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BuckAround is the first and only podcast focused exclusively on Wisconsin football. An outgrowth of the popular blog founded in 2012, the BuckAround podcast is for the Badger fan who can never get enough Bucky!

Richard Branch/Maxwell Brusky

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    Latest episodes from BuckAround: A Wisconsin Badgers Football Podcast

    Episode 253 - Welp, That's a Wrap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 29, 2019 173:02

    Rich and Max conclude the BuckAround podcast with a look at what the 2019 depth chart will look like, a round of listener mail, and a final goodbye to the podcast's loyal listenership. 

    Episode 252 - Wrapping up 2018 with Jason Galloway

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2019 65:18

    Jason Galloway returns to talk about the Badgers 2018 campaign

    Episode 251 - The Golden Buckys: Penultimate Edition

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 8, 2019 71:44

    Rich and Max do their last go around with the Golden Buckys and get a Prop Bet Wrap up with F.O.T.S. Andy Schaaf. 

    Episode 250 - Pinstripe Bowl Wrap Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2019 54:24

    Rich and Max discuss the Badgers 35-3 win over Miami in the Bronx. 

    Episode 249 - Pinstripe Bowl Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2018 57:15

    Rich and Max look at the Badgers newly minted recruiting class and preview the rematch with Miami in the Pinstripe Bowl. 

    Episode 248 - Week 13: Minnesota

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2018 75:11

    Minnesota retakes the Axe after a 14 year drought. All good things must come to an end.

    Episode 247 - Week 12: Purdue

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2018 53:16

    Rich and Max recount the Badgers thrilling 47-44 overtime win against Purdue

    Episode 246 - Week 11: Penn State

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2018 54:27

    The Badgers dropped to 6-4 after their 22-10 loss at Penn State. Rich and Max analyze where the team can go from here.

    Episode 245 - Week 10: Rutgers

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2018 64:48

      Rich and Max review the Badgers 31-17 victory over the Scarlet Knights SHOW NOTES 1:15 Max is in a dark place 3:45 Rich tells us about negativity 6:45 Yards per play by quarter 9:45 Hornibrook’s performance 24:15 Coan’s performance 30:00 The running game 32:30 What is happening at LT? 33:30 Why didn’t Cruikshank redshirt?!? 35:00 Zach in Roberts on play calling 42:15 This defense is young and improving 44:00 Christian Bell is a DE playing LB 47:00 Ian in Madison on a DL grad transfer and future DL depth 53:00 Injuries 55:00 JT in South Cackalacka on 2019 57:45 UR Players of the Game

    Episode 244 - Week 9: Northwestern

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2018 77:04

      Rich and Max wade through the existential crisis that was the Badgers 31-17 loss to Northwestern  SHOW NOTES 2:00 Rich is excited about the potential of divergent thoughts on this pod 4:15 The Talkaround 8:00 Shoutout to the official tailgate 9:45 Conclusions about Coan 11:00 New or original thoughts on the defense? 11:30 UR Players of the Game 14:00 Ryan in Chicago on Groschek 26:15 Jordan in Chicago on holding Chryst accountable 36:15 Heath in Houston on how this game reflects on Hornibrook 41:00 Jonathan in Madison in what happened to Anthony Lotti 44:30 Marty in MKE on the future of the DL 1:03:15 Is losing Cephus and Neville THAT big a deal? 1:11:30 The remaining schedule 1:14:00 Talking Pinstripe Bowl

    Episode 243 - Week 8: Illinois

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2018 67:29

    Rich and Max discuss the state of the offense after the Badgers 49-20 win over Illinois SHOW NOTES 1:30 If you beat Illinois and no one cares does it make a sound? 2:30 Rich has an unpopular opinion and Max agrees 4:30 Our defense has issues when attacked on the edge 8:45 The secondary 11:30 Rich sings the praises of his golden god 13:00 Chryst calling TO’s 15:45 FINE... we’ll talk about Hornibrook in the context of B1G QB’s 37:00 Hornibrook is the tip of the iceberg though as the offense has not progressed 50:30 Big Games in the B1G 56:30 UR Players if the Game 1:01:15 Prop bets and the hosts poor performances 1:05:15 BuckAround tailgate this weekend

    Episode 242 - Week 7: Michigan

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2018 69:28

    Rich and Max navigate the disaster that was the 38-13 loss to Michigan. SHOW NOTES 1:30 We do our best work after losses 2:45 There are no silver linings coming 3:00 The Talkaround 7:00 Sarah in NYC on Leonard getting hired away 11:00 The importance of Van Ginkel 14:30 Ryan in Chicago on the potential of the DB’s 17:30 Many people are talking about Alex Hornibrook 25:30 We are NOT changing QB’s 27:15 Matt in Milwaukee on what is wrong with the murder machine and missing Cephus 32:30 How to solve staleness 37:30 What were the coaches doing? 41:30 Where did Taylor go? 43:00 The ST calls 48:30 Some people are gonna be forever out on Hornibrook 50:00 The end of Chryst’s honeymoon 54:00 UR Players of the Game 55:15 Big Games in the B1G 1:01:00 What to watch for the rest of the season 1:05:15 The upcoming Official BuckAround tailgate

    Episode 241 - Week 6: Nebraska

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2018 74:53

    Rich and Max discuss the Badgers 5th straight win over Nebraska SHOW NOTES 1:00 The Buckaround returns at full strength 3:15 Nebraska’s D is really bad 4:30 400 yards of offense for Nebraska 7:00 Rich lays the blame at the feet of the D Line 10:15 The hosts believe in the secondary 14:30 The Year of Ray Ball candidates 16:15 The freshman tracker 18:00 Tyler Johnson looks like he is back 18:45 Why can’t Nebraska’s OL pass protect 25:00 The playcalling 29:00 Talking Hornibrook 31:30 Getting Pryor involved 33:00 Jake Ferguson... still really good 36:00 Ryan on where UW could upgrade the offense 48:00 Paul Chryst’s potty mouth 50:00 UR Players of the Game 51:15 Big Games in the B1G 56:00 UW path to victory versus UM 1:09:00 Bumper stickers on the way 1:12:30 The Talkaround

    Episode 240 - Week 4: Iowa

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2018 66:22

    Rich and Max analyze the Badgers’ 28-17 win over Iowa SHOW NOTES 1:30 Rich is catching a cold 3:45 The TalkAround 9:00 Max wants to talk about Hornibrook 13:30 Are Badger fans QB expectations off due to Favre and Rodgers? 17:15 Balky is SLC on JT and fumbles 20:00 Media Break: Klatt was good 21:45 Deal and the RB usage 24:00 Is the offense meeting expectations? 29:45 Linemen playing Tight End 32:00 Rich Recites Rules Really Respectfully 33:45 Musical chairs in the secondary 38:15 The DL is bad 42:15 The LB’s are not 44:30 The refs 48:00 UR Player of the Game 51:00 Why is Edwards off the field so much? 52:30 Big games in B1G 1:00:15 Rich is sick and is gonna vent on Urbs 1:01:30 The Guys talk about Ryan Day... but FAIL TO MENTION HE’S FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE 1:03:00 Prop Bet update

    Episode 239- Week 3: BYU

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2018 77:11

    Rich and Max discuss the stunning 24-21 upset at the hands of BYU. SHOW NOTES 2:00 “Our best shows are after losses.” 4:15 The Talkaround 8:00 The energy of the crowd 8:45 A look at Hornibrook 19:45 The WR’s... Danny Davis is really good 21:45 Step aside Hillary and TJ there’s a new player with Rich’s heart (TE talk) 27:00 JT had a good game 28:00 What is going on with the O Line?!? 33:00 Moving to the defense... no easy solves 41:00 Nelson playing young 44:00 Keith in Houston on Special Teams 47:00 A deeper look at the coaching 51:00 Henry in Osh Kosh on play calling 56:00 Carl in Grays Lake on the last TO 1:03:30 UR Players of the Game 1:06:00 Big games in the B1G 1:14:00 Checking in on the Prop bets... we may be looking at some new people hosting

    Episode 238 - Week 2: New Mexico

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2018 37:32

    Rich recaps the Badgers 45-14 victory over New Mexico SHOW NOTES 1:00 Rich flies solo and forfeits the right to say “... and joined as always” 2:45 The Talkaround 5:15 Not a lot to say about the defense 7:30 Welcome back Loudermilk 9:15 The dropoff from Connelly to Orr 11:15 Madison Cone can play 12:30 JS Jesse on the early gameplans 19:00 Chryst didn’t let off the gas 23:00 Tyler formerly of Stevens Point on getting excited about AJ Taylor 25:00 Get ready for 2.8 more years of Rich gushing about Jake Ferguson 27:45 Concern for Dietzen 28:30 The odd play calling at the end of the 1st half 31:30 Matthew in MKE on fair catching kickoffs 33:00 UR Player of the Game... If Krumholz plays... it’s a run 35:30 Rich... RICH... stumps for Iowa

    Episode 237 - Week 1: Western Kentucky

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2018 71:06

    Rich and Max review the Badgers' 34-3 victory over Western Kentucky SHOW NOTES 3:00 The Viewing was better the second time around 4:45 The Talkaround 7:45 Alex Hornibrook looked better moving around 13:30 Groschek was #noteworthy 16:45 Taiwan Deal’s playing time 19:00 The OL and conspiracy theories 26:15 Penalties 27:30 Jake Ferguson is gonna be good 32:45 Scott Nelson is gone be good 35:00 But Zach Baun has the Kung Fu grip 37:00 Christian Bell looks vastly improved 37:45 The CB’s and DCW’s exit 42:30 The DL has no depth 49:45 Young guys that jumped out 53:45 UR Player of the Game 56:30 Big games in the B1G... Max missed his Hawkeyes game 1:06:45 An Arrington Farrar explainer

    Episode 236 - B1G Picture: Penn State

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2018 49:03

    David Jones joins a solo Max to preview Penn State plus Max rolls through the annual bold predictions.  SHOW NOTES 1:00 No Rich... he will never get to talk to this guest 2:30 Welcome David Jones of the Harrisburg  Patriot News 3:00 Recapping the 2017 season 5:45 The loss of Barkley and Moorhead 9:30 What to expect from the defense 12:00 The 2018 B1G East outlook 14:30 Why does David think Bucky can win the B1G 19:15 30 Max minutes back to back 20:45 Bold predictions 21:00 Mochy on WR yardage 23:00 Matthew in MKE on Edwards leading the team in picks and Ferguson TD’s 26:00 Tyler Morgan on Deal , the defense and JT YPC 30:00 Brian in Daytona on UW vs Michigan 31:30 Tom on the Train on a Ferguson breakout 33:30 Wiscoinferno on TJ, Hornibrook, winning differently, and the draft 36:00 Badger hawk on injuries 37:45 British James in Madison on Taylor’s hands 38:15 Adam in Braham on Groschek and a TD toss 39:00 Wes H on Hornibrook’s 1st Heisman 39:30 Mike in Verona in Ferguson 40:45 Rich from the pod on INT’s, sacks, and WR yardage 43:00 Max from the pod on losing 2 games, romping to a B1G title, and the playoff

    Episode 235 - Wrapping up Camp with Jesse Temple

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2018 58:12

    Rich and Max enter game week with the beat writer's perspective from Jesse Temple SHOW NOTES 1:30 It’s game week 3:30 Welcome back Jesse Temple if The Athletic 4:15 Has Hornibrook progressed? 9:15 Dunn & Krumholz and their potential impact 12:30 Talk about Cruikshank 14:45 Danny in Stalis (sp) on other WR’s who could make an impact 17:00 How will the carries shake out behind Taylor? 19:45 Who wins out at LT? 21:15 Should Badgers fans be concerned about the DL? 26:00 How many snaps can Olive play? 27:30 Where forth art thou Xander Neuville? 29:30 Guessing Jake Ferguson’s stat line 31:15 The OLB’s are a strength 34:15 DCW and the rest of the CB’s 39:45 Dave in Brookfield on why the Badgers might not win the B1G West 42:00 How will the new redshirt rule play out? 44:45 What’s their record?!? 50:00 Hawkeye Around 55:00 Last call for prop bet submissions

    Episode 234 - We Just Want to Talk About Football

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2018 59:22

    Rich and Max react to the news of the suspension of Quintez Cephus plus discuss latest news from Badger Camp. SHOW NOTES 1:15 The first time we don’t want to be here 3:00 Max is just sad 4:00 The impact ON the field 5:00 The #1 WR is gone for at least the year 6:45 Danny Davis gone too? 8:00 Playing our the worst case scenario 10:15 Settle loves Taiwan 15:15 Even worst case this passing game is light years ahead of 2010 23:45 DCW in the Chateau Bow Wow 26:30 The Captains 28:45 Has The outlook for the team changed? 33:30 Nate in Dallas on who it is better to lose to 42:45 Marty in St Cloud on putting players in the NFL 48:45 Jeremy in Green Bay on the unknown quantities at CB

    Episode 233 - Prop Bets: 2018 Edition

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2018 70:05

    Friend of the Show Andy Schaaf returns with a new set of prop bets. Let's get to 250 entries this year! SHOW NOTES 1:30 Welcome back Mr Prop Bet Andy Schaaf 9:30 Non-skill player with a rushing attempt? 11:00 Hornibrook scores a TD? 12:30 A WR with a 200 yard game? 14:00 A game with two 100 yard receivers? 15:00 A 5 TD passing game? 16:45 A non QB touchdown pass? 17:30 A game w/ less than 100 yards passing? 19:30 Will the Badgers block a punt? 21:30 O/U Badgers missed extra points 2.5 23:30 O/U 4th quarter comebacks 1.5 25:00 O/U Opponents 300 yard passion games 1.5 28:45 O/U Points per game 39.5 31:30 O/U Hornibrook yards passing 2999.5 34:30 Which TE has most receiving yards? 36:00 Which WR has most receiving yards? 37:00 Non-RB with most rushing yards? 40:00 RB with 2nd most rushing yards? 41:15 O/U Jonathan Taylor receiving yards 274.5 43:15 O/U What % of Ingold’s rushes will be a 1st down or TD 54.5% 45:00 O/U B1G players of the week awards (inc ST) 5.5 47:00 Team leader in INT? 49:30 O/U True FR who see the field 15.5 52:45 Will Coach Bostad tweet this year? 56:00 Who does Heller mention more: Hescock, Lyles, Rushing or Patterson?? 59:30 How many times will Potrykus tweet at Dare Ogumbawale? 1:01:00 Darius Hillery cries as Rich says Dare is his all time favorite 1:02:45 Will there be a player on opening roster who disappears like Ray Ball? 1:07:00 Tiebreaker: How many points will the Badgers score?

    Episode 232 - Still Talkin' Practice

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 7, 2018 54:51

    Rich and Max have more to say about fall camp. And the sound is a little touch and go at times. Sorry peeps.  SHOW NOTES 2:00 Another week to talk camp 3:00 All Deron Harrell all the time 8:30 Christian in Boston on Matt Henningsen and DL depth 14:45 Joe in Tucson on OL recruiting 23:15 Logan in Canton on not redshirting Coan in 2017 36:30 Steve in Portland on Manuel’s comments 48:00 The OL nickname 50:30 Prop Bet hype

    Episode 231 - Fall Camp Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2018 48:51

    Rich and Max react to Paul Chryst's press conference to open fall camp and discuss their "things to watch" for the coming month of practices. SHOW NOTES 1:00 Rich is in vacation mode 2:15 Max can see the temptation of a 311 tattoo  3:30 Kasl retires 6:00 Olive to DE 7:45 Coaches like Baun 10:30 Getting Guerendo on the field and the RB’s 14:45 Is there going to be something new with the offense? 18:00 A lot of Jake Ferguson? 22:30 What does Mullens look like? 24:00 The safeties 25:15 Amanda on making strides towards the 2011 offense 28:30 Would Urban Meyer getting fire alter the B1G season? 31:30 John in SF on a nickname for the OL 34:30 China Bob on Cruikshank’s ceiling 40:30 Borland vs Edwards redux 46:15 Prop bet ideas? Send them in

    Episode 230 - B1G Picture: Nebraska

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2018 55:20

    Listener favorite Mike'l Severe returns to preview Nebraska plus Rich and Max talk roster news, Media Days, and debate the best linebacker of the last 30 years. SHOW NOTES  2:00 Welcome back Mike’l Severe from (somewhere in middle internet) 3:00 What went wrong with Riley? 4:15 What changes with the hiring of Frost? 6:30 Why all the roster turnover? 7:30 Who to know on defense 11:15 How does 2018 play out? 12:15 The mid term future for Frost 15:15 Let’s talk about Northern Illinois 17:30 Moving Lyles to DL 20:00 Brodner and Guerrendo 21:45 Brett Connors 23:30 Weight changes 25:45 Max meets Arrington Farrar and Chris Orr 29:45 Mitchell in Manitowoc on the appropriate DL concern and Edwards > Borland 42:00 Dave in Brookfield on the Gary Andersen hire 48:00 Cord cutting

    Episode 229 - B1G Picture: Michigan

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2018 52:15

    Kyle Rowland joins the podcast to preview the 2018 Wolverines, and then Rich and Max discuss the "Bielema Paradox", revisit bag men, and take a 2nd look at their receiver exercise from episode 228 SHOW NOTES 1:00 A less verbose intro... or is it? 2:45 Welcome Kyle Rowland of the Toledo Blade 3:15 Were expectations in 2017 fair? 6:00 What will the offense look like and what are the names to know? 9:45 Is the defense gonna be really solid? Better than last year? 13:30 Big Ten East Champs or bust!!! 15:45 Is this season all about beating OSU? 19:00 Max has lower expectations for UM 22:45 Steve in Portland on where the losses may come from 31:45 The Bielema paradox 40:00 Badger Bob on Godfrey’s conclusions in his articles on Bag men 45:15 Sactown Andy on the pass catcher breakdown 49:00 Buy R Swag 50:15 Send us emails 50:30 Review R Pod

    Episode 228 - All-Badger Potpourri

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 9, 2018 65:37

    Taking a break from the B1G Picture series, Rich and Max take a listener-driven dive further into Milwaukee recruiting, talk safeties, and take a shot at what they think the distribution of receptions will look like in 2018 SHOW NOTES 1:30 Rich... Mover and Shaker... At least mover 4:00 Neil and revisiting the MKE football issue 16:15 Ben in Chicago on Dixon as most important player on the defense 18:45 Matt in MKE on the emergence of Scott Nelson 25:30 Who’s gonna catch passes... and how many? 34:30 Quintez Cephus 37:00 Danny Davis... where Max underestimates him 38:30 AJ Taylor 39:15 Kendrick Pryor 40:00 Aron Cruikshank 41:45 Jack Dunn 42:00 Zander Nueville 43:00 Kyle Penniston 47:00 Luke Benzschal 47:45 Jake Ferguson 48:30 Jonathan Taylor 50:15 Chris James 50:45 Garret Groschek 51:30 Alec Ingold 53:00 Adjustments 1:03:00 Merch

    Episode 227 - B1G Picture: Iowa

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2018 50:52

    Scott Dochterman previews the Iowa Hawkeyes plus Rich and Max  talk about the potential for Kayden Lyles' to move to nose guard and the relative strength of Iowa and Wisconsin as football programs.  SHOW NOTES 2:00 Max, the college football polygamist 4:00 Welcome back Scott Dochterman soon to be of the Athletic 4:30 A look back at 2017 7:30 A look at the running game 15:00 Will the defense be able to replace the LB’s? 23:00 A look at the 2018 schedule 28:30 Rich no longer views Iowa as an equal 37:00 Ty(ler in) Deforest on Kaden Lyles to the D Line 45:30 Max leaves for his exacting social schedule 46:15 Rich did a Nebraska pod 47:00 Buy merch! 48:30 Rich quit the cable... and yelled at kids (not his) to get off his lawn

    Episode 226 - B1G Picture: Rutgers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 18, 2018 51:09

    Rich and Max preview Rutgers with James Kratch before discussing how the Badgers might manage the injuries to Rand and Loudermilk, what "shutting down your recruitment" really means and work through some listener mail. SHOW NOTES 1:30 Back for the 3rd week in a row 2:45 Welcome James Kratch from 3:15 A look back at 2017 4:45 SO many offensive coordinators 11:30 Turnover on the DL 14:45 Will the defense still be a strength? 18:00 Does Ash have to make a bowl in 18? 22:00 Rich lives Rutgers like Max loves Iowa... and NIU... and Illinois... and 23:15 The suddenly thin Badger DL 33:45 Does Mertz shutting it down mean anything? 39:30 Journal Sentinel Jesse on being sentimental 41:30 Scoreboard Brin on Milwaukee football recruiting 47:30 Hawking Merch

    Episode 225 - B1G Picture: Northwestern

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 12, 2018 57:28

    Rich discusses Northwestern with Adam Hoge before he's joined by Max to break down the impact of the injuries to Garret Rand and Isaiah Loudermilk for 2018. SHOW NOTES 2:30 Lysol wipes on a keyboard is a no-no 4:00 Welcome back Adam Hoge 5:30 2017’s quietest 10 win season 7:30 Clayton Thorson’s return 9:30 Who else is of note for the 2018 offense? 12:15 Northwestern’s lack of explosiveness 14:15 Will the defense be as good as last year? 18:15 Expectations for 2018 27:45 2018 UW football as 2014-15 UW basketball 28:45 The impact of the DL injuries 40:00 Goofer QB 42:30 P.O.D. Breaks down Sota 44:00 Steve in Portland on the media’s perception of the Badgers 47:45 Pat in MKE on the lack of football talent in MKE 55:30 Shirts, hoodies AND hats!

    Episode 224 - B1G Picture: Minnesota

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2018 64:07

    Kyle Goblirsch previews the Gophers and Rich and Max discuss the assistant coach pay raises and work through some listener mail regarding Jim Leonhard and the defensive side of the ball.  SHOW NOTES 1:45 Your main source for Elite 11 talk 3:00 Welcome back Kyle Goblirsch from Minnesota 24/7 3:30 Was the plan evident to see in 2017? 6:00 Is the talent improving? 9:45 What does the 2018 offense look like and who to watch 15:45 Looking for a transfer QB? 21:00 The 2018 defense and who to watch 27:15 The prospects for 2018 32:00 Assistant Coach salaries 45:30 Ryan in Glenview on defense system vs coaching 49:00 Balky in SLC on changing the style of play to suit opponents 52:30 Max uses advanced hyperbole 55:00 A plug for Crooked Letters 1:00:45 We’re making hats... we’ll let you know when and how

    Episode 223 - B1G Picture: Purdue

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2018 40:27

    Mike Carmin previews the Boilermakers in Jeff Brohm's 2nd year plus Rich and Max dissect the national title talk in the media of late.  SHOW NOTES 1:15 We always do Purdue early 2:30 Welcome back Mike Carmin from JC Online 3:15 Was last year's defensive success a surprise? 5:45 How much hype surrounds the 2018 season? 8:00 What to expect from the offense 11:00 WR and the JUCO route 13:00 How good is the defense going to be this year and who to watch? 15:30 A glance at the schedule 18:45 Jake in Madison is the listener of the week 20:45 Dylan in VA on the Badger players talking NC 33:30 Travis in St Louis on what would be a disappointment 35:15 Thoughts on the de-commits

    Episode 222 - B1G Picture: Illinois

    Play Episode Listen Later May 7, 2018 40:21

    Jeremy Werner previews Illinois plus Rich and Max discuss Ryan Connelly as an OLB, what consequences there are for canceling the spring game, and the transfer of Kare Lyles. SHOW NOTES 1:30 All you suckers missed out on a lively Ron Zook conversation 2:00 Welcome Jeremy Werner of Illini Enquiror 2:30 Looking back at Year 2 of Lovie 4:30 The part where Max compares Lovie to Theo Epstein (as a Bears and Red Sox fan this is a bad comp) 6:30 Changing direction at QB 9:45 Who will step up on defense? 13:00 Looking forward to an easier schedule 17:00 Max is all in on Illini positivity 18:30 Now on to the Badgers 19:30 Bob on the lack of a Spring Game 22:30 Connelly at OLB? 28:00 Rich's manifesto on The Kare Saga 37:30 Shirts or hoodies... or a hat?

    Episode 221 - Spring Practice Wrap Up with Jason Galloway

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 23, 2018 47:28

    Jason Galloway joins the podcast to give his thoughts at the conclusion of spring practice. SHOW NOTES 2:00 Welcome back, Jason Galloway 2:30 The backup QB situation 5:45 Adam in MN on if the O Line is as deep as portrayed 10:30 Will Sam Brodner play as a #3 RB? 12:30 Addie in Madison on Hornibrook or Taylor getting hurt 14:45 Ryan in Glenview on Cruikshank's future 19:00 Other WR's 21:15 How does TE play out if Nueville isn't ready? 25:00 And now... FULLBACK TALK 26:00 Ben in Chicago on the DL 28:30 DL hypothetical 29:45 OLB depth 34:00 DB's starring Scott Nelson 39:30 China Bob on underappreciated Badgers 41:30 Weekday Ryan on whose expectations are too high

    Episode 220 - Spring Games are Stupid Anyways

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 16, 2018 38:39

    The Badgers canceled the spring game. Rich and Max still talked about Spring Football SHOW NOTES 1:15 they got the weather talk out of the way off line 3:00 A call for spring practice questions 4:30 The schools attitude towards canceling the spring game 6:45 Travis in STL on Cruikshank staying healthy 15:00 The DL... a collection of candidates 18:45 Sam Brodner as a FB is big in Connecticut 25:00 Max goes hyperbolic on the offense 33:00 Buckaround recommends

    Episode 219 - The Deafening Silence of a Businesslike Spring

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 26, 2018 37:49

    Rich and Max take stock of a spring practice with minimal drama and little intrigue. How do you make this interesting? SHOW NOTES 1:15 I'm Rich and l'm here with my dying co-host Max 4:00 No QB controversy means no drama 9:45 South Jersey Pete on the Deal with Taiwan 14:30 Steve in NY on Taiwan Deal's flabby guns 15:45 Tom on the Train on where Farrar's role this year 20:15 Rich is getting what he wanted at DB 22:45 The injury list 24:30 Will there be a 50-50 run-pass play call this year? 27:30 The Spring Game 35:00 Kyle's closing the doors. Go say hi!!

    Episode 218 - Spring Practice Preview 2018: The Paul Jackson Hour

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2018 51:20

    Rich and Max look at what can be learned about the Badgers as they head into another spring practice. SHOW NOTES 1:30 The biggest of Rich's many podcast mistakes 4:45 Into the Paul Jackson weeds 9:15 The players NOT participating 12:00 Missing from the roster 14:00 Weight changes 18:00 The freshman 21:30 Things to watch in spring 22:00 Taiwan Deal 23:30 Cornerback... wherein Faion Hicks may be the new Hillary 26:45 How TE shakes out 27:45 The DL 30:15 Seperating Hornibrook and Coan 35:00 Listener questions 35:15 Adam in Kenosha on FR playing early 36:30 Matt in MKE on surprise starters 39:00 Ryan in Chicago on Bell moving to DE 42:00 Thanks to Eric. HTML scraper extraordinaire

    Episode 217 - Defensive Depth Charts: 2018 Edition

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2018 67:24

    Rich and Max examine the future of the Badger defense.   SHOW NOTES 3:30 Diving into the defense 6:00 DE... zero career starts 19:15 We take you live to the Hawkeyearound 20:30 NT... lots of recent misses 27:30 ILB... not so fast Arrington 36:15 OLB... Van Ginkel is coming to steal your goats 43:15 CB... young and inexperienced 52:15 Safety... let's check back in with the Hawkeyearound 59:15 The specialists

    Episode 216 - Offensive Depth Charts: 2018 Edition

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2018 73:12

    It's time to turn the page to 2018 as Rich and Max give their thoughts on what the offense will look like in 2018. SHOW NOTES 2:45 Turning the page to 2018 5:00 To answer their question: In 17 they didn't give future grades or even current grades 8:00 QB Hornibrook is our quarterback 18:15 RB and depth behind Taylor 32:15 FB... there's only two on the roster 36:30 WR... boringly awesome 44:45 TE... a little bit of shakeup? 52:00 OL... there is some depth here 1:06:45 Mertz collecting all the offers

    Episode 215 - Signing Day 2018 Evan Flood

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2018 60:12

    Evan Flood returns to the BuckAround to break down the Badgers' latest signing class and look ahead at what is in store on the recruiting trail in 2019. SHOW NOTES 2:00 Slow signing day 4:00 Welcome back Evan Flood of 247 4:45 Noticeable changes at CB 7:30 Max forgets the name Wildgoose somehow 9:30 Kyle in Silver Springs on Florida recruiting 11:45 The impact of the early signing period on Bucky 14:30 The 2018 recruiting strategies 17:00 Utilizing Cruickshank 19:00 Ben in Chicago on a Sanborn comp 21:00 Bryson Williams playing this year? 23:00 Will Nakia Watson play early? 25:30 Tom on the Train on UW's offense helping recruit OL 27:00 2019 recruiting off to a great start 29:30 Does Mertz stick with UW 31:45 Beating UM and Bama for Logan Brown 33:00 Will this be the Badgers best class ever? 35:00 Max is bullish on Badger recruiting 38:15 Rich is cautiously optimistic (Those two stamps sum up the whole history of the Pod) 44:30 Looking back at the 2013 recruiting class 56:45 Upcoming shows

    Episode 214 - Golden Buckys: 2017 Edition

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2018 64:34

    Rich and Max present the most prestigious awards show in all of sports: The Golden Buckys!   SHOW NOTES 1:30 Max couldn't hear Rich in the first attempt at this ep (seems ideal), but fixed now 4:30 Your 2017 Golden Bucky's 5:30 Most Outstanding Player M: J Taylor R: TJ Edwards  8:30 Offensive MVP M: Hornibrook R:  D Davis 12:00 Deffensive MVP M: TJ Edwards R: Nelson 14:00 Most Improved M: Van Ginkel R: Cephus 17:00 Unsung Hero M: Sheehy R: Jamerson 20:15 Biggest Underperformer M: Peavy R: Peavy 21:30 Ray Ball Award Both: Rushing 25:45 Freshman of the Year Both: J Taylor 26:15 Future Star Both AND me: Danny MFing Davis lll 29:15 Worst Game M: B1G Title Game R: Illinois 32:45 Play of the Year M: Van Ginkel's picks R: AJ Taylor catch vs UM 36:00 Game of the Year M: Minnesota R: Orange Bowl 42:00 Coach of the Year M: Settle R: Gilmore 46:00 Dave in Brookfield on meme of 2017 season 50:30 Mark in Riverwoods, IL on people disrespecting Badgers 59:30 Evan Flood next episode  

    Episode 213 - 2017 in Review with Jason Galloway

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2018 52:15

    Rich is joined by Jason Galloway to review the 2017 Badgers and take a few minutes to talk about Jason's alma mater. SHOW NOTES 1:00 No Max means no Golden Bucky's 2:15 Welcome back Jason Galloway 3:15 Was Hornibrook the QB we expected? 8:30 Was 2017 Hornibrook better than Stave? 10:45 Running Back talk 13:00 Groshek going forward 15:00 The OL development 18:00 WR's ALL THE TALENT!!! 22:30 The overlooked DL 26:45 ILB and Orr not playing in the Orange Bowl 29:00 Are the OLB's products of the system? 31:00 Were Nelson and Tindal elite? 34:15 Ben in Chicago and who improved the most 35:30 Mark in Riverwoods on the Badgers becoming a helmet school 37:30 Neal in MN on how Badgers would have done in the Playoff 40:00 Rich loves 9 month early Top 25's... 43:15 How much better can the offense be? 44:15 2018 Badger concerns 45:45 Roll Tide Galloway, Roll Tide

    Episode 212 - Orange Bowl Review: Turnover Chain My Fu*king Ass

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2018 61:45

    The Badgers come home victorious over Miami in the Orange Bowl and Rich and Max look back on a historic 13-1 season.  SHOW NOTES  1:30 Max is under the weather 3:15 The Talkaround 6:00 Was the game unremarkable? 12:00 The announcers 15:00 Played out the way we thought 17:00 The Badgers were/are appropriately ranked 19:00 Badger football is as good as ever 20:00 Edwards' injury 21:30 The Badgers had better athletes than Miami!!! 26:15 And Jonathan Taylor is a FR 28:45 The turnover chain capper 33:15 UR Player of the Game 37:00 Big games in the B1G 57:00 Off-season episodes 59:00 Best Badger season ever?

    Episode 211 - Bowl Season: Orange Bowl Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 18, 2017 61:28

    Rich and Max preview the Badgers' matchup with Miami in the Orange Bowl, discuss the early signing period, and close the show with talk of the Badgers' changes on the coaching staff.  SHOW NOTES 1:30 The boys are back and they are over the loss 5:30 Breaking promises 7:15 The matchup 9:00 Talking efficiencies 15:30 Shades of 2009 17:00 Will the Badger be able to block? 19:00 The Miami schedule 23:30 The motivation edge 26:15 Orange Bowl predictions 28:00 The early signing period 41:45 Early entrants to the NFL 48:30 Transfers... in? 51:30 Tibesar to Oregon St 55:30 Leonhard isn't gonna be here forever 57:15 Peavy graduates 59:00 Order from Silly Yak!!!

    Episode 210 - Week 14: B1G Championship

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 4, 2017 79:28

    Rich and Max recap the Badgers 27-21 loss to Ohio State  SHOW NOTES 1:00 First time this season discussing a loss 3:30 Mrs Buckaround is a jinx 6:30 The Talkaround 12:30 The game in a sentence 24:30 OSU had to play hard to win 28:15 The Badger offense 35:45 The OL 39:00 The OSU pass coverage 40:15 Missing Neuville 43:00 Did they miss Cephus? 52:15 Matty Singer of Whitnall on punting inside the 40 56:30 UR Player of the Game (also Rich sings Christmas carols... kinda) 1:01:30 The turf! It came up!!! 1:05:30 Brock in Heartbreak City on "how hard it is" being a Badger fan 1:12:15 Hornibrook's 7 Yard run

    Episode 209 - Week 13: Minnesota

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2017 61:07

    The Badgers have finished the regular season 12-0. Rich and Max aren't sure how to handle this at all. SHOW NOTES 1:15 Thanksgiving's highlight side dish 3:00 Rich's cooking Pod 6:15 A business like win 7:00 The Talkaround 9:00 The Badgers just finished the regular season undefeated 13:30 A capstone game 17:30 How is Demry Croft the QB?!? 19:30 UM played to lose and not get humiliated... but did anyway 27:00 This team will go as far as Hornibrook can take them 29:30 Gary in Nevada on favorite TE tidbit 32:30 Dave from Brookfield on 2017 UW NOT being 2015 Iowa 40:00 UR Player of the Game 44:45 Travis in STL on our coaches being raided 50:00 Big games in the B1G

    Episode 208 - Week 12: Michigan

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2017 70:27

    Rich and Max break down the finer points of Wisconsin's convincing 24-10 win over Michigan SHOW NOTES 2:00 Rich has notes 6:45 The Talkaround 9:00 #RollerCoasterQB 11:15 What is there left to say about this defense?!? 20:45 The emergence of Taylor has made James largely irrelevant 24:15 Ben in LA on figuring out Chryst 30:30 Was this Hornibrook's best game? 33:45 JS Jesse on Hornibrook on 3rd down 38:30 Keith in Houston on Nelson letting punts roll 45:45 Rich LOVES beating Michigan 53:00 UR Player of the Game 55:45 Who is the best offense the Badgers have played this year? 58:45 Why are people talking about OSU in the playoff? 1:00:00 Rich basically quotes my twitter tirades about Badger fans being negative and whining 1:02:00 Logan Brown come on down 1:07:45 Paul in Madison

    Episode 207 - Week 11: Iowa

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2017 75:18

    The Badgers turned in an all time defensive performance against the Iowa Hawkeyes in their 38-14 victory. Rich and Max try to make sense of what this means. SHOW NOTES 2:00 The Dynamic Duo is back 6:00 The Talkaround 8:15 Was this performance surprising? 12:00 The safeties 16:00 The Iowa run game 17:45 Is the UW front 7 THAT good? 19:00 Defensive MVP of the game 24:00 Journal Sentinel Jesse on Shaw running outside the tackles 29:45 Who was a great RB that had such glaring deficiencies as Taylor? (Guess who brought this up?) 32:45 Davis and Pryor are very good football players 35:00 Hornibrook had his typical game 44:45 Projecting ahead 48:45 UR Player of the Game 56:45 Big games in the B1G 59:45 Who's gonna coach Nebraska? 1:03:30 #WhyNotWisconsin 1:06:00 This week's game 1:10:45 Donde esta Jazz Peavy?

    Episode 206 - Week 10: Indiana

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2017 54:18

    Max (and a super secret guest host!) review the Badgers' win over Indiana plus preview the Badgers' big matchup against Iowa.  SHOW NOTES 1:30 Welcome back Nate Cravill 4:15 The Talkaround 6:15 The Hornibrook pick 8:15 Nate takes all of you arm chair QB's to task 12:00 Jonathan Taylor Tailback 15:15 Iowa Around 17:30 Cephus will be missed 20:00 Balky on Cephus' timeframe 22:00 Ryan from Chicago on waiting for Peavy 24:30 The slate ahead 27:30 Iowa Around 2.0 32:00 The Defense is good 37:00 UR Player of the Game 41:45 Big games in the B1G

    Episode 205.2 - Week 9: Illinois

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2017 51:54

    Rich and Max share their takeaways from the Badgers 24-10 victory over the Illini in Champaign SHOW NOTES 2:45 If nobody calls you get no Talkaround 4:00 Adam from Darlington on Hornibrook 5:15 Wherefore art though Jazz Peavy? 12:15 Carl in Grayslake on Brandon Williams on Galloway's Pod 19:00 Jim in Greendale on waiting for style points and Chryst the pragmatist 22:15 Why use the Dieter play there? 28:00 Shocker... Rich says they're gonna lose 29:00 Illinois minute 33:45 UR Players of the Game 43:15 Big games in the B1G

    Episode 205.1 - Talking Offensively about the Offensive Line

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2017 28:30

    Max is joined by F.O.T.S. Jon from Madison to break down the play of the Badger offensive line thus far.  LOOK FOR OUR ILLINOIS BREAKDOWN LATER THIS WEEK. SHOW NOTES 2:15 Welcome back Jon from Madison 3:00 David Edwards 6:00 Tyler Biadasz 9:15 What are the keys to getting off the line? 12:30 What goes wrong when pass protection breaks down? 16:30 Is a healthy Dietzen the best option at LG? 19:30 Is the line not getting off double teams quick enough? 23:30 How will the line hold up with the best D Lines on the schedule coming up? 28:00 Awkward pauses, youth football and behind the scenes with soccer player Max (since REDACTED)

    Episode 204 - Week 8: Maryland

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2017 40:14

    Rich is on his own reviewing the Badgers' 38-13 win over Maryland and handicaps their playoff chances.   SHOW NOTES 1:00 Flying solo 5:00 Maryland game is the new Purdue game 9:15 JTD 10:45 This team is gonna get penalized 13:30 The best defense since the arrival of Aranda? 18:00 Hornibrook is what he is 22:30 Zombie Wisconsin 24:15 UR Player of the Game 30:45 Big games in the B1G 35:30 The Prince of Darkness acknowledges the Badgers could make the playoff... and even that is somehow depressing 38:15 A John Settle Retweet!!!

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