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Colts, Hoosiers, Pacers, Boilers, and Bulldogs are covered each morning by Indiana's most respected sports voice! Support this podcast:

Kent Sterling

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    Indianapolis Colts - Matt Ryan's bounce back year coming! Indiana Pacers #1 chance comes tonight!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 17:02

    Matt Ryan had a tough statistical year for the Falcons in 2021. The primary reason his numbers tanked was the lack of his two primary weapons from 2020 - Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. Ryan will return to efficient productivity as Philip Rivers did in 2020. Pacers big chance to get championship level help comes tonight in the NBA Draft Lottery. Pacers have a 10.5% chance of netting the #1 overall pick for the first time in franchise history! Phil Mickelson is a mess, and won't defend his PGA title this week. He keeps trying to outsmart golf and life, and the only lesson we ever really learn is that life and golf cannot be outsmarted. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts five most disposable starters! Did Quenton Nelson make list? Why is Drew Brees out at NBC? Pacers with a chance tomorrow!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 17:14

    Quenton Nelson is a great guard, but do great guards help a team get to a Super Bowl enough to make Big Q as valuable as Chris Ballard believes he is? Do the Colts have four starting safeties - or none? Bobby Okereke made 132 tackles but only three were for a loss - is that on Okereke or former defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus? Drew Brees is out at NBC because being famous and popular does not make a person interesting and charismatic. NBA Draft Lottery is tomorrow - and the result could be the selection of a foundational championship piece of the Indiana Pacers puzzle. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - 5 indispensable players can't get hurt! Indiana Pacers Draft Lottery tomorrow!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 16:40

    Matt Ryan, Darius Leonard, Jonathan Taylor, and two other Colts better not suffer an injury, and the 2022 season could take an ugly turn. NBA Draft Lottery is tomorrow night, and the Pacers could leave the the #1 pick for the first time in franchise history. As long as they take Jaden Ivey, I don't care where they pick. The Suns sucked last night in an uncompetitive Game Seven - AT HOME! Albert Pujols pitched yesterday, making him the oldest pitcher to make his debut since 1929! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Frank Reich asked about Nick Foles! How big is Jelani Woods? UDFAs have chance! Indiana Football gets another transfer

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 16:14

    Colts rookie minicamp opened today, so the media got a chance to ask Reich about Foles, Jelani Woods, and the chances for the 22 undrafted free agents in camp! Jarvis Landry signed with the Saints, so the Colts have one less bad option as they look for wide receiver help. Jeff Saturday and Antoine Bethea tell rookies about the opportunity they have in front of them beginning today! Tom Allen gets transfer from Bama! (He was a walk-on, so temper your excitement.) Could the Live local TV blackout of the Indy 500 actually return? Roger Penske couldn't be that obtuse could he be? --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts schedule shows clear road to playoffs, but rare fast start required! 4 Prime Time games! James Harden's indifference dooms 76ers!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 16:08

    Colts schedule requires a quick 2-0 start to be able to get back to the playoffs, and that hasn't happened in 13 years! If Matt Ryan, Jonathan Taylor, and Darius Leonard ball out early, then can put the AFC South to sleep before November gets here! Four prime time games with two at home will give Indy and the Colts plenty of exposure. Heat ended the 76ers season against an apathetic James Harden. Mavs force game seven behind Luka and should-have-been Indiana Pacer Jalen Brunson! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Are they REALLY better? At how many spots? Schedule release tonight! "Just gzo then!" says Justin Thomas to greedy golfers!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 16:35

    Matt Ryan is such an obvious upgrade over Carson Wentz, we don't even discuss it! Ngakoue, Paye, Pinter, Gilmore, and maybe even improvement from within at the slot highlight roster improvements. There is still a bit of a gaping hole at one spot, but Chris Ballard still has time to address it. Colts schedule revealed tonight at 8p! Subscribe to my Callin show to talk about how the Colts got screwed out of national TV games and get no respect! Jrue Holiday won last night's Bucks vs. Celtics game with two superb defensive plays, so the Bucks play a close out Game Six tomorrow night in Milwaukee. Sergio Garcia, Lee Westwood, and Ian Poulter can bounce to the renegade Greg Norman Tour if they like. Like Justin Thomas said, "Just go then!" Like Curly Bill says in Tombstone, "Bye!" --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Depth Chart show weaknesses! Kicking could be problem! Fisher to lead Indy 500!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 15:35

    Colts are deep on the lines, but have holes at wide receiver. Are they good enough that their kick could be the difference in advancing in the playoffs? Kickers win and lose a LOT of playoff games. Subscribe to my new show on the callin app. Next show will be tomorrow night as the Colts schedule is revealed! Pacers have a chance to do something the franchise has never done - and that is to be in a position to draft a STAR! Sarah Fisher to drive the Pace Car at the Indy 500 in just 17 days! --- Support this podcast:

    Colts build o-line depth with Kelly signing! The Athletic ranks Colts 12th! Mike Brey most sensible college hoops coach! Tom Brady's deal with Fox will put producers on the street!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 16:13

    Dennis Kelly signs with Colts to backup Braden Smith. Farod Green and Shon Coleman among those waived. Colts ranked 12th in the NFL, according to The Athletic. The rankings reflect exactly the quality of the quarterbacks. Titans are ranked 15th after taking apparent steps backwards. Mike Brey might be the most sensible coach in college basketball, and his comments today on NIL are a precise reflection of that. Tom Brady agrees to the richest deal in sports media history, and as a result many people at Fox and Fox Sports will lose their jobs or endure paycuts. --- Support this podcast:

    James Bradberry cut by Giants; target for Colts? Back-up QB battle a three-way! New IU Football radio analyst!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 15:45

    Colts might be looking for another cornerback, and James Bradberry was cut yesterday by the Giants. Can the Colts squeeze him in under the cap, and would they rather invest in a corner than a receiver? The fight for the backup quarterback position is a three-way race - and hopefully meaningless. Indiana Football has a new radio analyst - an IU alum - to work with Don Fischer during his 50th season. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck & Bill Polian author two of team's worst moments! Jordan Hulls comes home to IU Basketball!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 15:59

    Colts have had some tough moments but five stand out as the worst, and fans have Nick Harper, Jim Harbaugh, Hank Baskett, Bill Polian, and Andrew Luck. Matt Ryan's fantasy ranking should be of no concern - it's because Jonathan Taylor is a BEAST! Jordan Hulls has been hired as IU Basketball's Team and Recruiting Director, as he transitions from German League hero to leader of young men in his hometown. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Matt Ryan “refreshing change!” We get it, Carson Wentz was terrible! Indiana Basketball recruiting update! Woodson makes Strong offer!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 15:49

    Colts continue to compare Matt Ryan favorably to Carson Wentz as though we don't understand he's an upgrade in leadership. Colts need to be classier than that. Do we really believe the Colts will destroy the AFC South after not winning the division since 2014? Mike Woodson continues to recruit without much regard to the national rankings - and I love that. TJ Power latest to earn an offer. Is there a way for Cubs fans to fire Tom Ricketts as owner? There is, but it will take collective discipline we just don't have. NBA fans need to be a little classier - actually a lot classier. --- Support this podcast:

    Indiana Basketball - Is non-shooter Trayce Jackson-Davis NBA ready? Archie Miller - WHAT did he say about shooting?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 7, 2022 15:56

    Ryan Sterling classes up the joint with talk about Matt Ryan and TY Hilton - as well as IU Basketball! Should Trayce Jackson-Davis stay in the NBA Draft? Archie Miller's admission that he ignored shooting while recruiting to Indiana was as idiotic as the original sin of not recruiting shooters. Indiana fans hope the Hoosiers can win the Big 10. Ryan is a little more sober in his appraisal! --- Support this podcast:

    Colts QB Matt Ryan should benefit from “Frank Reich Effect.” Is Jalen Hood-Schifino next Jason Kidd? Got your Derby longshot right here!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 17:15

    There is a significant lift for quarterbacks when they play for Frank Reich, and if it is similar as with Andrew Luck, Jacoby Brissett, Philip Rivers, and Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan should move up the rankings by nine positions. (at 9:31) Mike Woodson compared Jalen Hood-Schifino with Jason Kidd in a couple of very important ways. (at 13:36) The winner for the Kentucky Derby will not be #3 Epicenter! Who wins the Run for the Roses? If I am right, you will be able to win some significant cash by betting likewise! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Matt Ryan best QB in AFC South! Kentucky Derby winning bet! Todd Lickliter fired at Evansville!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 16:30

    Matt Ryan with Frank Reich, Michael Pittman, and Jonathan Taylor will be significantly better than Ryan Tannehill with Derrick Henry and Traylon Burks! Quenton Nelson latest to prove Indianapolis is the perfect city for famous athletes. Best bet in the Kentucky Derby will not be the favorite! Todd Lickliter fired at Evansville - poorly timed for program and players. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Darius Leonard, raw & honest about 2021! IU Basketball - Mike Woodson talks TJD & what Archie Miller says pisses me off!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 17:25

    Darius "Maniac" Leonard tells the truth - always - and he holds nothing back about his diagnosis of last year's disappointing finish! Colts opponents for '22 give Leonard and teammates a shot at redemption. Archie Miller said something about his time in Indiana that has me furious! Mike Woodson shows us exactly how to discuss a player publicly AND honestly, and shows another reason Hoosier fans were ready for Miller to get out of Bloomington! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Five

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 16:20

    T.Y. Hilton decision coming - does bringing him back make sense? Can Kwity Paye take a step up in year two? Is Alec Pierce WR2? Can Matt Ryan replace Philip Rivers - as we delete the memory of Carson Wentz? Dexter Dennis has Hoosiers on list of six finalists. Great defender who is a mediocre shooter - doesn't Mike Woodson already have a bunch of those? SEC and Pac-12 want senators to solve their problems. Have they ever met a senator? --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Matt Ryan can be Philip Rivers Jr! Colts staying home! Butler gets BIG transfer

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 17:34

    Philip Rivers was two years ago what Matt Ryan is today, and the stats show it. If Ryan makes the same leaps Rivers did, the Colts are a playoff team. Add the defensive upgrades, and there could be a lot of fun - although none of it will happen in London, Munich, or Mexico City. Thad Matta's Butler Bulldogs got a commitment from one of the better bigs in the Portal! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Frank Reich's five best and worst traits as coach! Optimism Wednesday picks!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 17:10

    Reich's coaching can be effective or annoying, so we examine five trait that we admire and another five that drive us crazy. It's Star Wars Day so we enjoy a fun Optimism Wednesday where the best case scenarios for the Indiana Hoosiers Basketball and Football programs, Indiana Pacers, and Colts are revealed! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts GM Chris Ballard - the good, the bad, and the kooky! Hoosiers ranked #22, #4 in B10!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 16:09

    Ballard just concluded a draft that might have put the Colts on the fast track to NFL Playoffs. What are his best traits as a GM - and what are the worst? Indiana Hoosiers are gaining momentum in recruiting and national respect. One of those things matters! Who will be the five starters? I tell you! Indiana Football - Was last season an unpleasant hiccup, or a glimpse into a bleak future? --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Defense now elite? Ballard's key is Matt Ryan! IU Basketball - Gray PA voice!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 15:34

    Colts have the pieces, but can the defense come together under Gus Bradley to be an NFL force? When Chris Ballard has had a quarterback, the Colts go to the playoffs. When he doesn't, they languish in mediocrity. Jeremy Gray new PA voice for the Hoosiers. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts Draft seen as an A - why? Best case stats for Matt Ryan, Jonathan Taylor, offense

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 16:34

    Colts are finally getting fast and athletic, and speed wins in the NFL. Colts have the top draft class in Relative Athletic Score and NEXT GEN shows them #2. Jelani Woods is the highest graded athlete at tight end since 1987! So what numbers will allow the Colts to maximize their offensive weapons. The correct answer will cost Taylor about 400 yards! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts take Alec Pierce, Jelani Woods, and Bernard Raimann! Offensive clean sweep. Ballard earns A+!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2022 15:35

    Alec Pierce, Jelani Woods, and Bernard Raimann at 53, 73, and 77 gives Colts GM Chris Ballard a home run night! That trifecta might end up being more even year genius for Ballard - as the 2018 and 2020 Draft classes were superb. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Skyy Moore or Malik Willis? Run on WRs prior to 42? Is Chris Ballard overrated?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 17:40

    Second and third rounds will be fascinating tonight. So many decisions to make and they will change with every pick prior to the Colts selection at 42. All are flawed now - George Pickens' behavior, David Bell's speed, Skyy Moore's size, Christian Watson's competition, Alec Pierce in the CFP, John Metchie's health, and why did Malik Willis fall out of the first round? Who will the Colts take? Chris Ballard has a rep as a great drafter - is he? And if he is, why are the Colts 42-42 since he got here? --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Matt Ryan likes WRs already! IU's Lander to Western Kentucky! Butler gets big!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 15:28

    Matt Ryan becoming more patient as he leads. Gus Bradley would like a defense heavy draft. Marcus Brady looks for Mo Alie-Cox to thrive with Ryan throwing him the ball. On day one of the NFL Draft tonight, the Colts are likely to be quiet. Khristian Lander chooses Western Kentucky - and serves as a cautionary tale for high schoolers tempted to re-class. Indiana Football coach Tom Allen talks about how difficult it was to fire Nick Sheridan as OC. Butler gets big transfer from Georgia State. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - NFL Draft odds favor staying at 42, taking WR! Jahan Dotson or George Pickens to be pick?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 15:59

    Jahan Dotson might be the guy - or George Pickens could be, but the odds are good that Chris Ballard is going to stick at 42 and take a wide receiver to join Michael Pittman and Parris Campbell. I'll tell you why I doubt it is going to be Western Michigan's Skyy Moore! Subscribe to my new show on Callin. Call in to vent or celebrate! Check it out Friday night as soon as the Colts make their pick at 42! Here is the link! Yes, Mark Emmert is leaving the NCAA, but don't get your hopes up the the new boss won't be the same as the old boss! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Chris Ballard, problem solver or can kicker? Hoosiers best team since 2013!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 15:24

    Colts have gaping holes at wide receiver. Will Ballard let the board talk to him, or yell at the board to give him a receiver at 42? In five years, Ballard has solved some problems and created others. That's how his teams have wound up 42-42. Hoosiers have their best shot at excellence since 2013. Four starters back and a top five recruiting class have raised expectations to top three in Big 10 and Sweet 16 in March! Mark Emmert stepping down after 13 pretty good years. Pacers are seeing why they must find another Ja Morant as the Grizzlies the T-Wolves! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - George Pickens at #42? Ballard right - NFL Draft in 40s - good at top as 20s! Where is Khristian Lander headed?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 16:49

    Pickens is one of several wide receivers who will likely be the Colts pick, and if history itself the Colts could get a Pro Bowler! GREAT weapons have been taken in the 40s over the last 10 years! All of the IU Basketball transfers have landed, minus Khristian Lander. Where might he be headed? I have an off the wall idea! Jerry West needs to grow a sense of humor immediately. HBO's "Winning Time" is not a documentary, and no one believes he was a boozing, profane, tortured soul. It's funny - leave it be. MLB umpire Angel Hernandez should be fired immediately for utter incompetence for his ongoing pathetic work behind the plate, which hit bottom recently. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - NFL Draft Trade down more likely than trade up! IU's Parker Stewart goes home!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 15:04

    Chris Ballard more likely to trade back than trade up - the math is simple! And the 49ers are not going to trade Deebo Samuel at all! Parker Stewart is going back to UT-Martin - four transfers gone, four recruits in. Math perfect for Hoosiers to take several steps up in the Big 10. Kyrie Irving killed the Nets, just like I said he would. The Mavs rolled over Jazz so cool they were frigid. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Three players to draft, three to avoid! IU Basketball ranked #18, an insult! Nijel Pack to Miami for $800K + car!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 17:03

    Chris Ballard will have options for weapons with the 42nd pick of the NFL Draft, and I have three great ones who might be available. I also share three potential picks the Colts should stay away from. The six future NFL players I mention are Skyy Moore, David Ojabo, David Bell, Jahan Dotson, Bernard Raimann, and Trey McBride - can you guess which three the Colts should pick? Hoosiers are ranked #18 by CBS, which is a ridiculous. IU will be experienced, talented, and ready to roll. They are a top 10 team. Nijel Pack will earn $800K and a car while playing for Jim Larranaga at Miami - and he should. If coaches are going to earn millions, players should get dollars too! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts MUST draft receiver at 42! IU Basketball - Geronimo not jumping! Pack for Miami!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 15:10

    Chris Ballard chose not to address the urgent receivers need in free agency, he must take one with the Colts first pick. The receiver group has three tiers. The Colts will hope their guy in the second tier falls to them at 42. Jordan Geronimo is returning to Bloomington for his third season as a Hoosier. His ceiling is the highest among all returnees, so that elevates the Hoosiers into the top half of the Big 10. Nijel Pack chose Miami over Purdue, which is not necessarily a bad thing for Matt Painter's Boilermakers. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Ballard says WRs tough to scout, only 5-6 blue chippers, and TY may return!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 15:54

    Colts GM Chris Ballard went through his pre-draft plans, saying the first shelf of the '22 NFL Draft is at #5 or #6. He also said the Colts are looking for a block first tight end, but they are hard to find. Also, Ballard did not say he "loves" T.Y. Hilton, so it is still possible he returns for an 11th season. Colts drafts over last decade ranked #14 in NFL since 2012, and their work shows the last four drafts by Ryan Grigson were not filled with quality other than in the 7th round. Phi Psi is favored to win tomorrow's Little 500 at Indiana University, and the Pi Kappa Alpha House will not win the postgame party! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - if Ballard “loves” TY Hilton, he's gone! IU Basketball visited by WVU transfer!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 16:05

    Chris Ballard will talk to the media today, but I tell you exactly what he's going to say. And if he says "I love T.Y. Hilton!" T.Y. is truly a ghost for the Colts. Indiana Basketball being visited by West Virginia transfer Sean McNeil. Little 500 Weekend visit? McNeil may never leave. Eric Hunter Jr. has entered the transfer portal, and I will suspend my loathing of the Portal if Hunter comes to IU. An airline passenger taunted Mike Tyson, and was pummeled - because that's what should happen when you taunt Iron Mike. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Chris Ballard draft talk preview! Will he tell us whether WRs are a priority?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 15:34

    Ballard said nothing last year that left anyone believing the Colts would take two edge guys with their first two picks last year. Expect the Colts to take two receivers at 42, 73, and/or 122, but he will not tip his hand tomorrow! Tom Crean spent some time on today's Dan Dakich Show lamenting the decline of coaching college basketball - a profession that has rewarded him to the tune of nearly $50,000,000. Did I mention he isn't great at that job? Obtuse and self-absorbed is no way to go through life, Coach! Ali Patberg cut by the Indiana Fever. At some point, she will be an outstanding coach. Shaedon Sharpe is leaving Kentucky for the NBA after playing zero minutes there. He's projected to be taken right about where the Pacers are likely to select. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - T.Y. Hilton may return! Jay Wright retires! Rob Phinisee transfers to Cincy!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 15:45

    Frank Reich spoke the the media, and said "We'll see how things play out with T.Y." That was a bit of a surprise. If Hilton returns, does that help the Colts - or just eat a roster spot until he gets hurt? Reich also lauded Matt Ryan as strong, yet humble, yet opinionated, yet professional. Villanova's basketball coach Jay Wright retires, and that is a shame because Wright was as classy as any college coach in any sport. Rob Phinisee chose Cincinnati over Butler for his final year of college hoops. God saw enough bad baseball from the Cubs at Wrigley Field last night and opened the heavens to end the 8-2 debacle after six innings. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Deebo Samuel to Indy? 10 reasons it won't happen! One reason it could!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 18:59

    Deebo Samuel trade to Colts - the list of 10 reasons it won't happen was so easy I probably could have gone to 20 without giving myself a headache. The list of one reason it could get done is easy to figure. It involves some guidance from the boss! The Big 10 Football Championship win be played in Indy through 2024 at least. Basketball won't be here for a while, and that's dopey in the extreme. Why does the Big 10 always try to outsmart a simple problem? Kofi Cockburn is FINALLY going to stay in the NBA Draft! Trayce Jackson-Davis may celebrate like it's already Little 500 Weekend in Bloomington! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Position grades not honor roll yet! Indiana Basketball- recruit rankings fun!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 15:50

    Colts running backs are valedictorians, and wide receivers need tutoring as we grade the current quality of the roster. Secondary had a very good week, so they take a step toward advanced classes! Indiana has two five star recruits coming to Bloomington, so they now have an 11-1 all-time advantage over Purdue. So why does Purdue keep posting winning Big 10 seasons while the Hoosiers have enjoyed one in the last eight? Jerry West is furious over depiction in HBO's Winning Time! --- Support this podcast:

    Colts Ashton Dulin's value HUGE! Hoosiers fans call Malik Reneau “just another TJD”? GOOD! Oden & Diebler join Matta at Butler! Jake Arrieta retires

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 15:53

    OK, so Ashton Dulin signing his tender isn't exactly Stephon Gilmore signing his free agent deal, but he is a great special teams player and special teams wins games! Some IU fans are saying, "What's the big deal about Malik Reneau? He's just another Trayce Jackson-Davis!" Hoosiers fans should hope so. Jackson-Davis is an All-American! Greg Oden and Jon Diebler join Thad Matta at Butler. Former Cub Jake Arrieta retires today. For the back half of 2015 and first half of 2016, Arrieta was as dominant as any pitcher in modern baseball history. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Does Stephon Gilmore lifts D to elite level? Indiana Basketball's Woodson rolling with Reneau commitment!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 14:50

    Starters are set for the Colts defense, and there appears to be three significant upgrades - as well as coaching improvements! Can fans expect elite play? Stephon Gilmore said something we hope he conveys to teammates. The narrative that an NBA coach can't become a successful college coach is bizarre, and Mike Woodson is predictably proving it wrong. IU's roster is currently full, assuming Trayce Jackson-Davis returns. The fifth ranked recruiting class will push those who return, and the Hoosiers should rise in the Big 10. Pacers passed on Jalen Brunson in favor of Aaron Holiday. I didn't like it in the moment, and I really don't like it after Brunson dropped 41 on Utah last night. Cubs got bombs from Schwindel and Wisdom in win over the Rays! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Chris Ballard may have been right in 2019! Malik Reneau commits to Indiana!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 14:59

    Wide receivers Deebo Samuels, A.J. Brown, and Terry McLaurin are sitting out trying to leverage extensions. Ballard doesn't respond well to threats, and maybe he saw the writing on the wall with these players when he chose others immediately ahead of them. Stephon Gilmore met the media via Zoom and said all the right things! Mike Woodson got great news today as Malik Reneau committed to Indiana Basketball, and what Reneau had to say was every bit as big as he is! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - WRs needed with NFL Draft 10 days away! IU Basketball hosts Malik Reneau! Garland crushes Pacers hopes!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 15:10

    Michael Pittman is the Colts lone bankable weapon for Matt Ryan, and that will be the focus for the Colts in the draft! It would be nice to come away with some o-line depth and a TE to replace Jack Doyle too! Malik Reneau spent the weekend in Bloomington. He's a five-star recruit who decommitted from Florida and would look great as the final piece of the 2022 recruiting class for Mike Woodson. Pacers were the real losers Friday night when Darius Garland pulled the Cavs out of the playoffs. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts sign Stephon Gilmore - 10 things it tells us! Defense might just be elite!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 17:19

    Gilmore's signing adds a lockdown corner in the twilight of his career and raises the ante for the roster and staff. All in just became all-in. 10 facts about the 2022 Colts came into focus today - one of which is that winning April is a lot more important than winning March! Paul George is disappointing his third franchise tonight, which is not a surprise to his former fans in Indy and OKC. Cavs may get back all-star center Jarrett Allen tonight for a play-in game that could mean the #16 pick in the June Draft coming to Indianapolis! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Stephon Gilmore another lift for improved defense? IU Basketball- Race returns!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 15:55

    Colts defense brings back bunch of starters, upgrades edge and depth, and might add a lock down corner. That gives new coordinator Gus Bradley a bunch of tools to stop offenses. Race Thompson says he's coming back to Hoosiers, so IU appears to have a stout lineup if Trayce Jackson-Davis returns. Pacers are big Cavs fans tonight. If Cleveland gets win, Pacers get their first round pick. Jack Keefer retire as only basketball coach Lawrence North High School has ever had. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Rodney McLeod says he's ready! Two WRs off the board! Kemoko Turay to 49ers!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 15:50

    Colts free agent signee Rodney McLeod believes "a championship is destined" for the Colts! Two more free agent wide receivers have been signed by other teams while the Colts hope the draft fills their urgent needs. Kemoko Turay signed a one-year deal with the 49ers, so his 5 1/2 sacks are gone! Hey they didn't draft Paye and Odeyingbo - and trade for Ngakoue - because they treasured Turay! Baker Mayfield - the child - believes he is being disrespected by the Browns despite having a guaranteed salary of $18.9M for 2022. Way to prove the Browns right in moving on. Mike Woodson needs shooters AND defenders at IU - not a bunch of guys who do one and not the other! And stay away from the Portal! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Stephon Gilmore visits! IU gets look @ Wichita defender! Miles Bridges ejected!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 15:57

    Stephon Gilmore was the NFL's Defensive Player of 2019 - does the Pro Bowl corner have another season like that in him at age 32? Chris Ballard kicked the tires yesterday in a visit! The Colts have areas they must address - I explain why! Indiana will get a visit from Wichita State transfer Dexter Dennis, who is another defensive specialist (which translates to "he can't shoot"). Miles Bridges hit a little girl with a mouthguard last night. Players need to calm themselves - and fans need to act like human beings. --- Support this podcast:

    Derek Carr extension shows Colts GM Chris Ballard can be both cautious & RIGHT! IU & Butler to swap transfers?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 16:20

    Derek Carr signed an extension that will pay hims over $40M per year! Mediocre quarterbacks everywhere are rejoicing, but it's Colts fans who should cheer the loudest because Ballard passed on the trade that could have destroyed the any chance to win! Butler and IU might be about to exchange statistically similar disgruntleds in a heretofore unimaginable trade. There are three kinds of people I shun. Please correct your behavior and don't be a member of any of the groups - official review/electronic strike zone fans users of "literally" those who speak in the third-person when talking about themselves! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Chris Ballard too risk averse to win? Phinisee may go to Butler! Cavs need Win!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 15:00

    Ballard doesn't make mistakes in free agency because he doesn't sign free agents, and he trades first rounders for good player instead of taking shots at great ones. Can the Colts win a championship with that style of architect? Former Indiana point guard Rob Phinisee is down to Butler and Cincinnati as his home for one more season. Cavs need a win Friday for the Pacers to reap their first round pick. Juwan Howard rumored to be top candidate to replace Frank Vogel as coach of the Lakers. LA vs. Ann Arbor? Hmmm. Not much of a choice. --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Chris Ballard's craziest but realistic draft option at 42! Hard NO to Pacers/Westbrook deal!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 15:00

    There is one prospect projected in the mid-40s that if taken would make Colts fans heads explode! He checks almost every Ballard box! Can you guess who he is? Colts fortify special teams by signing ex-Patriot Brandon King. Russell Westbrook and the Pacers are a terrible fit on the court - and an awkward fit in terms of trading for assets. Shams was either carrying water for Rob Pelinka or trolling for clicks. Best advice for youth sports parents EVER! Must listen for every mother and father of an athlete! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts pass on Calais Campbell! Indiana Pacers - Myles Turner extension? Fever take 7!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 16:44

    Campbell re-signs with Ravens, so we turn to the draft where the Colts should take a receivers, tight end, and cornerback in their first three picks. Pacers exit interviews revealed little we didn't already know. Myles Turner is thinking about a contract extension after playing 42 games in the 2021-2022 season and resolutely averaging 12 and 7! Butler's Thad Matta adds Mike Pegues to staff and is kicking the tires on a Cathedral state champion. Indiana Fever took seven players in the WNBA Draft, including a record four in the first 10 picks! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts Mock Draft - all needs can be met! Indiana Pacers need to embrace youth!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 20:09

    Kinda sorta Mock Draft ideas for Chris Ballard - his picks need to include Jahan Dotson, Jeremy Ruckert, Jaylin Armour-Davis, Braxton Jones, and any receiver named Austin! Not too much to ask, is it? Pacers need to lance some boils, and sign some Lance! If the Pacers can deal their two player/CEOs, that works for me too! And for the next few days, let's go Cavs! Indiana will be able to go nine deep with quality next year (if Xavier Johnson and Trayce Jackson-Davis return), so they need to finish fifth to show progress --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts to sign another safety! IU Basketball - TJD declares for draft! Pacers end season fifth worst! Sydney Parrish to IU!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 15:19

    Colts to bring in veteran safety Rodney McLeon - he's not Tyrann Mathieu, but he's a solid and versatile piece. Indiana Basketball's Trayce Jackson-Davis declares for the Draft, but is likely to get the feedback needed to return to the Hoosiers. Ali Ali transferring to Butler. Bryce Golden moving on to Loyola! Sydney Parrish, Indiana's Miss Basketball 2020, transfers home to the Hoosiers. Pacers end season that will allow them to contend down the road - earn a 10.5% chance to draft first! --- Support this podcast:

    Indianapolis Colts - Receivers and staff upgrades should help! IU's Johnson claimed he was drunk when he wasn't!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 18:00

    (at 7:33) George Pickens is coming off an injury, Jahan Dotson is a little small, and Christian Watson played at NDSU. When drafting at #42, it's going to be tough to find a wide receiver without a blemish. And then it will be Reggie Wayne's challenge to coach them up! (at 2:05) Indiana point guard Xavier Johnson claimed he wasn't driving early Sunday because he was drunk. The policeman found he was not drunk, but was driving - which is a weird twist! (at 5:40) LC grad and K-State transfer Nijel Pack visits Purdue. Tiger Woods scrambled to shoot 71 yesterday, and the Augusta weather may be perfect for him today! Pacers final weekend is crucial to NBA Draft success. They need to lose and the Cavaliers to win! --- Support this podcast:

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