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KING 5's Paul Silvi talks all things Seattle sports.


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Latest episodes from Silvi Knows

Silvi Knows Zach Hirsch

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2020 15:14

 Zach Hirsch is a teenage sports analyst with an incredible talent for picking winners. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Zach lets us in on some of his secrets when it comes to betting on sporting events. He's been able to pick the outcome of football, basketball, tennis and combat sports more accurately than the top network analysts and handicappers. Last year, Zach correctly picked the college football playoffs and championship. He also picked over 90 percent of his NFL games correctly including the AFC and NFC Conference Championships and the Super Bowl.  Hear some of his insight and how you can get his picks every week, all on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Jarett Sims

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2020 17:38

 Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is the early favorite to win the NFL MVP Award. He's off to the best start of his nine-year, NFL career which includes a record-setting performance against the Cowboys. Wilson broke Patrick Mahomes' record, throwing 14 touchdown passes in the first three games of the season. Wilson is also the first quarterback in Seahawks history to throw five touchdown passes in back to back games. So why isn't one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL also one of the most marketable? Jarett Sims of Turn2 Equity Partners joins us on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast to explain what Wilson and many other top athletes are doing to grow their brand. You might be surprised at the trends among pro athletes to expand their portfolios. Sims presents various ideas and examples of what's going on in pro sports marketing on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Mike Tice

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2020 39:27

  Mike Tice played 14 seasons in the NFL, 10 with the Seattle Seahawks. He joins the Silvi Knows podcast this week to talk about his playing days and his over 20 years of coaching experience, which included a run as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.  Tice talks about the famed 1983 Seahawks season playing for the legendary Chuck Knox (13:00) and getting knocked out in the 1983 AFC Championship game against the Raiders (14:00).  He shares a lot of entertaining stories about past teammates, including Steve Largent (16:00), Charlie Young (19:00) and Dave Krieg (21:00).  Tice remembers the grind of NFL training camps back in the day compared to today (23:30) and the need for supplemental income from other jobs just to make ends meet (29:00). Lots of great stories from the former Maryland quarterback who carved out a solid career as an NFL tight end on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast. 

Silvi Knows Michele Tafoya

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2020 15:31

As the NBC Sunday Night Football crew prepares for what we all hope will be a full season of NFL football, Michele Tafoya joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to tell us what we can expect when it comes to their national broadcasts.  Tafoya will not be able to roam the sidelines this season due to Covid restrictions. She explains  her new broadcasting position inside stadiums, reporting from a "moat" (2:00).  She also tells us what she's looking forward to most as the season gets underway (4:45) and what it will be like inside stadiums with limited or no fans, especially at CenturyLink Field in Seattle (6:30).  Tafoya has tried to make the most of her time during this pandemic with personal projects (9:45). She also gives us her own take on managing life through the pandemic (10:45) which includes a lighthearted answer on her favorite show she's been binge watching this summer (12:45) all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast. 

Silvi Knows Warren Moon

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2020 31:39

Warren Moon played 23 seasons of professional football, including 17 in the NFL where he threw for nearly 50,000 yards. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, the Pro Football Hall Of Famer gives his opinions on the Pac 12 and Big 10 cancelling their fall football seasons (3:00) and why conferences should not attempt to play two college football seasons in the same calendar year (30:30).  Moon talks plenty of NFL, including the hiring of Jason Wright as the NFL's first, black team president as he takes over in Washington (6:00) as well as the name change for the Washington Football Team.  Moon also gives his opinion about Tom Brady playing in Tampa (14:00), Cam Newton in New England (17:30), and the first skillset to fail aging quarterbacks (21:15).  Find out the best team Moon ever played for (23:30) and the biggest hit he ever took (26:30) all on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Ron Francis

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2020 19:30

Hockey Hall of Famer Ron Francis has been tasked with building the Seattle Kraken from scratch. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, the GM of the NHL’s 32nd franchise talks about his formula for assembling a team (2:40) through the league’s expansion draft (4:20), hoping to mirror the success of the most recent expansion team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights (6:30). Will he follow the the Knights’ successful footprint? How much more difficult is Francis’s job amid a pandemic (9:50)? Is he in favor of analytics when evaluating players (11:50) and how much does he value a player’s character when evaluating him (12:45)? How soon will Francis hire a coach and what are some characteristics he’s looking for (15:00)? The search for answers continues on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Vegas Dave Oancea

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2020 19:17

 Dave Oancea, aka "Vegas Dave" bought a Mike Trout baseball card two years ago for $400,000. It's now up for auction and is expected to break the world record previously held by a Honus Wagner card that sold for $3.12 million. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Dave tells the story of how he acquired the Trout card (1:30) and why he's been banned in Vegas sports books (2:30). He's now a record-setting sports betting consultant with a lot of stories to tell, including how his future bet of $100,000 on the Kansas City Royals that won him 2.5 million when the Royals won the World Series (5:45).  Other topics include the easiest and hardest sports to win money on (8:15) and why he has no plan to bet on the Seahawks or the Mariners to win it all anytime soon (14:45). He does offer a tip on one player to keep an eye on for a future bet (17:30) all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Walter Jones

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2020 39:20

 Walter Jones is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the NFL 100 All-Time Team.Big Walt joins us on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast to give his opinion of current NFL players opting out of the season (5:30) and the league's decision to eliminate all preseason games (8:25). He also shares funny training camp stories of his playing days, including his attempt at catching punts to earn the players a night off (10:30) and his humorous take on kickers (12:30). Walt also reflects on his playing days alongside fellow Hall Of Famer Steve Hutchinson (18:50), pushing Cadillac Escalades to stay in shape (23:30), his basketball playing days (26:00), and why he chose his now famous number 71 (35:30).  Walt shares his thoughts on the Jamal Adams trade (14:00) and the possibility of the Seahawks' Super Bowl window closing (17:00) all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Dale Tafoya

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2020 29:10

  Baseball legend Billy Martin built a reputation of resurrecting losing clubs throughout his career. In Dale Tafoya's new book, "Billy Ball", he details the three seasons when Martin returned to his hometown of Oakland and led the Athletics and their fans on a magical ride. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Tafoya describes the lengths A's owner Charlie Finley would go to save money (2:00) and covers the heated rivalry between the A's and Angels, which was fueled by a fiery Martin (10:20). Other topics include the time Martin destroyed his office on a day the A's set an all time attendance mark (19:30).   Martin had unique ways of motivating his players, either by angering them or threatening to send them to Seattle (17:00). He also had a way of angering opponents, like calling a successful triple steal against the Tigers that sent a few of their players into a rage in the dugout (15:30). Martin even had a few of his own players beat him up in the shower (22:00). It's all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows: LCDR Adam Kerrick

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2020 14:54

 In any other year, this would be Seafair week in Seattle. The pandemic wiped out most everything on the Seafair agenda, including the hydroplane races and the Blue Angels. Lieutenant Commander Adam Kerrick of the Blue Angels joins us on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about what he'll miss most about performing over Lake Washington and what makes that airspace so unique. The Blues perform over 30 shows annually, but all have been cancelled to this point. Kerrick says the team has been performing ceremonial flyovers and staying sharp as they make the transition to new jets next year. Kerrick talks about those jets and what fans can expect in future performances. It's a quick fix for Blue Angels fans on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast. 

Silvi Knows John Clayton

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2020 28:02

  With the Seahawks and the rest of the NFL reporting to training camps this week, we sit down with Pro Football Hall of Famer John Clayton to talk all things Seahawks on the Silvi Knows podcast. Right out of the gate, Clayton weighs in on the Seahawks' blockbuster trade with the Jets  for Jamal Adams. Did Seattle give up too much in the trade (2:00)? Should the Hawks have instead used two-first round picks to get premiere pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue of Jacksonville(9:00)?  Clayton explains the status of Hawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar now that he's on the commissioner's exempt list (12:30). He also talks about the chances of Jadeveon Clowney returning to Seattle (15:30) and the guidelines and protocols NFL teams have to follow for the next few weeks to get back to football (17:30). What about the status of Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon and their chances of playing in Seattle  (23:20)? Clayton gets us up to date on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Aaron Fuller

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2020 23:23

With NFL training camps set to open at the end of the month, former Husky Aaron Fuller will begin his quest to make the Seahawks’ roster as an undrafted receiver. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Fuller talks about playing his high school football in Texas (6:00) and the great one-handed catches at UW that helped put him on the radar of NFL scouts (7:30).Fuller’s punt return skills could help him make Seattle’s roster. He describes what it’s like to be a returner (12:00) and also the challenge of learning the  Seahawks’ playbook (17:50).  Growing up in McKinney, Texas Fuller was a big fan of the Cowboys, especially after the thrill of playing for Hall of Famer Deion Sanders as a fifth grader (18:00). He talks about that experience and a whole lot of football on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Ryan Rowland-Smith

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 10, 2020 38:19

Ryan Rowland-Smith spent four seasons pitching for the Seattle Mariners. His journey from Australia to the Majors was a colorful one and he shares some of his memorable stories on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast. Rowland-Smith opens the podcast discussing baseball's return and whether or not he's in favor of MLB's approach to the shortened season and rule changes.Rowland-Smith talks about striking out the first MLB batter he ever faced, Hall Of Famer Ken Griffey, Junior (14:15). He also talks about his intense days playing for Arizona manager Kirk Gibson and the MMA “bond” they shared (7:10).Other topics include the origin of Rowland-Smith’s nickname, "The Hyphen" and the abuse he got from fans (8:15), his days as a Ninja Warrior (22:20), his hilarious ability to impersonate an American on demand(22:20), and his days of rubbing elbows in Hollywood thanks to his actress wife, Amanda (31:30).Rowland-Smith is right at home behind the mic as host of his own podcast (The Top Step) and his personality shines on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast. 

Silvi Knows Greg Haugen

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2020 36:17

Former world boxing champ Greg Haugen joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about his new book, "Tough Man - The Greg Haugen Story." He shares a lot of stories from the book as well as some not in the book, like the time boxing legend Emanuel Steward lost $625,000 betting against Haugen (29:20).Haugen starts and ends the podcast talking about his disdain for Vinnie Pazienza and how they've never spoken since their third and final fight against each other.Other topics include Haugen's days of fighting in Tough Man competitions in Alaska (22:00), the one boxer who hit him so hard he blacked out in the first round (17:45), Haugen's fastest knockout (20:45) as well as his favorite fight of his career (23:30). Haugen also talks about a possible Mike Tyson comeback (31:20) and why Muhammad Ali was his all time favorite.

Silvi Knows John Clayton

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2020 18:30

As NFL teams await word on when to report to training camp next month, we call on Hall Of Famer John Clayton to look ahead to the season and more specifically, break down the Seahawks needs. Clayton opens the Silvi Knows podcast talking about the possibility of the Hawks trading for Jets safety Jamal Adams or Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones.Other topics include Jadeveon Clowney (3:20), the decreasing value of running backs in the NFL (7:50), the Seahawks' current needs going into camp (10:30) and the effect of rookie tight end Colby Parkinson's injury (11:00).Where does the NFC West rank in the NFL (12:45), where will Colin Kaepernick land (14:30) and how confident is the NFL in starting the season on time amid the pandemic (16:15)? It's all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Harold Reynolds

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 18, 2020 18:18

Harold Reynolds spent 12 years in Major League Baseball, including 10 with the Seattle Mariners. With MLB Network set to debut its new documentary, "Junior", Reynolds joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about the MLB special which features various superstars, including LeBron James (11:00). Reynolds gives us a preview and shares a lot of stories about Ken Griffey Junior. as well as Ken Griffey Senior. Reynolds talks about some of Junior's best highlights, including his favorite catch of Junior's at Fenway Park (2:30). He also shares memories of that historical game when Junior and Senior hit back to back home runs (3:30). Other topics include an April Fool's joke former manager Jim Lefebvre played on Junior (6:30), and a dance-off with then Mariners teammate Gene Harris (12:00). Reynolds also weighs in on the current state of Major League Baseball and the changes he'd like to see going forward (16:00).

Silvi Knows Myles Bryant

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2020 27:11

As a youngster growing up in Southern California, Myles Bryant used to sell programs at the Rose Bowl. It's one of those memories that stuck with him over the years, especially when he got to play in the game as a member of the Washington Huskies. The journey continues for Bryant now as a member of the 6-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. This week on the Silvi Know podcast, Bryant describes why his "football junkie" mentality makes him a perfect fit for the Patriots (4:08) and how the sacrifices he made as a freshman at UW will help him as a rookie in New England (11:35).Bryant also talks about why he loved Sundays in high school, because he got to study pro football broadcasts (19:00). Other topics include why YouTube is the greatest platform (20:40), why "Knuckleheads" is the greatest podcast (21:30) and why some of his greatest workouts have been with former Seahawk Richard Sherman (23:50). Bryant also talks Bill Gates and Elon Musk all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Nick Harris

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2020 27:40

Former Husky center Nick Harris joins us on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast. The Cleveland Browns selected Harris in the fifth round of this year's NFL Draft. We open the podcast talking about his draft experience and what we can look forward to seeing from Harris as he starts his pro football career. He talks about a switch he flips when he takes the field (4:45) and a certain highlight that went viral during his college playing days (6:20).Harris lets us in on what he's been doing with the Browns as far as workouts and meetings (10:30) and why he's a good fit with Cleveland's new offense (11:20). He also explains why he has a "meathead" mentality when it comes to run blocking (13:20). Harris gets into his days at the University of Washington, the only Division one school to offer him a scholarship. He talks about the effect former UW head coach Chris Petersen had on his life (19:20). He also explains the story behind the customized t-shirt he revealed after his final Apple Cup (16:20) and why a certain clash with the Cougars was his "favorite life memory" so far.Harris is one of those great personalities in sports and it comes out when he talks about how his life picked up speed when he entered the NFL (23:40) and why he "1000 percent" wants to be in the broadcast booth after his playing days (26:00).

Silvi Knows Tyler Ott

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2020 24:43

Seahawks center Tyler Ott joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast. He spends the first few minutes talking about his passion for the March Of Dimes and his desire to raise funds for the organization.  From there, it's all football. He talks about his eye-opening rookie year with the New England Patriots (4:00) and his journey to a starting job with the Seahawks which comes with a unique story around his big break in Seattle (6:00). Ott is a Harvard graduate. In his four years, the Crimson won two Ivy League championships. Ott talks about his record-setting day when he caught three touchdown passes in one game (10:00), a record he still shares. Among some other topics, Ott tells us where he aims for the perfect snap (15:00), and the time he snapped the ball to punter Michael Dickson in Detroit and watched him run out of his own end zone for a first down (20:00).  Ott's worst snap ever? He tells us about it (22:00) all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows: Dave Sims

Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2020 32:39

Dave Sims has been in the Mariners broadcast booth for 14 seasons and he has stories to tell. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Sims talks about what lies ahead during this unprecedented Major League season and what it would be like calling games from a location other than the stadium (6:00). Sims weighs in on MLB players who refuse to take a pay cut to play (7:30). He also talks about the Mariners’ direction (10:00), their pitching philosophy (13:00), and some of the secrets that help him stay on top of his game in the booth (15:20). Sims shares his biggest blunder in the broadcast booth (23:00) as well as some of his favorite moments and players (27:00), all on this week’s Silvi Knows podcast. 

Silvi Knows John Clayton

Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2020 16:56

With the NFL news picking up, we thought the timing was right to have 5th Quarter analyst John Clayton on the Silvi Knows podcast. The Quinton Dunbar situation got the attention of Seahawks fans in recent days. Clayton talked to Dunbar's attorney and spent the first several minutes of the podcast giving us a recap on where Dunbar and the Seahawks go from here.Clayton talks about the NFL's contingency plans going into the season (4:30). He also explains why re-signing quarterback Geno Smith was a smart move by the Seahawks (7:30) and other moves the Hawks should consider (9:30) as well as the team's running back situation that could involve the return of Marshawn Lynch (11:30). And could the Seahawks really start three rookies this season (13:00)? That's all on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Anthony Gordon

Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2020 14:34

Anthony Gordon set numerous Pac-12 records including a single season mark of 48 touchdown passes in his only season as Washington State's starting quarterback. With that kind of talent, it's no surprise the Seahawks signed him to compete for the backup quarterback job behind Russell Wilson. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Gordon talks about his experience during the NFL Draft, the talks had with the Seahawks on the final day and what convinced him to sign with Seattle (1:20). Gordon also talks about his experience at the NFL Combine (3:20) and at WSU where instead of transferring schools, he showed his character sitting behind two future NFL quarterbacks waiting to earn his spot as the starter (5:50). Gordon talks about the tremendous support from his family and how he's been throwing passes to his brother in the street (9:50) to stay in shape. He also talks about his former WSU roommate Max Borghi and former Cougars head coach Mike Leach all on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Michelle Tafoya

Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2020 12:31

Michelle Tafoya of NBC Sports has been part of the Sunday Night Football crew for nearly a decade. In this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Tafoya tells us which game on the Sunday night schedule intrigues her the most (:35) and why CenturyLink Filed in Seattle is one of her favorite stops during the season (3:30).She also talks about the possibility of broadcasting in empty stadiums (4:25).Other topics include the challenges of accessing players like Malcolm Butler after his game-saving Super Bowl interception (6:45) and talking to a bloodied JJ Watt after a Pro Bowl (7:30).Learn more about Tafoya’s in-season schedule (9:20) as well as her present-day challenge of simply getting a haircut (11:20) all on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Brian Schmetzer

Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2020 16:49

As Major League Soccer teams open their facilities for individual training, Sounders FC head coach Brian Schmetzer looks forward to the opportunity to reunite with his players as they work toward a possible restart of the season. On this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast, Schmetzer talks about training methods the players have been using to stay in shape at home (3:15), the possibility of playing in empty stadiums (7:20), and he even offers his own optimistic plan of getting MLS players back to full squad training (9:00). While Schmetzer has been watching rebroadcasts of Sounders Classics, he does have his favorite (12:30) as well as his favorite TV shows to binge watch (13:30). Get to know a little more about the coach of the defending MLS Cup Champions on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Gregg Bell - Seahawks Writer, Tacoma News Tribune

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2020 20:55

Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune has been covering the NFL for nearly 20 years. He knows the Seahawks inside and out which is a big reason why we wanted him on the Silvi Knows podcast. Bell recaps the NFL Draft from the Seahawks' perspective as well as the team's latest moves, which include releasing center Justin Britt and guard DJ Fluker (3:30). Bell sheds light on why the Hawks re-invested so heavily in their offensive line through the draft and free agency (2:30) and why we will likely see a shift in how they use quarterback Russell Wilson (16:00). Other topics include, Wilson's backup (7:00), running backs (5:50), top two draft picks in Jordyn Brooks and Darrell Taylor (12:30) and how the cutting of salary may allow more money to sign a pass rusher like Jadeveon Clowney or trade for one of the league's top pass rushers like Jacksonville's Yannick Ngakoue (11:00)? It's all things Seahawks with Gregg Bell on this episode of the Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Salvon Ahmed, Hunter Bryant

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2020 26:08

Exciting times for former Washington Huskies running back Salvon Ahmed and tight end Hunter Bryant. The two NFL hopefuls join us on the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about beginning their pro football careers. Ahmed recently won a pass-catching competition, beating some of the top receivers in the country (1:00). He talks about dealing with the praise and criticism of his game (5:20) and his performance at the NFL Combine (6:30). Other topics include his relationship with former Husky Myles Gaskin (10:00) and his budding music career (12:30). Ahmed and Bryant also like to cook. That's one of the topics we talk to Bryant about, plus a whole lot of football. He was the second strongest tight end at the combine (16:00), benching 225 23 times. Other topics include conversations he's had with former UW tight ends now in the NFL (20:00), Bryant's performance during his All-American season (20:45), speculation of where he'll be drafted (23:00) followed by his all-time favorite NFL team.

Silvi Knows Rob Rang, NFL Draft Scout, USA Today

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 16, 2020 18:29

Rob Rang has been scouting college football talent for 20 years. He's a busy man this time of year working for NFL Draft Scout, CBS, USA Today and countless other outlets, providing media and fans alike the knowledge they need to prepare for the NFL'S 3-day extravaganza.  Rang joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about the challenges of the NFL's first ever virtual draft. Will the Seahawks trade their first round pick (2:30), draft a receiver in this talent-rich draft of pass catchers (3:15) or will they spend a high pick on a running back(4:20)? If so, Rang offers some possible candidates. Will Cincinnati draft Joe Burrow first overall or trade the pick (10:30). Outside of Burrow, how much attention is UW quarterback Jacob Eason garnering (11:40)?  Lots of draft talk on this edition of the Silvi Knows podcast. 

Silvi Knows Dr. Michael Gervais, High Performance Sports Psychologist

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2020 24:51

Dr. Michael Gervais is a high performance sports psychologist and co-founder of Compete To Create - an online and live educational platform created by Gervais and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. Gervais also hosts the popular podcast, Finding Mastery. He has worked with Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks for the last decade and has also worked with Olympic athletes and Hollywood stars. Gervais joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about joining forces with Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider (1:00), (8:30), (13:40) to help players overcome obstacles throughout the season and also in the off season during these challenging times. Gervais also explains staying positive by training your brain for optimism (4:00). In this “look at me” social media world we live in, he explains what is known as the “disease of me” and how we can guard against self destructing (5:00). Gervais also shares the four pillars of recovery (21:00) and by the end of the podcast gives us all an exercise to stay relaxed and focused (22:30).

Silvi Knows Stefan Frei, Sounders FC Goalkeeper

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2020 30:27

Sounders goalkeeper Stefan Frei has been doing his best to stay physically and mentally fit while Major League Soccer is on hiatus. Frei joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about not only training at home (:20), but also entertaining himself. Frei and some of his Sounders teammates have been gaming online (3:50) and offering fans a chance to join in for charity. He also lets us in who may be the best gamer among his teammates (5:00). Frei is also trying new ventures in his free time. He's the first pro athlete to endorse Cleen Craft, a new hemp-based beverage produced in Seattle (7:30). Frei's real passion in life off the field is art. He shows us his latest works (14:00) and takes us on a tour of his home studio (20:00), which includes a look at his exclusively designed goalkeeper gloves (16:00). Frei is one of those rare pro athletes who gives you a good look at his life off the field and you'll get a feel for it on the Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows Rick Rizzs, Mariners Broadcaster

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2020 19:44

Rick Rizzs is entering his 46th season in baseball, 35 in the Mariners broadcast booth. He joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to not only get us ready for the upcoming season, but to fill us in on what it's like to be on the sidelines as the entire sports world is shut down by the Covid-19 pandemic. While Rizzs has been brushing up on his domestic skills (:20) he talks about what it's like to not be calling baseball games this time of year (1:00). When Major League Baseball does return, Rizzs says Mariners fans will have a lot to look forward to with all their young talent (7:30), specifically 20 year-old Jared Kelenic (9:00). Rizzs also takes us down memory lane to something he called "one of the dumbest things" he ever did in his life, as he prepared for his final interview with the Mariners to land his first big league job (11:00). He also gives us a few memories of the Kingdome on the 20th anniversary of its implosion (16:00).

Silvi Knows John Clayton Part 2 - NFL Signings

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2020 18:38

   With all the NFL signings and the comings and goings of the Seahawks, we called on John Clayton for another week of analysis on the Silvi Knows podcast.The Seahawks bring back a former first round pick in linebacker Bruce Irvin, which should bolster an already stacked linebacking corps. Clayton gives us his opinion of the Irvin signing right off the top of the podcast and follows that up with the latest on prized defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (2:30). The Hawks also signed former Steelers guard and center BJ Finney. Does that make current center Justin Britt expendable (620) and are the Hawks looking for a running back (9:20)? Clayton also talks about the effect of Tom Brady signing with Tampa Bay (10:00) and with Arizona signing DeAndre Hopkins and a few other notable players, is the NFC West the strongest division in football (12:20)? Lastly, how will the Corona Virus crisis effect teams preparing for the upcoming NFL season (15:00) and will it have a lesser effect on veteran teams (16:20)? John Clayton helps us sort it all out on this week's Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows John Clayton

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2020 29:28

 When it comes to football in the Northwest, no one knows it better than John Clayton. From his days covering the Seahawks for the Tacoma News Tribune to his present-day radio show on 710 ESPN Seattle, Clayton has been the source for NFL news and all things Seahawks for over three decades. With NFL free agency on the horizon and the draft closing fast, the timing was right to have Clayton on the Silvi Knows podcast.He gives his thoughts on prized free agent Jadeveon Clowney (1:10), as well as Seahawks defensive tackle Jarran Reed (2:30) and what about right tackle Germain Ifedi (6:00)?Clayton also weighs in on new tight end Greg Olsen who comes to the Seahawks from Carolina (7:50) and the future of fellow tight end Luke Willson (9:00). While there are lots of questions surrounding the Seahawks, we also talk to John about Tom Brady (15:00), his thoughts on the new CBA (20:00) and why Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner are urging players to reject it (22:00).Insight as only John Clayton can bring it on the Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows WSU head football coach Nick Rolovich and Athletic Director Pat Chun

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2020 20:03

 Washington State head football coach Nick Rolovich will get the first good look at his football team when the Cougars open spring practice March 27th.Rolovich and Athletic Director Pat Chun join us on the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about the football team and new athletic facilities under construction on the WSU campus. Both men talk about the transition from the Mike Leach era and the steps that went into hiring Rolovich (1:10).  Rolovich gives us some insight on his personality like his love for hats (4:40). He also talks about the Cougs' quarterback situation (8:00) a clock to be installed which will count down to Apple Cup (9:20), and also his own playing career which took him overseas to the World Football League and indoors to the Arena Football League (12:00). Lastly, Rolovich talks about "Cougar Madness" which is a social media bracket set up like March Madness, but instead of fans picking winning teams, they will be voting on the best Cougar football games of all time (17:40). Chun enlightens us on future plans to retire numbers of some of the great athletes and coaches in WSU history (10:30) and the 10 million dollar renovation to the baseball stadium (14:20) as well as plans for an indoor football facility. We cover a lot of ground in a short period of time on this edition of the Silvi Knows podcast.  

Silvi Knows Mariners Pitchers: Gonzales, Walker, Graveman, Sheffield and Dunn

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2020 27:06

After spending some time with the Mariners at spring training, it's easy to see why there's some excitement around the young core of players coming up through the organization.That core of players includes some promising young pitchers who may make the final 26-man roster. The starting rotation is taking shape early in camp, led by number one starter Marco Gonzales.We talked to Gonzales as well as four other pitchers who are favored to earn a spot in the rotation.On the latest Silvi Knows podcast, you'll hear from each of the pitchers as we let you in on their mindset as they not only compete for a roster spot, but as they approach another challenging season as the team continues to grow and gain experience.Taijuan Walker (1:48) and Justin Dunn (6:38) are likely competing for the job of 5th starter. We also talked to 23 year-old Justus Sheffield (13:00) who has been penciled in as the fourth starter.Kendall Graveman was the Opening Day starter for the Oakland A's in 2017 and 2018, but is coming off Tommy John surgery to compete for the third spot in the Mariners' starting rotation. Graveman talks about the perspective he gained during his year away from baseball, rehabbing for a comeback (17:00).We wrap it up with Gonzales (22:00) who was the Mariners' workhorse last season, pitching over 200 innings and winning 16 games. His own manager, Scott Servais, said that was tough to do for a team that finished last in the AL West with just 68 wins.How much pressure is on the staff to keep the Mariners in contention this season? Take a listen to the Silvi Knows podcast. 

Silvi Knows: Heather Tarr, Washington Huskies Softball Coach

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2020 39:09

  Heather Tarr has been part of the Washington Huskies athletic program for nearly three decades, both as a player and a tremendously successful head coach of the softball program. She led the Huskies to a national championship in 2009, her first year as head coach.Tarr joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to not only talk about her current team, but about all the keys to the program's success and why she hopes to stay at Washington her entire career (7:00). From coaching on the staff of Team USA at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics (10:00), to coaching with her husband J.T. (13:40), Tarr shares some great stories from  her career including her bucket list moment at Williamsport, PA (25:35). She also weighs in on baseball's sign-stealing controversy and the similar problems she's had to deal with in her own sport (15:32). We also talk about some funny off-the-field experiences like her and her husband's Halloween costume (32:00), her attempt at winning a chili cook-off (33:40), her specialty as a baker (27:50) and even training her cat to do tricks (36:15). That's all this week on the Silvi Knows podcast. 

Silvi Knows: Steve Hutchinson, Walter Jones, Seattle Sports Stars

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2020 51:32

The 85th edition of the Seattle Sports Star of the Year show gave Chris Egan and I the opportunity to talk to some of the candidates up for the various awards as well as other well known athletes and celebrities attending the event.On this week's edition of the Silvi Knows podcast, newest Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Hutchinson talks about his election to the Hall as well as mending his relationship with the Seahawks after his departure in free agency (26:00). Fellow Hall of Famer Walter Jones also joins us for a few, fun moments (32:20).Seahawks general manager John Schneider and his wife Traci talk to us about their work in the community (33:30). We also take a shot and ask John who he will take in the first round of the NFL draft.Cougars running back Max Borghi (1:00) talks about his career, new head coach Nick Rolovich and even his placekicking skills. Rolovich also joins us to talk about the challenges ahead in Pullman (45:00).Storm guard Jordin Canada reflects on last season and gives us her heartfelt thoughts about the passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant (5:40).We talk rugby with Seattle Seawolves star and league MVP Brad Tucker (11:00), Cougars soccer star Morgan Weaver (16:00) former Husky Spencer Hawes (21:00) and 17 year-old Olympian Nevin Harrison (38:20) who is the first American to win a world championship in sprint canoeing. 

Silvi Knows: Oliver Luck, XFL Commissioner

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2020 27:11

Now that the NFL season is officially over, the XFL is ready to launch its inaugural season which kicks off February 8th. The Seattle Dragons open their schedule in Washington DC against the Defenders. The new spring football league has been building for this moment over the last two years and commissioner Oliver Luck has helped lead the charge.Luck joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about why he thinks this second coming of the XFL will have success and longevity. Seattle is leading the way in ticket sales, which is no surprise to Luck (5:00). The commissioner offers his thoughts on the league's rules which vary in ways from traditional NFL rules. The XFL rules were developed to increase kickoff returns (13:00) and speed-up games (15:00). Luck also explains innovative rules introduced for point-after-attempts which won't involve placekickers (16:00). I personally like the XFL's approach to playing overtime periods (18:00).Luck is also a big fan of Dragons head coach and Seahawks great Jim Zorn (25:00).It's all things XFL with commissioner Oliver Luck on this week's Silvi Knows podcast. 

Silvi Knows: Mariners Manager Scott Servais

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2020 23:47

  Mariners manager Scott Servais is entering his fifth season in Seattle, but he has no idea what to expect from what is currently the youngest team in Major League Baseball. General Manager Jerry Dipoto calls last season and this season "step-back" seasons. The organization has jettisoned most of its big contracts and plans on playing and developing its younger players. Servais joins the Silvi Knows podcast this week to talk about the upcoming season, one that will begin without Mitch Haniger. Servais talks about the temporary loss of his star outfielder (1:00) and also about the M's talented prospects (4:00) including Kyle Lewis and stud pitcher Logan Gilbert. Mariners fans will get to know all about the pitchers and position players through the eyes of Servais, including number one starter Marco Gonzales and Yusei Kikuchi (8:00).Where does last year's lone Mariners All Star Daniel Vogelbach fit into the lineup, since Evan White seems to have first base all locked up (13:30)?The Mariners also took a page from the book of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, bringing in a mental conditioning coach to address the team (14:30).We wrap up the podcast with Scott's opinions on the sign-stealing scandal (19:00) and the experimentation of electronic umpires at spring training (21:00). 

Silvi Knows: Trevor Moawad - Mental Conditioning Consultant

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 15, 2020 39:04

Trevor Moawad is a highly regarded mental conditioning consultant who grew up in Tacoma and graduated from Charles Wright Academy. In this area, he's best known for working with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, but Moawad has also worked with some of college football's top programs as well as in the military with U.S. Army Special Forces. Moawad joins the Silvi Knows podcast this week to discuss a new business he formed with Wilson, who wrote the forward to Moawad's new book, "It Takes What It Takes" (5:00).In the podcast, Moawad talks about minimalizing negativity and learning how to think neutrally (9:00). He has worked with Wilson for eight years and says every free moment Wilson has, he's working on his body (13:00). Moawad says he has never seen an individual spend as much time in one building (Seahawks headquarters) than Wilson. Moawad talks about the effect Wilson's daily workload has on his family, including his wife Ciara and their children (20:30).What about players at the college level? How do they handle crushing defeats, like when the Cougars blew a 32-point lead and lost 67-63 (23:00).  What about the Seahawks' last-second loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl 49 (35:30)?  Moawad talks specifically about those two events and says the key to recovery is in the mindset.Lastly, most of us talk about setting goals and striving to achieve those goals. Moawad suggests it might be better to ask yourself what you can't do to improve, rather than what you can do.    

Silvi Knows: NBA Broadcaster Kevin Calabro

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2019 61:17

Whenever you hear Kevin Calabro's voice over the airwaves, it's easy to conclude he's probably courtside at an NBA game. He's currently in his fourth season broadcasting games for the Portland Trailblazers, but in the Seattle area, he's best known as the longtime voice of the Sonics. Calabro joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to talk a whole lot of NBA, from the current Blazers (16:00), to his days with the Sonics and the always quotable George Karl (30:00). Calabro often gets credit for giving Sonics great Shawn Kemp his Reign Man nickname, but he sets the record straight (40:00).It's been a long time since Calabro started his broadcasting career calling minor league hockey games in Indiana (3:00), but it was that Checkers team that gave him his first paid broadcasting job and helped lead him to tell us some humorous stories from back in the day, including a stint as an overnight disc jockey (10:30). Calabro is one of the best in the business. He is grateful to be working for the Blazers organization and owner Jody Allen and always thankful for the opportunity afforded him by the late Paul Allen (54:30). Will Calabro ever see a day when an NBA team returns to Seattle (36:45)? That's just one of the many topics we cover on this edition of the Silvi Knows podcast.

Silvi Knows: WSU Cougars Legend Jack Thompson

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2019 48:10

Jack Thompson was the third overall pick in the 1979 NFL draft by the Cincinnati Bengals and the first quarterback taken in that draft.The former Washington State Cougar played six years in the NFL, four with the Bengals and two with Tampa Bay. Thompson joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about a record-setting college career which WSU wasted no time recognizing by retiring his number almost immediately (22:30). Thompson talks about a last-minute twist he experienced on the first day of the NFL Draft (8:38) as well as a pro career that started in Cincinnati and saw Thompson play in the second coldest game ever in the NFL (1:00). Thompson also shares funny stories along the way involving an experience with Hall of Famer Roger Staubauch (17:00), Mike Leach (41:00) and fellow Cougars Drew Bledsoe and Robbie Tobeck (27:55).Where did his nickname "The Throwin' Samoan" come from as well as his Twitter handle "@PapaThrow? The answers lie in this week's Silvi Knows podcast. 

Silvi Knows: Adam Jude on Mike Leach, Chris Petersen & Seahawks

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 4, 2019 41:56

It's time to lay off Mike Leach.The Cougars head football coach has taken entirely too much grief over one response he gave to a reporter after the Apple Cup. Leach held roughly 50 media sessions throughout the season and answered, and this is a conservative estimate, between 750 to 1000 questions from reporters in that time. He had one response - one - when he became unglued and people lose their minds. It also came after losing the Apple Cup for a seventh straight year, so you had to figure he would be a little surly. The man is allowed to pop off every once in a while, just like every other coach and athlete in the sports world.On this week's Silvi Knows podcast, Adam Jude of the Seattle Times joins me to discuss not only the Leach controversy (13:50), but the departure of Chris Petersen as head coach of the Washington football program (1:00) and the upcoming era under new head coach Jimmy Lake. To top off a big week of football news, we talk about the Seahawks and their crazy surge to the top of the NFC West (29:00). It's all football all the time on this week's Silvi Knows podcast. 

Silvi Knows: Jim Zorn

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2019 32:26

Long before Russell Wilson was leading the Seahawks, Jim Zorn was the very first quarterback of the team back in 1976. He’s had a storied career which has come full circle as he prepares to take on another role as Seattle’s first to ever do it. Jim is the first coach and general manager of the XFL’s Seattle Dragons. On this week's Silvi Knows Podcast, we spend the first 10 minutes talking about all things Dragons, including the new XFL football. Zorn then takes us through his first days playing for the expansion Seattle Seahawks in 1976 under head coach Jack Patera (10:20) and how Patera had to tailor the offense around a scrambling quarterback known by some as "The Lefty Fran Tarkenton" (11:50). Zorn talks about his most memorable scrambles, (12:30) and his improbable rise as an undrafted free agent with the Dallas Cowboys in 1975 (16:00). Throw in the days of 100-degree temperatures at training camp with no water (25:00), some admittedly cheesy pictures and promotions back in the day (26:30) and Zorn's use of a Slip And Slide to teach quarterbacks how to slide (25:40), and you have this week's Silvi Knows Podcast.

Silvi Knows: Sir Mix A Lot

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2019 59:27

If you hear the name Anthony Ray, it likely won't sound as familiar as Sir Mix A Lot, but they are one in the same. The Grammy award winning recording artist joins us on the podcast this week to talk about his tremendous career that took off in the early 90's with the Billboard number one hit, "Baby Got Back." He talks about the origin of that song as well as the controversy that followed (3:00), and just how he came up with the name Sir Mix A Lot (12:00). Mix also tried his hand at acting. He tells a story he's never shared before about a run-in he had with legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese on the set of the film, Casino (16:30). Mix also shares some funny stories about ill-advised purchases he made when he hit it big (22:00).One thing about Mix, he is Seattle through and through, especially when it comes to the sports scene. He reminisces about the Sonics (40:30), a courtside experience with Gary Payton (45:50) his take on Seahawks fans (48:10) and a funny impression of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson announcing his new contract on Twitter, while in bed with his wife Ciara (52:22).Mix is a talented artist with an engaging personality and it all comes through on this week's podcast.  

Silvi Knows: Paul Moyer

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2019 56:11

Some fans believe Paul Moyer belongs in the top 10 of the toughest Seahawks of all time. There is one story in this week's Silvi Knows Podcast that will back that up (35:00). Moyer played seven seasons in Seattle, after signing as an undrafted safety out of Arizona State. He played with some of the biggest names in franchise history and remembers his rookie days learning from Hall of Famer Kenny Easley and Ring of Honor member Dave Brown (16:00). Moyer followed up his playing career with five years on the Seahawks coaching staff working for the great Chuck Knox, who back in the day was adamant about not spending a high draft pick on a certain quarterback. Turns out Chuck was right (27:00). Moyer shares stories of his playing days and his coaching days, including one long season on the staff of the worst team in Seahawks history (41:00).There are humorous stories, like the months Moyer spent studying VHS tapes to learn how to beat teammate Dave Krieg in billiards (20:00) or winning money during the Dash For Cash days, implemented by longtime Seahawks assistant Rusty Tillman (45:00). Moyer continues to lend his insight to radio broadcasts on Seahawks game days, proving 36 years after signing his first contract with the Seahawks, he still bleeds blue and green.

Silvi Knows: Luke Aikins

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2019 43:34

Luke Aikins hasn't done it all in the air, but he certainly has an impressive resume when it comes to aerial feats. In this week's podcast, Aikins talks about some of his accomplishments, most notably his nationally televised jump in 2016 when he became the first skydiver to land safely without a parachute (3:00). He's had over 20,000 jumps, but his next one promises to be nothing short of amazing. He talks about that upcoming event he calls, Ghost Rider (13:00), which is scheduled for a national broadcast next spring.  It involves two airplanes nosediving without pilots, but we'll let Aikins take it from there. His star is rising in Hollywood, too. Aikins talks about his work as a stunt coordinator for an upcoming superhero movie, as well as his work on Iron Man 3, Godzilla and as an aerial photographer on Fast and Furious 7 (24:30). This third generation skydiver talks about the fastest growing part of the sport - wingsuits (28:20). Aikins has met some of the best in the business, including Travis Pastrana (31:00) - two guys who have endless stories of thrill rides. The closest I'll get to those rides is this podcast.

Silvi Knows: Alan Hinton

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2019 51:26

The name Alan Hinton is synonymous with the sport of soccer, not only in the northwest but also in England where he played the sport at its highest level for 15 seasons. On the Silvi Knows podcast this week, Hinton talks about a childhood that could have gone "criminal" (6:00). Instead, he excelled in soccer, signing his first professional contract at 17 years-old. The man nicknamed Gladys and Silver Fox (15:00) talks about his days in the old NASL which took him to Vancouver (17:30) and Seattle (27:55) where his run as head coach of the Sounders ended unceremoniously (38:00).   This year marks the 40th anniversary of Hinton's first season with the NASL Sounders. He has a lot to share about the Sounders teams of the past, as well as the present-day team led by current head coach Brian Schmetzer, who Hinton originally drafted in 1980 (23:00). Anytime you can sit down with Hinton and listen to him spin stories of his career, mixing in his English humor along the way, it's time well spent. 

Silvi Knows: Lawyer Milloy

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2019 45:01

Lawyer Milloy played 15 years in the NFL and won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. He always took a lot of pride in his Northwest roots, growing up in Tacoma and graduating as a 3-sport star from Lincoln High School.On this week’s Silvi Knows podcast, Milloy talks about having to grow up fast and overcome troubles at home (12:00) and how he knew a college scholarship would give him his best chance to succeed and help his family. He insisted on playing both football and baseball in college, and the Huskies gave him that chance (21:50). Milloy talks about his early NFL days playing for Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells (25:45), playing with rookie teammate Tom Brady (35:00) and his “aha moment” when a collision with Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith made Milloy realize he can play with the greats (39:20).The interview wouldn’t be complete without the Husky great taking an Apple Cup shot at Cougars great and one-time Patriots teammate Drew Bledsoe (42:00). Milloy’s story is one of tremendous accomplishment and as much as he achieved in his career, he shows us why he’s always been family first.

Silvi Knows: Mike Holmgren

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2019 47:26

Mike Holmgren had what many fans believe was a Hall of Fame career. He spent 22 years coaching in the NFL which included five trips to the Super Bowl, winning two as a coordinator and one as head coach of the Green Bay Packers.Former Seahawks owner Paul Allen offered Holmgren an eight-year contract to leave Green Bay and take over as head coach and general manager in Seattle, where he led the Seahawks to their first-ever Super Bowl. In this week's podcast, Holmgren talks about his relationship with Allen (18:40) and the time Allen actually punched him (22:00). Holmgren shares funny stories about Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre (27:43), as well as stories from behind the scenes on game day (37:00) and what was so special about his final season and final game as head coach of the Seahawks (45:00). Holmgren still lives in the Seattle area and continues to work in the community with his wife, Kathy, who Mike admits is the "smarter Holmgren."

Silvi Knows: Damon Huard

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2019 56:02

Damon Huard played 12 seasons in the NFL, winning two Super Bowls with the New England Patriots. The former Husky quarterback joined us on the Silvi Knows podcast and shared stories of his football career, which included the epic upset of the Miami Hurricanes in 1994, better known as the Whammy in Miami (13:00). While Huard admits that upset was one of his most memorable games, he says a UW-CAL matchup may have meant more to him (15:00) as well as his final Apple Cup (18:00).Huard weighs in on whether college athletes should be paid for their likeness (20:00) and also talks extensively about his NFL career, which included backing up Hall of Famer Dan Marino in Miami (32:00) and the ultra-competitive Tom Brady in New England -- who once went a little overboard in a charity basketball game against a local fire department (43:21).   

Silvi Knows: Peter Whittaker

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2019 64:37

It was 10 years ago when mountaineering legends Peter Whittaker and Ed Viesturs led a group of mostly novice climbers to the summit of Mt. Rainier. The group included NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke and then Seahawks head coach Jim Mora. I was also part of that group. On this week’s Silvi Knows podcast, I sat down with Whittaker to hear some of his stories a decade later.He was 12 years old when he first summited Rainier (32:00) and at the top of his game when he summited Mt. Everest (40:30). Whittaker shares a lot of memories about guiding Goodell up Rainier and the challenges that came with it (10:45). As an elite climber, Whittaker was also impressed with Mora's effort on the 18-mile round trip (21:23). Our conversation goes a little off the rails when we talk about the necessities needed for a successful climb (33:00). Whittaker has climbed Mr. Rainier 254 times and he's not done yet, but for now we'll bask in his memories from 10 years ago and his achievements most climbers can only dream about.

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