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Captivating generations with the satisfying gospel of Jesus Christ.

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    The Unfailing Resolution

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 2, 2022 42:53

    Every year people make resolutions. What causes some resolutions to fail? Is it even possible for any to succeed? Join us as we look at one resolution that will never be thwarted!1) The Church Is Centered on Christ2) The Church Is Victorious3) The Church Is Christ's EmbassyText: Matthew 16:13-20


    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 26, 2021 27:29

    As Christmas passes, many of us will have opened our presents, feasted, and enjoyed time with our families. Time with Jesus helps us examine our hearts as we pursue treasure in heaven and eternal life. Join us as we look at how the impossible is possible with God.1) Am I Possible?2) Impossible With Man3) Possible With GodText: Matthew 19:16-30

    Good Tidings - Part 3: To Mend Broken Hearts

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 25, 2021 22:36

    Are you weary or discouraged? Jesus came to mend broken hearts.1) What Is Brokenheartedness?2) How Does Jesus Mend Brokenheartedness?Text: Luke 4:16-21, Isaiah 61:1-2

    Good Tidings - Part 2: To Bring Joy

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2021 32:20

    During the Christmas season, the expectation of joy often runs at an all-time high. Yet, it often seems elusive, confusing, and if we're honest – even fake. So what really is joy and what is so unique about it? We'll explore these questions and more as we discover why Jesus came... to bring joy.Discovering Joy:1) The Cause of Joy2) The Nature of Joy3) The Evidence of JoyText: Luke 2:8-20

    Good Tidings - Part 1: To Bring Light

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2021 35:50

    One of the main features of our Christmas celebrations are the lights. Some people lavishly coat their homes in them and they are a sight to see! Light is also a main feature of the Christmas story and it is profoundly relevant. Join us to discover how Jesus came to bring light to the world.1) To Illuminate2) To Generate Life3) To MesmerizeText: John 1:1-9

    Alien - Part 8

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2021 35:09

    Peter has prepared Christians for social marginalization, economic discrimination, and overall malignment. So what will it take for us to make it through this fiery ordeal and arrive safely in the presence of God? Join us as we explore answers to this question in our final installment of the series, "Alien."1) Christlike Leadership2) A Culture of Humility3) Spiritual AlertnessText: 1 Peter 5:1-14

    Alien - Part 7

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2021 39:17

    How does the Christian persevere when he or she is faced with insults because of their faith? Is it even possible to rejoice in the midst of it? Join us as we look at the purpose in our suffering and how that relates to God's sovereign plan.1) It Tests Our Faith2) It's Sharing in Christ's Suffering3) It's God's WillText: 1 Peter 4:12-19

    Alien - Part 6

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2021 36:40

    Imagine someone who has never heard of Jesus. They begin attending Alliance Bible Church and observe you at both church and in the world. Then they're given a New Testament to study. Would they conclude that you live in the world and with other believers in a way that corresponds to what they've read? This week we'll look at a section of 1 Peter that provides us with a clear summation of how the Christian life is to be lived in the world and within the church.1) The Exile's Way With the World2) The Exile's Way With Other ExilesText: 1 Peter 4:1-11

    Alien - Part 5

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2021 41:06

    Jesus always intended the Christian life to be public, not private; to be practiced out in the open, not behind closed doors. He also knew this would create friction with a world that finds him and his followers socially indigestible. We'll think through these topics, as we continue in our series on 1 Peter.1) The Uniqueness of Our Conduct2) The Visibility of Our Witness3) The Certainty of Our VindicationText: 1 Peter 3:8-22

    Alien - Part 4

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2021 40:39

    Jesus' life was both repulsive and attractive. Some hated how he lived so much they eventually killed him for it. Others loved how he lived so much they devoted their lives to him. Reality check: this is how it will be for faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Join us and find wisdom and encouragement in the example of Jesus.1) Embrace Your Identity as an Alien2) Social Order Is Critical to Human Flourishing3) Holiness Is an Evangelistic Strategy4) Imitate Jesus' Example of SufferingText: 1 Peter 2:11-3:7

    Alien - Part 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2021 32:36

    Feeling discouraged in your faith because others view you as odd or as an outsider? In this message, we'll take a look at how to handle rejection as a Christian and how to confidently move forward in our faith with Christ being set as the firm cornerstone in our life's foundation. 1) Personally - Not Measuring Up2) Communally - Falling Short3) Externally - Expecting RejectionText: 1 Peter 2:4-12

    Alien - Part 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2021 40:46

    Marginalized by society, alienated in their relationships and threatened with a loss of socioeconomic standing, Christians are, and have always been, "misfits." In Part 2 of our series, "Alien," we'll take a look at an overlooked aspect to living as exiles: our Christian identity. Getting that right is a must, if we're going to engage the world around us the way Jesus wants us to.1) Hope in the Right Direction2) Conform to the Right Image3) Thrive in the Right Place4) Foster the Right AppetiteText: 1 Peter 1:13-2:3

    Alien - Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2021 37:34

    Marginalized by society, alienated in their relationships and threatened with a loss of socioeconomic standing, Christians are, and have always been, "misfits." One of Jesus' disciples, Peter, wrote to a group of churches embroiled in this struggle. His words are timely and much needed.1) How the Future Gives Us Hope2) How the Present Gives Us Joy3) How the Past Gives Us CertaintyText: 1 Peter 1:1-12

    Outward Engagement: The Church is Commissioned to Expand

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2021 34:37

    What do an affluent businesswoman, a teen-aged, drug-addicted prostitute and an ex-GI working on the manufacturing floor all have in common? They all need the gospel. They all get the gospel in different ways, and they all become part of the same church. Welcome to the mind-blowing work of God in Philippi.1) The Gospel is for Everyone2) There is No Greater Unifying Factor Than the Gospel3) The Gospel Can't Be CannedText: Acts 16:13-34

    Prayer Has Its Reasons

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2021 27:21

    Haven't you ever wondered, “Why should I pray?” Does prayer simply makes us feel better or does it actually accomplish something? We'll find answers to these questions and more, as we look at our church's value of prayerful dependence.1. Do I want to see the will of God accomplished?2. Pray with confidence in God's will and with others who are living in alignment with God's will.Text: James 5:13-18

    Gospel Community: The Church is a Taste of Heaven

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2021 28:07

    Forget Disney. Forget Bora Bora. Forget the Alps. When it comes to heaven on earth, the Church is the closest thing you'll find. Why?"Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in your midst" (1 Cor. 3:16)?The Church is the dwelling place of God. There's simply no better soul-healing, heart-satisfying, truth-seeking community to be a part of.1) The Moral Structure of Gospel-Community2) The Family Nature of Gospel-Community3) The Material Support of Gospel-CommunityText: Romans 12:9-13

    Gospel Centrality: The Gospel is Effective

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2021 38:53

    Is the gospel message just the entrance into the Christian faith and then we move on to something else? Or is there more to it? The gospel is not only the starting point but it should also be central in our lives and the life of the church. How so? Join us, as we find out!1) The Power of God2) The Foolishness of God3) The Worship of GodText: 1 Corinthians 1:18-31

    The Bible: God's Word is an Extension of God Himself

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2021 32:27

    The Bible is no ordinary book. It's supernatural. The powerful word God spoke to create the universe, whose dimensions we still don't know, is unleashed when we engage with this extraordinary book. If you want to know what is core to Alliance Bible Church, it starts with this.1) What We Believe About God's Word2) How We Feel About God's Word3) What We Do With God's WordText: Psalm 119

    Perseverance in the Christian Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2021 36:33

    The long road of the Christian life seems to be dotted with failures, accidents and people who seemingly bailed out altogether on their faith. What are we to make of these situations and, more importantly, how can we make it for the long haul in our faith?1) Practical Perseverance Remembers2) Practical Perseverance Remains3) Practical Perseverance Renders MercyText: Jude 17-23

    The Gospel and Evangelism

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2021 36:16

    In the gospels, when people had a life-changing encounter with Jesus, they couldn't keep quiet about it. It's time for us to start blabbing about the gospel more than we do. In this message, we'll see even Jesus endorses such an action.The sower is an evangelist scattering the seed of the Word into places where no seed has been scattered. 1) We Scatter Indiscriminately2) We Are Realistic About the Opposition3) We Scatter SEED4) We Sleep WellText: Mark 4:1-20

    What Do I Do With My Feelings?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2021 39:44

    "I am a woman trapped in a man's body." This is a statement heard often today. The underlying assumption is striking: my desires and feelings are right and my body is wrong. Why is that the case? Why couldn't the body be right and the feelings wrong? Welcome to the world of "expressive individualism," where personal desires are good and need to be listened to and satisfied.1) Where Feelings Come From2) How to Train Our FeelingsText: Mark 7:21-23; Jeremiah 17:9; Romans 3:9b-18; Isaiah 26:3; Psalm 42:5-6; Luke 5:15-16

    Walking with God

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2021 33:33

    As Christians, we live in a world filled with new challenges around every corner. How can one even hope to navigate this complex world and still enjoy life? We'll explore this question and more as we look at our call to “walk by the Spirit.”1) Motivation2) Direction3) Action4) Production5) CooperationText: Galatians 5:16-26 

    Suffering Well

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2021 41:53

    The world is filled with suffering, from abuse to illnesses to death. How are we to respond in the midst of it? Is there any hope? In this message, we will look at the connection between suffering and God's justice, and what that means on this side of heaven.In our suffering, we can cry out to God while looking forward to His justice.3 Points:1) The People of God Suffer2) The People of God Lament3) The People of God PraiseText: Psalm 137

    What is Church Discipline?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2021 34:01

    The phrase "church discipline" is provocative. It sounds gnarly, even unpleasant. But when rightly understood, it serves a good purpose: to help us image Christ to the world. Join us to learn more!1) The Texts2) The TakeawaysText: Selected Scriptures

    What is Church Membership?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2021 36:33

    We can be members of all sorts of things: food clubs, country clubs, bowling leagues, co-ops and online service providers. You can also be a member of a church. But the nature of that membership is very different from all others, and more important! Come discover the untold story of church membership.1) What is a church member?2) Is a church member universal or local?3) What is a church member called to?4) What is the process for becoming a church member?5) Personal takeawaysText: Selected Scriptures

    What is Baptism?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2021 35:58

    What is this bizarre practice of dunking human beings under water? Where did it come from? Why do we do it? You might be surprised to learn it's more important and foundational to the Christian life than most have realized.Baptism:1) Who is it for?2) Why do we do it?3) Answering two key questionsText: Selected Scriptures

    Work Out!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2021 36:13

    Almost any athlete has heard their coach repeat the old sports adage, “You practice how you play.” In this message, we are going to look at some of the basic practices that Christians are invited to adopt that can radically change how their faith plays out in life.1) Corporate Spiritual Disciplines2) Individual Spiritual DisciplinesText: Philippians 2:12-18

    The Beauty of Unity

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 4, 2021 30:27

    In a world consistently over-promising and under-delivering when it comes to unity, we may wonder if unity with others is even possible. In this message, we'll look at the striking picture of unity among the people of God that the Bible paints. Which will leave us asking, "How do we get to experience real and lasting unity?" Join us, as we dive into these questions and more.1) Real unity is as good as it looks. 2) Because it comes from the presence of God. Text: Psalm 133

    One Anothers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2021 37:48

    What was the purpose of the death of Christ? What did it accomplish? How should that influence how the body of Christ relates to one another? All throughout the New Testament, we have these "one anothers." We will look at what those mean in light of the cross.Since Christ has loved us, we are to love one another.3 ways:1) Encourage2) Confess3) ForgiveText: John 13:34-35

    How Do You See the World?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2021 44:12

    Worldviews are like glass lenses. You see everything through them without often noticing it. Many of us need a new prescription. Join us for this message and we'll give you a new way to see the world.The overarching shape of the Bible's storyline and the structure for a biblical worldview is simple. It can be summed up in four words:1) Creation2) Fall3) Redemption4) RestorationText: Selected Scriptures

    What is the Bible?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2021 35:28

    Who is the only one knowledgable enough, wise enough and skillful enough to reveal God to you? Answer: God. And He's done so through the Bible. Yes, the Bible is a big deal.Scripture:1) Origin2) Usefulness3) OutcomeText: 2 Timothy 3:16-17 

    What is a Christian?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2021 38:00

    The term "Christian" has more definitions than the number of championships the Green Bay Packers have won. The confusion is understandable. But if there's one topic that needs crystal-clear clarity, it's this. There are three statements, three attitudes, three heart postures we need to be true of us, if we're going to have the assurance we are genuine Christians:1) "There's something wrong with me."2) "I can't fix this... but I know who can."3) "I'm not the same."Text: Luke 7

    What is the Gospel?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2021 36:29

    How would you sum up the central message of Christianity? How important should that be for us? What bearing does it have on your daily life? Join us as we explore what the Scriptures have to say about it!1) The Heart of the Gospel2) The Proclamation of the Gospel3) The Fruit of the GospelText: 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

    Victory - Part 20

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2021 37:08

    Life in this world will leave you battered and bruised, but what awaits the follower of Jesus is nothing short of stunning. Heaven, the new earth, will be a place of healing, constancy, variety, and abundance. Best of all, what awaits us is the full experience of the unfiltered presence of God. It will be victorious!Three Objects That Dominate the Landscape of the Heavenly City:1. The River2. The Tree3. The ThroneText: Revelation 22

    Victory - Part 19

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2021 34:54

    Heaven. Creation renewed. The end of sorrow. Permanent security. God's people made holy. God with us. There's nothing better to think about!Five Aspects to the New Heavens and the New Earth:1. The Creation Renewed2. The End of Sorrow3. Permanent Security4. The Holiness of God's People5. God with UsText: Revelation 21

    Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2021 44:28

    If your 10 year-old son, grandson, nephew, or boy in your Sunday School class came up to you and asked, "What does it mean to be a man," how would you respond? If your 10 year-old daughter, granddaughter, niece, or girl in your Sunday School class came up to you and asked, "What does it mean to be a woman," how would you respond? In a world of gender confusion, these are important questions.Human beings are made in the image and likeness of God.Male and female are identity markers. Men and women are called to contribute to the creation mandates.Men and women must attach dignity to the right things.Men and women have distinct roles.Be aware of the temptation to sex role reversals.Guard against the battle of the sexes.Men must obediently embrace their God-ordained role of leading for God.Women must obediently embrace their God-ordained role of helping for God.Men and women must keep in mind their primary life purpose. Text: Genesis 1-3

    The Total Package

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2021 39:03

    What comes to your mind when you think of spiritual gifts? Perhaps something mystical, pointless or maybe even divisive? This week, let’s take a look at what the Word of God has to say on this issue and set the record straight when it comes to spiritual gifts and their use.1. Prophecy2. Service3. Teaching4. Exhorting5. Contributing6. Leading7. MercyText: Romans 12:3-8

    Victory - Part 18

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2021 41:30

    "For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad" (2 Corinthians 5:10). Are you ready? Let's get ready.1. We are justified by faith alone, but we are given heavenly rewards according to our works.2. Our works will be evidence confirming the genuineness of our faith.Text: Revelation 20

    Victory - Part 17

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2021 32:32

    Jesus is coming back! And when He does, He'll do so in judgment and salvation. Did you know He's given us work to do to prepare for His arrival? We'll consider that in this message.God’s Judgment Is Cause for…1. Praise2. Preparation3. Indebted GratitudeText: Revelation 19

    Pocket Change

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2021 31:23

    In this message, we'll have the opportunity to reach down deep into our pockets and pull out what we really believe about giving. As we explore the basics of financial giving, we'll come away with a fresh perspective on this "Too Hot to Handle" topic.1. What Is the Right Context for Giving?2. What Is the Right Measurement With Giving?Text: Luke 21:1-4

    Living the Resurrection

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2021 31:11

    Jesus' death and resurrection creates the shape of the normal Christian life. Your life is a series of hundreds of mini-deaths followed by hundreds of mini-resurrections. When your outlook on life is shaped by this, amazing things begin to happen. Join us for our Easter Celebration and you'll discover the power of living the resurrection.1) Jesus' Death and Resurrection Is Something We Believe and Mimic2) Mimicking Jesus' Death Normalizes Suffering3) Mimicking Jesus’ Death Helps Us Know Christ in a Deeper Way4) Look Through a Resurrection LensText: Philippians 3:7-11 

    Good News

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 3, 2021 30:36

    Christians need multiple exposures to the gospel. It was the apostle Paul's practice to do this. So will we. Join us this Good Friday, as we spend time reminding ourselves of the good news of Jesus Christ.1) Who Made Us?2) What Is Our Problem?3) What Is the Solution?4) How Do We Get Included in the Solution?Text: Selected Scriptures

    Victory - Part 16

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2021 44:14

    Worldliness is whatever makes wickedness look normal and righteousness look strange. This is the core character trait of Babylon. She exists in every nation and is a threat to each believer. God's call to His people this week is, "Come out of her! Come out of Babylon!" We'll explore how we do that in this message.1. X-Ray Vision2. Wealth Management3. Wet SuitText: Revelation 18

    Victory - Part 15

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2021 40:26

    Appearances can be deceiving and we can be gullible. Jesus knows this and helps us see past the alluring cosmetics of idolatry to the spiritual reality underneath. Revelation 17 contains timely teaching for Christians in the 21st century.1. The Allure of Idolatry2. The Self-Destruction of Idolatry3. The Hope in a World of IdolatryText: Revelation 17

    Victory - Part 14

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2021 44:41

    The Scriptures are repetitive when it comes to their insistence on God being a judge. But God's judgment is measured, precise and filled with truth we need to see, know and believe. We'll examine a number of implications of God's judgment, as we consider Revelation 15-16.1. What God’s Judgments Do for Humanity2. What God’s Judgments Say about GodText: Revelation 15-16

    Is love, LOVE?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2021 42:32

    Does what you do matter to God? How about as it pertains to your sexuality? In this message, we will look at how the Scriptures address this important topic and how it should shape our own identity.1. The Foundation2. The Distortion3. The RedemptionText: Romans 1:18-32

    Dealing with Drinking

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2021 37:55

    Living and working around the self-proclaimed “Beer Capital of the World" presents Christians with unique questions and challenges. In this message, we'll take a look at how Christians can deal with the issue of drinking.1. Is a Christian Allowed to Drink?2. How Do We Drink to the Glory of God?3. What Does This Look Like?Text: 1 Corinthians 10:23 - 11:1

    Victory - Part 13

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 21, 2021 46:37

    At 80 years of age, the renowned preacher David Martyn Lloyd-Jones was asked a final question: “What parting word have you for the secular man or woman who does not take Jesus Christ seriously?” To which the man of God replied; “Flee from the wrath to come and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ." This is the somber and hopeful message of Revelation 14. 1. We are prone to placing a high-gloss veneer over sin.2. Diminishing the punishment diminishes the cross of Christ.3. Warning of God's judgment calls for fearing Him not arguing with Him.4. Does your life look like you're God's property?5. Our loudest praise claims the high ground.Text: Revelation 14

    Victory - Part 12

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 14, 2021 44:03

    What is the cause of the church's sufferings and difficulties? The Bible's answer is deep: the rage of Satan. But Satan also works through means. In this message, we'll peak behind the curtain to see how Satan's two henchmen, government (and its leaders) and false religion, work to oppose the church and what we can do about it.1. The Authority of Government and Its Leaders 2. The Deception of False Religion 3. The Way Through ItHold Onto Government With Biblical AppropriatenessAlways Prepare for SufferingConstantly Tune Your Powers of Biblical DiscernmentTrust the One Controlling the Unfolding StoryText: Revelation 13

    "What if I Don't Feel Like Going to Church?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2021 43:51

    Commitment can be a challenging thing for some people. How about when it comes to the body of Christ? Is the gathering of the saints an option for Christians or something that God requires? Most importantly, what does the Scripture say? Join us and find out!1. Problem2. Privilege3. PurposeText: 1 Corinthians 12:12-26

    Victory - Part 11

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2021 36:38

    You may think your life is mundane. But you would be wrong. In this message, the curtain will be pulled back and we'll get a leering look at a character who is hellbent on dethroning Jesus from your life. Will he succeed? Join us to discover the answer.Three crucial truths we need if we're going persevere in hard times:1. Remember you are in the midst of a cosmic conflict that is profoundly spiritual.2. Remember you're spiritual well-being is more important than your physical well-being.3. Remember the war is won through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.Text: Revelation 12

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