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Opinion and analysis of Oklahoma Sooners football from the viewpoints of a local media member and an OU fan living outside The Sooner State. New episodes every Monday and Thursday during football season.

Lee & Grant Benson

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    Ep. 208 - OU's Walk-Off Win Overshadowed by More Poor Offensive Play

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2021 47:02

    No opening take. We begin by praising Gabe Brkic's game-winning field goal and and revisiting all the bad omens that cropped up last week (1:30). Lee says his thoughts on OU football haven't changed following the win over West Virginia. Grant also adds his first thoughts on the close win (7:20). The OU students wanted Caleb Williams, and at other times in the game the whole crowed booed the Sooners. Lincoln Riley reacts to that (17:10). Spencer Rattler played well at the end of the game, but why can't he look like that all the time? OU's offense continues to struggle creating explosive plays. Lee's shocked at how Rattler's looked so far this season compared to what we saw in 2020 (22:00). Rattler was asked about the fans calling for Caleb Williams and the boos. Lee doesn't really have a problem with what the fans did. And hey there's a lot of chaos happening in college football and OU continues to be unbeaten (30:15). All OU fans want is more consistency from the offense. It's a cliche, but these tough times could help them down the line when the Sooners hopefully peak. And some final thoughts on the OU defense, plus Lee thought Casey Thompson looked really good against Texas Tech (39:30). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 207 - Rattler Responds to Criticism Ahead of Big 12 Opener

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 101:03

    In the opening take, Lee provides evidence showing this is the worst OU offense (through 3 games) since Lincoln Riley got to campus. Then Grant joins as the guys briefly discuss their love for junk food, before they get to the Sooners current injury situation involving Billy Bowman, Woodi Washington, and Danny Stutsman (6:50). Lee may be overthinking a recent message by Lincoln Riley (13:10). Okay, so Spencer Rattler commented about the criticism he's gotten recently... and both guys don't think it sounded very good (20:00). Lee lied about being super excited about watching West Virginia tape. But Grant did plenty of research and fills us in on what to expect from the Mountaineers (32:30). OU's a 17-point favorite. Who in their right mind would lay points with the Sooners right now? Also, did Grant absolutley jinx OU (1:00:50)? We take a look at the Big 12 schedule this upcoming weekend (1:09:15). We finish the show up with our 5 picks of the week Notre Dame/Wisconsin, Texas A&M/Arkansas, Nebraska/Michigan State, Clemson/NC State, and OSU/Kansas State. And we also discuss the weirdness of college football where a lot of the elite teams are not looking as good as usual, plus Lee brings up some fan bases who are super excited right now (1:12:30).

    Ep. 206 - The Sooners Are 3-0, But How Good Are They?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 71:40

    No opening take. The guys begin with their overall thoughts on the state of the Sooners. In a shocking twist, Grant is much more optimistic than Lee (2:05). Lee is bothered by all the offseason talk that now seems to be a lot of BS, especially when it comes to the depth and talent in this program. There's also much more defense talk. Lee is afraid high level offensive coaches will find out how to scheme up wins against OU's defense (11:00). Okay let's get into Spencer Rattler. Lincoln Riley doesn't seem too concerned. Something is off, what's going on? How much are the Sooners missing Rhamondre Stevenson (30:10)? Rattler didn't get much help by his RBs failing to pick up blitzes and Lee noticed two separate plays that showcased the importance of perimeter blocking (49:25). We drive home OU's offensive problems, but Grant wants us to remember the sky is not falling and then we finish up with your "3 word reviews" (53:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 205 - Will OU Be Fully Prepared and Focused For Nebraska?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 84:26

    No opening take today. Both guys have had an unusual week of podcast prep but we bring you the best we've got of OU-Nebraska preview coverage beginning with our thoughts on the Nebraska offense facing off against OU's defense. Lee is much higher on Adrian Martinez than Grant (3:00). Is Lee crazy for thinking Adrian Martinez would be a great fit in the Ravens offense (13:40)? Grant's got some interesting stats that highlight Nebraska's offensive line problems. OU's D-Line is a distinct advantage in the trenches (17:45). The Huskers have a limited amount of weapons on offense (21:25). Will Adrian Martinez and Scott Frost have answers for Alex Grinch's defense? Is OU's defense predictable for opponents (25:35)? Will Billy Bowman play? Woodi Washington is "doubtful" to play. What will the Sooners' secondary look like (30:00)? Grant says Nebraska's defense is the strength of their team. But OU's offense has more talent and Lee says running the football well is simply the key to winning this game without much problem (35:00). The Huskers are aggressive on defense and have the potential to get physical and make Spencer Rattler uncomfortable early on, just like Tulane did (41:05). Grant tells you what he wants to see happen Saturday (44:45) then Lee tells you what he wants to see beginning with something he liked from Jeremiah Hall this week. And will OU's "GT Counter" play work against Nebraska (47:40)? Lee tells you what he thinks the film tells us will happen Saturday, and Grant also gives his game predction (56:35). What's the deal with West Virginia being favored over No. 15 Va Tech? K-State hosts Nevada this week. Big 12 play begins for Baylor and Kansas. Do you have the guts to take the Jayhawks (1:04:00)? The Casey Thompson era begins for Texas. Grant's got some thoughts on Steve Sarkisian and Texas (1:07:25). OSU's at Boise State and will this be one of those games where Mike Gundy surprises a bunch of people as an underdog? And Iowa State's playing in Vegas (1:11:30). We finish up with some picks on the biggest games of the week. Michigan State-Miami/Alabama-Florida/Auburn-Penn State/Arizona State-BYU/Tulane-Ole Miss (1:14:00) | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 204 - OU Keeps Its Word, Crushes the Catamounts

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 47:54

    In the opening take, Lee was impressed by the scene Saturday at Memorial Stadium. Then Grant joins to describe Week 2 of college football "take a breath Saturday". Then the guys give their biggest takeaways from OU-Western Carolina on the offensive side of the ball (3:30). Over to what the defense looked like Saturday (16:20). We check out "3 word reviews" (27:25). Grant explains in depth why he's calling Saturday "Take a breath Saturday" (34:00). Finally, Lee gives Grant the floor so he can gloat about Iowa beating Iowa State yet again (42:20). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 203 - Spencer Rattler, Playing 4 Quarters, and a Mixed Message on Defense

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 107:18

    In the opening take, Grant provides more thoughts on OU-Tulane after completing his re-watch. Then Lee joins as Grant calls Jalen Hurts underrated, which leads to a debate about Hurts' effectiveness at OU -- which then leads to a discussion about Spencer Rattler's play so far at OU (4:30). Lee thinks the Tulane game is part of a trend of Rattler underestimating teams that aren't supposed to pose much of a threat to OU (12:40). Lee goes through what he likes about Rattler, and then what he doesn't like about Rattler (14:10). Lee's not sure if Rattler has the full "buy in" from his teammates after listening to a recent comment from Lincoln Riley about leadership (18:20). Riley said his team may have bought in to the preseason hype. The main goal now is to play a full 60 minutes and Lee asked Riley how they can work on that in practice (24:30). Over to the defense. Riley and Alex Grinch explain why they played so many guys on defense Saturday. Upon review, the guys didn't think the mass substitutions and constant rotation was that big of deal. Also, we found out which players Grinch believes are the true starting 11 (32:00). Tulane's offensive gameplan will likely be mimicked by other teams this season. Get the ball out quickly, neutralize OU's pass rush. What can OU do to prevent teams from hitting the quick passing game (40:20)? Lee noticed some inconsistencies in defensive messaging after the Tulane game. Lee questions Grinch's messaging strategy. Also, this strategy directly leads to David Ugwoegbu being hung out to dry when he was answering questions from the media. Lee hopes we are not about to embark on a season where the defense tells us they're really good, but the evidence on the field does not show that (43:25). It sounds like the Shane Whitter hype was a bit premature (56:20). Grant wants a lot more from DaShaun White. Grinch said he believes the play of the linebackers will get much better (58:00). Grant briefs us on Western Carollina (1:00:00). The guys say what they want to see from the Sooners on Saturday (1:05:50). We go to the "West of Everest" Facebook page for comments and questions (1:09:00). Let's take a look at the Big 12 schedule this week and comment where appropriate about how these teams played in Week 1, and what to expect in Week 2 (1:20:20). We get to the 5 biggest games of the week and make our picks. Ohio State-Oregon/Iowa State-Iowa/Texas-Arkansas/Washington-Michigan/Utah-BYU and Grant has some thoughts on that UCLA-LSU game (1:28:10). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 202 - OU Takes the 2nd Half Off, Nearly Loses to Tulane

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2021 110:56

    In the opening take, Lee goes back through the Lincoln Riley era and points out all the times the Sooners have struggled as a massive betting favorites. Then Grant joins as the guys give their initial thoughts on the Tulane game. Grant says OU looks to be a mentally weak football team (5:40). Tulane's offense gave OU problems for most of the game. Bizarrely, OU's best offensive players mostly didn't do anything in 2020 (17:40). Lee tries to get into some of the good things we saw from the defense Saturday (26:10). Grant says he thought Tulane's defense tackled better than OU's defense. Lee thinks back to some comments last week from Pat Fields that may have foreshadowed Saturday's performance (31:00). Grant says it didn't look like OU's defense made any adjustments. Do we think this is a historical problem (36:00)? Grant gives his tentative grades for OU's safeties. Lee points out a couple of passes that OU DBs could have and should have intercepted (43:15). Defensive rotations became a hot topic on message boards. Was OU subbing too much (46:50)? Lee brings up a couple of young guys on defense that stood out to him through his camera lens. Plus more Grant ranting on the OU defense. Also, we see teams like Alabama, Georgia, and Clemson who have zero issues with defense -- yet OU always does (55:30). Let's talk offense, beginning with Spencer Rattler's game. Grant says he looked a lot like he did in 2020 and hasn't improved much at all (1:00:05). Why couldn't OU stretch the field, and what was up with OU's running game (1:06:20)? Mario Williams dropped a TD pass right in front of Lee. Plus we talk more about the WRs (1:13:00). Thoughts on the offensive line (1:14:50). Rattler said Tulane wanted to win the game more than OU. The guys can't wrap their head around that statement (1:17:15). OU's offense settled for field goals after back-to-back takeaways. That is unacceptable (1:24:20). Lee provides a little different perspective on Gabe Brkic (1:27:25). Grant has some final, strong thoughts about Spencer Rattler. The guys also debate the effectiveness of Jalen Hurts for some reason (1:29:05). You all gave us a ton of "3 word reviews" on the Facebook page as well as Twitter (1:33:40). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 201 - OU Welcomes Tulane for an Unexpected Home Opener

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 116:59

    In the opening take, Grant applauds OU and Tulane for making sure the game is happening this weekend. Then Lee joins to discuss the worsening OU running backs situation. What does this do to OU's offense? Will other players switch positions to RB (7:50)? It's been reported that Theo Wease is injured (16:20). Lincoln Riley told us who was going to be playing on the O-Line this Saturday. Then a day later, the depth chart came out with at least one puzzling designation (20:10). Alex Grinch maintains that 8 players will get snaps on the inside of the D-Line and also that 6 different players will get snaps on the edge. Also we take a look at the Front 7 depth chart (29:15). Grant says the most interesting part of the depth chart is the secondary. Are we ready for a potential Justin Broiles revival? Has Lee overstated the potential impact of Key Lawrence (34:30)? Billy Bowman's listed with Jeremiah Criddell starting at the Nickel spot. Grant asks "is Billy Bowman what everyone thought Bookie was going to be?" (41:05). We jump into the OU-Tulane preview. Tulane's defense was dreadful against the pass in 2020. The Green Wave have a few pretty good players returning, but the Sooners' offense should be able to do whatever it wants (44:55). Tulane's offense scored a lot of points in 2020 and 10 starters return including QB Michael Pratt. A new Offensive Coordinator makes things a bit interesting. Pass protection was a problem for Tulane, but Grant tells us that they've got a pretty good offense that should be a nice early test for OU (56:50). The guys tell you what they want to see happen this Saturday. Lee focuses mostly on Spencer Rattler, while Grant provides more details from both sides of the ball (1:09:20). Making sure we mention that Tulane QB Pratt seems to be somewhat turnover prone (1:15:20). Finally, we make our OU-Tulane predictions (1:16:55). From here, we take a look at all the games featuring Big 12 teams in Week 1. K-State v Stanford is interesting. How is Stanford so bad all of a sudden? And Grant wants to know why this game is happening in Arlington (1:22:15)? West Virginia opens up at Maryland, which could be kinda interesting. Iowa State hosts Northern Iowa, which always seems to push ISU (1:26:55). Grant really like Texas hosting Louisiana. Lee's not sure what to think of this one (1:30:30). Texas Tech takes on Houston, OSU hosts Missouri State, Baylor is at Texas State, and TCU hosts Duquesne (1:32:45). Lee asks Grant if he wants to change his mind about Nebraska? Did Bret Bielema get a raw deal at Arkansas (1:36:00)? We close the show by making picks on the 5 biggest games of the week: Penn State at Wisconsin/Alabama v Miami/Indiana at Iowa/Georgia v Clemson/LSU at UCLA (1:39:40). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 200 - It's the 2021 Big Season Preview. Emphasis on "BIG"

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 175:03

    **NOTE: we recorded before we found out Marcus Major was ineligible -- but it shouldn't really change anything we said** -- In the opening take, Lee recently learned a little something about Cover-2 from an expert on the subject. Then Grant joins to tell the story about how Florida fans attacked him on Twitter one time. Followed by a few thoughts on Andrew Raym being incredibly confident (11:45). Time for the "Big Season Preview" -- who will be OU's leading rusher in 2021? And aside from those two, who else will have the most impact at RB (16:00)? What about OU's leading pass catcher in 2021 (32:30)? Grant feels really good about DTY leading the team in tackles -- Lee disagrees (40:20). Nik Bonitto's probably gonna lead OU in sacks in 2021, so Grant wants to know if it's crazy wonder if the Sooners can get to 60 sacks as team (44:30)? The guys both cheat when picking the most important offensive player besides Spencer Rattler (52:15). Lee has an off the wall pick for most important defensive player (59:55). Let's talk sleeper impact players, beginning with the offense. And we're not allowed to pick any true freshmen (1:04:20). Lee builds up his sleeper impact defensive player before realizing he's thinking about a different category later in the show. But hey Lee's pretty confident in this sleeper pick, though (1:09:00). Mario Williams is the easy answer for true freshman offensive impact player (1:15:25). This has been the moment Lee's been teasing all show -- who will be the true freshman player who will have the most impact on defense (1:17:55). Grant says West Virginia could be a trap game on OU's schedule -- Lee agrees, but doesn't think OU has a true trap game. Grant thinks Nebraska could sneak up on the Sooners (1:24:30). Okay, time to get a little negative. What is the worst case scenario for OU football in 2021? If OU lost Rattler for an extended period of time, could Caleb Williams keep OU afloat (1:36:15)? Time to pull out the Crimson & Cream glasses as we give you realistic Best Case Scenarios for the Sooners (1:42:00). Lee has a boring take on OU's regular season record, while Grant swings for the fences (1:47:20). Grant says TCU will be better than people think. Lee is picking K-State as the Big 12's underrated team (1:52:45). Grant takes a lot of joy in telling us that Iowa State is overrated. Lee somewhat agrees, but thinks Texas is more overrated than ISU (1:58:30). Lee's going chalk for the Big 12 Championship Game -- Grant has a different pairing. Also Lee thinks Mike Gundy seems unusually happy and positive about his team (2:05:50). Let's look around college football for some overrated teams. The guys both agree Texas A&M is overvalued (2:09:15). Lee thinks a couple of Pac 12 teams are underrated. Meanwhile Grant says Iowa is really underrated (2:16:20). We try to make our Heisman predictions quick (2:22:45). Time to pick each Power 5 Conference Champ in this order -- Big 12, ACC, Big Ten, SEC, Pac 12. Grant loves Wisconsin, Lee doesn't. Alabama's schedule is a little trickier at the start than usual. Is UCLA potentially underrated? And somehow both guys picked the same team to win the Pac 12 (2:25:40). We make our College Football Playoff Predictions, and then Lee follows the rules of the podcast for his National Champion prediction. Grant goes a different direction (2:42:30). We finally wrap up this absurdly long podcast as we look towards to Week Zero and Tulane prep next week (2:50:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 199 - Practice Takeaways + News & Notes

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 76:58

    In the opening take, Grant talks about how he spent the whole weekend watching games from OU's 1985 season. Then Lee joins to provide an update on what to expect from the next couple of episodes. Lee shares what he saw at practice Tuesday morning and we try to figure out how and why college football players these days are allowed to cut up their practice pants (9:00). More practice thoughts from Lee including his thoughts on Austin Stogner, Jaden Haselwood, and Mike Woods (13:45). The Sooners scrimmage Sunday night and Lincoln Riley tells us all about it (18:20). Riley said something about the offensive line that got Lee's attention -- so we dissect every word of it because this is an OU Football podcast. Also, everyone loves Perrion Winfrey (24:40). Danny Stutsman time. Let's hear what Brian Odom has to say about the true freshman (35:05). How quickly is Tre Bradford going to be able to contribute at RB? And DeMarco Murray calls Creed Humphrey the 3rd most athletic offensive lineman he's ever seen (39:00). Roy Manning provided a humorous update on Justin Harrington which leads to Grant questioning the honesty of the OU coaching staff. Who are the corners that are going to play this fall (42:25)? Why is Harrington playing corner when there seems to be more of a depth concern at safety (49:25)? Going to the "West of Everest" Facebook Page to talk about OU losing a recent commitment. Grant's got this one (57:00). Will Jalen Redmond start? And brief discussions about the secondary that we will expand on next show (1:03:00). Finally, we take a look at OU being No. 2 in the AP Poll and "The Athletic" puts out a comical preseason All-American team (1:08:15). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 198 - Fall Camp is Here and Bill Bedenbaugh is Very Happy

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 79:29

    In the opening take, Lee thinks the national media will give OU the benefit of the doubt right now -- but that's not going to last long. Then Grant joins to talk about how he's way more excited for football than he was last season. Also Lee talks about going to OU practice Tuesday morning, and is it just us or has OU's social media been putting out way more videos than usual (4:05)? It looks like some guys are much bigger and the Sooners decided to put a very large person in No. 44 this year (13:15). Bill Bedenbaugh talks Andrew Raym -- and he might be really, really good. Plus, Bedenbaugh couldn't be more pleased with where is O-Line group is through 4 days of fall camp (16:35). Grant has a story about the 2008 OU football team being a National Championship contender that makes him think of the current team (25:50). More news and notes from the offensive line. Who's playing where (34:30)? Theo Wease, Jadon Haselwood, and Austin Stogner are all healthy and good to go (36:20). Grant liked what Marvin Mims had to say on Media Day about the depth of pass catchers on OU. Grant says the ceiling of this offense is absurd (40:15). Mike Woods is expected to be an immediate impact player (43:30). Alex Grinch's Media Day press conference was kind of boring, but he did say one thing that caught our attention. Get ready for a long talk about the "unique depth" on the Sooners' D-Line (45:40). Grant predicted when OU/Texas would officially announce they were heading to the SEC. And we begin with a listener question about OU's first opponent Tulane, and when the Sooners will "change the narrative" that they're not good enough for the SEC (53:55)? Another listener wants to know if OU fans will ever chant "SEC!" (1:01:10)? Another listener wants to know if the SEC will do Divisions or "Pods" when OU and Texas join? Grant wants A&M to be in the same pod as OU and Texas, but Lee understands why they may mix those teams up (1:05:55). At the end Lee mentions a recent story about "pausing" CFP expansion and Grant gets on his soap box about games being scheduled 20 years in the future (1:15:30). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 197 - The Most Interesting Storylines Entering OU Fall Camp

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 59:02

    In the opening take, Grant says so much has changed about college football in the last year and he's more than ready to jump into another season. Then Lee joins as Grant gives him some knowledge about OU football from the early to mid 2010s (6:00). We jump into what we think are the most interesting Fall Camp storylines. If we could follow just one storyline from now until Week 1, which storyline would it be (10:35)? Honorable mention Fall Camp storylines as we talk running backs, wide receivers, defensive backs and more (23:30)! Next, we predict an unexpected player who will be receiving "buzz" from the coaching staff 3-4 weeks from now (36:35). The guys tell you which position group/player everybody will be watching the first time we're allowed to go to practice this fall (47:30). Which presumed starter would you be least surprised to see lose their job in Fall Camp? Lee also runs down some of his grades from his 2019 and 2020 DB rewatch (50:10). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 196 - OU Can Maximize its Football Program in the SEC

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 98:34

    In the opening take, Lee says whenever Oklahoma joins the SEC the Sooners will be entering a new conference feeling like underdogs. Then Grant joins to briefly talk about our recent trip out West, before getting into what you all care about and that's the OU/Texas to the SEC news. Were we shocked? How did we find out? What are our initial thoughts on this news (7:30)? Grant is confident that OU and Texas will be playing in the SEC in 2022 (19:20). Grant says this has been one of the most entertainig sports stories of his lifetime and he's fired up that OU can potentially maximize its program in the SEC. We explain why this move is great for OU and we look back a little bit to when Texas A&M and Missouri jumped to the SEC (23:20). Sure, OU is gonna make more money in the SEC, but where does that money go? Grant has some ideas (34:40). More players from the SEC get drafted than any other conference. Lee looks back at how OU stacks up to the rest of the SEC in drafted players over the last 4 years. You think OU will recruit better and get more players drafted playing in the SEC (38:00)? Does Grant agree with Lee's opening take about OU entering the SEC feeling like underdogs? What is the national media saying about OU and Texas joining the SEC? Can OU continue offensive success in the SEC, and can they figure out defense in the SEC (44:00)? More on the national media's thoughts on this story. Grant says he's heard a lot of lazy takes (52:20). Jimbo Fisher and Eli Drinkwitz had comments about OU and Texas last week at SEC Media Days (59:35). Let's all pile on Dennis Dodd for his stupid comments at SEC Media Days, and Grant briefly mentions a puzzling Stew Mandel column. Plus if OU/Texas move to the SEC by 2022, does that signal that the Playoff will be expanded sooner than we think (1:03:00)? Grant goes over some potential downsides to OU/Texas moving to the SEC. Lee doesn't really see any downsides and he's excited to see OU finally play new teams (1:13:15). Going to the Facebook page for a listener comment/question about OU to the SEC. Is OU/Texas to the SEC a good move for college football overall? What's the next step for the Big 12 (1:26:00)? | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 195 - Another RB Dismissed Plus Preseason Big 12 Media Awards

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 72:24

    In the opening take, Lee gives his thoughts on Mikey Henderson's dismissal and how that impacts the Sooners moving forward. Then Grant joins to provide his take on Henderson -- which is quite different from Lee (6:45). Will OU go into the season with only 4 scholarship running backs on the roster (17:00)? The guys take a look at the preseason Big 12 Media Poll. Lee's pretty much in agreement with the media, but Grant's way higher on TCU than anybody else and much lower on Iowa State and Texas (24:30). Switching over to what we liked and didn't like about the preseason All-Big 12 Team (43:00). Hey let's talk about all the NIL stuff, since it officially began after our last episode (54:50). Finally, CBS Sports ranked the Big 12 Football coaches and for some reason KU's new coach is in the Top 5 (1:05:30). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 194 - Is the NCAA's Business Model Doomed?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2021 62:58

    In the opening take, Grant gives his initial thoughts on the recent Supreme Court ruling that found in favor of student/athletes against the NCAA. Then after Lee joins the show, Grant wants to clarify some of his comments from our last episode. He also has a philosophical question for Lee about why we have a podcast about OU football (5:45)? Sliding into the recent SCOTUS decision. Lee tries to explain what this is all about and what it means (14:00). Grant is afraid this SCOTUS decision could harm college sports, but Lee isn't all that concerned (17:45). The NCAA recently voted to suspend "amateurism rules" because in multiple states Name/Image/Likeness legislation is about to go into effect. How does this NIL stuff factor into the recent SCOTUS ruling (26:55)? Grant says the NCAA's business model is going down and he's worried that non-revenue sports are doomed. Lee doesn't believe non-revenue sports are in danger (32:30). When it comes to NIL going into effect, Lee is curious to see how players making money impacts the locker room (38:05)? A listener wants to talk about LSU transfer running back Tre Bradford (40:30). We haven't had a chance to talk about the details of the proposed 12-team Playoff. Sure, we like expansion but of course there are issues with the proposed model. At the end we have to criticize Bob Bowlsby for a couple of recent quotes that fired us up (46:30). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 193 - Encouraging Playoff Expansion News & Bookie Re-Watch Results

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2021 106:15

    In the opening take, Lee says Josh Heupel and Roy Williams should already be in the College Football Hall of Fame. Then Grant joins to give his thoughts on the careers of Heupel, Williams, and Vince Young (6:10). An interesting report from Yahoo Sports says that a 12-team playoff model is gaining some traction. We're both surprised that 12 is the most likely number at this time (13:20). Why we think the idea of an 8 team playoff is not good enough. Also for those arguing against playoff expansion, are they actually arguing against more college football (23:45)? Brief talk on college football before the BCS era. Then Grant presents the main reason why he believes people like college football, whether they realize this is the reason or not (38:10). Grant wants to remind everybody what a 24-team playoff would have looked like a couple of years ago and the matchups we could have seen. (50:20). Grant mentions a story from Dennis Dodd, which then leads to Lee going off on one of Dodd's columns from 2020 (55:15). Lee goes over what a 12-team playoff would have looked like in 2020 (57:50). We've recently found out two of the first three OU games of the season will kickoff at 11 am. Lee tells you exactly how many 11 am kickoffs the Sooners have had in the Playoff era compared to other big time Playoff teams. Also do 11 am kickoffs really impact recruiting all that much (1:02:50)? Lee shares his final results from the "Bookie Re-Watch". We answer the question finally: will Bookie transferring help, hurt, or be indfferent for OU (1:19:20)? At the very end Grant says he's enjoying the Women's College World Series and everything Porter Moser has done since being hired at OU -- plus we totally forgot to pick an old OU game to re-watch for the podcast. Our bad (1:42:40). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 192 - ESPN Ranks OU No. 1 And We Make Depth Chart Projections

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2021 127:27

    In the opening take, Grant gives you an update on the current state of the Sooners and tells you why he's optimistic heading into the summer. Then Lee joins to briefly talk about a ridiculous college football local news story in Minneapolis. After that, Grant gives his updated thoughts on Trejan Bridges and Seth McGowan. And since the football related aspects of this story have been resolved, Lee can finally give you his full take (4:00). ESPN released a post-spring Top 25 that had OU ranked No. 1. Lee shares his biggest concerns surrounding this poll. Grant isn't quite as worried. Plus they hit on some other teams in the top 25 that are interesting to talk about including Georgia, Texas A&M and North Carolina (13:15). Time to unveil our post-spring OU depth chart. We project what the depth chart will look like before Week 1 against Tulane. First up is the offense, beginning with the running back group and the H-Backs (30:40). The guys have a different order for wide receivers 1-through-6 (37:55). Switching to the offensive line going from left to right (44:15). Talking TEs and pass catchers (54:30). Over to the defense beginning with defensive line and a position that was occupied by Isaiah Thomas in 2020 (56:10). Nik Bonitto is going to start at the Rush LB spot. Who's going to be behind him? Plus we go through the rest of the LB positions and we decide that we're not even sure which position some guys technically play (1:05:00). Finally we get to the secondary where we agree on the starting corners. At safety and nickel is where it gets interesting (1:20:00). How many more years do we have left of Alex Grinch as OU's defensive coordinator? And when he leaves, will the Sooners hire from within (1:35:20)? Before we go, we both have to eat crow because Tre Norwood got drafted. Plus Creed Humphrey went to a great situation. We think Ronnie Perkins will be alright in New England, but we're not as excited about Rhamondre Stevenson's future with the Patriots (1:41:25). Trey Sermon was a 3rd round draft pick and he went to a great situation in San Francisco. Plus how did a random Iowa State running back get drafted ahead of Rhamondre (1:53:30)? Grant is trying to figure out what the Ravens are doing by drafting Rashod Bateman and Tylan Wallace? Are those WRs doomed to play in a poor passing offense (1:58:15)? Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 191 - Caleb Williams, Defense, Stand Out in Spring Finale

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2021 78:01

    In the opening take, Lee tells you why Caleb Williams was impressive during OU's spring game. Then Grant joins to talk about going to the spring game and seeing the stadium for the first time since 2012 (2:55). Then Grant gives his take on Caleb Williams, plus Spencer Rattler was not sharp (7:10). Lee names the offensive players who stood out to him Saturday beginning with Eric Gray's first appearance in an OU uniform (17:00). Mario Williams got a lot of targets Saturday and Jadon Haselwood made the catch of the day (21:45). It would seem Andrew Raym is the top center for the Sooners heading into the summer (27:00). Switching over to the defense as Lee talks about being down on the field seeing some of the new players in person, including Billy Bowman (35:00). Grant loves DJ Graham and he's got a super hot take about Graham's future (38:30). Clayton Smith looked awesome close up and Lee's incredibly excited to see how the Sooners use him this fall (41:45). Let's talk about Caleb Kelly. He looks to be in great shape and it would be super cool if he stays healthy in 2021 (46:20). Grant wants to talk more in depth about the secondary group touching on Josh Eaton, Key Lawrence, Justin Harrington, and more (50:00). We talk about all the players who did not play. Lee was most disappointed to not see Jalen Redmond out there (58:00). There's always random players who stand out in the spring game who never do anything ever again (1:01:45). Wanya Morris started at LT for the first team offense Kennedy Brooks didn't do a lot, and OU gets Arkansas transfer Mike Woods. Good to see Austin Stogner active, plus can any of these 2019 5-star WRs catch a break (1:02:55)? Wrapping up the spring game and looking ahead to the summer and the fall, plus the NFL Draft is this week, and Orlando Brown gets traded to the Chiefs (1:11:10). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 190 - Suspended Players Precede OU's Spring Game

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2021 104:52

    In the opening take, Lee hits on Trejan Bridges and Seth McGowan being suspended and how we'll handle that situation moving forward. Then Grant joins to discuss a potential Justin Broiles resurgence (4:00)? The last OU DB to be drafted in the First Round was Andre Woolfolk in 2003. Has Brent Venables produced a lot of First Round DBs at Clemson (13:30)? Grant gives his thoughts on the Bridges/McGowan situation. Lee also looks back at the Will Sunderland situation from 2017 to get an idea of a possible timeline for this current matter (19:05). We move on to more unserious issues as Lee goes over the things that have stood out to him in the last week, beginning with Lincoln Riley and Spencer Rattler (33:20). Moving on, Marvin Mims is playing in the slot, Mikey Henderson is looking good, Rattler said an interesting thing about Eric Gray, and Lee thinks it's weird that Caleb Williams and Billy Bowman are still taking high school courses (44:30). Defensively, Calvin Thibodeaux told us that Josh Ellison has been running with the 1's this spring, Isaiah Coe sounds like he's super strong, and is D-Line depth going to be insane this year (56:05)? When you watch football on TV, what are you watching specifically on each snap? And we talk about Quentin Griffin (1:06:00). We move on to Saturday's spring game. The guys go over each position group/players they're most interested to watch this Saturday (1:09:10). Which position group/player would you be most disappointed in, if they don't play very well this weekend (1:20:35)? Bold prediction time: Which random player or position group is going to surprise us this Saturday (1:24:15)? This is stupid, so we make the dumb joke about what's actually going to happen on Saturday (1:29:00). Stick around for some random NFL Draft talk. Is all the pre-Draft talk boring this year? Also we revisit the QBs from the 2018 class (1:32:00). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 189 - The Eric Gray Hype Train Takes Off

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2021 98:11

    No opening take today, so the guys immediately jump into the things that have happened around OU football that's caught our attention since the last episode. First up: the hype train for Eric Gray has left the station, just listen to DeMarco Murray (2:15). Lee criticizes Eric Gray's former offensive coordinator Jim Chaney, which Grant jumps in to defend Chaney's old Georgia offense (13:05). DeMarco Murray said Eric Gray and Mikey Henderson are the best pass catching running backs this spring (17:20). Jadon Haselwood and the wide receivers are quite aware that they dropped a lot of touchdowns in 2020. Also Trejan Bridges loves practice now (23:00). The wide receiver room looks a little different in 2021, and would you take the 2019 OU offense or the 2020 OU offense (33:35)? After the 5-star WR trio had mostly limited roles in 2019, will incoming freshman 5-star WR Mario Williams actually flash and contribute more than any of those players from the 2019 class (36:50)? Grant brings up Wanya Morris, and also what's the deal with Austin Stogner (42:40)? Brian Odom recently went down the list of every player in his linebacker room. Should we read into the order in which he listed the players (47:35)? Should we be getting ready for the Shane Whitter breakout year (54:40)? Okay this freshman class has been talked up so much that Lee wonders if these are the best football players who have ever played football (59:30)? Roy Manning let us know that Woodi Washington has been limited this spring and has not practiced much. Plus Nik Bonitto loves football more than you do. Probably (1:07:50). Lee provides a brief update on his OU DB 2020 rewatch (1:15:20). Finally, Grant's got an outside the box take on OU hiring Porter Moser (1:21:00). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 188 - Top 5 Most Intriguing Players This Spring

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2021 122:18

    In the opening take, Lee showcases a major difference he's noticed between Spring 2019 and Spring 2021. Then Grant joins as Lee goes into more detail about how dire everything was for OU's defense back in the Spring of 2019 (7:10). The hype train for Jeremiah Criddell has left the station (10:10). A listener wants to know if OU's defensive depth is up to par -- or if the Sooners still need 1-2 more classes to get where Alex Grinch would like to be (12:20)? We go through all the defensive players at every level that could start and/or contribute significantly in 2021. It's a lot (19:45). We get to Lee's list of defensive players who interest and/or intrigue him as spring practice continues, beginning with a young defensive back (25:40). Lee's No. 4 player is someone who's not playing a position right now that we expected (42:20). Lee's No. 3 player is a newcomer that is a total unknown right now -- but in theory has a chance to play a lot of snaps in 2021 (47:00). After watching high school tape of No. 2, Lee completely shifted his rankings. This is a player Alex Grinch will want to get on the field as soon as possible (51:35). Lee cheats a little bit with No. 1 by choosing two separate players (58:45). Lee's got some "Honorable Mention" players that just missed out on the list (1:05:40). The guys differ quite a bit on how they see the linebackers (1:10:45). Perrion Winfrey told a great story from when he blocked that kick against Texas last year (1:18:10). We saw some more evidence from David Ugwoegbu that OU's mindset is in the right place heading into spring (1:22:05). Lee asked Jamar Cain if he concurs with Alex Grinch that the incoming freshmen class is ahead of schedule (1:27:25)? We get back to some more listener questions. Travis wants to talk trenches and who will be OU's WR1 (1:32:05)? Grant wants to talk some OU basketball and the future of the program, Lee reflects on Lon Kruger's retirement press conference, plus some hot Kelvin Sampson talk (1:40:05). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 187 - A Lot to Talk About as Spring Practice Begins

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2021 95:01

    In the opening take, Grant gives you probably the smartest breakdown of the Chandler Morris OU/TCU transfer situation you'll hear. Then Lee joins to ask a question about that whole thing before we get to the meat of the show which is the beginning of OU spring football (10:45). Lee asked Delarrin Turner-Yell, Nik Bonitto, and Spencer Rattler questions about 2021 expectations. We play their answers and decide if we like what they're saying, or not. Grant makes fun of lifting weights and we have a great time with everything. Plus Grant has some takes about Texas and Iowa State that are pretty interesting (14:30). What's the Nickel position going to look like now that Bookie and Tre Norwood are out of the picture? Jeremiah Criddell seems he may have the inside track to win the job. Who else could get a look? Lee looked into true freshman Billy Bowman and right now Lee is a believer (33:30). Pat Fields will miss most if not all of spring practice. Alex Grinch has a lot of awesome things to say about the incoming freshman -- and we know Grinch isn't one to BS us. Plus who's going to get more reps in place of Fields this spring (47:05)? Grinch gives us an update on Justin Harrington. Lee's a little more optimistic about Harrington than Grant, but Grant makes a point that Lee didn't consider (57:00). We move over to the offense for some brief news and notes from Lincoln Riley's Wednesday presser. Most of the talk is about Mikey Henderson joining the RB room (1:03:35). Bookie transfers to Washington. We give our initial thoughts, then Lee updates his Bookie rewatch with full thoughts on the 2019 season. Lee was surprised by what he saw from Bookie in 2019. Then a listener chimes in with his detailed thoughts on Bookie, which may largely speak for the OU fan base (1:12:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 186 - Which Offensive Players Need to Have a Big Spring?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2021 110:33

    In the opening take, Lee says he's noticed a cultural shift surrounding fans in the stands. Then Grant joins to apologize for jinxing the OU men's basketball team on our last show (5:35). More hot fans in the stands talk as Grant weighs in on OU planning to allow max capacity at Owen Field this fall (10:40). OU's spring game is scheduled for April 24th, which will be at 25 percent capacity (21:25). Grant's got five offensive players who he thinks needs to have a big spring. Lee chimes in with his thoughts on each player and a whole bunch of other offensive spring related topics (26:15). Lee has a brief update on his Bookie rewatch (1:21:55). Finally we give our takes on ESPN's list of the top QBs from the 2000s. Who's ranked too high? Who's too low? Who should be on the list that isn't? Plus Lee gets tired of talking about old college football stuff(1:24:45). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 185 - On the 2021 Schedule, Bookie, and the Future of NCAA Video Games

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2021 100:06

    In the opening take, Grant provides his early thoughts on OU's 2021 schedule. Then Lee joins the fold as the guys briefly talk about how Allen Patrick was super underrated when he played for the Sooners (4:10). The Big 12's schedule release told us that they don't think covid will be much of an impact in 2021, plus what will stadiums look like next year (9:00)? The Sooners play 9 games in a row to start the season and Lee goes back many years to see if this has happened before (19:30). What's OU's toughest game? Also, will Nebraska be any good and is Scott Frost a good coach (25:55)? There looks to be a pretty obvious trap game on the schedule, but Grant thinks there's also another game that is not as obvious (36:50). Bookie is still in the transfer portal. Does this mean he'll be back with OU in 2021 (41:50)? Lee gives us an update on his Bookie rewatch. He's got thoughts on the full 2018 season and 6 games of 2019. The beginning of the 2019 season has been pleasantly surprising, although there's one consistent shortcoming (47:00). For those of you who are interested in football video games and specifically NCAA Football and Madden/NFL2K this is the part of the show for you (1:01:15). We check for comments from social media and also mention that bar fight involving Spencer Jones (1:24:50). Finally we do a little OU basketball talk because Grant reminds us that he predicted in November the Sooners would be pretty good this year. And yes we talked about this before OU lost to K-State Tuesday night (1:28:50). Lee forgot to mention something during the Bookie rewatch talk. We go over some notable PFF grades from the 2018 season (1:34:40). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 184 - As Bookie Enters the Transfer Portal, Lee Begins a Rewatch

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 92:15

    In the opening take, Lee talks about a project he's working on that involves Bookie and reminds us all about how bad the 2018 OU defense was. Then Grant joins to talk more about the terrible 2018 Sooners' defense (5:30). We move on to specifically talk about Bookie entering the transfer portal. We go back to the beginning when the hype was as high as ever -- and even some of the OU coaches were saying that he was really good before he ever took a snap (16:15). Did OU's coaching staff fail Bookie by not playing him at corner? When Alex Grinch came in, did Bookie ever get a look at corner? If Bookie transfers to a team that lets him play corner and he does well, that will be an indictment on Mike Stoops and Alex Grinch (22:20). Lee says it's perfectly okay to criticize college kids as long as you're being fair and have the evidence to back it up. We talk about Bookie being a great teammate, plus Lee has found an interesting stat regarding Bookie's 2018 season so far. Also, Bookie didn't really play nickel right away at OU, he was playing free safety (31:40). Lee noticed so far through his rewatch that Bookie missed out on a lot of chances at potential big plays in 2018 (38:45). Caleb Kelly is a 5-star player who didn't live up to potential. Why does he not get as much criticism as Bookie (52:40)? Eric Gray is officially with the Sooners and he could be OU's best running back this fall (56:35). OU is very high in the 2021 preseason SP+ rankings, which Grant loves (1:02:25). The defensive line should be fantastic in 2021, plus a listener wants us to provide an update on what we should be able to expect from Jalen Redmond(1:12:30)? Grant wants to clarify some NFL comments he made a couple of weeks ago that relate to Sunday's Super Bowl. Plus Grant does what every single sports show has done this week and praises Tom Brady. Lee tries to take another angle on Brady because he's bored by all the Brady GOAT talk (1:17:30). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 183 - The Sooners Dip Into the Transfer Portal

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2021 103:54

    No opening take today, but we reminisce about the time when football stadiums were full and it's crazy how we took the atmosphere of those games for granted (1:40). A bunch of stuff has happened since our last show (6:00). Wanya Morris has transferred to OU. He was one of the best freshman tackles back in 2019, but why did he take a step back in 2020? What does he do well on tape? What doesn't he do well? Plus what is Morris' outlook at OU for 2021? (9:30). OU's offensive line got another boost in Robert Congel transferring in from Arizona. Sounds like he could compete for the Center job and should provide excellent depth in the interior of the line. And Grant tells us as of today what he wants the starting offensive line to look like in Week 1 (22:35). OU's secondary gets a boost with former 4-star safety Key Lawrence transferring in from Tennessee. We both aren't sure how good this guy is right now (30:00). Just for fun, how would we like the starting secondary to look starting Week 1? And Grant really likes the upside of incoming freshman Latrell McCutchin (37:20). Is transfer quarterback Micah Bowens basically a replacement for Chandler Morris? Lee watched a little bit of Bowens' high school tape and goes over the pros and cons (45:00). Thoughts on Joe Jon Finley joining the OU coaching staff (48:40). We go to Facebook for listener questions. A couple of questions want to know when the Sooners are going to get a running back out of the transfer portal? Lee's watched tape of Tennessee RB Eric Gray -- could OU be interested in other backs? Also, Lee presents a crackpot theory that involves Camar Wheaton just for fun (53:10). Grant goes over one more incoming freshman that he's excited to see play at OU (1:09:15). If you're interested, we go into the Mike Stoops/Texas saga. Lee has been somewhat plugged in on that whole story, so he shares some his what he's heard along with a very detailed report from AL.com. There's a lot of circumstantial evidence that makes it look like Steve Sarkisian was forced to not hire Stoops (1:10:15). Philosophical talk about time passing by (1:30:35). Some Baker Mayfield playoff talk to finish up the episode (1:36:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 182 - Players Are Out The Door, But 2021 Hopes Still High

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2021 126:09

    In the opening take, Lee tells you why it's unlikely that Lincoln Riley has any interest in jumping to the NFL right now. Then Grant joins to give his thoughts on the latest Lincoln Riley/NFL rumors (5:15). Ronnie Perkins and Rhamondre Stevenson are off to the NFL. Is Rhamondre one of the top running backs in the 2021 class (7:15)? Taking a look at the current OU running back room (15:20). Adrian Ealy is off to the NFL -- but what's more shocking is that Tre Norwood declared for the draft (18:10). Grant says losing Adrian Ealy isn't that big of a deal (31:20). Will Chandler Morris be starting a game against OU down the line (35:00)? Charleston Rambo is off to Miami (38:10). Jon-Michael Terry and Robert Barnes are also out the door (40:40). As of now, what percent chance would you give OU to win the 2021 National Championship (45:40). OU's starting guards are back in 2021. What's the offensive line going to look like (53:20)? With Perkins departing, how is the defensive line shaping up? Is it fair to expect Jalen Redmond to quickly get back to playing at a high level (57:30)? What's going on with Jadon Haselwood? Plus Lee says OU's receivers must be MUCH better in 2021 if the Sooners are serious about a Championship run (1:03:30). Grant Calcaterra is back on the market (1:15:15). Bob Stoops was an easy pick for the College Football Hall of Fame (1:17:00). Lee usually doesn't enjoy talking Texas because they've been irrelevant. However, he's intrigued by Steve Sarkisian coming to Austin. Then we rip Ohio State's defensive game plan against Alabama in the Title Game (1:26:20). Things are going off the rails because for some reason we talk about Jim Harbaugh staying at Michigan and Lee dusts off an old classic rant about the one really important thing Harbaugh can't figure out (1:36:20). Finally, we've got to talk about Baker Mayfield and the Browns winning a playoff game. But we weirdly talk probably too much about Ben Roethlisberger (1:41:15). The lack of fans in Pittsburgh diminished the feel of that Browns win. Can Cleveland beat the Chiefs (1:47:05)? We're in full NFL mode. Josh Allen got to be awesome and we are still surprised by his development (1:51:20). Lee is still annoyed with Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense? Plus some random comparison to Tom Brady that may be absurd (1:58:50). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 181 - Smoked Gator: Sooners Roll in Cotton Bowl, Eye 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 2021 97:42

    In the opening take, Grant applauds OU for a Cotton Bowl victory in what he believes was a complete joke of a game. Then Lee joins to congratulate Grant on correctly predicting the outcome of the game and Grant expands on why he was so annoyed with Florida. Lee wasn't as annoyed and was mostly happy with what he saw in the Cotton Bowl (4:30). Lee thinks Kyle Trask's teammates hung him out to dry in that game (13:00). We jump into the "3-word reviews" as they drive the show beginning with OU's historical rushing effort. Marcus Major was fantastic, so will we have to eat crow (16:15)? It was cool to see OU's offense go up against a non-Big 12 defense. How weird is that (21:50)? Creed Humprhey declares for the NFL Draft. Who else will leave (24:20)? Get ready for a bunch of National Championship hype leading into 2021. Can this team handle it (35:00)? Let's all give it up for Tre Norwood (42:00). Don't worry about Alex Grinch going anywhere for now (47:30). Lee wasn't as bothered by Dan Mullen's postgame comments as some people, but there was one thing he said that Lee thought was ridiculous (50:40). OU finished it off in the second half and Grant noticed something that really shows the transformation of OU's defense from 2017 to now (54:40). Quickly looking back at some PFF grades from OU defensive players in the 2017 Rose Bowl (58:00). Woodi Washington and D.J. Graham may have bright futures (1:00:40). Although we're trying to stay positive, we've got to acknowledge the defense didn't play all that well against Florida (1:04:00). Lee has one more interesting PFF nugget from the Cotton Bowl (1:08:25). Spencer Rattler continues to be fun to watch, but perhaps his one weakness is working the middle of the field (1:11:40). We continue on with "3-word reviews" from Twitter (1:14:00). Lee doesn't get the appeal of the Malcolm Kelly freestyle rap, but Grant thinks it's awesome (1:16:20). This season had so many similarities to the 2016 season (1:19:00). Although Creed Humphrey didn't think anybody believed in the team at 1-2, we at West of Everest sure did (1:21:50). There's gonna be a lot of pressure on OU this offseason. Plus is a wide receiver going to win the Heisman (1:24:00)? Final thoughts as we wrap up another season of OU football (1:29:10). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 180 - Yes, the Sooners Have a Lot to Play For vs. Florida

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2020 104:19

    In the opening take, Lee lays out all the reasons why Oklahoma has no business treating Florida lightly in the Cotton Bowl. Then, Lee welcomes special guest Brady Trantham on the show to fill in for Grant who's driving around the USA (6:10). Is this a "lose-lose" situation for OU now that Florida is down its four best pass catchers (9:40)? What the heck is Kyle Trask and Florida's offense going to do without all those talented weapons (35:20)? Over to the Sooners' offense as they go up agains the "worst" defense a Lincoln Riley OU team has faced in a bowl game since he's been the head coach. Also, Lee sees a couple ways that Spencer Rattler and company can exploit the Florida defense (54:00). Lee's "gut feeling" has changed over the past three days. Meanwhile, Brady's prediction is more solid (1:26:25). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 179 - OU Holds Motivation Edge in Intriguing Cotton Bowl

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 27, 2020 96:40

    In the opening take, Lee's encouraged that a prominent member of college football media has come around on playoff expansion. Plus Lee lays out what a 24 team playoff would look like this season. Then Grant joins to give a brief update on the upcoming schedule before the Cotton Bowl before jumping into our thoughts on the very short break between the Big 12 Championship and the bowl game (10:30). Grant thinks the playoff has devalued all the other bowl games and he doesn't like it. Lee has some push back and for some reason we talk about the OU-Boise State game from back in the day (19:15). Grant sees a possibility that a 24 team playoff could happen at some point (29:40). We look at the matchup between OU's offense and Florida's defense. Is the Gators' defense as bad as the numbers suggest (35:00)? Lee has been getting into PFF grades and he's got the numbers for some of the Florida players compared to OU's defensive players (44:35). Lee's intrigued by Florida's defensive scheme compared to Iowa State and Baylor (47:30). A Florida linebacker says OU is not on Florida's level (50:25). OU's defense against Kyle Trask and the Florida offense is probably the matchup of the game. Grant says Trask is by far the best QB OU will see this year (53:55). Trask isn't known for his legs, which Lee thinks is an advantage for OU's front (59:40). Tre Brown won't play... and we don't think it's that big of a deal (1:04:30). The guys give their gut feelings on who's gonna win the game (1:07:30). We run through some "3-word reviews" from the Big 12 Championship win over Iowa State (1:18:40). Camar Wheaton picks Alabama, so we're assuming OU will hit the transfer portal pretty hard for some running backs. Also some OU players hit the portal this week as well (1:31:40). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 178 - Sooners Survive Cyclones. Big 12 Champs Yet Again

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2020 54:29

    No opening take today as the guys dive right into OU winning its 6th straight Big 12 Championship. Another up and down day for the offense (2:00). Once again the defense carried the Sooners. We spend a lot of time praising the secondary and we hit on everything else that stood out to us from the game (22:00). We'll save the "3 word reviews" for hopefully later this week(42:05). We react live to the reveal of the CFP top 4 (43:20). Lee was happy to see the Playoff game at the Rose Bowl will be moved to Arlington (48:50). Grant just really wants to see OU play Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl (53:30). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 177 - Cautious Optimism As OU Looks for Another Big 12 Title

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2020 118:58

    In the opening take, Lee pays tribute to a "West of Everest" listener, and more importantly a friend. Then Grant joins as we get to the bottom of two separate defensive holding penalties that went against OU this year (5:25). So, OU and Iowa State are very different from when they last played. Is there anything we can take away from that early October meeting (10:00)? Looking at the matchup between OU's defense and Iowa State's offense (19:55). Let's flip it over to OU's offense against Iowa State's defense (45:00). If Austin Stogner can't play, is it possible the Sooners use Mikey Henderson in more of a TE role(1:09:35)? The guys provide their final thoughts on the game and what they're thinking the result may be Saturday in the Big 12 Championship (1:16:15). This isn't the podcast for in depth National Signing Day content, but you better believe we give you a little bit of that content at this point (1:28:40). Okay, Grant has some scenario that would allow OU to actually make the College Football Playoff (1:35:00). Grant tells us which realistic OU Bowl matchup he wants to see (1:38:15). Lee brings up how the College Football Playoff is trying to get the Rose Bowl to at least allow family members in to watch the game (1:45:00). Hey to end the show let's talk about Baker Mayfield because we used to talk about Baker a bunch (1:50:40). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 176 - Finding the Beauty in an Ugly Sooners Win

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2020 132:29

    In the opening take, Grant explains why OU's worst offensive performance in the Lincoln Riley era is not necessarily a bad thing. Then Lee joins to admit that we need to be better on this fine podcast and we find out Grant's never left an iTunes review for anything (03:50). So do you all care about an in depth discussion of how OU can make the College Football Playoff (06:30)? So what the heck happened to OU's offense against Baylor? Lee says it was a lot more about what Baylor did than anything else. Plus a lot of talk about the offensive line (09:10). Spencer Rattler was uncomfortable a lot of the night and Baylor's defense showed him looks he hasn't seen a lot before (21:35). Grant says the Baylor game reminded him of some OU games from the early to mid 2000s (30:10). We head into "3 word reviews" which prompts us to talk about the defense for the first time. Robert Barnes played safety and everybody back there played well (33:25). Bookie's absence didn't matter against Baylor (42:15). Grant dogs on Charlie Brewer while Lee backs him up a little bit (44:50). That game was just really weird (47:30). Lee thinks the OU linebackers are just okay and DaShaun White had a rough game. Plus is a position change in David Ugwoegbu's future (49:20)? How much does Lee care about OU continuing its Big 12 Championship streak (52:50)? More on Rattler's game and how hopefully he learns that sometimes he's gotta take what the defense gives him (57:25). Lee wasn't as annoyed about Baylor's push off TD catch, while it bothered Grant immensely (59:00). Shane Beamer is off to South Carolina, plus Lee doens't know message board lingo (1:04:30). Dropped passes plagued OU a bit against Baylor. Theo Wease is gonna need to get better this offseason (1:07:45). Hopefully that game wakes up Lincoln Riley and the offense. Jeremiah Hall's explanation for Saturday's poor performance (1:14:50). Baylor marching the length of the field and scoring at the end of the game was super annoying. Plus Lee had no idea that DJ Graham played wide receiver in high school, and we talk about his interception (1:17:55). Grant says Ronnie Perkins should come back to school next year. Isaiah Thomas continues to be awesome along with the rest of the defensive line (1:24:35). We're both happy the Big 12 didn't cancel the OU-West Virginia game and Lincoln Riley's message all week has been fantastic. And of course we have to get some hits in on the Big Ten (1:29:00). Grant feels about the same about this WVU game as he did a couple weeks ago. Lee feels better about the matchup right now. Also some Austin Stogner talk (1:38:30). The line has moved since the open and gut feelings on the game (1:46:30). Grant says this 2020 season has flown by (1:49:30). Ohio State will be allowed in the Big Ten Title game now. We're starting to think a 6-0 Ohio State in the Playoff doesn't sit right (1:50:25). College football continues to choose to not make its playoff product as good as it could be(2:02:20). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 175 - Sooners Navigate Through an Outbreak With Baylor on Deck

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 4, 2020 103:15

    In the opening take, Lee laments the fact that no fans will be at the Rose Bowl this year. Then Grant joins to lamely discuss weather before giving his thoughts on the Rose Bowl/covid and all that fun stuff (4:20). We delayed the show for a day to get more info about Saturday's game and is Bob Stoops helping out with coaching really that big of a deal (16:10)? OU's dealing with a covid outbreak and Lee goes over a little bit about what he heard last week, plus the CDC has changed contact tracing guidelines (21:20). Who the heck is going to miss this Baylor game (26:10)? Lee doesn't think it sounds good for Austin Stogner this week (28:00). Is this going to be Rhamondre Stevenson's final home game (33:10)? We can't believe OU actually lost to K-State and first impressions of Baylor (36:15). Baylor's probably not as bad as its record indicates and we talk a little about Charlie Brewer (40:05). Baylor's offense is playing its best football of the season right now, but overall the Bears aren't explosive and they struggle to run the football (43:50). Is Isaiah Thomas an All-American (49:20)? Lee explains how Baylor's offense moves the ball against OU (50:10). Baylor's defense is fine this year, not as good as 2019, but the Bears have some talent in the secondary (54:20). Baylor struggles to create negative plays, but the Bears lead the Big 12 in takeaways. We also debate offensive lines in the Big 12 (1:03:15). We give our gut feelings for what will happen Saturday (1:08:05). Hot College Football Playoff Rankings talk which leads to criticizing the Big Ten for putting us all in this weird situation. Also could that lead to OU getting in (1:14:50)? Lee thinks OU is playing better football than Ohio State right now and what is the committee going to do with SEC? What about possible CFP rematches (1:21:00)? That K-State loss is probably going to disqualify OU, right (1:26:40)? We probably do a bad job of breaking down the Big 12 tiebreaker scenarios (1:29:55). If OU doesn't play in the Big 12 Title game, will the Sooners try to schedule a non-conf game (1:33:20)? Grant wants to see OU play Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl (1:36:00). More ripping on the Big Ten and their ridiculous covid policies that are forcing more games to be canceled (1:37:25). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 174 - Sooners Continue Dominant Play in Bedlam Beatdown

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2020 115:52

    In the opening take, Grant explains why Bedlam was over before it even kicked off. Then Lee joins to briefly talk a little bit about OU men's basketball (4:10), before reacting to the very first College Football Playoff rankings (6:00). Would OU look to schedule an extra non-conference game (10:30)? Lincoln Riley really pushed the "eye test" when it comes to picking playoff teams (15:20). We turn our attention to Bedlam and your "3-word reviews" which touch on WWE, OU's complete game, OU still being "Big Brother", and was the offensive line hit and miss in that game (22:00)? Lincoln Riley most certainly didn't get cute, except for that one play... and is Mikey Henderson OU's true RB2 right now (30:20)? We know this isn't an OSU podcast, but we talk about Mike Gundy's bizarre conservative behavior in Bedlam. Plus Spencer Sanders vs. Shane Illingworth, and OSU's chances of getting better recruits (38:20). Is this OU team more complete than the groups that made the playoff in the past? And no surprise we complement Spencer Rattler a bunch as we are wont to do (53:05). We poke fun at an OSU website for a pre-Bedlam take, which will obviously open ourselves up to criticism from them (57:20). Talking penalties in the secondary, defending Tre Brown, we're still waiting for OU to face a truly good passing attack but at least we're seeing a bunch of new faces in the secondary (59:45). A listener exposes Lee's lack of knowledge on Greek mythology and we find out there's some TV show that we clearly don't know (1:07:10). Did Rattler leave some plays on the field (1:10:00)? OU technically does not control its own destiny to the Big 12 Championship game (1:15:15). Finally we get into Bookie's dumb penalty, which Grant provides some defense of. Also, Lincoln Riley's spirited defense of Bookie as a member of OU's program (1:16:40). We realize we didn't really talk much about Rhamondre Stevenson or Ronnie Perkins (1:28:00). We finish up the show by focusing on West Virginia beginning with the Mountaineers' offense (1:29:30). West Virginia has the 4th best defense in all of college football (1:39:45). This is a text book "let down" spot for the Sooners (1:48:50). Lastly the guys tell you their gut feelings for Saturday in Morgantown (1:50:50). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 173 - This Bedlam Matchup is Quite Intriguing

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2020 92:10

    In the opening take, Lee asks if what we've seen from OU in its last three games is real, or more about who the Sooners have been playing? Then Grant joins to talk a little bit about Lee's opening take and we decide if OSU's defense is actually really good (5:00)? The guys agree that Rhamondre Stevenson is OU's biggest advantage when the Sooners have the football in this game (14:40). Grant says this game will come down to Lincoln Riley not getting cute with his playcalling (18:50). Grant says Jim Knowles may probably need to change up his philosophy in order to have success against Spencer Rattler (19:45). Lee says OSU's confidence and tackling ability is their advantage on defense. Grant explains more about what he thinks OSU's defense should do to slow OU (22:05). If OSU takes away OU's run game, can Spencer Rattler beat OSU with a one dimensional offense (31:00)? What's our biggest concerns when OU has the ball (35:15)? We haven't heard much about player health heading into Saturday. Plus is Trejan Bridges as good as Tylan Wallace (40:15)? OU's defensive line vs. OSU's offensive line is the game's biggest mismatch (43:30). Grant seems to think Spencer Sanders is still not at 100 percent health (49:40). Lee doesn't think Chuba Hubbard looks anything like he did last year. Lacking explosion (53:10). What the heck is OU going to do to stop Tylan Wallace (56:40)? Hopefully OU's DBs don't revert back to committing stupid penalties like they did early in the year. The guys go over other concerns with OSU's offense (1:01:00). Is Spencer Sanders a smaller version of Jalen Hurts (1:04:45)? Who do you want on OU's defense spying Spencer Sanders (1:05:50)? The guys tell you what they want to see happen Saturday night (1:09:40). We tell you what the game film tells us will happen when OU takes on OSU (1:15:10). Grant says Saturday could be a game that sets the tone for what OU can do in 2021 (1:24:00). Grant says OU has more pressure on them to win. Lee disagrees and says OSU has more pressure on them to win (1:26:55). We finish up with brief thoughts on Iowa State-Kansas State (1:29:10). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 172 - Riley, Rattler, and OU's Possible Playoff Chances

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2020 71:15

    In the opening take, Grant can't figure out what Lincoln Riley was thinking in that Kansas game. Then Lee joins to go through all the ins and outs of leaving Spencer Rattler in the KU game long past after it was clear that he was injured (3:30). Is Lincoln Riley making sure OU is in the best position possible to make the CFP? -- plus more on Rattler and the KU game decisions (7:00). Lee was a lot more concerned with Rhamondre Stevenson potentially getting hurt compared to Rattler (15:55). We go through your "3-word reviews" and it's been a tough year for Charleston Rambo (19:30). We talk probably way too much about that bizarre Bookie interception that led to a fumble and a turnover (24:00). OU's running game has been great the last two games (32:00) and how much of OU's recent good play is a mirage (32:45)? We felt bad for KU's quarterback because he was beat up all day (35:20). OU got a couple more takeaways. The Sooners should be able to take the ball away from OSU next week (39:10). More young players are showing the coaching staff they're ready to play. D.J. Graham stood out a bit (42:05). Lee doesn't know why football players don't wear pads or mouthguards anymore (44:20). Austin Stogner got banged up but it sounds like he's fine (46:00). Les Miles is hammering a paycheck right now at KU (47:00). A listener has some Riley play calling critiques, which leads to a longer discussion of trying to understand Riley's mentality as a play caller (48:40). Will Rhamondre Stevenson come back next year (56:05)? A listener references "The Karate Kid" with a 3 word review and neither of the guys have seen that movie (58:45). A listener question wants to know since other conferences aren't playing a lot of games, can OU still rally and make the CFP? And the guys explain why they'd rather not see OU make the playoff, anyways (1:00:10). It looks like OU is effectively in control of its own destiny (1:08:00). **WE HAD TO CUT THE SHOW SHORT DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES** | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 171 - Hey Look Spencer Rattler Has a Run Game Now

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2020 120:04

    In the opening take, Lee shares the moment against Texas Tech when he fully realized the value of Rhamondre Stevenson. Then Grant joins to talk about how the OU-Tech game seems like it happened three weeks ago and had a weird vibe, which included some questionable officiating (5:30). We open with "3 word reviews" which leads us to a lengthy discussion revolving around Rhamondre Stevenson's 2020 debut (9:00). How much does Stevenson's presence "unlock" OU's offense (17:20)? Some brief thoughts on Mikey Henderson (23:00). Let's discuss Ronnie Perkins making his season debut -- which means we also talk a lot about OU's defensive line (24:30). Hey OU's defense got a stop on 4th & 1 -- which hasn't happened a lot of late (32:20). It's not often that the Sooners force 3 takeaways in a game (34:55). What was the deal with Marvin Mims and Theo Wease dropping all those passes (37:45)? Okay let's talk about Spencer Rattler and how good he was Saturday. Didn't we tell you all that this dude was really darn good (39:00)? When are we going to see Jadon Haselwood, and what's the deal with Trejan Bridges (46:30)? Lee has no problem with Rattler saying that he and OU wanted to go embarrass Texas Tech (48:40). Could OU have kept the Peach Bowl competitive with this version of Spencer Rattler playing quarterback (51:25)? Does it seem like this is a brand new season for the Sooners (54:30)? Is it a hot take to think that Rhamondre Stevenson will be a better NFL player than Chuba Hubbard (1:01:05)? A listener wants to make it clear that the "suspended 3" probably shouldn't have broke the rules in the first place (1:04:30). A listener points out a really interesting aspect of the Tech game that we didn't realize and we wonder what the line would be if OU played OSU this week? And it wouldn't be this show if we didn't talk about K-State's Deuce Vaughn (1:07:35). Okay so do we want to see more Mikey Henderson (1:13:45)? Let's talk more about OU's defensive performance (1:14:55). Is Joe Mixon the second best running back we've seen play at OU in our life time (1:17:40)? OU's defensive backs played really well and Alex Grinch continues to play a bunch of guys (1:21:25). OU's defensive line created a lot of havoc and even more on the DBs + random OSU/Texas talk (1:24:00). Lincoln Riley kept pouring it on plus there was a funny moment Lee noticed in the first half (1:29:05). Would have been great if Theo Wease would have been a little faster (1:33:20). Please don't make us do a massive preview of this terrible OU-Kansas game (1:36:30). The Big 12 is really down this year (1:42:10). If you enjoy when we rant about the Big Ten, you'll probably like this part of the show. Why is the Big Ten hating on Nebraska so much for wanting to play football (1:44:15)? Oh hey the Pac 12 starts this weekend (1:57:40). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 170 - The Sooners Are Set Up To Run the Table

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2020 95:05

    In the opening take, Lee tells you why OU could run the table and finish the regular season 8-2. Then Grant joins to provide a minor correction from last week's show, which leads to Grant thinking about recanting his earlier season thoughts on K-State's Deuce Vaughn (3:40). Everybody is tired of the story about the three suspended players and of course we're not sure if they're gonna be back this week (7:55). We get to the "3-word reviews" from the TCU win, which leads to us complimenting Perrion Winfrey and the defensive line (10:10). What was with OU allowing TCU to gain yards late in the 2nd quarter, which gave TCU a FG attempt (15:00)? Are we sure Woodi Washington should have been called for PI (18:00)? What was with Gary Patterson calling timeouts late in the 4th quarter after the game was basically over (19:45)? Gabe Brkic bounced back quite nicely after his horrible miss vs. Texas (23:15). Spencer Rattler made some questionable decisions in the run game (25:15). Time for us to gush over Marvin Mims (27:20). Grant liked OU's offensive game plan when it came to Spencer Rattler's willingness to take shots down the field (35:15). We get to our regularly scheduled discussion about Bookie. Plus Grant is annoyed that a former OU player criticized Bookie on social media (39:05). OU's defense prevented Max Duggan from beating them with his legs, and Grant loved Winfrey's "scream & flex" moment (49:20). Unfortunately, OU's running game continued to underwhelm in what should have been a game in which they excelled (54:00). Charleston Rambo continues to struggle and Grant is disappointed (1:01:15). The rest of the show we preview the Texas Tech game, beginning with Henry Colombi -- Tech's brand new starting quarterback (1:07:00). Tech's offense is different than in the past and it looks like they'll force OU's DBs and LBs to tackle in space (1:11:30). Tech has the worst defense in the Big 12, so OU's offense will have zero excuses if it doesn't put up a lot of points (1:21:05). If Rhamondre Stevenson plays and gets a lot of carries that should lead to a lot of rushing yards for the Sooners (1:24:30). Lee's running late so he wants to know if OU's gonna win (1:28:25)? | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 169 - All the Ingredients For a Breakout Game vs. TCU

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2020 97:06

    No opening take today, but the guys jump right into asking the question: will Rhamondre Stevenson, Trejan Bridges, and Ronnie Perkins play vs. TCU (2:35)? If all three of those players are available to play, which would have the biggest impact in the game (8:10)? How often will Chris Murray play? And it sounds like Lincoln Riley's starting to get more of a full roster at practice (13:15). Grant's really excited about the defensive line and that's the thing he likes the most about OU through four games (14:40). Lee likes that we're seeing the early stages of what "Speed D" could actually be down the line (21:00). It's possible OU's secondary played against the best collection of weapons college football has ever seen vs LSU (24:40). Running backs, safeties, discipline, and mentality are all the things we don't really like about OU through four games (27:25). We shift over to the OU-TCU preview. This game is set up perfectly for OU's running game to break out (36:30). Lee's got some crazy stats about TCU's defense and allowing explosive plays (46:30). Talking TCU's defense against Sam Ehlinger and Grant finally saw what Lee's been seeing in Ehlinger all this time (51:00). Will OU bring back the pop pass? And will the Sooners be able to attack TCU's defense over the middle of the field (54:10)? Max Duggan makes TCU's offense go -- if OU contains him, the Sooners' defense should have their way (55:55). Touching on some of TCU's playmakers outside of Duggan (1:04:40). Hopefully Gabe Brkic is all good Saturday (1:06:30). The guys go over what they *want* to see happen vs. TCU. First time we've really mentioned Spencer Rattler and his mistakes (1:08:00). Grant's not very happy in hindsight that OU played Missouri State. And what would have OU-Tennessee looked like (1:17:10)? Back to OU-TCU as the guys tell you what *will* happen Saturday (1:19:35). We make some wishy washy predictions for the game. We know, we're lame. Also we talk about Kennedy Brooks and Justin Harrington being gone (1:21:20). Is OU's record preventing us from being as engaged with the rest of college football (1:24:15)? Grant goes on the record with another take about LSU's offense and its offensive coordinator (1:26:30). The Big Ten gets going this weekend and Grant is excited to watch his Gophers, plus Grant is super pumped for the Pac 12 eventually playing 9am games (1:29:40). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 168 - Sooners Finally Beat Texas After Blowing Another Late Lead

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2020 154:08

    In the opening take, Lee tells you what he was thinking throughout Saturday's crazy win over Texas. Then Grant joins to briefly talk about his appearance on another OU football podcast (5:50). Lee thought re-watching that game was exhausting. Grant defends re-watching old OU games (7:00). We get into the game. Horrible start for OU, but then out of nowhere the Sooners got a takeaway. OU really shut down the Texas run game (10:25). The OL and the running backs played their best game, particularly T.J. Pledger (14:05). The offense struggled punching it in from short yardage early in the game (18:25). Tre Brown got an interception wiped off the board. Was it really a bad call? Lee's worried that OU's coaches could be reinforcing bad habits (21:10). Marcus Major had his best run as a Sooner and was aided by some nice blocking on the perimeter (25:00). Lee breaks down the x's and o's of Spencer Rattler's touchdown pass to Marvin Mims (28:20). Grant wants to talk a little about Linconl Riley's play calling philosophy (33:15). Spencer Rattler's interception was absolutely horrible (36:45). OU's defense holds Texas to a field goal, but Lee saw another example of Alex Grinch's high risk/high reward scheme that burned the Sooners (38:35). Rattler's turns it over again (42:00). If OU was 3-0, would Riley have put Mordecai into the game? And Pledger fumbles on his best run of the year (46:40). Nik Bonitto made a great 3rd down play on Ehlinger, which led to David Ugwoegbu blocking the punt. Grant would like OU to stop getting celebration penalties (50:20). Lee's glad that Mordecai got his shot, but unfortunately two plays really stood out showing that Mordecai is not ready for primetime (59:45). Isaiah Thomas was fantastic and he's been a bright spot for OU (1:10:15). Marvin Mims needs to touch the ball more. He sets OU up for its first touchdown of the 3rd quarter, followed by that super long 8+ minute TD drive (1:12:10). Defense gets a 3 & out, offense takes over with a 14 point lead, and that's when the play calling gets indefensible (1:17:00). OU's defense kept getting Texas off the field, but the offense couldn't put the game away (1:25:00). Woodi Washington picks off Ehlinger, which should have finally been the nail in Texas' coffin. It wasn't (1:31:50). Rattler almost gives the ball back to Texas, and we both didn't have a problem with OU passing the ball on 3rd & 9 (1:38:40). Grant was really frustrated with Lincoln Riley in the 4th quarter (1:43:35). Of course Texas goese down and ties the game, aided by a couple of penalties by Pat Fields (1:45:30). Rattler to Stogner in OT was beautiful(1:49:20). It wouldn't be an OU-Texas game if Texas didn't get away with a blatant penalty that led to a touchdown (1:55:05). How cool was it to see OU block a field goal (1:57:00)? Never trust college kickers unless you absolutely have to. And Grant makes a really good argument for why you don't kick Brkic when they did (1:59:30). Drake Stoops scored a touchdown and Tre Brown ended that horribly long game (2:07:10). Lee has some startling stats about penalties by secondary players (2:08:35). We play a soundbite from Alex Grinch and say some nice things about the OU defense (2:15:00). We find out live on the show that Nick Saban has Covid (2:29:50). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 167 - Are the Sooners a Bad Football Team?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2020 129:56

    In the opening take, Grant tries to put into perspective this 1-2 start to the season for the OU football team. Then Lee joins to explain why his thoughts on this team hasn't changed at all from this time last week (6:15). Grant doesn't have a doom and gloom outlook right now and he references a few other down OU seasons that may be similar to 2020 (9:05). What should the expectations be for this OU team (12:00)? The guys really don't think the offensive line is playing that bad, and we don't think Lincoln Riley thinks that either (17:50). Here's why we think the current running backs aren't getting the job done (23:55). Why did Lincoln Riley decide to kick a FG on that first drive (33:00)? Let's talk OU defense. The front 7 looked good, but of course tackling was horrible (37:40). Lee looked back at Alex Grinch's second season at Wasington State through the first three games -- the stats are somewhat similar. Does that mean anything (42:30)? OU's secondary continues to give up big plays through the air and they can't buy a turnover to save their lives (44:30). Should we just accept that OU has down seasons sometimes (50:50)? We are learning more and more about "Speed D" being a high risk/high reward scheme that puts a lot of pressure on the secondary. Is that sustainable in the Big 12 (58:00)? What's the reason for the 4th quarter defensive collapses (1:01:35)? OU's offense leaving points on the field all night was a problem (1:07:10). Spencer Rattler is the least of OU's problems right now. And Brock Purdy hasn't gotten any better since his freshman year (1:08:30). Stogner and Hall have been fantastic, while the wide receivers have not been as good as we would have liked (1:11:15). Let's go over some positives, which includes one of the RBs, and we think Obi should have been credited with a TD (1:15:00). Gabe Brkic continues to be awesome and he started what turned out to be the best sequence of the game for OU (1:19:45). But what followed was a big kickoff return and the rest of the game was bad (1:22:45). OU and Texas plays in a few days and Texas looks exactly like it has for the last 10 years (1:24:00). Remember that 3rd & 11 conversion from Rattler to Stogner? Plus Rattler's mobility was great vs. Iowa State (1:30:50). Grant has an ultra hot take about the running backs and more evidence from Saturday (1:35:50). Lee saw Iowa State using motion to set themselves up for advantageous plays against OU. Will Texas see this on film (1:41:15)? OU's defense dominated Texas last season, yet Texas was in the game the whole way. And will Ronnie Perkins play (1:44:00)? Do OU fans think the Sooners will win this weekend? Also, we both don't think OU will win Saturday (1:46:30). Listener questions about playing different players in the secondary and which food we would deep fry at the Texas State fair. We also wax poetic about the cool atmosphere of OU-Texas (1:48:40). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 166 - How Much Do You Care About That K-State Disaster?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2020 116:56

    In the opening take, Lee presents his mea culpa for his horrible predictions last week and also wonders about the general interest of college football across the nation. Then Grant joins to take his licks about his Deuce Vaughn takes from last week (7:00). It doesn't take much time into getting into how stupid and dumb that K-State game was (8:10). Lee wants Grant to react a little bit about opening take (11:00). OU's lost a lot of these types of games since 2009 (14:55). What's the deal with OU's offense late in close home games? Also, has OU just been really lucky in recent years (20:15)? What's the deal with OU's defense giving up explosive plays to Kansas State (25:00)? Lee tries to explain in detail what happened schematically on a few of those K-State explosive plays, which leads to a bunch of ranting about the defense (31:15). OU's defense dominated nearly every single snap of the game -- but 5-6 snaps did enough to help K-State win the game (37:30). A little bit of Skylar Thompson talk, which leads to Grant making up a meaning for a word that already exists. Also, it would be great if OU's defensive players just did their jobs individually and should the defense make some changes (40:50)? Okay, so we have to at least touch on Bryan Mead (45:25). OU's defensive line is really missing Ronnie Perkins and Jalen Redmond, plus should OU move DTY to linebacker? Yeah, we're throwing it all against the wall (47:40). Is OU still lacking talent on defense? Lee just wants them to be better with communication (51:30). What should be our expectations for this OU football team (56:30)? Lee didn't think the offensive line played as bad as everybody says they did. Grant sort of agrees, plus he's not sure why OU threw bubble screens to Charleston Rambo (1:01:30). This offense really misses Stevenson, Brooks, and Sermon at RB (1:05:00). Did OU get all of its bad luck out of the way (1:11:00)? Outside of a few plays, Spencer Rattler was really good against K-State (1:15:00). Lee thinks the team will have less pressure now that they've already lost a game (1:20:05). We read your "3 word reviews" from Facebook and Twitter (1:26:20). DaShaun White played really well (1:32:00). K-State was missing a lot of players and a bunch of unexpected people killed OU (1:33:40). OU plays Iowa State this Saturday and we have no clue what to expect (1:38:05). Lee has a very important question regarding OU's defense when it comes to playing against Iowa State (1:44:40). Grant shifts to the NFL as he admits he's changed his mind about Buffalo QB Josh Allen (1:47:10). Should Grant go to the Iowa State game (1:55:25)? | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 165 - K-State Doesn't Look Good... But That Didn't Matter Last Year, Did It?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2020 107:56

    In the opening take, Lee laments everything that Houston's football team has had to go through since the beginning of September. Then Lee talks a little bit about the possibility of Saturday's game against K-State getting postponed before bringing Grant in for his thoughts (4:30). Just how short-handed was K-State in its season opener against Arkansas State (12:05)? We may have gotten a little ahead of ourselves last episode inferring that other programs may not take contact tracing as seriously as others (21:45). It seems like OU's roster should be a lot more full this Saturday (26:20). We look ahead to K-State, beginning with the Wildcats' defensive line and what we know about Wyatt Hubert, the best way to attack this defense, and a little info on K-State's new defensive coordinator (30:10). Grant wants to marvel over Spencer Rattler (42:10). Lee's interested to see how Rattler reacts to K-State's defense on 3rd down, plus a K-State linebacker expects his team to win this Saturday (46:40). Ark State had one WR go for three TDs against K-State. What will OU's WR group do against this secondary (50:45)? K-State's offensive line looks really bad (54:20). Does K-State have any good running backs this year (1:02:55)? K-State has a couple of pretty good WRs, but will we see the normal Skylar Thompson who's not very good, or the Thompson who beat OU last year (1:06:20)? Grant's a little more skeptical about this game, while Lee is pretty confident OU is going to win by a lot of points (1:14:25). Lincoln Riley doesn't seem to think the three suspended players will have their penalties reduced (1:24:45). Does Grant feel like spiking the ball when it comes to his Oklahoma State season prediction? And Lee doesn't really get why OSU's backup quarterback wasn't pulled from the game earlier (1:31:35)? OSU plays West Virginia this week which is a super interesting game (1:39:55). The SEC is back this weekend and Lee thinks contact tracing won't be as much of an issue with that conference (1:42:25). Sports just aren't as fun in 2020 (1:44:30). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 164 - Missouri State Wrap, Contact Tracing Trouble, and the Big Ten

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2020 141:44

    In the opening take, Grant has some advice for us as we look ahead to the remainder of the 2020 college football season. Then Lee joins to ask Grant for his hot takes, and we start with Spencer Rattler talk (4:40). Lee comes in with a hot take about Marvin Mims, which leads Grant to go into his full fledged defense of Charleston Rambo (17:20). Okay now let's talk about Mims (24:05). Rattler sounds like he's matured quite a bit since he arrived in Norman (28:20). If you're going to criticize any part of OU from Saturday it would be the running game (31:45). Seth McGowan looked great Saturday, while Marcus Major left a lot to be desired (39:45). We go over all the offensive players who were not available to play Saturday (50:20). The guys talk about the Nebraska game from 2008, which makes Lee feel like one of those jerks who only talks about old football seasons (54:20). The OU defense looked more than ready to hit somebody else (58:50). David Ugwoegbu looked like he ate CeeDee Lamb (1:05:20). Lincoln Riley liked what he saw from Reggie Grimes and we definitely have to credit DTY for the way he played (1:08:30). We go over all the defensive players who missed the game, plus two of OU's important specialists (1:10:30). We think we know a little more now about the three players who are suspended and a better idea of when they'll be back. We think (1:18:45). Lincoln Riley provided a brief update on transfer Chris Murray, which Grant has been waiting for (1:25:35). Turns out the NCAA has a uniform standard when it comes to Covid-19 contact tracing. This whole thing could be a major issue this fall (1:30:45). Do the current guidelines incentivize players to get Covid-19? (1:37:20). We lament that Covid-19 in college football has seemingly been politicized (1:44:00). The Big Ten is coming back in late October. Grant thinks this entire story has been incredibly entertaining and we try to get to the bottom of it (1:49:30). We agree that the Big Ten should admit they made a mistake, and at the same time the other conferences can show grace by allowing the Big Ten back in (2:01:35). The Big Ten's statement Wednesday put health at the forefront of its decision, which really bugs us (2:06:35). Lee asks the Big Ten 'what has changed in the last month that led you to make this decision?' (2:12:50). Grant leaves us with a heartfelt thought on why college football is important and why it means so much to him (2:16:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 163 - We're Back For a Mega Pod. Let's Talk OU Football.

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2020 134:37

    In the opening take, Lee feels bad for all the college football players who won't be playing this fall. Then Grant joins to discuss our excitement level for the upcoming college football season (7:10). We go over what will be different about the show moving forward (12:40). OU released its first depth chart earlier today and begin at the top with Spencer Rattler (15:10). Our discussion shifts from Rattler to the H-Back position where we believe the Sooners are loaded (32:45). Charleston Rambo and Marvin Mims are at the Z receiver spot (38:30). Random Dak Prescott and Baker Mayfield digression (45:55). We go over the guys who are taking over CeeDee Lamb's old receiver spot (47:10). Will we know anything new about the appeals on the suspensions? So we complain about the NCAA for a while (54:35). We finish up with Obi Obialo at the Y spot(1:01:00). Are the running backs interesting to talk about? Well of course. Kennedy Brooks is gone, but the rest of the guys should be fine behind this offensive line (1:03:20). OU's gonna have a true freshman starting at LT (1:06:50). Over to the defense as we talk about this intriguing defensive line with Ronnie Perkins' availability in question and Jalen Redmond gone (1:14:10). More on Redmond's opt out plus more angst about the other conferences not playing this fall (1:19:00). We go to the linebackers (1:24:40). The OU secondary is in really good shape and we begin with Bookie talking about the aftermath of that LSU game plus Grant defends Bookie's play from 2019 (1:31:20). Tre Brown is the most experienced guy in the secondary and it sounds like Alex Grinch has seen a lot of improvement (1:39:20). It's the OU defense so of course we have to talk about takeaways (1:43:00). Grant asks Lee to give his opinion on Barry Switzer (1:47:50). Lincoln Riley tells us the standard hasn't changed at OU -- then the guys go over their expectations for the Sooners and the college football season (1:51:30). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 162 - Let's Watch the 2013 OU-Notre Dame Game (2nd Half)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 10, 2020 61:44

    We continue our viewing of the 2013 OU-Notre Dame game beginning with the Irish starting the 3rd quarter with a bang and Grant talking about weddings during game days. Grant saw Kerry Cooks on the Notre Dame sidelines and Brady details his experience watching the OU-Georgia Rose Bowl. Also discussed are the squib kick and Jake Fromme (4:30). For some reason we talk about Dak Prescott and then Sam Bradford. Yep, we're all over the place (13:15). Blake Bell has to leave the game with a minor injury, so we talk about that time Baker Mayfield pretended to pull his hamstring against Ohio State in 2017 (15:20). Could Lincoln Riley have used Kyler Murray more in the Rose Bowl? That leads to a Baker vs. Kyler debate (16:10). Time for more Mike Stoops talk, which includes that horrible Army game from 2018 (27:55). Sterling Shepard makes a play (37:50). Grant figures out what was happening on this day in college football back in 2013 (41:00). Adrian Peterson is still playing football, but also doing local commercials. Speaking of AD makes Brady think back to the 2006 OU-Oregon game (43:00). We all decide that if we had the power to go back and change the 2008 OU-Florida game we would (49:00). OU beats Notre Dame and the guys provide their final thoughts (52:35). Grant has some thoughts on Brandon Everage before we wrap up this podcast (57:05). | YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqrN6xWharg&list=PLgT-IQCnl5OHOrA3rbpSrp1nFeVN0J4pl&index=4 | Credit: LASooner | YouTube game action time code (9:28-37:09), (47:12-1:12:39), (1:24:25-2:04:02), (2:21:39-end) | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 162 - Let's Watch the 2013 OU-Notre Dame Game (First Half)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 9, 2020 70:20

    In the opening take, Lee gives some advice to a prominent ESPN personality. Then, Grant joins the show along with Brady Trantham of "The Franchise" and many OU and OKC Thunder podcasts to talk about how we are ripping him off with this podcast (6:10). Landry Jones comes up, so does the 2012 OU-Notre Dame game, which leads to James Harden being mentioned (10:00). We begin watching the 2013 OU-Notre Dame, which includes some early big plays by the defense (13:45). OU's offense comes out on the field for the first time and has no trouble moving down the field. This leads to a debate about Damien Williams' credentials for Super Bowl MVP (21:20). Lee wants to know if OU went on to win the National Championship this season (25:55)? Trevor Knight and Blake Bell talk (26:30). There's a lull in the game so let's talk about 2008 OU-Texas (32:45). This Notre Dame offense had a lot of future NFL players (34:40). Apparently OU has always had problems with backup quarterbacks (37:00). Brady talks a little about Mike Stoops and the OU defense (38:40). Brady figures out his favorite most obscure OU football player, which is De'Mond Parker (42:00). The second quarter begins with Brady discussing OU's history against Notre Dame (44:00). So, what's the proper way to count National Championships? That inevitably leads to us trying to fix the College Football Playoff (46:30). Brady goes back to the 2000 K-State game as he talks about his first memorable OU sports moment (1:01:00). Lee goes back to the Howard Schnellenberger era to describe his first OU memory (1:04:15). Grant used to be super excited about OU going under center, plus LaColtan Bester scores a TD to close out the first half (1:07:30) | YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqrN6xWharg&list=PLgT-IQCnl5OHOrA3rbpSrp1nFeVN0J4pl&index=4 | Credit: LASooner | YouTube game action time code (9:28-37:09), (47:12-1:12:39), (1:24:25-2:04:02), (2:21:39-end) | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 161 - Grading Preseason Predictions and Terrible Takes

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2020 69:51

    No opening take for this episode because we are continuing on from the last episode. Back in August we made a bunch of preseason predictions after Florida played Miami. This leads Grant to making a very early hot take (1:35). We jump into all of our preseason OU predictions beginning with the running backs and then realizing we both whiffed on a freshman WR (4:05). Grant went outside the box for OU's leading tackler, and he was pretty close (6:55). Lee is obsessed with the theory that OU "goosed" tackle stats in 2018, and he's got some numbers to back it up (8:00). Without looking, who do you think led OU in sacks in 2019 (11:35)? Was this our worst predicition of the preseason (12:45)? Lee thinks he got the "sleeper offensive impact player" correct and we finally realize that Nik Bonitto was the "sleeper defensive impact player" (15:20). We've found Grant's best preseason prediction (20:05). Predicting OU's "trap game" didn't go well for us (21:20). OU's "worst case scenario" predictions from August make us realize a lot of that stuff happened in 2019 (23:05)? On the flip side, some of the "best case scenarios" also played out in 2019 (24:30). Lee nailed the Big 12's most underrated and overrated teams in the preseason (26:40). Looking at the national scene, Grant didn't understand why Oregon was getting a lot of preseason love and Lee was totally wrong about Ohio State (29:40). Pretty crazy neither Tua nor Trevor Lawrence were Heisman finalists. And we found a quote Joe Burrow related quote from Grant (31:25). Lee goes over some of his worst takes including Robert Barnes and JaMarcus Russell (34:00). Grant's turn as he brings up Baker Mayfield and the 2000 OU football team (35:10). Grant wants to talk about the most ridiculous current sports take in his mind: Eli Manning is a hall of famer (38:15). Lee remembers Rob Parker had a Peyton Manning take back in 2012 that was horrible at the time and looks even worse today (49:40). We go to Facebook and Twitter and read off some bad takes from listeners (53:25). Lee misses watching this Oklahoma City Thunder team play basketball and he looks back at his worst Thunder-related take (55:50). Thank God the NFL did not delay free agency, although Grant doesn't seem to think Tom Brady leaving NE was as big of a deal as expected (58:30). Was the Texans-Cardinals trade the most lopsided deal you've ever seen? And when will the NFL learn to stop paying running backs (1:02:00)? | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 160 - "Spring Football", Caleb Williams, and Some TV

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2020 71:57

    In the opening take, Lee admits he's found a new appreciation for the sports world. Then Grant joins to briefly discuss this weird, new world we are living in (4:15). Robert Barnes and Jamal Morris have moved to linebacker. We talk mostly about Barnes, and then hear from Alex Grinch (8:40). Lincoln Riley says Theo Howard could be available for the 2020 season (15:00). At least Riley won't have to pretend all spring that OU has a real QB competition, which leads us to talk more in depth about Spencer Rattler's high level attributes (16:25). Alex Grinch continues to be horrified by OU's lack of takeaways in 2019 (22:00). Grinch provided an update on what the defensive line looks like (25:20). With Parnell Motley gone, did Grinch give us a hint on who will take over for him in 2020 (28:10)? Grant describes what it was like for him on March 11 when everything seemed to change (32:35). OU has a great shot at 2021 top QB Caleb Williams, so the guys talk about what they've seen from his tape so far (34:20). Trey Sermon is gone and we both think he should make a big impact at Ohio State (43:00). Grant wants some feedback over something that could be a future segment on the show (50:40). A listener wants us to talk about OU basketball. Lee laments the loss of March Madness, while Grant provides more detailed thought about Lon Kruger's team (54:00). Unfortunately we have not seen "Tiger King" on NetFlix, so instead we talk about other TV shows we really love including "Parks & Rec", "Breaking Bad", and "Better Call Saul" (1:04:15). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 159 - New Coaches, Recruiting Rants, & Biggest Concerns

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2020 98:06

    In the opening take, Grant's feeling much better after taking a lot of time off from the podcast and he's ready to figure out how OU can finally win the national championship yet again. Then Lee joins to talk briefly about OU's spring practice schedule and the possibility of another night spring game (6:00). Ruffin McNeill is no longer with the program and that's probably for the best (8:20). Jay Boulware is off to Texas and the guys have somewhat differing views of what happened (11:20). DeMarco Murray's job is to bring elite running backs to OU (14:25). We like Jamar Cain's resume and are hopeful that he can bring in some elite LBs and D-linemen (24:25). We take a deep dive into 2020 CB Joshua Eaton and decide he's a project player (29:45). Grant rants about how OU's done a bad job of developing defensive players of late (37:25). 2020 DE Reggie Grimes may be a project as well, but at least he's pretty big (40:25) plus more ranting about how OU is not recruiting the best defensive players (44:00). Inevitably the Peach Bowl domination comes up again (47:00). Lee thinks the biggest concern for OU right now is the secondary. It's like things never change (49:30). Grant is way more concerned about the defensive line (53:30). Time to get to the thing that we're not concerned about: the offense (1:04:15). Spencer Rattler is obviously the key to everything that involves OU being a team that's worth paying attention to or not (1:06:40). What happens if Rattler is as good as Tua was in his first full year as a starter (1:11:10)? Grant bums everybody out (1:14:20). Is it realistic to expect OU to win the national championship in the next 4 years (1:17:20)? We finish up with a couple of listener questions about Charleston Rambo (1:18:30) and the XFL (1:22:25). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

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