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ウェブ開発、プログラミング、モバイル、ガジェットなどにフォーカスしたテクノロジー系ポッドキャストです。 #rebuildfm

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa

    • Nov 26, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
    • every other week NEW EPISODES
    • 1h 17m AVG DURATION
    • 448 EPISODES

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    Latest episodes from Rebuild

    323: Metaverse and Chill (hak)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 96:28

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、メタバース、チップ、Pixel 6 Pro, MacBook Pro などについて話しました。 スポンサー: Linode Show Notes スノウ・クラッシュ GTC November 2021 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Facebook Connect 2021 Main Keynote Facebook's First Full AR Glasses are Code Named 'Project Nazare' Oculus Quest 2 Linode ★ Nvidia's takeover of Arm faces in-depth investigation in Europe Qualcomm CEO vows to bring Apple M1-level chips to Windows Qualcomm is updating its Snapdragon branding to try and simplify its chip names Google Pixel 6 Pro Google says it's improving fingerprint scanner performance with a Pixel 6 update 総務省、Pixel 6を『技適不適合等機器』として告知 緊急通報できない不具合 Android 12 prepares to kill off native support for SIP calling AmpliFi Teleport GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional Hybrid Type-S (SNOW) 映画『ボクたちはみんな大人になれなかった』 Cowboy Bebop - Netflix Welcome Weta Digital! 庵野秀明展 僕の心のヤバイやつ 1 東京リベンジャーズ アサヒビアリー Netflix and chill

    322: Dialog with the Algorithm (yuka)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 86:45

    Yuka Ohishi さんをゲストに迎えて、MacBook Pro, Twitter Blue, YouTube, 一時帰国、Apple TV+ などについて話しました。 スポンサー: Linode Show Notes STILL RENDERING // スティレン Webpass My current USB setup OWC Thunderbolt Dock - OWC Digital Element Hub | CalDigit Bartender 4 avibrazil/RDM: Easily set Mac Retina display to higher unsupported resolutions Linode ★ Twitter Blue Twitter for Professionals An update to dislikes on YouTube Dear YouTube! - MKBHD 新型コロナ: 入国緩和、8日から適用 ビジネス客は待機最短3日 Abbott's BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag At-Home Test Kit 特区民泊について The Morning Show Ted Lasso Riverdale

    321: Socially Distanced Menu Bar (kenn)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 78:09

    Kenn Ejima さんをゲストに迎えて、MacBook Pro, Meta, Copilot, ビッグテックなどについて話しました。 スポンサー: Linode Show Notes Decoding California's New Digital Vaccine Records and Potential Dangers | EFF Apple seems to have forgotten it built a notch in the MacBook Pro Bartender 4 Apple Reveals 'Scale to Fit' Setting TopNotch for macOS Notch Pro Facebook's new name is Meta Facebook Connect 2021 Main Keynote Working From Orbit Immersed John Carmack issues some words of warning for Meta and its metaverse plans Linode ★ Choosy: A smarter default browser for macOS Mac: Routing Links to Chrome Profiles | by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa Mimestream | A native macOS email client for Gmail Spark GitHub Copilot Copilot Demo Copilot Fail Mastodon's Founder Says Trump's New Social Network Is Just Mastodon Redis Labs Becomes, Simply, Redis NGINX Plus software load balancer, web server, and cache Memcached 1.6 puts binary protocol to bed Clubhouse: The Social Audio App

    320: Jeff Bezos Chart (hak)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2021 150:34

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、Apple イベント、MacBook Pro, Pixel 6 などについて話しました。 Show Notes Start Up - A song made from 45 years of Apple sounds Cheaper Apple Music: What is the Apple Music Voice Plan? Amazon Music Unlimited Single Device Plan Apple announces third-generation AirPods for $179 ドレッドノート (戦艦) - Wikipedia M1 Max Chip May Have More Raw GPU Performance Than a PlayStation 5 Apple Announces M1 Pro & M1 Max: Giant New Arm SoCs with All-Out Performance New MacBook Pro Models Include HDMI 2.0 Port Instead of HDMI 2.1 SD Card Slot in New MacBook Pros Supports UHS-II With Speeds Up to 250 MB/s 16-inch MacBook Pro charger requires MagSafe for full power Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro charger uses GaN Full-Screen Mode - Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer Intel CEO wants to compete against Apple Pixel Fall Launch Pixel 6 video features: Live HDR+ Video, 4K 60fps, and more China bans kids from playing online video games during the week China Is Banning Same-Sex Relationships And 'Effeminate' Men From Video Games Microsoft to shut LinkedIn China, citing ‘challenging' climate Facebook plans to change company name to focus on the metaverse Squid Game | Netflix Dune | HBO Max サイダーのように言葉が湧き上がる 猿楽町で会いましょう ザリガニの鳴くところ 海炭市叙景 映像研には手を出すな!(6) 天地創造デザイン部(7)

    319: Improvised Podcasting (N)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 164:58

    Naoki Hiroshima さんをゲストに迎えて、MacBook Pro, ニューヨーク、ビッグテック、Apple Watch, iPhone 13 Pro などについて話しました。 Show Notes Understanding the Different Types of COVID-19 Tests Mint Lunch Money The Facebook Whistleblower Won't Change Anything More details about the October 4 outage - Facebook Engineering Running BGP in Data Centers at Scale - Facebook Research Netflix just fired the organizer of the trans employee walkout Squid Game Venom: Let There Be Carnage 寄生獣(1) Netflix might have to pay millions in bandwidth usage fees in South Korea ESNI: A Privacy-Protecting Upgrade to HTTPS テイクダウン―若き天才日本人学者vs超大物ハッカー Takedown The complete FUN TO IMAGINE with Richard Feynman Apple extends AirPods Pro repair program for crackling or ANC issues EU proposes mandatory USB-C on all devices, including iPhones NMNの効果が期待できるのは40~50代以降:老化を遅らせ、元気続く 【国際将棋フェスティバル2021】特選対局 渡辺明名人 対 羽生善治九段

    318: Evergreen Todo List (naan)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 141:41

    Kazuho Okui さんをゲストに迎えて、近況、Safari 15, iPad, ファイルシステム、Astro, プロダクティビティ、カフェインなどについて話しました。 Show Notes Zocdoc Bad Blood: The Final Chapter Daring Fireball: The Tragedy of Safari 15 for Mac's ‘Tabs' iOS 15 iCloud Private Relay Vulnerability Identified iPadOS 15 ruined my iPad's homescreen Kids who grew up with search engines could change STEM education forever Amazon Astro Leaked Documents Show How Amazon's Astro Robot Tracks Everything You Do Kindle Paperwhite シグニチャー エディション Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for Mac models with Apple silicon Set up an Apple Watch for a family member Hundreds of Ways to Get S#!+ Done—and We Still Don't | WIRED Drawing the Calendar. Tips for mapping your life | by Craig Mod Productivity Tips: Forget About Being Productive. This Is Your Mind on Plants by Michael Pollan

    317: See You In Court (hak)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 107:10

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、Apple イベント、iPad mini, iPhone 13, Wise などについて話しました。 Show Notes Porter Robinson's (Second Sky.) Twitter Super Follows has generated only around $6K+ in its first two weeks Apple Events - September 2021 iPad mini - Apple New iPad Mini Has Downclocked A15 Chip Compared to iPhone 13 The bitter lawsuit hanging over the Apple Watch's new swipe keyboard Has Apple hit a wall with the A15 processor? iPhone 13 A15 benchmarks reveal 21% CPU speed gain over iPhone 12 ドコモの「瞬速5G」をご紹介 iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter Google hypes Pixel 6 launch in Japan with potato chips ミッドサマー メイドインアビス ペンギンに「宇宙人の可能性」が浮上 糞から金星にある化学物質 「金星に生命の痕跡」に反証続々、ホスフィンは誤検出の可能性 DUNE/デューン 砂の惑星 The Matrix Resurrections | Official Trailer 望郷太郎(5) Wise: Online Money Transfers Nintendo finally adds Bluetooth audio to the Switch in new software update Bluetoothオーディオに対応したSwitchで,Bluetoothヘッドセットの接続と遅延を検証してみた The Morning Show | Apple TV+

    316: Domestic Violence Camcorder (N)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 176:00

    Naoki Hiroshima さんをゲストに迎えて、9/11, Apple, 将棋、デバッグなどについて話しました。 Show Notes Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchase, rules judge in Epic v. Apple The future of the App Store depends on the difference between a ‘button' and an ‘external link' Twitter Super Follows appears to be billed as individual in-app purchases on iOS Apple Events - Apple 9/11: Inside the President's War Room | Apple TV+ Ted Lasso Is Roy Kent from Ted Lasso CGI? You know what, I buy it No, That Notchless iPhone Spotted in 'Ted Lasso' Isn't the iPhone 13 先日の電竜戦、長時間マッチで現れたやねうら王のバグについて DV (ビデオ規格) 'Happier Than Ever' Vinyl – Billie Eilish Acoustic shadow Apple Card - Family

    315: Our Bank Doesn't Like Your Voice Service (higepon)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2021 96:34

    Taro Minowa さんをゲストに迎えて、学校、Apple, プロダクティビティ、数学、1Password などについて話しました。 Show Notes CDC: Unvaccinated Marin County teacher caused big COVID-19 outbreak in school Fauci Says He Expects Vaccines For Younger Children By The End Of Year Or Early 2022 Why Anti-Covid Plastic Barriers May Make Things Worse Apple and Google must allow developers to use other payment systems, new Korean law declares 日本の公正取引委員会によるApp Storeの調査が終結) アップル・インクに対する独占禁止法違反被疑事件の処理について:公正取引委員会 jfc - STREAKS. The to-do list that helps you form good habits Dropover ‐ Easier Drag and Drop on your Mac. Numi Plausible Analytics Mathematics for Machine Learning 新・数学の学び方 higepon/mml: My notes for "Mathematics for Machine Leaning" book Mathematics Stack Exchange W3C Math Home 着脱式ペーパーライク 上質紙 ELECOM Pencil-Feel Screen Protector TOTP for 1Password users Titan Security Key オッドタクシー オッドタクシー | Prime Video

    314: Takeda Shingen of Silicon Valley (hak)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 116:22

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、Intel, Google Pixel 6, Apple, CEDEC, ゲーム、映画などについて話しました。 Show Notes 1922 SMS: Easy and secure contact tracing in Taiwan Rebuild Portal Intel Architecture Day 2021 Intel previews its Alder Lake chip TSMC is raising chip prices as supply shortages continue Nvidia faked part of a press conference with a CGI CEO AIの遺電子 Blue Age 2 Google Pixel 6 Google Tensor debuts on the new Pixel 6 this fall The Circle Comes Full Circle, with the new Google Pixel 5a with 5G Apple will now let App Store developers talk to their customers about buying direct Final vote delayed for Korea's plan to ban Google and Apple in-app payment rules [CEDEC 2021]フランス人開発者が,日本のゲーム業界の常識を斬る 「Ghost of Tsushima」の“日本版”を作る 『Ghost of Tsushima』序盤のあの名シーンができるまで Gamers Reactions To The Seeing The AMAZING Title Intro To Ghost of Tsushima Highlander (1986) - IMDb 『The Last of Us Part II』盲目のゲーマーがクリア報告 EAが『Apex Legends』のアクセシビリティ関連特許を無償開放 映画大好きポンポさん 望郷太郎(5)

    313: I Know This Person from the Internet (naan)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 156:22

    Kazuho Okui さんをゲストに迎えて、MacBook Air, コロナワクチン、Twitter, プロダクティビティ、GitHub, シェルなどについて話しました。 Show Notes TSA PreCheck Florida mayors defy DeSantis with mask, vaccine mandates San Francisco to require vaccine proof at indoor venues Apple Executive Defends Tools to Fight Child Porn Expanded Protections for Children FAQ (PDF) The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America Twitter has switched over to its Chirp font GitHub Codespaces Docker Desktop for Apple silicon GitHub's Engineering Team has moved to Codespaces jump️ zsh-z 1Password 8: The Story So Far Tauri Studio Ted Lasso "Started watching Ted Lasso. Somehow get the Love Actually feeling" ATP 443: A Storm of Asterisks 書くことについて | スティーヴン キング Anker Nebula Capsule II Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter LUUP

    312: Face in the Box (kansai_takako)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 130:47

    閑歳孝子さんをゲストに迎えて、パンデミック、旅行、将棋、mixi, マンガなどについて話しました。 Show Notes Rebuild: 260: Doing It Myself Is Faster (kansai_takako) Breakthrough cases aren't the cause of the US Covid-19 surge Japanese TV: The Omnipresent Face-in-the-Box VisaカードのApple Payでの使い方 バイデン政権 入国の外国人ワクチン義務化検討 現地メディア | 米 バイデン大統領 Child Safety - Apple Apple pushes back against child abuse scanning concerns in new FAQ 第6期叡王戦 五番勝負「見届け人」を募集します プロ棋士自作の将棋AIと戦ったら色々とヤバかった 将棋 - Number Web - ナンバー THE FIRST -BMSG Audition 2021- 1日外出録ハンチョウ(10) SHIROBAKO The Movie ルックバック - 藤本タツキ | 少年ジャンプ+ まんが未知 ハイパーインフレーション - 住吉九 グレシャムの法則 FX戦士くるみちゃん 機動戦士ガンダム 閃光のハサウェイ

    311: But I Don't Eat Sugar (N)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 167:24

    Naoki Hiroshima さんをゲストに迎えて、COVID-19、オリンピック、Twitter, iCloud Private Relay, YouTube, iOS 15 などについて話しました。 Show Notes Florida governor blocks school mask mandates, says parents can choose Texas Governor Bars Mask and Vaccination Mandates Saying the quiet part loud... 五輪に初のトランスジェンダー選手 制度も理解も道半ば How Apple iCloud Private Relay works draft-pauly-dprive-oblivious-doh-06 - Oblivious DNS Over HTTPS Oblivious HTTP Sophon Text-to-Speech Audiblogs Here's what annoys me about youtube videos. フリーランスってぶっちゃけどう? 竹原テレビ Ted Lasso | Apple TV+ Rick and Morty A former Spotify exec called Taylor Swift and other artists "entitled"

    310: Software Is Not Real (hak)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 135:28

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、GitHub Copilot, Apple Pencil 2, Chromecast, Switch, Steam Deck, 電気工事士、ゴジラSP などについて話しました。 Show Notes Delta variant takes hold in U.S. as coronavirus cases rise nearly 70 percent GitHub Copilot GitHub's automatic coding tool rests on untested legal ground What Is a Product Requirements Document (PRD)? reMarkable 2 Boogie Board Pen Tips Goodbye, Fleets Report: Apple Watch and Health exec Kevin Lynch joining the Apple Car team Chromecast with Google TV Nintendo Switch(有機ELモデル)|任天堂 Steam Deck Steam Deck: First Hands-On With Valve's Handheld Gaming PC Linux Foundation to Form New Open 3D Foundation Amazon Lumberyard IBM Sues GlobalFoundries for $2.5B Over Wrecked Process Node Transitions 電工試験の虎_ホーザン - YouTube Grid | Frame Studio ゴジラ シンギュラポイント 止まりだしたら走らない 屍者の帝国 機動戦士ガンダム 閃光のハサウェイ Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway | Netflix シン・エヴァ、日本のAmazonプライムビデオで8月13日から配信 For All Mankind | Apple TV+ #3延長編!ドラクエ3のデバッグしてたら新バグ発生方法見つけた しまなみ誰そ彼 アニメ『チェンソーマン』 米国防総省が公表した「UFO報告書」が明らかにしたこと

    309: Museum of Unicode (kohsuke)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2021 129:25

    Kohsuke Kawaguchi さんをゲストに迎えて、起業、パンデミック、エンジニアリング、ナラティブなどについて話しました。 Show Notes Launchable Bike trip across America, DONE! - Kohsuke Kawaguchi Zwift CPU実験で自作CPUにUNIXライクOS (xv6) を移植した話 Twitter で医師を拾ってきて Google のソフトウェアエンジニアにするだけの簡単なお仕事 優秀さについて This American Life 遊舎工房 How do Verifiable Vaccination Records with SMART Health Cards Work? Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names Han unification みずほ銀行システム障害に学ぶ みずほFG:システム障害特別調査委員会の調査報告書の受領について BBC World Service - 13 Minutes to the Moons Radiolab: Podcasts Japanese Language Stack Exchange

    308: Integration Test Email (higepon)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 87:18

    Taro Minowa さんをゲストに迎えて、Notion, Craft, Apple Music, テスト、LLC などについて話しました。 Show Notes California Offers Digital Record of Coronavirus Vaccination 「Evernote の中で暮らす」と決めると楽だという話 - higepon blog Notion Install an older version of Evernote Craft Obsidian Mem Bear App HBO Max explains 'Integration Test' email that went to subscribers TENET

    307: Unreal Particles (hak)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2021 140:52

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、WWDC, iOS 15, macOS Monterey などについて話しました。 Show Notes WWDC21 - Apple Developer iOS 15: Here's everything new in FaceTime Cleanfeed SharePlay Overview CraigさんにFaceTimeして聞いてみた! The Talk Show Remote From WWDC 2021 在留カード等読取アプリケーション iOS 15 for AirPods Bose gets into hearing aid business with new FDA-cleared SoundControl hearing aids macOS and tvOS are getting spatial audio support with the AirPods Pro and Max Sony is releasing its WH-1000XM4 headphones in white for a limited time Apple's privacy pillars in focus - WWDC 2021 1Keyboard How Universal Control on macOS Monterey works Forming the WebExtensions Community Group Create 3D content with Object Capture Chipmaker SiFive Is Said to Draw Intel Takeover Interest 三体Ⅲ 死神永生 CAPSULE - ひかりのディスコ 虎鶫 とらつぐみ E3 ナビつき! つくってわかる はじめてゲームプログラミング

    306: Complaining Bot (takoratta)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2021 127:28

    及川卓也さんをゲストに迎えて、リモートワーク、カンファレンス、Google I/O, Build などについて話しました。 Show Notes Vax for the Win - Coronavirus COVID-19 Response Covid: Japan town builds giant squid statue with relief money Ohio’s $1 million vaccination lottery is a fascinating psychological experiment mmhmm founder Phil Libin on the future of video meetings Building a privacy-first future for web advertising Twitter confirms 'Blue' paid subscription with color themes and alternative icons What's new for the web platform | Keynote Back/forward cache WebHID API The Extensible Web Manifesto We need to design distrust into AI systems to make them safer Duplex, Google’s conversational AI, has updated 3M+ business listings since pandemic

    305: Tim vs. Tim (hak)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2021 139:19

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、ワクチン、Google I/O, Android 12, iPad Pro, Apple TV, Apple vs. Epic などについて話しました。 Show Notes California June 15 reopening COVID guidelines How iOS 14.5 broke Apple's Podcasts app Google I/O 2021 Smart canvas Google AI Blog: Background Features in Google Meet, Powered by Web ML Chrome can now caption audio and video Monkeytype LaMDAI Talking Tech and AI with Google CEO Sundar Pichai Cloud TPU Systolic array Google partners with Shopify on online shopping expansion Aukey kicked off Amazon following fake reviews allegations Fakespot I Called Off My Wedding. The Internet Will Never Forget | WIRED Apple forced Google to re-think widgets for Android 12 Android introduces new privacy-friendly sandbox for machine learning data Google and Samsung are merging Wear OS and Tizen TSMC And MIT Research Team Claims Amazing 1nm Chip Fab Breakthrough New Siri Remote How to set HomePod as Apple TV default speakers & use ARC Apple Music announces Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio Amazon makes its lossless music streaming service a free upgrade Epic Games v. Apple: the fight for the future of the App Store The level of Mac malware is not acceptable, says Apple’s Craig Federighi 三体Ⅲ 死神永生 ゴジラ シンギュラポイント 九龍ジェネリックロマンス 水は海に向かって流れる DQ4にげ8バグについて、あの人を直撃! チーフプログラマーが語る、ドラゴンクエスト3/4のタイトルロゴの秘密 グラディウスの長いレーザーをファミコンで再現 4 Google smart home updates that Matter

    304: Zelda Is More Than Just a Game (N)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2021 194:55

    Naoki Hiroshima さんをゲストに迎えて、ワクチン、Apple TV, Basecamp, App Tracking Transparency などについて話しました。 Show Notes Medina Spirit wins 147th Kentucky Derby Cloud Computing (horse) May Day Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center ALCATRAZZ - GENERAL HOSPITAL English music-lovers party like it’s 2019 at COVID pilot festival Thin and Front-pocket Wallet by TGT (Tight) LG 55型 4Kチューナー内蔵 有機EL テレビ OLED 55CXPJA What really happened at Basecamp Why Coinbase will struggle to ban politics from the workplace Why Apple’s new privacy feature is such a big deal Google Chrome FLoC: how it replaces cookies and what it means for privacy 国産ワクチン、なぜ出てこない? 塩野義・手代木社長に聞く Remarks by President Biden in Address to a Joint Session of Congress WWDC21 - Apple Developer For All Mankind Ted Lasso Palmer

    303: California Roll Screen (hak)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2021 126:58

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、Apple Podcasts Subscription, iMac, iPad Pro などについて話しました。 Show Notes PORTER ROBINSON NURTURE LIVE @ SECRET SKY 2021 ⎌ Nurture ⎌ Credit Karma Mint Apple leads the next chapter of podcasting with Apple Podcasts Subscriptions Clubhouse rolls out payments to over 60K creators Tile bashes Apple’s new AirTag as unfair competition Apple TV 4K xkcd: Standards What is Mini LED? The TV display tech explained Put macOS on the iPad, you cowards GPU Technology Conference | NVIDIA NVIDIA Announces CPU for Giant AI and High Performance Computing Workloads Intel puts Apple’s ‘I’m a Mac’ guy into new ads praising PCs クララとお日さま | カズオ イシグロ Demon Slayer: Mugen Train had a great opening weekend at the box office

    302: Speculative Life (hak)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2021 140:26

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、チップ、キーボード、ブロックチェーン、マンガ、映画、AI などについて話しました。 Show Notes コーヒーを1ヶ月半ほど止めてみた Hong Kong Customs Busts GPU Smugglers, Seizes 300 Nvidia CMP 30HX GPUs Intel Unleashed, Gelsinger on Intel, IDM 2.0 Smart Lighting - IKEA Mi Wireless Switch Sleep Tracking Mat | Withings HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S 無刻印 Kailh Silent Switches Typing on Keyboardio Atreus with Kailh Silent Box Brown Monkeytype Coinbase NFTs, explained Bose QuietComfort Earbuds ゲームデザイン論2021 あのこは貴族 Minari 新 感染半島 ファイナル・ステージ ゾンビランドサガ リベンジ PUI PUI モルカー AIの遺電子 Blue Age クララとお日さま | カズオ イシグロ デッドデッドデーモンズデデデデデストラクション(10) 望郷太郎(4) NieR Reincarnation 怪獣8号

    301: Science of Happiness (higepon)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2021 100:30

    Taro Minowa さんをゲストに迎えて、 Well-being, 面接、Amazon プライム、Apple Arcade などについて話しました。 Show Notes The Science of Well-Being by Yale University | Coursera Twitter で医師を拾ってきて Google のソフトウェアエンジニアにするだけの簡単なお仕事 日本人CTOがシリコンバレーで25歳で起業し、660億円で買収されるまでの道のり 優秀さについて | 川口耕介のブログ penComm Slate Gray AfterShokz Alfred Rebuild: 300: Note-Taking Nirvana (omo) Dynalist Obsidian 君は月夜に光り輝く 君の膵臓をたべたい コーヒーが冷めないうちに マスカレード・ホテル 500ページの夢の束(字幕版) 記憶にございません! Rotten Tomatoes For All Mankind | Apple TV+ Godzilla vs. Kong FANTASIAN

    300: Note-Taking Nirvana (omo)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2021 126:24

    Hajime Morita さんをゲストに迎えて、ポッドキャスト、雑談ブログ、ノートテイキングなどについて話しました。 Show Notes Zencastr Cleanfeed Misreading Chat – CS の論文読んで話をしよう Message Passing - はなしをふったりふられたり When Should I Write an Architecture Decision Record : Spotify Engineering Working Backwards Death by PowerPoint: the slide that killed seven people a16z Podcast: Amazon Narratives - Memos, Working Backwards from Release, More Audiblogs Audm ONYX BOOX mercury-parser Puppeteer Instapaper is leaving Pinterest, two years after being acquired Reeder 5 Tot Getting Things Done ゼロ秒思考 How to Take Smart Notes Roam Research Dynalist

    299: H1 Perfectionist (yuka)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2021 142:17

    Yuka Ohishi さんをゲストに迎えて、Twitter, メンバーシップ、プロジェクター、パラサイト、グラミー賞、Notion などについて話しました。 Show Notes Twitter is taking on Clubhouse, Substack and Patreon with new products Youtube Channel Memberships Integration FAQ – Discord Are Notifications A Dark Pattern? Dark Patterns Apple will temporarily stop taking a 30 percent cut on Facebook event fees How subscriptions work Apple Podcasts App Lets Users 'Follow' New Content Instead of 'Subscribe' in iOS 14.5 XGIMI Halo Smart Miniプロジェクター Apple discontinues original HomePod, will focus on mini Set up home theater audio with HomePod and Apple TV 4K HomePod mini is Apple's first to support Thread networking technology California’s rent control law, explained 母から「トランプが勝ちました」とLINEが…家族を陰謀論に引き寄せる“意外なモノ” The Social Dilemma パラサイト 半地下の家族 宇多田ヒカル『One Last Kiss』 Zedd & Jasmine Thompson - Funny Calendly Cloud scheduling startup Calendly raises $350M on $3B valaution Gravatar Disqus Notion How to use Notion as your blog's CMS #まいにちNotion

    298: Functional Programming Is the Future (naan)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2021 148:01

    Kazuho Okui さんをゲストに迎えて、ポッドキャスト、ニューヨーク暮らし、写真アプリ、ニュース、Hotwire などについて話しました。 Show Notes Steve Jobs Stories Spotify plans for podcast subscriptions Rebuild: Supporter Sign in with Apple - Apple Developer Twitter announces paid Super Follows to let you charge for tweets Making Twitter a better home for writers ATP 418: Dangerously Close to Being on a Phone Call How Clearview AI is using facial recognition What Facebook's Australia news ban could mean for its future in the US IPFS Powers the Distributed Web その「決断」がすべてを解決する―――ポジティブ思考は役に立たない Why You Should Quit the News The Future of Web Software Is HTML-over-WebSockets HTML Over The Wire | Hotwire Section 5.2. Putting the R in RJS Elm - delightful language for reliable web applications How Uber Deals with Large iOS App Size McLaren Stanley on Uber iOS App Size David Sinclair | SmartLess

    297: Too Hot To Handle (N)

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    Naoki Hiroshima さんをゲストに迎えて、ワクチン、Swift、ライブラリ、ソーシャルメディア、将棋などについて話しました。 Show Notes Biden’s New Plan to Get COVID-19 Vaccines to Every American Uniqlo to close S.F. store, adding to flood of retail vacancies near Union Square Google GIGA School Package | Google for Education Swift Concurrency Manifesto swift-evolution/0296-async-await A Proposal for Adding Generics to Go - The Go Blog - Package Manager dep · Dependency management for Go Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Moka Pot Brewing Guide Prismo AeroPress® Attachment – Fellow Google now pays 450 sites to bring you free news, including some paywalled stories New North Dakota bill would force Apple to allow alternative app stores and payment systems La Casa Blanca (@LaCasaBlanca) / Twitter Rise in attacks on elderly Asian Americans in Bay Area prompt new special response unit New Video Shows Beverly Hills Cops Playing Beatles to Trigger Instagram Copyright Filter Marjorie Taylor Greene vs. AOC: A ridiculous comparison 羽生九段「勝率94%」で投了のワケ 将棋AIの功罪

    296: Boomerang with Yabumi (fumiakiy)

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    Fumiaki Yoshimatsu さんをゲストに迎えて、Clubhouse, Stadia, AWS, COCOA などについて話しました。 Show Notes Clubhouse Clubhouse show hosted by couple draws Elon Musk, Zuckerberg Rebuild: Supporter Klobuchar targets Big Tech with biggest antitrust overhaul in 45 years Google is shutting down its in-house Stadia game development studios Google Cloud lost $5.6B in 2020 Apple’s new betas let you try its Watch-based solution for masked iPhone unlocks Jeff Bezos Steps Down as CEO, Heralding New Era for Amazon Who is Andy Jassy Mason (Perl) The problem solver: Al Vermeulen Elastic Changes Licences for Elasticsearch and Kibana: AWS Forks Both Doubling down on open, Part II | Elastic Blog Elasticsearch does not belong to Elastic Signal Protocol Why AWS loves Rust, and how we’d like to help CA Notify transmission_risk_levelの値について · cocoa-mhlw/cocoa V2 Exposure checks on Android @masanork

    295: Point of No Return (hak)

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    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、COVID-19, チップ業界、CES, MacBook Pro, IoT などについて話しました。 Show Notes Bernie Sanders Chair Meme Photographer Details Famous Shot Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker Biden Removed Trump's Diet Coke Button from the Oval Office Desk PassMark CPU Benchmarks - AMD vs Intel Market Share Intel names Pat Gelsinger as new CEO and ousts Bob Swan Report: Intel Will Outsource Core i3 Production to TSMC's 5nm Node Qualcomm buys a startup founded by former Apple chip designers Trump pardons engineer who copped to stealing a Google secret for Uber AMD Patent Shows Off Potential CPU With Integrated FPGA MIT aims to speed up robot movements to match robot thoughts using custom chips Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: the real deal Google Stadia and GeForce Now are coming to LG TVs in 2021 CES 2021: Razer's Project Hazel is a high-tech N95 mask for COVID-19 Razer’s 2021 Blade laptops are getting better displays and graphics 2021 MacBook Pro: new design with squared-off sides, MagSafe connector and IO return, Touch Bar removed Epic acquires Rad Game Tools, veteran of many gaming generations Homebridge hak/homebridge-tuya-cloud Awair SECURITY: New maintainer is probably malicious - greatsuspender/thegreatsuspender Tailscale 知覧特攻平和会館 【エヴァンゲリオン①】アニメ版を全力一挙解説! 夢の端々(上)

    294: It's a Cyberpunk Game (higepon)

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    Taro Minowa さんをゲストに迎えて、Twitter, 2021年の目標、OpenAI, 骨伝導ヘッドフォン、スマートホームなどについて話しました。 Show Notes Rebuild: 293: Killer Content (N, naan) Here’s California’s plan to speed up coronavirus vaccinations BioNTech/Pfizer の新型コロナワクチンを〈リバースエンジニアリング〉する|柞刈湯葉 Rebuild: Supporter #375:2021年、みやーんとの遭遇 なんでRebuild始めたの? – ‎楽しいラジオ「ドングリFM」One-Day Outing From Rebuild(Tatsuhiko Miyagawa) Permanent suspension of @realDonaldTrump Amazon Is Suspending Parler From AWS Biden transition team names White House tech officials 梅田望夫・英語で読むITトレンド - CNET Japan ウェブ進化論――本当の大変化はこれから始まる| 梅田望夫 料理研究家リュウジのバズレシピ OpenAI、自然な言葉の説明からイラストを描くAI「DALL・E」発表 OpenAIが発見したScaling Lawの秘密 Welcome To Colaboratory Google Research Football with Manchester City F.C. | Kaggle M1 Mac Bluetooth problems finally set to be resolved UGREEN 切替器 USB 切り替え OpenComm AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless LED Light Bulbs - IKEA Connect Your Zigbee-Certified Devices to Alexa The Midnight Sky | Netflix The Morning Show Ted Lasso Tiny World 天地創造デザイン部 黒須克彦 Hazy Cyberpunk 2077’s first major update coming in the next 10 days

    293: Killer Content (N, naan)

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    Naoki Hiroshima さん、Kazuho Okui さんをゲストに迎えて、ボート生活、 COVID-19, ゲーミングPC、引っ越し、ビッグテックなどについて話しました。 Show Notes US Virgin Islands Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker Here's how Google will operate in a post-vaccine world タスキギー梅毒実験 Why Timnit Gebru’s controversial Google exit is setting off a firestorm in tech Rebuild: 230: Debugging On The Beach (naan) Elon Musk reportedly plans to move to Texas Oracle moving HQ from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas ATP 405: The Benevolence of the Powerful — Accidental Tech Podcast Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says employees will return to offices when majority are vaccinated The FTC is suing Facebook to unwind its acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp The big Google DOJ antitrust case probably won’t go to trial until 2023 Vimeo raises $150M, while IAC is ‘contemplating’ a spin-off The 52 biggest Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney announcements from its end of year event Bulknews - RSS Syndication

    292: Two Chickens, One Stone (hak)

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    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、Snapdragon 888, Stadia, スマートホーム、cyberpunk 2077 などについて話しました。 Show Notes Organize your tabs with tab groups in Google Chrome OneTab Rebuild: Supporter ★ Pornhub: Mastercard and Visa to block use of cards on site after child abuse allegations Chrome is Bad Qualcomm Discloses Snapdragon 888 Benchmarks Arm's New Cortex-A78 and Cortex-X1 Microarchitectures Concurrency is not parallelism - The Go Blog Microsoft reportedly designing its own ARM-based chips for servers and Surface PCse Troubles rise for China’s biggest chipmaker SMIC Biden's trade nominee has family roots in both Taiwan and China Stadia +Style ORIGINAL Homebridge Philips Hueモーションセンサー KFConsole | Cooler Master STAMP スタンプ|3Dスキャンによる採寸でオーダージーンズ UGREEN 切替器 USB 切り替え SwiftBar Bartender 4 Cyberpunk 2077 Developers Reportedly Angry With CD Projekt Red Management Investor sues CD Projekt over bungled CyberPunk 2077 launch きみを死なせないための物語 1 葬送のフリーレン ジョゼと虎と魚たち 燃ゆる女の肖像 エヴァンゲリオン UCHU BREWING

    291: Emacs Crashes Every Morning (typester)

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    Daisuke Murase さんをゲストに迎えて、Pixel 5, M1 Mac mini, キーボード、Cyberpunk 2077, F1 などについて話しました。 Show Notes Pixel 4a What's new for enterprise in Android 11 Qualcomm Discloses Snapdragon 888 Benchmarks Mac mini (M1, 2020) is reportedly having problems with Bluetooth connectivity tmux macOS Catalina 10.15 Release Notes Keyboardio Atreus Keychron K6 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard AZIK総合解説書 SandS (Space and Shift) いろんなプラットフォームでのやり方 SKK Aquaskk Sony is pulling Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store and offering full refunds Stadia Google Stadia will let all users livestream games directly to YouTube The story of George Russell's dramatic Mercedes debut in the Sakhir Grand Prix ‘It ignited the competitive spirit’ says Alonso after posting fastest time in Abu Dhabi test Uber, DoorDash Raising Prices in California to Fund Driver Perks

    290: Dedicated Channel for Kindle (basuke)

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    Basuke Suzuki さんをゲストに迎えて、MacBook Air, M1, Docker, Wi-Fi 6 などについて話しました。 Show Notes Bay Area Regional Stay Home Order in place tonight | San Francisco 「WebKitをビルドしながら昔話をしてMacのこれまでのトランジションを振り返ろう」の巻 Why Is Apple’s M1 Chip So Fast? メモリアクセスのセマンティクスとApple siliconの裏技(?)について Karabiner-Elements Rogue Amoeba - Public Betas Available for the New M1 Chip-Based Macs Use Amazon EC2 Mac Instances to Build & Test macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS Apps Don't Panic: Kubernetes and Docker Authy LG 27UN850-W 27 Inch Ultrafine UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Display WI-FI 6, Why it's the BIGGEST update to Wi-Fi EVER! AmpliFi Alien eero Pro 6 Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit ピクミン3 デラックス | Nintendo Switch

    289: Plenty of Blood, Sweat and Tears (yuka)

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    Yuka Ohishi さんをゲストに迎えて、M1 Mac, Chrome, Mac mini, Pixel 5, Google Photos, Fleet などについて話しました。 Show Notes SHURE ダイナミック マイクロフォン BETA58A Recording Dubbed Dialogue In A Home Environment – Netflix Mac新時代突入☄️MacBook Air (M1, 2020) の凄さを解説します! Zoom Video Calls Drain Apple M1 MacBook Air Battery by Only 10-13% Per Hour A possible universal (“fat”, x86_64-and-arm64) build of Chrome “We are giddy”—interviewing Apple about its Mac silicon revolution Chrome 86 brings password protections for Android and iOS, VP9 for macOS Big Sur Rogue Amoeba | Audio Hijack: Record Any Audio on MacOS Google Pixel 5 Google Photos will end its free unlimited storage on June 1st, 2021 Stadia Premiere Edition Fleets: a new way to join the conversation Slack is getting Instagram-like stories and push-to-talk audio calls Indoor HDTV Antenna - Mohu 26: BTSの魅力について新参ARMYのYukaが語る! by STILL RENDERING

    288: Unidentified Mysterious Animal (hak)

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    Hakuro Matusda さんをゲストに迎えて、M1チップ、CPUの歴史、MacBook Air, PS5 などについて話しました。 Show Notes Apple Events - November 2020 Apple brings back the PC guy to boast about M1 performance Apple Announces The Apple Silicon M1: Ditching x86 - What to Expect, Based on A14 ノイマン型コンピュータ RISC vs. CISC Rebuild: 108: John Bull's Instruction Set (hak) IA-64 Explainer: What Is Chip Binning? MacBook Air with M1 chip beats 16-inch MacBook Pro performance in benchmark test How Apple Silicon on a M1 Mac changes monitor support and what you can connect Mac users couldn’t launch apps this afternoon after Apple verification server issue Does Apple really log every app you run? A technical look macOS 10.15: Slow by Design AMD announces AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series graphics cards Sony gives your PS4 a second life: slinging a PS5 to another room of your house Hillbilly Elegy | Netflix The Latest Covid Vaccine Results, Deciphered AIの遺電子 Blue Age 望郷太郎(3) で、シリコンバレーでいくら稼げるのか(Part 8) Glassdoor

    287: Lost Technology (higepon)

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    Taro Minowa さんをゲストに迎えて、大統領選、睡眠トラッキング、転職、プロダクティビティ、RSSリーダー、PS5 などについて話しました。 Show Notes miyagawa: replies to this tweet ‘One More Thing’ event AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch Inside Flow Yoga 新型コロナ:海外出張の帰国後2週間待機を免除 移動制限など条件 で、シリコンバレーでいくら稼げるのか(Part 8) Dynalist WorkFlowy TaskPaper google-reminders-cli chrono-node Reeder 5 はてなアンテナ 「WWWC」が15年ぶりのバージョンアップ nyt-2020-election-scraper Substack Kill the Newsletter!

    286: Presidential Podcaster (N)

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    Naoki Hiroshima さんをゲストに迎えて、Google, アンチトラスト、iPhone 12 Pro, 大統領選、バイリンガルニュースなどについて話しました。 Show Notes Apple's App Store Revenue Leads Google Play in Third Quarter AirPort Time Capsule Privacy: MAC Randomization | Android Open Source Project Use private Wi-Fi addresses in iOS 14 The Justice Department has filed its antitrust lawsuit against Google Feds may target Google’s Chrome browser for breakup Google paid Apple up to $12 billion for search deal: DOJ antitrust suit Microsoft Edge Browser | Microsoft 1Password DuckDuckGo slams Google’s Android search engine auction as “fundamentally flawed” Meiji Hello Panda Chocolate How do I use my iPhone cameras? Apple VP Kaiann Drance Interview Addresses Battery Life, MagSafe, and Power Adapter Concerns Here's what can reopen in San Francisco now that it's hit the yellow tier Example of Anime Villain Dubbed Presidential Debate on Japanese TV Miniso, the Japanese-looking variety store from China, sees shares jump in US IPO バイリンガルニュース 特別編(#BN425)

    285: Before You Leave (hak)

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    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、HomePod mini, iPhone 12, Pixel 5, Microsoft, PS5 などについて話しました。 Show Notes Red Bull could quit F1 if new engine rules don’t happen Apple Events - October 2020 HomePod mini - Apple Homebridge Project Connected Home over IP HomePod mini is Apple's first to support Thread networking technology Apple’s HomePod will soon support Dolby Atmos with the Apple TV 4K Apple Customers in France Still Get EarPods in the Box With Every New iPhone Netflix will only stream in 4K to Macs that have a T2 security chip Apple ProRAW Google Pixel 5 Don't enforce camera sound for mcc440 (I440706c2) · Gerrit Code Review Microsoft is bringing xCloud to iOS via the web Microsoft will give GameStop a share of Xbox’s digital revenues PlayStation®5 分解映像 西川善司の3DGE:PS5の作り方、教えます。メカ設計担当者に聞いたこだわりの内部設計 PS5では「×ボタンで決定」が標準に ユーザー側での変更も不可能と判明 AMD Zen 3: An AnandTech Interview with CTO Mark Papermaster AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processors Inventing Virtual Meetings of Tomorrow with NVIDIA AI Research Nest Audio ファイアパンチ チェンソーマン ニュー・シネマ・パラダイス 左ききのエレン クリストファー・ノーラン、最高の状態で「TENET」届けた池袋の劇場へ感謝状贈る Ghost of Tsushima Version 1.1 Tiny World on Apple TV+ 息吹 | テッド チャン, 大森 望

    284: Trump Tower (fumiakiy)

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    Fumiaki Yoshimatsu さんをゲストに迎えて、トランプ、Google イベント、Pixel 5, 東証システム障害、韓国ドラマなどについて話しました。 Show Notes Au オードリー・タン 天才IT相7つの顔 トランプタワー House of Cards Designated Survivor Twitter warns it will suspend users who publicly hope for Trump’s death COVID Alert NY | Department of Health Linux Foundation Public Health - Collaborating to battle COVID-19 covidgreen/covid-green-app COVID Shield Apple and Google to simplify exposure notification with new app system Take the 2020 Census | U.S. Census Bureau Gogole: Launch Night In The Google Play Movies & TV Android app is now called Google TV New Chromecast works as a cheap but unsupported xCloud streamer Soli: Sandbox Galaxy S20 FE 5G | Fan Edition Google will turn selfie retouching off by default with new Pixel phones Signal iPhone 12 mini 東証、終日売買停止で会見 「事業がわかるエンジニアがいない」 eero 6s AmpliFi Teleport Tailscale Amazon One 愛の不時着 椿の花咲く頃 Astronaut Soichi Noguchi may join SpaceX's first Starship moon mission Introducing IFTTT Pro

    283: Drone vs Pino (yuka)

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    Yuka Ohishi さんをゲストに迎えて、ニューヨーク引っ越し、iOS 14, Apple Watch, スリープトラッキング、Amazon, 韓国ドラマなどについて話しました。 Show Notes 収録風景 Rent Control – San Francisco Tenants Union AirPods Studio Rumored to Come With U1 Chip iOS 14 Homescreen How to make and share your own custom icon packs - Android Authority customico - iOS 14 minimal custom icons Rebuild: 130: Home Screen Perfectionist (tksohishi) Widgetsmith on the App Store Under the Radar #201: Widgetsmith - Relay FM Apple Now Allowing Band-Only Returns For Ill-Fitting Solo Loop Apple Watch 何がいいの? みんなの質問に答えます! Amazfit ZenBuds Noise-masking Sleepbuds with Alarm | Bose Oculus Quest 2 Ring’s latest security camera is a drone that flies around inside your house Ring Law Enforcement Guidelines Swatting Amazon Luna – Cloud gaming service Yes, Amazon Luna dodges Apple’s cloud gaming rules — when will Nvidia and Google? パラサイト 半地下の家族 Crash Landing on You Itaewon Class Kingdom

    282: We Need More C++ Programmers (hak)

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    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、Apple Watch, iPad Air, PS5, RTX 3080, Facebook Connect, TENET などについて話しました。 Show Notes SAMURAI Defender Apple Events - September 2020 Apple Watch Series 6: First Run Accuracy & SpO2 Sensor Data Fitbit SpO2 face makes tracking blood oxygen level easy Peloton 4K YouTube videos still not compatible with tvOS 14, picture-in-picture removed from website YouTube Music to allow casting uploads to smart speakers Rebuild: 258: Sushi is Fundamentally Scalable (hak) The all-new Xbox Series S | Xbox PlayStation 5 showcase GeForce RTX 3080 Graphics Card Nvidia is acquiring Arm for $40 billion Facebook Connect John Carmack Unscripted Live Keynote John Carmack - Special Horizon Chat || Facebook Connect iOSDC Japan 2020 Amazon Music now has podcasts Grooveshark SportCount スポーツカウント TENET ナガの映画の果てまで Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, explained by the Sator square 人麻呂の暗号 Violet Evergarden 『山本さほ展』 – VOID LG 48型 OLED 48CXPJA

    281: Touch Bar Doesn't Exist (higepon)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2020 108:33

    Taro Minowa さんをゲストに迎えて、広島、山火事、睡眠、ドコモ口座、クリアファイル、クラムシェルなどについて話しました。 Show Notes Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Bay Area transfixed by foreboding, orange, smoke-choked skies skorokithakis/catt: Cast All The Things Dashing - The exceptionally handsome dashboard framework. PurpleAir | Real Time Air Quality Monitoring Awair Muni expects to lose the majority of its bus lines permanently as financial devastation mounts AutoSleep 睡眠こそ最強の解決策である 「ドコモ口座」不正預金引き出し、記者会見の一問一答まとめ COVID-19 quarantine: CDC drops 14-day recommendation for travelers FUERAN HDMIダミープラグ BetterTouchTool MBSドラマイズム「ゆうべはお楽しみでしたね」 イエスタデイ | Prime Video Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ コロコロ創刊伝説(5)| のむらしんぼ

    280: Sushi Tim (hak)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2020 137:10

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、NAT Traversal, Pixel, Epic, Ghost of Tsushima, デスク、化物語、テレビなどについて話しました。 Show Notes How NAT traversal works · Tailscale Blog PlayStation 5 | Direct Pre-Ordersn Pixel 4a Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, w/ 4,000 mAh battery, leak in image Apple has now terminated Epic's App Store account following legal dispute between the two companies iOS 14 privacy settings will tank ad targeting business, Facebook warns Google Chrome’s new anti-fingerprinting controls will still allow advertisers to track you Apple is removing the Do Not Track toggle from Safari, but for a good reason Unity’s IPO numbers look pretty … unreal? Samurai Shading in Ghost of Tsushima High Score | Netflix 『ゴースト・オブ・ツシマ』主演俳優ツジ氏×開発スタッフが語る主人公・境井仁の誕生秘話 Backjoy Japan 化物語 | Prime Video 化物語(1)| 西尾維新, 大暮維人 激動の昭和史 沖縄決戦を観る | Prime Video Violet Evergarden | Netflix Disney Plus' Mulan 2020 releaseT LG 55型 有機EL テレビ OLED Reviews and Ratings - ic! berlin

    279: Samurai Creed (drikin)

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    drikin さんをゲストに迎えて、サンフランシスコ、Mozilla, Epic, オーディオ、ポッドキャストなどについて話しました。 Show Notes Cleanfeed The 2020 San Francisco exodus is real, and historic, report shows Zuckerberg: Facebook may adjust salary of employees moving out of Silicon Valley Compensation | GitLab Changing World, Changing Mozilla About the Mozilla Corporation MDN Web Docs Vivaldi browser Choosy: A smarter default browser for macOS Apple just kicked Fortnite off the App Store Epic says Apple threatens ‘catastrophic’ response in two weeks if Fortnite doesn’t comply with rules audio-technica オープンバックリファレンスヘッドホン ATH-R70X What Is LUFS, and Why Should I Care? Loudness war ATR2100x-USB - Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone 「瀬戸弘司さんと語る今後10年のYouTube戦略 前編」第1018話

    278: Professional Podcast Guest (N)

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    Naoki Hiroshima さんをゲストに迎えて、macOS Big Sur, iOS 14, スタージス、Apple, 将棋などについて話しました。 Show Notes Podcasters: don’t install the Big Sur beta Recover lost QuickTime files with this handy trick Attempt to repair an interrupted QuickTime Player audio recording Virginia: COVIDWISE Apple and Google’s COVID-19 tracking system will make its full US debut in new Virginia app Sturgis 2006 (その0) - ぼんやりと考えたこと Sorrowful Shinji Wajima (from NINGEN ISU) Apple confirms cloud gaming services like xCloud and Stadia violate App Store guidelines Trump’s WeChat ban could devastate Apple’s Chinese business Watch the full "Axios on HBO" interview with President Trump - Axios Can you guess what Trump was asked based on his answer? 西山朋佳女流三冠(25)棋士を相手に4連勝で女性初の棋聖戦一次予選突破 Spy pixels are evolving like malware, so HEY's adapting シリコンバレーの金儲け | 海部美知

    277: You Must Be Asleep By Now (typester)

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    Daisuke Murase さんをゲストに迎えて、ポートランド、Dropbox, スリープトラッカー、Dark Sky, F1 などについて話しました。 Show Notes Portland protests and unmarked federal agents arresting people, explained Mount Hood How we migrated Dropbox from Nginx to Envoy Why Discord is switching from Go to Rust A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day at Slack Envoy Proxy Oura Ring: the most accurate sleep and activity tracker There’s unproven tech in the NBA’s COVID-19 prevention plan Amazfit ZenBuds: Fit Right, Sleep Tight | Indiegogo In wake of Apple acquisition, Dark Sky ends Android support Weather Timeline Overdrop AccuWeather Ghost of Tsushima: Patch 1.05 Details 【すゑひろがりず】あつまれどうぶつの森を狂言風ゲーム実況してみた! landonorris - Twitch Formula 1: Drive to Survive 8Bitdo ワイヤレス BT アダプタ Nintendo Switch Gamer Grandma

    276: The Staff Enjoyed The Sushi Later (hak)

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    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、Intel, ARM, 中国、GPT-3, Ghost of Tsushima, 日本沈没、ガジェットなどについて話しました。 Show Notes Rebuild: 275: Not-So-Smart Speaker (higepon) Alfred - Productivity App for macOS Jumpcut Cleanfeed Intel's 7nm is Broken, Company Announces Delay Until 2022, 2023 PassMark CPU Benchmarks - AMD vs Intel Market Share Sony May Make 10 Million PS5 Units This Year 藤井聡太棋聖、いま一番会いたい人はAMDのリサ・スーCEO Report: ARM is for sale and Nvidia’s interested, Apple isn’t Cell (microprocessor) Watch an army of Spot and Pepper robots cheerlead a baseball game in an empty stadium Communist China and the Free World’s Future - United States Department of State What India’s TikTok ban means for China China's Great Cannon Subresource Integrity - Web security UFO Report: Pentagon Has ‘Off-World Vehicles’ Not From Earth 心の社会 | Marvin Minsky OpenAI’s new GPT-3 language explained in under 3 minutes The brain behind the Google Pixel camera is building a universal camera app for Adobe Ghost of Tsushima Game Ghost of Tsushima - About Tsushima 日本沈没2020 UCHU BREWING Weee! Asian Grocery, Delivery. Anker PowerWave Pad Alloy ワイヤレス充電器 RAVPower Type C 急速充電器 65W USB-A + USB-C AmpliFi HD Mesh Router AmpliFi を試してみた | Fitbit Charge 4 Advanced Fitness Tracker 床がガタッと開いてメールとSafariが落ちる想像が面白かったので、妄想して4コマにしてみました

    275: Not-So-Smart Speaker (higepon)

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    Taro Minowa さんをゲストに迎えて、GitHub, 汎用AI, Alfred, Twitter, Netflix, 低温調理などについて話しました。 Show Notes Cleanfeed Rebuild Search Groonga - An open-source fulltext search engine and column store GitHub Archive Program: the journey of the world's open source code to the Arctic Abstraction and Reasoning Challenge | Kaggle Conversational AI: The Science Behind the Alexa Prize The Myth of a Superhuman AI ELIZA The Migration Guide from Chainer to PyTorch François Chollet アフィン写像 Alfred - Productivity App for macOS blueutil: CLI for bluetooth on OSX Magnet Typora — a markdown editor, markdown reader. A hacker used Twitter’s own ‘admin’ tool to spread cryptocurrency scam Rebuild: 37: N Factor Auth (Naoki Hiroshima) Twitter: An update on our security incident How to Protect Your Phone Against a SIM Swap Attack 三体Ⅱ 黒暗森林(上) | 劉 慈欣 日本沈没 2020 Unsolved Mysteries 低温調理器 BONIQ Instant Pot リロ氏 (@ly_rone) / Twitter Anker PowerWave Pad Alloy 15W

    274: The Curse of the Quad (hak)

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    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、WebRTC, 広告、チップ、機械学習、PS5, UE5, 移民などについて話しました。 Show Notes Facebook Messenger likes WebRTC Intel Introduces New Mesh Architecture For Xeon And Skylake-X Processors Is MacOS Big Sur version 11 or 10.16? Safari can now stream 4K HDR and Dolby Vision content on Netflix with macOS Big Sur Developers Begin Receiving Mac Mini With A12Z Chip to Prepare Apps for Apple Silicon Macs The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 288, With Special Guest Dan Frommer Google acquires North Inside the Ad Boycott That Has Facebook on the Defensive CALEA | Electronic Frontier Foundation Zoom says free users will get end-to-end encryption after all NVIDIA GTC 2020 Keynote Part 1: CEO Jensen Huang Introduces Data-Center-Scale Accelerated Computing NVIDIA RTX Voice NVIDIA RTX Voice Removes All Microphone Background Noise in Real Time! DeepL Google debuts AI in Google Translate that addresses gender bias FULL PS5 Future of Gaming Reveal Event PS5 size comparison ARM-based Japanese supercomputer is now the fastest in the world 望郷太郎(2) イエスタデイをうたって 1 映画『シドニアの騎士 あいつむぐほし』 The Last of Us Part II Game | PS4 映画『ヒトラーの忘れもの』公式サイト きょうも厄日です 1 | 山本 さほ この町ではひとり | 山本さほ President Trump signs executive order temporarily suspending work visas for H-1B holders HyperJuice GaN 100W Dual USB-C/USB-A ACアダプタ I-O DATA ACアダプター用電源タップ ACTAPM3 Brutus No. 917 東京大学制作展Extra 2020

    273: Always Quarantined (hak)

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    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、WWDC, iOS 14, Apple Silicon, YouTube Music などについて話しました。 Show Notes WWDC20 App Clips - Apple Developer Google Play Instant Apple adds a dedicated biking feature to Maps in iOS 14 iOS 12 has a game-changing NFC feature that works even if your iPhone battery dies The Talk Show Remote From WWDC 2020 MKBHD: Apple Responds to Your Comments! AirPods updated with automatic switching and a new ‘Spatial Audio’ feature Foundation — Teaser | Apple TV+ ファウンデーション | アイザック アシモフ バーナード嬢曰く。: 5 YouTube for Android TV adopts AV1 video codec in certain devices macOS Big Sur Preview Neumorphism in user interfaces Browser Extensions Apple is bringing Face ID and Touch ID to the web with Safari 14 Why 9:41 AM is always the time displayed on iPhones and iPads Apple announces Mac transition to Apple silicon Explore the new system architecture of Apple Silicon Macs - WWDC 2020 Quality of service Amazon's Arm-based Graviton2 Against AMD and Intel Armベースのスパコン「富岳」TOP500で世界1位獲得 Rebuild: 108: John Bull's Instruction Set (hak) Veteran chip engineer Jim Keller leaves Intel after just two years With YouTube Music, Google is holding my speakers for ransom SRS-HG10 | ソニー AfterShokz Aeropex 骨伝導ワイヤレスヘッドホン 三体Ⅱ 黒暗森林(上)

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