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TurfNet personalities Frank Rossi, Dave Wilber, Randy Wilson, John Reitman, Jon Kiger and Peter McCormick interview a variety of turfies on a multitude of subjects... or just pontificate upon occasion.


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    Latest episodes from TurfNet RADIO

    Me Maintenance with Zach Bauer: Finding Respite in a Trout Stream

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2022 23:00

    In this episode of Me Maintenance, Peter McCormick chats with Zach Bauer, golf course superintendent at the Valley Country Club in Centennial, Colorado, just southeast of Denver. Zach had gone into this year on the heels of myriad construction/renovation projects (both golf course and clubhouse) with depleted groundwater, very dry soils and dessicated turf. Coupled with the short staffing and increased play prevalent within the industry, he started waving the white flag of desperation on Twitter as early as May 4. With the encouragement of his wife, Karen, Zach made a point of taking time for himself and spending one day a week fly fishing on nearby streams. Zach tells us about his agronomic and emotional struggles this year and how taking time for himself and his family has helped right the ship. Watch the video or listen to the podcast.

    Frankly Speaking: Golf is Recession Resistant - with Jim Koppenhaver

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2022 36:00

    Frank is joined again in this episode with golf business expert Jim Koppenhaver from Pellucid Inc., leaders in golf business data science and analytics to discuss the “covid-dend", i.e., the persistent gains golf has made since the pandemic. Frank and Jim also discuss how golf can manage the coming recession and what data from previous recessions tell us about how we might handle this one.

    Renovation Report: Bradley S. Klein with Lorne Rubenstein

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2022 40:00

    In this episode of Renovation Report, Brad Klein talks with Canadian golf writer Lorne Rubenstein about the positive attributes of links golf and why links golf is, in Rubenstein's view, the best golf. They also diiscuss their mutual affection for Royal Dornochourse and how European golf's acceptance of brown conditions is much more conducive to long-term sustainability and even can result in improved playing conditions. They also discuss how the golf course in Europe often has a central role in the town and can be a resource for families who do not necessarily play golf, but still use it for recreational purposes.

    Me Maintenance with Stuart Butler, Head Greenkeeper

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2022 39:00

    In this episode of Me Maintenance, Peter McCormick chats with Stuart Butler, host of HWOM the Podcast and newly minted Head Greenkeeper at Westgate and Birchington Golf Club on the southeast coast of England. Leaving a 20-odd year stint as a senior greenkeeper at Royal St. Georges Golf Club and with it the type of work/life balance that many in the industry crave, Stu took over a job that until recently he thought he'd never want. Just six weeks in, Stu says it's the best decision he has ever made in his professional career. "I will certainly have less time with my family and more pressure but I'm loving work again. It's a test but in a good way."

    Frankly Speaking with Dr. Eric Watkins: Fairway Grasses, Today and Tomorrow

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2022 37:00

    One could argue golf fairway grassing has the largest impact on resource consumption due to the amount of intensely managed land. Large applications of fertilizer, pesticides and water are consumed in our finest operations across the country on fairways. Frank speaks with Professor Eric Watkins of the University of Minnesota on how grass type impacts management and ultimate performance.

    All Star of Turf: David Fruchte, Pine Needles and Mid-Pines Resorts

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2022 42:00

    For more than 30 years, David Fruchte has been superintendent at Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club in Southern Pines, North Carolina, the site of this year's U.S. Women's Open, which once was owned by LPGA legend Peggy Kirk Bell. A graduate of the turfgrass program at Purdue, Fruchte learned the trade from the legendary David Stone at the Honors Course in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since 1990, Pine Needles has become the epitome of resort golf in the highly competitive North Carolina Sandhills region.   In this episode of All Stars of Turf, Fruchte discusses what it takes to enjoy such a lengthy career at the same property that included being the four-time host superintendent of the U.S. Women's Open, including this year's event. Fruchte also talks about what it was like working for Bell, an LPGA legend and pioneer in instruction and introducing the game to thousands of women.   Fruchte also opens up about the challenges of post-pandemic golf that includes record rates of play and historic labor challenges.

    Rockbottum Radio: How Did We Get Here?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2022 15:00

    In this episode of Rockbottum Radio, Rockbottum CC's latest hire prefers to work from home, inflation takes a toll on course operations, and RW shifts his customer emphasis from thrifty golfers to the elite class.  A run-in with royalty leads RW to wonder how we got here.

    Frankly Speaking with Dr. Chase Straw: Precision Irrigation Management

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2022 48:00

    Frank speaks with Professor Chase Straw at Texas A & M about precision irrigation management by understanding soils, distribution issues, and digital irrigation management using remote sensing and soil moisture sensing. Dr. Shaw discusses a range of topics that confront the golf turf industry and how the right data used with a well-designed irrigation system by an experienced and progressive superintendent is path forward. Stick around to the very end when Frank provides a personal perspective on water use in the golf industry.

    Frankly Speaking with Paul Roche: Efficient Irrigation System Design

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 41:00

    In this episode Frank Speaks with Paul Roche, irrigation industry veteran and now president of Golf Water of Wake Forest, NC. Frank has known Paul since the mid-1990's during Paul's time with a Rochester-based irrigation distributor and eventually as co-author of the definitive irrigation textbook Golf Course Irrigation: Environmental Design and Management Practices. Frank and Paul discuss a variety of topics related to the most effective irrigation design, operation, and maintenance. A lively discussion ensues around run times, distribution and the best use of the latest technology that leads to water use efficiency. “Are we using the technology in our irrigation systems like driving a Ferrari in first gear?”

    Renovation Report: Brad Klein with Nick Peinovich, Eau Claire G&CC

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 42:00

    In this episode of Renovation Report, Brad Klein talks with golf course superintendent Nick Peinovich of Eau Claire Golf and Country Club in Wisconsin, about a recent renovation of the course near Minnesota's Twin Cities that was designed by Tom Vardon, the lesser-known brother of British golf great Harry Vardon. Peinovich discusses how a member audit of the golf course just a few months after he was promoted from assistant to head superintendent progressed from a discussion to a bunker renovation to a full-blown restoration by architect Kevin Norby without closing Eau Claire for play.

    Renovation Report: Anthony Pioppi with Alex Beson-Crone, Blue Mound G&CC

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2022 27:00

    Anthony Pioppi chats dream career moves and all things Seth Raynor with Alex Beson-Crone, the superintendent at Blue Mound G&CC in Wauwatosa, WI.  Alex grew up in the Milwaukee area and worked up to the assistant postition at Erin Hills, but his life-long dream job was Blue Mound. When the superintendent position opened up there, he made the jump to the Seth Raynor-designed course. His team has been making improvements over the last few years including rebuilding bunkers and massive tree removal while focusing on firm and fast agronomics. The USGA Mid-Am is at Erin Hills next year and Blue Mound is the site for stroke play, so the layout will be on display on TV.

    Frankly Speaking with Mike Huck: Will Golf Have Enough Water?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 38:00

    In this episode of Frankly Speaking, our “water guy” Mike Huck, President of Irrigation and Turf Services, chats with Frank about the past, present and future of water. The conversation ranges from “all water is local” and the classic movie “Chinatown” to the obstacles and opportunities for conservation. Will there be a “free market” for water and where will golf fall out in the allocations? To be sure this is not simply a conversation for golf west of the Mississippi River, but as drought impacts various areas all over the country, these conversations will be relevant.

    Rockbottum Radio, Unvaulted: The B-25 and the Night Waterman

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 20:00

    In this episode of Rockbottum Radio, RW pulls a highly classified but long-buried StoryTime out of the vault. It's the kind of story where everyone involved is no longer around to object.

    Frankly Speaking: Mid-Season Pests/Stress Across the USA

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 57:00

    In this special episode of Frankly Speaking, Frank is joined by four top turfgrass diagnosticians from across the USA. Our Northeast correspondent Rich Buckley from Rutgers University, From the ACC we have Lee Butler at NC State, from the Midwest I chat with Kurt Hockenmeyer from UW Madison, and Emily Braithwaite from Oregon State University in the PNW. These experts provide insights into Spring diseases, insects and nematode issues. Discussion from Pythium root rot and summer patch to Spring dead spot and Ascochyta leaf spot. It's a plethora of pests and stresses!

    Rising Stars of Turf: Ryan Moy, Mitch Ronning and Peter Braun at MNUFC

    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2022 45:00

    The big question on the turf industry's mind after the epic 2016 Ryder Cup Matches at Hazeltine National Golf Club (Chaska, MN) was, "Where's (senior assistant superintendent) Ryan Moy gonna go?" Turns out the answer was one just about nobody expected: Head Groundskeeper for the Minnesota United Football Club at the still under-construction Allianz Field in St. Paul and their training grounds in Blaine, MN. Once Ryan settled in there he was followed by former Hazeltine interns Mitch Ronning and Peter Braun to form the core of the MNUFC groundskeeping team. We at TurfNet got to know Peter when he was the 2014 TurfNet Intern in Ireland, working at the Mount Juliet Resort. TurfNet salutes Ryan, Mitch and Peter as Rising Stars of Turf for both their excellent past work in golf course maintenance but also their future in sports turf. This chat with Peter McCormick gives a fascinating glimpse into the career transition from a major golf event for Ryan, the culture shift from golf to sports turf, and the experiences they've had during their years with MNUFC at Allianz Field. Presented by Earthworks and DryJect.

    All Star of Turf: Ralph Kepple, CGCS, East Lake Golf Club

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 48:00

    For parts of four decades, Ralph Kepple has been the caretaker for the historic home course of the late Bobby Jones. A graduate of Ohio State, Kepple was named superintendent at East Lake Golf Club in 1992 and since 2018 has been the club's director of agronomy. During that time, East Lake has been synonymous with the PGA Tour's season-ending Tour Championship for 21 years. In this episode of All Stars of Turf, Kepple talks about the keys to career longevity and some of the changes that have occurred at East Lake during its time as the the final stop on the Tour schedule. Chief among those changes have been a conversion from bentgrass putting surfaces to ultradwarf Bermudagrass following a brutally hot summer leading up to the 2007 tournament and the infamous reversing of the nines on the Donald Ross design in advance of the 2016 event, as well as an upcoming restoration project by architect Andrew Green. Although East Lake occupies an important place in the game's history, it also plays an important role off the golf course through the work of the East Lake Foundation, the goal of which is to help revitalize one of Atlanta's historic neighborhoods.

    Conquering Ama Dablam | "Me Maintenance" with Steve Cook, CGCS MG

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 25:00

    In this episode of Me Maintenance, Peter McCormick chats with Steve Cook, CGCS MG, Director of Grounds at Medinah Country Club in Chicagoland, about his life-changing experience climbing Ama Dablam, a 22,000' Himalayan peak in Nepal in 2016. Integral to the project was a fund-raising effort for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, for which Steve raised $35,000. From the three years of mental preparation and physical training to the month-long trek and ascent itself, Steve recounts his motivations, personal desires, triumphs and satisfactions, mistakes made and lessons learned along with his changed worldview and perspective about life and the golf industry. A fascinating conversation  withan individual who is always climbing higher in life.

    Rockbottum Radio: Where to get Nitrogen, and the Perfect Job Interview

    Play Episode Listen Later May 7, 2022 18:00

    In this episode, we reveal how to get nitrogen, along with a short demonstration of the perfect job interview and included is an extremely in-depth segment of Unfiltered News.  Storytime is a conflagration of Homeowners hit by Balls and if you stay to the very end, you will be rewarded with information that might save your turf from thinning like my hair.

    Frankly Speaking: All Things Nematodes, with Billy Crow

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 45:00

    Frank Speaks at length with Professor William (Billy) Crow from the University of Florida about all things nematodes. How they work as a species? Where we find them? How to sample them? How do you know if you have a nematode problem? And what are the long-term effects of nematicide use? Billy speaks Frankly about nematicide use in warm season turf and the challenges we face as an industry with managing plant parasitic nematodes and sustaining the many beneficial nematodes and arthropods vital to the soil food web. Billy's efforts to improve sampling and diagnosis of plant parasitic nematodes has made the UF Nematode Lab an important resource for the turfgrass industry.

    Renovation Report: Brad Klein with Nathan Crace of Watermark Golf

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 41:00

    In this episode of Renovation Report, Brad Klein talks with golf course architect Nathan Crace of Watermark Golf in Magee, Mississippi, about how his diverse experience in the golf business has helped shape his career. A native of Indiana and a graduate of Mississippi State University, Crace talks about his background that includes working construction for his father, club management and working with college golf teams across Mississippi have influenced his work as an architect and how he considers economics and sustainability when designing and renovating some of the top layouts around the Southeast.

    Navigating the Assistant Shortage with Tyler Bloom

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 28:00

    Tyler Bloom, former golf course superintendent and current workforce development, recruiting and training specialist and entrepreneur, offers his insight into how the golf course industry, chapters, clubs and superintendents can best navigate the current shortage of assistant superintendent candidates.

    All Stars of Turf: Mark Hoban, Rivermont Golf Club, Johns Creek, GA

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 36:00

    For more than 15 years, Mark Hoban has built a career of promoting a sustainable and minimalist approach of managing golf course turf at Rivermont Golf Club in Johns Creek, Georgia. At age 67, he insists he is only getting started. Hoban, who prepped under Palmer Maples at the nearby Standard Club, uses biologicals, homemade compost tea and other organic nutrients to promote healthy turf and soils that require very little fungicides and are naturally resistant to disease pressure.  Through the use of several species of native grasses he has eliminated 30 acres of irrigated turf. Those native areas attract wildlife and he manages bees with the recent addition of an on-site apiary. Hoban first became interested in sustainability while working for Maples and has further developed his practices largely through research conducted in the agricultural industry. Hoban's work was brought into the public eye in 2014 through Randy Wilson's video series "Chasing Rivermont" that appeared on TurfNetTV. His work has since won acclaim at the state and national level, and Hoban says none of what he has accomplished would have been possible without the support of Rivermont owner Chris Cupit.

    Frankly Speaking with Jim Brosnan: Annual Bluegrass Herbicide Not Working?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 38:00

    Frank Rossi speaks with Professor Jim Brosnan of the University of Tennessee on the rising concerns of herbicide resistant annual bluegrass and the national project attempting to understand this elusive plant. Frank and Jim revive Resistance Radio and go deep on the nature of herbicide resistance and the multiple strategies plants develop to elude routine herbicide applications. Jim wonders why weed control is not approached like diseases and insects managed in turf. The conversation expands to include other difficult-to-control weeds such as goosegrass, nutsedge and crabgrass. This is one of those episodes we will listen to in 10 years and wonder why we didn't pay attention this critical issue sooner. As Jim so aptly quotes a leading researcher, “the answer to herbicide resistance is not going to come from a jug”.

    The Assistant Situation with Jess Atmore: Non-Traditional Avenues and Having Fun

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 14:00

    Jess Atmore, golf course superintendent at Arbutus Ridge Golf Club in Cobble Hill, British Columbia, grew up on a golf course but took a non-traditional route to becoming a superintendent. With a recent need to fill an assistant position, he took another non-traditional route to hiring one. In another departure from the norm, he also manages his staff like a hockey team.

    Tyler Guy on The Assistant Situation: "Work/Life Balance... WHAT?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 2, 2022 9:00

    Tyler Guy, golf course superintendent at Signal Mountain Golf & Country Club near Chattanooga, TN, joins Peter McCormick to add his take on "Work/Life Balance" to the ongoing "Assistant Situation" conversation.  After speaking in generalities for about half an hour, Tyler went on a tear so we cut right to that.

    The Assistant Situation with Jaime Matthews

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 18:00

    Jaime Matthews spent 13 years as an assistant superintendent before burnout and family responsibilities dictated a change. He has been with Bartlett Tree Experts for two years now and loves the change... but still keeps his eye on the turf industry. "We use a lot of the same products but I now look up instead of down at the turf."

    Fixing the Assistant Situation: Kevin Ross and Rick Tegtmeier

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2022 47:00

    The Assistant Situation conversation continues with "three old bald guys", Kevin Ross, Rick Tegtmeier and (almost bald) Peter McCormick. Both career superintendents and industry veterans, Kevin and Rick discuss points made in previous roundtables and add their own from their experience climbing the career ladder and managing staffs and budgets.

    Frankly Speaking: Exploring Snow Mold Utopia with Kurt Hockemeyer

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 26, 2022 32:00

    Big welcome to our newest sponsor, Frost Inc. Spray Technology Products!. Each year the University of Wisconsin-Madison Turfgrass Pathology Program and the Turfgrass Diagnostic Lab evaluate over 100 snow mold control products at multiple locations throughout the Northern Great Lakes Region. The man behind that research is Kurt Hockemeyer, the Director of the Diagnostic Lab. He sat down with Frank for a conversation about predicting, controlling and recovering from the variety of snow molds that afflict golf turf systems. You'll be surprised to hear his take on not treating at all, use of pigments, and asks, “do we really need three active ingredients?”

    The Assistant Situation: 1:1 with Jordan Kitchen

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 41:00

    Peter McCormick goes 1:1 with Jordan Kitchen, golf course superintendent at Hamilton Golf & Country Club in Ancaster, Ontario.

    The "Assistant Situation" Roundtable #2 - March 14, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 40:00

    The second in a series of roundtable discussions on "the Assistant Situation": a dearth of applicants for open assistant superintendent positions, a lack of upward mobility for existing assistants, and a life/work/compensation imbalance within the industry.

    Renovation Report: Larry Hirsh, Golf Property Analysts

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2022 48:00

    In this episode of Renovation Report, Brad Klein talks with Larry Hirsh of Golf Property Analysts of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, about the current economics of the golf business. Hirsh, who entered the business of golf course real estate to fill a void, discusses the golf course as a real estate investment, club politics and how every club can benefit from analyzing its current position from facility, cultural, economic and market perspectives. Presented by Golf Preservations, The Andersons, and Capillary Bunkers.

    The "Assistant Situation" Roundtable Discussion #1 - Full Version

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2022 83:00

    In response to a furor of sorts on Twitter after comments made by Steve Cook, CGCS MG, of Medinah Country Club, were posted, we decided to host a series of roundtable discussions to dig further into the topic. This is the full version of the discussion.

    The "Assistant Situation" Roundtable Discussion #1 (condensed)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2022 31:00

    In response to a furor of sorts on Twitter after comments made by Steve Cook, CGCS MG, of Medinah Country Club, were posted, we decided to host a series of roundtable discussions to dig further into the topic. This is the condensed version of the discussion.  

    Frankly Speaking: Organic Matters with Doug Soldat

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022 37:00

    Frank speaks with long-time colleague and professor at the UW-Madison, Doug Soldat. Doug and Frank have a 15-year history of chatting about all sorts of plant and soil science topics from early days at Cornell, GCSAA Seminars, regional webinars, aas well as previous episodes of this fine podcast. Doug and Frank take up some “organic matters” of the soil concerning nutrient and water management, and the soon-to-be-released USGA standards for organic matter testing. Lively conversation ensues discussing “chasing fake numbers”, establishing meaningful comparisons to expected water use rates, and why managing growth and organic matter will directly improve playability. Consider this another installment of “what Doug and Frank think this year”.

    Rising Star of Turf: Nathan McKinniss, Muirfield Village Golf Club

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022 25:00

    To say Nate McKinniss is on the career fast track would be an understatement of almost immeasurable proportions. McKinniss, 27, is the golf course superintendent at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio, where Job 1 is keeping the course what he called “Golden Bear ready.” That's a nod to Jack Nicklaus, who designed the course, has a home there and is the host of its biggest event, the PGA Tour's Memorial Tournament. McKinniss has worked at the club in suburban Columbus since he graduated from The Ohio State University's four-year turfgrass management program in 2017. He was promoted into the position of golf course superintendent by Muirfield director of grounds Chad Mark late in 2020. “I started in 2017 here as an intern, and you talk about how fast things get moving, and usually how it's been taking a longer amount of time for people, it goes to show that the program that you Chad has getting people on the fast track to that next step, and the people that were in that position before me, four people within four years, have gone on to become superintendents, I think that says a lot about Chad and the program that's here developing guys,” McKinniss said. McKinniss accepted a job offer from Mark in 2017 when the latter was superintendent at Inverness Club in Toledo. Between the time the offer was made and graduation day in Columbus, Mark moved on to his dream job, managing Jack Nicklaus' Muirfield. As a student at Ohio State, McKinniss once voiced a career goal of buying a popular daily fee course in his hometown of Findlay, Ohio. Since graduation, his focus has shifted to preparing for one of the PGA Tour's premier events and making sure the course is ready every day for its most famous member. “It's all about being Golden Bear ready.”

    All Star of Turf: Steve Cook, CGCS MG

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022 31:00

    Steve Cook has had a career laced with high profile tournaments, including two U.S. Amateurs, a Ryder Cup, and a PGA Championship while at Oakland Hills, and a BMW Championship in 2019 at Medinah Country Club. Yet to him, a career should be more about contribution than achievement. He has mentored and graduated many assistants onto their own successful superintendent careers, and takes great pride and satisfaction in the ongoing relationships with them. His primary criterion for hiring an assistant is character. "I owe it to the rest of the team to not bring in someone who isn't a good fit," Cook said. "I look for good people. The other stuff they can learn." Cook has a knack for boiling the seemingly complex down to the simple, whether it's writing a blog or orchestrating a management plan. "What we do as superintendents really isn't that complicated," he said. "I think we tend to overcomplicate it at times." Why are there so many open positions for assistants? "Because of the self-inflicted damage we've done to ourselves as an industry over the past two or three decades," according to Cook. This is a fascinating conversation with one who gets it. Gets the job and life away from it. Who else do you know who had climbed a 22,000 ft mountain in Nepal? Listen and learn.

    MeMaintenance | Mike Lecavalier: From a dark place to fit, sober and happy

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 26, 2022 30:00

    Mike Lecavalier has been the golf course superintendent at the Kanawaki Golf Club in Montreal, Quebec for 17 years. For 13 of those years, and quite a few prior, he had a serious alcohol problem. Almost four years ago he looked himself in the mirror and admitted to himself that he needed help, and turned to friends, then AA, and ultimately the gym and a personal trainer. Here is his story.

    MeMaintenance: A Visit with Paul B. Hurst, The Most Interesting Man in Turf

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 26, 2022 35:00

    Peter McCormick visits with Paul B. Hurst, husband of Kristi, father of Nicholas, Madison and Molli, dogfather of Lyla, man of many hats, guitar-playing half of MidLife acoustic duo, instructor in the multi-part So, You Want to Be a Sales Guy video series, honoree of a 2021 TurfNet Jerry Coldiron Positivity Award, and arguably the Most Interesting Man in Turf. They chat about a recent Tweet of Paul's and how the social media success of his and Kristi's singing and "nitwittery" on Twitter over the past two years have meant to them, and his business. Check it out.

    Frankly Speaking with Jason Straka, golf course architect

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2022 40:00

    In this episode Frank speaks with Cornell University alumnus, former president of the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation and current president of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, Jason Straka. After a quick wander through his formative years Jason and Frank take up practical course construction issues, working with golf course superintendents, affordable golf, and the minefield that can be mass media. Jason speaks candidly about what is fair criticism of golf but also where we are excelling environmentally. Ending with an interesting conversation about access and addressing the length of courses by changing the golf ball. If you are a golf geek, you will love this chat.

    Renovation Report: Stephen Miles, The Preserve GC, Vancleave, MS

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2022 44:00

    Bradley S. Klein, Ph.D., talks with Stephen Miles of The Preserve Golf Club, which is part of the Palace Casino Resort complex in Vancleave, Mississippi. Miles discusses the current state of the resort golf business on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the success of a recent bunker renovation project.

    Renovation Report: John McDonald II, McDonald & Sons Golf Course Builders

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2022 27:00

    Anthony Pioppi chats with John McDonald II, vice president of McDonald & Sons Golf Course Builders of Jessup, MD, and newly elected president of the Golf Course Builders Association of America. The conversation runs the gamut between current health of the build/renovation side of the golf course business, the bid or handshake process of procuring renovation work, and the new tools and technology that have impacted golf course builders... some of which might surprise you!

    Frankly Speaking: Keeping PACE with Larry... Stowell, that is.

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2022 40:00

    Frank speaks with Dr. Larry Stowell in this episode about his career path as the son of a California Dept of Agriculture professional, through having to get kicked out of the University of Arizona “'cause I loved it so much” and competing for a job his partner Dr. Wendy Gelernter was recruited for! This pioneer in data-driven management is always asking questions and seeking the best science to help golf course superintendents be more efficient and effective in achieving their performance goals. What could be a better aspiration! A lovely chat worthy of a good listen.

    Frankly Speaking: The Kaminski Method

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2022 34:00

    In this episode of Frankly Speaking, Frank catches up with Penn State University Professor John Kaminski in between John's presentations to golf course superintendents. In his usual candor, John walks us through his early years, wanting to crush everyone's turf program, and the nature of “we are”. Some technical topics arise during the conversation regarding thatch collapse and a new Pythium species being researched in John's lab. There is even talk of the new Diagnostic Lab John is launching. Not too bad for a Penn State Guy! Presented by DryJect and Plant Food Company.

    TurfNet Renovation Report with Doug Larson, The Shore Club

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 32:00

    Anthony Pioppi chats with Doug Larson, golf course superintendent at The Shore Club in Cape May Court House, New Jersey, about his 35+ year career from superintendent to sales and back to superintendent, and the ongoing renovation work spearheaded by Tyler Rae, golf course architect. Larson describes the bunker work as "economical but with a big impact". Listen in to find out how they're doing it. Presented by Golf Preservations, The Andersons and Capillary Bunkers.

    Rockbottum Radio: What They Don't Want You To Know In '22

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 1, 2022 19:00

    This is Rockbottum Radio, "What They Don't Want You To Know in '22". In this New Year's Day episode, we offer a couple of Skeletal Golf Predictions for 2022, some in-depth analysis, a few strategies to deal with what's coming and... Cletus uncovers the most dangerous thing golf has faced in decades. In Storytime, RW confesses the worst thing he ever did on a golf course, mostly because everybody involved has passed on, or can't remember, or maybe the Statue of Lamentations has run out. Once again presented by DryJect, the most brilliant method for greens management ever invented.

    Frankly Speaking with Mark Mahady, turf researcher and consultant

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2021 47:00

    In this episode of Frankly Speaking, Frank speaks with longtime friend and turfgrass researcher, consultant, and all-around great guy Mark Mahady. Mark has spent almost 40 years in the turfgrass industry, from some humble golf maintenance shop floor-waxing skills to one of the most sought-after turfgrass consultants/researchers in the Western US. Mark and Frank speak on a wide range of topics from turfgrass management in the late 1970's in California, through the 1980's and the Chemlawn research group. Much of the chat turns to annual bluegrass management and how far we have come as an industry out west. Mark and Frank end up by paying homage to the many innovative superintendents who have contributed to improving annual bluegrass and creeping bentgrass management in CA.

    Frankly Speaking | Young Leaders: Leasha Schwab and Chris Reverie

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2021 32:00

    In this episode of Frankly Speaking, Frank speaks with two young leaders in the golf turf industry: Leasha Schwab, the golf course superintendent of Pheasant Run Golf Club in Sharon, Ontario, and Christopher Reverie, golf course superintendent at Allentown Municipal Golf Course, Allentown, PA. These young leaders have distinguished themselves in unique ways. Individually they are making a difference in the lives of both aspiring and existing golf course professionals. It's not always easy, and it usually means working more than the next person, but it seems leading is in their DNA.

    Rockbottum Radio: Fly With Crows, Get Shot With Crows

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2021 22:00

    Spend the morning with Rockbottum as we endure a visit from the Empire and a couple of VIPs, we touch on the latest news for superintendents, try a couple of product evaluations (The Heavy Blanket) and we reveal the axioms that provide the foundation of Rockbottum Philosophy. In Storytime, there are two stories and several lessons:  We expose the current golfer complaint and how to fix it, along with Cruella and The Christmas Day After. Presented by DryJect.

    Renovation Report: Bradley S. Klein with Matt Pringle

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 38:00

    In this episode of Renovation Report sponsored by Capillary Bunkers, The Andersons and Golf Preservations, Bradley S. Klein, Ph.D., talks with Matt Pringle, Ph.D., managing director of the USGA Green Section, about the history and role of the Green Section. In his second year heading the century-old Green Section, Pringle discusses the changing role of the Section in the face of changing technology and economic challenges, including new options that Pringle described as "data-driven decision-support tools". Klein and Pringle also discuss the Green Section's plans and subsequent pullback on the USGA's job-search initiative.  

    Renovation Report with Peter Brooks, CGCS: Fairway Regrassing in S Florida

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 25:00

    In this episode of The TurfNet Renovation Report, host Anthony Pioppi chats with Peter Brooks, CGCS, superintendent at the Everglades Club in Palm Beach, Florida since 1987, about the ABCs of fairway regrassing in South Florida.

    Frankly Speaking from the West: Dr. Gwen Stahnke and Brianne Kenny

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 42:00

    This episode of Frankly Speaking returns to the Western US with Dr. Gwen Stahkne of Walla Walla Community College, WA and long-time Washington State Turfgrass Extension Specialist, and Brianne Kenny, an Environmental Scientist at Troon Golf, based in Arizona. Gwen has a long career that began in the Midwest working with some legends in turfgrass science, Drs. Beard, Turgeon and Shearman. Well trained and outspoken, Gwen established and maintained educational resources for the PNW for the last 40 years. We got a chance to explore those years. Bri Kenny started waiting tables at a Troon property during her MS program in Environmental Science. She was able to tour the course during onboarding and knew that was the place for her. Nothing quite like hearing the hope and promise of a new generation of scientists and turf professionals. Bri sees golf in a broader context that we could all learn from.

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