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Opinion and analysis of Oklahoma Sooners football from the viewpoints of a local media member and an OU fan living outside The Sooner State. New episodes every Monday and Thursday during football season.

Lee & Grant Benson

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    Ep. 255 - It's Once Again Impossible to Predict Which OU Team Will Show Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2022 76:46

    In the opening take, Lee explains how it took just 4 games for him to completely change his mind about a particular aspect of this OU football team. Then Grant joins to talk more about that stupid loss to Kansas State and how Brent Venables seemed super solemn at his weekly news conference. Plus Lee has more thoughts on that fateful 3rd & 16 play (2:20). We look at the positives of the K-State game, which includes Eric Gray's performance and the way OU ran the ball against K-State. Also, Dillon Gabriel played pretty well against K-State, save from 3 throws (22:20). Grant says one of the most impactful moments of the game was when OU was called for delay of game after K-State slow played their substitution on 4th down (27:30). OU's a 6.5 point favorite against TCU. The Frogs have an awesome offense and it's impossible to predict which OU defense we will see Saturday. OU's got some problems at linebacker and at safety (32:50). TCU's defense looks a lot like K-State's defense, which makes us feel pretty good about OU's chances of moving the ball (41:45). 5-star DL David Hicks commits to Texas A&M and Grant is shocked (50:00). The entire Big 12 slate is interesting this week. Will KU beat Iowa State? Texas will probably beat WVU (59:00). Our picks were bad last week. Grant thinks Arkansas will beat Alabama outright, and that's not even one of our official picks. We take a stab at Washington-UCLA/Kentucky-Ole Miss/Texas Tech-Kansas State/OSU-Baylor/NC State-Clemson (1:02:00). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 254 - What the Heck Was That? OU's Defense Bad in Loss to K-State

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2022 58:47

    Well, we didn't see that coming Saturday night. OU's defense was really bad against an offense that played its best game of the season. We complain about a lot of stuff, read your "3 Word Reviews", and get a lot of frustration off our our chests. Meanwhile, the Sooners' offense was pretty good against the best defense it had faced so far this season. | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 253 - OU Looks to Avoid Letdown Game Against K-State

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2022 89:07

    No opening take. The guys immediately address whether they think Brent Venables will have OU ready to play by kickoff Saturday night (1:30)? Brent Venables said the Nebraska game wasn't bigger to him than other games, which leads to Lee ranting about how Texas has been able to play OU close and beat them over the last decade. Grant doesn't buy it though (7:10). Will it be easier to predict what kind of OU team we will see week to week under Brent Venables (12:20)? We hope this is the most nuanced, intelligent discussion regarding the end of football Bedlam that you'll hear (14:40). What do we make of Adrian Martinez's slow start so far at K-State (30:45)? Deuce Vaughn's still K-State's best player, but he did not do a whole lot against Tulane (36:45). Brent Venables and OU's defense gave up a healthy amount of points to K-State from 1999-2011 (41:00). Malik Knowles and Phillip Brooks are still on the K-State roster, but zero wide receivers are over 100 yards receiving (43:35). K-State's defense is really good. Could it end up being the best defense OU sees during the regular season (44:55)? OU will have to run the ball effectively through K-State's 3-3-5 look. What will Jeff Lebby's game plan look like (51:45)? Lee struggles to explain why he thinks OU -12.5 has a lot of value. Does it make sense in the end? You decide (56:10). Dillon Gabriel has not played well against high level defenses in his career. Will that trend continue Saturday (1:03:15)? Over to the Big 12. West Virginia may be the worst team in the conference. KU is favored to beat Duke. We don't know anything about TCU yet. Grant like Tech to beat Texas outright (1:04:30). The guys are each 10-5 so far this year on their weekly picks. Our 5 games this week are Clemson-Wake Forest/Baylor-Iowa State/Washington St.-Oregon/Arkansas-Texas A&M/USC-Oregon State (1:09:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 252 - Sooners Look Awesome in Drubbing of Nebraska

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2022 49:24

    OU dominated Nebraska on the road and there's not many things we can complain about. Dillon Gabriel certainly answered the call, the defense was fantastic (after the first series), Eric Gray made us look really stupid, and yay Jaren Kanek! | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 251 - Will Dillon Gabriel Handle the Biggest Stage of His Career?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 96:02

    In the opening take, Lee takes a look at some interesting developments in the movement of the OU-Nebraska betting line. Then Grant joins to go over some of the latest news surrounding the Sooners including the upcoming return of Wanya Morris, an injury update from Brent Venables, and future series with Georgia and Tennesse getting canceled (3:00). Turning our attention to OU-Nebraska. This will be the most hostile environment Dillon Gabriel's ever played in (13:45). Nebraska's offense is very good, led by Casey Thompson (26:10). Nebraska has the worst defense in P5 football (40:00). Lee tells you his OU-Nebraska prediction, although he doesn't love the pick. Plus we give final thoughts on the matchup (51:05). We read questions and comments from the "West of Everest" Facebook page (58:25). Let's talk about the Big 12, but first Lee has to rant about hating Iowa. K-State blew out Missouri last week, Kansas looks competent, and we were both dead wrong about the Texas-Alabama game (1:02:40). We do our weekly picks which include BYU-Oregon/Penn State-Auburn/Texas Tech-NC State/Michigan State-Washington/Miami-Texas A&M (1:14:25). Fresno State-USC could be interesting (1:27:40). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 250 - Defense Shines on Jekyll & Hyde Night for OU Offense

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2022 70:27

    After a bizarre first half, the Sooners righted the ship after halftime and took down Kent State 33-3 Saturday night in Norman. The guys talk about the last time OU allowed 3 or fewer points to a FBS school, before going into detail on the excellent effort put forth by the defense (7:45). It was a tale of good & bad for the OU offense against Kent State (31:45). The Memorial Stadium in-game experience was different Saturday night, plus we read your "3 Word Reviews" (53:10). We finish up by hitting on USC's elite offense and our early thoughts about OU-Nebraska (58:50). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 249 - Happy for CFP Expansion & Kent State Poses an Interesting Test

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2022 98:23

    In the opening take, Lee's happy the CFP will expand relatively soon, but the new system could be even better. Then Grant joins to provide his thoughts on the Playoff expanding to 12 teams. Lee is trying to be open minded about why some people do not want the Playoff to expand. The guys talk about a Twitter exchange by Joel Klatt and Josh Pate (5:45). What defines success in a college football season? Who defines success for each team (17:45)? Lee explains why college football (and football in general) will continue to be popular year in and year out (25:00). Are we being too hard on Dillon Gabriel? Grant likes Jalen Hurts in the NFL, Lee does not (27:50). Brent Venables provided a Wanya Morris update this week. Is the OU O-Line going to underachieve? Upon review, Lee thought OU ran the ball pretty well against UTEP (34:55). Brent Venables loves Gavin Freeman (40:20). OU's a massive favorite against Kent State. Kent State has an interesting QB and a couple of talented WRs, but man they are bad on defense (44:40). We go over this weekend's Big 12 slate including thoughts on Missouri-K-State, Houston-Texas Tech, Kansas-West Virginia, Arizona St.-OSU, TCU-Tarleton, and of course Iowa St.-Iowa (1:08:40). Grant was 5-0 ATS last week. We make our picks for South Carolina-Arkansas/Alabama-Texas/Tennessee-Pitt/App State-Texas A&M/Baylor-BYU (1:18:50). We finish up with our thoughts on the end of the Florida State-LSU game (1:32:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 248 - A Successful Start for OU, But There's Plenty of Room to Grow

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2022 75:34

    In an effort to get the podcast uploaded as quick as possible, we are not including timecode details for this episode. We take the "grab bag" approach to OU's 45-13 win over UTEP by pointing out what we liked and didn't like. At the end we read your "3 word reviews", and talk a little bit about the rest of Week 1 of college football. Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 247 - Depth Chart Release, UTEP Preview, & Week 1 Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2022 75:35

    No opening take as the guys open the show by celebrating Game Week, before jumping into what caught their eye on the depth chart release. Will Marcus Major take advantage of his opportunity? We're super happy for Jaden Davis. Could the offensive line have an unexpected absence in Week 1? Plus so many other depth chart stuff (1:35). Let's talk UTEP. We go over our takeaways from the Miners' first game against North Texas and tell you the most important things we know about OU's opponent (27:05). What will we be watching for from OU's offense and defense against UTEP (37:20)? We're kind of out on making game predictions, but Lee makes one anyways (49:00). We slide over to the Big 12 slate... it's not all that interesting in Week 1 (53:00). Time to pick the 5 most interesting games of the week. WVU-Pitt/Oregon-Georgia/Cincinnati-Arkansas/Utah-Florida/Notre Dame-Ohio State (57:20). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 246 - Time to Shake Up the Big Season Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2022 91:23

    No opening take, so we get straight to talking about the latest on Anton Harrison and the OU offensive line (0:50). Brynden Walker retires from football (5:20). The "Big Season Preview" is different this year. We take the opposite side of OU and play devil's advocate on many positive things we've said about the Sooners' potential in 2022 (12:00). Grant doesn't think the Big 12 is going to be very good this year. He tells you why, and we hit on all the stories that interest us about the conference (47:00). Should we care about Stew Mandell's OU prediction (59:50)? We turn our attention to the national scene. Lee asks if we're sure Ohio State should be considered as good as Alabama and Georgia? Lee's also curious about Clemson post-Brent Venables. Grant has thoughts on miscellaneous schools including Utah, NC State, Oregon, and others. There's also Mario Cristobal and Mel Tucker criticism because that's what this podcast is all about (1:01:20). We answer a couple of listener questions about Dillon Gabriel using his legs in 2022 and transfers who may not play much this season (1:22:00). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 245 - How Much Should We Read Into Venables' Comments on the O-Line?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2022 75:48

    In the opening take, Lee reminds everybody that OU's in need of a new kicker in 2022. Then Grant joins to lambast Lee's decision to talk about kickers in the opening take (5:05). What's going on with the offensive line? We play Brent Venables' comments on the OL from Tuesday that leave out Anton Harrison when seemingly discussing the top tackles on the team (9:50). How good might freshmen Jake Taylor and Jacob Sexton be (20:55)? Who are the five players on the inside of the offensive line that Venables was talking about (24:20)? Billy Bowman's playing better than anybody else on defense right now. Is this finally going to be the year we are super high on the OU secondary and they finally don't disappoint us (25:10)? Brent Venables fears that LB T.D. Roof has a season-ending biceps injury. The linebackers are the biggest question mark on defense, so it's a good thing Venables coaches these guys (37:00). Marcus Major is playing his best ball -- does it matter (43:30)? No updates on Jalen Redmond, but Lee did see a positive sign at practice Tuesday (47:00). Over to the WoE Facebook page where we field comments on listeners who are fully buying in to OU being a Playoff contender this year. Is this the most excited you've ever been for an OU football season? And what do we know about the new tailgating developments at OU (48:40)? Brief talk about Jacobe Johnson committing to OU and a different 2023 OU commit got a 5th star. Lee also shoehorns a "Varsity Blues" reference in (1:04:00). Old news that we never talked about on the podcast: Kyler Murray's weird contract situation (1:07:30). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 244 - Cale Gundy Resigns. What Now?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 59:01

    No opening take today. We're the last people to comment on Cale Gundy's resignation (1:25). How fast can OU move on from this situation? Lee talks about what he saw at practice this week (19:25). Have we seen evidence that Jerry Schmidt has evolved over the years (26:30)? Lee goes over his notes from Brent Venables' Wednesday press conference. All of the team and culture building over the last 8+ months will come in handy now (31:35). Matt Wells will have more influence now that Gundy is gone. Jalen Redmond is dealing with an injury. And how funny would it be if Justin Harrington and Eric Gray have massive years in 2022 (35:45)? Lee details a couple of players he saw working at practice off the the side. Plus, the Sooners are moving practice to the rugby fields moving forward. More Jalen Redmond talk and Lee rips on "Speed D" (40:45). Are you excited about Baker Mayfield starting in Carolina? Lee defends Matt Rhule. Grant argues against himself about the effectiveness of former LSU passing game coordinator Joe Brady (47:25). And as the show winds down we briefly hit on "Hard Knocks" and Grant's experience watching the "in season" Colts version of Hard Knocks last year. Finally, Lee wants you to know about two of his favorite sports movies (54:50). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 243 - OU Media Day & Critiquing Those Skeptical of the Sooners

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 113:17

    In the opening take, Lee's ready to see if all the good work Brent Venables and Oklahoma has done over the last 8 months will lead to a special 2022 season. Then Grant joins as Lee asks for an apology after some "fake news" was spread last episode. Also, Grant recently watched a game from 2003 and we talk about how time starts to go by faster as you get older (6:25). Lee shares his biggest takeaways from OU Media Day. "Schmitty" seemed to be the star, even though he wasn't there. Does everybody have injuries, or does OU get injured more than everybody else? It was good to hear about some of the guys who've transformed their bodies this offseason (17:40). We take an early look at the first part of OU's schedule that intrigues Grant. Why is K-State's season win total only 6.5 and is Deuce Vaughn the second best RB in college football (39:30)? We pick up on our NIL discussion from the last episode talking bout collectives, money, and incentives for people who get involved with this. Grant brings up a great Todd Bates quote about recruiting (50:00). We play a couple of clips from college football podcasts from pundits who are down on OU in 2022. We begin with Chris "The Bear" Fallica from ESPN (1:02:05). Next we go to RJ Bell and AJ Hoffman from the "Dream Preview" betting podcast. They bring up an interesting dynamic about OU that we haven't talked much about, before embarrassing themselves. Grant explains at the end why he's so confident about OU after being skeptical when Riley left and Venables was hired (1:15:55). We go to the WoE Facebook page to answer questions about OU's impending move to the SEC. How long will it take for OU to get to the SEC Title? And we finish up talking about the SEC cities we're most looking forward to visiting (1:39:10). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 242 - Jackson Arnold Deep Dive & NIL Promise Problems?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2022 63:31

    In the opening take, Grant wonders if an aspect of NIL will ultimately benefit the schools who have taken more of a "wait & see" approach. Then Lee joins in what turns out to be a show filled with a lot of recruiting talk. We begin by discussing QB Jackson Arnold, his tape, and what his commitment means big picture for OU in the new Brent Venables' era (8:10). Some brief Arch Manning conspiracy theory talk (28:00). OU's picked up 8 blue chip recruits recently and the early returns on Venables' tenure look to be even better than the beginning of Lincoln Riley's stint as OU's HC (34:30). Are some schools not delivering on NIL promises? Grant's skeptical that NIL money will continue to pour in for schools because there may not be guaranteed return on investment. Lee assumes all the boosters who've been donating to schools for years are just now donating to collectives -- which will allow NIL to continue to be a thing. No matter what's the case, it would appear OU is in a good position. Listen and make your own call (43:20). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 241 - We're Back! Is OU Going to be Good at Football This Season?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2022 107:25

    There's no opening take, but we do catch you up on what you may have missed on our last episode. We jump into the show by asking the simple question: Is OU going to be good at football this season (3:30)? Lee starts to put some stock into something Brent Venables said at Media Day -- but Grant jumps in and tells Lee to pump the brakes. This leads to a brief discussion about OU's secondary (17:15). Baylor has been picked to win the Big 12. We explain why that's kind of dumb and why OU should have once again been the preseason pick to win the Big 12 (22:00). We talk a little bit about OSU. Lee's skeptical about the Cowboys' defense, while Grant's skeptical about OSU's offense (30:45). Grant goes on a mini rant about Iowa State probably being bad this season (38:40). Michael Turk's the only OU player on the preseason All-Big 12 Team. Grant thinks the Sooners had three other players who had a case for the team, but ultimately it doesn't matter (40:50). OU went to the portal and got a new running back last month. He's got strong ties to Dillon Gabriel. Then Grant goes into something and then loses track of the point (45:40). C.J. Coldon is on campus which should further help OU's secondary (49:20). We go to the Facebook page for some viewer prompts. Who's going to be right about OU this season? Those that are close to the team -- or those in the national media? Also, Lee sometimes forgets that Eric Gray is on the team (52:10). Lee thinks the OU defense is going to be smarter and more fundamentally sound. Grant wants them to be more situationally aware (1:02:55). The offense is the question mark, but there's evidence to suggest the Sooners still should be pretty good on that side of the ball. Also, what's been up with OU's offensive line play over the last few seasons (1:10:20)? Will USC/UCLA moving to the Big Ten speed up the process of OU moving to the SEC? How much power will ESPN have in this process (1:17:50)? OU's win total has been set at 9.5 USC's win total has been set at 9.5. Is this a trap? These totals seem way too easy. Also, it's fun to see where Vegas has Baylor and OSU (1:27:40). Baker Mayfield's going to Carolina. We all hope it works out, but Ben McAdoo as Carolina's OC makes us nervous (1:36:35). We get a late breaking Facebook comment about Lincoln Riley/USC going to the Big Ten (1:41:50). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 240 - That's How You Do A Spring Game

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 85:25

    In the opening take, Lee congratulates the OU fans for doing their part at Saturday's spring game. Then Grant joins to discuss everything surrounding Baker Mayfield's Heisman statue dedication (4:05). All the elements of the spring game involving the former players worked really well (22:10). Turning our attention to the game -- the weather wasn't all that bad, but it still may have had some impact on the passing game. We each give our thoughts on Dillon Gabriel's performance (30:10). Let's talk running backs. Jovantae Barnes and Tawee Walker dominated the carries (36:15). Grant's excited about OU's wide receivers (43:50). There's not much to take away from the offensive line (48:15). Marcus Stripling and Reggie Grimes stood out to Lee. The secondary played pretty well, and it was interesting to see freshman Jaren Kanak playing the Nickel/Sam role (51:50). Assessing the defensive line play and Lee got the feeling that DaShaun White and David Ugwoegbu looked more comfortable than ever. Will the defense tackle better now that Brent Venables is here? And Lee points out some creativity he saw from the defense (59:20). Back to the offense -- what did you think about the tempo? We provde ome final spring game thoughts (1:07:30). USC got a record crowd at its spring game as well. It was bizarre watching Riley on the field in USC gear and Caleb Williams playing QB for a different team (1:14:30). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 239 - Spring Game Preview, Mayfield's Return, & Riley's Letter

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 70:00

    No opening take. We begin the show by hearing from Bill Bedenbaugh and Lee tells you why he doesn't buy into PFF College very much anymore (1:30). It sounds like Andrew Raym will not be playing in the spring game. What, if anything, will we be watching for Saturday when it comes to the O-Line (6:55)? The weather forecast is not ideal for Saturday which could ruin everything (12:25). Grant really wants to see Dillon Gabriel throw it around Saturday. Lee is curious to see Theo Wease and and Jovantae Barnes in action (18:10). Grant's waiting to see all the freshmen pass catchers and is intrigued by the backup QBs (21:50). On defense, we'll be taking a long look at cornerback Kani Walker. What position will Clatyon Smith play? What about Marcus Stripling? Shane Whitter shed some light on the "Cheetah" position on defense and Grant has one last defensive player on his mind (24:05). Lee plays a soundbite from Brent Venables that sounded like he was talking directly to Grant (31:05). Grant explains why Baker Mayfield is arguably the most important player in the history of the OU football program (37:00). Lee's love of Baker has cooled in the past couple of years. Some of Mayfield's recent comments on that podcast were not ideal given what we know about Mayfield's background (45:30). Grant's convinced Mayfield's chance to be one of the top QBs in the NFL is over. The Browns are taking a risk by bringing in Watson -- what if karma is on Mayfield's side (51:10)? Finally we talk about Lincoln Riley's open letter (1:00:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 238 - The Hot New Game Show "Can't Miss or Can't Play"

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 97:36

    In the opening take, Lee takes a look back at some recent OU spring game attendance stats that may surprise you. Then Grant joins to provide a controversial food take (3:30). We stop wasting your time with food talk and move on to talking about attendance at other school's spring games this season. Can OU really fill up the stadium on April 23 (10:20)? Let's play a totally not made up game called "Can't Miss or Can't Play" where we predict whether a guy on OU's roster will be a "can't miss" player this fall or someone who "can't play" (25:00). Before we go we read some comments from the WoE Facebook page on Lincoln Riley, Lee's new nickname, and Lee has an impromptu USC/Lincoln Riley story that he found interesting (1:28:30). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 237 - Spring Ball Enters Week 3 & Poking Fun at Riley/USC

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 105:57

    In the opening take, Grant hits on some of the spring practice storylines he's most intrigued by as we look ahead to the Fall. Then Lee joins to share a recent headline he saw from a USC fan site that may signal Lincoln Riley has not changed since his time at OU (4:50). Cale Gundy says Jeff Lebby is as well rounded of an OC as he's been around (11:50). Dillon Gabriel's a player who's pushed the ball down the field in the past. Grant doesn't think the freshmen WRs won't really make much of an impact in 2022 (20:35). Dillon Gabriel says Jeff Lebby's offense has changed since his time at USC due to Lebby's evolution as a coach. Gabriel says his chemistry with the WRs is further along than he expected, and is it already set in stone that OU will win the National Championship next year (26:35)? Is it possible the team will look flat in the spring game? Is it really possible to fill the stadium for the spring game (38:05)? It was nice to talk to Marvin Mims in person last week. Lee tells us the story of Mims and Jeff Lebby first meeting. What if Riley leaving actually kept Mims in Norman (43:20)? Jay Valai is hyper focused on attention to detail and building "football intelligence" within the players. There's been plenty of evidence in the past that OU defensive players don't seem particularly football intelligent. Lee revisits an old rant about Brendan Radley-Hiles and also brings up other examples of poor football intelligence we've seen from previous OU players (51:00). Grant wants to know what's going on with transfer DB C.J. Coldon? Justin Harrington is back. (1:08:35). Talking WRs this spring compared to the WR groups from previous OU spring practices (1:13:20). Time for some more "red meat" topics as we poke more fun at Lincoln Riley & USC. Lee found a few stories from a USC fan site that he thinks you all will find entertaining (1:22:30). Comparing Alex Grinch's resume before he got to OU, to Jeff Lebby's resume as he begins his OU career (1:43:00). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 236 - All Positive Vibes as Spring Practice Enters Week 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 144:31

    In the opening take, Lee can't believe how positive everything is surrounding the OU Football program as Brent Venables begins his first spring practice as the head coach. Then Grant joins to briefly discuss the NCAA Tournament and how legal sports betting has killed interest in our brackets and the Slap heard 'round the world (5:00). OU Spring Practice is underway and Lee's excited about the amount of media access we've gotten so far. Grant's also more excited about the spring than usual (9:15). Lee was at OU's 2nd and 3rd open practice and goes into detail what he saw beginning with the offense (17:30). Lee's thoughts on what he saw from the defense during open practice. Grant makes a ridiculous comparison to a former OU player when they're talking about new Hawaii transfer Jonah Laulu (26:50). Lee tweeted out video of Brent Venables being hands on with the linebackers and it's turned out to be a whole thing -- but most importantly it's cool to see Venables coaching (36:00). Jeff Lebby told us recently what to expect from his offense at OU (42:00). What do we think the starting O-Line looks like right now (49:05)? Some final thoughts on the offense so far this spring. What's Brayden Willis going to be? Trevon West is getting some spring buzz and some classic complaints about the Kansas game from last year (56:10). Could Lincoln Riley's career trajectory be similar to Rich Rodriguez or Chip Kelly (1:04:00)? Danny Stutsman comments on the importance of embracing practice (1:12:00). Lee asked Reggie Grimes about the defensive install. Venables is not impressed with OU's linebacker depth (1:16:10). Billy Bowman got jerked around in 2021. Now he's focusing on just one position (1:26:30). Miguel Chavis has high praise for new DE Jonah Laulu and Chavis just seems like a cool guy to hang with (1:36:30). We go to the "West of Everest" FB page and answer questions about Venables' recruiting strategy, can this be the best OU defense in the last 7-8 years?, and one listener shares a hot take (1:42:50). OU just hired someone to improve the fan experience during gameday (1:56:00). Our thoughts on Baker Mayfield and his current situation (2:07:15). USC firing Lincoln Riley would be a national holiday for OU fans and Billy Bowman says they weren't allowed to return kicks in 2021 (2:20:15). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 235 - Which Culture Do You Prefer?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 106:16

    In the opening take, Lee asks what kind of culture you'd prefer at your favorite school? Then Grant joins the show to scold people for leaving negative reviews on podcasts before Lee asks Grant what he thinks about Bill Bedenbaugh's comments about OU getting "over the hump". How much can we take away from all this talk? Lee tries to explain why he thinks it's reasonable to be more confident in this happy talk compared to previous times when we've heard positive talk from OU's staff (7:45). Let's talk "culture" at OU. Yes, we use the word "soft". Did Lincoln Riley's team *really* get worse each season (21:40)? DeMarco Murray called Eric Gray the most explosive player on OU's offense. Why didn't he get used more, again (30:05)? OU's assistants have a ton of awesome things to say about Brent Venables. Hear from Cale Gundy, Brandon Hall, and DeMarco Murray. Venables has made change, and it sounds like it's for the better (35:20). Does new co-DC Todd Bates look like Hannibal Buress? He updates us on his new position group. Has Lee lost his love of guys who say they watch a bunch of tape (55:20)? Will new cornerbacks coach Jay Valai be the guy to finally get OU's corners playing up to the standard we want them to (1:00:00)? The last coach we hear from is Miguel Chavis. This guy loves everything. And sounds like he's a star (1:04:15). Everything sounds so good. Grant wants to know what we're missing here? Grant also loved Brent Venables on Gabe Ikard & Teddy Lehman's podcast (1:09:40). The spring game is set for April 23. Baker Mayfield will get his statue dedicated. Is it possible to sell out the spring game? Will Lincoln Riley show up for Mayfield's statue dedication (1:22:20)? Spencer Rattler's took a shot at Lincoln Riley last week (1:26:00). We go to the WoE Facebook page to read your comments and questions (1:30:25). Finishing up with our limited comments on the NFL Combine and OU men's basketball tries to save their season Thursday against Baylor (1:34:00). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 234 - After All That, The Playoff Remains at 4

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2022 92:12

    No opening take. The guys jump right into the latest news that the College Football Playoff will not expand for the next 4 years (:40). Why must they announce at this point that the Playoff will not be expanded in the next 4 years? Why do they need so much buffer time to make any decision (5:45)? Remember last summer when we all thought an expanded playoff was a done deal and would be here sooner than later? Grant thinks the SEC is trying to eventually dominate everything about the sport. Lee wants to know how TV rights deals come into play here (15:30). Apparently there's some pushback on the idea of playing on campus playoff games. Automatic Qualifiers for the Playoff are also something everybody can't agree upon (22:20). Another reason why the expanded playoff proposal didn't pass was the idea of players playing extra games. Lee gives credit to a college football writer that we normally rip on during the show (33:20). Lee asks if we are missing anything when it comes to expanding the playoff? It seems like everybody is on the same side here. What else could be done to improve college football (39:30)? Of course the Rose Bowl is a big component as to what will happen with the Playoff in the future (49:00). Should OU want to stay in the Big 12 until the current media rights contract runs out (56:45)? What if we saw an immediate difference in OU in Game 1 against UTEP? Why does the national media all seem to think OU will not be any good in 2022? Do they not understand that Brent Venables is a pretty good coach and OU's still got a lot of pieces (1:03:25)? We finish the show by addressing some comments and questions from the WoE Facebook page (1:19:35). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 233 - How About That Newfound Honesty in OU's Football Program?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2022 78:56

    No opening take today. Lincoln Riley's appearance on "The Herd" begins the show. We'll talk about Riley later. But first, Lee's changed podcast players & Grant thought the Super Bowl wasn't very good (3:45). Jeff Lebby recently said Dillon Gabriel is OU's quarterback right now. It's not a big deal, but it is a big deal because the last head coach always conducted sham QB competitions (14:10). Lee points to a recent Berry Tramel column praising OU's recent truth telling and how it's refreshing to see some honesty after Lincoln Riley seemed to lie more than he needed to. Grant wishes we had known more about Riley's shortcomings behind the scenes during the 2021 season. Lee will follow USC more closely than any other non-OU team moving forward (25:00). We try to figure out why so many OU fans and media members were annoyed/angry with Lincoln Riley's recent comments on "The Herd" (46:05). Riley's trying to win football games by accepting former OU players into his program. Will Brent Venables continue his standard of not accepting former Clemson players to OU (55:20)? If Riley told Caleb Williams, Mario Williams, and Latrell McCutchin that he would not accept them to USC, would all three of those players still be at OU now (1:03:10)? We get back to the Super Bowl. Why was Samaje Perine in the game instead of Joe Mixon on the final two plays? Zac Taylor's explanation makes sense, but it also doesn't make him look very good. Was the Bengals one of the worst Super Bowl teams in a while? Lee's annoyed that Joe Burrow couldn't move at the end of the game (1:05:25). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 232 - Caleb Watch is Over & Revisiting Preseason Predictions

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2022 109:14

    In the opening take, Grant closes the book on Caleb Williams' college decision. Then Lee joins to tee Grant up to gloat about correctly thinking that Jaxson Dart would likely go to Ole Miss (3:00). Caleb Williams is going to USC more than a month after entering the transfer portal. How long will it take Lincoln Riley to get USC in position to compete for a Pac 12 Title? USC's roster is not very good. Can Alex Grinch immediately improve USC's defense the same way he helped OU's defense in Year 1 (7:45)? Wisconsin seemed to become a serious possibility for Caleb Williams. Lee explains why he started to buy Madison as Williams' destination, while Grant never thought Wisconsin was really in play. Will we ever get the full story of what went into the last month with Caleb Williams (23:55)? Joel Klatt tweeted that USC could be a top 10 team and a dark horse National Title contender in 2022. Will Lincoln Riley evolve as a head coach? We're rooting against him (29:15). Grant's super impressed with Brent Venables' ability to salvage OU's 2022 signing class (37:55). Lee wants to talk about Coy Eakin, the HS recruit who caught their eye in December during the Texas HS Football State Championship games. Plus we're happy Heritage Hall's Gavin Freeman is not leaving the state and is going to OU (40:40). We turn our attention to our preseason predictions from August of 2021. Listen in to hear what we got right, and what we got wrong about the 2021 college football season. We begin with Grant being way off on Eric Gray's production (49:15). Both guys anticipated Marvin Mims to be OU's leading pass catcher, Grant picked the wrong DB to lead OU in tackles, and there was a time when we wondered if OU's defense would get to 60 sacks in a season (55:30). Caleb Williams came out of nowhere to be the most important offensive player besides Spencer Rattler, Lee's pick for most important defensive player was kinda wrong, but also kinda right (1:01:35). Drake Stoops turned out to be the most underrated offensive player while Justin Broiles came out of nowhere to be the most underrated defensive player. Billy Bowman had a lot of hype in fall camp, but he wasn't the most impacful true freshman (1:04:40). OU's trap game and then it's funny looking back at our thoughts on what OU's "worst case scenario" would be (1:09:50). Grant thought OU would go unbeaten in the regular season and he was off on TCU -- BUT Grant absolutley nailed Iowa State (1:21:40). We finish off the show with a look back at all of our National college football predictions (1:29:30). Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 231 - Gabriel, Dart, and What's Going on With Caleb Williams?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 121:02

    In the opening take, Lee likes that Brent Venables has added a healthy amount of analysts to his support staff so far. Then Grant joins to talk about Marvin Mims still being on the OU roster, but could he still leave at some point (5:30)? We take a look at OU's wide receivers and the outlook for 2022 (19:10). Grant got some criticism for his initial Dillon Gabriel take on the podcast. Has he changed his mind at all? Lee also wasn't all that excited about Gabriel when he first committed. Lee tells you the perceived strengths and weaknesses he sees in Gabriel (26:00). Grant is still very worried that OU will not be very good in 2022. He also does not expect the defense to be good in 2022. Lee disagrees (52:30). We transition to OU's interest in Jaxson Dart. Lee goes over what he's seen from Dart on tape. Lee thinks there's a good chance OU gets Dart, while Grant doesn't think it's going to happen. This part gets a bit heated when they debate the stability of OU's program. How will Dillon Gabriel being at OU impact Jaxson Dart's decision (59:00)? Mario Williams and Latrell McCutchin are going to USC (1:15:30). Grant tries to explain why he's playing Devil's Advocate on OU's 2022 season (1:19:35). Roy Manning's back to coaching linebackers at USC. Jay Valai gets Gentry Williams locked down plus Lee praises Valai's Alabama corners vs. Georgia (1:30:30). OU's brought in a lot of transfer players lately. Todd Bates is doing work. Lee's more excited about the transfers than Grant. Keeping with the theme of the podcast. We also talk about OU's new defensive staff vs. OU's previous defensive staff (1:36:20). Caleb Williams still has not decided. What if he randomly comes back to OU? Wisconsin is a possibility? Really? Will we know more about Williams' decision by Friday (1:49:00)? | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 230 - Caleb Williams to the Portal & Dillon Gabriel Commits Mid-Pod

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2022 65:43

    In the opening take, Grant fears the Caleb Williams transfer portal fallout could lead the Sooners into a very difficult time. Then Lee joins to talk all about Caleb Williams' decision to enter the transfer portal. Joe Castiglione and Brent Venables released a statement. Lee continues to drink the Venables kool-aid, which has him looking at everything in an optimistic way (5:50). Where is Caleb Williams looking to go? It sounds like he's looking for the best place to prep him for the NFL. More on this whole situation not sitting well with Grant (24:40). Was Year 1 with Brent Venables always supposed to be a year without high expectations? Lee always kind of expected to give Venables a pass no matter what (33:00). We find out in the middle of recording that Dillon Gabriel has flipped his commitment from UCLA and has committed to OU. Plenty of immediate reaction to this news (37:40). Okay, should we be concerned by Ole Miss's offensive performance against Baylor (48:20)? Todd Bates is coming to OU which is a massive hire for the Sooners. Also it sounds like OU will be getting Alabama cornerbacks coach Jay Valai (49:50). OU picked up another running back for the 2022 class (54:50). Now we wait to see who else is going to enter the transfer portal (58:15). Grant says this may be the most down in the dumps he's ever been in regards to OU football. And we end with a comment from a listener in regards to our last episode (1:01:30). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 229 - OU, Stoops Beat Oregon & Caleb Williams is Still Undecided

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2021 106:34

    In the opening take, Lee regrets a bet he didn't make. Then Grant joins to briefly talk Alabama-Cincinnati as that game kicks off during this recording. Total crossfire on how they think the game will go. Then we get into how cool it was to see Bob Stoops coaching in the Alamo Bowl. Was that the most prepared OU has looked for a game all year? OU ran the ball well and Cale Gundy called a heck of a game (10:30). Kennedy Brooks had a great game. What kind of NFL career will he have? Marvin Mims caught a long TD, Drake Stoops caught a TD and had a cool moment with his dad (21:35). Mario Williams had a TD taken off the board, Eric Gray was very involved. We take this time to rip on Lincoln Riley (29:30). Grant says Caleb Williams was very good and there were some areas that he clearly worked on the last month. Jalil Farooq looked pretty darn good and we take more time to rip Lincoln Riley by talking about Charleston Rambo at Miami (35:40). Grant doesn't think the defense played well at all. We hit on some of the players who stood out. Ultimately we are happy the defense will get a total overhaul under Brent Venables (42:15). Okay let's talk Caleb Williams and his future. Is he gonna leave? Grant's super concerned. Lee's not too worried. They have a spirited discussion (51:10). We share your "3 Word Reviews" from Twitter and Facebook. Topics include players committing to schools based off of coaches vs. the actual school, Stoops handing off his visor to Venables, OU getting revenge on Oregon, Taco Bell, no penalties for players transferring, and wrapping up a super weird OU season (1:20:00). Final thoughts on bowl season so far, Grant's super fired up about mayonnaise, and when our next podcast episode will be (1:40:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 228 - Awaiting Caleb Williams' Decision & Oregon Onside Kick Rants

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2021 98:09

    In the opening take, Lee explains why he hopes a decision about Caleb Williams' future comes soon. Then Grant joins to briefly talk about Grant's favorite NFL team the Indianapolis Colts. Since nobody cares about that, we move on to looking back at the OU-Oregon onside kick debacle. We've never talked in depth about this on the show. It's incredible looking back how bad this was (7:40). It's fascinating that the TV broadcast did not think to ask "who recovered the football"? Lee goes back and watches the onside kick and comments on the refs in real time. Grant provides more perspective on what was going through Sooners' fans minds back in 2006 (15:15). Replay review later missed another call that went against OU. Lee rips the officials 15 years later (25:30). What does it say about the Alamo Bowl that the Oregon stuff is the most interesting storyline (28:05)? What's the deal with Caleb Williams? Lee's heard that he still has not made up his mind (34:00). What would Caleb Williams try to accomplish if he transferred? Ohio State and Alabama wouldn't make sense. Sure, he could still go to USC. What about Georgia (37:30)? Grant thinks Williams has to be leaning in some direction at this point. Is Williams holding the team hostage (48:40)? Both OU and Oregon have multiples players out for the Alamo Bowl. We're both pretty comfortable with OU's roster, despite the opt outs and transfers. We're both interested to see how Brian Odom calls the defense and how Cale Gundy calls the offense (59:25). Lee thinks Oregon's interim head coach could be distracted. Meanwhile Bob Stoops is here to win a football game (1:08:30). We share our gut feelings about the Alamo Bowl result (1:16:00). It appears that Jaren Kanak is enrolled at OU. Plus we go over some other possible players who've been rumored to be OU targets (1:18:55). Finally, the guys spotted a WR out of Texas who has zero stars and zero D1 offers. And they don't get it at all. Please someone explain recruiting to us (1:26:05). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 227 - OU's Puzzling New DC & the 2022 Signing Class

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 98:38

    In the opening take, Grant gives his take on OU hiring Ted Roof for the defensive coordinator job. Then Lee joins to talk about the state of the OU football program in the early stages of the Brent Venables era (6:30). Lee goes over what OU's 2022 recruiting class looked like before Lincoln Riley left compared to what it looks like today. We also talk about why we don't get super into National Signing Day (11:00). To further our argument about why we don't get super into NSD, we look back on the absolute bust that was the 2019 OU recruiting class (18:30). We don't normally talk about OU recruits, but since it's signing day we decided to watch some HS tape of a handful of OU's signees. We go over some of the guys on offense that we like including WR Jayden Gibson, OT Jake Taylor, and RB Gavin Sawchuk (22:30). Now over to some of the defensive guys that have gotten a lot of publicity. Both of us aren't all that impressed with LB Kobie McKinzie's HS highlights. Does LB Kip Lewis have more upside? And Grant is excited for Tulsa Union's Jayden Rowe (31:00). Grant doesn't understand how a person like DT Alton Tarber was rated so low given his position and body type (38:20). Lee gives his take on DC Ted Roof and provides a bunch more background on his career and how we got here. It matters that Roof has been a part of a National Championship team... right (40:30)? We were really hoping Venables would bring over elite DL coach Todd Bates from Clemson. Not going to happen. We still don't know OU's full defensive assistant coaching staff (56:45). Who the heck is Thad Turnipseed? Brent Venables sure does love Clemson still, but will one of his Clemson commits come play at OU (1:01:10)? We're still waiting on Caleb Williams. We didn't listen to his appearance on the Jeremiah Hall/Brayden Willis podcast. Sorry (1:08:50). Spencer Rattler and Austin Stogner are off to South Carolina. Has your feelings on Rattler totally changed in the last month or so (1:11:30)? Cale Gundy and Brian Odom will call the plays in the Alamo Bowl. Lee makes it clear why the Alamo Bowl matters. Grant has learned to not read into the results of bowl games. Lee has some push back (1:16:00). This turns into an OU basketball podcast for a little bit as Grant takes a deep dive into Porter Moser's team (1:24:00). We finish up the show trying to figure out the upcoming podcast schedule and we try to figure out if OU should be favored by more than 4.5 points against Oregon? And how forgettable was the Heisman Trophy ceremony (1:31:45)? | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 226 - Is OU Better Off Now With Brent Venables at the Helm?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2021 132:29

    In the opening take, Lee says OU's in a better position now than they were 10 days ago. Then Grant joins to talk about his favorite celebration style (5:45) before we stop messing around and talk about what we think of Brent Venables getting the head coaching job at OU (7:25). Venables addressed "why now" is the time he finally took a head coaching job. What are the chances he's going to be a good coach (14:10)? Lee begins pitching to Grant why he thinks OU is in a better place now compared to when Lincoln Riley left the program. Culture and team identity are important and it's going to chance under Venables (28:35). OU's defense is going to be better under Venables. We're excited to see how some of the current players develop under a new coaching staff (39:00). We pulled a soundbite of Venables talking about his offensive philosophy. We like that Venables is a coach who will tweak and coach game-to-game based on opponent. He also sounds like someone who wants to get the ball to his playmakers as much as possible. Lee also talks about that time the "Freezing Cold Takes" Twitter account got him (51:30). Was halftime during the OU-Georgia Rose Bowl the highest point of OU's Lincoln Riley tenure (1:02:05)? Lee continues his pitch to Grant. OU's offense will take a dip, right? Well... maybe, but also the ceiling could be higher with Venables/Lebby compared to Riley/Grinch (1:06:20). Do we think Caleb Williams is going to stay at OU? OU's got a better shot to win a National Championship in the next 2 years than USC, right (1:18:15)? We give our thoughts on Venables' coaching staff coming together. A lot of the original OU offensive staff sounds like they're staying on (1:26:35). Who the heck is Venables going to bring on as defensive assistants? No Jamar Cain is a bummer. Will anything come out on the Roy Manning/USC recruiting stuff? What's going to happen with Calvin Thibodeaux and Brian Odom (1:32:15)? Who's going to be the defensive coordinator? It's not going to be Mike Stoops is it? Jerry Schmidt is returning to OU. The gang is getting back together -- is that a good, or bad thing? Is OU more injured than other teams (1:42:40)? We do a horrible job of explaining players who have opted out of the Alamo Bowl. We're probably delirious at this point (1:53:00). We read a comment from a long time listener who has a few hot takes about the recent shake up at Oklahoma (1:55:30). Grant tells us which Bowl games he's interested in. He thinks Cincinnati has a shot to beat Alabama (2:05:20). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 225 - Welp, Riley Totally Duped Us. Time For OU to Find a New Coach

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 129:43

    In the opening take, Lee looks back at the last time a head coach left OU for a different college job. Then Grant joins as the guys give their initial thoughts on Riley's decision to leave OU (4:20). Bob Stoops is the Sooners' Interim Head coach. Lee also shares a story about Bob Stoops that he recently heard that will make you smile (11:45). Who's going to be OU's next head coach? We go over the potential candidates who've been mentioned and rumored beginning with Brent Venables. What about Matt Rhule? (26:00). The OU men's basketball team beats Florida as we are recording the podcast (47:30). What about Shane Beamer? Would he leave South Carolina to come to OU? We also discuss Luke Fickell, Dan Lanning, Mike Leach, and Lane Kiffin (49:15). Okay, we go all in on Lincoln Riley taking the USC job beginning by talking about what we were doing when we found out the news Sunday (1:02:05). Lee wants to break down the "Pros" and "Cons" for OU now that Riley is gone. Lee begins with his "Cons" list (1:07:40). Now over to the "Pros" of Riley leaving. Plus Lee tells the story about his final interaction with Lincoln Riley as OU's head coach. Alex Grinch is out the door, and Lee rants about what his lasting memory of Lincoln Riley's final weeks at OU will be (1:15:35). Grant wants to rant more about Riley's ability to seemingly stretch the truth at the end and also since USC has hired him. Grant wishes Riley would have just left OU in the middle of the season instead of the way he chose to leave (1:42:30). OU's not naming a coach today. Grant points out that there is a chance this could go south for OU (1:50:00). We give our thoughts on the bizarre Roy Manning story that came out Tuesday night. Grant once again just tells Lincoln Riley to go away (1:55:20). Grant has more hate for Riley. Which leads to some small CFP talk about Oklahoma State, Michigan, and Cincinnati to end this incredibly long podcast (2:04:10). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 224 - Let's Gather Round for a Jam-Packed Bedlam Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2021 113:17

    No opening take today, but Lee admits off the top that he's already picked OSU to win Bedlam. Will his opinion change by the end of the podcast? Is this the biggest Bedlam game ever (3:00)? We go over what impresses us the most about OSU's offense (17:15). Where does OU's defense have an advantage in this one? Grant thinks the Sooners will be able to slow down OSU's run game (23:00). Lee provides his thoughts on OSU's skill position players (27:15). OSU's offense wasn't very good a year ago against OU's defense. Which Spencer Sanders will we see Saturday night (29:50)? OU could struggle with OSU's play action boot game and Grant's convinced the Cowboys will do everything they can to exploit OU's weaknesses on tape (34:05). Over to OSU's defense. It's time for us to say a bunch of nice things about this group and watching the Cowboys' defense has made Lee angry (35:20). Does OU's offense matchup well anywhere against OSU's defense? Find out why both of us thought of Eric Gray while watching film of OSU's defense (40:20). Is OU running the ball effectively the key to winning the game? But... what happens if OU can't run the ball? Can Caleb Williams win this game with his arm (48:00)? Lee wants to talk about OSU safety Jason Taylor's pick-6 against Texas and why it reminded him of a recent play that OU's defense *did not make*. All Lee wants to know is... why does OSU make plays like this, but OU's veteran players seemingly can't (52:15)? Grant gives his final thoughts about the game. He was pretty confident early in the week, but since then Grant's confidence in an OU win has decreased (1:00:25). Lee tells you what he likes about the way this game is setting up, which includes a weird soundbite from a very confident Spencer Sanders (1:04:10). Then Lee talks about what he doesn't like about this game coming in, gives you the keys to the game, and then gives his final pick for Bedlam (1:11:40). Over to Playoff Rankings talk. We try to figure out a healthy amount of scenarios that would include OU or OSU in the field. Is Cincinnati in if the Bearcats win out? It would be horrible for college football if both Georgia and Alabama make the Playoff. Also not great if both Cincinnati and Notre Dame get in as well (1:20:30). Grant addresses his recent comments that CJ Stroud is Ohio State's version of Landry Jones (1:29:00). Over to the Big 12 slate. Why is Texas favored over K-State? Iowa State's primed for a blowout win. Grant points out all the reasons why Texas Tech could beat Baylor. Would you dare bet Kansas over West Virginia (1:30:30)? We go to our weekly picks. Grant is 36-18-1 this season. When will his hot streak end? We pick Ole Miss-Miss. State/Iowa-Nebraska/Ohio State-Michigan/Alabama-Auburn/Penn State-Michigan State. And we finish up with some final Bedlam thoughts (1:37:45). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 223 - Defense Shines But OU Still Has to Hang On

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2021 85:20

    In the opening take, Lee explains why he thought that was OU's best defensive game of the season. Then Grant joins as we jump in to talking about Jalen Redmond's fumble return TD. That leads into a discussion about OU's great game on defense (3:40). It was great to see OU's defense finish plays in the backfield. The D-Line was fantastic led by Nik Bonitto and company (16:45). Perrion Winfrey's monster hit on Brock Purdy (21:15). The guys have very different opinions on the Iowa State catch/no catch that led to ISU's first touchdown of the day. Grant doesn't think the rules make sense, Lee thinks the rules are pretty easy to understand (23:00). We dive into "3 Word Reviews" where we get into the offense playing poorly. A lot of Lincoln Riley criticism coming out of this game. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an easy "fix" (33:00). Lee didn't like that OU called timout on Iowa State's final series with the clock running and the Cyclones facing 4th down. Also, Iowa State totally killed its own drive by calling a bizarre trick play that backfired (47:20). OU still has a good chance to make the Playoff. We go through some quick playoff scenarios. Lee calls out a random podcast he listened to that had some bad college football takes (53:20). More thoughts on Riley and the struggling offense along with a struggling Caleb Williams. A little early Bedlam talk. Did a simple offseason change make OSU's defense elite (1:01:00)? We finish up "3 Word Reviews" and have a stupid debate about how to pronounce the word "Redux". Grant explains one of his biggest disappointments from this OU season (1:09:40). Dan Patrick said this week the Playoff could be expanded as early as next year but other news outlets have said that's not true. We talk expanded playoff and complain about how long it's taking (1:16:40). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 222 - Riley Rumors & Uneasy Feelings Ahead of Iowa State

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 110:23

    In the opening take, Grant wonders why Creed Humphrey has done so well in the NFL so far while he seemed to not play anywhere up to this level at OU. Then Lee joins as we dive right into these rumors that Lincoln Riley is a candidate for the LSU job. Given all we know, should we be preparing ourselves for Riley to leave OU? We put ourselves into Riley's shoes and go over the pros and cons of leaving OU for LSU (3:50). Lee wants to talk about all the key players OU lost from the 2020 team. Tre Brown, Tre Norwood, Ronnie Perkins, Rhamondre Stevenson, and Creed Humphrey. Did we take Tre Brown for granted at OU? How good was Stevenson compared to other recent great OU RBs (36:00)? More on Creed Humphrey's time at OU vs. his short stint in the NFL. Lee talks about something Gabe Ikard recently talked on his podcast about OU's run game that may shed some light on to why Creed's game was different at OU compared to now (43:50). OU is a short favorite at home against Iowa State. We are going to learn a ton about the Sooners this Saturday. Both guys aren't feeling great about this game, and there's disagreement about how we should interpret the recent bizarre comments by Matt Campbell. Lee apologizes for not having a hard and fast game pick for you all (52:10). Let's talk Big 12. Could Texas go 4-8? Lee's an idiot for thinking TCU would keep it close last week against OSU. How good is OSU's defense and is it good enough for us to automatically take OSU -10 over Tech (1:22:30)? Grant continued his hot streak last week. He went 4-0-1 with his picks and on the podcast this season he's picking at a 67 percent clip. At some point this run will fizzle out but will it be this week? We pick Michigan State-Ohio State/Wake Forest-Clemson/SMU-Cincinnati/Baylor-Kansas State/Oregon-Utah (1:29:20). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 221 - Sooners Get Whacked in Waco

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 87:07

    In the opening take, Lee highlights 5 separate plays that soured what turned out to be a pretty good OU defensive performance. Then Grant joins to react to that ugly Sooners loss at Baylor. Does OU have a problem playing well when they have more than one week to prepare? Does Lincoln Riley have a problem making in game adjustments (3:45)? Do we all need to pump the brakes on Caleb Williams (13:30)? More talk about the OU defense. Lee keeps trying to figure out if OU ever is supposed to have a guy set the edge (16:30)? Grant says Gerry Bohanon was awful on Saturday and Lee points out a play that OU could have had an easy INT, but instead Baylor picked up a first down (21:40). Grant makes sure to point out again that OU's defense played well enough to win and the offense did not hold up its end of the bargain. Brian Asamoah had maybe the best game of his career (29:30). Grant is fired up about the decision to take Caleb Williams out of the game and insert Spencer Rattler. Lee tries to get into Riley's head. That's got to be it for Rattler at OU, right (34:00)? Grant wanted OU's offense to space it out more against that Baylor defense (44:30). Over to "3 Word Reviews" where we talk about the end of the game. Grant is not happy with Lincoln Riley's postgame comments. This is a fired up Grant podcast (48:15). More "3 Word Reviews" lead to discussions about OU losing a game super late in the season for the first time in a long time. What's going on inside that locker room? Lee says this team looks to have an entitlement problem (52:15). Iowa State's been giving up a lot of points lately, but you know the Cyclones are going to be prepared to play OU(58:50). Why is tackling such a problem? Even if OU figured it out, they're not winning the National Championship this year anyway right (1:01:45)? More grab bag thoughts on OU-Baylor (1:08:15). We look big picture and Grant asks if Riley makes any kind of coaching move/change in the offseason (1:11:30)? Finally we talk about Texas losing to Kansas. This leads to a stupid debate about Texas and whether you should invest much time in caring about what they do (1:18:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 220 - Grant is Really Mad About the Playoff Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 64:17

    In the opening take, Grant very much hates the weekly reveal of the College Football Playoff rankings. Then Lee joins to provide his thoughts on the latest CFP rankings and what a surprise the guys find themselves at a disagreement about something (4:30). Lee has been told that Woodi Washington is expected to be available to play Saturday against Baylor. Lee is very happy to have been wrong about the timetable for Washington's return (19:30). Will Washington be a full go? What does OU do with Key Lawrence with Washington coming back? Lee has a "dream scenario" and Grant has a more realistic scenario (23:35). What do we make of Billy Bowman playing safety at practice (34:00)? OU is at Baylor Saturday. We begin by breaking down the Sooners' offense against the Bears' defense (36:05). Can Chandler Morris' performance last week against Baylor tell us anything about what to expect from OU's offense (45:25)? Flipping the script over to OU's defense against Baylor's offense (51:05). Both the guys are feeling pretty good about OU's chances Saturday. Lee says history favors the Sooners (58:25). We do rapid fire picks on Michigan-Penn State/Purdue-Ohio State/Iowa-Minnesota/Texas A&M-Ole Miss/NC State-Wake Forest (1:02:45). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 219 - Sooners No. 8 in the First CFP Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 93:59

    In the opening take, Lee is trying desperately to figure out what is going on with Billy Bowman. Then Grant joins the show and is immediately offended by something Lee said. OU is No. 8 in the initial College Football Playoff rankings, the guys provide their reactions to seeing the Sooners so low. Alabama being at No. 2 drives Grant crazy (6:55). With OU being at No. 8, does that mean the Sooners will have to go undefeated to make the Playoff? Yes OU still controls its own destiny, but Lee got a Tweet from a listener that presented an interesting end of season scenario that may exclude the Sooners from the Playoff (17:30). Grant says a fun hypothetical is the idea of Georgia, Michigan State, OU, Wake Forest, and Cincinnati all winning out. Lee runs down all 7 teams ahead of OU and says whether they control their own destiny, or not (25:55). Final thoughts on the CFP rankings as Grant complains about the committee ranking certain teams in order to prop up other teams moving forward (34:05). We transition to get Grant's thoughts on Lee's opening take about Billy Bowman and figuring out OU's best 5 players in the secondary (36:30). A listener question leads the guys to discuss Key Lawrence's role if/when Woodi Washington comes back (44:30). Lee reached out to a person who knows more about football than anybody on this podcast to find out how difficult it really is to move from safety to corner. There's also some insight into what OU's defense is trying to accomplish under Alex Grinch (49:50). Lee took a lot of notes on Caleb Williams' play against Texas Tech. We look back at a few of his best plays/throws and explain why they were so impressive for a freshman. His style of play is a mixture of Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray's best attributes (58:45). Yes the defense played much better vs. Texas Tech, but Lee saw a healthy amount of things during the rewatch that should concern us moving forward (1:11:15). Will the OU-Baylor game kickoff at night, or will it be a 11:00 am kick (1:17:00)? Over to some Facebook comments. Will be ranked No. 8 light a fire under OU? And this is not the podcast for hilarious Texas stripper girlfriend monkey takes (1:19:00). We're actually not mad that OU has a bye week. Unfortunately we forgot to make formal picks for the week, but Grant goes down the list of some of the interesting games coming up in Week 10 (1:27:20). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 218 - A Pleasant Surprise! OU Plays Best Game of Season

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2021 61:25

    No opening take today. We start by giving some love to Drake Stoops and then the rest of the OU receivers. Grant says the offensive gameplan against Texas Tech is what OU is going to have to do to win a Playoff Game. Grant wants to move on from Kansas, but Lee is not ready to just forget it totally. Lee's got a rant about why that Kansas game is still something to remember moving forward (9:20). Key Lawrence moving to corner looked to make a huge difference. DJ Graham returning also helped OU's defense. Just how important are cornerbacks in this defensive scheme (14:10)? Texas Tech's first two TDs were preventable. When Lincoln Riley says they're "close" -- this actually does look like OU is "close" to being much better. Isaiah Thomas had a nice game and OU was able to get more TFLs than they have recently (25:00). We go to "3 Word Reviews" that lead us to talking about Billy Bowman losing his Nickel job to Justin Broiles, Spencer Rattler taking a deep shot and experiencing a really cool moment, the first Playoff rankings come out this week and we tell you why you shouldn't care, finally an enjoyable OU football game, more Key Lawrence love, and a Marcus Major sighting (29:30). OU's on a 17 game winning streak. OU played 9 straight games and thank God the schedule has been easy. And Lee gives Grant credit for being the only person who correctly predicted Iowa State's season and Grant's picks on the podcast went 5-0 last week (52:30). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 217 - Worse Than the 2018 OU Defense (Right Now)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 114:10

    In the opening take, Lee crunched the numbers and the current Oklahoma defense is statiscally worse than what we saw from the Sooners in 2018. Then Grant joins to go over all of your "3 Word Reviews" from that horrible Kansas game. Topics include Caleb Williams' steal play, one of the best moments in sports history, being annoyed by OU overlooking KU, one listener has lots of questions for Lincoln Riley, people not understanding why OU fans are frustrated with this 8-0 start, Grant hating LSU, congratulating fans for going to Lawrence, a wide open Heisman race, why doesn't Howard Schnellenberger get as much criticism from fans as John Blake?, OU making the Playoff only to get blown out, and does this miserable OU season mean that something amazing is ahead of us (5:45). Lee did a deep dive into where OU's defense stands statistically. How did Alex Grinch's 3rd year at Wazzu compare to his 3rd season here at OU (29:40)? Grant wants Alex Grinch to pick a set lineup and reduce the amount of rotations. Jalen Redmond is expected to be available this week. The numbers say his return could be huge for OU's defense (42:30). Lee was shocked to hear that Lincoln Riley thought the OU defense was "close" after reviewing the KU film. Lee brings up Teddy Lehman's thoughts on OU's defense from his recent podcast (48:50). Lee asked Alex Grinch if the defensive errors are fixable even though there's not much time left in the season? Grant wants to see the secondary play more physical and shed blocks better (59:20). Not a lot on Texas Tech this week. We're both confident that the Red Raiders will attempt a lot of passes and probably move the ball and score points. Grant is curious to see which Texas Tech defense shows up? We also try to figure out why this OU team doesn't seem to remember their losses from last season? Who in their right mind would lay 19.5 points with this OU team (1:13:15)? We go around the Big 12 where we see a fishy line in Morgantown, who's the 2nd worst team in the Big 12?, did we give up on Utah too soon?, will TCU-K-State be a shootout? (1:33:00). Grant went 4-1 last week as we make our weekly picks. Michigan-Michigan State/Iowa-Wisconsin/Texas-Baylor/Kentucky-Mississippi State/Penn State-Ohio State. At the end, Lee wishes we could spread football out more throughout the year (1:37:10). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 216 - Has the OU Defense Regressed Back to Square One?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2021 74:17

    No opening take today as the guys jump right in and give their first thoughts about OU being in danger of losing to Kansas Saturday. Grant says OU's defense is back at square one -- and he may be correct. Lee was stunned by OU's inability to adjust to what KU was doing in the 1st qtr. The Jayhawks were running 2 plays and OU could not stop them. Have you lost all confidence in Alex Grinch? Why have other Big 12 teams absolutley dominated Kansas, but OU could not (5:55)? After all this, OU could bounce back and play better against Tech -- but how many points are the Red Raiders going to score on this defense (19:30)? Grant continues his hot criticism of Alex Grinch and it's stunning how quickly this thing has fallen apart. OU's 8-0, but it doesn't feel like it. Lee can't get past that everybody else had no problems with Kansas, but OU did (24:00). Is there anything OU can do to fix the defense? Lee can't believe how bad the secondary looks. Why does it look like zone defense for OU is just blindly running to vacated space (31:00)? Caleb Williams came back down to earth a bit vs. Kansas, but he made some incredible plays that won OU the game (41:05). Grant bottom lines it: OU has to figure out the defense because the Sooners cannot waste Caleb Williams. Yes, we have the "should Grinch be on the hot seat?" talk (47:20). What has OU fans done to deserve this? The guys disagree on the degree with which the injuries have impacted the team (58:50). Lee needs to remember to not listen to anything the coaches tell us in the offseason. We talk more about Texas Tech (1:04:35). One 3rd & 5 play stood out to Grant. Lee goes over his notes from that play before we wrap things up (1:10:40). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 215 - OU's Defense Isn't as Good as We Hoped it Would Be

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 107:56

    In the opening take, Grant praises current Pittsburgh Steeler (and former Sooner) Tre Norwood. Then Lee joins to discuss a decision we made in fantasy football followed by thoughts on Baker Mayfield's day at KU in 2017 and hilarity ensues when we remember him missing the next start against WVU (3:45). After watching back the TCU game, Lee wants to talk about Billy Bowman starting at corner and what that says about the depth of OU's cornerback position (10:50). Grant explains why he's not all that concerned about the defense at this point. What are the chances OU gets some injured players back soon (20:00)? Assessing Billy Bowman's play against TCU, along with Josh Eaton's game against TCU (25:30). Lincoln Riley says Justin Broiles has probably been OU's best secondary player this season. OU's secondary has not been able to intercept passes this season (31:15). The D-Line has had problems getting pressure recently and we hear Alex Grinch's thoughts. Do we need to adjust our expectations for what this OU D-Line can be (37:00)? Lee digs into opponents using presnap motion against OU's defense. He asked Alex Grinch about that on Tuesday, plus Lee went back and found the play Grinch is referencing in his answer and tries to explain what happened (44:00). Grant says this current OU defense is good at stopping the run and the ceiling is higher than previous bad OU defenses (56:45). Lincoln Riley continues to downplay what Caleb Williams is doing on the football field. Plus a long discussion on Williams' pocket presence and his general talent (58:45). Riley said he thought the O-Line played its best game of the season vs. TCU and Riley joked about how the weekly news conference had a different tone this week compared to a few weeks ago (1:11:30). Okay, what should we be watching for when OU plays Kansas? When Spencer Rattler likely plays, what will he look like? Will the OU defense give up easy yards and points to this bad Kansas team (1:15:20)? Over to the Big 12 slate where K-State is playing Texas Tech and WVU is at TCU (1:24:45). Finally, we make some picks on some interesting matchups with some intriguing lines. Wisconsin-Purdue/OSU-Iowa State/Oregon-UCLA/Clemson-Pitt/NC State-Miami (1:28:45). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 214 - It's a Caleb Williams Lovefest

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2021 63:23

    No opening take today, but the guys take an unnecessary swipe at a restaurant before jumping into Caleb Williams and his awesome abilities (2:00). Quick detour to lament the defense. It all started getting bad after Max Duggan scrambled for a 1st down and then scored 2 plays later. Alex Grinch continues to tell us that he's gotta coach it better and the guys have to perform (9:50). When can we hope some injured Sooners come back? They're going to need to be as healthy as possible for the stretch run (19:50). Back to Caleb Williams. Is it crazy to ask if he's the best player in the country? OU had a bunch of explosive plays and got contributions from a lot of players (24:25). We read your "3 Word Reviews". Should Williams have won the starting job out of fall camp? More on the poor defense, Jadon Haselwood's big game (35:35). Does this 7-0 start feel like OU's 7-0 start in 2019? Bryson Washington made a great special teams play. Billy Bowman was playing corner, OU covered a big spread finally, and should Caleb Williams be in the Heisman conversation (46:15)? Does Joshua Eaton have some upside? More on Billy Bowman, the defense needs to tackle better, and we wrap things up by talking about DaShaun White fumbling the ball out of the back of the end zone and Danny Stutsman being funny on Twitter (51:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 213 - It Certainly Feels Like Caleb Williams is QB1 Right Now

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 100:42

    In the opening take, Lee goes over the big story of the day involving the "OU Daily" reporting on OU Football practice. Then Grant joins to talk more about the "OU Daily" story and the new story that OU has created for itself by canceling media availability (5:00). Grant has some early thoughts on the upcoming TCU game. What will we be saying about Caleb Williams after that game? And Lee wonders where Alex Grinch was on Tuesday (11:35)? OU's been very good after the Texas game under Lincoln Riley, but could this QB situation be a distraction that prevents the Sooners from properly preparing for TCU? Do we need to pump the breaks a bit on Caleb Williams (14:45)? Lincoln Riley's told us that Rattler has handled everything well. But what happens if things change (26:10)? Rattler has had every opportunity since the spring to improve and keep the starting QB job. Is it possible that Rattler has been feeling the heat from Williams since the spring (34:20)? Lee thinks back to the OU Spring Game and reads from his notes following a day in which Spencer Rattler didn't look very good, and Caleb Williams looked better. Grant remembers a conversation we had leaving the stadium that day (40:45). We check out the "3 Word Reviews" from the OU-Texas game which leads to Grant's disgusting food choice at the Texas State Fair, Kennedy Brooks, Texas fans eating crow, Caleb Kelly's great play (46:40). Caleb Williams seems to open up the RPO playbook for OU, and the Sooners ran GT Counter with great success on Saturday (50:40). Thoughts on Woodi Washington, Nik Bonitto being good, the importance of Jalen Redmond, Drake Stoops' NFL prospects, Gabe Brkic and Lincoln Riley's clock management (56:00). We look ahead to Saturday's game against TCU. The Horned Frogs' defense is weirdly bad this year (1:06:00). OU's defense has to face another elite running back this week in Zach Evans. What on earth can we expect from OU against what has been a pretty good TCU offense (1:10:55)? Our final thoughts and concerns about what will happen Saturday night vs TCU (1:14:35). Baylor is favored at home against BYU this week and there's a super interesting matchup between Iowa State and K-State in Manhattan (1:18:55). We make some picks on OSU-Texas/Michigan State-Indiana/Kentucky-Georgia/Ole Miss-Tennessee/UCLA-Washington (1:24:15). Lee allows Grant to gloat a bit for kind of prediciting that Texas A&M would beat Alabama and Grant continues to try and speak something into existence (1:35:50). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 212 - Caleb Williams Electrifies Cotton Bowl, OU Beats Texas

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 68:14

    No opening take. Grant is podcasting from a parking lot in Liberty, Missouri fully sunburnt, and lacking much of a voice. Grant provides a first hand perspective of what it was like at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, while Lee does his best to fill in all the details. Lee asks Grant if that game felt like the OU-Georgia Rose Bowl, but actually cool for the Sooners this time (3:20). The game could not have started worse for Oklahoma. The guys go chronilogically through the game leading up to the point in which Caleb Williams takes over for Spencer Rattler. Grant thinks Spencer Rattler suckered him in the K-State game. Caleb Williams looked like he unlocked the OU offense (9:30). Grant thinks Bijan Robinson will win the Heisman (27:05). Caleb Williams comes into the game full time at 35-17 and Lee thought one play displayed the biggest difference between Williams and Rattler. Did Williams energize the entire team? Also Kennedy Brooks was awesome (29:15). Williams first touchdown pass was a fantastic play. Grant talks about how uncomfortably loud it was inside the stadium, plus it was good to see Danny Stutsman back (40:25). What's left to say about the Marvin Mims' incredible touchdown catch? Spencer Rattler came back in to go for 2, Caleb Kelly made an outrageous play on special teams (48:00). Lee has some interesting stats on OU's offense with Rattler vs. OU's offense with Caleb Williams against Texas (53:45). Lincoln Riley did not commit to a starting QB for the TCU game. Lee doesn't think Riley wants to bench Rattler. Grant thinks there's no chance Rattler starts against TCU and leaves everybody with one final OU-Texas message (57:45). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 211 - Will OU Follow the Blueprint to a Win Over Texas?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 108:50

    In the opening take, Lee plays some sound from Alex Grinch and talks about how mad he was after the Kansas State game. Then Grant joins to talk briefly about his terrible food takes before getting more serious about Grinch and the defensive woes (5:40). Is Bijan Robinson the entire Texas offense? How much should we take from the Texas-Arkansas game? How did Sark decide on Hudson Card as the opening day starter over Casey Thompson (23:00)? After looking really good against Arkansas, Rice, and Texas Tech, Casey Thompson had mixed results against TCU. What is the blueprint for OU's defense against the Texas offense (32:00)? Texas has more RBs than just Bijan Robinson. A Texas starter on the O-Line is out for the year, plus we wrap up OU's defense vs the Texas offense (40:45). This Texas defense has a lot of similarities to the defense OU just saw. Texas is not very good against the run and at times the Horns invite teams to run the ball (50:30). Which Spencer Rattler will show up at the Cotton Bowl (59:45)? The guys provide their final thoughts predicitions for OU-Texas (1:04:10). We hit on Justin Harrington reportedly entering the Transfer Portal, and would you want to see Bookie back on the team this year (1:14:10)? We take a look at the Big 12. WVU is at Baylor and TCU travels to Texas Tech. Grant thinks TCU may be bad (1:18:00). Grant's been red hot making picks recently. 9-1 in his last 10. Let's see if he can stay hot this week as the guys pick Michigan State-Rutgers/Arkansas-Ole Miss/Georgia-Auburn/Penn State-Iowa/Michigan-Nebraska (1:23:10). Finally, Grant has a weird feeling that there could be a massive upset this week in college football (1:43:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 210 - Offense Plays Better, OU Avoids Upset in Manhattan

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 75:18

    No opening take. (Yes Lee realizes now that his audio sounds off. Stupid microphone) The guys briefly talk about attending a road OU game for the first time since 2008, Lee complains about how long it takes to re-watch games, and then they finally talk about Spencer Rattler playing his best game of the season. OU ran the ball well, Caleb Williams came in for a couple of plays, and we finish up the offense talk (19:15). Skylar Thompson played and he was very good throwing the ball against OU's defense that Lee says got outschemed quite a bit. Also OU struggled to tackle (29:15). Grant's not happy with OU being situationally awful and he points to K-State's biggest play of the game as an example. And Lee has a take on Key Lawrence dropping an INT (43:40). We read your "3 word reviews" which leads to us chatting about the onside kick replay review, Nik Bonitto's fumble return, and some other stuff to wrap up the game (55:10). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 209 - Are the Sooners Really Gonna Lose to K-State 3 Years in a Row?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 108:52

    In the opening take, Grant thinks one big game day decision will likely determine the outcome of OU-Kansas State. Then Lee joins as we begin the show reading some of your "3 Word Reviews" from OU's most recent win over West Virginia. The reviews begin by pointing out OU's lack of rushing success (3:40). More thoughts on OU fans booing Spencer Rattler and the offense (11:05). How "close" is the offense really (22:15)? Gabe Brkic is a great kicker, but man he seems like a weird dude (26:25). A listener wants more Mike Woods and we agree. Plus we want more Marvin Mims touches (30:00). Should we be a little more forgiving with the way Rattler's playing based on his experience level? Plus Lee re-watched last year's K-State game and Rattler looked like a different player (35:15). Lee's operating under the assumption that Skylar Thompson will not play, but Grant is thinking we will see Thompson on Saturday. Lee thinks Will Howard has a chance to give OU problems with his legs and even with his arm. Deuce Vaughn is a problem, plus a little OU D-line talk (41:20). Outside of Vaughn, KSU's skill position players have not done much this year. And will K-State's offense use OU's aggressiveness against them (59:00)? Lee points out a play from the WVU game that shows how everything can fall apart simply by one player not doing their job on defense. Will we see Danny Stutsman (1:04:10)? K-State's defense has a different scheme this season that looks a lot like Iowa State. OU must find a way to run the ball, and will Rattler have time to throw and hit on explosive plays (1:11:30)? We give our final OU-Kansas State thoughts as well as a prediction (1:21:10). Texas goes to TCU this week and it would appear that the bet should be the Frogs plus the points. There's a weird line at West Virginia, and Iowa State's playing Kansas (1:29:00). Grant went 5-0 with his picks last week, Lee was terrible once again. We make picks on Iowa-Maryland/Arkansas-Georgia/Cincinnati-Notre Dame/Ole Miss-Alabama/Baylor-OSU (1:31:25). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 208 - OU's Walk-Off Win Overshadowed by More Poor Offensive Play

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2021 47:02

    No opening take. We begin by praising Gabe Brkic's game-winning field goal and and revisiting all the bad omens that cropped up last week (1:30). Lee says his thoughts on OU football haven't changed following the win over West Virginia. Grant also adds his first thoughts on the close win (7:20). The OU students wanted Caleb Williams, and at other times in the game the whole crowed booed the Sooners. Lincoln Riley reacts to that (17:10). Spencer Rattler played well at the end of the game, but why can't he look like that all the time? OU's offense continues to struggle creating explosive plays. Lee's shocked at how Rattler's looked so far this season compared to what we saw in 2020 (22:00). Rattler was asked about the fans calling for Caleb Williams and the boos. Lee doesn't really have a problem with what the fans did. And hey there's a lot of chaos happening in college football and OU continues to be unbeaten (30:15). All OU fans want is more consistency from the offense. It's a cliche, but these tough times could help them down the line when the Sooners hopefully peak. And some final thoughts on the OU defense, plus Lee thought Casey Thompson looked really good against Texas Tech (39:30). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 207 - Rattler Responds to Criticism Ahead of Big 12 Opener

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 101:03

    In the opening take, Lee provides evidence showing this is the worst OU offense (through 3 games) since Lincoln Riley got to campus. Then Grant joins as the guys briefly discuss their love for junk food, before they get to the Sooners current injury situation involving Billy Bowman, Woodi Washington, and Danny Stutsman (6:50). Lee may be overthinking a recent message by Lincoln Riley (13:10). Okay, so Spencer Rattler commented about the criticism he's gotten recently... and both guys don't think it sounded very good (20:00). Lee lied about being super excited about watching West Virginia tape. But Grant did plenty of research and fills us in on what to expect from the Mountaineers (32:30). OU's a 17-point favorite. Who in their right mind would lay points with the Sooners right now? Also, did Grant absolutley jinx OU (1:00:50)? We take a look at the Big 12 schedule this upcoming weekend (1:09:15). We finish the show up with our 5 picks of the week Notre Dame/Wisconsin, Texas A&M/Arkansas, Nebraska/Michigan State, Clemson/NC State, and OSU/Kansas State. And we also discuss the weirdness of college football where a lot of the elite teams are not looking as good as usual, plus Lee brings up some fan bases who are super excited right now (1:12:30).

    Ep. 206 - The Sooners Are 3-0, But How Good Are They?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 71:40

    No opening take. The guys begin with their overall thoughts on the state of the Sooners. In a shocking twist, Grant is much more optimistic than Lee (2:05). Lee is bothered by all the offseason talk that now seems to be a lot of BS, especially when it comes to the depth and talent in this program. There's also much more defense talk. Lee is afraid high level offensive coaches will find out how to scheme up wins against OU's defense (11:00). Okay let's get into Spencer Rattler. Lincoln Riley doesn't seem too concerned. Something is off, what's going on? How much are the Sooners missing Rhamondre Stevenson (30:10)? Rattler didn't get much help by his RBs failing to pick up blitzes and Lee noticed two separate plays that showcased the importance of perimeter blocking (49:25). We drive home OU's offensive problems, but Grant wants us to remember the sky is not falling and then we finish up with your "3 word reviews" (53:00). | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

    Ep. 205 - Will OU Be Fully Prepared and Focused For Nebraska?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 84:26

    No opening take today. Both guys have had an unusual week of podcast prep but we bring you the best we've got of OU-Nebraska preview coverage beginning with our thoughts on the Nebraska offense facing off against OU's defense. Lee is much higher on Adrian Martinez than Grant (3:00). Is Lee crazy for thinking Adrian Martinez would be a great fit in the Ravens offense (13:40)? Grant's got some interesting stats that highlight Nebraska's offensive line problems. OU's D-Line is a distinct advantage in the trenches (17:45). The Huskers have a limited amount of weapons on offense (21:25). Will Adrian Martinez and Scott Frost have answers for Alex Grinch's defense? Is OU's defense predictable for opponents (25:35)? Will Billy Bowman play? Woodi Washington is "doubtful" to play. What will the Sooners' secondary look like (30:00)? Grant says Nebraska's defense is the strength of their team. But OU's offense has more talent and Lee says running the football well is simply the key to winning this game without much problem (35:00). The Huskers are aggressive on defense and have the potential to get physical and make Spencer Rattler uncomfortable early on, just like Tulane did (41:05). Grant tells you what he wants to see happen Saturday (44:45) then Lee tells you what he wants to see beginning with something he liked from Jeremiah Hall this week. And will OU's "GT Counter" play work against Nebraska (47:40)? Lee tells you what he thinks the film tells us will happen Saturday, and Grant also gives his game predction (56:35). What's the deal with West Virginia being favored over No. 15 Va Tech? K-State hosts Nevada this week. Big 12 play begins for Baylor and Kansas. Do you have the guts to take the Jayhawks (1:04:00)? The Casey Thompson era begins for Texas. Grant's got some thoughts on Steve Sarkisian and Texas (1:07:25). OSU's at Boise State and will this be one of those games where Mike Gundy surprises a bunch of people as an underdog? And Iowa State's playing in Vegas (1:11:30). We finish up with some picks on the biggest games of the week. Michigan State-Miami/Alabama-Florida/Auburn-Penn State/Arizona State-BYU/Tulane-Ole Miss (1:14:00) | Like the show on Facebook: @westofeverest | Follow Grant on Twitter: @GrantBenson25 | Follow Lee on Twitter: @LeeBensonNews9

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