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    • Dec 2, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    Lay Down Gregg ... You're Dead ...

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 90:21

    Gregg is sick ... REALLY SICK!!! Thankfully, it's not the COVID!! He still sounds like hell though! Chunga has noticed that some retailers are STILL very much trying to capitalize on Christmas without using "Christmas!" No music, no lights, no red & green ... is this ok?! Have you heard about the next, big, shortage we're all going to have to deal with?!? This one is a doozy!!!!Mario Kart is a huge fad for couples! Now scientists have done an extensive study to find out which Mario Kart characters are actually the fastest/best!!! AAAANNNDDD!!! Even though he's incredibly sick, Gregg has another Christmas movie recommendation!! LISTEN NOW!!!!

    Chunga, The Family Feud MASTER!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 94:31

    Happy Chanukah to all of our Jewish Ronin!!!!!!!!How was your Thanksgiving holiday!?! Was it everything you hoped it would be? Did you travel over the holiday?!?Now that Thanksgiving is in the books, it's time for Christmas!!! Are you ready!?! Did you put your Christmas Tree up yet!?!CHUNGA POLL: What is your favorite pre-Christmas tradition!! Post your answers below!!!Chunga is stoked because... IT'S NEW MATTRESS DAY!!!!! Have you watched "8-Bit Christmas" yet?!! Lots of you have asked Chandler and Chunga about it! One problem, they didn't actually know what it was at first!!!!Speaking of movies, Gregg has another Christmas movie recommendation AND it's time for HEADLINE D&D!!!! Listen NOW!!!!!


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2021 113:24

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM RADIO RONIN!!!Chunga, Chandler, Josh & Gregg all wish you the happiest of turkey days and hope that this Thanksgiving is one that you remember forever!THANKS for coming to the Radio Ronin T-shirt meet up!!! WOW!!!! What a crazy turn out! PLUS there was a hidden crisis / story unfolding during the meet up, that was a major factor for the long lines!Hey, the Ronin Store is having a Black Friday sale with a special new Ronin shirt!!!! It's for one day only!!!The Ronin also take a special, emotional, moment to share their favorite Thanksgiving memories and Gregg has another Christmas movie recommendation! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

    Lay On It! Roll Around, Roll Around!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 103:47

    HAPPY MONDAY!!!!! It's time for Radio Ronin!!!! Hey, thanks for showing up to our Patreon t-shirt meetup! This episode was recorded BEFORE the meetup so we'll have a big rundown on Thanksgiving! WHO'S READY FOR SOME ICE CREAM?!? The Radio Ronin Holiday Four Pack is available NOW from JJ's Premium Ice Cream!!! Chunga did something he hasn't done in like 20 years!!! He went mattress shopping ... he HATES mattress shopping!!!CHUNGA POLL: What's the most mundane thing that you're thankful for!! Post your answers below!!!Plus, Josh and Gregg are mad at Lagoon for raising prices, Chandler has Ken Krueger hair, Gregg has another great Christmas movie recommendation ... AND it's time for HEADLINE D&D!! LISTEN NOW!!!

    Josh Puked On A Chinese Family!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 93:52

    Gregg is already battling S.A.D. which is unusual, because it's setting in much earlier than normal. He thinks it's directly related to the daylight savings switch! Is it affecting you yet?He'll snap out of it by this Monday because the NEW Radio Ronin holiday 4-pack, from JJ's Ice Cream is coming out!!! YAY!!!!!Question for you, would you watch R-rated and adult themed movies in Disney +??? It may very well happen!!!Chunga and Chandler saw the new Bond movie! Did they like it?!? AND Gregg has another Christmas movie recommendation!!! LISTEN NOW!!!

    Ronin's Disneyland Disaster ...

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2021 122:50

    Happy Monday!!! It's time for Radio Ronin!!!! Chunga, Chandler, Josh & Shannon have just returned from their trip to Disney Merriest Nites at Disneyland and they're NOT happy. REALLY not happy. They've had tons of questions about Disney Merriest Nites over the past few days. They'll give you a full rundown of what happened and what you need to be aware of before going to Disneyland or Merriest Nites for Christmas.CHUNGA POLL: What's the worst trip you've ever taken?! Post your answers below!Gregg also has his latest Christmas movie recommendation and this one is AWESOME!!! Plus ... it's time for another round of Headline D&D!!! LISTEN NOW!!!

    Josh... The Corn Hole Monster!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 86:49

    It's Radio Ronin time!!!!!! Hey!!! Ken Krueger is popping in for a few minutes to talk about his beautiful hair!!Chunga is having some pre-Christmas drama! He doesn't know how to hang Christmas lights on Spanish roofing tile!!! Speaking of Christmas, he also has a great gift idea for the Music lovers on your list! Chunga, Chandler and Josh are all currently in Disneyland!! November 12th is "Disney+" Day... Uhh... Ok, whatever that means. Apparently, it means they're doing a bunch of fun stuff in Disneyland specific to Disney + artists and shows, like Obi Wan Kenobi!!!AND Gregg has a new Christmas movie recommendation!!!

    Daylight Savings ... THIS IS STILL A THING?!?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 113:04

    Mondays are AWESOME!!! It's time for Radio Ronin! It's that time of year ... the dreaded switch from Daylight Savings, to having complete darkness by 5:00pm ... WHY ARE WE STILL DOING THIS!!!???!!!! Chunga is curious to see if his S.A.D. will kick in this year because even though it's dark, it's still 80 degrees!!CHUNGA POLL: What's one thing you hate about Thanksgiving that everybody else loves!?!?! Post your answers below!Did you hear about the tragedy at the Astroworld Music Festival?! Chunga, Chandler, Josh and Gregg have all spent their entire adult lives working in live event production and they have some advice about going to large concerts and events. PLUS, Gregg has a new Christmas movie recommendation and it's time for another round of Headline D&D!!!! LISTEN NOW!!!

    christmas thanksgiving gregg astroworld daylight savings chunga radio ronin jimmychunga chunga poll what headline d d
    Hey Boba Fett... PUT YOUR HAT BACK ON!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 75:16

    Halloween is over and Chunga, Chandler, Josh and Gregg couldn't be more excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas! They've already started decorating! Have you?Chunga thinks he may need to read the book "Dune" in order to have an appreciation for the movie. Speaking of which, the Ronin would like to talk to you about the way we all communicate with each other now days. It's not good. REALLY not goodJosh thinks he needs to drink a gallon of water a day because he started going to the gym again. Gregg thinks that's not only dumb but may not be good on for you!Have you seen the new Book of Bobba Fett trailer!?! Chandler is pretty worried about what he saw. Also Gregg has his second Christmas movie of the season!!! Listen now!!!!

    Introducing ... "Jimmy Vegas!!!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 103:33

    Hey OHHHH!!!!! It's Radio Ronin time!!!! How was your Halloween weekend?!! Chunga, Chandler, Josh and Gregg all had a great time, BUT, they're all still worn out from last weekend when everyone was in Vegas! All four Ronin went to see a Rat Pack tribute show! IT WAS AMAZING!!! Plus Dino gave Chunga a new nickname! So ... have you seen Dune yet?! Oh man ... Chunga watched it. Did he like it?!!CHUNGA POLL: Do you prefer clear or multi-colored?! Post your answers below!Josh went to Disneyland by himself and didn't tell anyone he was going! Have you ever done a solo Disneyland trip?! Did you like it?? Gregg has his first Christmas movie recommendation!!! AND it's time for HEADLINE D&D!!! LISTEN NOW!!!

    Radio Ronin LIVE Halloween Show 2021!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2021 254:46

    Where Is The Scariest Place You've Ever Been!?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 111:22

    You've made it to Thursday! Give yourself Radio Ronin!!!Chunga has found 2 new TV shows and he loves them!! He loves them so much that he and Chandler are trying to get both Gregg and Josh booked on one of the shows!!!!Chunga, Chandler, and Josh are rubbing off on Gregg he's now having dreams about Disneyland!CHUNGA POLL: Where is the scariest place you've ever been!? Post your answers below!!Which movie are you more excited about seeing? The live action Haunted Mansion with Danny Devito, or Rob Zombie's new re-vamp of The Munsters? PLUS, Gregg has yet another Halloween movie recommendation! LISTEN NOW!!!

    Chunga's Buffet Accident ...

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 108:41

    Hey Ken Krueger!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Chunga has a new update! He went to a buffet ... a fancy one! How did it go?! Not well ... REALLY not well. The buffet was great but ... Chunga had an "incident." IT WAS BAD!Gregg is MAD! He's really angry!!! He's looked high and low for Halloween Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins! Have you noticed, they're nowhere to be found?!! Paul McCartney has done it all ... and he's really old! Yet, he's still tough enough to pick a fight with the Rolling Stones!!! Why? Why Paul!!??Chunga has not seen the new James Bond movie. Have you? What did you think?!? Josh was late to the show because a deer tried to get him, Gregg has another Halloween movie recommendation ... AND it's time for another round of Headline D&D! LISTEN NOW!!!

    Chandler's Big Announcement!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 114:16

    Welcome foolish mortals, to the Radio Ronin show!!!!!!! Chandler has an announcement to make! It's a MAJOR announcement about the show!! Speaking of announcements, the Ronin are doing a LIVE Halloween show, a special "Bash-O-Ween" live Bash Music and a special event for all Patreon members! Listen for details! Have you seen the news about Southwest Airlines? Yeah ... Chunga got stuck in that mess. NOT fun, but he was able to see his big boy job studio and office for the first time ever!CHUNGA POLL: What was your favorite Halloween costume when you were a kid?!? Post your answers below!!!Gregg didn't have COVID and he's feeling better! Glad you didn't die Gregg! Josh has finally named his dog ... Chunga couldn't care less. Have you ever thought about going to Oogie Boogie Bash at Disneyland? Chunga and Chandler went for the first time! Did they like it?! Was it worth the money!?! And Gregg has a new Halloween movie recommendation! YAY!!!!!(Chunga's note: Due to a software glitch, we're forced to use a back up recording for today's show. Yep, we actually have a back up recording! We're nerds... SORRY! It's not a big deal, hopefully most of you won't notice the difference! XOXOXO)

    The Muppets Haunted Mansion is AMAZING!!!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 101:17

    AYYYYYOOOOOO!!!!!!!! RADIO RONIN IS BACK!!!!! Gregg is sick! Sick! Sick! Doesn't matter he is NOT missing this show! Lots of you have asked, “should we buy a Disneyland Magic Key?” Chunga, Chandler and Josh say … NO!!! Don't do it!! It's a massive RIP OFF!!!Speaking of Disney have you seen the Muppet Haunted Mansion?!! HAVE YOU SEEN IT?!? Josh has followed in Gregg's footsteps and has started collecting something!! Have you been keeping up on the Ronin Halloween movie recommendations?!! Gregg has another one and it's from Stephen King! PLUS, it's time for a new Headline D&D!!!! Listen NOW!

    It's FINALLY October!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 98:18

    October is here! YAY! It's Radio Ronin season!!! Chunga and Chandler talk about a holiday of sorts in Las Vegas. It's called "1 October," which serves as an annual reminder to be more kind! Speaking of October ... Utah is #1!!!Josh and Gregg are FREAKING OUT! It's almost time for the Muppets Haunted Mansion! What do you think?! Is it going to be any good!? Josh and Gregg think it's going to be amazing! Plus, if you're a member of D23, you'll get access to a ton of exclusive Muppets merchandise and other goodies!Not only that, Gregg starts a new month of his VERY popular Halloween movie recommendations and it's time for another round of Headline D&D! LISTEN NOW!!!

    Would You Buy The Conjuring House???

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 102:08

    Chunga has had enough!!!! HE thinks modern rap music is HORRIBLE! What was once artistic and edgy, has become a bunch of spoiled dudes doing nothing but complaining. Gregg has no interest in modern things lately, in fact, he just procured a very cool electronic novelty from the '80s!!CHUNGA POLL: What's the WORST Halloween Candy of all-time?!? Post your answers below!!Chunga, Chandler, Josh and Gregg are going to sincerely ask you to do something. No, they really mean this ... what is it!?! Hey did you hear the REAL Conjuring house is for sale?! Chandler has some very strong opinions about this!!! AND ... Gregg has his final Halloween movie recommendation of September! LISTEN NOW!

    Kids, Don't Be Like Nicolas Cage ...

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 91:42

    Chunga has become obsessed with a Mexican drink called "Topo Chico!" HE LOVES IT! Not only that, he went to a Mexican soccer game with Dr. Boyden in Vegas ... PEOPLE WERE NUTS!!! He's happy to be alive!!! Our most recent Chunga POLL inspired Gregg, so he went searching for some vintage toys and he found something very cool!! Oh, and he fell off a stair ... one stair, and hurt his knee. Who is Gregg acting like? Chunga? Or Josh?!The rumor is Disneyland and Disney World are losing visitors, Chandler thinks it's because so many people are mad about having to jump through so many hoops to go!! Did you hear about Nicholas Cage getting thrown out of a Las Vegas restaurant?!? Speaking of Nicholas Cage, he's the star of Gregg's Halloween movie recommendation!! LISTEN NOW!!!

    What Do You Miss About Your Childhood???

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 110:59

    Chunga will be watching every single episode of "Dancing With the Stars" this season!! Why? Shannon is making him!!Something strange is happening. Several Radio Ronin listeners are having dreams about Josh!! ???CHUNGA POLL: What's the #1 thing you miss about your childhood!?! Post your answers below!!Have you heard? They're doing a re-boot of The Lost Boys! Is that a good thing or a bad thing!?And Gregg has a new Halloween movie recommendation!!! Listen NOW!

    What The Hell Is Groundhog Summer?!?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 109:15

    Josh is in Las Vegas and it's been CRAZY!!! Not only that, he almost didn't make it, because he got stuck in his break room at work!! Everything was happening in Vegas this weekend, EXCEPT Halloween stuff!! WHY?!?! Cause it's "groundhog summer"!!Gregg has made it back home from Atlanta his flight was, in a word--weird. Speaking of Gregg, he teaches all of us about the Ghoul Log AND he has another Halloween movie recommendation!PLUS Chunga has another round of Headline D&D! Listen NOW!!

    The Curse of The Poltergeist!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 97:45

    All four Ronin are scattered across the country this week! Chunga is in Las Vegas, Chandler and Josh are in Salt Lake and Gregg is in Atlanta!! Chandler was shocked to see so many Raiders fans on his flight and Gregg was really surprised to see so many BYU shirts in Atlanta!!! What's with all the BYU shirts?!?! Chunga is doing something on THIS show that he hasn't done since 2008!! He's switched headphone brands and it's messing with his head man!!!!!CHUNGA POLL: What's the weirdest pandemic caused shortage you've seen?! Post your answers below!The rumors are looking more and more legit ... could it be true that Gina Carano is retuning for Season Three of The Mandalorian?!? And Gregg talks about the curse of the Poltergeist movies!!!! LISTEN NOW!!!

    State Fairs and Rock n' Roll! YEEHAH!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 107:02

    Saturday marked the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. Chunga, Chandler Josh and Gregg take a small moment to remember where each of them were on that day. So ... how 'bout that football game on Saturday?!? Looks like Josh jinx'd it!!!! The Utah State Fair has begun!! Do you like going to the State Fair?! Chunga likes the idea of going to the fair but he thinks they're "icky," even though they're not. Motley Crue fans are REALLY mad at Vince Neil!! Why?!? He's too damn fat to sing his own songs!!! And it's time for the new and revamped HEADLINE D&D!! Listen NOW!!

    It's Rivalry Week!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 98:39

    Hey kid!!! It's Radio Ronin time!!!! Chunga, Chandler and Shannon all went back to Utah!!! THANK YOU DR. BOYDEN for fixing Chunga's teeth!!! Sadly, It was only for a day but Chunga finally got to see the new SLC airport!!! Much like EVERYBODY else, he thought the main entrance was great!! And everything else was ... not so good. WHO THE HELL PLANNED THIS AIRPORT!?!?Hey!! It's Rivalry Week!!! Who's going to win this year!?! Utah?!? BYU?!? CHUNGA POLL: What do you think the dumbest rivalry is!?! For example, Coke vs. Pepsi?, Android vs. Apple? Yankees vs. Red Sox? Post your answers below!!!Guess what?!? Owen Wilson got a part in a movie!! This movie may actually be pretty cool!! Josh has started listening to Christmas music! Chunga is disappointed that he wasn't the first this year to do it!!! Hey does Gregg have another Halloween movie recommendation?! YES! Yes, he does! LISTEN NOW!!!!

    Chunga Is Homesick ...

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2021 86:19

    Chunga, Shannon and Chandler got chased by a spider!!! A Sun Spider! GOOGLE IT!! They haven't gone in the garage for days!!! Chunga is feeling a little homesick. Now that Labor Day is here, he knows fall isn't far behind IF you live in a place that has fall!! Vegas still has TWO more months of summer, which is great BUT ... BUT ... Halloween!!!Josh on the other hand is homesick for Disneyland! Now that he has a Magic Key, he's trying to go as much as he can!!! Lots and LOTS of movies are getting delayed AGAIN!!! Thanks a lot COVID!!That's okay, because Gregg has another awesome Halloween movie recommendation ... AND it's time for HEADLINE D&D!!!! Listen NOW!!

    Pandas First Show & A Mexican Baptism!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 97:39

    STOP!!!! RONIN TIME!!!!!!!Ladies and Gentlemen... Chunga, Chandler and Josh are honored to welcome Gregg Paschall to Radio Ronin!! Chunga has been trying to get Gregg to be on the show since the radio days and now IT'S FINALLY TIME!!Chunga, Chandler and Josh have all just returned from Disneyland! They had a great time and want to say thanks to all of the goblins they got to meet while they were there! SO MUCH FUN!!!!CHUNGA POLL: What's your most hated song of all time!?!? Post your answers below!!!Hey, whatcha doing this Saturday night?! Wanna hang out with Gregg and Josh? Listen to the show for details! AND!!! The Halloween season is rapidly approaching!!! Because of this, EVERY episode of Radio Ronin between now and October 31st will feature a Halloween movie review and recommendation from Gregg! Listen NOW to hear what the first movie is!!!


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2021 75:18

    This show is going to be one to remember. It's a special show that we can't really talk about in a promo. It has some sad news AND some happy news ... this episode of Radio Ronin is going to be, in a word, different.Chunga, Chandler, Josh and Spencer have two big announcements to make ... They also pay tribute to Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones, talk about Disneyland's Magic Key program and other rumors! LISTEN NOW!!!!


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021 105:52

    Chunga is fresh off his birthday weekend! It was great and he's VERY grateful for all the messages! Even though the weekend was great for Chunga, it was much more frustrating for Gregg!!! THANKS FOR NOTHING ARBY'S!!!!!Ever since moving to Vegas, Chunga and Chandler have been looking for a weird local Vegas community "quirk." Well, they've finally found one! YIKES!!! CHUNGA POLL: If you were a wrestler in the WWE, what would your wrestling name be!?! Post your answers below!Have you seen the new Ryan Reynolds' movie "Free Guy?" Gregg saw it and was legitimately surprised! Apparently LOTS of people are surprised! Why? Listen now to find out!!!

    R.I.P. Mr. Maturation.....

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2021 100:18

    It's time for Radio Ronin!!!! Chandler spent sometime hanging out with Josh and Spencer... Which made Josh's family very nervous! Apparently, they thought Chandler was one of those horrible Bountiful "Thugs"!! Thank you Layne Hilton for sharing some sad news, the real Mr. Maturation has passed away. Yep, he was a real dude. Have you heard about the new Disney Genie Service? The Ronin try to give you a non-confusing breakdown of it. (Spoiler, they fail) Have you seen the new Suicide Squad movie?! What did you think? The guys will give you their full review!! Also, Chunga is responsible for getting a listener thrown in Facebook jail!!! What did she say?! Listen NOW to find out?!!


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 86:40

    HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY JOSH!!!!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! The Ronin have been very busy this week! Spencer took his youth group to the mountains, Chandler filmed a large corporate event at Jeremy Ranch, Josh prepared for his birthday and Chunga ate a hamburger with an egg on it!! Way to apply yourself Chunga. The guys are all very worried about the Parley's Canyon Fire and sincerely hope everyone is ok ... THANK YOU to all the first responders!!CHUNGA POLL: What was the worst birthday present you ever received!?! Post your answers below!Hey, what's the most popular NFL team in Utah? Will it be the Raiders now because they're so close!? Also, it's time for HEADLINE D&D!!! LISTEN NOW!!!

    nfl sports comedy utah raiders pop culture parley 40th birthday chunga radio ronin jimmychunga headline d d chunga poll what
    Is There A "Pet Offender" Registry???

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 86:07

    Whats going on in Chunga's life!? Well, he'll give you an update for heck sakes!!!Chandler just got back from SLC and the smoke was crazy!!Spencer made a mistake. A big one. So big that he actually had to go to Chunga for help! Gregg has found the most authentic Greek food in Utah!! He'll tell you where to go!JOSH!!!! STOP BUYING PETS!!!! GEEZ DUDE!!!!There's a rumor going around that there's going to be a new Star Wars origin story / TV series about Emperor Palpatine!! Guess who's going play him!? Listen NOW to find out!!!!

    Would You Live In Another Country? Where?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2021 101:35

    The Butterscotch Panda, Gregg Paschall, is here to help you kickoff your week the right way!!! Chunga and Chandler have some heartbreaking family news to share with you. Even though they're sad, they're extremely happy to be back and doing a show!! LOTS of you have questions about the new Disneyland annual passport program!! It's called "Magic Key" and The Ronin will help break it down for you!!CHUNGA POLL: If you could live in any country other than your current, which one would you choose? Post your answers below!!!!Disney CEO Bob Chapek is doing a lot of damage control over Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow lawsuit, the guys will give you an update and it's time for another round of HEADLINE D&D! LISTEN NOW!!!

    Chunga Is Ready For Halloween!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2021 101:02

    Chunga is still learning things about himself. For example, he can't eat pizza late at night!!! Unless of course, he wants to puke everywhere… Maybe its just because it was Domino's! Spencer is officially “Dad Tired”. To be honest, he never knew he could be this tired!While he was in Vegas, Chunga and Chandler convinced Josh to watch his first scary movie EVER and now he's obsessed!!! Have you noticed there are Halloween ad's and social media posts everywhere!?? Have you started with your Halloween preparations yet? What have you done? CHUNGA POLL: If you collect one movie prop, what would it be!? Post your answers!!Scarlett Johansson just REALLY pissed off Disney!!!! Is her career over!?! PLUS, Spencer saw Jungle Cruise! He did he like it!? No… HE LOVED IT!!!! He said it was amazing! Listen NOW to hear more!!!!

    Spencer The Dad & Did Josh Survive Vegas?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2021 109:23

    Spencer is a new dad and he makes his triumphant return to the Radio Ronin Show!!! He has a full update about how everyone is doing!!! Josh spent the weekend in Vegas with Chunga and Chandler!!! It was chaos!!! Absolute Chaos!!!!!Well, well, it's official masks are coming back to Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Las Vegas ... Here we go again. Lots of you are asking Chunga and Chandler about the firestorm that broke out regarding the Vegas Golden Knights this week! They'll tell you what they think about Marc-Andre Fleury being traded!!!Nobody is watching the Olympics. Why is that!?! Any ideas? Gymnast Simone Biles is at the center of a huge Olympic controversy. Chunga honestly has no idea what to think about it! What do YOU think about it!? Also, Suicide Squad is coming out soon and people are already FREAKING OUT about it!!! LISTEN NOW!!!!

    Chunga's Bad Nightmare...

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 94:03

    Josh is in Vegas and Gregg Paschal is on the show! YAY!!! Welcome back Panda!!Chunga had a rough night. He had a REALLY bad nightmare about Chandler that freaked him out! He'll talk about how scary it was! Can someone PLEASE explain why we celebrated Pioneer Day on Friday when the 24th is on a Saturday!?! The Ronin are confused. Are you watching the Olympics? The guys love watching them! There's nothing better than sitting on your butt, while watching and judging people far superior to you!CHUNGA POLL: What TV commercial do you REALLY hate!?? Post your answers below!!!Also, did you see the mysterious, official Luke Skywalker and Grogu picture that broke the internet!?? What does it mean!?? LISTEN NOW!??


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 103:49

    RADIO RONIN IS BACK!!!!!! Chunga, Chandler and Josh have returned from summer vacation and there's a ton of stuff to talk about! First ... SPENCER IS A DAD!!!! He and Stephanie welcomed Baby Hazel into the world on July 15th!!! Because of this, he'll be off the show, but just for a couple more episodes!So … Garth Brooks. WAS THERE ANYONE WHO DIDN'T GO!?!? Chunga and Chandler have tons of Disney news and they're posting new episodes of RoninTV EVERY DAY! Go check them out on YouTube!! Chunga's old friend John Mayer has released a brand new album!!! It's getting a ton of buzz. Have you heard it?Josh is headed to Las Vegas to hang with Chunga and Chandler for a few days ... AND it's looking more and more like the Oakland A's are moving to Vegas! Will YOU be an A's fan if they do!?! LISTEN NOW!!!!!

    Is Everyone On Vacation?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2021 123:31

    It's time for the Radio Ronin Monday SUPER SHOW!!! It's a big one!!! ALSO ... the Butterscotch Panda Gregg Paschall is here!!! He's very excited because he just booked his flight to Greece! Gregg will be spending time in a town with a VERY uncomfortable name!! JOSH!!! STOP SAYING THE NAME!!!Chunga and Chandler are headed to Southern California and Disneyland!! If you see them, be sure to say HI!!! They'd love to talk to you!! Speaking of SoCal, Chunga has some new information about the fate of the Queen Mary!!!Spencer has found a new list! This one's about favorite LOCAL foods around the country! CHUNGA POLL: What is your favorite LOCAL restaurant!? Post your answers below!! The second of three “Fear Street” movies have been released! Have you seen it yet!?? PLUS it's time for Headline D&D!!! LISTEN NOW!

    Chunga and Chandler Watch Marvel Movies!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2021 100:30

    How was your 4th of July!?? Chunga and Chandler had BIG PLANS to go to The Strip! One problem … VEGAS GOES NUTS on the 4th of July!! There were so many people, they couldn't even get close! Hey Patreon Fam!!! Go check the Patreon page!! DO IT!!! Shark Week is next week!!! Josh is already planning his schedule!!!Spencer is one of “those guys” ya know? Those guys who back into every parking spot!!! They're making a sequel to "Night of the Living Dead" with the original cast!!! Have you watched Fear Street 1994 yet?? Chunga and Chandler loved it ... BUT ... there's an issue — a major issue. PLUS there's tons of Disneyland news! LISTEN NOW!!!!!!


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2021 100:30

    HAPPY 5th of JULY!!!! Its Radio Ronin time!!!How was your holiday? Did you burn anything down? Even though the holiday weekend is still underway, we thought we'd bring you a new episode just in case you were bored! Speaking of bored, we have tons of new RoninTV episodes coming your way in the next several days be sure to go subscribe on YouTube! There's also a new horror series that debuted on Netflix this weekend called “Fear Street”! Perfect timing!! Now that the 4th is ending, BRING ON HALLOWEEN!!! Have you heard about “The great resignation”? LOTS of people are ANGRY because their employers are forcing them to return to the office! Does that matter to you? CHUNGA POLL: What matters the most to YOU, about your job? Post your answers below!!!Have you been following the Britney Spears case? It's kinda fascinating!!! Also, it's THE RETURN OF HEADLINE D&D!!!!! Listen now!!!!

    Chunga Needs Glasses ... And He's NOT Okay With It!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2021 97:30

    The 4th of July weekend is upon us! What are your plans!?? Are you going to be doing some fireworks!?? If so, PLEASE use EXTREME caution!!! Unified Fire Department Captain Layne Hilton joins The Ronin to talk about just how serious, and dangerous, this drought is!! Chunga wants to know, what causes more fires, this drought or deep fried turkeys on Thanksgiving!??Hey Chandler is back in Utah! He's excited to be back home for a few days!! Chunga on the other hand is MAD!!! It's official. He needs glasses. Look for a whole new Chunga, coming soon! In other news, Josh has something he'd like to talk to you about, he thinks it's a big deal. Plus, “Fast 9” is #1 at the box office and the guys talk about the sad news from Mark Hoppus of Blink-182. Listen NOW!!!

    Chunga ... The Nervous Nellie ...

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2021 90:56

    Chunga is a little concerned. Every time Spencer goes to Preston Idaho, for a couple of days, he talks just like he's from Preston. Spencer YOU'RE FROM ORANGE COUNTY!!! Why was he in Preston? He took Josh to see his first demolition derby!! Did Josh like it? So the great fireworks debate RAGES ON just like the fires they'll no doubt create!! Chunga is curious, how much do YOU rely on social media to plan and plot the course of your life?Hey did you hear they're making a live-action of Snow White? Sigh… Does anybody care!?! Universal Pictures is also trying to get Steven Spielberg to remake Jaws!!!! Plus, Harrison Ford has been injured on the set of Indiana Jones 5!!! How bad? Listen now to find out!!!!!!

    The Roof Is On FIRE!!!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 86:42

    We have new t-shirt designs in the Radio Ronin store!!!!Wow!!! Its hot!!!! So hot that a brand new house on Chunga and Chandlers street caught on fire!!! ON FIRE!!! How was your Fathers Day!?! Was it amazing? CHUNGA POLL: Spencer is about to become a dad for the first time!! What advice can you give him about fatherhood!??Did you hear that the Foo Fighters are changing their name to the “Dee Gees”!?? It's true… at least for one album. Also, Disney + is changing their new release day!! Listen NOW!!!!!


    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 77:58

    It's Fathers Day is this weekend and Chunga, Chandler, Josh and Spencer talk about “Dad Strength “! Is it a real thing? HECK YES IT IS!!! Speaking of which, Spencer's dad nearly died in an ATV crash last weekend! Is he ok!???YO! There are a ton of NEW Radio Ronin shirts available in the Ronin store!!!! Go get em!!!!Disneyland is open to out of state guests!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! When are YOU going!?? Are you watching Lego Masters Season 2!?? The Utah mom's are actually pretty awesome!!! AND…. Pictures have been leaked from the set of Obi-Wan Kenobi!!! LISTEN NOW!!!!

    Your Taste In Summer Music?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2021 104:16

    Start your Monday with Radio Ronin!!! The Butterscotch Panda Gregg Paschall is here!!! YAY!!! Chunga says Spencer is — without a doubt — the whitest dude he knows and Spencer proves it by what he did this weekend! A new report says that 40% of all workers are thinking about changing jobs. Are you!?!CHUNGA POLL: Does your musical taste change during the summer!?? LET US KNOW!Do you like Slurpees!?! If so, then July is going to be a great month for you!!! Plus, June 15th is the big day for California's NO MORE COVID restrictions!!! Disneyland has some big plans for that day! Listen NOW to hear what they are!!!!


    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2021 70:35

    Josh and Sophie went to Downtown Disney together! Did you see it on RoninTV? They ate the notorious pickle dog!!! Sophie is here to tell us what its like to go to Disneyland with Josh! YIKES!!Did you see Karl Malone is back in town? Was he better than the current Jazz players? Did you hear the sad news? THE QUEEN MARY IS SINKING!!!! Does Chunga think this amazing piece of history can be saved? Remember the hit TV show Lego Masters!?! It's back!!!! Are you watching it? Season Two actually looks pretty good! Chandler and Chunga LOVED the first episode and there are two ladies from Utah! Are they any good? Listen NOW to find out!!!

    PRAY FOR RAIN!!!!!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2021 93:13

    Wow!!! It's hot!!!!! It's REALLY HOT!!!!! The western U.S. is having a crazy heatwave!! It's been 112 degrees in Vegas and 100 in SLC! Time to pray for rain!!! Hey have you seen the new abandoned casino episode on Ronin TV? Be sure to check it out and subscribe!!Chandler's new obsession is watching OLD episodes of The Price Is Right!! CHUNGA POLL: What's your favorite game show? Post your answers below!!!!The Jazz are going 100% capacity for Round Two of the NBA Playoffs! It's very exciting! The Vegas Golden Knights did it last week! Chunga and Chandler said it was crazy to see!!AND!!!! Avengers Campus has opened at Disney California Adventure!? Is it any good!?! Listen NOW to find out!!!!

    Best MDW Ever!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 89:02

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE V!!!!! Thanks for being so awesome all the time! How was your Memorial Day Weekend? Chunga and Chandler went to explore the abandoned Buffalo Bills Casino! Watch for the video on RoninTV!!! Spencer also watched some baseball and Josh went to California!!Sadly, we lost Utah legend Mark Eaton over the holiday and the guys give him an emotional farewell. SHOUT OUT to Chandler who showed his patriotism by completing 'The Murph!!!' Let it be known, Chandler is a badass! Hey, did you hear?! Vegas is was PACKED! To celebrate Vegas being 100% open … CHEAP CASINO BUFFET!!!So Utah Jazz fans are more racist than ever other NBA city? Chunga is calling BS on that one!! I wonder what Danny Ainge thinks?? Did you watch the Friends reunion? WHAT THE!??? Also, the guys all get caught up on the Bad Batch!!! They LOVE IT!!! Listen NOW!!!!!

    Chunga Performs A Wedding ... And Immediately Retires ...

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2021 110:55

    Chunga and Chandler have made it back to Vegas after another quick Utah trip and Chunga has officially performed a wedding! He has also officially retired from performing weddings. It’s Memorial Day weekend!!!! It’s officially summer!!!! What are YOUR plans? Are you going anywhere this weekend!?? Vegas is expected to be crazy packed!!!Chunga noticed something while he was back home. People don’t seem to be very excited about the Jazz playoffs. He truly doesn’t understand why?! Josh and Spencer agree and have some theories. Amazon has bought MGM for billions of dollars!!! Jeff Bezos owns James Bond! Don’t ruin it Bezos!!!!! Plus, there’s Spider Man drama at the new Avengers Campus in Disneyland! LISTEN NOW!!!!!

    Chunga and Chandler Are Headed Back To Utah!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2021 66:10

    Chunga and Chandler are headed back to Utah!! Just in time!!! Salt Lake is warmer than Vegas!!! Chunga is going back home to perform a marriage ceremony!! Not only that, he just broke a molar!!! Dr. Boyden!!! HELP!!!!CHUNGA POLL: What's something that you are REALLY GOOD AT!!!???While Chunga is busy being a Reverend, Chandler, Josh and Spencer are going go film a few adventures for Ronin TV! Hey! Did you watch Army of the Dead!? What did you think!? The guys will give you their review!! Did you hear the new/kinda old news about Dave Filoni and Lucasfilm!? Cool stuff is happening!! Also, Disneyland is about to drop almost all of their COVID restrictions!!! Out of state guests will be allowed to visit the park! Listen now to get all the details!!!

    Oh No ...... Chunga Is OFF The Chain!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2021 96:27

    It rained in Vegas!!! It rained in Vegas!!! We’ll give you a full play-by-play account of this spectacular event!! Although he tries to keep his strong opinions to the Patreon bonus episodes, Chunga needs to be UNCHAINED about something!!!!! Uh … just for a few minutes.It looks like the rumors may be true!! The Oakland A’s may be moving ... and Salt Lake and Vegas are on the short list! Which city do you think will get even more sloppy seconds from Oakland!?! ARMY OF THE DEAD!!! ARMY OF THE DEAD!!! It's coming out really soon! The guys also have a ton of Disneyland news AND some Star Wars rumors! Have you heard them!? Think they’re true? LISTEN NOW!!!!!!!!

    Are You As Confused As We Are ... ?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2021 84:22

    Go subscribe to Ronin TV!! We hope you'll like it!!Are you as confused as Chunga is?! What's the deal? Can we take off our masks now? Or can't we? Vegas said it was 100% open but they're walking that statement back ... kind of. Will someone please come to some kind of definitive answer!??BREAKING NEWS!!! Josh has news about his lost wallet! The guys are going to continue the current CHUNGA POLL: If you could ban one decade of music forever, which decade would it be!?? Post and we'll read your answers on Thursdays show!!So ... Ellen is quitting her show because "it's not a challenge anymore" and it's not because everybody hates her!!! Nah ... PLUS ... it's time for Headline D&D!!! Listen now!!!!

    Delete a Decade of Music ...

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 83:46

    Chunga is scared to do this week's Chunga Poll! He thinks it's going to rip the Ronin community to pieces!! With that said, he’s going to do it anyway. Here goes nothing ... CHUNGA POLL: If you could ban one decade of music forever, which decade would it be!?? The answers from the guys may surprise you!! Post your answers below!Josh has lost his wallet! He is freaking out!!! Can you help him look for it?! Chandler and Chunga are heading back to Utah!! Why?! Chunga has become a minister! No really! Have you subscribed to Ronin TV on YouTube yet!?? Did you hear about the “real life mob guy” in the most recent video? More episodes are coming your way this week!PLUS ... the guys have some new Disneyland updates!!! LISTEN NOW!!!

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