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A breakdown and recap of the weeks professional BJJ and grappling events. Every week we recap what has happened in the world of sport Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and preview the following weeks grappling events.

Grappling Rewind Staff

    • Aug 9, 2022 LATEST EPISODE
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    #248 Gordon Ryan Vs Felipe Pena 3 for $100,000 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 88:00

    This week on the show Maine and Rob recap Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena 3 at WNO. In the news section of the show we discuss the death of Leandro Lo over the weekend and briefly speak about his accomplishments and contributions to the sport, as well as some of his greatest matches. In the recap section of the show we discussed the main event of Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena 3 that ended by a verbal tap after a pass.  We discussed the Circumstances surrounding the match including some potential behind the scenes drama in connection with Leandro Lo's death, Pena mental state going into the match and want for the match to be shorter.  We discussed the no-time limit factor that saw the pacing of the match remain slow early and saw long stretches of 50-50 work from Pena, and passing attempts from Gordon.  We also discussed some of the take down sequences from Gordon, And went in-depth on what a potential rematch under ADCC rules looks like and how Gordon Vs Andre Galavo may look in the ADCC Superfight. In the recap of Nicholas Meregali vs Rafael Lovato Jr. We discussed the implementation of Nichola's wrestling and how he was able to put Lovato into the guard and on his back and work his passing on his way to a very clean Unanimous decision.  In Mica Galvao vs Alan Sanchez we discussed the great counter Guillotine foot sweep takedown that Mica hit in the opening sequence of the match; that then led to the guard passing and long controlling Mount sequence that has been more of the same from Galvao. Then we discussed the lightning transition to the back and double arm trap that led to the  Rear-naked Choke submission. In Beatriz Mesquita vs Elisabeth Clay We discuss the developments in Clay's stand-up game and some of the leg entries on display. We also discussed how closely contested the match was and the strength training Clay has been doing.In Jacob Couch vs Jay Rodriguez We discussed Jacob couch Kimura sweep Mount and ability to control the match from Bell to Bell with his top pressure and tenacity in holding the Kimora from guard. In what will be absolutely a signature win for the up-and-coming grappler.In Fabricio Andrey vs Fabian Ramirez We discussed some of the counter wrestling on display and a few very big throws that Fabricio was able to hit on Ramirez as well as a very tight leg lock entry from Ramirez using at the knee control for the leg lock. In Diogo Reis vs Estevan Martinez We discussed the controlling pressure that Reis used to slow down Estevan as well as some of the Fantastic defense especially to the arm triangle that Martinez employed throughout the smash.In the preview section of the show we discussed Midwest Finishers 8, and Hudson valley Invitational 4.In the outro section of the show Maine discussed the Upcoming trip to Omaha Nebraska to train with and interview John Hansen.Recorded 8-8-2022 

    #247 $100,000 Gordon Ryan Vs Felipe Pena Match Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 60:36

    This week on the show Maine and Josh preview the 110,000 dollar no time limit money match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena plus recap F2W 207, and Toro Cup 21 main events. In the news section of the show we discussed some of the replacements for the upcoming IBJJF GP.  Plus our continued excitement for ADCC divisions.In the preview of Gordon Ryan Vs Felipe Pena 3, we discussed the first 2 matches and how much Gordon has changed improved his game.  Including how he has changed his 50-50 play, and how he has changed his passing to deal with the knee shield.  We also discussed his back taking skills and level of control, plus the takedown in their ADCC match in the no points section of the match.  For Felipe we discussed the Andre match and the Vanger matches as recent no-gi performances and contrasted what he has shown recently against Gordons improvements.  We also discussed the format of the match and possibly the avenue Gordon would try and take the match into.  With the improvements in his takedowns, wrestling, guard play and sweep game and no longer relying on the leg entries as a cornerstone of his game in the last 5 years as a black belt in this rematch. In the recap of Toro Cup 21 we discussed the main event of  Gabriel Sousa vs. Gavin Corbe that saw Sousa take a points victory after some great back and fourth, we then discussed how his game would look at ADCC and how sharp his transitions had been looking.  In the recap of Fight to Win 207 headlined by Yuri Simoes vs Roosevelt Sousa we talked about how the activity of the match was reminiscent of the -99 days of ADCC in prior years and speculated that both grapplers may not be showcasing their whole game ahead of ADCC in 6 weeks. In the outro Maine discussed an upcoming trip to Nebraska to interview, train with and film John Hansen ahead of his ADCC run in -99kg. Recorded 7-31-2022

    #246 Bones Domination of Rise 9 Recap, PJ Barch Sub Only Series 7 Run Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2022 60:42

    This week on the show Maine and Josh recap Rise 9, Sub Only Series VII, F2W 206, and Jonathan Wilson vs Andrew Tackett on Combat Sports Coverage 4.In the news section we discuss picking upcoming ADCC Brackets. In the recap section we discuss Devonte Bones Jhonson run at Rise 9 defeating Jason Rau in the open weight finals with a Head and Arm choke that he started from the mount. In the recap of Combat Sports Coverage 4 we discussed the come from behind submission victory that saw Jonathan Wilson kneebar Andrew Tackett, after an impressive pace put on by Tackett from the top and back.  In the recap of  Sub Only Series 7 we discussed PJ Barch submission run through his bracket in the 170 pound including his Rear Naked Choke submission won over John Combs in the semi finals.  As well as a rematch with Chris Wojcik from ADCC trials. In the recap of Fight to Win 206 we discussed Sara Apodaca vs Brittney Elkin, that saw Elkin play a top pressure passing game and try for an omaplata to take a decision win, and we talked about Seth Daniels taking another match to save the day on the card. In the preview section of the show we discussed the Toro Cup 21 title bout between  Gabriel Sousa vs. Gavin Corbe, with Sousa taking on Deandres brother in this latest title defense.  We talked about the dynamics of this match and the back take games and sequences that we may see. In the outro we discussed last weeks WNO event, No time limit matches and Gordon Ryan putting up 100,000 dollars against Felipe Pena.  Plus Maine talks about his vacation to Canada over the weekend, and training abroad. Recorded 7-25-2022

    #245 Gordon Ryan vs Pedro Marinho WNO Final Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2022 86:00

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap Gordon Ryan vs Pedro Marinho on the WNO Who's Next Final, we also recap F2W 205, and Craig Jones vs. Eldar Sayidov at the Arlan Grip Pro 18 & AIGA Champions League event. Plus we also discuss Boa Super 8, and preview Rise 9. In the news section of the show we discussed the released ADCC schedule, plus the card matchups on WNO Gordon Vs Pena, and the IBJJF GP matchups and divisions.We also discussed Tim Spriggs pulling out of ADCC and WNO. In the recap section of the show we discussed Gordon Ryan vs Pedro Marinho for the WNO Heavyweight Belt, that saw Gordon try and finish a smother choke from the top, and finally finish a RNC 26 minutes in, then call out and talk about who he wanted to face next including every rematch he wants at Black Belt. We talked about how Nicholas Meregali looked in his second no-gi match ever vs Breylor Grout, that saw him finish a choke from the top. As well as Andrew Tackett vs Rene Sousa, that saw Tackett impose his wrestling and top game and pathing to the back. We talked about the top and back position control that Giancarlo Bodoni had vs Jay Rodriguez and how Jay was able to put up his own impressive offense at the end of the match.We talked about Big Dan Manasoiu breaking Tristan Overvig leg in a heel hook, and the rest of the prelim matches includig “the Sewer Rat” Spencer Fossier vs Mike Rakshan, and Fabian Ramirez vs Max Hanson.Plus we ranted about Kyle Chambers vs Izaak Michell that was scheduled in possibly one of the worst ways possible for a no time-limit submission-only match, and how the match was cut from broadcast 90 minutes in for the WNX Finale. As the Co-Main event. In the recap of F2W 205 we discussed the main event of Mo Black vs Helena Crevar that saw great guard work and top positional control from Crevar on her way to a decision win, and Augusto Maciel vs Troy Everett in the co-main slot. On the preview for Rise 9 we discussed the EBI tournament, and a few superfights including  Fatima Kline vs Sophia Cassella, Rey Deleon vs Sam Micale, and Trinity Pun vs Peyton Letcher.In the outro of the show the hosts discussed ADCC prep.Recorded 7-18-2022

    #244 Gordon Ryan Vs Pedro Marinho Preview, Can Pedro Beat the King?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2022 76:30

    On this weeks show Maine and Miranda previewed Tezos WNO: Who's Next Finale Gordon Ryan vs Pedro Marinho  and the Whos Next Main Event Kyle Chambers vs Izaak Michell.  Plus recapped Fight to Win 204 Damon Ramos vs Colton VaughnIn our preview of Gordon Ryan vs Pedro Marinho we talked about the size that Gordon has put on and how this could possibly affect his gas tank going into a 30 minute match with Pedro.  We talked about a potentially high paced game on the feet and some potential counter guillotine offense from Pedro on top and the potential of Gordon getting on top and controlling the mount like we have seen in his recent matches.  We also discussed how Pedro has leveraged his speed against larger people in the past.  In the preview of Kyle Chambers vs Izaak Michell we talked about the wrestling game of Izaak, and how Craig Jones speaks highly of his leg lock game.  We discussed a guard game for Chambers that would most likely see Izaak looking to pass and impose on top in this no time limit match.  In Andrew Tackett vs Rene Sousa we discussed Rene most recent game plan on Who's Next and how this slower pace may affect how he decides to approach the never tired Tackett.  In our discussion of "Big"  Dan Manasoiu vs Tristan Overvig we talked about how Big Dans game is catered to larger competitors and how stylistically this matchup may favor him, as well as how hard it is to find training analogues for a 6'8" 290 pound grappler. In a late replacement match for Andy Varela we see Giancarlo Bodoni fill in vs Jay Rodriguez  in a class at -88 kg we discussed the passing offense of Bodoni compared to the wrestling of Jay Rod, and how Bodoni may be able to force Jay to his back and how Bodoni flat back open guard may prevent the jumping back takes Jay Rod likes to implement. We also previewed the Free prelims  of the “Sewer Rat” Spencer Fossier vs Mike Rakshan, in a personality clash. we also discussed Breylor Grout vs Luke Griffith and Fabian Ramirez vs Max Hanson. In the recap section we discussed the main event of Fight to Win 204 Damon Ramos vs Colton Vaughn that saw Ramos takedown then control from the top and try for a leg lock late in the match.In the outro we discussed training and Maines hurt ribs, and recovery.Recorded 7-11-2022 

    #243 Felipe Pena Vs Vagner Rocha Recap, Raw #2, and UFC Inv 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2022 97:19

    This week on the show Maine and Zak recap Raw Grappling #2, Honor Submission Challenge #2, and the UFC Invitational #2. This time with no heel hooks. In the news section of the show we discuss Andy Varela getting an invitation slot at -77 for ADCC, and the finalized -77 kg division.In the recap section of the show we discussed Raw Grappling #2 and Diego "Pato" Oliveira defeating Ethan Crelinsten by decision in a leg lock battle. We recapped Ashley Williams dominater decision preformance over Thiago Macedo  We discussed Ffion Davies armbar win over Vitoria Vieira As well as a chippy match between Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa and Thomas Bracher that Hulk won by a triangle armlock variation from the back.In the recap of  Honor Submission Challenge #1 we discussed the first founds for the finalists and the finals of each division including Fabricio Andrey armbar win over  Alessio Sacchetti, Mica Galvao wild and controlled triangle armbar from the back over Jed Hue, and Felipe Pena talkative match with Vagner Rocha that went to OT. We also recapped the UFC invitational 2 most exciting matches.  Including a number of ADCC 2022 grapplers on the teams and card.  In the outro section of the show the hosts discussed ADCC planning.Recorded 7-4-2022

    #242 Polaris Squads & Midwest Finishers 7 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 93:58

    this week on the show Maine and Josh recap Polaris 20 Squads team USA vs Brazil, and Midwest Finishers 7.  In the news section of the show we discuss Cyborg being invited to ADCC and making his 7th appearance.In the recap of Midwest Finishers 7 we discussed the mens 155 pound lightweight bracket and the women 125 pound bracket.   We ran through some of the stand out performances including Keiran Kerchak submission run then rib injury that then saw Jordan Holy vs Deandre Cobre in the finals in an overtime battle after some good positional and back and forth during regulation, leading to Holy taking the title in overtime. In the 125 pound bracket we discussed some of the early submissions and the final between Alex Nguyen and Trinity Pun.  We discussed the back and forth of the match including trinity attempt at a no arm triangle canto choke variation and Alex's Armbar finish to take the title. In the recap of Polaris 20 Squads Team USA Vs Team Brazil we discussed the Squads format as well as the superfight between Damian Maia and Benson Henderson that saw Maia control position for nearly 17 minutes of the match .  In the Squads recap we discussed all the matches but paid special attention to the matches with submission including Mason Fowler come from behind submission victory over Kwynan Gracie , plus all three matches between Keith Krikorian and Mica Galvao that saw Mica score 2 points for team Brazil we discussed the pass and mount transition he used and the armbar and triangle transition he used in all three matches.  As well as discussed the last second call in their first match.  We also discussed the rules of the event and some of the challenges of the format that saw team Brazil take a 2-1 win over USA.In the preview section we discuss Raw grappling lineup and the string of wild brackets at Honor Submission Challange #1. In the outro we discussed the team competing locally this past weekend. Recorded 6-26-2022

    #241 The Last ADCC Trial for 2022 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 64:12

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap the final ADCC 2022 Trials the 2022 ADCC Asia, Oceania, and Australian Trials, we also recap F2W 203. Plus Andrew Tackett's performance at the Emerald City Invitational.In the news section we discussed ADCC drop outs and replacements and IBJJF drug test results. In the recap of Fight to Win 203 we discussed AJ Agazarm versus Shawn Weisenberg in the main event that saw Weisenberg put AJ into an extremely deep armbar and had Agazarm escape. We discussed the lack of wrestling in the matchup and some Kimura control used to take the back; and what the clean decision for Weisenberg means for Agazarm going into ADCC. In the recap of ADCC Asian Oceanic and Australian trials we ran through all of the 7 division finals starting off with the men's over 99 kg division.  Where Josh Saunders took a close victory over Daniel Schuardt.In the -99 kg division we discussed Izaak Michell wrestling, back take and mount points victory over Anton Minenko, In a Showcase of the B-Team prospects stand-up ability and transition game.  In -88 kg Roberto Dib Frias took a close points win via takedown vs Ben Hodgkinson, and played to the rules to stay ahead in the last 34 seconds. At -77 kg We talked about Japanese Prospect Kenta Iwamoto dynamic wrestling takedowns both early and late in the match vs Siraj Soufi, Plus some of the adjustments he was able to make during a single leg restart that led him to scoring late in the match in securing his slot in the world championships.In the under 66 kg discussion we discussed a leglock filled teammate battle in the finals between Jeremy Skinner and David Stoilescu, That saw both series of attacks negated and ended in the only submission of the finals that saw Jeremy Skinner finish a very interesting kneebar over David early in the overtime. In our recap of Andrew Tackett's run at the Emerald City Invitational, We discussed his submission Fury moving into the finals and the 30-plus minute overtime battle he had with Kieran to win the event.In the preview section of the show we very briefly preview the Midwest finishers 7 event and the men's 155-pound to lightweight divisions and the women's 125lb flyweight division tournament.We also briefly discussed the IBJJF American Nationals this coming week. In the outro section of the show Miranda discusses water loading and making weight. Recorded 6-20-2022

    #240 How Team Atos Won the Weekend, Subversiv 7, and EUG 4 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 78:06

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap EUG #4 and Subversiv 7 Battle of the Brands.In the News section of the show we discuss the upcoming ADCC  Asian and oceanic trials taking place this coming week as well as Elder Cruz receiving his black belt after the 2022 World Championships.In the recap selection of the show we discussed the middleweight 180 lb tournament for EUG,  featuring exciting matchups between Levi Jones Leary,  Manuel Ribimar, and Ronaldo Jr.  We discussed the final match between Rolando and Levi, and discussed some interesting rule changes for the event including a double guard pull come to top rule that awards the top player two points. We discussed how this rule can potentially work to push action when combined with other rules. We also discussed some of the tactical decisions that were made throughout the tournament including Ronaldo's decision to pull in his earlier matches and then play from the passing position in the finals match versus Levi.In the recap selection of Subversiv 7 we discussed some of the select matches in the team format including matches between Jay Rodriguez and Giancarlo Bodoni,  as well as an interesting match between Rafael Guedes and Ffion Davies We discussed Kaynan Duarte's  match with Big Dan and some of the technical developments that we've seen in the run-up to ADCC.   We also discussed the finals match between Kaynan Duarte and Vinícius "Trator" Ferreira. As well as some of the other moments that led to team Atos retaining their Subversiv title. In the outro section of the show, we discussed the upcoming final trial for ADCC and some of the potential entrants and bracket possibilities for that event.Recorded 6-13-2022

    #239 Was 2022 the Best Worlds Ever? IBJJF 2022 Worlds Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 168:04

    This week on the show Maine and Zak recap the 2022 IBJJF World Championships.  We recap every Black Belt Adult Final for the Men's and Women's divisions.  In the news section of the show we discuss ADCC  new invite AJ Agazarm replacing Mikey Musumeci who is out due to surgery and Ryan Hall who is out due to an ACL injury.In the recap section of the show we break down the men's open weight final between Nicholas Meregali and Erich Munis in a rematch from earlier in the day in their weight class. We discuss the tactics involved that saw Nicholas win a closely-contested absolute final by an Advantage.In the super heavyweight recap we talk about close outs and the lack of in the matchup between Erich Munis and Nicholas Meregali that saw sweep and re-sweep ending up with Erich take it by points 6-4.At Ultra heavyweight we recapped Victor Hugo defeating Gutemberg Pereira by points after being down by 2 points until the last one minute thirty when he scored 9 points to end the match in mount and by 9-2. In the Heavyweight recap we discussed Kaynan Duarte defeating Dimitrius Souza by advantages with a great back take attempt. In the medium heavy recap we talk about Leandro Lo doing it again and becoming 8X world champ defeating Isaque Bahiense by 2 points.In the middleweight discussion we talk about Tainan Dalpra's passing game and his submission victory over Andy Murasaki with a Canto choke.In one of the most anticipated divisions of the event we recap the Lightweight final between Mica Galvao and Tye Ruotolo that saw crazy sequences and balance and Mica take the victory on points becoming the youngest champ ever. At feather we discussed Isaac Doederlein winning her first world title, out-pointing Diego Sodre 2-0 in a last second sweep. In the Light Feather recap we discussed Meyram Alves defeating Diego “Pato” Oliveira by a close referee's decision.In the rooster final we discussed Thalison Soares defeating Carlos “Bebeto” Oliveira by points, 2-0 with a brillant sit up guard sweep and tripod passing. In the Women's divisions we discussed Mayssa Bastos defeating Brenda Larissa 6-4 by points in a sweep re-sweep battle.At light feather we talked about Anna Rodrigues defeating Tammi Musumeci by points 4-2. At  feather we talked about Bianca Basilio taking her first world title over Amanda Canuto by 3 advantages.In out Lightweight final discussion we talked about Ffion Davies intercept takedown on Janaina Menezes and her fight out of a very tight Kneebar to become the first UK world champion.In the middleweight discussion we talked about Andressa Cintra ref decision victory over Thalyta Lima. At Medium-heavy We talked about Ana Carolina Vieira submission victory over Luciana Mota With an Arm triangle choke. In the Heavyweight recap we broke down Larissa Dias advantage victory over Rafaela Guedes and 7 minutes of body triangle back control. In the Super heavyweight recap we discussed a consistent rematch between Gabrieli Pessanha and Yara Soares that saw Gabireli take the victory 4-2 on points.In Women's open weight we recapped the close match between Gabrieli Pessanha and Amy Campo that saw Pessanha take a referee's decision victory.In the outro we discuss why this is the best worlds in years. Recorded 6-6-2022

    #238 Who Will Win IBJJF 2022 Worlds? Preview, Fury Grappling 4, Survivor Series 2 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 124:30

    This week on the show Maine and Austin preview the 2022 IBJJF Worlds.  We also recap Fury Grappling 4 and Survivor Series 2. Plus Who's Next Episode 3.In the recap section we talks about Fury Grappling 4 and a possible match of the year contender between Jay Rodriguez and Achilles Rocha.  We also discuss Jasmine Rocha Vs Trinity Pun, and Clay Guida late replacement with the CFFC president match. In the recap of Survivor Series 2 we run through the entire Quintet Team battle type card and the superfights featuring Buggy chokes, and a great event storyline in the 6 team matchup.  In the preview for the 2022 IBJJF Worlds we talk about the brackets for each of the Adult Black belt divisions for the men's and women's divisions and give our picks for who we think will take each division.  Recorded 5-30-2022

    #237 Shocking Debut of the Ruotolo Brother on One FC, GrappleFest 12 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 72:24

    This week on the show Maine and Austin recap  One FC Tye Ruotolo vs Garry Tonon, and Kade Ruotolo Vs Shinya Aoki in the Brother One FC Debut.  We also recap GrappleFest 12, and Fight to Win 202.In the news section we discuss episode 1 of Who's Next and Gordon Ryan two matchup announcements Gordon Ryan Vs Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan Vs Pedro Marinho.In the recap section we talked about One FC Tye Ruotolo vs Garry Tonon that saw Tye finish a Darce in under 3 minutes, plus Kade taking a decision victory over Aoki.  We discussed some other One FC signings, and a possible league format for One FC. In the recap of Grapple Fest 12 we talked about the main event of  Dante Leon v PJ Barch for the  -80kg Title we discussed some of the positional work from both and discussed how you interplay submission offense vs positional work and activity, we also discuss the two deep heel hooks that Barch threw up at Dante, and the defense Dante used to escape.In Ash Williams v Keith Krikorian we discussed the leg lock offense and defense clinic on display and how close this match was, and how you could have scored it either way. In Jon Blank v Eoghan O'Flanagan for the -90 kg Title we discussed how Thor looked after his leg injury and how his wrestling looked coming back, we also discussed the finishing sequence and off balancing that Eohan set up the finish the triangle on Thor. In Jacob Couch v Tom Breese we discussed how hard it can be to work from guard when someone wont initiate passing attempts. In Micheal Pixley v Owen Livesey we talked about Owen pace and how he leveraged his judo and wrestling to take the decision. We also recapped the main event for Fight to Win 202.We previewed Survivor Series 2 put on by finishers that features a Qunitet style event with 6 5 man teams and a number of superfights, including Jay Rod taking on Max Hanson, and a 135 lb Title Defense for Trinity Pun against Cindy UngIn the outro the hosts discussed training together this week .Recorded 5-22-2022

    #236 Giancarlo Bodoni vs Elder Cruz Rematch Breakdown, GrappleFest 12 Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 60:42

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda Break down the rematch between Giancarlo Bodoni and  Elder Cruz, plus Preview GrappleFest 12 Dante Leon Vs PJ Barch.In the news section of the show we discuss JT Torres competing in the IBJJF taking double gold.In the recap section of the show we discussed Twister Church Faith and Violence #1 an 8 man 5000 dollar bracket that saw a rematch between Giancarlo Bodoni vs Elder Cruz in the finals.  We discussed how this match looked very similar to their ADCC East Coast North American Trials match from 2021 with a notable difference in Cruz underhook game in half guard, and posture. We talked about the controversial scoring sequence later in the match  that earned Giancarlo Bodoni a -1 in the ADCC scoring.   We also talked about Hasim Rida matches on the event.  In the preview of Grapplefest 12 we broke down another rematch in the main event between Dante Leonand PJ Barch and how Barch recent emphasis on passing may change this matchup that we last saw at No-Gi worlds.  We also previewed Ash Williamsvs Keith Krikorian in a battle of the ADCC Trials winners.  Plus discussed Jon Blankleg lock accolades and skills vs Eoghan O'Flanagan.  After that we looked at Jacob Couchtaking on Tom Breese, and the wrestling of Micheal Pixleyvs the Grecco and Judo of Owen Livesey.In the outro Miranda discussed her upcoming trip to Mexico. Recorded 5-16-2022

    #235 ADCC Second European Trial Recap 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 55:20

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap the 2022 Second ADCC European, African, and Middle Eastern Trials. Plus Recap F2W 201.In the news section we discuss Gordon in the Gi, and Meregali in his camp. In the recap of ADCC Trials we discussed -66 kg Sam McNally beating Robin Bohlim on point 3 to 0 with a back take. -77 kg Tommy Langaker submitting Mateusz Szczecinski with a rear naked choke after a great double under guard pass-88 kg Santeri Lilius beating Bruno Lima after a last second guard pull for a negative -99 kg Luke Griffith submitting Owen Livesey with a rear naked choke after a butterfly sweep+99 kg Daniel Manasoiu submitting Muslim Patsarigov after a big lifting takedown with a mounted head and arm choke In the women's ADCC Trials recap-60 kg Julia Maele beat Peyton Letcher on points in a back and forth match+60 kg Eleftheria Christodoulou beat Ane Svendsen on points 2 to 0In the recap of F2W we discussed the main event of Benji Silva vs Brandon Alexander, that saw Benji enter into the legs quickly then again and finish a heel hook in under 15 seconds.In the outro the hosts discuss competing and coaching back to back weekends. Recorded 5-9-2022

    #234 How Mica Galvao Submitted Hulk for $21,000 BJJ Stars 8 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 60:12

    This week on the show Maine and Josh recap the BJJ Stars 8 Middleweight GP, F2W 200 in Hawaii, and Toro Cup 20, plus discuss the upcoming ADCC European, Middle Eastern & African trials, plus F2W 201.In the news section of the show Maine talks about doing commentary this weekend for Copa Elite in Virginia with Zak, and possibly competing soon.In the recap section of the show we discuss BJJ Stars 8 Middleweight GP, and ADCC rules superfights.  After the first round discussion of Lucas Barbosa beating Roberto Jimenez via points in their rematch we talked about Mica Galvao taking a victory over Leandro Lo via one and the only advantage scored in the match.  In the Semifinals we broke down Lucas Barbosa  americana armbar finish of Leonardo Lara, and Mica Galvao leg injury victory over Mauricio Oliveira.  In the Finals we discussed Mica Galvao submitting Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa with a bow and arrow choke after countering a judo exchange on the feet. In our recap of the ADCC-rules superfights we talked about how good and smooth Demian Maia in his triangle set up of Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira via submission.  We talked about Felipe Pena first match in No-Gi since aADCC 2019 vs Henrique Ceconi.  Plus an astonishing finish in the Gutemberg Pereira vs Fellipe Andrew match where we broken down the standing guillotine Gutemberg hit 30 seconds into the match.  We alo broke down the back take and armbar attempt sequence form Fabricio Andrey in his match with Alex Sodre, and Bea Mesaquita quick takedown and armbar finish of Julia Boscher.In our recap of Toro Cup 20 we broke down the dynamics of Gavin Corbe vs Estevan Martinez and the 2 point victory Corbe was able to take over Estevan.In the recap of Fight to Win 200 we discussed the Darce choke that Baret Yoshida submitted Jeff Huang with after hanging on the choke for over a minute.  Plus Seth Daniels half guard kimura of Jeremy Nitta.In the preview section we briefly discussed our excitement of ADCC trials this next week and F2W 201.In the outro section of the show Maine and Josh discuss competing, and upcoming local superfights. Recorded 5-1-2022

    #233 Mikey Musumeci vs Masakazu Imanari, preview BJJ Stars 8 Middleweight GP, Toro Cup 20, F2W 200

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 62:43

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda break down Mikey Musumeci vs Masakazu Imanari, and preview BJJ Stars 8 Middleweight GP, Toro Cup 20, and F2W 200.In the news section we discuss the ADCC Hall of Fame Seminar and the format of the Hall of Fame for the 2022 ADCC World Championships. In the recap section we recap Mikey Musumecis vs Masakazu Imanari, on One FC and discuss the leg pummeling, and offense and defense and reaction that led Mikey to taking the back of Iminari and finishing a Rear Naked Choke in only a few minutes.  We discuss the alleviation of pressure on the Heel hook, and Mikey now representing evolve MMA.In the preview section we discuss BJJ Stars 8 Middleweight GP featuring Leandro Lo, Mica,Galvao, Roberto Jimenez, Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa, Mauricio Oliviera, and Pedro Machado We discuss some of the recent matches between those announced for the bracket and discuss the format including the new stalling and activity rules for the event. Regarding 50/50 and lapel guards.For the ADCC-rules No-Gi Superfights We discussed some of the matches including Felipe Pena returning to No-Gi  fir the first time since 2019 ADCC, now taking on Henrique Ceconi. We talk about Gutemberg Pereira vs Fellipe Andrew, a rematch from 2018 and 2019 where they are 1-1,Fabricio Andrey vs Alexssandro Sodre, and Beatriz Mesquita vs Julia Boscher. We also briefly discuss how those more familiar with the ADCC rules have an advantage going into this event.In our preview of Toro Cup 20  we discussed the main event between Estevan Martinez and Gavin Corbe, We take a look at their recent trials performances and the matches that we have commentated for the grapplers plus discuss the pace that will be pushed during the match under the Toro rules. In our preview of F2W 200 we discussed the event returning to Hawaii with a main event of Baret Yoshida and his outstanding crucifix work taking on Jeffrey Huang, and in the co-main event slot Mike Fowler vs Evan Tadashi Esaki.In the outro section Miranda discusses her upcoming seminar with Ffion Davies, and possibly Tex Jhonson, and Maine and Miranda discuss competing locally. Recorded 4-25-2022

    #232 IBJJF Tries to Stop Close Outs, ADCC News, and Estevan Martinez Hudson Valley Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 62:54

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap the Hudson Valley Grappling Invitational #3, Grapple in the Temple, Fight To Win 199, and tons of news.In the news section of the show we discussed a number of events that are coming to FloGrappling including Finishers Survivor Series, Toro Cup, and Midwest  Finishers.We talk IBJJF News regarding the new close out rules, and new era moving forward.We talk about all the One FC grappling News Including Tye vs Gary and Kade vs Aokiand MikeyVs Iminari, plus Mikey Musumeci moving to Singapore.In ADCC News we talked about the upcoming Trials, Raphael Canuto being announced for -77, and the Registration for ADCC open taking place next week. We also touched on the 400 dollar ADCC Hall of Fame seminar. In the recap section of the show we discussed Estevan Martinez vs Manny Vazquez on the  Hudson Valley Grappling Invitational 3, and how to saw Estevan Martinez fight through submissions early to put on a pace and push offence late in the match.  We talked about how he uses his hip positioning to leverage people off of him and turn his hips.  In the recap of Grapple in the Temple we talked about the main event Khalil Fadlallah vs. Robert Malof and how we saw a lot of Z guard work from Khalil and passing top position work from Robert. In the recap of F2W 199 we discussed Sloan Clymer vs Manny Rocha, that saw Sloan throw a guillotine over the guard and work to take mount off of the attempt,  We also break down the come from behind submission win by armbar Elisabeth Bravo  finished over Elizabeth Mitrovic, and Paige Ivette armbar win over Joy Pendell only a few weeks after her ADCC West Coast Trials 2022 silver performance. In the preview section we discussed the possibility of Mikey Musumeci vs Masakazu Imanari  ending in a draw. In the outro we discussed upcoming commentary, and Miranda taking a Demian Maia seminar last week. Recorded 4-18-2022 

    #231 How Black Belts Win IBJJF Pans 2022 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 109:40

    This week on the show Maine and Zak recap the 2022 IBJJF pans.In the news section of the show we discuss Maine getting his brown belt.  In the recap section we talk about the techniques used and recap every Adult Black Belt Final match for the 2022 IBJJG Pans.  In the outro section we discuss the Balance promotion process and peek behind the curtain of the show.Recorded 4-11-2022

    #230 ADCC West Coast Trials 2022 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2022 36:52

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap the 2022 ADCC West Coast Trials live from the Westgate hotel.We recap all of the divisions finals and some exceptional moments from the hundreds of matches this weekend. Recorded 4-4-2022

    #229 WNO How Gordon Ryan Beat Jacob Couch, Polaris 19 Recap, ADCC Trials Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2022 65:18

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap WNO Gordon Ryan Vs Jacob Couch, Polaris 19, and F2W 198.  Plus we preview ADCC West Coast Trials 2022. In the news section of the show we discussed the upcoming ADCC trials and the capping of divisions as well as the registration ending Wednesday.In the recap section of the show we discuss Gordon Ryan submitting Jacob Couch with a  S-Mount Armbar and crush from mount.  We talked about the outstanding leg lock defense on display and the systematic way in which Gordon defended Jacob couch's false reap entry, and controlled the match from the mount we also talked about his hidden note to the broadcast team and how both his and Andre Galvao performance this weekend gives us more information about the future matchup.In our recap of Micael Galvao vs Dante Leon we discussed the decision and Dante's continued takedown offense coupled with Galvao submission offense from the bottom and how depending on the scoring of this match it could have gone either way.In Nicholas Meregali first No-Gi match vs Arnaldo Maidana we talked about the last-minute submission, And how Nicholas was looking to work things out in this first No-Gi match. In a surprising result to the hosts Haisam Rida submitted Elder Cruz with a Rear Naked Choke After a counter take down snap down to the back.We talked about the conditioning of Keith Krikorian in his victory over Gabriel Souza by decision. We also discussed the prelim matches of the card including a very quick heel hook victory for Sophia Cassella over Jessie Crane via Submission in 35 seconds. Plus out first real look at Luke Griffith In his minute-and-a-half Standing Room naked choke victory over Joe Dierkhising. As well as David Garmo win over Benji Silva.In Our Recap Of Polaris 19 We Discussed The Main Event that saw Roberto Jimenez finish a RNC over Magid Hage, After a loose Kimura attempt from Hage, as stated in his post fight interview.We discussed the unfortunate finish and injury sustained by Amanda Leve in her match with Kendall ReusingPlus the rest of the matches on the main card including great performances by Ash Williams, and Eoghan O'flanagan.In our recap of F2W 198 We discussed the close decision victory that Andy Varela took over Oliver Taza  with back control and submission offense.  We also discussed Gabriel Checco's decision victory over Sloan Clymer that saw god work from both grapplers. In our preview ADCC West Coast Trials We once again ran through all of the announced names for the -66 kg -77 kg -88 kg -99 kg +99 kg Men's divisions and the -60 kg and +60 kg women's divisions.  We also discussed our travel plans and what we intended to do in Vegas over the weekend.In the outro section we discussed our upcoming trip to Vegas and how excited we are to go and cover the trials and enjoy Las Vegas before the world championships in a few months.Recorded 3-28-2022

    #228 How Can Jacob Couch Beat Gordon Ryan WNO? Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2022 71:34

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda preview WNO Gordon Ryan Vs Jacob Couch, plus Polaris 19. We also recap the main event of F2W 197.In the News section of the show we discussed Megaton Diaz being awarded his Coral belt by Ralph Gracie.  In the recap section of the show we talked about the main event match between Lucas Lima and Gerson Atoigue on Fight To Win 197.In the preview section of the show we discussed Gordon Ryan vs Jacob couch in Gordon Ryan's first non exhibition super fight in exactly one year.  we talked about a number of areas in the matchup including our thoughts on possible areas and strategies Jacob couch could use in order to take out the king.In our discussion of the Co Main Event we talked about Dante Leon vs Micael Galvao Fresh off of his South American trials run and recent performances in the Gi,  we talked about both Grapplers and their well-roundedness including a recent wrestling tournament that galvao entered.In Nicholas Meregali first no-gi matchup vs Arnaldo Maidana. We talked about Nicholas training with Gordon Ryan and John Danaher at New Wave and how the team would be most likely preparing him to deal with intricate leg locks and a lack of grips.   We also discussed the transition of his game from Gi to No-gi and how this might impact the match. In Haisam Rida vs Elder Cruz We discussed a possibly very difficult style matchup for Rida where Cruise may be able to utilize his wrestling and crushing top pressure possibly being able to force back exposure for Rida.  In Gabriel Sousa vs Keith Krikorian. We talked about the top shapes that Krikorian is in this close to ADCC West Coast Trials where he is registered at the under 66 kg division.  We discussed some recent performances by Gabriel and contrasted them against Keith's recent showings.We also discussed the preliminary matchups on the card including matches featuring Jessica Crane and David Garmo. In our preview of Polaris 19 we discussed the main event match up between Magid Hage and Roberto Jimenez. We talked about both of their recent ADCC South American trial runs, and discussed which version of each grappler may show up in this matchup.In Amanda Leve VS Kendall Reusing we discussed this rematch and their first match that took place at West Coast trials in 2017 we talked about the development of their game since then and pathways to victory for both women. We also discussed Jack Sear VS Ash Williams, and Owen Livesey VS Frederic Vosgrone.In the outro section of the show we talked about preparing for trials in Las Vegas in a few weeks.Recorded 3-21-2022

    #227 EBI 19 The Return Recap, Emerald City Invitational

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    This week on the show Maine and Josh recap The Eddie Bravo Invitational EBI 19 The Return, and the Emerald City Invitational 4, plus we also discuss ADCC West Coast trials and the capping of divisions.In the news section of the show we discussed One FC  signing the Ruotolo Brothers and Mikey Musumeci as well as Andre Galvao's upcoming super fight.  We also discussed Garry Tonon knockout loss in his featherweight title fight after looking for leg locks.In our recap of EBI 19,  we discussed the quarterfinal matches including an interesting entry into the heel hook Oliver Taza, and a counter leg lock heel hook victory for David Garmo. We talked about Pablo Lavaselli Kimura vs Nate Orchard, and John Combs signature Combotine In the Quarter-Finals We talked about the quick heel hook win Oliver Taza took over David Garmo, and the quick heel hook that Nick Ronan defeated Oscar De Los Santos with both in under 1 minute each.  We also talked about Alan Sanchez Dead Orchard and set up to the armbar finish over John Combs.In the Semi-Finals we discussed the overtime finishes,  and in the finals we discussed Alan Sanchez victory over Oliver Taza by Fastest Escape Time in EBI overtime.In our recap of the Emerald City Invitational 4 we talked about how sometimes dark horses make for outstanding upsets and great brackets,  in a recap of how Adam Benayoun and Kieran Kichuck made it to the finals taking overtime wins over, Jon Calestine,Gianni Grippo, Gabriel Sousa and Josh Cisneros, on their run to the finals.  Leading to Kieran Kichuck Taking the final $10,000 prize.   We also discussed how great trials and qualifiers are in order to Showcase talent that might not have gotten an invite.In the intersection of the show Josh and Maine discuss training together Wednesday and some medical issues that happened on the mat that evening. Plus Vegas plans for West Coast Trials. Recorded 3-14-2022

    #226 Preview EBI Return, ECI 155, Interview with ADCC Ref Carlos Diaz and AJP News

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2022 73:24

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap F2W 196, and preview the return of EBI, and Emerald City Invitational 155, plus Maine sits down for an interview with ADCC Referee Carlos Diaz to discuss the upcoming AJP event in Orlando Florida, and the upcoming ADCC event. In the news segment we discuss some of the biggest names that are entered into the ADCC West Coast Trials and discuss how the divisions are being capped at 256 grapplers. We also discuss how many grapplers are registered currently for each division.  In our recap section for Fight to Win 196 we discussed the main event John Combs versus Bill the Grill Cooper and how John Combs was able to secure another guillotine victory off of a low shot from Bill, and a transition over to mount to finish the choke. We also discussed a number of other matches on fight to win including another quick guillotine finish.In our preview of The Emerald City Invitational we discussed all of the names that have been announced for the 155-pound tournament and discussed some of the changes to the lineup that have occurred recently, and struggled to make picks on who we think will win.In our preview of the Eddie Bravo Invitational's return we discussed the 16-man bracket and how nearly half the field has a solid shot at taking home the prize.  We discussed some of the accolades behind the entrants and look forward to a bracket later this week.In the interview with Carlos Diaz we discussed the upcoming AJP events taking place in Orlando Florida that will kick off AJP events in the United States again.  Plus plans moving including the goal of having additional events in the country.   We discussed some of the things that make AJP different as an organization and future goals for the events.In the ADCC section of the interview we discussed refereeing at the event, and the rules seminar.  Plus many more things that make refereeing and judging the event unique.   We discussed the upcoming West Coast trials and a few athletes to be aware of.In the outro section Miranda and Maine discuss work and competing and coaching this weekend.Recorded 3-7-2022 

    #225 Lucas Pinheiro Vs The Giant Slayer, GrappleFest 11, Emerald City Invitational Qualifier Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2022 55:50

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap F2W 195 Lucas Pinheiro Vs Estevan Martinez, GrappleFest 11, Sapateiro Invitational 26, the Emerald City Invitational Qualifier 155 lb, and talk about the matchups announced for WNO. In the News section of the show we discussed all of the matchups announced for WNO,  including some of the preliminary matches featuring top talent.  Plus teased an upcoming interview for next week.In the recap section of the Shadow we discussed Lucas Pinheiro dominant victory over Estevan Martinez, on the main event of Fight to Win 195 we also discussed Martinez's crazy day leading up to the matchup including winning his division in the Miami open earlier that morning then flying cross-country to Albuquerque for the main event.In our recap of the Emerald City Invitational qualifier we discussed the main event that saw Kieran Kichuk finish a fantastic inverted triangle on Jordan Holy at the start of the match.  We also discuss some other rule changes on the event including a mollywop rule and a new submission rule, forcing competitors to escape out of locked in submissions at the end of the match even after time expires.In our recap of GrappleFest 11 we Discuss the main event for the under 80 kg title that saw Dante Leon submit Mateusz Szczecinski with a step over armbar after passing with a knee cut. We discussed Kendall Reusing victory over Ffion Davies by decision, using heavy pressure passing.  We talked about how interesting it was that Mikey Musumeci Still decides to go for the ankle lock over the heel hook even in No-Gi in his submission win over Kev Corkhill. We also talked a bit about John Hansen guard game in his rear naked choke victory overJamie Hughes. Plus Jacob Couch Decision win over Santeri Lilius.In our discussion of Sapateiro Invitational we discussed John Combs getting his victory by pin,  and Keith Krikorian getting two rear naked choke victories in the event.In the outro section we discussed doing commentary this weekend.Recorded 2-28-2022

    #224 IBJJF European Championship 2022 Recap

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    This week on the show Maine and Zak recap the 2022 IBJJF European Championships.In the news section of the show we discuss Matheus Luna breaking the IBJJF record for all time points scored in a match with 103 to 0 at the IBJJF New Orleans Open.  In the recap section of the show we discuss the 2022 IBJJF European Championships breaking down every Adult Black Belt Final match for the Men and Women's divisions.In the Men's divisions we kick it off with the openweight recapping Fellipe Andrew defeating Yatan Bueno by one advantage after being ties on points we discuss the overwhelming amount of spider lasso we saw this weekend, and how Andrew used it in the finals of both the open and his weight. In Ultra heavy we discussed at 38 how Rafael Lovato beat Guilherme Bacha on points 7 to 2, and how his pressure jiu jitsu seems to be in rare form for his first Gi major win in many years post MMA, and prior retirement. At Super heavy we discussed Fellipe Andrew beating Vinicius Trator by 5 to 0 using his spider lasso and a pant grip from the guard to score. In the Heavyweight division we discussed Adam Wardzinski out-pointing Dominique Bell in a 2 to 0 victory that saw Adam play his well known Butterfly guard and X guard, and implement a smart game. At Medium heavy Bruno Lima defeated Szilard Sule by 2 advantages for pass attempts. In the Middleweight division we discussed Tainan Dalpra defeating Tommy Langaker by Armbar, and how both grapplers let it go and decided to showcase and play good bjj.  We discusses some amazing sweeping work from Tainan and how he controlled the back and arm to get the armbar. In the Lightweight division we saw Espen Mathiesen weather the ankle lock, kneebar, and toe hold storm to take a cose advantage win over Marcelo Fausto, in an extremely close match of will and grit from both. At Featherweight we saw Diego Sodre take a very close advantage win over Isaac Doederlein by the one and only advantage after putting Isaac in a very tight kneebar and ankle lock in the dying seconds of the match.  In Light feather we saw a Cisero Costa Close out between Paulo Miyao and Hiago George At Rooster we discuss Thalison Soares submitting Welerson Gonçalves with a choke from the back in two and a half minutes.  In the women's divisions at Roosterweight  we discussed Thais Loureiro taking a decision over Kaori Hernandez with active passing attempts.  At Light feather we discussed the unstoppable Mayssa Bastos submitting Rose El Sharouni with an armbar in under 45 seconds. At Feathewright we discussed Anna Rodrigues beating Gabriela Pereira by advantage 1 to 0 after the come up on the double pull.  In the Lightweight division Nathalie Ribeiro beats Janaina Maia 10-0 after getting her passing and mount game going later in the match.  At Middlegweight we discuss Thalyta Lima defeating Erin Johnson 8 to 0 in a steady pressure and passing game.  In the Medium heavy we see Maggie Grindatti return to the podium at a major but this time after making some adjustments at Black Belt agaisnt Magdalena Loska implementing a heavy pressure passing game to win 7 to 0 In the Super heavy we discussed Gabrieli Pessanha defeating Claire-France Thevenon with a choke from the back after a crushing pass.  In the Open we discussed Gabrieli Pessanha defeating Thalyta Lima with another heavy pressure game and winning by Armbar. In the outro section Maine and Zak discuss coaching.  Recorded 2-21-2022

    #223 ADCC 2022 South American Trials 2 Recap IBJJF Euros Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2022 89:08

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap the 2022 ADCC South American Trials 2 F2W 193 and Preview the 2022 IBJJF European Championships.In the news section of the show we discuss how important trials are and why we are happy to have footage. In the recap section of the show we discuss the 2022 ADCC South American Trials 2 that took place this weekend and recap all the finals for each division.In the Men's -66kg division we discuss Fabricio Andrey submitting Kaua Gabriel barbosa Joao Pessoa with a rear naked choke, including some great leg pummeling earlier in the match. At -77kg we saw Roberto Jimenez submit Fabio  Caloi with a rear naked choke after putting on an outstanding pace and running through his trials division.  We saw leg lock entries and a reinvigorated version of Roberto.  At -88kg we looked at Alexandre Joaquin Campos, taking a close decision over Rafael Paganini. Where both guys left it all on the mat in overtime. In the -99kg division we saw Jose Ceconi submit Luccas Lira with a great back take and rear naked choke to take the trials slot. At +99 we see Gutemberg Pereira go 4 for 4 on the day submitting Leonardo Lemos quickly after a leg kick with a mounted head and arm choke to take the last south american trials slot for the men. In the women's division in -60kg we saw a dominant as ever Mayssa Bastos submit Julia Alves in just over 2 minutes with an off the top armbar shoulder lock combination after some great guard work and top play. In the +60kg division we saw Giovanna Jara out score Ingridd Alves in overtime, after some technical difficulties. In the recap of Fight to Win 193 we talked about the amazing performance from Fromiga on the fight to win stage showing off his attacking style and what makes the rule set so great.  We talked about his power armbar and omaplata combination and the armbar submission at the end.In the preview section we run through the adult black belt brackets that were released for the IBJJF European Championship 2022 and discuss who we think are the frontrunners for the division.  In the outro section Mrianda discussed a PJ Barch seminar from the weekend. Recorded 2-14-2022

    #222 ADCC South American Trials Recap, F2W Austin, Toro Cup 19

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2022 85:14

    This week on the show Maine and Rob recap the ADCC Brazilian Trials for ADCC 2022, Fight to Win 193, and Toro Cup 19.  Plus Discuss the upcoming second ADCC South American Trials.We jump right into the recap section with ADCC trials breaking down the first South American Trials for 2022.  We recapped the finals for each division starting with the -66kg division with Diego “Pato” Olivera Vs Diego Reis we discussed the passing and control of Pato early and the odd takedown body lock abandon game Reis was playing late leading up to the close decision. In -77kg finals we saw Mica Galvao Vs Magid Hage both of whom were 5 for 5 on subs for the day.  We discussed Magid apparel and old school t-shirt and shorts with pockets.  As well as broke down the shot and counters from Mica that went from guillotine to triangle and sub after 30 seconds of adjustments.  Going 6 for 6 on subs. In -88 kg final we recapped Isaque Bahanese Vs Claudio Calasans we discussed how baller it was that a former absolute champ and ADCC medalist was entering trials again and not relying on an invite we talked about Isaque just moving everywhere on the feet and going up and down fast picking at the head then touching the feet, and the finishing scoring sequence. In the -99 kg finals we talked about Joao Costa Vs Jose Henrique Cardoso. We discussed the amount of stand up wrestling, plus the fighters hitting the computer, and Joao costa gets the win in a close decision after extra time.In the +99 kg final we talked about Rosevelt Sousa Vs Pedro Pimenta that was over in a little over 2 minutes. We talked about the guard shuffle to Sousa grabbing the front leg and threading through to go to backside 50/50 then to 50/50 then throwing his leg over over cross body after the counter roll to the heel hook, then the slide of his opposing leg under the top of Pedro's thigh that let him pulls Pedro forward so he had to stand out of it, followed by the pull back into a calf slicer in the wildest finish of the weekend. In the Women's -60 kg finals we discussed  Jinana Sais Vs Dianna Torquato where we saw Dianna win via points with tons of top pressure and top positional points and then almost a finish at the end with the choke where time ran out.  In our recap of F2W 193 we discussed Victor Hugo Vs Igor Schnider that saw Hugo use his flexibility and guard work to get to the legs and attack Igor for the clean decision. In Giocarlo Bordoni Vs Felipe Costa we saw the new leg lock developments to Bordoni game and control throughout the match eventually hitting an inversion to almost kiss of the dragon/ inverted x guard between the legs that almost went to a to backside side kneebar but that Bordoni flared the knee on to get the backside heel hook while using his top leg to push away the non trapped leg of Costa for the finish. In Tracy Godell Vs Patricia Machado we saw Tracy stay on the attack and finish a great bow and arrow choke from the back. In Robert Degal Vs Angel Cruz we see the leg lock entries that have made Degal famous letting him take a clean decision over Cruz. In the recap of Toro 19 we recap an amazing match between Deandre Cobre and Gabriel Sousa that saw a back take and almost points for Cobre in the finals in overtime that was defended by Sousa followed by an amazing back take and points sequence to win the title for Sousa. In the previews we discuss Boa Super 8 being this week, as well as F2W 194 and the second ADCC South American trials, plus IBJJF euros in 2 weeks.In the outro Rob discusses wrestling and fight camp and Maine discusses spine injections. Recorded 2-7-2022

    #221 F2W 192 Recap Preview ADCC 2022 South American Trials

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2022 66:19

    This week on the show Maine, Miranda and Damon, recap Fight to Win 192, Sapatero 25, and Preview ADCC South American Trials, Toro Cup 15, Boa Super 8 5th edition, and F2W 193.In the news section of the show we discussed the upcoming South American trials, and the upcoming ADCC Opens taking place the Thursday before the ADCC 2022 World Championships.  In the recap section of the show we discussed The women's 125 pound flyweight title between Alex Enriquez and Talita Alencar.  We discussed the use of the edge and the leg entries that Alex had on Talita in contrast to her entries at the most recent ADCC east coast trials.  In the recap of Sapatero 25 we discussed the submission run that John Combs had and his finals match Guillotine that won him the event.  In the preview section of the show we discussed some of the names that had been announced for ADCC Brazilian Trials.  We discussed the two headline title matches at Toro Cup 15 between Deandre Cobre and Gabriel Sousa, and Alex Nguyen vs Jessica Crane.In the preview of F2W 193 we discussed a matchup between Pierre Oliveir LeClerk and Kemoy Anderson.  We also discussed the Australian talent on Boa Super 8.In the outro section of the show Miranda discussed her upcoming super fight and the hosts discussed competing locally in general.  Recorded 1-31-2022

    #220 WNO Craig Jones Vs Pedro Marinho, Mikey Vs the Giant Slayer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2022 70:09

    This week on the show Maine and Rob discuss WNO Craig Jones Vs Pedro Marinho and preview F2W 192.In the news section of the show we discussed some of the upcoming events including ADCC South American Trials.  In the recap section of the show we broke down the WNO Pedro Marinho defeating Craig Jones by decision, we discussed the game plan of Craig not pulling then pulling late and Pedro using the opportunity to pass. In Tye Ruotolo submission victory over Levi Jones-Leary we see a return of the leg pin passing and Tye using it a ton in the match. We discuss Tye doing a great job outstepping and countering off of the bolo.  We also talk about the entry that led to the finish. In Elder “El Monstro” Cruz vs Nick Rodriguez we discuss the wrestling match and close split decision for Cruz here, and how we would like to see some rules of WNO changed. In Mikey Musumeci's decision win over Estevan “The Giant Slayer '' Martinez we discussed Mikey shutting down the dynamism of Estavans game as he tried to jump over the guard. We discussed the leg exchanges and the great back control defense from Estevan. As well as the counter kneebar attempts. In the Jacob “The Hillbilly Hammer” Couch vs David Garmo match we discuss some of the stand up in the match and the great measured sequence from Couch off of the knee cut pass that let him enter into the false reap and get the heel hook win. We also discussed the nice overhook guard work from Couch. In Brianna Ste-Marie decision victory over  Amanda “Tubby” Alequin we discuss the start of the match and Tubby's arm drag and Brianna John Wayne counter.  We discuss possible changes to the women's meta due to how hard it is to pass the guard with the flexibility at the lower weight classes. We also discussed the prelim matches including Jessica Crane heel hook submission win over Alexa Yanes after a few minutes of reverse mount and inverted guard. We discussed Michael Pixley decision win over Cameron Reed, and Geno Morelli decision over Kemoy Anderson.We also briefly previewed FIght to Win 192.In the outro of the show Maine talks about competing for the first time in 3 years and the wildness of the weekend.  Recorded 1-24-2022

    #219 WNO Craig Jones Vs Pedro Marinho Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2022 66:00

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap Fight to Win 191 headline by Gianni Grippo and Mauricio Gomez, and preview WNO Craig Jones versus Pedro Marinho. In the news section of the show we discuss the increased prize money for the ADCC Superfight between Andre Galvao and Gordon Ryan, with $100,000 to the winner and $50,000 to the loser.  In the recap of Fight to Win 191 we talked about the 50-50 leg lock attempts and Heel hooks, and knee bar combination attacks thrown by Gomez.  And discussed the variety of passing used by Gianni throughout the match we also discussed the dynamic in this rematch between submission attempts and positional control in the match. In our preview of WNO we discuss our picks for the Main Even match between Craig Jones and = Pedro Marinho in the light-heavyweight title bout.  We talk about the changes in Craig's game that we might see post Fury 3, and the potential to see him elect to not pull guard and stand with Pedro.In the Co Main Event we talk about Tye Ruotolo taking on Levi Jones-Leary in a welterweight title bout. We talk about Levi Berimbolo game and how it may be implemented against Tye, and how Tye may decide to counter the game.  Plus we talk about where the Darce may be available in the match. In Nick Rodriguez vs Elder Cruz we talk about Nick's passing and how he has really leaned into his body lock passing as of late. We discuss the continued changes and improvements we have seen from Nicks game and how he may use his size against Cruz. In Brianna Ste-Marie vs Amanda "Tubby" Alequin we talk about Brianna recent ADCC trials and IBJJF performances as well has her Medusa wins on the CJJ and EBI stage, and how this will run up against the veteran Tubby. In Jacob Couch vs David Garmo, we discuss the Guillotine vs a seated opponent, and how Couch may decide to enter into the legs to avoid Garmos hard pressure and top game. In this late replacement match we see Estevan Martinez vs Mikey Musumeci for the bantamweight title.  We talk about Mikey's timing and use of both leg locks and top game in his WNO matches, and the type of style that Mikey might approach the match from. In the outro Miranda talks about her upcoming superfghts and training leading up, plus her takeaways from the Oliver Taza seminar this weekend. Recorded 1-17-2022

    #218 F2W 190 Recap, Flo Yearly Awards Discussion

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2022 57:42

    This week on the show Maine and Zak recap F2W 190 and discuss the FloGrappling Year end Awards.  In the news section of the show we discuss the upcoming ADCC North American trials, and the upcoming South American Trials.In the recap section of the show we discuss Fight to Win 190 in Dallas Texas. We talked about the main event Welterweight title fight between Edmaicon Moraes and Samuel Nagai, we discussed the fantastic gamesmanship and understanding of the F2W rules, coupled with his varied passing and transitional submission game that ended the match with a bow and arrow choke. In the co main event we discussed Christopher West vs Keith Miner that saw Keithtake a dominate decision after a guillotine choke attempt and a few heel hook attempts.  In the third from the top we discussed Antonio Cicconi vs Thompson Marikano that saw Thompson finish a Darce in the dying seconds of the match after continued offense including a baseball bat choke pass attempt earlier in the match. In the FloGrappling awards section we discussed all the categories and gave our take on Male Grappler of the Year, Female Grappler of the Year, the Breakout Grappler of the Year, the Match of the Year, and Submission of the Year.  We discussed the choices available and our thoughts on why certain moments and grapplers stood out over the others in the list in a wild year.  In the outro Zak discussed his new house and working on it, and Maine talked about getting a new microscope. Recorded 1-10-2022

    #217 How Did Craig Jones Lose at Fury Pro 3 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2022 48:04

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap Fury Pro 3, and preview F2W 180.In the news section of the show we discuss ADCC Trials moving locations and opening up registrations later this week.  We talk about the new Las Vegas location and what it means for the trials.  In the recap section of the show we go through the entire Fury Pro 3 grappling card.  We talk Talking about the main event controversy of Danielle Kelly winning in doctor stoppage after a slam that opened up a huge cut on Carla Esparza.  We discuss the No Heel Hooks rules of the events for UFC fighters and how this played into all of the matches.  In Sean Brady victory over Craig Jones by decision we talked about the give and take of the match and how neither really got past each others frames in the match and Fury Grappling MMA style judging criteria. In Nicky Rod submission won over Steve Mowry we talked the continued improvements to body lock passing and wrestling that we are seeing from Nick Rodriguez, and how he was able to take the back with fantastic technique not commonly seen in the heavier divisions. In Joe Solecki's submission win over Donald Cerrone we talked about the framing of Cowboy and how Joe was able to pass and take the back getting to the rear-naked choke. In Clay Guida Vs Billy Quarantillo we talked about the singlet and shoes that let Clay wrestle to a decision. Renato Moicano def. Chase Hooper via judges decisionWe also recao Joaquim Silva defeating Neil Magny with a Guillotine choke after a single leg. Jonathan Piersma decision win over Philip Rowe and what this could mean for additional matchups for Rowe in the future. The fantastic movement of Alex Caceres in his RNC victory over Eddy Torres.  How Kody Hamrah was able to take a decision win over Kevin Holland. As well as Andre Petroski decision win over Phil Hawes, and Gillian Robertson decision win over Chrissy Briggs.In the preview section of the show we discuss F2W 180 and the Black Belt lineup, plus the unknown streaming situation for the card.In the outro we discussed the upcoming snow and Las Vegas plans for ADCC Trials. Recorded 1-2-2022

    #216 Year in Review Best Matches and Moments of 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2021 72:18

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap the best moments of 2021 in professional grappling. We also preview Fury Grappling 3.We recap the entire year talking about the biggest upsets, biggest matches, best performances, most shocking moments, and strangest rulings of 2021. Recorded 12-27-2021

    #215 Craig Jones Vs Cowboy UFC Invitational 1 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2021 44:48

    This week on the show Maine and Josh recap The Fight Pass UFC invitational 1, and CJJ featherweights, Craig Jones Vs Cowboy. In the news section we discuss all of the current entrants into ADCC 2022, including Felipe Pana requesting to move into Gordon Ryan's +99kg division.In the recap section of the show we discuss the CJJ featherweight event that saw Keith Krikorian come out as champ submitting all of his opponents up until the finals where he took an overtime victory over Jordan Holy.  In the main event we discussed Craig Jones versus cowboy that saw Craig Jones play a bit tentatively then open up with a scissor leg take down over the counter then take the back and choke Cowboy. In the recap for the inaugural UFC invitational, we discussed the quintet style format and the number of draws on the event.  We discussed Rafael Lovato junior submission as well as A really interesting violin armlock, and inevitably the decision at the end that saw a team LFA take the championship and $25,000. In the preview section of the show we discussed our end of your showdown that has us bring together all of the best moments in Grappling of 2021, The top 10 matches of the year, breakout performances of the year, Best rookie of the year, biggest upset of the year, and A variety of honorable mentions for the next weeks shows.  Recorded 12-19-2021

    #214 Biggest DQ Ever? IBJJF 2021 Worlds Recap

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    This week on the show Maine and Zak recap the 2021 IBJJF World Championships breaking down the Black Belt divisions for the Men's and Women's divisions. In the news section of the show we discuss ADCC 2022 with Gordon Ryan being announced for the +99kg division and the superfight.  We also discuss some other upcoming matches.  In the recap section of the show we break down every black belt final from Rooster Weight mens rematch Final between Mikey Musumeci vs Bruno Malfacine that saw Mikey take it again for a 4th consecutive worlds gold. In Light-Featherweight we broke down Diego Oliveira's submission victory over Malachi Edmond with a head and arm choke. In the Featherweight final we saw Fabricio Andrey defeat former wold champion Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor with a quick TriangleAt lightweight we saw a close out between Renato Canuto and Matheus Gabriel for team Checkmat.At Middleweight we saw a close final win on points for Tainan Dalpra defeating Isaque Bahiense 8×6 pts in a somewhat controversial last second push out score. In Medium-Heavyweight we saw another close out this time for Atos between Lucas Barbosa and Gustavo BatistaAt Heavyweight we saw Kaynan Duarte end 16th seed Luan Azevedo amazing worlds run via Rear Naked ChokeIn Super-Heavyweight we saw Erich Munis rack up 7 advantages to beat Fellipe Andrew 2×2 on points with 7×2 advantages. At Ultra-Heavyweight in the strangest worlds division final ever we saw and discussed the Semi-Finals match between Nicholas Meregali and Vitor Hugo that saw Nicholas take it then be Disqualified in a strange ruling then banned for 1 year then advance Vitor Hugo to take on Max Gimenis in the finals to go on to win by toe hold.At Open-Weight we see more weirdness with Nicholas Meregali defeating Victor Hugo in the Quarter-Finals and defeating Kaynan Duarte in the semi finals, and being disallowed to compete and rematch Felipe Pena in the finals Preguiça left his belt after being awarded the walkover and retired from Gi competition.In the female divisions at Rooster Weight we saw a final between Mayssa Bastos and Jessica Caroline that saw bastos with a choke from the back.At Light-Featherweight in the finals we discussed Anna Rodrigues start of match pull and 4-2 points victory over Tammi MusumeciIn Featherweight we discussed the final between Gabi McComb and Bianca Basílio that ended via pointsAt Lightweight we broke down Bia Mesquita winning her 7th black belt world title over Luiza Monteiro via points 2×0 ptsIn Middleweight we broke down the phenomenal gamesmanship in Andresa Cintra victory over Thamara Ferreira in a close 2×2 points and 3×1 advantage win In Medium-Heavyweight we discussed the grips Ana Carolina Vieira used to defeat Elisabeth Clay in a close decision. In Heavyweight we looked at the final between Melissa Cueto vs Izadora Cristina that ended with a choke from the back for CuetoAt Super-Heavyweight we discussed Gabrieli Pessanha defeating Gabi Garcia with a choke from the back in the semifinals and Yara Soares via points 2×0 in the final. In the Open-Weight we discussed Yara Soares submitting Gabi Garcia with a choke and Garcie retiring on the mat.  Then discussed Gabrieli Pessanha defeating Yara Soares on points in the finals.In the outro we discussed plans for the week, the Christmas party and Zak's new house.Recorded 12-13-2021

    #213 IBJJF 2021 Worlds Preview, Which Rookie Takes Gold?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2021 80:13

    This week on the the show Maine and Miranda preview the IBJJF Worlds 2021, and recap the Emerald City Invitational 3, Grapple Kings 6, AJP King of Mats/ Queen Of Mats, and F2W 189.In the news section of the show we discussed Buchecha second MMA fight and F2W new deal negotiations.  Plus Cole Abate purple belt promotion.  As well as the upcoming South American ADCC trials. In the recap section Grapple Kings 6 we discussed the main event between Robert Deagle and Ash Williams, that saw William's great passing on display and back control and submissions. In our recap of Fight to Win 186 we discussed PJ Barch heel hook for the X guard of Michael Lera Jr, as well and Brittney Elkin being promoted to Black Belt and Troy Everett making his black belt debut repping Grappling Rewind and Nova Mente Patches. In our recap of the Emerald City invitational 3 we discussed Oliver Tazas run in his second third round and finals match including an overtime victory over Nick Ronan that saw Taza decide to go for the arm and modify it to a triangle.  We also discussed Estevan Martinez vs Eric Naples and Amanda Leve superfight.  In a recap of AJP King and queen of mats we discussed the placement for the tournament and how you can watch the event if you missed it this week.  In the preview section of the show we discussed all of the black belt men's and women's divisions for the 2021 IBJJF worlds, and made our picks for each division.  In the outro Miranda discusses her upcoming trip to Alabama.  Recorded 12-6-2021 

    #212 Polaris 18 Recap Position Vs Submission Decisions

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 44:33

    This week on the show Maine and Miranda recap Polaris 18 preview the Emerald City Invitational 3 Grappling Kings 6 and Fight to Win 189.In the news section of the show we discuss ADCC tickets and where we got our seats for the upcoming 2022 World Championships.In the recap section we look at Polaris 18 that featured Ash Williams vs Paula Miyao in a Gi  matchup that saw Ash Williams take the victory via split decision.  We discussed scoring for Polaris including what should score higher, a submission attempt that requires defense or dominant positional control.  In a discussion as old as Grappling Rewind. We also talked about Jed Hue Defeating Aj Agazarm Via Decision, and some brutal leg locos and transitions. In Igor Tanabe vs Tommy LangakerWe discussed some of the technical pieces that led to the finish and saw Igor finish a modified bow and arrow choke from the back.We also briefly discussed the modified twister submission that Steven Ray submitted Craig Ewers with and how this is a fairly uncommon way to setup the submission with the body triangle. In the preview section of the show we discussed the entrance for the Emerald City Invitational 3 the 185 lb middleweight bracket that features Adcc trials winners Dante Leon, Jon thor Blank,  Oliver Taza John Combs, Giancarlo Bodoni, plus Nick Ronan, and Izaak Michell, And other stacked members of the field we discuss some potential bracketing options for the event and who we think will most likely be in the finals.In our preview of Grapple Kings 6 We discussed the main event between Ashley Williams and  Robert Delge, that is sure to be a battle of the leg lockers, vs passing. In our preview of Fight to Win 189 we discussed Michael Lira jr. vs PJ Barch and Junny Ocasio versus Hiago George.In the outro section of the show The hosts discussed they're week's plans and switching gyms.Recorded 11-28-2021