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3 former Iowa Hawkeye football players try to fill an hour with words. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/washed-up-walkons/support

Tyler Kluver

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    Brad Heinrichs - The Swarm Collective | WUW 340

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 63:40

    On the show today is Brad Heinrichs. He is a 1997 graduate of the University of Iowa and former Hawkeye Golfer. After graduating and leaving Iowa City to pursue being an Actuary, and eventually starting his own Actuarial Firm in Fort Myers, Florida, He has now set his sights on being the head man for what hopefully becomes the Iowa Hawkeyes thriving, annual NIL source. Brad formed The Swarm Collective recently which seeks to approach the new world of college athletes making money by doing the right way. Hear how he has structed the Collective and how the Hawks will be able to profit off of their name, image, and likeness. We also dive deep into the general discussion of NIL, big money, projections, and his best ever round of Golf.

    Kennington Lloyd Smith III | WUW 339

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 63:45

    Known also as Skinny Kenny, DJ Octane, and several other nicknames from friends, Kennington as you will soon find out is an absolute grinder in the world of Sports media/journalism. A guy with the passion, dedication, desire, AND though he's only 27, the experience you would ask for when looking for someone to cover your team. Listen to his story from 12 yrs old in middle school to now 15 years later as one of the newer beat writers in the Iowa sports scene, and you will hear the love he has for the game of journalism and the work ethic bleed through his answers.

    Back From Vacation | WUW 338

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 41:33

    After a rare 2 week break Drake and Tyler sit down to catch up and gather themselves and the show as we round our way to 1 month our from college football. We talk a little bit about the escapades of our recent trips across the country, discuss some small bits from Big Ten media days in Indy, brush over NFL starting camp and Wirfs housing Krispy Kremes mid practice, and some other topics. We also break down what is to come in the next month including some potential for new and expanded content under the Walkon umbrella.

    David Eickholt Part 2 | WUW 337

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2022 47:11

    In part 2 of the David Eickholt sit down we get into actual Iowa Football specific Talk. What are David's biggest questions for the Hawkeyes as we get closer to the 2022 season. Some more details about the departure of Charlie Jones, and who could help fill that spot on special teams. What is our best lineup at Receiver and who fits where, and who is going to play the Cash position that has become so meaningful to the last couple renditions of Phil Parkers defense? How warm is Brian's seat as OC and how does moving to QB coach change things for this year? And finally, where are we with QB potential with Petras/Padilla/Labas but also the 2 commits' Carson May and Marco Lainez.

    David Eickholt Part 1 | WUW 336

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2022 53:29

    In Part 1 of the Eickholt sit-down we dive deeper into the world of Journalism, and specifically the Iowa landscape that David has worked himself into. What was it like his first time sitting down at a media availability to ask Fran and Kirk questions? What was his approach to build trust and rapport with coaches, staff, and players? Was it natural for him or were there struggles? What are his thoughts on the changing NIL landscape and players becoming more involved in content production and media, and does he see that as competition or a rising tide lifts all ships situation? We also get into the some of the 2020 Summer news cycle and how dicey it was as someone who produces content during that time, as well as a whole lot more.

    Chad Greenway(Episode 100 rebroadcast) | WUW 335

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2022 79:26

    The boys are on a short Summer break to recharge before we LOCK IN for a big upcoming season of college football. While we are away, many newer listeners have caught up on the growing back log of episodes, so we are throwing it back to one of the milestones, Episode 100 with Chad Greenway. Chad is a well known Iowa Football legend. He would make many people's Hawkeye Football Mt. Rushmore and is one of the greatest Linebackers in history to wear the black and gold. After being a crucial part of the 3 year domination period of Hawkeye football in 02' to 04' he was drafted in the first round by the Minnesota Vikings where he spent his entire NFL career. A perfect story if there ever was one. Chad talks about all of this and more including his recruitment story, Reese Morgan, stories from high school and Iowa city, and how being a Hawkeye shaped him into the man he is today post football life. Chad now lives in Minnesota with his wife and 4 daughters(future Olympians) and is an entrepreneur. His most recent venture is having a hand in a vodka company, Grey Duck Vodka. We hope you enjoy our chat with Chad.

    Extortion In Happy Valley | WUW 334

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2022 65:33

    A variety episode that includes topics of conversation such as DJK coming on the show as a guest, the Patreon heating up, 'Every Kick Counts' and how tory Taylor and other specialists around the area are using their performance on the field to help out a charitable cause, an event put on by Keith Duncan that Kluver attended, Estella's and their 5 star food, and Penn St players being extorted by some random chick, Drake's own 'What's in the golf bag', some discussion about his trip to Gatlinburg, Crumbl Flavors of the week, and a whole lot more.

    Should We Steal It? | WUW 333

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2022 72:06

    Tonight we get into more thoughts on the NIL Club that is going on in Iowa City, most notably, why we aren't the ones back ending this for the Hawks, and how we plan to take over. Then we get into some Crumbl review, we discuss each of our Top 3 most influential people to our football careers, our favorite podcasts, and wrap the episode by revealing the Top 5 Shows all time for each Walkon.

    Proc Is A Hawk | WUW 332

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2022 59:05

    In todays episode the boys recap the weekend full of events ranging from Kluver's first golf outing of the year in Grand Island, Nebraska all the way to Nashville where Drake attended the 3rd Annual KittleFest which is a backyard Summer celebration party that George throws at his compound, this year bigger and better than ever. Kevin was working this weekend. We discuss Recruiting and why the Hawks are trending upward as of the last 3-4 years. What could be the reason why the classes have been stacked a little heavier? Does Iowa have the best O-line class of '23? How will these last few classes translate to on field results? And how did Drake almost tear his ACL?

    Join The Club | WUW 331

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2022 59:08

    Today we get Turn Signal Kev on his way home from work to discuss the breaking news of Wednesday the "NIL Club" that the Iowa Football players have curated. We discuss the brief initial details of the what the club is about, how much it is to join, what you can expect as benefits, and our questions surrounding how the club will work from both sides of the coin. This conversation, what most people will care about, starts at the X:XX mark and carries through the end of the episode. Before that Kev and Kluv talk the mindset of dealing with an injury, predicting the 2015 12-0 run, sleeping without AC in that summer prior, and some other random stuff.

    The B1G Gets Bigger | WUW 330

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2022 53:49

    In this episode we record on Kevin's favorite Holiday, America's Birthday, the 4th of July. However, this one isn't going like Kevin had probably hoped, Drake taps into to every Man who loves to golf dream, and the boys talk training, Kittle being Kittle, and the mindset of Drake when it comes to communication. Then we get to the meat that is the 2 new members of the Big Ten conference. USC and UCLA announced they will be joining the Big 10 in a couple years which opens an entire new can of worms for the boys to talk about. Logistics of travel, new rivalries, the odds of these teams playing well in the Midwest, does any of it even make sense? The episode concludes with discussion over PJ Fleck catching some heat recently, and an alleged arrangement that he had, that included a star player at Western Michigan.

    Top 5 Hawkeye Football Players All Time | WUW 329

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 57:19

    In this episode we record late Wednesday evening, discuss the tiers of fast food burgers, Get into a discussion about Summer and Fall Camp, and eventually land on a tweet from the boys at DRF Sports that poses the question: Top 5 Greatest Hawkeye Football Players of All Time. This sends us into arguments over Nile Kinnick, comparing Eras, Why Wirfs isn't in the discussion with Scherff and Gallery, and a whole lot more. We finish with pondering where we would fall in the all time complete list of Iowa players ranked first to last.

    What Happened At Tight End U? | WUW 328

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 54:00

    The boys catch up after a long weekend that saw Drake and Kluver both attend weddings, and now has the podcast home basing out of Indianapolis for the week. Mullets are on the loose, multiple chicken coops are in play, Dallas Clark knows about the WUW, Drake was touching Josh Allen, Kevin got a personal letter from KF, Keegan Murray is the highest ever drafted Hawkeye, and a whole lot more

    Did Iowa Find An NIL Stash? | WUW 327

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 43:03

    Kevin works late, and Drake ditches the podcast for something called Tight End University, so Kluver is left to fend for himself. Luckily friend of the Show David Eickholt hops on to save the day, and the 2 get into some relevant recruiting news, which young guys can play early, and the chances Iowa lands a big fish close to home.

    Rated The #1 Podcast! | WUW 326

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 58:13

    One of the more odd vibes on a podcast that we have had in a while, Drake was late because he was selling his black market equipment, and he was in a bad mood. We talk about being rated the best podcast in the world, or something like that, and then we bring up a picture from the Rose Bowl of the 2015 season.. which takes us down what can only be described as a rabbit hole of despair. We bring up clips and commentate on some of the most sad moments of our career.

    Tim Semisch | WUW 325

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022 66:05

    Tim grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and attended Millard North High School and is the 'baby' of a family of 3 brothers. While he stands at 6'8 275 present day, he graduated high school 100 lbs lighter at the same height which led to his recruitment for college football being delayed. He attended D2 Neb. Omaha before eventually ending up at Northern Illinois for 4 years, which later blossomed into a 5 year stint bouncing around the National Football League. He majored in organizational/corporate communication and later Kinesiology, and after retiring from football now has settled in as the Director of Strength & Performance at Nashville MMA East, which happens to be where Drake trains his Jiu jitsu.

    A New Walkon | WUW 324

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 64:13

    Rally For Reid camp hosted by "sUpeR BOwL ChAMpIoN" Jake Gervase is happening in just over 2 weeks! If you have a kiddo entering K-9 sign them up and give them the opportunity to be coached by an incredible staff of Former Hawkeyes who know a decent amount about football. The rest of the episode is a mix of banter and one big announcement.

    Pete & Kim Harmon - Graze | WUW 323

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 69:56

    Pete and Kim, 2 of the most legendary people on earth join the show. they are owners of the local restaurant Graze in Iowa City, and have been catering Hawkeye athletic meals since 2015. They have play a significant role in fueling the Hawks for 7 years and go above and beyond the competition. they are far and away the team favorite within the football facility and after listening to this hour + with them you will get a sense of why they stand out amongst the rest.

    Kris Murray Is Back + QA | WUW 322

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 59:33

    Dallas Clark has been inducted into the Iowa Hall of Fame, Kris Murray will be returning for another year at Iowa, Kluver applied to be draft eligible for the XFL in 2023, how does a league like the XFL stay alive? What is our go to tailgate beverage and food, We give our opinions on what B1G coach each other is most like and why, Crumbl cookie reviews from this week, a quote from 2013 in the locker room, and a whole lot more.

    Why Is Charlie Jones Leaving Iowa? | WUW 321

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2022 61:25

    As always, we don't want to string you along, the Charlie Jones conversation is the last quarter of this podcast, before that we announce the latest Walkon Army exclusive T-shirts that will go live on Tuesday May 31st, we talk about a new initiative that is gaining legs to which money we bring in will be put towards, Michigan Wolverines are all scumbags and cheaters, Memorial Day Murph workout awaits, Drake tells a wild story that ends with him turning into Mr. Storage Wars, and a whole lot more.

    Lauren Guerin | WUW 320

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 42:38

    Lauren is a recent graduate from UofI who completed her Hawkeye Gymnastics career as a 3x All American on floor, and a 2x Big Ten Floor Routine Champ. She found her way to Iowa City from down in Texas, where she began her gymnastics at a young age of 3. Lauren was a key component in a massive team record turnaround that resulted in an undefeated Big Ten regular season championship in 2021 and the squads first trip to the Sweet 16 this past 2022 season. She walks us through her career, what she took away from being a Hawkeye, and much more.

    Buying Recruiting Classes | WUW 319

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 46:13

    In this episode Kevin is fresh off of shoulder surgery, Drake is back in Tennessee, and Kluver is on short sleep from a Bachelor party weekend. They recap all of that as they record the episode right off the heels of the Zalatoris v. Justin Thomas playoff for the PGA Championship. Drawing conclusions to Football for the 'Pressure situations'. Then they get into discussion about Saban calling out Texas A&M for 'Buying' their entire recruiting class, and Jimbo Fisher coming back with a loaded gun of his own. They discuss the hypocrisy of the SEC and where college football could find itself.

    Walkon Therapy | WUW 318

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 51:29

    This episode contains absolutely nothing about Iowa sports or Football. Its just 3 friends talking about life, making jokes, pondering life's questions, and having a good time.

    Paulsen Twins(Episode 88 Re-broadcast) | WUW 317

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 100:00

    Landan and Levi Paulsen found their way to Iowa City from Moville, Iowa. Two of the most Iowa good ol boys you will ever meet. Two of the best representatives of the Iowa Football program that walk the earth. Landan and Levi sit down to talk growing up as massive twins from a small town and what it was like to dominate high school sports. They talk about how they started their own businesses as high school kids and did everything from move furniture to bale hay to shovel driveways. Both go into detail about their personal and joint journeys at Iowa and how their time in the program molded them. We get into other topics as well like growing out their hair and then chopping it off for a cause, injuries and how tough being a D1 lineman can be on the body, and much more.

    The State Of NIL | WUW 316

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 62:34

    The guys open with some breakdown of Kevin's 400m time, getting into a tricky spot at JiuJitsu, Drake playing golf, and Kluver's high school mile. The episode shifts to the main topic that is NIL. It's been nearly a year since the NIL rules have gone into effect and as each month passes bigger, crazier deals, contracts, and collectives continue to hit the landscape. Is it out of control? Who's to blame, What can be done to fix it, does there need to be regulation, and where it does it stop?

    Jordan Bohannon | WUW 315

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 80:04

    Lots to talk about.. obviously.. as Jordan is one of the most common place names in Iowa Sports as of the last decade. A decade for which he almost played the entirety.. we talk about his long career, and how he grew physically, mentally, and in the game of basketball. We discuss Coach Fran McCaffery and why he may be misunderstood.. as well as coaching in general and the topic of kids being soft in todays age. We talk about Jordan's injuries and how he dealt with those, his advocacy for student athletes on the NIL front and where he sees that whole world evolving into. We discuss him being vocal on social, having a podcast, getting knocked out in downtown IC, intentionally missing a record breaking free throw, leaving his shoes at ISU.. and a whole lot more.

    Henry Marchese | WUW 314

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 86:26

    On the show today, Henry Marchese tells walks us through his career as a Hawkeye, gives us his story coming from a family with numerous D1 Football players, how he made his decision to be a Hawk, the dilemma between being drafted to the MLB and playing football, flipping back and forth from WR to DB in his career, being denied a chance to play Baseball for Iowa midway through his career, the importance of special teams and his role, what it was like to block the punt at Nebraska that changed the entire game, and a whole lot more!

    NFL Draft Weekend | WUW 313

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 63:37

    The 2022 NFL Draft took place over the weekend, where players from across the country realized new opportunities to continue their Football career. 2 of those players were Hawkeyes with Tyler Linderbaum being selected in the 1st round to the Ravens, and Dane Belton in the 4th round to the Giants. 6 other Hawks immediately post draft announced destinations as well as undrafted free agents. The walk ons break down the landing spots for these recently former Hawks and speculate on what it will take for them to find success. Draft talk starts at 20 mins or so into the show. The episode starts with some normal shenanigans as per usual.

    Are The Right Guys Always Playing? | WUW 312

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 60:38

    This marks our 3rd installment of having a Patreon member join the show as a guest, today Tim Sheeks joins us, and we talk all things Hawks. We start with Tim and Kluver being twins, talk about DHT, what episodes resonate the most with fans, and why some episodes are more important than others. We also take a look back at all 311 and some of Tim's favorites. We talk about when Tim started listening, and answer some of his questions about the podcast and Iowa Football in the process.

    Spring Game Thoughts | WUW 311

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 66:30

    Our actual football thoughts from Iowa Football's open Spring practice this past weekend start around the 40 min mark, if you come here for our banter on the Johnny Depp court case, The Gypsy King, Not inviting Kevin to episodes, Drake talking about breaking peoples limbs, and a whole bunch of other stuff, then stay around for the first half of the show as well.

    Get Your Pads Down | WUW 310

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 47:24

    In this episode we open by giving our thoughts on the development of the law suit filed by 7 former Iowa football failures trying to get money from the University, as they recently added Coach Seth Wallace to that case. We also discuss an upcoming merchandise drop that can have you and the family, including the kids, decked out for this fall as well as whats next for our brand. We talk the upcoming Iowa spring game, or 'open practice' rather and what comes to mind when we think spring game. Who this day is important for, what it means to the team, young guys, old guys, and everything in between. Some more fun in between all of these topics as well.

    If It Quacks Like A Duck.. | WUW 309

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 53:28

    In this episode the guys sit down on Easter Sunday afternoon to discuss the word of the day, Kyler Kasper's commitment to Oregon, respecting someone tapping out of a street fight, the Cheeto fingers, Petras's progress this off season, Riley Moss's Stoic vibe, and some other comments from Iowa media availability as of late.

    Perfect Game | WUW 308

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 57:50

    A LOT to go over in todays episode, we start with a segment we haven't done in a while by going over some of our show reviews. Give us a review and we may read it on the next episode! We talk about Drake's dog, We welcome Kevin back to the show, We discuss Kershaw being pulled from a potential perfect game, and how he, Matt Stafford, and Scottie Scheffler all graduated from the same high school and could buy cities together. Then a deeper appreciation convo for the game of golf itself and easy Pros make it look. We talk about a massive parlay bet we found online that is going to become an ALL TIME sweat, and betting in general including Kevin and his hometown friends degeneracy. We discuss Brody Brecht on the mound for the Hawks including looking back on our own baseball careers, and we talk about a whole lot more.

    A Tradition Unlike Any Other | WUW 307

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2022 52:38

    In this episode we debrief potentially the most out of bounds DHT episode we have ever recorded, We talk media availability from the Iowa Football coaches including Phil Parker, Seth Wallace, and Kelvin Bell. We give our thoughts on what the coaches had to say about Spring Ball so far and what that means moving forward. We discuss McAfee at WrestleMania living the absolute dream, and this weeks flavors of Crumbl Cookies. We get into a long conversation about The Masters, The Champions Dinner, Wagyu beef, and more. We also discuss a merch cannon for the Spring game and some other dumb shit per usual.

    Which Teammate Would We Take A Bullet For? | WUW 306

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 46:56

    Fun episode that goes all over the place. We talk the Final 4 and Coach K's last game against a UNC team that is playing great at the right time. Bohannon won the 3 point contest over the weekend and we touch on that and ponder the odds of him agreeing to come on the show. We highlight the difference between a scholarship and a walkon podcast and we discuss DK Metcalf's diet and what we could have done differently and how D1 athletes should be approaching nutrition. Drake got a new dog and he recaps his weekend trip to pick up the pup. We also talk who gets the final say on the alt uniforms as a continued conversation from last episode and end with which teammates we would have taken legitimate bullets for.

    Iowa Football Over Budget? | WUW 305

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 53:27

    An episode that covers a wide array of topics including Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars.. Real or Fake? The stages of committing to shaving your head, Iowa Football's massive budget and how alternate uniforms would fit into that, Iowa One Day where everyone can donate money to help support student athletes at the U, Kluver getting a peloton, Drake's stories from his time in a special place, and more. We also dive into some Q&A from the discord and answer who was our teams Austin Ash? How bad would it suck to travel West and play a night game? And What's the best and worst part of each phase of the year for the team?

    Spring Football | WUW 304

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 56:50

    The guys talk about St Peters in the NCAA tourney, Crossfit Quarterfinals, and variety of other quick topics amidst a larger theme of Spring Football. That of which started this past week in Iowa City for the Hawkeyes. One of the most important phases of the year, a time where veterans continue to build into leadership roles, and young guys find meaningful field reps for the first time in their career.

    A Lackluster Hawkeye March | WUW 303

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2022 51:45

    In this episode the guys catch up with each other after a 2 week break from recording any content or shows. The show starts off heavily personal life based where we discuss Jiujitsu for both Kevin and Drake and lifting weights, Kluver's trip to Phoenix, and some hometown talk. We eventually turn to the disappointing finishes for all 3 of the Hawk teams in Wrestling, and Mens and Women's Basketball. We give our very amateur analysis on why these squads didn't finish strong and meet expectation and what next year could look like. Lia Thomas gets pulled into the mix and we talk about Her winning the title in women's swimming, and we finish with some talk about Kittle being a dawg and helping out the brand.

    Connor Kornbrath | WUW 302

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2022 58:31

    Connor is from West Virginia, and get into kicking and punting after having the strongest leg on the soccer field, which eventually led to their HS team needing a kicker. His story is different than many we have had on this podcast before, as he saw playing time early, but didn't have the perfect career path that we more often hear about. Connor talks about his time in Iowa City, the wake up calls of a division 1 football program, what it was like battling for a job, and eventually being told he wasn't going to play. He also talks about burnout, the legendary 830 Miller house, Drew Ott, the dynamics of special teams, and a whole lot more.

    Jackson Subbert | WUW 301

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 83:42

    Jackson comes from the near by fields of Williamsburg, just outside of Iowa City. A small town kid with a good frame, and bit of luck, and persistence found his way to the Iowa Football roster in the class of 2015. The direct successor of Kluver at the Long Snapping position, the two sit down to catch up after a few years of not seeing each other. The discuss how Jackson got into snapping the ball, what other opportunities he had, and how he managed playing at the D1 level. They get nerdy about some special teams things, and Jackson highlights his what Kluver showed him to do and not to do once you are 'The Guy'. The 2 reminisce on memories from their 3 years together as well.

    Ricky Stanzi | WUW 300

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2022 63:33

    Ricky was born and raised in Mentor, Ohio and grew up a Big Ten Football guy. As he got older and Colleges started to take interest, the MAC was likely his future until Coach Ken O'Keefe found his way to Ohio. Ricky was sold on the Black and Gold and joined the Hawkeyes in the 2006 recruiting class.After taking the reigns of the Offense early in 2008, he went on to have a 3 year career for the Hawkeyes that stands to this day as one of the best ever for a Hawkeye QB. We walk through his career, what he learned along the way, why Iowa was so important to him, and relive a bunch of memories in between.

    Big Ten Champs | WUW 299

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2022 53:05

    A funny first ever happens a few minutes into the episode. The boys talk wrestling, Drake and Kittle finding a magical Golf club in Narnia, Kluver cutting the ribbon and his weak gambling, The women's Hawk Basketball team finished strong and added a tournament win to match their regular season Championship. We talk about their capability as well as discuss the Mens team as we tracked the first half of the Illinois game live. Other topics were Cults, Hard Drugs, CrossFit, and more.

    Hodge Hired, BF to QBs | WUW 298

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2022 56:16

    The hot topics of the episode are of course, the addition of former Iowa linebacker, now TE coach for his alma mater, Abdul Hodge, and his former teammate Brian Ferentz moving from TE to QB and retaining the OC duties. What does Abdul's presence do for the Iowa Football team, the culture, and how can he make the Hawks better? We also discuss the addition of a TE in the transfer portal, and Drake poses a question that takes us on an all time 20 min detour.

    Caitlin Clark Is Undeniable | WUW 297

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2022 48:55

    On this episode we record right on the heels of the Iowa women dismantling the Top 10 Wolverines inside a sold out CHA, and we ask the question how could anyone but Clark be the NPOY? We also talk War in Russia/Ukraine, How will a new QB coach affect things inside Iowa Football, Did teammates get annoyed with specialists during games, and which Iowa program will be the next to win a Natty outside of Wrestling? All of that and more.

    Jake Gervase | WUW 296

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2022 75:57

    Super Bowl Jack Gervase joins the show. We discuss being the big game, the up and downs of being a 'bubble guy', moving to Austin, Texas. The tiny home empire he plans to build, some insight on Stafford and Kupp, and a whole lot more.

    Coaches Stepping Down And Throwing Hands | WUW 295

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 21, 2022 49:23

    In this episode we discuss a whole variety of topics from Stefon Diggs exciting Valentines Day, An ASU Quarterback who transferred and had his teammates tossing him out, Juwan Howard throwing hands at the end of their game against Minnesota, Aaron Graves the D line recruit for the Hawks and how he's doing life better than most people, a little Iowa wrestling talk, some more talk about Iowa going O-for in the transfer portal, and finally discussion over Coach Ken O'Keefe stepping down as QB coach for the Hawks, what this means, who could replace him, and a whole lot more.

    Can Anybody Go D1? | WUW 294

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2022 18:05

    A long over due Q&A episode where we answer questions like, what is like for the guys who battle for starting roles but come up short? What's the big deal about Turf versus Grass? Is Drake enjoying Nashville and will we ever see him enter the octagon? What is GPP and what does a GPP workout consist of? Why isn't the University selling Caitlin Clark jerseys? How Boomer is KF actually? and.. if you get your hands on an average athlete early enough, can they go D1?

    Super Bowl Weekend | WUW 293

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2022 53:11

    The biggest football game of the year highlights this weekend and we get into all that is relevant including the Hawks that are featured in the game, the story lines, our picks for who will win, prop bets and more. Before we get there we discuss the absurd performances of Caitlin Clark as of late that has her transcending the game of college basketball, what her NIL potential is growing in to, and if that could affect her time at Iowa. We also discuss the Murray twins new Estela commercial, and what our dream local NIL deals would have been. A variety of other topics make their way into the show as well.

    Dane Belton | WUW 292

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2022 50:06

    Dane is from Tampa, Florida and signed to the Hawks 2019 recruiting class. Just 3 short years later, after being extremely productive in the Iowa Defensive backfield, he has declared early for the NFL Draft. We talk about the difficulty of that decision, the conversations he had with his parents, and walking away from another year in the Black and Gold. We of course talk Coach Parker, and his influence on Dane, his recruiting visits, playing in Kinnick Stadium, How the Summer of 2020 shaped Dane as a young man and athlete, what his training and preparation look like now for the combine and beyond, and a whole lot more.

    Hawks Shopping The Portal? | WUW 291

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2022 44:32

    In todays show we discuss the shit show that the Pro Bowl has turned into, why it needs to change and what could be done, Kevin helps recap the #1 vs #2 Wrestling match that happened in Iowa City, we sift through some Harbaugh and Gattis news from over in Michigan, then we get into the meat of the episode looking at some of the stats from Petras and Padilla and ask the question, why wouldn't Iowa have a big time QB transfer in? We finish up with some reminiscing on fall camp, personal pizzas, and dairy queen blizzards

    Bad Journalism And Maple Soaked Jack Gervase | WUW 290

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2022 58:24

    An Absolutely jam packed episode. We discuss Tom Brady retiring from football and how insane a 22 year career is. The ware and tear of the game of football and how college differs from the Pros regarding training, resources, recovery, and mindset. We touch quickly on Championship weekend and the impending Super Bowl between the Bengals and Rams, and of course our guy Jake Gervase who is right in the thick of things against all odds. We debate best flavors of Jenis ice cream and who has eaten more ice cream lifetime. We give our thoughts on the guys playing dodgeball over in IC and have some fun talking about what winter training looks like. Yes, we give our thoughts on the line of questioning to KF from his Feb. 2nd presser and how journalism isn't always great. Washington finally has a mascot, Drake recaps Theo Vons show, and the boys talk rolling Jits.

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