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Cars, Comedy & LIfe: #ontheair • J and Nicole Ryan are the husband and wife team who turned a medical diagnosis into their own talkshow from the original David Letterman set! • Late Night Playset! #youtube #podcast #goodvibes

Late Night Playset

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    ZUFFENHAUSEN: Jack Diramarian Scientific Porsche LNP496

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2022 92:21

    Tuesday September 27, 2022 - Guest: Jack Diramarian Here to talk about ZUFFENHAUSEN 3, the upcoming Porsche show at Pasadena City Hall, the mad scientist himself, Jack Diramarian is LIVE in Studio 11.  Questions, comments, peanut gallery below… THANK YOU for being with us

    Saying Goodbye... SONNY & RAJA PUTRO #GVBC - LNP495

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2022 73:20

    Tonight is Tuesday September 20, 2022.     Sadly they can't all be fun and games… tonight's C&C is a heavy one.  We've lost some of our family since we were all together last.  Today our friends were laid to rest so we'll be discussing the sad and tragic events that occurred on Angeles Crest Highway last Friday September 16, 2022.  Tonight we remember and celebrate Sonny and Radja Putro.     J takes us through it all thoughtfully with a heavy heart.  For all the folks who were there and helped out at the scene, we must thank you.  J went through what folks were feeling at the ranch afterwards.  They had no idea that the story had been picked up by the media due to the lack of mobile service up at Newcomb's.  The level of disinformation in some of those stories is astounding, and J carefully corrects some of these narratives.  They then discussed the funeral services and how the Putro family will always be in our hearts.  One of the beautiful things about our little show is that it was born out of community, and the support of that community is a wonderful thing, for the good times, the bad, and the tragic.  THANK YOU for being with us Tonight

    Don't watch this one... absolutely nothing happens

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 93:29

    Tuesday, September 15, 2022 - Guest: The happy, spectacular, fun-time super-community Tonight... a chill catch up show! It's been a while since we've been able to check in with the audience, so tonight is the night we shore that up! That's where you come in! We discuss the new iPhone and explain why Will is now on Camera 1. We catch up with producer Mike and what's happening on The Letterman Podcast before clearing up the verbiage on what constitutes a bonus episode... think it's safe to say everyone agrees to disagree. Then producer Mike turns the tables, interviewing J and Nicole about the big Marconi event and a beautiful discussion unfolds. PLUS: The new Mustang, Electric Dodge Charger and promotions among the production staff here in Studio 11. THANK YOU for watching!

    PINKY and the BRAIN: Rob Paulsen & Fireball Tim LNP493

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2022 87:50

    Tuesday, September 13, 2022 - Guests: Rob Paulson & Fireball Tim First, Happy Anniversary Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Then, artist, author, Keaton-Batmobile-designer, Fireball Tim Lawrence and his pal "Pinky" of Pinky and the Brain himself, voice actor Rob Paulson tag-team a stellar episode! Batmobile and MIGHIGAN hockey get us going, then we bounce around the 500+ animation projects Rob has been part of! We talk about the comic-con convention circuit and some heartfelt memories with enthusiasts they've met. After reminiscing about some of the cars they've owned, we hear some incredible stories from working on Spaceballs with Mel Brooks and Body Double with Brian DePalma. PLUS: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Animaniacs, St Elsewhere & MacGyver... This one moves QUICK. Did we mention new coloring books!?! THANK YOU for watching, liking, subscribing, sharing, WE LOVE YOU!

    CHRISTIAN JAMES HAND: Updates on The Session LNP492

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2022 103:16

    Thursday, September 8, 2022 - Guest: CHRISTIAN JAMES HAND First, Happy 10th Anniversary to Sean Lee's Purist Group... Then... fresh off the Marconi show, this is our first episode back in Studio 11! Christian joins the show right away and we dive right in. He chose radio because you don't get famous. He didn't find music, Music found Him. And why SiriusXM is the Kaiser Permanent of Radio. "The Session" has run it's course... it's time to redirect those efforts. Christian goes deep into how the show changed him. Lots of discussion about Asperger‘s versus Autism and the nuances of autism spectrum disorder. He fills us in on Will Arnett and a future partnership with the "Smartless Podcast Network" - MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS are almost in order. Plus a birthday ECF and a recap of The Marconi Show. THANK YOU for watching!

    ADAM FERRARA & @The Marconi Automotive Museum - LNP491

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2022 104:47

    Thursday September 1, 2022 - Guests: Adam Ferrara, Monique Marconi, John Marconi Our heroes talk about the Marconi Museum Fundraiser event in two days. TWO DAYS?! Holy crap that came quickly. We shoot into Top Gear stories, and Adam has got loads of em. His podcast is going great and he just had James F-ing Burrows on as a guest! After a little more silliness, Monique Marconi joined in. The museum has been around since 1994 in a building which originally housed the Marconi race team and their personal car collections. Monique tells us about the genesis of the foundation and meeting J and Nicole. After some giftage & a little Do Si Do, Adam leaves and John Marconi joins the panel. They go into Marconi racing history, and how philanthropy has always intertwined. He then talks about his history with Volkswagen and some of the crazy tales they have led him to. Personality-wise, John bridges the gap between cars and comedy. But the champion mindset comes from upbringing and it's very clear how he has found the successes he has. Monique runs the museum and is the third generation Marconi to do so. These guys ROCK! Come on out Saturday to Marconi Auto Museum for an awesome show and coms exciting announcements. See ya there! #THANKYOU for watching!

    TOM DREESEN: Late Show Anniversary LNP490

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2022 105:10

    Tuesday, August 30, 2022 - Guest: TOM DREESEN   Happy anniversary to Dave & Co!  29 years ago tonight, the Late Show with David Letterman premiered on the Columbia Broadcast Systems and Tom Dreesen is here to help us celebrate!    Tom's right off the golf course and ready to go another 9 with the Ryans... Did you know he was in Spaceballs?  Yup.  Sinatra stories?  You bet!  Mel Brooks stories?  Oh yeah!  Tom was also in Man in the Moon and regales us with many Andy Kaufman memories.  And don't get him started on the professionalism of Angela Lansbury!  Comedy Store strike and Letterman milestone memories including the cancelation of "The David Letterman  Show."  Tom is one of the greats and we let him know we appreciate him for it.  THANK YOU for watching!  Major gratitude for you all!

    The Crew Show: Everything but the Kitchen Sink - LNP489

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2022 89:13

    Thursday August 25, 2022 - Guest: CREW SHOW Everything but the kitchen sink. If you've wanted to catch up on all the goings on, this is the show to watch. From Doc Severinsen's LAST SHOW this weekend @ Universal Preservation House in Saratoga Springs, NY to the Hello Deli, your ONLY source for OFFICIAL Late Show with David Letterman merchandise ( We tease new projects and we plug Don Giller. Happy Birthday from Great Adventure on ECF and some excellent Viewer Mail. J was down on the pier with Magnus Walker for Mobil 1's Route 66 celebration but don't get him started on "the new DeLorean" ... Plus, have you seen MAVERICK? Holy shit! THANK YOU so much for watching, we love you!

    STEVE O'DONNELL: Late Night Deep Dive LNP488

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 92:11

    Tuesday August 23, 2022 - Guest: STEVE O'DONNELL Legendary comedy writer/producer Steve O'Donnell is here to turn J into Chris Farley... remember that time when? From Merrill Markoe's writing to Letterman's car collection, to Bonnie Hunt, Norm MacDonald, Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Rock, Jane Fonda & more... we cover it all for 90 minutes before tabling the rest of the conversation for Part 2 (coming soon). Steve is hilarious, generous and quite possibly THE most-well-rounded encyclopedia of Late Night comedy knowledge that exists. We discuss visiting the Smithsonian, but Steve belongs in it. Comedy Geeks, this one's for you! THANK YOU for watching, liking, sharing, subscribing etc... WE LOVE YOU!

    HOT WHEELS & The Smoking Tire with VINNY RUSSO - LNP487

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2022 80:08

    Tuesday August 18, 2022 - Guest: Vinny Russo   Vinny Russo from ‘The Smoking Tire' is here to chat HOT WHEELS, LA Auto Show & looking like Mark Wahlberg...  Trivia time: did you know Vinny used to run the board for Casey Kasem and Rick Dees?  It's true!  He's living back in LA because of the Hot Wheels Legends tour...  What's that? Car enthusiasts will wanna know!  The discussion turns to Michael Bay and the vehicles used in Transformers.  Our heroes revel in all the movie cars they have been blessed to see in person.  We find out how Vinny met Matt Farah and how he's involved in the newly-expanded Westside Collector Car Storage... Plus some teases for the 115th annual Los Angeles Auto Show.   We as a collective are very excited to continue promoting the September 3rd LIVE fundraiser at Marconi Auto Museum!  Lots of quality entertainment for a good cause!  Do we put the fun in fundraiser?  You bet we do!  THANK YOU for watching!


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2022 87:41

    Tuesday August 16, 2022 - Guest: Dean Delray Comedian Dean Delray is here with Gertrude the French Bulldog and an epic conversation about comedy began! We learn how and why he started his multiple podcasts... "Let There Be Talk" & ‘the grail' that focuses on craftspeople who make stuff. Dean is on another arena tour with Bill Burr currently and having a ball. And he's a car guy too! Learning about all the best shit from James Bond, Dean ended up becoming a Porsche guy by way of Ferrari, Mopar and Cadillacs. This episode is a phenomenal example of how folks in the comedy world and folks in the car enthusiast world are so tightly connected. Conversation then moved to Gertrude, which a fan gave to Dean and we learn the story. Talk then moves to Late Night, and Dean shares his mutual love for Letterman and Conan and tells the story of his first appearance. After he and Gertie leave, J and Nicole let us know about the amazing LIVE fundraiser event coming up at the Marconi on September 3rd. Sponsor a table and join in on the fun! As always, we appreciate everybody who likes, shares, and subscribes to the show. It's amazing to watch this community grow, and we appreciate every viewer we have. THANK YOU!!

    Luftgekuhlt 8 with Porsche driver PATRICK LONG

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2022 93:39

    Thursday August 11, 2022 - Guest: Patrick Long Retired Porsche factory driver and co-founder of Luftgekuhlt, Patrick Long is here to talk Luftgekuhlt 8, Garage & Social and lots & lots of things he's not supposed to say... TONIGHT, it's a Porsche sexy-time show. How's the last year been? Relaxing. Kinda. Lots of vacation and family time then straight back to his new role as consultant to Porsche Motorsports and Porsche Cars, NA and diving deep into Luft details. The guys discuss LA's car scene and the barrage of events going on... everything, everywhere, all the time. Patrick goes into his history and the chat weaves from racing to the outer car world. His stories have stories we try to discuss his personal Porsche collection but go so deep on the Aubergine 72, there's only time for audience questions. Is there a car with sweet spot for the track to the freeway? What about Garage & Social with Rod Emory? Let's talk about that waaaaay more than we should.

    Building Ghostbusters & Back to the Future with SEAN BISHOP LNP484

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2022 116:19

    Tuesday, August 9, 2022 - Guest: SEAN BISHOP Building the Back to the Future time machine, the Ghostbusters Ecto 1, the Bill Murray Proton Pack, the Bob Gale hoverboard, the Cheers Bar & soooo much more... SEAN BISHOP is here to talk about his latest project (hint, we're going back to the beginning). Oh yeah, and everyone is dressed like a Ghostbuster (except Nicole). There also a hoverboard and hilarious, yet touching stories about Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, Simon Wells, Ernie Hudson & John Ratzenberger. These guys have quite the history... what a great time to start it up again. THANK YOU for watching, subscribing, sharing!

    REGGIE WATTS: Life after Late Late Show? - LNP483

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 88:35

    Thursday August 4, 2022 - Guest: Reggie Watts No time for top of show, Reggie Watts is here, and he's draped in America. What the heck does that mean?? First up, his brand new car! A sweet Adventurine Green @Porsche #992 #911 #Turbo S! Our heroes celebrate the idea of being able to drive to an event, take part in said event, then drive home from the event, all in one car! While born in Stuttgart, Reggie is grateful for all of the amazing opportunities the United States have given him. One of those opportunities is the idea of making an electric, or bad ass Mad Max car out of a Porsche 928. This might actually be a good idea! Segueing to Porsche's Mission R racecar, a short development leads to madness on the track, the insane sounds they are starting to make and speeds they are starting to hit. After a LOT of cars, we accidentally switch to the fun project that was JASH. To this day he's still grateful Sarah Silverman used to bring him edibles. Finally moving to the elephant in the room... the impending end of Late Late Show. We hear Reggie's point of view before J & Mike try to illuminate just how crazy the next year will be will be for him. Luckily Reggie goes with the flow. We are so excited Reggie will be part of the fundraiser event at the Marconi on September 3rd. Reggie hits his hard out but the show continues! We finish with Bikram yoga on East Coast Feed and some Viewer Mail, Letterman Podcast talk and Good Vibes Breakfast etiquette. Let's all keep it classy... in real life AND social media. #THANKYOU


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 99:13

    Tuesday, August 2nd 2022 - Guests: Jonny Lieberman and Misha Mansoor TONIGHT: Let's wing it baby! Coming in hot… with a major announcement! Jonny and Misha are in-studio talking about the new band, and quickly pivoting to BMW's. The guys lament the Bavarian then vs now and where things changed. For those out there waiting for a show focused on cars, this is the one to watch! The car talk is fast and furious. ‘Smell the Belt!!' You heard it here first folks ;) Jonny leaves early for a family movie, but Misha stays, breaking down the process of getting on the VIP McLaren list, and the gang gives Jonny lots of love behind his back. Our heroes then have a seamless conversation spanning supercars to e-trucks, with a dash of musical instruments... J then gives his impressions of the Aston Martin Vantage F1 he had for the week. Misha has his own thoughts. The show finishes with Whatcha Watchin': James Bond edition. As well as Indy Jones and new ILM doc “Light & Magic” Tada! - Come back THURSDAY for Reggie Watts. THANK YOU for watching

    Sex & The Gentleman's Drive: ARIELLE ZADOK - LNP481

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2022 89:01

    Thursday July 28, 2022 - Guest: Arielle Zadok "Babes in Cars" Once again Sean Bishop has disappeared faster than a ghost perused by busters, but he has an excellent reason and never fear! Producer Arielle is here to save the day, flying in from the sky like a vixen superhero! She's also a bonafide Grand Marshall! For what? Gotta tune-in to find out! It's day 3 of the Aston Martin Vantage F1 preview week, and true to British automobile form, the electronics are still on the fritz but J said the superb ride and drive make him keep forgetting to get it fixed! September 3rd at the Marconi is shaping up to be a phenomenal event already! Ticket info next week! THANK YOU for watching, please like, subscribe and share, share, share!

    KETCHUP in the Playset - Cars & Comedy 480

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2022 88:13

    Tuesday July 26, 2022 - Guest: You After a lot of weekend, it's James Bond Tuesday! But only because of the Aston Martin Vantage F1 press car we're driving... we don't really talk about Bond. It's ACTUALLY "What would YOU like to see night?" The show expertly shifts from a hugely successful Avants launch party @ The Petersen to an electronic disagreement with our Aston Martin, as the Ryans have a Vantage F1 for a week; it's exciting, fast, comfortable, and a reviewing pleasure. More to come on that.

    The DeLorean Legacy updates, JZD stories & FUCKMS - LNP478

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2022 94:43

    July 21, 2022 - Guest: KATHRYN DELOREAN - DeLorean Legacy Project TONIGHT: on our most uneven (or well-balanced

    Working on LATE SHOW: with EDDIE BRILL - LNP478

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2022 83:04

    Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - Guest: Eddie Brill LIVE via satellite, longtime Letterman comedy booker & warm up comedian, Eddie Brill is here!  We riffle, we point, we check the weather and play whatcha watchin (Jurassic Park & Fifth Element) and the top of show is over in record time!   Eddie enters, dropping an early bombshell... he worked on Saved By The Bell?!?  He also did the Dana Carvey show, and when that ended Louis CK recommended he go work for Dave.  We cover Sir Paul McCartney, Eddie's friendship and consequent co-host-ship with Neil deGrasse Tyson by way of lots and lots of Letterman.  Stories about Dave, Bill Scheft, Barbara Gaines, Laurie Diamond, Beatles, Hockey & more…  Intricate details about the Ed Sullivan Theater and how going to Emerson is the gateway to Show Business…  THANK YOU for watching!

    Cars & Comedy... This is a Disaster!! #477

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 88:36

    July 14th 2022 - Guest: No one... It's a disaster show. How do you follow greatness? With a total flop. This show was never even on the rails, but it was a lot of fun anyway... Come see why! Don't forget to Like, Subscribe, Share, and leave a Positive comment about the show. We couldn't be more grateful for everyone who supports what we do! THANK YOU for watching!

    TOM DREESEN: Late Night Playset - Cars & Comedy 476

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2022 93:22

    Tuesday July 12, 2022 - Guest: Tom Dreesen Tonight Cars and Comedy races in with a doozy of a guest! Comedy legend Tom Dreesen joins the Late Night Playset to talk about, well, everything! We are excited to announce our first Cars and Comedy LIVE from the Marconi Automotive Museum and it's on September 3rd! J decides to table everything else to Thursday to get our guest in here immediately, resulting in a cavalcade of conversation. But before all that, Tom and Nicole bond over MS, and Tom speaks about his sister who also had the condition. Tom talks about the fundraisers he held for his her and heart-fully let Nicole know how much she inspires him. A must see moment in the show that will warm the hearts of all who see it. Tom expertly talks about his journey with the Jaycees leading to meeting Tim Reid (WKRP in Cincinnati) and forming the first, and last, black and white comedy duo. Next comes the Comedy Store and the Tonight Show, and how that first appearance with Johnny changed Tom's life forever. J and Tom go deep on the philosophy of comedy and how it relates to personal development, envisioning one's goals and being a service to humanity. Letterman and Sinatra stories are next and they came "Fast and Furious." Then somehow J tells Tom the Letterman microphone story and Tom explains why he thinks Dave would've done the same thing... Watch it to believe it folks! Please don't forget to subscribe, like, share, and leave positive comments for the show. THANK YOU for watching!

    REVERSE GEAR: Chris & Misha want Press Cars #475

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 104:10

    Thursday, July 7, 2022 - Guests: Misha Mansoor and Chris Rosales Happy 4th, Kids! We are back with a special double guest episode! Double the guests mean double the mayhem. After talking with Canada Mike about reciprocal National Celebration Long weekends, J reveals he forgot his and Nicole's anniversary. We get an update on Yellowcar 2.0... is it done? Maybe it's done, an east coast feed, and a Nicole update... ultimately, it is agreed that positively no one is perfect, so thanks for being awesome! Then on Whatcha Watchin: The Abyss: SPECIAL EDITION, and "Free Guy", followed by a serious inquiry about streaming censorship. When Misha and Chris join, conversation takes a hard left into cars, cars and more cars. If you represent an automotive manufacturer, THESE GUYS WANT PRESS CARS. Find out why, and what their first one might be... they drove it directly to our studio today and boy do we get an earful. Plus tons of Porsche, McLaren, Honda, Subaru, VW, and lots of OLD-SCHOOL motors like 90's Civic SI's and vintage BMW M. These guys are serious and we're along for the ride. THANK YOU for watching!

    Cars & Comedy / Late Night Playset - LNP474

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 82:15

    Thursday, June 30, 2022 - Guest: the C&C Community! Today is…the nothing show! Turns out it's anything but! There may not be an official guest, but that doesn't mean there aren't things to talk about…lots of things! Producer Mike, J and Nicole talk a little bit about the Letterman Podcast, and then Kat DeLorean showed up! She's wearing a rad ‘Defender' shirt and tells us a historical tale about how John Z DeLorean (and brother) were involved in creating the Malibu Grand Prix go karts OUT OF BRICKLINS! She gives us an update on the DeLeoren legacy project and there are some fantastic things happening! She's setting up a Discord and is loving getting to know everybody and hear their stories! Kat has a delightful energy and vantage point on life and we always love it when she stops by the Playset virtually to share it. Mike talks about the ink on his back that unites J and Kat, we riffle on the weather, get an update on Nicole and much more on this episode of Cars and Comedy! As always, we appreciate every Subscription, Like, Share and Positive Comment we receive. This community is so very special to us, and watching it grow is amazing. Come be a part of it, and bring your friends. #THANKYOU for watching, good vibes for all!

    Late Night Comedy and Magic with GABE ABELSON - LNP473

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 108:21

    Tuesday, June 28, 2022 - GUEST: Gabe Abelson TONIGHT: Writer, director, comedian, mentalist and former head monologue writer for Late Show with David Letterman, GABE ABELSON is here to perform the heck out of the place. Lots of great things happening for the Cars and Comedy Family and we are all excited for what's to come. Diego, the artist known on the Instagram as @theatomicage sent in a beautiful piece of Porsche art called ‘The Happy Meal,' and it's delightful. We talk about what folks are watching in our reoccurring segment, ‘Watchu Watchin,' and discuss the original Top Gun! After the break Gabe enters, talking about current projects and how they have merged with his mentalist society. He regales us with tales of working the luxury cruise circuit as a comic, and what makes a good audience for a mentalist. Gabe gives us a demonstration in mentalism with Nicole and J and it makes us think fondly of Ghostbusters. Gabe shows us the prowess and skills he has by also letting us know how Shrek and Titanic are connected. Tom Green and Norm Macdonald conversation, Letterman cue cards and much more await you for this episode of Cars and Comedy! THANK YOU for watching!

    Building Ghostbusters & Back to the Future with SEAN BISHOP - Cars & Comedy 472

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 101:52

    Thursday, June 23, 2022 - Guest: Sean Bishop It's time to go back in time as Cars and Comedy welcomes back writer/director, voice-talent and J's partner in crazy manufacturing, Sean Bishop! Once upon a time they built a time machine and Ecto-1 together and so much more! Sean is a writer/director, voice talent and all round wonderful person. He's also directing the new Star Trek series and announcing his latest car build series (with J) right here TONIGHT! After some nonsense with Canada Mike, hilarious east coast feeds and a bit of whatchu watchin it's time to get to it! Sean busts onto the scene like doc brown with a bunch of plutonium! After discussion of where and when they met, the Ghostbusters prop talk started. A beautiful reminiscence of cruising surplus stores to make replica movie props and eventually Sean bestows J with a gift. Well, maybe it was J's first but either way, we'll never have to worry about lightening again. So many stories, references and inside jokes filled with life, laugher and love. THANK YOU for watching!

    LIVE HAIRCUT & STANDUP COMEDY - Cars & Comedy 471

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 108:56

    Tuesday, June 21, 2022 - Guest: LIVE Haircut, Damon McCarthy & Stand-up by Rich Chassler HAIRCUT NIGHT! & Rich Chassler's stand up!  It's an unprecedented night of camera angles in the Playset with all the stuff going on.  And the Stiglette is cameraman as well!  He's moving up from Karts to Cars in his racing career, check out ‘The Driven' for more details.  Damon McCarthy is here as well.  Nicole's hair is about to change and it's in Lancel's hands.  What kind of ‘do' will she get?  Tune in to find out!  After an update from Canada Mike about the Letterman Podcast, they discuss the American Office, Newsradio, and Kids in the Hall.  The smile on Nicole's face gets wider and wider as her hair gets cut.  Damon sits down and updates us on his projects as the Stiglette roams with his camera around the Playset.  Rich Chassler, our former comedy booker, emerges from the Green Room to do some stand-up in The Playset!   Please like subscribe, and share all we are doing, and invite people to be part of the cars and comedy community.  THANK YOU for watching!

    MAGNUS WALKER needs YOUR help! - Cars & Comedy 470

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 86:13

    June 16, 2022 - Guest:  Magnus Walker   First an over the top car show @ BMW of Ridgefield, an extended call to Barbara Gaines & @letterman, and Irene Hoffman's cousin buys a Porsche! Then @Magnus Walker joins to talk @rollsroycecars / Bentley etiquette, his book signing at @pikespeakhillclimb, a wonderful discussion about all sorts of cars from all sorts of eras. And a plea for your help: Magnus needs an assistant! How can you apply?? Other People's Porsches is coming soon and the 10 year anniversary of ‘Urban Outlaw” brings a new exhibit to the @petersenmuseum • PLUS: Quite a bit of exclusive "Breaking News!" • Back next week with @porsche racing legend Patrick Long! • THANK YOU for watching!!

    LIFE with The Ryans - Cars & Comedy 469

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 88:50

    Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - Guest: LIFE with The Ryans The show starts off with technical chaos and J is OVER IT! After a GVBC update about the kerfuffle from Friday, J and Nicole set the record straight… and respond to meanness with kindness. Ferris Wheel followup on East Coast Feeds, J plays "How's the Weather?", a Letterman Podcast update and a LOT of LIFE with The Ryans before going DEEP on "Whatcha Watching?" Serious TV/Film reviews... and it's all FREE! By the way our first live show will be at The Marconi Automotive Museum on Sept 3rd! Thursday Magnus Walker is here! Next week Patrick Long, and next month… comedy legend, Tom Dreesen... WITH AN E!! THANK YOU for watching!

    INSIDE OUT - Cars & Comedy in the Late Night Playset #468

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 72:52

    June 9, 2022 - Guest: No guest The unintended Behind the Scenes show... Tonight's guests had to reschedule, but a BTS crew & a serious update from Nicole gives us a strong start... Life with MS is tough and being an advocate is hard. The show and foundation are intended to help those who are suffering and provide illumination for those who support someone who is suffering. Thank you to Nicole for the tears and cheers! Welcome back to Canadian Mike, sponsor our new guest chairs and Auto Kennel joining from a 944turbo, going over the grapevine and losing his transmission! Plus: Ferris wheels, paddle boats & a #TBT from the annual father's day Beverly Hills Concours de Elegance. THANK YOU for watching

    The DeLorean Legacy with KATHRYN DELOREAN Cars & Comedy #467

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 82:53

    Daughter of John Z DeLorean, Kathryn DeLorean is here to talk about the DeLorean car, the DeLorean Legacy and a special announcement for DeLorean fans throughout the Universe… We also get to your questions, comments & personal stories... PLUS: Unboxing the BRUMOS Porsche Collector's Edition from author Sean Cridland & Updates galore... THANK YOU for watching!

    TRANSITIONING... The Disaster Show • Cars & Comedy #466

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 68:41

    June 2, 2022 - Guest: Rusty Shackleford The Disaster Show. They say transitions can be difficult.. Tonight, watch what happens when absolutely nothing goes right. The gang recovers by talking about J on "Chris Jacobs & Greg Grunberg 0-60" and going deep on the new DeLorean with Kat DeLorean... PLUS: News, games and host of "Wake the Kids..." podcast, Rusty Shackleford drops in while driving through Houston Texas in a Kia Sorrento. THANK YOU for watching!

    BIG NEWS... The Final Late Night Playset? • LNP465

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 64:52

    May 31, 2022 - Guest: No guest   The BIG NEWS!  Like a caterpillar metamorphosing from her cocoon,  Late Night Playset is now Cars & Comedy!  J and Nicole lay it all out, including a short retelling of the origin of the yellow car!  The Ryan's never anticipated this was all going to happen, and a lot has evolved since this crazy adventure began so it's time to reorganize!  Cars & Comedy and The Auto Immunity Foundation have some big things coming up • PLUS: The Ryan's play a new game, scratch a lotto ticket and leave a voicemail for @letterman youtube channel, while discussing what makes us all tick.  All this and much more on tonight's episode of Late Night Plays——I mean, Cars and Comedy!  THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!

    Pike's Peak & Miami Grand Prix with Jonny Lieberman & Michael Shaffer LNP463

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 105:02

    May 26, 2022 • Guests: Jonny Lieberman & Michael Shaffer LNP 464! A rare palindrome show! Motor Trend's own editor extraordinaire; Jonny Lieberman has returned! And he brought a friend! Michael Shaffer, better known as #shaffer, world class auto photographer is here too! J and Nicole share about some of the things she is feeling at the moment, yesterday's MRI experience and also give a quick update on the auto immunity foundation. After a quick update from producer Mike about The Letterman Podcast, Jonny and Shaffer jump in the guest seats! They catch Shaffer up as to why the show is called Late Night Playset and it comes out how he actually sold Jonny his soul to drive a Ferrari. Pikes Peak is a month away and the crew discuss preparation and all that still needs to be done. Season 2 of Inevitable is coming back with 24 episodes to be recorded soon! Jonny doesn't listen to auto podcasts-unless Jerry Seinfeld says something nice. Is Spike a better host of a show or guest on a show? Is it true that Johnny bumped Brett Farve from his show? And who is that classy Florida guy standing beside that Lamborghini? Will the Vegas F-1 be the best ever? We talk about all that and much more on this episode of of Late Night Playset! Please Like and Subscribe to the show and tell everyone you did! Inside Jokes: romper room! J showing his sweet behind, street parking everyone, Jimmy from Toluca Lake, full clockwork orange, colonoscopy: get the lower and the upper, Bring the substance or don't bring it at all, the Ferrari lore, what's the trade-in value for a Ferrari soul? One of one 458 Italia, I'm so unvascular, you're just buyin and tradin souls aren't ya? Oui and wii are not the same thing, I don't have a nitrogen bottle, if John Belushi tells ya to take it easy…it's time to take it easy, cars without steering wheels? This is the episode where Nicole tells Jonny to chill, how long is a podcast supposed to be? What did your cousin sell to Ed Low? Motor-trend moves-it just moves slow, everything's a hurdle, Florida cops are nuts, thanks mom, jacked up Geo trackers with the doors off, flat Monaco, repave the strip, always sit in the sports book - they give you be free drinks, who steals a robe? Made possible by: @stclairinsurance #coverageforyourtoys • @series1films #numberone • @autokennel #bettercallpaul • @tlgauto #comeonhome Follow us on Instagram: @jonnylieberman @capitolsunset @latenightplayset @autoimmunityfoundation @newlifeofoldnicole @porschelife111 @goodvibesbreakfastclub #theryans #mrsryan #itstonightsshow #ITS #LNP #classic #latenight #talkshow #podcast #comedy #history #talkshow #podcast #mypodcaststudio #thelettermanpodcast #television #jonnylieberman #pikespeak #capitolsunset #motortrend #lambolove --- Send in a voice message:

    "Who told you to put the balm on?!?" with PHIL MORRIS: Seinfeld's Jackie Chiles • LNP463

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 67:35

    From SeinfeldTV, #GVBC and every single thing on IMDB, actor Phil Morris is LIVE in Studio 11 to talk Cars (he drives an Audi R8) Bosch Legacy (available now on Amazon) and dissecting his iconic Seinfeld character: Jackie Chiles #whotoldyoutoputthebalmon Lots and lots of good vibes! - PLUS: an extended edition of "Getting Real with Nicole" Please subscribe, share and review on iTunes... thank you for watching!

    Dakar Audi & Nissan Z with EMME HALL and SEAN LEE LNP462

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 101:36

    May 19, 2022 - Guests: Emme Hall and Sean Lee Rally racing, Miatas and Dakar AUDI eTron chat with driver, journalist, and self proclaimed rabble-rouser Emme Hall. Did someone say FUN? Then, ten minutes and two days late, Sean Lee shows up with the (adorable, lovable and very fury Ponpon Lee) giving all the nitty-gritty on the New Z. Plus up and comings for the Purist Group and the Gentleman's Ride he's Grand Marshaling this weekend. LOVE this man. LOTS of stories and laughs with these two, PLUS: another edition of GETTING REAL with Nicole. Hope you enjoy… Thanks for watching! Please share. Like. Subscribe. Inside Jokes: open and aware, sweet spots are bad, grazing is out, here comes the halo, ramble ramble ramble, Sean Lee is parking, dreams do come true, 90 pound Volkswagen Mechanic, finishes races in reverse, I don't wanna be the guy that attaches a Log to his car, those are a LOT of buttons, I love winging it, electric pit stop, beautiful dog story, the new Z! Undercuts the supra by 15k, jinx! I get stuck a lot in that stupid car, Life is short – cram it, with age comes the cage, was a morphine man, up with people, I want a dog… Oh, here we go, it's got a donut right inside it, code brown Made possible by: @stclairinsurance #coverageforyourtoys • @autokennel #bettercallpaul • @series1films #numberone • @tlg_auto #comeonhome Follow us on Instagram! @autoimmunityfoundation @porschelife111 @newlifeofoldnicole @latenightplayset @goodvibesbreakfastclub @yeahemme @puristgroup @seanlee768 Hashtags: #latenightplayset #theryans #mrsryan #itstonightsshow #audi #dakar #puristgroup #puristtoydrive #nissanz #mazdaspeed #miata #ITS #LNP #Letterman #latenight #comedy #history #talkshow #podcast #mypodcaststudio --- Send in a voice message:

    SEAN LEE is stuck in the canyons with the New Z - LNP461

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 95:01

    May 17, 2022 - Guest: Sean Lee It's "New Z" night on the Playset and we're spending it with founder of Purist Group and current driver of a brand New Nissan Z... Sean Lee! This was the plan, anyway as Sean ends up getting stuck in the canyons... Does he make it at all? Tune in! In the meantime, the OG Z, Jeff Zwart, chimes in to chat Pike's Peak with Jonny Lieberman, Cam Ingram & Jeri Unser. Go Z team! Zwart Speed! Plus a bit about Ken Block's new HooniPigesus, revealed last night in downtown LA. Entertaiment News: Ozark, The Flight Attendant, and the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial are all discussed while mourning the loss of mindless 90 minute comedies. The Playset community chimes in to discuss funerals, missed connections and so much more. Sometimes when everything goes off the rails, you find yourself in the shit. Hope you enjoy! THURSDAY: Driver Emme Hall will be LIVE in studio. Thank you for watching, please subscribe, follow and share like your life depended on it! I mean... maybe it does, how superstitious are you??? Inside Jokes: Nissan Night? Tedward knows quality programming, where in the world is Sean Lee? Robert Osborn, Everyone Loves Nicole Made possible by: @stclairinsurance #coverageforyourtoys • @autokennel #bettercallpaul • @series1films #numberone • @tlg_auto #comeonhome Follow us on Instagram! @autoimmunityfoundation @porschelife111 @newlifeofoldnicole @latenightplayset @goodvibesbreakfastclub @puristgroup @seanlee768 Hashtags: #stclairinsurance #coverageforyourtoys @autokennel #series1films #bettercallpaul #theryans #mrsryan #itstonightsshow #puristgroup #nissanz #ozark #johnnydepp #amber-heard #ITS #LNP #Letterman #latenight #comedy #history #talkshow #podcast #mypodcaststudio --- Send in a voice message:

    The Letterman Podcast host Mike Chisholm: LIVE in Studio 11 • LNP460

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 103:26

    Host of “The Letterman Podcast” Mike Chisholm is south of the border to visit us LIVE. He's also in town to see Letterman @ Netflix. Geek time. Questions, comments, ridicule below, we'll get to them LIVE on the show #thankyou

    The Letterman Bumpers: with MARC KARZEN LNP459

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 87:53

    Tuesday, May 3, 2022 - Guest: Marc Karzen Tonight kicks off a week of Letterman-centric proportions as we welcome a man responsible for the visual tone of Late Night with David Letterman, and author of the coffee table book ‘Late Night Bumpers (with forward by David Letterman)” -- Marc Karzen is here! - It also happens to be Amusement Park night as ECF is @ Six Flags Great Adventure & Producer Mike checks in from Disneyland as we get to watch him experience Star Wars Land for the very first time. Plus: a favor regarding folks who visit GVBC - Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe and share the show! - Producer Mike Inside Jokes: Producer Mike is away, time to play Hashtags: #stclairinsurance #coverageforyourtoys @autokennel #series1films #bettercallpaul #theryans #mrsryan #itstonightsshow #Letterman #lettermanbumpers #marckarzen Follow us on Instagram! @autoimmunityfoundation @porschelife111 @newlifeofoldnicole @latenightplayset @goodvibesbreakfastclub @thelettermanpodcast @marckarzen @lettermanbumpers --- Send in a voice message:

    Chris has a camera and automotive opinions: Chris Rosales LNP458

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 90:00

    TONIGHT: Gobs and gobs of car talk with Chris Rosales, better known as @chrishasacamera - Are any mods off limits? Not in this house! J recounts his adventure at Paul McCarthy's production fabrication warehouse/home to the arc of the covenant! Producer Mike gives us an update on "The Letterman Podcast" and his upcoming LA trip where he'll be here in-person. After the break Chis joins the panel, discussing his car history, buying, dissecting and all the joy they bring! Writing about cars is Chris's passion and number one skill. His gratitude is immense and the velocity is just ramping up. The panel discuss how much better life is when active listening is a focus. PSA: Remember, when you get the check coolant warning, check the coolant. Breaking news! James Cordin is leaving the Late Late Show in 2023! All that and more... Thank you for watching!!! Don't forget to subscribe and share

    THAT WAS YOU??? The Carson Podcast with MARK MALKOFF LNP457

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 96:03

    Guest: Mark Malkoff Description of events (blurb): Stand up, host of ‘The Carson Podcast', and comedy provocateur Mark Malkoff comes to the Playset to talk all things Late Night! The Ryan's discuss weed etiquette and how they clearly have no clue how it all works, Nicole feeling a little better, and show a special #TBT #GVBC memory. They discuss supporting The Stiglette at Porsche Irvine at ‘The Driven' event this upcoming Saturday, and how simultaneously Mark will be hosting ‘The Carson Podcast' in the presence of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show set! Mark joins the panel quickly and this very special show kicks into high gear. J invited Mark to be on the show back in 2018, and it was certainly worth the wait. They start with how Mark ended up working for David Letterman, how he would warm up the audience back then, Dave's assistant Rose, and the time Mark and J talked on the phone decades ago, which is a cr-A-zy story! They reminisce about working for Conan in the early days and his ascent to greatness. Malkoff goes into how he began the Carson Podcast and how many people were excited to talk about their love for Johnny. If you like Late Night television history, you will watch this episode over and over! Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to the show! - Producer Mike Thank you!!!

    Inside The BIG Thing: with Magnus Walker LNP456

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 87:35

    Guest: Magnus Walker Description of events (blurb): The man, the myth, the legend, Magnus Walker has braved traffic and returned to the Playset with his enthusiasm, smooth accent and fluffed beard! The Ryan's talk about The Drive, the Porsche Irvine event in the name of the Stiglette happening on Saturday, and Nicole tells us about retraining her MS brain and body. Magnus thanks J for being such a big part of The Big Thing, and talks about the parts of the show he loves, and the complexities of editing and putting it all together. Continuity of the drive is the key to making an effective show. Running out of fuel at the track, the breakdown becoming part of the story, being able to adapt to the environment, and how the stars align and questions from IG and YouTube are just a small part of tonight's episode of Late Night Playset! Don't forget to subscribe and share! Inside Jokes: Fluff that beard, Skywalker og, Moonfall, The Driven for the Stiglette, Say hi for nicole cause she can't do it ;) 4 different editors, terabyte of footage, Ford vs Ferrari, editing is the key, ya gotta enjoy what you do, magic happens at the punchy time, salvation mountain is where Trevor lives, urban outlaw is 10! You can't just fill a pond with a hose, mindset like Motörhead, DRT is great Hashtags: #stclairinsurance #coverageforyourtoys @autokennel #series1films #bettercallpaul #theryans #mrsryan #itstonightsshow #fluffedbeard #magnuswalker #theoutlaw #helikesawalkon #magnusinasantahat #communicationisthekey #koiandgoldfish Follow us on Instagram! @autoimmunityfoundation @porschelife111 @newlifeofoldnicole @latenightplayset @goodvibesbreakfastclub @magnuswalker --- Send in a voice message:

    New Chairs, Another Podcast & Native 4 Films LNP455

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 87:06

    Tradecraft Thursday begins the Playset and for that, we are grateful... On tonight's show we start by talking about an uncomfortable subject, and are going to wait and see before we pass any judgements. The Ryans and Producer Mike talk about the closing down of The Carson Podcast and the possibility of a Letterman podcast network moving forward. Dilan and Cameron join the panel to talk about the films they have released lately, with clips and exclusive stories. They open up about their work ethic, and how they evoke emotion in all their car related films. What makes a good car film? These guys know! The Late Night Playset is really taking off, please subscribe, share, and become part of the community; there's plenty of room! Inside Jokes: nascar was surprisingly fun, drifting GTO's, cannon ball into the Porsche community, the R words we can't say anymore, tyres with a y, the spine of the film, so,times the forest is closed, mapping shots with a sundial, Hashtags: #stclairinsurance #coverageforyourtoys @autokennel #bettercallpaul#series1films #number1 #theryans #mrsryan #itstonightsshow #autoimmunityfoundation #native4 #hoodies #dilanmistry #cameronthuman #omaze #gto #lariver #magnuswalker #tradecraftthursday #learnfrommistakes Follow us on Instagram! @autoimmunityfoundation @porschelife111 @newlifeofoldnicole @latenightplayset @goodvibesbreakfastclub @dilanmistry --- Send in a voice message:

    Happy Birthday Dave! with The Stiglette LNP454

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 76:42

    Description of events (blurb): The prodigal son returns! Former Late Night Playset intern Joey ‘The Stiglette' Andrews comes back to the show for the first time in a while, to make an exciting announcement! The Ryan's and Producer Mike talk about how we feel when celebs we appreciate pass on, like Louie Anderson, Bob Saget, and Gilbert Gottfried. It's also David Letterman's birthday! After the commercial great ‘The Stiglette' joins the panel and announces his intention to move up in his racing career from kart to car. He wants to spread the word of driving and racing to the younger generations; the automotive community is a place that anyone can be involved with in all sorts of ways. An inspiration in work ethic, Joey juggles his kart racing, his YouTube video shooting/editing with having a life as well, while nurturing his aspirations to get into Formula 1. Come on by and be part of the Late Night Playset community! Inside Jokes: Happy Da! Let's play the feud! Ronnie's block party, having time to daydream is a good thing, he even brought a clip! Final destination style, Back on Thursday with the mystery theater guys! Hashtags: #stclairinsurance #coverageforyourtoys @autokennel #series1films #bettercallpaul #theryans #mrsryan #itstonightsshow #formerinternmakesgood @thestiglette #happybirthdaydave #bubbles #stigletteexpress #strippeddownboxster #youcandothis Follow us on Instagram! @autoimmunityfoundation @porschelife111 @newlifeofoldnicole @shazamike @latenightplayset @goodvibesbreakfastclub --- Send in a voice message:

    What would you like to see? Don't say Reggie Watts!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 96:01

    Reggie Watts had to reschedule, leading to very good things... the gang gets existential deciding who should be on the show, what's to come and DEEP inside Hollywood what you think you know vs what you actually know. DEEEP. Plus: Updates on The Letterman Podcast and how hard is it to book The Amazing Kreskin? Come on in and join the fun, and become a member of the LNP family. Hope you enjoy... Love one another!

    The Letterman Podcast: It's a Group Hang, Man... LNP452

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 73:42

    The Ryans are kicking back in the Playset to take a breather between guests and check in, with Producer Ariel and Producer Mike wishing they were there too! We talk more about the Will Smith incident and the culture in Hollywood, as well as Mrs Ryan's pro-take on the situation. Producer Mike starting the Letterman Podcast, transcendental meditation, and Nicole's reflection on life now vs then are just a few of the topics covered on tonight's show. Come be a part of the Late Night Playset Community! Hope you enjoy... Love one another!

    Saving (and storing) Television History with James Comisar LNP451

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 127:55

    LIVE from Studio 11… the curator of TV history, James Comisar is talking about his collection, how Johnny Carson gave him The Tonight Show set and what he had to do to get the original Late Night set! Plus, Mad Men, H.R. Pufnstuf, a thirty year mystery solved and gifts galore! We have a new winner for longest episode, hope you enjoy... Love one another!

    Smack heard 'round the world: Oscars and BMW with MANUEL CARRILLO LNP450

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 72:48

    From Seduced by Speed on Motor Trend, Manuel Carrillo III is here. Officially, we're talking BMW, but #holycrap @Will Smith & @chrisrock ... hard not to talk about it. Plus: in depth on the new i440 M-sport and updates galore. Hope you enjoy! Love one another!

    Art Car reveal with "Pinstripe" Chris Dunlop LNP449

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 82:03

    Pinstripe Chris stops by the Playset to talk Ferrari & Art Cars. From the finer points of 30 year old Ferrari ownership, the customizations of shift points, and other granular details... to the big reveal of the latest Pinstripe Chris art car -- a miniature, hand-painted Yellowcar! Plus, Producer Mike's round of questioning & the birthday boy, Reggie Watts checks in... from an airplane! Hope you enjoy! Love one another!

    WILD N OUT with NILE EVANS @ Late Night Playset LNP448

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 91:42

    SUCCESS, CARS & MINDFUL, MID-CENTURY LIVING: Nile Evans drops by the Playset to share his incredible story... Mentored by Uncle Bentley, Nile left school to pursue his dream of being in the entertainment business. After years of grunt work & setbacks... Enter Nile's partner in crime, Nick Cannon to offer Nile a ride he is still on today. Nile and J talk about show-running, cars, future projects, and then things get philosophical as the conversation shifts to manifesting one's dreams... A must watch! PLUS: Canadian Mike & The Foundation!! Hope you enjoy! Love one another!

    LOVING LETTERMAN: ode to Worldwide PANTS • LNP446

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 79:03

    LOVING LETTERMAN… Lots of Dave related news lately… some affecting this very podcast. This show is dedicated to Worldwide Pants Inc. Here's to doing something together soon! #thanksdave @letterman

    The one about Will's Bring a Trailer purchase • '70 Porsche 911T • LNP447

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 81:42

    From Raiden Motors, William Benedict III stops by the Playset to talk about his transition to Los Angeles, the cars he's owned & loved, comedy and his journey building his current 911. Also, Reggie Watts calls in to say Will is funny AF. Plus Producer Mike LIVE from Canada. Hope you enjoy! Love one another!

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