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The Sofa King podcast is a twice-weekly show dedicated to influential people, popular culture, historical events, true crime and listener suggested topics the hosts find interesting. From conspiracy theories and technology to the mass media and the future, this show explores major issues in way that is simultaneously informative, critical, and humorous. The hosts have big ideas, big opinions, big mouths, and give their take on topics in a way that is both cynical and educational. Adult content, themes, and language.

Sofa King Podcast

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    Episode 632: The Blitz: London’s Darkest Days

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2022 101:50

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we back in time to World War Two and talk about the horror and honor that defined the London Blitz. In September of 1940, Hitler had lost the Battle of Britain, which was battle for air superiority over England. As a result, he decided to use bombing as a terror tactic to break Britain's will before he invaded their country. However, it didn't quite go as he planned. The Brits proved to be amazingly resilient, surviving some of the worst war conditions in the world. Tons of bombs were dropped every night, and entire neighborhoods vanished to explosives and fires. But the Brits carried on. Through the Blitz, they hid the Underground tubes, planted victory gardens, shagged each other, and got ready for another day of war. If you like the war, Britain, history with a side of bad jokes, give this one a listen.   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 633: Quentin Tarantino: Laying His Vengeance Upon You

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2022 95:26

    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we talk about Quentin Tarantino. He is considered one of the most influential directors of his generation and has won Oscars and Emmys for his work. He typically shows hyper-violent scenes and directs movies filled with very unique dialogue. Once a small independent film maker, Quentin Tarantino is now one of the most sought after directors in the world. But there are many reports of bad behavior, a violent streak, sexism, and mistreatment toward women on his sets. He's a controversial figure who has publicly backed sexual predators, but his art is some of the best in the world of cinema. You won't want to miss this one.   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 631: The Krays: Crazed Kings of London

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 14, 2022 94:06

    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we hop over The Pond and talk about one of the most famous organized crime families in London. This is Ronnie and Reginald Kray. The Kray Brothers were a hyper-violent duo who ran a criminal underground known as The Firm. Their business focused on protection, money laundering, and night clubs. They ran things differently than many criminal organizations and thrived on the spotlight, fame, celebrity status, and a penchant for incredible violence. They were both bisexual and open about it at a time where it was illegal and would get you killed. So, what celebrities did they hang out with? How did a gay sex scandal make them untouchable? Which one of them was a paranoid schizophrenic? What violent line did they cross that finally brought them down? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit our Sources:

    Episode 630: Cocaine: One Hell of a Drug!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2022 108:01

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about one hell of a drug, Cocaine! It releases more dopamine than any other natural drug into the human brain—way more than even sex. Cocaine made German scientists stick needles in their own eyes, and killed John Belushi, Chris Farley, Mitch Hedberg, and River Phoenix! We talk about its past, its ties with Coca-Cola, when it was purified, and what methods the cartels use to smuggle it into America. If you want a little booger sugar, give this one a listen…   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 629: Corn: Mayans, Monocrops, and Monopolies

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2022 99:24

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we drop some science and talk about one of the most important feats of agriculture in all of human history—Corn. You may be asking, why Corn? Many people argue that it is disastrous for the environment and for agriculture in the US. For another thing, it is one of the most subsidized crops by the US government; the government pays the biggest corn growers millions of dollars a year to grow (or not grow this crop). It has a crazy history and was domesticated some 9000 years ago by ancient peoples in Mexico. It was the descendent of a plant called teosinte. It was used by the Mayans and Native Americans, and now it is used to feed animals, make plastics, create fuel, sweeten your Mt. Dew and just about everything else you can think of. From threats of eco disaster to potentially corrupt government payoffs, Corn is more interesting than you might think.   Visit Our Sources:  

    Episode 628: The Death of Natalie Wood: Murder or Mishap?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2022 93:10

    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we cover long-time listener request. This is the death of Natalie Wood. Hers is a story of stardom, sexual scandal, a controlling mother, and quite possible murder. She was found drowned off Catalina Island, after a night of drinking and arguing with her husband Robert Wagner about her friend Christopher Walken. The case was ruled as accidental, but in 2011, it became active again. Natalie Wood was one of the biggest stars of her day, winning three academy awards before the age of 25. She was a childhood star in Miracle on 34th Street, and was in everything from Rebel Without A Cause to Westside Story. So what went down the night Natalie Wood died? What made the LAPD open this case after decades? What does Christopher Walken say happened? Why was Natalie Woods so afraid of the water? Why won't her husband cooperate with the police in the current investigation? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources:


    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2021 83:18

    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we talk about one of the largest heists in US history and the inspiration for the movie Goodfellas. It was called the Lufthansa Heist, named after the airline they stole from. This story is a tale of vintage mobsters, theft, powergrabs, and murders. So many murders. Jimmy Burke, the leader of the crew, went a bit psychotic after the FBI started to investigate. He took care of loose ends as only the mob knows how. So, if you want to learn if Joe Pesci, Robert DeNiro, and Ray Liotta accurately portrayed these unhinged mobsters, then listen, laugh, and learn. Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 626: STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 100:38

    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we feel the blues as we talk about the life, death, music, and drugs of the one and only Stevie Ray Vaughan. Stevie is considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time. And that is because he is. His style of playing and singing are as big and unique as his hats. Though he died at the age of 35, everyone from Eric Clapton to David Bowie and The Rolling Stones considered him one of the best musicians alive. If you've never done a YouTube dive on his live footage, you owe it to yourself to watch him shred and sweat and sing…and then listen, laugh, and learn. Visit Our Sources: Life Without You Live: Albert King and SRV In Session:

    Episode 625: Gloriavale: Untamed West Coast Bush

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 95:44

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at living cult, the New Zealand community of Gloriavale. It was founded by Neville Cooper. He learned his preaching craft in America, choosing the speaking-in-tongues, faith-healing variety. When he brought it back to New Zealand, he was a hit. He started a small agriculture community tied to his church. He survived a plane crash, renaming himself Hopeful Christian, and the rest is history. And by history, I mean a cult. You know the drill, nobody can leave, brainwashing, sexual abuse, all the money goes the founder, dairy cows, crazy names, stupid outfits. The works. Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 624: Ric Flair: The Nature Boy!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2021 90:36

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we all say “wooooo” and talk about the legend that is Ric Flair. If you don't know Ric Flair, you owe it to yourself to discover him. He is considered by most wrestlers, promoters, and sports writers to be the greatest of all time. He had the skills in the ring, the crazy persona, and the charisma to win the crowd. Flair started in the old days of dozens of wrestling organizations and was able to stay at the top of his game all the way to Vince McMahon's consolidation of the WWE. Ric Flair fought for decades and won belt after belt after belt. So, who did he really feud with backstage? How did a plane crash help him discover his wrestling persona? Where did the woooooo come from? Where did the line blur between his character and himself? Listen, laugh, learn. Visit Our Sources: Nature Boy: 30 For 30, ESPN. I Quit Match:  

    Episode 623: Goats: How They Work

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 89:15

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the king of the jungle. And by jungle, I mean petting zoo. That's right, goats. No, we don't mean Michael Jordan, the Greatest Of All Time. We mean goats. Billy goats, pygmy goats, mountain goats. You might wonder what is so exciting about goats. Do you want to know who doesn't wonder that? Satan! That's right, from Satan's ultimate symbol to Pan, the horny Greek god, these domesticated devils have been part of human civilization for 10,000 years. So, what is a Goat Tower? Which American President had goats for pets? How can goats be used to fight climate change disasters? The simple goat may just surprise you! Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 622: Holmesburg Prison Experiments: Acres of Skin

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2021 85:19

    On this episode of The Sofa King Podcast, we talk about a wicked case of human test subjects known as the Holmesburg Prison Experiments. This small prison in Philadelphia became home to a very unethical doctor named Albert Kligman. He was brought there to investigate a break-out of athletes foot among the inmates, but what he saw was “acres of skin.” The hundreds of humans were the ultimate petri dish for Kligman, and he began to experiment. The shocking thing is that he had the support of the University of Pennsylvania, the prison system, the courts, and companies like Dow and Johnson and Johnson. What did he test? He started by testing shampoos and soaps on prisoner skin. He ended up dosing them with dioxin, wrecking them with radiation, and nuking them in microwave ovens. What brought this to a stop? What is Kligman's reputation like now? Did any prisoners get justice? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources:

    Waco Siege: A Sofa King Classic

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2021 101:40

    On this episode, we explore the Branch Davidians, their leader, David Koresh, and the deadly siege at Waco, Texas. This was one of the biggest conspiracies of the 1990s, and the story is full of bizarre and exciting twists. The Davidians started in the 1930s and grew to be an apocalyptic cult that preached that the world's government was run by the devil and that the Davidians would all die as soldiers against the devil's government soldiers in a storm of fire. They got most of that right, as it turns out. When Koresh took over in 1983, the power struggle involved an attempt to exhume a corpse and resurrect it. You read that right… After a box of hand grenades was discovered by a delivery driver, a 51 day siege of the compound known as Mt. Carmel started. First the ATF attempted to arrest Koresh and serve a search warrant, but it ended in a deadly gunfight. We discuss this and the details of the 51 day siege, looking closely at what the Davidians did wrong and what the FBI did wrong. The siege culminated in a prolonged gunfight, a day-long assault of tear gas, and the compound burning to the ground with an estimated 80 Davidians (over 20 children) still inside. Who started the fire? Was it the cult members or the FBI? What lies did the FBI tell congress and Janet Reno (there were plenty). Where did President Clinton and Hillary Clinton come in? Did Delta Force secretly kill all the people on the compound? This story is a strange one, and the debate gets rather heated this time around. You won't want to miss it. Thanks to listener Stephen Thunderdome for the topic suggestion of cults and cult leaders!

    Aum Shinrikyo: A Sofa King Classic

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 72:49

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at Aum Shinrikyo, the Japanese “Death Cult” lead by the mysterious (and crazy) Shoko Asahara. Aum made international headlines in 1995 when they attacked the Tokyo subway system with Sarin gas killing 13 people and wounding thousands, but this bizarre cult did (and planned) a lot more than that. Their leader, Asahara, was born mostly blind to a poor family with seven kids. Once he graduated high school, he was unable to get admitted to a college and started to study Chinese herbalism and medicine as well as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and various religions. He started his group innocently enough as a studio for yoga, but as he recruited some of the best minds from top Japanese universities, things took a dark turn. His religious teachings started to focus on the Bible's Revelations and even the predictions of the end of the world by Nostradamus. He became obsessed with the US and thought they would start WWIII and nuke the world. Well, we still might to be fair, but he said it would happen in 1997. Best of all, by 1992, he declared himself the new Jesus, the rightful Japanese Emperor, and the Lamb of God. Logically, this meant he needed to form groups of special soldiers who would overturn the Japanese social orders with mass killings to let him take the throne. And we thought American cult leaders had all the crazy! So, tune in to hear about how they pulled off the Sarin attacks and a previous attack in Matsumoto. After the Subway attack, Aum went on a killing spree, trying to assassinate government officials and even attempting to detonate a Cyanide canister in a busier Tokyo Subway just a few weeks later. We discuss how they manufactured their WMDs, various murders their cult performed, and even a plan to spread poisonous gas to all of Tokyo by deploying it with a Soviet made Mil MI-17 helicopter they bought from some of their 30,000 Russian cult members. But above all that, what makes them the cult to end all cults? Anime! That's right, theu produced anime and comic books to recruit people, and the footage (as well as a sweet dance video) can still be found on YouTube. They are totally worth watching, and this episode it totally worth listening to.  

    Episode 621: Sam Walton: The Bentonville Billionaire

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2021 99:16

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at the life, business practices, and empire of Sam Walton. He was a business genius and co-founder of Wal-Mart (along with his brother Bud). Sam Walton learned how to build where nobody else was building and then slowly crush the competition. He was so savvy that all the big retailers were completely unaware of his existence until it was too late. This mega merchant changed the entire nature of retail and the face of America through his “Wal-Mart Effect.” So, was he the inventor the bad things that Wal-Mart is usually accused of? Why did he learn to fly his own plane? How rich are his children? Why did he sign a 99 year lease for his first Wal-Mart store? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 620: Red Hot Chili Peppers: Heroin and Hijinks!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 110:58

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the hits and misses of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. This iconic band has changed styles and band members more than any in recent history. This is due to constant drug addiction and in-fighting. And boy, do I mean drug addiction. The lead singer, Anthony Kiedis, has been in and out of rehab several times and been fired from the band twice. Another member named Hillel Slovak died of an overdose. But, how long did it take Red Hot Chili Peppers to find true success? When did Kiedis propose to Blondie? Did he really lose his virginity to his father's 18 year old girlfriend? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 619: The Rosenbergs: Espionage to Execution

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 85:43

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at the biggest espionage case of the Cold War, which lead to the infamous killing of the Rosenbergs. Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Rosenberg were killed by electric chair in Sing Sing Prison on June 19 1953. They were both public and passionate communists. Julius allegedly had a handler from the Soviet union and helped recruit a spy ring of engineers. He was even able to get a few people from the Manhattan Project to become spies. Eventually, the couple got arrested and both were sentenced to death. However, several shifting testimonies and declassified documents came out over the following decades. It turns out the case wasn't as cut and dry as it seemed, and Ethel in particular may have been wrongfully killed. So, who adopted their boys? What are their sons fighting to get the US government to do? What relative of theirs admitted to lying at the Rosenberg trial to save his own wife in court? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources 60 Minutes, October 16, 2016

    Episode 618: Tonya Harding: The Princess Vs. The Piece of Crap

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 88:48

    On this episode of The Sofa King Podcast, we shine a light on one of the biggest scandals of the 90s and explore Tonya Harding and the infamous knee-capping incident. If you don't know this story, it's pretty crazy. It involves hit men attacking ice skaters, abusive mothers, abusive husbands, sex tapes, Reebok endorsements, and women giving interviews with birds on their shoulders. Tonya Harding was an ice skating prodigy who basically had a group of hit men and her ex-husband try to break the knee of her biggest competition for the Olympics. Her name was Nancy Kerrigan, and she was struck with a retractable baton on the way to competition in Detroit. This led to one of the biggest media explosions of all time. Harding's level of involvement has always been in question, and Kerrigan went on to win at the Olympics but the tale is a wild one. Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 617: William Bonin: The Freeway Killer

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 81:16

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we do some true crime and talk about William Bonin. He was called the Freeway Killer, and he was a true monster. His childhood ticked all the boxes of a future madman, and his time in Vietnam didn't help any. Eventually, he became a serial rapist of under-aged boys, and then he devolved to murder. He had a sick cabal of other murderers he'd hang out with. Bonin also had a legit murder van. So, how did his one act of kindness lead to his downfall? How many did he kill in total? What his method of murder? What did he eat for a last meal? Warning—this is a pretty rough one. Listen, laugh, and learn.   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 616: Nike: Success, Sneakers, and Sweatshops

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 106:08

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about Nike. It is known around the world as the juggernaut of athletics. In fact, within a decade of opening, they controlled the majority of the sports equipment market. They were founded by a home-town coach and his student in Oregon. But they exploded into one of the most important corporations of a generation. Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman ran Nike. They helped create Michael Jordan, invented sneaker culture, and made us all want to “just do it.” They also cashed in on child labor, ran sweat shops, and help destroy the environment. If you want to hear the history and dark side of Nike, give this one a listen.   Visit Our Sources:,_Inc.

    Episode 615: The Amish: A Perfectly Strange Religion

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 92:53

    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we look at the Amish. This uniquely American religious sect is most common in Pennsylvania but found throughout the Midwest. They famously avoid all technology, including electricity and the cell phone, but even down to running faucets for their baths. One thing they are famous for is a rite of passage called a Rumspringa. It allows teens to experience the world and get their freak on, partying, drinking, and doing things the church forbids. Once that is done, they get baptized in the local Amish church and leave the heathen world behind. From barn raising to the Ordnung laws and the truth of the Amish Mafia, this one has it all!   Visit Our Sources Meet the Amish 1 of 4 - First experience on an aeroplane - YouTube

    Episode 614: Snoop Dogg: For Shizzle my Nizzle!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 107:15

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the one and only Snoop Dogg. This is a true rags to riches story. He was born as Calvin Broadus to a poor single mom in Long Beach. Through an amazing talent as a freestyle rapper and a lifelong career, he has grown to be a media mogul worth over $150 Million. However, his life as a rapper almost ended as soon as it started since he was arrested for a gang murder just after recording his first album with Dr. Dre. He was acquitted and went to create some of the all-time greatest lyrics in all of rap. With a smooth and unique voice and style, Snoop Dogg ended up befriending Martha Stewart, hosting the Olympics, creating a line of weed, and turning Colonel Sanders Vegan. His story is as unique as his rap style, and by the end of this you'll know what's his mutha fu*king name!   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 613: Gurkha: Real World Super Soldiers

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 85:14

    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we fill you in on one of the most badass special forces units in the world, the Gurkha. These soldiers come from Nepal and have been involved in every war around the world since they formed in 1814. They are a strange mix of mercenaries and soldiers loyal to the British crown. We will tell you some of their tales of epic battle from both world wars, train robberies, and fights with the Taliban. This small group of warriors are considered the best of the best from their days battling the East India Company, to their time in the modern middle east.   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 612: The Church of the First Born of the Lamb of God

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2021 100:53

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at the cult known as The Church of the First Born of the Lamb of God and its insane leader, Ervil LeBaron. LeBaron was called the Mormon Manson after a crazy trail of murder, sex, suicide, and corruption. This group is like many cults with a charismatic leader who has sex with lots and lots of members. In this case, though, the members were sister-wives. And in this case, there was murder. So much murder! LeBaron killed his brother to take control of the cult, tried to kill his other brother, burned a town to the ground, killed his own daughter, and even murdered himself if such a thing is possible. This story is crazy, and the amount of twists, death, and turns rivals any cult we can think of.   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 611: The Subway Vigilante: Racism or Justice?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 89:59

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about a true crime case. This is the story of Bernard Goetz, the Subway Vigilante. On December 22, 1984, Goetz was surrounded by four young men on a subway train who started asking him for five dollars. He thought he was being mugged, pulled out a revolver and shot all four of them. The aftermath saw him hailed as a hero and a villain, a vigilante and a racist. It is a complicated case all bound up with race, violence, gun control, and a New York city crime spree. If you like true crime, you're gonna like this one.   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 610: Order Octopoda: Earthly Aliens or Freaky Fish?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 88:51

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the most insane and alien creature that lives the planet Earth—the octopus. The amazing animals of Order Octopoda are smarter than a dog, and they have three hearts and 9 brains! That's right, they have a main brain and then a different brain for each of their 8 arms. They use tools, create weapons out of other animals' body parts, spew ink, and can become invisible at will. An octopus can remember faces, and they even hold grudges against some of their scientists and zoo keepers. They are unlike any other animal on earth, and some scientists even suggest they are aliens who landed on earth millions of years ago. Give this one a listen to find out why!   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 609: Operation Condor: State Sanctioned Terror

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 90:15

    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we talk about an international terrorist conspiracy known as Operation Condor. This horrible operation was set up by eight South and Central American countries. It was responsible for the death, detention, assassination, murder, and disappearance of tens of thousands of people across multiple borders. People were even assassinated in Washington, D.C. And, of course, the CIA was involved. The whole thing was part of a strategy used by dictators such as Augusto Pinochet to keep power and destroy leftist thought. How much did the US know? How much was it involved? Which country had it worst? What was the Dirty War? How were most of the bodies disposed of? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources:  

    Episode 608: Stan Lee: The King of Comics

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 97:49

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the life, creations, and comic books of the one and only Stan Lee. He was born Stanley Martin Lieber and shortened his name to save it in case he ever wanted to quit comics and write a real novel. Thankfully, this never happened. Stan Lee created (or co-created) some of the greatest comic characters of all time. More than that, however, he made them humans. Reading an early Marvel comic was like becoming part of a large family, and this was all thanks to the style and marketing genius of Lee. His story takes him from a depression-era street-kid to a US Army propaganda film maker alongside Dr. Seuss, to the face of one of the greatest fictional universes ever created. Give this one a listen and then shout out a hearty, “Excelsior!” Visit Our Sources: Marvel Characters and Comics That Stan Lee Created (  

    A Sofa King Classic: Andrei Chikatilo

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 81:54

    This episode of the Sofa King Podcast explores the grisly killing spree of the most famous Soviet serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo, aka “The Butcher of Rostov.” Between 1978 and 1990, he was thought to have killed a total of 56 people throughout the USSR, and he was responsible for one wrongful execution and several suicides. This was an especially interesting case because the investigation was hampered by the Soviet government who publicly claimed there was no such thing as a Russian serial killer and that this was a sickness only the decadent West could catch. Andrei Chikatilo fits many of the key ingredients of serial killers—he had a major illness as a child, an oppressive mother, sexual dysfunction, high intelligence, and of course a cold cunning. He grew up in Stalin's Ukraine during the massive food shortages and famines that his regime caused, and Chikatilo also lived with the shame of a father who was captured by the Germans during WWI (it was a major taboo for them). The worst part was that his childhood hydrocephalic condition caused him to wet his bed well into his later years and kept him from being able to get an erection. The sexual frustration and humiliation of his childhood years twisted him into a monster and killer. So who were his targest? He mostly liked underage girls, but he would take anyone. He wasn't that picky. All of his targets met the same horrible end. He would stab them at least 20 times, using the knife as a surrogate penis. He would tie them up, stuff leaves and dirt in their mouths, and ejaculate on them as their death struggle sexually excited him. He would also cut off body parts and even bite off nipples. Yes, he was really crazy and horrible. So, how did he eventually get caught if the government didn't publicly admit he existed? What lead to him being called the “Forest Strip Killer?” How did he father children if he could never get an erection? Why would Andrei Chikatilo gouge out the eyes of his victims? What body parts would he nibble on? Listen, laugh, learn.

    Episode 607: The Aztecs: A Sacrificed Society

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 83:38

    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we travel back in time and look at the Aztec people. They were the largest empire in the history of Mesoamerica. They were famous for being amazing warriors, and they were equally famous for their religious sacrifice. You see, they thought the sun would only keep burning if it was fed blood, so sometimes they scarified 80,000 humans a year! This culture dominated their region in only fifty short years, and their advances in agriculture, art, and trade have never been rivaled. So what brought them down? How fast was their fall? Who was Montezuma, and did he really swear to get revenge? This one gets good and bloody! Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit our Sources:

    Episode 606: Hindenburg Disaster: The Hubris and The Humanity

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 101:40

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we discuss the fiery crash of the Hindenburg. Its last moments were made famous by the grainy black and white footage and the scream, “Oh the humanity!” The ship was very interesting before that, however. It was built in Germany and was almost immediately commandeered for Nazi propaganda. It was even named after the guy who made Hitler the chancellor. After it flew around Germany to pump up the father land, it became a luxurious way for the elite to cross the Atlantic. It made ten flights to New Jersey in its first year and was ready to do more when disaster struck. It exploded on landing. Some say it was sabotage and even have a suspect. Others think it was because, you know, it was a giant cotton sack filled with explosive death gasses. We'll let you be the judge.   Visit Our Sources: Oh The Humanity:

    Episode 605: The Kelloggs: Saint and Sadist

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 86:48

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we ask a simple question. What do female genital mutilation and corn flakes have in common? The answer is Kellogg's. The beloved breakfast giant is known for cereal and pop tarts, but the brothers who laid the foundation of the company are worth looking at. Many people have heard of W.K. Kellogg, the founder of the corporation. However, not as many have heard of his somewhat sadistic brother J.H Kellogg. He thought masturbation was the cause of most health problems and used everything from tying kids down to scarring female genitals with acid as a cure. And then he invented corn flakes. How did all of this come together, and what exactly was the Battle Creek Sanitarium? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources:  

    Episode 604: Silkwood: Plutonium and Murder?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 89:18

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the death of Karen Silkwood. Silkwood worked at the Kerr-McGhee fuel plant in Oklahoma. She made plutonium pellets for nuclear fuel, and she discovered safely issues with workers being irradiated. The weird thing is, she started to get positive hits for alpha radiation she wasn't exposed to. It even followed her home making it into her bologna in the fridge! After a union meeting, while on the way to a rendezvous with a New York Times reporter, Silkwood died. She was found dead in a car crash with a stomach full of Quaaludes. Was she a sex crazed drug addict as the corporation wants people to believe? Was she murdered to silence her as many reporters believed? Why does one reporter think her assassination tied to a plutoniuum pipeline that fed the CIA, MIA, and the Mossad? How did her bologna become radioactive? So many questions…   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 603: Larry Flynt: Filthy Smut and Free Speech

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 99:21

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we peel back the covers of the king of pornography (and free speech), Larry Flynt. He was famous for, well, a lot of things. One of them was the Hustler brand magazine, casino, and sex shop. But he was equally famous for having several outlandish fights with the U.S. Supreme Court. There was also the time he was shot and paralyzed by a racist serial killer outside of a court house. His magazine crossed many lines, from depicting rapes as sexual fantasies to overt racism and anti-Semitism. However, he is said to have won one of the biggest victories that secured American free speech, and was an early advocate of gay marriage. His stunts are legendary, from sending copies of every issue of his smut mag to every member of Congress all the way to publishing nude photos of Jackie Onassis Kennedy. Larry Flynt, love him or hate him, helped to define our times.   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 602: Bob Ross: Art and Afros

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 94:51

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the art, fame, life, and death of Bob Ross. He is known for his paintings of happy little trees and Peapod the pet pocket squirrel, but this guy led a very interesting life. From a sergeant in the army to an international media icon, Ross saw a lot in his life. His shows are still watched world-round, even though they are decades old. But of course they're watched! His hypnotic whisper and smooth painting techniques cured depression and made people feel good about their lives. But life wasn't all happy clouds. His wife died of cancer, and he had business partners (one of whom was a retired CIA agent) who allegedly took advantage of him and stole his name on his death bed. If you love art and afros, give this one a listen.   Visit Our Sources: Netflix Documentary: Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal, and Greed  

    A Sofa King Classic: Ed Gein

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 74:49

    This episode takes a look at the ghastly life of Ed Gein, the Plainfield Butcher. Gein was the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho as well as the serial killer Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs and Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. How can one man be the genesis all of these horrific film characters? Give us a listen to find out. Gein was born at the turn of the century to a wildly religious zealot of a mother and an alcoholic father who worked tanning animal skins when he wasn't drunk (spoiler alert, the skin tanning comes in useful later in Gein's life…). As Gein grew up, he came to idolize his domineering mother and lived with her, never having gone on so much as one a date, until her death when he was 39 years old. Gein's mother died shortly after she had a stroke thought to be induced by the death of Gein's older brother Harold (who died under rather mysterious circumstances). Once alone, Gein earned the reputation as “Weird Eddy” the guy who lived alone in an empty farmhouse. He drifted through town doing odd jobs and even babysitting for people, until in 1957, when he was arrested for the murder of Bernice Warden, the clerk at the general store. She was shot on the first day of hunting season, and when police investigated Gein's home, they discovered a trove of horrors. Since his mother's death, Gein had killed several people, robbed dozens of graves, and had a house of trophies. Horrible, horrible trophies. Warden's body was hanging in a shed, being cut apart like a deer. What the police found in the house itself was even more mind blowing. Noses in a box, masks made from human faces, a “Woman suit” made from the skin of several women, a belt made of nipple, female genetalia tucked in pairs of man-sized panties, you name it. How many people did Gein kill? How many graves did he rob? Why did he do it? What other trophies did he keep? We try to get to the bottom of it in this episode, and you can get the bonus feature of Dave and Brent freaking out on air while Brad shows them pictures of some of Gein's trophies—pictures they consciously decided not to Google while they were doing their research.

    A Sofa King Classic: H.H. Holmes

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 89:27

    Whats up Holmes? Another Classic while we try not to die. See you soon. This episode of the Sofa King Podcast examines the horrible history of H.H. Holmes, the Beast of Chicago. This man is considered the first true serial killer in American history, killing people all over the country in the late 1800's (estimates are as high as 200 victims). Born Herman Webster Mudgett, Holmes was a smart child who had a penchant for operating on animals and had a bad run in with a human skeleton and a group of bullies. He graduated high school at 16 years of age and went to University of Michigan Medical School where he earned his medical doctorate. Oh, and while he was at U of M, he also figured out a way to claim life insurance policies on the school's cadavers and disfigure and operate on them in secret. Holmes was a conman who made the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars on insurance schemes, often getting money paid out for his own murder victims. What makes Holmes truly unique, however, is his Murder Castle. After buying a pharmacy in Chicago (after presumably killing off the previous owners who go mysteriously “missing”), he build a massive three story hotel in Chicago in time for the World's Fair. It is such a big building that locals called it “The Castle.” While he ran his pharmacy from the ground floor and let guests stay on the second, the third story and the basement were where he was allowed to kill in horrible ways. The Castle was infamous for doors that led to nowhere, dead end stair cases, soundproof rooms, chutes to deposit bodies into the basement, ether pumped through gas pipes to various rooms, an acid pit and several kilns to dispose of bodies in the basement, and even a bank vault he would use to slowly kill people through asphyxiation. Though he preferred blond women and children, Holmes killed them all, often selling their skeletons and organs to medical schools! How did he get brought down by a horse? Who was Benjamin Pietzel, and why did Holmes have to kill three of his children? Why was he buried ten feet deep and encased in concrete after he was hanged for his crimes? Listen, laugh, learn.

    A Sofa King Classic: The Lost Cosmonauts

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2021 85:14

    Still Fucking sick! But not as sick as this Episode. Check out another Sofa King classic. On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at the conspiracy theory of the Lost Cosmonauts. (Finally, a conspiracy about space that isn't the moon landing hoax or lizard people!) Our official history says that on April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin was the first human being to ever leave the planet earth and orbit the earth. However, there are theories that this was not the truth—Gagarin was not the first person in space. In fact, the argument goes, there were several others who made it to space first, but they didn't succeed in making it back! So, no, the theory is not that the Lost Cosmonauts are actually lost. Indeed, they are all dead or living lies to cover up Soviet failures early in the space program. Remember that the Cold War hinged upon the Space Race, and losses in the form of cosmonaut deaths would equal defeat in this war. America lost astronauts in the Apollo 1 explosion, so why couldn't the Soviets as well? In fact, many people think they did lose people, and plenty of them. There is the case of Vladimir Ilyushin, the golden boy of the Soviet Union and the best test pilot alive at the time. Allegedly, he launched a week before Gagarin did, but he had difficulty landing and ended up being held by the Chinese for over a year, and his failure was covered up. There are also the creepy and fascinating recordings of the Judica-Cordiglia brothers in Italy. They allegedly started to hear the broadcasts of various Soviet craft in space, and then they started recording them. The records start small, build with some SOS calls from space, and end with a desperate woman who seems to burn to death re-entering the atmosphere. Is there something to this, or are the brothers just pulling a prank? Some of the Lost Cosmonauts turn out to be an art project, and lots of others seemed to have died in training but covered up. Who was Ivan Ivanovich, and why was his craft met with anger in the small Soviet Village where it crashed? Did the USSR try to launch a last minute moon shot to beat the US to the punch? Who was Valentin Bonderinko, and why did his horrible death by fire get covered up by the soviets? How many Lost Cosmonauts are there? Listen, laugh, learn.   Audio of the supposed Lost Cosmonauts:

    A Sofa King Classic: Alien Implants

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 95:39

    As always we appreciate you all being so patient when life gets in the way. Please have a listen to an oldie but goodie while we get well. Thank you  This Sofa King Podcast takes a look at the phenomenon of alien implants. As we've discussed in earlier episodes, a percentage of the population believes they have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings. Of these people, another statistical subset claims to have implants placed in their bodies. At their craziest, they believe the implants alter people's behavior and give psychic powers. We don't talk about that because, well, give me a break. However, we do look at some of the most famous and more credible examples of alien implants and the doctors who deal with them. We start with a look at the earliest case of implanted technology, allegedly from a woman in 1938 who claims devices were implanted behind her ears to control her with sound (this was discussed by Ufologist John Robinson in 1957). Since then, the cases have obviously grown. Perhaps the most famous is the case of Betty Andreason—she claims to have gone through what is now thought of as the textbook abduction by gray aliens back in 1967. Her story was explored heavily by the most legitimate UFO investigator, J. Allen Hynek in 1977. From there, we look at the famous case of Whitley Strieber (author of Communion) and his claims that an MRI shows abnormal things in his temporal lobe and that things were placed in his ear by a Man (and a Woman) in Black. What did he discover after a biopsy? Good question. Give us a listen. Finally, we talk about Doctor Roger Leir, a surgeon who has allegedly removed 16 alien implants from various patients. One of them proved to stump the teams at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico Tech, and US San Diego's metallurgical teams. What did they all say the implant was made of? Is Leir a quack, or is there some merit to his beliefs? What do the Sofa Kings think about the implants at the end of the day? And lastly, does Dave have an implant in his ankle? Listen, laugh, learn.

    Episode 601: Gene Roddenberry: To Boldly Go…

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2021 100:33

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we release our inner Trekkies about the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry. His story is a wild one! His show is filled with a future that explores the possibility of a utopian earth with no war, hunger, trouble, or strife. But his own life was far from that. In World War II, he learned to fly and volunteered to join 394th Bomb Squadron, flying the B-17 Flying Fortress. In his time in the Air Force and after as a commercial pilot, he survived three deadly crashes. After the final crash, he decided he wanted to be a writer and moved to LA, where he became a cop to pay the bills. After an endless Hollywood hustle of failed pilots and scripts nobody wanted, he dreamed up Star Trek. It was a futuristic look a vessel of exploration, helmed by a diverse crew. It included the first African American woman on prime time television and even featured a Russian crew member in the height of the cold war. But all was not utopia on the set either. There was Gene Roddenberry's love triangle with cast members. Then, there was the way the writers all quit, claiming he store their ideas and constant battles with the studio. He created the world's most fan-loved sci-fi universe, but it was not without a lot of conflict, romance, and heart break.   Visit Our Sources:  

    Episode 600: The Beatles: The Legends of Liverpool

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 115:42

    On this 600th episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we cover one of the greatest musical acts of all times, The Beatles. I feel like anything I type in these show notes is pointless. This episode is about the Beatles. You probably love them. You might not. Either way, you know who they are, and you recognize a dozen of their songs, even if you think you don't. We cover how they formed, their greatest album, and our own stance on Beatle Mania. You might not really know the history of this epic band, and you might not know the ups and downs. But don't worry! We got you, so give this one a listen!   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 599: The Voynich Manuscript: The Most Mysterious Manual

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2021 86:35

    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we explore the mystery of the world's most mysterious book, the Voynich Manuscript. It was named after rare book seller named William Voynich. He bought the book during a bulk book sale from an ancient college in Rome. It was meant to go to the Vatican, but he scooped it up. He spent seven years trying to decipher the unknown language and strange drawings, but he did without success. After his death, it made it to Yale University, and it has become one of the most studied books of all time. The language is completely unknown, but modern linguistics say it is a real language. The book has been dated using multiple methods and claims to be from 1420. But who wrote it? And for what purpose? It could an encyclopedia from a dead culture, the ravings of a mad monk, or even the encrypted writings of an alchemist trying to avoid persecution. Either way, it is a beautiful book and a wonderful mystery.   Follow our Sources: Full Text of Manuscript:

    Episode 598: Tromp Family Mystery: The Strangest Road Trip

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 91:36

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at one of the most bizarre missing person cases in Australian history. The Tromp family went missing rather suddenly on August 29th, 2016. This family of five left their passports, drivers licenses, credit cards, and cell phones behind. The children were all in their 20s, so it's hard to figure out why they went along with this trip. One by one, the kids peeled off from the main group. First their son left. Then the daughters split off. One stole a car (like you do), and the other was found catatonic in the back of a pickup truck. Then the parents had their own series of madness as they headed further north by themselves. How did the son get home? What lead from the mom trying to book a hotel room to being hospitalized? What caused this strange behavior (it could be anything from farm chemicals to an attempt to flee from the mob)? How does Pokémon Go tie into all of this? Do we really think the Tromp family was targeted by an Australian government beam weapon? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit our Sources:

    A Sofa King Classic: Illuminati

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2021 75:12

    Another Classic while we try to quit sniffling and coughing.... We dig in to the conspiracy theories surrounding the Illuminati and their new world order. From the Bilderberg Group to the Freemasons, and from Bohemian Grove to space alien reptoids, we look at all the common ideas spread on the Internet about the Illuminati. We even look at the theories of the “Hop-Hop Illuminati” that supposedly rules rap music. Adult Content. NSFW.

    A Sofa King Classic: Origins of Christmas

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 72:05

    Brads got the Rona .. Daves coughing .. my nose is running. We never should have kissed. Lesson learned and this is definitely how Christmas came to be. Fight me. On this very merry episode of The Sofa King Podcast, we discuss Christmas. But it wouldn't be us if we didn't dig back the layers and come to some strange and ugly truths about the holiday that is associated with the birth of Jesus Christ. You may think this topic is a no brainer (a recent Pew Poll showed that 65% of Americans believe the Christmas story to be true), but be prepared to learn some odd truths about this beloved holiday. For one thing, the origins of the holiday and how it is celebrated date back to ancient pagan rites and were only adopted by the Catholic Church as a way to lure pagans to church membership. That's right: gingerbread cookies, the Yule Log, a Christmas ham, Christmas trees, all of it tie back to Germanic and Norse pagans and were part of a celebration of fertility and reverence for the dead. Also, we look at Santa Claus, the truth of the real man named Saint Nicholas of Parara, how his bones were stolen by sailors and moved to start the Cult of Nicholas in the 11th century, and how Siberian shamen tripping on amanita muscaria mushrooms may be the birth of the red-suited reindeer part of the myth. You may have also heard about Krampus, Zwarte Pete, and the ancient feast of Saturnalia, but we talk about some crazy facts that you might not believe. Lastly, we discuss the birth of Jesus and the Nativity itself (something that Pope Benedict XVI largely even denounced when he was the head of the church a few years ago). So, be prepared to get your Christmas bubble burst and learn how you are actually a pagan, how Santa was an anti-Semite, and how gingerbread cookies are a way to symbolically eat human flesh to venerate the dead.

    Sofa King Classic: Nome Alaska

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 60:00

    Remember when we were on the radio and had weird local commercials. Well... Brad has the Rona this week so Classics is what we have got for you. Enjoy and if Brad lives we will be back next week. Listeners requested that we discuss the mysteries surrounding Nome, Alaska, so that's what we do for this episode of the Sofa King Podcast. This small town of 3,800 people is believed to be a hub of missing people, UFO sightings, and alien abductions. An abduction horror film called The Fourth Kind is set on Nome and plays with the truth of the missing people of the small town. How much of the alleged mysteries of Nome are true and how much are fiction? We dig deep to find some truth. Yes, there is an abnormal percentage of missing people, so we explore the reasons for the disappearances. We also look at the misinformation about Nome that came from Universal pictures due to a viral public relations campaign (including fake news releases) as well as what the FBI's official report on the missing people says. The Sofa Kings also discuss a supposed Black Pyramid patrolled by men in black just outside of the city, a missing Inuit village called Angikuni, and the alien abduction phenomenon in general.

    Episode 597: Punk Rock: Loud, Fast, and Simple

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 6, 2021 92:19

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at the music, clothes, and philosophy of the Punk Rock Movement. This one is hard to define. The bands, locations, sounds, and styles all differ radically. However, somehow, a range of different bands are labelled punk. They all rebel against the establishment, and most of them wear black, but there are as many differences as similarities between those who are considered Punk Rock. This is a way of life and fashion as much as a musical style, and you may be surprised by the bands we'll talk about and label as punk. If you love Anarchy (in the UK or elsewhere), and wish you could have gone to CBGB in Dave's Musical Time Machine, this one is for you. Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 596: Moorhouse Murders: Killer Couple Down Under

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 83:00

    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we go to the land down under. We talk about some Aussie True Crime and hit you with the Moorhouse Murders. They were named after the street where the murderers lived. In an unassuming house, David and Catherine Birnie raped and murdered several women on a horrible crime spree. Their back stories are all you'd expect for a couple of serial killers, and their bizarre codependent love, sex, rape, torture, murder groove is grotesque and bizarre. This one has it all, including injecting medicine in a penis, so you know, there's that if you're into it. And if you've read this far, let's face it. You are.   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 595: Wim Hof: The Iceman

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2021 92:27

    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we explore the philosophies, techniques, and science around Wim Hof. Called the Iceman by the press, Hof has set 18 extreme world records. For one, he spent nearly two hours submerged in ice without his core body temperature dropping. The climbed Mt. Everest in just a pair of jogging shorts, and he ran a marathon in the desert with no water. And the craziest thing is, Wim Hof claims he can teach these abilities to anyone. He has a method called the Wim Hof Method, and he travels the world teaching it. His goal? To change all of medicine through a Netflix documentary. We'll tell you all about him and the details of the WHM that he teaches on this episode. You don't want to miss his interaction with Jim Carrey!   Visit Our Sources:

    Episode 594: Tattoos: From Tribal to Taboo

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 102:00

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about all things Tattoo. We know a lot of our listeners have ink done, and some even have Sofa King Tattoos! We talk about what tattoos we have or want to have. Next, we play a game to see if Brad and Brent can tell fake celebrity tattoos from real ones! So, in this episode, we look at the vast history of tattoos in human beings (it goes way back, ya'll!). We also take a look at different cultures and how they view this body art. From ways to identify prisoners to symbols of wealth and prestige, tattoos are used for all sorts of reasons. Some parts of the world see them as a lower class art form, and others have seen it as holy magic. From British Kings to ancient mummies, everybody needs a good bit of ink done, so listen in and see how wide spread this practice has always been.   Visit Our Sources:  

    Episode 593: Harley Davidson: An American Success Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 23, 2021 99:53

    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the founders, history, and reputation of bad boys of motorcycles, Harley Davidson. It was started by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson (and his brothers) in 1903. They wanted to make bicycles that did the work for you. Within a decade, they were one of the leaders of motorcycle manufacturing in the world. Their bikes helped the US battle Poncho Villa, served in WWI, and were sold to all allies in WWII. The whole macho counter-culture vibe of riding a hog belongs to their own marketing. In fact, 5% of their net worth comes from selling their logo, not their bikes! So if you want some history on the inventors, a look at the Harley Davidson corporation (and their hits and misses), or just want to feel like you're in a badass 1% bike club, give this one a listen.   Visit Our Sources

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