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On The Counter with Drew Pells gives a voice to the overseas, American fan with informed, unique, and authentic discussions on the Premier League, Champions League, and other major stories in the world of soccer.

Drew Pells

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    Latest episodes from On The Counter Soccer Podcast with Drew Pells

    Festive Fixture round up, Top 4 Race; FA Cup begins, transfer news

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2020 82:04

    #204! Happy New Year! We're back to catch you up on all things Premier League and FA Cup. We talk Liverpool's FA Cup win over Everton; Chelsea, Manchester United, Wolves, Tottenham, and Sheffield United in the top 4 race, plus why Leicester should go all in on the League Cup and FA Cups. We wrap up the show with transfer rumors circulatingThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/onthecounterpod

    2010s Premier League Team Of The Decade

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2019 49:52

    #203! In this special episode, we give our Premier League teams of the decade with a bit of a twist that only we could come up with. After, we discuss which team would win if they were to play each other.Kane? Rooney? Kante? Toure? Ferdinand? Who makes our best XI of the past 10 years?Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Rate. Review. Share. www.twitter.com/onthecounterpodwww.drewpells.com/email

    Festive fixture review- Liverpool, top 4 race, Chelsea/Arsenal, VAR, and midseason grades

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2019 69:58

    #202! A ton of games have come in the past week and we recap and analyze the festive period. We talk Liverpool's title chase, the top 4 race open to many teams, VAR and how to improve it especially when it comes to offside, and midseason grades for all 20 Premier League teamsThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/onthecounterpod

    Chelsea topple Spurs; Man City dominate Leicester; Everton/Arsenal snoozefest; Man U, Villa struggles; Liverpool club world cup

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2019 65:25

    #201! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah. Chelsea dismantled Spurs in every which way possible. That opened up the title race along with Man City's win over Leicester; Everton and Arsenal played out a hapless draw in which both their incoming managers will have buyer's remorse. Manchester United, Sheffield United, and Aston Villa struggles. Liverpool won the Club World Cup, is that really the kicker to make them "world champions"?Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review.Do all your holiday shopping  through our link at www.drewpells.com/amazon www.drewpells.com/emailFollow the show on Twitter, www.twitter.com/onthecounterpod

    Announcement; Goalless Clasico; Liverpool CWC win; Minamino represents; Prem weekend preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2019 76:40

    #200! Yes! We’ve reached 200 episodes and have a big announcement. After, how Real Madrid has missed Ronaldo and it showed in El Clasico; We discuss Liverpool in the Club World Cup and their signing of Takumi Minamino and why I'm so excited about him. Mikel Arteta has been confirmed as the new manager at Arsenal and why this is a good move for him. Finally, a preview of a massive weekend of games including Spurs/Chelsea and Leicester/Man CityThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. ReviewSupport the show with your Amazon purchases by going through our link. It’s free. It’s simple. Click here www.drewpells.com/amazonwww.twitter.com/onthecounterpod

    Arteta to Arsenal?; Liverpool invincible; Leicester stumble; Spurs win late; Chelsea slide; UCL Last 16 draw reaction and predictions

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2019 77:41

    #199! Arsenal have no plan and rotting at the core. Should and will Mikel Arteta take the job?; Liverpool win once again without an impressive performance and starting to convince Drew of their invincibility; Leicester stumbles at home; Spurs win late and big at Wolves while Chelsea lost at home to Bournemouth as the two get ready to face each other next weekend; reactions to the UCL Draws and predictions of who will go throughFollow our new twitter for the show, www.twitter.com/onthecounterpodThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    UCL last 16 set; dream draws; transfer news; arsenal/man city preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2019 74:33

    #198! The Champions League last 16 is set and we review the last matchday...well only the games that mattered including Atalanta, Ajax, and Chelsea; we discuss our dream draws for the Premier League squads and some others; transfer rumors including Zaha, Sancho, Ake, and Neymar; and we end with an Arsenal/Man City weekend previewThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review. Support the show for free with your holiday purchases by using our link at www.drewpells.com/amazonwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    City top 4 battle?; United turned corner?; Liverpool cruise; Leicester title race; Chelsea struggles; Ljungberg out?; Emery at Everton?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2019 56:38

    #197! City have dropped out of the title race, but what about top 4 race?; United got two important wins this week, so have they now turned the corner; Liverpool cruise and play Leicester in a massive game come Boxing Day, who wins?; Chelsea are on a bad run of form and don't need overreaction; Could Arsenal fire Ljungberg?; Would Emery be a good fit at Everton?Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review.www.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    Liverpool statement win; Man U inconsistency; Mourinho happy face; Chelsea bff's; more

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2019 62:37

    #196! Liverpool thrash Everton in statement win; Manchester United's inconsistency sees them beating good teams, but struggling against the bad ones; Mourinho's happy face, is it genuine or fake?; Chelsea back to winning ways; Leicester and Vardy continue their title pursuit; Moise Kean continues to struggleThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/amazon for your holiday shopping and supporting the showwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    Same ole Arsenal; Man City complacency; Liv/Eve slip up?; Man U/Spurs; Streaming; Chelsea suffer without Abraham

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2019 83:29

    #195! New manager, but same ole Arsenal and nothing will change in the near future; Man City's complacency and arrogance will on display at Newcastle; Will Liverpool slip up at Everton?; the reception I want to see at Old Trafford for Mourinho; Amazon Prime streaming; Chelsea without Abraham is a nightmare; and moreThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. ReviewDo all your Amazon shopping through www.drewpells.com/amazon to support the showSend your hatemail to onthecounterpodcast@gmail.comwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    Emery sacked; Liverpool's Fabinho injured; Chelsea/Valencia; Spurs roll; Player Fraud in Denmark

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2019 80:25

    #194! Emery finally sacked at Arsenal. Drew gives you the reason why they pulled the trigger now; Fabinho's injury at Liverpool will be huge at a critical time; Chelsea and Valencia played out a wild 2-2 draw and neither are secure for the last 16; Spurs won and are through to the knockouts; Player fraud at a club in Denmark, Francisco and Drew try to make light of the situationwww.drewpells.com/amazon to support the show through your online shopping this holiday seasonThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcpSend hate mail to onthecounterpodcast@gmail.com

    Happy Thanksgiving / Announcement

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2019 2:16

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, friends, and coworkers. Thank you for listening, reading, sharing, and everything else you do for us here at On The Counter. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Reminder, there's no show today, instead tomorrow, Friday.Since you're going online shopping anyways, please go to www.drewpells.com/amazon first and click the big banners. After you do that and your regular shopping, a percentage of what you buy comes to the show. It doesn't cost you anything and would help us tremendously. Thank you. Happy Thanksgivingwww.drewpells.com/amazon

    Mou/Spurs expectations, Poch to United, Chelsea good loss, City injuries, Liverpool squeak by, Leicester win, Arsenal no plan

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2019 83:51

    #193! After Spurs' first win under Mourinho, what's are the goals and expectations for the year?; Who's happier with the draw, Sheffield or Manchester United? Does Poch go to United; Chelsea lost to Man City, but should hold their heads up high; Man City's injury pile up continues; Liverpool squeak by another win; Leicester dominate again; Arsenal have no plan, and Everton must fire Silva soon.Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcpSend your hatemail to onthecounterpodcast@gmail.com

    Mourinho to Spurs; Chelsea/City preview; Gabriel Jesus Yips; USMNT year review; Mexico year review; MLS/Liga MX All star game

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2019 81:56

    #192! Mourinho is the new manager at Spurs and we have a lot to talk about with him; City and Chelsea play this weekend in a big match for both sides; Does Garbriel Jesus have the yips after missing another penalty? USMNT and Mexico 2019 year end reviews and looks to 2020; MLS and Liga MX All Star game should be fun next yearThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. ReviewSend hate mail to onthecounterpodcast@gmail.comwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    USMNT beat Canada; Mexico's depth; Bale transfer to Barca?; Moise Kean out already?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2019 61:34

    #191! The US beat Canada in a must win game and Berhalter should get more praise for it; Mexico are on to the Nations League semis; Gareth Bale clearly wants a transfer away from Madrid, and Drew's got a great idea; Moise Kean wants out at Everton already and does that vindicate another one of Drew's predictions?Send your hatemail to onthecounterpodcast@gmail.comThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review.www.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    USMNT/Canada, Mexico scandal, VAR changes, UCL to CBS, hate mail

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2019 83:33

    #190! The USMNT face Canada in must win game with very wide implications; the Mexico National team has another scandal on it's hands with players engaging with ladies of the night; the Premier League announced some changes with its use of VAR, but what difference will it make?; it's semi confirmed the Champions League will move to CBS and I tell you the good and bad with this; and we end with our first ever hate mail!Send your hate mail to onthecounterpodcast@gmail.comThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    Liverpool's title to lose; Man City UCL or bust; Arsenal not Big 6 anymore; Leicester/Chelsea in title race?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2019 86:31

    #189! Liverpool dominated Man City and it's their Premier League title to lose, will it be smooth sailing to May?; Man City now must go all in on the Champions League, and for Pep, it's UCL or bust; Arsenal's lost this weekend seemed like a turning point and it's clear they are no longer a Big 6 side; are Chelsea and Leicester in the title race? and who's the biggest threat to Liverpool?Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review.www.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    Chelsea win UCL soon?; Bale/Madrid tipping point; Xhaka (finally) out; Liv/City preview; MLS Cup

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2019 68:06

    #188! Chelsea have all the pieces needed to win a Champions League and I tell you why they should win one in the next 5 years; has the Bale/Real Madrid drama finally hit a tipping point?; Xhaka is reportedly going to be sold by Arsenal in January, so how does that affect the team?; a preview of the massive Liverpool/Man City clash this weekend in the Premier League; who are we rooting for in MLS Cup?Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review.www.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    City/Liv comebacks; VAR solutions; Everton/Spurs issues and managers; Emery Out; Lampard long term?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2019 74:12

    #187! Who's comeback was more important, Man City over Southampton or Liverpool or Aston Villa?; people are turning on VAR and we offer up a solution; Everton v Spurs was just as dull as you could've imagined and what does it mean for their seasons and managers?; Emery is reportedly on the hot seat at Arsenal buy why not just fire him now?; how good is Frank Lampard and will he be a long term manager at Chelsea?Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review.www.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    Xhaka situation; end of Carabao Cup?; Real Madrid turning corner; MLS failing at parity

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2019 61:14

    #186! The Granit Xhaka situation at Arsenal continues to worsen and Arsenal and Unai Emery are handling this in the worst way possible; Liverpool may have to forfeit their next Carabao Cup match due to fixture congetion and conflict. Is this the canary in the coalmine of the end of the Carabao Cup?; Real Madrid seem to have found their feet and is this the moment they turn the corner on their season?; MLS Cup will see Toronto and Seattle for the 3rd time in 4 years, so is MLS failing at getting their desired parity? Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review.  www.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    Xhaka, Emery, Arsenal chaos; Pulisic breaks out; Liverpool overrated?; Man U turnaround; Leicester title chances; Dest choses America

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2019 76:56

    #185! Granit Xhaka and Unai Emery have Arsenal in chaos right now and what will be the final outcome?; Pulisic's resilience at Chelsea on display after his hat trick, plus what's the ceiling for this young Chelsea team?; Liverpool won again with a tight scoreline, are people playing them up too much?; Manchester United got a much needed comprehensive win, so will this kick start their season; are Leicester in the title race?; Sergiño Dest chooses the USThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    Chelsea belong; Pulisic super sub; Liga MX issues; Underrated Son

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2019 72:36

    #184! Chelsea picked up a massive win against Ajax and are starting to believe they belong with England’s and Europe’s elite; Christian Pulisic is playing well and can he parlay that into a starting role or just a super sub?; Liga MX continues to spiral downward and we discuss how negative it will get and some possible remedies; Tottenham's Heung-min Son is criminally underrated the reason may surprise youThanks for listening. Subscribe. Rate. Review.www.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    Lampard's improvement; Leicester 3rd best in EPL; Solskjaer's hail mary; Tottenham's negative rebound; UCL preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2019 75:07

    #183! We're relying on you to help us get to 5000 downloads and if so, Ches will get a tattoo. Which one? Listen to find out Chelsea are in a good run of form and Lampard is a big reason after improving as a manager; Leicester are proving they're the third best team in the Premier League; Solskjaer went to a back 3 and will he continue this as a hail mary to save his job and Manchester United's season; Tottenham's equal and opposite reaction to reaching the Champions League final; and a preview of the huge must win games for Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and ChelseaThanks for listening. Rate. Review. Subscribe. Share.www.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    USMNT problems; JJ Macias' ceiling; Man U manager change; Mourinho to Spurs

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2019 81:06

    #182! The USMNT are in disarray and we discuss what the real issue with Berhalter as manager is; JJ Macias impressed with Mexico in the Nations League and we wonder if he can reach the same heights as Chicharito; if Solskjaer and Manchester United lose to Liverpool, is he out as manager and will Max Allegri replace him?; finally, we talk about Jose Mourinho moving to Spurs and if he'd be a good fitThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review.www.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    USMNT and Mexico dominate; fixing Nations League; Int't Break Injuries; North v South Korea

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2019 75:39

    #181! The US dominated Cuba and proves once again they're the 2nd best team in the region; Mexico did the same to Bermuda and Tata seems the right man for El Tri to reach El Quinto Partido; the Nations League is proving ridiculous for all parties and Drew proposes a solution to make it better for all nations involved; Neymar was injured during the int'l break but was it a faked injury?; why complaining about injuries during the int'l break is selfish and subjective; North and South Korea play each other in World Cup Qualifying in a preposterous set up Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    International break beauty; Dual Nationals; USMNT and Mexico begin Nations League

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2019 95:21

    180! Very few people enjoy the international break, but I do and try to persuade Francisco as to why he should like it as well; the USMNT begin their inaugural Nations League campaign against Canada and Cuba. What are the expectations and goals for the games?; Mexico also starts their Nations League competition and how will they fare?; what is the point of the Nations League and is it beneficial at all to teams, big or small? 

    Depressing Man U; Poch is toast; Pulisic plays; Man City and Liverpool title race over?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2019 88:34

    #179! Francisco and Drew discuss how depressing Manchester United are, why Pochettino is toast at Tottenham, Pulisic finally getting some minutes at Chelsea, and Manchester City and Liverpool's title race. And like always, they go off on entertaining tangents such as the only reason for a man to break up with a woman.Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.comwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/Franciscobcp

    UCL Matchday 2 - Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, City, Madrid; Dest skips USMNT; Klinsmann on Concacaf Nations League

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2019 52:19

    #178! Champions League matchday two wrap up - Big 3 points for Chelsea away; Pulisic doesn't make the squad; Spurs humiliation and future fallout; Liverpool survive despite defensive issues; City win without De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva charged by FA; Madrid is big hole; Inter not helping themselves; Barca issues continue despite win; Dortmund in good spot; USMNT roster doesn't include Dest for good reasons; Berhalter and US Soccer not the devil; Klinsmann on Concacaf Nations League as a waste of timeThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPells

    Infuriating Spurs; Chelsea youth revolution; Bernardo Silva Tweet; Madrid Derby

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2019 101:21

    #177! Francisco and Drew discuss why G-d hates Spurs fans for making them go through this roller coaster of a team; the Chelsea youth revolution is on and there was a key indicator in their win over Brighton; Leicester flexed against Newcastle showing again they're contenders for the top 4; Bernardo Silva Tweet is getting investigated by the FA in an absurd situation; what can we learn from the Madrid Derby? Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    Solution to fix Spur's woes; Pulisic on loan?; Barca rushed Messi back?; who are Madrid?; Rapinoe views men as meat

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2019 91:23

    #176! The people have spoken and we're here to give you what you want. Francisco Flores is back to talk with me about a solution to all of Spurs' problems and whether Pulisic will go on loan in January. We also discuss whether Barca will suffere the consequences of rushing back Messi and who Madrid are, the team that got smoked in the Champions League or the team who looked solid against Osasuna? And we handle the absurdity that is Megan Rapinoe's comments about Virgil Van Dijk as she objectified him as a piece of meatThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review.www.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    Pulisic on loan?; City assault Watford; Leicester contenders; United average team; Arsenal in top 4?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2019 38:05

    #175! All signs points to Christian Pulisic leaving on loan this January and I tell you where and why; City football assaulted Watford without consent this weekend; Leicester's win over Spurs show's they're contenders; United are no longer "United" and just an average team; and you wouldn't know it from the anger and consternation, but Arsenal are in the top 4 after a comeback win over Aston VillaThanks for listening; Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPells 

    UCL reaction - Chelsea, Spurs, Dortmund/Barcelona; PSG/Madrid; Atletico/Juventus; Jesse Marsch and RB Salzburg

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2019 42:44

    #174! The Champions League is back! Chelsea's home loss puts them in a massive hole, but it may be a blessing in disguise; Spurs didn't play well, but got a massive result in Greece; Pep will need .a liver translant soon thanks to his new drinking habit due to another defensive issue; Barca were vastly inferior to Dortmund who should kick themselves for dropping 2 points at home; PSG's big win over Madrid is a glimpse into the future and why they should be excited while Zidane will chop and change the midfield and they'll still get out of the group; Atleti and Juve will both be happy and disappionted with one point based on how the game played out; Congrats to Jesse Marsch, the first America to both coach and win a game in the Champions LeagueThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPells

    Norwich stun City; Liverpool's EPL title chances; Pulisic's role at Chelsea; UCL preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2019 76:09

    #173! Francisco Flores joined for for the most fun episode in the history of the pod as we talk - Norwich's massive win and the horrible Manchester City defense; Liverpool's title chances with an early 5 point lead; Chelsea's win over struggling Wolves and Pulisic's squad role; UCL preview with our predictions for who makes it out of the group; and we go on tangents left and right telling hilarious storiesThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellswww.twitter.com/franciscobcp

    USA v Uruguay recap/takeaways; Sergiño Dest to Netherlands; EPL week 5 preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2019 31:51

    #173! The USMNT drew 1-1 with Uruguay on Tuesday, but with most of the big names having returned to their clubs (Pulisic, McKennie, Steffan), there wasn't much to learn, but still a few minor things; Sergiño Dest played in both friendlies and those who rant about US Soccer and Berhalter shout he's "obviously" going to play for the Netherlands now, but that's a one sided, short sighted view and he very well may not play for the Dutch; a preview of the big games in the Premier League this weekend including Manchester United v Leicester, Wolves v Chelsea, and Tottenham v Crystal PalaceThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPells

    USAvMex review; Berhalter's USMNT identity question; USA v Uruguay preview; US future outlook

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2019 27:28

    #171! The USMNT lost 3-0 to Mexico in a friendly and it wasn't very encouraging. The US 'identity' that Berhlater looks to build seems insurmountable and he has a big decision to make soon - stick with it or abandon ship?; The US play Uruguay in a friendly tomorrow in what looks to be more of the same struggles and ultimately, what is the goal of the US looking towards Qatar and 2026 on home soil? I give you both sides of the debate and what I think the US need to doThanks for listeningwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellssubscribe. share. rate. review

    US/Mex friendly; Toronto players not with US; MLS int'l break schedule; Portland fans banned

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2019 29:49

    #170! The US face Mexico in a friendly tomorrow and this game is bigger for Berhalter than it should be; in order to preserve the rivalry and intensity, the US and Mexico shouldn't play friendlies so often; 3 Toronto FC players did not make the US squad and the story is getting blown out of proportion; people are unjustifiably bashing MLS for playing through the international break and summer without considering the reasons why; Portland fans banned for political signs

    Francisco Flores joins to talk EPL, FPL, and transfers

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2019 69:50

    #169! My long time friend Francisco Flores makes his podcast debut and joins to discuss the Premier League, including the North London Derby, Man City, Liverpool, and more. Also, we talk Fantasy Premier League, and transfers as we recorded Monday immediately after the window shut. Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review.Follow Francisco on Twitter, @franciscobcp

    Arsenal v Spurs draw; Ref robs Villa; City's new defender problems; Mane's outburst; Leicester for top 4?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2019 37:38

    #168! The North London Derby between Arsenal and Spurs gave us major insights into the team- Arsenal are in a better situation under Unai Emery than they were at the end of Arsene Wenger's tenure; Mauricio Pochettino's attitude is hurting Tottenham more than Christen Eriksen or any other player; Aston Villa were denied a point due to a referee error, one which also was not reviewable under VAR, and the official, Kevin Friend, needs to suffer the consequences of his mistake; Aymeric Laporte's injury at Manchester City will be a nightmare as they begin midweek games after the international break; Sadio Mane's frustration with Mo Salah could lead to his departure next summer; Leicester City are flying under Brendan Rogers and could put up a big fight for top 4; all that and more on today's showThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review. www.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPells

    UCL draw breakdown; USMNT roster announced; Carli Lloyd NFL offers

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2019 39:23

    #167! The Champions League is back and today's draw has some great matchups. Premier League sides should be smiling, Barca, Dortmund, and Inter make up the group of death, while USMNT fans should love Group H with Americans going at it in Europe's elite competition; Gregg Berhalter and US Soccer announced the USMNT squad for the upcoming friendlies and it's a very encouraging make up of players; Carli Lloyd has reportedly gotten offers from NFL teams to try and earn a spot as their kicker and unequivially she'll never make it and I explain whyThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPells

    Liverpool smash Arsenal; Spurs lose at home; Man U's penalties woes; Chelsea first win; Gracia first sacking?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2019 28:52

    #166! Unai Emery's tactics and squad choice against Liverpool showed why he's a Europa League level manager; Spurs lost at home to Newcastle and struggled because they're not as good as everyone hyped them up to be; Manchester United's Marcus Rashford missed a penalty in what has become a circus at the Old Trafford penalty spot; Chelsea got their first win of the season in a big boost for Lampard; and Watford are the only team without a point so far and Gracia could be the first manager out.Thanks for listeningSubscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.comwww.twitter.com/DrewPells

    MLS political signage; player name pronunciation; EPL week 3 preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2019 28:48

    #165! MLS finds themselves in a conundrum when it comes to politcal signange and the fan code of conduct; TalkSport's Adrian Durham came under fire for his comments about pronouncing players' names; and finally a preview of this weekend's Premier League actionThanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPells

    City dominate Spurs; men need to fight; Lampard outmanaged; Pukki for Golden Boot?; and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2019 33:39

    #164! Another great weeked in the Premier League saw City dominate Spurs but draw 2-2; Pep and Aguero got into it along the touchline, but it's blowing up for no reason; Lampard was outmanaged in his return to Stamford Bridge as Chelsea finished even with Leicester 1-1; Norwich striker Teemu Pukki is off to a rip roaring start, but he won't sustain it; Arsenal look like a force to be reckoned with, but their defense will continue to hamper them; Coutinho is off to Bayern, but he doesn't look likely to be a starter in Munich; USWNT and USSF have a court date set for next May, much sooner than expectedThanks for listeningwww.drewpells.com/emailSubscribe. Share. Rate. Review

    UEFA Super Cup, IFAB reconsiders VAR and offside; USWNT and US Soccer mediation breaks down

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2019 38:31

    #163! Christian Pulisic got an assist and scored his first 'goal' for Chelsea at the UEFA Super Cup only for it to be disallowed for offside, but it's a great start for the American and should lead to a place in the starting XI; IFAB wil reconsider VAR's protocal when it comes to offside and it shows how popular and strong the Premier League is; USWNT and US Soccer mediation talks over the 'gender discrimination' lawsuit brokedown and will most likely head to trial; UEFA Player of the Year finalists were announced; Bein renews with La Liga in a hampering move for the Spanish leagueThanks for listeningwww.drewpells.com/emailwww.twitter.com/DrewPellsSubscribe. Share. Rate. Review

    Man U crush Chelsea; NBC's Pulisic craze; VAR and offside rule changes; and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2019 36:06

    #162! Manchester United spanked Chelsea in Frank Lampard's nightmarish return to the Premier League. What does it mean for Lampard's chances this year to suceed? Meanwhile it was the perfect start to the season for Man U and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer; NBC had to be fuming when Christian Pulisic was named to the bench after they've pushed him relentlessly as the face of the Premier League now. How will they continue to use him if he continues to sit?; VAR reared it's ugly head in the West Ham v City game and I have a solution for VAR and how it's applied to the offside rule; Liverpool's defense has regressed to the mean; Watford disappointed severly at home; and Arsenal need to score more than one goal against clubs in the bottom half. Edison Cavani is rumored to head to Inter Miami in a brilliant move for the MLS club. www.drewpells.comThanks for listeningSubscribe. Share. Rate. Review

    Transfer deadline roundup- Everton winners, Spurs over hyped, Newcastle losers; EPL top 4 ; USSF lobbyists

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2019 33:54

    #161! Premier League transfer deadline day is finished and there were some major moves. Everton came out big winners with the biggest upside potential, Spurs significantly improved their squad, but it's not getting them any closer to the Premier League trophy, Newcastle the clear losers after losing Rafa, Rondon, and Ayoze; I give my top 4 for the season; USSF has hiring two lobbying first to help with the lawsuit and mediation over the pay dispute between the men's and women's team and it looks to be a PR nightmare so far. All that and more on today's showThanks for listeningSubscribe. Share. Rate. Review. 

    Bedoya on gun violence; City/Liverpool Community Shield; United end Dybala talks

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2019 31:13

    #160! Alejandro Bedoya made a call to action to Congress during the Philadelphia Union game against DC United after two mass shootings this weekend and his comments come from a good place, but it doesn't mean he's necessarily right; Manchester City and Liverpool renewed their ever-increasing rivalry this weekend playing the Community Shield in what looked to be a reflection of what we'll see in the Premier League this year; Manchester United have ended their interest in Paolo Dybala and it seems best for all parties as it wasn't a great fit or deal in the first place; all that and more on today's show

    Goalisic impresses; Maguire, Pepe transfers; MLS Skills comp dazzles; USWNT victory tour begins

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2019 35:58

    #159! Christian Pulisic wowed Chelsea fans with two goals and drawn penalty against RB Salzburg. Will he have a good year at Chelsea?; Harry Maguire is off to Manchester United for 80 million pounds, but why did the Red Devils shell out so much?; Pepe has joined Arsenal even though he doesn't help them where they need improvements the most; the MLS skills competition ended on an exciting note and should come back next year with some improvements; USWNT victoy tour begins today without any hype or buzz. What happened, wasn't this team so popular and amazing and american heroes?; All that and more on today's showThanks for listeningSubscribe. Share. Rate. Reviewwww.twitter.com/drewpellswww.drewpells.com/email

    USSF pay fact sheet; Kean, Bale, Lukaku, Dybala transfers, and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2019 38:40

    #158! I'm back after an unanticipated 2 week hiatus to discuss USSF's fact sheet of the men's v women's pay; transfer roundup regarding Moise Kean, Gareth Bale, Romelu Lukaku, and Paolo Dybala; Chelsea and Lampard's statement of intent by giving Tammy Abraham the #9 jersey; and more on today's show.Thanks for listening. Susbscribe. Share. Rate. Review. Follow me on Twitter, twitter.com/drewpells

    Player holdout madness; Maguire to United; Pulisic joins Chelsea; Neymar to Barca?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2019 29:13

    #157! I'm back in the US and here to bring you all the major stories of the day. Player holdouts have jumped the shark if Laurent Koscielny at Arsenal is the latest player to do so; Leicester and Man U are still at a standstill over Harry Maguire and the Foxes are playing a dangerous game here and risk losing out on making the deal happen; Christian Pulisic joined up with Chelsea for preseason and I tell you what he needs for a succesful first year at Stamford Bridge; Neymar to Barcelona is still floating around but hasn't happened yet. Will it? Who knows. Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review. 

    New Concacaf WC qualifying process, Rapinoe speech and interviews, Moving back to the USA

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2019 34:02

    156! The last show broadcasted from the motherland. Concacaf unveiled its new qualifying process for the next World Cup and have received nothing but backlash. There is some silver lining in it for the smaller nations though; Megan Rapinoe and the USWNT had their victory parade and the captain continued her politcal rhetoric both in her speech and interviews; as I move back to the US, I give you some insight into how the US is the best country in the world and how Megan Rapinoe and her supporters don't realize how good they have it.Thanks for listening. Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review.

    James Rose on UEFA, UCL, fans, clubs, and how they interweave

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2019 47:02

    #155! James Rose, host of Who Kicked The Corner Flag, joins me for a timeless discussion on the UEFA, the Champions League, clubs, fans, and the weaving together of all of them. This discussion stems from an article I wrote (link below) in May criticizing fans for their, in my opinion, misguided and uneducated complaints lodged at UEFA over the high costs of traveling to and attending the Champions League Final. James and I both came into it with an open mind and willingness to understand each other which is extremely rare in today's day and age, especially on social media. And in the end, we saw, especially me, that we're not that far away from each other, especially after hearing each other out. It was a great chat and I know you'll enjoy it. Follow James, @jamesjohnrose and his show @kickcornerflag Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review. https://www.drewpells.com/articles/selfish-fans-are-wrong-about-high-ucl-final-travel-costs/

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