ Charges 4 Officers in Breonna Taylor Raid 6. Patient Says She Refused Mask, Got Arrested 7. Report: Migrant 'Superhighway' Boosts Access 8. How Illegal Immigration Impacts the U.S. 9. Biden Touts Inflation Reduction Act 10. Kentucky Residents Volunteer After Flood 11. SF DA Revokes Over 30 Misdemeanor Drug Pleas 12. Geico Closes Almost All Offices in California 13. Urgent Warning on Newsoms Energy Policies 14. Boston Subway Line To Shut Down for One Month 15. WNBA's Griner Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison 16. China To Buy a Strategic Solomon Islands Port 17. Security Concerns Over Paris 2024 Olympics 18. Veterinarians Treat Pets in Remote Australia

    Congresswoman Dies in Car Crash; Senate Leads First Gain of Function Research Hearing Since Pandemic

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 52:35

    NTD Evening News—08/03/2022 1. GOP Rep. Jackie Walorski Killed in Car Crash 2. Kansas Referendum on Abortion Ban Fails 3. Biden Signs Exec. Order on Abortion 4. Grant Newsham, the Center for Security Policy 5. Pelosi's Husband Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

    DOJ Sues to Expand Abortion Access in Red State; The Unborn Can Be Listed as Tax Dependents: GA | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 53:38

    NTD Evening News—08/02/2022 1. Justice Dept. Sues Idaho Over Abortion Ban 2. Ga Taxpayers Can Claim Embryos As Dependents 3. Biden Appoints Monkeypox Coordinators 4. Pelosi Visits Taiwan, Defies Beijing Threats 5. Zawahiri's Death a Meaningful Blow: Analysis

    Judge Hands Down Longest J6 Prison Sentence; US Journalist Accuses Iran of Assassination Attempt

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 48:35

    NTD Evening News—08/01/2022 1. Biden to Speak on Operation Against Al-Qaida 2. Longest Jan. 6th Sentence 3. Woman Accuses Iran of Assassination Attempt 4. Pelosi to Visit Taiwan on Tuesday: Report 5. WH to Give Ukraine $550 Million Military Aid 6. Should U.S. Release the 'Merchant of Death'? 7. CDC, Facebook Alliance Free Speech Violation? 8. Tax Analyst: 15% Tax to Slow Economic Growth 9. Kentucky Flooding Death Toll Rises 10. 'Star Trek' Actress Nichelle Nichols Dies 11. Amazon's Biggest Quarterly Layoff 12. Twitter Halts Censorship of the Epoch Times 13. Economist: Gov't Climate Regulations on Agriculture Reduce Food Production 14. Cyberattacks on Port of LA Doubled 15. Free Appliances to Save Money, Electricity 16. Calif: McKinney Fire Evacuees Find Shelter 17. Browns QB Deshaun Watson Suspended 6 Games 18. Grain Ship Leaving Odesa Port 19. Putin: NATO, U.S. Are Russia's Main Threat 20. UK Police Arrest Men Over Social Media Post 21. UK: Celebrations After Lionesses Win Euro '22 22. Chicago: A City of Architecture

    Health Care Workers Win $10.3M in Vaccine Lawsuit; Pelosi Headed to Asia—Taiwan?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2022 49:48

    NTD Evening News—07/29/2022 1. Pelosi to Depart on Asia Trip 2. House Passing 'assault Weapons' Ban 3. To Fill Gaps in Az Border Wall 4. Hospital to Pay $10.3 Mil in Vax Settlement 5. NY and SF Declare Emergencies Over Monkeypox 6. Doctors Sue Medical Boards to Protect Speech 7. Manchin, Schumer Announce Energy+ Deal 8. Death, Destruction From Kentucky Floods 9. No Bond for Man Accused of Raping Ohio Girl 10. Alito on Foreign Criticism of Abortion Ruling

    DC Mayor Asks for Military's Help Over Immigrant 'Crisis'; Desantis Fights Drag Show Restaurant

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2022 52:13

    NTD Evening News—07/28/2022 1. Biden, Xi Talk Amid Tensions Over Taiwan 2. Biden Denies Recession as GDP Down .9% 3. Senate Dems Reach Deal on Spending Bill 4. DC Mayor Asks for Military Help 5. FL Gov. Aims to Protect Kids From 'Lewd' Show 6. Mom Loses Custody Over Trans Identity Battle 7. Mom Says She Lost Custody Over Trans Issue 8. Dangers of Telling Children They Can Be Trans 9. Justice Thomas Not Teaching at GWU 10. Canada Issues Emission Restrictions for Farms 11. Marijuana Packaged Like Brand-Name Candy 12. Mom Sues School District Over Vax Injured Son 13. $588M Bridge in Los Angeles Closes Again 14. Bubba Watson Latest to Join Liv Golf 15. General: China Space Effort a Threat to U.S. 16. China Sending Troops to Russia's Army Games 17. Risk of Nuclear War With China 'Growing' 18. Ukraine's Counterattack Gains Momentum: UK 19. 3-Year-Old Boy Forms Friendship With Donkey

    ‘The View' Apologizes to TPUSA After Lawsuit Threat; Mother Loses Child Custody After Gender Dispute | NTD Evening News

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2022 50:37

    NTD Evening News—07/27/2022 1. Biden Out of Quarantine After Negative Test 2. Senate Passes Bill to Boost Chip Production 3. 'The View' Apologizes for TPUSA Comments 4. Losing Custody for Saying Child's Not Trans 5. Puberty Blockers Raise Concerns, FDA Warnings

    Lia Thomas Loses NCAA Woman of the Year Run; Whistleblowers: FBI Hiding Crime Evidence on Hunter B. | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2022 52:55

    NTD Evening News—07/26/2022 1. Lia Thomas Loses Bid for NCAA Woman Award 2. Moms for Liberty Locked Out of Twitter 3. Whistleblowers: FBI Hid Hunter Biden Evidence 4. WH Downplays Possibility of Recession 5. Patel: Trump Authorized National Guard for J6

    'Goodfellas' Actor Paul Sorvino Dead at 83; Trial to Determine Alex Jones' Damages | NTD

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2022 51:49

    1. Actor Paul Sorvino Dead at 83 2. Monkeypox Vaccine Considered a Clinical Trial 3. How Can We Slow the Spread of Monkeypox? 4. Is Depression Caused by a Chemical Imbalance? 5. Trial to Determine Alex Jones' Damages 6. Enes Freedom: Choosing Morals Over Money 7. GOP Lawmakers List Priorities at DC Summit 8. Rapper Mourns Officer Who Saved His Life 9. Migrating Illegally Becoming More Dangerous 10. Lawmaker: Possible Threat Targeting U.S. DNA 11. DeSantis Warns of China Influence in Property 12. 1st U.S. Battery-Materials Plant to Be Built 13. Treasury Sec Yellen Downplays Recession Risk 14. SF Could Lose Half of Its Police Force: Sgt. 15. Gov. Newsom Declares Oak Fire Emergency 16. Gas Prices Drop in Southern Calif. 17. Chinese Rocket Plummeting Back to Earth 18. Expert: Matter of Time Before China's Falling Rocket Debris Hits People 19. Activist Says China Framed Him With Bomb Hoax 20. Sanctions on Russia Have Failed: Hungarian PM 21. Russia Offers Reassurances Over Wheat 22. The World's Largest Bouncing Festival

    Trump Ally Steve Bannon Convicted After Defying J6 Committee; Rep. Lee Zeldin's Attacker is Released

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    NTD Evening News—07/22/2022 1. Pres. Biden's Covid Symptoms Remain Mild 2. Bannon Found Guilty of Contempt in J6 Case 3. Rep. Zeldin's Attacker Let Go After Assault 4. Alleged Drug Traffickers Released on $0 Bail 5. Bused Illegal Immigrants Straining Shelters 6. Victim's Mom in Relationship w/ Rape Suspect? 7. GOP Letter to Google: Don't Suppress Pro-Life 8. Jan. 6 Panel Says Trump 'Chose Not to Act' 9. TSA Allows Illegal Immigrants to Use Arrest Warrants as ID to Board Flights 10. Source: China Microchip Maker Ships 7NM Chip 11. Expert: SMIC 7NM Chip Benefits China Military 12. Preserving American Education on Liberty 13. Americans Try to Keep Cool During Heat Wave 14. Rare Corpse Flower to Bloom in Silicon Valley 15. Monarch Butterflies Now Endangered Species 16. Ukraine, Russia Sign Un-Backed Grain Deal 17. European Central Bank Raises Interest Rates 18. Bavarian City on Strict Course to Save Energy 19. People Turn to Private Healthcare Over NHS 20. Can Supersonic Air Travel Be Sustainable?

    US Reports First Case of Polio in Nearly A Decade; Enes Freedom: NBA is Run by Chinese Dictatorship

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    NTD Evening News—07/21/2022 1. New York Reports Polio Case 
2. Biden 'Doing Well' After Positive Covid Test 3. Lawmakers Call for Boosting Taiwan Arms Sales 4. Keith Krach, Former Under Secretary of State 5. Bannon Defense Seeks Acquittal, Rests Case 6. Enes Freedom: NBA Run by Chinese Dictatorship 7. Asst. HHS Secretary Promoting Trans Ideology 8. Lourdes Ubieta, Americano Media 9. Diocese Issues Gender Identity Policy 10. Man Found Guilty in Ex-Police Captain's Death 11. 23rd Rally to End Falun Gong Persecution 12. Recalling Persecution of Falun Gong in China 13. CA Pulls Back Some Covid Rent Relief Funds 14. Turpin Siblings File Negligence Lawsuit 15. Former CA Official Explains Pension Crisis 16. Ukraine Grain Export Deal to Be Signed Friday 17. Russia Resumes Gas Deliveries at Low Capacity 18. Italy's PM Resigns After Government Crumbles 19. Remote Greek Island Achieves Zero-Waste

    Senators Move to Alter Election Certification Law; Biden to Take 'Incredible' Climate Change Action

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    NTD Evening News—07/20/2022 1. Ukraine First Lady Asks U.S. for Arms 2. New Bill on Vice President's Electoral Role 3. Projected Winners in Maryland Primaries 4. George Soros Donates $1M to Beto O'Rourke 5. Pulitzer Affirms NYT, WAPO Russia Stories

    'The Squad' Arrested Outside Supreme Court; Judge Drops Murder Charge Against NY Bodega Worker

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    NTD Evening News—07/19/2022 1. Pelosi to Visit Taiwan Amid CCP Warning: RPT 2. Senators Advance Bill Boosting U.S. Chips 3. Bodega Stabbing Death Murder Charge Dropped 4. Police Arrest 17 Lawmakers Outside SCOTUS 5. Planned Parenthood Clinic in Calif. School?

    City Honors Armed Citizen For Killing Mall Shooter; Woman Behind ‘China City of America' Arrested

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    NTD Evening News—07/18/2022 1. Armed Citizen Stops Mall Shooter in Indiana 2. 77-Page Uvalde Report and New Bodycam Footage 3. Feds Arrest 2 Long Islanders for Fraud Scheme 4. Oil Jumps After Biden's Saudi Trip 5. Iran Claims Ability to Make Nuclear Bomb 6. Dems. Revamp Call to Add 4 Justices to Scotus 7. Pelosi Responds to Husband's Stock Purchase 8. Mike Pompeo Suggests a Run for Presidency 9. Calif. Commemorates 23 Years of Persecution 10. HS Students Awarded for Fentanyl Art Contest 11. Lia Thomas Nominated for 'Woman of the Year' 12. Zelenskyy Fires Spy Chief, Top Prosecutor 13. Economist: EU Faces Recession if Russia Cuts Off Gas Supply 14. Munich Pub Trades Beer for Scarce Cooking Oil 15. Europe Battles Wildfires as Heatwave Spreads 16. Heatwave: UK's First Red Extreme Heat Warning 17. Unvaxed Health Workers Ask to Be Reinstated 18. Rescued Tigers Get Care and New Home in Ca 19. Getty Museum Celebrates 25th Anniversary 20. Museum of Ice Cream Brings Out Inner Child

    Dems Pass Bill to Legalize Abortions Nationwide; Jury Orders Airline to Pay Millions to Fired Worker

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    NTD Evening News—07/15/2022 1. Democrats Pass Two Bills to Expand Abortions 2. Many Questions Arise About Ohio Rape Suspect 3. Secret Service Deleted Jan. 6 Texts: Dhs Ig 4. Biden Visits Saudi Arabia, Meets Crown Prince 5. Lawmakers Back Calls to Declare Southern Border Crisis an 'invasion' 6. $5.3m Jury Verdict Against Southwest, Union 7. Jason Kunisch, U.s. Airline Captain 8. Lost Baggage Consumer Advice 9. Medical Examination of Jayland Walker 10. Judge Blocks Air Force From Punishing Unvaxed

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