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two lifelong friends share their ridiculous & spicy thoughts on pop culture, sports, politics, and current events.

We Need 2 Talk

    • Jun 29, 2022 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from We Need 2 Talk

    Supreme Clientele

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 100:15

    It's a hot one here in the WN2T studio, but the fellas are keeping things chillllllll. First up, we have some very special and exciting announcements regarding Westerly politics and the upcoming elections (7:55). Next, we review the bombshell testimony from former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson during the January 6th Commission hearings today (24:21). Finally, we look at a regrettable week in Supreme Court decisions, including the overturning of Roe v. Wade (1:05:55).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Home on the Range

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 107:41

    The Boi is back, and he's got stories! Felix is back from vaca, and he and Willis chat about their Father's Day (10:45). Then, Felix gives us a rundown of his time out in Yellowstone (19:38). Next, the guys talk about the NBA champion Golden State Warriors and some lil NBA Nuggz (46:42). Lastly, the fellas talk Vince McMahon and his scandalous time at WWE (1:25:13).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Lone Wolf and Cub

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 54:35

    Our boi Felix is still on vacation, so it's our pleasure to present this week's co-host: Willis' son, Money Ma$e! He's been asking to be a part of the pod for months, and now it's finally his time to shine. First, we talk about the crazy flooding and destruction happening in Yellowstone, and what that has to do with global warming (6:40). Next, we talk a little NBA Finals and recap Game 5 (18:42). Last, but certainly not least, Money Ma$e gives us his Top 3 Current Teams and Top 3 All-Time Teams to use in NBA 2K22, and we discuss why sports games are the best (31:20).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Here Comes a New Challenger

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 98:21

    We have a special surprise for the family! Felix is out of town so we welcome our good homie Trev Allen (@trevallen81) of The Struggling Artist Podcast (@podcasttsa) has stepped in to fill his chair for the day! Willis and Trev talk about their time in the bar business (25:20). Trev tells the Family a bit about his podcast beginnings and about the importance of having convos about mental health (53:05). Last but not least, Willis and Trev reminisce on their Top 3 Hip Hop Albums from their high school dayz, 1995-1999 (1:10:55).The Struggling Artist Podcast: https://podcasttsa.buzzsprout.comhttps://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Ah Sh*t, Here We Go Again

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 86:12

    The Certified Spicy Bois are back with another hot one! This week, the guys talk about the horrific events in Uvalde, Texas and the continued call for common-sense gun control (7:45). Also, they give their predictions and takes on the upcoming NBA Finals matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics (51:10).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    The Score

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 82:57

    The fellas start things off by commenting on the truly horrifying breaking news out of Uvalde, Texas (5:20). Next, they update the Fam on the votes for the Denzel Washington All Stars and name their 1st Team and 2nd Team, along with some Honorable Mentions (20:17). Lastly, the Bois talk NBA Conference Finals (59:45).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    The Replacements & the Denzel Washington All Stars

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 121:58

    The Bois are back in the studio and delivering that hot and fresh content you all love! Felix and Willis have much to say about the tragedy that happened in Buffalo (10:48), and they finally deliver on their promise to bring you the Denzel Washington All Stars! (1:01:31) They each nominate five actors and compare them to NBA greats, and next episode they will announce their 1st Team and 2nd Team.https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    The Vocal Minority

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 93:29

    The Bois missed you last week, but not to worry...absence makes the heart grow stronger...and  this pod is brolic. The guys kick things off talking about the Supreme Court draft decision leak predicting that Roe v. Wade will be overturned (11:08). Next, Willis and Felix talk about the RICO indictment being brought against Young Thug and Gunna (58:16). The fellas' favorite Westerly School Committee member introduces a shite new policy idea (1:12:02). Last, but not least, Kendrick Lamar has dropped an amazing new single (and accompanying video), and the guys can't wait for the new album to drop (1:27:40).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    No Context

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 94:57

    The Bois are back this week, putting up Kobe numbers! First up,  chairman of the Westerly Democratic Committee, Robert Ritacco, has been charged with 1st degree sexual assault, highlighting the need more than ever for new leadership in town (6:59).  Next, let's just wait a minute before we pick sides in the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard civil case (24:48). The Brooklyn Nets have been swept, so what does that mean for the Nets going forward (45:00)? Finally, Ron Desantis picks a fight with Disney (1:17:16).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Bring That Same Energy

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 92:11

    The Bois celebrate the illustrious career of Denzel Washington and run down the possibly unmatched run he's been on since the 90s (8:58). Next up, Felix and Willis talk about the amazing first game of the Nets/Celtics Round 1 matchup and the Eff U energy Kyrie Irving and the City of Boston have for each other (29:50). Lastly, Felix reminisces and eulogizes on the abandoned local ice cream shop of our youth and the guys discuss the economic growth of North Stonington (52:50).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Family ReUnion

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 96:08

    Better late than never, right? Right?!?! Anyway, the homies are back in their bag for this week's pod! First, Willis explains his hiatus from social media (5:33). Next, the guys bring back their Cousin of the Week segment for the President of the Amazon Labor Union Chris Smalls and his efforts to organize the workers of the JFK8 warehouse on Staten Island, despite heavy resistance fro the biggest corporation in the US (11:48). Lastly, the homies get into their long-awaited NBA Playoff Preview and break down all of the playoff matchups, give their predictions on who will advance, and also give their picks for league MVP (42:45).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    A Good 90 Minutes

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 121:17

    The Bois get a little long winded this week, but that's only because they've been saving these topics for a few weeks, and the takes are overflowing! First, the guys address the April Fool's joke that fooled even Felix's wife (1:33). Next up, the guys talk about the masterpiece that is Matt Reeves' The Batman (8:01). After that marathon Bat-stravaganza, they briefly talk about the problematic exploits of Ezra Miller, who's been playing The Flash in the DC movies (1:01:32). Last, but not least, the guys talk about Lia Thomas and transgender athletes (1:07:30).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    We Don't Talk About Jada

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 104:38

    You knew it was coming, and the fellas delivered. You've heard some takes, but not like this. Willis and Felix go in on the slap heard 'round the world, the Will Smith-Oscars slap against Chris Rock (13:25). Plus, the guys talk about the rest of Oscars Night (1:23:10).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Nothing to Talk About, Lots to Say

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 104:57

    The Bois are back on their bullsh!t this week with another jam-packed episode of WE NEED 2 TALK! They get into some Ukraine tings (4:30). Next, they recap the clown show that was the GOP's questioning of Ketanji Brown-Jackson at her Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearing (25:50). After some quick Watchmen talk, the guys discuss the details of the monumental Deshaun Watson trade (1:01:10). Last, but not least, Felix asks Willis why he (and the rest of America) are killing good movies (1:19:10).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Bad Times Don't Last...Bad Guys Do

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 87:21

    Hey yo! The WN2T Bois are back with another episode of the often imitated, never duplicated WE NEED 2 TALK podcast! The guys pour one out for WWE legend Scott Hall, who passed away yesterday (4:56). Next, Felix and Willis talk about the lack of criminal charges being brought against Deshaun Watson and what the next move is for him (22:56). Last, but not least, Willis has some questions on whether Dave Matthews Band is worth the hype (57:00).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Florida Man

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022 82:12

    Felix and Willis are back in the North End Studio for another glorious episode of the WE NEED 2 TALK podcast! First, we discuss the detention of WNBA star Brittney Griner in Russia and how that may play out (7:35). Next, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law the "Don't Say Gay" bill this week, and the guys definitely have some thoughts (32:23). Finally, after such a week of football madness, the fellas touch on multiple football-related topics in NFL Nuggz (55:05).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Risk on the Subway

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2022 53:01

    The Bois are warm and toasty in the North End Studios this week for the WE NEED 2 TALK podcast! This week, the guys look at the Russian invasion of Ukraine (3:10) and the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court (30:28).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Speak to Me in Regular Font

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2022 73:30

    This week's lineup is chock full of content, so let's get right into it! The guys react to Kanye's latest social media outbursts and discuss how toxic and abusive his behavior towards his ex Kim has been (7:25). The Kim Potter verdict was handed down this week and (surprise!) we are not impressed with the results (44:06). The NBA celebrated its 75th anniversary during this past weekend's All-Star festivities and it was a beautiful thing to see (57:58). Finally, Joe Biden is definitely NOT giving out free crack pipes (1:05:08).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Cheese Dreamz

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2022 73:39

    The Bois are back with another episode of the WE NEED 2 TALK podcast! First up: Felix dreamz of a day when he can waltz into his local grocer and buy...shredded American cheese (3:59). Next, Willis has some post-Trade-Deadline NBA questions (20:53). Lastly, many states are ditching the mask mandates...good move? (56:39)https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Black Cranstons Matter

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 75:44

    Greetings, family! The WE NEED 2 TALK podcast delivers on their promise to keep it spicy this week! First, Felix ponders the moral dilemma of Black musical artists participating in this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show while the NFL faces its harshest criticism yet for its lack of black leadership/ownership (5:45). Willis is pumped af for where The Book of Boba Fett could be going next, even if it's not Boba's show anymore (46:04).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Compromising Positions for $1000

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2022 88:51

    It's a very exciting day as we celebrate our 69th episode of the pod! After some chitchat on the benefits and, well, shortcomings of the infamous sexual position, we head right into our words for the retiring GOAT, Tom Brady (15:03). Today we learned that ex-Dolphins HC Brian Flores has filed a lawsuit for discrimination against the NFL (35:30), and last but not least, we celebrate the long reign of the Jeopardy queen Amy Schneider (1:08:49).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Melancholy & The Divisional Sadness

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 76:13

    Join the homies this week as they dive head first into the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs! First tho, they give a warm welcome to the new kids in town, Knead Doughnuts! (3:00) Next, Willis mourns the end of the Bucs season and ponders the future in Tompa Bay(8:33). Finally, the fellas look at the results of each of the Divisional Round games and give their predictions for the Championship games. (32:58)https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Big Swingers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 97:47

    It's your friendly North End neighborhood superheroes, Felix and Willis, back for another ep of the WE NEED 2 TALK podcast! First up, Microsoft makes a $68M purchase of Activision Blizzard amidst a potentially industry-changing lawsuit (6:58). The Homies discuss the results of the NFL's Wild Card Weekend and look ahead to the Divisional Round playoff matchups (31:20). Finally, Felix finally got to the theater to watch the new Spiderman flick, so the guys discuss Spiderman: No Way Home, Eternals, and how many superheroes does one movie need (1:01:51)?https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: ttps://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Fear and Loathing in Tatooine

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2022 90:08

    Come ride with the homies as they bring your weekly art to the masses! The guys wonder why the government wasn't more prepared for Omicron (5:15). They ask the Westerly Sun to pump the brakes on printing the paid attack ads by Bobby C. (23:16).  The guys get to chat about all things The Book of Boba Fett and Star Wars (28:37). They have something to say about the firing of ex-Dolphins coach Brian Flores (52:46), and then they dish on the new Weeknd album Dawn FM, and look at his place as one of the most innovative and successful artists today (1:10:06).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpod/Twitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Million Dollar Baby

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 76:53

    The Bois have come in from the cold and turned the mics up to maximum spice levels to warm the ears and hearts of our WN2T family! On this glorious ep, Felix and Willis talk about Antonio Brown and all of the angles surrounding his unceremonious exit from the Tampa Bay Bucs (8:46), and the United States smashing the world record for new Covid cases in one day (45:56).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    CDC Says Take the Blue Pill

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2021 78:20

    Another glorious edition of the WE NEED 2 TALK podcast has commenced! The guys get together and discuss the polarizing new Matrix: Resurrections movie (8:35). Willis has some things to get off of his chest over the new CDC guidelines (36:13). Lastly, Felix looks for something...anything...to love about the New York Football Giants (1:08:48).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    You're a Mean One, Mr. Manchin

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 85:07

    We don't want a lot from Christmas, just our WN2T Family happy, healthy, and turnt up! The Bois are delivering this week's episode to you this week, full of holiday cheer! They kick things off giving a shout out to their homie Trev and his super-necessary podcast The Struggling Artist Podcast, and the world-famous Lobster Trap Tree in Stonington Borough (6:20). Next, the guys recap the season finale of MTV's The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies and talk about what's next for the winner (19:10). The guys discuss Joe Manchin and his Grinch-like attitude towards the Build Back Better Act (46:10). Felix wonders what it'd be like to be a part-time NBA player...something Kyrie Irving is about to find out (1:01:30). Last, but definitely not least, the guys choose their top three Christmas bops (1:17:04).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    A Gender Queer Heat Check

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 72:46

    Reunited and it feels so good! Felix and Willis are back together, in person and in the flesh, and the North End Studio is live as the Bois bring you that fresh art! Is Black Panther 2 in trouble (8:26)? Mark Meadows is fu*ked (17:40). Our greatest fantasies were questioned as Bobby C. read us some erotic literature at the school board meeting (41:32). and last, but not least, the guys give Steph Curry his flowers as he breaks the all-time 3-point shooting record (1:02:47).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    "off-white culture"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 65:53

    Welcome back, Family! The Bois have returned to you (albeit from separate, isolated locations) to bring you the art in a slightly different format. Felix and Willis are shooting some topics at each other and getting instant reactions on the week's happenings. After promoting Wednesday's Downtown Holiday Stroll, the guys get right into things, with Willis looking for a Challenge hypothesis from Felix (8:20). Next, Felix proposes to Willis...no more mask mandates (19:30)?  Willis looks back on the incredible life and influence of Virgil Abloh (32:40). Felix looks at Taylor Swift rerecording her albums & artists taking control of their masters (44:10). Finally, through some technical difficulties, the guys support Westerly Public Schools' proposed Equity Statement and the amazing teachers and students of our Town (59:05).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Brunch with the Bois

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2021 49:47

    The Bois bring you the sometimes-late-but-always-on-time Sunday Brunch edition of the WE NEED 2 TALK podcast! The guys give some quick hits on the Knicks sliding into mediocrity (4:30), the NFL's inconsistency in handing out Covid-related suspensions (10:55), Hawkeye sneaking up on us like a Ronin (19:00), and Joe Biden is fine (?) (31:20).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Heroes & Villains

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 120:21

    Ooohh we can almost taste the turkey, stuffing, and pearl onions! Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner so the Boyz name their Top 3 Thanksgiving Desserts (0:01). After some shoutouts to B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill and Vesta Bakery, Felix and Willis discuss their thoughts on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and what his life might be like now (21:33). Their beloved NFL teams clashed this past Monday night, so the homies talk about the Bucs/Giants game and the aftermath, including the firing of Jason Garrett as OC of the Giants (45:23). Last but not least, the Boyz discuss all things Marvel Studios news, including updates on Spiderman: No Way Home, Blade, Black Panther 2, and more (1:20:02).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    North End Tornados

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 112:51

    We held on tight, and as much as it tried, the tornado that crashed through town failed to distract the WN2T Boyz from their mission...that mission is bringing you that hot ish every single week! This week, the guys react to Drake and Kanye...squashing beef?! (0:01) After some shoutouts, the guys touch briefly on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and what they expect from the jury deliberating their verdict (28:42). Felix and Willis bring back NFL Cap or No Cap (48:12), and the guys catch up with their favorite sport, MTV's The Challenge (1:18:05).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Dipsh!t Double Check

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 105:46

    The air is crisp, the moon is bright, and the Boyz of the WE NEED 2 TALK podcast are ready to bless the airwaves once more! They start things up by kicking off a new segment (0:01). Next, the guys send some love to a few local spots they've enjoyed this week (16:53). Following the shout-outs, Felix and Willis get into the controversy surrounding Aaron Rodgers, his deception regarding his vaccination status, and when "Critical Thinkers" don't know when to say they don't know (24:10). Finally, the Boyz talk about the tragic events that occurred over the weekend at the Astroworld music Festival in Houston (1:08:00).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    99 Problems But a Smith Ain't One

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 126:00

    The freaks come out at night, and that's exactly what happened this week as the homies Felix and Willis attempt to recover from their Halloween candy hangovers! The guys start the show by naming their Top 3 Halloween Candies (0:01). After some shoutouts, the Boyz attempt to break down what exactly is going on with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith (38:15). Finally, a hip-hop heavyweight was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame over the weekend, and the Boyz go on a trip through memory lane on the hits, businesses, and legacy of the one and only Jay-Z (1:18:54).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Comedy Is A Construct

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 123:11

    Another midday special for the Boyz from the North End! They kick things off by Felix posing a question to Willis (0:01). Next, a proper welcome to the newest prince in the North (9:50). The guys shout out South County Hospital & Fresh Cup Cafe (11:55). Next up, a recap of the last two episodes of MTV's The Challenge amidst a huge shake up in the game format (26:16). Lastly, the guys talk about Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix special The Closer and the controversy surrounding it (1:15:53).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    All In

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 80:19

    The WN2T Boyz are in separate locations for this ep, but the bond is stronger than ever in Episode 54! Felix and Willis express their best wishes for one of their favs Dutch's closing for good, and encourage the Family to seek out some new small businesses (3:35). The guys deliver their 2nd Annual NBA Preview and give out six Bets That They'll Regret on the 2021-22 NBA season (13:02).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Manga Manga

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 112:52

    It's episode 53 of the WE NEED 2 TALK podcast, and the boys are reacting to the week's events...maybe the most disturbing of which was the Rock's latest offering...a rap collaboration with Tech 9ine (0:01)?! The guys get into some local shoutouts and then discuss the big news out of Las Vegas where Jon Gruden has resigned over some ugly and inappropriate emails (38:10). Lastly, we take a look at the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics C.B. Cebulski, who admitted to penning multiple Marvel projects under the pseudonym Akira Yoshida, and why representation in comic books (and all art) matters (1:18:05).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    It's a Podiversary!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 120:29

    Can you believe it?! The WE NEED 2 TALK podcast made it a whole 52 weeks without getting deleted from the airwaves! Felix and Willis are celebrating their one-year podiversary by inviting on some special friends. The guys are joined by three of their long time friends. They're joined by Trev Allen, host of The Struggling Artist Podcast, to talk about the origins of this podcast, our early days with Trev, and discussing a wide variety of topics with your guests (4:27). Next, they give themselves some superlatives and are joined by Friend of the Pod, Westerly resident and Patriots superfan Chelsea Frade (40:00). Last but definitely not least, the homies are joined by their longtime best friend, Gerard Gonzalez, to talk about some New York sports and some nerd stuff! Thanks for being a part of our WN2T podcast family!https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    One In a Million

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 107:28

    There's only one WE NEED 2 TALK podcast that dominates the intercontinental airwaves, so without further delay, the Boyz are back! Felix and Willis start things off by giving some shout outs to some local folks: a local watering hole that's had a rough go of it as of late, and some amazing local educators who've had their integrity questioned by the local loudmouthed racist (12:15). Next, the guys have some things to say about Tom Brady (46:10), and finally, they discuss the long-overdue fall of R. Kelly (1:12:32).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Petty AF

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 91:40

    The Boyz are out here catching all types of penalties for having wayyy too many hot takes baybeeeee! They kick things off by talking about the NFL taunting penalties (0:01). After some local shoutouts, Felix and Willis discuss the problematic dealings of Nicki Minaj (18:00). Finally, the guys talk about America's favorite sport, MTV's The Challenge, and some potentially big shakeups coming next week (56:37).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    No Cap...?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 122:59

    We're gathered here on these interwebs to celebrate the life of Felix's dearly departed Prius (0:01). The guys also dedicate their Cousins of the Week to the brave women of the U.S. Gymnastics Team (12:10). They remember the lives of Michael K. Williams and Norm Macdonald, and are reminded to be kind to people (36:40). The Boyz drop a new NFL segment called Cap Or No Cap (47:02). Lastly, the homies go deep into the Disney + Marvel animated show What If...?, and talk about the amazing Spiderman: No Way Home trailer (1:10:30).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Certified Spicy Boyz

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 102:39

    The summer's not over yet, and the WN2T Boyz are still hittin' episodes outta the park! They begin this week's pod by paying tribute to the longtime captain of the New York Yankees, the recently enshrined Hall-of-Famer Derek Jeter (0:01). Next, Felix and Willis hit you with some Spicy NFL Nuggz as we look forward to Week 1 of the NFL season (12:15). Then, they give you their Home Team Preview as they step into each other's shoes and deliver their expectations for each other's squads (56:00). Finally, another huge album dropped last week, and the guys give their thoughts on Drake's new album, Certified Lover Boy, the differences between CLB and DONDA, and the beef between Drake and Kanye (1:15:22).


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 132:13

    The Boyz have been waiting for this one for a while and it's finally here! Felix and Willis kick the episode off with some meatball talk and Willis' petition for more local Italian restaurants (8:05). Next, the guys talk about the release of Cam Newton from the Patriots, and the new era of Mac Jones in Foxboro (18:30). Last but certainly not least, the guys discuss all things DONDA, the long-awaited album from their problematic fave, Kanye West (43:36).

    Ocean State Warriors

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 115:10

    Hold on to your hats, boys and girls, because the weatherman is predicting a Category 5 episode of the WE NEED 2 TALK podcast this week! The guys start off by talking a bit about the rap heavyweights that are about to drop new projects (0:01). Next up, Felix and Willis go deep and break down episode 2.5 of America's favorite sport, MTV's The Challenge (25:10). Finally, the homies give their thoughts on the bombshell interview between former teammates Draymond Green and Kevin Durant (1:10:25).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    We Love A Good Protest

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 121:09

    Bonjour, lovely humans! The WN2T Boyz are back in ya earholes with some good trouble this week. They start things off by getting hyped over the NBA Christmas Day schedule (0:01), then they get into some GOAT talk (6:10). Next up on the docket, the homies nominate their Cousins of the Week as they discuss the Westerly Town Council decision to adopt a resolution to form a Committee on Multiculturalism & Diversity, and dissect the Councilors' comments (10:57). Then, Felix and Willis break down episode one of The Challenge (1:11:20). Last but certainly not least, the guys present their 1st Annual WE NEED 2 TALK Fantasy Football Preview (1:34:15).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Spies, Lies, and Bad Guys

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 88:45

    It's a beautiful day for a new episode of WE NEED 2 TALK, and that's exactly what the WN2T Boyz are delivering! They start the show wondering why Marvel writers aren't rich AF (0:01) and then get into their overwhelming weekend in Charlestown (12:33). Felix and Willis then get all the way in their bag by reacting live to the trailer for the new season of MTV's The Challenge (27:00). Last but not least, the fellas praise the downfall of alleged creep and nipple-piercee, soon-to-be-ex-governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo (57:40).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Respect My Free Agency

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 111:46

    The Boyz are back in town! Felix and Willis have returned from their trips and are refreshed, recharged, and reloaded! They kick things off by catching up on their various adventures (0:01). They give a shoutout to a member of the WN2T Family, Josh Behan, for his upcoming gallery show at the United Theatre (17:55). Then, they nominate one of the GOATs of music, art, and overall vibez, Rihanna, for their Cousin of the Week for breaking all the best records and stacking those coins (27:35). Next up, the Boyz break down NBA Free Agency and give their thoughts on the best moves, the worst moves, and the sneaky good moves (38:30). Finally, the guys have had it up to here with the anti-Covid vaccine sentiment (1:12:17).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    A Love Letter to Bob

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 67:31

    It's a very special episode of WE NEED 2 TALK... our boi Felix is away on his annual Boy Scout campout, so ya mans Willis is taking this one solo! He kicks it off with a search through the wilderness for Felix (0:01). Next, he gives some shoutouts to a couple local businesses doing big things (7:20). He gives a breakdown of the Kanye West 'Donda' listening party, his feelings on the new music, and more (13:52). He follows that up by letting off a few rounds of verbal ammo at Westerly's favorite racist, Bob (28:18). Last but not least, he breaks down the Milwaukee Bucks NBA Finals win, gives the Greek Freak his flowers, and finally admits that Giannis IS that dude (47:50).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    North End Variants

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2021 117:46

    Your bois from the Westerly Cinematic Multiverse have touched down in the North End once again for another episode of the WE NEED 2 TALK podcast! They kick things off by talking about the new Space Jam movie (0:01). They gave a call to action last week and, damn, did the Family deliver! The Cousins of the Week go to the heroes in the community who stood up for truth in education (11:41). Surprise, surprise...there's a new Kanye album dropping (28:37)! Why do we still do the Olympics again? (56:23) *SPOILER ALERT* The homies secure their nerd hats and dive into the recent Marvel/Disney+ shows and talk about what's to come (1:18:11).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2021 82:59

    A little sniffle won't hold the WN2T Boyz back from delivering our Family the art, so let's get down to business! The guys kick things off by talking about attending a local summer staple for the first time since 2019 (0:01). Willis gives his first impressions of the new and improved United Theater (14:23). The fellas invite the local Family to support local teachers and administrators at the local school committee meeting in defiance of the local racist's crusade against all things "CRT" (19:28). Felix and Willis nominate their Cousin of the Week, an extraordinary young woman who is making a habit of breaking records (36:32). Last but definitely not least, the guys talk about groundbreaking new legislation in Rhode Island to allow safe drug injection sites (44:38). https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

    Drop a Pin If You're Racist

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2021 105:43

    Another new week brings another fresh pod from your homies, the WE NEED 2 TALK podcast! This week, the guys start things off by reminding you all of the importance of two-step verification and changing your passwords (0:01). The Boyz give a shout-out to the United Theater in downtown Westerly for their public opening this Friday (11:35). They give out their Cousins of the Week to a group of protestors who made things real uncomfortable for a New Jersey racist (19:08). Felix and Willis then have a spirited debate over whether or not Sha'Carri Richardson should have been allowed compete in the Olympics after having been disqualified for testing positive for cannabis (37:26). Last but definitely not least, the guys cook up some NBA Finals Spicy Nuggz and give their thoughts on the Bucks/Suns Finals matchup (1:10:50).https://wn2tpod.buzzsprout.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wn2tpodInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wn2tpodTwitter: https://twitter.com/wn2tpod

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