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Recordings from the early 20th Century with comments.

Brice Fuqua

    • Dec 5, 2023 LATEST EPISODE
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    4.9 from 240 ratings Listeners of Music From 100 Years Ago that love the show mention: fuqua, old music, deanna, 20th, opera, blues, unpretentious, folk, curated, classical, jazz, recordings, tunes, century, great music, enthusiastic, themes, plays, songs, country.

    Ivy Insights

    The Music From 100 Years Ago podcast is a delightful journey through the history of music, specifically focusing on the popular songs and artists from the first half of the 20th century. Hosted by Bryce Fuqua, this podcast offers a unique blend of informative commentary and carefully curated song selections that transport listeners back in time to a bygone era. With each episode, Fuqua explores different themes and genres, showcasing the incredible diversity and rich musical heritage of the past.

    One of the best aspects of The Music From 100 Years Ago podcast is Fuqua's passion and breadth of knowledge. It is evident that he deeply cares about preserving and sharing this music with his audience. His enthusiasm shines through in his commentary, as he provides intriguing historical context for each song, artist, or genre. Whether he's giving insights into the lives of musicians or exploring cultural influences on music, Fuqua's storytelling captivates listeners and allows them to truly appreciate the significance of these songs.

    Another notable aspect of this podcast is its ability to introduce listeners to lesser-known songs and artists from the past. While some episodes cover popular hits from iconic figures like Duke Ellington or Ella Fitzgerald, others delve into more obscure corners of music history. This provides a refreshing break from mainstream music and allows listeners to discover hidden gems that they may have otherwise never encountered.

    However, one potential drawback of The Music From 100 Years Ago podcast is that it caters primarily to fans of older music and may not appeal as much to those who are more interested in contemporary artistry. The focus on songs from before their time might make it harder for some listeners to connect with the material or fully appreciate its significance. Additionally, without visuals available in a podcast format, certain episodes that incorporate elements like sheet music covers may be challenging to fully grasp.

    In conclusion, The Music From 100 Years Ago podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in delving into the rich history of popular music. Bryce Fuqua's dedication to preserving and sharing this music is evident in each episode, and his expertise shines through in his engaging commentary. While it may not cater to all musical tastes or interests, it offers a unique and educational experience that allows listeners to discover and appreciate the roots of modern music.

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    Latest episodes from Music From 100 Years Ago

    A Christmas Christmas Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2023 44:06

    Songs include: White Christmas, Little Christmas Tree, It's Gonna Be a Lonely Christmas, Christmas Roses, A Christmas Symphony, Christmas Blues and The Christmas Song. Performers include: Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Mantovani, The Orioles, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Jo Stafford and Doris Day.   

    Someone and Somebody

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2023 39:56

    Songs include: Everybody Loves Somebody, Somebody Stole My Gal, I'm Falling In Love With Someone, Someone To Watch Over Me, Somebody Loves Me and Like Someone In Love. Musicians include: George Gershwin, Joni James, Frank Sinatra, Fats Waller, Tommy Dorsey, Jo Stafford, Benny Goodman and Nelson Eddy. 


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2023 39:17

    Songs include: No Strings, No Arms Can Ever Hold You, No Moon At All, No Other Love, Time Waits For No One and No Can Do. Performers include: Ella Mae Morse, Perry Como, Fred Astaire, Helen Forrest, Guy Lombardo and Pat Boone. 

    songs performers 1950s fred astaire pat boone perry como no strings guy lombardo helen forrest ella mae morse time waits for no one 78s
    Time Changes Everything

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2023 43:19

    Songs about the passing of time, including: Time Changes Everything, Every Night About This Time, Time After Time, Moonlight Savings Time, As Time Goes By and Time Waits For No One.  Performers include: Dooley Wilson the Ink Spots, Helen Merrill, Artie Shaw, Guy Lombardo, Frank Sinatra and Harry James. 

    National Recording Registry 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2023 41:40

    Songs include: Sugar Foot Stomp, Jesus Give Me Water, Walking the Floor Over You, Piano Sonata #13, El Chivo and Jeep's Blues. Performers include: Cuarteto Coculense, James P. Johnson, Ernest Tubb, Arthur Schnabel, FDR and the Soul Stirrers. 

    Halloween 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2023 38:23

    The annual Halloween show, Songs include: At the Devil's Ball, I Got the Jitters, Bloody Razor Blues, You Got Me Voodooed, Punky Punkin and What's Halloween? Performers include: Rosemary Clooney, The Peerless Quartet, Helen Gross, Don Redman, Mary Ann  McCall and Mel Torme.

    Black Is the Color Of My True Love's Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2023 37:35

    Songs include: Black Is the Color Of My True Love's Hair, Black Bottom Stomp, That Old Black Magic, Black and Blue, Black Snake Moan, Black Coffee, Black Eyes and Black and Tan Fantasy. Performers include: Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughn, Glenn Miller, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Jo Stafford, Nat King Cole and Spike Jones.  

    Oscar Nominated Songs 1940-1955

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2023 52:43

    Songs include: Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, Lavender Blue, It Might As Well Be Spring, The High and the Mighty, Mona Lisa, Count Your Blessings and I Fall In Love Too Easily.  Performers include: Count Basie, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dinah Shore, Fred Astaire,  Bing Crosby, Margaret Whiting and Eddie Fischer.

    Ballads 1947

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2023 44:44

    Songs include: Just One Of Those Things, Midnight Sun, Interlude, Golden Earrings, There Is No Greater Love and Blue Shadows On the Trail. Performers include: Jo Stafford, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, Bing Crosby, Stan Kenton, Lionel Hampton and Al Jolson. 

    Mozart Overtures

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2023 48:27

    Overtures to The Impresario, The Marriage of Figaro, Cosi fan Tutte, The Clemency of Titus, Don Giovanni and more.  Conductors include: Arturo Toscanini, Thomas Beecham, Bruno Walter, Wilhelm Furtwangler and Karl Bohm. 

    A Kiss To Build a Show On

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2023 34:46

    Songs include: A Kiss To Build a Dream On, We Kiss In a Shadow, Kiss the Boys Goodbye, I Still Love To Kiss You Goodnight and Kiss Of Fire. Perfomers include: Georgia Gibbs, Bing Crosby, Rudy Vallee, Louis Armstrong, Freddie Slack and Dinah Shore.

    Train Wrecks

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2023 33:25

    Songs include: Casey Jones, Ben Dewberry's Final Run, Wreck of the Old 97 and Wreck of the Royal Palm. Singers include: Eddie Arnold, Marty Robbins, Blind Alfred Reed, Jimmie Rodgers and Vernon Dalhart.

    Big Band Small Groups Part 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2023 51:11

    Small jazz combos drawn from big bands. Including: Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, Harry James, Count Basie, Woody Herman and Bunny Berigan. Tunes include: I Can't Get Started, Seven Come Eleven, The Lady Is a Tramp. Home James and Hop, Skip and Jump.

    Hollywood Musicals 1936

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2023 39:18

    Songs from the movies: Show Boat, Swingtime, Rose Marie, Follow the Fleet, Pennies From Heaven and Gold Diggers of 1937 Performers include: Paul Robeson, Bing Crosby, Helen Forest, Fats Waller, Jeannette McDonald and Fred Astaire.


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2023 41:55

    Songs include: Oh Lady Be Good, Lady of Spain, The Lady In Red, The Lady Is a Tramp. Red Roses For a Blue Lady and The Lady's In Love With You/ Musicians include: Glenn Miller, the Andrews Sisters, Johnny Hodges, Vaughn Monroe, Tommy Dorsey, Xavier Cugat and Cliff Edwards.   


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2023 35:47

    Songs include: Solid Potato Salad, Mixed Salad, Beans and Cornbread, The Yam, Onions, Dill Pickle Rag and Celery Stalks At Midnight. Performers include: Louis Jordan, Duke Ellington, Doris Day, Fred Astaire, Cab Calloway and the New Orleans Bootblacks. 

    Music Of Chopin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2023 42:51

    Works include:  Waltzes #3 &6, The Revolutionary Etude, Prelude #17, Scherzo #1, Nocturne #13 and Mazurka # 26. Pianists include: Alfred Cortot, Arthur Rubinstein, Sviatoslav Richter, Claudio Arrau, Dinu Lipatti and Wilhelm Backhaus. 

    music piano pianists chopin classical music nocturne scherzo waltzes mazurka arthur rubinstein sviatoslav richter claudio arrau alfred cortot dinu lipatti revolutionary etude 78s wilhelm backhaus
    Strange Music

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2023 43:13

    Songs include: Strange Enchantment, Strange Things Are Happening, A Strange Fact, Strange As It Seems, Strange Fruit and Strange Blues. Musicians include: Billie Holiday, Artie Shaw, Red Buttons, June Valli, Nat King Cole, Harlin Lattimore and Coleman Hawkins. 

    Leftovers #32

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2023 44:20

    Songs include: Old Devil Moon, Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out, On the Mall, I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night, Beer Barrel Polka and Body and Soul. Musicians include: The Andrews Sisters, The Goldman Band, Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Pinetop Smith, Serge Charlof, Charlie Parker and Gene Krupa. 

    Independence Day 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2023 51:00

    Music includes: Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fidelis, The Caissons Go Rolling Along, Promenade, I Got Rhythm Variations, Look Sharp, Be Sharp and God Bless America.

    Unusual Pairings

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2023 38:37

    Performers include: Mae West & Duke Ellington, Jimmie Rodgers & Louis Armstrong, Perry Como & Betty Hutton, Dick Powell & the Mills Brothers and Carmen Miranda & the Andrews Sisters.  Songs include: Breezing Along With the Breeze, My Old Flame, Out For No Good, Confess, Too Old To Cut the Mustard and A Bushel and a Peck. 

    Broadway 1947

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2023 39:14

    Songs from Brigadoon, Finian's Rainbow, Allegro, High Button Shoes, The Medium and Angel In the Wings. Songs include: Almost Like Being In Love, Look To the Rainbow, A Fellow Needs a Girl. Civilization and Fron This Day On. 

    Summer love Songs 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2023 39:25

    Songs include: Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Love Is Sweeping the Country, Love Me Tonight, Body and Soul, For Sentimental Reasons and Ain't She Sweet. Singers include: Bing Crosby, Sarah Vaughn, Bull Moose Jackson, Joni James, the 1952 Broadway cast of Of Thee I Sing and Perry Como. 

    Black Music Month 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2023 37:31

    Performers include: Charlie Patton, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughn, Louis Armstrong and Big Joe Turner. Songs include: After You're Gone, He's Funny That Way, Fireworks, House Party, Dedicated To You and Shake, Rattle and Roll. 

    Hits of 1928

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2023 36:47

    Songs include: Sonny Boy, Ramona, I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Old Man River, Black and Tan Fantasy and Struttin With Some Barbecue.  Performers include: Al Jolson, Duke Ellington, Fred Waring, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Gene Austin and Cliff Edwards. 

    Night Music

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2023 37:56

    Songs include: Blues In the Night, Saturday Night, Thief In the Night, Night Train, When the Blue Of the Night Meets the Gold Of the Day and Tomorrow Night. Performers include: Fed Astaire, Ethyl Waters, Johnny Mercer, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, the Ink Spots and Dizzy Gillespie. 

    Chamber Music Month

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2023 40:36

    Works include: Schumann's Violin Sonata #1, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #2, Brahms' Horn Trio, Vivaldi's Cello Sonata #1 and Varese's Ionization. 


    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2023 33:52

    Songs include: Sing, Sing ,Sing, I Gotta Right To Sing the Blues, Let Me Sing and I'm Happy, Sing, You Sinners, And the Angels Sing and It's a Grand Night For Singing.  Performers include: Dick Haymes, Billie Holliday, Louis Prima, Tony Bennett, Guy Mitchell and Martha Tilton. 

    Forgotten Delta Blues Singers

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2023 35:00

    Performers include: Furry Lewis, Bo Weavil Jackson, Louise Johnson, Kid Bailey, King Soloman Hill, Peatie Wheatstraw and Robert Petway. 

    The Eyes Have It

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2023 39:37

    Songs include: Them There Eyes, Green Eyes, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Teardrops From My Eyes, Dark Eyes and Why Do You Want to Make Those Eyes At Me For? Performers include: Vincent Lopez, Bob Crosby, Billie Holiday, Jimmy Dorsey, Betty Hutton, Patti Page, Bing Crosby and Artie Shaw.

    Bebop 1950

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2023 42:30

    Musicians include: Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Kenny Clarke, Leo Parker, Gerald Wiggins and Thelonious Monk. Works include: April In Paris, Coast To Coast, Fluid Drive, Limehouse Blues, Bye Bye and No Figs. 

    Trail Songs

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2023 39:33

    Songs include: Along the Santa Fe Trail, Down the Trail of Achin Hearts, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, On the Trail, It's a Lonely Trail and Blue Shadows on the Trail. Musicians include: Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, Patti Page, Arthur Godfrey, Paul Whiteman and Larry Clinton. 

    A Capella Singers 1943-1944

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2023 43:48

    Singers include: Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, The King Sisters, Dick Haymes, The Sportsmen Quartet, Perry Como and Dinah Shore.  Songs include: Coming In On a Wing And a Prayer, People Will Say We're In Love, The Trolley Song, Sunday, Monday Or Always, I'll Walk Alone and Wait For Me, Mary. 

    17th Anniversary Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2023 36:26

    Marking 17 years of podcasting. Songs include: Nice Work If You Can Get It, Original Jelly Roll Blues. The Prince of Denmark's March, There Stands the Glass and I Wish That I Were Twins. Performers include: Fats Waller, Sarah Vaughn, Charley Parker, Webb Pierce, The Golden Gate Quartet and Lu Watters. 

    The 800th Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2023 41:56

    Celebrating 800 episodes with a show devoted to number songs. Tunes include: Seven Come Eleven, Two Sleepy People, Twenty-Four Hours a Day, A Thousand Goodnights and I See a Million People.  Performers include: Billie Holiday, the Mills Brothers, Jack Teagarden, Glenn Miller, Fats Waller, Cab Calloway, Jackie Gleason & Joe Marsala. 

    Bad Songs

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2023 37:05

    Songs include: I've Got It Bad, Bad, Bad, Whisky, Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, Bad Little Girl,  Bad Boy and Bad Motorcycle. Performers include: Ivy Anderson, Amos Wilburn, The Storey Sisters, Eartha Kitt, the Casa Loma Orchestra and Chuck Willis.

    African-American Soundies

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 19, 2023 38:57

    Soundies were music videos produced from 1940  to 1947, and played on portable video jukeboxes. Today, we sample the audio from soundies featuring African-American performers. These include: Count Basie, Dorothy Dandridge, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Meade Lux Lewis and Fats Waller.

    Centennials 2023 Part 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2023 41:20

    More musicians born in 1923.  Performers include: Bert Kaempfert, Jim Reeves, Dexter Gordan, Slim Whitman, Victoria de los Angeles, Barney Kessel, Fats Narvarro and Eddie Kendrick.  With a special shout out to Glynis Johns.

    blues jazz opera performers centennials jim reeves 1923 slim whitman barney kessel glynis johns bert kaempfert
    Many Happy Returns

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2023 32:59

    Songs include: Many Happy Returns of the Day, River of No Return, Return to Paradise, Return Trip, If You Never Return & Lemminkainen's Return. Performers include: Bing Crosby, Marylin Monroe, Buddy Johnson, Eugene Ormandy, Nat King Cole and Arden & Ohman.

    Mozart's Birthday 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2023 20:54

    In honor of Mozart's 267th birthday, a special podcast featuring three historical recordings of overtures from three of his most popular operas.

    #1 Hits 1940

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2023 45:29

    Songs include: In the Mood, All The Things You Are, Darn That Dream, Only Forever, Frenesi and Tuxedo Junction. Performers include: Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, the Andrews Sisters, Artie Shaw, Bing Crosby, Charley Barnet and Tommy Dorsey.

    Centennials 2023 Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2023 49:39

    A tribute to musicians born 100 years ago, this year.  Performers include: Hank Williams, Maria Callas, Wes Montgomery, Albert King, Milt Jackson, Buddy DeFranco and Ida Haendel.

    Polka Month

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2023 34:44

    Songs include: Pennsylvania Polka, Charlie Was a Boxer, The Happy Wanderer, Strip Polka, Laughing Trombone Polka, Just Another Polka and Guitar Polka. Performers include: Al Dexter, The Andrews Sisters, Frank Weir, Bing Crosby, Russ Morgan and Frankie Yankovich.


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2023 41:44

    Some of the top hits of 1923.  Songs include: I'll Build a Stairway To Paradise, Yes, We Have No Bananas, The Parade of Wooden Soldiers, Dippermouth Blues, Down Hearted Blues and That Old Gang of Mine.   performers include: Bessie Smith, Al Jolson, Jellyroll Morton, Ben Selvin, Isham Jones, Paul Whiteman and King Oliver.

    songs jazz mine parade bessie smith al jolson paul whiteman 1923 king oliver wooden soldiers isham jones ben selvin that old gang 78s
    Leftovers #31

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2022 42:58

    Records left of earlier podcasts, plus a tribute to musicians who died in 2022.  Performers include: Julie London, Bing Crosby, Spike Jones, Harry James, Alexander Boroweski, Henry Thoma and Jackie Gleason.

    Beethoven's Birthday 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2022 20:12

    To mark Beethoven's 252nd birthday, we have a 1951 recording of the Piano Sonata #13 performed by Wilhelm Kempff. Also included is a long-winded discussion of the work by your host.

    More Foolish Songs

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2022 34:21

    Songs include: I'm a Fool To Want You, Keep Cool Fool, A Fool Such As I, A Fool Am I, Them Durn Fool Things and These Foolish Things. Performers include: Frank Sinatra, The Ink Spots, June Foray, Glenn Miller , Billy Eckstein, Stan Getz, Nat King Cole & Benny Carter.

    Christmas 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2022 37:22

    Songs include: Silent Night, I Saw Mommy Smoochin Santy Claus, Boogie Woogie Santa Claus, Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, The Nutcracker, Christmas and You, Jingle Bells and Here Comes Santa Claus. Performers include: Joni James, Percy Faith, Perry Como, Doris Day, Mable Scott, The NY Philharmonic, Homer and Jethro, Johnny Mercer and Les Paul and Mary Ford.

    Number 1 Hits of 1938

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2022 51:18

    Songs include: Don't Be That Way, A-Tisket  A-Tasket, Two Sleepy People, Begin the Beguine, My Reverie, Nice Work If You Can Get It & Bei Mir Bist du Schoen. Performers include: Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, the Andrews Sisters, Fats Waller, Artie Shaw, Larry Clinton and Fred Astaire. The show concludes with a tribute to Louise Tobin, who passed away this week at 104.


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2022 39:21

    Songs include: Lazy, Lazy River, I Ain't Lazy, I'm Just Dreaming, Lazy Mama, Lazy Susan, Lazy Day and I'm Lazy, That's All. Performers include: the Mills Brothers, Pearl Bailey, Woody Hermann, Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby, Miles Davis, King Oliver, Teddy Wilson and Benny Goodman.

    The Songs of Warren and Gordon

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2022 38:46

    Celebrating the songwriting partnership of Harry Warren and Mack Gordon.  Songs include: At Last, I Gotta Gal In Kalamazoo , I Had the Craziest Dream, You'll Never Know and Down Argentine Way. Performers include: Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Kate Smith, Helen Forrest, Dick Haymes and the Andrews Sisters.

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