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A Chicago-based craft beer podcast with beer and events reviews. Visit our website at www.abvchicago.com!

ABV Chicago

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    Latest episodes from ABV Chicago Craft Beer Podcast

    Episode 451 - Maximum Minneapolis

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2022 92:57

    Further expanding our recent slew of city-centric shows, Craig took a brief trip to the Twin Cities area and scored five killer beers from Minneapolis breweries. In addition to learning about weird Minnesota beer laws and Ryan trying to imagine Feather Bowling, Craig snagged an interview with Dan Herman and Tom Berg of Falling Knife Brewing. Also, we consider what it'd take to become a sommelier for pancakes (batterino), aim our gripes at the inventor of ducking autocorrect, and get goofily excited over a sticker.  Falling Knife Interview (00:47:05 - 00:57:24) Beers Reviewed Utepils Brewing Company - Helles (Helles Lager) La Doña Cervecería - Doña Oscura (Dark Lager) Modist Brewing Co. - Small Hang Glide (Wheat Pale Ale) Pryes Brewing - Royal Raspberry Sour (Berliner Weisse w/ raspberry) Falling Knife Brewing Company - Very Old Painless (Bourbon barrel-aged English Barleywine)

    Episode 450 - Saison is the Reason

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2022 109:39

    Who says you need a reason to saison? Saison is all the reason you need. On this landmark episode, we again drink five different takes on our favorite style of beer - but we pepper this one with some interviews. You'll hear from Sarah Flora from Flora Brewing on how she ended up releasing a saison with Chicago's Pilot Project, in addition to how the art world brought her to be one of the most popular homebrewers on social media. Then we hear from Sway Brewing and Blending's Matt Sampson on how a side project of a side project ended up releasing exquisite saisons in 16 ounce cans out of Door County, Wisconsin. And Afterthought's Mike Thorpe phones in briefly to talk about his Revolution collab. As a bonus, you get to listen in as Ryan experiences a beer as he never has before: blasted through his nasal cavities at an extreme rate of propulsion. If that's not enough, there's brewery theme parks, heavy bubbles, and a popcorn-based TikTok challenge. It's episode 450 - something had to explode. Interview with Sarah Flora - (00:10:11 - 00:23:35) Interview with Matt Sampson - (00:43:15 - 00:53:37) Interview with Mike Thorpe - (01:13:44 - 01:15:32) Beers Reviewed Flora Brewing/Pilot Project Brewing - Blossom Tonic (Saison w/ tart cherry juice, rosemary, and coriander) Young Blood Beer Company/Fair State Brewing Cooperative - Death, Taxes, and 1-94 Construction (Dry-hopped Belgian-style saison) Sway Brewing + Blending - A Lovely Place to Be (Foeder-fermented mixed-culture spelt saison) Seedz Brewery - Green Bottle Saison (Whole leaf hoppy saison) Revolution Brewing Company/Afterthought Brewing - Foreknowledge (Dry-hopped saison)

    Episode 449 - The OR Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2022 87:07

    For our 29th State Show in our decade-long intermittent series, Craig's travels reward us with beers from one of the great beer states in the nation: Oregon. This impressive lineup of five different styles from five breweries put this one high on our all-time State Show list, and our rankings are more difficult than ever. Also, Craig learns the hard way about Oregon's gas-pumping law; Ryan is the reluctant IBU expert; and we play a location name game of “Oregon or Oregoff?”  Beers Reviewed Fort George Brewery [Astoria, OR] - Spruce Budd (Spruce Beer) Von Ebert Brewing [Portland, OR] - Volatile Substance (American IPA) Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery [Newberg, OR] - Foothills (Barrel aged saison w/ pineapple sage, szechuan peppercorns, and lemongrass) Alesong Brewing & Blending [Eugene, OR] - Coconut Rhino Suit (Imperial Milk Stout aged in bourbon barrels w/ toasted coconut) Pelican Brewing Company [Pacific City, OR] - Mother of All Storms (Barrel-aged English Barleywine)

    Episode 448 - Just Tables

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2022 86:32

    It's our job to bring together five local table beers (and deal with Eddie Munster), so we seek to further understand this lighter cousin of saison by talking with Mike Thorpe of Afterthought Brewing about the style and his TableFest™ on September 11th. Also, Ryan finds the perfect work night beer; Craig says the brewery name that makes him squeamish; and we both create the flavor better known as Thunder. The tables are our corn. Mike Thorpe Interview (00:11:27 - 00:23:10) Beers Reviewed Off Color Brewing - Beer For Lightweights Afterthought Brewing Company - Table: Contessa Metropolitan Brewing - Micro-Volt Mikerphone Brewing - On the Table and Dreaming Sundial Brewing & Blending - Table Chardonnay

    Episode 447 - BlackStack Brewing

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2022 84:25

    BlackStack Brewing has built quite a reputation off of exceptionally well-crafted hazy IPAs, and we have three of them in this lineup to prove it's true. Craig also managed to find two other styles to help us better understand this five year-old brewery out of St. Paul, MN. You gotta love a show that challenges your expectations of style, and this one reinvigorates some haze appreciation on our part. Also, Craig excitedly recaps his time at the World's Largest Bouncy Castle; Ryan invokes Patio Dad to gain a new perspective on haze; and we're a little nostalgic for the Kveik Days of 2019. Also, Google translates into peanut butter, Roll Your Own Ham nights, and (heavy sigh) Critical Meat Theory.  Beers Reviewed  Giving Trees (Mixed culture foeder-fermented Berliner Weisse w/ apple cider, cinnamon, granola, and brown sugar) DDH 755: HBC 586 (NEIPA) Kveik 755 (NEIPA) Trust the Process (DDH DIPA) Maximum Drip (Milk stout w/ coffee)

    Episode 446 - The Peach Pit

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 97:29

    Unlike a usual episode where we rub our fuzzy faces and gaze at our navels, this peach beer show comes with a twist. Certainly we review five local beers under a shared theme of “beer with peaches,” but we also foray into a dice-rolling RPG-style podcast with a whole game based around a popular mustachioed video game character (who is not Mike Haggar from Final Fight…sorry). Fortunately, the beers are much better than Ryan's dice rolls, and Craig's playing like he has a GameShark. Also, we talk about what Spirit Halloween does in the offseason, imagine other fruit-based mascots, and get some trivia on these five breweries to help move the game along.  Beers Reviewed Goose Island Beer Co. - Sounds Queer, I'm In (Wheat ale w/ peaches & natural peach flavor) Phase Three Brewing - Raw: Passion Fruit// Peach (Wheat ale w/ passionfruit and peach) Around the Bend Beer Company - Vivian (Pistachio cream ale w/ peaches) Pipeworks Brewing Company - Ride the Gnar (Sour ale w/ peach and white grape) Hopewell Brewing Co. - Fun Facts (Wild Ale w/ peach and black tea)

    Episode 445 - Portland, Oregon

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2022 117:13

    Known as Beervana for a reason, Portland, Oregon is maybe the premier beer destination city in the United States. Summer Craig recently spent some time getting to know the beers of the Pacific Northwest, and he got some help from accomplished beer writer Jeff Alworth. The Beer Bible author gives us the story of Portland's beer proclivities and how they don't always follow the national trends. Also, Jeff gives us good Portland beer history, explains how the hazy trend might've actually started out west, and tells us whether or not “smoothie sours” made it into the recent reprinting of his book. We also review five stellar beers from Portland breweries, yell stuff at HackerMan, conceptualize Inkblot Brewing, and try to solve a beer snob mystery. Jeff Alworth Interview (00:14:58 - 00:51:24) Beers Reviewed Breakside Brewery w/ Barley Brown's Beer - WanderJack (American IPA) Ruse Brewing - Wolves in the Rain (West Coast IPA) Wayfinder Beer - Original Cold IPA Little Beast Brewing - Dream State (Foeder-aged Ale w/ strawberries) Upright Brewing Company - Pathways (Blended saison)

    Episode 444 - Local Hefes

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2022 75:21

    The hefeweizen is a pretty universally appreciated summer beer, and we've amazingly never dedicated an entire show to the style. But thankfully a bunch of cool local brewers have put their best non-hoppy hazies in cans for us to consider, as we rise from 5% ABV all the way up to 5.4% ABV in this lineup. Also, we do some summer PD by putting Summer Craig through a SWOT analysis; Ryan has rediscovered his Willi Becher; and we have Hefeweizen Opinions (on HBO). There's also a game that Ryan's unfortunately calling Beerdle, and Craig's wife gets in on the ranking action. Hefeweizens Reviewed Revolution Brewing - El Hefe Loco The Conrad Seipp Brewing Company - Bavarian Hefeweizen The Hopewell Brewing Co. - Here & There Roaring Table Brewing Co. - Secret Beach Maplewood Brewery - Bavarian Dream

    Episode 443 - The Bend Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 79:00

    Though it may not be many people's pick for Oregon's best beer city, it's hard to ignore the quality beers produced in Bend. From Craig's trip, we have five diverse beer styles from five different Bend breweries that both impress us with new flavors and stir up some nostalgia. Also, Craig talks about his trip to The Last Blockbuster and quizzes Ryan on related trivia. Plus there's talk of squirrels drunk off of tree fermenters, a Rule 34 Brewery, imaginary berries, and a desperate plea for someone to take Ryan's unwanted DVD of the movie “Funny People.” Make it an ABV Chicago night, and we'll take care of those late fees. Beers Reviewed Crux Fermentation Project - Island Pilz (Tropical Pilsner) Boss Rambler Beer Club - We'll Do It Cold! (Cold IPA) The Ale Apothecary - Connor (American Wild Ale aged in Pinot Noir barrels w/ marionberries) Boneyard Beer - Notorious IPA3 (Triple IPA) Deschutes Brewery - The Abyss: Coconut (Imperial Stout aged in whiskey barrels w/ roasted coconut flakes, licorice, cherry bark & vanilla beans)

    Episode 442 - Mixed Culture Cooler

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2022 74:19

    Plunge that hand deep into the slushy depths of that beach-ready cooler and help yourself to a cold and refreshing serving of…lactobacillus, saccharomyces, and brettanomyces?! That's right - we are packing our coolers with refreshing and fruity mixed culture sour beers from local breweries to bring some new energy to our summer gatherings. These are the kind of tart beers that can only be measured in beach balls, deck chairs, patio lights, and floppy sun hats. Also, we imagine the stories behind memorable commercials and jingles; we identify the most well-rounded brewery in Chicago; Ryan does whatever the labels tell him to do; and Craig knows which fruit is the scariest.  Beers Reviewed Is/Was Brewing - Levain Yuzu (Saison fermented in oak w/ mixed culture and yuzu added) Odious Cellars - Alabaster (Mixed-culture sour w/ white peach, wildflower honey, and vanilla) Maplewood Brewing Company - Softcore Mutation: Foeder Raspberry (Mixed-culture foeder-aged sour w/ raspberries) Duneyrr Artisan Fermenta Project - Sauvyn Tropica (Hybrid ale co-fermented with sauvignon blanc grapes, dragon fruit, mango, papaya, and pineapple) Hopewell Brewing Co. - Neon: Mangosteen Pitaya (Mixed-culture sour w/ mangosteen and pitaya puree)

    Episode 441 - Hair of the Dog

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2022 93:15

    For almost 30 years, Alan Sprints and his Portland, Oregon brewery Hair of the Dog pioneered American craft beer through some of the earliest barrel-aging experiments and developed potent beers built for aging, creating some of the original “whales” in the process. Once Alan decided to retire and close his legendary brewery in June of 2022, Craig booked a trip to experience Hair of the Dog for a final time and to get Mr. Sprints on the microphone to reflect on his career and look ahead to the joys of retirement. In addition to the interview, we are fortunate to drink through five Hair of the Dog beers and cross off a significant line on our beer bucket lists. We also speculate on the brewery's actual magical powers, open the oldest beer we've had on the show, and play some 1993-based trivia along the way. Thanks again to Alan and his whole crew - all of beer has been made better because of Hair of the Dog. Alan Sprints Interview (00:07:02 - 00:20:01) Beers Reviewed Polka Dot (American IPA) Doggie Claws: 2012 (American Barleywine) Matt: 2019 (Strong Ale) Adam: Batch 102 (Old Ale) Cherry Adam from the Wood: 2022 (Barrel-aged Old Ale w/ cherries)

    Episode 440 - Saison Death Match: Chicago vs. Milwaukee

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2022 84:27

    The time has finally come to pit the world's premier saison producing cities - Chicago and Milwaukee, obviously - against one another in an arbitrary competition to determine once and for all whose farmhouses rule the I-94 corridor. We have six saisons, three from each city, going head-to-head in specified categories to help determine a “winner.” Also, we evaluate which candies would make the best breakfast food, Craig's mundane superpower of ABV-detection, and our desire to drink fancy bathroom beers.  Beers Reviewed Round 1: Saisons with Brett Is/Was Brewing - Spandrel (Saison brewed w/ aged hops, raw spelt, and Brettanomyces) vs. Radix Fermentation - Simpler Times: Batch 2 (Brett-conditioned saison) Round 2: Saisons with Fruit Keeping Together - Watching the Mind, Watching the Body (Saison w/ Michigan pears, Chaat Masala, and honey) vs. 1840 Brewing Company - Three Part Harmony (Saison w/ peaches) Round 3: Barrel-aged Saisons Afterthought Brewing Company - Biere De Pieces #39 (Blended saison aged in mead and whiskey barrels) vs. Supermoon Beer Company - Many Phases: Blend 003 (Blended saison aged in French oak wine barrels)

    Episode 439 - Pfriem Pforever

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2022 79:44

    We've long loved Hood River's Pfriem Family Brewers, and thanks to Craig's recent travels, we are able to drink through five of their impressive beers. For this one, we experience a wider array of styles, and a few challenge the best of style available locally. Also, we dream of having our own Streisand-like underground malls, we settle into a good butt nook, and we try to forget some bad brut memories. If you're down with P(friem), then you're down with me.  Beers Reviewed Helles Lager Sparkling IPA Druif Blanc (Barrel-aged grape ale) Rum Barrel-Aged Porter Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine

    Episode 438 - Necromancer Resurrections

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 87:46

    Pittsburgh's Necromancer has just crossed over a year in operation, and we're already onto our second show featuring only their beers. Why?  Kuit beer is the reason. We catch up with head brewer Lauren Hughes about five of her “Resurrection” releases - beers that were previously “dead” or so obscure that there's almost no example for comparison's sake. (Much like our beloved Kuit beer.) She also shares updates on Necromancer's expansion plans and what in the hell is a Pennsylvania Swankey. Also, we test our innovative snack ideas, battle a little foam gremlin, vape the vase water, and watch as Xander Cage solves global warming. (And shoutout again to Craig's mom, who picked up all the beers for this show.) Beers Reviewed Forbidden Fruit: Mango, Guava, Passionfruit (Smoked sour Lichtenhainer w/ fruit) Rag And Bone (British Golden Ale) Parkour (Bière de Printemps) Münster Mash (Kuit Beer) Bitter As Death In the Gallows (Merseburger)

    Episode 437 - Midwest Pils

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 66:26

    No matter how much trends fluctuate, one of the steadiest beers to bank on is the pilsner. Everyone who loves beer loves a great pilsner, and in our opinion, no beer list is complete without one. So we pick five pilsners from five midwestern states to taste through and appreciate while trying very hard to banish the term “drinkable” from the show. Also, Bo Jackson is behind the wheel on the way to our pheasant-hunting trip; we talk about how going to New Glarus is like going to Six Flags; and we evaluate which bubbles make Craig feel happy.  Beers Reviewed Fair State Brewing Cooperative [MN] - Superclear (German-style Pilsner) New Glarus Brewing Company [WI] - 22 Pils (German-style Pilsner) Noon Whistle Brewing [IL] - Brüski (Czech-style Pilsner) Moontown Brewing Co. [IN] - Anni IV (American Heirloom Czech Lager) Seedz Brewery [MI] - Shark Pils (Czech-style Pilsner)

    Episode 436 - MoBAB 2: Dark Territory

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 68:14

    It is once again time for us to drink more barrel-aged beers (MoBAB), with Craig and Ryan as the only two heroes that can withstand this lineup of sinister and imposing stouts. Because it's a sequel, we brought in ALL RINGERS for this one, and capping it at four beers was the best decision we could've made. Also, we sketch out Jef Lambic, Attorney at Law; struggle mightily against wax; and reflect on exactly what TMNT has taken away from us.  Beers Reviewed Mikerphone Brewing - Sir Blends A-Lot [Blend #2] (Blend of barrel-aged imperial stouts) More Brewing Company - Mehndi Special Reserve 2022 (Imperial stout aged in Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year bourbon barrels) Half Acre Beer Company - Double Barrel Benthic (Imperial stout w/ coconut and cinnamon, aged in Willet/Heaven Hill bourbon barrels and apple brandy barrels) Werk Force Brewing Company - Cowabungus Chungus (Double barrel-aged imperial pastry stout w/ coconut, vanilla, and cacao nibs)

    Episode 435 - Giant Jones Brewing Company

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 119:24

    Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Giant Jones is a woman-run, certified organic brewery specializing in big beers and obscure styles - a few of which are completely new to us. So we have on co-owner and brewer Jessica Jones to talk about how Giant Jones gets creative within the limits of organic ingredients, why some of their signature beers were born somewhat accidentally, and how they've evolved from their origins as a barleywine brewery. We also review five beers that each surprise and impress us - which serves as a distraction to how drunk they actually make us in the end. We also celebrate the return of Summer Craig and suffer angular smelling-related injuries.  Jessica Jones Interview (00:07:42 - 00:51:13) Beers Reviewed English Style International Pale Ale Pale Weizenbock Grand Porter Burton Ale Kaves

    Episode 434 - Kuhnhenn Brewing Company

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 84:24

    Established in 1998, Kuhnhenn remembers a simpler time for craft beer. But Kuhnhenn also remembers that there were big and flavorful beers done differently - to emphasize style while also honoring drinkability - in the early part of the 21st century. This lineup of five beers from the Detroit suburb-housed brewery gives us a lot of nostalgia while finding a way to keep up with some of the big flavors of today. Also, we explore the relationship between sandwich size and happiness, get our drippiest Gwar masks ready for TikTok, and get disturbed by innocuous words. Kuhnhenn remembers. Beers Reviewed Saucy Minx (Extra Special Bitter) Kuhnieweizen (Hefeweizen) Imperial Crème Brûlée Java Stout DRIPA (Double Rice India Pale Ale) Bourbon Barrel Fourth Dementia (Bourbon Barrel-aged Old Ale)

    Episode 433 - Smooj

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 89:50

    Hard seltzers are starting to see a bit of a dip in sales, but it's probably because they're not all loaded up with chunky fruit and 250-plus calories per can. Last year's “phenomenon” of the smoothie hard seltzer was kicked off by an offshoot of Ann Arbor's HOMES Brewery that goes by the name of Smooj. Craig stopped by the Lab (which should really be called the Smoojery) to pick up five slim cans of thick and sludgy hard seltzer for us to review. And because we needed another layer of smoothness, Ryan subjects Craig to a complicated game of identifying Michael McDonald lyrics that has real stakes for the loser. Also, Craig should be the mayor of Hell, Lactose is Easy Mode™, and we drink the Smoovée and a can of what we're calling SmoojYO.  Smooj Reviewed Strawberry Banana Piña Colada Tropical Trip Orange Delight Cara Cara Cran

    Episode 432 - Azadi Brewing

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 112:12

    Currently operating out of Pilot Project, Azadi Brewing may be small at the moment, but their flavors are big and inspired by ingredients from regions all over India. We talk with co-founders Bhavik Modi and Gator Schrand about their unusual collaborative process that results in a rich lineup of beers that seek to tell a story and educate the consumer about India, Indian food, and Indian communities in Chicago. (They also taste pretty great as well, we might add.) In addition, we learn about how they became featured in prominent Chicago Indian restaurants, how their logo is inspired by the Dabbawala, and when we might expect to see a taproom open. Also, we want in on the Taste Buds trading cards, dream of some perfect food pairings, and get a lesson in the chaotic Craig-style of reviewing things.  Bhavik and Gator Interview: (00:10:37 - 00:36:33) Beers Reviewed Devon (Gose w/ Telicherry black pepper, Himalayan pink salt, and Indian coriander) Cochin (Lemongrass Saison) Shimla (Pale Ale w/ Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops) Chopta (Hazy IPA w/ Cascade, Sorachi Ace, and Hallertau Blanc hops) Hira (Belgian Quad w/ dates)

    Episode 431 - Bocks of Spring

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 73:22

    Malt-forward and flowery, the bock-style lager most made for the Spring season is typically a maibock, though not all breweries embrace the confines of that title. We collect five local bocks made with Spring in mind to help Craig make up his mind about this style that once literally saved a city. We also meet two diabolical breakfast buffet villains, get our minds freaked by food commercial secrets, and start feeling real TOASTY! Shorts and a sweater? A dress and a jean jacket? We've got the lager beer pairing for you, lover of Spring weather. Beers Reviewed More Brewing Company - Bartlett Maibock Dovetail Brewery - Maibock Dutchback Brew Co. - Friar Bok (Lentebok) Half Acre Beer Company - Spring Bock Church Street Brewing Company - Magisterium (Maibock)

    Episode 430 - Cream Team

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 77:54

    One of America's few original styles also happens to be a commonly misunderstood one. The Cream Ale has no dairy or lactose (much to Craig's chagrin) but is instead much more similar to the flavorful and easy-drinking Kölsch. We drink through five examples of the style to better grasp its nuances and are once again surprised by the refreshing amount of subtle variation. Also, we discuss the ultimate mind game, foosball, and accidentally give the ice cream machine sentience. (And if you're interested in attending Gathering Place's Lager & Friends festival in Glendale, Wisconsin on June 4th, go to our Instagram for details on how to win some tickets.) Cream Ales Reviewed Midwest Coast Brewing Co. - Three From the Tee Scout & Scholar Brewing - Kolbier Mikerphone Brewing - C.R.E.A.M. Gathering Place Brewing Co. - Midwest Chill Illuminated Brew Works - Mr. Monk's Cream Ale

    Episode 429 - Haze Court

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 73:51

    We've been summoned to do our civic duty in Haze Court, giving five hazy beers their due process through our arbitrary…arbitration. We're ready to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that we should drop the charges against haze, and sentence our taste buds to about an hour of hop service. Also, we imagine adding a twist to new MLB rules, experience the Mandela Effect with Sir Mix-A-Lot, and try to keep Craig's Hop Anger Meter below critical.  Beers Reviewed Old Nation Brewing Co. - DDH M-43 (Double Dry-Hopped New England-style IPA) Eagle Park Brewing Co. - Goon Juice (New England-style IPA) Brothership Brewing - The Arrival (New England-style IPA) Hop Butcher for the World - Oblong (Double IPA) Old Irving Brewing Co. & Alarmist Brewing - Beez Jus (DDH Triple IPA)

    Episode 428 - Atrium Brewing

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 107:18

    In less than two years, Atrium Brewing already has folks claiming them as the best brewery in Louisville - so Craig had to visit and find out for himself. Head brewer Spencer Guy hops on for an interview to talk about the brewery's origins, being known for kettle sours but having a penchant for clean beers, and what to expect once they are able to add more space. Then we drink through five diverse offerings that range from nostalgia-inducing classics to “how could this possibly work?” in a matter of minutes. Also, we look at craft beer trends as an economist might, help settle some Simcoe misconceptions, and once again summon The Chonk.  Beers Reviewed Czech Pils O'Beer (Sour w/ passion fruit, blue raspberry, lemon, and vanilla) Dumpster Cut (Simcoe NEIPA) Chocolate Covered Cherry Boy (Pastry Sour w/ cherry, cacao nibs, and vanilla) Barrel Aged Hegemon (Bourbon Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout)

    Episode 427 - Hot Drops, Part Deux!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 85:27

    As if the Chicago shelves couldn't be more saturated with tantalizing options, a whole new round of hot drops has hit recently that got us out to the bottle shops to see if they'll take valuable fridge space away from our local faves.We have five very different beers from some notable out-of-state breweries - and we have our first ever D.O.A. Hot Drop. Also, Ryan is living with the horror of a room centipede, Craig's working through some hop anger, and we both are titillated by The Burden of Stout. Hallelujah, it's raining DSW gift cards.  Beers Reviewed Fast Fashion/Keeping Together - Reality is an Atmosphere: Centennial (Belgian Pale Ale) Civil Society Brewing - Fresh (New England-Style IPA) J. Wakefield Brewing - K.R.E.A.M. (Berlinner Weisse w/ strawberry, vanilla, and lactose) Mason Ale Works - Cash (Imperial Coffee Stout) Cascade Brewing - Primordial Noir (Bourbon barrel-aged imperial red ale w/ cherries and spices)

    Episode 426 - The Louisville Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 103:50

    Well ahead of Derby Day, Craig trotted down to Louisville, Kentucky to check out their beer scene and bring back a five-pack, along with an interview. The range is wide on this one with easy-drinkers to adjunct-crammed sippers all fighting for the top spot in our arbitrary rankings. Also, Craig chats with Andy Cobb from Butchertown to learn about his growing operation, how to determine the right amount of coconut to cram into a stout, and the potential for kung fu showdowns over craft beer. Also, Craig shares some other unique highlights from his Louisville trip, Ryan's considering restoring a vintage Segway, and we end our boys trip with a friendship-strengthening fist fight. Andy Cobb from Butchertown interview (00:32:55 - 00:48:41) Beers Reviewed Gravely Brewing Co. - La Bamba (Mexican-style Lager) Mile Wide Beer Company - Army Had A Half Day (West Coast IPA) Butchertown Brewing - Arise: Coconut (Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels w/ coconut) Holsopple Brewing - Apricot Pufflefluff (Fruited Sour w/ apricot and marshmallow) Gallant Fox Brewing Co. - Blue Suede Brews (Peanut Butter Banana Old Ale)

    Episode 425 - Ethereal Brewing

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 86:09

    Craig's recent travels brought him to Ethereal Brewing who have been bringing a wide variety of bold styles to Lexington, Kentucky for the better part of a decade. We hear from co-founder and head brewer Brandon Floan on the brewery's evolution, the real fifth element, the ease of barrel access in actual bourbon county, how making sake is different than making beer, and how to brew a beer that gives you weird dreams. We also talk about misunderstood roller coasters, Craig's entirely useless smell-based superpower, and the unfortunate way Baba Yaga and Dark Lord are connected. We also have a first on the show with sake - and we were totally, actually unprepared. Beers Reviewed Throwback (Pilsner) Fad-tastic (NE IPA) Bellerophon (English Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels) Bananas Foster Baba Yaga 2022 (Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels w/ bananas, Tahitian vanilla bean, molasses, and cinnamon) The Void Sake Co. - Echoes Horchata Nigori (Junmai Nigori Sake w/ vanilla bean and cinnamon)

    Episode 424 - Dubbel Play

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 82:23

    Inching ever-closer to our Belgian cycle, we finally reach for the Dubbel on this show by drinking the style-originator and several American examples - including one big-time medal winner. With such wide variety on the style that are mostly good in their own way, we try to examine what makes a Dubbel such a beloved style - even when you're not ingesting gamey meats. Plus, we introduce tickling to the Olympics, put Brendan Fraser and Hugh Grant into a buddy comedy, and explore your body as an intimate landscape. Now's a good time to remind our donors to “dubbel” their donation.  Beers Reviewed Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle - Westmalle Trappist Dubbel Illuminated Brew Werks - Intimate Landscape Sketchbook Brewing Co. = Back Alley Abbey  Temperance Beer Co. - Quotidienne Vintage Brewing Company - Dedication

    Episode 423 - Grape Expectations

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 88:31

    We don't always have the best luck with fruit feature shows, so we hand our expectations over to some of our most trusted local brewers to give grapes a chance. All five bottles on this show feature unique grapes from the rest, so Craig schools us off the vine. Also, we have a therapeutic conversation about grocery stores, discuss how EastSide Gushy Got Chonked (Vol. 1), perform Nerds Box-to-mouth, admire the bold dismantling of a rotisserie chicken, and learn some new words.  Beers Reviewed Off Color Brewing/Speciation/Native Species Winery - Garamond (Wit Ale fermented in Barolo Foedre then aged on Frontenac Gris grape pomace) Supermoon Beer Company - Gloe (Mixed Fermentation Saison fermented w/ Brettanomyces in French Oak Barrels with La Crescent White Grapes) Half Acre Beer Co. - Hot Hot Day (Mixed culture lager w/ Roussanne grapes blended with mixed culture witbier) Hopewell Brewing Co./Speciation Artisan Ales - Taxon Cycle (Wild Ale w/ Traminette Grapes) Keeping Together - Creature of Infinite Contradiction (Barrel-aged Saison w/ Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes)

    Episode 422 - Fruit Stupid

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 87:36

    Sometimes you just gotta say, “What the f***?” and open five cans absolutely crammed full of fruit slurry and let the whole notion of beer just leave your mind. We're down with the thiccness for this episode, watching our glasses become opaque with a pulpy sludge while measuring the detritus on each glug-glug pour. So while they may not be beer per se, are they fun to drink? Also, we re-examine the days of the week, learn the truth about MC Hammer, develop some can-rolling techniques, and experience THE CHONK. Come on and get fruit stupid with us. “Beers” Reviewed BlackStack Brewing - Are You There God? It's Me, Guava (Triple Guava Smoothie Sour w/ vanilla and lactose) Energy City Brewing - Bistro Smoothie: Mango Pineapple Banana (Berliner-Style Weisse w/ mango, pineapple, banana, and natural flavor) Phase Three Brewing Company - Double Nectar: Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry (Sour Ale w/ fruit) More Brewing Company - Peach Cobbler (Fruited Sour Ale w/ peach, vanilla, granola, and milk sugar) Drekker Brewing Co. - Chonk: Spumoni (Sundae Sour w/ cherry, chocolate ice cream, pistachios, and lactose)

    Episode 421 - Back to the Barr3l

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2022 90:45

    For the third straight year, we return to the type of enormous barrel-aged beers that destroyed us throughout December…and fall in love all over again. This lineup of five is going down in the history books, as they not only compete for rankings on this show but several are also in the very early running for our year-end lists. Complex barrel blends and big adjunct additions go toe-to-toe with our sobriety, and it's a hell of a way to ring in Craig's birthday. Speaking of, we wonder about an alternate reality with #SoftCraig, throw out even more Milwaukee love, and contemplate the mysterious CD long box. (Plug in your Game Genie for the Enhanced episode.)  Beers Reviewed  Temperance Beer Co. - Might Meets Right: Orange Chocolate 2022 (Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/ roasted cacao nibs and dried sweet orange peel) Private Press Brewing - Cosmic Echoes [Batch  1] (Blend of Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout and Barleywine Ale) Central Waters Brewing Company - XXIV (Blend of Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stouts) Triptych Brewing - When Someone Asks If You're a God (Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels with cocoa nibs, marshmallow, vanilla beans & natural flavor) Half Acre Beer Company - Triple Barrel Catch Hell (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/ cinnamon and vanilla)

    Episode 420 - Dark Lagers 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2022 82:41

    Yeah we know what episode this is, and truthfully, the pressure of somehow delivering The Funny Weed Number Show was too much, leading us to sip on five delicious dark lagers instead. We explore some of the range a “Dark Lager” can have while finding ourselves in a real rankings-based bind. Also, we have run-ins with NBC sitcom doppelgangers in very unexpected places, we ascend (and descend) the flavor mountain, and we discuss if a Cold Black IPA is a thing. And we back our way into a 420-appropriate set of topics like White Castle 1921 burgers, Boston Dunkies, the Hotel Transylvania film series, and just the nastiest NSFW chips you can find.  Beers Reviewed Riverlands Brewing Company - Midnight Silence (Schwarzbier) 1840 Brewing Company - Schwarzen Katze (Schwarzbier) Cellar West Artisan Ales - Metaluna (India Black Lager) Old Irving Brewing Co. - Lifesblood (Dark Bock Lager) Pipeworks Brewing Company - Dunkel

    Episode 419 - Grave Jacket to Heaven

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2022 103:12

    We're finishing off this season's Deep Wood series from Revolution by doing all the non-stouts - and in many ways we've saved the best for last. Though the barrels deservedly get top-billing, it's hard to ignore how dialed-in the base beer recipe is in all of these - and somehow they get better every year. All these ‘wines inspire a midshow 3-day nap, but we also invent a can-based Chopped challenge for your friends, dream up the inverted mozzarella stick, share tips for beating the Maple Man, and do uncouth things with the Super Mario 3 Strategy Guide issue of Nintendo Power magazine. Beers Reviewed Gravedigger Billy (Scotch Ale aged in bourbon barrels) Straight Jacket (Barleywine Ale aged in bourbon barrels) Maple Jacket (Barleywine Ale aged in bourbon barrels with maple) Blackberry Finn (Barleywine Ale double barrel aged in bourbon barrels with blackberries) Ryeway to Heaven (Rye Ale aged in rye barrels) V.S.O.R. (Rye Ale aged in rye and bourbon barrels)

    Episode 418 - Tripel Threat

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 73:55

    Once brewed as a “superbier” to push the limits of ABV in a Belgian Blonde ale, the Tripel has almost a century of history with many American breweries embracing its fruity and spicy barrage. We try five Tripels, including the style standard, to better familiarize ourselves with this Belgian staple - and to help us complete half of our Belgian Beer Cycle. Also, Ryan gives the play-by-play in the 5 year olds basketball class, we sample the newest flavors of Jeez-Its, Craig wants all the brandy barrels, and we brace ourselves for the oncoming onslaught of Fiber-Forward IPAs.  Beers Reviewed Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle - Westmalle Trappist Tripel Une Année Brewery - Tripel New Glarus Brewing Company - Triple 5 The Church Brew Works - Millenium Tripel Imperial Oak Brewing - Beermuda Triangle: Peach Brandy BA Tripel w/ peaches

    Episode 417 - Crazy 8th

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2022 93:59

    Ushering in our 8th year of the podcast, this anniversary episode is a surprisingly sessionable trip down memory lane. Each host blindly leads the other through three beers of their choosing with the caveat being that all breweries must be Chicagoland local and would have already been open in 2013. Then, there are other connecting themes behind our choices that the other must guess - all while we find ourselves reeling pickled off of a bunch of 5% beers. Also, we decide which restaurants we would actually stay the night at, take drastic measures to put each other at aromatic disadvantages, and nod along to the Tart Suggestion. Pop two quarters in the blast chiller and get your plants out of my butt zone - we're already looking ahead to the next eight years. Beers Reviewed Half-Blind (in order of appearance) Light the Lamp Brewery - Still Single (Belgian Blonde) Une Année Brewery - Less Is More (Saison w/ oranges) Horse Thief Hollow Brewing Co. - Little Wing (Pilsner) Temperance Beer Co. - Smittytown (ESB) Emmett's Brewing Co. - Munich Light (Helles Lager) Off Color Brewing - Scurry (Dark Honey Ale/Kottbusser)

    Episode 416 - Beers For Podcasting

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 108:54

    For the past two years, Off Color's line of Beer For… beers have been a steady source of creative pairings executed immaculately, so we talk with co-founder Dave Bleitner about the project he heads up. Dave shares some of his process for conceptualizing these beers, why it was the right time to do his first ever pale ale (and make it a year-round release), how the label art and merchandising comes about, and why you shouldn't sleep on a hop pillow for too long. We also drink through five of the Beer For beers while attempting to lure a new sponsor, removing the squeaking from televised basketball, and putting our whole mouths under the butter dispenser.  Dave Bleitner Interview (00:09:39 - 00:41:46) Beers Reviewed Beer For Hoops (Cream Ale w/ peach puree and vanilla beans) Beer For Movies (Popcorn Kolsch-Style Beer)Beer For Lounging (American Pale Ale) Beer For Bathtubs (Belgian-Style Wit w/ citrus, flowers, spices, and epsom salt) Beer For Bowling (English-Style Session Ale brewed w/ wood)

    Episode 415 - Keeping 2gether

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 72:09

    A sequel to one of our favorite shows of 2021 might seem rushed, but Keeping Together's time in Chicago is limited. For this one, we drink five more of Averie Swanson's artful creations in an exercise that honestly feels shamelessly self-indulgent due to how good the beers are. Also, we speculate on a provolone problem, conjure up some Joey Pants, do a sitcom t-shirt reveal, and feel inspired to don windbreakers. Expect a very early contender for beer of the year that we never saw coming. Who says the sequel can't be better than the original?? Beers Reviewed Dreaming of a Common Language (Dry-hopped saison w/ Hallertau Tradition, Tettnanger, and Saaz hops) Everything Glistened and Sparkled (Saison w/ roasted rhubarb, angelica root, and honey) The Earth Is What We All Have In Common (Bière de Garde w/ roasted chestnuts, dried oranges, and rosemary) Make Art Not Content (Saison w/ coffee, sage, peach leaves, and honey) Undulant & Impermanent (Barrel-aged saison w/ maple-roasted carrots and spent Fernet botanicals)

    Episode 414 - Non-Alcoholic Adventure

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2022 77:58

    Though our very existence denies it, we love the idea of Dry January - a time when people can re-evaluate their habits around beer and explore more sober and healthy options. But we never really intended on doing this show - not until Ryan got Covid. So to keep this weekly show going amidst that diagnosis, we explore how non-alcoholic beers have come to mimic craft styles much more than they did half a decade ago. Also, Craig needs help with a t-shirt resolution, Ryan's just grateful he can still smell and taste things, and we find the perfect names for a few yet-to-be-founded NA breweries. Plus we still manage to talk about lactose a bunch. Beers Reviewed Big Drop Brewing Co. - Pine Trail Pale Ale WellBeing Brewing - Hellraiser Dark Amber Athletic Brewing Company - Free Wave Hazy IPA Bravus Brewing Company - Oatmeal Dark Untitled Art - S'mores Dark Brew

    Episode 413 - Cold IPAs

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 103:57

    The Cold IPA itself is an oxymoron. So is it a hopped-up lager, or a lagered-down IPA? Or is it neither? We speak with Doug Veliky, CFO of Revolution Brewing and industry trend-spotter, about why the Cold IPA could be a legitimate trend, and what could keep it stuck in fermentation. Then we examine the style further by drinking through five local examples, hoping to create our own frame of reference. Additionally, Craig has a new workout plan for 2022, Ryan's creating the Slow Pour Cold IPA at-home device, and we class it up by talking about all the best smells in craft beer. Let's have a cold one together, shall we? Doug Veliky interview (00:06:03 - 00:35:45) Beers Reviewed Revolution Brewing - Subz-Hero (Cold IPA) Phase Three Brewing - Cold Pixel (IPL) Riverlands Brewing Company - Cold Synergy (Cold IPA) Maplewood Brewing Company - Cold Chisel (Cold IPA) Alarmist Brewing - Woodland Chill (Cold IPA)

    Episode 412 - Double Barrel Blast

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2021 90:33

    As if barrel-aging alone wasn't enough, breweries these days are taking beers that have already experienced an extended oak rest and dumping them into another barrel to age even further. We sample five beers that result from this process (or something similar) to see if all that patience pays off in the end. This final installment of Barrel-Aged December features two legit top ten candidates for beers of the year, and we attempt to extend our merchandising output. And as if two barrels for every beer wasn't enough, Ryan has brought the extra heat for this one: two Craigs. Get ready for the Craigboard.  Beers Reviewed Off Color Brewing/Metropolitan Brewing - Avec Le Guillotine (Blend of doppelbock, calvados foedre-aged Flemish-style with apples, and American Wild Ale aged in wine barrels with Cabernet Franc grape must; all refermented with cherries and aged in bourbon barrels and Pomegranate Fox Wild Ale barrels) Church Street Brewing Company - Double Barrel Doppelbock (Doppelbock aged in bourbon and port barrels for 2 years) Brink Brewing Co./Nine Giant Brewing - Double Bourbon Barrel-Aged Loose String (Barleywine aged in rye and bourbon barrels) Private Press Brewing - Electric Roads (Double Barrel-Aged Barleywine) Mikerphone Brewing - Double Barrel-Aged Super Imperial Smells Like Bean Spirit (Imperial Breakfast Stout w/ maple syrup and coffee, aged in Heaven Hill rye barrels and Smoke Wagon rye barrels)

    Episode 411 - Faces of Deth

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 92:46

    This is Deep Wood Stout Edition 2021 for our fourth Barrel-Aged December episode, as we drink through the five Revolution stouts in their fall/winter specialty release series. Each year, this lineup finds a new way to step forward - and there's one beer in particular here that surprisingly leaps to the top of our lists. Also, Ryan confronts Craig about the Hair Bag Incident, Craig keeps insisting on entering the chat, Ryan's High Life vertical is f*cked, and we just sort of have a love fest about Revolution's output in 2021. Stay tuned for the drunkest rankings of the year. Beers Reviewed Deth's Tar (Barrel-Aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout) Café Deth (Barrel-Aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout w/ coffee) Deth by Raspberries (Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels w/ raspberries) Vanilla Deth (Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels w/ vanilla) Dark Mode (Imperial Milk Stout aged in bourbon barrels)

    Episode 410 - Barrel-Aged Saisons

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 99:31

    An oasis in a month of enormous beers, this episode resets our palates to ready us for the remainder of Barrel-Aged December. But that's not to say that saisons don't have quite a few tricks up their sleeves, like the five on this show certainly do. We also are introduced to Milwaukee's Supermoon Beer Company, and Craig grabbed an interview with co-founder Rob Brennan. Additionally, we have surprising strolls through the mall, and Craig tells you where he'll take his glitter. #DrinkSaisons Beers Reviewed Supermoon Beer Company - There Is A Plot (Gin Barrel Blended Saison) Keeping Together - It Was Like A Holiday (Barrel-aged Saison w/ toasted coconut, lemon, orange, and honey) Werk Force Brewing Company - Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Vultures (Saison w/ blackberries and raspberries aged Cabernet Sauvignon barrels) Zero Gravity Craft Brewery - Après Vous (Gin Barrel-Aged Saison) Lawson's Finest Liquids - Saison Aged in Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin Barrels

    Episode 409 - FoBAB 2021 Winners

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 85:53

    No matter what your strategy is at the fest, it's almost impossible to avoid FoBAB FOMO. We were lucky to attend the 19th edition of FoBAB, but we also felt like we missed out on trying some of the exciting medal winners - until now. For our second Barrel-Aged December show, there are five medal winners from 2021 across various styles on this episode that confirm, hey, yeah, maybe the judges know what they're doing. We also brainstorm some local beer gift box ideas, find Craig roaming the island of misfit candy, and audition to #FineTuneFoBAB. Beers Reviewed The Hopewell Brewing Co. - Arrow of Time [Blend 002] (Oak-aged Wild Ale) - Silver in Wild Mixed Culture Beer (Acidic) Sours Black Horizon Brewing Co. - Gin Barrel-Aged Stand and Deliver (Gin Barrel-Aged Golden Strong Ale) - Bronze in Other Pale Beer Milwaukee Brewing Company - Barrel-Aged Barleywine - Bronze in Barleywine/Wheatwine Short Fuse Brewing Company - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Precious Little Treats (Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels w/ vanilla beans) - Silver in Specialty Strong Porter/Stout Werk Force Brewing Company - Double Barrel Sleepy Bear (Double Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/ milk sugar, cacao nibs, and vanilla)

    Episode 408 - Half Acre Benthic 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 87:56

    Rising from the depths of an obsidian sea to bring about an experience both conceptual and elemental that bends past the traditional, or something: Benthic 2021. To kick off Barrel-Aged DecemberNFT we wade through the cosmic gumbo for this show on Half Acre's big adjunct stout release for 2021. Five variants of the barrel-aged coconut stout are up for review and lead us to the 4PM Shedd Aquarium tour where things get a bit raunchy. Also, we talk about the podcast we would've started at age 15, a Craig soundboard for prank calls, and the symptoms of Fish Can Influence. Ready your decks and watch your hit points, folks. Beers Reviewed Benthic (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/ coconut and coffee) XTRA DUBL Benthic (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/ 3x toasted coconut and 2x coffee) Vanilla Benthic (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/ coconut and vanilla) Rum Coconut Benthic (Rum and Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/ coconut) Vampira Benthic (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/ coffee and coconut aged 10-22 months)

    Episode 407 - The Cincinnati Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 78:39

    We take on five beers from the great city of Cincinnati for this episode, courtesy of listener Andrew who picked out an exceptionally fun variety of styles and odd ingredients. It's not every week we get beers with juniper berries, paw paw, and tayberries. Also, we discuss a tweet about which famous old people could identify Mario; we talk about some of our favorite signature fonts; and we have the majesty of dolphins ruined for us forever.  Beers Reviewed Streetside Brewery - Return of the Mac (Coffee blond w/ caramel creme coffee and vanilla) Rhinegeist Brewery - Infinite Dawn (Sour blonde ale aged in an oak foeder) Rebel Mettle - Volume (Schwarzbier with juniper berries) Urban Artifact - Dilophosaurus (Barrel-aged wild ale w/ paw paw) Fibonacci Brewing Company - Ploidy (Imperial oatmeal stout w/ tayberries)

    Episode 406 - Cruz Blanca Luchadors 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 111:05

    Add a 2021 FoBAB Gold Medal to the many reasons why Cruz Blanca's seasonal barrel-aged beer release is not to be missed, but you hopefully already knew that anyways. For this one, we chat with head brewer Jacob Sembrano before opening up all eight of these grapplers in the Luchador series. Jacob talks with us about growing Cruz beyond just a brewpub, what makes something a “Cruz beer,” and some of the surprising flavor inspirations behind this year's Luchadors. Then we drink ‘em all up, and it's a wild ride, y'all. Also, Craig has a hard time enjoying the aquarium, and Ryan just wants to talk about candles.  Beers Reviewed Escorpión (Imperial prickly pear and dragon fruit ale aged in Cabernet red wine and Barbados rum barrels) Barbarosa (Imperial black and red raspberry ale aged in Heaven Hill bourbon and Cabernet red wine barrels) Maravilla (Imperial blonde ale aged in Barbados rum and Woody Creek rye whiskey barrels with Mexican vanilla) Coco Fantasma (Imperial blonde ale aged in Barbados rum and Woody Creek rye whiskey barrels with chocolate, coconut, and almond) Carmelita Suave (Imperial stout aged in Barbados rum barrels with Metric coffee and dulce de leche) Señor Bandito (Imperial stout aged in Woody Creek rye whiskey barrels with black, Morello, and Luxardo cherries, Mexican cassia bark, and Ceylon cinnamon) Rey Gordo (Imperial stout aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels) Rey Cuvée (2018 + 2019 + 2020 Rey Gordo blended and double barrel-aged in Woodford Reserve barrels)

    Episode 405 - Barreled Souls

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 69:55

    We're finally caught up on Craig's summer Northeast trip which took him to Barreled Souls, who do 100% oak-fermented beers out of their Maine location. The flavors are big and bold, and some work much better for us than others. But the standouts are incredible, and we're even getting some slushie vibes. Also, Craig considers his scent, Ryan runs down all the different sub-styles of soup beers, and we hold a community Fluff event.  Beers Reviewed  Space Gose (Gose w/ coriander, Maine sea salt, and lemon zest) Speakeasy Red Sangria (Red wine barrel-aged gose w/ Concord grape, cranberry, orange, currant, & lemon) 8x Magnification (Quadruple IPA) Crazy Squares 2.0 (Barleywine w/ Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal) Woodford Bourbon Stay Puft (Imperial stout w/ marshmallow fluff aged in Woodford bourbon barrels)

    Episode 404 - Bourbon County 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 107:35

    It's the episode where we drink all the Bourbon County beers being released on Black Friday this year, and give you our honest reactions to this eight-bottle lineup. Whatever we say probably won't influence your purchasing decisions whatsoever, but we had fun and got drunk while doing it. Honestly, we try to run our podcast with a set of principles as there's a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that'll be a homerun. And so that'll make it a 4-0 ballgame. Beers Reviewed Bourbon County Brand Stout 2021 Bourbon County Reserve 150 Stout Bourbon County Reserve Blanton's Stout Bourbon County Cherry Wood Stout Bourbon County Double Barrel Toasted Barrel Stout (BCDBTBS) Bourbon County Classic Cola Stout Bourbon County Fourteen Stout Proprietor's Stout 2021

    Episode 403 - Torture Test V: Crypt Fever

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 79:31

    In another tale of the macabre (beers), our palates are attacked and our bodies shake with that unmistakable burn: it can only be Crypt Fever! We once again try to outdo one another by picking beers we think are going to be revolting for a blind test of our tolerance for bad - and most of these drinks fit the horrible bill. We also envision the Skoilet, smell some sockfruit, invent Flushtones™, and discuss why hard seltzers are the future of the Torture Test.  Beers Administered The Bruery Terreux - Frucht: Cucumber (Sour Berliner Weiss w/ cucumbers)Hoppin' Frog Brewery - Verrückter Brauer (Strong Lager) Abita Brewing Company - Strawberry Lager Shipyard Brewing Company - Pumpkin Head Hard Seltzer 5 Rabbit Cervecería - ChocFruit Piña (Stout w/ pineapple, from 2016) Forbidden Root - Money on My Rind (Wheat beer w/ juniper and grapefruit, from 2016?)

    Episode 402 - The SD Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 86:47

    For the 28th installment of our State Show series, our friend Don Kasak brought us back a nice (IPA-less) lineup from South Dakota. We have five different beers from five different breweries, although one host's personal curse seems hellbent on lowering that number. But in addition to these enjoyable brews, we construct five different nostalgia/pop culture-based Mount Rushmores of our own, which leads to discussions around cereal mascots, Seinfeld NPCs, classic WWF wrestlers, Saturday morning cartoons, and 90s bassists. We also find new ways to describe “yellow,” dream of our favorite highly dangerous vehicles, and piledrive our friends.  Beers Reviewed Remedy Brewing Company [Sioux Falls, SD] - MarketBrew (Hoppy wheat ale) Sawyer Brewing Co. [Spearfish, SD] - Blood Orange Blond Ale Obscure Brewing Co. [Sioux Falls, SD] - SoDa Kölsch Eponymous Brewing Company [Brookings, SD] - Blueberry Indiglow (Barrel-aged sour w/ blueberries) A Homestead Brew [Valley Springs, SD] - Blood Run Belgian Dubbel

    Episode 401 - Duneyrr/Moderne Dune

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 109:27

    With Duneyrr Artisan Fermenta Project, Tyler Davis wants to explore the ways wine and beer fermentation can cross over into styles that defy traditional categorization. And with Moderne Dune, he is using newer ingredients and techniques with IPAs and lagers in thoughtful and artful ways. We talk with Tyler about his many projects and upcoming taproom, the origins of Duneyrr, his brewing history, choosing quality over locality when it matters, and how deep into the world of wine he's looking to venture. Then we drink five beers - two from Moderne Dune and three from Duneyrr - to better appreciate his vision and see how our beer-centric tastes react to his wine hybrids. We also threaten to kill the Cold IPA, Craig goes all Whitman on us, and Ryan's getting rich off those NFTs. Can we be franc? Beers Reviewed Moderne Dune - River Yacht (Cold IPA w/ Mosaic, Meridian, and Motueka) Moderne Dune - Invited Concept (DDH Lager w/ Loral and Citra) Duneyrr Artisan Fermenta Project - Freya Franc (Sour Hybrid w/ strawberries and Cabernet Franc grape must) Duneyrr Artisan Fermenta Project - Sauvÿn Blanc (Sour Hybrid w/ passion fruit, Sauvignon Blanc grape must) Duneyrr Artisan Fermenta Project - Hazy Et Blanc! (Double IPA w/ Sauvignon Blanc grape juice, Phantasm, Citra, Hallertau Blanc, and Nelson Sauvin)

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