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Longtime sports radio host Steve Czaban has been heard on ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio, Sporting News Radio, SB Nation Radio as well as locally on his home station WTEM AM-980 in afternoon drive since 2000. In his 27 years of broadcasting, "The Czabe" has forged a unique style of no-bullshine honest…

Steve Czaban

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    Latest episodes from CzabeCast

    Vegas Is Back, But Are The Good Ol' Days Gone?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 34:31

    Czabe wraps up his long week in the warm desert with thoughts on the state of Vegas, and the prospects of CzabeVegas perhaps never coming back like it once was. Also Mike K, Cinderellas, the Big Ten's latest tournament failure, Formula 1, drummer sadness x2, and more. Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    The NFL Hits Major Covid Turbulence

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 56:25

    GUESTS: Mobile Strike Studio welcomes in the "Maryland Mafia" One-Account Rhodes and Raven Fan Kyle to discuss Lamar Jackson, the WFT, team names, great toys as kids, and more.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    "Tyreke Down There Somewhere" (In Miami...)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 30:47

    Another blockbuster trade shakes up the NFL. The Commanders split from their longtime radio partner. Was it over hosts criticizing the team? NOTORIOUS J-A-Y joins me, and we discuss the NCAA Tournament. Also, a very odd exchange in the casino on Day 5 of the Mesquite Golf trip with the boys! MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    The Ketchup Kid Calls His Thanksgiving Shot

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 59:10

    GUEST: Notorious J-A-Y. Shout out to 1.5X Nation! Scott Linn and what he's meant to me. Insider radio baseball. Patrick Mahomes and his awful turkey day recipe. Is this an "Eating Major?"Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Power Lunch at The Palm: Fred Smoot Talks NFL 2022 Storylines

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 51:48

    Czabe is joined by the "Mouth of the South" FRED SMOOT and golf buddy and former U. of Cincinnati wide receiver BRYANT HATCHER at the Palm in Tysons Corner, VA for a "Power Lunch" discussing the upcoming NFL season, storylines, and more.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Mesquite: "Vegas, The Way It Used To Be!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 42:44

    Czabe is joined by roomate "Big Mike" on the golf trip, to give us a "halftime" analysis of how it's going. Also, Mr. X joins on the call, to talk about trolls, bad weeks in gambling, the NCAA tournament and more.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    "She Blinded Me With SCIENCE!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 42:55

    Czabe and ANDY POLLIN talk: Supermax. John Wall. WFT. Terry McLaurin. Broken QBs. Turkey Day football. MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    'Murica, Baby! She's Still Got It!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 36:39

    Despite the new class of well paid America haters in the media, I still see the greatness in this place beneath the oozing surface of political slime. We get back into the post-4th swing of it, with Hank Goldberg's gambling and media legacy, Joey Chestnut is unstoppable (literally), NBA money get flung around like Pac Man Jones at a strip club, my LIV Golf "Mr. DFL" of the week and MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Urban The Idiot, Or "Urban Legend?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 36:27

    Czabe talks about the Urban Meyer stories from Jacksonville coming out of the weeds now that he's gone and disgraced. Phil Mickelson out of Augusta. Why? Matt Ryan to the Colts. What are the Falcons doing? ANDY POLLIN joins, we discuss cliche announcers, Al Michaels, John Clayton, Kevin Willard, Budweiser signs and MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Chase Young and Company Bury Burrow

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 47:41

    Scott Linn's watch has finally ended. What is my future? WFT moves into thick of NFL Least race at 3 wins. Joe Burrow done for the year. Respect captured perfectly in one photo. Guest CHRIS BROUSSARD the Wizard of Pods, on his son's experience at Notre Dame and what ever happened to the post-game celebration "super spreader event?" Apple M1 Macs are smoking! Dr. David Chao. Sleeping "uphill." MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Meet Cinderella, His Name Is "Doug"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 34:36

    Czabe recaps the NCAA's first weekend from his golf trip in Mesquite, NV. He's also hit upon a new gambling strategy. Just... GAMBLE! Badger bow out, was it a "great" season or not? Davante Adams to the Raiders. How "obscene" is the DeShaun Watson deal to Cleveland? Late by 3 minutes! And table games getting worse and worse in Vegas. MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    "Hello Friends.... Did Somebody Say, Raise?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 55:10

    I am a committed Alexitarian. NOTORIOUS J-A-Y. NBA Draft. #1 pick doesn't really like basketball. Jim Nantz has a decent argument about being UNDER-paid. One-note Whitlock. Of Masks and Flamethrowers. Follow the science. MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    The Tourney's Most Hated Man (For now...)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 44:40

    Czabe welcomes NOTORIOUS J-A-Y to discuss the last touches to March Madness before pushing off from shore officially, and why picking the PERFECT bracket is as impossible as throwing a quarter onto the moon. Peter Kiss is the nation's #1 scorer and the biggest dick on the hardwood. And he appears to love it. Jay defends his guys Wilbon and Bomani. Joe and Troy make their ESPN money heist official. Baker Mayfields gets into his feels. How is Jay coping with the coming Mitch Trubisky era?Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Staring Up At A Mountain Of Cash And Saying..."Meh..."

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 51:22

    The NFL's "Voodoo Dance" on Covid positives. Can't force Thanksgiving. G-Unit GLENN YOUNES talks about Peletons, The Masters, DJ, and more. Musk for Prez? E-mails. MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    NFL: "Never Forget Leverage"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 47:04

    Aaron Rodgers deal is done. Like Walter White, he played the long game, and "I won...." Bomani Jones has a new TV show, but same old act. What is "fair" in golf? Aaron Judge is in the same jail of NYC idiocy as Kyrie Irving. Daylight Savings Time about to get killed? Social media posturing over Ukraine. MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Mighty Mouse Delivers Hail Mary Miracle

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 34:53

    Czabe is joined by ANDY POLLIN to recap Sunday in the NFL, including the Kyler Murray Hail Mary, the future of Alex Smith, should teams pick up DeAndre Baker, and what about the NCAA's proposed "One City Tournament?"Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Mr. X With His Annual Bracket Deep Dive

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 45:39

    Czabe is joined by Mr. X whose love of the tournament is maybe even greater than baseball. We talk about seeding, odds for upsets, trendy picks, why Seth Davis probably flunked geography, and more! Also, the NBA set to die on the vaccine hill in NYC, Kirk Cousins the ultimate over-achiever and contract poker player. Plus, don't F with Camels! MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    A Twenty-Under Stroll In The Park

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 55:07

    Dustin Johnson wins the Masters. Czabe is joined by JOHN RONIS and BRYANT HATCHER in the "Mobile Strike Studio" for a full Masters recap. RON THOMAS joins by phone. NFL talk: Packers escape. WFT gets daggered. Bahktiari new money. Alex Smith balls out. Toronto nurses vs. Masks. MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    See Ya Later, Family! I'm Baaaaack!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 36:11

    Tom Brady upends Selection Sunday! ANDY POLLIN joins me to discuss. What *really* happened? NCAA brackets. Big storylines. Commies settle for Wentz. Deshaun Watson in the legal clear. Now what? Joe Buck to ESPN. Should Al Michaels be worried? MLB settlesAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Has Tiger Re-Sodded His Dome?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 54:13

    Libertarians for Biden? Get ready for a nice hard lockdown. NOTORIOUS J-A-Y. Tiger's sudden "sod job?" Fire Tony LaRussa. Bad ESPN takes. FTG. Minneapolis reaps their own idiocy. MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    How Many Fan Bases Actively Hate Their Own QB?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 36:47

    The Commanders on Wednesday got desperate, and just blew their whole wad of cash on Carson Wentz. Smells like a Dan Snyder move all the way. Good news? They can throw him away in 10 months if he sucks (and he will). AARON NAGLER from Cheesehead TV joins me, to talk about his take on the Rodgers extension, plus the dark desperate years as a Packer fan in the 80's, and why he made a "dog bet" with his daughters.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    The Masters' Covid Mulligan

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 52:43

    TSA Ripoff? Blackjack plexiglass. RON THOMAS AND JOHN RONIS on the Masters. Dechambeau. Tiger. The Social Dillema. MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Will He Still Be "DangeRuss" in Denver?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 39:55

    The NFL "tag deadline" brought a pair of seismic boom's in the form of Rodgers saying he's staying (massive new contract coming) and Russell Wilson being traded to Denver. NOTORIOUS J-A-Y joins me, to discuss who "won the trade" and why Commanders fans and media fan-boys are so delusional. Jay on Calvin Ridley's gambling, Deion loses 2 toes, Dick Vitale is cancer free, and Russell West-BRICK is butt-hurt. That plus the "Random Ex-Dukie" game at K's farewell. MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    The GOAT of Gigs: Hosting A Game Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 38:58

    1 Week 9 NFL recap. 2. The Harbaugh Dilemma. 3. Gambling strategy. 4. WFT Broadcast thoughts. 5. Partisan Nats 6. VSIN. 7. Expensive Things 8. Hosting A Game Show 9. 11 Died EarlyAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Sean Miller Has, In Fact, Been Fired (We Think...)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 39:03

    A colossal gaffe by ElBaldo. Full mea culpa, and a thorough review of just how I have gotten so lost as a professional who "should know things." Calvin Ridley is a scathing idiot. Gambling's long tangled history with sports. MORE...Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Bad Beats, Worse Weather.... Yet, The Best of Times

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 57:49

    GUESTS: Mike O'Neil, Eric Gitter. Live from my hotel room at The D in downtown Las Vegas. Field storming. Another Washington football broken leg. Mask insanity continues. Biden declared "winner." Traded in radio. MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Easy Like.... Andy Pollin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 44:21

    Czabe spends Sunday morning in an empty parking lot with longtime pards ANDY POLLIN to discuss Coach K's sour-grapes exit against UNC. The Coach K legacy. Insane rules that used to exist in sports. Whether "Co-Championships" are even a thing. The NFL combine, deperate times, desperate measures in Washington, and a whole lot MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Fat Elvis America

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 49:52

    GUEST: Notorious J-A-Y. The worst possible election outcome comes true. Shady dealings, high anxiety. Is there any way to fix it all? Saturday classic cartoons. Audio from yesteryear. NFL wives need to pipe down. Lamar. Told ya. FTG. Sunburn Bowl II. MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    A Wheel Of Fortune Trainwreck fo the Ages

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 41:52

    Instead of a "feather in your cap" how about TAR and feathers for these dummies! A viral video game show moment that will live forever. JOHN RONIS joins me from Florida, where two of his four dogs are living their best "good boy" life. We talk MLB, dirty negotiating tactics, knowing an owner, losing money, Phil Mickelson, the Club Pro guy "punch out" club, and why kids root for NBA players now, not teams. Also, Steven A. Smith gets stuffed in a locker by Mad Dog Russo on the greatest NBA players of all time. MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Of Guitars and (Regular) Men....

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 35:58

    SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: Drew Olson and Kevin Brant of "Drew and KB" on 97.3 The Game, sit down to talk about their real passion (hobby?) of playing guitars in a quasi-garage, semi-pro band. Fame and stardom. Comparing it to sports. MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    The Cheryl Hines Factor

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 42:47

    Notorious J-A-Y joins me to talk world politics, MLB's now crippled season, Giannis disrespect, Shoot-a-tron 3000, what is "Andscape", statement SZN and of course a rousing FTG! More...Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    I'm Important! Just Look At These Plaques!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 46:23

    GUESTS: Josh and Gitter. The "Cone of Silence." Hotel room confidential. Drones, meaningless awards, and being "alpha" in radio. Perilous times for radio hosts in the cancel culture. MORE...Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Kyrie Has The Mayor and NYC In A Chokehold of Stupid

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 47:15

    The pandemic is finally crumbling after 2 years of the worst public health policy and politically driven nonsense the world has ever seen. What's the final act of "sheer stupid?" How to get Kyrie Irving back on the court. MR. X joins me to talk some baseball, and whether a shorter season is good or bad for his annual over/under steam. Plus a Super Bowl prop bet recap, and some thoughts on coaching and composure. Also, it's good to treat people like it is STILL the wild, wild, west. MORE...Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Let's Just Hope This Shit Ends On Wednesday!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 38:07

    Czabe Solo Show: Final thoughts before Tuesday's election. The great mystery awaits. Polling. Rallies. What if's.... Packers get pants-ed by bad Vikings team. Steelers are the class of the NFL. Clemson escapes. D.J. Whats-his-name-again? My stomach and reflux. MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Nobody Cares, As Baseball Burns

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 39:37

    Czabe is joined by AL GALDI and ANDY POLLIN on a Sunday morning the new CzabeCast "LandJet" to discuss MLB being down to their last out before missing games, plus Sean McVay turning down sweet sweet Amazon money, the proposed Commanders stadium sites, a very upsetting weekend in college basketball, "Succession" and "Ozark" and more!Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Kevin Cash Goes Crap-7 on Numbers Move

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 46:55

    GUEST: Notorious J-A-Y. Dodgers win World Series. Thanks Kevin Cash! Turner's positive covid test sends virus-heads exploding. Madness of the world continues. Jacked Up on Zoom call with Senators. Cockfighting. Kim Kardashian. Sammy Gordon lawsuit. MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Can Bronnie Live Up To Dad's Promise To Play With Him in the NBA?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 46:36

    Talk about pressure! LeBron says "mark my words" I will retire once I get a chance to play on son Bronnie's team. Now, he didn't exactly say NBA, so I'm guessing a 42 year old LeBron ain't gonna go play for Olympicos in Greece to make it happen. NOTORIOUS J-A-Y joins me to talk about Juwan Howard, K-Marts, the sad state of MD basketball, Rick Pitino, Lia Thomas, AirDropped teacher sex tapes, old school TV game shows, and of course, FTG!Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Something Complete Different: All GURLS Allowed!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 61:38

    It was "Ladies Day" inside the "Free Hugs and Candy Van" (aka: Mobile Strike Studio) as I welcomed former NBC4 Sports Anchor and radio hostesss with the most-est Carol Maloney, along with the Athletic DC's own Britt Ghiroli to talk about why more women aren't in sports radio, the opportunities and pitfalls of women in sports media, baseball, and tales of being hit on by athletes.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Charch and Co. Crown Another Winner During "Whiskey Weekend" In Minnesota

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 62:13

    It takes 10 men, three full days, and a strong whiskey stomach, but the votes are in! Paul CHARCHIAN joins me to recap, plus talk Aaron Rodgers, weird bands, his non-tourist trip to Washington, D.C. plus a whole lot more. Also Phil says he's sorry (sorta), and now you can "snort" your way to a killer tan. Maybe. MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Murder..... She Wrote

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 43:10

    The weekend began to die whenever you heard Pat say this phrase. Murder hornets sucked up in Washington. I want one! GUEST: Andy Pollin. WFT big win. Cowboys in free-fall. Rundown porn. Dirty hits. Scumbag Stubby. How to survive this election mentally. MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    When It Comes To Measuring A Lot of Insignificant Things, Nothing Beats the NFL Combine

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 42:22

    Solo show today for Czabe. But don't despair! The content is RICH and CREAMY! First he takes his lumps for yada-yada-yada-ing the Superbowl from a die-hard Bengals fan. Then he talks about the stupid combine. Plus there's the Juwan Howard apology: hit all the right notes, but did he really mean it? All that plus... masks.. equal pants?Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Thanksgiving From Hell

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 63:18

    Indiana stuns Penn State. Pack bounce back. WFT crushes Dallas. Crazy WS Game 4 ending. GUEST: Harry Mayes, Philly. What about Thanksgiving. California says "never mind."Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Juwan Howard, Fake Tough Guy, Bad Loser

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 51:56

    My triumphant return from Mexico and a week of fun and drinking begins with a BANG! Somebody teach the Michigan head coach how to lose like a man. And maybe, don't press when you are down 20 with a minute to go. ANDY POLLIN joins me to talk about it, plus the upcoming NFL free agency market for QBs. We also talk about the stupid Commanders "crest" and more. All that, plus you would have no idea prison cell cameras failed at the most inopportune times!Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Vancast: Notorious J-A-Y & Nigel

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 79:46

    Czabe reunites in person for the first time in years with former producer Jay Cottrell and former 980 co-worker Marc Sterne of the Tony Kornheiser podcast and alter ego of "Nigel" the cheeky brit. Radio stories and industry chatter ensues.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    We Saw Your Boobs!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 59:55

    Adidas with the viral one-off marketing splash of the year! Czabe is joined by Mr. X for his Super Bowl gambling thoughts, trends, observations... and of course.... bankable prop bets and winner! We also talk Jon Allen's stupid Hitler reference, the latest Snyder "investigation" and more!Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Something Completely Different: "Stevie, Get Your Gun"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 45:40

    GUESTS: Brother Jim and his lawyer buddy John. Czabe talks about guns, the 2nd amendment, laws, civil unrest, a bunch of "what if's" and our childhood pumping up Crossman 760's way past the point of efficacy. No sports! It's a new Wednesday series: "Something Completely Different."Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    The 5 Ring Circus Replicates Skiing at Three Mile Island

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 41:14

    Czabe discusses the Olympic disaster in China on multiple fronts. Marty Conway from Georgetown Law School joins us to talk about how the Olympics can (and will) get back on track. Also, we talk the Brian Flores lawsuit, the new Amazon deal for Thursday night, possible big paydays for guys like Troy Aikman and we read the tea leaves on MLB's lockout. Also, Mark Lye canned for women's basketball comments, and the (political) science of the pandemic has indeed, radically changed. MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    Say It Ain't So, Doc!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 45:54

    Doc Emrick hangs 'em up. Best there ever was. Duane Haskins IG account is... odd. Atari coming back? GUEST: Scott Shirey, aka "Astro Boy." Cheaters run finally ends. House money. The Church of Springer. Golf and fans. Trading deaths for other deaths chasing Covid. Bryson's "virtual" autographs. MORE.....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    How About This Instead of The Pro Bowl?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 42:42

    Nothing tickles the old school TV feels quite like Howard Cosell interviewing Telly Savalas. NOTORIOUS J-A-Y and I find the prefect replacement for the patty-cake Pro Bowl. We also talk Mike McDaniel, Lovie Smith, and the NFL coaching cycle. Also dopplegangers, crappy airlines, and of course, FTG!Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    What the Wooft!?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 40:58

    GUESTS: Andy Pollin, Mr. X. The WFT rolls the dice, and comes up empty. Riverboat Ron, and his "pet" QB, Kyle Allen. Tanking for Trevor? Working til' you're dead! Mr. X on numbers and strategy. MORE...Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

    "Have You Seen the Price of Luggage Lately!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 1970 55:07

    Czabe takes a trip to the mall. ANDY POLLIN joins the podcast. The Pro Bowl. Rooney Rule. Super Bowl 56. Commanders roll-out. Jason Wright's incredible claims. Radio row. Czabe's personal career reflections. And, Phil Mickelson loves that money. MORE....Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

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