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Catholic Answers LIVE is a daily, call-in radio program that airs live from 6-8 pm ET.

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    # Your Bible Questions - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 2, 2022

    Questions Covered: 02:40 – Why would the soldiers cast lots for Jesus' clothing? They were dirty and bloody, why would they want them?  11:27 – Does 2 Tim 3:16 refer to the New Testament? How do non-Catholics know that scripture is inspired?    19:30 – Does the bible support a plant-based diet?  28:48 – Did all the people that were condemned to be killed by the Israelites deserve to be killed?  33:30 – Is the term mustard seed in the bible actually supposed to be mulberry seed?  36:54 – Regarding 1 Corinth 13:8-10, what is the Catholic interpretation and perspective on speaking in tongues?  47:50 – I heard that the devil attacks us 4 times at the moment of our death. Is this supported anywhere in the bible?  50:22 – How do we reconcile all the weird laws in the Old Testament?  …

    #10699 Your Bible Questions - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022

    Questions Covered: 09:15 – Do Exodus 21:22 and Numbers 5:28 support the pro-choice position?  20:21 – How was Mary conceived without original sin?  35:25 – Where is confirmation in the bible?  48:50 – What are the origins of Adam?  …

    #10698 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022

    Questions Covered: 01:20 – I’m a protestant considering converting. Why was it wrong for protestants to take books out of the bible? What should I buy a Catholic bible?  11:53 – In Ender’s Game, the villains are a hive mind. If the protagonist kills the queen, resulting in the death of the entire population, is he culpable of the death of one or of many?    16:51 – 1 Corinth. 5 How do we know where to draw the line when it comes to expelling members of the Church?  21:12 – Who is the Harlot in Revelation?  28:31 – Can you explain the difference in translation in Ex 21:22 in the NKJV vs Douay Rheims. Is the woman fined or punished by death?  33:24 – Why are people concerned about the charismatic renewal in the Church?  How ecumenical can we be towards other charismatic protestants?  44:13 – What is the Church doing for people who are willing to adopt? Are there funds or grants available?  47:24 – Were there any protestant beliefs within the early Church?  52:02 – Could you recommend a biography of G.K. Chesterton and a book by him?  …

    #10697 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022

    Questions Covered: 03:53 – Is Mt. 24. about the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D.? 15:12 – What happens if someone receives their first communion in mortal sin? Do they have to re-do it? 16:52 – My company just announced that they will begin funding employees travel for abortion. What should I do? 19:04 – I hear people always describe the Church with “Truth, beauty, and goodness.” What exactly does that mean? 29:10 – Is it sinful to engage in traditions or practices belonging to another religion, as I have friends of other faiths and enjoy experiencing how they live? 31:27 – Jn 10:28, does Jesus teach eternal security with this passage? 35:53 – If an item can be touched to a 1st class relic and become a relic itself, why can't we do the same with the Eucharist since it is God Himself? 35:53 – If an item can be touched to a 1st class relic and become a relic itself, why can't we do the same with the Eucharist since it is God Himself? 42:50 – What would need to happen between confessional Lutherans and Catholics in order to promote unity? 46:48 – Is it ok to read books like Stephen King books, Game of Thrones, etc? 50:28 – Why do we have two judgments? How would the general judgment work for people who have passed away? …

    #10696 The Supreme Court, Abortion, and Religious Liberty - Paul M. Jonna, Esq.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022

    Questions Covered: 08:09 – Does the Dobbs decision outlaw procedure for ectopic pregnancies?  10:08 – Do you think they will try to overturn other laws like interracial marriages?  12:04 – Are there any laws that protect pregnancy centers especially with the danger that they face after Dobbs?  28:40 – Could we now force men to have vasectomies to avoid pregnancy?   …

    #10695 The Supreme Court, Abortion, and Religious Liberty - Dale Ahlquist

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022

    Questions Covered: 23:44 – Would the football coach case also affect religions we don't like?  29:35 – Did the justices address the rights of the child in the Dobbs decision?  …

    #10694 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022

    Questions Covered: 06:47 – Could you unpack Mark 11:22-25? What is the proper interpretation of these verses? 14:38 – How do we respond to people who try to discredit Peter as the rock by saying that Jesus is the true rock? 21:34 – If baptism by desire is true and miscarried babies can also be saved, will they also receive their perfected bodies after the resurrection? 32:09 – Does Mt 6:7-9 contradict repetitively praying for a soul who I assume might be in purgatory? Can baptized Catholics be claimed by demons since they've already been claimed by Christ? 43:33 – Do people have to have miracles attributed to them in order to be canonized? 47:56 – Does anywhere in Church teaching allow for charging fees for the sacraments? Is charging fees for sacraments licit? 52:13 – I'm not a Catholic and am really interested in apostolic succession. Do you have any resources you can share? …

    #10693 Open Forum - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022

    Questions Covered: 06:10 – Can a baptized protestant receive grace when worshiping God?  16:15 – I hear Christians say that it’s not about religion it’s a relationship? How would you respond to that?  19:40 – Does everyone in heaven get to have the beatific vision?  30:10 – Why is sacramental confession required to receive the Eucharist?  37:55 – How does Genesis 3:15 refer to Mary if it states that the woman would have labor pains and Catholics claim that she didn't experience them?  47:09 – Does the New Testament teach that Mary had other children? Were there other people more holy than Mary?  …

    #10692 After Roe - Molly Sheahan

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022

    Questions Covered: 15:37 – What can parishes do to support women through pregnancy in general? What legislation can we support?  31:15 – My daughter is pro-life but is concerned about the Dobbs decision. She worries that this will be harmful to those sexually assaulted and pregnant. How do you respond to this claim?  34:25 – What strategies to we have to support those who are pregnant through rape or incest?  38:20 – Are there any biblical text that show that abortion is wrong?  42:44 – How can we address the concerns of the father in regard to abortion?  46:20 – We need more young passionate women like Molly!  49:39 – How can I start a conversation with pro-choice family members? How do I break the ice?  Resource –  …

    #10691 How Doctrine Develops - R. Jared Staudt

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022

    Questions Covered: 13:31 – Concerning evolution, did the early world believe in a literal interpretation of Genesis? Was it a dogmatically approved belief until evolution was discovered? 20:33 – Was Jesus expecting his disciples to follow the sabbath on Saturday? When did it develop to Sunday? 32:47 – Did the Church develop from baptizing in the name of Jesus to a Trinitarian formula? 38:06 – Are there any doctrines that are developing right now in regard to governments legislating morality or moral laws? 45:15 – Has the Church tried to clarify the understanding of the Trinity? How do we justify this development with the early Church's understanding of God? 50:18 – How do we square the death penalty not being intrinsically evil with the most recent change in the catechism? …

    #10690 The End of Roe v. Wade - Joe Heschmeyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2022

    Questions Covered: 05:07 – Why aren't we thanking Donald Trump more for appointing 3 conservative justices?  21:02 – I'm noticing a lot of calls for violence against Catholic churches online. What do we do?  31:40 – Do you have any advice on how to start a conversation with friends who are ex-Catholic and very upset with the decision?  36:51 – In regard to how we can respond, how did the early Church respond to a culture of infanticide?  43:17 – How can anyone celebrate this decision? We condemned people who have been raped.    …

    #10689 The End of Roe v. Wade - Joe Heschmeyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022

    Questions Covered: 19:04 – Why isn't abortion overturned for the whole nation since Roe allowed it for the whole nation?  32:05 – What should the punishment be for those involved with abortion where it’s illegal?  44:30 – How do I prove that life begins at conception? Resource:  48:10 – How can we engage in discussion with people who don’t acknowledge human life in the womb?  …

    #10688 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022

    Questions Covered: 02:51 – If a bishop proclaimed that we should all stand during the consecration, would we be obliged to abide by it?  06:07 – What should happen to the eucharist in the monstrance if the adoration chapel is closed overnight?  10:23 – My husband just bought the book of Enoch. Is it ok for him to read?    13:39 – Does doing good works out of mere responsibility merit anything good?  19:09 – In the Hail Holy Queen what does “After this exile” mean? What are your thoughts on RH- blood? Can you do a mysterious world episode?  22:50 – Protestants claim that its clear which books are in the bible so sola scriptura isn't needed. What is your response?  32:36 – Aquinas says we should pay latria to the cross. Doesn’t this conflict with the teaching of latria to only God?  36:25 – How would you respond to a protestant who says that in the Old Testament they didn’t have a magisterium, so we don't need one now?  41:03 – Does the church teach anything on circumcision and is it ethical in our current time?  43:43 – Do we have a responsibility to stay within our own liturgical rite?  48:24 – What’s the history of offering bread and wine as a sacrifice leading up to the time of Jesus?  51:29 – What should I do with the ashes of a cremated Catholic?  52:32 – Which is a better translation: the NAB or the Jerusalem bible?  …

    #10687 Open Forum - Michael Lofton

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022

    Questions Covered: 04:34 – How can Catholics claim that there is no list of people in hell but invoke anathemas in the councils. How would I respond to this challenge from my Calvinist friend?  15:17 – How do we know that the universe did not happen because of a necessary process? Is a personal God necessary for creation? Could it just be an impersonal being that caused creation?  19:47 – How do we know that the first cause from Aquinas' argument is God?  24:04 – What bible verses back the claim that we do not adore the Virgin Mary? Looks good  34:24 – Can saying the Lord’s prayer during mass act as a sort of act of contrition? Looks good  38:15 – Who are spiritual directors? Can they be laymen? When do you know if you need one? How do you find one? Looks good  44:02 – Is it possible for us to believe in the 7 days of creation, big bang, and evolution?  47:30 – How is it possible for the Catholic Church to have eastern saints post schism?  50:40 – Would it make sense to say that the Islamic forces interrupting communications between Christians caused the Great Schism?  …

    #10686 Panel Show - Christopher Check

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022

    Questions Covered: 01:00 – Weddings 22:47 – We rented out a restaurant and the mothers paid for it. It only costed $2500  29:48 – Move the wedding to earlier in the day for brunch to make it cheaper.  The Prolife movement history  49:30 – Trauma post abortion  51:50 – Killing of abortion providers    …

    #10685 Panel Show - Christopher Check

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022

    Topics Covered: government funding private schools School losing the Catholic title due to flying the BLM and LGBT flags …

    #10684 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022

    Questions Covered: 04:57 – When Jesus was walking up to the cross and fell 3 times, did that signify the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? 10:10 – Could there be significance in correlating the number of words in a verse to stress the importance in scripture? Send Words of Eternal Life 17:27 – Would God allow suffering even if nothing good were to come from it? 23:24 – Why did women stop covering their heads in Church? 34:26 – St. Gertrude received a prayer to save souls in purgatory. Why don't we promote this or is this a valid prayer? 41:34 – Does the Catholic Church have a teaching on what happens to us after we die? 45:55 – I'm a new Catholic. When is it appropriate to ask God for help rather than appeal to Mary? 51:02 – I'm starting a bible study with half non-Catholics; how do I market properly to all? 53:30 – I'm not Catholic but my husband is. Why do I have to become Catholic if we are all children of God? …

    #10683 Open Forum - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022

    Questions Covered: 04:51 – How does Molinism not confirm double predestination?  14:06 – How does St. Jude's intercession come into play when asking for his help?  20:54 – Would it be abusing confession if you keep bringing up the same mortal sin repeatedly?  28:54 – If Mary was sinless, then how is it that she did not fulfill the law?  34:53 – Why do Christians still say Yahweh if the Vatican specifically wrote that we shouldn’t be using the word.  40:25 – Why did God pick Mary to be Jesus' mother?  45:22 – The Council of Florence claimed that circumcision is mortally sinful. When did that thought change?  49:50 – Have there been any saints throughout history that have had demons exorcized out of them?  …

    #10682 Open Forum - Joe Heschmeyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022

    Questions Covered: 04:43 – Is it unchangeable teaching that women can't priests, and same sex marriages can’t be blessed?  14:51 – Was the public school system created by the Catholic Church? Do you have resources on this topic?  19:04 – I'm in conversion with a missionary of the LDS Church. I'll be sitting down with him soon. What questions and topics should I bring up to be a good representative of the Catholic Church?  24:13 – Mk 15 on Jesus' death. What is the meaning of the tearing of the curtain in the temple in two?  33:35 – It’s important to have Juneteenth. We need to keep in mind that white people were not the only ones to own slavery.  44:13 – Is it a mortal sin to not believe that Mary is a perpetual virgin? Where does the Catholic Church get the importance of this teaching?  49:49 – Hebrew 8:6-8. How do I explain that God didn't want us to fail but accounted for us failing?  …

    #10681 Open Forum - Joe Heschmeyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022

    Questions Covered: 07:58 – Is there a degree of reverence for digital images? Do they equate to printed versions? 15:33 – Why are we Catholics still not receiving communion from the chalice compared to the Episcopalians? Everyone else receives from the chalice except us. 20:14 – What does scripture mean when it says, “God gave to the hand of David the Philistines?” 23:32 – How do I respond to the question, “why are the majority of Catholic saints white?” Is this true? Does this mean that Catholicism is a white people’s religion? 37:13 – Is commemorating Juneteenth during mass appropriate since it is so political? 50:10 – Regarding the book of Revelation, In what sense is the Church the new Jerusalem? How is that contrasted to our understanding of the Church as the Body of Christ? 52:57 – Which translation of the bible is better to have, the RSV or the NAB? …

    #10680 Why Aren’t You Catholic - Joe Heschmeyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 18, 2022

    Questions Covered:  01:29 – I am not Catholic because the relationship with the apologetic individuals being complicit with wrong.   07:39 – I am not Catholic because of the teaching on Papal infallibility.  14:09 – I am not Catholic because of the Assumption of Mary becoming a Dogma.  24:40 – I am on my way out of being Catholic because I can't wrap my head around some rituals and the definition of the Eucharist.   36:25 – I am not Catholic because of inconsistency about priest not being able to be married based on 1 Timothy 4: 1-5.   45:54 – I am not Catholic because I am skeptical of most religions.   52:05 – I am not Catholic because I am not a believer in the event or the philosophy.   …

    #10679 Why Aren’t You Catholic - Joe Heschmeyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022

    Questions Covered:  06:48 – I'm not Catholic because my Catholic coworkers tend to share an over importance on Mother Mary.  18:32 – I am not Catholic because I'm a member from the Episcopal Church. I believe the women in the Gospel were also Apostles.  30:29 – I am not Catholic because I was raised Catholic, but I was turned down when trying to get married in the Catholic Church. I also can't support the Pope.   40:00 – I am not Catholic because Sola Scriptura.  46:27 – I am not Catholic because the foundational doctrine doesn't make sense.   51:45 – I am not Catholic because the relationship with the apologetic individuals being complicit with wrong.   …

    #10678 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022

    #10677 Our Lady of Good Help - Bishop David Ricken

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022

    Questions Covered: 18:44 – What local events were used to prove the validity of this Marian apparition? 22:55 – What can I do in preparation for a visit? 32:02 – Is it possible that Mary appeared to Native American before Caucasian North Americans? 33:34 – My husband had an apparition of me while on military leave. What is the church's teaching on this? 38:00 – What did Mary mean when she said her son will punish those who don't believe in him? 48:28 – What type of catechesis is available for the public who might be skeptical? 50:45 – What leads to an apparition not being approved and one being approved? …

    #10676 Catholic Answers to Protestant Questions - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022

    Questions Covered:  12:42 – Does the valid election of someone as Pope imply divine endorsement of the wisdom of that choice?   21:42 – Why do Catholics pray to the Saints?   29:45 – Which Protestant challenge do you find the most compelling or difficult to answer? Which aspect of Catholicism is the most misunderstood?   39:42 – When the Apostles raised souls from the dead in Acts, where did the souls come from?   46:06 – Where did specific prayers come from for the different Saints?   …

    #10675 Discerning a Vocation - Fr. Samuel Keyes

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022

    Questions Covered:  22:01 – How can I understand a rejection from seminaries based on having a disability like blindness?  36:12 – Can you explain how marriage is a vocation?  51:18 – Should I discern the Secular Franciscans?  …

    #10674 Open Forum - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022

    Questions covered: 02:00 – What can we affirm about asexuality? What does the virtue of chastity have to do with it? 16:58 – What are some ways to keep Catholic children Catholic in a fallen world? 22:56 – Does the Church teach anything about pre-Adam races of humans? If there was a mix between Adam and a pre-Adam human, would they have the same dignity? 35:40 – I heard someone claim that the tearing of the veil indicated the end of the priesthood. Where did they get that idea and how can I respond? 44:00 – I'd like to issue a correction to the question about converting from an Eastern rite from last hour. 49:04 – If I die before converting, is there any way I can get last rites? …

    #10673 Open Forum - Tom Nash

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022

    Questions Covered: 05:27 – What does apostolic succession mean? Would the laity be able to choose the next pope in a crisis? 15:40 – How is Sedevacantism wrong? 19:53 – Can I celebrate a friend's entry into the Eastern Orthodox Church? 22:27 – What is the criteria that we should use to discern which Messianic prophecies should be used for proof-oriented research and which should be used for process-oriented research? 30:02 – How do I respond to my aunt who has left the Catholic Church considering hierarchical corruption? 41:53 – What do I do to become Catholic considering my previous baptisms in other denominations? 46:49 – Would Jesus “separate the weak from the chaff” before his Second Coming by withholding his grace? 52:07 – What is Opus Dei and its mission? …

    #10672 The Early Church Was the Catholic Church - Trent Horn

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022

    Questions Covered: 12:52 – Are there examples from the early church of prayers to saints?  17:05 – What does Ignatius of Loyola mean by “one cup, one flesh”?  21:22 – How do you make the case that the Catholic Church is the one, true Church as opposed to Eastern Orthodoxy?  30:15 – How do I respond to someone who claims that Marius Victorinus influenced St. Augustine?  35:14 – Can you explain how early Church teaching on the Eucharist evolved into the doctrine of transubstantiation?  43:19 – What are the best books to buy on early church fathers that include more of their writing without commentary?  47:52 – How do I respond to a friend who believes the Church ended with the twelve Apostles?  52:38 – What did Mr. Heschmeyer mean when he referenced the church that does not recognize the Holy See's authority but is still an authentic church?  …

    #10671 Attacks on the Image and Likeness of God - Archbishop Alexander Sample

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022

    Questions Covered: 19:40 – How do we reconcile the view that we are made in the image of God and that we are closely related to other animals?  23:29 – What do we mean by the “Image of God?” Is it physical attributes or descriptions of His spirit?  30:29 – How do you feel about current politicians who claim to be Catholic and promote abortion etc. and receive communion?  38:20 – How do we address the transgender issue since it’s an attack on the image and likeness of God?  46:39 – How do we respond to scandal in the Church since it’s a reflection of who God is?  50:35 – Should we be supporting resource pregnancy centers?  Should we as a Church support them more?  …

    #10669 Thriving After The Pandemic - Debbie Georgianni

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022

    Questions Covered: 14:48 – How do I encourage young people to live productive, meaningful lives? 29:14 – Station of the Cross Radio…What is the difference between a spiritual advisor and a life coach? 36:40 – Does Stand Tall do couples' counseling or just individual direction? …

    #10668 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022

    Questions Covered: 06:35 – Why do we say “For us men and for our salvation” instead of just “For our salvation” in the Nicene Creed? 11:40 – What changed in the teachings of the death penalty when Pope Francis changed the Catechism? Does that mean we were wrong this whole time? 16:17 – Can demons reveal accurate knowledge of the future to people they communicate with? 22:20 – Is there a theologian or doctor of the Church that can speak on how prayer affects daily living? 31:39 – How do we Catholics reconcile the tension between God's active will and His permissive will as it pertains to divine inspiration? 39:11 – Hebrews 10:14. What does it mean by “perfected for all time?” 46:01 – Did Luke and Mark personally know Jesus? 50:16 – What is the Church's teaching on people who claim to be Catholic and communicate with the dead? …

    #10667 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022

    Questions Covered: 04:41 – Is the supper of the lamb in Revelation referencing the eucharist rather than the end times?  16:31  – When the Father and the HS manifest at the Baptist and the Transfiguration, did the witnesses witness heaven and the beatific vision as well? How did the witnesses know who Jesus was talking to at the Transfiguration?  20:40 – I found evidence in the early church fathers that the eucharist was symbolic and also the understanding of transubstantiation. What are your thoughts on the symbolic evidence?  28:46 – What is the benefit of the Mass if you don’t receive communion?  32:20 – Does the Catholic Church teach that men and women are equal?  34:11 – If the material sufficiency view of scripture is true can’t protestants raise the same objections that Catholics use against them?  42:32 – What was the temple meant to be used for during the time of Christ?  47:23 – How would you explain transubstantiation to a protestant?  49:42 – I’m Reformed Protestant and still struggle with the concept of sin. Can you help clarify?  …

    #10666 The Bible Blueprint for Confession - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022

    Questions Covered: 15:05 – My protestant friends say that they have an advantage to forgive their sins.  How do I answer them that it’s not an advantage?  24:05 – If you haven’t done a sorrowful examination of conscience and forget to confess something. Do I just forget it or do I still have to confess it? Would it invalidate my confession?  34:39 – I'm a new Catholic and I struggle with going to confession because I work myself up too much. How do I keep it together in the confessional? Resource: Catholic Answers Focus Episode “The Surprising thing that Brings Jesus Joy” (    42:41 – I'm protestant hoping to become Catholic. I find it more trustworthy to confess to a priest rather than just confessing to “one another.”  46:41 – What part of our sins are not remitted during confession?  53:04 – Can a validly baptized Christian go to confession and be validly absolved?  …

    #10665 Raising Catholic Kids - Steve Ray

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022

    Questions Covered: 21:06 – My Non-Catholic husband doesn't want to raise our kids Catholic. How do I approach this if I want to get them baptized Catholic?  29:12 – Do you have any references to check out on your discoveries in the Holy Land?  32:20 – How do you deal with extended family who are very anti-Catholic?  42:36 – How do we deal with facing secular culture, especially what’s on tv?    …

    #10664 Open Forum - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022

    Questions Covered: 03:28 – What does it mean for us to be made in the image and likeness of God? 13:40 – How do I discuss the Eucharist with Protestant family members? 28:35 – I’m currently contemplating transition surgery to help get rid of self-harming urges. I would really appreciate knowing and trusting in the solidity of church teaching on this in spite of the changes perceived in response to LGBTQ issues? 36:30 – Do we have biblical evidence for the members of the trinity being distinct? 45:19 – If you're struggling with your Catholic faith, how do you go about finding your identity in it? 51:28 – How can I defend my faith against Christadelphians? …

    #10663 Open Forum - Trent Horn

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022

    Questions covered: 04:13 – Does mortal sin undo our adoption by God? 14:40 – If forgiveness releases us from what we owe someone, why do we still need to do something to fix it up? 31:49 – If we all receive the same graces at baptism, what's the difference between the baptized Catholic who goes to heaven and the baptized Catholic who goes to hell? 43:23 – How do you respond to the Orthodox argument against the papacy that appeals to an apostolic constitution (34?) stating that bishops cannot interfere with each other? 51:39 – How do you help someone defend the natural moral law, especially in the context of teleological definitions of men and women like Trent's? …

    #10662 Living Calm - Dr. Ray Guarendi

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022

    Questions covered: 15:19 – My friend is a drug addict and tends to lash out a lot. I no longer want to be his friend and I'm not sure how to break the news to him. 18:20 – Is there a time and a place for righteous anger? If so, how do we discern whether our anger is righteous or sinful? 20:15 – How do we control our anger towards someone we know is never going to change? 23:41 – I'm not angry at my family, but I am angry at the force that is dividing us. How can we identify what is dividing us, and what should I do next? 34:16 – How can I talk to my atheist husband who uses the name of Jesus in vain? 40:14 – How can I deal with my husband's anger problem? 43:09 – I had a conversation with somebody who got mad at me for becoming Catholic and I'm not sure if I handled it well. 47:21 – I heard that a lot of times anger comes from hurt. I'd like to know Dr. Ray's thoughts on that. …

    #10661 Tips for Defending the Faith - Trent Horn

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022

    Questions covered: 07:34 – How can I defend the Catholic canon of scripture to Protestants who don't accept the Church councils? 15:57 – How do you defend the pro-life position against someone who says you must also be vegan? 25:06 – How do you answer someone who doesn't believe in God's plan in the context of miscarriage? 31:35 – How can Catholics rationalize the belief of Adam and Eve with evolution? 42:22 – What female apologists do you recommend? 49:29 – How can I respond to anti-Catholics who use 1 Tim 2:14 to say Adam was not deceived? 53:50 – What's the difference between the word “saint” as used in the Bible and as we use it today? …

    #10660 Weird Questions - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 4, 2022

    Question Covered: 03:51 – Would it have been morally just for Elrond to have thrown Isildur into the fires of Mt Doom when he refused to destroy the One Ring, as a way to ensure its destruction? 14:02 – I have one question about The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. I do not understand the words Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world. Father and Son are One Divinity, right? So… how can I offer God to God when there is One God? 17:18 – Have there been any documentaries, or at minimum, speculations of people who have claimed to come back in time from the distant future (with perhaps a story to tell —and what is heading our way)? 20:06 – If you were involved in a teleportation accident that created a duplicate of you, would that person have to confess your sins? 23:40 – If Christ died to Redeem all, would alien scriptures reference an alien Redeemer, or are all aliens Unfallen, thus not needing Revelation and Salvation? Related to this, if Satan knew that the Incarnation would occur on Earth, did he then ignore aliens, thus leaving them Unfallen? Therefore, if and when Humanity travels to the stars, might we be the cause of their Fall? Continuing on this theme, since working with tools was a punishment due to Original Sin, it could be argued that technology is a sign of a Fallen species. Since we haven’t seen any evidence of ETs, might that be proof that aliens are Unfallen? 32:49 – What are your thoughts on Gulf War Syndrome? 39:45 – If a family wanted their child baptized in Klingon or a pre-Christian Babylonian language. Assuming an accurate but not Vatican-approved translation, would it be valid? This is obviously theoretical but speaks to the point of whether a translation or interpretation is assumed to be valid or not before any Vatican intervention on the text. 45:00 – Would it have been possible to hold a spelling bee in ancient Egypt? 48:50 – Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? 51:45 – Is it possible for a species (such as an alien, or an understudied cephalopod) to have a powerful brain comparable to or even greater than our own, but not an immortal soul? …

    #10659 Weird Divorce Questions - Rose Sweet

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022

    Questions Covered: 31:13 – I'm divorced and have a child with my ex. She remarried but I still battle with wanting her. Am I committing the sin of lusting over another man’s wife? 36:10 – My daughter in law is abusive to my son. Is there anything I can do as an outsider? 42:32 – My ex-husband decided that our marriage was over because the Holy Spirit wasn't with us. He also had a porn addiction. Does a porn addiction play a role in the annulment process? 45:25 – Forgiveness of a habitual sin is necessary only when they are willing to be forgiven. 48:18 – What happens when you have a husband who proposed because a medium said he would marry a woman that looks like me? 51:27 – Does the unwillingness to have children after we've already had kids fall within your broad definition of infidelity? …

    # Open Forum - Mark Brumley

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022

    Questions Covered: 06:46 – Why do we as Catholics believe that we are sinful by nature when we were created in the image likeness of God?  13:57 – When a person dies does a guardian angel get reassigned?  17:51 – How can I balance my Faith during so called Pride month?  29:37 – Where did the Church decide the order of the Mass?  40:57 – Do souls in heaven have eyes and other sensory capabilities?  50:08 – My son had said that it is unreasonable to expect a person with SSA to be celibate for their entire life. How do I respond?  …

    # Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022

    Questions Covered: 03:40 – Why doesn't the Acts of the Apostles match our current experience? Why does God seem so hidden now?  12:33 – Is sheep stealing unbiblical? What’s your opinion?  17:44 – Why is Hebrews considered a part of the canon since it is anonymous?  21:24 – When I read the Old Testament I become more critical of faith. Why does God care if the temple was precise?  32:57 – Why did God allow Solomon to have many wives but now it’s not allowed?  35:00 – In your book Daily Defense, why are the pronouns for God not capitalized?  42:49 – I work for the US Forest Service and we sometimes work for 14 days straight and am unable to get to mass. Should I confess this?  46:00 – How do we distinguish between thinking that we're chosen for a grand plan from grandiose thinking?  49:17 – How can I be more susceptible to hearing the voice of God?  …

    #10656 Open Forum for New Catholics - Joe Heschmeyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022

    Questions Covered: 02:58 – I'm trying to find encouragement. I find myself more Catholic than the Catholic Culture around. Any advice? 12:33 – My father started a new church in our home and a year ago I began exploring and discovered the Mass. I have a lot of questions. How do I proceed? How do I discern if Catholicism is true? 19:57 – I see that in the Shroud the nails go through the wrists but in stories of stigmata the wounds happen in the hands. Should I not believe in these stories? 29:53 – Why do we need repetitive prayer like the rosary? 34:53 – How do I explain to my child that my recent ex-wife is engaged? As a Catholic how do I approach this? 40:30 – When is it appropriate, after entering the Church, to start considering a religious vocation? 43:52 – My granddaughter has been diagnosed with a tumor. We will be going to a healing Mass, what should we expect? 53:55 – Is the process of working through the doctrines a barrier of evangelization? …

    #10655 Open Forum for New Catholics - Joe Heschmeyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022

    Question Covered: 14:31 – What would you say to someone struggling with Marian doctrine? 19:20 – What is allowed for Catholics to do with their bodies after death? Is decomposition allowed? 32:55 – It appears the Church puts Mary in a higher position than Jesus. What’s the teaching? 44:10 – In the Hail Holy Queen prayer it says that Mary is our life, sweetness and hope. Wouldn't this be Jesus? …

    #10654 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022

    Questions Covered: 03:22 – do I move forward in Faith from personal experience to a more rooted understanding? How can I know that Christianity is true? 11:43 – Why would God do miracles in a Pentecostal church if it would lead them away from the Catholic Church? 24:30 – In Mt 26 it says that the disciples were eating before the consecration. Was there a meal beforehand? 29:19 – I'm also having trouble having faith in the Eucharist. Can you give me some guidance? 36:19 – After Adam and Eve, how many people were there? 40:55 – How do I explain apostolic succession to a Calvinist if they claim that succession was only needed during those years? 48:28 – Does the Church cast out demons and should every believer cast them out? 52:06 – Does Lev 21:9 concern burning the living or cremation? Resources Mentioned: Ad resurgendum cum Christo …

    #10653 Open Forum - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022

    Questions Covered: 03:09 – How do you tell the difference between purgatory and hell? 05:13 – Why are Christianity and Buddhism not compatible? 14:25 – Would the son of a married Catholic priest be able to become a married Catholic priest? 18:58 – I lost my 18 Y.O son to suicide. How do I make sense of this and what’s the Church's understanding? Resource: When a Loved One Dies by Suicide – Ave Maria Press 31:08 – Why doesn’t God just eliminate Satan? 34:56 – What’s the official Church teaching on centering prayer by Thomas Keating and Christian meditation according to John Main? What are the concerns? 44:40 – My friend claims that the bible's context was changed in different periods of time. How do I refute this? 52:31 – I'm Nigerian and in my home country Christians are being killed. In Lk. 22:36 it says that Christians should fight. Should we take up arms to fight back? …

    # Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2022

    Questions Covered: 01:39 – Why did Jesus say it was better for Judas to never have been born if it was because of Judas' act that Jesus' Passion and subsequent Resurrection was set in motion? Was Judas' betrayal not necessary for this? 05:23 – Are there any Pseudepigraphal writings in the New Testament? If not, and if any are discovered, would that alter the canon? 14:03 – Do you favor the material sufficiency, partim partim view, or something else about scripture? Why do you hold to this position? 28:21 – My teen son always asks me why do we have to go to mass every Sunday? What is so important about going to mass? Also, why should we dress our best for Sunday mass? 32:18 – Is it correct to assert that there's an ongoing eternal liturgy in Heaven? If so, why is that the case and what does it consists of? 35:45 – Currently there are Catholics who prefer the Tridentine Latin Mass. Pope John Paul II & Pope Benedict encouraged celebration of the Tridentine Latin Mass. Pope Francis is trying to regulate it & put the decision about the TLM in the hands of the local bishops because he perceives that there is division in the Church. In prior Church history was there ever another time when the form of liturgy was changed but some Catholics preferred the prior form & were given permission to celebrate Mass in the prior form? 42:59 – Given the limited number of people at the time of Adam and Eve, can it be inferred that incest not only occurred, but was necessary and, as such, can it be stated that incest is a circumstantial evil? 50:22 – If we can use medical advancements to cure diseases and perform surgeries, then why can’t we use advances in medicine to cure or correct birth defects genetically in the womb. …

    # Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2022

    Questions Covered: 00:43 – The Church has precepts that relate to minimum standards of behavior (receive communion once during the Easter season, etc.) Are there also minimum standards of belief to be considered in communion with the Church? (For example The Trinity, Bible, virgin birth etc.) 04:38 – What do priests do when you confess to a murder? I’m pretty sure they can’t make turning yourself in a requirement for absolution, but it strikes me that “five hail marys and three our fathers” isn’t exactly going to cut it either. 07:56 – Exegetical questions: What does the unjust steward parable mean? Why is it considered inspired in a Psalm that we should crush the heads of babies? 19:04 – Recently during a homily, I heard that a piece of a person's soul literally goes into the food they prepare. So, if the food is made by religious nuns the food will taste better because of the love in the food. On the other hand, if it is prepared by someone evil, the opposite will occur. Furthermore, he said that the traditional blessing of food is an exorcism to keep evil spirits away from your food, so you don't consume them. Is this a teaching of the Catholic Church? 28:33 – What is the story with Lilith? I have people tell me she was Adam's ‘first wife' but they are usually getting that from a Discovery Channel alien show or something that their friend posted on FB. What is the truth? Is she in the Old Testament? Does the Catholic Church say anything about her? 34:30 – What is the exact status of the Coptic Orthodox Church in regards of small “o” orthodoxy? 44:14 – Which part of the Trinity is responsible for life? 48:15 – What was the nature of Holy Communion on the original Holy Thursday? As Our Lord had not risen yet it couldn’t have been His resurrected Body, right? 49:15 – If part of the Host were reserved on Holy Thursday would It have died on Good Friday and resurrected? 50:30 – During Mass the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Our Lord as His Sacrifice is made present on the altar. We receive the resurrected Body of Christ. Is the Resurrection made present on the altar as well? If so, when? …

    #10650 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2022

    Questions Covered: 01:03 – What is the Catholic take on the Rapture? 06:45 – The Manual of Indulgences says that a priest is not present at the point of death the Church grants it. So does that mean that any Catholic can receive it if the other requirements are fulfilled. Am I interpreting this correctly? 14:12 – What are St. Augustine’s view on fraternal correction and when its obligatory 31:10 – I'm going to be confirmed on Saturday. Can I receive communion because I'm still having doubts about the real presence? 35:44 – Could you explain to me what it means that Mary is co-redemptrix? 42:49 – Why did Jesus appear to the women after the resurrection? How can we trust their accuracy if all accounts are different? 47:41 – Why did Constantine think he had the authority to change the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday? 49:56 – I'm Protestant considering conversion. I can't make sense of the Marian teachings. Why was it important for Mary to remain sinless? …

    #10649 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022

    Questions Covered: 03:20 – A few years ago, I started a small apologetics ministry in Guatemala, but very few people seem to be interested in learning about the Catholic faith and how to defend it. Even some of my evangelical friends don't appear to be much interested in learning about their own faith origins. Do you have any advice?  11:20 – What is the difference between the 10 commandments in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5?  13:23 – Why does Jesus do so many miracles in the protestant churches when they are not in communion with the Catholic Church? I was received into the Catholic Church last Monday 9/5. As a Pentecostal Christian, I saw God do so many healings, signs, and wonders. Why? It gets confusing when He somehow approves them when they are so wrong on doctrine. Please help me to understand this.  21:04 – How many Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) is too many for a single Mass? Is there a canon law that all available priests must be made available during Mass to help in the liturgy of the Eucharist before appointing EMHCs?  29:03 – What is the Church’s teaching on adultery when someone is drunk?  34:01 – What does the Church require for the end of life? I know you can't deny water etc.  44:59 – I understand the theology behind Marian consecration but the language still bothers. Could a reasonable Catholic believe that Marian consecration is excessive?  48:45 – What’s the difference between Divination and Divinization?  …

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