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The ATP's podcast featuring interviews with players and coaches plus discussion based around the tour's weekly events.

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    Latest episodes from ATP Tennis Radio

    New York Times Tennis Correspondent Chris Clarey On Roger Federer

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2022 18:53

    New York Times Tennis Correspondent and author of the international bestseller on Roger Federer, 'The Master', Chris Clarey speaks to fellow Federer biographer, Chris Bowers, about the legacy of the great Swiss.

    PODCAST - Roger Federer Special

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2022 34:23

    Our tribute to the career of Roger Federer, presented by Federer biographer Chris Bowers and with contributions from New York Times Tennis Correspondent, Chris Clarey, Roger Federer's mother, Lynette, Tournament Director Richard Krajicek, and current players Stefanos Tsitsipas, Nicholas Godsick, Felix Auger-Aliassime and Coco Gauff.-Podcast Presented by Chris Bowers-Interviews by Chris Bowers, Bren Hester and Ursin Caderas-Felix Auger-Aliassime and Coco Gauff feature courtesy of ATP Uncovered

    EXCLUSIVE - Emilio Nava On Learning From Andy Murray

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2022 10:38

    Young American player Emilio Nava speaks to Chris Bowers about what he learnt from playing Andy Murray at the US Open, the importance of staying free of injury, his decision to train in Spain, the development of his powerful forehand, having sporty parents and his desire to qualifying for the end of year Intesa Sanpaolo NextGen ATP Finals in Milan.

    PODCAST - Alcaraz Claims US Open And World Number 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2022 55:59

    ALCARAZ ON HIS LOVE OF PLAYING DROP SHOTS - ‘It's natural for me, I always hit drop shots when I was a kid, I would say too many drop shots when I was a kid, so in training I'm trying not to hit drop shots, just to hit other shots and when I'm training the sets and stuff when I'm break point down, I'm trying to play the set without the drop shot'.ALCARAZ ON HIS DEVELOPING RIVALRY WITH JANNIK SINNER - ‘I'm going to be a better player thanks to him and I think for him it will be the same. I will push him to be a better player as Djokovic, Nadal and Federer did when thy were younger. He's a nice person with a great team around him and we are great friends'.SINNER ON THE IMPROVEMENTS HE'S MAKING - 'Now we are working on me having more strength, we are working very hard in the gym. Sometimes when you finish matches when you feel slow, you have to do things to get faster. Sometimes when you don't feel much strength on the backhand or forehand you have to work on that and so we are working very hard and I think I will be in a good shape after the US Open'.WAYNE FERREIRA ON THE STEADY PROGRESSION OF FRANCES TIAFOE - ‘With him in particular he had a lot of growing up to do. He came out on tour in his first year, did exceptionally well, played quarters of Australian Open, won Delray Beach and then just felt like it was easy and he sort of lost when it meant to be here day-in-day-out. We have to get up everyday at the right time, get to where we need to go, put in the effort, work as hard as we can, because the work that we do today is not going to give you the result tomorrow, it's going to take time'.KAREN KHACHANOV ON TRYING TO GET BACK INTO THE TOP TEN - 'Since the grass-courts last year I started to play better-and-better, in the Olympics, Wimbledon quarter-finals I had better results in general and this year the goal is the same, I want to be back in the top 10, to win tournaments again and that is the main goal. I believe in myself and it's a question of time and belief to be able to do that'.PLUS, ATP UNCOVERED TAKES A LOOK AT THE MENTALITY OF ANDREY RUBLEV- Podcast presented by US Open Radio commentator Brian Clark- Podcast guest, former WTA player Jill Craybas- Interviews by Seb Lauzier, Chris Bowers, Ursin Caderas and Jill Craybas- Rublev Feature by ATP Uncovered

    EXCLUSIVE - Nick Monroe On Americans And Life Indide The Changing Room

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2022 19:05

    American doubles player Nick Monroe speaks about the ageing process, keeping fit, life on tour and getting into commentary

    PODCAST - HAlfway Through The 2022 US Open

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2022 55:28

    At the halfway stage of the 2022 US Open, presenter Chris Bowers sits down with former WTA player Jill Craybas and US Open Radio commentator Brian Clark to look back on the stories from week one and introduce interviews with Matteo Berrettini, Emilio Nava, Brandon Holt, Carlos Alcaraz and Andrey Rublev, whilst the team at ATP Uncovered ask a number of players about their favourite parts of New York.-Show presented by Chris Bowers with guests Jill Craybas and Brian Clark-Interviews by Chris Bowers, Mike Cation and Ursin Caderas-Feature by ATP Uncovered

    EXCLUSIVE - Lars Christensen On Holger Run And His Life As A Circus Artist

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2022 14:17

    Speaking at a recent ATP Tour event with players playing table tennis in the background, Holger Rune's coach Lars Christensen talked to Candy Reid about starting out as a circus artist, his love of travel and how he's developing upcoming star Holger Rune.

    PODCAST - 2022 US Open Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2022 58:06

    DANIIL MEDVEDEV ON HIS DESIRE TO WIN - ‘I enjoy competition in general and if it's an online computer game or racing against my friends, when there is competition one-on-one I always want to beat my opponent and many times it's going to be by finding his weak spot'. NICK KYRGIOS ON HIS EXPLOSIVE SERVE - ‘I feel like I wasn't able to hit 220 consistently over the past few years and now I'm able to do that for fun. You know I was carrying a knee injury for the last couple of years that I think was really not allowing me to explode into my serve and not be as effective as I could and I just feel like a different person from last year and you know, just my overall confidence and mentality, you know stepping up to the line I'm not thinking of much, I'm just getting up there, serving big first and second and usually if I'm hitting the spots, it's pretty hard to break'.BARBARA SCHETT ON ON-COURT COACHING - ‘It's been around on the women's tour already, but personally I think tennis is one of those sports which is actually pretty unique and nice that you are the only person on the court who decides what to do, what tactic to play, so I don't love on-court coaching as I think the player needs to be prepared, to come up with a plan a, b and c and find solutions yourself'.JOSEPH GILBERT ON JENSON BROOKSBY'S LOSS TO DJOKOVIC AT THE 2021 US OPEN - 'Those two games in the second set lasted half an hour and I could feel that on Jenson on the physical side and Djokovic bore down more and that physical toll, playing him over three out of five and that mental energy on Arthur Ashe that it takes to be out there for that long with the peaks and the valleys with that kind of match, it was a great experience and we learned a lot from it'.JOE SALISBURY ON BECOMING WORLD NUMBER 1 - ‘I found out that I was number one after our second match in Miami. I just think it was excitement, it felt special and now that it's happened I just want to stay there for a long as possible. It's not something I was expecting, but it's been a long journey, I'm really enjoying it and I'm looking forward for everything else that's to come as well'.IT'S ALL ABOUT SERENA - COCO GAUFF AND FRANCES TIAFOE GO HEAD-TO-HEAD IN A QUIZ ABOUT THE GREAT CHAMPION-Podcast presented by Chris Bowers-Podcast guest - Jill Craybas -Interviews by Mike Cation, Seb Lauzier and Jill Craybas-Joe Salisbury feature courtesy of ATP Uncovered

    EXCLUSIVE - Brad Stine On Tommy Paul, Jim Courier & Fitness

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 10:16

    Tommy Paul's coach Brad Stine speaks about what he's learnt working with the young American as well as in the past with Jim Courier and working alongside the legendary coach José Higueras.

    PODCAST - Coric, Tsitsipas, Norrie, Shelton, Dimitrov, Cilic & Nadal

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2022 43:51

    BORNA CORIC ON WINNING THE CINCINNATI MASTERS TITLE - ‘I'm still not aware of it obviously. It was a very tough match, at the beginning I was not playing very well, but I started to serve better, I started to play much, much better and I was fighting very hard and in the second set I think I played the best set of the whole year'.STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON THE IMPORTANCE OF KEEPING A BALANCE - ‘It is importance sometimes for me to let go and concentrate on other things in life, tennis has been occupying a lot of space in my mind daily, a lot of tension, a lot of stress with my competitive ego going out everyday and I needed to feel human again, to feel balanced, because sometimes competition makes you lose your mind'.CAMERON NORRIE ON HIS AMBITIONS FOR THE FUTURE - ‘For me, this year anyway, it's to push towards number 1, obviously it didn't help that there weren't any points at Wimbledon, so it's tough to do that but world number one is that ultimate goal for me and i'm trying to take care of everything in my power to give me the best chance to do that'.BEN SHELTON ON BREAKING THROUGH TO THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL - ‘I was lucky this summer to be the young guy still in college and not have any weight on my shoulders. I felt a lot less pressure then I think other players feel on the Challenger tour and I was just out there having fun, so to be able to go out on my first tournament in Arkansas and just swing away and realise that my level was good enough to compete with some of those guys kind of propelled me forward for the rest of the summer and helped my confidence grow'.GRIGOR DIMITROV ON HIS ABILITY TO STAY CALM - ‘Being on tour for so many years, that helped me a lot to understand that the sport itself changes. You know you expect of yourself always to be the best, but you've always got to alter your preparation, your fitness, your food, like just so many things that are happening behind the scenes and for me all I wanted to do was start being kinder to my body. So many small things I changed and that instantly made me calmer'.MARIN CILIC ON HIS HUNGER TO ACHIEVE MORE - 'There are certain times in our careers where you just feel incredible on court and those were the days for me when I felt invincible. This sport is extremely exciting because you can improve every single day and with that energy I feel that everything is falling nicely into place, but first of all you need to have that hunger inside of you. I feel that these last seven or eight months my progress has been really good and that motivates me to go for more'.RAFAEL NADAL ON SERENA WILLIAMS IMPENDING RETIREMENT - ‘She's a huge star in tennis and in sport in general and in some way I feel sad because we are losing an amazing ambassador, but at the same time, for everyone it's an end, nothing is forever and she deserves to choose whatever works for her at this stage of her life. Super happy to share lots of moments of my career with her on the tour, she's an amazing inspiration for a lot of people so well done for her. Wish her all the best and even if she's not playing after the US Open hopefully we can keep enjoying her being around on the tour because I always believe that the legends makes our sport bigger if they stay around the sport'.-Show Presented by Brian Clark-Interviews by Mike Cation, Ursin Caderas and Jill Craybas-Marin Cilic Feature by ATP Uncovered-Commentary from Lee Goodall

    EXCLUSIVE - Dani Vallverdu On Coaching Stan Wawrinka

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2022 9:20

    Stan Wawrinka's coach Dani Vallverdu speaks to Chris Bowers about what it's taking to get Stan back to a level where he's competitive after a lengthy time out through injury.

    PODCAST - Pablo Carreno Busta Is Master Of Montreal

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2022 43:40

    PABLO CARRENO BUSTA ON HIS FIRST MASTERS 1000 TITLE - ‘It's very important to be positive all of the time. It's not my best season this year, I lost some matches that in other years I probably wouldn't have lost, but I just continue to keep believing in my team, in myself and on my game'.DAN EVANS ON DEALING WITH LOSING - ‘When I was younger I used to waste a few days dealing with a loss, but you look at the very, very good professionals out here, they're not, I'm sure it hurts, but they are back at work the next day looking ahead and the beauty of this sport is, if you choose to play the next week, you have another opportunity, so that's how I look at it'.JACK DRAPER ON ADAPTING TO LIFE ON TOUR - ‘I think it's just exposure to this level really. Playing futures and the challengers, the actual tennis level is pretty good but it's just they are probably not there every singles point whereas at this level if you're not there every point you lose, so it has just bee about training the mind to be there every single point and hopefully I'm getting there'.FELIX AUGER-ALIASSIME ON HIS DAD'S ACADEMY IN QUEBEC CITY - 'To see the young kids playing some good tennis, having a smile on their face, being happy to be there, really makes me happy, sometimes more than winning matches because I feel like it's not only for myself but making a difference for others, for these young kids, inspiring them, it's the best thing and I could talk about it all day'.NICK KYRGIOS ON HIS NEW FOUND DESIRE TO WIN - ‘I've really been driving the bus with my training and how much I've been working back home and it's showing on the court and I'm really enjoying it, it's a roller-coaster every-time I'm out there because I'm giving my best effort, so I'm getting to that vulnerable place of really wanting to win and I think the last couple of years of my career I struggled to get to that place, but now I'm really enjoying it'.FABIO FOGNINI ON TRYING TO QUALIFY FOR THE DOUBLES IN TURIN WITH SIMONE BOLELLI - ‘One of my best goals this year is to try to help him and to go to the ATP Finals in Turin because of course we are in Italy and we are Italian and I think this is going to be a really good achievement for the end of our careers DAVID GOFFIN ON AIMING FOR THE TOP AFTER INJURY - ‘Now I'm playing some good tennis. I want to come back where I was, let's try to be in the top 10 again, that would be fantastic. I think the last few months I proved I have the level to come back really close to the top 20 and why not top 10, so let's continue and we'll see where we can go'. DANI VALLVERDU ON SETTING REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS FOR STAN WAWRINKA'S COMEBACK - 'The goal is to not get back to how he used to play, but the goal is to maximise his potential now and to be competitive on tour, whatever that might be, we'll see what the limits are and how good he can by physically and how good his tennis can be on the court as well, so we're not looking at it comparing it to what was possible in the past'.-Podcast presented by Brian Clark-Interviews by Jill Craybas, Ursin Caderas, Seb Lauzier & Chris Bowers-Auger-Aliassime Feature by ATP Uncovered-Commentary by Kevin Skinner

    EXCLUSIVE - Kenneth Carlsen On His Career, Caroline Wozniacki, Holger Rune & Clara Tauson

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2022 23:13

    Former Danish player Kenneth Carlsen speaks about what he learnt during his own career and how he's used those learnings to help fellow Danes, Caroline Wozniacki, Holger Rune and Clara Tauson.

    BONUS - Brian Clark And Jill Craybas Talk About The US Hard Court Swing

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 14:43

    Recorded before the Citi Open Final in Washington, commentator Brian Clark met with former player Jill Craybas to look back over what's happened in the American capital this week and how it will inform what's left to come on the US Hard Court swing.

    PODCAST - Kyrgios, De Minaur, Murray, Zverev, Opelka & Shapovalov

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 7, 2022 34:25

    NICK KYRGIOS ON HIS WIN IN WASHINGTON - ‘It's just very emotional for me to see where I was that last year to now it's just an incredible transformation, but I just came up with a great energy and I knew I had experience on my side today. I love this court, I've played so many matches here and I'm just really proud of myself'.ALEX DE MINAUR ON THE CAMARADERIE AMONGST AUSTRALIAN PLAYERS - ‘You know there's a lot of Australians out there and I feel they all want the best for me. More than anything they believed that I belonged before I did, so they helped me really believe in myself and believe that I was good enough to be with the best guys in the world, so they instilled their belief in me and that went a long way'.ANDY MURRAY ON DEALING WITH INJURIES - ‘I had to accept that I might not play again before I had the operation and whilst I was going through that process, also made me realise why I was playing tennis in the first place and yes, winning titles is nice and winning major events is great but the reason why I started playing tennis as a kid was not for that, it was because I loved the sport and really enjoyed doing it and that's why I'm still playing'.MISCHA ZVEREV ON SASCHA'S DESIRE TO GET BACK FROM INJURY - ‘Right now that main goal is to come back, to be healthy, to win matches again and then, I think becoming number 1, yes it's a goal, but it's part of the process. We always say just enjoy winning matches, tournaments, you climb up the rankings and one day, in the perfect world you're number 1 and I think that's how it should happen and how it will happen'. REILLY OPELKA ON LEARNING FROM VENUS WILLIAMS - 'Venus is brilliant, she's really a genius, her mind socially is on another level, how well she can read a room is off the charts and I think, knowing her so well now and the way she was as a kid, her awareness on court, what other girls were feeling against her was, I think, why she had so much success and why she always delivered on big matches because she was always aware of what was going on, on the other side of the net'.DENIS SHAPOVALOV FIVE YEARS ON FROM BEATING NADAL IN MONTREAL - ‘I remember blacking out after that win, I can't remember much, just like from videos, but it was definitely unbelievable you know for me at that point and that week literally made my career and it was completely different after that, getting into bigger events, a complete lifestyle change and really this tournament made my career from beating Nadal, this week made me the player I am today'. -Podcast presented by Brian Clark and Jill Craybas-Interviews by Jill Craybas and Seb Lauzier-Denis Shapovalov Feature by ATP Uncovered-Commentary by Chris Bowers, Kevin Skinner, Sam Gore & Robbie Koenig

    EXCLUSIVE - Michael Russell On Taylor Fritz

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 16:19

    Taylor Fritz's coach Michael Russell speaks to Candy Reid about the young American's progression

    PODCAST - US Hard Court Swing Special

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 38:11

    It's a US Hard Court Swing Special including chats with the following...MICHAEL RUSSELL ON TAYLOR FRITZ - 'It's managing the ups and downs and not getting too high or too low. Taylor won Indian Wells which was incredible the way he played so well and it's understanding that this is your level, that you do belong as a top ten player and you can be there and compete for Grand Slam titles and at the same time not get complacent and expect yourself to play at this level all the time'.DEAN GOLDFINE ON SEB KORDA - ‘What you're seeing more of now is guys like Sebby, guys like Sascha, guys like Daniil, obviously Tsitsipas is another one that are that big that move that well and you see that happening now in tennis and really in all athletics, it's bigger, stronger, faster'.MARCOS GIRON ON HIS MINDSET - ‘I was losing a lot of close matches a few years ago and then I went and played in Los Cabos against Del Potro who was top 5 in the world and I was serving for the first set and it's all of a sudden the realisation that it's not really the tennis that's holding me back and then after that I went and lost pre-qualifying on Challengers and it's like, you got to re-adjust and figure it out, because it's not just about the game'.NICK MONROE ON FRANCES TIAFOE - ‘Playing doubles improves your singles and we saw that last year with Frances when we played a lot of doubles together, it really improved his singles ranking and he would talk about it a lot, how he felt more comfortable moving forward, coming to the net, serving and volleying and it's just a lot of fun playing with the younger generation as they have so much energy'.BRAD STINE ON TOMMY PAUL - ‘When we started in 2019 just after the US Open, Tommy was pretty loosey-goosey in his preparation and everything else. At the same time he was already transitioning to be more professional, but at the same time it was important for me to recognise that I didn't want to take the fun out of what Tommy was doing. He's made progress through the rankings, he's just naturally become more focussed and he has high expectations on where he wants to be'.JOSEPH GILBERT ON JENSON BROOKSBY'S COMPETITIVENESS - 'There's always things he could do to win, so that competitive nature between us is why it's edgy out all there all the time and he shows his emotions out there, he brings them towards me quite a bit but in a positive way and frustrated way, but I'm comfortable with it and the advantage we have from being together for over 13 years is that we're comfortable being uncomfortable'.PLUS ATP UNCOVERED'S FEATURE WITH JENSON BROOKSBY AND WHAT IN HIS TRAVEL BAG- Podcast presented by Brian Clark- Interviews by Jill Craybas, Candy Reid, Anne-Marie Batson, Seb Lauzier & Chris Bowers- Jenson Brooksby Feature by ATP Uncovered

    EXCLUSIVE - Get To Know Doubles Star Matwe Middelkoop

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2022 22:31

    Dutch doubles star Matwe Middelkoop sat down with Candy Reid to discuss tennis, business and how he likes to live his life to the full.

    PODCAST SPECIAL - Mansour Bahrami

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2022 31:51

    Mansour Bahrami is a former professional player, now regarded as one of the biggest entertainers on the travelling tennis circuit, wowing crowds around the world with his improvised shots and showmanship in invitational events.In this profile, Chris Bowers sits down with the Iranian to discuss many topics including his route into tennis, how he managed to get dual French nationality since 1989, his great highs , many lows and how he can call Novak Djokovic one of his biggest fans.

    EXCLUSIVE - Todd Martin On The International Tennis Hall Of Fame

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2022 26:24

    International Tennis Hall of Fame CEO and former player Todd Martin joins Chris Bowers for a chat about the history of tennis, the Hall of Fame's relevance in today's game and how inductee's are awarded a place.

    PODCAST - International Tennis Hall Of Fame Special

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 17, 2022 37:14

    A special version of the podcast coming from the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island and featuring...LLEYTON HEWITT ON HIS INDUCTION INTO THE INTERNATIONAL TENNIS HALL OF FAME - ‘As a kid in Australia I'd wake up in the middle of the night to dream of playing on the courts that these guys would play on and now to be actually sitting alongside them in the Hall of Fame of our famous sport is pretty amazing and it's something that I don't think will sink in right at the moment, but certainly looking ahead and being called a Hall of Famer alongside those greats is something I'm very proud of'.ANDY RODDICK ON LLEYTON HEWITT - ‘He's probably the toughest competitor that I played against. That aside, when you define him just as a guy who hustled and made a lot of balls and was kind of intense about it all, actually does a disservice to what he did well. He was a master of trajectory, meaning he knew you couldn't hurt him crosscourt because he was so fast, so you needed to go line, but he became such an expert of keeping that ball low, most of the time it was below your hips, so you're having to attack to small parts of the court because he was able to shrink it with his speed, but also from places that were uncomfortable'.TODD MARTIN ON THE HALL OF FAME'S ENTRY CRITERIA - ‘As the sport evolves I think we have to consider uniqueness and many more data points than just were you best in those two weeks and were you best among the competition you had. Sometimes the competition might be different because Nadal's not the same player every year, so there's some year's where, if you're ahead of Nadal, that's more impressive than others'. ANDY MURRAY ON EXTENDING THE GRASS COURT SEASON - 'Obviously I like playing grass court tennis and I think the build-up to the grass season is too short. You know I think there should be a Masters Series on the grass ahead of Wimbledon, it'd be fair and my feeling is that the biggest tournaments should have a proper build up to them and I definitely think there should be a Masters Series at least on grass, so if that's only one week, so be it, but I think it should be there'. ALEXANDER BUBLIK ON LEARNING TO ENJOY TENNIS - ‘It's becoming less about the money and more about enjoying the game and I really honestly say I play now for the matches and the results. It's been like that now for a couple of months, so I'm happy with how I approach the game and how I'm enjoying it much more than in the past and it's nothing to do with the results, because the results have been horrible'. JASON KUBLER ON COMING THROUGH INJURY - ‘For me I feel when you do have a situation thrown at you that's not great, you can either hold onto it and feel sour about it, or try to move on and try not to have that sour feeling and hold onto it. Right now I'm trying to improve my mental side, improve my tennis, improve my fitness levels and try to get more comfortable at these bigger tournaments'.-Podcast & Interviews by Chris Bowers

    EXCLUSIVE - The Coaches Behind Maxime Cressy's Serve-And-Volley Game

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2022 8:26

    Romain Sichez and Armand D'Harcourt speak to Candy Reid about Maxime Cressy's choice to play serve-and-volley and also his mental preparation both on and off court.

    PODCAST - Djokovic Wins Seventh Wimbledon Title

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 10, 2022 65:24

    On this week's show...JOHN NEWCOMBE ON NICK KYRGIOS - ‘I can't speak for a lot of the other guys, but the ones I do talk to reasonably regularly, Roy Emerson, Rod Laver and Tony Roche and all that, we all think his tennis is great, never criticise his tennis at all, but it's just sometimes when he hasn't behaved great on the court, we've felt that not only has he let himself down but the image of Australian tennis gets let down a little bit, but no one certainly has been critical of his tennis and his ability as a great young sportsman. He's doing it his way and maybe one or two guys have come out and been ultra-critical of him, but that's just how life is'.JOHN NEWCOMBE ON DOUBLES - ‘When you talk about doubles you're bringing up something that's a bit of a sore point with me because it's just a pity to see none of the top payers playing in doubles. I understand best of five sets the top players don't want to play, but as far as doubles goes, I'd like to see them having to play more doubles in the regular tournaments where it's two out of three sets'.JOHN NEWCOMBE ON LLEYTON HEWITT'S INDUCTION INTO THE INTERNATIONAL TENNIS HALLL OF FAME - ‘When he was 14 he came to my tennis ranch in Texas and the first week he came up to me and said he'd like to interview me for a school essay and he had 25 questions all written out, very professional and we did the interview and it was little over a year later that we picked him for the Davis Cup team. He came out of the blocks in the first match against Todd Martin who was number nine in the world and he blew him away. It was just a joy to sit on the side of the court, of course he had nerves, but the more nervous he got, the better he played'.FACUNDO LAGONES ON WORKING WITH CAMERON NORRIE - ‘One of Cam's biggest changes is admitting mistakes and realising them and having honest conversations about what happened in the matches or outside the court and being humble enough to recognise what he needed to work on and not just say it and then forget about it. He is really good at working on things that make him better and not making excuses is giving a big edge over most other players because it's pretty common to make excuses here on tour and not fix what's wrong'.PLUS MEKTIC AND PAVIC TAKE OUR GRASS COURT QUIZ-Podcast presented by Chris Bowers, Jill Craybas and Peter Marcato-Interviews by Chris Bowers and Candy Reid-Feature by ATP Uncovered and Kate Flory

    EXCLUSIVE - Brad Stine & Neville Godwin Discuss Kevin Anderson's Career

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 12:02

    Having retired from the game earlier this year, Chris Bowers sat down with Kevin Anderson's former coaches Neville Godwin and Brad Stine to talk about the big serving South African's achievements including seven tour titles, a career-high number five ranking, and reaching the US Open and Wimbledon finals.

    EXCLUSIVE - Gilles Muller Looks Back Over His Career

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2022 27:16

    Former world number 21 Gilles Muller speaks to Candy Reid about his career which included famously beating Rafael Nadal over five sets at Wimbledon

    EXCLUSIVE - Diede de Groot On Her Wimbledon Titles

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2022 14:00

    Dutch wheelchair tennis star Diede de Groot speaks to Candy Reid about her multiple Wimbledon titles, how she manages her body, the ability to continue to thrive as the sport evolves and her desire to see the game continue to grow.

    PODCAST - Halfway Through Wimbledon 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2022 55:50

    -Podcast discussion by Chris Bowers, Peter Marcato and Jill Craybas-Interviews by Candy Reid, Jill Craybas and Ursin Caderas-Feature by ATP UncoveredNICK KYRGIOS ON HOW HE VIEWS TENNIS - ‘Obviously I'm not taking it too serious and the rest of the tour, every single day, everything they do is for tennis and for me, I just want to go out there and have fun, entertain and sometimes it's not easy for other people to concentrate, but you know, I'll never change, from ten years old to now I've always been emotional on court and I've always wanted to make it theatrical, like a show, so that's never going to change I think'.CAMERON NORRIE ON HIS FITNESS - ‘I'm not a player who's going to come out and hit you off the court, I have to chip away at you point-by-point and make sure I'm executing and make sure I'm at the top of my level physically to have a chance with these guys and that's something I try to take care of as much as I can and take care of the diet and the physique as much as I can, because I like playing long rallies'.GILLES MULLER ON HIS FAMOUS VICTORY AGAINST RAFAEL NADAL AT WIMBLEDON - ‘In that match I found my happy place, my happy zone. I was sometimes known for losing it on the court and getting upset with myself and losing control a bit, but in that match I don't know what happened but it was just the perfect day'.VICTOR LILOV ON HIS TRANSITION FROM WIMBLEDON JUNIOR FINALIST TO THE MAIN TOUR - ‘It's just different paths. Some guys get lazy, some get injured and some just don't have the game and some guys, maybe they are not as good in juniors but they have the right mindset or maybe when they are eighteen or nineteen years old they just start really clicking and become a lot better, so I think it's just about the day-in-day-out work and never becoming complacent'.PLUS DENIS SHAPOVALOV, FELIX AUGER-ALIASSIME, ALEX DE MINAUR, JOHN MILLMAN, HUBERT HURKACZ AND DUSTIN BROWN TAKE OUR WIMBLEDON QUIZ

    EXCLUSIVE - Heather Watson's Coach Diego Veronelli

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 27:57

    Candy Reid speaks to Heather Watson's coach Diego Veronelli about a wide range of subjects including his coaching philosophy, who he thinks is the best coach in the world and the state of tennis in his home country of Argentina.

    EXCLUSIVE - James Trotman On Jack Draper's Development

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 10:34

    Candy Reid speaks to James Trotman, coach of the hugely promising young British player Jack Draper.

    EXCLUSIVE - Freddie Nielsen Looks Back Over His Career

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 26:44

    Having retired from the game earlier in the year, former Wimbledon Doubles Champimon Freddie Nielsen speaks to Candy Reid about his career including his triumph at SW19, his two other titles and playing with Caroline Wozniacki, plus he speaks about his tennis-playing grandfather Kurt, who twice reached the final of the Wimbledon singles event and he also gives his views on upcoming stars of the Danish game, Holger Rune and Clara Tauson.

    PODCAST - A Bumper Wimbledon 2022 Preview Edition

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2022

    - Podcast presented by Chris Bowers and Candy Reid- Interviews by Chris Bowers, Candy Reid, Richard Connelly & Ursin Caderas- Tim Henman and Lindsey Davenport feautre by Tennis UnitedTAYLOR FRITZ ON WHY HE GIVES HIS COACHES FEEDBACK - ‘I want to tell the coach what I'm thinking in situations, why I did this, why I did that, because in my head it should give them a better understanding of why I'm hitting this shot, why I'm doing this in this moment, instead of them just telling me what to do. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I think my tennis IQ is very high and I just want to explain where I'm coming from. It's really just a better understanding type of thing between us and not me being stubborn'.TAYLOR FRITZ ON HIS ABILITY TO PLAY THROUGH INJURY - ‘I just feel that if I'm not injured to the point that I can't walk out on court that I feel like I can play. It's probably once of my best assets and biggest weaknesses is how stubborn I am and how I hate to pull out of tournaments and not play'.MAXIME CRESSY ON MEDITATION - ‘When I was 18 years old a coach introduced me to it because he knew I had some anger or some issues with emotions and hard to control and that's when I got introduced to the meditation world and it changed my life'.JACK DRAPER ON PLAYING NOVAK DJOKOVIC AT WIMBLEDON 2021 - 'That experience gave me a lot of different lessons and he exposed a lot of areas in my game, probably like he should do, he's number one in the world, but that gave me a lot of things to work on and improve in the coming months and I think this year I've been able to put that into action, stay injury-free and the year is going pretty quick'.STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON HIS RELATIVE LACK OF GRASS COURT TENNIS - ‘I was thinking about it recently that I haven't played that much, but it probably just shows how new I am to the tour. We all know the grass season is not a very long season, In my opinion it should be longer, but absolutely I haven't played that much and I'm looking forward to playing on it as much as I can'.STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON HIS ADIDAS SHOE ‘My face is on the shoe, it is really cool. I use to wear Stan Smith shoes as a young kid and back in the day when I used to buy them I would never really think that in a thousand years I would be competing with him now or not even really competing, but trying to take over'.DENIS SHAPOVALOV ON HIS RUN TO THE 2021 WIMBLEDON SEMI-FINALS - ‘I think everything just kind of clicked during this part of the season for me last year and I do think the grass really suits me and I think for a lefty with a lot of firepower it's a difficult surface to play against me on, so it definitely adds to my game to play on this surface'. LINDSAY DAVENPORT WIMBLEDON MEMORIES - 'The first time I went there I of course lost in the qualies and I remember I was pretty young, like 15 or 16 and I remember crying and then the next year I got into the main draw and I'll never forget this, I was up 6-2, 5-1 and I couldn't believe I was about to win a match and I ended up winning 10-8 in the third. You can't put into words why it makes you feel like that'.TIM HENMAN WIMBLEDON MEMORIES - ‘1997 I was playing Paul Haarhuis in the third round and when we came on court you know the centre court was absolutely packed and every shot I hit in the warm-up the crowd cheered and every shot he hit the crowd booed an in terms of atmosphere that was the best atmosphere I ever played in'. DANI VALLVERDU ON THE ATP COACHING TRIAL - ‘It will be a soft approach but I think it's the first step to introduce this coaching rule and I think it was well supported by the players and I think it's important for the coaches to know that, so it was a joint decision between the coaches pushing for it and the players being quite open that it was something important to get done'.

    EXCLUSIVE - Cliff Drysdale On The Formation Of The ATP

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 21:44

    Broadcaster Chris Bowers speaks to the very first President of the ATP, Cliff Drysdale about how the association came about 50 years ago.

    EXCLUSIVE - Botic van de Zandschulp On His Rise Up The Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 15:34

    Dutch player Botic van de Zandschulp speak to Chris Bowers about his rapid rise up the Pepperstone ATP Rankings which included a run to the US Open Quarter-finals in 2021.

    EXCLUSIVE - Stefano Domenicali & Andrea Gaudenzi On OneVision

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 8:49

    ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi speaks to Formula One Group CEO, Stefano Domenicali, about the similarities between the two sports and the vision for the future as well as dicussing the intricacies of the ATP's new strategic plan 'One Vision'.

    PODCAST - Berrettini, Santopadre, van de Zandschulp, Medvedev, Kyrgios & Ferriera

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 19, 2022 42:27

    -Podcast presented by Chris Bowers-Interviews by Chris Bowers, Richard Connelly, Ursin Caderas & Sue BarkerMATTEO BERRETTINI ON WINNING THE QUEENS TITLE - ‘Every time I walk through these hallways and it's tricky here, I get lost all the time in this clubhouse, it's really tough, and I see all the names you know, all the champions of the past and the present and now knowing that it's going to be me twice on the same wall, it gives me goosebumps so I'm really happy for what I've done'.VINCENZO SANTOPADRE ON MATTEO BERRETTINI'S DEVELOPMENT - ‘Matteo is a guy that learns so much from his experience and day-by-day I think he's a better man and also on court during the matches he finds a way to be better, even with the passing of the match. Matteo is an Italian, he has a lot of passion and every match he is inside the situation, so he's grown a lot'.BOTIC VAN DER ZANDSCHULP ON HIS GOALS - ‘I proved I can beat guys that are ranked higher then me so that's the goal I'm working on to go higher up the rankings and to be more consistent. The difference between the higher guys and me is that they win almost all the time against the lower ranked guys and if you talk about the rankings, maybe I want to be top 25 and that's the first goal I'm having now'.HUBERT HURKACZ ON WINNING IN HALLE - 'Super happy to win my first title on grass, win my first ATP 500 title so you know definitely very proud of myself from this week and super happy to share this moment with such a great team as I have. It definitely gives some boost of confidence before Wimbledon and you know, grass is not a typical surface and not many players are used to playing on it, so it's a little bit of a different game, but I really enjoy it and I'll try to use that at Wimbledon'.DANIIL MEDVEDEV ON MAINTAINING HIS WORLD NUMBER 1 POSITION - ‘Last few months were maybe not as good as I wanted them to be and at the same time that's why we have the rankings of the last 52 and the last 52 weeks I managed to take the most amount of points than other players and that's why tennis rankings is not about one or two tournaments otherwise we'd have a lot of world number ones and I'm really happy that I've managed to keep the consistency going and I want to do better'.NICK KYRGIOS ON HIS ABILITIES ON GRASS - ‘I think on grass I'd be top 5, top 10 in the world definitely, I think If I'm feeling good on grass I feel really, really comfortable on it, but the way I'm playing, you know obviously my showing this year I've only played five events and I'm ranked 60 in the world, so you know I'm not planning on playing a lot more tournaments but I feel like I can finish the year top 20 top 30 with only playing ten to twelves events'.FRANCES TIAFOE'S COACH WAYNE FERREIRA ON THE RESPECT BETWEEN THE TWO - 'The respect I get for what I did is deserved and it's nice because these guys, especially Frances, I want him to respect me so that he'll listen to me. If you have a coach that you don't really respect, I think it's impossible to help them, so I think that helps'.

    EXCLUSIVE - Wayne Ferreira Speaks About Winning Queens 30 Years Ago

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 12:13

    Speaking to reporter Richard Connelly, former player and current coach of Frances Tiafoe, Wayne Ferreira looks back on winning the Queens Club title in 1992 and how surprised he was at not doing better at Wimbledon that year.

    David Sammel On The Mental Side Of The Game And Coaching Liam Broady

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 23:10

    David Sammel, tennis coach and best-selling author of book 'Locker Room Power', talks to Candy Reid about the mental side of the game and what he's been working on with British player Liam Broady. Also being a close friend of coach and former player Andrew Richardson, they also discuss the work that Andrew did with Emma Raducanu on the way to winning the US Open.

    PODCAST - Gaudenzi, Nadal, Tsistipas, Rune, Cilic, Shapovalov & Sammel

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 12, 2022 32:58

    -Podcast presented by Seb Lauzier-Interviews by Andrea Gaudenzi, Candy Reid, Ursin Caderas and Richard Connelly-Feature by ATP UncoveredANDREA GAUDENZI ON ONE VISION - ‘I think generally there is a big opportunity for our sport, we have over a billion fans, we are a global sport, we have a very strong women and men product, we have a lot of volume in terms of content which is exactly what we need in the digital world, but we struggle with the monetisation because we are very fragmented, so one of the main principles of the plan is unity'.'The core of what main issues we have is lack of trust between players and tournaments and that comes from the fact that the players never had visibility over the finances of the tournaments for the last 30 years, so now this new plan is providing full transparency to the players on the profits and loss. So the idea is let's get together, compete against other sports rather than competing internally with each other, that's the idea'.RAFAEL NADAL ON ONE VISION - ‘Our goal from being the ATP is to try to put our tournaments closer and closer to the slams in terms or promotion, in terms of importance, it's a great product and we need to encourage the tournaments to keep growing. From my experience I would like to see tournaments the full year because that creates opportunities, possible jobs for more players and on the other hand, you give players the opportunity to rest without having that feeling that you are losing your ranking'. STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON ONE VISION - ‘It's a better structure having tournaments being held together, it allows for more fans to be attending and watch their favourite players whether that's a female or a male, they can get the whole package, one place'.TIM VAN RIJTHOVEN ON THE KEY TO HIS MAIDEN TOUR TITLE IN s-HERTOGENBOSCH - ‘I would like to thank my team for just staying humble the whole week, just doing the normal things and not making this thing any bigger than it was and I'm also that kind of person which is that we're just hitting a tennis ball, which is not very special if you look at it from afar'.HOLGER RUNE ON THE WAY HE MANAGES HIS MINDSET - ‘I would say my mentality is good on the court, how I call it is to be the Holger 1, not to be so many other Holger types, there are two Holger types, one who is focussed everywhere and one who is focussed in the court and I want to be the one focussed on the court. I feel like all the great tournaments I've played this year I have been the Holger 1 and that's really what I'm aiming for and it is difficult, but it should be difficult because if it wasn't, everybody would be able to be top 10'.MARIN CILIC ON HOPING TO TRANSFER HIS CLAY COURT FORM TO GRASS - ‘You can have an incredible clay season and then terrible grass season, but I would say in general matches on clay do help you for not only grass season but for rest of the year because the matches are longer, you hit more shots, the trainings are more intensive, so you feel more prepared'.DAVE SAMMEL ON HOW TOP PLAYERS THINK - ‘What Nick Kyrgios and most of the top players are very good at doing is making you think about them and worry about what they are going to do and you have to get to a place where you make your statements and you meet them full on and stay in that place for a full match. Mindset is the most important thing given that everything else is equal'.DENIS SHAPOVALOV ON MENTALITY - ‘Once I spent enough time on the tour, I realised that my level was there, that I'm able to beat a lot of players when I'm playing well and that gives you a lot of confidence and it calmed me down quite a bit. That pressure is something you want to have, you want to be in these situations and you want to be doing well and that's going to come with a lot of presure so it's about understanding that'.

    Denis Kudla On Beating Andy Murray, The Conflict In Ukraine And How To PLay Rafael Nadal

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 18:43

    American Denis Kudla joins Candy Reid to discuss his recent appearance in the final of the Surbiton Challenger and beating Andy Murray along the way as well as his views about the tactics that are needed when playing Rafael Nadal, playing with Frances Tiafoe at college and his thoughts about being born in Ukraine and the ongoing conflict.

    PODCAST - 2022 Roland Garros Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 5, 2022 56:15

    This week's show is presented by tennis commentator Chris Bowers and legendary Australian player Mark Woodforde as the look back on events at Roland Garros...MARK WOODFORDE ON RAFAEL NADAL'S 14TH ROLAND GARROS TITLE - ‘If I had been in his shoes and I thought this last year, what a way to go out on thirteen titles, that's enough for me. It's a record that won't be touched in our lifetime. I'd rather him go out on a winning note, than have to see him return to Roland Garros and suffer a loss'.MARK WOODFORDE ON RAFAEL NADAL'S POSITION IN THE GOAT DEBATE - ‘If Djokovic would have won the calendar Grand Slam last year, that for me would have set him apart from Roger and Rafa, but now that that's not in play, I think the default is the highest amount of Grand Slams and at the moment, Rafa for me is the greatest of all time'. MARK WOODFORDE ON WHETHER CASPER RUUD WILL WIN A GRAND SLAM - ‘It's a step up isn't it because the eight tournament victories he's enjoyed have been at the 250 level, and they are very different from the 1000 series matches where everyone is playing, so he has to gradually make the step up and I do believe on clay he possesses the necessary features to go far'.MARK WOODFORDE ON ALEXANDER ZVEREV'S INJURY - ‘It was horrifying calling that match. I thought at the time he was looking the better player and I felt like he was starting to look stroger physically. It was so tragic, my heart goes out to him. I suffered a similar fate back in 1991, my ankle ligaments twitsted in a similar manner and I know if he has damaged those ligaments it's going to be at least six months out of the game'.ÀLEX CORRETJA ON CARLOS ALCARAZ - ‘I'm sure he will learn a lot, mainly that this is a tournament where you don't need to go one hundred per cent every single point until the end because sometimes you need to measure your power as well. He will learn that best of five is a different story because you need to be very patient as well and that sometimes you will play not your best, but end up winning anyway'.CARLOS ALCARAZ ON DESIRE TO BECOME WORLD NUMBER 1 - 'I want to be number one. You have think about tennis 24 hours a day, so I changed my life let's say, to become a professional tennis player'.MARCELO ARÉVALO ON BECOMMING A ROLAND GARROS DOUBLES CHAMPION - ‘Well it was an amazing feeling, I don't think words can describe. This is a dream come true and this is why we worked so many years since I was a little kid, since I grabbed my first racquet when I was six, since my dad was taking me to the Miami Open and that was my first tournament as a fan, I think I was like ten and It seems too much you know, too big and I never thought I would be able to compete at that level when I was a spectator. It's amazing I went so far and now I can say I'm a Grand Slam ChampionMARCELO ARÉVALO ON THE FUTURE - ‘Of course we want to continue fighting as a team, this doesn't end here, we win one and I think the human, as a player, as athletes, we are super competitive. As one of my friends always tells me, the end of one mountain is the start of a new one, so now this is the end of one and we start the new path'.

    EXCLUSIVE - Julien Reboullet From L'Equipe On The History Of French Tennis

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 13:58

    L'Equipe tennis writer Julien Reboullet joins Chris Bowers to talk about the legacy the Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will leave as well as the history behind tennis' Four Musketeers and the importance of Yannick Noah to the game in the country.

    PODCAST - Halfway Through Roland Garros 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later May 29, 2022 51:01

    Former player Gilles Muller joins presenter Chris Bowers to look back on the first week of action at Roland Garros as well as introducing interviews and features that include the following headlines...JO-WILFRIED TSONGA ON HIS RETIREMENT - ‘Gael Monfils said I was a role model and for me it was important to be this role model. Today I have players like Felix Auger-Aliassime, Nick Kyrgios that I inspired, they are completely different and they have a little bit of me in them and it's just an honour you know'.L'EQUIPE JOURNALIST JULIEN REBOULLET ON THE HISTORY OF FRENCH TENNIS - 'In France I think the biggest legacy in modern tennis will still be for Yannik Noah because he changed many things in the way French people look at tennis as a real profession, he was incredible and with him we had a real boom of tennis in France'.JUAN CARLOS FERRERO ON HIS CLOSE BOND WITH CARLOS ALCARAZ - ‘It's difficult to say he's like a son because he has his family and father and everything, but of course he's a very important person in my life, that's for sure'.FELIX AUGER-ALIASSIME ON ADAPTING TO CLAY COURTS - ‘I think sometimes what's confusing for me is that you get on the clay and you want to change the way you play because of the surface, where I think that the way I was playing at the start of the year, even indoors, I don't need to change the way I play that much, I just need to be more patient, but it can be confusing for a player like me sometimes to choose the right way to play'. STARS OF THE TOUR CHOOSE THEIR CLAY-COURT FAVOURITES FROM VENUES TO PLACES TO EATIGA SWIATEK AND SEBASTIAN KORDA GO HEAD-TO-HEAD ON WHO KNOWS RAFAEL NADAL BETTER- Show presented by Chris Bowers and former player Gilles Muller- Interview by Ursin Caderas- Features by ATP Uncovered

    EXCLUSIVE - Filip Polasek Reflects On His Incredible Journey Back To The Top Of The Game

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 12:03

    Jill Craybas speaks to Slovak doubles player Filip Polasek about his need to retire from the game in 2013 due to injury and the long road back to the top of the game after a chance encounter with doubles legend Mike Bryan.

    PODCAST - 2022 Roland Garros Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later May 21, 2022 53:51

    Broadcaster Chris Bowers is joined by WTA player Tamira Paszek to preview the men's draw at Roland Garros and discuss some of the talking points arising from interviews and features with the following...NADAL ON ALCARAZ - ‘He's young and when you are young and very good, the process is faster then the normal people, so he is not a normal guy, like Novak was not a normal guy, like Roger was not a normal guy, like probably me was not a normal guy. He's already there and one of the big favourites to achieve in every tournament he's playing'.THIEM ON HIS COMEBACK FROM WRIST INJURY - ‘I was not confident with my wrist and maybe slightly changed my technique and that's why the hand started to hurt. Working so that I'm not scared anymore at my forehand was very tough. For the first time I felt scared to hit the shot, I felt scared about my wrist and this feeling took a long time to go away'.ZVEREV ON EMPLOYING THE SERVICES OF SERGI BRUGUERA - ‘I'm somebody who wants to come onto the court and I don't want to be thinking of what to do, what to practice, I just want to be told and I think he's the perfect guy for that'.LORENZO MUSETTI ON PLAYING DJOKOVIC AT LAST YEAR'S ROLAND GARROS - ‘I was two sets to love with Djokovic on the centre court of the French Open at 19 years old and it was the best two sets of the year. After that it was not easy for me, I felt the pressure, I felt everything. Even my physical part was really tough, I was really tired and cramping. I don't know if that was from the tension, from the pressure or from the physical matches I played'.HEAD-TO-HEAD QUIZ: CABAL & FARAH TEST THEIR CLAY-COURT KNOWLEDGE

    EXCLUSIVE - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga On His Career

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 10:33

    Speaking to the ATP'S Brendan Gilson, french player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga looks back on his highs and lows, as he prepares to call time on his career after Roland Garros.

    PODCAST - Djokovic Claims 38th Masters 1000 Title In Rome

    Play Episode Listen Later May 15, 2022 39:01

    This week we hear from British player Cameron Norrie on getting used to life among the game's elite, Andrey Rublev talks about his mindset, giant American Reilly Opelka speaks about his love of clay and doubles pair Lloyd Glasspool and Harri Heliovarra spill the beans on a manic week. We also hear from Rafa Nadal about his foot injury ahead of Roland Garros, but first stop is the final in Rome, the fifth masters 1000 of the year, where Novak Djokovic has got back to wining ways, and after securing his 1000th career victory in the semi-final, he then beat Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final.

    EXCLUSIVE - Jerome Kym On Federer And Wawrinka And Winning A Horse!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 13:17

    With the Gonet Geneva Open taking place next week, take a listen to Barry Cowan's chat with young Swiss player Jerome Kym, who was a hitting partner to the world's top players at last year's Nitto ATP Finals.Kym speaks about what it's like to be on the other side of the net from some of the best players in the world, practicing with Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka, having a professional drummer as a dad and the day when he won a horse in a competition!

    PODCAST - Amazing Alcaraz Topples Zverev For Madrid Title

    Play Episode Listen Later May 8, 2022 31:31

    This week's show presented by Seb Lauzier contains the following interviews...CARLOS ALCARAZ ON WINNING IN MADRID - ‘I believe in myself all of the time. I always say that I'm not going to play a final, I'm going to win a final, so I always think about it and go for it. I think I'm ready to win a Grand Slam and go for it. It's a goal for me this year to get my first Grand Slam, so I'm going to work for it and let's see what happens in Roland Garros'.ALEXANDER ZVEREV ON CARLOS ALCARAZ - ‘I know how good he is and I said it last year in Acapulco that by 2023 he's going to be top ten and he beat me by a year so there's nothing more to say. He's an incredible player, he's going to be incredible, with 19 years old now he looks like a grown man, so to be honest there is no limit for him'. NOVAK DJOKOVIC ON GETTING BACK TO HIS BEST - ‘I'm still finding the form, not playing at the desired level but I am getting there, it's a process and I have to be patient and believe I'm on the right track, which I am, that's a positive. There's some elements in the game which I feel I've done well with and there are things I know I can improve and I'm conscious of that, I'm aware of that'.RAFAEL NADAL ON HIS EXPECTATIONS - ‘I tell you, when I arrive at a tournament I don't think about how I'm going to be or how I'm not going to be, I just follow the practices everyday without expecting too much. You have to live with the things that are happening eveyday and when you are one month, three weeks outside of the tour and you come here with no preparation, there are of course moments where you feel the worst in the world, but it's something that's normal and I went through these experiences in my career plenty of times'.THOMAS ENQVIST ON THE MAKE-UP OF THE MODERN PLAYER - ‘For sure the game has become more physical and you have to be very athletic, each top player are great athletes and moving, even though they are tall, still moving incredibly well and that's what's impressed me the most'.DAVID NALBANDIAN ON COACHING FORMER WORLD NUMBER ONE JUNIOR MIOMIR KECMANOVIC ‘Doesn't mean anything to me being world number one junior. I can tell you a million examples of world number one juniors and then, two hundred in tennis prop, three hundred, one hundred and never get to, even top fifty, so juniors doesn't mean anything'.JANNIK SINNER ON LEAVING RICCARDO PIATTI'S COACHING SET-UP - ‘I had seven incredible years with Riccardo and his team and I always felt very well with them, I think we did an incredible job with them bringing me to the top ten. Knowing what I have already I don't want to lose, like my mentality, like my way to play, but I think I can add some new stuff and this is what we're working for'.LORENZO SONEGO ON HIS GREAT RUN IN ROME LAST YEAR - ‘It was my best tournament in my life last year, I played some special players like Thiem, Rublev and I also played Djokovic on centre court. Today I come back here to Rome and it's like my home, it's really special and I want to enjoy every moment on court and I want to play my best like last year'.Interviews by Ursin Caderas, Jill Craybas, Seb Lauzier and Richard Connelly

    EXCLUSIVE - David Nalbandian On Winning In Madrid, The Big Three And Coaching Kecmanovic

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 13:14

    David Nalbandian speaks to Ursin Caderas about winning the Mutua Madrid Open Title in 2007 and beating Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer along the way, plus he speaks about coaching young Serbian player Miomir Kecmanovic.

    EXCLUSIVE - Juan Carlos Ferreo On His Own Career And Carlos Alcaraz's

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 23:20

    Jill Craybas sits down with Juan Carlos Ferrero, coach to man of the moment, Carlos Alcaraz, to discuss his own career, what he's learnt, how he's shaped the fortunes of Alcaraz over the past few years and the goals for the future.

    PODCAST - 2022 Mutua Madrid Open Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later May 1, 2022 56:36

    The official ATP Tour Podcast presented by Seb Lauzier and including interviews and features with...FELICIANO LOPEZ ON MAKING HIS DEBUT IN MADRID 20 YEARS AGO - ‘2002 was an amazing event. Manolo Santana offered me a wildcard, I was a kid, 18 or 19 years old and I won two matches and then ended up playing Andre Agassi, who at that time was one of my idols. I played that match and I played great, pushing him to 7-5 in the third and then he went on to win the tournament'ALEJANDRO DAVIDOVICH FOKINA ON HIS RECENT FORM- ‘I don't think I've showed what is my limit yet and I want to know more about me, what I have inside. I believe now I can win every tournament, my confidence now is so high, but we keep practicing now to see what are my limits and we will see what will happen this week'RAFAEL NADAL ON RETURNING FROM RIB INJURY - ‘Enjoying the fact that I'm back knowing that the situation is not perfect for me with one month and a half with the stress fracture on the rib that's painful and that didn't allow me to practice for a while, so in terms of preparation it's not the ideal thing, but I am just here to try my best. It's not easy to accept every time the challenge, but it's just time to keep going, to stay positive and to find things to be better every day'.DOMINIC THIEM ON RETURNING FROM WRIST INJURY - ‘I'm pain free in all the body now which is very nice. Obviously game-wise there are many things which are not perfect, but that's exactly what I expected and that's why I have to practice everyday. Practice it's going well, but matches are very different, you're way more nervous and tight and with all the moving around, I've lost all this and I've been away for ten months and all the anticipation, reaction time, I have to get it back and that's what I'm trying right now and the first short-term goal is to be in good shape for the French Open as I won't be seeded there'.DANIIL MEDVEDEV ON HIS JOURNEY TO WORLD NUMBER ONE - 'To be honest when I started on the professional tour I couldn't think that I would achieve what I've done, but I always had some self-belief that I could be a good player if I tried my best all the time and when you are 18 that's sometimes what you miss and I try to work on this part of me and later in my career it turned out to be a good thing'.JUAN CARLOS FERRERO ON DEALING WITH PRESSURE - ‘I think you have to be born a little bit with that and it's difficult to teach, because you can talk a lot about this, but I think someone has to have it inside them because in the end you have to go alone to the court and you have to go through these nerves that you have in difficult moments, so you have to go through it for sure'.

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