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Good Vibrations is Mark Devlin's regular podcast of conversations with free-thinking individuals on wide-ranging crucial topics about the true nature of reality, encompassing the subjects of truth, conspiracy, spirituality, consciousness, mind-control, social-engineering, and much more. The show beg…

Mark Devlin

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    Latest episodes from Good Vibrations Podcast

    GVP #236 - Rob Clark - Ways to Awaken Newbies

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2023 60:15

    To so many of us doing the work it can often feel like we're preaching to the converted. There's little value in delivering messages to those already familiar with the information. What's way more crucial is in bringing new recruits to Truth and Freedom on board. It's a numbers game … and we need more numbers!This episode's guest is British researcher and writer Rob Clark, who's been distributing an increasingly popular weekly newsletter, and appears on shows and podcasts. We discuss effective ways of engaging new minds, including the three key questions with which he's had great success over the past three years. We also discuss what NOT to do!To subscribe to Rob's newsletter, just drop an e-mail to

    GVP #235 - Steve Hughes - Life Is Absurd

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 3, 2023 78:03

    Sometimes it really feels like the only appropriate response to life in the 2020s is to laugh at the utter absurdity of it all. This gives real value to Conscious Comedy, and at the forefront of the pack is the Australian comedian Steve Hughes.Steve relates how flowing with the unpredictability of life has always been his way, from his music background playing in metal bands, to his entering stand-up comedy, with a life-changing nervous breakdown along the way.We discuss how comedy - once edgy and subversive - has been completely infiltrated by “woke-ism,” with many parallels to the world of music. All comedians have had to pick a side, and the results speak for themselves.*** EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING - NOT ONE TO PLAY IN FRONT OF THE KIDS *** For more information on the Jam For Freedom Festival near Milton Keynes from 3rd to 6th August: Australian Crowdfunder is here:

    GVP #234 - Mike Williams - Life Lessons & The Soul Trap Psy-op, Part 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2023 50:00

    Here's the second instalment of my extremely thought-provoking chat with Mike Williams, aka Sage of Quay.We continue to discuss Mike's take on spiritual matters, the concepts of life lessons and reincarnation, and we address the 'Soul Trap' idea which seems to have gained much momentum on the alternative scene in recent times.Mike's hub website for all his work is

    GVP #233 - Mike Williams - Life Lessons & The Soul Trap Psy-op, Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2023 57:28

    Mike Williams, aka Sage of Quay returns, but this time the conversation has nothing to do with the Beatles or the music industry. Instead, we draw on Mike's status as a hypnotherapist, past-life regressionist and Out of Body Experiencer to address the biggest questions a human can ever ask. What is the purpose of these lives? What are any of us doing here? What IS here? Mike gives his take on this realm as a spiritual classroom where souls incarnate - always by consent - to experience the growth that can only be attained through the challenges presented in this 3D “physical reality.”This is a two-part chat. In part two, following shortly, we get into the idea of the reincarnation “soul trap” which has become a popular topic in the “truth”/ alternative scene in recent times.Mike's hub website for all his work is

    GVP #232 - Sean McCann - Full Metal Disney

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 20, 2023 93:01

    The hidden symbolism and layered allegory in Stanley Kubrick movies has been studied by vigilant researchers for decades, and one of the foremost analysts is returning guest Sean McCann of the ‘Wake The Dead' podcast.In this episode, Sean hones in on ‘Full Metal Jacket' and - its surface narrative aside - decodes it as a commentary on the dehumanisation caused by trauma-based mind control, with several unlikely connections to the satanic Disney corporation and its key emblem of Mickey Mouse.We remain perplexed as to whether Kubrick was communicating the messages he did - albeit symbolically - with the full complicity of his paymasters - or whether he was a maverick who sought to go his own way, and who possibly paid the ultimate price for doing so.Sean's ‘Wake The Dead' podcast can be found via his One Great Work Network page here:

    GVP #231 - Ann Diamond - MK-Ultra & Leonard Cohen

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2023 90:45

    Ann Diamond is a Canadian writer and survivor of the CIA's MK-Ultra mind control programme, having spent time at the notorious McGill University/ Allan Memorial site in Montreal. She gives an insight into some of the LSD and electroshock experimentation that went on both here at at Montauk in Long Island.For many years she was the partner of singer-songwriter/ poet Leonard Cohen. He, it would appear, was in the employ of the CIA and possibly Mossad, and used his cover as a performer, (he was 33 years old before he emerged as a singer) to undertake spying missions.Most intriguingly, Ann reveals, he had a habit of turning up at various places around the world where a political coup was about to occur, then disappearing soon afterwards. This was also the case with the assassinations of Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, where Leonard popped up in London and New York, then left quickly once the deeds were done.Ann reveals how Cohen met Baron Jacob Rothschild in London in 1959, and went on to warn of a “holocaust” coming for non-Jewish Gentiles.Ann was also friends with the Rolling Stones and recalls meeting a very young, pre-fame Mick Jagger, whom she suspects was also inducted into the MK-Ultra programme.Ann's 2015 article for the Henry Makow site is here: 2023 essay on how she met Cohen is here:'s books are here:

    GVP #230 - Rhys Dawney - Degeneracy Through Popular Culture

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 5, 2023 94:09

    Every time you think the controllers of the “music” industry have debased and toxified “entertainment” as far as is possible, the sick, diseased demons sitting atop these industries find new ways to take things even lower. Guesting this episode is Rhys Dawney, proprietor of the Schism podcast. Fortunately, Rhys can bear to wade through the so-called “hip-hop” culture of the 2000s to identify and comment on the insane satanic agendas being aimed at Gen Z. Along the way we discuss such subjects as: What the hell's happening with Kanye West? Just WHY has Drake been the biggest thing in “hip-hop” for the past 15 years? “Hip-hop”s Gay mafia; the pushing of Transgenderism, Transhumanism and A.I. through “music”; Travis Scott's demonic performance at Astroworld; Mind-controlled artists and their dissociative “alters”; why nobody cares about the Tim Westwood or Afrika Bambaataa allegations. Ultimately though, we end on a high note, observing that many from “Gen Z” are seeing through the bullshit that's been foisted on them. When the mind-control no longer works, neither do the agendas. Rhys' ‘Schism' podcast archives can be found here:

    GVP #229 - Laura Soden - Oxford: The 15-Minute-City Blueprint

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2023 32:46

    The latest serious threat to our rights and freedoms of movement is now facing us in the form of so-called “15-minute cities.” Naturally, these come cloaked in apparent noble intent all in the name of combatting “Climate Change,” (and without any kind of democratic consultation,) but in reality, they're yet further stepping stones towards New World Order totalitarianism. Oxford has been chosen as the blueprint for such a scheme, and this will be because of the system-minded mentality this city has long had. Resistance from locals is already very apparent, however, and it seems there will be a whole lot more to come, not least from the day of activism scheduled for 18th February. Laura Soden represents one of the groups which has been set up to oppose this Draconian over-reach, and to inform others that what is allowed to happen in Oxford today, will be coming to everybody else's hometown tomorrow … but ONLY if we allow it. Will we? More info here -

    GVP #228 - Johnny Vedmore - Blame It On The Bloodlines

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2023 90:13

    Johnny Vedmore is an investigative journalist whose delvings into the machinations of the “elite” class have sent him down the path of examining ancestry and genealogy. Here, he reinforces the importance of keeping it in certain bloodlines, and how new generations of the same families crop up in positions of public influence throughout the ages. Among examples discussed are the families of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and a certain family named Hewson.Johnny's work all resides at:

    GVP #227 - Max Igan - Life In These Times

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2023 82:29

    Well-known researcher and speaker Max Igan returns for a wide-reaching discussion considering many aspects of life in the 2020s.Along the way we discuss: Jacinda Ardern's resignation; international travel restrictions and relaxations; the power and influence of music; why popular culture has been so effectively used for societal mind-control; the ability to spot agendas with life experience; young people who “get it”; NPCs, or “backdrop people”; bringing children into the world in these perilous times; balancing ‘dark' information alongside empowering messages. For all Max's content -

    GVP #226 - Sheep Farm & Rise Above - Clown World 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2022 105:43

    The hosts of two of the most popular and impactive British shows of these times, Dom & Chris of Sheep Farm Studios and Lance of Rise Above Live, join Good Vibrations to reflect on the Monty Python sketch gone live that was 2022. Sheep Farm's website and podcast platform is here: Rise Above goes live most Friday nights from here: * Please subscribe to my YouTube channel here: of all upcoming events are I now have a page set up at Buy Me A Coffee where anyone who has found value in my work can donate towards its continuation if they choose. You can tip me at: Or via Find me there under the e-mail address To order Root Wellness natural health/ immune boosting products as featured in a previous Good Vibrations episode:

    GVP #225 - David Wakefield - Satanic Ritual Abuse

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2022 48:14

    Guesting on show 225 is David Wakefield who is a survivor of the process of Satanic Ritual Abuse. He suffered this purely as a result of the family he was born into, and David explains how SRA is kept within certain bloodlines, and that it's not just celebrities and public figures who undergo these trauma rituals, but also “regular' members of society, ensuring that subjects are implanted into every walk of life.We discuss dissociation from reality, programming from early childhood, the creation of mind control “alters” and, ultimately, reflect on what would happen in society if - somehow - knowledge of these horrors could go beyond just the limited audiences of shows like this, right into the mainstream.Not a happy show, this one, but not a happy subject area, and one that is never going to go away until it's acknowledged and confronted head-on.

    GVP #224 - Dr. Andrew Kaufman - Challenging Virology

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2022 75:40

    Very early on in the Scamdemic American psychologist and holistic practitioner Dr. Andrew Kaufman emerged as a lonely voice challenging what we were being told about the nature of Co(n)vid. And not only this “virus” but the true nature of what we refer to as viruses generally. Naturally, he copped much flak for his stance, losing his day job in the process, but has since been joined by a chorus of names from the medical field, now able to see the anomalies and deceptions that he did on day one.In this show, he reflects on where public knowledge is now at compared to three years ago, framing the Co(n)vd and three-dart finish situation within the overall context of the forces that were behind it … and to what end.'s YouTube channel is here: main website is at:*Details of all upcoming events are now have a page set up at Buy Me A Coffee where anyone who has found value in my work can donate towards its continuation if they choose.You can tip me at: via Find me there under the e-mail address markdevlinuk@gmail.comTo order Root Wellness natural health/ immune boosting products as featured in a previous Good Vibrations episode:

    GVP #223 - David Charalambous - Effective Ways To Reach People

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2022 62:54

    So many will have encountered resistance from friends, family members and associates when trying to engage them in truth discovery. It's easy to become frustrated, angry, biter, dejected and exasperated when they don't respond the way we'd hoped.This episode's guest, David Charalambous, is the proprietor of, and shares some of the observations he's accrued through his background in psychology and behavioural science. These professions have been weaponised against the public, he maintains - but by learning the methods and tactics they use, we can develop better ways of engaging others in meaningful conversation and breaking the spell of their programming.

    GVP #222 - Mike Williams - The Beatles Psy-Op

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2022 82:04

    Mike Williams, better known as Safe of Quay, returns to the show to re-visit the subject of the Beatles, the most successful and influential music group of all time, actually being a Tavistock-created psy-op used to push social engineering agendas, rather than simply four young working-class lads from Liverpool who just happened, by pure chance, to make it big.Mike recaps on his epic 4.5-hour 2020 presentation where he presented evidence that it was impossible for Lennon and McCartney to have written all the songs credited to them during a specific period in Beatles history. And if that can be proven to be the case for that period, it was most likely the case for the whole of their career.Paul McCartney's replacement by a character known as Billy Shears gets analysed. We also give some airtime to all the “celebrity” frauds and lifetime actors who have so revealed their true colours since early 2020.Mike's hub website giving access to all aspects of his work is at

    GVP #221 - David Weiss - Spinning Ball Denial

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2022 94:39

    If we acknowledge that the controllers of Organised Society lie to us about absolutely everything … why would they have told us the truth about the very nature of the place in which we spend our entire human lives?This episode's guest, David Weiss, contends that they haven't, and goes on to outline some of the dark occult sorcery, symbolism, and straight mockery involved in the notion that we live on a spinning ball hurtling relentlessly through the cold, soulless infinite vacuum of space in four different directions at once - and with the magic number 666 encoded at least three times into official statistics - and yet we don't feel a thing. Despite what many maintain, he says, this stuff DOES matter, because it speaks to the very crux of the human condition and our inherent connectedness back to source.We also discuss other psy-ops sponsored by the very same networks of dark occultist psychopaths.Dave's podcast can be found here - www.TheFlatEarthPodcast.comHis Flat Earth Sun & Moon Clock app is available on Google Play and Apple:

    GVP 220 - Richard Balducci - The Occult Death Ritual of Paul McCartney

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2022 89:54

    Occult and esoteric expert Richard Balducci joins the show to present some mindblowing revelations regarding what he states was the occult sacrifice of the original Paul McCartney on 11th September 1966, and his replacement to this day by the individual known as William Wallace Shepherd, or ‘Billy Shears.' Along the way, Richard gets into so much of the symbolism, numerology and astrology surrounding this event, and reveals who he considers to have committed the murder and the reasons for it in a conversation that also links in with Tavistock and British military “intelligence”, Ian Fleming and James Bond, Thomas E. Uharriet's' Memoirs' books, Aleister Crowley, the Church of Satan and so much more.This is not a happy show and comes with the disclaimer that much of the content (presented in video form for maximum clarity) is grisly and disturbing. If what Richard claims is true, however, comprehending how and why it occurred is vital to ensuring the satanic, insidious control system behind it is finally brought to its deserving end.To contact Richard:

    GVP 219 - James Cordiner - Shattering The Illusion

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2022 36:00

    Shattering The Illusion is an upcoming free, all-day on-line conference covering the subjects areas of Natural Law, true Anarchy, Mind Control, Consciousness and The Occult. Here, co-organiser James Cordiner talks on why it's so vital these topics are deeply grasped and applied by the regular masses - not juts those already steeped in truth-seeking - and what specific points will be covered by the speakers.Speakers include: Chris Jantzen, Ivan Oyola Jr., James Cordiner, Jennifer Rose, Joe Murray, Mark Devlin, Mark Passio, Nathan Riddett, Sean McCann and Will Keller, with new music previewed by DISL Automatic and Joe Murray.All information and links to the viewing platforms is at

    Good Vibrations Extra: DISL Automatic interview recorded in Montenegro

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 28:42

    GVP #218 - Ivan From Phoenix - Analysing Stranger Things

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2022 71:40

    Movie buff and conspiracy researcher Ivan from Phoenix joins the show as we analyse the occult symbolism, allegory and truth bombs contained in the hit Netflix series 'Stranger Things.'This show reveals so much about the real-life MK-Ultra mind control experimentation which occurred at the hands of the CIA (and probably still does.) The narrative also provides an allegory for our satanically-inverted society in the form of the 'Upside Down.'We also observe some of the homages to film-makers and movies from decades past.Ivan's show ‘Can You Handle The Truth In Music,' co-hosted by Francesco Sani, can be found here:

    GVP #217 - Steve James - Satanic Influences in Society

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 82:08

    We can study the fine detail of all the society-shaping agendas and systems of control that have been put into place. But sitting atop all of these is the IDEOLOGY driving everything. We live in a truly Satanic society, and Newcastle-based researcher Steve James joins this episode to discuss what Satanism really is and how most people - though they would be horrified to hear it - actually quality as de facto satanists.Along the way we discuss much of the occult symbolism on full display to indicate the true nature of those controlling society. This includes the recently-destroyed Georgia Guidestones. We also discuss Luciferianism, Aleister Crowley, Freemasonry, archaic spiritual teachings, kundalini, and the significance of the numbers 33 and 666.It's not until the spiritual tactics that are used against us are fully comprehended by the masses, that we can break free of the dark spells that have been cast over us collectively.*I now have a new donations page set up at Liberapay. If you have found value in my work and would like to see it continue, you're be able to make a donation at: via Paypal using the e-mail address markdevlinuk@gmail.comTo order Root Wellness natural health/ immune boosting products as featured in a previous Good Vibrations episode:

    GVP #217 - Iain Clifford & Dr. Sam White - Matrix Freedom

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 4, 2022 64:07

    The Matrix Freedom project has been masterminded by this episode's guests, Iain Clifford and Dr. Sam White. It's described as “the world's fastest-growing freedom solution provider” and “the world's biggest provider of financial abundance solutions.” The founders discuss how this enterprise is steeped in personal sovereignty and in methods for individuals to withdraw all financial dependence on the control system.Sam White is also known as one of the very few doctors to have spoken out about Covid tyranny and to have paid a professional price as a result, and was part of Mark Sexton's team which lodged a criminal complaint against the UK government with the Metropolitan Police. We get into these aspects also.Gain access to the Matrix Freedom resources through this link:

    GVP #216 - Music Industry Roundtable - Mike Stock/ Matt Hoy/ Right Said Fred

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 89:39

    It's back to a music-based chat as we have a roundtable discussion featuring an assortment of music industry faces, all of whom have very courageously stuck their heads above the parapet and spoken out about the insanity through which we've all been living these past 2.5 years. They're very much in a minority - you may have noticed - and this factor forms the basis of our conversation as we seek to establish just why it is that so few HAVE used their voices to oppose outrageous impositions into our lives at a time where it's been needed more than at any other in human history.Our line-up consists of super-producer Mike Stock of Stock/ Aitken/ Waterman fame, former UB40 vocalist Matt Hoy, and Richard and Fred Fairbrass of Right Said Fred.

    GVP #215 - Michael Odgen - A World of Lies

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 81:11

    Guesting this episode is US researcher and writer Michael Ogden, author of the new book ‘A World of Lies, Collusion and Conspiracy: And How to See Past It.'We get into several subject areas tackled in the book, including; Convid, 9/11, Predictive Programming, Earth cosmology, nuclear weapons, nescience vs. ignorance, consciousness, activism, Q, Trump, NASA, the Moon “landings.” The overall message is that everything we've ever been taught by any kind of establishment source, has been a lie - but why would that even be a surprise any more?Michael's book can be purchased here:

    GVP #214 - Michael Feeley - Decoding Ancient Knowledge

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 97:18

    What if the knowledge guarded for millennia by secret societies and arcane mystery schools, all shares a commonality? What if ancient civilisations from all over the world have also been communicating these same teachings through their architecture and sacred sites? Michael Feeley is a former police officer with 17 years on the force. More recently, he has put to use the detective skills he acquired on the job to piece together the esoteric knowledge communicated by groups and cultures from all around the world. Here, he shares his findings. Along the way we discuss his take on what the purpose of our lives here on Earth really are, and the way our collective consciousness can create alternative timelines. In this regard, he has some hopeful words for the future.More at

    Good Vibrations Extra. Kerry Murray - United Free Press & The Face of Freedom

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 21:05

    British-based photographer, writer and activist Kerry Murray joins for an extra episode to discuss his upcoming Face of Freedom photobook project documenting the freedom rallies and marches on 2020/ 21, as well as his United Free Press initiative to provide accreditation for those journalists working within the truth/ alternative realm, akin to those recognised by the mainstream.The United Free Press resides Kerry's photography

    GVP #213 - Feargus O'Connor Greenwood - 180-Degree Inversion

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 63:21

    We live in a satanically inverted society where if you want the truth about anything, best advice is to take whatever representation of it is offered through mainstream and establishment sources and flip it completely on its head. Guesting this episode is Feargus Greenwood, an author who has gone to town on this whole dynamic via his monumental new book ‘180 Degrees.'We discuss the lies, gaslighting and military-grade psychological techniques used by governments and the mainstream media for decades to traumatise and mind-control the general population. Once the methods are known, they'll never work in the same way again.

    GVP #212 - Alistair Williams - The Cancellation of Comedy

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 73:15

    The comedy scene has long been subject to the same controlling factors as the music business. Both have been defanged and neutered, and only those artists deemed “safe” who tow the official line on everything are allowed to break through to mainstream prominence. Anyone not playing ball with Organised Society "woke" agendas, is censored, banned, de-platformed and banished into obscurity.Here to shed some further light on this dynamic is ‘awake' - and cancelled - stand-up comedian Alistair Williams.

    comedy cancellation alistair williams
    GVP #211 - Ole Dammegard - Deconstructing Deception

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 82:28

    Author, activist and researcher Ole Dammegard has made a name for himself though 30-plus years of examining world events to see whether what we're told about them tallies with what we're told by the mainstream media - or whether there could be more to know. (The answer is almost always a resounding yes.)Ole has applied the detective skills he has used with so many crisis actor-employing false-flag “terror” events, to the two biggest psy-ops of the past two years. In this show we discuss his findings, his take on what the “elites” overall gameplan really is, and how we can still - if the collective Will is there - prevent them from taking us to the dark and devastating future they have planned.Ole's platforms:Light On Conspiracies: https://www.lightonconspiracies.comNewsletter: Account: LinkTree:'s Support Group: CENSORED AND DELETED Facebook: CENSORED AND DELETED YouTube: Official channel CENSORED AND DELETED Guestbook:

    GVP #210 - Martin Geddes - There's Still Life In Q

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 51:12

    English computer scientist turned researcher/ author/ activist/ photographer Martin Geddes is this episode's guest.Despite the failure of so many Q pundits' predictions coming to pass, and the covert nature of what is said to be “The Plan” meaning that no documentary evidence or verifiable proofs as to its validity are available, Martin remains convinced as to the veracity of the Q movement, and has written several popular essays on the subject.In this show he tackles some of the most common reservations, addressing Q's similarity to the earlier Operation Trust stand-down exercise from the Russian Bolshevik revolution, why nothing ever seems to happen as predicted, and elements of Donald J Trump's character which cause many to doubt that he can be trusted.(Regrettably the recording of this show was plagued with technical problems causing Martin's audio to keep cutting out. This version has been edited as effectively as possible to keep his answers comprehendible.)Martin's newsletter article concerning our conversation is here:13 concerns about The Great Awakening

    GVP #209 - Etienne De La Boetie2 - Anarchy & Freedom

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2022 62:52

    American Author, researcher, anarchist and activist Howard Lichtman, better known as Etienne de la Boetie2, joins the show to discuss the concepts of liberty, anarchy and true freedom, as expressed in his book ‘Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!'He demonstrates how no governmental institution can ever be moral or justifiable under Natural Law, nor ever allow for true freedom. He also takes apart the common misconceptions around anarchy, and our conversation is framed within the context of current world events.

    GVP #208 - David Clews - When Activism Pays Dividends

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 40:12

    David Clews, proprietor of Unity News Network and the No More Lockdowns campaign, returns with an update on his activism, and to give his views on where things are currently at.We talk about: the lifting of most Covid restrictions in England and what could be behind it; why the UK was first in line for this; the gradual turning of public opinion and the flip-flopping and U-turning of certain public figures and mainstream news outlets in response to it; the freedom convoys in the UK over the weekend; the scapegoating and throwing-under-the-bus that seems likely for Boris Johnson and other figures. We end with news of how the UNN platform is being stepped up as a credible alternative source of unbiased news.Connect with UNN here: UNN on Twitter: UNN on Telegram:

    GVP #207 - Jason Shurka - Higher-Minded Perspectives

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2022 29:39

    Many have found value in the inspiring video messages being put out by American author, broadcaster and truthseeker Jason Shurka in recent months. He joins the show to offer some spiritual and metaphysical perspectives on what humanity is currently going through as a collective.We touch on: Natural Law, consequentialism, the dynamic of manifestation, Free Will, and applying real-world action in conjunction with higher-minded consciousness.Jason's main website is here:

    GVP #206 - Michael O'Bernicia - Convid Crime Case

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2022 32:31

    Michael O'Bernicia, aka The Bernician, returns to update us on the collaboration between the team he assembled to bring Private Criminal Prosecutions for pandemic fraud, treason and genocide, and that which recently lodged similar allegations with the Metropolitan Police.Though armies of trolls have tried to discredit the case, it is clearly causing major ripples among the architects of the Covid scam, Michael says, and could well be the real reason for the rapid and unexpected rollback of Covid resitrictons in England.

    GVP #205 - James Delingpole: Leaving Normieland

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2022 66:46

    James Delingpole talks about his journey from being a mainstream journalist with some highly coveted positions, to becoming Persona Non Grata owing to his taking a stand for Truth and Right Action - qualities which, it seems, can hinder a career path within the Establishment system. He now uses his skills and experience to broadcast empowering information, and has had many prominent names appear on his Delingpod podcast as a result.James talks about his time spent studying at Malvern College and Oxford University, where he rubbed shoulders with Chris Whitty, David Cameron and Boris Johnson, and shares his impressions of all three.Ultimately, he reflects on how rewarding the process of stepping outside of mainstream paradigms can be when the realisation dawns that you're now on a rightful path doing the REAL work you came here to do.Find James' Delingpod podcast at these locations:

    GVP #204 - Steve Whybrow & Eril - A Postcard From Austria

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 55:39

    This episode was recorded in urgent response to the situation in Austria, where, in the continuing war against those who exercise their right not to take the V, this group is now being threatened with up to a year in jail.This, however, is the mainstream media's way of presenting things, in line with their usual fearmongering and state propaganda pushing. Returning guests, Austrian-based activists Steve and Eril, have a different spin on things. In fact, they consider, these moves display the absolute desperation of a control system that knows it's on its last legs. Their work, embracing the sacred principles of Natural Law and how it plays out within Common Law, is the key to the people taking back the country.Austria will be the first domino to fall, they maintain, and others will come toppling down afterwards.

    GVP #203 - Sukh Gidda - Peace Constables & Common Law

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2021 68:05

    Joining GV this episode for a conversation about asserting Common Law is Sukh Gidda, who has been training an army of ‘Peace Constables' as part of the Guardians 300 organisation. In this chat we discuss the authority of Common Law, rooted as it is in the Natural Laws of Creation, and how the restoration and recognition of these principles holds the key to our societal freedom. Sukh details how anyone who wishes to become a Constable to uphold these principles can join the ranks.We also address the in-fighting within the Common Law community, as well as consider the psychopathic nature of our enemies and why, ultimately, their insane plans for complete domination of all of humanity will fail.For more on Guardians 300 or to train as a Peace Constable, go to

    Good Vibrations Extra. Darren Nesbitt - We Are The 99 Per Cent/ The Light

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 37:50

    Here's a bonus chat I had with Darren Nesbiit, the guy behind the protest anthem for our times, ‘We Are The 99 Per Cent.' The big news is that this has been released as a single with the aim of getting it to the Christmas number one, where it would REALLY shake things up out there in Normieland!Darren is also the founder of The Light newspaper, and we talk about the impact that publication has had since its introduction last year.*Links for the single:Spotify Album URL: Album URI: spotify:album:7dv7wG84xhCD6umka2EfNnSpotify Artist URL: Artist URI: spotify:artist:3KZ7R3wJt6YBKR5AzhbXOe Apple Music Album URL: Music Album URL: ID: 1596300088 Deezer Track URL: video is hosted here: more on The Light newspaper, or to become a distributor in your area:

    GVP #202 - Mark Devlin - Musical Truth 3, with Guest Host Ivan From Phoenix

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 70:23

    'Musical Truth Volume 3' completes club and radio DJ-turned author/ researcher Mark Devlin's trilogy of books exposing the REAL nature of the corporate music industry and those that populate it.In this show, guest host Ivan from Phoenix asks Mark about the contents of the book, what it's designed to achieve, and why it is so very much a product of these momentous times.

    Good Vibrations podcast 10th Anniversary with Guest Host Billy Ray Valentine

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 70:29

    If I look a little world-weary and battered in some of my videos, it's because I've been wallowing in the dark and devastating world of conspiracy information for a whole decade now, as Good Vibrations has reached its tenth anniversary.To mark the occasion, I drafted in my good friend Billy Ray Valentine, creator of his own Infinite Fringe podcast, as guest host. Billy asks me about some of my most memorable guests and subjects covered and I reminisce about the circumstances that led to the show being created in 2011. Billy's Infinite Fringe podcast can be accessed here:

    GVP #201 - Michael O'Bernicia - Treason & Justice

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 88:41

    Michael O'Bernicia, aka The Bernician is back to relate the latest struggles and victories related to his Private Criminal Prosecution case against the British Government.

    GVP #200 - My Dad - The Perspective of a Lifetime

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 30:48

    We've reached the landmark 200th episode of the series, and I wanted to line up a guest that nobody would have been expecting.I've long advocated that you should never have any personal heroes or role models since they always let you down in the end. You can, however, make an exception for your own Dad - especially when he's been as influential as mine has on me.So, for episode 200, meet my Dad, who brings you perspectives from his 80-plus years on this earthy realm.

    GVP #199 - Jade Bidwell - SRA Survivor

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 56:26

    The Truth about so many things is getting revealed in these Apocalyptic times, and that includes the horrifying revelations about just how widespread generational Satanic Ritual Abuse and trauma-based mind control really is.Here to shed light on what goes on in this murky underworld - and why - is an English survivor of SRA. Jade Bidwell describes some of her experiences, and documents the processes to recovery that she's used, proving that Light and goodness always trumps darkness and evil, even in their most extreme expressions.Some listeners may find some of the content here disturbing, but these horrors stop only when they have been fully exposed for all to see.

    GVP #198 - Charlie Freak - Empowering Truths in Rock Songs

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 107:06

    The Author and Researcher Charlie Freak - his own pen name drawn from a tune by Steely Dan - is back to summarise what will be the parting message of my upcoming ‘Musical Truth Volume 3' - the eternal and empowering spiritual teachings that, he maintains, young rock musicians of decades past covertly encoded into many of their famous songs. Charlie has written 150 mini-books on what he considers the most important albums ever written, and many contain these key songs. Their writers understood the ultimate lesson in life, he maintains - the importance of re-establishing our innate connectedness back to Source, and the techniques which can be employed by any of us to achieve this alchemical process. We discuss a few celebrity sell-out traitors along the way, and some of the measures adopted by the corporate industry machine to try and prevent this information from becoming empowering public knowledge.

    empowering truths steely dan rock songs charlie freak musical truth volume
    GVP #197 - David Clews - Activism & Resistance

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 50:04

    David Clews of Unity News Network and No More Lockdowns returns to assess where we in Britain are currently at in terms of the roll-out of totalitarianism, and any effective pushback against it. Our discussion addresses V passports, future criminal trials of governmental traitors, the mixed messages concerning the proposed V-ing of schoolchildren, the out-of-control displays of tyranny in Australia, the treachery of the mainstream media and the NHS, and effective grass roots activism from the people. On that note, David addresses many of the initiatives he and his team have been behind, and shares how the most recent has been their most hard-hitting and confrontational yet.For all further resources:

    GVP #196 - Peter Stone - The Sovereign Project

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 81:18

    Personal sovereignty and standing in our God-given power as free, living men and women is back on the agenda this episode. These are eternal Truths that the demonic, demented control system have done everything they can to conceal from the masses, and have dressed up in all manner of snidey diversions and clever wordplay, because they understand how powerful they really are in the hands of the many.Peter Stone, originator of the new Sovereign Project initiative, gives listeners an overview of these dynamics, touching on such factors as Common Law, Equity Law, contracts, mandates, the difference between “legal” and “lawful” and much more. More teachers are needed in these areas, to help get the word spread as widely as possible. Anyone wishing to get involved is invited to contact sovereignteam@protonmail.comAs this information is so vital, this show's audio has been transcribed into written form for easy reference. The document can be downloaded from here -,+VOL.+196+-+PETER+STONE+-+THE+SOVEREIGN+PROJECT.pdf/file(Note - this task was done by AI, so will not be a perfect rendition, but should still do the job.)Website: www.thesovereignproject.liveFacebook page: The Sovereign ProjectFacebook group: The Sovereign FraternityGeneral inquiries: thesovereignproject@gmail.comCollaboration:

    GVP #196 - Taryn Lee - The Healy

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 22:13

    Healing and personal wellbeing is back on the discussion board this episode, as Taryn Lee, founder of Healy steps up to talk about the Healy device. We discuss some of the challenges affecting people's physical, emotional and spiritual health in these times - particularly the over-abundance of stress and anxiety. The Healy device, she says, uses vibration and frequencies inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla to heal ailments and get the human body back into a condition of homeostasis.To order the Healy products, please use the appropriate link from the ones below:Europe:

    GVP #195 - Clayton Thomas & Sandy Goel - Root Wellness

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 44:13

    Looking after ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually comes back under the spotlight this episode. Clayton Thomas, founder of Root Wellness in the US, and Sandy Goel, its UK distributor, consider the challenges to our wellbeing that these insane times are bringing, and some ways in which we can fortify our bodies and minds.There are spiritual implications too, Clayton asserts; decalcification of the pineal gland leads to enhanced states of consciousness and perception...To order any of the Root Wellness products, please use this link: on the Trinity of Root products here:*Medical Disclaimer from Root:The information provided is for educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice or a substitute for the medical advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. You should always consult with a doctor or other health care professional for medical advice or information about diagnosis and treatment. The information in this presentation has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body.Testimonial Disclaimer:The testimonials given reflect real-life experiences and opinions of users. However, the experiences are personal to those particular users, and may not necessarily be representative of all users of our products. We do NOT claim, and you should not assume, that all users will have the same experiences. YOUR INDIVIDUAL RESULTS MAY VARY.The views and opinions contained in the testimonials belong solely to the individual user and do not reflect the ROOT Brand views or opinions. The users are not paid or otherwise compensated for their testimonials. The testimonials are not intended, nor should they be construed, as claims that our products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, prevent, or otherwise be used for any disease or medical condition. No testimonial has been clinically proven or evaluated.

    uk wellness root goel clayton thomas
    GVP #194 - Right Said Fred - Freedom Warriors

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 47:38

    Prior to 2020, it would have been reasonable to assume that, faced with a tyrannical imposition on our most fundamental rights and freedoms, armies of rock musicians would have risen up in protest and activism - particularly those from genres traditionally associated with being “anti-establishment,” such as Punk, New Wave, Heavy Rock, Heavy Metal, Rave, Drum 'N' Bass.And yet, for the most part from these quarters here has been meek, compliant silence, with only a very small few demonstrating the balls and backbone to stand up and be counted. Two unexpected contenders have been brothers Richard and Fred Fairbrass, better known as 90s pop/ dance act Right Said Fred. Here, they chat about what first motivated them to take a stand, the flak they've endured as a result, and just why they think it is that more from their field have not been freely speaking up.

    GVP #193 - Michael O'Bernicia - PCP Update- It's Game On, Not Game Off

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2021 39:07

    Disaster APPEARED to strike last week, when Michael O'Bernicia announced that the Private Criminal Prosecutions he is seeking to bring against Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Sir Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson for Pandemic Fraud, had been rejected by the presiding judge on the basis that the extensive prima facie evidence presented had amounted to nothing more than “hearsay.”Despite this, however, Michael says that he is far from dejected, and that this was a contingency that he and his team had fully planned for and knew how to move ahead from. In this episode he explains why. We also address the recent resignation of Matt Hancock and how this may have connections to the case, and debunk the widely-circulated memo that purports to be from Neil Ferguson detailing permanent lockdowns in the UK.Updates on the PCP case can be followed at

    GVP #192 - Danny Rampling - The War on Joy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2021 70:41

    Danny Rampling is one of the most recognisable names in dance music, credited with having been a pioneer of the UK's Acid House movement in the late 1980s, and having played on the international club and festival circuit ever since. He is also one of the most interesting DJs to hear speak, getting into subject areas that others don't touch.Tragically, Danny is one of only a pathetically few recognisable names in the dance music field who are speaking out about government tyranny and over-reach, and the unlawful assault on our natural rights and freedoms. This has particularly affected the nightlife and clubbing sector as part of a systematic War on Joy. We discuss why so many of his peers are just going along with the injustice and staying silent or - worse still - endorsing the official narrative by excessive virtue-signalling.We also get into Danny's spiritual philosophies as he relates a life-changing experience in his younger years.

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