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Blunt truth and dark humor for a world in chaos. A Daily Beast podcast hosted by Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast. Tune in every Tuesday and Friday

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    Schumer: Manchin Didn't Want to Be Reason the Globe Burns

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 40:22

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer got fellow Senator Joe Manchin to do something few have done before: convinced him to vote along Democratic party lines. Some are calling it The Manchin-Schumer bill, and even Schumer wasn't sure it would happen until the end. Chuck tells Molly how he made it happen on the latest episode of The New Abnormal as well as why his flip phone is his secret weapon, how he is the opposite of Sen. Mitch McConnell, and his plans to bring back an insulin cap bill in September. Plus! Daily Beast Politics Editor Matt Fuller also breaks down the new “Dark Brandon” meme about Joe Biden that the White House has even embraced. Plus! Molly and co-host Andy Levy go after Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene for crying about Alex Jones being a victim and why the current behavior of former President Donald Trump is actually pretty scary.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Kal Penn Got ‘Schooled' by Barack Obama and ‘Weirded Out' Michelle

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 7, 2022 30:02

    Actor and former White House adviser Kal Penn recalls the moment he spectacularly failed to outsmart the former president and how he was humiliated in front of the first lady.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    The ‘Pissed Off' Kansas Women Who Told Abortion Foes to Shove It

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 52:58

    On this week's episode of The New Abnormal, Levy, along with host Molly Jong-Fast, discuss the conservative state's rejection of the anti-abortion measure after nearly 60 per cent of voters dismissed the move. Then, Angelo Carusone, president and CEO of Media Matters, debunks a study by Nielsen media research claiming that the top rated news show among Democrats between 25 and 54 is Tucker Carlson. The study says that in total debut viewership, Fox news grabs 42% of Democrats. Also, The Daily Beast's congressional reporter Sam Brodey discusses how the Senate and Congressional map is changing to a more optimistic map for Dems.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Marine Senate Candidate Lucas Kunce Thinks Republicans Are ‘Enemy' of People

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 46:18

    Missouri Senate candidate Lucas Kunce is not going to knock on a voter's door and ask them to vote for him because he will lower the cost of prescription drugs. But the former Marine tells co-host Molly Jong-Fast what he will do in this episode of The New Abnormal—including being completely blunt when it comes to calling BS on Republicans. Speaking of which, Rep. Eric Swalwell also joins the pod and talks about the major wins Democrats have had lately and why he thinks the GOP “clowns” don't stand a chance in taking the House in the midterms. Plus! Molly and co-host Andy Levy talk more about that burn pit bill and pose a major Jan 6 question: Where in the world are those missing text messages?  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    How Ken Auletta Helped Ronan Farrow Nail Harvey Weinstein

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2022 29:44

    The New Yorker's Ken Auletta tells Molly Jong-Fast about the conversation he had with Ronan Farrow ahead of his bombshell piece and shares stories about Harvey Weinstein's enablers that are in his new book, Hollywood Ending: Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of Silence, which paints an even more detailed picture of Weinstein, and the enablers around him.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Should Democrats Bother Going on Fox News?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2022 53:26

    If you've surfed the internet over the course of the last few years, there's no doubt you may have stumbled across at least one viral clip of U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on Fox News. For Buttigieg, going on Fox News is “a no-brainer", Lis Smith, author of Any Given Tuesday: A Political Love Story, and senior advisor for Buttigieg's 2020 presidential campaign, told Molly Jong-Fast on this week's episode of The New Abnormal. Then, Olivia Julianna, a 19-year-old activist and strategist for Gen Z For Change, reflects on her work as a fundraising powerhouse and her reaction to Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz's attempts to humiliate her after arguing that overweight and unattractive women don't need to worry about getting pregnant or needing abortions.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    What Makes DeSantis Scarier Than Trump

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2022 51:05

    Is Ron DeSantis going to run for president in 2024? If he is, New Abnormal co-hosts Andy Levy and Molly Jong-Fast are of the opinion that he'll be a scarier candidate than Donald Trump if the former president chooses to run again. Then, New York Governor Kathy Hochul talks to Molly about what she and her administration are doing to prevent ugly fallout from the Supreme Court ruling on guns in the state and her opinion on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg not prosecuting Trump. Plus! James Obergefell, the plaintiff in the historic Obergefell v Hodges Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, shares the events that led to his case and why he's “disgusted” today.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Inside the Maternal Morbidity Crisis Facing Black Women

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2022 28:50

    Aftershock directors Tonya Lewis Lee and Paula Eiselt talk to Molly Jong-Fast about why Black women are more likely to die than their white counterparts after giving birth.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    The REALLY Shocking Moment From the Jan. 6 Hearing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2022 52:31

    The news from Thursday night's Jan. 6 committee hearing that really struck Molly Jong-Fast was that instead of trying to stop the violence, Trump wanted to call senators and pressure them to throw out the election results or delay the certification. And of course he talked to Rudy Giuliani.“Rudy's always the first call you make because you gotta get the bad ideas from someone,” says co-host Andy Levy.“I would not let Rudy Giuliani pick a pair of shoelaces for me. And this, the president of the United States, is turning to him for advice on elections.” Also on the show NBC's senior reporter Jon Allen & Mark Lobovitch on his new book Thank You For Your Servitude: Donald Trump's Washington and the Price of Submission.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Republicans Now Have an ‘Incentive to Be Terrible'

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2022 58:26

    After four years of Donald Trump and the ultimate hangover that ensued, has the Republican Party learned from its mistakes? Far from it, Molly Jong-Fast says on this episode of The New Abnormal podcast. “Trump definitely did something in the Republican Party. Right?” Molly asks. “They were always bad. They would do terrible things, but they would pretend not to be terrible. And now there's like an incentive to be terrible. Like the people who are terrible actually raise the most money.” Still, Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones, who represents New York's 17th District, says that while he faces an uphill battle against the Republicans and despite the disappointments of recent events, including the repeal of Roe v. Wade, there is hope on the horizon. Then, Tim Miller, MSNBC analyst and the author of Why We Did It: A Travelogue from the Republican Road to Hell, reflects on what he learned about the Republican Party.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    This 80s Song Helped Gabby Giffords Speak After Getting Shot

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 17, 2022 27:49

    Filmmakers behind the new documentary “Gabby Giffords Won't Back Down,” Julie Cohen and Betsy West, tell New Abnormal co-host Molly Jong-Fast in this bonus episode about the former Congresswoman's RBG socks, music she loves, and what she's up to now—including some of the things Gabby has taken up recently, like playing the French horn, as well as the adorable scenes in the documentary that show Gabby support her husband, Mark Kelly, and how she has worked to overcome her aphasia to give nearly flawless speeches. Plus! Molly and Andy Levy listen to clips of more dumb Republicans like “walking Facebook post” Sarah Palin and John Bolton, who recently told on himself in a CNN clip.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Just Imagine What It's Like to Be Anywhere Near Trump Right Now

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 55:00

    It's been a big week in politics with revelations galore from the Jan. 6 House committee. Former President Donald Trump's attempts at stopping the peaceful transfer of power has been the talk of the town and this week's admissions at the committee are a "pretty big deal", notes Molly Jong-Fast on this episode of The New Abnormal podcast. But it's not all bad news. Speaking with Jong-Fast, former presidential candidate and independent candidate for the Utah Senate, Evan McMullin, reveals that he is seeing "a weakening in Trump support across the country". Then, Mary Trump, host of the Mary Trump show and the author of Too Much and Never Enough, revealed she found the revelations surrounding the "vast web of people" covering for her Uncle...."at times difficult to process".  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    The One Thing That'll Actually Get Steve Bannon To Testify

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2022 59:26

    Things are going super over in the United Kingdom, jokes Molly Jong-Fast to British journalist Ian Dunt on this episode of The New Abnormal podcast. Dunt broke down the events that led to the U.K. Prime Minister's resignation as well as whether or not he thinks Boris Johnson will still hold the title by the fall and the state of U.K. politics—and whether there's a chance to actually reverse Brexit. Then, CNBC Fast Money contributor Dan Nathan explains why a recession might actually be a good thing, and that it's what the federal government likely wants. “Sadly they need the economy almost to go in a recession for inflation to come down meaningfully,” he says. Plus! Molly and co-host Andy Levy shoot the shit about Elon Musk hurting Trump's feelings, Biden's dumb move to swing “left,” and the one thing that'll actually maybe get Steve Bannon to testify in front of the Jan. 6 committee.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Jason Kander's First VA Psych Visit Was Both Sad & Hilarious

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 10, 2022 32:53

    Former Secretary of State of Missouri Jason Kander, and author of Invisible Storm: A Soldier's Memoir of Politics and PTSD, talks to TNA co-host Andy Levy about living with PTSD, his post-traumatic growth phase when it comes to trauma and how others can get there, too—and a VA tale to beat all VA tales. Plus! Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy discuss McCarthy's huge Jan. 6 mistake, which they're so thankful for.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    The Moment Gretchen Carlson Knew She Needed to Expose Ailes

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 43:01

    Gretchen Carlson joins The New Abnormal along with her Lift Our Voices co-founder Julie Roginsky to talk about her lawsuit against former Fox CEO and Chairman Roger Ailes and the work she's doing to fix predatory NDAs. Then Mike Collier, the Democrat running for Lieutenant Governor of Texas against Dan Patrick, breaks down the true issues with the Texas power grid, including that it was designed by Enron, and the other ticking time bomb in the state: water. Plus! Hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy do a Q&A speed round, sharing who they think are the best and worst accounts on Twitter, what the next QAnon level conspiracy is, and a definitive ranking of the Supreme Court judges from the worst to mildly idiotic.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Why U.S. Should Brace For a Rise in Green Fascism

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2022 39:34

    As the Supreme Court limits the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, David Roberts, author of climate newsletter, Volts, tells Molly Jong-Fast why America is about to see a rise in “green fascism.” Also on this episode: Climate change writer and author Kate Aronoff explores why politicians are unwilling to act on global warming despite a majority of Americans being in favor of action.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Jerry Stahl Was Mistaken for ‘Kramer' While at Auschwitz

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2022 27:37

    Author Jerry Stahl didn't know what his experience visiting Auschwitz would be like, but taking selfies with teenage strangers who had mistaken him for actor Michael Richards, who played Cosmo ‘Kramer' on Seinfeld, was definitely not on the list. On this bonus episode of The New Abnormal, the writer tells Molly Jong-Fast about the trip, and his conflicting thoughts while there, which are also part of his new book “Nein, Nein, Nein: One Man's Tale of Depression, Psychic Torment and a Bus Tour of the Holocaust.” Plus! The one person Stahl has spent his life trying not to become.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    GOP Knows It's ‘Hanging On by a Thread' in a Post-Roe World

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 42:05

    The time for being squeamish about abortion is over. That's what pro-choice advocate and author Ilyse Hogue tells The New Abnormal's intrepid co-hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy: “Roe is actually a fire-alarm fire,” and it's time to “talk loudly and proudly about what we stand for.” (That goes for you, too, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland—Levy knows you're listening, and he dares you to prosecute someone based on the explosive testimony coming out of the Jan. 6 hearings.) Speaking of which: what does the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, who for the current moment has “brought Trumpworld to its knees,” as Jong-Fast puts it, mean for where the Jan. 6 Committee is heading? What's left to prove? That assessment comes courtesy of the Daily Beast's hometown hero, politics editor Matt Fuller.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Nancy Pelosi Is Gonna Need to Do Better than a Poem

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 54:44

    In this episode of The New Abnormal, Leah Litman, an assistant professor at Michigan law school, breaks down one of AOC post-Roe ideas and co-host Andy Levy tears into Nancy Pelosi and her poem. Plus, Robin Marty, director of operations for West Alabama Women's Center, tells co-host Molly Jong-Fast what she's already seeing in her state, including reports that hospitals are already refusing to treat women whose lives are in danger, and are bleeding out, because they admitted they had an abortion.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    This David Duchovny Thoery on Aliens Makes a Lot of Sense

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2022 27:07

    On this bonus episode of The New Abnormal, actor David Duchovny talks about his book, The Reservoir, what it was like playing a jerk version of himself alongside Sandra Oh in Netflix's ‘The Chair', and discloses a solid theory on aliens. Plus! Co-hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy listen to more bizarre clips of GOP politicians, including “single biggest asshole' in America, Ted Cruz, and everyone's favorite Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, who is still obsessed with testicles.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    This Is How to Impeach a Supreme Court Justice

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 15:49

    The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday, June 24, 2024, eliminating the decades-long protected right to an abortion. New Abnormal co-host Molly Jong-Fast could not wait until the next episode to address this far-reaching decision, so she recorded an “emergency” episode and interviewed Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold. Secretary Griswold explains to Molly and listeners what it would take to impeach a Supreme Court Justice, why she believes the conservative justices lied under oath and what states can do ASAP to protect the women there.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Which (Alleged) Crime Did Matt Gaetz Want a Pardon For?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 42:26

    Former President Donald Trump was not lacking in pardon requests in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 riots, according to new information revealed during the hearings on Thursday. Among those who asked for pardons: Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Mo Brooks (R-AL). That in itself proves that Brooks knew Trump's “Big Lie” was a load of BS, says New Abnormal co-host Andy Levy on the latest post-hearing episode. Also in this episode, Jay Willis, editor in chief of Balls & Strikes, breaks down two Supreme Court rulings, including the rejection of gun control legislation in New York, loudly proclaimed in an opinion by Justice Clarence Thomas. “Thomas' opinion basically freezes firearm regulation as it existed [in the Constitution],” Willis says of Thomas' mind-boggling explanation. Last but not least, Greg Sargent, author of The Washington Post's The Plum Line blog, makes the case that the Jan. 6 hearings are absolutely making an impact.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Biden Told ‘Be Bold' In Order to ‘Save the Republic'

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 49:54

    Princeton University Professor of African American studies Eddie Glaude tells The New Abnormal's Molly Jong-Fast why he warned the U.S. President that democracy could die unless he is willing to “go big”. Also on this episode: Journalist Francisco Alvarado takes us inside his reporting on how Nebraska's voter ID proposal has become mired amid claims of fraud and big money coming from someone very close to the state's governor.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Katy Tur's Relationship With Keith Olbermann ‘Haunted' Her

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 19, 2022 28:48

    Haters love to attribute Katy Tur's success to her former partner, commentator Keith Olbermann. But she's over it. In this bonus episode of The New Abnormal podcast, Tur tells co-host Molly Jong-Fast how that early connection to the broadcaster has impacted her life since and recounts some anecdotes about her “violent” childhood from her new memoir, Rough Draft.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Trump Lied, and Pence Could Have Died

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 43:00

    The New Abnormal hosts recorded late, after the Jan. 6 committee's latest blockbuster hearing, where, co-host Andy Levy says, “We found out today that the mob in the capital came within 40 feet of [Vice President Pence] at one point while they were transporting him to the secure location. That sounds pretty terrifying considering, we have to remember, this is the mob that was chanting “Hang Mike Pence.'”Later, co-host Molly Jong Fast says,”I feel like the top line is when did the president know and what did he know it? He knew it, and he still tried to do it.” Indeed, says senior NBC News politics reporter and co-author of Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency, “I think that it may be a mistake to look at anything that happened as particularly accidental. I'm always sort of torn a little bit when I talk to voters who are kind of like Jan. 6 deniers, because I think most of them aren't denying that Trump was trying to hold power. I think they're denying that it was bad.”Plus, Daily Beast and New York Magazine contributing writer Jay Michaelson breaks down the Ginni Thomas-John Eastman mess: “If this is not an impeachable offense for a Supreme court justice if what we've come out in evidence is true” then what would be? “This is the most impeachable offense I've ever seen in my entire life. I mean, this is not a gray area case. This is unbelievable.… John Eastman, one of the somewhat more crazy lawyers who tried to overturn the 2020 election said at one point that there seems to be a heated fight underway among the justices. And that's interesting. I don't know how he actually knew that, but now it seems that he knew that from actually being in touch with Ginni Thomas, the wife of one of the justices,” Clarence Thomas, “who is also a well-known conservative activist.” And, “if true, disclosing secret, confidential, and to put it mildly, highly sensitive deliberations of the Supreme Court justices to somebody who he knows—his wife—is closely involved with the effort to overturn the election. And it's fine that they have separate careers and they have separate lives. That's fine. But you know, Molly, if I disclose this to you, we don't have to be married for me to realize that that would probably be a problem, right? That disclosing to somebody with a close degree of not just interest but actual active participation in this effort, which is overturning an election, right, which is trying to mount some sort of a coup. So even if this was some boring insurance transaction that we were involved in, this would be a massive violation of judicial ethics. And the fact that it took place in the context of Jan. 6 is beyond shocking.”  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Jared Knows Jail Is Real. Do Ivanka and the Failsons?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 53:00

    On this episode of The New Abnormal, Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy debate which Republicans testifying at the Jan. 6 hearings can be considered ‘good guys.' Spoiler alert, not Bill Barr according to Andy. Molly also breaks down the ‘psychology' of Jared Kushner based on his performance testifying. Plus! The Nation columnist Jeet Heer explains to Molly why Democrats shouldn't trust Liz Cheney and CNN national security reporter Zachary Cohen points out one of big question marks on the Jan. 6 timeline that the committee is trying to piece together: What happened when Donald Trump was in the dining room?  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    What James Patterson Remembers from Dinner With the Clintons

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 12, 2022 23:59

    Author James Patterson joins this bonus episode of The New Abnormal to tell co-host Molly Jong-Fast about his new biography titled James Patterson by James Patterson: The Story of My Life. He also tells stories about some old friends, including the Clintons and Dolly Parton. Also in this episode: Molly and co-host Andy Levy listen to some funny clips of Republicans saying “dumb” things, including Jesse Watters, who Molly dubs the “stupidest anchor on Fox News.”  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Liz Cheney Is Ready to Follow Donald Trump to the Gates of Hell

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 64:48

    The Jan. 6 hearing was everything it had to be, The New Abnormal co-hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy agreed—and Republicans knew it. Liz Cheney, said Molly, in a conversation recorded just after the prime-time hearing ended, “is an extremely good speaker you can tell will follow Donald J. Trump to the gates of Hell.” So as the damning case was laid out, the MAGA set did their best to pretend it simply wasn't happening. Plus: Pod Save America co-host Dan Pfeiffer talks about “why Democrats keep losing the messaging war,” his new book Battling the Big Lie: How Fox, Facebook and the MAGA Media Are Destroying America and the “decades-long billionaire funded plan to build up an alternate information bubble,” and Ian Bremmer, author of The Power of Crisis: How Three Threats – and Our Response – Will Change the World explains that there are four now: the pandemic, global climate change, “the proliferation of disruptive and dangerous technologies, and now you have the Russians invading Ukraine and a war in Europe.”  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Donald Trump Is No Longer the Kingmaker He Thinks He Still Is

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 57:07

    Is Donald J. Trump losing his impenetrable grip on the Republican party? Co-host of The New Abnormal podcast Molly Jong-Fast thinks so. She shares her theory with co-host Andy Levy on today's episode. Also, the two attempt to answer this question: Who is a scarier Republican candidate? Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump? Plus! Daily Beast politics editor Matt Fuller gives Molly the cold-hard truth on gun legislation that's bubbling up in the House and Senate and who—and who won't—vote for it. Plus! British columnist & host of The OriginIanory Podcast, Dunt explains why Brits will have “an absolute psychological breakdown” when the Queen is no longer the Queen. He also shares why England Prime Minister Boris Johnson isn't very secure in his position.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Parkland Dad Fred Guttenberg on the Day His Life ‘Shattered'

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 5, 2022 28:41

    Parkland dad Fred Guttenberg details the day his daughter Jaime was killed at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School as well as what he thinks needs to change to get solid gun reform policy. Plus, co-hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy unpack GOP clips, including one of Lauren Boebert calling Trump a ‘family man' because he shared popcorn with her son. Plus! Andy shares a very interesting metaphor in which he compares Hunter Biden's name to cat nip.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Time for Democrats to Stop Triangulating and Go Hard or Go Home

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 60:17

    “The problem is there are so many mass shootings that they are now pushing other mass shootings out of the news” and Republicans just want to change the subject each time, co-host Molly Jong-Fast says to kick off the latest episode of The New Abnormal. But the cold comfort is that “there are so many shootings that we're going to be talking about it, even though Republicans want to run out the clock, they're never gonna be able to run out.” Plus, We're Not Broken author and MSNBC columnist Eric Garcia joins the pod to tell Molly about his reporting on autism in America while having autism, and Strict Scrutiny co-host and ABC Supreme Court contributor Katie Shaw explains how politicians hide behind the Supreme Court's 2008 gun decision to pretend they're powerless now, and about what's looming when the Court issues it's first big gun decision since then any day now.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Republicans Are Getting Really ‘Sick' of Trump's ‘Bitching'

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 55:09

    Is former President Donald Trump's hold on his Republican base waning? Vice's Senior Political Reporter Cameron Joseph thinks so. “Trump is slipping. [He] doesn't have the grip over the GOP that he once did,” Joseph tells Molly Jong-Fast in this episode of The New Abnormal. Later on this episode, historian Jon Meacham, who is host of the new “Reflections of History” podcast gives Molly a preview of some of the juicy tid-bits from history he covers on his show, like how NATO was an unpopular opinion when it began and that New York Times' Sunday magazine passed on publishing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s letter from Birmingham jail. Oh, yeah, Meacham also happens to be an unofficial adviser of President Biden and Molly does not let the interview end without pressing him on that.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    George Carlin's Daughter Says He'd ‘Roll Eyes' at Far Right

    Play Episode Listen Later May 29, 2022 34:17

    Kelly Carlin, daughter of the late comedian George Carlin, is mystified that Donald Trump followers and right-wingers have tried to claim her dad as one of their own. She came on the pod with comedian and director Judd Apatow to talk to hosts Andy Levy and Molly Jong-Fast about her dad, how they think he'd feel about Republicans today and about Apatow's upcoming George Carlin documentary on HBO, which Apatow says “terrified” him at first.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Gov. Abbott Is Bullsh*tting About Mental Health Reform

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 62:56

    In this episode of The New Abnormal, hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy call out Republicans for avoiding the gun conversation at all costs, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for his insane mental health hypocrisy. Plus! New York mag correspondent Gabriel Debenedetti tackles the Biden elephant in room: What happens if Joe Biden can't run for reelection? There are a few people that may be backups for the party, he says. And last up, Pennsylvania Rep. Chrissy Houlahan shares what she thinks are the root causes of the gun violence epidemic—and that the entire Republican party “needs to be cured and cleansed.”  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Kellyanne ‘Glorifies Trump' but Skewers Jared and Her Hubby

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 44:20

    Kellyanne Conway's new book makes very clear the people she has a grudge against, and the ones she doesn't, according to Daily Beast media reporter Zach Petrizzo. He read the former Trump aide's book and tells The New Abnormal podcast host Molly Jong-Fast that there are two people she goes after the most—Jared Kushner and her husband, George Conway III. Plus, Washington Post political enterprise reporter Robert Samuels talks about his new book with co-author Toluse Olorunnipa, ‘His Name is George Floyd' and Molly and co-host Andy Levy analyze the right-wingers who attended CPAC in Hungary and why they (jokingly) think the Twitter user retweeted by Trump, ‘MAGA King Thanos', will lead the next civil war.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    The German Billionaires With a Grotesque Anti-Semitic History

    Play Episode Listen Later May 22, 2022 21:18

    Nazi Billionaires author David de Jong joins this bonus episode The New Abnormal to discuss the findings from his book, including the ugly, anti-semitic history of German oligarchs, including the family who owns the German car brand BMW. Plus, co-hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy discuss Kevin McCarthy's latest witch hunt that somehow involves Nancy Pelosi and Peloton and roast George W. Bush and Justice Clarence Thomas for being really bad at telling jokes.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Is the Supreme Court About to Turn New York Into the Wild West?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 62:10

    It's another week chock full of Republican fuckery, and The New Abnormal is all over it, including a tough interview with Bryan Jones the Republican trying to take down creepy Matt Gaetz in Florida's first Congressional District, and starting with a conversation between co-hosts Molly Jong Fast and Andy Levy about how Republicans seem more interested in capitalizing on the baby formula shortage to score points against Biden than they are in fixing it and, you know, making sure babies can get fed. Then Jay Willis, the editor in chief of Balls and Strikes warns Molly that the looming Roe reversal its just the start, and that “a lot of the backlash to this opinion has also dealt with not only the disastrous consequences for women, folks who may become pregnant but also for its really unnerving hints about where the Court could go in the future. Roe is not enough for Samuel Alito, who's got all kinds of accumulated culture war grievances to air.”  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Stefanik's Replacement Theory Talk Led to a Day of Infamy

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 53:14

    Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has the “worst luck in American retail politics ever,” declares host Molly Jong-Fast on this episode of The New Abnormal. Stefanik's past “replacement theory” rhetoric has resurfaced after the “screed” of the Topps shooter Payton Gendron had been reported to contain the same kind of views. Somehow she thinks she's the victim—and Molly and Andy Levy dive into that on this episode. Plus! Democratic strategist Adrienne Elrod gives Molly the low-down on the Pennsylvania candidates running in Tuesday's election, including Dr. Oz and Kathy Barnette, who is “even too Trumpy for Trump.” And Shannon Watts, founder of anti-gun violence group Mom's Demand Action, explains the loophole that allowed the Topps shooter to get his gun, and how the NRA is linked to what drove him to kill.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Trump Is Wrong About Everything Except Mitch McConnell

    Play Episode Listen Later May 15, 2022 20:22

    Hosts Andy Levy and Molly Jong-Fast listen to audio clips of unhinged Republicans, including one of Donald Trump crapping on Mitch McConnell's popularity, and they agreed with him, sorta. Plus! Molly and Andy ask important questions about Dinesh D'Souza's election-fraud conspiracy film, “2000 Mules,” and Karen Elson, model and fashion activist, tells Molly about her work to unionize models in the fashion industry and the hazards they do face at work.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    What If Elon Musk's Twitter Grab Is All ‘a Big Fugazi'?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 62:35

    “Despite being the richest man in the world,” Elon Musk doesn't have enough cash to buy Twitter for $43 billion, podcaster and CNBC contributor Dan Nathan tells co-host Molly Jong-Fast, so he's selling Tesla stock to get some of that cash in hand and then bringing in private equity and venture capital to cover the difference. Plus, Molly and co-host Andy Levy go in on another week full of conservative fuckery, and Daily Beast senior editor Matt Fuller explains how “the abortion landscape really has changed” after the leak of the draft opinion doing away with Roe.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Elon Musk Wants to Run Twitter So He Can Have Friends

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 54:40

    Media Matters president and CEO Angelo Carusone came on The New Abnormal to talk Elon Musk's questionable desire to buy and become CEO of Twitter, Tucker Carlson's reaction to the New York Times' pieces on him and what's next for Fox News (it doesn't look good.) Plus! Co-host Andy Levy has his own theory for why Tucker is horrible. And Robin Marty, Communications Director for the West Alabama Women's Center, makes predictions on what's next when it comes to abortion bans in the U.S. (Hint: lots of felony charges).  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    That Time a House Democrat Called Pelosi a ‘Terrible Person'

    Play Episode Listen Later May 8, 2022 24:38

    A new book by New York Times journalists Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns has gotten lots of attention for its revelations about Donald Trump and the Republican Party. And they get into that on this bonus episode of The New Abnormal, but they also tell Molly juicy nuggets about Democratic dysfunction, including texts calling Nancy Pelosi “terrible” and Biden's struggle with Manchin and Sinema.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Where the Right Will Strike Next After Its Big Abortion Win

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 52:36

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that the podcaster is fated to release an episode right as the news cycle renders them hopelessly out-of-date. That's the worst thing to come from the revelation that the Supreme Court is essentially set to overturn Roe v. Wade, obviously. Aghast and mind-blown, co-hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy attempt to break down this “new, new, new abnormal” we all find ourselves in as the country teeters on the edge of becoming a post-Roe democracy. How did we get here—and, more importantly, what happens now? That, plus: Daily Beast legal affairs columnist and former Supreme Court clerk Jay Michaelson discusses how Justice Samuel Alito cultivates his Scalia-esque brand on the bench and how the abortion's writing has been on the wall for “years, if not decades.” And Valerie Biden Owens, the president's sister and former campaign manager, talks about running the 1972 “children's crusade” that catapulted her brother into elected office for the first time—and why she now lovingly refers to him as “the ass.” Finally: don't believe the Christian right used to trumpet that life began at birth? Read this, and get back to us.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Pour One Out for Jared Kushner's Ghostwriter

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 50:30

    According to New Abnormal podcast host Andy Levy, literally, nobody cares about what Jared Kushner has to say. On this episode, Andy and co-host Molly Jong-Fast break down the latest GOP book announcements, Jared's included, and The Nation columnist Jeet Heer tells Molly why he thinks the White House Correspondents' Dinner is a bad idea. For one, this dinner was the start of Trump's villain origin story, he jokes. Plus! If you've ever wondered how a person like Trump was elected in the first place, University of Minnesota's Dr. Larry Jacobs has an answer and explains why primary elections will be the ruin of us all.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Senator Smeared as ‘Groomer' Has Message for Suburban Moms w/ Sen. Mallory McMorrow

    Play Episode Listen Later May 1, 2022 26:39

    Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow's scathing speech on the floor in response to being called a “groomer” by a conservative colleague went viral. She joins as special guest on this bonus episode of The New Abnormal to tell co-host Molly Jong-Fast how it all went down and what she wants people who are non-marginalized to know. Plus Molly and co-host Andy Levy listen to Fox News proclaim that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is a liberal puppet and Ben Shapiro gets skewered for his “Twitter” advice to Elon Musk.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Here's What the Hell Joe Manchin Is Doing

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 44:07

    nathan Kott, who worked for Joe Manchin for seven-and-a-half years, joins The New Abnormal, and co-host Molly Jong-Fast gets right to the point: "Are you surprised by what you're seeing right now" from the West Virginia Senator?"No," says Kott. "He's the exact same person he's always been. It's just he's getting more attention in the last year than I think he had before." Plus, Molly and co-host Andy Levy run through even more Republican fuckery, starting with Trump's fear of fruit. "If you're that worried about tomatoes, I guess you just assume that everything is very dangerous and you might as well give everyone guns' jokes Molly.Finally, Marc Caputo of NBC explains what's happening in the great state of Florida, where "conservatives are a lot more Trumpy "now. "In 2016 when Donald Trump won people thought it was a fluke. And then in 2018, when Ron DeSantis won by less than half a point, they're like, 'okay, Andrew Gillum, his gubernatorial opponent was a flawed opponent. And then in 2020, Donald Trump won so big here by a bigger margin than Obama did in 2008 and that kind of got conservatives or Republicans to realize, 'there is nothing to fear from Democrats anymore in Florida, let's keep pushing the envelope.' And so that's where we are. We're in some serious envelope pushing."  See for privacy and opt-out information.

    Got Real Quiet Real Fast in the Group Text After Nov. 6

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 47:30

    There's only text sent by former First Daughter Ivanka Trump among the 2,319 CNN-obtained text messages between Trump's inner circle from the days after the 2020 election and something about that feels peculiar to The New Abnormal podcast co-host Andy Levy. He and co-host Molly Jong-Fast tackle those in this episode along with special guests Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA), who shares his thoughts on Elon Musk buying Twitter, and Amanda Litman, Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director of Run for Something.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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