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Trumpet Hour is the voice of the Trumpet newsmagazine. In each edition, Joel Hilliker, managing editor of the Philadelphia Trumpet sits down with Trumpet writers to discuss world events and trends from a biblical perspective.

Philadelphia Church of God

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    #700: Australia’s Choice, Putin’s Environmentalists, Your Pans, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 52:24

    With all the crises going on in the world—Russia's attack on Ukraine, the COVID crisis, bushfires visible from space, the Australia-U.S.-UK security pact, and an increased threat from China—Australians went to the polls to choose a new prime minister. What does the man they chose tell you about Australia today? Who and what is behind the environmentalism movement in America? The facts show that it is about neither the environment nor the best interests of Americans. Then we look at something that affects every single one of us every single day, more than once a day. You'd stay away from these chemicals if they were spilled near your neighborhood, but what if they were coating your cookware? We conclude with a Last Word about how to build a better vocabulary. Links [01:38] Australia's New PM (14 minutes) “What the Australian Elections Say About Australia” [15:07] Environmentalism (11 minutes) “Putin's Useful Idiots” [26:10] Toxic Cookware (15 minutes) “Toxic Chemicals in Your Cookware” [41:15] Last Word: Build a Better Vocabulary (10 minutes) “Invigorate Your Words”

    #699: Week in Review: Russia Establishes Land Bridge to Crimea

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 56:48

    The Russian military has apparently gained control of the city of Mariupol, which gives it an unbroken land bridge to the Crimean Peninsula and deprives Ukraine of a key port and long stretch of coast. Meanwhile, as much as the West was hoping that economic sanctions would bring Russian President Vladimir Putin to his knees, it's not at all going that way. The sanctions could actually be inadvertently empowering the Russian economy. In Lebanon, the Jihadist terrorist group Hezbollah is losing political power. Radical leftists in the U.S. have their pitchforks out, blaming a conservative political commentator for a tragic mass shooting. We also discuss Germany arming Europe, some good news for Benjamin Netanyahu, Sri Lanka's economic crisis, and some disturbing FBI investigations. Links [00:45] Mariupol Falls (8 minutes) “Bible Prophecy Comes Alive in Ukraine” [08:15] Russia's Economic Gains (8 minutes) “Russia Is Winning the Economic War” VIDEO: “The Times of the Gentiles (2022)” [16:00] Hezbollah Losing Lebanon (7 minutes) “Hezbollah Losing Power in Lebanon” [23:05] Radical Leftists Out for Carlson (8 minutes) “Radical Left Blames Fox News' Tucker Carlson for Inspiring Mass Shooting” [31:30] Germany Arms Europe (7 minutes) “Germany Arms Europe, Except Ukraine” TREND: “Why the Trumpet Watches Europe's Push Toward a Unified Military” [38:35] Netanyahu Legal Victory (7 minutes) “What Will Happen When Trump Regains Power” [45:25] Sri Lanka Crisis (4 minutes) “Could America Soon Look Like Sri Lanka?” [49:25] FBI Targets Parents (6 minutes) “Whistleblowers: FBI Investigating Parents Who Speak Out at School Board Meetings”

    #698: Aim for the Stars

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 58:40

    Russia's invasion of Ukraine is another bleak reminder of how the ways of war, bloodshed and conquest continue to plague mankind today just as they have throughout history. Declarations that such history is a thing of the past have proved false. But biblical prophecy reveals why and when such bloody history will in fact end. The James Webb Space Telescope is functioning beautifully and primed for scientific exploration, exceeding scientists' most optimistic expectations. We talk to an engineer who contributed to the project about his experiences. And we draw some valuable life lessons from the extraordinary process of creating the James Webb telescope—lessons that were shared with this year's graduates of Herbert W. Armstrong College in the commencement address this past Sunday. Links [01:50] The End of History (12 minutes) “The End of 'The End of History'” [13:59] James Webb Space Telescope (17 minutes) [31:07] Lessons From Webb (26 minutes) Our Awesome Universe Potential

    #697: Week in Review: Chinese Forces Surround Taiwan, and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 57:01

    Chinese military forces are surrounding Taiwan in a series of drills, what many have said looks like a rehearsal for an invasion of the island nation to bring it under Chinese rule. Finland and Sweden are making a historic push for NATO membership, a sign of their fear of Russia. Britain promised immediate protection by extending its nuclear umbrella over these nations. The leaked draft of a Supreme Court decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade has sparked serious backlash from the radical left, and it is turning violent. We also talk about Palestinians using the death of a journalist to foment violence, an election in Germany that revealed how politically weak Olaf Scholz has become, the Philippines ushering in a new Marcos era, signs of how powerful Iran's supreme leader has grown, and the Biden administration continuing to exacerbate rising gas prices. Links [00:42] China Surrounds Taiwan (6 minutes) “Taiwan Betrayal”Russia and China in Prophecy [06:19] Finland and Sweden and NATO (9 minutes) “Finland and Sweden Want to Join NATO” “Germany Is Transforming Before Your Eyes” [15:47] Violence in Israel (9 minutes) The Eternal Has Chosen Jerusalem [24:00] Radical-Left Violence (8 minutes) “Protests After Roe v. Wade Opinion Leak” “The Kavanaugh Hearings Reveal America's Lawless Spirit” [32:02] Germany's Weak Leadership (5 minutes) “More Troubling Signs for Scholz” “Europe Is About to Be Hijacked” A Strong German Leader Is Imminent [37:47] Philippines Elections (7 minutes) “Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Wins Philippine Election” [44:39] Iran Nuclear Talks (4 minutes) The King of the South [48:59] Biden Hikes Gas Prices (8 minutes) “Weaponizing Environmentalism”

    #696: Russia Quietly Conquers Belarus, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 49:14

    As the Ukraine war absorbs the world's attention, Russia has quietly taken over the former Soviet state of Belarus and used it to stage Vladimir Putin's attack on Ukraine. It is a significant victory in this dictator's quest to restore the former Soviet empire. The Biden administration says the greatest threat to America today is white supremacy. Meanwhile, incidents of black violence, black racism and black supremacy are routinely covered up. This points to what truly is the nation's most lethal threat. You have plastic in your body, and it could be hurting your health. New scientific studies show microplastics in lung tissue and blood samples of living people, an unhealthy side effect of the plastification of our planet. Finally, how can you inspire your children to obey God's beautiful law? Links [02:04] Russia Taking Over Belarus (13 minutes) The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia' [14:46] Black Racism (13 minutes) “The Most Lethal Threat to America” [27:41] Microplastics (10 minutes) “Microplastics Found in Lungs and Bloodstream” [37:58] LAST WORD: Inspire Your Children to Obey God's Law (10 minutes)

    #695: Week in Review: Time for a ‘United States of Europe,’ and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 56:11

    War in Ukraine has killed thousands, created millions of refugees, and destroyed cities. Prophetically, the most significant result is unfolding in Europe, where there are increasingly strident calls for European unification. Vladimir Putin is signaling he may officially declare war on Ukraine on May 9, VE Day in Europe. This would mean ramping up prolonged efforts to secure this former Soviet territory. An unprecedented leak revealed the U.S. Supreme Court's intent to overturn Roe v. Wade, but this revelation was deliberately planned to cover up publicity about the 2020 presidential election steal. We also talk about horrific terrorist attacks in Israel, causes of global supply-chain problems, Ireland's elections possibly empowering terrorist-affiliated Sinn Fein, Israel's deep alarm over Iran's nuclear program, and a push for a corporate boycott of free speech on Twitter. Links [00:40] Calls for European Unification (6 minutes) “After the Russian Invasion, Time for a ‘United States of Europe'” He Was Right [06:20] War in Ukraine (9 minutes) “Putin's War—on Russia” “100 Years Since Joseph Stalin Rose to Power” The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia' [15:05] Israel Terrorist Attack (10 minutes) Jerusalem in Prophecy [24:40] Supreme Court Leak (10 minutes) “Supreme Court Abortion Leak: Distraction From the Stolen Election” [34:45] Supply-Chain Problems (6 minutes) “Blocking the U.S. Out of World Trade” [41:25] Ireland Elections (4 minutes) “From Terrorists to Politicians” [46:25] Israel Fears Iran (3 minutes) Nuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door' [49:50] Boycotting Twitter (6 minutes) “The Biggest Threat to American Democracy” America Under Attack

    #694: Why Biden Is Encouraging Illegal Immigration, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 56:15

    Thousands of illegal immigrants cross America's southern border every day—and American leaders are encouraging it. The Biden administration is about to repeal Title 42, making it more difficult to expel migrants. We talk to a man who just visited the border and is deeply concerned about the Biden administration's immigration policy. Last month, Viktor Orbán's party won its fourth consecutive election in Hungary. But some say there was election fraud, and Orbán's response to the Ukraine war is hurting his reputation among European allies. Our modern surveillance state can track and record your location, your Internet activity, your financial transactions, your biological data and more. In many cases, this information is being misused and weaponized. Biblical prophecy gives some important perspective on how the world as we know it has the illusion of permanence. Links [02:24] U.S. Southern Border (15 minutes) “Drug Cartels Take Charge of Border” [17:46] Hungary Elections (16 minutes) “Viktor Orbán to Pope Francis: ‘We Are Waiting for You'” [33:28] Surveillance State (16 minutes) “Is a Dystopian Technological Surveillance Looming?” [49:25] LAST WORD: Prophecy Is Our Spiritual Clock (6 minutes) “Where Are We on Jesus's Timetable of Prophecy?”

    #693: Week in Review: Putin Threatens Nuclear War, and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 56:45

    Vladimir Putin is threatening to start a nuclear war. As the Ukraine war carries on, Russia says that if Western nations continue to support Ukraine, they will face nuclear wrath. The U.S. State Department says Iran is just weeks away from nuclear breakout, even as the Biden administration is still trying to conclude a deal with Iran over its nuclear program. Elon Musk buying Twitter has exposed some stunning realities about how the left has weaponized social media and tech companies, and they are foaming mad over it. Meanwhile in Europe, the newly passed Digital Services Act gives the European Commission sweeping powers to regulate what is said online. We also talk about Japan seeking to double its nuclear budget, Iran fomenting riots on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, takeaways from France's presidential election, and the shrinking U.S. economy. Links [00:39] Putin Threatens Nuclear War (9 minutes) Nuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door' [09:31] Iran Nears Nuclear Breakout (8 minutes) “The Most Dangerous Lie in History,” Chapter 6 in Great Again [17:22] Exposing the Left (5 minutes) “The Biggest Threat to American Democracy” “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power” [28:23] Europe Regulates Internet (8 minutes) “Germany Is Taking Control of the Internet” [36:44] Japan Military Budget (5 minutes) TRENDS: “Why the Trumpet Watches Japan's March Toward Militarism” [41:43] Iran Foments Riots in Jerusalem (6 minutes) “The Precious Jewel of Iran's Plan” The King of the South [47:24] French Elections (5 minutes) “Macron's Victory: A Warning” “France Is Resurrecting the Holy Roman Empire” [52:13] U.S. Economy Shrinks (4 minutes) “Our Financial 9/11 Was Prophesied!” in He Was Right

    #692: The Exposure of Elementary School Groomers, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 65:22

    Elementary school teachers are pushing transgenderism to our youngest children. Their tactics are increasingly being exposed. God is ensuring this happens so we can clearly recognize the evil in modern society. The German government lied to its people, telling them they were helping Ukraine in its war against Russia but withholding that help for Russia's benefit. The presence of a secret deal between Germany and Russia has never been more obvious. Inflation is a major problem in America, but it is insignificant next to a far bigger economic crisis facing the country. And we'll see how biblical prophecy can serve a wonderful practical purpose in your life—as a prod to clean yourself up and get right with God. Links [01:55] Transgenderism (22 minutes) [24:03] German Government Lies (18 minutes) “Germany's Secret Alliance With Russia—Exposed!” “Why Germany Just Betrayed America” [41:30] U.S. Debt ( minutes) “America's Biggest Economic Crisis” [55:57] LAST WORD: Prophecy Motivates Personal Development (8 minutes) He Was Right

    #691: Week in Review: Ukraine War Escalates, and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 56:04

    After early setbacks in its war on Ukraine, Russia is learning lessons and intensifying its efforts to secure a less ambitious set of goals. It also has a bellicose new general at the helm of the conflict. Russia also tested a potent new intercontinental ballistic missile, which some characterize as the most dangerous weapon on Earth. Israel carried out a wave of air strikes in Gaza in response to a Palestinian rocket attack, an outgrowth of escalation in tensions and violence within Jerusalem. Florida governor Ron DeSantis is ramping up his war with Disney over indoctrinating children with transgenderism, part of Republican efforts to fight back in America's immoral cultural revolution. We also talk about strengthening relationships among Asian nations with Russia in spite of the horror in Ukraine, violent religious riots in Sweden, Americans continuing to support Israel, and record drought covering the entire Western United States. Links [00:39] War in Ukraine (6 minutes) “Bible Prophecy Comes Alive in Ukraine” [06:57] Russia Tests New ICBM (8 minutes) “Germany Is Transforming Before Your Eyes” Nuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door' [15:01] Israel Strikes Gaza (10 minutes) “Biden's and Bennett's Days Are Numbered” Jerusalem in Prophecy [25:47] DeSantis vs. Disney (10 minutes) “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power” Great Again [35:14] Asian Nations Ally With Russia (6 minutes) “Asia Still Stands With Putin” Russia and China in Prophecy [41:20] Sweden Riots (5 minutes) “Why 'Burn a Koran Day' Fizzled” TRENDS: “Why the Trumpet Watches Iran and Europe Heading for a Clash of Civilizations” [46:35] Americans Support Israel (3 minutes) “Band of Brothers” [49:34] U.S. Drought (6 minutes) “Historic Drought Strains U.S. Power Grid” Why 'Natural' Disasters?

    #690: Preview of Worsening Economic Crisis, Elon Musk’s Twitter Bid, Defeat Junk Food Addiction, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 58:10

    Troubling trends like rising food and gas prices and supply shortages are increasingly common. We look at a place where these trends are far worse: hours-long lines to fill up the gas tank, fuel shortages, power blackouts, businesses closing, families struggling to feed themselves. All this and worse is happening in Sri Lanka—and could be a preview of what will hit other nations. Billionaire Elon Musk is trying to buy social media giant Twitter to fight Big Tech censorship and advocate free speech. The left are fighting back as aggressively as they can. Junk food really hurts our health. It actually has physical parallels with drugs and other addictive substances. How can we break the junk food addiction? Finally we talk about some important purposes for biblical prophecy. Links [02:00] Sri Lanka (19 minutes) “Could America Soon Look Like Sri Lanka?” [20:55] Musk and Twitter (13 minutes) “Billionaire Tech Mogul Elon Musk Says Twitter ‘Undermines Democracy'” [33:54] Junk Food Addiction (15 minutes) [48:49] LAST WORD: Purposes for Biblical Prophecy (8 minutes)

    #689: Week in Review: Russia’s War on Ukraine, BRICS’s War on the U.S. Dollar, China’s War on Shanghai, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 53:10

    Russia's illegal war of aggression on Ukraine is now entering its eighth week, as Russia, along with its BRICS partners, now plan a simultaneous war on the U.S. dollar. Ukraine has refused a visit by a high-profile German politician. Germany's true global priorities are being exposed. Serious clashes have broken out on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; these clashes could turn the city into a powder keg. We also talk about a former U.S. president calling for the government to increase censorship of what citizens watch and read, the world's third-largest city entering a draconian lockdown, France moving toward extremism, America's failing sanctions against Iran, and soaring inflation in the U.S. Links [00:47] Russia's Aggression (8 minutes) “Why We Must Warn About Vladimir Putin” [08:57] Germany's True Ambitions (8 minutes) “Why Germany Just Betrayed America” [16:52] Clashes on the Temple Mount (5 minutes) “Is the Fall of East Jerusalem Imminent?” [21:54] U.S. Government Censorship (8 minutes) “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power” “Barack Obama Trashes Free Speech” [29:57] China's Crackdown (6 minutes) Russia and China in Prophecy [36:03] France's Extremism (6 minutes) “European Politics Are in a Death Spiral” “France Votes for More Extremism” [42:27] Iran Nuclear Deal 2.0 (5 minutes) “The Worst Foreign-Policy Blunder 2” [47:36] Soaring Inflation (5 minutes) “Inflation Turns Democrats Against Biden"

    #688: Disney’s Transgender Agenda, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 58:27

    Disney executives are pushing a radical LGBT agenda intent on influencing your children. It is a potent example of how rapidly and irreversibly society is changing, how aggressive the radical left is, and how vigilant we must be to remain free of its influence. When semitrucks from all over Canada descended on the capital in Ottawa, the prime minister invoked the Emergencies Act to get rid of them. Subsequent investigation has shown that the arguments the government used to justify its extreme measures were false, and the government's action was illegal. The German military is embracing artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial systems and combat vehicles, even experimental prosthetics and implants to soldiers to enhance their fighting capacity. Recent chemical analysis of some ancient wine jars brings a prophecy in the book of Jeremiah to life. Links [02:00] Disney's Agenda (18 minutes) “Disney Vows to Indoctrinate 5-Year-Olds With Harmful Transgender Ideology” [20:05] Canadian Government Lawbreaking (14 minutes) “The Biggest Scandal in Canadian History” [33:49] German Military (10 minutes) “Guttenberg, Atos and Modern Blitzkrieg Warfare” Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast? [43:39] Wine Jars (13 minutes) AUDIO: “2,600-Year-Old Wine Jars, Vanilla and the Book of Jeremiah” “New Discovery: Jerusalem Elites Were Imbibing on Vanilla-Laced Wine Before City's Fall” Jeremiah and the Greatest Vision in the Bible

    #687: Week in Review: Europe Cries Out for German Leadership, and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 58:13

    Europeans are crying out for Germany to take a tougher stance against Russia and to step into a stronger leadership role in Europe, just as the Bible prophesied would happen. Having encountered greater resistance than it expected, Russia is reorienting its forces in Ukraine, withdrawing from Kyiv and other cities to focus its presence in eastern Ukraine. An Israeli lawmaker quit the nation's ruling coalition, breaking Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett's majority in the Knesset and throwing Israel's government into crisis. We also talk about the ongoing flood of illegal immigration across America's southern border, the risks of China's “breathtaking” nuclear expansion, Germany arming some drones it purchased from Israel and working to procure an Israeli defensive missile shield, and proof of the depth of corruption in the Biden family. Links [00:39] German Leadership (11 minutes) “Germany Is Transforming Before Your Eyes” “Prophecy Is Coming Alive in Ukraine” [11:28] War in Ukraine (8 minutes) “The Climax of Man's Rule Over Man” [19:35] Israeli Government in Crisis (6 minutes) “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power” [25:08] U.S. Souther Border (10 minutes) “Drug Cartels Take Charge of Border” [34:58] China's Nuclear Expansion (5 minutes) Nuclear Armageddon Is ‘At the Door' [40:16] Germany Arms Drones (5 minutes) “Germany Purchases Missiles for Israeli Drones” “Germany Is Transforming Before Your Eyes” “America's Naive Trust in Germany” [45:19] Germany Plans Purchase of Missile Defense System (5 minutes) The King of the South [50:19] Biden Family Corruption (7 minutes) “Legacy Media Finally Reports on Hunter's Crimes”

    #686: Brace for Food Shortages, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 54:42

    Food is one of the most basic human needs, and food shortages quickly create crises. A confluence of factors is putting serious pressures on global food supplies. This is a trend you won't be able to ignore much longer: Biblically prophesied famines could be much closer than we think. Wartime atrocities committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine are being exposed, providing a chilling glimpse at the biblically prophesied times of the Gentiles. A mass shooting in Sacramento, California, on Sunday was the latest in a spate of mass shootings in America. We discuss the causes of such attacks. I conclude today's show by talking about why Bible prophecy is so important to study. Links [01:40] Food Shortages (16 minutes) “War Sparks Food Crisis” The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse [18:02] Russian Atrocities in Ukraine (10 minutes) “Why You Need to See the Horror in Ukraine” [27:43] Cause of Mass Shootings (16 minutes) “Las Vegas Massacre: Problem, Cause—and Solution” [43:14] LAST WORD: Why Prophecy Is Important (11 minutes) He Was Right

    #685: Week in Review: Israel and Arab States Cement Ties, and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 55:40

    Israel and four Arab nations held a historic summit, marking a continuing revolution in relations driven by fear of a rising Iran, and highlighting how irrelevant America's role in the region has become. Russia continues its attacks on Ukraine, increasing casualties, causing a refugee crisis, and destroying major infrastructure. Meanwhile Vladimir Putin is recruiting 134,000 new soldiers The British royal family's recent trip through the Caribbean was marred by protests, hostility against Britain's history, and renewed pushes for independence from the British Commonwealth. We also talk about the Biden administration's attack on the foundations of the American economy, South Ossetia planning to merge into Russia, a spate of terrorist attacks in Israel, migrants flooding into a Spanish enclave in Morocco, and federal officials ruling that Hillary Clinton used the Steele dossier illegally. Links Negev Summit “Deadly Flaw in Mideast Peace Deals” “Why the Arabs Embraced the Jews” Ukraine Update “Russia's Attack Signals Dangerous New Era” “We Said Putin Would Do This” Royal Family in Caribbean “The Caribbean Commonwealth Is Crumbling” “Threatening the Crown That Binds Britain” Attacks on U.S. Economy “America's Economy: Going the Way of Rome” South Ossetia “Putin and the ‘Greatest Catastrophe'” Terrorist Attacks in Israel “Is the Fall of East Jerusalem Imminent?” “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power” Morocco Migrants “Spanish Enclave Overwhelmed by Wave of Migrants” FEC Charges Hillary Clinton TRUMPET DAILY: “Is Barack Obama Pulling the Plug on Joe Biden?”

    #684: Germans Crave Stronger Leadership, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 60:54

    Germans were excited and supportive of Chancellor Olaf Scholz's recent announcement about ramping up military spending to counter Russia's attack on Ukraine. But they have been underwhelmed and frustrated by their new chancellor's passivity ever since. Reports are that Germany's leadership vacuum remains—and the people continue to cry out for a stronger leader. The left talk a lot about the value of freedom and individual choice, but this is essentially a matter of branding. In reality, they are employing many tools of tyrants, and the true nature of their thinking is increasingly being exposed. Modern-day health care is increasingly costly, but it doesn't actually focus on health nor on making people healthier. It is really a disease-care system that only prospers when people are ill. And I conclude by talking about the importance of sacrifice—specifically, sacrifice for the sake of family. Links [01:58] German Leadership (20 minutes) “After Russia's Invasion, Germany Demands Leadership” “Germany's Phony War on Russia” A Strong German Leader Is Imminent [22:26] Leftist Tyrants (15 minutes) No Freedom Without Law [37:18] Health Care (14 minutes) The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like [51:13] LAST WORD: Sacrifice (9 minutes) “Sacrifice Is Worth It”

    #683: Week in Review: Landmark Biblical Archaeology Discovery, and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 57:44

    A stunning announcement in the world of biblical archaeology: an artifact that not only backs up the veracity of the book of Joshua but that also emasculates the notion that the Pentateuch was not authored by Moses. Russia continues its attack on Ukrainian cities, especially Mariupol. The Russians are deliberately targeting civilians, they have started using phosphorus bombs, and there's evidence that Russian efforts to negotiate are insincere. Meanwhile, Europe is responding by increasing its military capabilities and launching a new security strategy spearheaded by Germany. We also talk about Syria's Bashar Assad trying to break away from Iran, Germany and Europe looking for energy sources in the Middle East, the Solomon Islands forging security agreements with China that could jeopardize Australia, Democrats pushing to combat high gas prices by handing out free money, and a look at Joe Biden's nominee to the Supreme Court. Links [00:38] Biblical Archaeology Discovery (10 minutes) “Breaking News: Ancient Hebrew ‘Curse Tablet' Discovered at Joshua's Altar on Mt. Ebal” “Mount Ebal and the Tale of Two Altars” “Interview With Dr. Stripling: Joshua, Mt. Ebal and the Discovery of an Ancient Hebrew Amulet” [10:36] Ukraine War Update (9 minutes) The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia' [19:41] Europe Militarizes (7 minutes) “A German Frankenstein Superpower” TRENDS: “Why the Trumpet Watches Europe's Push Toward a Unified Military” [26:26] Democrats and Free Money (7 minutes) “Our Financial 9/11 Was Prophesied!” in He Was Right [33:24] Syria Breaking From Iran? (10 minutes) “How the Syrian Crisis Will End” [43:05] Europe and the Middle East (7 minutes) “Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Will Heat Up the Middle East” The King of the South [49:39] Solomon Islands and China (3 minutes) “China's Seduction of Solomon Islands Endangers Taiwan—and Australia” “China's Plan to Surround Australia” [53:00] Biden's Supreme Court Nominee (4 minutes) “Joe Biden Nominates Abortion Extremist to Supreme Court”

    #682: The Art of Godly Thinking

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 56:15

    In this rapid, hyper, distracted, Wi-Fi world, many people are finding themselves unable to concentrate, unable to think deeply. On today's program, we glean some invaluable advice from the Bible on how to reclaim and grow in the ability to think. I give you several helpful definitions of what it means to be a godly thinker. We also cover eight practical points on governing your thoughts, eliminating chaff and shallowness, growing in passion for things of substance, building foresight and vision, and improving your memory. And I finish by giving you some practical points on some fantastic things to think about. Links [00:20] Godly Thinking (49 minutes) How to Be an Overcomer Royal Vision subscription “Meditation: The Art of Godly Thinking” [49:00] LAST WORD: Things to Think On (6 minutes)

    #681: Week in Review: Russia Won’t Back Down, and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 59:02

    America and the West are sending military aid to Ukraine, but Russia shows no signs of abandoning its goals for invading. The effect is to prolong the suffering in Ukraine while exposing the feebleness of Western capabilities to stop war. Signs show that U.S. President Joe Biden is overseeing the collapse of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency, including the Fed chairman saying, “It's possible to have more than one reserve currency.” As America and other nations conclude a new nuclear deal with Iran, Iran launched a missile attack on American assets in Kurdistan. We also talk about Germany's deal to purchase American F-35 stealth jets, the Israeli prime minister trying to mediate between Russia and Ukraine, the European Commission demanding that Google censor Russian state media, the Russia-China relationship getting even closer, and mounting evidence that America's 2020 presidential election was stolen. Links Russia's War in Ukraine “What Are the Times of the Gentiles?” Israel's Offer to Mediate Jerusalem in Prophecy “Germany's Phony War on Russia” Germany Purchases F-35s “America Trusts Germany With Stealth Nuclear Fighters” Collapse of the Dollar “Our Financial 9/11 Was Prophesied!” in He Was Right Iran Attacks Kurdish Region in Iraq America Under Attack Europe Censors Russia “Where Is the Censorship of Russian Media Leading?” “Germany Is Taking Control of the Internet” Russia-China Ties Russia and China in Prophecy More Evidence of Stolen Election “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power”

    #680: Putin Is Becoming Stalin, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 57:45

    As Vladimir Putin wars in Ukraine, he is also cracking down on dissent back at home in Russia, reviving the authoritarian legacy of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. What do history and biblical prophecy say about this? Germany recently announced a €100 billion boost to its military spending, and now we see where a lot of that money will go: to American stealth fighters capable of carrying nuclear weapons. This is just one dramatic example of Europe using the Ukraine war as a prod to increase its nuclear power. When Israel's president visited Turkey last week, a report emerged that an important archaeological relic currently in Turkey would go back to Israel: the Siloam Inscription. And I conclude with a request of you, our listeners: to remember the message from the Trumpet in the time ahead. Links [02:24] Putin's Crackdown on Dissent (19 minutes) The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia' “The Armies of Armageddon” “What Are the Times of the Gentiles?” [20:59] Germany Buys U.S. Stealth Fighters (16 minutes) “After Ukraine, Expect Europe to Go Nuclear” Germany and the Holy Roman Empire [36:42] Siloam Inscription (13 minutes) “Hezekiah's Tunnel” [49:37] LAST WORD: A Humble Request (8 minutes) “A Humble Request”

    #679: Week in Review: Global Domino Effects of Russia’s Ukraine War

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 56:28

    Russia continues to push toward Kyiv in an apparent effort to topple Ukraine's capital city, and it is intensifying its attacks on other cities. As much as the West hopes for Ukrainian resistance, Russia shows no signs of backing down. Germany has undermined the toughness of Western sanctions against Russia in a further betrayal of Ukraine and evidence of a behind-the-scenes German-Russian deal. Yet at the same time, Germany is using this as a pretext to supercharge its military. We also talk about U.S.-sponsored biological research labs in Ukraine, the Biden administration being snubbed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Europe looking for more gas supplies from the Middle East and North Africa, Japan responding to the Ukraine war by making its foreign policy more assertive, how the war in Ukraine is driving up food prices worldwide, and Turkey's strongman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reaching out for reconciliation with the State of Israel. Links [00:38] Ukraine War Update (10 minutes) “Bible Prophecy Comes Alive in Ukraine!” [11:13] German-Russian Deal? (11 minutes) “Ukrainian Ambassador Warns of Germany's Betrayal” VIDEO: “Russia's Invasion Is Turbo-Charging Bible Prophecy” “Germany and Russia's Secret War Against America” [22:15] Research Labs in Ukraine (9 minutes) “Flashback: Obama Disarms Ukraine” “Was the Coronavirus Crisis Engineered?” [31:18] Biden Snubbed (5 minutes) “This Isn't Incompetence. This Is Treason! ”America Under Attack [36:23] Europe Looks for Gas Suppliers (5 minutes) “Watch Algeria!” [41:24] Japan Becomes More Assertive (5 minutes) TRENDS: “Why the Trumpet Watches Japan's March Toward Militarism” [46:06] Food Prices Rise (6 minutes) “Ukraine War Drives Up Food Prices” [52:02] Turkey and Israel (4 minutes) The King of the South

    #678: Gas Prices Soar After Ukraine War, How Exercise Benefits Your Career, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 49:30

    The war in Ukraine has boosted oil prices and is waking people up to the cost of dependence on Russian oil. This has major implications for the global economy and countries all over the world. In America, the Biden administration seems unconcerned about this; in fact, some people are happy energy prices are high. But it could drive the U.S. into recession. In Europe, which is even more dependent on Russian energy, leaders want to punish Russia for invading Ukraine by boycotting Russian gas. But this is very complicated, especially for Germany, which has been building strong ties with its eastern neighbor. Exercise has many wonderful health benefits. And the habits you form in exercising and strengthening your body can also have wonderful effects on your business and work success. Finally we talk about the importance of taking fullest possible advantage of today. Links [02:27] Gas Prices (7 minutes) “Gas Prices Push Us Toward Recession” [09:39] Europe's Dependence on Russia (15 minutes) “Europe's Dependence on Russian Gas” “Germany and Russia's Secret War Against America” [24:49] Exercise (17 minutes) [41:29] LAST WORD: One Day (6 minutes) “One Day”

    #677: Week in Review: Russia’s War on Ukraine Enters Brutal Phase

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2022 51:06

    Russia's illegal war on Ukraine, now in its eighth day, is dramatically intensifying, with Russia now using aerial bombardment and missile launchers to destroy civilian targets in key Ukrainian cities. Russia's invasion is having some major effects on Germany and its leadership over the European Union. We also cover a significant upgrade in Germany-Israel relations, takeaways from President Joe Biden's first State of the Union address, Russia moving closer to China, alarming developments in Iran's nuclear program, possible outcomes from France's upcoming presidential election, and an intensifying drought in California. Links [00:47] Russia's War on Ukraine (10 minutes) “Putin Can't Afford to Lose in Ukraine” [10:33] Effects on Germany (6 minutes) “Germany Responds to Russia With an Explosive Announcement!” [16:08] German-Israeli Relations (7 minutes) Jerusalem in Prophecy [23:00] Biden's State of the Union (8 minutes) “A Nation-Destroying Presidency” [31:55] Russia and China ( minutes) “Where Western Sanctions Against Russia Are Leading” [36:59] Iran's Nuclear Developments (7 minutes) The King of the South [43:57] Upcoming French Presidential Election (3 minutes) “France Is Resurrecting the Holy Roman Empire” Germany and the Holy Roman Empire [46:58] California Drought (3 minutes) “Is America Headed for a Dust Bowl?”

    #676: War in Ukraine: Causes and Effects

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2022 61:37

    After Russia's war in Ukraine, Germany announced it is abandoning its pacifism and will double its defense spending and prepare for war. Several European nations are putting themselves on war footing and looking for ways to check Russia's aggression. Why did Russia invade? How important is Ukraine to Vladimir Putin? Ukrainian resistance has been more robust than Putin expected, and it looks like Russia is beginning to employ more extreme and brutal measures to bring Ukraine to heel. How far might Putin go to fulfill his aims? The mainstream narrative is that Ukraine fighting Russia is a classic David-and-Goliath story. But the reality is much more complicated when you consider epic-scale corruption among Ukrainian officials, and Obama- and Biden-administration officials' shady dealings in Ukraine. And finally we talk about how world peace will actually come to this war-weary world. Links [03:27] Effects of Russia's Attack (15 minutes) “Germany Responds to Russia With an Explosive Announcement!” “What Are the Times of the Gentiles?” [18:42] Cause of Russia's Attack (16 minutes) “Will Russia Ignite a Nuclear World War?” [34:33] U.S. Shady Dealings (19 minutes) [53:35] LAST WORD: World Peace (7 minutes) “World Peace—How It Will Come”

    #675: Week in Review: Russia at War!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2022 56:36

    For years the Trumpet has prophesied that Russian President Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine as part of a broader effort to reconstitute the Soviet empire. On Thursday, Russia launched full-scale war in Ukraine in what looks like an effort to take over the country. European leaders are responding by sounding the call for a mightier military and stronger leadership. China, meanwhile, has refused to condemn Russia's invasion, as has India—a sign of the cooperation among what the Bible terms “the kings of the east.” Western response to Russian aggression has been little more than tough talk, a distressing mark of the broken will of America and Britain. We also talk about the final stages of the Iran nuclear negotiations, Israel's “deep state” trying to cover its tracks over recent corruption exposure, Canada's crackdown on freedom, and revelations that COVID-19 vaccines are merely a massive moneymaking scheme. Links [00:56] Russia Wars Against Ukraine (9 minutes) “Bible Prophecy Comes Alive in Ukraine” [10:03] Europe Calls for Stronger Military (10 minutes) “Europe Is at War!” “The Crimean Crisis Is Reshaping Europe!” [20:14] China's Response (7 minutes) “Asia Stands With Putin” [27:14] The West's Response (11 minutes) “Why Germany Just Betrayed America” [38:08] Iran Deal (5 minutes) “The Worst Foreign-Policy Blunder in American History” [43:39] Canada Crackdowns (5 minutes) “Police Brutally Crack Down on Freedom Convoy Protesters” [48:01] Israel ‘Deep State' (3 minutes) “Israel's ‘Deep State' Is Being Exposed” [51:18] COVID-19 Vaccine Scheme (4 minutes) “Project Veritas Reveals Vaccine Moneymaking Agenda”

    #674: The Corruption Is Being Exposed

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2022 61:08

    A staggering level of corruption is being exposed in America and many other nations—in government, in media, in the medical industry, in business and technology, in education and so many aspects of modern life. We look at the towering lesson we need to learn in this age of exposure. The mammoth investment company BlackRock manages some $10 trillion in assets in thousands and thousands of companies, and it is increasingly brandishing its influence to reshape society. CEO Larry Fink wants a “fundamental reshaping of finance” and a whole lot more. The Canadian government just approved a Chinese state-owned company purchasing a Canadian lithium mining firm for nearly a billion dollars—an acquisition with serious security implications. And we finish the program with a last word about human nature. Links [02:48] U.S. Corruption Exposure (17 minutes) [20:08] BlackRock (17 minutes) “‘Fundamentally Reshaping' America Through Finance” [37:27] Canada Sells Out to China (14 minutes) “Trudeau Allows China to Acquire Canadian Lithium Mine” [51:00] LAST WORD: Human Nature (9 minutes) Human Nature: What Is It?

    #673: Week in Review: Clinton’s Spying Bombshell, Trudeau’s Power Grab, and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2022 56:21

    Special Counsel John Durham revealed that Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign employed hackers and lawyers to spy on Donald Trump at Trump Tower while he campaigned and at the White House while he was president. Russia says it is now withdrawing troops from Ukraine, but other nations say there is no evidence of this—and in fact there are now more Russian troops there. Freedom in Canada was dealt a terrible blow this week as Justin Trudeau cracked down on the trucker protest and everyone who supports it with stunningly authoritarian measures. We also talk about Iran's new unbombable underground nuclear facility, more scandal for the British royal family, Hezbollah in Lebanon succumbing to popular pressure and distancing itself from Iran, Europe's activities in Africa, and a warning that America needs to get tough on fighting Chinese cyberespionage. Links [00:39] Clinton Spying (9 minutes) “Obama and Clinton Spied on President Trump” America Under Attack [09:49] Russia Pulling Out of Ukraine? (8 minutes) “The Crimean Crisis Is Reshaping Europe!” [17:52] Iran Nuclear Development (7 minutes) AUDIO: “Biden Is Helping Iran Achieve Nuclear Weapons, and More” on Trumpet Hour The King of the South [24:40] Another Scandal for the Royal Family (8 minutes) “The Fall of the British Royal Family” [32:37] Trudeau's Authoritarianism (10 minutes) “Trudeau Adopts Wartime Powers to Stop Freedom Protests” [42:06] Lebanon Distances From Iran (6 minutes) “The Beirut Blast: Catalyst for Biblical Prophecy” [48:21] EU in Africa (3 minutes) “Watch Algeria!” [51:20] Chinese Cyberespionage (4 minutes) “America's Achilles' Heel”

    #672: Biden Is Helping Iran Achieve Nuclear Weapons, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2022 53:39

    The Trumpet called the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by Barack Obama “The Worst Foreign-Policy Blunder in American History.” Today the Biden administration is trying to resurrect that deal, and more and more analysts are recognizing that the Biden-Obama team is not actually trying to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon—they are deliberately facilitating it. Supermarket shelves are increasingly empty because of problems with supply chains. But a more troubling cause could have longer-term effects on our food supply: production being absolutely dependent on fertilizer. Vaccine rollouts, vaccine pressures and vaccine mandates are touted as being purely in the interest of public health—but they have depended on troubling relationships between big pharma, big media and big government. And they are making these organizations billions of dollars. And we conclude with some practical wisdom about navigating our highly opinionated culture. Links [02:20] Biden Helps Iran Go Nuclear (19 minutes) “The Worst Foreign-Policy Blunder in American History” Great Again “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power” The King of the South [21:07] Food Shortages (10 minutes) “Are Food Shortages Coming?” [31:07] Vaccines and Big Money (15 minutes) “‘Debt Nightmares' Are Plaguing Americans” The Financial Law You Can't Afford to Ignore [46:05] LAST WORD: Opinions (6 minutes) “‘Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion'”

    #671: Week in Review: Russia Flexes Military Muscle in Belarus, and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2022 57:39

    Tensions over Ukraine continue to escalate as Russia began massive military exercises yesterday in neighboring Belarus—stoking already intense fears of an imminent Russian invasion. French President Emmanuel Macron met with Vladimir Putin and forged a deal over Ukraine that highlights Europe's willingness to side with Russia at the expense of NATO. Damning revelations are emerging that police in Israel used illegal means to surveil former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take him down politically. We also talk about new evidence that COVID-19 came from the lab in Wuhan, China, Iran's new radar-evading precision missile aimed at targeting Israel, China stepping up pressure on Britain to surrender the Falklands, regulators possibly shutting down Facebook and Instagram within Europe, and getting to the bottom of whether America's economy added half a million jobs last month or lost 300,000 jobs. Links [00:40] Russian Military Exercises in Belarus (7 minutes) The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia' [07:31] Macron Makes Deal With Putin (8 minutes) “Why Germany Just Betrayed America” “We Said Putin Would Do This” [15:17] Israel Police Corruption (9 minutes) “Israel's ‘Deep State' Is Being Exposed” [24:48] COVID-19 Origins (9 minutes) “The Obama Virus” [34:14] New Iran Missile (6 minutes) “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power” [40:15] China Pressures Britain Over Falklands (6 minutes) “Changing of the Guard” in He Was Right [46:34] Facebook and Instagram in Europe (5 minutes) “No More Facebook for Europeans?” “Germany Is Taking Control of the Internet” [51:32] U.S. Jobs Report (5 minutes) “A Dangerous New Age of ‘Worshiping the Will'”

    #670: What Does It Take for God to Reach You?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 57:14

    The leaders of Russia and China, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, met last week and continue to draw their nations closer together. They issued a pointedly anti-American joint statement and cemented an energy deal deliberately aimed at ending the era of America's global dominance. The world is experiencing grievous curses, with coronavirus, corrupt leadership, economic turmoil, political division, social and moral fracturing. People want to pin all blame for these troubles on other people—but the reality is, these curses are God trying to show us the error in our ways. The world is ignoring His warnings, but ask yourself: What does it take for God to reach me? The book of Revelation gives a stunning picture of the extremes to which God must go to reach the hard-hearted people of this world before He can establish His glorious rule on Earth. Links [02:09] Putin and Xi (17 minutes) “Russia-China Pipeline: A Preview of a New World” “Rising From the German Underground” [18:55] Grievous Curses (17 minutes) [36:08] Warnings From God (20 minutes)

    #669: Week in Review: Germany Urgent to Boost Military, and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2022 56:15

    A German government-funded think tank says Russia's recent military aggression demands that Germany massively boost its own defense spending, to an extent that would revolutionize Germany's role in the world. As the world's attention focuses on Ukraine, ministers of the European Parliament are making the case that Russia has already effectively “occupied” Belarus. The United Arab Emirates is suffering increasing attacks from Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi fighters, and the United States and France are now responding by sending military support. We also talk about a new book proving how China has bought out the Biden family, China kicking off the Winter Olympics, a military coup in Mali that is complicating relations with European nations, President Joe Biden naming Qatar as a “major non-NATO ally” of America, and America's national debt blasting past $30 trillion. Links [00:39] Germany Boosting Military (12 minutes) “Will the Ukraine Crisis Militarize Europe?” “Why Germany Just Betrayed America” [12:49] Belarus ‘Occupied' (4 minutes) “Soviet Reunion: Russia and Belarus Clear Path for Common State” The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia' [17:09] U.S. Supports United Arab Emirates (7 minutes) TRENDS: “Why the Trumpet Watches an Alliance Between Arab Nations and Europe” [24:22] China and the Bidens (9 minutes) “Wake Up to the Threat From China” “Communism in America Today” [33:23] Winter Olympics (6 minutes) “China: The Dictator's Fantasy” [39:38] Mali (3 minutes) “Watch Algeria!” [42:51] Qatar and the U.S. (6 minutes) “The Barack Obama Mystery” [48:52] America's Ballooning Debt (8 minutes) “U.S. National Debt Hits #30 Trillion”

    #668: Reflecting on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2022 51:51

    This month marks Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee—70 years on the British throne. We look at how much Britain has changed under her watch and compare her coronation with what we might expect at the next coronation in Britain. As Russia threatens to invade Ukraine, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic community remembers how much they were persecuted during the Soviet era. They are looking in vain for support from the pope. Why has he been conspicuously silent? As prices and inflation rise, and more and more of us are feeling the financial pinch, a great many people are experiencing anxiety, sleeplessness and other health problems. We end with a word of encouragement to take the time to enjoy an increasingly rare art in this digital age: sitting down with pen and paper, and writing a good ol' fashioned letter. Links [01:52] Queen's Platinum Jubilee (16 minutes) “Can Britain's Platinum Monarchy Continue?” The Key of David The New Throne of David [17:50] Ukraine's Catholics (16 minutes) “When the Pope Meets Putin, Ukraine Needs to Fear” “Why Is the Pope Pro-Putin?” [33:20] Debt Nightmares (9 minutes) “'Debt Nightmares' Are Plaguing Americans” The Financial Law You Can't Afford to Ignore [42:37] LAST WORD: Lost Art of Writing Letters (9 minutes)

    #667: Week in Review: Betraying NATO

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 28, 2022 56:10

    As Russia threatens Ukraine, Germany is siding with Russia rather than its NATO allies, particularly the U.S. Now other European nations, including France and Italy, are following Germany's lead. Even as Vladimir Putin threatens to invade Ukraine and undermines America's alliances in Europe, he is shoring up ties with several Latin American nations right in America's backyard. As negotiations continue over Iran's nuclear activities, the Islamic Republic pushes its ballistic missile program to increase its range to include Europe. We also talk about China's provocative moves toward Taiwan, America shutting down an important pipeline project in the Middle East, Germany's economic takeover of Eastern Europe, why Russia and China are supporting Iran, and Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates that are certain to dramatically worsen supply chain problems. Links [00:39] Europe Sides With Russia (10 minutes) “France Follow Germany, Betrays Ukraine and NATO” “Italy's Industry Promises Putin Their Support” [10:17] Russia in Latin America (6 minutes) “Russia Threatens the Caribbean” [16:39] Iran's Ballistic Missile Program (5 minutes) TRENDS: “Why the Trumpet Watches Iran and Europe Heading for a Clash of Civilizations” [21:57] Biden Shuts Down Another Pipeline (9 minutes) “This Isn't Incompetence. This Is Treason!” America Under Attack [31:21] China Moves Against Taiwan (5 minutes) “Taiwan Is China's Ukraine” Russia and China in Prophecy [35:52] Germany and Eastern Europe (5 minutes) “Germany's Economic Takeover of Eastern Europe” “Rising From the German Underground” [40:51] Russia and China Support Iran (9 minutes) “The Most Dangerous Lie in History,” Chapter 6 in Great Again Winston S. Churchill: The Watchman [49:41] Canadian Trucker Protest (5 minutes) “Rising Prices, Empty Shelves”

    #666: Germany’s Stunning Betrayal of Ukraine, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 55:46

    As Vladimir Putin threatens to invade Ukraine, Germany is stunningly supportive. Other nations are trying to come to Ukraine's aid, but they are being thwarted by Berlin. Is this the death knell for NATO? Why is Germany so supportive of Russia? Last week, Joe Biden implied Russia could make a “minor incursion” into Ukraine without consequences from NATO. Some analysts say Putin could be blackmailing Biden over his and his son's illegal activities in Ukraine. Other evidence shows the Bidens making millions from deals with people tied to China's spy apparatus. Corruption in leaders has real-world consequences. High blood pressure is one of the biggest killers out there. Are medications the right solution? We look at ways to lower your blood pressure naturally. Links [02:55] Germany Betrays Ukraine (23 minutes) “Ukraine Crisis Exposes Germany's Betrayal” “Rising From the German Underground” “Russia and Germany: Partners in Crime” “We Said Putin Would Do This” “Germany and Russia's Secret War Against America” “Germany and Russia's Secret Genocide” [25:52] Biden Corruption (11 minutes) “Is Russia Blackmailing the Biden Administration?” [36:39] High Blood Pressure (18 minutes)

    #665: Week in Review: The Drums of War Beat in Ukraine, and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2022 54:36

    Russia has amassed more than 100,000 troops effectively surrounding Ukraine, and it increasingly looks like his threats to undermine NATO and reclaim former Soviet territory are not a bluff. Meanwhile, U.S. President Joe Biden implied that if Russia made only a “minor incursion” into Ukraine, America would not intervene. And Germany appears to actually support Russia's efforts to undermine NATO—more evidence of troubling collusion between Germany and Russia. Iran-backed Houthis executed a drone strike in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, showing Iran's power in Yemen and commitment to remaining there. We also talk about Israel ordering submarines from Germany; joint naval drills by Russia, China and Iran; China's new blue-water naval activities; and, after exactly one year on the Biden administration's watch, the record number of illegal immigrants streaming across America's southern border. Links [00:38] Russia Surrounds Ukraine (8 minutes) The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia' [08:37] Biden's ‘Minor Incursion' (5 minutes) “This Isn't Incompetence. This Is Treason!” [13:33] German-Russian Collusion (9 minutes) “Germany and Russia's Secret War Against America” [24:24] Drone Strike on U.A.E. (8 minutes) “Iran Gets a Stranglehold on the Middle East” [35:07] Israel Turns to Germany (4 minutes) The United States and Britain in Prophecy“ Did Israel Do a Deal With the Devil for a Nuclear Bomb?” [38:59] Russia, China, Iran Naval Drills (6 minutes) TRENDS: “Why the Trumpet Watches an Alliance Between Arab Nations and Europe” [44:51] China's Navy (3 minutes) “Where Is the China-America Clash Leading?” [48:27] U.S. Southern Border (5 minutes) “Where America's Race Riots Are Leading”

    #664: The Greatest Nation on Earth?, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 55:28

    Do you realize how far America has fallen from its superpower heights? Contrast its social and political division, preoccupation with its own supposed sins, and complete lack of interest in engaging the rest of the world against the robust, aggressive imperialistic moves of authoritarian regimes like Russia and China. The Russian organization Memorial International has worked to document historical crimes and mass human rights violations committed in the Soviet Union. Three weeks ago, Russia's Supreme Court shut it down. We talk to an official from the organization who says this is part of a broad effort in Vladimir Putin's Russia to silence opposition. The domestic marijuana trade in California is being taken over by Mexican drug cartels. This proves that legalizing marijuana won't put the cartels out of business. And we continue our discussion on how to deepen your friendships. Links The Current World Order Russia Silences Opposition The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia' U.S. Domestic Marijuana LAST WORD: Friendships “How to Deepen Your Friendships”

    #663: Week in Review: Britain’s Royal Family Fall Intensifies

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 14, 2022 58:44

    Britain's royal family is scandalized by allegations against Prince Andrew, and the Queen took a firm stance by kicking him out of the royal family. Vladimir Putin sending soldiers into Kazakhstan quelled violent protests there, and now Russian troops are withdrawing. But history shows Putin is likely to remain in this former Soviet state as long as he finds it useful. As Iran nuclear talks proceed, the Biden administration appears to be bracing itself for negotiations to break down and for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, by blaming Donald Trump. We also talk about initial military moves from the new German government, Iran's plans to expand as a naval power, Russia warning the U.S. that it could deploy its military to Cuba, Michelle Obama's plan to recruit a million new Democratic voters, and a new report on inflation in the United States showing the dollar is in deep trouble. Links [00:51] Prince Andrew (12 minutes) “The Fall of the British Royal Family” “Threatening the Crown That Binds Britain” “What Happens When Queen Elizabeth Dies?” The United States and Britain in Prophecy The New Throne of David [12:57] Kazakhstan Update (6 minutes) The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia' [19:19] Nuclear Talks (8 minutes) “Forget Omicron, Iran Is Three Weeks Away From Nuclear Breakout” [27:45] Democrats Push for Voters (9 minutes) “Michelle Obama's Voter Drive” [36:50] German Military Policy (4 minutes) Germany's Secret Strategy to Destroy Iran [41:01] Iran's Naval Force (5 minutes) “Can Iran Stop International Trade Through the Red Sea?” The King of the South [46:30] Russia Threatens U.S. (5 minutes) “Preparing to Storm America's Castle” [51:41] U.S. Dollar (6 minutes) “The Dollar's Collapse Is Only Just Beginning” “Joyriding Toward Disaster”

    #662: Launching a New Institute of Biblical Archaeology, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2022 57:52

    The Trumpet's sponsor is starting a brand-new project: the Armstrong-Mazar Institute of Biblical Archaeology. This is aimed at promoting this exciting and important field of science, particularly in the land of Israel. The resources we are putting into supporting archaeological activities in Jerusalem that prove the Bible is a reliable source of history are about to increase. We talk with the assistant director, Brad Macdonald, about this. The strongman of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, is bucking trends in leadership in Europe and proving quite popular. Bible prophecy shows we can expect to see more of the Orbán model in European nations in the time ahead. Tens of billions of dollars the American government sent out in COVID relief have been stolen by criminals. We also look at a couple of qualities you can grow in to deepen your friendships. Links [01:45] Armstrong-Mazar Institute of Biblical Archaeology (24 minutes) [25:39] Hungary's Strongman (18 minutes) “Will 2022 Be Viktor Orbán's Year?” [43:50] COVID Relief Funds Stolen (7 minutes) “$100 Billion in COVID Relief Stolen” [50:21] LAST WORD: Friendship (6 minutes) “How to Deepen Your Friendships”

    #661: Week in Review: Kazakhstan Uprising Opens Opportunity for Putin, and Much More

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2022 57:09

    Kazakhstan has experienced a quite sudden, violent anti-government uprising, but government efforts to appease the public have failed. The president called on Russia for help, and Vladimir Putin rapidly deployed forces that are certain to boost his power in this former Soviet state. Sudan's prime minister resigned, giving into protests against the military-dominated rule and throwing the tumultuous nation into further uncertainty. Germany's new chancellor, Olaf Scholz, is embracing a stronger relationship with China, casting aside concerns over the Asian giant's policies and behavior. We also talk about China's new deal that reveals its plot to virtually take over Latin America, a possible weapons deal between Israel and Morocco, France's president “declaring war” on the unvaccinated, insurance companies reporting a 40 percent jump in premature non-COVID deaths, and Democrats hyperventilating over the January 6 “insurrection” anniversary. Links [00:38] Kazakhstan (10 minutes) “With Kazakhstan in Flames, Russia's Moving In” The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia' [11:00] Sudan (10 minutes) Libya and Ethiopia in Prophecy [20:29] Germany and China (8 minutes) “The Great ‘Mart of Nations'” VIDEO: “Germany Going Underground” [28:15] January 6 Anniversary (10 minutes) “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power” [37:55] China in Latin America (5 minutes) “Preparing to Storm America's Castle” [43:10] Israel and Morocco (5 minutes) “Deadly Flaw in Mideast Peace Deals” [48:17] France vs. Unvaccinated (3 minutes) “Macron Declares War on the Unvaccinated ‘to the Bitter End'” “Coronavirus and the Holy Roman Empire” [51:34] Premature Non-COVID Deaths (4 minutes) “America Is Suffering ‘Mass Formation Psychosis'”

    #660: German Business’s Dark Relationship With Russia, and More

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 61:11

    Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was “helpless” to stop the Nord Stream 2 project because of pressure from German business leaders. It highlighted the role that business and industry play in German politics and its dark relationship with Russia. The common idea today is that we subtract the poison of a virus by adding the poison of an experimental vaccine. But when does one plus one actually equal zero? We talk about a much more logical math equation regarding our health. America's educational system is failing, government statistics show. High academic standards are being abandoned in favor of other priorities such as social justice—part of a deliberate effort to dumb down the next generation. And the congressional testimony of a guilty FBI agent teaches an important personal lesson about what to do when you're caught doing something wrong. Links [01:22] German-Russian Relationship (17 minutes) “Gazprom and Wintershall: Cooperation With Historical Precedent” “Why Is Germany So Invested in Russia?” VIDEO: “Germany Going Underground” [18:17] Health Logic (15 minutes) The Plain Truth About Healing [33:36] America's Failing Educational System (20 minutes) “What Is Your Child Learning in Public School?” [53:38] LAST WORD: Caught Doing Something Wrong? (7 minutes) “When You're Wrong, Admit It”

    #659: Week in Review: The Final Week of 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2021 54:27

    Just before leaving office, German Chancellor Angela Merkel approved major arms exports to Egypt, using Germany's industrial power to effect foreign policy in a way consistent with biblical prophecy. 2021 marked the death of democracy in Hong Kong as China capped off the year by raiding and shutting down one of the last pro-democracy media outlets in the region. China is bracing for global famines by stockpiling food—to the point that it has hoarded more than half of the world's grain. Meanwhile European Union officials are preparing for future supply chain troubles by taking on more federal power over European industries. We also talk about Israeli airstrikes in Syria, Iran doubling its attacks on Saudi Arabia through the Houthis in Yemen, Donald Trump saying China should pay America and the world for releasing COVID-19, and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which spent nearly half a billion dollars on the 2020 election, hiring a card-carrying socialist. Links German Arms Exports “Outgoing German Government Approved Record Weapons Exports” Israel Strikes Syria “Will Israeli Air Strikes Drive Iran Out of Syria?” Hong Kong—Death of Democracy “The Climax of Man's Rule Over Man” China and COVID-19 “New Report Exposes Wuhan Institute of Virology as Epicenter of Pandemic” “A Weapon to Transform America” “Where Is the China-America Clash Leading” China Hoards Food “China Hoards Half the World's Grain” EU Power Grab “The Great ‘Mart of Nations'” Houthi Attacks Against Saudi Arabia The King of the South Chan Zuckerberg Initiative “Zuckerberg Group Hires Domestic Socialists of America Leader”

    #658: The Heavens Declare God’s Glory

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2021 55:15

    The James Webb Space Telescope is en route to its place in the heavens a million miles from Earth. This is the most impressive effort ever made to understand the cosmos and learn the secrets of the universe and its Creator. NASA administrator Bill Nelson quoted Psalm 19: “The heavens declare the glory of God.” For centuries, scientists have studied creation to learn more about God. They viewed the natural world as evidence of the Creator, and the more we learn about it, the more we learn about God. Scientists study and follow precisely the laws that govern the physical world, whether or not they realize that this points back to the great Lawgiver. But more and more of them are acknowledging that scientific evidence does prove the existence of a great Designer and Creator. Today we look at how the heavens declare the glory of God. Links [00:25] James Webb Space Telescope (20 minutes) “‘At the Verge of Impossible'” [20:17] Two Schools of Thought (21 minutes) [41:40] LAST WORD: Hear What the Heavens Are Saying (13 minutes) Our Awesome Universe Potential

    #657: Week in Review: Russia Threatens Ukraine—i.e. NATO and the U.S.

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2021 54:55

    Russian President Vladimir Putin spent several hours giving his annual press conference this week. He threatened to attack Ukraine, but his real target is the U.S. And it's not just the USSR making a comeback. Two politicians are on their way back—the most noticeable is U.S. President Donald Trump. Over in Germany, Angela Merkel's nemesis is also rising. In the Middle East, America's administration is getting ready to ditch Saudi Arabia, while France moves in. Germany and Nicaragua are moving close to China—what does this means for America? And finally we say a not-so-fond farewell to a key player in America's response to COVID-19. Links [00:46] Russia's Moves (7 minutes) The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia' “Russia Frightens Europe—and Fulfills Bible Prophecy” [08:00] Trump's Comeback (7 minutes) “What Will Happen After Trump Regains Power” “Fight Over Mail-In Ballots Begins” [14:50] New CDU Leader (9 minutes) A Strong German Leader Is Imminent “Germany's Friedrich Merz Is Again on the Rise” “Is Friedrich Merz Germany's Future?” [25:48] U.S. Ditching Saudi Arabia (5 minutes) [31:16] Germany Draws Closer to China (5 minutes) [36:00] France Courts Saudi Arabia (6 minutes) TRENDS: “Why the Trumpet Watches an Alliance Between Arab Nations and Europe” “Biden Middle East Policy Pushing the World Toward Christ's Return” [42:06] Nicaragua and China (6 minutes) [48:06] Dr. Collins (6 minutes) “Farewell to Dr. Francis Collins”

    #656: The Fall of Australia and New Zealand

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 60:42

    One of the most dramatic trends in geopolitics is the fall of the English-speaking world. America and Britain have dominated for over 200 years, but that is rapidly ending. Today we look at this trend in Australia and New Zealand. Australia was forged by hardy British looking for a new start while maintaining close ties with the mother country. Recently it has turned its back on its heritage and embraced a troubled relationship with China. It has also surrendered its freedoms with harsh coronavirus restrictions. The same story is playing out in New Zealand, which has grown deeply dependent on China and given itself over to a socialist, leftist government. We discuss what the Bible prophesies in the time ahead for these nations. Then we briefly look at the stars with a word about the James Webb Space Telescope, which is scheduled to launch in just two days! Links [02:15] Australia (25 minutes) “Aussie Spirit: Empire Spirit” [27:12] New Zealand (19 minutes) “Paradise Lost” [46:30] After Anglo-America (7 minutes) [53:52] James Webb Space Telescope (6 minutes) “‘At the Verge of Impossible'” Our Awesome Universe Potential

    #655: Week in Review: Russia Issues Bold Threat Against NATO

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 55:04

    Russia just released a set of demands of NATO that, if agreed to, would effectively destroy the trans-Atlantic alliance. It appears this is the endgame that Vladimir Putin has been preparing for many months, positioning troops in Ukraine and completing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Chinese Supreme Leader Xi Jinping said the relationship between Russia and China is better than an alliance. The two Asian giants are pulling ever closer together in response to pushback from other nations. A cluster of devastating tornadoes tore through six American states, adding misery to a number of curses many Americans are already suffering. We also talk about what we're learning from the criminal trial of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister making his first visit to the United Arab Emirates, skyrocketing inflation in America, and Britain's government being battered by scandals. Links [00:37] Russia vs. NATO (13 minutes) KEY OF DAVID: “Germany Going Underground” “The Crimean Crisis Is Reshaping Europe” “Demise of the INF Puts Europe in the Nuclear Crosshairs” [14:04] Tornadoes Hit U.S. (6 minutes) “You Can Know Why 'Natural' Disasters” “Plague of Tornadoes Devastates America's Heartland” [20:08] Netanyahu Trial (7 minutes) “Are the Unlawful Roots of the Netanyahu Witch Hunt About to Be Exposed?” [27:45] Russia and China Draw Closer (6 minutes) TRENDS: “Why the Trumpet Watches Russia Allying With China” [33:33] Israel PM Visits U.A.E. (6 minutes) “Peace With the Arabs: Can It Happen?” [39:03] U.S. Inflation (8 minutes) “Inflation Hits Highest Level in 39 Years” [47:20] Britain's Government Scandals (7 minutes) “Why Your World Is Changing So Suddenly”

    #654: The Fall of the English-Speaking World

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 58:12

    One of the most important and dramatic trends in the world today is the fall of the English-speaking world. The age of American and British dominance has lasted for over 200 years, but that is rapidly ending. Today we look at what ties these nations together, along with Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We discuss their shared history and how their rise and fall highlights God's hand in world events in a powerful way. We look particularly at Britain and how recent decades have fulfilled the Bible's prophecies about this nation—why it lost the greatest empire in world history and what is happening in recent months to bring Britain down. We then look at Canada and see some of the seeds planted in its formation as a nation that have contributed to its present-day weakening—again, exactly as God prophesied would happen. Links [03:42] The English-Speaking Peoples (14 minutes) The United States and Britain in Prophecy [17:59] Britain (17 minutes) The New Throne of David [34:51] Canada (20 minutes) “Canada: Rule of Law Has Become Rule of the Will” [55:25] The All-Important Master Key (2 minutes) The United States and Britain in Prophecy

    #653: Week in Review: America’s Global Retreat Continues

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 57:36

    America is phasing its presence out of Iraq, and Iran is demanding that it get out completely by the end of this month. President Joe Biden seems willing to comply so as not to imperil Iran nuclear talks. This is driving Arab states in the region to seek relationships to fill America's absence. President Biden has ruled out sending troops to defend Ukraine from a potential invasion from Russia, further underlining the fact that Europe must deal with Russia on its own. Austrian strongman Sebastian Kurz abruptly left politics the same week that German Chancellor Angela Merkel stepped down, signaling a trend toward weakening leadership within Europe. We also talk about Russia and India dramatically increasing their military cooperation, China moving into Africa's West coast, some politically significant moves by Pope Francis, and pro-abortionists in America reacting to the challenge to the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling. Links [00:39] America Leaves Iraq (14 minutes) “America Is Back … ing Out” [14:39] Europe's Leadership Vacuum (8 minutes) “Are Europe's Strongmen History?” [22:58] Russia-India Cooperation (6 minutes) “Is India in the Bible?” “India: Asia's Other Economic Powerhouse,” Chapter 5 in Russia and China in Prophecy [28:59] America Abandons Ukraine (10 minutes) “A Nation-Destroying Presidency” Germany's Conquest of the Balkans [39:27] China in West Africa (4 minutes) “The Battleground” [44:07] Pope Francis (8 minutes) “Returning to the Fold,” in He Was Right [52:20] Roe v. Wade Controversy (4 minutes) “Supreme Court Abortion Decision Could Lead to Much More” “The Inspiring Truth Abortionists Should Know”

    #652: The Key Quality Lacking in Today’s Leaders

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 59:51

    Angela Merkel has stepped down as chancellor of Germany. We look back at how she led her country through crises such as economic catastrophes in Cyprus and Greece and a migrant flood from Syria, strengthening Germany's position within Europe but also overseeing increasing domestic instability that will lead to the fulfillment of a crucial end-time biblical prophecy. This world's leaders are making extraordinary decisions that are upending millions of lives, governing according to their whim and will, demanding things of people that they won't follow themselves. We look at a key quality of leadership dangerously lacking in most leaders today. This is a lesson we can take from recent events that gives insight into God's thinking and godly leadership—a principle we can even apply in our personal lives. Links [02:40] Review of Merkel's Leadership (19 minutes) A Strong German Leader Is Imminent [21:35] Godly Leadership (37 minutes) God's Family Government

    #651: Week in Review: Iran Mocks Nuclear Talks by Boosting Uranium Enrichment

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2021 58:05

    As nuclear negotiations with Iran are underway, the United Nations revealed that Iran just started uranium enrichment that blatantly violates the existing nuclear deal, showing its capability and determination to build multiple nuclear weapons. European nations, especially Germany, are waging war on COVID-19 with increasingly draconian measures, including putting a military general with wartime experience over enforcing vaccine mandates. A planned coup to overthrow Ukraine's government was uncovered last week, and Ukraine's prime minister says he has proof that the Kremlin was behind the plot. We also talk about Tuesday's school shooting in Michigan, China taking over Uganda's international airport, America's anger over an Israeli plan to build settlements in Jerusalem, Croatia honoring its fascist soldiers from World War II, and Hunter Biden helping China get control over a crucial cobalt mine. Links [00:58] Iran Nuclear (9 minutes) “Forget Omicron, Iran Is Three Weeks Away From Nuclear Breakout” [10:39] Germany vs. COVID-19 (9 minutes) “Germany to Fight Virus With Vaccine Mandates, Mass Surveillance, Army Generals” “Lurch Toward Tyranny” [19:40] Ukraine Coup (7 minutes) “Russia Frightens Europe and Fulfills Bible Prophecy” [26:35] Michigan School Shooting (8 minutes) “Viewpoint: Why Kids Kill” [34:37] China in Uganda (6 minutes) “What Are the 'Times of the Gentiles'?” [40:19] Biden Helps China (5 minutes) The United States and Britain in Prophecy [46:55] U.S. Angry With Israel (5 minutes) “Breaking the Brotherhood” [51:57] Croatia and Fascism (6 minutes) “Croatian Government Honors Fascist Soldiers”

    #650: Barbados Spurns Britain—Then Courts Chinese Imperialism

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 59:31

    Barbados officially became a republic this week, ending nearly 400 years of the island nation's official head of state being Britain's monarch. Today's show digs into the significance of this event. We review the history of this former British colony, how it was part of a dramatic fulfillment of biblical prophecy, and how Barbados renouncing the Queen could reverberate throughout what remains of the British Commonwealth. We look at how Britain's legacy is being smeared, and how this illustrates and is certain to intensify the fall of the British crown. We also see how Britain's waning influence in the Caribbean is opening the door for another, much more aggressive, imperial power to move in: China. This too points to the fulfillment of one of the most dramatic prophecies for our day. And we talk about why we should actually build a love for empire. Links [02:28] Barbados Republic (17 minutes) “Barbados: The Next Commonwealth Domino to Fall” [19:50] Barbados Colony (16 minutes) The United States and Britain in Prophecy [35:20] Fall of Britain (19 minutes) “The Fall of the British Royal Family” [54:07] LAST WORD: God Family Empire (5 minutes) Free subscription to Royal Vision magazine

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