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Head oddsmaker at Bovada Sportsbook Patrick Morrow joins longtime podcast host Seth Everett for a weekly podcast about the latest odds in sports gambling. They discuss the latest odds and info from the NFL as well as College Football, the NBA, MLB, NHL, and much more. The insight behind the odds and the recommendations that any player nee Check out Bovada Sportsbook at

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    Latest episodes from Bovada's At Odds Podcast

    Calling All Swifties

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2023 22:33

    Pierre Garcon joins the show this week to discuss how the NFL season is shaping up after two weeks and how he feels the Washington Commanders stack up against the rest of the NFC East. We also have him size up who he thinks is the best wide receiver in the league, what head coaches are making a difference early on and who he thinks is the best team right now. Patrick and Seth discuss the impasse the Jets find themselves at, what can they do to salvage the season and whether it's worth trying to integrate someone new under center. And with Arsenal back in the Champions League Seth laments the careful balancing act that comes up with juggling such a heavy schedule of meaningful contests. Patrick sadly cannot relate.

    Aaron Rodgers Fallout, NFL Week 1 Recap, Week 2 Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2023 30:45

    The Aaron Rodgers era in New York is over as quickly as it started. It took only 4 plays for the former MVP to exit off-broadway and, despite the stunning upset win of the Bills, the Jets are for now looking at Zach Wilson as their QB1. How long will the Jets hand him the reigns and who are the leading contenders to jump in if Wilson stumbles? If the Jets are smarting how bad do the Bills have to feel? Josh Allen's gunslinging ways got the better of him and if Stefon Diggs was frustrated this offseason one can only imagine what's going through his mind after a chokejob like that. And with the Chiefs losing a tough opening game and a strong Jags team coming up next how vulnerable is Kansas City this year? Can the return of Chris Jones right the ship? And how effective will Travis Kelce be coming off of injury?

    Former WR Pierre Garcon joins, NFL Week 3, Champions League

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2023 35:38

    Pierre Garcon joins the show this week to discuss how the NFL season is shaping up after two weeks and how he feels the Washington Commanders stack up against the rest of the NFC East. We also have him size up who he thinks is the best wide receiver in the league, what head coaches are making a difference early on and who he thinks is the best team right now. Patrick and Seth discuss the impasse the Jets find themselves at, what can they do to salvage the season and whether it's worth trying to integrate someone new under center. And with Arsenal back in the Champions League Seth laments the careful balancing act that comes up with juggling such a heavy schedule of meaningful contests. Patrick sadly cannot relate.

    Super Bowl XXXII MVP Terrell Davis Joins the Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2023 36:53

    Terrell Davis joins the show this week to help Patrick and Seth preview the start of the NFL season and what the future (and Futures board) looks like for the Denver Broncos. Will a new head coach and a full offseason of preparation for Russell Wilson right the ship or will they once again be doomed to the cellar of the AFC West? And which running back does the former Hall of Famer think has the best chance to break 2,000 yards rushing this year? And in Flushing, we're more than halfway through a US Open that's been filled with marathon matches, a wide-open women's bracket, and Djokovic/Alcaraz once again lining up for yet another championship clash. Thank goodness we survived the summer. Football is back.

    Former NFL Running Back Fred Jackson Joins the Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2023 32:34

    Former NFL running back Fred Jackson joins the show this week to discuss the state of the running back in 2023, what it was like playing in front of the Bills Mafia, and how he thinks his former team shapes up this season. The US Open is underway and Seth shares some of the conversations he's had with players in attendance. Patrick continues to gripe about the Men's final being played on the same day as the NFL opening Sunday. And with the whole NCAA week 1 schedule shortly upon us, the fellas look at some of the more exciting matchups. Patrick reminds listeners about the house betting rules which may impact games that are blowouts.

    Baseball Updates, NFL Pre-Season, US Open Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2023 21:40

    The NFL Preseason is a couple weeks in and Patrick and Seth take a look at the players fighting for roster spots, the teams looking to take a step forward, and, of course, what the betting has looked like so far. After another championship classic, the fellas look back at Alcaraz vs Djokovic and examine what, if anything, separates these two ahead of the US Open. And with baseball looking towards September, the guys take a look at the standings, the storylines and sensations so far, and some curious front office micromanaging of their on-air talent. Seth shocks listeners with a surprise endorsement of the new-look MLB.

    James Harden Saga, Premier League Returns, NFL Pre-Season

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2023 23:26

    Football is life! Patrick and Seth celebrate the return of the English Premier League with both Arsenal and Liverpool picking up right where they left off last season. The fellas compare Messi's recent run and the rise of the MLS to what the Saudis are looking to do with signings like Neymar. The fellas take a look at the NFL Preseason action underway and note that while the gameplay isn't aesthetically pleasing that there are still more than a few angles for aspiring sharps to attack. Patrick returns from Vegas, gives his 2023 take on the city, and subsequently burns any future sponsorship possibilities with a Canadian airline

    Former Heavyweight Champ Shannon Briggs on Jake Paul

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2023 36:26

    There are no punches pulled this week as Patrick and Seth welcome 2-time heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs to the show. With the Jake Paul and Nate Diaz fight upcoming the guys examine the state of boxing, whether the Pauls are more influencers than athletes, and what boxing needs to do to maintain relevancy in the years to come. Shannon shares the highs and lows of his career, the density of talents in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and his new film about his famous neighborhood. You're guaranteed to feel like a champ after this week's episode.

    The End of the Pac-12? Messi Impact, USWNT Fallout

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2023 22:46

    It's the 150th episode! With college realignment news what does this mean for the new super conferences and the teams left behind? Seth & Patrick break down the seismic shifts in college sports. The US Women bow out early in the Women's World Cup and Patrick and Seth discuss the balancing act of needing the Team USA for betting handle on the event but the liabilities that came with them. While the team's early exit might be positive for so-called parity what do ratings and betting look like with them now out? There are no rating concerns in Miami, however, as Leo Messi has taken the MLS by storm scoring seven goals in his first four games and rocketing Inter Miami into the favorite role for the Leagues Cup. How much more money has been bet on the MLS since his joining and how much money will Bovada be forced to pay out if they win the whole thing?

    NFL Running Backs vs Quarterbacks, The Basketball Tournament

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2023 26:46

    After some of the league's top running backs hosted a Zoom call to discuss the disrespect at their position Patrick and Seth take a look at the evolution of arguably the most punishing job in pro football. How many of them are worth the big deals they're looking for and how can teams accommodate them in a league focused more on passing and quarterbacks that are already mobile threats? The Basketball Tournament is underway and Seth shocks the world with his rooting interest. Patrick relies on Google to inform him as to what this is. The hosts show their solidarity with running backs and SAG-AFTRA and threaten to sit out training camp.

    Wimbledon React, Open (Golf) Championship Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2023 42:42

    Patrick returns from Costa Rica and discusses the time spent with his expanding team (including a few fans of the show) as well as the ins and outs of their legal system. He and Seth react to the Alacaraz/Djokovic final and whether that match's quality reinforced the need for Best 3 of 5's or whether it was just an exception. The fellas look ahead to the Open Championship and consider a surprising tournament favorite who just months prior was looking more bridesmaid than the bride. And with bad weather hitting both Canada and the US northeast the guys look at their favorite sports documentaries for those rainy (or smoky) days indoors.

    Shohei Ohtani Early MVP Winner, Free Agency Odds

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2023 32:28

    It's the All-Star break and Patrick and Seth take a look at everyone's favorite (or least hated) star-studded exhibition game. Patrick breaks down the Home Run Derby action and how the betting has grown on the event over the years. Shohei Ohtani continues to leave us speechless but the Los Angeles Angels have started to fade begging the question as to whether they'll be sellers at the trade deadline. If Ohtani leaves what's his most likely landing spot? And despite risk of injury or trade, did Bovada actually settle Ohtani early as the AL MVP winner? And as Wimbledon draws towards its conclusion Pat and Seth look at the tournament gameplay so far and the potential awkwardness for the All England Club if a Russian or Belarussian ultimately wins the major.

    NBA/NHL Free Agency, Yogi Berra, Billions

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2023 25:16

    Patrick takes some time from his Costa Rican getaway to join Seth to discuss where we're at after a busy NBA and NHL free-agency period. Where will Dame Lillard end up landing and will Miami Heat backers be caught holding the bag? Patrick laments the state of the Leafs after another post-season disappointment but with the Bruins losing many key members has the East finally begun to open up? What kind of impact will Taylor Hall and Connor Bedard make on the rebuilding Chicago Blackhawks? The fellas discuss their favorite Yogi Berra quotes and how his witticisms (and a certain cartoon bear) have often overshadowed his hall of fame talents on the field

    NBA Draft Controversy, Saudi PIF Interests in Tennis

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2023 27:21

    Patrick and Seth catch their breath in what's usually a quieter time of the year to look at the sports of summer. How do bookmakers keep up with the in-game odds when the Angels scored 24 runs in a game? And for low-data events like the London MLB series, how is the over/under handicapped? In the aftermath of the NBA Draft the fellas discuss the controversy surrounding Shams Charania and the 2nd overall pick. In the light of suspensions of NFL players for betting on sports, what are the leagues (and their partners) getting right and wrong? And while the Saudi Public Investment Fund isn't completely over the finish line with the PGA they're continuing to look elsewhere and flex their financial muscle. Which team (or league) will they next look to add to their trophy case?

    "The Junkyard Dog" Jerome Williams Talks NBA, College Hoops

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2023 45:07

    "The Junkyard Dog" Jerome Williams joins the show and he and Pat discuss their favorite Toronto Raptors memories including an iconic Williams dunk over an NBA hall of famer. Seth discusses Georgetown, and Syracuse and how the NIL is continuing to disrupt the college basketball landscape. And with Bradley Beal traded to the Suns the fellas take a look at the updated futures board and debate the merits of chemistry and cohesion vs so-called Super Teams. Pat and Seth round up the US Open where Rory was once again a bridesmaid, Wyndham Clark made the big shots when it counted, and a major golf event where you could literally hear a pin drop.

    PGA-LIV, US Open (Golf) Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2023 27:37

    The fellas react to the PGA-LIV merger announcement and what this means for the future of pro golf. How does the PGA reconcile its past comments with the reality of this new deal? How do the “loyal” PGA players feel after the heads of the tour ultimately decided there was a price that'd be worth it? Pat and Seth look further into the concept of sportswashing touching on World Cups, Olympic games and the current state of pro sports ownership around the world. Can we finally stop looking to large corporations and non-profits (that create a good deal of profits for their partners) as moral arbiters? And just in case you were interested in betting content, Patrick breaks down the US Open including whose favored and where the midweek money is coming in.

    NBA Finals, Ted Lasso Finale

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2023 30:25

    The Heat have tied up the NBA Finals at one game a piece with the series heading back to Miami. What are the updated series odds at Bovada and how much is Patrick sweating a Heat win now? The fellas discuss which player is the face of the league in 2023. In the French Open, we're down to the quarter-finals and while Iga Swiatek's path is wide open on the Women's side Novak Djokovic will once again need to overcome an incredibly talented Spaniard on the clay surface if he can keep his hopes of a Grand Slam alive. Pat surprises Seth with some superhero knowledge and the two wax poetic about the Ted Lasso series finale and how well it holds up vs other all-time TV greats.

    2023 NBA Finals/Stanley Cup Finals Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2023 26:35

    Bruised but ultimately not beaten the Miami Heat survived a potentially historic Celtics comeback to claim their spot in the NBA Finals where once again they will be underdogs. Can the Nuggets knock them off to claim their first franchise title or will Playoff Jimmy burn the oddsmakers one last time? And not to be outdone in their own backyard the Florida Panthers prepare to lace up against the Vegas Knights with both franchises looking for their first Stanley Cup win. Vegas might be the ever-so-slight favorites but after knocking off the Bruins, the Leafs (sigh), and Canes this Panthers team definitely does not feel like an underdog.

    PGA vs LIV, Conference Final Blowouts

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2023 25:20

    Patrick returns from his overseas excursion and he and Seth take a look back at the PGA Championship weekend as both Brooks Koepka and the LIV Tour claim a massive win. In the NBA it's becoming harder and harder to figure out who or what is going to stop Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat. How bad is this result for the Bovada's futures board? Can the Denver Nuggets bail out the bookies fresh off of their sweep of the Lakers? And while the NHL may not have big market teams remaining in the quest for Lord Stanley's Cup there's been no complaint about the quality of the games. Can Florida continue their improbable run? And where does Bobrovsky's playoff performance rank vs the all-time greats?

    WNBA All-Star Ivory Latta, NBA/NHL Conference Finals

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2023 45:03

    The podcast goes global as Patrick joins us from Ireland, where he continually tells everyone he is on a "work" trip. 2x WNBA All-Star Ivory Latta joined the show (not from Ireland). She had an open discussion about the state of women's basketball as the WNBA season is about to tip off. She discussed the NCAA Women's National Championship Game which saw 10 million viewers. She also expressed her excitement that Britney Griner is returning to play WNBA basketball this year, and told extraordinary tales about her 6 seasons playing overseas. Patrick and Seth wrap up the podcast talking about the latest odds for the conference finals in both the NBA and NHL. They also break down the AL East in Major League Baseball.

    Stanley Cup, NBA Playoffs, Premier League

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2023 25:34

    The second round of the NHL Playoffs is underway and Patrick and Seth do their best to mentally recover from the early poor start of the Leafs and Devils. Can Toronto battle back from being cup favorites to the longest shot left on the board? And in the West, the Oilers have come out firing to take both the series and the overall Stanley Cup odds by force. Can McDavid and Draisatl bring Lord Stanley back to Edmonton for the first time since Gretzky and Kurri? In the NBA the West is as wide open as it gets with the fashionably late Lakers and Warriors rounding into form at the right time and the Suns and Nuggets continuing their consistent yearlong play. And in the East can Jimmy Butler and Coach Spoelstra's Heat keep shocking the oddsmakers? Is it Boston's conference to lose? Pat and Seth take a look at the last few weeks of the Premier League regular season to check on Arsenal's title odds, Liverpool's top-4 odds, and who's staring down the barrel of relegation

    NHL/NBA Round 2, Kentucky Derby

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2023 37:07

    With the Leafs and Devils both safely through the first round Patrick and Seth give an unbiased look at round two and beyond. And with Boston dropping a shocker against the Panthers who's the new Stanley Cup favorite? And while Seth may grumble at blowouts in close-outs the boys give their due to a compelling opening round of the NBA playoffs. With Milwaukee stunned who's now got the inside track in the East? And in the West what kind of ratings and betting records with the Warriors/Lakers produce? And it wouldn't be May without the Kentucky Derby. Patrick goes through the favorites and where the early action is.

    2023 NFL Draft, Aaron Rodgers Traded

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2023 27:12

    It's NFL Draft week and Patrick and Seth do their best to navigate the previous workouts, the current whispers, and all the other intrigue leading into Thursday night. Will it be Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, or Will Levis as the 1st QB selected? The Packers and Jets blew up the futures board with a megadeal sending Aaron Rodgers to New York in return for picks as the former Packers QB finally gets his wish to Lambeau Leap out of Green Bay. Can the Jets make a play for the AFC East divisional crown? And what will a rebuilding Packers team look like? After the first week of the NHL Playoffs, the fellas recap the highs and the lows (including their heart rates) of overtime thrillers, third-period comebacks, and how the playoff picture now looks.

    2023 Stanley Cup Playoff Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2023 27:08

    Patrick and Seth take a look back at an exciting opening weekend of the NBA playoffs including some early post-season surprises. Can the Kings deny the doubters and keep up their winning ways against the Warriors? And how many of these early injuries will turn out to be series-defining? The NHL playoffs are also underway and the fellas do their best to park any partisanship as they preview the Leafs, Devils, and the other 14 teams vying for Lord Stanley's Cup. Despite Boston's historically good season, Pat makes a case for all 16 teams winning it all. Patrick and Seth share different sports streaming service gripes (but are willing to retract if any of them wish to buy ad space).

    NBA Playoffs Preview with Vernon Maxwell

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2023 51:53

    With the regular season complete and the play-in games about to tip former NBA champ Vernon Maxwell joins the show to help preview the NBA playoffs. Which teams are legit contenders and who will be bowing out immediately? Are the Lakers getting hot at the right time? Can the Kings continue their Cinderella run? Patrick and Seth look back at the Masters and discuss the dominance of Jon Rahm and the performance of the LIV golfers that had both the PGA and Bovada sweating on Sunday. And while Tiger Woods is always a liability for books the fellas wonder how much he has left in the tank. Seth looks ahead to the NHL playoffs and wonders if he'll have to return to a building he swore never to return to.

    2023 Masters Preview, NCAA Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2023 36:14

    It's Masters week and Seth and Patrick take a look at the favorites, the significant liabilities, and where the early money is at. Will the LIV golfers spoil the fun? Can Tiger Woods provide yet another improbable payoff for bettors? And if not, how many ways can you bet against him? The fellas look back at the NCAA Championship game and the overall highs and lows of this year's tourney that saw ratings and betting handle drop whereas the women's game set all kinds of records. And with the NHL Playoffs creeping up the guys discuss their Round 1 plans, hopes (and anxieties), and whether anyone can stop the Boston Bruins.

    2023 Final Four! Mateen Cleaves Returns Again! MLB Opening Day

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2023 43:40

    We're down to 4 teams as Connecticut, FAU, Miami and San Diego State continue their improbable run in one of the most wide-open tourneys in recent memory. Mateen Cleaves once again joins the show to discuss the tourney's highlights and which players have now become household names among casual fans. Against the show's better judgment, we once again try and predict a tourney winner. And MLB's Opening Day is upon us. Seth and Patrick look at the futures board, discuss the top teams in the league, and what both the on and off-field product might look like with new rules changes and ambiguous financial situations for a lot of top clubs.

    NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Breakdown, Mateen Cleaves Returns

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2023 40:59

    Michigan State is on to the Sweet 16 which means Mateen Cleaves again joins the show to help us preview the second weekend's games. Patrick breaks down what the opening weekend of March Madness looked like for an oddsmaker, where the upsets were, and where the house lost big. Can anyone else challenge Houston and Alabama who appear to be on a national championship collision course? Can Drew Timme and the Zags finally take that leap? Seth and Pat discuss the World Baseball Classic and lament that while the quality of play has been strong that the timing of the event has removed some of the shine from the event

    NCAA Champion Mateen Cleaves Joins the Show, Brackets Revealed

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2023 38:38

    It's March Madness and Patrick and Seth are joined by former Michigan State star Mateen Cleaves to help break down this year's bracket and give the inside scoop as to how impactful a coach like Tom Izzo is in March. Mateen goes way off the board for a darkhorse pick and he and Seth reminisce about the Seattle Supersonics. Bovada debuts its Million Madness bracket with $1,000,000 in guaranteed Crypto, Cash, and other Bonuses and the fellas talk bracket strategy for pools big and small. Patrick and Seth recap their time together in New Jersey (does anyone remember the score of that game?) and discuss the difference between Quebecois and New Jersey French.

    "Live" from Prudential Center for Maple Leafs-Devils

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2023 30:10

    Patrick has traveled south of the Canadian border, and the fellas have done their first-ever in-person recording of the podcast! Patrick and Seth record “live” from the Prudential Center in New Jersey where the Toronto Maple Leafs take on the New Jersey Devils in what could possibly be a future playoffs matchup. During the course of the podcast, Patrick breaks down the ins and out of NHL oddsmaking and what moves these numbers both pre-match and in-play while Seth was, despite the final score, the consummate professional. Mostly. It's also conference tourney week and the guys take a look at the ACC and SEC odds, where the action's at, and which teams might be flying under the radar. And with Derek Carr signing with the Saints what does the updated futures board look like? Will the Jets be able to lock up Aaron Rodgers or any other QB1?

    MLB New Rules, NHL Trade Deadline

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2023 34:15

    With the NHL trade deadline quickly upon us, Patrick and Seth take a look at the updated futures board. With so many Eastern Conference teams leveling up their talent, how tough will this year's path to Lord Stanley be? Conference tourney week is fast approaching and with the bulk of the season now behind us the fellas take a look at the top teams in college hoops, which teams have shocked oddsmakers, and who do the analytics and betting community both like as we head into March. And while Bryce Young has opted to skip the NFL Combine who's poised for a breakout performance? Will any records be broken? And whose draft stock is likely to climb before April?

    NBA All-Star Weekend, XFL, EPL

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2023 32:35

    With the NBA All-Star weekend behind us Patrick and Seth catch their breath and look at how the season began and where we're at now including an updated look at the Bovada futures board. After an otherwise ho-hum event in Utah, the fellas discuss the practicality of these events (across all leagues) going forward and take issue with Adam Silver's load management questions. And after the first week of the XFL Patrick breaks down what he likes and dislikes about the league and the challenges of pricing lines with so little player data and the rules unique to the league. The guys peer across the pond and look at the updated EPL futures in what's largely a two-horse race. Can the Gunners keep their impressive season or will it be Man City yet again?

    Super Bowl Recap, NFL Futures

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2023 27:43

    Patrick and Seth take a look back at the big game and how the final result worked for and against Bovada. How likely are we to see a return of the Eagles and Chiefs next year? Is it too early for Mahomes to be discussed as the potential greatest of all time? And was that really worth a defensive holding penalty? With the game decided the fellas go discuss some of the crazier props, the brilliant gameplay, and the emergence of Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen as a top-tier NFL booth team. And with both American Football seasons now coming to an end the fellas discuss where their betting board attention is now focused.

    Super Bowl LVII Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2023 21:56

    It's Super Bowl week! Patrick and Seth look at the updated line, where the action is, and what the final line could be come Sunday. How healthy will Patrick Mahomes be? How many of his offensive weapons will be able to play and at what capacity? And how many different ways can people bet the Super Bowl at Bovada? In the NBA the fellas discuss the Kyrie Irving trade to the Mavericks and the shifting futures board. Can the Mavs take the next step toward an NBA title or will Irving be more distraction than an asset?

    Two-time Super Bowl winner Lawrence Tynes Joins the Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2023 39:46

    The Super Bowl is upon us and Patrick and Seth take an early look at where the line opened, where it's currently at, who's betting on what, and what the early prop betting action looks like. What will Patrick Mahomes' health status be for the game? How many of his receivers will be back at 100%? And do the Eagles have a single flaw in their game for Kansas City to exploit? Two-time Super Bowl winner Lawrence Tynes joins the show to recap his own experiences in the big game, what it's like for kickers to prepare and what may have been happening inside Brett Maher's head in his last two playoff games, and where he might end up next year.

    NFL Championship Game Week, Australian Open

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2023 33:33

    It's conference championship weekend and the odds have never been tighter with all four remaining teams all within a (slightly weighted) coinflips chance of making it to the Super Bowl. How will Patrick Mahomes' ankle injury impact the Chiefs' offense and what would the difference in odds be for a Chiefs team with Mahomes out, limited, or at 100%? The NFC has come down to the two best-rated teams in the conference and likely the two best coaches. What will separate these teams on Sunday and who will blink first? Can the 49ers limit Hurts' explosive playmaking and can Purdy avoid turnovers in a game likely to be decided by a razor-thin margin? And in Australia, the first major of the year is underway and Patrick and Seth take a look at a resurgent Victoria Azarenka and just who might be able to stand up to Djokovic.

    NFL Divisional Playoffs, Sports Documentaries

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2023 38:01

    Patrick and Seth take a look back at a fantastic Super Wildcard Weekend (still no commission for that) where the big dogs punched above their weight and largely kept things close while Tom Brady and the Bucs saw their season end the same way it started with an offense that could just never get it together. What do we think of Doug Pederson's aggressive 2-pt conversion attempt? What would Lamar and Tua under center mean in those close games? And what surprises await us in the Divisional Round? The fellas discuss the best sports documentaries currently available and how it's elevated their fandom, especially with sports outside of the traditional US sphere.

    NFL Super Wild Card Weekend

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2023 35:47

    Week 18 is wrapped and we're down to 14 teams left with dreams of hoisting the Lombardi trophy. What were the big surprises of the final week of the season? What could the NFL do better to avoid teams celebrating failure? And how much fun are Dan Campbell's Lions? While it's now win-or-go home Patrick and Seth breakdown which teams have a legit chance of making a deep playoff push and which ones will likely be playing for a solitary extra game check. And how did the NFL's “no contest” change the landscape of the AFC playoff race? The guys take a moment to salute the efforts of the original Red Zone channel going off-air and share their thoughts on the new YouTube deal.

    Damar Hamlin Reaction

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2023 42:00

    Patrick and Seth discuss the Damar Hamlin situation and what this means for the game, the players, the league, and most importantly, Hamlin and his family. Inside a night of tragedy what went right, who got it right and where did the league, miss? After brilliant semi-final games, how does the college football national championship look to shape up? Can TCU continue its Cinderella run against the top team in the nation? Can Georgia's defense rebound after Ohio State showed some cracks in its armor? And the fellas discuss the Winter Classic in Boston and how it stacked up vs previous iterations.

    World Cup React, NFL Week 16

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2022 43:09

    Seth and Patrick tough it out through their respective sports hangovers after what was maybe the greatest weekend in sports history. Messi's trophy case is now complete, Matt Ryan broke his own record for futility, and...seriously, what WAS that from the Jakobi Meyers?! Looking ahead to Week 16 Patrick and Seth break down the evolving NFL playoff picture including must-win games for Green Bay and New England as well as a Sunday night matchup between the top seeds in the NFC East. With the line already on the move in Dallas' favor can the Eagles keep Jalen Hurts healthy enough to play not just this Sunday but through a sustained playoff run?

    NFL, World Cup, NBA (Load Management!)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2022 29:55

    While fans and oddsmakers alike have gotten used to star players resting more and more during the regular season was the Nets resting 9 players on Saturday a bit of overkill? How meaningful is the NBA regular season if teams can feel comfortable resting the majority of their active roster? Looking at Qatar the fellas break down what has been an exciting (and upset-heavy) World Cup and look at what might be driving some of the more unlikely results in what has in many ways been a very unique tournament And in the NFL the boys look ahead to Week 15 where the Bills look to cement their spot atop the AFC East, the 49ers look to lock up the NFC West, and the Lions and Jets due battle to keep their wild-card hopes alive.

    Army/Navy, NFL Week 14

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2022 35:10

    The World Cup has progressed to the knockout stage and while Canada and the United States are both out Seth and Patrick nonetheless continue with their breakdown of the tourney. Its Week 14 in the NFL and the 10-2 Vikings are road underdogs to the 5-7 Lions. Can the Vikings prove the haters (including Pat Morrow) wrong and live up to their record? Can the Dolphins bounce back against a Chargers team fighting for their playoff lives? And who exactly is Brock Purdy and how is he a 4-pt favorite over Tom Brady and the Bucs? And its a quiet week in college football with just Army/Navy on the board before we dive into bowl season. Patrick sits back and lets a guest analyst preview one of the oldest and most prestigious rivalries in college football.

    College Conference Championship Week, NFL, World Cup

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2022 32:50

    The fellas break out their post-Thanksgiving stretch pants and dig into whats leftover in the college football season. Its Championship Week and this might be the most intriguing one in years with two very tight win-and-youre-in games and a couple of outsiders looking for chaos. In the NFL the boys take a look at the Dolphins regaining their early season form against the NFC West-leading 49ers in what could very well be a Super Bowl preview. Meanwhile, the Bills have a tough road matchup against the Pats and the Jets may have finally found themselves a QB in their own playoff push. And with the group stages wrapping up the boys take a look at what theyve seen so far both on and off the pitch and where the tournament is headed next with the pretenders gone and the contenders remaining.

    Thanksgiving Week! NFL, World Cup, College Rivalries

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2022 32:58

    Happy Turkey Week, folks! Patrick and Seth look at the buffet of betting options available as the World Cup joined the NFL and the NCAA's Rivalry Week ensuring that at seemingly all hours of the day we'll have meaningful, high-level athletic competition. In the NFL the fellas break down a Bills team that looks a bit out of whack, a Cowboys team that might be playing their best football in years, and a Vikes squad hoping that it'll be pumpkin and not another slice of humble pie this week. Michigan/Ohio State meet once again at the stakes couldn't be higher with a College Football Playoff berth likely on the line, and can Notre Dame play spoiler against USC? And with the World Cup underway can the games themselves successfully “sports wash” the actions of FIFA and the Qatari government?

    World Cup Controversy, NFL Week 11

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2022 28:21

    The World Cup in Qatar is shortly upon us and Patrick and Seth air their grievances about a winter tournament being played and the impact it has on the various European domestic leagues. In the NFL the Bills lose one for the ages against Minnesota and suddenly find themselves in 3rd place in the AFC East. While they're still Super Bowl favorites is there cause for concern after two straight weeks of Josh Allen making key missteps? Looking ahead the fellas preview the Packers and Tennessee as Green Bay will be in must-win mode for the rest of the season and the Titans look to secure their spot atop the AFC South standings. And can the Vikes keep their detractors down with a strong performance against the Cowboys or has their success been naught but a…Purple Haze?

    2022 US Mid-Term Elections, NFL Week 10

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2022 33:46

    The midterms are (mostly) all wrapped up and Senate control may once again be decided by a Georgia run-off. Patrick and Seth take a look at what went down Tuesday night and what exactly happened to turn a Red Wave into a Red Trickle. With many Donald Trump candidates failing to cross the finish line and with Ron DeSantis pulling off a blowout victory in Florida, how has the 2024 Presidential odds board moved? Will Trump think twice about running? Will DeSantis be emboldened enough to challenge the former president? And with the Democrats potentially salvaging Senate control will this cool the calls for Biden to not run again? Patrick and Seth discuss the Democratic party's bench of potential nominees and game out which candidates could eventually find themselves battling it out in less than 2 years time.

    US Mid-Term Elections, NFL Week 9, TENN-GA

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2022 33:27

    The US Midterms are upon us and Patrick and Seth break down the key races in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Can the GOP take back both the House and the Senate? How much will voter apathy drive next Tuesday's results? Despite their poor results will the Houston Texans outdraw the Houston Astros ratings-wise next Thursday? Pat and Seth dive in to the Bucs and Rams as both teams look to salvage their season. And the cream of the crop in the AFC, the Bills, and Chiefs, are both 13-pt favorites this week. Is this number too high for bettors? And in college football, we have a de facto SEC Championship play-in game between Tennessee and Georgia. Can the Vols keep their magical season going? And can Brian Kelly eliminate Alabama from postseason contention?

    World Series, NFL Week 8

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2022 24:39

    The Jets and Giants are a combined 11-3, as we all predicted, and the Bucs and Rams are below .500. Besides the Bills, Chiefs and Eagles are there any other contenders lurking out there? And how many teams are all of a sudden facing must-win games? In College Football, Clemson escapes thanks to some home cooking, leaving Syracuse and Seth Everett eyeing the Orange Bowl as consolation. But they'll have to get past Notre Dame and the rest of the ACC first. Can they continue their impressive start to the year or will the Fighting Irish begin to right the ship on what's been a disappointing campaign? And after leaving the sport behind Seth Everett is back covering the MLB just in time for the World Series. Nice gig if you can get it! He and Patrick look at the current World Series, MVP, and the other ins and outs available for the Fall Classic finale.

    Tennessee/Alabama, Syracuse/Clemson & NFL Week 7

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2022 29:11

    Three 100-win teams have been eliminated from the playoffs (so far!) and Patrick and Seth discuss the implications of the expanded playoffs further diluting regular season success and what this means regarding the difficulty of MLB Futures trading. Over in college football, the boys take a look back at the incredible Tennessee/Alabama game as well as why a loss didn't really hurt Alabama's title hopes all that much. The boys give their condolences to Mississippi State (21-pt underdogs) who will be offered up as a sacrifice to the Crimson Tide come this Saturday. And in the NFL both the Bills and Eagles are off giving us an opportunity to look at some of the 2nd tier teams trying to separate themselves from the Pack. Can the 49ers find some consistency at home? Will Russell Wilson ever look like #DangeRuss again? And when will the Giants finally get some respect?

    MLB Division Series, NFL Week 6

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2022 36:26

    The Blue Jays exit the postseason in dramatic fashion and Patrick officially hands the MLB postseason fan baton to Seth who just might be coming out of MLB reporting retirement! The fellas take a look at the current ALDS and NLDS series prices and note that while there are clear favorites the MLB playoffs are very much up for grabs. The boys take a look back at the NFL week that was including another great game in London, another Cooper Rush victory, and an MNF thriller. Can the Cowboys continue to defy the skeptics (and the odds) on SNF? Will the Eagles continue to make their case as NFC favorites?

    Tua, NFL Week 5, UT/LSU

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2022 31:49

    It's October! The Blue Jays are headed to the playoffs, Syracuse is undefeated and the Toronto Maple Leafs are technically undefeated. The boys take a look at Tua Tagovailoa's health situation and how the Dolphins' feel-good start to the season now has them once again mired in a scandal with many questions still needing answers. And who's the new favorite to win the NFC? And in the NCAA Pat and Seth take a look at Tennessee/LSU and Kansas/TCU. Are the #8 Vols for real? Can the Jayhawks stay undefeated in Big 12 play? And how soon into Texas A&M/Bama will Jimbo Fisher regret his war of words with Nick Saban?

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