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The Patrick Madrid Show is your source for the latest in current events and contemporary issues. Join host Patrick Madrid for compelling insights, lively conversations, and encouragement for your day!

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    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 31, 2022 - Hour 1

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    Patrick explains the meaning of the word apologetics and different forms of it, tells the story of how he met his lovely wife, and talks about an emergency baptism which a listener had to do and whether or not it was done correctly. Patrick explains the word apologetics, and its different forms. Allison - Venial Sin: What if the priest doesn't say the Confiteor at mass? Tom - It's a precept of the church to receive communion, but I got to TLM. In the Old Catechism, the Easter season ends on Trinity Sunday. If I received communion on Trinity Sunday, would that be sufficient? John - Can Patrick give us comments on pride? What's the difference between pride in your work and pride as a sin/vice? Email from Bradly – How did you meet your wife? Jim - Question: Emergency Baptism. I performed one, and I heard Patrick talk about them. My experience was responding to an infant in a hospital in cardiac arrest. I responded as the on-duty chaplain. I asked the mom if she'd like me to Baptize the baby - she said yes. I baptized on the abdomen - did that count?

    trinity sunday baptize tlm patrick madrid tom it
    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 31, 2022 - Hour 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2023 49:14

    Patrick clarifies the necessity of baptizing someone on the head, answers how we are save by faith and what that means, how we can reconcile the actions of God from the Old Testament and answers the difference between Judaism and Catholicism. Patrick talks about the specifics of how to do a proper baptism   Chris - If a person has done a lot of good works in their life, but then commits a mortal sin. Are those good works nullified in the eyes of God until he goes to confession? Donna - My 33-year-old son is struggling with the OT God. How do I explain that the God of the OT is a God of love? Patrick answers an email from Kip about praise and worship music Chris - What's the differences between Catholicism and Judaism? Mike - Sinner that converts on this deathbed. How does that relate salvation by faith?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 31, 2022 - Hour 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2023 46:59

    Patrick tackles the question consent regarding sin, explains where Mormons get the idea that humans beings can become gods, shares the difference between NFP and contraceptives as well as different acts that are and are not allowed in the context of marriage. Jody - Question: Can Patrick reconcile the difference between the person that has the disease of turrets, which manifests itself in having tics. The tic is that they yell out obscenities and things against God. Can we reconcile that between an alcoholic who gets drunk and then does sins as a result of their drunkenness. Peggy - Today's Gospel: Jesus says that 'is it not written in your law, 'I said, 'You are gods'? Does that correlate with the Mormon belief that we become gods? Maddie - NFP- what's the difference between taking advantage of infertile periods and contraception? Patrick reads some emails form listeners about NFP and contraceptives. Mary - follow up- post menopausal, is it okay to partake when it won't lead to life? Julianna - Real presence- protestant asked what church teaching is on this.

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 30, 2023 - Hour 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2023 49:08

    Patrick answers a plethora of questions about, the Eucharist, whether or not you need a Confirmation saint, the possibility of extraterrestrial life in our universe, different beliefs of baptism among the various major Christian denomination. Therese - Why is Mt 17:21 missing from my Bible? John - How is it determined which Eucharistic prayer is used at mass? Patricia - Confirmation: My granddaughter's Church said if they don't pick a saint, that's ok. What does Mr. Madrid think? Alonso - I know why Bathsheba was bathing on the roof. I think in Semitic world, women hung out on the roof. Joanna - How to I believe the body of Christ is present in the Eucharist. I have sometimes trouble with the Eucharist. How can I believe better? Belkya - In reference to aliens: I don't believe in aliens, but my friend does. She doesn't think God would only create humans. What should I say? Andrew - The difference between Baptism and Eucharist in the Protestant Church/Catholic Church. I'm going to a Bible study tonight with Protestants. Patrick reads an email asking for a book recommendation about helping her pray to the saints. Miguel - How do I talk to Protestants who say we worship Mary?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 30, 2023 - Hour 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2023 48:52

    Patrick answers questions about if people with disabilities can receive the sacraments, shares a debate he had with a protestant about veneration of Mary and the Saints and explains why the Protestant bible has less books than the Catholic bible. Patrick goes though some of his emails Gloria - I have a 20-year-old disabled daughter. How do I go about getting her the sacraments? Patrick shares a debate that he had about veneration of Mary and the Saints Email from Ralph - where were people who died before Jesus opened the doors to heaven? Email from Dave – How did the Jews pronounce the name “I Am”? Elena - If someone is engaged and they know they can't have a baby, should they still proceed? Elvie - I'm part of a bible study with Protestants. They said we added books later. Pat - Communion: Sometimes I've run late on eating before mass. Sometimes I'll let the host sit in my mouth for a few minutes before swallowing. Jacob - What did Elisha do in order to give Elijah a double portion of the Spirit? What is the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? Marilyn - I have to eat with my medication. should I still keep the fast?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 30, 2023 - Hour 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2023 49:08

    Patrick explains why aliens could be saved by Jesus dying on the cross, gives advice to a person who is becoming Catholic, explains why the Catholic Church should be trusted in interpreting the bible and where in the bible does it talk about the trinity. Email from Jordan – How can Aliens exist in tandem with the Christian faith? Ignatius - becoming catholic - advice for me? Maria - Constantine's Sword book: I have a Jewish friend that it set her straight on the catholic Church's view on the Jews. Patrick reads an email asking what should be done if you have asthma and can't go to Mass because of the incense. David - Protestant-Why should we trust magisterium over other protestants preachers on interpreting the scriptures? Chris - My Protestant friend wants to know where the trinity is in the Bible? Loretta - what is good book for my daughter about belief in god- fallen away Stan - God from God - consubstantial from the father in the creed- what does that mean?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 29, 2023 - Hour 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2023 48:41

    Patrick gives his opinion on modern church songs which were introduce along with many liturgical abuses, answers questions about why the term Roman Catholic started being used and talks with a caller about the Catholic view of the rapture. Patrick Reads an email from Trip about whether or not he should join the Air force. Araceli - On Eagles Wings - Is it good or not good for funerals? Yvonne – Could there be any correlation between pregnancy on birth control and children identifying with LGBTQ? Patrick reads an email asking why Patrick is annoyed by the term Roman Catholic Patrick explains the origins of the term Roman Catholic Danny - What's the main difference between the Catholic Church and Calvary Chapel? Patrick - Why did Jesus tell some 'don't tell about this miracle' and others he didn't. Why? Frank - Doesn't praying for the dead weaken faith in the sacrament of anointing of the sick. I assume my daughter who died is in heaven. Do Protestants pray for the dead? Mayra - Bible: Where in the bible does Christ name 'the Catholic Church'. When Jesus comes back, he's coming back to Jerusalem. He's not coming to Rome.

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 29, 2023 - Hour 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2023 49:09

    Patrick explains aspects of the LDS church and gives resources in how to talk with people who belong to that church, shares why Adam is also responsible for the fall of mankind, and shares the Churches view of purgatory. Tilly - I was on a movie set yesterday. there was a woman from Peru and is now LDS. She criticized some of the history of the Catholic Church (crusades, treatment of Natives). What should I have said? Alex -LDS Q: Patrick's explanation about LDS atrocities is true, but when Patrick talks about Catholic atrocities, he says the docs are false. Why? Felix - Adam and Eve: Why is Adam the one that is charged with Original Sin, when eve is the one that took the fruit first? Anna - Praying for souls in purgatory - I heard somewhere that we can pray to the souls in purgatory for certain things. It didn't sit right with me. Bruce -Friend of mine talks about 'liberal Catholic Church' is that part of the Catholic Church? Wilfred - Q: can you explain in the doxology, 'in the unity of the Holy Spirit'? Patrick - What was your transformational moment where you embraced Catholicism and decided on apologetics?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 29, 2023 - Hour 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2023 49:09

    Patrick takes on a listener who thinks the Catholic Church is a cult, answers questions about confession, helps listeners understand the meaning behind some passages in 1 John and helps listeners discern whether or not to attend a Mormon Festival. Caroline - What does the Church teach on cremation? Susan - If someone has a vision of Mary, should someone do something with that knowledge? Jo Ann - Is group/general confession, okay? What about moving the tabernacle to the left of center in Church? Randy - I think the Catholic Church is a cult - Can you explain why it is not? Peter - Exulted: Jesus frees the souls waiting to get into heaven. It seems glossed over that Jesus freed these souls. Can you give more info about it! Aaron - Went to confession and can't fulfill the penance for over a week or two. would I not go to communion until then? Patrick Wishes Young Thomas a Happy birthday. Rob - 1 John 2:20-27 - The body of Christ can't err. I went to a spiritual warfare conference last week and read the Synod docs. It seems they're based on 1 John 2:27. This seems like a democracy. Therese - can I go to a protestant Easter pageant?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 28, 2023 - Hour 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2023 48:55

    Nancy - If Hell exists why is there so much evil on earth? Do people don't believe hell exists? Mary - Any thoughts about the people that were resurrected and walking around when Jesus died on the Cross? Joseph - How would you encourage a struggling Catholic who feels that the Eucharist is too much the center of the celebration of the Church and not the fruits of the spirit or other parts our faith? Michelle - Matthew 13:55 and 56. It says that Mary had other children. What's your take? John – I estimate that there were 20 million people on the earth by the time Cane killed Abel. Do you agree with that assumption? I have been reading the Church Fathers and interested in coming back to the Church. John - Should we go to confession before Easter if we don't have any mortal sin on our soul? Nick – How do you respond to someone who asks” Did Jesus really say that?” Lupita - Is it a sin to get divorced even though you are in an abusive relationship?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 28, 2023 - Hour 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2023 49:11

    Sam - Do we have our bodies if we are in Purgatory? Robin - Fundamentals of the Faith: Who is the author? The Fourth Cup: does that sour wine is the fourth cup? Mike - What is Passiontide? Rod - In Revelation, 3 people crying out to God to persecute those who took their blood. But then Jesus says Forgive them for they don't know what they do. Do we really need to have forgiveness in our hearts? Jan - Wants to go confession before Easter. Confused between moral and venial sins? Maria - Does God remember our sins? Joseph 10-year-old - How can God be everywhere and also be in hell? Stephanie - Your thoughts on Descent into Hell by Charles Williams? Susie - I am recent convert. What my relationship with my priest should be? I feel like my priest is not that friendly towards me and is kind of distant.

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 28, 2023 - Hour 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2023 49:10

    E-Frank - Is there a proper way to wear attire during holy week? Email – Had ovarian cancer and as the marital act became painful, my husband turned to prostitutes. Am I obliged to partake in the marital act with him? Veronica in California email – Offered up rosaries for my deceased relatives until I was told in a dream to stop praying for them. What should I do? Robert emails in as a follow up to E-Frank – Don't let yourself be distracted by how others dress at mass but remember to dress with respect as going to mass is like standing at the foot of the cross. Rose - How does the priest determine penance during confession?

    california offered patrick madrid
    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 27, 2023 - Hour 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2023 49:10

    Tim - Young adult friend is interested in Catholicism but he spends a lot of time reading other religions and he doesn't think there is anything special about Christianity Patrick recommends “Fundamentals of the Faith” by Peter Kreeft Michael - I have two godsons who never got first communion or confirmation. Are they saved? Rachel - Obligations to our children: I have a family member who has been to prison. Do I need to keep my children away from her? Patrick responds to two very different takes on a caller from last week, one who hated it and another who thought it was wonderful Brian – I'm puzzled by your support for the military Charles - Does using real humans in our military serve as a deterrent to war?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 27, 2023 - Hour 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2023 49:10

    Freddie - I'm an immigrant from a communist country. I disagree with some of the callers. They aren't grateful enough for our military. Sharon - I have a son who teaches at West Point. He's doing a great job forming good moral values in our future officers. He's allowed to bring in works by John Henry Newman into the classroom. I'm proud of what he does. Henry - I'm a retired Marine and I was a recruiter. I work with recruits on a weekly basis. Valerie - My sister was Baptized Catholic but she goes to Protestant Church. My sister sent me a litany of things against the Catholic Church - including that we worship a Pagan god using the term, Easter. Jerry - Why is cremation is allowed? Especially in light of yesterday's readings at Mass. When we die, where does the soul go? Maddie - I'm a medical student. When does it become sinful to NOT speak up about certain medical issues, especially transgender issues?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 27, 2023 - Hour 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2023 49:09

    Autism rates in the U.S. are skyrocketing, especially in California Robert - In the Book of Revelations it says that Jesus' kingdom is forever, but it says in 1 Cor 15:24 that He will hand his kingdom over to his Father. Brooke – I have a bad habit of saying the Lord's name in vain. I do a penance prayer after confession, but I can't remember the name of it. What should I do? Marty – The Six Theaters of War. I think the newest theater of war is the spiritual theory of war. I'm a marine corps combat veteran. Kristen – IN regards to Maddie, a caller from the 2nd hour: I'm a PA - I would say that when she runs into these brief situations, she might take them to prayer to think about what she might say in the future. John Paul - What can Pope Francis do about the German bishops? Denise - The Golden Era Prayer makes up for taking the name of God in vain. Dominic - John 20:17 - when Jesus talk to Mary Magdalene, is Jesus contradicting himself? Cliff - Patriotism: it has been redefined from what it was in the past and now it seems it is all about right beliefs. Autism: there is an increase maybe because there is money to be made as doctors identify autism in kids?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 24, 2023 - Hour 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2023 49:10

    Patrick answers listener questions such as, Is bankruptcy a sin, did Mary crush the head of Satan, do all saints go straight to Heaven and is getting botox a sin? Joe – Bankruptcy: I feel I should have made a better effort to pay my old debts. Charles - What do sacramental and other medals do? Joe - Auxilium Christianorum web site: They look at Mary as crushing the head of Satan. What are your thoughts on this? Eli 7-years-old - Do all saints go straight to Heaven or do some need to go to purgatory? Emily - I don't think your hypothetical example about being a weather girl and needing to use Botox. And I don't think that getting Botox for your husband is a good idea. Mary - Botox: I think it falls under the realm of vanity.

    satan botox patrick madrid
    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 24, 2023 - Hour 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2023 49:10

    Pope Francis Invites Us to Renew the Consecration of the World to Our Lady Utah becomes first state to try limiting teens' social media access Military services face questioning over recruitment shortfalls Ann Marie - Botox is hideous. People should not do it. Heather - I work at the public library that has immoral things. I helped someone find some witchcraft books. Was that okay? Stephanie - The Pasion of the Christ: Were the people who whipped Jesus smeared with His blood inadvertently saved because they were covered with His blood? Joe - I heard that people who are not Catholic may end up going to heaven. Do they go straight to heaven? Annette 14-years-old - My class began to read a book that had some demonic stuff. What should we do? Angie - What do Christians believe that is not in the bible?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 24, 2023 - Hour 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2023 49:10

    Patrick answers questions such as, are we supposed to forgive others right away or can we take our time, what does the “fear of God” mean, is our military “woke,” and why did God order the slaughter of women and children in the Old Testament? Sandy - Are we supposed to forgive right away or be prudent about forgiving others? Tom - Is there a correlation between the military recruitment numbers going down and the introduction into “wokeness?” Lauren - How do I forgive my Ex-husband who physically abused me? Mike - Military recruiting is down because of a failure to make it a challenge. The slip up of Afghanistan and the infiltration of the woke movement isn't helping. Jim – If Israel prevents evangelization, would you go preach Christ in that country still? Rachel - Why did God order the slaughter of women and children in the Old Testament? Bertha - What does it mean to have a “fear of God?”

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 23, 2023 - Hour 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2023 49:10

    Patrick talks with a man who has not had marital relations with his wife for more than 16 years, including holding hands or even hugs, and offers advice on how to help reignite that flame. Off-duty pilot on Southwest flight steps in to help after pilot becomes ill while flying Patrick comments on how yet another airline pilot, the 4th in two weeks, has had a medical emergency while in the air. This isn't an isolated event and he questions if the rise of medical emergencies in perfectly healthy young people has links to the COVID vaccines Jackie - A friend who I am visiting is upset that I need a ride to Mass on Sunday when I see her. How do I handle this? Eric – What is the significance of the Sack of Rome. Francis - I suffer from scrupulosity. Do I need to specifically name every sin that I ever did in order to be absolved? Patrick - Spouse has denied me marital relations for 16 years. What should l I do?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 23, 2023 - Hour 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2023 49:10

    Continuing from the 1st hour, listeners call in with their own stories and advice for those marriages where the physical touch is absent Megan - Sounds like Patrick's (the last caller in the first hour's) wife is dealing with some trauma and they need to go to counseling separately Carol - I hear that the marital act is uncomfortable for older women, but because of medical intervention men are more sex driven longer. Joe - Can demons tell if we are in the state of grace? Email from Patricia who disagrees with Patrick about the plane that was forced to turn around because another pilot suddenly fell ill during the flight Mary - Should I force my son to go to confession? We don't have altar servers but my husband doesn't want him do it? Patrick reads and responds to the many emails that have come in regarding the caller from the last hour who hasn't had marital relations, or even a hug, from his wife in 16 years Shirley - Matt 8:21. What does it mean to “let the dead bury their dead?” Logan - What should I do if I need to prescribe medicine to patients that are not in line with Church teaching? Suzanne - I want to talk about the art of flirtation in marriage which seems to have been lost.

    church patrick madrid
    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 23, 2023 - Hour 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2023 49:10

    Patrick offers advice for married couples; all the little things that goes into a romance are important Dusty - Why are the Catholic 10 Commandments different from the Jewish 10 Commandments? Rachel - How can I help my brother who is a fallen away Catholic discern whether or not to put his kids in Catholic school? Vicki - My daughter was baptized by a priest who was later removed from the priesthood. Is her baptism still valid? Andrea - Why don't priests marry in the Roman Rite but can in other rites? Lia - How can I encourage my daughters friend to look into the Catholic Church if she is showing interest?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 22, 2023 - Hour 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2023 49:10

    Patrick comments on new legislation being proposed in Israel that would send those talking about Jesus to jail Two Knesset members propose legislation to outlaw sharing the Gospel in Israel and send violators to prison – could it become law? US Catholic bishops condemn gender transition procedures in public letter. Document repeatedly cites Pope Francis, who has been an outspoken critic of gender ideology Teresa - could what is happening in Israel be the Anti-Christ? Maggie - Why does it take about 8 years to be a priest when the apostles didn't have formal training? Oscar - Israel laws: You can't take the name of Jesus out from a country Pat - Are “thee” and “thy” the familiar forms and that's why they are used in prayers? Giovanni 8-years-old - Why is God different in Old Testament than in the New Testament? Suzie - Is the banning on Jesus in Israel because of biblical prophecy?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 22, 2023 - Hour 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2023 49:10

    Limbo, Precious Blood, Lay People Ministering the sick, and Uganda Passes Sweeping New Antigay Legislation Regina - Are Jews going to limbo if they don't believe in baptism? Jennifer – Do we need the Precious Blood and the Body of Christ? Susan - Can a soul be caught between heaven and earth? Teresa - Is the Jewish scripture considered the bible? Theresa 8-years-old – If a baby dies, does he or she grow in heaven? Patty – Can lay people minister to the sick? How can Jesus be hurting in heaven? Uganda Passes Sweeping New Antigay Legislation Rosemary - Did Jesus intend for people to spread His name even though He said “don't tell anyone?”

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 22, 2023 - Hour 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2023 49:12

    Government bailouts, asteroids zooming between the Earth and the moon and antigay legislation in Uganda After Giving Them Billions, The US Government Wants To Bail Out Moderna A large asteroid is about to zip between Earth and the moon Stephanie - Legislation in Uganda: the martyrs there were kill because of their opposition to Homosexual activity. Rod - When the bible says that the meek will inherit the earth, is it talking about the New Jerusalem? Patrick uses valerian root to help with occasional bouts of insomnia Todd - Is a baptism valid if a non-Catholic pastor says “you are baptized in the name of…?” Christie - Someone asked about the Indian children being abused and killed in boarding houses. How do I respond to this? Anna - How do I explain to a couple that they can't get married in the church because they are not parishioners? Elvira - Why did Jesus fall three times in the stations when Simon was there to help Him carry it? Matt - Is a Catholic who commits a mortal sin still a Catholic? Gabriella - What is the difference between enabling and being charitble?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 21, 2023 - Hour 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2023 49:10

    Patrick discusses the hostility women are facing from the trans movement and he answers listener questions about how we know that the Eucharist is really Jesus, how to convince my adult child that smoking pot is bad. It's National Crunchy Taco Day! Tulsi Gabbard – “There is no greater expression of hatred and hostility towards women than to try to erase our existence as a category of people and to minimize us to being a construction of anyone's imagination.” Richard Dawkins says JK Rowling and others have been "bullied" while standing up for themselves over trans issues. "As a biologist, there are two sexes and that's all there is to it." Josh 12-years-old - How do you know that the Eucharist is really Jesus? Mary Anna – My young adult daughter is smoking weed. How can I address this? Christine - My Catholic brother wants to marry a protestant who has been previously divorced? Sarah - Father-in-law visited us with his girlfriend and they slept together in the same room. What should we tell them regarding this? Anna - What do you think about Bethel Church? My son's wife got him into this Church.

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 21, 2023 - Hour 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2023 49:10

    Patrick comments on not paying your adult children's bills. Once they turn 18, they are responsible for themselves Katrina - We have a daughter in college and we are paying for all her things. At what point in college should we stop paying her way since she is not working? Anonymous – I've seen, three times, a priest with a cell phone in the confessional. Is this allowed? Patrick talks about the dangers of cell phones and technology Jay - Do you have suggestions on Catholic education for my kids? Dan - Does the church allow openly gay married couples to join the parish? Could a gay couple be refused communion? Matt - How does “admonish the sinner” work with what Jesus said about the wooden beam in our eye? What does Jesus' parable mean? Horacio - Is it okay to kneel during the Rosary since that is a posture of adoration?

    jesus christ catholic rosary patrick madrid matt how
    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 21, 2023 - Hour 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2023 49:09

    Patrick answers listener questions about cellphones in the confessional, is fornication a mortal sin, what does it mean to “offer it up,” can Guardian Angels read our minds, and are the Harry Potter books okay for kids to read Charlene - A priest said that he was hearing a confession and even though the cellphone was on mute it still picked up the confession of a felon and the police arrest him afterwards. Jessica - How can I encourage my sister to come back to confession? Is fornication a mortal sin? Casey - If the Son has no beginning or end, then why did God say 'today I have begotten you' in the bible? What does it mean to “Offer it up?” Janine - What is the word of faith movement and prosperity gospel? Jennifer - Is the book called “The Great Controversy” good for me to read? Patrick says no and explains why. Rosalia - Can Guardian Angels read our minds when we pray? Burt - If two people who are not married in the church have relations outside of their marriage would that be fornication or adultery? Lisa - Are people who don't know God going to be judged harshly? Irene – Are the Harry Potter books bad for small children?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 20, 2023 - Hour 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2023 49:20

    Patrick answers listener questions, including, “is it okay for me to work at a store that sells the Plan B pill?” Patrick starts the show off responding to an email from a doctor who is pro-mask and asking why Patrick doesn't talk about masks in a positive light Danielle – After listening to you talk about social media, I have decided to only use it for good, to share light and meaningful ideas and images. Model falls to his death while taking a selfie Patricia - My husband and I argued because his child from another woman is living with a girlfriend who is pregnant. I said they could not sleep in the same room if they visited. My husband thinks that they should be able to sleep in the same room. What should I do? Eileen - What did the Jewish people believe about the term “Son of Man?” Denise - Something about a Fox is mentioned in the Old Testament. But I don't know where it is or what it would mean? Joe - Since today is Saint Joseph's day. What do you think Jesus called Joseph? Camille - What do you think of the movie “The Pope Exorcist?” Maria - I work at a story that sells the plan B pill. Can I still work there?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 20, 2023 - Hour 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2023 49:10

    Patrick answers listener questions such as, is it ever too late for someone to make it to heaven, are there any resources for a husband trying to save his marriage, is it okay to go to SSPX and how best to help adult children who suffer from alcoholism Courtney - My mom passed away from cancer in February. She was not religious. Is it too late for her to be in heaven? Don - I am going through a tough divorce and trying to save my marriage. Carol - Your show is really helping a lot of people and it also helped me too. Frank - I would like to go to SSPX. Is that okay? Arie 10-years-old - I sometimes get frustrated while building Legos and I get frustrated. What saint can I pray to about this? Dana – I have a 1-year-old daughter but I am not Married. Can I still say she is a blessing? If not, how can I fix it? Linda - My son is an alcoholic and living a sinful life. What can I do to help him? Patrick recommends Bill - How do I deal with adult children who left the faith?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 20, 2023 - Hour 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2023 49:12

    Patrick takes calls from kids who ask some pretty tough questions Mila 9-years-old and Gia 11-years-old - Mila: Did Saint Peter the Apostle make the holidays? Gia: Since the devil was a serpent, is it okay for me to like snakes and dragons? Melissa 11-years-old – If Jesus was born Christmas and the year BC is “Before Christ,” why is the new year not on Christmas Day? If my mom cooks with blessed Salt, do I need to finish my food? Keith – 9-years-old - What are the corporal works of mercy? Benson - Are the people in the Old Testament saints? Pat - How do I explain to my husband that he can't go to communion because he is not Catholic? Michael - How do indulgences work? I have two sources that disagree with each other. Nancy - How do I deal with hearing about a Cardinal in our diocese who was accused of child abuse and pedophilia? Anonymous – Our daughter has decided to be a surrogate mother. Please help us! John - Extended family members received communion even though they are not practicing. How do I talk with them about this? Rick - Can I receive communion in a Baptist Church? Gary - I am struggling with sleeping at night. Could some of it be demonic?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 17, 2023 - Hour 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2023 49:12

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day There never have been snakes in Ireland Patrick shares The Breastplate of Saint Patrick Michael - Is my marriage valid? I haven't been to church since the 1960's. Phil - My story is like Michael's and I would like to offer encouragement to him Harold - St Joseph- was he taken body and soul to heaven like Elijah and Mary? Leonard - Can a woman go to confession for an abortion she has had or is she excommunicated? Email from Carmelina 9-years-old - If you make the sign of the cross when you are very young to start a prayer, then why can't you make the sign of the cross only when you are really old, to make your whole life a prayer, so you are starting and ending your prayer at the start and end of your life?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 17, 2023 - Hour 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2023 49:10

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day Carol – You suggested “Surprised by Truth” for my daughter. I read it first and I'm amazed at how much I learned. April - What is the purpose or point of being a Catholic? Debbie - Is our Mass done the right way? I heard we copied the protestants? Glenda – My sister is not married in the Church. She says that God should recognize the law of man since he gave authority to man.

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 17, 2023 - Hour 3

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    Happy Saint Patrick's Day Liz - How can I ask for forgiveness or forgive others without being selfish? I just want to go to heaven. Joe - St. Joseph is always depicted with short hair. Is that considered true or just artistic interpretation? Casey - How many forms of God's will exist and how does that relate to predestination? Patrick shares “St. Patrick's Bad Analogies” by Lutheran Satire Michael – 4-year-old son accidentally grabbed Communion and I ate it but I was not in state of grace. Did I do the right thing? Can we take communion if we have mortal sins? Mary Ellen – I have three friends, one is an atheist, one says there is a ghost in house, and one has a converted temple. Should I avoid playdates at their house?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 16, 2023 - Hour 1

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    Patrick answers listener questions about how to help your adult children stay faithful, how to raise young kids in the faith in a world full of sin, and why American's don't name their children “Jesus” Susan – Evangelicals are trying to convert our daughter who is in college. How can we help her stay Catholic? Yessenia - My 10-year-old got in trouble from the principle for defending the Catholic faith. What should I do? Patrick encourages giving your children saint's names David - How can I raise my 2-year-old daughter in the faith with all the trans issues in today's world? Rose - Why don't we name kids after Jesus? Michael - I was raised in a Church that said that all Catholics are going to hell. Now after listening to Relevant Radio, I moved to a different church that is more friendly to the Catholic Church.

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 16, 2023 - Hour 2

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    Patrick answers listener questions about RCIA and confession, how much power does the devil really have, and he shares a story of when he was confronted by two Calvinist Protestants and how he defused a heated argument Kaylee - I am in RCIA and was told I could go to confession as long as I am a baptized Christian. Is that true? Tom - I am a revert Catholic. How can I live the faith in the secular area I am living? Joe - How much power does the devil have? Patrick shares a story of when he was working at Catholic Answers and two Calvinist Protestants confronted him that everything he was saying was wrong. After having a coffee with them, and a heated argument, Patrick finally gets through to them with writing six words on a napkin “I never said Cyrus does a great job” Eduardo - Has the Baltimore catechism been revised base on the new catechism of the Catholic Church? Catherine - A Baptist told me that Jesus was crucified on a Dog Wood tree. Is that true?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 16, 2023 - Hour 3

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    Patrick responds to a hostile email and encourages the person who wrote it to find peace in their heart Francisco - What is the church teaching on how we should dispose of miscarried children? Harry - Is it true only Catholics go to heaven? What does the Catholic Church teach about salvation? Charles - How does invisible ignorance play into someone's salvation? Patrick shares a couple of emails about recovering from a miscarriage along with resources and websites with more information James - What happened to Father John Coropi? Lee - Son fell away from the Catholic faith and is getting married to a non-Catholic. I know his marriage won't be valid but will his wife's be?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 15, 2023 - Hour 1

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    Patrick answers listener questions, such as, what made Pope Benedict a great theologian, what does the tombs of the saints opening up mean, and what it means to “offer it up?” Miami hotel stripped of liquor license after kids attend drag show Angry wife helps husband score $1M lottery jackpot Patrick shares the story of when he played the scratch lottery Paul - Can you explain the concept of offering things up? David - What made Pope Benedict such a great theologian? Tom - How did King Naaman's servant Gehazi get healed of leprosy after he took silver from the prophet? Anonymous – An old flame has contacted me, even though he knows I'm married. It's important to always keep our guard up. If you're married & you're on Social Media, you should read this: Lorenzo - Matt 27: 52 – What does the tombs of the saints opening up mean?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 15, 2023 - Hour 2

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    An atheist, Andrew, calls to challenge Patrick's claim that love cannot be accounted for through atheistic evolutionary processes. Patrick leads Andrew up to the point of admitting that, contrary to the atheist world view, immaterial realities, such as love and truth, are not only impossible to be derived from physical evolution, they are outside and above the physical realm. Even though they disagreed, Patrick invited Andrew to call back to discuss this further another time. Patrick comments on the phenomenon of bodily assumption Michael - Coworker is asking about Catholicism. Why do we believe Mary was immaculately conceived and the new Adam and Eve being Jesus and Mary?  John – Any good book recommendations to help me share the birds and bees talk with my young son? Betsy - Some people think we don't have souls. I think that love is an argument for humans being more than just animals. What are your thoughts? Bradley – Is a person involved in sexual relations outside of marriage (adultery) free to pursue or be perused by someone in a state of grace? Andrew - I think that evolution and survival of the fittest can lead to love. Patrick recommends “The Last Superstition” by Edward Feser

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 15, 2023 - Hour 3

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    Patrick answers listener questions about indulgences, if there are different levels in heaven, is the Holy Spirit Jesus' natural father, and is it okay for a couple to be married in the Catholic Church if it's only to appease their families? Patrick recommends "The Godless Delusion: A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism" Madison 14-years-old - Are there different levels in heaven? Peter 12-years-old - Can you explain indulgences? Mary Ann - My adult son doesn't believe in purgatory. Where can purgatory be found in the bible? Lucy - Sister is getting married in the Catholic Church to appease the family. Is that okay? Joe - Is the natural father of Jesus the Holy Spirit since he was conceived by the Holy Spirit? Lydia - Why is care something that comes from just nature? I don't think even 'care' can be reasoned out on the natural level. Mary - My non-Catholic parents wants to have their ashes spread when they die. Do I need to fulfill their wishes? Antoinette - Should I celebrate Easter with family members who are no longer Christians?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 14, 2023 - Hour 1

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    Patrick answers listener questions about non-Catholics going to confession, what to do when you remember old sins that you haven't asked forgiveness for, and how to talk to kids in confirmation class about the Holy Spirit Scientists revive ‘zombie viruses' from permafrost that can infect cells Todd - I went to confession to support my friend's faith, but I'm not a practicing Catholic. Was it okay for me to do this? Ray - Why does the priest break the host before the Lamb of God and put a piece of it in the chalice? John – I just found out some old sins were mortal sins. Do I need to go back to confession for forgiveness? Mary - What is the Fatima Prophecy for 2025? I thought we were not supposed to know the future. Emmanuel – How should I talk to kids in confirmation about the Holy Spirit? Bobbie – Can Mass be celebrated on the beach? Milton - There was a priest who does some strange things. Is it okay for him to go straight into the penitential prayer after walking in?

    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 14, 2023 - Hour 2

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    Patrick shares how to catch up on Fr. Rocky's Lenten Lessons Robert - Tobit 12:9. Alms takes away all sin seems to contradict the rest of the bible. Why is that? Patrick responds to emails Sherry – My 11-year-old son doesn't want to go to Mass with me. He says he doesn't believe in God. What should I do? Dan - I am struggling with my marriage. I gave up alcohol for lent but drank too much this past weekend. How can I be a better man for my family? Lisa – Sherry could use Father Rocky's Lenten Lessons on the Mass to help bring the kid back to the faith. Marilyn - A priest told me to pray to Saint Monica and the kids Guardian Angel so they come back to the faith.

    god mass guardian angels alms saint monica patrick madrid
    The Patrick Madrid Show: March 14, 2023 - Hour 3

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    Patrick answers listener questions about godparents, what to do if you're invited to non-Catholic church, is bankruptcy a sin, and is getting a tattoo a sin? Erica – Is there a website to go to look up if a book is good for kids? Patrick recommends Joan Marie – What was the title of the book you recommended to Todd in the first hour? Patrick recommends “Surprised by Truth” Peter – Nephew's godparents have left the Church. Should we get him new godparents? Sam - If I am invited to go to a Baptist church, how should I respond to them? Is bankruptcy a sin? Paul – A Coptic church is being built in our neighborhood. Can Catholics go and worship there? Ed – My conscious is telling me I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not really sure that I am. Kate - A priest wanted us to say that our sacrifice was acceptable to God, is that okay? Should we bow when the bible is held up? Dominic - I teach religion. How do I teach revolution to the kids? Mike - Is drunkenness a mortal sin if you are addicted to alcohol? Can I have my brother get the anointing of the sick for alcoholism? Oscar - It says in the bible that we should not have tattoos. What is the church teaching on this?

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