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3 former Iowa Hawkeye football players try to fill an hour with words. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/washed-up-walkons/support

Tyler Kluver

    • Jan 27, 2022 LATEST EPISODE
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    No More B1G Divisions?? | WUW 289

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2022 49:11

    In this episode we have a bunch of random topics to discuss starting with a continued conversation from the past weekend of NFL football games, potentially the best weekend of football ever. The major topic is the OT rule that kept the ball out of Josh Allens hands, we give our thoughts on that and some other thoughts on Hawks still left in the playoffs. The B1G came out with some news that there is potential for the conference to switch some things up after this upcoming '22 season and we talk about the implications for such moving forward, we discuss the departure of Chris Ruth, friend of the show, from the University and his mark on Iowa Football, and we finish with some Barry Bonds discussion.

    Jack Koerner | WUW 288

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2022 69:17

    Jack is from Des Moines, Iowa and attended Dowling Catholic High School, home grown I guess.. and was a multi time state champ with the Maroon football team before showing up to Iowa City in 2017. A true born and bred Hawkeye, he tells his story of choosing to wear the black and gold last minute, which came with an interesting conversation with the DB coach from SD, how he worked his way up the ranks within the Iowa program, and the surprise person who he tried to model his career after from the jump. We talk about the safety position in general as well as playing behind guys like Campbell and Benson, and what sort of energy those guys brought to practice, and how they made the team better. We discuss the weight room and leadership, the blueprint of success as a walk on, his boating accident and how his perspective changed after that, Coach Parker, and his potential to continue to underdog story into the NFL.

    What Happens After The Bowl Game? | WUW 287

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2022 66:14

    Lots to discuss on this episode starting with a discussion around being a coach, Coach Parker tucking Kevin in to bed at night and telling him bedtime stories, and talk of simpler times when steroids were cool and people weren't as soft. We dive deeper into the Iowa drama that took place over the past weekend with David Porter, Jordan Lomax, and some more details from that conversation as well as our thoughts on how the media can turn opinion and why its tough when certain people have an agenda. We then get in too the question, what happens after the bowl game? do players go home with family, fly home with team? what are their expectations over that break period? And what are they coming back to when they return to Iowa City. We share some of our favorite winter conditioning memories and experiences and then finish with some discussion about the Hawks in the NFL playoffs.

    Linderbaum Declaration, KF Extension | WUW 286

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2022 47:14

    We finally address the Kittle body bag interview, we talk Linderbaum declaring for the draft, Tristan Wirfs and Micah Hyde being pro bowlers, and playing like gods. KF has a contract through 2029 now even though the DEI committee is trying to oust him, his staff, and the AD of their jobs.. We discuss Playoff Sunday and the lines in those games as well as a whole lot more.

    How Long Will We Do This Podcast? | WUW 285

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 63:10

    This podcast starts with 12,000 calories a day and eating humans, and ends with 'what's the vibe when new players get to campus'.. Per usual, it's like Hagrid's Motorbike adventure in between, you just dont have to pay 500 dollars like Kluver did to experience it. We talk about Iowa's updated schedule and give our brief, way too early, thoughts on how many wins the '22 squad has in them. Jack Campbell and Sam LaPorta are back and we talk about the significance of them to this years team, and also give credit to Padilla and Petras for taking a position battle head on. Some quick thoughts on James Daniels interview about Coach Nagy and his Iowa comments, and then a theoretical question is posed to Kevin stemming from a patreon exclusive episode conversation. We dive into some Q&A from the fans, including what team do we wish Iowa would play that they would likely never.. What we would be doing if Iowa football wasn't our path.. and a whole lot more.Download ultimate fan and win free merch!Its free to play fantasy football with real prizeshttps://ultimatefanusa.app.link/ww

    Moss And Belton Make Decisions | WUW 284

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2022 46:41

    Moss is coming back to the Black and Gold, Belton is off to be GREAT in the NFL. Where does this leave the Hawkeye Defensive backfield, and how do the young guys fit in including Nwankpa, Schulte, DeJean, Castro, Harris, and Scary Terry Roberts. And with the January 17th Declaration deadline for the NFL looming, the boys talk more about the possibility of Linderbaum wanting more. Kluver talks about his conversation with Coach Woods over the weekend, Drake takes his vitamins, and Kevin blacks out, its another beautiful episode of the Washed Up WalkonsDownload ultimate fan and win free merch!Its free to play fantasy football with real prizeshttps://ultimatefanusa.app.link/ww

    Kyler Schott | WUW 283

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2022 60:11

    Kyler is from Coggon, Iowa and walked on to the Iowa Football team as part of the 2017 recruiting class. Kyler would eventually earn a scholarship and start for 3 years on the Hawkeye Offensive line. We sit down with Kyler to talk about his career from his first year in camp through last week in Orlando for the Citrus Bowl. He talks about the early days in his career and wanting to quit, why he stuck it out, when he finally felt like he belonged production and conditioning wise, why Jack Campbell is a mythical creature, being an older guy on a unit that struggled to find footing in 2021, his foot injury, and a whole lot more.Download ultimate fan and win free merch!Its free to play fantasy football with real prizeshttps://ultimatefanusa.app.link/ww

    Kentucky Recap | WUW 282

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2022 70:48

    The boys sit down to recap the Citrus Bowl for the first podcast of 2022. From the QB play to the play calling, the Kentucky players cramping to the absence of Goodson and Keagan Johnson, the 4th and inches punt to the bookend Defensive drives where we gave up touchdowns, we discuss the game in full, plus some other stuff.Join us on Ultimate Fan!Dont miss your chance on over 40k in gift card prizes PLUS a chance to win FREE WUW merchandise! It's pack openings meets fantasy football!It's free to play and super simple:Download NOW: https://ultimatefanusa.app.link/ww-tw

    Kentucky Preview | WUW 281

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2021 75:11

    This is thick episode jam packed with things from bears in hibernation to sponsor announcements and some Kentucky preview in between. We talk at length about how long we think KF will coach for, Mark Stoops as the potential replacement, and if Coach Levar Woods should make a pitstop before possibly jumping right to the head man for the Hawks. We talk with Jack Fitzpatrick who helps us introduce DRF Sports to the show and what we plan on doing with them in the new year. We discuss bowl cancellations/Covid protocol and I think Drake says something about the Democrats ruining the country so thats great. Kevin tells us what Santa brought him, Drake tells us a story from his time at the 49ers/Titans game, and there's a whole lot more in the between. Join us on Ultimate Fan!Dont miss your chance on over 40k in gift card prizes PLUS a chance to win FREE WUW merchandise! It's pack openings meets fantasy football!It's free to play and super simple:Download NOW: https://ultimatefanusa.app.link/ww-tw

    Walkon Holidays | WUW 280

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 27, 2021 40:09

    We get back to talk about the holiday weekend, digestive health, Santa delivering a ton of merch, a 'Walkon Weekend', the Pro Bowl Hawks, and how the NFL is played at a speed that is impossible to eliminate injuries.. and some other random items. The podcast basically falls apart when we learn mid episode that our guy Ike gets injured and carted off the field.

    Zach Johnson | WUW 279

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2021 60:44

    Zach was born in Iowa City, and grew up in Cedar Rapids before attending Drake University on scholarship to play Golf. He has since turned pro, won 12 PGA tour events, including 2 Majors, and is one of the most steady in the sport. He embodies the walk on mentality and is the perfect guest on our show. We talk about his underdog mindset, tiger chasing him down in the 2007 Masters, growing up a Hawkeye, the physical side of the being a professional golfer, the top end moments of his career and much, much more.Join us on Ultimate Fan!Dont miss your chance on over 40k in gift card prizes PLUS a chance to win FREE WUW merchandise! It's pack openings meets fantasy football!It's free to play and super simple:Download NOW: https://ultimatefanusa.app.link/ww-tw

    From The Top Rope, $17K To The Kids | WUW 278

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2021 54:10

    This episode is one of the more comical in recent memory. We start with discussion of starting our own bar, and birthday of Josey and Jesus our two saviors before announcing the specifics of our Walk On Donation to UI Children's Hospital for 2021. Then we highlight Lindys donation as well where Kevin spurs an all time idea that involves a wrestling ring. Riley Moss is going to the senior bowl and we discuss how important those all star games can be and their relevance in comparison to the combine, and how we would make the combine better. We discuss the #1 HS commit flipping to Jackson St, his NIL deal for 1.5 million, Deion Sanders, and that whole situation as well as the newest member of the Cornhusker- De'Coldest ToEvaDoIt Crawford.. real person. Then Kluver confesses to being a fan of Nebraska.. kind of. Urban Meyers time in Jacksonville has come to an end and we give our opinion on that news as well. We give an update on the Walk On Army Fantasy football league and then bounce into a couple more Q&A topics from our Discord. Will we see Petras or Padilla transfer? What Recruits are we most excited about? And what does media training look like inside of the Iowa program?Join us on Ultimate Fan!Dont miss your chance on over 40k in gift card prizes PLUS a chance to win FREE WUW merchandise! It's pack openings meets fantasy football!It's free to play and super simple:Download NOW: https://ultimatefanusa.app.link/ww-tw

    A New Class Of Black And Gold | WUW 277

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 29:34

    We open the podcast with an incredible business idea based on last episode, then talk signing day which is something neither of us experienced. We discuss the recruiting class rankings, and what Iowa may be able to do on the field in the next few years with consecutive top 25 classes. We have a brilliant merch idea, and create a plan for Tesla to sponsor the show, then we talk about Marco Lainez who the Hawks just recently landed as their QB in the class of 2023, who happens to be a 4 star. Then we move on to some Q&A from the Patreon, which we haven't gotten to do in a while, with a few questions that center around Bowl prep.

    Goodson Is Gone Son | WUW 276

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2021 47:34

    In this episode we say Happy Birthday to Kevin before getting into some discussion about the weekends Army-Navy game, a few NFL games, including some highlight performances by Kittle, and a Hawk on Hawk battle of Wirfs v Epenesa. We discuss possible landing spots for Tyrone Tracy, mainly Purdue. Tyler Linderbaum won the Rimington trophy and we discuss our thoughts on if the Bowl game will be his last time in Black and Gold. Then we move to the topic of the night which is Tyler Goodson's decision to declare for the draft AND forgo the Citrus Bowl.

    X Marks The Spot | WUW 275

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 49:22

    We open the pod talking about Drake's continued tummy trouble, Kevin has started slacking at work, and we provide a betting recap from Championship weekend. We get into some CFP final rankings and then discuss the possibility of ANOTHER Walkon meetup in Orlando? Stay tuned because you do not want to miss those details. We dive into some details about the Charity golf tournament that we are trying to cook up and then we get into the juicy stuff. Deuce Hogan's mom is not on the podcast but she is on Facebook and we talk all about parents on social media, the comment made from Coach Ferentz that was described as 'Slander', as well as the implications on Deuce's career moving forward. Tyrone Tracy is in the portal and we talk about his contribution as a Hawk and what he did for the program, and we react LIVE as Xavier Nwankpa, the nations top high school safety from South East Polk, made his decision while we were recording. All of this and more.

    Indy Weekend + Michigan Recap | WUW 274

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2021 49:57

    Thank you to every single one of you who came out to the meetup in Indianapolis this past weekend. It truly amazed us at what it turned into. We recap the entire day Saturday, starting with lunch, a surprise conversation with one of the coaches before the game, the meetup details, and more. We get into talking game and the hot topic of this season, Brian Ferentz. We give our thoughts on his performance Saturday as well as the 11 players who play for him, and break down why and how things went wrong. We talk about using both QBs again, the special teams down day, and how well the defense played to start the game outside of 2 big plays. All of that and more.

    Michigan Preview w/Steve Deace | WUW 273

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 78:00

    We start by talking about Drakes move to Nashville which he finally made, and what it took to get there. Details of our meetup in Indy are official and we make sure everyone knows where to find us, the we move into discussion the wild coaching carousel going on around the country, what it would take to turn down the Offers that Riley and Kelly are getting, Living in LA and more. This sparks conversation about KF and the stability that Iowa provides. We read some lovely podcast reviews.In the middle we bring on Steve Deace of Bigger Ten and Michigan Podcast. He joins the show to breakdown how the Wolverines found themselves in the title game, what makes this team tick, and what the game against Iowa may look like. In the back half we shift over to the new CFP rankings, the longest of shots at Iowa in the playoff, and some Bowl destination talk, and finish with Wards Winners.

    Tevaun Smith | WUW 272

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 34:11

    We catch up with Tevaun about his time since graduating from Iowa in 2015. Playing professionally in Canada, and bouncing around the NFL before that. We get his thoughts on why that 2015 team was able to find so much success, and of course we discuss the catch he made in Lucas Oil and the secret tidbit that makes that play even more crazy, as we prep for the Hawks return to the Title game in Indy this weekend.

    Nebraska Recap - Hawks To INDY | WUW 271

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 81:51

    The boys sit down to recap a wild weekend that saw incredible football across the country. A great game in Bedlam, an incredible Iron Bowl, and of course 'The Game' did not disappoint, but more than the rest the battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe changed the landscape of the Big Ten West in 2021. Oh, and the Hawks made an all time comeback in Lincoln the beat the Huskers!! We are here to talk about it all, walking you back through the good, bad, and ugly of the Nebraska game from Black Friday. Special Teams continue to be Special, the offense is getting better and improving visibly, and the defense continues to get it done when it's necessary. We also talk about how the Walkons will now meet up in INDY for the first time ever with the Walkon Army, our emotions and memories of the '15 game, and whole lot more.

    Nebraska Preview w/Jeremiah Sirles | WUW 270

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 80:34

    We are joined in this Husker preview by former Nebraska Offensive Lineman himself, multi time guest of the pod, fan favorite, and current Husker Radio Network employee, Jeremiah Sirles. He joins us to talk all things Iowa v Nebraska including a rundown of the Nebraska season, some of the positives and negatives of this team, why they haven't been able to win close games, Adrian Martinez being out and what to expect with Logan Smothers, the Special Teams woes inside Big Red territory, Scott Frost dumping half his staff and getting a restructured contract, and a whole lot more. We also hear about Sirles being a dad, his thoughts on NIL changes over the past year, what he thinks of the transfer portal, and plenty of other stuff as well.

    Illinois Recap | WUW 269

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 59:23

    Merch is available until midnight Nov. 23rd! visit HawksByAMillion.com to get yours now!In Todays recap episode some larger looming conversations really start to come to a head as the Big Ten Championship, one the Hawks still have a chance at competing in, is less than 2 weeks away. Would we actually choose to not play in the title game if it means we had to most likely get womped by OSU? Padilla now has almost 3 full games under his belt as the starter, we discuss the WR drops, and his performance and who we would go with at QB moving forward assuming Spencer is back to full health. We break down the Illinois game of course and how the Illini completely switched up the game plan against the Hawkeyes, why they were able to find success on a long first scoring drive, and how we faired with several key defenders out with injury. We talk the Good and the Bad from Special Teams on Saturday. We also talk the emotions of senior day, as we look back and remember what it was like for us to walk the tunnel one final time, and what it's like now to watch guys play their last game.

    Illinois Preview | WUW 268

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 61:59

    In Drakes first half of this episode we discuss the lull of Illinois, some opposing locker room and environment details that make a game easier or harder to play, and why Illinois sucks. We talk about kicking our Maryland Illinois and Rutgers from the Big Ten, and we briefly touch on some optics for Saturday and how Iowa should win this game. Most of the breakdown is left to Kevin. We discuss Ohio St and their game against MSU this weekend, we ponder the question, can Nebraska pull off the miracle with no coaches and beat Wisconsin? We discuss Matt Campbells comments from his media this week about his teams goals and if he will eventually sneak out of Ames. We finish with Drakes picks of the week.In Kevin's half of the podcast we start by discussing porta-pottys at a chili festival, working out, and how Pre-workouts use to have the chemical makeup very close to meth. We get into some deeper Illinois break down and how they have been able to find small success this year, especially defensively over the last month against teams like PSU and Minnesota. We discuss their running attack, how they mix up their looks, and how Iowa will likely defend those looks. I bring up the same Nebraska, and Matt Campbell topics to Kevin to get his thoughts. And Riley Moss doesn't have a PCL which just so happens to be the case for Kevin, he explains how that injury affected him and what Riley will have to do to return to 100%. We finish with Ward's Winners.

    Minnesota Recap | WUW 267

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 67:12

    We're here! We are back from a 1 day delay on the Minnesota post game episode. We explain why this is coming out on Tuesday and dive into our Merchandise store that is LIVE now! Get your holiday gear. Then we get to the important stuff like what were we thinking at the end of the game trying to let those Gophers back in? Well, maybe what happened on the field was actually our best option. We dissect the whole thing plus, Alex Padilla was officially the guy this past week front to back and how did he fair? Is he the answer moving forward with now almost 2 games of data? We recap our bets from the weekend, talk about the spotty tackling from the Iowa D, Kevin grades that defense, and we spend some time on how big of a playmaker Keagan Johnson is and his future with the Hawks. We finish talking about the Twitter/Tyrone Tracy drama from Sunday and give our thoughts on 'trying to keep everyone happy'.

    Minnesota Preview | WUW 266

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 52:03

    In this episode we talk about the Pig, a little bit about where Iowa and Minnesota's Offense/Defense matchup against each other and nationally, We talk Hamburger Helper, some more Apple Podcast Reviews, Kluver smacking Drake around, KF and what he thinks about the Doughboys(Merch coming soon?). Nebraska fired like half of their staff and we make our best guess at what will happen there, how they go about the next 2 weeks, and how we are Nebby fans on the 20th. We finish with some CFP rankings talk, comparing College Football to College Basketball, and everyone's favorite, soon to be sponsored, segment Ward's Winners!

    Northwestern Recap | WUW 265

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 65:08

    Yes we are going to talk about Alex Padilla, Spencer Petras, and the future of Iowa QB, I promise. Before we get there, we recap how the betting weekend went as gambling once again proves to be tricky. We talk about David Bell and the Boilermakers once again playing spoiler to a top 5 team. We talk a little bit about our next up opponent in the Gophers and the egg they laid this past weekend, Gary Barta getting trashed on Gameday, and Kevin Ward's nutritional morning shake recipe. We eventually dive into Petras getting pulled, his potential injury, how Padilla performed, how the O looked as a whole, and we all answer the question who should be the guy moving forward. We finish the episode trying to decipher the punt that was blocked.

    Northwestern Preview | WUW 264

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 52:38

    This episode is debuting as the episode right before the game in Evanston, but the previewing of Northwestern really doesn't go much further than that. We do talk about how Iowa should be able to regain some confidence in the running game and potentially get back on track with the Defensive domination that we saw the first 5 weeks. The meat of this episode includes many other topics such as Mel Kiper's latest draft rankings and where our Hawks fall by position. The CFP week 1 rankings, where they got it right and where they got it wrong, hello Cincy. Some discussion on NIL focus as a student athlete during the season and Kevin's idea for an NIL allowance system. A will story that involves a Texas coach and his girlfriends monkey, Caitlin Clark signing a deal with Hy-Vee, and we finish with the recently hot Wards Winners segment.

    Wisconsin Recap | WUW 263

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 65:00

    You probably don't want to listen, but in an odd way you may enjoy this episode more than others, as the guys have to get REAL. Honest, authentic, no holding back conversation about the state of Iowa Football right now, and how this ship can possibly, if at all, get back on track. We talk about the disappointment of the Offensive struggles and how to potentially make things better. Who do we believe should be playing QB for the hawks, what grade do we give Brian Ferentz, and what is wrong with this line? Does this start to cause friction on the locker room on opposing sides of the ball? And if so who steps up to do something about it? What does that do for the culture of the team. We also discuss how a successful season still is reach for the Hawks, and a whole lot more.

    Wisconsin Preview | WUW 262

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 73:24

    In part one Drake and Tyler discuss the ins and outs of playing Wisconsin. Camp Randall, the 3-4 defense, why they give Iowa fits, the physicality of the game and more. They also talk about why this game is the perfect one coming out of the Bye week and the key stats to Saturdays matchup, which hinge on how well the defenses have done with turnovers this year. We talk a little bit about KFs Tuesday presser and finish with conversation about getting KF and other coaches on the podcast and us walking in on media days.Kevin hops on for part 2 to discuss his own thoughts on some of the same concepts covered with Drake. He gives his insight into the defensive mindset when facing Wisconsin and we talk Phil Parker vs the Badgers, as well as our 2 Thorpe award semi finalists in Hankins and Moss. We share a clip from Petras talking about what Pottebaum means to the Hawkeyes and then dive into more details. We finish with Kevin's final thoughts heading into Saturday and Wards winners of course.

    Bye Week | WUW 261

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 46:11

    We are back for some roundtable discussion. As the Hawks rested on Saturday the rest of country saw plenty of excitement as multiple top 10 teams were beaten including Penn St at home vs Illinois in 9, count them, 9 Over times. We discuss the new over time rule, if it was safe to put Clifford out there on the field, and the implications this has on the rest of the B1G race this year. We talk about Bielema and his comments on his players from earlier in the week and how its never a cake walk when you play a conference game. We discuss why a big time WR recruit ie. Kyler Kasper would want to come play for Iowa, as Drake was on site as part time recruiting coordinator for the Hawks this weekend in AZ. Some NIL discussion leaks in as well as Big E adopting us as his sons. All of that and more on 261

    LeShun Daniels Jr | WUW 260

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 63:24

    LeShun played running back for the Hawks in the '13 class through 2016. We catch up with LeShun to find out what has been going on in his life since retiring from playing in 2018. He tells us about his new ventures in coaching AND podcasting and speaks on dad life. We dive into the 2021 Iowa Hawkeyes, most specifically the offense and go deep into the struggles, why our offensive line isn't up to standard, and more. He tells us if 11th in the country is too high, too low, or fair... and we go over some Wards Winners betting thoughts for the weekend in the Big Ten.

    Purdue Recap | WUW 259

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 68:14

    Iowa dropped their first game of the season, and it hurts for all of Hawkeye nation. Come grieve with the Walkons and lets have some Hawk therapy trying to figure out how we turn this thing around. We identify what we believe the problem to be on Offense. Hint, it isn't the QB this time around, and try to pinpoint how they get better from here. We also talk Defense as Kevin tells us why its much easier said than done when it comes to defending Purdue and David Bell(he just scored again). We talk about plenty more as well before we finish with discussion of how this will sit in the minds and hearts of the players as they enter a much needed Bye week for themselves.

    Ettore 'Big E' Ewen | WUW 258

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 49:47

    Hawkeye Alum, and current WWE Champion, Ettore 'Big E' Ewen joins the show. After an electric Saturday of appearances on Fox Big Noon Kickoff, A mid game promo, and finishing his night at Wilder V Fury in Vegas, E sits down to have a chat with the boys! He talks about how he found his way to Iowa City by pure chance, dealing with injuries that ended up derailing his football career, and experiencing the 'best and worst' of times. We talk his crazy feats of strength, winning national powerlifting competitions, and working out with John Cena and Roman Reigns. Then we quickly cover his time in Pro Wrestling from start to finish and the crazy things he has experienced in the last 12 years. Steve Manders gets a mention, we talk George Kittle and his love for the sport, and he lets us know his thoughts on The Swarm in Kinnick vs a WrestleMania entrance! All of this and more!

    Purdue Preview | WUW 257

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 63:52

    We sit down to preview Purdue, but it really isn't heavily Boilermaker focused in this one. We have a cool discussion into the X's and O's of the Matt Hankins 4th down stop from Saturday and how that could have potentially gone very bad for the Hawks. We also offer our opinions on the Ferentz/Franklin media comments about the injuries being real or fake.. Its like that one dress optical illusion, is it blue or pink? We also talk about some of the mindset of knowing you are 'supposed to win' and what that feels like week in and week out. Kevin was in a heated HOA meeting, we need to make Franklin the Turtle shirts, and Drake seeks Phil Parkers approval.. Plus as always we have Wards Winners. All of that and more!

    Penn State Recap | WUW 256

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 96:54

    90+ minutes of Hawkeye content. Those Hawkeyes, your Hawkeyes, are ranked #2 in the nation right now and we break down the ENTIRE game from Saturday where Iowa overcame Penn State 23-20. It was a week that felt like a month and it culminated in the best game Kinnick has seen in decades. The boys sit down to discuss every part of Saturday from Ettore 'Big E' Ewen giving the nation a "Hawks By A Million' and basting our brand into outer space, to the Injury issues that seemed to plague Penn State at the perfect, most opportune times. We talk Offensive struggles especially early in the game, Iowa getting 4 more interceptions, Clifford getting hurt, Nico's big catch, and everything in between. What a weekend it was, now sit back and debrief it all with us, the Walkons.

    Penn State Preview | WUW 255

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 82:32

    Drake and Tyler talk some Penn St jokes, and what it was like to play in big games, from the feeling of that week leading into Saturday to the Tunnel walk and everything in between. They talk managing the emotion and Drake gives his keys to the game. We also give some updates on flags, sleepers for the NICU, and merchandise coming down the line. In the second half of this episode Kevin joins the show and talks us through what it was like for him in weeks where the game was just 'bigger'. Kevin describes what the time at the hotel was like before a game, and we talk about the 'business trip' mindset. We discuss if we think that this era of Hawkeye Football is pushing to take over the West Division and become the team to beat for good. We also discuss Iowa's upcoming 'biggest recruiting weekend' ever, and if this Saturday alone could actually play a vital role in shaping the future of Iowa football. We finish with Wards Winners and our final thoughts on the matchup.

    Maryland Recap | WUW 254

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 64:23

    The Hawks dismantled the Terps last Friday 51-14. This team now sits at #3 in the country and has all the expectations in the world placed upon them. They control their destiny in the West by a wide margin, and much of the division has questions to answer before they can even think about the B1G title game. The Offense took many steps forward, highlighted by Arland Bruce, Progress by Petras, and some O-line stability. The Defense continued their run of dominance with the most impressive outing yet. 5 interceptions and a complete shut down of what was thought to be a top offense in the country. We talk about all of this and more along with some fun comparisons to the 2015 team as we try to limit ourselves from looking to far ahead. This is a big week, and that is an understatement.

    Maryland Preview | WUW 253

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 68:58

    Drake rejoins the show after his mysterious absence on Mondays episode and he actually brings some really good analysis on what he thinks is best for the Iowa Offense right now, the O-line specifically. We do some funny current event stuff, the Niemanns jersey swapped, an OSU player quit mid game, and you could walk on at Arizona this year! We also read some more podcast reviews. We talk about the vertical passing game opening up and if we think that has something to do with practice progression from Spencer Petras. Then, Dylan Spilko joins us from out East, he is the Top Deputy Editor or the Testudo Times, the Maryland school publication, and offers his insight on Terrapin personnel, and helps us better understand the matchup ahead on Friday night. We finish with Ward's Winners and an in the dumps Kevin, who just wants to win some bets.

    Colorado State Recap | WUW 252

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 61:16

    What is wrong with the Hawks!?! Well, potentially nothing.. consider that? Or maybe there are some issues that need to be cleaned up. We talk about it all right here on 252 the CSU recap. After talking down the trap game concept, it looked like the Hawks overlooked the Rams, we discuss why we believe that is not the case, and give our reasons why it was such a slow start offensively against a 'lesser' team. We also break down why the Defense, who has looked like world beaters through this point in the season, looked to be lacking on Saturday... was that really the case? We discuss the state of the fanbase and why what we feel emotionally right now is being felt by PLENTY of teams that are ranked across the country and why we shouldn't let the number in front of our name fool us into unrealistic expectations.

    Colorado State Preview | WUW 251

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 61:52

    The guys discuss what the Hawks face as challenges moving in to week 4, which includes but is not limited to the Rams from CSU. They talk vertical passing game progression, run game, the Hawkeyes scoring defense, and what this game 'should' look like. They also talk Spencer Lee on Bussin with the Boys, Charlie Jones and Lou Malnatis pizza, and Josey Jewell's season ending injury. They recall the night of the Penn St game 2016 from Kickoff through falling asleep at 2:30 am, Walmart guy story is retold, and Ward's Winners is back for Week 4. They also answer some questions from the fans, and what is the better brownie, the middle or the edge?

    Kent State Recap | WUW 250

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 62:43

    Today we recap the Kent State game. Lots of Petras talk. Is he really our best option? Why would we keep someone better on the bench? Is the play calling limiting his down field throws or is a lack of separation by our receivers? Is it both or neither? We try to figure it out. The run game got going finally and T good looked great behind an offensive line that finally caught some footing and consistency. We also discuss how games like this, CSU, and others are avoided as 'Trap Games' from the inside and why perspective as a fan compared to the inside on a weekly basis is vastly different. Pottebaum is the total package, the Defense saw a couple broken coverages, and plenty more.

    Kent State Preview | WUW 249

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 58:11

    Kevin and Tyler give their final thoughts on ISU as Kevin makes his return to the pod back from vacation on Monday. The focus eventually shifts to Kent St and what challenges the Flashes pose for the Hawkeyes this upcoming Saturday. We read a couple podcast reviews that are very entertaining, we talk NIL deals and why Caseys needs to hand Riley Moss the keys to their brand, and we briefly touch on what COULD BE with Penn St coming to Iowa City is a months time. How does the Kent St up tempo offense really affect a defense? What does the offense do to find rhythm in this game? Should Iowa actually be worried about a trap game? These questions and more PLUS the segment everyone hates to love, Wards Winners Week 3.

    Iowa State Recap | WUW 248

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 53:07

    The streak extends to 6 for the Iowa in the CyHawk series. Saturday boasted the biggest game between ISU and Iowa in the history of the matchup and the it didn't disappoint if you were wearing black and gold. We all know that through 2 games the defense has played out of their mind, we discuss why that may be the case and why their confidence will only continue to grow. Special teams was huge on Saturday, even more than people think, and we talk about why Tory Taylor and Charlie Jones are literally changing the game for the Hawkeyes. Spencer Petras took another step or 2 in proving that he is the guy. We talk about the 3 throws that end the discussion on if he is a true gamer or not, however why is he taking sacks on 3rd down? We have a couple answers to that question and explain why we are optimistic. We address the teams glaring weakness in the offensive line and what we think Schott returning to the lineup could do for production. Ohio St. lost to Oregon and showed for the 2nd straight week that they are not the team that OSU usually puts on the field, and this of course leaves the top of the Big Ten more open than usual. We talk the Hawks resume, best in the country, and why this team could be special. Kevin makes an All-Time cameo from his Las Vegas hotel room, Drake rants of course, the F-bomb fund is fully loaded, and the Walkons have a HUGE bounce back week in betting picks for week 2!

    Iowa State Preview | WUW 247

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 94:20

    A THICK Cy-Hawk preview. This episode has a lot going down as we react on the fly to something serious that happens minutes before recording the episode. We talk about Gameday coming to Ames, we talk about both teams being top 10 in the country, and talk about what Iowa will NEED to do if they want to be successful this weekend against the Clowns. We also discuss the 'Superbowl' concept and how this rivalry is viewed by every party involved. We cut to a guest appearance from Dan Pomeroy, lifelong Hawkeye, Walkon Army member, and all around great dude, who shares his perspective on the matchup which he has made for 43 straight meetings between the teams. He also shares some stories and gives his thoughts on the Iowa program. We finish with Wards Winners, stay tuned for the official picks on our social pages on release day.

    Indiana Recap | WUW 246

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2021 50:23

    In todays recap episode we discuss the big opening day win for the Hawks. Iowa completed a 34 to 6 victory in dominating fashion over the 17th ranked Indiana Hoosiers on Saturday, but even in such triumph there remains many unanswered questions. Why are the specialists leading the swarm? What are our thoughts on how each unit played this weekend? Did Petras looked as if he has improved? Did he even get the chance to show real rhythm and flow? Does it look like the young offensive line will be enough to dominate this year? Did the D-line play sufficient football to compliment the back 7? Is there anyone in the country better than that back 7? haha All of these questions answered and more as well as tiny tidbits of speculation as we look forward to Week 2.

    Indiana Preview | WUW 245

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 81:32

    We made it! Hawkeye football is finally here, and we have a ton to talk about. We sit down to discuss Bishop Sycamore, the fake school that made it to ESPN, Pat McCaff striking a deal with Pancheros and taking full advantage of NIL. We talk about the NFL Hawkeyes who made the 53 man rosters, some surprises of who did and didn't make a squad. Then we cross over with Scott Caulfield of CrimsonCast, to learn more about the Indiana Hoosiers. Finally we knock out our first Ward's Winners segment of the year and make some betting picks for the weekend.

    Football is BACK | WUW 244

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 60:55

    Its Game week baby! And B1G football has already begun with the showdown of average, Nebraska and Illinois. We go deep on the first big ten action of the year and discuss why Nebraska cant gain traction, why Illinois has a lot to be excited about, and where both of those programs could be heading. Plenty of Husker jokes fill this episode as well as some bookkeeping in the front that includes Patron Fantasy Football league, A big time announcement for WUW brand, and the details regarding our newest HBAM flags for sale. We debate breakfast as well, and end the pod discussing 'Good not being good enough' for this years Hawkeye team, and why Indianapolis could be seeing some black and gold real soon.

    A New Alliance Is Born | WUW 243

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2021 67:33

    Hawkeye Football is just 10 days away and joining us on the show today is Micah Lee. Micah is our 2nd featured Walkon Army member to join the show after our episode with James in April was a hit earlier this year. We talk favorite Iowa moments all time, A fans perspective on who should take over the program after KF retires, what the new 'Alliance' means for conference realignment and more. Micah also brought some great questions like how a program manages building culture from the ground up, what truly matters most when it comes to winning games, and have we ruffled any feathers or burned bridges due to starting the podcast?

    Kids Day Exposes Defense!? | WUW 242

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2021 55:53

    This episode starts with non football related conversation as we catch up with each other about our personal athletic endeavors and then turns to Hawkeye related content. A Jujitsu story from Drake, why Kevin won't be powerlifting for much longer, and the guys hype me up for my 20k race next weekend. We talk a bit about Drew Ott with Kevin and discuss what makes a good podcast episode citing the Dimarco ep and several others. We make a few short comments on the US pulling out of Afghanistan, Luka shines in the summer league, Caitlyn Clark is a top female basketball player in the world. We then shift our discussion to Kids Day, talk about the Offense performing better than the Defense and what that potentially means for this year, we discuss the back 7 this year and their potential, and the over/under for Iowa this year is set at 8.5, we discuss all of this and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    Drew Ott | WUW 241

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 51:44

    Drew is from Giltner Nebraska, and found his way to Iowa City after the Huskers overlooked him during recruiting. Drew, as you can hear in his voice, is pretty good at rolling with the punches and continuing to take life head on, sometimes too literally. Like the time he was sideswiped by someone while driving his moped and ended up on their windshield, an accident that totaled the moped but didn't kill it as Drew plans to turn it into a go-kart. That project and 70 more are sitting on the farm with Drew as he and his Wife Kali, a former Iowa Basketball player herself, are now back in Nebraska on the family farm. We talk about Drew seeing the field early, his earliest memories of him lifting weights, graduating HS with 10 other people, and being a "Winner". We also discuss the infamous part of Drew's college career where his senior season was cut short and he was denied another year by the NCAA. He craps all over CrossFit, tells us about his diet, what it was like training to be an NFL O-lineman post college, and a whole lot more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    Wilson Rathjen | WUW 240

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 66:27

    Wil is from Durant, Iowa and found his way to Iowa City in 2012 after playing in Fort Dodge at Iowa Central Community College for 2 years. Wil is a fellow walk on and played D line for the Hawks. We talk all about Wil's first week in Iowa City, his career arc, why he connected with our mental health episode, the challenges of being a Walk On transfer, his relationship with Jordan Canzeri and Q Alston, as well as marrying a teammates sister, his short stint at long snapper, once waiting in KF's office for 6 hours to meet with him, his memorable first play from scrimmage, and his new role as 'Dad'. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    RIP To The Big 12 Creek Beavers | WUW 239

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2021 54:57

    In this episode we go all over the map, figuratively AND literally as we discuss conference realignment and what is going to happen to the Big 12. Who, if anyone, should be added and dropped in the Big 10, and the rest of the implications from Oklahoma and Texas most recent decision. Before all of that we talk about Ihmir in Minnesota, the food life of professional athletes, the conclusion of the Olympic games, swimming, track, water polo, and Simone Biles. We talk Caitlyn Clark dominating in international basketball, Megan Gustafson, and the privilege's we have had with Hawkeye basketball players of the last 5 years, Joe Rogan, censorship, the vaccine, politics, yea all of that dumb shit. Now you see why this is quite the episode. There's a lot to chew on, we hope you enjoy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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