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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

Chris Simms

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    Week 6 Film Review: "Simple" Packers & Allen vs Mahomes

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2022 102:01

    (4:00) Chiefs offense vs Bills defense: "This was the first time in this matchup where the Bills could sit back."(15:40) Bills offense vs Chiefs defense: "They couldn't play coverage vs him like years past."(24:30) Falcons offense vs 49ers defense: "Arthur Smith is an unbelievable game manager.”(29:50) 49ers offense vs Falcons defense: “I have no problem with the way Jimmy Garoppolo played.”(35:40) Buccaneers offense vs Steelers defense: Chris throws cold water on the narrative of turmoil in the TB locker room.(44:30) Steelers offense vs Buccaneers defense: Mitchell Trubisky came up big vs the blitzing Bucs.(52:00) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: Za'Darius Smith & Quinnen Williams take home the elephant butt trophy.(55:20) Jets defense vs Packers offense: "Sauce is the real deal." Plus we try to decipher Aaron Rodgers' “simple” comments.(1:11:20) “Peter Peter Peter” Awards: Flyer of the Week Ja'Sir Taylor wins the game for the Chargers.(1:15:20) Browns offense vs Patriots defense: “They play like they're the Greatest Show on Turf. They don't know what they are.”(1:21:40) Patriots offense vs Browns defense: Bailey Zappe burned the Browns blitz.(1:27:00) Ravens offense vs Giants defense: “They ran the same run play…the whole game.”(1:31:50) Giants offense vs Ravens defense: Brain Daboll has “rewired” Daniel Jones.

    Conference Championship Preview: "My butt is on the fence"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2023 89:32

    (5:00) Bengals at Chiefs: How much will Patrick Mahomes mobility matter? Are the Bengals being overhyped?(45:40) Big Butt Awards: Two Defensive Player of the Year finalists were amazing in the Divisional Round.(51:45) 49ers at Eagles: Who has the advantage in the trenches? (1:16:45) Highest Scoring Team Odds: Who will put up the biggest number this Sunday?(1:21:15) Homie Playoff Predictions: Many of you went down with the Bills, plus one homie was higher on the Jags than all of us.

    Divisional Round Recap: "Where can I get that coat?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2023 91:57

    (5:50) Bengals def. Bills: Josh Allen's shoulder could only carry Buffalo so far. And Joe Burrow is "the best zone QB in football."(28:10) Chiefs def. Jaguars: Patrick Mahomes' injury showed us "the team is real." And Ahmed has a prediction about the 2023 Jaguars.(46:40) 49ers def. Cowboys: Kyle Shanahan "waited out" the Cowboys. And Chris once again finds himself defending Dak Prescott.(1:05:15) Eagles def. Giants: Philadelphia outclassed New York, and Brian Daboll knew it. Should the Giants bring Daniel Jones back?(1:20:25) Requiem For a Team: Ahmed helps us say goodbye to the Giants, Cowboys, Jaguars, and Bills.(1:24:20) Super Bowl odds: The books have it as a near toss-up between the final four teams.(1:29:10) Chris' coat: Simms had a bunch of fashion admirers this Saturday.

    Divisional Picks: "That's your bedroom!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2023 45:54

    (3:30) Jaguars at Chiefs(20:20) Giants at Eagles(32:00) Bengals at Bills(37:00) Cowboys at 49ers(42:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

    Divisional Round Preview: "I won't get run over by a ref again"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2023 97:07

    (3:30) Cowboys def. Buccaneers: Tom Brady looks done in Tampa, and  the Cowboys look like a contender again.(13:00) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed leads our goodbye to the 2022 Bucs(14:30) Cowboys at 49ers: Which roster is more talented? And Simms clarifies his Brock Purdy/Mac Jones comparison.(30:50) Giants at Eagles: Which side of the ball does Philly have the bigger advantage with?(50:15) Big Butt Awards: This week's trophy goes to players from the Giants & Dolphins.(55:10) Jaguars at Chiefs: Chris talks about some of the questions he'll ask Andy Reid in tomorrow's interview.(1:14:45) Bengals at Bills: Buffalo gets a big boost from some Cincinnati injuries.(1:24:00) Highest Scoring Team: Who has the best odds to put up the highest score this weekend?(1:26:50) Homie Playoff Predictions: A surprising amount of you had the Bucs in the final four.

    Wild Card Recap: Giant upset + Jags come back

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2023 94:59

    (3:00) Giants def. Vikings: "Did Minnesota not think Daniel Jones can scramble?" And Simms doesn't like the Kirk Cousins pile on.(25:10) Jaguars def. Chargers: Trevor Lawrence dodges the Simms Curse. And does Brandon Staley deserve to be fired?(46:50) Bills def. Dolphins: "Nobody is scared of the Buffalo receivers."(58:50) Bengals def. Ravens: All of a sudden, Cincinnati has major concerns. And the Lamar Jackson-Baltimore marriage feels like it might be coming to an end.(1:12:40) 49ers def. Seahawks: Has Brock Purdy already won the starting job for next year? Should Seattle run it back with Geno?(1:23:30) Requiem for a Team: We say goodbye to the Seahawks, Chargers, Ravens, Dolphins, and Vikings.(1:29:00) Cowboys-Buccaneers: Chris thinks Tampa poses problems for Dallas.

    Wild Card Picks: "You like-a da Kirk-a Cousins?!?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2023 63:27

    (7:20) Seahawks at 49ers(19:45) Chargers at Jaguars(28:35) Dolphins at Bills(32:30) Giants at Vikings(44:25) Ravens at Bengals(50:00) Cowboys at Buccaneers(58:55) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    Wild Card Preview: "They deserve one of those Unbuttoned T-shirts"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2023 90:29

    (4:20) Seahawks at 49ers: Geno Smith & the Seattle offense has to change this time.(25:20) Big Butt Awards: The Seahawks & Colts get an elephant trophy in the final week of the regular season.(29:05) Giants at Vikings: Were both teams too pass-happy last time around?(39:00) Cowboys at Buccaneers: What has changed since Tampa's Week 1  win?(54:00) Chargers at Jaguars: "In totality, LA is probably better. But it's a matchup league."(1:01:15) Dolphins at Bills: Tua Tagovailoa is out. Why doesn't the Miami offense work without him?(1:07:55) Ravens at Bengals: Lamar or no Lamar, can Baltimore slow down Cincinnati like they did last week?(1:15:40) Wild Card Passing Props: Who will throw for the most yards this weekend?(1:19:25) Homie 2022 Playoff Predictions: We have some shout-outs for those of you who nailed your picks.(1:24:00) Requiem for a Team: We bid farewell to the Steelers, Packers, Patriots, Lions, and Titans.

    NFL Week 18 Recap: Lions send Pack home + Damar Hamlin love

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2023 103:00

    (:40) Lions def. Packers: Aaron Rodgers falls short, and Ahmed could talk about it forever.(15:20) Seahawks def. Rams: The Geno Smith comeback arc is complete.(21:15) Bills def. Patriots: Damar Hamlin and the Buffalo players have us all emotional.(29:45) Bengals def. Ravens: Joe Burrow is smoking, and will we see Lamar Jackson this Sunday?(37:30) Dolphins def. Jets: Miami makes the playoffs, but needs Tua Tagovailoa or Teddy Bridgewater back.(45:05) Chiefs def. Raiders: Patrick Mahomes is your 2022 MVP.(50:45) Jaguars def. Titans: (The other) Josh Allen comes through, but let's give Mike Vrabel credit.(55:10) Steelers def. Browns: Mike Tomlin deserves all the respect.(59:50) Broncos def. Chargers: Does Brandon Staley deserve criticism for playing his starters?(1:06:15) Eagles def. Giants: Philly locks up the 1 seed, but are they the best team in the NFC right now?(1:10:40) Commanders def. Cowboys: Dak Prescott is struggling, but Chris is more concerned about the Dallas defense.(1:15:50) 49ers def. Cardinals: Chris feels better about San Francisco's QB now than he did last January.(1:20:10) BREAKING NEWS: Kliff Kingsbury & GM Steve Keim are out in Arizona.(1:24:05) Texans def. Colts: Did Lovie Smith deserve to be fired?(1:28:55) Vikings def. Bears: Chicago locks up the #1 overall draft pick.(1:32:35) Falcons def. Buccaneers: Tampa Bay "is still dangerous" heading into the playoffs.(1:34:45) Panthers def. Saints: Can you name one play from this game?(1:38:10) Wild Card Favorites: Chris gives his thoughts on the opening lines for this weekend.

    NFL Week 18 Picks: "You'd be Scrooge McDuck right now!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2023 53:07

    (5:15) Saturday: Chiefs at Raiders(10:25) Titans at Jaguars(15:40) Sunday: Patriots at Bills(18:30) Jets at Dolphins(21:30) Browns at Steelers(24:50) Ravens at Bengals(28:45) Vikings at Bears(30:35) Buccaneers at Falcons(31:55) Panthers at Saints(32:20) Texans at Colts(33:40) Chargers at Broncos(35:35) Giants at Eagles(37:45) Cowboys at Commanders(39:40) Cardinals at 49ers(41:05) Rams at Seahawks(45:00) SNF: Lions at Packers(50:25) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

    Damar Hamlin thoughts + Week 18 Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2023 85:38

    Chris (@CSimmsQB) and Ahmed (@FareedNBCS) reflect on Damar Hamlin and what's ahead for the Bills & Bengals. Then the guys hit on the key matchups of Week 18.

    Week 17 Recap: Packers are alive, Steelers never die, and the G-Men are in

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 2, 2023 96:39

    (05:50) Vikings-Packers: Holy crap, Green Bay controls its own destiny, even though you can't technically control your own destiny(12:25) Bears-Lions: Like we always thought, Detroit is in the playoff mix on the final week of the season(18:00) Browns-Commanders: The loss that should relegate Carson Wentz to a backup QB. And the first of 5 requiems, as the Commanders are laid to rest(25:10) Jets-Seahawks: Geno Smith gets his revenge, while Simms pinpoints the moment where the season went downhill for the Jets, who miss the playoffs for the 12th straight season(35:50) NFC #7 seed: The rookie who will make the difference in determining the final playoff spot(37:15) Dolphins-Patriots: Damn! Okay to Kyle Dugger, whose pick-6 turned the game around(43:05) Steelers-Ravens: Damn! Okay to Mike Tomlin & Kenny Pickett. The Steelers never die. And how did they run on the Ravens?!(49:30) AFC #7 seed: Why Simms thinks that the Pats, Dolphins, and Steelers could all lose in Week 18(51:50) 49ers-Raiders: Despite the win, why did the 49ers D get diced up by Jarrett Stidham? Plus, Ahmed lays the Raiders to rest, and suggests a wild-yet-strangely-on-brand idea for Josh McDaniels future(59:40) Saints-Eagles: What happened to the Eagles offense on Sunday?(1:07:00) Panthers-Bucs: Tom Brady & Tampa flip the switch … again. And why it's unfair to criticize the Panthers for leaving Evans 1-on-1(1:15:00) Colts-Giants: Daniel Jones had a great day on the field, but showed why he's the man for something he did after the game as the Giants clinch(1:18:55) Broncos-Chiefs: Another weird performance for Mahomes, and why he's like the Sundance Kid(1:21:40) Jaguars-Texans: Jacksonville has some mojo and can play with anyone(1:24:45) Rams-Chargers: Give Me The Headlines presented by Hyundai – “Whose house? Bolts house!” Meanwhile, the Chargers D is rounding into form(1:28:30) Cardinals-Falcons: “For the birds”(1:30:15) Bills at Bengals: BetMGM Parlay Preview - Despite Allen & Burrow, it could be a defensive game tonight

    NFL Week 17 Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2022 56:25

    (3:10) Cowboys at Titans(6:20) Dolphins at Patriots(9:25) Saints at Eagles(13:25) Colts at Giants(17:15) Browns at Commanders(21:20) Bears at Lions(23:50) Panthers at Bucs(27:05) Broncos at Chiefs(30:05) Jaguars at Texans(33:55) Cardinals at Falcons(35:10) 49ers at Raiders(37:40) Jets at Seahawks(41:45) Vikings at Packers(46:35) Rams at Chargers(49:05) Steelers at Ravens(51:20) Bills at Bengals(54:40) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    Wk 16 Film Review & Wk 17 Preview: Josh Allen vs Joe Burrow

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2022 92:03

    (3:45) Dolphins at Patriots: Can Mac Jones handle the Dolphins blitz? Can Teddy Bridgewater get it done?(28:00) Panthers at Buccaneers: Can Tampa shut down the hot Carolina run game? (41:40) Jets at Seahawks: Mike White is back, and Geno Smith is out for revenge.(48:35) Offensive Rookie of the Year: In a wide-open race, should Garrett Wilson be the favorite?(52:50) Vikings at Packers: Aaron Rodgers doesn't pump fake anymore. And can Green Bay stop Justin Jefferson?(1:03:00) Big Butt Awards: Danielle Hunter and Chris Jones get some love for their tushes.(1:09:20) Steelers at Ravens: “This could come down to that one crucial turnover.”(1:13:00) Bills at Bengals: It's Josh Allen vs Joe Burrow, but take the under?(1:23:45) Homies 2022 Playoff Predictions: 3 homies could still correctly predict all 8 division winners.(1:26:10) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed buries the Colts, Falcons, and Browns.

    NFL Week 16 Recap + Broncos fire Nathaniel Hackett

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 26, 2022 106:36

    (5:25) Cowboys def. Eagles: Can Philadelphia win the Super Bowl with Gardner Minshew?(15:30) Vikings def. Giants: Can Minnesota keep winning 1-score games?(23:30) 49ers def. Commanders: “Kyle Shanahan is my Coach of the Year right now.”(33:50) Chiefs def. Seahawks: Did Geno Smith have a bad game or is the KC defense rounding into form?(39:15) Packers def. Dolphins: “Like Santa, Tuanon disappears after Christmas.”(46:25) Bills def. Bears: Josh Allen finally gets help from the run game.(52:00) Bengals def. Patriots: Is Cincinnati the most complete team in the AFC?(58:00) Ravens def. Falcons: The Baltimore defense is stepping up.(1:02:00) Steelers def. Raiders: On Franco Harris' night, this ending was meant to be.(1:08:55) Buccaneers def. Cardinals: Tom Brady leads another late comeback, which might not be a good thing.(1:13:25) Panthers def. Lions: Ahmed is already steeling himself for Detroit disappointment.(1:19:50) Texans def. Titans: Derrick Henry + defense is no longer the recipe for Tennessee.(1:25:50) Jaguars def. Jets: Is the Zach Wilson era over in New York?(1:34:40) Saints def. Browns: Deshaun Watson is still not Deshaun Watson.(1:38:00) Rams def. Broncos: The shoe finally drops for Nathaniel Hackett.(1:43:00) Chargers-Colts MNF Preview: LA can clinch, but it won't be easy.

    NFL Week 16 Picks: "Merry Christmas! $#!tter was full!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2022 56:17

    (3:10) Jaguars at Jets(6:10) Bills at Bears(9:35) Falcons at Ravens(13:00) Bengals at Patriots(16:30) Seahawks at Chiefs(19:30) Giants at Vikings(23:35) Lions at Panthers(26:25) Saints at Browns(30:40) Texans at Titans(35:30) Commanders at 49ers(39:00) Eagles at Cowboys(42:25) Raiders at Steelers(46:35) Packers at Dolphins(49:45) Broncos at Rams(50:20) Bucs at Cardinals(51:10) Chargers at Colts(53:40) Best Bets

    Red Flags for Contenders + RIP Franco Harris

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2022 101:19

    (3:45) Franco Harris: "He couldn't have been a nicer human being."(7:45) Super Bowl odds: "The Bills are the favorite? I almost fell off my chair."(10:20) Bills: Who is their best defensive player?(18:40) Dolphins: How did they defend Josh Allen?(29:50) Chiefs: How did they almost lose to the Texans?(40:50) Bengals: "They could be the best team in the AFC top to bottom."(48:45) Ravens: Is it just a matter of Lamar Jackson getting healthy?(54:15) Eagles: Do they even have a weakness?(1:01:30) Cowboys: "Dak Prescott was better last week."(1:12:45) Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence is making this offense dangerous.(1:17:10) Vikings: How is their record this good with such a bad defense?(1:23:25) 49ers: Is their defense too Nick Bosa-centric?(1:27:20) Seahawks: Geno Smith hung in their under pressure vs San Francisco.(1:29:20) Homie Playoff Predictions: How many of you had the Rams in the playoffs?(1:33:15) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed gives a biased eulogy for the Rams.(1:34:30) Big Butt Awards: JJ Watt & Kayvon Thibodeaux get the elephant trophy.

    NFL Week 15 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2022 97:47

    Holy **** what a weekend it was in the NFL. From the Vikings epic comeback to overtime walk-offs to possibly the most bone-headed play in NFL history, Chris (@CSimmsQB) and Ahmed (@FareedNBCS) recap all of Week 15.

    NFL Week 15 Picks: "Look away! Look away!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2022 56:34

    (3:00) TNF: 49ers at Seahawks(6:30) Sat: Colts at Vikings(10:30) Sat: Ravens at Browns(14:05) Sat: Dolphins at Bills(17:50) Steelers at Panthers(20:50) Eagles at Bears(24:20) Chiefs at Texans(26:55) Cowboys at Jaguars(30:15) Falcons at Saints(32:25) Lions at Jets(36:40) Cardinals at Broncos(39:40) Patriots at Raiders(43:00) Titans at Chargers(45:40) Bengals at Buccaneers(48:40) SNF: Giants at Commanders(51:45) MNF: Rams at Packers(54:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

    Week 14 Film Review: “I'm From New Joisey!”

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2022 92:24

    (4:25) Justin Herbert: "I didn't give him credit for the pressure he was under."(15:15) Tua Tagovailoa: Mike McDaniel needs some new answers.(26:20) Brock Purdy: "His scrambling is an advantage they didn't have before."(40:45) Dak Prescott: Chris has concerns. "I know what he's capable of."(53:45) Ravens offense: "When they're healthy, they can run on anyone."(1:01:00) Homies Playoff Predictions: 95% of you had the Eagles in the postseason.(1:02:50) Jets: Zach Wilson moves up the QB depth chart.(1:09:40) Panthers: How did they beat up on the Seahawks?(1:21:00) Division Dark Horses: Which non-favorites could steal a title?(1:24:30) Big Butt Awards: Ahmed gives the elephant trophy to a stout Eagles & Bengals defender.

    NFL Week 14 Recap: "It's Twitter! It's always a ****storm!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2022 93:50

    (3:35) Chargers def. Dolphins: Justin Herbert shines, while Tua Tagovailoa is floundering.(17:30) 49ers def. Buccaneers: "Brock Purdy looks like he belongs."(25:45) Chiefs def. Broncos: Patrick Mahomes keeps making magic (and mistakes?).(32:45) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed lays the Broncos to rest(34:35) Eagles def. Giants: Jalen Hurts is officially the MVP favorite.(44:30) Lions def. Vikings: How is Jared Goff playing the best football of his career.(54:50) Panthers def. Seahawks: "Carolina is playing better than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers."(1:01:15) Bills def. Jets: Buffalo's D is still scary even without Von Miller.(1:07:45) Ravens def. Steelers: Mitchell Trubisky's  biggest mistakes came at the worst times.(1:13:25) Bengals def. Browns: Joe Burrow finally wins the "Battle of Ohio."(1:17:15) Cowboys def. Texans: Dallas avoids disaster, but Dak Prescott looks shaky.(1:22:10) Jaguars def. Titans: Trevor Lawrence has arrived.(1:27:10) Patriots-Cardinals MNF Preview: "If New England can't run tonight, they're in trouble."

    NFL Week 14 Picks: "It's not like I look like a hobo!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2022 57:10

    (4:20) TNF: Raiders at Rams(8:30) Jets at Bills(13:15) Browns at Bengals(15:20) Texans at Cowboys(19:00) Vikings at Lions(23:35) Eagles at Giants(27:45) Ravens at Steelers(30:50) Jaguars at Titans(33:10) Chiefs at Broncos(35:50) Panthers at Seahawks(39:55) Buccaneers at 49ers(48:05) SNF: Dolphins at Chargers(53:10) MNF: Patriots at Cardinals(55:25) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

    Week 13 Film Review + Von Miller out for season

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2022 92:52

    (3:00) Joe Burrow: "He's a cheat code. He has an answer for everything."(15:30) Patrick Mahomes: "The Bengals defense has no weakness."(26:55) Tua Tagovailoa: "I have NEVER seen the 49ers defense exposed like this."(43:00) Brock Purdy: How big of a downgrade was he from Jimmy Garoppolo?(53:15) Defensive Player of the Year odds: Should Micah Parsons be clear ahead of Nick Bosa?(55:55) Big Butt Awards: We get some kickass music to intro Chandler Jones & Christian Wilkins.(1:00:55) Jalen Hurts: "There was a lot of big-time high-level reads."(1:09:30) Mike White: Is there anything Zach Wilson could do better than him?(1:15:25) Von Miller: How much does his loss hurt the Bills' Super Bowl chances?(1:17:50) Tyler Huntley: "He looks like one of the best backups in football."(1:22:05) Sour Rankings: What fan bases should be the most depressed about their team?(1:28:35) Requiem For a Team: Ahmed is too happy to bury the Bears.

    NFL Week 13 Recap + Panthers cut Baker Mayfield

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2022 104:14

    Chris (@CSimmsQB) and Ahmed (@FareedNBCS) cover all the action from a revenge-filled Week 13. But first, some breaking news makes Chris say "f*ck your weekend!"

    NFL Week 13 Picks: "We got a lot of pride on this!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2022 57:49

    (4:50) TNF: Bills at Patriots(9:30) Steelers at Falcons(13:30) Broncos at Ravens(18:40) Packers at Bears(20:50) Jaguars at Lions(23:35) Browns at Texans(26:45) Jets at Vikings(30:55) Commanders at Giants(34:30) Titans at Eagles(39:15) Seahawks at Rams(41:00) Chargers at Raiders(43:25) Dolphins at 49ers(46:25) Chiefs at Bengals(51:50) SNF: Colts at Cowboys(53:05) MNF: Saints at Buccaneers(55:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

    NFL Week 12 Recap: "Jaxson De Ville is jacked!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2022 99:28

    (4:30) Eagles def. Packers: Jalen Hurts brings the "tangible intangibles."(16:30) Aaron Rodgers goes down, but Jordan Love shows promise.(20:55) Jets def. Bears: Mike White lights it up. Has Zach Wilson played his last game for New York?(34:40) Bengals def. Titans: Joe Burrow gets "gutty" while Derrick Henry is stopped.(41:05) 49ers def. Saints: DeMeco Ryans leads "the best defense in football."(46:20) Commanders def. Falcons: Brian Robinson has a big game & a bigger hat.(52:30) Jaguars def. Ravens: Trevor Lawrence finally has his signature moment.(1:00:40) Chargers def. Cardinals: Justin Herbert saves LA (again).(1:06:55) Browns def. Buccaneers: Jacoby Brissett drops bombs & F-bombs.(1:14:20) Raiders def. Seahawks: Josh Jacobs goes for 300.(1:19:40) Dolphins def. Texans: Mike McDaniel is building his Coach of the Year case.(1:23:55) Chiefs def. Rams: Sean McVay gets injury added to insult.(1:28:05) Panthers def. Broncos: Russell Wilson is being mocked by opponents & yelled at by teammates.(1:34:40) Steelers-Colts MNF Preview: Chris likes Indy tonight.

    NFL Week 12 Picks + Jets bench Zach Wilson

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2022 53:05

    (4:50) Broncos at Panthers(7:45) Buccaneers at Browns (10:45) Ravens at Jaguars(12:50) Texans at Dolphins(15:50) Bears at Jets(21:40) Bengals at Titans(25:30) Falcons at Commanders(27:40) BREAKING NEWS: The Jets bench Zach Wilson(31:30) Chargers at Cardinals(34:35) Raiders at Seahawks(38:15) Rams at Chiefs(41:00) Saints at 49ers(43:30) SNF: Packers at Eagles(47:15) MNF: Steelers at Colts(50:10) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

    Thanksgiving Picks: "Down the hachet!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2022 26:28

    (1:55) Bills at Lions(9:10) Giants at Cowboys(17:10) Vikings at Patriots(23:30) Best Bet

    NFL Week 11 Recap: "You complete me"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2022 99:19

    (4:10) Chiefs def. Chargers: Patrick Mahomes steals the show from Justin Herbert(16:50) Eagles def. Colts: Jalen Hurts puts the team on his...legs(25:10) Patriots def. Jets: Zach Wilson gives the wrong answer to a trap question.(39:30) Raiders def. Broncos: How did Davante Adams get so wide open?(48:05) Cowboys def. Vikings: Tony Pollard is one of the most electric RBs in the NFL.(53:10) Odell Beckham Jr: Chris predicts where he will go.(56:10) Commanders def. Texans: "This defense can keep them in it vs anybody."(1:00:50) Lions def. Giants: Aidan Hutchinson is rising in the Rookie of the Year race.(1:07:55) Bills def. Browns: Josh Allen finally got run game help.(1:13:40) Bengals def. Steelers: Joe Burrow is hitting his stride.(1:17:30) Ravens def. Panthers: Lamar Jackson did not look like himself.(1:20:25) Saints def. Rams: Andy Dalton brings Chris back in.(1:26:20) Falcons def. Bears: Cordarrelle Patterson ruins the Ditka bachelor party.(1:31:35) 49ers-Cardinals MNF Preview: Kyler or no Kyler, Chris like the Cards.

    NFL Week 11 Picks: "Son's not home!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2022 57:10

    (4:15) TNF: Titans at Packers(8:15) Bears at Falcons(11:10) Panthers at Ravens(13:35) Browns at Bills(17:00) Commanders at Texans(21:00) Eagles at Colts(24:50) Jets at Patriots(28:00) Rams at Saints(33:30) Lions at Giants(36:45) Raiders at Broncos(42:00) Cowboys at Vikings(45:50) Bengals at Steelers(48:50) SNF: Chiefs at Chargers(51:15) MNF: 49ers at Cardinals in Mexico(54:10) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

    Week 10 Film Review w/ Tony Dungy

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2022 69:59

    (2:15) Colts: Jeff Saturday simplified things.(13:30) Eagles: Is their run defense their kryptonite?(16:20) Vikings: Kevin O'Connell has brought a new attitude.(21:00) Bills: Do they need Odell Beckham Jr?(26:40) Dolphins: How can you stop this offense?(30:30) Chiefs: Isiah Pacheco is a sign of Kansas City's toughness.(37:00) Cowboys: Their small D-line is becoming a problem.(45:00) Seahawks: The Seattle D is missing a playmaker.(52:30) Buccaneers: Is their run game fixed?(55:15) Conference Champion odds: Don't sleep on the Titans.(1:00:00) Big Butt Awards: Denico Autry & Dexter Lawrence brought it last week.(1:04:10) Punt Awards: A clutch play from a Commanders flyer when they needed it most.

    NFL Week 10 Recap w/ Vikings Superfan Mike Florio

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2022 99:21

    (1:15) Vikings def. Bills: Game of the Year(19:40) Packers def. Cowboys: Christian Watson has Simms smiling(30:40) Colts def. Raiders: Jeff Saturday shocks the NFL(40:00) 49ers def. Chargers: Damn! Okay Nick Bosa(51:10) Buccaneers def. Seahawks: Is an NFL Europe division coming?(58:10) Chiefs def. Jaguars: "Chris Jones has passed up Aaron Donald"(1:04:10) Giants def. Texans: "Sexy Dexy" Dexter Lawrence is a beast!(1:09:20) Dolphins def. Browns: Is Tua Tagovailoa getting too much credit?(1:15:50) Lions def. Bears: Justin Fields takes a heartbreaking loss.(1:20:45) Titans def. Broncos: Russell Wilson loses with a wristband(1:24:50) Steelers def. Saints: Why is Andy Dalton still starting?(1:30:00) Cardinals def. Rams: Should Aaron Donald wish he retired?(1:33:30) Commanders-Eagles MNF preview: Chris has a best bet tonight

    NFL Week 10 Picks: "I drank from a New Jersey ravine"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2022 57:39

    Chris (@CSimmsQB) has broken his slump vs Mike (@ProFootballTalk). The guys pick every Week 10 game straight up and vs the spread. But first, would you rather drink water out of a New Jersey ravine or eat a hamburger off the LaGuardia Airport floor?

    Week 9 Film Review + Top 5 Cornerbacks

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2022 96:31

    Chris (@CSimmsQB) dove into the film on Josh Allen, Zach Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Fields, and more. Plus, he ranks the Top 5 CB in the NFL right now. But first, he and Ahmed (@FareedNBCS) figure out why we call it a "decoy."

    NFL Week 9 Recap + Colts fire Frank Reich

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2022 97:06

    (4:30) Chiefs def. Titans: "This might have been the first time I thought they miss Tyreek Hill."(17:30) Dolphins def. Bears: "His running is some of the best we've seen in the history of football."(26:10) Seahawks def. Cardinals: Should Pete Carroll be favorite for Coach of the Year?(34:30) Jets def. Bills: Is Sauce Gardner & DJ Reed the best CB duo in the NFL?(44:20) Lions def. Packers: "They're the leader of bad vibes."(51:15) Buccaneers def. Rams: "If they make the playoffs, I will say the F-word on this podcast."(59:15) Vikings def. Commanders: Damn! Okay Kirk Cousins, with his clutch throw and his shirtless plane ride.(1:06:20) Chargers def. Falcons: Dicker the Kicker was part of something the NFL hasn't seen in 98 years.(1:33:50) Bengals def. Panthers: "It won't take much for us to say 'The Bengals are unstoppable!'"(1:18:25) Patriots def. Colts: We made a Matt Judon song.(1:22:00) BREAKING NEWS: Why did the Colts fire Frank Reich now?(1:24:50) Jaguars def. Raiders: Vegas' collapses are reaching historic proportions.(1:31:05) MNF Preview Ravens-Saints: More rush yds - Lamar Jackson or Alvin Kamara?

    NFL Week 9 Picks: "The year of pasta & meatballs!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2022 60:07

    (6:55) TNF: Eagles at Texans(13:30) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Chargers at Falcons(16:20) Dolphins at Bears(19:50) Panthers at Bengals(22:00) Packers at Lions(24:45) Raiders at Jaguars(29:40) Colts at Patriots(31:50) Bills at Jets(36:20) Vikings at Commanders(40:35) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Seahawks at Cardinals(44:10) Rams at Buccaneers(51:45) SNF: Titans at Chiefs(55:10) MNF: Ravens at Saints(57:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    Trade Reactions & Midseason Awards with Phil Simms

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2022 86:30

    (6:50) Trade Acquisitions: Who is this year's Von Miller, that could put a contender over the top?(15:50) Contenders with Bad Records: Who is this year's 2021 49ers?(18:20) Pretenders with Good Records: Who is this year's 2021 Cardinals?(22:40) Chris and Phil narrow down the teams who they think can actually win the Super Bowl. Do the Dolphins and Ravens make the cut?(32:50) Disappointing Teams: Is there any hope for the Rams, Buccaneers, and Packers?(46:00) Super Bowl Matchup: Who do Chris & Phil see playing in the big game at this point?(49:00) NFC West: Can the Seahawks hold on to win it?(58:50) MVP: Chris likes the favorite, but Big Phil picks a non-QB who has changed his team.(1:01:30) Are Josh Allen & Patrick Mahomes playing as well as they ever have?(1:06:20) After Allen and Mahomes, who is the next-best QB in the NFL?(1:09:15) Coach of the Year: Nick Sirianni is the favorite, but does Brian Daboll deserve it more?(1:12:10) Defensive Player of the Year: Is anyone up there with Micah Parsons?(1:15:30) Most Impressive Rookie: Sauce Gardner leads a group of great young corners.(1:21:30) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: Even though he's gone, Ahmed still gets in some praise for Myles Garrett & Jeffery Simmons.

    NFL Week 8 Recap: "Trick or treat! I'm Ahmed Fareed!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2022 89:38

    (6:00) Bills def. Packers: Green Bay ran the ball well...and lost.(17:20) 49ers def. Rams: "Christian McCaffrey is the decoy! Then he's the main-coy!"(25:40) Seahawks def. Giants: Geno Smith wins one for his former coach & GM.(34:25) Eagles def. Steelers: Did Chris expect the Philly pass game to be THIS good?(40:50) Cowboys def. Bears: "Zeke is not as good as Tony Pollard. Do you want to run for 5 or run for 45?"(46:30) Saints def. Raiders: Alvin Kamara was awesome, but should New Orleans still trade him?(52:10) Titans def. Texans: Derrick Henry ran it over and over, and Chris loved watching it.(55:40) Dolphins def. Lions: "Tua Tagovailoa is a wheeler and dealer."(1:01:15) Vikings def. Cardinals: How much does Chris believe in Minnesota?(1:07:00) Falcons def. Panthers: Did Atlanta deserve to win this game?(1:11:20) Patriots def. Jets: "The Empire Strikes Zach"(1:16:30) Broncos def. Jaguars: Russell Wilson took his high knees across the pond.(1:21:00) Commanders def. Colts: Scary Terry brought it for Halloween.(1:24:50) MNF Bengals-Browns: In the wake of Ja'Marr Chase's injury, Chris likes the over on a Cincy receiver.

    NFL Week 8 Picks: "Revenge of the nerds"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2022 57:51

    (5:20) TNF: Ravens at Buccaneers(10:15) LONDON: Broncos vs Jaguars(13:10) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Panthers at Falcons(16:00) Bears at Cowboys(19:15) Dolphins at Lions(23:10) Cardinals at Vikings(26:45) Raiders at Saints(30:00) Patriots at Jets(33:00) Steelers at Eagles(36:00) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Titans at Texans(38:20) Commanders at Colts(44:15) 49ers at Rams(47:00) Giants at Seahawks(51:15) SNF: Packers at Bills(53:20) MNF: Bengals at Browns(55:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    Week 7 Film Review: "But it looks good on you though"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2022 98:59

    (3:50) Chiefs offense: Is this the best they've ever looked?(13:50) 49ers offense: "Fake to Deebo, throw to McCaffrey. Fake to McCaffrey..."(26:50) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: Chris Jones & Jaelan Phillips take home the big elephant(31:20) Bears offense: "How did this one-dimensional offense beat a D that looked elite?"(41:50) Patriots offense: "Bailey Zappe's TD was a worse throw than Mac Jones' INT"(50:30) Pete's "Peter Peter Peter" Awards: The Jets & Commanders get big plays from their punt team.(53:00) Zach Wilson: We give viewers a glimpse into Chris' cursive.(1:05:10) Trevor Lawrence: "He's missing the wow factor. He can make this throw."(1:10:30) Seahawks offense: "I watch them and can't help but think 'Was Russ holding them back?'"(1:22:15) Buccaneers defense: How did the once great Bucs front get shredded by the Panthers?(1:27:30) Stats...Truth or Lie? Ahmed gives some surprising numbers about the Colts, Raiders, Dolphins, & Chargers

    NFL Week 7 Recap: "Moo! Mooo! Oh wait it's a horse!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2022 101:48

    (3:20) Chiefs def. 49ers: Is Patrick Mahomes actually BETTER without Tyreek Hill?(16:30) Panthers def. Buccaneers: Tom Brady's struggles were not the most surprising part of the Tampa loss.(24:00) Commanders def. Packers: "He's not going to win me back. They're not going to win me back."(32:30) Giants def. Jaguars: "The 5-legged beast of the East!"(47:10) Cowboys def. Lions: Dak is back, but the Cowboys didn't change. And that's good.(52:00) Dolphins def. Steelers: Noah Igbinoghene came up big, and Ahmed knows how to pronounce his name.(1:00:00) Bengals def. Falcons: "The Chris Simms high five curse has been lifted!"(1:05:30) Ravens def. Browns: Baltimore needs Gus Edwards to be their sledgehammer.(1:10:40) Jets def. Broncos: A bittersweet Damn! Okay for Breece Hall.(1:17:00) Seahawks def. Chargers: "There's nothing that Kenneth Walker can't do."(1:25:30) Titans def. Colts: Matt Ryan is "out to pasture."(1:31:00) Raiders def. Texans: Vegas is riding the hot hand with Josh Jacobs(1:35:40) MNF Bears-Patriots: Chris has a Best Bet tonight, and is Justin Fields' passing prop too low?

    NFL Week 7 Picks: "That photo's from 10 years ago!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2022 57:24

    (3:50) TNF: Saints at Cardinals(8:00) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Browns at Ravens(10:50) Buccaneers at Panthers(13:30) Falcons at Bengals(16:15) Lions at Cowboys(18:40) Giants at Jaguars(21:20) Colts at Titans(23:15) Packers at Commanders(26:10) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Jets at Broncos(29:30) Texans at Raiders(31:25) Seahawks at Chargers(35:10) Chiefs at 49ers(37:35) Interlude: Simms has some green conspiracies about paper & cotton(43:00) SNF: Steelers at Dolphins(48:10) MNF: Bears at Patriots(52:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

    NFL Week 6 Recap: "It's for Chris Simms? Not worth it."

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2022 81:23

    The Bills & Eagles won their heavyweight bouts and the underdogs came out on top. Chris (@CSimmsQB) & Ahmed (@FareedNBCS) break down all of this weekend's action, including their Friday night rendezvous at a high school football game.

    Week 6 NFL Picks: "I got the black lung, Pop"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2022 56:28

    Mike (@ProFootballTalk) widens his lead over Chris (@CSimmsQB), but we could see a big move this week as the guys disagree on 7 games. But first, Simms tries out his blue steel look.

    Week 5 WTF Happened: "This is why you're the big butt expert"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2022 94:20

    (2:50) Ravens defense: Baltimore ditches the blitz, and Ja'Marr Chase's route tree is "simple and sh*tty."(19:30) Giants defense: "That's where Wink Martindale is a mastermind." And the Packers' dink-and-dunk offense flops.(35:30) Jets defense: How much praise do they deserve for beating a 3rd-string QB?(45:15) Saints defense: Is Geno Smith a better fit for the Seahawks offense than Russell Wilson? And Tyrann Mathieu doesn't want to tackle anymore.(56:20) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: Baron Browning and some guy named Aaron Donald take home the elephant butt.(1:00:00) Cowboys defense: "Dan Quinn went to the lab, with a pen and a pad."(1:11:20) Defense Player of the Year odds: Should Micah Parsons be the clear favorite?(1:15:00) Lions-Patriots: Ahmed can't believe Chris made him talk about this game again. And why is Aaron Glenn's Detroit defense so bad? (1:22:20) Chargers-Browns: "If Cleveland had a passing game, they would have torched this defense." 

    NFL Week 5 Recap + Matt Rhule fired

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2022 100:58

    Kicks at the buzzer (some made, some not) and big upsets for New York...Chris (@CSimmsQB) and Ahmed (@FareedNBCS) recap all the action of Week 5. Plus, they react to the breaking news of the first head coach firing of the season.

    NFL Week 5 Picks: "I brought that edge holding the clipboard!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2022 56:14

    Mike (@ProFootballTalk) wastes no time gloating over his sweep last week of Chris (@CSimmsQB). The guys hit every game from Week 5, and feel veeeery good about their Best Bets (for a change?).

    Week 4 WTF Happened: Coach Dungy texts in

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2022 104:08

    What went right for the Chiefs gameplan, Eagles run game, and Zach Wilson? What's wrong with Russell Wilson and Matthew Stafford? Chris (@CSimmsQB) and Ahmed (@FareedNBCS) go through a ton of Week 4 film reviews, plus Tony Dungy chimes in with some analysis via text.

    NFL Week 4 Recap: "I held a towel around a guy once"

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2022 98:02

    (5:00) Chiefs def. Buccaneers: Did Andy Reid take playcalling duties from Eric Bieniemy?(17:10) Bills def. Ravens: "There's some teams that can adjust at halftime, and some teams that can't."(28:25) Eagles def. Jaguars: “I am wrong on Jalen Hurts.”(35:50) Packers def. Patriots: “They're not going to win a Super Bowl this way.”(44:00) Vikings def. Saints in London: “The day of the shutdown corner is done.”(50:30) Titans def. Colts: “Tennessee's offense is close.”(55:30) Chargers def. Texans: Damn! Okay…"This is the best Derwin James we've seen”(1:00:40) Raiders def. Broncos: Maxx Crosby is “by far” the best defender in Vegas.(1:04:40) Jets def. Steelers: “The juice Zach Wilson brings is tangible.”(1:11:10) Cowboys def. Commanders: “They may not have the best defense out there, but they may have the scariest.”(1:15:30) Giants def. Bears: “Legs! Legs is who they are!”(1:21:00) Seahawks def. Lions: "Let Geno Cook"(1:26:45) Cardinals def. Panthers: "We're Not in Oklahoma Anymore"(1:30:50) Falcons def. Browns: "Rush More, Pass Less"(1:33:15) MNF Preview - Rams at 49ers: Over or under for Cooper Kupp rec yds?

    Week 4 NFL Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2022 57:20

    Chris (@CSimmsQB) was let down by his favorite team last week, but at least he didn't streak naked in the Meadowlands parking lot (we think). Meanwhile, Mike (@ProFootballTalk) is owning his Best (Worst?) Bets record.

    Week 3 WTF Happened

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2022 95:05

    Josh Allen beating the blitz, Lamar Jackson running a pass-first offense, and Trevor Lawrence making 2nd year leaps. Chris (@CSimmsQB) & Ahmed (@FareedNBCS) dive into that and more in this week's film breakdown. But first, Ahmed needs to watch some treasure movies.

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