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Martial Arts is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Join Marco Perazzo and Tim Carpenter as they discuss all facets of the life of THE true martial artist. They will be covering the latest news in MMA, BJJ, Grappling, Boxing, Wrestling, kickboxing, along with the training, business, mental skills, fitne…

Marco Perazzo & Tim Carpenter

    • Oct 26, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from Ninja Rob

    Is being a good sport important?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2021 79:39

    On episode 126 Jb, Marco, and Tim sit down at NJMA studios and discuss the UFC fight between Marvin Vettori and Paulo Costa and Fedor Emelianenkos knockout of Timothy Johnson. We answer some questions about how to stay motivated and not give up, do nogi guys need belt promotions, what kind of injury would we be willing to risk in the finals of a world championship competition, And we discuss how to choose between Kyokushin and Muay Thai training taking into account the risk of head trauma. We Unpack one of Bruce Lees silly philosophical quotes and we talk about our favorite live music performances we have seen and what we are having for dinner.


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 72:27

    On episode 125 JB, Marco, and Tim attempt to elect fighters to the mount rushmore of MMA. Tim contests the election and secedes from the union. We discuss what makes the greatest fighters so great and we also include some honorable mentions. We review some of the weekends fights and we answer questions about how far is too far to go for “love”, What we wish we knew when we started,  what behaviors escalate a training session to death mode, and what fighters we would choose to have on our side during a royal rumble.

    What's for dinner?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 67:24

    On episode 124 Marco, Tim, and JB talk about the amazing heavyweight boxing match between Tyson Fury and Deonte Wilder. They break down the fight and talk about each fighters journey leading up to and through one of the great trilogy fights in Boxing history. We talk about if a fight like that can resurrect some boxing excitement and the relationship between boxing and MMA. We answer some questions about how to study competition footage, how to properly cross train at different schools, how to get better at arguing with your spouse and whats for dinner.

    Instant Replay

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 76:58

    On episode 123 Marco, Tim, and JB meet at NJMA studios to talk about national pizza month and where the best pizza in philly is. They discuss the UFC fight between Thiago Santos and Johnny Walker and the controversy in the Kyle Daukus vs Kevin Holland fight. We talk about the headbutt, the replay, should replay be used more, what are the implications of using replay in the future? We also answer questions about aging grapplers, making the transition from traditional martial arts to bjj/mma, and working 75 hours per week.

    Slamming out of submissions

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 67:53

    On episode 122 Marco, Tim, and JB meet at NJMA to talk about the UFC fights between Volkanovski and Ortega, Shevchenko and Murphy, and the return of Nick Diaz against Robbie Lawler. They recap the fights and talk about where Nick Diaz stands in the MMA world. They also discuss some of the big upset matches at the Flograppling WNO event including Gabi Garcia losing to Amanda Leve and Mikey Musemeci getting submitted by Gabriel Sousa. They answer some questions about Slamming out of submissions, The WNO matches, and would we take on an old washed up fighter knowing he will incur a lot of damage.

    How to relax in a stressful training environment

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 54:12

    On episode 121 Marco, Tim, and JB discuss the fight results from the UFC between Anthony Smith and Ryan Spann and the Bellator main event between Phil Davis and Yoel Romero. They discuss where Romero stands in the world of MMA after several consecutive losses and they talk about the upcoming fight between Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler. They answer questions about how to relax in training and not freak out and how to handle a significant other with a questionable history of sharing nudes. We give our predictions on the next ADCC superfight between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao and we talk about Reddit

    MMA defeats Boxing at its own game

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 70:36

    On episode 120 Marco, Tim, JB, and Devin wish Marco a happy birthday. They discuss the big fights from Saturday night, namely Anderson Silva's brutal KO of Tito Ortiz and big win of MMA over Boxing in Vitor Belfort's spectacular finish of arguably the best heavy weight boxer of all time Evander Holyfield. We talk about what is next for Anderson and Vitor and if they can beat Jake Paul. We answer some questions about forgiveness,  the UFC hall of fame, our favorite martial arts movies, our favorite strikes, and should the oblique kick be illegal in MMA.

    Samurai Dave

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 66:06

    On episode 119 Marco, Tim, JB, and Devin recap the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley boxing match. We discuss the fight, is Jake Paul a real fighter, and who he should fight next. We talk about Tyron Woodley losing the fight, his legacy, and his manhood by begging for a rematch and getting another mans name tattooed on him. We give advice for when your friend admits murdering someone to you and we answer questions about the efficacy of shark tank drills, will covid cancel grappling tournaments this year, pineapple on pizza, famous bjj personalities in person being cool or not, and what are the vaccination statuses of the podcast members

    A chat with Tim Carpenter

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 53:58

    On episode 118 We were unable to get to the studio to record the podcast so Marco does a deep dive interview into Tims background, his school, his philosophy, where hes been and where he's going.

    A deep dive into the PB&J

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 81:17

    On episode 117, Marco, Tim, JB, and Devin are back in the studio. We discuss some UFC fights and what is the best base martial art between wrestling, BJJ, Muay Thai, and karate according to UFC championship history. We discuss whether it is better to be well rounded or to be “one dimensional” to reach the top and Devin hopes for a race war. We answer some questions about whether to procreate or not, Peanut butter and jelly, does using size limit your technique, what gym would be better to train at between renzo gracie academy and a gracie self defense school, what are our top 3 favorite bjj moves, what questions to ask before joining a gym, how to stay on the mats as you get older, will bjj schools adhere to another shut down, and more accusations of sexual misconduct in the bjj community.

    Monkey Steals the Peach

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 80:03

    On episode 116, Marco, JB, and Tim recap their UFC predictions and talk about Cyril Gane vs Derek Lewis and how Gane matches up with Ngannou. Marco and Tim share their experiences coaching at the grappling industries tournament. They talk about the highlights and lowlights, dealing with wins and losses, and injuries.  We answer some questions from the listeners about our favorite mob movies, Flograppling personas, Fightsports controversy around sexual assault and we answer some questions we were not asked from reddit about how to stay safe from covid if you cant get the vax, the cliched advice of just going to class to get better, and how to deal with getting wrecked by someone of a lower rank. 

    Sleep paralysis and origami dreams

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 76:09

    On episode 115 Marco, Tim, JB, and Devin are back in the studio to talk give predictions on the interim UFC Heavyweight title fight between Derrick Lewis and Cyril Gane. We also talk about Devins trip to puerto rico and the toilet situation outside of the US. Devin discusses his experiences with sleep paralysis and we answer some questions about how to sweep someone with a strong base, how to defeat negative thoughts about yourself, and whether Gordon Ryan or Mikey Musemeci is the greatest BJJ competitor. 

    Simone Viles?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 69:30

    On episode 114 Marco, Tim, and JB get together in Tims home podcast studio and discuss the recent DDS team split. They talk about various theories on why the team split, where the former members will go next, who will benefit and who will suffer from the break up. We also discuss where Jiu Jitsu is headed in the mainstream. Will Jiu Jitsu ever make it to the olympics and we talk about Simone Biles quitting in the middle of the olympics. We answer some questions about how to get chicks, what are our favorite olympic sports to watch, and what kind of music we like to train to.

    The NinjaBob Bobcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 73:26

    On episode 113 Marco, JB, and Tim pay tribute to good friend, loyal listener, frequent question submitter, and life long martial artist Bob Herman. We answer questions we weren't asked about when to let go of a submission if your partner isn't tapping, how to get students to focus on fundamentals vs fancy techniques they saw on instagram, When and how to start TRT, and how to balance lifting weights and training jiu jitsu to stay healthy, get better, and avoid injuries. We also discuss what would get someone kicked out of our school and what kind of person we would avoid rolling with.

    Episode 112 Where the podcasters dwell

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 63:54

    On episode 112, Marco, Tim, JB, and Devin pay respects to Biz Markie and Connor Mcgregors mma career. We discuss the fights from the UFC including Dustin Poiriers win over Connor Mcgregor, Tuivasa's Ko of Greg Hardy, Sean o malleys stellar performance against a less than stellar opponent, and Ryan Halls odd choice of strategy. We answer questions nobody asked us and some we were asked about the differences between modern bjj and old school bjj, acceptable age to start TRT, and some of our favorite old school matches we saw in person.

    Converted Zealot

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 69:21

    On episode 111 Marco, JB, Tim, and Devin sit down to talk about the trilogy fight between Conman Mcgregor and Dustin Soyier. We give our predictions and we talk about what we have given to the martial arts and what the martial arts has given to us. We answer questions we were not asked from reddit and then we answer questions we were asked about how to manage recurring injuries and still being able to maintain performance and debate what someone who competes in jiu jitsu should identify as.

    They might win, but they shouldn't defeat you

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 79:38

    On episode 110, Marco, Tim, Jb, and Devin discuss the recent Fury Grappling event. Marco relays his experience as a coach and what his student could have done better. We discuss how to deal with wins and losses when students compete and we also discuss some recent controversy from the Olympics regarding weed and performance enhancement. We answer questions that we were not asked from the internet and we talk about crazy things you see on the boardwalk. We also answer some questions we were asked by listeners about how to start bjj for an experienced muay thai fighter and what super powers we would have if we could.

    Tim has JB deported, our favorite Olympic Sport, and the deadly art of 52 blocks

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2021 55:25

    On episode 109 JB is absent so Tim, Marco, and Devin discuss why boxing sucks and why MMA is so much better. Despite how terrible we think boxing is, we manage to spend most of the show talking about boxing matches between Anderson silva and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Lomanchenko vs ??? and Gervonta Davis vs ???. We also talk about what a beginner should be focused on, how to remember what you learned in class, guys that want to be pro fighters, our favorite olympic sports, Kayla harrison, the most under utilized martial art in MMA, and whether or not JB will ever get back on the mats.

    When does a Jiu-Jitsu legend use a karate chop?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2021 78:35

    On episode 108, JB, Marco, Tim, and Devin talk about UFC 263 and the results of Leon Edwards vs Nate Diaz and Adesanya vs Vetorri. We talk about meeting martial arts grandmasters like Helio, Royce, and Relson Gracie. We reminisce about the first martial arts books we read and talk about mma fighters competing in boxing with news of Vitor Belfort fighting Oscar De La Hoya. We debate whether or not you should try to tap your instructor and admit to things we are suckers for. 

    How to stop an assault without getting involved

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2021 71:27

    On episode 107 Marco, Tim, and JB discuss the Logan Paul-Mayweather exhibition match and talk about who won the fight and who came out looking better afterwards as well as what the future holds for both men. We give our predictions on UFC 263 fights between Leon Edwards vs Nate Diaz and Israel Adesanya vs Marvin Vettori. We talk about things you only see in the city, terrible fights we've seen and what products we are suckers for.

    Poop on the stoop a Ninja Rob original

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2021 35:24

    On episode 106 we are cut short by technical difficulties, but before that we discuss the difference between homeless and bums and the defecation habits of both. We talk about the Paul vs Mayweather fight and give our predictions and we also discuss Naomi Osaka and the responsibilities and stresses of athletes dealing with media and social media. And Marco deals with mystery poop on his stoop. 

    White guys can fight too

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2021 77:48

    On episode 105 Marco and JB body shame Tim. Marco and Tim discuss what they are working on in class and argue about Jiu Jitsu nomenclature. We talk about our irrational fears and white guys that think they can fight. We talk about the WNO event and what rule changes could be made to avoid painfully boring matches like the Rocha vs Hinger snoozefest. We also talk about the skill difference between brown belt and black belt, who was most impressive at the WNO event, and unwritten rules of bjj

    Weekend at Marco's

    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2021 64:12

    On episode 104, Marco is back from the brink of death to give us an account of his experience with Covid. We talk about his stay in the hospital and catch up on fights results and predictions. We talk about fighters sacrificing their long term legacy for short term money and we answer a couple of questions about changing weight classes and living in a simulation

    Strelka and the influence Russians exhibit over Tim Carpenter

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2021 63:14

    Tim talks Strelka, and his ties to Russian oligarchs are exposed. 

    Ep 102.1 Mulligan

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2021 60:17

    On episode 102x Marco is away to corner one of his fighters leaving JB, Tim, and Devin to run the show. We talk about what we like most about watching fights live as well as what we hate about going to live events. We run down the wild results of UFC 261 and discuss the fights between Crute-Smith, Hall-Weidman, Schevchenko-Andrade, Zhang-Namajunes, and the rematch between Masvida-Usman.Episode summaryOn episode 102x JB, Tim, and Devin run a Marco free podcast and review all the action from UFC 261 and we talk about the differences good and bad between seeing fights live and watching on Tv.

    White Balance

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2021 78:29

    This week on Ninja Rob Tim takes a week off to let Marco, JB, and Dev fend for themselves, but guest host NJ saves the day by helping the boys talk about their emotions and we learn once again exactly what they hate on site.

    What do you love on sight?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2021 71:02

    On episode 101 JB, Marco, Tim, and Devin discuss the things they hate, the things they love, and the things they want to say F%$# You to. Marco becomes a coffee snob, Devin becomes a “podcasting snob, JB hates the Apple store, and Tim hates small talk at starbucks. We also discuss Prince Philip and Dookie. 

    100 th Episode and JB takes over

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2021 73:32

    On episode 100, we celebrate the 100th episode by letting JB take over the show. The guys pay tribute to the lives of recently deceased royalty DMX and Prince Philip. JB asks Marco, Devin and Tim about mentors they have had both good and bad in and out of the martial arts world. We discuss fast food and we answer some questions about how to get good at takedowns for bjj and come from behind victories. As usual, we discuss things we hate including shitty training partners and masks.

    Timsanity and the Sons of Joe Biden

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2021 64:00

    On episode 99 Marco wrestle the reigns of the show back from Tims hands. He goes deep into the beef between MC Hammer and MC Search. We talk about the mma fighter that lost his finger in his fight and wanted to continue and worst injuries we’ve had or seen in person. We compare and contrast the character of 2 younger students from NJMA, and we answer a question about what its like being the new youngest guy in class and Marco compares Tim to Jeremy Lin for some reason.

    Best uppercut in MMA history

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2021 65:07

    On episode 98, Marco called out, so Tim, JB, and Devin come to the rescue to give predictions on the UFC fights between O’malley and Almeida, Woodley vs Lucque and Stipe vs Ngannou. They discuss Sean O’malleys toughness, Woodleys losing streak, and If Francis Ngannou has improved since his loss to Stipe in 2018 and what happens to the heavy weight division if Francis wins. We also discuss things we hate and we answer some questions from listeners about the craziest moments that we’ve had in the gyms, how to train for longevity in jiu jitsu, and the No-gi ezekiel choke

    Who't the meanest of them all?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2021 62:31

    On episode 97 Marco, Tim, JB, and Devin list a few more things that they hate on sight in the world of bjj. They pay tribute to Marvin Hagler and talk about the “meanest” fighters they have ever seen in MMA and Boxing as well as what makes a fighter “mean”. We talk about many UFC fights and the problems with eye poking in MMA and what can be done about it. We give predictions on some upcoming UFC fights as well as the Intergender Grappling match between Gabi Garcia and Craig Jones. We also answer some questions from the listeners about Muay Thai, MMA call outs, and what would irresponsible purchases we would make if we won the lottery.

    Ninja Rob vs Amanda Nunes

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2021 82:39

    On episode 96 Tim rubs the accuracy of his UFC fight predictions in the faces of Marco, JB, and Devin. They recap the big fights between Nunes-Anderson and which if any of us could defeat Amanda Nunes in a fist fight, Yan-Sterling, and Adesanya-Blachowicz. We discuss illegal knees, sterling winning the belt via DQ, Izzy attempting to move up in weight, and Gordon Ryan taking on Grappling Vet Vagner Rocha at WNO and if age can be an advantage. We also answer listener questions about interesting fight match ups, What is the largest animal we could kill with our bare hands, Cavemen vs Astronauts in a fight, Askren vs Jake Paul, and how grappling stacks up against major ball sports in popularity.

    50% off Andre Galvao apologizes and gives you a gift.

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2021 56:56

    On episode 95 Marco rants about the Philadelphia parking authority and asks Jb, Tim, and Devin about the things they hate. We give our predictions on UFC 259 and we break down the fights between Adesanya and Jachowicz, Yan and Sterling, and Nunes and Anderson. We discuss the Andre Galvao vs Gordon Ryan incident and Galvaos apology/explanation/sales pitch on instagram and what is the most important thing to focus on as a beginner.

    Fuchismo (pronounced fooˈcheez·moe) - when fugazi meets machismo.

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2021 67:50

    *Marco has a slight technical issue with his microphone during the first 60 secondsOn episode 94, Marco, Tim, and JB get together in Tims fortress of solitude to record the podcast. On this episode, Marco relays a harrowing tale of a chipotle date night gone wrong before getting into a recap of the Hellfish Kumite Invitational Dual Meet. We discuss the best matches and moments and what went well and what went wrong at the 1st ever event of its kind. We discuss what changes will be made to the rules and format going forward and Marco protests the outcome of the event. We also discuss what Gordon Ryans five fingers said to Andre Galvao’s face in the slap heard around the BJJ world and if Galvao ruined his legacy as one of the greatest combat athletes of all time.

    Rhinos, ColecoVision, Bug-a-Salt, and Devins least effective weapon

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2021 70:17

    On episode 93 Tim, Devin and Jason talk about the Usman vs Burns championship fight while Marco sits in the corner and pouts. Devin describes why he thinks Usman is the next big star. We answer some questions from listeners. At least some of us do. Marco avoids answering while Tim, JB, and Devin weigh on things like dumb purchases, should Dustin Poirier be declared the UFC champ, can you base your jiu jitsu game around Guard retention, what we thing about resistance bands, is there an ideal grappling body type, are good grapplers born or made through hard work, and how to watch the Hellfish Kumite invitational Dual Meet

    Take your hate speech elsewhere

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2021 69:21

    On episode 92, Marco and Tim are back in the studio with JB and Devin. First we talk about the UFC and give our predictions on the Usman vs Burns and Rodolfo Viera vs Hernandez fights. This show is dedicated towards answering the listeners questions and we cover a lot of ground. We answer questions about what makes Gordon Ryan so good, testosterone replacement therapy, adding kickboxing matches in the ufc, how to handle rough training partners, who are our favorite UFC personalities and Tim stands up for the rights of trans women while the rest of the Cisgendered males on the show put trans lives at risks with vile hate speech

    Tim fires Devin and our audio suffers

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2021 60:54

    On episode 91 Marco and Tim work through some technical difficulties to bring you another great episode. Marco has braved the elements to meet at Tims house to record the podcast and attempt to stream it live for the first time. We discuss a recent mass shooting over shoveling snow and how to avoid getting killed, Marco rants about south philly parking in the snow, and we talk about what seems to be the end of legendary mma fighters overeem and Frankie Edgars carreers after both suffered brutal KO losses in the UFC. We also discuss Nicky Ryan vs Roberto Jimenez and who is the real phenom between the two. We also answer some questions from listeners about how to deal with predatory behavior and how to get a Ninja Rob shirt.

    Dispassionate Instructors and Ninja Rob goes live on the Gram

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2021 73:29

    On episode 90, Marco, Tim, JB, and Devin sit down to discuss Marco's overtipping at Starbucks and Tim's lack of tipping at Starbucks. They also discuss the upcoming Hellfish Invitational Dual Meet tournament and Marco's issues with the rules and regulations and possible corruption within the tournament. We talk about some promotions at NJMA and their shiny new black belts. One of Marco's students testing positive for Covid. We also talk about how to handle a new student who is a referral from a friend and if they should be treated any better than anyone else. Other topics include how to make a wrestler good at jiu-jitsu, what martial art covers sports, fighting, self-defense, and Art, and what are our favorite grappling/bjj tournaments.

    Hellfish Invitational 5 vs 5 Dual Meet

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2021 48:55

    On episode 89 Marco and Tim sit down to discuss the UFC fights from the weekend. They breakdown the Chandler vs Hooker fight and the main event between Conor Mcgregor and Dustin Poirier that saw Conor lose by tko. We discuss the keys to Poiriers win and what Conor has to do to get back to the title. We talk about the upcoming Hellfish Invitational Jiu Jitsu Dual Meet and what rules will be used. We answer some questions from listeners about the Mt. Rushmore of Pride FC, rule changes to the UFC to make it better, meditation and visualization and Muay Thai.

    Technique vs Aggression and Power

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2021 51:19

    On episode 88 Marco, Tim, Devin, and Jb revisit the Coach, Professor, Sensei debate and then talk about some differences in coaching philosophy and what Ben Askren has to say about legendary wrestling coach Dan Gable. We answer questions from some listeners about how hard it would be to rip off someones face with your bare hands, what celebrity would we want to roll or spar with, Tourette's syndrome, Jordan Burroughs teaching wrestling for mma, how to get past plateaus, and successful BJJ athletes from other sports

    Ep. 87 Sifu, Sensei, Professor, Master, or worst of all Coach

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2021 64:49

    On episode 87, Marco, Tim, Devin, and JB sit down for a question heavy episode of the podcast. We answer some deep questions from the listeners with many overlapping themes. We talk about finding the school that suits you best, quitting a gym because you don’t enjoy the culture, how to address a blackbelt instructor in and out of the school, why we don’t see 10th planet dominating in the high levels of competition, should promotions be based on specific metrics or individual progress, are belt promotions appropriate for students that only train nogi, and are there techniques that only work for some body types and not others?

    Ep. 86 MF DOOM

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2021 80:59

    On episode 86, Tim has graciously relinquished control of the podcast back to Marco. Marco pays homage to Hip Hop legend MF DOOM who has recently passed and talks about what led him to discovering the underground hip hop icons music and also how he found the then underground martial art of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. We talk about when we first realized our obsession with Jiu Jitsu and we answer some questions from listeners about what style of Jiu Jitsu is best for MMA, our thoughts on American Jiu Jitsu as opposed to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, what is our favorite guard pass, who are our favorite old school gi competitors, and how to approach adding a new submission into your arsenal.

    Ep. 85 Boxing Day

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2020 49:13

    On episode 85 Tim, Devin, and Marco get together on Boxing Day to talk about the sweet science. We discuss our favorite boxers of all time, who is the greatest of all time, and the recent trend of internet celebrities boxing. We talk about YouTube star Logan Paul fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr, and what Logan needs to do to win. We also discuss his brother Jake Pauls potential match up against Ben Askren. We also answer questions from the listeners about pressure passing, Muay thai, our favorite BJJ Scout videos, and what our favorite accomplishments are as coaches and competitors.

    Ep. 84 Scorsese, Coppola, Kubrick, and Carpenter

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2020 51:26

    On episode 84 Tim has wrestled the reigns of the show from Marcos greasy fingers and takes the opportunity to talk with Devin, Jb, and Marco about the recent dismantling of Tony Ferguson at the hands of Charles Oliveira. Through analysis of the fight, we talk about various aspects of fighting, competition and coaching as well as the difference between trick techniques that rely on the hope that an opponent makes a mistake and high percentage techniques that can be reliably used in competition. We also answer listener questions on topics like womens only bjj classes, lower back pain and how we deal with it, what does it mean to be a blackbelt other than where you stand in line before class, and what are the differences between BJJ and traditional Jiu Jitsu. If you want to see the diagram from Dan's question check it out on IG @ninjarobpodcast or follow this link

    Ep. 83 Wives/girlfriends, parking tickets, Judo style armlocks, and KO Slams

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2020 88:36

    On episode 83 Marco, Tim, and Devin sit down and talk about the world of martial arts after they tell each other their favorite qualities possessed by their wives and Girlfriends. They talk about the recent WNO event featuring Kaynan Duarte vs Rodolfo Viera and how Tim once again failed to make an accurate prediction. They talk about some of the strange consequences of head trauma, the difference between Judo submissions and BJJ submissions and how they compliment each other. We also discuss a viral police video in which a cop man handles an woman at walmart and uses a juji Gatame to handcuff her and they discuss a recent controversy around MMA coach Firas zahabis refusal to roll with women. We talk about some important general concepts in grappling that can make significant improvements in short time and answer questions from the listeners.Some links for the video, techniques and matches we discussed in today's episode.Tono tono man officer uses BJJ Romero HL Adesanya getting Purple Belt from Andre Galvao maia vs Chael Sonnen Full fight. Takedown to triangle sequence at 4:05. style armlocks Outfitters Firas Zahabi won’t train with women article car on 2 wheels "stunting" vs Arona KO slam Full fight. Slam at 1:00 min mark.

    Ep 82 One legged grapplers and ironically a review of a knee on belly escape.

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2020 79:27

    On episode 82 Marco and Tim are back in the studio with JB and Devin. ¾ of the show gives their firsthand account of what covid was like for them. After that we discuss everything from a gnarly crash in formula 1 racing, how to win a BJJ match in a car, one legged Bjj competitor Duwane Hall, Keenan Cornelius’ innovative techniques, and Garry Tonons most recent MMA win at ONE FC. We also get into a discussion about the DDS move to PR and what impact if any it will have on the BJJ community.Some links for the video, techniques and matches we discussed in today's episode. Formula One Crash: Jiu-Jitsu Match 1: Jiu-Jitsu Match 2: Hall one Legged Grappling HL: Cornelius Knee on Belly escape: Tonon One FC Fight:

    Ep. 81 What's so wrong about being from the burbs?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2020 47:48

    On episode 81, Marco and Tim sit down to talk about the recent big fights in the combat sports world. They discuss the boxing matches between youtuber Jake Paul and NBA star Nate Robinson, Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones and give their thoughts on the event as a whole. Next, they discuss the UFC and Tims first blackbelt Bill algeos unanimous decision win over Spike Carlyle and what Bill did both right and wrong in the fight. They also answer some questions from the listeners about Keenan Cornelius, what are their favorite grappling events to watch, Drilling or rolling for skill development, Gordon Ryan, John Danaher, and the DDS moving to Puerto Rico, and what overall concepts in BJJ have had the biggest impact on them

    Ep 80 Thirty Thousand downloads later, we re-release our very first episode.

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2020 60:35

    A big thank you to all the listeners and supporters. We made it to thirty thousand downloads. Listen to our very first episode. Our debut episode, we talk about MVP getting starched, world class striking in mma, BJ Penn, Keenan Cornelius and toxic environments, competing and its responsibility, the future of Ninja Rob Podcast and some of the not so fun things of owning a martial arts school.

    Ep 79 Tim has no taste

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2020 30:58

    On episode 79 Marco and Tim record another zoom podcast from their respective living rooms. Marco ask Tim about his experience with Covid and what its like to lose the sense of taste and smell. Marco and Tim talk about how the covid experience will effect how they run their gyms during the pandemic and if there is anything that could be done better. They also talk about the fight between RDA and Paul Felder and what we would do to make Felder a more dangerous contender.

    Ep 78 Covid strikes Ninja Rob

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2020 40:44

    On episode 78 Marco and Tim record the podcast on Zoom because Tim has tested positive from covid and is stuck in isolation. Tim talks about his experience with covid, and how he got it. Marco talks about his experience coaching at the subversive team grappling competition and gives his opinion on some of the matches and competitors. Marco weighs in on some questions he missed on the previous episode about Kron Gracie, Heel Hooks, and his favorite modern BJJ competitors.

    Ep. 77 Streak is broken

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2020 46:37

    On episode 77, Tim takes Marcos place as primary co-host because Marco was busy coaching at a team grappling event in philly. Tim is joined my JB and Devin to discuss Khabibs performance and retirement in his UFC title fight against Justin Gaethje and whether or not he is the P4P mma GOAT. We answer questions from listeners about Kron Gracies future in the UFC, Heel hooks in IBJJF, and which president in US history was the best fighter.

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