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Catholic Answers LIVE is a daily, call-in radio program that airs live from 6-8 pm ET.

Catholic Answers

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    Ivy Insights

    The Catholic Answers Live podcast is an invaluable resource for both Catholics and non-Catholics seeking to learn more about the Catholic faith. The show features knowledgeable apologists who provide clear and comprehensive answers to a wide range of questions about Christianity and Catholicism. Hosted by Cy Kellett, the show is engaging, informative, and often entertaining.

    The best aspect of The Catholic Answers Live podcast is the depth of knowledge and expertise that the apologists bring to each episode. They are well-prepared and able to address complex theological questions with clarity and precision. Whether it's explaining Church teachings, defending the faith against common objections, or delving into deep theological concepts, the apologists on this show consistently provide insightful and thought-provoking answers. The variety of topics covered also ensures that there is something for everyone, from basic catechesis to discussions on advanced theological issues.

    Furthermore, the respectful and charitable manner in which the apologists interact with callers is commendable. They take time to understand each individual's concerns or doubts and respond with patience and compassion. This approach fosters a welcoming atmosphere where listeners feel comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance on matters of faith.

    One potential drawback of The Catholic Answers Live podcast is that it may not always delve into certain controversial or challenging topics as deeply as some listeners might prefer. While the show does address important issues within Catholicism, there are times when a more nuanced exploration of difficult subjects could be beneficial. However, it should be noted that covering every aspect of such complex topics in a single-hour episode can be challenging.

    In conclusion, The Catholic Answers Live podcast is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of Christianity and Catholicism. The knowledgeable apologists provide clear explanations of Church teachings while addressing common objections in a respectful manner. Listeners will come away from each episode with greater knowledge and appreciation for the rich traditions and teachings of the Catholic faith.

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    Latest episodes from Catholic Answers Live

    #11439 Weird Questions - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2023

    Questions Covered: 02:05 – Suppose a modern lay Catholic (baptized, confirmed, etc.) were transported through time and space to the year 5 BC, Jerusalem. Assuming he/she retains his/her knowledge and beliefs from the 21st century AD and is aware that he/she has arrived in a time before the Incarnation has taken place, in what way would this Catholic be obligated to worship God? Would he/she need to live as a Jew under the Mosaic law, given that the New Covenant has not yet been established in their “present” timeline, or would he/she be required to live according to Catholic practices to the best of their ability? Would he/she be morally obligated to be a sort of prophet, proclaiming the coming Lord; or perhaps be obligated not to, lest they affect salvation history?  06:11 – I’m curious whether Satan can “bless” people and/or things? By “bless” I mean supernaturally enhance in the manner requested by those seeking the “blessing”.  12:05 – If someone is trapped in a time loop like in Groundhog Day or Edge of tomorrow, is it still a sin to commit suicide in order to reset the time loop? If you already have been trapped for several weeks then it would probably feel annoying to wait out the entire loop if you mess something up.  14:53 – I write Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fanfiction, mostly action/adventure stories. I am currently outlining a story where the TMNT meet a Catholic Apologist. I have modeled her after Mr. Akin in both personality and intellect. In my story, the apologist is explaining the Catholic idea of the soul to the TMNT. One of the things that has hung me up a little is that I believe all sensitive and rational souls are created immediately upon conception. The TMNT started out as ordinary turtles, so they were given sensitive souls the moment they were created, before they were even born. However, now that they have mutated, they have rational souls. One of the characters questions whether the turtles’ sensitive, animal souls died and a new, rational soul was installed in them when they mutated, or if their souls were changed when they mutated? Initially I had the idea that God “upgraded” their sensitive souls to rational souls upon their mutation, but a friend of mine suggested that maybe they were conceived with rational souls, but as it took 15 years for them to develop from babies to teenagers, they simply didn’t express their rational souls until they were old enough/mutated enough to talk. I’m curious as to what Mr. Akin would say and would be grateful for his perspective.  21:45 – I have a few questions for you: 1. If angels are spiritual, eternal beings existing outside of time, how can they be created in time if eternity is outside of it? 2.  When we die, our souls survive our mortal bodies. If our souls are eternal, how can we be created in time if eternity is outside of it? 3. How did God create something out of nothing if it is against the nature of nothing to be something?  31:50 – What is “Burning Man” really about?  It seems to get a lot of media attention each year.  My stepdaughter and her husband have both apostatized from the church, and went a few years back.  They have regional “burns” as well that they attend.  The stories they seem happy to tell people seem very disturbing.  Almost satanic.  Certainly evil.  Nothing at all like what I get from Mr. Google or the media.  Who is “The Burning Man? Do you have any insights on any of this?  34:02 – I have a weird question (I think). I know in the early 20th century or late 19th century catholic theologians mentioned the desirability to baptize not-yet-born babies in the womb as long as it was safe and possible. My question is, why isn’t this done right now even without medical intervention? It seems to me that the form (I now baptize…) the matter (water, after all the baby is…

    #11438 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2023

    Questions Covered:  04:02 – What evidence is there for Hell? 11:02 – Is it immoral to play audio or watch a video of someone saying the Lord’s name in vain? 14:23 – Do you think there are more than two James? Is James the less different than Jame the brother? 21:34 – Question about predestination. Did God know who I was going to date before I dated them? 28:42 – Why does the Catholic Church have a pope? Is the Pope biblical? 35:27 – Is receiving the Eucharist in the hand wrong? 41:58 – Is consuming artificial sweeteners immoral? Because artificial sweeteners are intentionally not nutritional. 50:41 – Can the multiverse be real? …

    #11437 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2023

    Questions Covered: 02:30 – Would there be a licit way to do something like the Bachelor to find a spouse? 06:03 – How do Catholics avoid picking between the beliefs of the Church Fathers? 16:58 – What causes someone to lose their salvation? 18:10 – Is there a relationship between modern Israel and 1st century Israel? 21:47 – I've heard Skinwalker ranch is based on a curse in folklore. Could this be a case of diabolic infestation? 28:30 – Why does the Catholic church claim to have changed the sabbath day because it had the ecclesiastical power to do so? 31:20 – Can you clarify any of the lies related to the Jewish Talmud? 37:01 – Did the early Church Fathers believe in the doctrine of atonement? 46:38 – Why isn't the Ascension mentioned much in the Bible? 52:18 – Is there a good book to give to someone who is interested in faith but has no religious background. …

    #11436 Open Forum - Joe Heschmeyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2023

    Questions Covered: 04:50 – How do I respond when someone asks if I denounce other gods? It feels like a “gotcha” question. 28:29 – What can my friend who is a new Catholic do who just found out his grandfather was a Freemason? 35:08 – Regarding Lev. 23, on what days did the appointed festivals fall on. Were they all on Sunday? 41:25 – Will the generation that sees the end of time have to pass through death? If not, then how will the souls be purified if they don't go to purgatory? 44:55 – If Jesus promised to return at the end of time, how do we square that with Jesus coming back constantly in the Eucharist? 47:52 – What’s a generational curse? 50:45 – If Ex. 15 says we have to keep the sabbath, why then Sunday? …

    #11435 The Power of Confession - Marcellino D'Ambrosio

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2023

    Questions Covered: 16:21 – Should you give a general state in life when in confession? 19:19 – Am I doing something wrong if I don’t feel anything after confession? 23:26 – I haven’t been to confession in over 20 years. What’s your advice on how to approach confession after so long? 31:20 – I'm a new Catholic coming from a Protestant background. I approach confession for venial sin but the priest is almost dismissive when mentioning those sins. What's your advice on how to handle it? 36:37 – I'm not Catholic. Is it true that you have to be sorry to go to confession or can you go and pray for the grace of repentance after going to confession? 43:05 – Do venial sins need to be confessed? 46:30 – How do you get over going to confession confessing the same sin over and over again? …

    #11434 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2023

    Questions Covered: 05:32 – Can you help me better understand purgatory? I still can't wrap my mind around it? 13:43 – What’s the difference between the assumption of Mary vs the saints in heaven. Do saints have their bodies? 18:53 – What's the Church's teaching on vasectomies? 29:30 – Acts 5 Why were the couple struck down because they didn't donate all they have? How do we understand that in the context of today? Can we be struck down too? 41:06 – Do spouses continue to have a special relationship in heaven? 44:15 – Regarding the Papal Bull Unum Sanctum, do we still teach that all those who are saved must be subject to the Roman Pontiff? 50:39 – I had a dream multiple times about my uncle after he died. In the dream he was suffering and asking for help. Does this mean he was in purgatory? …

    #11433 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2023

    Questions Covered: 05:45 – How can we show that annihilationism is false using the bible?  13:59 – I’m confused about the Catholic position on the death penalty. Can you help clarify?  24:17 – Regarding the last 2 glorious mysteries (assumption and coronation). How do I relate to her and not feel like we are supposed to worship her?  33:27 – St. Irenaeus’ letter says that the Church was founded on Peter and Paul. Can you clarify? Also when Paul first arrived in Rome, Acts says that there was already a community and there was no evidence that Peter had been there. Can you clarify?  43:36 – Mt 19:11-12 If there were physical handicaps acknowledged in the bible, Is it possible to say that gender dysphoria is also a valid thing for us to acknowledge?  …

    #11432 Bioethics - Fr. Tad Pacholczyk

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2023

    Questions Covered: 12:06 – What’s your advice on how to handle my 20 year old son who is in the process of transitioning using female hormones. How can I cope? Do you have any resources? 23:30 – Is Medi-Share Christian Health faithful to Catholic ethics? 29:43 – What are your thoughts on Assisted reproductive technology? 36:47 – What is the Church's teaching on embryo adoption? 44:15 – If a pregnant mom has surgery on her baby in the womb where the baby is lifted out for the procedure, can the baby be baptized before being placed back into the uterus? 46:30 – How does one determine if a vaccine is ethically produced? I'm specifically thinking about the HPV vaccine. 51:53 – What ethically am I morally responsible for in administering drugs as a healthcare administrator? …

    #11431 Addiction and Healing - Scott Weeman

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2023

    Questions Covered: 14:59 – I had an eating disorder for over 40 years and now healed from it. 22:18 – How do you go about starting a local CIR group? 28:56 – Is there a better avenue in which the Church can reach out to those in addiction? 46:55 – Recovery is fragile. And I've been in recovery for 14 years now. …

    #11430 Faith and Film - Andrew Petiprin

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2023

    Cy is Joined by Andrew Petiprin to discuss faith and films. …

    #11428 Flannel Panel - Christopher Check

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2023

    The Flannel Panel gathers to discuss news on the Thanksgiving episode. …

    thanksgiving panel flannel christopher check
    #11427 Flannel Panel - Christopher Check

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2023

    The Flannel Panel gathers to discuss news on the Thanksgiving episode. …

    thanksgiving panel flannel christopher check
    #11426 Bringing Jesus to Thanksgiving - Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2023

    Questions Covered: 20:56 – I found it better to share my experience over my knowledge. 33:52 – Maybe a captive audience is not the best time to evangelize. 46:08 – How do we present the gospel to younger people? Do you have resources? 50:50 – I want to challenge the idea that we don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable. …

    #11425 Which Catholic Doctrine Troubles You? - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2023

    Questions Covered: 06:47 – I struggle with the Immaculate Conception and the Latin Vulgate. 14:00 – The claim that Jesus started the Catholic Church and that you have to be a part of it to fully be united with him. 20:03 – I don’t like the structure of the rosary and how it has changed. 30:59 – Why do Catholics call priests father, and why can’t priests get married? Also, Mary was a sinner and needed saving. 39:58 – Offering suffering for others troubles me. 48:00 – How do Catholics know Mary is in heaven? …

    #11424 Open Forum - Jim Blackburn

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2023

    Questions Covered: 08:54 – In the profession of faith, why do we confess one baptism? How can the Spirit proceed from the Father and Son if they are all equal? 16:21 – How do I respond to protestants who say we anathematize them for something that was said in a Church council? 22:52 – What does the Church teach about the gifts of the spirit in 1 Corinthians? 29:31 – Why did the Pope 21 Coptic Orthodox Christians martyrs as saints? Aren't they heretics? 41:30 – I'm going to be confirmed soon. How far back do I have to go for my first confession? 47:32 – What’s the balance perspective of Psalm 37:4. Mark 11:24 pertaining to the Word of Faith movement. …

    #11423 Open Forum - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2023

    Questions Covered: 07:43 – Would it be a stretch to say that the Lazarus and the rich man in Lk 16:19 embody what the Jews believed about the afterlife? 16:42 – Does the 1st century evidence support a 3 tier Church governance structure? 24:19 – Jesus says to not leave a tribute till we clear up any offense with our brother. Would this mean the tributes we left are meaningless if we haven't sought forgiveness? 34:52 – Is it ok for Catholics to celebrate Christmas during advent? 41:31 – My son is getting ready for first confession, but I’m doing all the catechesis at home. The parish told me I needed to go through the parish. Is this right? 52:23 – What makes the salvific sufficiency of Christ' sacrifice? …

    #11422 Open Forum for Non-Catholics - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2023

    Questions Covered: 06:07 – What’s the Church's view on marriage when one person is abandoned by their spouse? Can they remarry? 18:02 – Can Catholics believe in predestination? 29:49 – Why did Jesus die if it wasn’t to satisfy the wrath of God? 43:04 – Can non-Catholics still gain the benefits of the Eucharist even if they don't believe what Catholics believe? 49:16 – Mt 23:9 says call no man father so why do Catholics call priests father? …

    #11421 Open Forum for Non-Catholics - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2023

    Questions Covered: 06:31 – Would Mormons be considered Protestants according to Catholics? 14:55 – How can the Catholic Church claim to have the fullness of the faith if the resurrection must be taken by faith? 22:15 – I'm not Catholic because I don’t always trust the arguments of the apologists. 29:01 – Is Jesus eternally subordinate to the Father or are they coequal? 34:12 – How can I differentiate devotion to Mary? 46:19 – What’s the Church's position on Genesis 1 and evolution? 53:05 – Do you have to go through RCIA if one is baptized in the Lutheran church? …

    #11420 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2023

    Questions Covered: 02:28 – What was the thorn in Paul's side? 06:48 – When I cited John 20: 21-23 as clear evidence for sacramental confession, a protestant made a claim that the power granted by Christ in those passages died with the apostles. 13:10 – At Pentecost, tongues of fire rested on those present, and they spoke in foreign languages (foreign tongues). Is this a play on words? In other languages, especially in Greek, is the word for an anatomical tongue, the same as the word for a slice of fire? Even without a play on words, the coming (from unknown source) of fire often signified the presence of God, so the point of the phenomenon doesn't rely on the (at least in English) play on words. Does it? 16:07 – My husband died in June of brain cancer 5 months after diagnosis. So many good people keep telling me that “he's in a better place.” Why do they say that when it should be obvious that he should be with me? I understand that we can't know for certain where a soul goes after death. How do I respond to this? It makes me angry at how easily people toss that cliché out to a woman who is grieving the death of her husband. 22:04 – Does the Church have a preferred stance on Darwinism vs Lamarckism? 33:36 – The Bible IS a Catholic book. Right. Besides dropping the Deuterocanonical Books, have Protestants in the English-speaking world “mistranslated” words? Like the word Tradition which, in Spanish versions is translated as tradition when is in a negative sense (tradition of men) and teaching when it's favorable. Is there any in English? 40:25 – Jimmy Buffett’s song Coastal Confessions has a line “Bless me father for I have sinned, given the chance I’ll probably do it again.” Would this make the confession null since it seems Jimmy hasn’t fully repented or is it just honestly/humility? 46:00 – Where did your Mexican serape blanket that you drape over your chair come from? 50:44 – What do you think about the Gospel of the Hebrews? Later patchwork of reworked quotes from the Synoptics? Something contemporary with the Synoptics? A Hebrew version of Matthew? Could it ever be rediscovered? …

    #11419 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2023

    Questions Covered: 04:35 – My 9yr old daughter, Kateri, would like to ask: “Does God get angry at us? Sometimes He seems angry, especially when we read stories from the Old Testament.” 07:37 – I am wondering why Whitey Bulger had a funeral Mass? Are there examples of people the church will not give a funeral Mass for? Also, are there any situations when the church excludes people from being buried in Catholic cemeteries? Does the church provide funeral Masses for non-Catholics? 17:50 – After becoming a revert… 30 years ago now…I’m miserable… I thought I could pray a few rosaries and my life would come together…I loved Scott Hahn, and Mother Angelica…but here I sit…waiting…am I just faithless? 24:39 – If aliens show up in a major way and submit to testing n such…what would be necessary or possible to prove to the people who think they would have to be demons that they are not? If that made any sense. Like how could you prove conclusively they are not demons? Or would that not be possible? 35:55 – In the traditional Anaphora of Mar Addai and Mar Mari, the Eucharist is consecrated *without* the words of institution. How do we explain it with Catholic sacramental theology? 43:30 – There is speculation that the negative response that humans have to the “uncanny valley” is due to some evolutionary development where our ancestors were preyed upon something that looked like humans but wasn't quite human. What do you think? …

    #11418 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2023

    Questions Covered: 02:35 – If every soul is guaranteed to go to heaven, why does it matter if you pray for the souls in purgatory? 10:28 – Does morality change over time? 19:48 – What is meant when Jesus says “I am the son of man” 28:46 – How do you minister to people who are suffering and explain that faith can help their suffering? 34:18 – Have the verses in Isaiah 63:1-7 come to pass? What do those verses mean? 41:36 – Could a pope contradict a previous non infallible papal teaching? 48:31 – What does Jimmy think about theistic evolution? 51:41 – Once a deacon is ordained to the permanent diaconate, does he have to remain celibate? 53:35 – Is there scientific study that shows that people who get prayed for are better off than people who do not get prayed for? …

    #11417 Open Forum - Colin Donovan

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2023

    Questions Covered 05:52 – Should someone refrain from becoming Catholic if it would cause division in their marriage? 13:28 – What does the word relations mean in Matthew 1:25? 17:51 – Do angels have genders? 29:04 – the sacrament of extreme unction. Can it take away the need for purgatory? 34:45 – Does a high mass have more spiritual value than a low mass? 42:14 – Why do you have to be baptized before you can get your marriage annulled? 46:42 – Why didn't the Holy Spirit stop the protestant reformation? 51:04 – Was St. Paul ordained by any of the apostles as a bishop? Was he even a bishop at all? …

    #11415 Q&A from Perth, Australia - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2023

    Cy, Tim and Stacy take questions during their recent trip to Perth, Australia. …

    #11414 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2023

    Questions Covered:  02:24 – How can the Saints handle the quantity of prayers based on Daniel 10:10-14?  10:35 – Is it proper to go to confession for not being able to kneel at the appropriate times at Mass?  13:00 – Is scattering of ashes after cremation allowable?   15:32 – Has Vatican II been interpreted in a strict neo-scholastic way?   19:49 – If there is no wine at Mass can there be a Consecration?   22:25 – Did Paul ordain Linus instead of Peter?   28:59 – Why do Catholic people confess their sins to priests?  32:54 – How can a person who has never heard of Jesus get to heaven?  40:20 – How is it okay for Saint relics to be scattered all over the world?   45:05 – Can you clarify why we have one chalice that we share instead of individual cups?  50:58 – How do we call out our brothers and sisters at Mass for inappropriate behavior? …

    #11413 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2023

    Questions Covered: 06:47 – Who is the man of lawlessness in the book of 2 Thessalonian?  11:46 – How does purgatory relate to Abraham's bosom?  20:10 – Is gossiping a mortal sin?  28:58 – Can we receive the Sacrament of Confession over the phone or online?  33:10 – Why is the character Julius in the Bible not a canonized Saint?   36:55 – Is there typology for the Eucharist?   46:34 – How can I know this church holds the truth when others also claim the truth?  Resources Mentioned: …

    #11412 Dropped Calls Open Forum - Trent Horn

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2023

    Questions Covered: 01:36 – Is there any inherent logic for St. Paul putting so much emphasis on the cross? 05:48 – Why is Paul in the bible if he never met Jesus? 09:52 – If a person is abused (physically or mentally) in the church and decides to leave, have they committed heresy? 15:05 – If I eat and then go to mass, can I still receive communion even If I didn’t plan on going to mass originally? 20:55 – Was the story of Jesus just co-opted from the story of Romulus? 24:11 – Why would my college professor claim that purgatory was invented in the 11th century? How do I respond to that argument? 28:29 – Why don't Messianic Jews align with the Catholic faith? 35:45 – What is the Holy Spirit? 41:41 – How did you come to the conclusion that the Catholic Church compiled the bible? 45:12 – Are we required to believe in indulgences? 47:49 – My fundamentalist friend says that infant baptism is invalid because it does not have apparent fruits. What’s the rebuttal? 49:49 – How do we talk to protestants about deification of Mary? 51:41 – What is the infinite nature of God? …

    #11411 Dropped Calls Open Forum - Trent Horn

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2023

    Questions Covered: 07:38 – What is the Catholic Church's stance on the current conflict in the Holy Land? 15:44 – Have you heard of the Egg Theory story? What are your thoughts on it? 28:56 – I’m in RCIA. I'm struggling with the Immaculate Conception. Where did this idea come from and does it have roots in scripture? 37:53 – How would you respond to a protestant who asks why they can't receive communion? 42:48 – Do the Jews have writings or records about Jesus? 49:17 – How do I confront the ideas like purgatory from a reformed background? …

    #11410 Game Show - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2023

    Cy and Karlo are joined by two guests to test their knowledge on the Catholic Answers Game Show. …

    #11409 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2023

    Questions Covered: 03:19 – How do Catholics reconcile no salvation outside the Church and Jesus saying if you’re not against us, you’re for us? 10:32 – What’s the Church's view on the Assumption of Elijah as compared to the Assumption of Mary? 18:12 – What is the difference between our Church and an ecclesiastical community? 20:44 – Protestant friends want to know why we pray to saints, especially the rosary? And how can I understand the rosary better? 34:46 – My friend fell away from the Catholic faith. Now I feel uncomfortable sharing my faith with her because she always has something to say about it. How can I continue this friendship? 40:50 – What exactly are indulgences and how does the Catholic Church choose what they are? 46:28 – Can a Catholic in the Roman rite of the Church understand the teaching of the Eucharist in a way different than how the institution teaches? 50:42 – If you have to desire confirmation to get confirmed, shouldn’t you have to desire baptism to get baptized? …

    #11408 Open Forum - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2023

    Questions Covered: 07:04 – I've been reading a lot of Orthodox material. What’s the Catholic explanation as to why they changed the creed to include the filioque? 34:29 – What did Jesus mean when he said “do not pray in vain repetition?” 43:52 – What’s your advice to me, who has a child with my protestant wife? I want to raise my child Catholic. …

    #11407 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2023

    Questions Covered: 09:38 – What time does the prohibition to work on Sunday begin? 17:06 – What’s the difference between a prophet, a fortune teller and a mystic? 34:11 – What are generational demons? 40:55 – Are there any books that are hidden gems that you would recommend for someone returning to the faith? 49:02 – If we are unable to change our mind after death, then what’s the point of purgatory? …

    #11406 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2023

    Questions Covered: 09:01 – How do we know that the gospel writers were Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? 21:22 – Can you explain what Opus Dei is and what it isn't? 35:18 – What is modernism? 44:11 – My house was blessed, but I was living in mortal sin then. I’m no longer living in sin. Do I have to get my house blessed again? 49:35 – Were there other gospel writers apart from the four that we know of? …

    #11405 Open Forum - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2023

    Questions Covered: 06:48 – Will time and space end? 15:15 – How do we know what modesty is if it revolves around the culture? 31:41 – Why would God command Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac? Isn't killing intrinsically evil? 41:52 – If a person is conditionally baptized, what happens to the mortal sin on their soul if they were already actually baptized in the original ceremony? 49:27 – If God wants to know each of us why doesn't God reveal himself to everyone? …

    #11404 Open Forum - Joe Heschmeyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2023

    Questions Covered: 06:02 – How do I respond to the claim that one has to receive communion in both species in order for it to be valid 12:30 – I'm a convert. How can I help my father overcome his challenges with Marian devotion? 29:21 – I heard that there were 300 texts that were being considered when compiling the bible. Is this true? 37:06 – What if you get drunk from communion wine? 43:22 – Why doesn’t the Church use eschatological language in its responses anymore? 51:22 – What are your thoughts about Lucifer Marian typology? …

    #11403 Open Forum - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2023

    Questions Covered: 05:24 – What’s the difference between, last right, unction, and extreme unction? 10:35 – Can a member of a different rite become pope? 17:14 – Did Constantine legalizing Christianity do more harm than good? 31:26 – Why was it necessary for Jesus to be baptized? Didn't he already have the Holy Spirit? 38:57 – Did St Jerome replace the word repentance with do penance in the Vulgate to collect alms from people? 48:18 – What’s the limit when it comes to Marian devotion? …

    #11402 Simple Steps to a Stronger Marriage - Dr. Ray Guarendi

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2023

    Questions Covered: 17:41 – What do you do when your husband has never been romantic? The marriage is strong but there’s no romance. 29:22 – After you say I'm sorry, and the person says I don't believe you. What can you do? 32:43 – My husband has been verbally abusive after he got sick after 23 years of marriage. Is it wrong for me to want to leave to be happy? 47:10 – How do you deal with your spouse if you differ with child rearing? 50:41 – How do I do a better job as a husband if I'm constantly being hurt after sharing? …

    #11401 Is the Mass Really a Sacrifice? - Steve Ray

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2023

    Questions Covered: 17:13 – What am I sacrificing while I'm at mass? 23:21 – Do we keep Jesus on the cross because he's sacrificed for the sin of the past, present and future? 32:09 – When exactly does the sacrifice occur during the Mass? 35:12 – Does the Todah suggest that he had to institute the eucharist in order to fulfill the scripture? 42:13 – Three of my protestant friends converted to Catholicism thanks to Steve's visit to Salem, OR. 44:04 – Why is it so important to determine that the mass is a sacrifice? Are we witnessing a miracle at every mass? 48:16 – I truly believe that it is a sacrifice. My husband is a deacon and a mystic and has encountered this sacrifice in a real way. 51:48 – Is the physical presence of Jesus actually present in the eucharist? …

    #11400 Adoption - Kimberly Henkel

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2023

    Questions Covered: 18:12 – What’s your perspective on how to respond to people in the prolife movement who say that the adoption system is broken? 23:40 – I’m in my 60's, what can I do at my age? 33:20 – My daughter is adopted and has a wound of rejection. Do you have advice on how to help her? 41:10 – I'm an adoptee and have worked in the Juvenile justice system. The courts have a program called Court Appointed Special Advocates that helps as well. 44:56 – Are there foster care opportunities for medically fragile infants? 49:05 – How can adoption be made more of a first choice instead of second choice? …

    #11399 Why Aren’t You Catholic? - Trent Horn

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2023

    Questions Covered: 04:45 – The scandals of the Church keep me away. Why did they reinstate Fr. Rupnik? 12:08 – I was raised protestant and am now Anglican. Sacraments and works are my stumbling blocks. 20:38 – All my social and business life is wrapped around Protestantism. It would take a lot to untangle myself. 30:39 – I'm having a hard time figuring out what teachings are infallible while going through the Catechism. This isn't very clear in the Church. 42:31 – I'm impressed with the claim of apostolic succession. According to the Orthodox, apostolic succession was interrupted under Charlemagne in Catholicism. 47:16 – The Catholic Church says I have to prove that my divorce was legal? I don't think that’s right but I am convinced that Catholicism is right. …

    #11398 Open Forum - Mark Brumley

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2023

    Questions Covered: 06:58 – Does Jesus have a soul? What’s the difference between a soul and a spirit? 16:12 – How would I respond to the argument that the Eucharist is symbolic while the person is using John 6 as evidence for this claim? 24:12 – I heard 1 Cor. 11:27-29 is no longer read at mass. Why is that? 32:20 – How can I get my infant baptized? There seems to be a lot of red tape. 37:15 – How does the Church know when a relic is authentic? 42:49 – Is there a need for us in heaven? If so, would that make heaven incomplete without us? 46:56 – Before mass begins at my parish, we are instructed to greet each other in the name of Jesus. Are we supposed to call each other Jesus? 49:17 – Why can’t the Church just baptize a teen now and have to wait till Easter? 52:21 – How would you debate sola scriptura using the bible? …

    #11397 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2023

    Questions Covered: 03:20 – Is everything stated at a council infallible? 11:13 – How can I be a faithful Catholic at a Catholic university where it’s not encouraged? 18:57 – Both the Parable of the talents in Matthew and parable of the pounds in Luke 19 read the same. Can you compare and contrast the meaning between those two? 24:40 – Why does the Catechism describe purgatory as a place of punishment instead of a place of healing? 38:00 – When Jesus sent the apostles out two by two, do we know where they went? 43:50 – How long does a plenary indulgence last after you receive it? 49:45 – How would we explain relics to a non-Catholic? …

    #11396 Dropped Calls Open Forum - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2023

    Questions Covered: 02:50 – Could you explain why the virgin birth is not a logical contradiction?  07:02 – If you reject the idea of bilocation, what about Padre Pio?  14:30 – I’m an Atheist because of slavery in the bible. How can people of faith rationalize it?  18:06 – Rev. 20 What is the Church’s position on the Millennial reign referred to in Revelation 20?  22:51 – If you evangelize someone with invincible ignorance, are you putting them at risk of going to hell?  31:18 – Are former Catholics who left the Church for Protestantism condemned to hell?  35:04 – If worship is offering sacrifice, then do we not worship Jesus because we don’t offer a sacrifice to him?  37:26 – Did Jesus breathe on the apostles or were the tongues of fire at Pentecost? Comparing the accounts of John and Acts?  43:32 – Does God have accidents in the Aristotelian sense?  47:50 – Wouldn't Jn 19:25 prove that the brothers of Jesus were actually extended relatives?  51:12 – Can you share some philosophically based resources for talking to Protestant friends and family on the difference between venerating saints rather than worshiping them?  …

    #11395 The Communion of Saints - Karlo Broussard

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2023

    Topic Covered: Cy and Karlo discuss the communion of saints in honor of the Solemnity of All Saints.  …

    #11394 Open Forum - Tim Staples

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2023

    Questions Covered: 02:40 – Why do Orthodox have valid sacraments but the Anglicans don't? 07:47 – How many prophets have been recognized by the Jewish people since Christ? 15:04 – If I was married in the Church but I said vows in a language that I didn’t know, would this be grounds for an annulment? 18:38 – Could you talk about the Moratorium fragment and how protestants use it to defend sola scriptura? 39:26 – Could you explain what Opus Dei is? 45:54 – What’s Mary’s birthday and where was she born? 49:57 – If Jesus was actually born on March 2 would it still be valid to celebrate his birthday? …

    #11393 Ask a Priest - Fr. Paul Keller O.P.

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2023

    Questions Covered: 08:40 – Was Mary free from venial sin as well? 16:08 – I'm a convert and my mother is really into crystals. How do I address this since she's putting them up around the house? 22:10 – If a priest is in mortal sin, does it invalidate his sacraments? 33:31 – How is it that Mary remained a virgin if Matthew says, “she remained a virgin until the birth of Jesus?” 37:06 – Were Adam and Eve real or were they just symbolic? 47:44 – If you’ve been baptized once, does getting baptized again do anything? 50:56 – What is the biblical evidence for purgatory? …

    #11392 Answering Orthodoxy - Michael Lofton

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2023

    Questions Covered: 14:49 – A Greek Orthodox priest said to me that they didn’t break from us but we broke from them. What’s the response to this? 17:38 – Is there patristic evidence for adoration? 23:06 – Can you talk about created Grace? 32:05 – I'm considering converting to Orthodoxy because Mariology is excessive in the west. 36:22 – What’s the difference in the date of Easter between the east and the west? 43:02 – Could you address the difference in theology on Theosis? 46:17 – I had an Orthodox monk tell me that praying the rosary is not a good thing. How do I reply? …

    #11391 Open Forum - Joe Heschmeyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2023

    Questions Covered: 06:02 – How do we know that relics are real? 11:58 – What book do you recommend giving to my atheist friend? 17:59 – Are demons going to enjoy being separated from God for all of eternity? 21:48 – How would you respond to the claim that the Church Fathers didn’t believe in transubstantiation? 36:50 – Is inflation immoral? 45:22 – Why do we no longer number bishops like we do popes? 47:25 – Is it worth debating Christians who claim that the church is really for abortion? 51:51 – What is my obligation to my adult children? Should I let them remain in ignorance in order to not ruin their chance of salvation? …

    #11390 St. Augustine and His Confessions - Fr. Gregory Pine

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2023

    Questions Covered: 31:28 – What is Augustine’s main obstacle to conversion? 35:06 – Why doesn’t Augustine mention anything about his concubine after his conversion? How did he deal with it? …

    #11389 Why Are You Pro-Choice? - Trent Horn

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2023

    Questions Covered: 05:47 – I don’t believe that life begins at conception. 17:20 – I'm pro-choice because I believe in donor rights. 37:02 – Assuming Christian theology is based on natural law, nature carries out abortion frequently. 45:09 – I think women have a right to their own bodies. 47:21 – I want everyone to make the right choice. That’s why I’m pro-choice. 50:15 – I go back and forth in the case the case of rape. …

    #11388 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2023

    Questions Covered: 01:06 – Have you thought about exploring the assassination of the president of Ecuador in 1875 on Mysterious World? It’s said that he was killed by Freemasons. 04:35 – What is necessary for salvation? 14:42 – Are you familiar with Serapis Christus? Could you talk a little about him? 23:59 – What’s the difference between the authority of the catechism vs the code of canon law? 32:55 – What’s the proper definition of Sola Scriptura and what’s the best way to defend the faith against it? 43:42 – There seems to be a conflict with the two statements: World without end and on the last day. Can you help clarify? 47:14 – How do we properly understand predestination and free will? …

    #11387 Open Forum - Jimmy Akin

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2023

    Questions Covered: 04:30 – When did priests start wearing clerics?  08:10 – Why is there a difference in presentation between fornication and adultery in the Old and New Testaments?  12:30 – Why do they consider Mary as the Immaculate Conception? Is it mainly because of the apparition in Lourdes and Mary identifying herself as so?  14:53 – Where does the long list of mortal sins come from?  22:45 – Why is there such animosity between the Freemasons and the Knights of Columbus?  30:02 – What is the reason Catholics are not taught to heal the sick, make blind men see or raise the dead?  32:37 – Why do eastern and western Catholics have different canon laws? Is canon law infallible?  37:08 – How do I approach my priest who doesn’t properly offer the words of absolution?  42:12 – Is it appropriate for me to use an old, damaged bible for crafts?  46:03 – Why would Mary have to be sinless?  …

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