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Podcasts from the staff at SoonerScoop.com covering University of Oklahoma football and recruiting


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    Latest episodes from Oklahoma Sooners Unofficial 40

    U40: What we learned from UTEP and road trips all over

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2022 88:59

    We go in depth with what we all saw during OU's season opening 45-13 win over UTEP with the entire gang. Brent Venables has had a lot of media access this week and we breakdown everything we've learned the last couple of days. The offense, the defense, the leadership development, we break it all down. And what did we learn about Brent Venables as a head coach after game one? It's also a big week for getting out on the road as Josh is heading all over the country this week to see some of OU's top prospects. Eddie is getting out to see Jackson Arnold as well. And Josh gives us all the latest on the recruiting trail. The season is here and we are glad to be back! The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back. Kent State is coming to town. 9:00 - Offensive line play. No panic buttons being pushed. 18:00 - Anybody stick out during MMI re-watch? 26:00 - Get through Kent State ... Tough 4-game stretch! 38:00 - The world of CFB 59:00 - Recruiting -- Josh is headed to Seattle/Kansas City 1:20:00 - Big 12 Playoff Expansion

    U40: It's game week! Depth chart, what we'll see and recruiting trips

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2022 96:20

    Just four dudes sitting around talking about the start of the college football season... IT'S GAME WEEK IN OKLAHOMA! Sorry OU, not trying to get another cease and desist. We talk about the roster, how we could see things playing out at several positions, and the release of the first depth chart of the season. Most of the guys have been out at practices talking to players this week and we give our impressions of what we saw and heard. Josh has been on a massive recruiting tear across the state of Texas and he updates us on all his road trips, including the crazy story behind the commitment of Anthony Evans. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back. It's time to football. 19:00 - Depth chart surprises? 52:00 - RECRUITING 1:23:00 - OU & Texas early exit??

    U40: Emergency pod! Two huge commitments for Brent Venables

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2022 27:34

    Josh was out and about scouting a football game on Friday night, but he joined Carey and Eddie in studio to breakdown a huge Friday of wins for Brent Venables on the recruiting trail. Get the latest on the decisions from Makari Vickers and Anthony Evans right here.

    U40: One week away from football and the excitement builds

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2022 94:16

    The season is on the way and everyone wants to know what this team is going to look like in 2022. Will this defense finally look like a great defense? Will Jeff Lebby step into the spotlight as one of the premier offensive coordinators in the country? Will any freshmen jump out and become stars? Will the offensive line be more physical this season? We're just as anxious as you guys are to find out the answers to a lot of those questions. We need some football! Josh is here to talk about the latest in recruiting as high school football in Texas gets going this weekend. We also tell you the good and the bad happening on the recruiting trail. Football is almost here, but we're trying to get you through the last of the talking season. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Football is NEAR 10:00 - Is Stewart Mandel well? 33:00 - High school football starts TONIGHT 43:00 - Okay here's the bad news from the recruiting front 52:00 - But there is good news 1:04:00 - Sooner State Rankings 1:24:00 - The great troll post of 2022

    U40: The latest from preseason camp and OU screws up tailgating again

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2022 102:59

    It was a very disruptive pod as news of premium tailgating broke out during the pod right in the middle of us starting our own Make Lindsey Street Great Again movement.We got off to a rough/weird start, but eventually we got to the latest from preseason camp. Justin Harrington is all the rage, we breakdown the offensive line and Brent had some curious comments about the linebacker position. By all accounts the secondary is one of the best looking units on either side of the ball. Josh explains why he failed to turn in evaluations in the latest rankings. And what he was going to turn in. Josh does breakdown everything you want to know about recruiting as the season approaches and we can't help ourselves. It's back to Lindsey Street madness as we continue to try and make sense of the decisions being made by the university. 00:00 - Hello we're back 24:50 - Thoughts from Camp 36:00 - Cautious optimism on defense 57:00 - Captains for Team 128? 1:01:00 - Recruiting

    U40: Venables clears the air and moves on as OU hits the Rugby Fields

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 85:37

    No more emergency podcasts. It's time for the real show as the gang is all together to breakdown fall camp and Brent Venables' first meeting with the media since Cale Gundy's resignation. And we actually get to move on to football as the Sooners are hitting full stride moving to the Rugby Fields to finish off fall camp. We talk about how hard Venables is pushing the team during this crucial time and give some of our impressions of what we saw out at practice yesterday. Jalen Redmond was out with a concussion and we talk about other players working their way back to 100% health on the roster. We also talk about the fallout in recruiting due to the Gundy situation and so far, the Sooners are holding on to their WR recruits. A big announcement about the future of the pod is included as well. Also, we legally protect ourselves against Eddie once again. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello, we're back! Brent Venables is taking his team to the Junction Boys 16:30 - We like going to practice 39:55 - Jaquaize Pettaway reconfirms commitment to Oklahoma 52:00 - 2023 Jacobe Johnson announcement coming Saturday 1:02:55 - Football is here and that makes us happy

    U40: Emergency pod covering the Cale Gundy resignation

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 35:56

    Cale Gundy has resigned as wide receivers coach at the University of Oklahoma. The gang got together for an emergency podcast to talk about what happened, why it happened and what happens next. Josh also updates on all the recruits affected by Gundy's departure.

    U40: Breaking down media day and start of preseason camp

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 96:15

    Just off of OU's local media days we sit down with the entire crew and breakdown everything that's happened this week and what we learned from yesterday's media day. Eddie and Bob talk about what stood out to them covering media day and we go through the roster, key positions, key development, the offseason in general and look ahead to the season and how important the start of the season will be. Josh is here to give us a recruiting update since the Monday emergency pod and we continue to look at the makeup of this roster as fall camp is getting set to start. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - We're back and it's foooootball time in Oklahoma 15:00 - Realistic defensive line expectations 35:00 - Carey on NIL Collectives 44:00 - Physicallity is a mentality. Thank you, Schmitty. 49:00 - OU RB situation; getting back to north-south 1:08:00 - RECRUITING 1:25:00 - Timeline for LOCKS

    Emergency recruiting pod after a massive July

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 31:20

    Josh and Eddie get together to breakdown the huge recruiting weekend and what a monster month it has been in July. It's hard to surprise Josh but he was legitimately surprised by recent events. The Unofficial 40 will still happen Wednesday but we wanted to get an emergency recruiting pod out to you.

    U40: We're getting hyped up for football. Recruits under the lights

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2022 85:34

    The first pod back at full strength in a long time. We're in studio and Josh is back on his remote broadcasting system. That's right, no more equipment problems. We talk about OU's big recruiting day/night under the lights as well as the recruiting rankings and potential upcoming commitments. Josh's wife might have saved a woman's life on vacation this week. Carey also has an idea for a new recruiting feature. And we start tearing into this season a little bit because we just can't help ourselves. How important is that Nebraska game for the start of the Venables era? All of that and more and a brand new and great sounding Unofficial 40. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello and welcome back! 15:00 - Aunt Tiff saves a life on the McCuistion Family Vacation 26:00 - Recruiting wrap/month of July winding down 37:00 - The Re-Ranking Conversation 49:00 - CFB madness before the start of the season 1:09:00 - We're ready to get this thing started

    U40: The Brent Venables doubters and Josh is drunk and on vacation

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2022 94:26

    Josh is on vacation at waterpark hell but he still calls in to give us the latest on recruiting. The rest of the team is here to talk about realignment and trying to figure out why we care what happens to the Big 12. We also talk about the doubters with Brent Venables and why that seems to be the case. We also hit on the MLB baseball draft and what that is going to do to Skip Johnson's baseball roster. We also get to know our newest employee, Ryan King, and what exactly he does around here. The full rundown follows below 00:00 - Welcome back. We are a merch store now. But thank you. Getting to know Ryan more. 9:00 - Big 12/NBC 13:00 - Big 12 Media Day Wrap Up 23:00 - Why does national media think OU is doomed? 40:00 - Josh M joins the program 1:08:00 - HOOPS update/OU baseball

    U40: Big 12 Media Days are upon us and recapping a recruiting haul

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2022 87:21

    We are all back together as most of us are heading to Arlington for Big 12 Media Days where Brent Venables and Dillon Gabriel will take center stage. We go over what we are most looking forward to hearing from coaches and players in Arlington. Brent Venables won't be able to talk about it, but he just had a massive recruiting haul and appears to be headed for more very soon. Josh breaks down the latest in recruiting and what to expect going forward. We also introduce you to the newest member of our SoonerScoop team and let you know if you guys handled those Longhorns in our shrimp battle. The full rundown is below: 00:00 - Hello and welcome back! 15:00 - Oklahoma football. What is this thing? 22:00 - Meet our new hire at SoonerScoop.com 36:00 - MEGA-RECRUITING 55:05 - Cayden Green was a big win; OU in KC,MO 1:05:00 - Daylan Smothers Announcement on Thursday 1:20:00 - MLB Draft Talk; Cade Horton going UP

    U40: A lot to go over. OU, SEC, Big 12, USC, UCLA and recruiting

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 119:56

    It's been way too long coming. But it's finally here. We've got a podcast back after two weeks and a failed attempt. But it's better and bigger than it would have been yesterday if not for Carey's massive flub. We hit on Baker Mayfield's freedom, the seismic shift of USC and UCLA heading to the Big Ten and whether that could help OU get out of the Big 12 sooner. The All Big 12 team was released with very few Sooner names which takes us down a multiverse where how things could have been if Lincoln Riley stayed in Norman. Josh is here to talk us through the Jackson Arnold ranking situation. Is he a 5-star? Why is this so confusing? Also a full breakdown of recruiting and Bob's got hoops on lockdown as usual. We're glad to be back. Sorry we've been gone for so long. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - We're back and Baker has been freed! 9:01 - USC/UCLA headed to Big Ten 15:00 - Realignment plays a role in helping OU/Texas out of GoR early? 25:00 - Big 12 Media Days ahead 39:00 - Still wild OU ended up with Jeff Lebby/Dillon Gabriel/Who will be on POSTSEASON All-Big 12 team? 53:00 - RECRUITING HEATING UP 1:04:00 - Josh M's Jackson Arnold 5-star rant 1:41:00 - HOOPS update

    U40: Is Eddie covering a national championship? Josh on recruiting, NIL

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 95:21

    It's another split personality podcast as Carey and Eddie met up after OU defeated Texas A&M 5-1 to advance to the national championship series at the Men's College World Series. We breakdown the day from OU pitcher David Sandlin and hand out praise to offensive hero Jimmy Crooks. We also talk about what lies ahead and we recorded in the middle of the Arkansas/Ole Miss game 1. We preview the pitching lineup for the Sooners the rest of the way as well. Josh then joins Carey later on for some advice to prospective interns and how to not kill a job opportunity before it starts. We also talk to Josh about recruits and NIL. How much more is it coming up in conversations? Finally Josh breaks down a new offer and the latest going on with recruiting, including some possible good news on the horizon.

    U40: Eddie is in Omaha and Josh breaks down summer camps

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 88:51

    It's an all over the map edition of the Unofficial 40. That's because Eddie is in Omaha covering the Sooners in the Men's College World Series. We start off with Edward just after he arrived in Omaha Wednesday night and get you prepared for the opener against Texas A&M. We talk about the pitchers, the lineup, and get you primed with everything you need to know about this week and the MCWS. Josh joins us next to breakdown everything that happened at OU football camps, who shined, the new offers and new commitments as well. From Omaha to Norman to Houston, we're all over the country this week.

    U40: The Unofficial 40 is taken over by softball and baseball talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 80:06

    It's time for softball and baseball to take center stage as the women are playing for a national title against Texas and the men are in Virginia getting ready to take on Virginia Tech in a Super Regional. We break down all the goodness going on within the athletic department and even think Jocelyn Alo can be put in a category of all-time Sooner greats in any sport. Eddie was just waiting to unleash his baseball knowledge on the pod and he gets after it. Josh is headed back to Oklahoma for some of Brent Venables' biggest camps as tons of top prospects are descending on Norman this week. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome, back! OU diamond sports are GOOD 24:00 - OU Softball are our Queens 38:00 - Recruiting; Week Two Sooners Camps 1:09:00 - 2023 WR Keyon Brown commits to Oklahoma

    U40: Recapping first two days of Brent Venables football camp

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 70:13

    Josh McCuistion was back in town for the first two football camps of the Brent Venables era. The Sooners were able to attract some big-time talent including Rivals #1 overall prospect. Josh and the guys break down what they saw, how the camp seemed to be run and the impression Venables and his staff made on the campers. We learn something new just about every day about the way Venables will conduct business as the head coach of the Sooners. It's also the first time all four of us have broadcasted together from the new offices. OU softball was taking care of business as we broke down the first week of camps but we also got into what's going on with assistants in the hoops program with Bob as well as what to look forward to from the baseball team from Eddie. And there's a huge recruiting weekend coming up for Venables and his program. All that and more on this week's edition of the Unofficial 40 podcast. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back. We're in studio! First week of Brent Venables camp has wrapped! 9:30 - David Stone continues to impress; running down who impressed over the last two days 23:00 - on OU being able to sell SEC on the road 26:00 - on Rivals No.1 Colin Simmons back in Norman 36:00 - Massive recruiting weekend ahead; 26 official visits

    U40: Josh joins Carey to talk Oklahoma tour and being biz partners

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 65:17

    It's been a long week already. Josh has been on the road all week checking out some of the best prospects in Oklahoma while battling the elements. SoonerScoop also suffered a technological tragedy covering a camp last night and Carey is just sitting in the office hemorrhaging money having the electrical redone for the studios. After a very long day, and technical issues that prevented Eddie and Bob from joining the pod, Josh and Carey sat down to talk about the Oklahoma tour this week and a costly accident. While sitting in their new conference room, the two also reminisce about the history of SoonerScoop and their history together. They might have been a little punchy after 11pm. This pod probably needed some whiskey. But first, we start off with Carey being presented with thousands of dollars in losses to end his night.

    U40: Venables' commitment policy already tested

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 95:48

    Heading into summer, we continue to focus on the recruiting trail as Ashton Cozart becomes Brent Venables' first committed player to take an official visit elsewhere. How is this going to play out? Do we expect Venables to stick to his guns that you can't be committed and visit other schools? How far does this go? The Sooners have a legit quarterback room after the addition of General Booty. What did the Sooners get in their JUCO QB? Josh gives the latest updates on the recruiting trail as he gets set for even more visits in the weeks ahead. We go a little behind the scenes about media and getting blowback for things said on the pod and Josh lays out one of the most embarrassing nights of his life. Have you ever been behind bars? Some of us have. We also get into the scholarship numbers as well as some hoops updates. When do players start reporting to campus? And who are the biggest recruits who weren't a part of spring? The full rundown follows below. 00:00 - Hello, welcome. 9:00 - First recruiting defection? 32:15 - Booty! Booty! Booty! 57:00 - Summer workouts about to start; Hoops update

    U40: The recruiting road trips have started

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 84:07

    It's Josh's time to shine as spring football is going on at high schools all over the region and Josh has been out on the road just about every day this week. We talk about how things are going for Oklahoma and why this time of year might not be the most exciting time for big recruiting wins. But that doesn't mean OU isn't making moves on the recruiting trail. A full breakdown of where OU stands in recruiting. The NCAA is saying they are going to crack down on collectives. And why can't Eddie's mom ever order the right hats from SoonerScoopStore.com?

    U40: NCAA trying to slow down NIL madness?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 121:35

    Josh is back from vacation so all non Dad Pod supporters will have to forgive his advice on trips to Disney to start the pod. Also, why does Carey keep taking shots at Josh on social media. Now it's extended to his late mother? We jump into the NIL fight that appears to have launched yesterday with NCAA administrators determined to put boosters in their place with all the high school and transfer portal NIL induced recruiting going on out there. We take a deep dive into NIL, where it is, and what we think the NCAA can do about it. We also talk about what's ahead in recruiting with spring practices and summer camps to come. And what has Brent Venables taught us about with his approach to taking over a massive college football program versus what we saw with Lincoln Riley? The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back! Oh you're going to hate this 10:00 - McCuistion Family Recap 24:00 - NIL what the hell is happening with CFB 47:00 - No scholarship limits? 59:00 - Camp SZN Ahead! Coaches out during eval 1:20:00 - OU only loses 3 football to Portal 1:30:00 - Are we giving TBOW a free pass for Jordan Addison?

    U40: Recapping spring football, looking forward to the draft

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 83:01

    Bob gets to speak up on his impressions of the spring game finale and he gets plenty of time as Josh is on vacation in the hell that is Orlando. We also take some time to give the fans their due for an amazing experience this weekend in Norman. Now that Eddie and I have reflected a bit since the postgame pod, it really was incredible. We talk about moving forward into the offseason, the transfer portal and look ahead to what we're seeing and hearing about OU players in the NFL draft. Marquis Hayes is definitely someone we've slept on in this year's draft. We also talk about the upcoming caravan tours and what's happening with men's hoops as usual. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back! 35:00 - OU fans made an incredible statement 44:00 - NFL Draft Preview 55:00 - Transfer Portal Madness

    U40: Baker's return is something we all need right now

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 116:43

    It's a special weekend coming up and we can't wait to welcome back Baker Mayfield to Owen Field. And it's not the best time in his professional life, so as Jesse says in the movie Elizabethtown, "You will be met with a hurricane of love." We talk all things Baker and strangely enough, Lincoln Riley released some weird story on The Player's Tribune in the middle of our podcast and we had all kinds of feelings about it. It was truly bizarre. We get into the nuts and bolts of the spring game and our expectations heading into this thing. Who we want to see the most, what we are looking for the most, that kind of stuff. We also talk about a huge recruiting weekend as Josh is about to go to Disneyland and he cannot handle money talk right now. Go get some hats at soonerscoopstore.com to make him feel better and let Carey buy more stuff for the office! Lots more football talk inside on a rather long pod this week. The full rundown is below and is actually more detailed than Lincoln Riley's Player's Tribune article: 00:00 - Welcome in! It's Game Week. Honoring Baker and hopefully Bhad Bhabie comes to Norman as well! 43:00 - Spring standouts/Game Preview 1:15(ish) - Recruiting

    U40: Spring football, Baker's podcast and gas station tuna .

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 98:20

    Eddie and Bob give a breakdown of what they learned this week during media access as we are just over a week away from the annual spring game. What is the expectation level for this defense? How much better can they be? Are we learning anything about the safety position yet? The players also always seem to have something interesting to say about the changes between last year and this year. This year some hints that the corners feel like Jay Valai is a step up in teaching over the previous staff. We also breakdown our thoughts on everyone else's thoughts on Baker Mayfield's podcast comments. Josh gives a rundown of what stood out to him at Rivals Camp Dallas which includes some interesting anecdotes on David Stone. Elijah Harkless entered the portal and Moser brings in a potential offensive difference maker. Potentially eligible. Some random updates on baseball, the office and Carey's obsession with a certain gas station food that always has a chance to go very wrong. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Carey has a disgusting admission 8:00 - Right to football football football 29:00 - What was really happeninig last year? 1:03:00 - Rivals Camp Wrap-Up 1:12:00 - Things are going great for OU/David Stone 1:22:00 - Hoops

    U40: Still stocking up on what we hear and see from spring football

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2022 101:05

    Another week of spring football media almost in the books and we continue to breakdown the things we're hearing during interviews and reflecting more on what we've seen on the practice fields this spring. We talk about some of the expectations from veterans with this new coaching staff as well as being happy there hasn't been a lot of talk about Dillon Gabriel in practices. What we're seeing has been much more important. How much will we see during the spring game with a new coaching staff? Will the new systems on offense and defense mean more meaningful playing time for key starters? Well, maybe, as long as they survive these physical practices we've been seeing. Also, how many people do we think are going to show up a ;little more than two weeks away from the spring game? We talk about our impressions from interviews this week including Wanya Morris and Mckade Mettauer on the offensive line. The coaches caravans are back to and they'll even be a stop in Carey's hometown of Duncan, America! Also Eddie blows Carey's mind with a factoid from the HBO series Winning Time. Who knew Eddie had cinema knowledge bumping around with all that golf knowledge? Josh takes us on the recruiting trail with the Rivals Camp coming up in Dallas this weekend and we continue to put together the visit list for the spring game. Also, what does Josh make out of what is happening at Texas A&M and their latest recruiting wins? The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - We're back and the Sooner Caravan is BACK! 38:00 - Okay we're going to talk OU football. We promise. 59:00 - Recapping our Monday with the Sooners defense 1:21:00 - Recruiting 1:32:00 - A&M a problem?

    U40: You can feel the buy-in two weeks into spring practice

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 81:45

    After two weeks, four media sessions and three practice viewings, we're getting a feel for how the players and coaches are reacting to one another on the OU practice fields. And we can sense the buy-in from the outside looking in. In this episode we talk about how visible the transfers into the program have been and how much help they can provide. We finally speak to Dillon Gabriel about his arrival in Norman as well as how this program now has a noticeably proud side of the ball on defense. You can even see how OU now has immediate credibility on the recruiting trail when it comes to defensive prospects. We talk about Cale Gundy's take on Jeff Lebby after spending a career watching great offensive minds come in and out of Norman. Plenty of recruiting talk with Josh after the Sooners had a host of prospects on campus last weekend. And Bob updates us on who is staying and who is going in Porter Moser's first offseason as the men's basketball coach. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello. Hi. We have spring football and it's great. 27:00 - Brent Venables loves coaching LBs 34:00 - Everything feels so different 53:00 - Positive feedback following BIG visit weekend 1:01:00 - Elite 11 recap; Jackson Arnold earns finals invite

    U40: We watched practice! Spring football observations

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 97:58

    We were able to see a bunch of practice yesterday in Norman and it was glorious. The entire gang is here to talk about our first impressions of Dillon Gabriel, Jeff Lebby, Brent Venables and more. We also got to talk to some of the defensive standouts after practice and we'll relay what stood out about some of those conversations as well. We try and dive into the differences we're seeing so far in this staff and the last staff. We also talk with Josh about the differences in recruiting philosophies between this staff and the former staff. Also, Grimlock gets his public shaming for his drunk texting and dialing at 2:30 am over the weekend. And we decide on ultimate punishment. Why is Josh concerned there will be no commitments from a big recruiting weekend coming up? And we allow Bob to put a wrap on the hoops season after he gets his computer issues worked out. Which made Carey almost lose it today. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Spring football is here! 50:33 - Offensive line talk 54:00 - Grimlock Drunk Calling Carey 1:05:00 - Big recruiting weekend/philosophy

    U40: Our Baker Mayfield thoughts, hoops, spring football and recruiting

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 85:26

    The gang is back! It's the second podcast this week and we had plenty to talk about considering the Cleveland Browns are burning to the ground. How dare you Browns! How dare you! We give out some advice to Baker without trying to get on his list. We also have Bob to talk us through OU's first round NIT win as well as what the future of OU basketball looks like. Then we head into some spring football and recruiting talk. What players will benefit most from the new coaching staff? And who might not? Josh gets us a little preview of the Scoop tomorrow and we hit up the latest in recruiting as well. Two shows in one week and we feel like the second might be better than the first. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Oklahoma is the best basketball team in the country* 22:00 - Baker Mayfield/Browns Drama 52:00 - Spring football starts next week! 1:10:00 - Sooners recruiting Pacific NW

    U40: Sooners out of NCAAs, Camp season and Isaiah's charity event

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2022 80:40

    The gang is back again after missing last week and we have a lot to catch up on. OU misses the NCAA Tournament in hoops and is headed to the NIT. Why? How? What!? We breakdown Isaiah Thomas' SoonerScoop NIL visit to the Tulsa Boys Home on Sunday and the Under Armour camp on Sunday in Dallas with Josh and Eddie. We talk about the latest in recruiting and what Josh and Eddie learned about where OU stands with several key recruits heading into the spring. Brent Venables keeping the ChampUBBQ? We like it! We also talk coaching salaries as Bob was at the Boards of Regents meeting and we had a Pro Day since we last had a podcast. The former players are certainly impressed with Brent Venables. Congrats to Jocelyn Alo for setting the NCAA Softball homerun record while we were gone too. So much to go over in this edition of the Unofficial 40 podcast. No rundown needed. That's your rundown. Enjoy all the construction sounds in the background later in the pod. We were podcasting from the new offices for the first time today.

    U40: Jason Kersey joins the pod as an OU beat writer for the last time

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2022 108:41

    One of our favorite recurring guests on the podcast and a good friend to all of us, Jason Kersey, joins the U40 to talk about leaving journalism and starting a new journey. Jason has been a close friend to all of us at SoonerScoop over the years from his time at the Oklahoman and the Athletic and a point or two in-between. We talk about his next chapter and reminisce about his years on the OU beat. We try and get Kersey to dish out some dirt on his true feelings about covering OU football, Lincoln Riley and other beat writers. It's also a massive junior day coming up this weekend and Josh is here to give us the full rundown. We also talk some combine and spring practices are underway as we are set for a full slate of assistant coaching interviews later today. Also combine and pro days are right on top of us. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back Jason Kersey to the program 1:00:00 - Big hoops win; season winding down 1:11:00 - Sooners hosting massive Junior Day 1:30:00 - NFL Combine this week

    U40: OU program rallying around players, playoffs, spring and SEC talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2022 104:42

    The crew is back together as Josh returns from vacation and we have a smorgasbord of OU news running the gamut of the culture being set by the new staff, recruiting, crazy politicians, new basketball arena talk, OU spring football expectations and even some hoops stuff including replacing the LNC. We are all over the map and sometimes that's not a bad thing. So we'll just call this the A.D.D. edition of the offseason Unofficial 40 podcast. The full rundown follows below: OPEN - Political candidate makes life awesome in Oklahoma and Josh updates from his week off. 0:25.00 - It's all about supporting the current players and is the new Schmitty upsetting former players? 0:35.00 - Can we learn what we need to know in spring football? The physical side of this team? 0:44.00 - Is it time to have intrasquad scrimmages in college football? 0.56:45 - Dead period still ongoing but a huge recruiting weekend starting to develop 1.06.00 - OU to the SEC and the timeline that makes sense right now 1:19.00 - The non-expanded playoff actually makes it fine for OU to stay in the Big 12 for now 1:26.00 - Kids and the Unofficial 40 podcast 1:28.00 - What type of restrictions do we have to place on Eddie for the new office? 1:33.00 - Wrapping up with some softball, baseball, hoops talk. Hoops. Dammit! 1:38.30 - New hoops arena location wishlist

    U40: Hoops gets loose on the pod as we wait for Pro Day and spring football

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2022 69:05

    Welp, Josh opened the door for the U40 basketball pod and we start the pod with wall-to-wall hoops talk as the Sooners are fighting to stay in the NCAA Tournament field with five games remaining in the regular season. Tanner Groves? Who are you? We're seeing some life where we haven't seen it, but the expected standouts aren't always giving Porter Moser what he needs. We transition into some football talk as it seems the national media isn't buying in to the Brent Venables era at OU. We try and figure out why that is. We're still awaiting official word on Pro Day and spring football, but there is not doubt NFL teams are interested in players coming out of Norman. Can Perrion Winfrey continue to climb up draft boards? And we hit a little bit of recruiting news even without Josh. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Fixing OU basketball 30:00 - National reporters taking aim at OU football 54:00 - NFL Sooners making waves 1:02:00 - Recruiting notes

    U40: At some point we move on to the Brent Venables era

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 94:21

    We don't want to do it. We try not to care. We try to move on. But we keep getting drawn back in to TBOW and the latest with Caleb Williams as he shows up on Good Morning America today. Like any of us watch it anyway!!! Good lord we're ready for spring football to get here. We're ready for position battles to matter again. We're ready to find out what players get moved to what positions in the secondary. We're ready to see the fruits of Jerry Schmidt's labor. We are ready to get behind Brent Venables and watch OU compete for a national championship again. But we keep falling for the audio click bait of Colin Cowturd and the spin from TBOW. Oh well, if somebody's gonna sit around bitching about stuff, hopefully we make you laugh with us. OU hoops continues to ride the struggle bus and we do look ahead to spring football and preview our positions of concern and interest heading in. The entire crew is here for another edition of the Unofficial 40 podcast. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Hello and welcome back! Are Oklahoma fans still be cucked? 28:00 - Dillon Gabriel speaks! 35:00 - Biggest questions heading into spring 1:00:31 - Post-Signing Day ... moving on to 2023 1:23:00 - Hoops

    U40: Signing Day wrap-up and angry weirdo coaches everywhere

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2022 119:11

    It's the post National Signing Day of the Unofficial 40 podcast where Josh helps us break it all down and we take a look back at everything that's happened since Brent Venables took over in Norman to help the Sooners secure a No. 10 recruiting class for 2022. The Sooners pulled in 4 signees on signing day which is something that has rarely happened at OU over the years. As Caleb Williams finally lands at USC and Jaxson Dart also lands elsewhere we take a look at the start ol the Dillon Gabriel era. We had a chance to talk with Jeff Lebby and Ted Roof Wednesday. What did we take from those meetings? Where could OU look in the portal? How many scumbags are in college coaching? What does Jimbo Fisher have against sliced bread? Are Josh and Billy Liucci getting an apartment together? Lawyer update and Eddie is blocked by Lincoln Riley. We were a bunch of chatty Kathy's this week. It was one of our longest shows ever. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello and welcome. Putting a wrap on #ChampU22. Sooners not done in 2022? 24:00 - Lincoln Riley. Scumbag. 46:00 - Will OU bring in another QB? OU offense looking to the portal? 59:00 - Jim Harbaugh is tone deaf 1:16:00 - Junior Day recap ... So ... 1:40:00 - OU closes out with a Top 10 class; Amazing

    U40: OU's recruiting weekend was about as good as it gets

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 100:35

    Today's show was... something. Carey gets dunked on by Sooner legends on social media. Eddie is now director of content and the Sooners pull in Gentry Williams and are building some massive momentum on the recruiting trail after a big weekend of big impressions. We also give our sales pitch for Caleb Williams to go to Wisconsin and are we giving up on Jaxson Dart? Spoiler, we're giving up on Jaxson Dart. It's DG time baby! Dimetime! We also bust out plenty of Jerry Schmidt, offensive line development talk and the future of the OL at Oklahoma. Some quality football talk in this podcast that we didn't plan going in. Also, apologies to Mr. Kanak. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello and welcome back! 23:00 - Junior Day this weekend 32:00 - Recapping Sooners big visit weekend 45:00 - 4-star DB Gentry Williams reaffirms commitment to Oklahoma 59:00 - Hoops is looking for good news on the court 1:15:00 - Good OL conversation; Don't blame Bill!

    U40: The musical chairs at QB still haven't ended

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 22, 2022 82:22

    We were expecting some quarterback news, but it never came, so the pod is late in the week. We make up for it with all the latest on OU's final recruiting weekend of official visits and by trying to make sense of what really is going on with the quarterback situation. Why hasn't Caleb Williams announced for USC? Is Jaxon Dart all about BYU all of a sudden? And what happens if Dart doesn't come to Norman? We also find out some fascinating information about USC's Twitter following and discuss TBOW being bullied off social media. Josh gets really excited when he finds out Carey is considering getting a dog. Bob finally gets to talk hoops and Porter Moser this week after we didn't give him any basketball airtime last week. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hello and we're back 9:00 - What's happening at QB 41:00 - Big recruiting weekend in Norman 51:00 - HOOPS

    U40: A huge portal, recruiting, visit weekend for OU

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 69:17

    In unprecedented times, OU is hosting transfers, 2022 class high schoolers and just about everything in between. Josh, Eddie and Bob are here to break down everything. OU's next QB? It could be a lot of people. And could Lincoln Riley have ended up without any QBs for 2022? What is OU doing at receiver? The OU staff is now complete as well. We break that down as well. It's a fully loaded show breaking down a big weekend for OU football. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back ... Visitors en route to Norman 5:00 - Trying to unpack the QB situation ---> Chubba Purdy (Visited) ---> Jaxson Dart (Visiting) 37:00 - Figuring out Sooners secondary transfers; visitors coming to stay? OU a favorite for Drew Sanders? 50:00 - Oklahoma has put together an outstanding staff

    U40: What happened with Caleb Williams and is it over now?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 90:46

    The dust has settled just a little bit after Caleb Williams declared his intentions to enter the transfer portal. By the way, he still hasn't entered it yet. What happened? What went down with OU and Williams' reps when they met? What are these guys looking for? Also, what does Dillon Gabriel bring to the table as a QB. And is there any chance Williams returns to OU? The Sooners have lost some players to the portal and the NFL. But who else is there to worry about on the roster as of today? We also take some time to celebrate the hires Brent Venables has made on defense and answer the questions about what could be left for the second signing day. Recruiting talk with Josh and Bob is here to give us the lowdown on OU's tough loss to Baylor last night. It's a full edition of the Unofficial 40. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - As the world turns ... Caleb Williams 25:00 - Is Oklahoma going to bring in another QB? 35:00 - Dillon Gabriel at Oklahoma 40:00 - NFL players declaring for Draft 49:00 - Welcome, Todd Bates. 1:07:00 - All-America Game Wrap-Ups 1:20:00 - Hoops

    Emergency Pod: Caleb Williams enters the transfer portal

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2022 38:03

    Carey, Josh and Eddie are all here to discuss the big news of the day. Caleb Williams has entered the transfer portal. And even though he isn't ruling out a return to OU, we all know this isn't good. The guys breakdown the issues behind Williams' decision, how much this is really about quarterback development for the next level or even money. And where do the Sooners go with Williams having a foot out the door? If they get the right guy should they just tell Williams' good luck? And what other dominos could fall? How many receivers could end up leaving?

    U40: Alamo Bowl Preview. Bob Stoops was the hero we needed.

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2021 68:46

    We've spent so much time talking about TBOW, recruiting, Brent Venables, etc., that we haven't given Bob Stoops enough credit for what he's done for the Oklahoma program over the last few weeks. Stoops will coach his final game as Oklahoma's head coach Wednesday night. It's a curtain call for the man who was just inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and already has his own statue on campus. We have no idea what Cale Gundy's offense and Brian Odom's defense will look like Wednesday night, but we know Oregon is down a lot of players. All of this might be a mess, but at least we know the OU program isn't a mess coming out of this thing. And we have Bob Stoops to thank for that. Eddie and Bob come to us from San Antonio and Josh joins us as he gets ready to go cover several OU targets and commitments in Orlando for the Under Armour All-American game. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - It's (almost) Alamo Bowl Gameday 13:25 - Your weekly Caleb Williams update 20:00 - Could anyone help their NFL Draft status? 25:00 - What should you expect defensively? 40:00 - Josh is headed to Under Armour 47:00 - Bob Stoops brought the stability

    U40: Figuring out Venables' recruiting direction

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2021 89:23

    After the dust has started the settle from the change to Brent Venables and the early signing period, we're getting a clearer picture of the inroads Oklahoma is making on the recruiting trail. With an early class of signees that seem to be building momentum on through social media, what is fact and what is fiction moving forward? Plenty of things to talk about with the Alamo Bowl coming up as we keep an eye on COVID as well. What youngsters have an opportunity to step up? And our take on former coaches coming back to coach the bowl game. Spoiler, you don't have to worry about the guys coming back. DeMarco Murray's situation? We all kind of feel the same about it but we discuss. Also Merry Christmas from the entire Scoop crew! The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back; Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 17:50 - What's left in 2022? 46:05 - Alamo Bowl 1:15:00 - Hoops update

    U40: Signing Day wrap up, Venables takes over as Stoops holds it down

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 103:18

    A lot has happened since the regular season ended and the entire crew is here to talk about it all. Riley leaving, Venables taking over, signing day, the wins the losses, the NIL effect. Josh breaks down the big news from signing day and relives some of the recruiting stories like the Kobie McKenzie Texas saga. We also talk about the status of potential players who will join the Sooners in this class and what Brent Venables is looking for before the official signing day arrives. We also got to hear from Caleb Williams for the first time on the OU player driven Pod on the Prairie. What were our impressions. Is there still a chance Nick Evers has to become OU's starting QB next season? The Alamo Bowl is coming and the entire crew is feeling like this is a game we just can't stay away from. It's Bob's last run on the sideline. We think. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - There is stability in sight for the Oklahoma football program 11:13 - And so begins the Brent Venables era 19:00 - Breaking down the Sooners 2022 Signing Class 33:01 - What's the word with 4-star ATH Jaren Kanak 36:00 - Brent V's involvement in final recruiting weekend w/ Nick Evers & Jayden Gibson 39:00 - Flipping Kobie McKinzie back to OU 44:00 - Name, Image & Likeness affect on 2022 Signing Day 1:00:00 - Caleb Williams SPEAKS! 1:10:00 - Jeff Lebby/Caleb Williams marriage 1:20:00 - Alamo Bowl prep begins

    U40: Breaking down staff hires and latest on recruiting trail

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 11, 2021 41:42

    A bit of an emergency pod to discuss OU's official announcement of the Jeffy Lebby and Ted Roof hires. We don't know about this Roof guy, but we're going to give Brent Venables the benefit of the doubt. It may not seem like Carey is doing that, but trust me, he is doing that. Or he'll go on timeout. We also get a breakdown of some of the key battles being fought on the recruiting trail right now as the Sooners looking to flip a couple of former Florida commitments. Those offensive position groups are getting thin. The Sooners need to hold on to what they've got and try to land a few big fish to turn the tide against the situation TBOW left them in. Is this gonna work? Again, we're giving Coach V the benefit of the doubt if we don't love a hire.

    U40: Brent Venables becomes OU's 23rd head coach

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2021 77:38

    Brent Venables was introduced to the public as the Sooners newest head coach on Monday morning. It was a whirlwind 24 hours after Venables and his family were flown into Norman's Max Westheimer airport just before 10pm central time Sunday night. The gang gets together and tries to process a lot of the things Venables spoke about today. And a lot of it was recruiting and team based philosophies. We may have had a tough time processing how quickly things are changing in the OU football world now that Venables is taking over. And we talk about how we think Venables' approaches might work. One thing is for sure, Venables is the man for the job after the TBOW debacle. He was pretty much our top pick across the board. Now it's time to fill out a staff, go recruit and see if he can change the culture of this team from a lot of individuals, to a team capable of pulling together and chasing the next national title. Full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Brent Venables is the 23rd head coach in Oklahoma history 28:38 - Recruiting Caleb Williams to stay 41:05 - Putting Brent's staff together

    U40: Detailing a very long week searching for OU's next coach

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2021 107:51

    No rundown in this one. But it's extensive. We start off with how the team has reacted to everything that's happened based on some conversations with Isaiah Thomas. We make our way into the coaching search and we talk about all the candidates we feel we have identified at this point and even poke the Dabo Swinney stuff and poke fun at ourselves for even bringing it to life. Brent Venables, Dan Lanning, Dave Aranda and other names along the way. Josh and Bob also have an extensive conversation about where everything stands with recruiting after the coaching search discussion and then we move into keeping the current players and trying to save the players who have already entered the transfer portal to finish things out. This one details it all as a lot of you have followed it unfold this week on the Crimson Corner.

    U40: Emergency Podcast! Lincoln Riley actually is a dick

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 84:45

    If you are coming for a Bedlam breakdown you've come to the wrong place. This is the emergency pod to discuss Lincoln Riley bolting on the Sooners for USC. What the actual f*** Lincoln?! And what happened with him and Joe Castiglione and the administration? How did they let this happen? How big a disaster could this be? Who does OU have to hire to save this program in the immediate future? Who do we want to see replace Lincoln? We all seem to have one name at the top of our wishlist. Also, what does this do for recruiting? Will Caleb Williams leave too? So many questions and we try and run down them all. Again, very little Bedlam talk. But OU is starting over. The link to the Stoops era could be over for good. And OU didn't need this heading into the SEC. They needed to continue getting better. Now it feels like they could be getting worse. Emergency Pod!

    U40: Bedlam! Can OU win? But really. Can they win?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 107:38

    It's the biggest week of the year. OU heads to Stillwater to play Oklahoma State for the right to play again in the Big 12 Championship game. OU's playoff hopes begin or end at Boone Pickens Stadium. Our heads tell us OU can't win. But that doesn't mean we aren't trying to figure out how a win in Bedlam still happens for OU. We still have a great amount of disdain for all the coaching rumors. Somehow Joey Galloway avoids the pod's wrath this week. Josh has all the latest on recruiting, including the weird tales of Chris McClellan and what is going on with Marvin Jones Jr. Porter Moser gets some time on the pod and then we just keep breaking down Bedlam on the way out the door. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - BEDLAM WEEK 35:00 - You get a 10-year contract! You get a 10-year contract! You get a 10-year contract! 1:01:00 - Recruiting; Chris McClellan situation 1:30:00 - HOOPS 1:36:00 - Bedlam preview wrap-up

    U40: Stop worrying about LSU rumors, OU has bigger problems ahead

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 71:57

    Welp, it's not like we had to watch the College Football Playoff Rankings show on Tuesday night this week. So why do we watch it anyway? Why do we do it to ourselves? We start off with recruiting since it kind of got the shaft last weekend. We hold back on CFB talk just long enough but then we're all in. The offense. Caleb Williams. Growing pains should have been expected with a true frosh at QB. But Iowa State is up next and they could really put the hurt on the 2021 season if things don't improve this week in Norman. Lincoln Riley to LSU? You want f-bombs? That'll get F-bombs flying. How do these rumors get so loud these days? It's crazy! A little Porter Moser and OU hoops breakdown from Bob Przybylo and Thanksgiving is coming. Josh and Carey has strangely similar tastes in pie and cake. That's weird too. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Hi. Hello. It's playoff time in Oklahoma. 5:20 - Offensive line recruiting 10:00 - Will OU get involved with any 2022 OKPreps? 21:00 - Visitors coming in for Iowa State weekend 26:00 - Lincoln Riley & LSU (enter clickbait link) 40:00 - OU's offensive problems 51:00 - HOOPS HALFTIME TALK; Porter Moser and the gang headed to Myrtle Beach 1:01:00 - A little pie talk with T-Give on-deck

    U40: OU heads to Baylor to try and finally impress the CFP committee

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 80:11

    The entire gang is here and we're talking about OU's position in the College Football Playoff picture. It's clear the committee is taking a wait and see approach with the Sooners, even though they appear to be just waiting and not really paying attention to what is seen. We dive into OU's chances to make another Championship November run as Alex Grinch hints that a key member of the secondary could return. The weirdness of Lincoln Riley not doing his scheduled media Tuesday and plenty of youth soccer talk from Josh McCuistion and a side of recruiting. And Bob is here to drive Josh crazy with hoops talk as Porter Moser win's his OU opener last night. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - We're back. Josh is back. And he's talking futbol. 14:00 - Where in the world is Lincoln Riley? 20:00 - CFP Rankings 39:00 - Bo Davis should get a raise at Texas 48:00 - Next month of OU football will be fun 55:00 - Hoops talk; Porter Moser is a God? 1:03:00 - Recruiting; Final host weekend upcoming 1:16:00 - Big picture recruiting for 2022

    U40: How serious are Grinch and Tech? CFP rankings and big game coming

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 67:41

    With word that Alex Grinch will talk with Texas Tech about their open head coaching job, the guys are here to breakdown what that all means. Is Grinch a legitimate candidate? Or is this just an exercise for future head coach jobs? We also breakdown the first College Football Playoff rankings and explain why none of us really care that much. Although that doesn't stop us from fighting anyway. And of course we talk about the Pole Assassin. Josh was out with a bad router today but Carey, Eddie and Bob are here for all the fun. The full (sort of) rundown follows below: 00:00 - It's a Bye Week; surprise Alex Grinch is interviewing with Texas Tech 12:20 - CFP Rankings - Sooners No.8 51:00 - Hoops preview

    U40: Still mad after all these days. What is happening to the OU defense?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 68:28

    Here we are four days after OU's escape of Kansas and the scoop crew is still baffled at what is happening with the OU defense. Is it preparation? Is it talent? Is it development? Is it scheme? Is it coaching? We try and make sense of it all, we get a little upset, we try and talk through it and Bob gets to have his first say after returning from Lawrence. We also get some hoops updates from Bob as practices have started for the 2021-22 season and Josh gets us caught up with the latest in recruiting as OU has just two more weekends for official visitors before the season ends. Maybe this will be some therapy for those of you who are still struggling with OU's on-field performances like we are. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back. Let's fix this thing. 35:00 - OU offense okay. We think. 52:00 - HOOPS talk before Bob heads out 55:00 - Recruiting

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