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The show that has all the NFL picks, every week, regular season and playoffs, spread and straight up, in much less detail.

In Much Less Detail The Podcast

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    Latest episodes from In Much Less Detail: The Podcast

    IMLD's Football Hall of Infamy Class of '22

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 120:00

    As the NFL Hall of Fame Game takes place, the IMLD Hall of Infamy induction ceremony for 2022 will commence. Join Jay and this year's football emcee Dre as they shine a light on people, places and events that the league doesn't want to acknowledge. And this year, Dre promises an extra dark side of the NFL. It won't be for the faint of heart.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    IMLD's Baseball Hall of Infamy Class of '22

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2022 90:00

    There are many tributes flowing this wknd to the kindness of Tim Kurkjian and the big heart of Papi Ortiz. But other stories are out there, and it's our job to fill in the cracks. Join Dre and host Jay as he reveals his baseball Hall of Infamy Class of 2022 and immortalizes some names and events you may have forgotten.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    KONS: Baker Falls, Summer League Ring LOLs, Zach Wilson's Long Balls

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2022 120:00

    Jay and Dre fit in a quick show before Dre takes off to the Bahamas. Sports newz of late include the Browns finally fully committing to the Deshaun Watson mistake by jettisoning their #1 pick Baker Mayfield to Charlotte, the NBA awarding rings to the summer league champs for whatever reason, and Jets QB Zach Wilson making stud moves off the field.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    KONS: Hard Truths

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 121:00

    Square in the middle of a hot summer, Jay and Dre have already totally dissected the hottest topic of this summer, the abortion debate. So with all of the graduation advice flowing, they've decided to go there. The guys give free hard facts and truths that they've learned over the years, and considering their history of saying what the heck they want, this one promises to be downright incendiary.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    KONS: The Summer Of Making Women Hot

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 123:00

    The boys check in before the Memorial Day wknd and catch up on things. Dre's prediction of the Reds as baseball playoff contenders is in the running as the worst in the history of IMLD. The new blood is providing some freshness to the NBA playoffs, though Dre is mourning the injury to the young Memphis flyer Ja Morant which killed any chance the Grizzlies had. And between the Supreme Court leak and the Rock & Roll HOF honoring Dolly Parton out of spite, 2022 is shaping up to be a year full of angrier-than-normal females. Dre has a personal perspective on the abortion issue, and it's not what you would think.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    KONS 2022 NFL Draft Aftermath: Big Pick Energy

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2022 149:00

    How do you find excitement in what was projected to be a lackluster NFL Draft? By turning it into TRADEAMANIA!! Jay and Dre--presuming they've recovered--try to look back at the wildest first round of a draft, which was fitting considering it followed the wildest offseason. Teams moving up two spots, the Steelers not being able to resist the hometown kid, stud WRs being dealt (but not the one everyone thought)...Vegas saw it all. And that was just Night 1!   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    KONS: "You Guys Enjoy Your Fantasy"

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 119:00

    Jay and Dre look back on their return to the Ad Hac baseball fantasy draft, live in Chicago for the first time in three years. They also have their (not so) hot takes on the absolutely bonkers NFL offseason, so chock full of player and coaching changes that it's impossible to break them all down in one sitting.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    KONS 2022 Baseball Preview: Hitters Hit, Pitchers Pitch, Ohtani Is Limitless

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 147:00

    The game changed--literally--once the smoke cleared and the owners ended the lockout of Major League Baseball players a month ago. The playoffs got a Wild Card series instead of a one-and-done game, the defensive shift got banned (next year), and the universal DH finally came to the big leagues, ruining baseball strategy or sparing us the sight of pitchers trying to hit, depending on your point of view. Dre and Jay chop it up and break down 2022 on the diamond. Will they pick the Braves to once again claim the World Series despite letting the heart of the franchise walk to Los Angeles? If not, whose time has come to sit atop the throne?   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    KONS Wrestlemania XXXVIII Preview: Stupendously Old

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2022 123:00

    Jerry the Wrestling Expert joins Jay and Dre to preview this coming weekend's two-night Wrestlemania card. If the main event seems familiar, well, they did Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns once before and decided to have Seth Rollins run in and win the match, cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. That's not an option this year, so it will be up to Lesnar and Reigns to live up to WWE's hype as the "greatest match in Wrestlemania history." Other matches featuring men 35 and up will include Edge fighting A.J. Styles, Drew McIntyre facing Happy Corbin, and Kevin Owens having some sort of confrontation in Dallas with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. There will be non-wrestlers wrestling too, including a very old and concussed Johnny Knoxville.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    KONS 2022 Oscars Preview: The Prince Who Would Be King

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2022 126:00

    Dave the Movie Expert joins Jay and Dre once again to preview tomorrow night's Oscars. The Best Picture field is ten strong this year, and the field is very diverse. Will it be high noon for the Power of the Dog? Will Coda bring it home for the deaf community? Will making fun of the ignorant be rewarded for Don't Look Up? Will the Fresh Prince be served up awards for King Richard? Check in live for the odds and picks for the 94th Academy Awards!   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    KONS 2022 March Badness Preview: The Way God Intended

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 122:00

    No bubbles. No protocols. No deactivating half the roster due to COVID. Yes, the Big Dance is returning to normal this year, with rabid fans traveling to different cities to follow their schools on the road to the NCAA championship, or the road to heartbreak, whichever comes first. Jay and Dre have their attempts at the ever-elusive perfect bracket. Who do they have going all the way? Is it finally Gonzaga's time? Will Duke come through in Coach K's final run? Or will the boys pull out a surprise champ? Listen live and find out!   Aftershow: Dre reviews Royal Caribbean Odyssey of the Seas   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    Super Duper Bowl LVI Recap: 2 Scores, 1 Kupp

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2022 108:00

    The homestanding Los Angeles Rams rallied to knock off the feisty Cincinnati Bengals to claim the World title in a game that, like the rest of the 2022 NFL playoffs, had a lot of drama with some ugly play sprinkled in. Jay and Dre recap the Big Game, the outings of Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, Joe Burrow, the Cincy offensive line which was truly offensive, and any other aspects of the broadcast that stood out.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    Super Duper Bowl LVI: Who Dey Say They Love LA?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2022 92:00

    The longest season in NFL history will finally come to its conclusion as the AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals travel to Los Angeles to take on the homestanding NFC champion Rams. Jay and Dre cover all the angles and make their picks for the Big Game straight up and against the spread. Which story is completed--the new Joe Cool going from hurt to champ in one year, or Matthew Stafford going from Detroit to champ in one year? Which young gun coach becomes a legend, Zac Taylor or Sean McVay? And which X-factor makes the difference? The guys break it down live.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    IMLD's 2021 Honors & Dishonors

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2022 166:00

    It's time once again to hand out the hardware and acknowledge the NFL season and all its ups and downs. Well, especially the downs. Join Jay and Dre for their annual Honors & Dishonors show, giving the deserved attention to the people and events that made 2021 special. Whether you were proud (Tawmy, Rams) or not so much (AB, Raiders), it's your turn to be recognized!   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL Conf. Finals 2022: Bye, Bye-Bye

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2022 109:00

    The words to describe the Divisional Round weekend have been already uttered--stupendous, incredible, the best weekend of football in history--and the boys are here to share how they experienced it before making their Conference Championship picks. Saturday was monumental by itself, as both 1-seeds came off their byes only to get dumped out of the playoffs. Then Sunday blew it away, first by the GOAT leading another unbelievable comeback only to watch the third straight road win on a walkoff FG, then by Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes engaging in a prizefight for the ages. The victors of those contests do battle on Sunday as the unflappable Joe Burrow leads the Bengals to Arrowhead to challenge Mahomes and the Chiefs for the AFC title. Then Kyle Shanahan's 49ers try to keep their winning streak over the Rams going in SoFi for the NFC title.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL Conf. Semis 2022: Buffalo Levels Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 22, 2022 151:00

    The mega super Wild Card Wknd produced some clunkers, but it also produced some very memorable moments. Just ask Dak Prescott, if you can find him. Jay and Dre recap the NFL's 1st round of the playoffs, which saw the Raiders and Cowboys come up just short and the Pats, Eagles, Steelers and Cards come up limp. Then they look at the divisional round, which sees the top seeds in action on Saturday as the Titans (and the King) host Joe Burrow and the Bengals, then the Packers in Lambeau against Deebo Samuel and the 49ers. On Sunday it's the World champs in Tampa hosting Matthew Stafford and the Rams, then the next opportunity for the rampaging Bills to level up as they try to avenge last year's AFC title loss to the Chiefs.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL Wild Card 2022: Big Ben's Bon Voyage (Unless...)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 15, 2022 150:00

    To think that all of the tension surrounding the oh-so-close tie that the Bolts and Raiders almost had to end the season would have been a nothingburger if the Colts had done their job and took down the Jags...but with that stunning L, the scene was set for a Sunday night spectacle. And what drama it was. Jay and Dre look back on perhaps the most memorable finale of all time and put a bow on 2021. Then it's time to pick the Wild Card matchups. Las Vegas for finding their way in gets a date with Joe Burrow and the Bengals. The Patriots and Bills, as destiny would have it, square off in a rubber match. The Eagles draw Tom Brady and the World champion Bucs. Jimmy Garoppolo and his bad thumb go to Jerryworld for a shootout with the Cowboys. Ben Roethlisberger should play his final game in Kansas City, but count the Steelers out at your own risk. On Monday, the Cards and Rams also settle their regular-season stalemate.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #18: And If You Don't Like The Extra Week, You Can Strip And Leave

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2022 162:00

    There's no denying that Week 17 in the NFL was unusually crazy. It will go down as one of the weirdest Sundays in history, what with Antonio Brown auditioning for Striptease 2, the Bengals rallying to beat the Chiefs and clinch the AFC North, the home finales (?) of Russell Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger, and...whatever that fraud was that was perpetrated by the Giants in Chicago. Jay and Dre recap before making the Week 18 picks along with Coin. The week that felt like it would never arrive doesn't have much playoff drama. The Colts could lose their spot to the Steelers if they get beat by the Jags. The Titans open the door for the Chiefs, Bengals, or Patriots to take the 1-seed in the AFC if they lose in Houston. The Saints steal a Wild Card spot if they win and San Fran loses. And of course, the Sunday night win-and-in game sees the Chargers take on the Raiders.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #17: New Year, Old Pandemic

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 2, 2022 155:00

    The calendar may have changed to 2022, but the song remains the same for Week 17 in the NFL as so many games have key players out due to COVID protocols. Even as the league and the CDC rearrange recommendations so that players and people can return to work faster, some still will be forced to sit out a game. The boys look at the happenings of Week 16 (and sort out a standpoint on one of the picks) before digging in to the penultimate week in the longest season evah. The Chiefs can lock the top seed in the AFC if they can handle Hurricane Burrow and the Bengals and also if the Titans bite it hosting the Dolphins. Tennessee still wins the AFC South if Carson Wentz can't get cleared in time to help the Colts beat the Raiders. The Bengals take the AFC North with a win, but if Snoop Huntley and the Ravens bow down to the Rams, Cincy is in great shape too. The Rams take the NFC West with a win and a Cards L in Dallas, and if the Cowboys fall, the Packers clinch home field by handling Sean Mannion's Vikings.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #16: Christmas Fever

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2021 148:00

    There's a special feeling going around America as the holiday season rolls on. For the love of God, if you have that feeling, get it tested. There's a pandemic, in case you haven't heard. Jay and Dre look back at a COVID-ravaged Week 15 which stretched out over six days and resulted after all that with both posting 8-8 records ATS. Then they look ahead to Week 16 which may be similarly COVID-ravaged. Cleveland gets its guys back from Omicron just in time to open a Christmas doubleheader in Green Bay, then Indianapolis takes on a reeling Arizona team ravaged by the Lions. On Sunday, Baltimore and Cincinnati fight for the top of that insane AFC North, Buffalo gets another chance to take down the GOAT coach in New England, and Pittsburgh tries to survive another week in the playoff hunt by knocking off Kansas City.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #15: Foot Sprains And COVID Strains

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2021 127:00

    This 2021 football season has moved past drunk and has entered the Twilight Zone, the stage where games are affected by quarterbacks messing up their ankles and toes or by Omicron, whichever strikes first. Jay and Dre recap a very good Week 14 for their picks--a combined 21-7 ATS--and chat about an insane Thursday night game. Then they make their picks for Week 15, which sees...a LOT of games affected by COVID absences. The Patriots and Colts brawl in Indy on Saturday, both off the bye. On Sunday, the Bengals and Broncos battle to stay in the AFC playoff picture, and Lamar Jackson's bad foot may prove very costly as his Ravens host the Packers. The Browns on Monday host the Raiders, but Cleveland is down to their 3rd QB, and on Tuesday the Eagles host Washington as part of the NFC playoff struggle.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #14: All These Games Could Go Either Way

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2021 141:00

    It was quite the scene in western New York Monday night as New England brought football back to the 1920s and beat Buffalo while throwing the ball all of three times. Jay and Dre review that and the rest of a bonkers Week 13 in the league, then they pick all the contests of Week 14, a schedule chock full of important division matchups: Cleveland tries to climb the compact AFC North ladder as they host Baltimore, Las Vegas tries to jump up a similarly tight AFC West in Kansas City, and the Rams try to avoid getting swept by the Cardinals in a Monday night fight in Arizona.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #13: The Vengeance Of Belichick

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2021 139:00

    Jay and Dre are into a rhythm that's leaving both frustrated. Dre after his midseason malaise has put out two straight double-digit win weeks ATS, yet he has lost his Lock both weeks. Jay has won his Locks to close that gap, but he is losing picks to Dre three weeks in a row. They both break down Week 12 in the league, then try to get it right in their Week 13 picks. Can the stuggling Rams turn things around in Cincinnati? Can the hot Potato Skins keep the momentum in Vegas? Can Bill Belichick extend his six-game win streak and, like a Marvel villain, lead his Patriots over the last remaining hero to conquer, the mighty Bills?   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #12: Trotting Turkeys

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2021 139:00

    Another wild week of football jumped off in Week 11, which saw both the Vikes and Pack leave each other too much time, the Titans rack up 426 yds of offense and lose, and the Chiefs pull off a big win thanks to this right...defense?!? Jay and Dre examine those games and the Triple Gobble, then look ahead to the rest of Week 12. Can Tampa's run D slow down Jonathan Taylor and the Colts? Can the Rams regroup off the bye and take down the Packers in Lambeau? Can Baker Mayfield limp into Baltimore and knock off a returning Lamar Jackson and the Ravens?   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #11: This Season Is Christmas Drunk

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2021 161:00

    Last week Dre lamented his turn of luck in having a 12-game lead over Jay after Week 6 melted down to nothing by Week 9's end. So Dre sweeps all seven picks from Jay in Week 10, which makes total sense if you concede that this NFL season is drunk off its ass. The guys recap that crazy Week 10 before trying to figure out what fresh goofiness Week 11 will bring. Two offenses will, er, should fly high as the Cowboys battle the Chiefs, two teams that are pointing up clash as the Colts visit the Bills, and two teams whose rollercoaster seasons perfectly represent 2021 face off as the Bengals go to Vegas.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #10: Karen Rodgers Has Completed Her Research

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2021 174:00

    The picks have turned ice cold for Dre as the temperature drops. He went from dreaming of a .600 season to tied with Jay at a couple games under .500 as the NFL cycles through a brutal series of upsets and backdoor covers. The boys review a Week 9 that was shocking for most but not for Jay, who won eight games. Then they pick the Week 10 slate. Despite lots of missing stars in Nashville the Saints and Titans do battle, the Turmoil Bowl features the struggling Chiefs taking on the traumatized Raiders, and Russell Wilson returns to Wisconsin as the Seahawks visit Karen Rodgers and the Packers.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #9: Attack Of The Killer Backups

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2021 180:00

    We get to fall back an hour in the U.S. And Dre got to fall way back in the handicapping race with Jay, who gained three more games on him thanks to his 3-12 Week 9. A sizable number of those Ls came when backup QBs and RBs took over and gave some legendary next-man-up outings. The guys discuss a massive news week before picking Week 9's contests, which see a Titans squad without King Henry go to SoFi Sunday night to take on the Rams, a Cards team possibly without Kyler Murray go to Santa Clara to play the 49ers, and the Packers without the great homeopath Aaron Rodgers battle the Chiefs.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #8: Wake-Up Call

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2021 52:00

    As Jay gets away with his family on a Halloween weekend, Dre gives a Sunday morning solo show with all of the picks for Week 8. He'll share Jay's notes as well. Who lays claim to the bottom position in the AFC North when the Steelers battle the Browns? Can the Titans keep their momentum visiting their AFC South rivals, the Colts? Can the Saints get a big Superdome win over the Bucs and stay within shouting distance of the NFC South? And will the Cowboys be at full strength to fight the Vikings or will they have the spooky sight of Cooper Rush at QB?   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL Week 7 Recap: Whoop-Ass Sunday

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 113:00

    Jay and Dre recap a Week 7 in the NFL full of beatdowns. Only one early Sunday afternoon game and the Monday nighter ended within one score. And Jay opened a can on Dre, sweeping their five head-to-head picks. Tune in to hear what the guys learned and took away from such a one-sided week.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #7: Property Of Aaron Rodgers

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2021 179:00

    The boys look back on an active Week 6 in the NFL, including Dre commenting on how it feels as a Bears fan to be owned by a Packer. Then they give their predictions for a light Week 7 ATS. The Titans attempt to take down two huge AFC squads in a row as they host the Chiefs six days after slaying the Bills, the Raiders attempt to keep their post-Gruden mojo working as they host Jalen Hurts and the Eagles, and the Bengals attempt to slay another legacy division rival after knocking off the Steelers in Week 3 as they visit Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #6 + Dre's Virgin Voyages Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2021 123:00

    Jay and Dre have an abbreviated football party as Dre flies in from his vacation just in time for the show. They make their NFL Week 6 picks ATS, including the Cards defending their perfect record in Cleveland without their coach, the Raiders beginning their Rich Bisaccia Era in Denver, and the Bills on Monday continuing their vengeance tour trying to take out the Titans in Tennessee. Later, Dre tells all about the Virgin Voyages cruise aboard Scarlet Lady. Was it as scandalous as feared? Listen to the podcast and find out!   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #5: SubUrban Development

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2021 145:00

    Jay and Dre both drowned in their "love" of Tawmy, losing their double Lock in Week 4 as the Bucs couldn't cover against the Pats. The guys recap the events of last week before looking ahead. Jay had a brutal week overall, but not as brutal as Urban Meyer when he got home and had to explain why a coed was grinding on him at his restaurant. On the Week 5 docket: a Sunday night shootout between young gunslingers as Pat Mahomes and his Chiefs host Josh Allen and the Bills. Trey Lance gets his first start as the 49ers try to hand the Cardinals their first L. And the NFL returns to Britain to showcase the best the league has to offer: Jets-Falcons.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #4: Foxboro Family Reunion

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2021 159:00

    Jay and Dre get to show off their geniusness coming off a pair of 11-5 Week 3 records ATS. The guys discuss the Rams handling Tompa Bay, a shameful display by the Bears, and whether the Chargers have officially announced that they're grown and no longer Kansas City's sons. Then they make their Week 4 picks. Carolina gets its first real test in Dallas. The NFC West has an undefeated showdown as the Cardinals challenge the Rams. And the world will be in a frenzy Sunday night for the return of the prodigal son back to New England. Rob Gronkowski comes back to...wait a minute, he's got bad ribs...but Tom Brady will also return as the World champion Bucs battle the former champion Patriots.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #3: Fields Is Our Quarterback (Today)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2021 122:00

    Due to covering Week 2's happenings in this past Wednesday's show, Jay and Dre give an old-school one-hour picks-only show. Week 3 in the NFL will see the two longest-tenured coaches in the league facing off as Sean Payton's Saints visit Bill Belichick's Patriots, Justin Fields will try to not get brained by Myles Garrett as the Bears take on the Browns, the divisional rivalry of the future might be a present challenge for Pat Mahomes and his Chiefs as they host Justin Herbert and the Chargers, and the champion Buccaneers head to SoFi to battle Matthew Stafford's Rams.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    Wk 1 & 2 Catch-Up + Dre's Mexico Travels

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 125:00

    After Dre was away this past wknd and Jay took over the show with his children, the boys reunite to catch up on the events of the first two NFL weeks. And of course, Dre recaps the good and the bad of his trip to Cancún and his stay at two different all-inclusive resorts.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #2: Hostile Takeover

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2021 46:00

    It's HOSTILE TAKEOVER WEEK on the IMLD podcast. Dre is off in Mexico, hopefully drinking bottled water, so Jay mans the mic, wth the help of the Cute Factors, and attempts to break down the dumpster fire that was our Week 1 picks. After that, they unveil their Week 2 picks, chock full of reactions, massive overreactions, and downright dismissals of the Week 1 outcomes. Will the Pack bounce back? Will the Browns close a game out? Will Justin Fields replace the Red Rifle? Can the Bills and Ravens avoid 0-2 starts? Can Dre and Jay have a winning week? Huge questions abound, and if you think we have the answers, the joke's on you! Join us for our FOOTBALL PARTY as only the IMLD crew can do it. Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Week #1: The Ray Rice Curse

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2021 120:00

    The first of eighteen weeks of NFL begins in full, and Jay and Dre dig in to each game ATS. The scoreboard in Nashville gets an early workout as the Cardinals visit the Titans, The Steelers have a colossal task if they want to start this season undefeated as they battle the Bills, the Jameis Winston Era in New Orleans starts in Jacksonville hosting Green Bay(?), and the Browns get a tough test facing a healthy Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs. On Monday, the cursed RB room in Baltimore heads out to Vegas to tackle the Raiders.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Preview: NFC + Cowboys vs. Buccaneers

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 114:00

    The guys continue their season preview with their NFC breakdown. Tom Brady joined up with Bruce Arians and a fantastic defense to surge through the playoffs on the road as a Wild Card and knock off the defending champion Chiefs for the World title. Will the Bucs repeat that improbable run? Will the Packers make one last push to the top in what seems to be Aaron Rodgers' Last Dance? Will Sean Payton bring the Saints back to glory in their post-Brees era? Who will emerge from the wild wild West? And does Dre keep celebrating his Bears bringing in Justin Fields once the games begin and Andy Dalton mans the helm? Speaking of games, Dre and Jay pick the first game of the new year in Tampa between Dak Prescott's Cowboys and the World champion Buccaneers.   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    NFL 2021 Preview: AFC

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 131:00

    The NFL season opener is just around the corner, so the boys are here to get your juices flowing with their szn previews--starting with tonight's AFC preview. Will Patrick Mahomes come back from his bad foot to once again lead Kansas City to the top of the conference? Will Lamar Jackson put it together and lead Baltimore back to the Big Game? Is it time for Josh Allen to take Buffalo to the head of the table? Can the physicality of a Derrick Henry-A.J. Brown-Julio Jones trio take Tennessee to the pinnacle? Will the Steelers, the Browns, the Chargers, or a surprise contender step up? Listen in for ninety minutes of fun pigskin chat!   Theme music credit: "Spheres" by Robbero   (CC BY 3.0)

    KONS: Pure Adrenaline

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 125:00

    With football szn just around the corner, Jay and Dre discuss what has stood out to them during this truncated preseason. The baseball campaign heads into its final month as teams continue to find their way after the wildest trade deadline in history. And Dre talks about the rush that all wrestling fans felt a week ago with the Chicago appearance by C.M. Punk.   Theme credit: "Deep Of The Street" by Jeremie Guerrier   CC BY-ND 4.0

    IMLD's 2021 NFL Hall of Infamy Induction Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2021 104:00

    All the gold jackets and accolades have been given out in Canton. The NFL Hall of Fame returned to normal this weekend, but the IMLD Hall of Infamy always has the last word. Join Dre and this year's inductor Jay as the football world has its newest infamous men (or women or events or quotes) immortalized in the 2021 edition of the Hall of Imfamy!   Theme credit: "Deep Of The Street" by Jeremie Guerrier   CC BY-ND 4.0

    IMLD's 2021 MLB Hall of Infamy Induction Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2021 109:00

    As life continues to turn back to normal in the year 1 A.C. (After COVID), baseball will have its normal Hall of Fame ceremony in front of people. But we at IMLD didn't miss a beat, getting in our Hall of Infamy inductions last year and this. There are still no shortages of people and events that are infamous and deserve their own spotlight. Join Jay and this year's hardball inductee Dre for all the pomp and circumstance!   Theme credit: "Deep Of The Street" by Jeremie Guerrier   CC BY-ND 4.0

    KONS: Take Me Out To The (Foot)Ballgame...

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2021 132:00

    Jay and Dre catch up on the happenings in this second Summer of COVID, coinciding with a Summer of Guns, as the Washington Nationals found out firsthand. The NBA Finals swing sharply from Suns in 4 to Bucks possibly running off 4 in a row. The Olympics are a hot mess, and they haven't even started yet. And Jay took his kids to a Cubs-Brewers game and a Bears-Pack clash broke out.   Theme credit: "Deep Of The Street" by Jeremie Guerrier   CC BY-ND 4.0

    KONS: Death To The Spin Doctors

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2021 124:00

    Jay and Dre check in on the sports world as the summer heats up. What will become of the new crackdown by MLB on "substance abuse" by pitchers? What will become of Julio Jones in his new role as veteran receiver for the Titans? Is the new blood rising in the NBA playoffs good for the game or a poor substitute for the missing stars? And how horrifying is it to have feet on your back as part of your massage?   Theme credit: "Deep Of The Street" by Jeremie Guerrier   CC BY-ND 4.0

    KONS: Bears Yay Or Nay w/ FFRR

    Play Episode Listen Later May 29, 2021 135:00

    Dre said the Chicago celebration for the Bears moving up to draft Justin Fields would last all summer, and Dre and Jay welcome Kass and one of the biggest Bears fanatics, Renard from Football Fan Rush Radio to chat about the pick. Is it cause for partying in Chi-Town, or is it just a desperate last-minute gambit by GM Ryan Pace? Should the fans feel confident that Matt Nagy can coach Fields up? Is the Chi setting itself up for another diasppointment? And who should take the field in Week 1, Fields or "QB1" Andy Dalton?   Theme credit: "Deep Of The Street" by Jeremie Guerrier   CC BY-ND 4.0

    KONS 2021 NFL Draft Aftermath: Welcome To Soldier Fields

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2021 163:00

    The first round of the NFL Draft had a shadow hanging over it this year, as news of Packers great Aaron Rodgers' discontent spread everywhere. But while the presence of Green Bay possibly trading their Hall of Famer away was felt, it was division rival Chicago that made the bold move up (again) to get a new quarterback in Justin Fields. Jay and Dre look back on a night that saw three signal callers go in the first three picks and five in the first round overall, and a night that felt celebratory and over-the-top, just as you'd think the league would do in its first Draft with fan interaction since COVID.   Theme credit: "Deep Of The Street" by Jeremie Guerrier   CC BY-ND 4.0

    KONS 2021 Oscars Preview: Dark Chicago Chronicles

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2021 153:00

    Jay and Dre are happy to welcome back Dave the Movie Expert to examine 2020's eccentric list of movies nominated for the Academy Award. In the wake of last year's nationwide police evildoing, 1960s Chi-Town unrest is fertile ground for two different films. Will one of them claim the Oscar? Will Chadwick Boseman be posthumously honored with a Best Actor statue? And how the heck did the two standout performances in Judas and the Black Messiah both garner Supporting Actor nominations? Supporting who, each other??   Aftershow: Dre finally reviews WrestleRainia   Theme credit: "Deep Of The Street" by Jeremie Guerrier   CC BY-ND 4.0

    KONS: Hello? Is This Thing On??

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2021 77:00

    Jay and Dre relive the, um, unique experience that was their baseball fantasy league holding an all-day draft over Zoom. It went about as one would expect. Jay also reviews his family vacation in Missouri, and Dre talks about COVID vaccinations. And because it's a potpourri show, who knows what else will be discussed.   Theme credit: "Deep Of The Street" by Jeremie Guerrier   CC BY-ND 4.0

    KONS Wrestlemania XXXVII Preview: Livin' On The Edge

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2021 102:00

    WWE gets to rewind and try Wrestlemania in the same venue as they would have last year before Coronavirus struck. There will be thousands less in attendance than there would be in the Super Bowl champions house in Tompa Bay, but there will be some fans. So what does WWE do after having a fiftysomething (Oldberg) fighting for a title last year? They have a near-fiftysomething (Edge) fighting this year for a title. When will WWE admit they have a problem building new stars? Jay and Dre welcome Jerry the Wrestling Expert to chat about the go-home Raw and the upcoming wknd. They also will touch on the ongoing best story in wrestling, the rise of All Elite.   Theme credit: "Deep Of The Street" by Jeremie Guerrier   CC BY-ND 4.0

    KONS 2021 Baseball Preview: Full-Length Feature

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2021 141:00

    Last year thanks to COVID, baseball was not The Show. It was more like a Three Stooges short. But now the whole full-length feature returns, and Jay and Dre check out every team as the normal 162 is set to be played. Dre's White Sox and Jay's Cubbies are going in different directions. What are their thoughts on the Chicago franchises? What clubs are ready to make the jump into legit contenders? And after finally reaching the pinnacle, can the Dodgers do it again and win another World Series? No matter what happens, fans will celebrate as baseball gets a full slate again.   Theme credit: "Deep Of The Street" by Jeremie Guerrier   CC BY-ND 4.0

    KONS 2021 March Badness Preview: A Glimmer Of Normalcy

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2021 103:00

    The Big Dance is back, and despite it not being the same as the countrywide tournament it usually is, we sports fans will gladly take it. It's the latest in the slow return to life as we used to know it before that damned virus. Jay and Dre dig into the brackets for their upsets and championship picks. With so many college hoops legacy teams struggling (and Duke not even in the field), it seems wide open for a squad not normally in title games to take the crown down. Will it finally be Gonzaga's year? Will Baylor rise to the occasion? Will one of the two Big Ten teams that grabbed top seeds come through? Join the boys for hot bracket chatter after a year of isolation.   Theme credit: "Deep Of The Street" by Jeremie Guerrier   CC BY-ND 4.0

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