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Whether you're in Seattle or a displaced fan somewhere else in the world, hosts Adam Emmert and Brandan Schulze bring you weekly recaps and Seattle Seahawks news as well as topics around the NFL. They have vowed to never fail to mention who is better at life than Skip Bayless.

Adam Emmert, Brandan Schulze

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    372: Seattle Seahawks 2022 Draft Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 120:04

    It was an atypical draft year for the Seattle Seahawks in many ways. First, they had a top 10 pick for the first time since 2010. Second, they didn't trade out of their first pick (partly because they didn't need to considering they had back-to-back picks in the second round). Third, they took players that we actually had discussed leading up to the draft in positions relative to where most people considered the players to be available. Most important to their draft strategy is that they addressed the trenches with their first two picks. By doing so, should that have allowed them the luxury to address other areas with the picks that followed? We discuss running back Ken Walker and some of the reactions from around the league (including Pete Prisco). Russell Wilson even got in on some of the draft night excitement as we play his "call from the Broncos" as he "was selected." The 2022 NFL schedule releases this week, but the news about one of the Seahawks matchups has already been announced. Seattle will head to Germany to battle Tom Brady and the Bucs in what could be the goat's final NFL season. With the Falcons, Panthers and Steelers all drafting quarterbacks, Baker Mayfield's list of suitors continues to narrow as the Seahawks continue to show no interest. Finally, a story about a broken television and the NFL wanting Seahawks fans to break their televisions lands in the Do Better segment. Better at life honors go out to Montanans and to the best phone call from Seahawks draft weekend. Support the show Get in the Flock! Visit Or visit our website for other ways to support the show Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter Listen on our free app for Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows Phone/PC Call or text: 253-235-9041 Find Sea Hawkers clubs around the world at Music from the show by The 12 Train, download each track at ReverbNation

    2022 NFL Draft Reaction with Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog

    Play Episode Listen Later May 1, 2022 38:42

    Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog is back on the show and offering up his thoughts on the 2022 Seahawks Draft Class. The players in the class include: Round 1: Charles Cross, OT Round 2: Boye Mafe, EDGE Round 2: Ken Walker III, RB Round 3: Abraham Lucas, OT Round 4: Coby Bryant, CB Round 5: Tariq Woolen, CB Round 5: Tyreke Smith, EDGE Round 7: Bo Melton, WR Round 7: Dareke Young, WR We talk about each of the picks, the value of taking running back early in the second round, and how the Seahawks approach seemed to be different than in previous years. Did the Seahawks make a mistake by not taking a quarterback in this draft? Were there any other positions they missed out on? Rob closes by offering up a couple of names at QB to look for in next year's draft. Support the show Get in the Flock! Visit Or visit our website for other ways to support the show Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter Listen on our free app for Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows Phone/PC Call or text: 253-235-9041 Find Sea Hawkers clubs around the world at Music from the show by The 12 Train, download each track at ReverbNation

    371: Position groups to avoid in Seahawks 2022 Draft, Geno contract drama

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 85:06

    Geno Smith has signed a deal to stay with the Seahawks for 2022, but it wasn't without drama this week. Before the signing was announced, Baker Mayfield was interviewed on a podcast and said that he thinks that the Seahawks could be a possible landing spot for him. Does the Geno signing change things? We rank the different factors that Geno, Baker and Drew Lock all bring to the team. The NFL Draft is less than a week away. Which position group (or groups) do we light up the torches and storm the VMAC if they decide to take a player at that position. To help illustrate why taking the best available quarterback near the top of the first round could be a huge mistake, we look back to the 2011 draft class and three quarterbacks that went in the Top 12. In the second half of the show, one Do Better goes to a writer covering the Broncos who believes the starting point for a new deal is closer to the deal Derek Carr signed for than the deal that Deshawn Watson signed. Bruce Arians gets called out for comments he made in his press conference where he announced he was stepping down from coaching. Lastly, Better at Life honors go to one of the newest members of the ownership group for Seattle's hockey team.

    370: Hawkpocalypse 2.0 and the Let's Ride Curse

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 103:07

    Russell Wilson has been traded to the Denver Broncos, Bobby Wagner has signed with the Los Angeles Rams and there are multiple Seahawks players who have gone to the Pro Bowl who seem unlikely to return to the team. The second Hawkpocalypse of the Pete Carroll and John Schneider tenure is upon us. Both Wilson and Wagner had their introductory press conferences in the past couple weeks, and we check in on each of them to get more information about their departure. We also learn that Russell Wilson's new head coach is a huge Wilson fanboy and based on everything we're hearing, this move could lead to the Broncos and Wilson being cursed by the move. Bobby Wagner says he doesn't have any hate in his heart for the team, but he was bothered by John Schneider's explanation regarding why he didn't hear directly from the team about his impending release. Are there more big moves on the horizon for the team? DK Metcalf may eat a lot of candy and still have perfect abs, but even that can't make us dislike him enough to try and send him out of town to a team like the New York Jets. We discuss the reasons why differing reports about a possible trade could both be accurate. Lastly, the Razzies and Adam's latest effort to get in shape land in the 'Do Better' segment.  Better at Life honors go to a local mechanic and to the NCAA Basketball Champions.

    Seahawks 2022 NFL Draft Targets (w/Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 90:57

    Last time we checked in with Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog, the Seahawks still only had one pick in the top 50. Now they have three and are in need of a quarterback. There also wasn't a lot of positivity around the options at quarterback in the draft. Now that the Seahawks are likely to be drafting competition for Drew Lock, who are some potential options that could fit? Pete Carroll recently said the Seahawks were "loaded" at center. That could be a tell that the Seahawks are targeting that spot early on in the draft. Regardless if they pick a center early, we discuss a number of player on the offensive and defensive lines that could help upgrade a big area of need for the Seahawks. Rob talks about why Gabe Jackson's time in Seattle could be coming to an end with Damien Lewis possibly moving back to the right guard spot. Finally, we talk about some quarterback options outside of the draft and which late round picks could be used to acquire Baker Mayfield. The longer he's available, the potential is there for the Browns to pay part of his salary for the upcoming year. But what could that mean for what Seattle may be trying to build and the players who could be available at quarterback in the 2023 draft?

    369: Seahawks first post-Russell Wilson press conference draws polarized reactions

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 26, 2022 112:32

    Based on some of the clues the Seahawks are giving us, what exactly is the direction for the team in 2022? Ultimately, we'll be able to judge that better once we know who is under center to start the season. Who is the likely favorite and which quarterbacks could be an option for this year? We also discuss some of the latest players to be signed by Seattle. Following the Russell Wilson trade, head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider spoke to the Seattle media. Pete talked about his philosophy and the importance of not changing your core beliefs. So how do some of these recent moves align with that context in mind? There was one piece of commentary used to hype Drew Lock, but when it is put in its proper historic context it shows that someone is trying way to hard to hype the new Seahawks QB. Based on some of the comments from the Seahawks general manager, it seems that he may have a rookie quarterback that he likes. Which QB in this class could fit the best based on some of the tools he has. Based on listener emails and comments, it was clear there were some polarized reactions to what Pete and John had to say. Closing the show, a Denver reporter's issue with Drew Lock's departure and a podcast's commentary around Bobby Wagner deserve to be called out. Better at life honors go out to LEGO and to the football gods for their reaction to the Wilson trade.

    368: Post-trade therapy: Reasons why we didn't want to keep Russell Wilson anyway

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2022 107:52

    Seattle Seahawks fans were forced to move on from the best quarterback and the best linebacker in franchise history on the same day. For some fans, losing one hurts more than the other. As we attempt to understand the move, legacy has something to do with it whether it was Russell Wilson talking about his desire to win more Super Bowls or Pete Carroll who we have to expect has similar desires for his legacy. Pete now has an opportunity to do something that hasn't happened in the salary cap era of the NFL. In the last episode, we talked about some of the qualities we'd prefer not to have in a new quarterback. We have a list of nine reasons, submitted by a long-time listener, as to why we shouldn't be sad about moving on from Russ. In the second half of the show, we offer our first look at the quarterbacks in this year's draft to explore any potential for a future franchise quarterback. The big headlines from this past week may have taken a target off the back of one NFL player, but he still lands in our Do Better segment. Better at Life honors go out to a Seahawks legend. Support the show Get in the Flock! Visit Or visit our website for other ways to support the show Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter Listen on our free app for Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows Phone/PC Call or text: 253-235-9041 Find Sea Hawkers clubs around the world at Music from the show by The 12 Train, download each track at ReverbNation

    367: Russell Wilson traded to Denver, Bobby Wagner released by the Seahawks

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 75:19

    Is this the beginning of Hawkpocalypse 2.0? Russell Wilson traded to the Broncos, Bobby Wagner released from the Seahawks. Could there be more trades to come for Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf? Those are questions going through the minds of so many Seahawks fans after the first week of March. Even if it's just Russ and Bobby, it an end of an era in Seattle. As this era comes to a close, should it be the same regime that rebuilds? Whether or not it should be, it looks as though it must have the stamp of approval from ownership. Drew Lock, though part of the trade package, is not an answer at quarterback. We hear from our resident quarterback whisperer on the one player in the league who he'd throw his hat in with. Also, because this feels like a breakup, what qualities in a quarterback should we avoid when looking for a new leader on offense? In the second half of the show we have a brief talk about why it's not quite time to memorialize Bobby Wagner's time in Seattle, and why it deserves its own show in the future. Instead, we move on to important topics like the best place to ambush someone, because a place in the pickem league prize draft is on the line.  Adam closes the show with a Do Better for the franchise after an emotional day for Seahawks fans.

    NFL Combine Preview: Searching for aggressive future Seahawks in the trenches

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2022 67:52

    Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog checks in to talk about a draft strategy for Seattle heading into this year's NFL Combine. Where do they need to improve and what position groups should they target to improve where it could count most in 2022? It turns out that the area where the Seahawks need to improve most (on the offensive and defensive line) are particular strengths for this year's draft class. While there may not be the obvious top talent, there are some significant areas to add depth. Finding an interior pass rusher could prove difficult where the Seahawks sit in the second round, but there are options on the edge and Rob lists several players to watch over the weekend along with the drills that Pete Carroll and John Schneider have paid attention to historically. If Seattle were to pass on improving either line with their first pick, where are some other areas they could go and see immediate upgrades? Could an early pick supplant a long-time starter for Seattle? One thing is for sure, Pete Carroll and Clint Hurtt have talked about being aggressive and that most likely leads to searching for improvements on defense in the draft.

    366: Seahawks shake up defensive coaching staff, NFL QB salary narrative gets destroyed

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 27, 2022 124:26

    The Seattle Seahawks are shaking up the coaching staff on the defensive side of the football this offseason. What does it mean for potential changes schematically and what questions still remain? Clint Hurtt provided some thoughts toward issues we all saw this past season, but just how much input did he have in fixing those issues while they were happening this year? It's not just Hurtt who will look to make an impact on this Seahawks defense. Sean Desai and Karl Scott are a couple new faces and their numbers from their previous teams aren't matching up with the hype around them. On offense, Tim Hasselbeck says Russell Wilson is done in Seattle and will take over in Pittsburgh next season. However, he glosses over a critical part about why the move work for both teams. Former Steelers defensive back Ryan Clark says Russ isn't "great" and shouldn't be in the conversation among the great QBs. Quandre Diggs is going to be a free agent, but he had a response for Clark that has us ready to push a contract in front of him immediately. In the second half of the show we talk about the recovery process of dealing with some emotional football moments. We also list the Top 5 teams in the pick'em competition for the 2021 season as well as the weekly winners. There are a lot of people who still need to "Do Better" for how the season finished and Shaun White needs to stop making us feel old. Better at life honors go to a team that destroyed an ongoing narrative about quarterback salaries in the NFL and to a site that is correctly covering what will happen in the near future with Russell Wilson. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Results Support the show Get in the Flock! Visit Or visit our website for other ways to support the show Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter Listen on our free app for Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows Phone/PC Call or text: 253-235-9041 Find Sea Hawkers clubs around the world at Music from the show by The 12 Train, download each track at ReverbNation

    The Anti-bonus Catfish-ing Super Bowl Reaction Episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2022 34:03

    We recorded live after the game and this was the result. For the uncatfished version of the episode, visit our YouTube channel. 

    365: Sherman says Seahawks fans should lower Super Bowl expectations

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 5, 2022 83:49

    While watching Satan's Championship last weekend, we learned some things about ourselves that we're not proud to admit. Regardless, we discuss how we ended up having some disappointment surrounding the outcome with the Los Angeles Rams going to the Super Bowl. Can the Cincinnati Bengals save us from what feels inevitable? The news about the Seahawks defensive coordinator spot came out after we recorded this week, and we discuss the situation around former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores. While that may not have prevented him from taking a job in Seattle, his lawsuit didn't have any impact on our desire for him to take over coaching the Seahawks defense. Richard Sherman says that fans ready to move on from Pete Carroll need to be careful about what they wish for. He also seems to have heard from enough Seahawks fans about his departure and speculation about when it's time to move on from a star player that he went on a significant rant on his podcast with Cliff Avril as his guest. Hopefully next year at this time, we're talking about how silly it was to even be discussing the idea of moving on from Coach Carroll. Russell Wilson seems to have burned to the ground any concerns about whether or not his finger will cause him to have any lingering accuracy issues as he dominated the Pro Bowl skills competition. A worldwide developer and Scott Zolak need to do better this week. Alternatively, an owl and his Montana friend along with Richard Sherman are all better at life. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    364: Tom Brady is upstaging Satan's Championship

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2022 92:03

    Seahawks fans got what might be the worst possible outcome for this year's NFC Championship game. While there wasn't a whole lot of love for long-time greats Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, having one of your rivals guaranteed to make the Super Bowl makes it a tough game to watch. However, Tom Brady is upstaging the entire weekend after a report by ESPN said that he would be retiring this offseason. His TB12 Sports account congratulated Tom and then deleted the tweet when word came out that a decision has not been made. Multiple teammates even came out praising his time in the league. Were they not able to check in with him to know for sure if he's retiring? Why can't Brady just announce his decision and have a press conference when he's ready? There's a general attitude among some Seahawks fans that the franchise's general manager John Schneider is bad at drafting NFL talent. We go through some of the recent drafts to see if that narrative is correct. What's the best way to determine if Schneider is better than your average GM at picking players? In the second half of the show, we talk about why overtime rules are so hotly debated and why the current rule is fine as is even though there are some intriguing options being discussed. Closing the show we call out eBay and a writer for suggesting there are reasons to cheer for the Rams. Better at life honors go to the NFL (albeit sarcastically) and to Secret Base for a glorious 15-minute reminder of one of their greatest and most improbable comeback victories.

    363: Seahawks make first offseason move, fire Ken Norton Jr.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2022 81:49

    The Seahawks franchise may not have made the kind of coaching change that some fans were calling for this offseason, but they did make the move that we figured would be the most likely. Defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. is out after spending 2010-2014 as linebackers coach for the team and as DC since his return in 2018. Seattle will also be looking for a new coach in the secondary and at quarterback coach. So where do they go next? Do they promote from within? Do they hire a coach who Pete Carroll has history with? Or do they find someone with head coaching experience that can collaborate with Pete Carroll and offer a dynamic we haven't quite seen during his time in Seattle? We discuss why finding a coordinator with head coaching experience is preferred over someone who has never made the jump from coordinator to head coach. In the second half of the show, we discuss the playoff games that our NFC West rivals took part in and how the divisional round should be the end of their playoff journey. A former Seahawks player gets a strong Do Better, and we question why media members at Dak Prescott's press conference didn't seem to be too concerned with his post-game commentary until the following day. Better at Life honors go out to a long-time listener for finding evidence of the NFL's favoritism in Rams coverage and to the developers at Google for honoring a legend. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    362: The final Seahawks game shows exactly where to focus the roster in 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 14, 2022 75:37

    Where was that team all season? The Seahawks showed emotion, they showed an ability to come back despite adversity, and they demonstrated how they can dominate a team on the ground to set things up for deep shots down field. We got a peak at what we thought this offense could be before the season started. We even saw a competent pass rush in the second half versus Arizona. They even did it without some of their top defensive talent. So what does it mean for the offseason? Who will be coming back in 2022? Who should the Seahawks want to bring back next year? The game against Arizona showed the one area of the team that needs to be at peak performance for the entire year and should be the biggest focus of the offseason (which also should have been the biggest focus of the previous offseason). With an expectation that Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson will return next season, what is one big change the franchise should make considering their last place finish in the NFC West? Based on history, it's something we should have an answer about toward the middle of next week if there is going to be a change. Plus, we look at some of the key free agents and some ballpark numbers of what we think they'll sign for ahead of (or in) free agency. In the second half of the show, we discuss the list of teams we'd be interested in seeing making a run at the Super Bowl and the only team in the NFC we can moderately cheer for. What's the worst possible Super Bowl matchup? Finally, our team's terrible schedule luck and a rival stadium need to Do Better. Plus, an author with a unique philosophy and a Seattle Kraken fan are each Better at Life. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    361: Russell Wilson is once again fueling offseason speculation

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2022 86:13

    The Seahawks scored more than 50 points in a game for just the fifth time in franchise history. The victory over the Lions gave us a glimpse of what the Seattle offense could look like with an o-line that had the ability to routinely dominate their opponent. But we did see things happen against the Lions that happened all too often during the regular season that remain a cause for concern. Pete Carroll said he doesn't have to mess with the reports of Russ going anywhere this offseason, because he says he knows what's actually going on and doesn't need to follow the agendas of others. However, is Russell Wilson providing fuel for that speculation through some of his recent commentary? Seattle now travels down to Arizona for the final game of the regular season and the opportunity to close the season out with a win (something that hasn't happened since the 2013 season). Hopefully Colt McCoy isn't back under center. We're also hoping for a Rams win this weekend? Gross. We touch on the Antonio Brown scene that happened in New York and discuss why Brown is the more sympathetic figure in this scenario. We close the show with Adam calling out a law that could ban a carbon neutral source of home heat in the winter and a reality star who is giving up her professions rather than scaling back operations to reasonable level. Better at life honors go to the great Betty White for being a friend to us all. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    360: There's nothing automatic in football

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2021 91:29

    It's another full team failure to discuss after a loss to the Bears on Sunday. While we continue to see the same issues week-to-week with the team, we wonder who (if anyone) will be held accountable in the offseason. The latest press conference this week with Pete Carroll makes it sound as though he doesn't feel any heat from ownership. Would it even make sense financially to make the move for the team? The second half collapse by the team, gave us an opportunity to see if Russell Wilson could pull off another fourth quarter comeback. Unfortunately penalties and missed opportunities didn't even allow Seattle to get into a position to score. Can Russell Wilson get out of neutral and back into a winning mindset? Two of the three division rivals are set up for first round losses in the playoffs, but we should have a chance to take a look at the 49ers rookie quarterback in some high-pressure situations. Is there any team in the NFC that we can stand to root for going into the playoffs? Adam is looking for an app to save his stories that offers "toddler level" understanding and Brandan is looking for more Nick Bellore videos. Better at life honors go out to a football icon. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    359: An event the league desperately wanted the Rams to win

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2021 86:45

    The Los Angeles Rams (and the NFL) had a hand in the Seattle Seahawks finishing with their first losing season in Russell Wilson's career. From moving the game back from its originally scheduled time and giving more time for key Rams players to return to the field, the shift was already a clear disadvantage for the Seahawks. But with two key officiating calls, and many other questionable calls and non-calls, this game felt as rigged like no other game since the first Seahawks Super Bowl. We talk about all of the questionable calls, the decision by the league and the NFLPA to shift the game and the moments where the team could have made plays to avoid yet another loss to the CATFISH-ING Rams. How will the team move forward going into next season? Who do we want to come back? We get the discussion going on what is likely to continue into and through the offseason. Looking ahead to the Bears, we wonder how much we'll have to hear about the offseason trade rumors surrounding Russell Wilson going to Chicago. Would we take that trade a year later? And based on what we've seen from Seattle so far, can we expect the team to continue to play hard to finish the year? In the second half of the show, we attempt to get over the frustration from this Tuesday's loss and wonder what would have happened if the outbreak in the Seattle facility had turned out as bad as the Rams after shifting the game. We take our frustration on the league in the Do Better segment for throwing the NFLPA under the bus and for jamming commercials into one of our favorite NFL podcasts. Better at Life honors go to a couple of awesome women in the world. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    Seahawks need win vs Rams to remain in playoff hunt

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 67:52

    After the Seahawks 33-13 win over the Houston Texans, we're now starting to see the Seahawks show up in the 'in the hunt' section of the playoff picture. But can they stay there especially with a division rival up next on the schedule? Clinton Bonner joins the show with Brandan this week, as Adam is on an extended work trip to recap the biggest plays from the Texans game. Tyler Lockett's performance this season now puts his name among the top wide receivers in franchise history while Rashaad Penny showed us some reasons to be excited about what he could bring to the team down the stretch this year. Lockett may be out against the game coming up against the Rams, but they rules for players to return could offer hope for Tyler and others to play on Sunday. The biggest question coming into this game is how will (or will) Pete Carroll change things up after it seems the Rams have the Seahawks number. We discuss what may be the best stat line range for Russell Wilson to seemingly be at his best, and talk about a Rams player who needs to be kept out of the end zone for Seattle to have their best chance to win. Finally, we take a couple listener emails in the latter part of the show, while Brandan talks about some of the experiences down in Houston for this past road game.

    358: The Seahawks just won our 2021 'Super Bowl'

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 95:39

    In a season where your team is 4-8 after 12 games, and since it's not a place we're used to being at, it feels important to mark the high points of a season. This latest win over the San Francisco 49ers may just have to be that high point we're looking for, because this game had everything. We list of the bingo card full of events that happened from Sunday's game and we probably still missed some key moments. The Seahawks 30-23 victory really had no reason to be that close considering the number of turnovers and how they turned it over on the goal line multiple times. Fortunately Carlos Dunlap is able to come through as our closer and make some big plays on defense to get the win. Is the more aggressive version of Pete Carroll better for this Seahawks team if it means passing on a late field goal that could have ended the game? We also discuss the season-ending injury to Jamal Adams and the continued recovery of Russell Wilson. There are two games left on the schedule that the Seahawks absolutely should not and cannot lose. This is one of those weeks as Seattle takes on the Houston Texans, the only team in the NFL mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. If the Texans play anything like they did against their division rivals last week when they faced the Colts, Seattle shouldn't have anything to worry about.  We discuss the playoff outlook for the Seahawks (as bleak as it is), while the 49ers are considered to have a better than 60% chance to get in. We take your emails and discuss some historic moments from the past few years that could have changed the direction of the team. A random Saints fan and Peter Schraeger need to 'Do Better.' We close the show by honoring Joe Buck for his zinger to Peyton Manning and Robert Turbin for his second-half clairvoyance.  2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    357: Seahawks fans now have an idea what it's like being a Niners fan

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 99:05

    The Seattle Seahawks continue to lose, but they lost in a way this week that gave us hope in the end that they could pull out the win. Ultimately, there were too many mistakes by the offense, and it was another performance by the defense that allowed their opponent to work their way down the field with relative ease. The 17-15 loss to the Washington Football Team sends the Seahawks to 3-8 and just one loss from a losing season with six games left. Pete Carroll had some commentary after the game that has Adam thinking that the offense was turned over to Russell Wilson and Shane Waldron. But does Pete have the formula for how to ultimately play winning football with some of the shifts we've seen in the NFL? What about the idea of moving toward starting Geno Smith and what that would mean for Wilson's future? Next up on the schedule is the San Francisco 49ers and they're coming off wins over the Rams, Jaguars and Vikings. Can they continue their streak with a win in Seattle? Not only have they struggled against the Seahawks, they'll be without Deebo Samuel and Fred Warner. In the second half of the show we talk about how the playoff picture is shaping up and then work through our "lock" of the week. The NFL Gamepass app and a writer covering the Patriots need to do better, while Better at Life honors go to the features of NFL satellite radio and the players participating in the My Cause My Cleats program. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    356: Pete Carroll is a stats nerd

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 94:44

    The Seattle Seahawks have now lost to a Colt McCoy quarterbacked team for back-to-back seasons. The latest loss to the Arizona Cardinals was especially frustrating because we saw a Seahawks defense that allowed McCoy to throw to the open guy right in the middle of the field.  The issues we're seeing on both offense and defense appear to boil down to one common theme. Pete Carroll is a stats nerd. Of course we know that it's all about the ball and avoiding turnovers has been important to Pete for winning games, but there is an emphasis on explosive plays that seems to drive both the offense and defense. On defense, it's the focus on avoiding the explosive plays that offers Colt McCoy a 5-yard cushion around the receiver that is right in front of him in the middle of the field. On offense, it's the avoidance of taking those same throws or running plays that set up those easy throws and the defense can sit back in zone and focus on covering the deepest parts of the field. Now that the Seahawks are 3-7, we talk about what we'd like to see changed in the way they operate for the rest of the season. It can start this week against the Washington Football Team and a quarterback that can make a lot of big throws, but also takes chances. It's also a defense that isn't quite as tough as we saw last season. In the second half of the show, we look to continue our winning streak to three straight games for our "lock" of the week. 49ers fans are likely going to come crashing back down to earth after their big win over the Jaguars last weekend. We take your emails throughout the show as we discuss the topics that are important to you and explain why an announcer from the last Seahawks game and Pete Carroll need to Do Better. Better at Life honors go to a test mission in space and to our members of the Flock. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    355: Shutout extends Seahawks Lambeau curse

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 88:35

    The streak of losses continued at Lambeau Field this past Sunday. Russell Wilson returned to the lineup, but was not his usual self. We discuss some of the missed throws, bad decisions, and adjustments the team could make until Russ can return to full health. Although the scoreboard showed a 17-0 loss, the argument is made that the 3-0 score through the first three quarters was more of an indicator of the team's performance. However, the team is now 3-6 and leaves the team in a difficult position to try and make the playoffs. With the two-loss Arizona Cardinals next up on the schedule, Seattle is now in must-win territory to have any shot at extending their season beyond 17 games. Can Seattle find a way to hold Chandler Jones to fewer than five sacks this week? In the second half of the show, we discuss our big win with the Panthers dominating the Cardinals last week. We look to build on that with out pick for this next week's "big win." Supermarkets trying to deceive their customers and 49ers stadium security (as well as a Rams fan) need to do better. Better at life honors go to John Boyle for highlighting his favorite member of the Golden Girls and to Russell Wilson for the work he put in to return to the field. Join Brandan on the Wisdom app at 7pm PT after Sunday's game! 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    354: No more pin. Time to win.

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 67:42

    The Seahawks are coming off their bye week and Russell Wilson isn't the only Seahawks player ready to return. Chris Carson, Dee Eskridge and Nigel Warrior are all back in practice this week, but we'll have to wait and see what their status is on gameday. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers status is up in the air for Sunday, but it sound fairly confident that he'll be able to recover from testing positive despite the short window of time. If Rodgers can't make it back, the Seahawks may have to take a playbook from the Chiefs defense and put significant pressure on Jordan Love. Odell Beckham Jr. watch has taken up a portion of the bye week excitement as well. While Seahawks fans were willing to bring in Josh Gordon for another look, we discuss another player comparable to the type of risk that it could bring for the Seahawks or any other team in the league. In the second half of the show, we talk about how San Francisco 49ers fans are having to come to grips with the fact that their team is bad. However, they've had the Rams number in recent years for some reason. Can they manage a win come Monday night? How about the Arizona Cardinals continuing their five-game slide (since a win over the 49ers doesn't count). NFL refs and the way the NFL backs their refs is deserving of a Do Better, while Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson's doctor earn the top honors for this week's show. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    353: A new phrase for dominating the Jaguars

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 45:23

    The Seahawks head into their bye week with a 31-7 performance where they dominate the Jacksonville Jaguars. Dominate is one way to put it. Putting a spanking on them is another. Combine that with an alternative feline name for the Jags and you have the unofficial title for this week's show. Seattle heads into their bye week at 3-5, which is one game behind where we really wanted to see them following the Russell Wilson injury. But before we get there, we talk about one of the dumber celebration penalties we've seen in the NFL and hear the reaction from Pete Carroll when the official attempted to explain the penalty to the Seahawks coach. Next week, we'll be back to look ahead to the Packers game and their quarterback situation. Looking at the QB situation in the NFC West, Stafford seems to be in the best shape with Kyler out the next couple weeks and the 49ers with their indecision at who they want to start. A Do Better goes to the person responsible for suboptimal sound quality this week and to Joe Buck for his World Series call. Better at Life honors go to Greg Gumbel's sidekick and to the Seahawks latest Ring of Honor member. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    352: The Seahawks season now hinges on the hinges of Wilson's finger

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 90:40

    With the latest 13-10 loss to the New Orleans Saints, and a game that was in their grasp to get the win in front of the home crowd, it brings up more questions about this Seattle Seahawks team. When Geno Smith came in after Russ went down in the Rams game, the way he played and the flow of the offense made us all believe there was a plan on how best to use Smith. Has anything changed with the offense to help Geno? The Seahawks failed in so many areas against the Saints. After the touchdown to DK Metcalf, Seattle had fewer than 50 net yards passing. The defense failed to stop the one guy who they were focused on stopping. Special teams missed two field goals and didn't have any game changing punts and the team had some penalties that hurt them (plus some missed calls and bad calls). Looking ahead to the Jacksonville Jaguars game, there is no guarantee for a win despite how poorly the Jags defense has played this year. Rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence will likely make one or two plays that will show why he went first overall this season, James Robinson is a talented running back, and they've shown an ability to put points on the board against teams early in games. In the second half of the show, we talk about the latest injury impacting the Arizona Cardinals, the situations the San Francisco 49ers are currently in, and how the Rams are likely going to be the most consistent team in the NFC West this year. Adam and a former Cougars coach both need to do better, while better at life honors go to a former colony of honey bees and to Matt Hasselbeck for his speech to the 12s at his Ring of Honor induction Monday night. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    351: Time for Pete Carroll to take more risks

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 70:58

    In the Seahawks first loss with Geno Smith as the starter, Pete Carroll showed us early on in the game against the Steelers that he was not ready to take more risks. But now that the Seahawks are 2-4 on the season, and in desperate need to win back-to-back games heading into the bye week, more risk is necessary to keep the team alive in the playoff hunt. In this week's show we talk about the second-half comeback and the defensive play that allowed Geno one more shot at a win. Are the Seahawks going to get good Jameis or bad Jameis in this week's game against the Saints? Either way, the focus will be on stopping Alvin Kamara. He was also the guy to stop back in 2019 and still he combined for 150+ rushing and receiving yards and two touchdowns. With injuries to Alex Collins and Chris Carson, they may have to rely on a combination of Rashaad Penny, DeeJay Dallas and Travis Homer. In the second half of the show we reassess the outlook on the Arizona Cardinals. We also offer yet another reminder of the pick'em league rules as we attempt an iron fist policy on the Seahawks picks. Amazon, a writer, and a "bonus" creates a trio of Do Better this week before we load on on a quintet of Better at Life awardees.   2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    350: Mallet Finger Drama

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 95:33

    The Seahawks organization and fans have entered uncharted territory in the Russell Wilson era. For the first time, it appears as though we'll be watching another quarterback start under center  since 2012. What does that mean for the team? Drama. It's likely to create a ton of drama unless certain conditions are met over the course of the next few games. We talk about what those conditions are, and why seeing Geno Smith play well over the next few games could have a big impact on the franchise moving forward. How about Geno though? He comes in and moves the team down the field on a 98-yard touchdown drive. He even had the opportunity late in the game to engineer a game-winning drive. Normally those situations come with a lot of added stress. Did anyone feel stressed in that moment? If not, does that mean the rest of this season could have a very different feeling than previous years? Looking ahead to the schedule, what are the expectations for this team considering the level of play we've seen from other teams in the conference. We look ahead to the schedule and see what win-loss markers the team will need to hit to make it into the playoffs. In the second half of the show, we talk about Russell Wilson continued optimism and discuss the other teams in the division. Cole Beasley and at least four teams in the pick'em need to Do Better. Better at life honors go to Lamar Jackson and our Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    349: This is why Niners fans HATE Russell Carrington Wilson

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 69:29

    Another win against the San Francisco 49ers and another demonstration of why Niners fans hate Russell Wilson. In his 100th regular season win of his career, we got to watch another highlight moment from Russ. Plus it came after the 49ers defense was dominating the Seattle offense through most of the first half. It wasn't a perfect game, but with the vintage Wilson, a big hit from Bellore, and some solid runs from Alex Collins - it gives the Seahawks a nice win heading into another rivalry game against the catfish-ing Rams. Los Angeles is coming off of a loss to the undefeated Arizona Cardinals (which feels weird to type, but we look ahead to why it's not going to last long). Adam breaks down what the Rams struggled with the most from their matchup with the Cardinals. The Rams also struggle against the Seahawks when Seattle wears their neon green uniforms. Everything could be lining up well for the team to bounce back from the losses to the Titans and Vikings. In the second half of the show, we take a look around the league at some of the other games from this past week. With the short week, we'll catch up on the Week 4 winners in pick'em next episode. Look for the next tiny piece of Seahawks stuff coming up as well. We close out the show talking about squirrels and greedy moving companies while honoring a Boston reporter and our Seahawks quarterback. 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Support the show Get in the Flock! Visit Or visit our website for other ways to support the show Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter Listen on our free app for Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows Phone/PC Call or text: 253-235-9041 Find Sea Hawkers clubs around the world at Music from the show by The 12 Train, download each track at ReverbNation

    348: It's not your fault . . . it's not your fault (for this Seahawks loss)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 77:08

    Any time there are two losses in a row, it brings out a lot of questions about who is to blame. Especially on our show where we try and look at ourselves first to see what we may be doing wrong in our own lives on gameday. But there is particular area to direct the blame this week. We take a look back at the Vikings game, discuss the signing of Richard Sherman with Tampa and speculate on what might happen if the season continues in this direction. Fortunately, the 49ers are next up for the Seahawks and they're facing a quarterback they don't have to be as concerned about when it comes to getting beat deep. If the defense changes it's approach from the last two weeks, it could be a good week for getting their mindset straightened out. But Russell Wilson also has a formidable front seven that he's facing this week, so it's not going to be easy. In the second half of the show, Michael in San Diego comes in with some in depth talk about his 'breakfast' situation the past couple weeks. Fortunately that is something that should be resolved this week. Reporters talking about the Rams and Tom Brady's extremely minor health issue need to do better. Better at life honors go to an NFL kicker and to the Australian birds. Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    347: The inches the Seahawks needed were everywhere around them

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 77:58

    In the movie Any Given Sunday, Al Pacino's character talks to the team about how there are inches everywhere in the game of football. In Sunday's game against the Titans, there were several moments that had they gone an inch in the other direction, it could have made a different in the outcome. But there were also things within their control that players on the team struggled to keep in control and it led to some penalties that also cost the team some of those valuable inches. In this show, we look at all of the different areas that deserve some blame. Whether it's coaching, how certain players performed in the most critical moments or areas that have gone overlooked relative to other aspects of the game. The Seahawks now go on the road to take on a Vikings team that has played in back-to-back games they should have won. Instead, they come into their first home game of the season winless. Can Russell Wilson continue his winning streak against a former collegiate rival? In the second half of the show we discuss the performances of the teams in the NFC West this past weekend and which teams impressed or underperformed. We learn why the Acid Queen is no longer going to be attending professional sporting events and we discuss a Seattle-area business that is helping to fight homelessness in the area through a local partnership. Register for the 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    346: Mailbag - How to handle gameday dilemmas

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2021 38:49

    Is it a show worth numbering? Is it a bonus show? Or does it count as a real episode because it contains a key element found now in nearly every show. We continue with some of your emails and commentary from earlier in the week. We discuss the pick'em league winners from this past week and offer needed advice to those of you who may be struggling with how to appropriately manage your Hawkra on Sunday. Adam calls out podcast analysts who believe performances are either great or terrible while Brandan goes after PFT for their treatment of Cowboys legend Leon Lett. Better at Life honors go to an opponent from last week's game and to our quarterback Russell C. Wilson.

    345: Holy catfish! This offense is explosive!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 90:43

    In the first game of the regular season, the Seahawks new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron removed any concerns about his ability to call plays and showed that he call plays around the coverages that the team struggled with at the end of last season. One passing play led Steve Raible to call out the title of this week's episode. Though that may have been the area we had the biggest questions, it was the Seahawks defense that may have had a more impressive performance overall. At the very least it surpassed expectations heading into Week 1. Watching the rival Arizona Cardinals take on the Tennessee Titans in the first game of their season helped to alleviate any fears about the offensive potency of the pairing Julio Jones with A.J. Brown. But this game will likely go differently now that the Titans realize that allowing a team's best pass rusher to regularly go unblocked at the quarterback is a terrible strategy. If the Teennessee offensive line struggled at home, how will they do in front of all the screaming fans at Lumen Field? We start the second half of the show with a brand new segment looking at the NFC West rivals and the notable performances within the division. Plus, we talk about our rough plans for those of you joining us at the game this Sunday. Support a fellow member of the Flock: Register for the 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    344: ESPN simulations and Pete Prisco underestimate the Seahawks heading into Week 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 65:46

    The first game of the 2021 NFL season kicks off for the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. They face off against quarterback Carson Wentz (who the Seahawks have a perfect record against). Since 2014, opponents have a perfect record against the Colts in their Week 1 game. Plus the Seahawks have been nearly perfect when playing in the 10am PT time slot in recent years. Can all those things add up to a win for Seattle? Of course there are actual matchups to talk about and Jonathan Taylor may be the most challenging one. Poona Ford, Al Woods, Bobby Wagner and Jordyn Brooks are going to need to have a good day and plugging up the defensive interior. Otherwise it will give Wentz plenty of 3rd and short opportunities to convert. Just how far ahead of the Seahawks are the Colts in Pete Prisco's power rankings? We discuss it in the latest installment of Prisco's World. Later on, in Do Better, we find out where one of the ESPN simulations suggests the Seahawks will finish in terms of their record. Plus, the Missoula breakfast burrito place that is worth the wait (but you may not have to wait). Better at life honors go to a piece of space technology and to the Saints for their strategic work heading into Week 1. Register for the 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    343: The Seahawks cut down to their initial 53-man roster

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2021 69:18

    We are celebrating the official end of the offseason! Next week we'll be previewing the first Seahawks game of the 2021 season when they take on the Colts. However, this week, we are running down the Seahawks roster after Pete Carroll and John Schneider made their cuts down to 53. There were some interesting choices on offense as Seattle kept three quarterbacks, but only decided to hold onto four wide receivers. We also look at the practice squad and that's where so many of the receivers ended up. On defense, there is a lot of optimism around the defensive line, but the team could still use some veteran help on the interior. The Seahawks recognize that they still need help at cornerback because they continued to add to the group this week after the cuts. Sidney Jones was brought it to compete at corner. Could he end up taking over for Tre Flowers who earned his starting spot to kick off the season? In the second half of the show, we talk about the 49ers quarterback situation and contrast it with what's going on in New England. We also follow up on a conversation from the previous show and learn from a listener how Abe Lincoln used to like to pick fights. If you're outside the Seattle area and struggle to find ways to watch the games, several listeners chime in with their different strategies for watching the Seahawks. Do better call outs go to Adam's neighbor for rejecting his fantasy football advice and to Scott Zolak for wanting Cam Newton to essentially get off his lawn. Better at life honors go to the suckers who bought Adam's old vehicle and to Blitz for helping to raise money for shoes for kids. Register for the 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Support the show Get in the Flock! Visit Or visit our website for other ways to support the show Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter Listen on our free app for Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows Phone/PC Call or text: 253-235-9041 Find Sea Hawkers clubs around the world at Music from the show by The 12 Train, download each track at ReverbNation

    342: Seattle Seahawks 2021 Season Expectations

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2021 111:00

    Through the first two games of the 2021 preseason, the Seattle Seahawks haven't done much to impress fans. They've lost in back to back games and most recently a 30-3 loss to the Denver Broncos. As we fight through the sleepless nights telling ourselves that preseason doesn't matter with the reminder that we haven't seen starters playing, what are some of the things we've learned from these first two games? Does it give us any clue to how the season might play out? In our annual season expectations show, we take what we've learned through the first two games and flash back to the end of last season to lay out what we think should become of our 2021 Seahawks. We go through all of the biggest question marks regarding this year's team and point out the reasons for optimism at other areas. Can Russell Wilson bounce back from maybe the worst span of games during the second half of last season? And Pete Carroll revealed something about Shane Waldron this last week that offers the offense a different dynamic than it has had compared to any of the previous coordinators. In the second half of the show we talk about how the 49ers appear to be leaning away from Trey Lance starting to kick off the season. The Rams have traded multiple picks for a player who has seen about as much success on the field as Rashaad Penny. Do better call outs go to a Bay Area newspaper for correlating two very unrelated health issues and to a local middle school for being a bit too wordy. Better at life nods go some of the most special members of the Seahawks organization both past and present. Register for the 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    341: Jamal Adams signs 4-year extension, 'Know' the Cardinals

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2021 83:06

    After trading two first round picks for Jamal Adams last year, the Seahawks have now signed the star safety to a record-setting contract that is set to keep him with the team through 2025. Seattle also frees up nearly $5 million in cap space by making the deal and hopefully it offers them flexibility to pay a couple other veteran players who would like to stay with the team beyond this season. We talk about how news from earlier in the week was an indication that both sides were ready to close the deal. Seahawks backup players saw their first preseason action in Las Vegas on Saturday. Geno Smith took a monster hit which means we could see more of Alex McGough coming up against the Broncos. We talk about some of the challenges the team had against the Raiders and discuss whether the new preseason format will change how the Seahawks get their starting players prepared for the regular season. Finally, before the break, we talk a bit more about the overrated Arizona Cardinals to close out the Know Your Rival series. PFF recently ranked the NFL's top defensive lines and the Seahawks were nearly at the very bottom. Is there an argument to be made about the accuracy of the assessment? We talk politics in the 'Do Better' segment regarding a constituent who has a problem with his state's governor. We also take issue with a podcast advertiser who says we don't have 'actual sponsors.' Plus, a Better at Life nod for the person who helped seal the deal between Jamal Adams and the Seahawks. Register for the 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    340: San Francisco 49ers - Know Your Rival 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 81:03

    Recapping the first week of training camp is simple. Several players look like they're in the best shape of their career, other players are hyped to high levels of expectations, and some players want better contracts. Jamal Adams is one of those players who wants a deal before the season. We talk about why we think the middle of the month is the right time to see a deal get done, and why Duane Brown should also get an extension if he's truly looking for one and not just resting. The Know Your Rival series continues with the San Francisco 49ers and a discussion around how hyped fans are that Trey Lance hit one really good throw in training camp. But this isn't a team that's built to attack by air, it's a team that should feature a strong run game. The defensive line is one of the best in the division, but what about the back seven outside of Fred Warner? There's also the question of just how much the loss of their former defensive coordinator will have on the team. In the second half of the show we talk about the average beer consumption by fan base and the famous Sean/Shawn's that we missed from the previous show. We discuss planned changes for this year's pick'em league as well as a really cool signed helmet that will go to the person with the best picks. John Skipper and people who are praising Matt Stafford after practicing through a thumb injury need to do better. Better at Life honors go out to a member of the flock for providing a cabin cooling solution and to  Lauren Taylor of for some amazing Seahawks artwork. Register for the 2021 Podcast Pick'em League Pick'em League Home at CBS Sports

    339: Los Angeles Rams - Know Your Rival 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 95:01

    The 2021 football season is upon us as training camp starts this week. Will Jamal Adams sign a new deal? Reports are that it's going to happen, but at the same time neither side is close. If the Aaron Rodgers situation has taught us anything, it's that a new contract is likely right around the corner. It wasn't a good couple weeks for former Seahawks as Richard Sherman was recently arrested. We discuss the details of the incident. Mychal Kendricks is going to jail for one day for his involvement in insider trading. That was a case surrounding him in Seattle and it's finally been resolved. The Los Angeles Rams made a big move this offseason in trading Jared Goff for Matt Stafford. We discuss how the new Rams quarterback landed on a list Football Outsiders recently released and it's not one any franchise wants to be a part of. So did the Rams level up in the way that Michael Brockers thinks they did? The defense is likely to level down considering the loss of Brockers, John Johnson and former defensive coordinator Brandon Staley. Head coach Sean McVay has been busy podcasting this offseason and it has provided us with additional reasons to fuel your sports hate for the Rams this year. A big announcement in the second half of the show as we hit a big milestone and we still have tickets available if anyone wants to join us at the Seahawks home opener against the Titans. After our list of overrated teams last week, we revisit some of the selections as we welcome some new members to the Flock. Mike Florio is back in the Do Better segment along with a loyal listener of the show. Finally, we talk about why the CDC and a moose are Better at Life Than Skip Bayless. Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    338: The most overrated NFL teams going into 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 79:18

    Following the NFL Draft this year, the Seahawks were considered big winners by picking up some of the top-ranked undrafted free agents. One of those UDFAs, Tamorrion Terry, was indicted on felony murder chargers this week for a shooting back in 2018. Seattle was quick to cut him and it happened to be hours before Josh Gordon announced he was applying for reinstatement. Maybe the most important news is that the Seahawks are finally going to have the opportunity to wear throwback uniforms. Now we just have to wait for the official announcement. Which teams are the most overrated going into the 2021 NFL season? The settled definition of overrated is that you are better off lighting $100 on fire rather than placing a bet for that team to win the Super Bowl. Getting input from the Flock, the Rams, Cowboys, Bucs, 49ers, Cardinals, Browns and Titans were among those teams mentioned most offense. Do the Kansas City Chiefs deserve to be included in this pack considering the changes they've gone through this offseason? We discuss the latest charges Frank Clark is facing from a recent incident that involves some questionable decision-making. The winner of June's Tiny Piece of Seahawks Stuff is announced. Visit and comment 'Go Hawks' for a chance at this month's tiny piece. An anti-griller needs to do better along with anyone who sets off fireworks in areas of high fire danger. Better at life honors go to Carl Nassib for a message that went largely overlooked and to comedian Kabir Singh, a Seahawks fan who is competing on America's Got Talent. Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    337: The reality of the Seahawks offseason reality is the real reality

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 19, 2021 78:48

    Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll both had some newsworthy quotes coming out of the week of minicamp, but it was a quote from Tyler Lockett that should have Seahawks fans excited around the potential of the new offense in 2021. Lockett spoke directly to issues the team had throughout the final weeks of last season and the importance of addressing those issues this year. Russell Wilson also talked about the new offense, but the majority of questions for him surrounded the offseason drama. At least he had the opportunity to give us the "real reality" of how he saw things. Jamal Adams is due for a new contract and was excused from minicamp. Does Jamal deserve to be paid as the highest safety or at a contract similar to some of the best outside linebackers? Duane Brown has also expressed the desire for a new contract and we discuss why that could be really good news for Wilson and the Seahawks. One player not looking for a new contract is punter Michael Dickson who is locked up for the next five years with the team and his now paid among the top punters in the NFL. In the second half of the show we talk about the Seahawks defense and which issues are critical to the team's success beyond this year. Russ mentioned how odd it was to see Carlos Dunlap wearing number 8. Does it create a similar clash that has been an issue in the past with wide receivers who pick numbers in the teens? Generation Z and media outlets who use the phrase "is getting criticism on Twitter" need to Do Better. Better at Life honors go to a member of the media who called out bad questions at press conferences and to Ryan Fitzpatrick for the way he showed up to his first day of work. Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    336: Seahawks now a 'favorite' to trade for Julio Jones

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 95:00

    Last week the word on the street was the Atlanta Falcons wanted a first round pick to trade future Hall of Fame wide receiver Julio Jones. Now, after an appearance on Undisputed, it seems much more likely that a trade will happen. We take a listen to the phone call that definitely wasn't an impromptu tv moment and talk about the Seahawks as an odds on favorite to trade for Jones. Considering what Julio said during the call, Seattle does make some sense in terms of his landing spot. While Julio would offer the potential to impact the offense, there is a bigger area of need and a player who may be available to fill that need. Ahkello Witherspoon is a name of a player currently on the team who could fill a critical need, but does his latest press conference inspire confidence that he could be that guy? If you look at the latest starting roster projection for Seattle, Witherspoon seems to be a favorite to be a starter. But will it last? In the second half of the show we discuss Russell Wilson's support for Naomi Osaka skipping out on a post match press conference. Maybe Osaka should take a page from the playbook of a former Seahawks player or maybe we could just be okay with allowing athletes to decide if they want to speak to the media or not after an event. Closing the show we talk about a 'conspiracy theory' involving Tim Tebow as well as a spooky event involving one of Adam's neighbors.  Better at life honors go to Seahawks reporter Michael-Shaun Dugar for his nomination for a prominent award in sports media and to a nuc of bees that has a new home. Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    335: Metcalf ran, Carroll chewed, and the 2021 schedule was released

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2021 111:22

    Earlier this month, DK Metcalf showed up on the track to attempt to qualify for the Olympics. It may not have gone as he hoped, but we take a look at the event as well as Pete Carroll's reaction to it during his latest appearance on the Rich Eisen show. Coach Carroll said there are bigger things to come for DK beyond the football field, but didn't give any further details. Pete did offer some thoughts on the Russell Wilson offseason situation and what to expect (kind of) from their new offense with Shane Waldron as the coordinator. Most importantly, we got key details on Pete's gum chewing gameday regimen. Dave Bloomquist, a.k.a. Hong Kong Hawk, joins the show to break down the schedule as he does every year. In terms of rest days for opponents, the middle stretch of the season could be the most difficult. But it's offset with seemingly weaker opponents and a bye week before one of the toughest games on the schedule. Plus, the Rams may have received the tougher draw in terms of schedule this year despite their second place finish. The Seahawks held rookie minicamp and we offer our quick takeaways to what we heard about the draft picks and undrafted rookie free agents. Julio Jones is on the trade block and there's a veteran right tackle who has a possible link to Seattle. Pete Prisco also offered up his draft grade for Seattle, so we have to take a trip to Prisco's World to check in on that. Do better call outs go to Adam's new satellite radio for their two weeks of recommendations and Brandan has an ultimatum for Nesquik after their new ad campaign is a terrible look for DK Metcalf. Better at life honors go to a fashion fascist and to a Cardinals beat writer.  Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    334: Reflecting on the 2021 Seahawks draft process, 49ers selection of Trey Lance

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2021 60:01

    Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog returns to the show to take a look back on the Seahawks draft process as well as their selections. Each of the picks addressed team needs we focused on heading into the draft, but what does it say about their process overall? Rob talks about a recent interview that he did that revealed to him why the Seahawks preferred a wide receiver over getting one of the top centers on the board. We discuss a couple undrafted players who were expected to be taken in the draft and their likelihood of making the 53-man roster for the upcoming season. Closing the show, Rob has some strong opinions on the 49ers selection of Trey Lance and their decision to give up multiple future first-round picks for the opportunity. Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    333: Seattle Seahawks 2021 Draft Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2021 114:13

    John Schneider and Pete Carroll went into this year's 2021 NFL Draft with only three draft picks after using their other picks to acquire known talent. Jamal Adams and Carlos Dunlap were acquired in 2020 and are both under contract to remain with the team through 2021. Gabe Jackson was picked up in a trade this offseason with the Las Vegas Raiders to add to the offensive line after the departure of Mike Iupati. However, the Seahawks have never picked fewer than five players in a draft in the entire history of the franchise. But the Seahawks GM only made two trades on draft day and still finished with only three picks. First off the board for Seattle was WR D'Wayne Eskridge of Western Michigan. The guys talk about the thought process that may have gone into taking a skill player here rather than improving the offensive line, particularly with some of the top centers still on the board. Outside cornerback depth was a concern coming into this last week, and it's well known the type of corner Seattle likes to draft, so why did the Seahawks take Oklahoma cornerback Tre Brown? Pete Carroll may be adapting to what we're seeing in the NFC West and in the NFL. In the sixth round, the Seahawks traded up for offensive tackle Stone Forsythe. Despite some of his perceived weaknesses, taking him that late in the draft was a "no-brainer," but it also highlighted an area where Seattle tended not to budge on what they looked for in the past. Plus, we look at some of the top undrafted free agents. In the second half of the show, we talk about the 49ers selection of Tre Lance with the third overall pick and the decision to trade two future first round picks to make that deal (when maybe they didn't need to). Aaron Rodgers managed to steal the spotlight ahead of the first round, which was almost certainly 100% intentional after what the Packers did to him last year. Do Better call outs go anyone who dragged Russ into the new Rodgers story and to our buddy Gerrad. DK Metcalf gets Better at Life honors along with Dan Hanzus of Around the NFL. Post 'Go Hawks' in the comments for the latest

    332: Seattle Seahawks 2021 Draft Preview (Part 2)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2021 44:08

    Back with part two of our discussion as Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog previews some of the defensive players who could be on Seattle's radar. This show kicks off with a look at what might be the team's biggest need overall. If the Seahawks can add a cornerback who matches the caliber or improves upon Shaquill Griffin's rookie season, that would help fans feel a lot better about the defense going into 2021. If John Schneider and Pete Carroll break form and address cornerback in the second round, something they've never done, then Rob likes Benjamin St-Juste of Minnesota. He also likes Ambry Thomas out of Michigan. Ifeatu Melifonwu, however, is someone who has been routinely projected to Seattle, but the disappointment of his brother's career has rubbed off negatively when it comes to the Syracuse prospect. Considering that there are always special teams needs to fill, safety and linebacker are two areas that shouldn't be completely overlooked. Defensive tackle may not be a need for Seattle with the Al Woods signing, but if teams are overlooking Texas A&M DT Bobby Brown then Rob would be happy to see him land with the Seahawks. We also discuss how defensive end shouldn't be overlooked. Sure they have depth, but if they have someone who can make an impact, they should take a chance even with a limited number of picks. Support the show Get in the Flock! Visit Or visit our website for other ways to support the show Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter Listen on our free app for Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows Phone/PC Call or text: 253-235-9041 Find Sea Hawkers clubs around the world at Music from the show by The 12 Train, download each track at ReverbNation

    331: Seattle Seahawks 2021 Draft Preview (Part 1)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2021 93:11

    We're closing in on the 2021 NFL Draft, coming up April 29th, and barring any major moves between now and then the Seahawks won't be making their first draft pick until the 30th. Joining the show this week to preview where the Seahawks could go on offense in the draft is Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog. The episode kicks off with a look back at how the Seahawks ended up with only three picks ahead of the draft and the circumstances surrounding the decision to make a big trade for Jamal Adams ahead of the season. That was a move that they wanted to help make an immediate impact on defense, but what is the most immediate need now on offense? Rob makes the case for why the biggest need may not be a player who starts on offense in 2021, but considering the depth at tackle it may be the best time to address a replacement for Brandon Shell for Duane Brown next season. There's two areas of the draft that don’t provide much strength and that is at running back and tight end. However, we take a look at some of the players who fit in terms of Seahawks measurements, because they'll be guys who are likely on the team's radar. Closing out the show, we look at a relatively deep receiver class. The problem is there isn't a player who Rob thinks is a clear and obvious fit for what they've liked historically. Maybe Shane Waldron will have some thoughts on a guy he feels could be unlocked in the offense he's bringing to the team this year. Support the show Get in the Flock! Visit Or visit our website for other ways to support the show Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter Listen on our free app for Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows Phone/PC Call or text: 253-235-9041 Find Sea Hawkers clubs around the world at Music from the show by The 12 Train, download each track at ReverbNation

    330: Brandon Marshall says the Russell Wilson saga is over!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 9, 2021 87:01

    It only took about 10 weeks for the discussion about the Seahawks potentially moving on from Russell Wilson to go full circle. It started with Brandon Marshall in late January saying that Wilson was "beyond frustrated" with Pete Carroll. This week he has reported that the relationship between the two have never been better! Marshall said it came down to a meeting between the two that turned everything around. Tyler Lockett is set to be with the Seahawks for a lot time, signing a 4-year contract extension through 2025. If he plays out his contract in Seattle, which is another team-friendly deal, we talk about where he'll end up on the list of all-time wide receivers in franchise history. On the defensive side of the ball, Quinton Dunbar won't be returning, but that leaves the door open for a former Seahawks cornerback to make a triumphant return. We take a look around the NFC West in the second half of the show as Adam is not buying the hype surrounding Mac Jones going to the 49ers with the third overall pick. The flock comes in with some optimism surrounding the NFL draft despite the Seahawks having only three picks and some reasoning behind the four teams that were listed as possible trade destinations for Wilson. A former landlord and Michael Strahan both earn Do Better callouts this week and Better at Life honors go to the makers of the latest off-road vehicle and to the Seahawks salary cap wizards. Support the show Get in the Flock! Visit Or visit our website for other ways to support the show Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter Listen on our free app for Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows Phone/PC Call or text: 253-235-9041 Find Sea Hawkers clubs around the world at Music from the show by The 12 Train, download each track at ReverbNation

    329: The offseason plan for the Seahawks is coming into focus

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2021 110:47

    After two weeks of free agency, the plan for the Seahawks offseason is becoming clear. The large contract they traded for on the offensive line by acquiring Gabe Jackson is essentially swapped out with the departure of Jarran Reed and his contract on the defensive line. The return of Carlos Dunlap may be the most important move and the reduction in his salary allows for the addition of defensive end Kerry Hyder and the return of Al Woods to the interior. It's also appears they are sacrificing their full participation in the draft and instead trading for proven veteran talent. The San Francisco 49ers made a huge move this past week by trading two future first round picks to move up to the third pick overall. We get into the history of NFL trades into the top three picks to show there is risk involved. However, for a team that has seen success with an average quarterback, the potential reward is easily worth the risk in their case. We discuss the move in context with the other NFC West teams who have been working to upgrade their rosters this offseason. The fact that the 49ers are giving up the 12th overall pick and two more first round picks just to move up nine spots in the draft demonstrates how ridiculous the Chicago Bears reported trade package for Russell Wilson was. But it hasn't stopped people like former general manager Mike Tannenbaum from suggesting that the Seahawks could still move on from Wilson for (once again) Sam Darnold. In the second half of the show, one of our members of the Flock is considering adjusting his relationship status if it can somehow help the Seahawks get back to championship form.  Adam goes after the owners for nearing completion for their push to a 17-game schedule and Brandan goes after Mike Florio for his rooting interest surrounding the Seahawks quarterback. Better at Life honors go to a new season and to the Miami Dolphins for giving Adam the perfect football gift. Support the show Get in the Flock! Visit Or visit our website for other ways to support the show Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter Listen on our free app for Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows Phone/PC Call or text: 253-235-9041 Find Sea Hawkers clubs around the world at Music from the show by The 12 Train, download each track at ReverbNation

    328: The Seahawks go from not doing much in three days to doing something in free agency

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2021 107:26

    It's once again that time of year where we hope that the Seahawks will go after some big name targets and free agency and come away somewhat disappointed. Coming into Wednesday, Seattle had signed another cornerback castoff from the San Francisco 49ers and signed Poona Ford to stay in Seattle for two more years. Neither the offensive line and defensive line were addressed. Not until the second half of the recording of this latest show. After talking about missed opportunities in free agency, we look back on some of the worst takes regarding the drama surrounding Russell Wilson. We have multiple theories to choose from on why Russ was not named in the letter to season ticket holders and Adam likely nails the easiest explanation. We also diagnose how Sam Darnold entered the quarterback conversation this past week after Pete Carroll's quotes from December were used to support two different trade proposals. In the second half of the show, we get news that the Seahawks have acquired an offensive lineman from the Las Vegas Raiders. He wasn't the one discussed in the first half, but we take a look at some of the highlights of the move and talk about what it could mean for Damien Lewis. The Seahawks are also signing a veteran tight end, but it highlights a key area the Seahawks aren't taking advantage of when it comes to contracts to try and squeeze multiple moves into this offseason. Mike Silver lands in the Do Better segment for what was probably the worst take about the Russell Wilson situation, and Adam takes issue with characterizing Deshaun Watson's issues with the Houston franchise as anything remotely similar to Russ in Seattle. Better at life honors go to the 1984 Seahawks defense for some overdue recognition and to the "Acid Queen" as Adam rebounds from last week's call out to do better. Support the show Get in the Flock! Visit Or visit our website for other ways to support the show Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter Listen on our free app for Android, iOS, Kindle or Windows Phone/PC Call or text: 253-235-9041 Find Sea Hawkers clubs around the world at Music from the show by The 12 Train, download each track at ReverbNation

    327: Does Pete Carroll have a messaging problem?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2021 111:47

    This week show begins with a two-minute rundown of all the biggest stories that Adam has taken note of from the past week. Notably, Justin Britt signing with the Texans. Then we get into the clip behind one of the biggest stories of the week that was reported incorrectly . . . that the Seahawks are "shopping" Russell Wilson. When, after clarification, they were actually returning phone calls. Dan Patrick, the host behind the interview that kicked off the offseason of drama, joined 950 KJR in Seattle and had a couple of statements that offer a national perspective of the situation with the Seahawks. If people in the national sports media have the idea that Pete Carroll isn't "all in" on Russell Wilson, then maybe the Seahawks coach has a problem when it comes to public messaging about his quarterback. In news that came after recording the show, Carlos Dunlap was released by the Seahawks on Monday, but our discussion about relating his contract to J.J. Watt may actually provide some context to his departure. If Dunlap wasn't willing to restructure to a deal similar to Watt, Seattle may see that as the ceiling for the market for finding a free agents at that spot or if Dunlap were to return after testing the market. In the second half of the episode, we respond to some comments from the Flock that came in regarding the current situation in Seattle. As people organize into Team Russ vs Team Pete, is it time to give up on the idea of being Team Work This Catfish Out and team up? Find out why Britni is no longer allowed near acid and why Michael Pittman may not catch many passes from Carson Wentz this year. We close out the show with some advice from OJ Simpson and award Better at Life honors to Aaron Levine for his recent coverage of Russell Wilson. Post your pick'em league team name in the comments for the latest

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