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    U40: A huge portal, recruiting, visit weekend for OU

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 69:17

    In unprecedented times, OU is hosting transfers, 2022 class high schoolers and just about everything in between. Josh, Eddie and Bob are here to break down everything. OU's next QB? It could be a lot of people. And could Lincoln Riley have ended up without any QBs for 2022? What is OU doing at receiver? The OU staff is now complete as well. We break that down as well. It's a fully loaded show breaking down a big weekend for OU football. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back ... Visitors en route to Norman 5:00 - Trying to unpack the QB situation ---> Chubba Purdy (Visited) ---> Jaxson Dart (Visiting) 37:00 - Figuring out Sooners secondary transfers; visitors coming to stay? OU a favorite for Drew Sanders? 50:00 - Oklahoma has put together an outstanding staff

    U40: What happened with Caleb Williams and is it over now?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 90:46

    The dust has settled just a little bit after Caleb Williams declared his intentions to enter the transfer portal. By the way, he still hasn't entered it yet. What happened? What went down with OU and Williams' reps when they met? What are these guys looking for? Also, what does Dillon Gabriel bring to the table as a QB. And is there any chance Williams returns to OU? The Sooners have lost some players to the portal and the NFL. But who else is there to worry about on the roster as of today? We also take some time to celebrate the hires Brent Venables has made on defense and answer the questions about what could be left for the second signing day. Recruiting talk with Josh and Bob is here to give us the lowdown on OU's tough loss to Baylor last night. It's a full edition of the Unofficial 40. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - As the world turns ... Caleb Williams 25:00 - Is Oklahoma going to bring in another QB? 35:00 - Dillon Gabriel at Oklahoma 40:00 - NFL players declaring for Draft 49:00 - Welcome, Todd Bates. 1:07:00 - All-America Game Wrap-Ups 1:20:00 - Hoops

    Emergency Pod: Caleb Williams enters the transfer portal

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2022 38:03

    Carey, Josh and Eddie are all here to discuss the big news of the day. Caleb Williams has entered the transfer portal. And even though he isn't ruling out a return to OU, we all know this isn't good. The guys breakdown the issues behind Williams' decision, how much this is really about quarterback development for the next level or even money. And where do the Sooners go with Williams having a foot out the door? If they get the right guy should they just tell Williams' good luck? And what other dominos could fall? How many receivers could end up leaving?

    U40: Alamo Bowl Preview. Bob Stoops was the hero we needed.

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2021 68:46

    We've spent so much time talking about TBOW, recruiting, Brent Venables, etc., that we haven't given Bob Stoops enough credit for what he's done for the Oklahoma program over the last few weeks. Stoops will coach his final game as Oklahoma's head coach Wednesday night. It's a curtain call for the man who was just inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and already has his own statue on campus. We have no idea what Cale Gundy's offense and Brian Odom's defense will look like Wednesday night, but we know Oregon is down a lot of players. All of this might be a mess, but at least we know the OU program isn't a mess coming out of this thing. And we have Bob Stoops to thank for that. Eddie and Bob come to us from San Antonio and Josh joins us as he gets ready to go cover several OU targets and commitments in Orlando for the Under Armour All-American game. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - It's (almost) Alamo Bowl Gameday 13:25 - Your weekly Caleb Williams update 20:00 - Could anyone help their NFL Draft status? 25:00 - What should you expect defensively? 40:00 - Josh is headed to Under Armour 47:00 - Bob Stoops brought the stability

    U40: Figuring out Venables' recruiting direction

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2021 89:23

    After the dust has started the settle from the change to Brent Venables and the early signing period, we're getting a clearer picture of the inroads Oklahoma is making on the recruiting trail. With an early class of signees that seem to be building momentum on through social media, what is fact and what is fiction moving forward? Plenty of things to talk about with the Alamo Bowl coming up as we keep an eye on COVID as well. What youngsters have an opportunity to step up? And our take on former coaches coming back to coach the bowl game. Spoiler, you don't have to worry about the guys coming back. DeMarco Murray's situation? We all kind of feel the same about it but we discuss. Also Merry Christmas from the entire Scoop crew! The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back; Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 17:50 - What's left in 2022? 46:05 - Alamo Bowl 1:15:00 - Hoops update

    U40: Signing Day wrap up, Venables takes over as Stoops holds it down

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 103:18

    A lot has happened since the regular season ended and the entire crew is here to talk about it all. Riley leaving, Venables taking over, signing day, the wins the losses, the NIL effect. Josh breaks down the big news from signing day and relives some of the recruiting stories like the Kobie McKenzie Texas saga. We also talk about the status of potential players who will join the Sooners in this class and what Brent Venables is looking for before the official signing day arrives. We also got to hear from Caleb Williams for the first time on the OU player driven Pod on the Prairie. What were our impressions. Is there still a chance Nick Evers has to become OU's starting QB next season? The Alamo Bowl is coming and the entire crew is feeling like this is a game we just can't stay away from. It's Bob's last run on the sideline. We think. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - There is stability in sight for the Oklahoma football program 11:13 - And so begins the Brent Venables era 19:00 - Breaking down the Sooners 2022 Signing Class 33:01 - What's the word with 4-star ATH Jaren Kanak 36:00 - Brent V's involvement in final recruiting weekend w/ Nick Evers & Jayden Gibson 39:00 - Flipping Kobie McKinzie back to OU 44:00 - Name, Image & Likeness affect on 2022 Signing Day 1:00:00 - Caleb Williams SPEAKS! 1:10:00 - Jeff Lebby/Caleb Williams marriage 1:20:00 - Alamo Bowl prep begins

    U40: Breaking down staff hires and latest on recruiting trail

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 11, 2021 41:42

    A bit of an emergency pod to discuss OU's official announcement of the Jeffy Lebby and Ted Roof hires. We don't know about this Roof guy, but we're going to give Brent Venables the benefit of the doubt. It may not seem like Carey is doing that, but trust me, he is doing that. Or he'll go on timeout. We also get a breakdown of some of the key battles being fought on the recruiting trail right now as the Sooners looking to flip a couple of former Florida commitments. Those offensive position groups are getting thin. The Sooners need to hold on to what they've got and try to land a few big fish to turn the tide against the situation TBOW left them in. Is this gonna work? Again, we're giving Coach V the benefit of the doubt if we don't love a hire.

    U40: Brent Venables becomes OU's 23rd head coach

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2021 77:38

    Brent Venables was introduced to the public as the Sooners newest head coach on Monday morning. It was a whirlwind 24 hours after Venables and his family were flown into Norman's Max Westheimer airport just before 10pm central time Sunday night. The gang gets together and tries to process a lot of the things Venables spoke about today. And a lot of it was recruiting and team based philosophies. We may have had a tough time processing how quickly things are changing in the OU football world now that Venables is taking over. And we talk about how we think Venables' approaches might work. One thing is for sure, Venables is the man for the job after the TBOW debacle. He was pretty much our top pick across the board. Now it's time to fill out a staff, go recruit and see if he can change the culture of this team from a lot of individuals, to a team capable of pulling together and chasing the next national title. Full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Brent Venables is the 23rd head coach in Oklahoma history 28:38 - Recruiting Caleb Williams to stay 41:05 - Putting Brent's staff together

    U40: Detailing a very long week searching for OU's next coach

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2021 107:51

    No rundown in this one. But it's extensive. We start off with how the team has reacted to everything that's happened based on some conversations with Isaiah Thomas. We make our way into the coaching search and we talk about all the candidates we feel we have identified at this point and even poke the Dabo Swinney stuff and poke fun at ourselves for even bringing it to life. Brent Venables, Dan Lanning, Dave Aranda and other names along the way. Josh and Bob also have an extensive conversation about where everything stands with recruiting after the coaching search discussion and then we move into keeping the current players and trying to save the players who have already entered the transfer portal to finish things out. This one details it all as a lot of you have followed it unfold this week on the Crimson Corner.

    U40: Emergency Podcast! Lincoln Riley actually is a dick

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 84:45

    If you are coming for a Bedlam breakdown you've come to the wrong place. This is the emergency pod to discuss Lincoln Riley bolting on the Sooners for USC. What the actual f*** Lincoln?! And what happened with him and Joe Castiglione and the administration? How did they let this happen? How big a disaster could this be? Who does OU have to hire to save this program in the immediate future? Who do we want to see replace Lincoln? We all seem to have one name at the top of our wishlist. Also, what does this do for recruiting? Will Caleb Williams leave too? So many questions and we try and run down them all. Again, very little Bedlam talk. But OU is starting over. The link to the Stoops era could be over for good. And OU didn't need this heading into the SEC. They needed to continue getting better. Now it feels like they could be getting worse. Emergency Pod!

    U40: Bedlam! Can OU win? But really. Can they win?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 107:38

    It's the biggest week of the year. OU heads to Stillwater to play Oklahoma State for the right to play again in the Big 12 Championship game. OU's playoff hopes begin or end at Boone Pickens Stadium. Our heads tell us OU can't win. But that doesn't mean we aren't trying to figure out how a win in Bedlam still happens for OU. We still have a great amount of disdain for all the coaching rumors. Somehow Joey Galloway avoids the pod's wrath this week. Josh has all the latest on recruiting, including the weird tales of Chris McClellan and what is going on with Marvin Jones Jr. Porter Moser gets some time on the pod and then we just keep breaking down Bedlam on the way out the door. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - BEDLAM WEEK 35:00 - You get a 10-year contract! You get a 10-year contract! You get a 10-year contract! 1:01:00 - Recruiting; Chris McClellan situation 1:30:00 - HOOPS 1:36:00 - Bedlam preview wrap-up

    U40: Stop worrying about LSU rumors, OU has bigger problems ahead

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 71:57

    Welp, it's not like we had to watch the College Football Playoff Rankings show on Tuesday night this week. So why do we watch it anyway? Why do we do it to ourselves? We start off with recruiting since it kind of got the shaft last weekend. We hold back on CFB talk just long enough but then we're all in. The offense. Caleb Williams. Growing pains should have been expected with a true frosh at QB. But Iowa State is up next and they could really put the hurt on the 2021 season if things don't improve this week in Norman. Lincoln Riley to LSU? You want f-bombs? That'll get F-bombs flying. How do these rumors get so loud these days? It's crazy! A little Porter Moser and OU hoops breakdown from Bob Przybylo and Thanksgiving is coming. Josh and Carey has strangely similar tastes in pie and cake. That's weird too. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hi. Hello. It's playoff time in Oklahoma. 5:20 - Offensive line recruiting 10:00 - Will OU get involved with any 2022 OKPreps? 21:00 - Visitors coming in for Iowa State weekend 26:00 - Lincoln Riley & LSU (enter clickbait link) 40:00 - OU's offensive problems 51:00 - HOOPS HALFTIME TALK; Porter Moser and the gang headed to Myrtle Beach 1:01:00 - A little pie talk with T-Give on-deck

    U40: OU heads to Baylor to try and finally impress the CFP committee

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 80:11

    The entire gang is here and we're talking about OU's position in the College Football Playoff picture. It's clear the committee is taking a wait and see approach with the Sooners, even though they appear to be just waiting and not really paying attention to what is seen. We dive into OU's chances to make another Championship November run as Alex Grinch hints that a key member of the secondary could return. The weirdness of Lincoln Riley not doing his scheduled media Tuesday and plenty of youth soccer talk from Josh McCuistion and a side of recruiting. And Bob is here to drive Josh crazy with hoops talk as Porter Moser win's his OU opener last night. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - We're back. Josh is back. And he's talking futbol. 14:00 - Where in the world is Lincoln Riley? 20:00 - CFP Rankings 39:00 - Bo Davis should get a raise at Texas 48:00 - Next month of OU football will be fun 55:00 - Hoops talk; Porter Moser is a God? 1:03:00 - Recruiting; Final host weekend upcoming 1:16:00 - Big picture recruiting for 2022

    U40: How serious are Grinch and Tech? CFP rankings and big game coming

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 67:41

    With word that Alex Grinch will talk with Texas Tech about their open head coaching job, the guys are here to breakdown what that all means. Is Grinch a legitimate candidate? Or is this just an exercise for future head coach jobs? We also breakdown the first College Football Playoff rankings and explain why none of us really care that much. Although that doesn't stop us from fighting anyway. And of course we talk about the Pole Assassin. Josh was out with a bad router today but Carey, Eddie and Bob are here for all the fun. The full (sort of) rundown follows below: 00:00 - It's a Bye Week; surprise Alex Grinch is interviewing with Texas Tech 12:20 - CFP Rankings - Sooners No.8 51:00 - Hoops preview

    U40: Still mad after all these days. What is happening to the OU defense?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 68:28

    Here we are four days after OU's escape of Kansas and the scoop crew is still baffled at what is happening with the OU defense. Is it preparation? Is it talent? Is it development? Is it scheme? Is it coaching? We try and make sense of it all, we get a little upset, we try and talk through it and Bob gets to have his first say after returning from Lawrence. We also get some hoops updates from Bob as practices have started for the 2021-22 season and Josh gets us caught up with the latest in recruiting as OU has just two more weekends for official visitors before the season ends. Maybe this will be some therapy for those of you who are still struggling with OU's on-field performances like we are. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back. Let's fix this thing. 35:00 - OU offense okay. We think. 52:00 - HOOPS talk before Bob heads out 55:00 - Recruiting

    U40: Spencer Rattler always leaves us with something to talk about

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 70:56

    With Kansas coming up, you wouldn't expect there to be a lot to talk about this week. But with OU's quarterback situation, there always seems to be something. We breakdown exactly how Lincoln Riley is supposed to use Spencer Rattler in a backup role this week in Lawrence and if he even should. Listen for a full explanation. Rattler also seems to be flirting with staying or leaving the OU football team based on recent Instagram bio activity. You'll hear some of that in the cold open. But what we're really here to talk about is the OU defense, the unit that now appears to be the main culprit in holding this OU team back from being who we all thought they could be when the season started. Injuries are piling up and the secondary is hurting most. Bob, Eddie and Josh breakdown the huge commitment of Gentry Williams and give out the latest in recruiting in this edition of the Unofficial 40 podcast. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back, let's breakdown Instagram bios 21:00 - OU defense. Oh no. We suck again! 49:00 - Recruiting; 5-star Gentry Williams commits 58:00 - Rivals250 Owasso (Okla.) DT Chris McClellan

    U40: We know OU's starter and media gets cancelled mid-pod.

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 97:47

    Man, what an explosive podcast and an explosive day. You think talking about Caleb Williams vs. Spencer Rattler were going to be the only fireworks from today's show? Well, move over media blackout. During the pod, the guys find out that media has been cancelled this week because the OU administration is upset with the OU Daily after they published accounts from practice they were able to receive while watching practice from the Gaylord School of Journalism. We have live reaction from the crew on a bizarre decision. And guess what? We already know who the starting quarterback for the Sooners will be on Saturday. We spell it out for you on this episode. Also, Josh breaks down the huge commitment for the Sooners yesterday and a surprise recruiting weekend in store. Great to be back for a information packed edition of the Unofficial 40! The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back, QB controversy isn't a controversy 48:00 - 2H OU defense was FUN 58:00 - Changes in the secondary ahead? 1:08:00 - Bill Bedenbaugh recap 1:12:00 - R100 DT Gabe Dindy to Oklahoma

    U40: The defense is on the hot seat after KSU

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 91:27

    The podcast starts off with fireworks as Carey pretty much melts down over production issues with the Isaiah Thomas Show and some guy smashing his new Eskridge Lexus up in the Chick-fil-A drive thru. But we get quickly down to business about the defense and Alex Grinch's public criticism of their play and practice habits. We also get Josh and Bob's thoughts one what we saw last week and then we breakdown a lot of Texas. Everyone is still baffled Bijan Robinson barely played a year ago. We talk about Casey Thompson and what OU potentially faces with the UT offensive line. Josh's big recruiting trips and big commitments to come. Where does OU sit with two potential huge commitments over the next couple of weeks? The commits might be the only thing to convince Carey he's not actually living in a hell dimension. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - It's OU-Texas Week 16:00 - Bijan Robinson is a DUDE dude 21:00 - Casey Thompson QB1. Cool story. 31:00 - OU offense took steps in Manhattan 56:00 - Josh M visited trio of Los Alamitos commits 1:08:00 - Gavin Sawchuck 1:11:00 - Big few weeks ahead for OU? Gabe Dindy/Gentry Williams announcements coming soon

    U40: Can OU find themselves in Manhattan, Kansas?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 83:15

    After we've all rewatched the game against West Virginia this week, Josh, Eddie and Carey gather up their thoughts once more on the week that was and what the Sooners face heading to Manhattan, Kan., to face the Kansas State Wildcats. How bad is the offensive line? Josh kind of murdered them in his postgame grades. Carey and Eddie are headed to Manhattan while Josh is out to California to take on another Los Alamedos game as well as a trip to Denver to see Gavin Sawchuck. We also have some major SoonerScoop announcements. It's another edition of the Unofficial 40 podcast from SoonerScoop.com The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back. Sooners headed to Manhattan. 11:00 - Josh M recaps OU-WestV 32:00 - Defense has taken steps each week 50:00 - Josh headed to Cali (New #CaliTrio) + Gavin Sawchuck in Denver 58:00 - Big Announcement for SoonerScoop.com! 1:15:00 - Team wrap-up; Put up or shut up next few weeks

    U40: Is WVU the biggest game of Spencer Rattler's career?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 82:44

    Spencer Rattler has become a bigger topic of discussion. And the OU QB needs to be better. But aren't there other issues preventing the OU offense from reaching more productive output in games this season? The entire crew breaks down what they've seen so far and how they are looking things after media interviews have concluded for this week. Josh is here to catch you up on last weekend's official recruiting visitors and look forward to another weekend of covering the nation's top prospects abroad. Also Bob has been able to hook up his new microphone and he has Carey gushing about the newest No. 1 employee at SoonerScoop. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Bob P is leading the SoonerScoop rankings 5:00 - What the hell is going on with this offense? 42:00 - OU Defense 1:00:00 - Recruiting - OVs and more - Gentry Williams & Raleek Brown visits - Preview of the weekend

    U40: Nebraska is for the fans. Players are just playing another team.

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 87:30

    It's a game that longtime OU fans will love on Saturday. The loss of the Nebraska rivalry has been the worst part of conference realignment. And even though the Huskers are no longer a college football juggernaut, and although OU's players know relatively nothing about a time when the Huskers were considered a national power, this game has special meaning for the fans. And that's really what this game is about. Josh, Eddie and Carey talk about the history of OU/Nebraska, the lead up to gameday and what they expect to see from OU players to make this weekend a success. They players have to do the hard part, they have to go destroy a once proud program. Because anything less is not achieving your goal if you are OU. Josh also breaks down a big recruiting weekend and rewinds to take a look back about what you might have missed about last weekend's recruiting visits. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello, Nebraska. Good to see you old friend 29:00 - Josh's thoughts on Western Carolina 40:00 - Big recruiting weekend ahead; Review of Gabe Dindy's visit 45:55 - Devon Campbell visit recap 54:46 - Visitors for this weekend vs. Nebraska

    U40: First official recruiting weekend and chiming in on the problems with OU

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 75:36

    Carey and Eddie had their say on the issues with the Sooners on the postgame show. Josh and Bob get to chime in today. Lots of talk about leadership and motivation as well as Lincoln Riley's role on getting this team to play more inspired football. And where does Spencer Rattler fit in as the leader of this offense? Is he that guy? Or is he not that guy? The Sooners will be hosting official and unofficial visitors this weekend including Malachi Nelson, their 2023 QB commitment. Josh breaks it all down on this edition of the Unofficial 40. Also, we tried to fix Bob's audio this week by buying him lots of new equipment. But Bob's laptop was being a butthole. The full rundown follows below: 0:00:00 - Does Bob fail technology or did techology fail Bob? 0:06:00 - OU's first official recruiting weekend of the season. 0:14:00 - Josh's trip to Florida last weekend 0:26:00 - How Riley and Grinch are handling the problems 0:30:00 - The offense and Spencer Rattler 0:41:00 - Did anyone come out of this game looking good? 0:45:30 - Players getting untaped before the game was over? 0:50:00 - The crazy heat and the fans being justified in clearing out 0:54:00 - Moving forward from here 1:00:00 - Is OU caught up in analytics or something?

    U40: It's time to play some college football in Norman

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 80:27

    The season opener always sneaks up on you because you're always talking about it being on the way. Well now that it's hear we've got our first game week podcast of 2021. Tulane heads to Norman after Hurricane Ida devastated New Orleans and the home of the Green Wave. And we've talked with Lincoln Riley, Alex Grinch and a lot of OU players before podding. So what did we take from this week's media availability? And what are we looking forward to in the season opener? Also the recruiting talk with Josh as usual. Welcome to game week everybody! The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back! It's GAMEWEEK 15:00 - Excitement about OU's secondary 29:30 - Tre Bradford EXIT 1:04:00 - Recruiting

    U40: We have to talk Burden and another OU practice watched

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 72:38

    Welp! We've got to talk about it. The Luther Burden decommitment happened. And Josh is here to tell us why it happened and what's next. We all got to see our second practice and we're continually blown away by the young talent on defense. We also talk about what happens now moving forward in recruiting without Burden and the other losses. Also, we wonder how bad Nebraska is going to be and how can you be so bad that even cheating doesn't help? The full rundown is below: 00:00 - Football is here BUT Luther Burden and the Sooners are no more 22:00 - Practice viewing session No.2 recap 49:50 - So where does OU go at WR in 2022? 1:04:00 - Nebraska dumb, dumb

    U40: First practice impressions. OU in person really checks out.

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 92:37

    Last week may have been our Debbie Downer issue where we questioned every aspect of what could go wrong. Well, after spending 20 minutes watching OU practice, we basically don't see how it's possible for them to lose a game. Well, maybe we're not that bi-polar. But we talk about our impressions of all the positions after getting quick glimpses of everyone. We also go over the offensive line and how we think it's all coming together. Josh has been out taking in some key recruits in the Dallas metro this week. He reports back on what he's seen and who he's talked to while also finally breaking down the commitments of Luke Hasz and Makai Lemon. Weirdest part of the pod? Probably the discussion about Arch Manning vs. Malachi Nelson. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back. It's football season. 29:00 - Speed D LETS GO 42:00 - OU secondary looking the part 47:00 - Is Josh a believer in Tyrese Robinson at RT? 53:00 - Recruiting adventures with Mr. McCuistion 1:02:00 - Malachi Nelson is still our No.1 1:20:00 - Wrapping up commitments of Luke Hasz and Makai Lemon

    U40: 2021 football preview or theoretically, how it might break bad

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 96:53

    This is just where we ended up today. We're blaming Eddie on this one. But we take a critical look at the 2021 OU football team and ask the question: What are some of the things that would have to happen to make us all to look foolish in thinking this is supposed to be a national title contender? We breakdown the areas of this team that concern us most as preseason camp gets underway. The dead period is here but that's been good news for the Sooners as some upcoming announcements could go OU's way. Josh is here to talk about the latest in recruiting and also plenty of Big 12 realignment talk as well. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back, the season is HERE. 12:00 - Wanya Morris questions from the board 23:00 - Eddie becomes a bad guy and asks a good question 38:00 - SpeedD Year 3 45:00 - Jalen Redmond status going into the year 50:00 - Recruiting/Board of Regents Meeting/SEC talk 55:25 - 2023 Makai Lemon commitment this weekened? 1:03:00 - Commitment of 2022 DL Cedric Roberts 1:15:20 - Board of Regents wrap up

    U40: How should OU enter the SEC? Liked or Hated?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 99:17

    The gang is back together to finally talk all things SEC. Is OU expected to bend the knee to everyone in the SEC? And if they do pull of a national championship this year, can they just go in telling everybody to kiss their rings and they aren't bending to shit? Or should everyone just be nice? They already have crazy A&M and arrogant Texas to deal with. OU can just be the favorite new child if they just play it cool. Or play it crazy. We don't care. OU's recruiting weekend is expanding but it's not a BBQ or anything too crazy. Josh and Bob finally get to weigh in on OU's move to the SEC and we talk about the latest in recruiting and how much it will help OU being in the SEC. Bob and Eddie attended the coaches luncheon and have the latest from there and we talk about the future of the Big 12 as well. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back SEC friends 18:00 - Josh/Bob thoughts on OU 2 SEC 30:00 - Recruiting affect of OU 2 SEC 42:00 - What happens to OSU, Big 12? 1:10:00 - Citizen Advisory Board Coaches Luncheon recap 1:27:00 - Final 'BIG' recruiting weekend

    U40: Emergency Pod! OU and Texas to the S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 23, 2021 56:53

    Emergency Pod! Everyone was asking for it so here it is. Carey and Eddie sit down to break it all down as OU and Texas will be heading to the SEC at some point in time. We talk about how this started, the twists and turns and how this is going to reshape the landscape of college sports in America. And what is this going to be like for the fans moving to a new conference? Also, what is the rest of the Big 12 going to do? When will OU join the SEC? We breakdown all the scenarios as well as talk about changes that you probably haven't thought about up to this point.

    U40: Breaking down a huge recruiting haul in July

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2021 81:34

    The Sooners have been on fire on the recruiting trail and Lincoln Riley has reset expectations to a level we might just take for granted. No five-star QB is off limits from Riley as he proved last weekend. The guys are all here to breakdown everything that's been going on in the recruiting world since OU racked up 9 commitments this month. ChampUBBQ is definitely paying off after the fact. Eddie is back from Malachi Nelson's commitment in California while Josh breaks down the latest from the recruiting trail. And yes, Eddie was attacked by hornets shortly after this podcast was recorded. But that's another story. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back, OU Recruiting is HOT HOT 28:00 - Impact of national recruiting on in-state prospects 43:00 - Biggest commitment during the month of July? 49:00 - Oh by the way ... Rivals100 RB Treyaun Webb and 3-star TE Kaden Helms also committed 1:00:00 - NIL stuff 1:20:00 - What's ahead in between now and the start of football season?

    U40: So much OU football to breakdown after Big 12 Media Days

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2021 107:18

    This is really the most State of the Sooners podcast we've done in a very long time after hearing from Lincoln Riley, Jeremiah Hall and Nik Bonitto at Big 12 Media Days on Wednesday. The entire gang, Carey, Eddie, Bob and Josh breakdown what we learned while in Arlington. The Sooners are the bell of the ball and they'll either take this thing to another level, or continue to be a top dog in conference. We talk about what Riley, Hall and Bonitto had to say and what it tells us about OU football heading into 2021. Some big commitments loom for the Sooners this weekend. Are we going to be sending Eddie to California for nothing to cover Malachi Nelson's commitment? Also plenty of banter for the banter fans. Subscription car wash services anyone? The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back, Football! Big 12 Media Day is LIVE from Arlington 18:35 - Big takeaways from Big 12 Media Days 52:30 - Eddie's headed West this weekend; Name, Image & Likeness thoughts from B12 Media Days 1:23:00 - RECRUITING WEEKEND AHEAD 1:45:00 - Check-in on hoops; still active in the portal?

    PODCAST: Don't be like Mikey. Recruiting is rolling though.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2021 106:14

    The gang is back together as we have a really big news week to go over. The law caught up with Mikey Henderson and Lincoln Riley had to dismiss another player involved in the Crimson Park robbery. What have we learned from the first few days of name, image, likeness? A lot. When's the next big OU deal? And the commitments have been pouring in this week and we even breakdown OU's newest commitment Jake Taylor, OL from Bishop Gorman High School. We preview some upcoming decisions in the recruiting game and it doesn't appear OU is slowing down anytime soon. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back. Mikey Henderson is no longer part of the football program. Great start. 24:00 - Name, Image & Likeness is here 49:00 - Sooners have added FIVE commitments in last week 1:24:00 - Looking into the future ... Treyuan Webb, Malachi Nelson, etc.

    U40: In case of emergency break the Josh glass

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2021 89:30

    It's a timely podcast as we grill Josh McCuistion on the state of wide receiver recruiting at Oklahoma as well as the relationships between OU and the best players in the state of Oklahoma. What could be done about the decommitment of Talyn Shettron? Did OU do anything wrong? Is there a problem with the receiver room, evaluations or recruiting? Josh dives into it all extensively. There are a lot of commitment announcements of interest coming up. We dive into all those as well. OU has finished up summer camps, we talk about the highlights of OU's Elite II camp from Sunday. And some more NIL talk as name, image, likeness is taking over college sports this week. Where does it all stand? Who will it help the most? The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back. Talyn Shettron has decommitted and headed to Payne County with his brother, Tabry. Is there concern at WR in Norman? 22:00 - The month of July is going to be commits galore after the craziness of June visits -- Cole Hutson, Jacob Sexton, Cam Williams, Treyuan Webb, Austin Jordan close? 36:00 - Should Oklahoma re-evaluate how they recruit #OkPreps? 53:44 - Camp season in Norman is over 1:06:00 - Name, Image & Likeness goes into effect July 1. HERE. WE. GO.

    U40: ChampUBBQ rewind and some banter

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2021 93:28

    ChampUBBQ was this weekend and although there weren't double digit commitments, it does appear this was the best, most well-run event since Lincoln Riley arrived. We breakdown what happened and how recruits felt coming out of the event. We have some banter and Carey was up late drinking so he doesn't really know what we talked about which makes writing this pod description really difficult. Oh crap, how bad was this podcast? Delete, delete, delete, delete. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello welcome. Carey is on vacation. You might have heard. 14:00 - You can start listening now. BBQ WRAP UP. 25:36 - DeMarco Murray starting to flex 39:00 - Bob P joins the Pod; OU Camp 42:00 - Back to BBQ Wrap Up -- OU leader for Rivals100 DE Kenyatta Jackson? #SpeedD starting to make MOVES. 54:00 - Any surprises from the weekend? 1:00:35 - 2023 No.1 QB Malachi Nelson ... soon? 1:10:00 - What about Rivals100 RB Raleek Brown's maiden voyage to Norman? 1:22:00 - The world of CFB is a changin' ... Name, Image, Likeness tease

    U40: Everything you need to know about ChampUBBQ!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 82:03

    The biggest official recruiting weekend in two years is here. And so is the entire Scoop crew to breakdown what is happening with the ChampUBBQ this weekend. Our Josh McCuistion tells you the names to know and what will make this weekend a successful one. We also breakdown the recent decommitment of Jordan Hudson and talk about OU's first elite summer camp that featured a stud tight end from Sweden and a potential QB of the future. We also breakdown some of the newest offers as well as the ebbs and flows on the recruiting trail. Stick around for the introduction of Bob Przybylo's voice twin that Carey found watching guitar videos on YouTube. It's an information packed edition of the Unofficial 40. The full rundown is below: 00:00 - Sooner BBQ Weekend is HERE 14:00 - Most interesting visitors this weekend 17:00 - Breaking point for R250 OL Jacob Sexton? 22:00 - What constitutes a successful weekend? 26:00 - What happened with Jordan Hudson? 33:00 - Who can OU make up ground on this weekend? 45:00 - *Feature* Bob P voice brother 50:00 - OU Football Camp Review 1:01:00 - Hoops tidbits 1:08:00 - Gabe Dindy unofficial visit to Norman 1:13:00 - 2023 No.1 DT Leebeus Overton 1:18:00 - Isaiah Thomas situation

    U40: OU starts loading up on camps and visitors

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2021 70:29

    The entire staff is back together once again as summer camps are getting underway in Norman. Josh McCuistion is back from Wyoming to talk about the upcoming schedule and what to be watching for from OU in the weeks to come. We also talk about the start of official visits and the extra work OU coaches will undergo to keep commitments committed. And are the Sooners going to land their man at QB once again in 2022? Tons of recruiting updates in this edition of the Unofficial 40. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - OU softball playing for a NATTY 9:20 - Camp season has begun 28:00 - Plans for Camp SZN the next few weeks 35:42 - New names to know for Sooners 58:00 - Wrapping up for the week; Team Camps

    U40: The state of Nebraska football with Sean Callahan

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 86:12

    With Josh and Bob both on vacation this week we enlist the help of HuskerOnline.com's Sean Callahan to take a deep dive in the state of the Nebraska football program. With the 50th anniversary of the Game of the Century coming up and a non-conference date with the Huskers happening this season, Callahan talked with us about what has happened with Nebraska football since going to the Big Ten. How have they been affected on the recruiting trail? How do they get back? We also talked about what the matchup could be like this season among many other topics. We also broke down OU's golf team and their strong performance over the last two days and we talk a little about Eddie's trips to team camps this week and the latest with Luther Burden's visit to Missouri this weekend. The full rundown is below: 00:00 - 55:00 - Sean Callahan, HuskerIllustrated.com 1:02 - OU golf ends season (Eddie nerds out) 1:10 - RB Portal stuff

    U40: The Oklahoma recruiting tour has started

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2021 89:24

    The offseason means Josh is in town and comes in studio for the podcast. He's touring the state checking out all the prospects on the prep scene across Oklahoma. He gives his impressions from day one and we talk about the state of recruiting for Oklahoma as the dead period is set to come to an end. How will recruiting change once players are allowed to visit campuses once again? And could the Sooners open up new doors with the end of the dead period and maybe even land some unexpected prospects? Also, will it be harder to keep commitments now that official visits are able to take place? We hit on a little bit of everything, included Carey's contention to finding great Tex-Mex is infinitely more interesting than finding great BBQ while in Texas. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Josh is in OK and in studio. 3:50 - Spring Tour is underway; Day 1/2 wrap-up 19:30 - OU staying undefeated in Oklahoma 36:18 - Carey went to Mi Cocina 43:50 - HOOPS talk 46:55 - Team Talk 1:15:00 - Miscellaneous football stuff

    U40: The road trips have started in recruiting and bears are loose

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2021 90:14

    It's an OG edition of the Unofficial 40 as Carey, Josh and Eddie were all together as Bob had a day off. We had a lot of lighter moments today including plenty of talk of our weird recruiting stories and run-ins of the past. We talked about some past whiffs in our predictions of in-state prospects as Mel Kiper's latest mock draft sparked some discussion about who will really be looked at hard by NFL teams next year. We touched on Eddie's trip to Deer Creek to check out Jacob Sexton and Josh's trip to see Kip Lewis and his talk with Lewis' successful head coach who has ties to Norman. We also have advice for OU on the next wave of legal cheating in recruiting. We think OU's football staff needs to hear us out. Josh seems to be bordering on becoming the podcast's overcusser as well. And watch out for Bears. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello. Hello. Bears have overtaken Normantown 13:25 - Show starts NOW 17:00 - Sooners in Mel Kiper's 2022 Mock Draft 39:00 - Josh went to see Sooners commit Kip Lewis 51:00 - Eddie went to see OU target Jacob Sexton 1:15:00 - SoonerScoop Road Trip starts next week ----> 1:16:00 - Friends is coming back! 1:18:00 - Back to Road Trip

    U40: How weird are the dynamics of an OU QB room?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 87:39

    The crew is back together as the offseason has officially arrived. We're all over the map talking about the QB room at OU and Spencer Rattler taking the next step. Porter Moser has finalized his hoops staff and the ChampUBBQ might be the biggest recruiting event in the history of OU football. Plenty of recruiting talk in this episode. This podcast is not brought to you by Big SUV. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello. Welcome back. Carey won the Hail Storm War. 12:10 - You can start listening NOW 12:37 - Okay we're sorry. HOOPS is IN. 19:20 - Lincoln Riley wraps up spring 39:00 - Expectations are high headed into 2021; Spencer Rattler big boy football 53:00 - Anyone stick out from Spring JUCO season? 1:02:00 - Figuring out QBs is HARD 1:09:00 - ChampUBBQ anticipation continues to BUILD 1:14:00 - Philosophy change in recruiting at safety 1:21:00 - Good summer for camps across the country

    U40: Recruiting season is here! Spencer Rattler the No. 1 pick in 2022?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2021 91:29

    ChampUBBQ's visitor list is starting to fill up with an impressive visitor list. Josh updates us with the latest in recruiting as OU is off to a fast start in 2022. We also recap the NFL Draft and talk about the hype surrounding Spencer Rattler as the potential No. 1 pick in next year's NFL Draft. We also breakdown potential draft picks on the current Sooners' roster. Porter Moser has also finalized his staff and we get a hoops update from Bob. Also, Carey may be wanted by the FBI.

    U40: Reviewing the spring game, official visits are coming

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2021 108:42

    The entire gang is back to discuss our takeaways from the annual Red & White Game. Caleb Williams, Spencer Rattler, Mario Williams, Eric Gray, the offensive line, the secondary, the LBs, the standouts, we break it all down in this super sized Unofficial 40. We also hit on recruits at the game and what it means now that official visits are getting ready to start. ChampUBBQ will have some elite attendees. Josh updates us on the latest from the recruiting trail while Bob is here to update on everything that has happened with Porter Moser and the men's basketball program. It's a massive edition of the Unofficial 40! The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back. Oklahoma wins spring game. 47:27 - NFL Draft 1:17:00 - Recruiting/Spring Game/OU about to go on a run? 1:35:00 - Hoops/Porter Moser

    U40: OU football in turmoil as spring game approaches, spring game preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2021 89:22

    The Red & White Game takes place this weekend and the gang is here to break it all down from what to watch, how recruiting will be impacted and the turmoil around the program after two players emerged as suspects in an alleged robbery in an apartment complex in Norman. We talk about the latest from the police blotter as well as an update on where the investigation stands. We also breakdown what we're looking forward to seeing Saturday, the buzz around practices and what we've heard during interviews this week with OU players and coaches. Porter Moser has OU basketball in a completely different situation this week compared to last week as some big name transfers have made their way to Norman from the transfer portal. Also plenty of updates on recruiting from Mr. McCuistion. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello and Welcome back; Police scanners and more 26:50 - What does Josh want to see at Spring Game? 33:00 - Is center a problem for OU? Andrew Raym repping with 1s 46:00 - Ready to see Caleb Williams 1:02:00 - Recruiting list for Spring Game 1:22:00 - Hoops

    U40: The recruiting travels of Josh and how tall is Lincoln Riley?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2021 101:55

    One of our most jam-packed recruiting podcasts in a long time. Josh McCuistion details his travel to California to see OU's top prospect at quarterback and OU commit Raleek Brown. We also break down everything we saw at Sunday's Rivals Camp Series Dallas and talk about the standouts. There's plenty of spring football talk with more buzz than ever about Latrell McCutchin and the depth at cornerback. Who has been banged up? Who else is looking good? Are the receivers answering the Lincoln Riley challenge in the preseason? Bob updates on on all the latest moves with Porter Moser taking over the basketball program and we dive head first into fighting about road eats. Lots to unpack for everybody on an extra girthy edition of the Unofficial 40.

    U40: So much to talk about with the defense, Moser holds intro presser

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2021 84:27

    It's about to get real crazy on the camp circuit and the watch circuit as Josh McCuistion is hitting the road and the air to trip out to California for some quality scouting trips and the Rivals Camp Dallas comes up this weekend as well. We talk about all the latest in recruiting as well as what's happening with the OU football team during spring camp. There's so much to talk about with the development of the defense. Is this one of the best linebacking corps in over a decade in Norman? We talk about the move of Marcus Stripling and maybe where to temper some enthusiasm with certain talent. We also hit some offense and we have to talk about the new hire of Porter Moser as the men's basketball coach. His introductory press conference was full of energy. Our Bob Przybylo was allowed at the socially distanced presser and has the latest from men's hoops. Plus Josh's technical issues continue. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello and welcome. Porter Moser has been hired. Josh is headed out on the road. 8:10 - Rivals Camp Dallas on Sunday 14:00 - Spring Football - Defense 36:54 - Spring Football - Offense 46:31 - Recruiting: Kelvin Gilliam/Damond Harmon trip 1:04:00 - Porter Moser Intro Press Conference

    U40: The post Lon Kruger era and football, football, football

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2021 74:29

    It's one of the busiest weeks in a long time around the Scoop offices/spare bedroom offices, as OU is looking for a new coach to replace Lon Kruger, players are declaring for the NBA and hitting the transfer portal. It's total carnage! The gang breaks it all down and we're also fully immersed in spring football after talking to coaches and players on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. We talk about the latest from spring practices, what we're hearing about standouts, etc. Josh is ready to hit the road for some huge recruiting visits as camps are coming back into our lives and some high schools are finally holding their seasons in the spring.. We get the latest in recruiting from Josh as well. Lots to get to on this week's Unofficial 40 podcast. Eddie's very thorough rundown is below: 00:00 - Hello and welcome back 4:15 - Lon Kruger era is officially over; what's the latest? 23:00 - Spring football in full swing 45:22 - Recruiting updates

    U40: Lincoln Riley blocks Chandler Morris, spring football and hoops is over

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2021 67:35

    Spring practice is in full swing and so is our chances to speak with Lincoln Riley and OU players about how things are shaping up after the first couple of practices. We talked with Riley Wednesday and give a full wrap-up of his comments, along with his explanation why he's blocking Chandler Morris' transfer to TCU. We wrap up the OU basketball season after their loss to No. 1 Gonzaga in the NCAA tournament and keep our eyes on the future with potential departures of several key Sooners. Josh joins in on recruiting talk as well as all our thoughts on the development of the roster during spring football. This is a team that appears to be getting, bigger, faster and stronger all across the board, but especially on defense. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back 6:00 - OU hoops season is over 21:22 - Lincoln Riley Zoom + Responds to TCU 43:33 - OU signees in action this spring 55:00 - OU defensively looking different in spring

    U40: Harmon lost for NCAA opener, Riley holds first spring presser

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2021 70:42

    It's spring football time in Oklahoma and that means we've got lots of OU sports going on. Sherri Coale resigns after 25 years as the women's coach, Lincoln Riley talked to us about COVID protocols as well as position battles coming up this spring. He was awfully tough on his receivers and receiving coaches today. We also talk about the loss of De'Vion Harman due to a positive test for COVID as OU gets ready to take on Missouri in the NCAA Tournament. We also breakdown last weekend's Under Armour event in the Dallas area with Josh and Eddie. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello and welcome 7:00 - Spring football roster released 15:00 - Takeaways from Lincoln Riley Zoom 32:50 - NCAA Tournament; De'Vion Harmon OUT 48:00 - Sooners Recruiting; Visits being set up? 57:00 - Under Armour Dallas wrap up

    U40: Pro Day, hoops and recruiting camps. Almost feels normal

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2021 73:59

    It's that time of the year where sports are in full swing. OU gets set to hold their Pro Day, OU hoops is getting ready for March Madness, and football camps are starting to happen. We talk about it all with the entire gang, Carey, Josh, Eddie and Bob. I think Pearl joins in at some point as well. NFL Draft buzz, expectations for tomorrow, the latest with recruiting, and looking forward to things getting back to normal. It's another edition of the Unofficial 40. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello and welcome 9:00 - Under Armour Camp coming up Sunday; Rivals Camp coming this spring/summer 18:30 - HOOPS talk -- Big 12 Tournament 33:00 - Pro Day in Norman (Friday, March 11) 56:00 - Sooners Recruiting

    U40: The latest on OU commitments, any worry about hoops?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2021 78:43

    The full gang is back together and we make up for the lack of recruiting talk last week with the return of Josh McCuistion. Josh was with Demetrius Hunter before he publicly committed to get the lowdown. He talks about the decision and what it means moving forward. He also catches us up on the commitment of Jason Llewellyn and what that means to the start of the Joe Jon Finley era at Oklahoma. The tight end position inside the state borders gets some much needed love as well. The OU basketball team has dropped three in a row. We talk with hoops beat writer Bob Przybylo about what he's seeing from this team over the last week and whether or not there is any cause for concern. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back. Josh has returned. Hoops. 18:30 - Football workouts in full swing; Pro Day March 12 31:20 - Demetrius Hunter commits to OU; Recruiting 44:00 - Kendal Daniels to Oklahoma State; what happened? 49:00 - Commitment of Jason Llewellyn 54:00 - Latest offers sent out, lists being cut

    U40: Football, football and some hoops with guest Jason Kersey

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2021 89:31

    Josh has the week off so we invited our old friend Jason Kersey on the podcast to fill in as we really break into some OU football talk this week. First Bob and Eddie bore Jason with their excellent hoops breakdown after the shocking loss in Manhattan, Kan. But then we get into the good stuff with the bizarre bathroom fight at Logies. We also look forward to spring football and talk about what we're looking forward to seeing most. Could this be Spencer Rattler's year in college? What do we think next season is going to look like? Will it be totally back to normal? We also talk NFL Draft and we get Jason's take on Bookie's career at Oklahoma. Also, Jason and Carey talk about their history of being loved and hated by the Pride of Oklahoma. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello and welcome back; OU football went viral this week 13:00 - Hoops/Big 12 25:00 - Any movement on Sooners in NFL Draft? 37:14 - Spring football is upon us 1:28:00 - End

    U40: Is the eyeball emoji as we know it dead? Let OU play hoops!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2021 89:30

    The gang is surviving the snowstorm and we've all made it to this week's pod after freezing temps and power outages. It's a great time to talk about OU hoops if the Sooners could just find someone to play. We go heavy on recruiting in this edition as Josh has released his new Sooner State rankings. And Lincoln is just using the eyeball emoji for all kinds of crap now. Is nothing sacred? And the dead period has been extended even further. What the hell NCAA? The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Scoop crew on surviving the winter storm 15:00 - Hoops in a lull with postponements 23:00 - Jumping into the recruiting world; are the EYEBALLS dead? 34:00 - Recruiting dead period inexplicably extended to May 31 51:08 - Anything stick out from new offers 1:00:03 - 2022 Sooner State Rankings breakdown 1:14:00 - NFL Draft; Ronnie Perkins moving into RD 1?

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