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Taking a cue from Paul, Reasoning Through the Bible is an expository style walk through the Scriptures that tells you what the Bible says. Reviewing both Old and New Testament books, as well as topical subjects, the hosts methodically show how Scripture i

What Does the Bible Say?

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    Covenants Part 2: Mosaic Covenant - Topical Series 24

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2023 30:38

    The Mosaic Covenant was the agreement that God put upon Israel regarding the keeping of the law given to Moses. God is clear that the promises He made to Israel were dependent on Israel keeping the law.  This session reviews the scriptures that show the conditions God put upon Israel plus the blessings and cursings that went along with obedience or disobedience. How does God deal with Israel when they obey or disobey?What does God do regardless of whether or not Israel is faithful? How do the covenants affect the broad sweeping movements of the Bible?Is there a place for Israel in the church age?  Support the show

    Covenants Part 1: Abrahamic Covenant - Topical Series 23

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2023 38:16

    God chooses Abraham and makes a covenant with him and promises several things. This covenant way back in Genesis has a great impact on our salvation in the New Testament, and in fact becomes the key way that we are saved. God makes a series of promises to Abraham, then repeats the same promises to Isaac and Jacob. Why is the Abrahamic Covenant mentioned three times in the New Testament?What conditions were in the Abrahamic Covenant? On whom were the requirements of the Abrahamic Covenant dependent? Does the Abrahamic Covenant impact our salvation? Support the show

    Paul Ministers on Malta & in Rome (Acts 28) - Session 58

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2023 37:21

    Paul is shipwrecked on Malta and has a series of interactions with the locals. The people of Malta are fickle, first accusing Paul of being a murderer but then calling him a god.  Paul does some sign miracles and is able to witness to the locals.  Paul takes a ship to Rome and talks with the Jews and Christians there, then is able to talk with the people of Rome for two years.  Luke then ends the book of Acts in an interesting way. What is the purpose of a miracle?What happens to people who are on a deserted island who have not heard of Jesus? Should Christians completely separate from all things pagan? Did Paul make additional journeys after he got to Rome? Support the show

    Historical Accuracy in Acts: Paul's Voyage & Shipwreck (Acts 27) - Session 57

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2023 33:12

    The author of Acts, Dr. Luke, spends all of Acts 27 describing a voyage on a sailing ship that ends in a shipwreck. The details of this account provide a tremendous amount of evidence that affirms the accuracy of this section of the Bible. Acts 27 paints a wonderful picture of how Paul starts out as a simple lowly prisoner but ends up directing the entire operation with the Roman soldiers and ship captain listening to his direction. This passage also gives a flavor of the degree of hardships that Paul went through to spread the good news of Jesus.   In the face of hardship, Paul always views the situation as opportunities to tell people about the Lord.   Support the show

    Being a Witness for Jesus Despite the Outcome (Acts 26:15-32) - Session 56

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2023 45:07

    Paul quotes Jesus when He appeared to him on the day of Paul's salvation. In three verses, Jesus gives a master class in the theology of salvation. This session explores Jesus' teachings on salvation, including the state of a lost person and what happens to us when we are saved.  Instead of defending himself and trying to get out of prison, Paul instead gives a theology lesson and an invitation to repent and believe in Jesus.  Jesus holds Paul responsible for being a faithful witness and not how others may respond to the message. Are non-Christians in the dominion of satan?How to we reconcile this passage with "dead in trespasses and sins?"What is sanctification? Support the show

    Being a Witness for Jesus Whatever the Situation (Acts 26:1-14) - Session 55

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2023 34:05

    Paul speaks to King Agrippa and all the royal court. As is typical to Paul, he is not defending himself but rather giving the gospel message to everyone.  Paul explains that he was once persecuting Christians but now changed because of Jesus Christ.  Jesus accuses Paul of "kicking against the goad" which is a prodding by the Lord. Do we see people today who have the same faults as the Pharisees?Are there ten lost tribes of Israel?  How does Paul's approach apply to us today? Are we guilty of resisting God's guidance to us? Support the show

    Being a Witness for Jesus Wherever You Are (Acts 25) - Session 54

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2023 24:48

    Acts 25 explains the dynamics of Paul before the Roman authorities. The Jewish leaders wanted Paul killed but did not have sufficient evidence to convict him. Being a politician, the Roman leader is looking for opportunities to please the Jewish leaders, but does not want to attract attention from Rome by killing an innocent man. Meanwhile God's sovereign providence is ensuring Paul is safe by keeping him locked up with a Roman guard.   Paul appeals his case to Caesar and thereby ensures that Rome will safely deliver him there.  We again see some of Luke's very accurate historical details in the story of Agrippa and Bernice.   Support the show

    Paul is Safe in a King's Palace (Acts 23:23 - 24:27) - Session 53

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 6, 2023 39:11

    God ensures Paul gets safely to a king's palace so that he can witness to a new sector of society.  Paul is accused there by a slick paid spokesman who gives us a chance to review the persuasion techniques and logical fallacies that are often used today in argumentation. Do skeptics today use logical fallacies?Do we see people today "shading the truth" in public debate?What subjects are always part of Paul's testimony? Support the show

    Should We Demand Our Rights? (Acts 23:1-22) - Session 52

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2023 33:27

    Paul appears before the Sanhedrin and is not treated fairly.  Nevertheless Paul respects the office of the High Priest. We see similar situations in our day where we sometimes are treated unfairly.   Then an angry crowd makes a vow to not eat until they had killed Paul, a vow they could not keep.  The Jewish leaders enter into the conspiracy to murder Paul.  At the point where Paul is at a low point, Jesus appears to him with a word of encouragement. How should Christians react when we are treated unfairly by those in leadership? Who is in control of Paul's situation? What does Jesus say is the reason He is pleased with Paul? Will the Lord give us encouragement when we need it? Support the show

    Racism, Riots, & Rights: Paul in Jerusalem (Acts 22:22-30) - Session 51

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2023 29:08

    When Paul said he had been sent to the Gentiles, the Jews in the temple started rioting again.  The Roman soldiers have to again save Paul from being killed by the mob, so they set out to scourge him to find out the truth. Paul waits till he is tied up and about to be whipped to tell them he is a Roman citizen and therefore has rights. The tables are then turned and it becomes apparent that God is in control of the circumstances and has Paul right where He wants him.  Both Jews and Gentiles show their irrational hatred for each other. Do we have irrational hatred of people today?As Christians, do we have rights and privileges? Do we think rationally when we are angry? Support the show

    A Witness for God to all People (Acts 22:12-21) - Session 50

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 27, 2023 37:28

    Paul is recounting his encounter with Jesus. He tells about the Christian Ananias who was assigned by God to go heal Paul and give him a message.   This passage gives us a chance to talk about when Paul was saved, how God drew him in, and how Paul responded. Does baptism "wash away our sins?"What should we do if God asks us to do something scary?Has God prepared a wonderful plan for our lives? What topic makes the unbelieving Jews the most angry? Support the show

    Topic: How to Treat the Poor - Topical Series 22

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2023 34:40

    What does the Bible teach about how to take care of the poor? Does the Bible teach socialism or communism?What responsibilities do rich people have toward the poor? Do the poor have responsibilities?Does the way the government gives charity align with biblical principles?  Support the show

    Brothers and Fathers Listen to My Defense (Acts 22:1-11) - Session 49

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2023 39:34

    Paul gives his defense to the Jewish crowd at the temple. We find, however, that he does not really give a defense, but rather gives his testimony.  Paul gives his heritage and his thoroughly Jewish qualifications. Of what value is a personal testimony? God must draw people in, but does He draw all people the same?Can Christians start with common ground with non-believers?  Would skeptics come to Christ if they saw a great miracle? Support the show

    Are Jewish Christians Required to Keep the Law? (Acts 21:15-40) - Session 48

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 20, 2023 42:50

    As Paul is arrested in the temple, the Jews accuse him of speaking against the law of Moses and bringing Gentiles into the temple complex.  In this passage, the leaders of the church in Jerusalem say Paul had been accused of teaching Jews to forsake Moses.  What did Paul actually teach about the law of Moses? Are Jewish Christians required to obey the Old Testament law?Does God make distinctions between Jews and Gentiles?When do our freedoms in Christ become an issue?What historical corroboration is there for the New Testament accounts of the temple? Support the show

    Well Intentioned Believers can be Wrong About What God Desires (Acts 20:32 - 21:14) - Session 47

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2023 34:58

    The apostle Paul is leaving his close friends of the church of Ephesus and has to turn them over to the care of God.  These verses tell about how Christians are built up in the faith and also talks about an inheritance that Christians receive from God.  What does the Bible teach about giving charity to people who are able to work? We see Paul have a very sad and tender moment when he leaves the people he loves.  The local leaders wanted Paul to stay.....were they right or wrong about wanting Paul to avoid getting arrested?  Who gets an inheritance from God?  How?  What are the inheritances that we receive from God?What is sanctification and how does it affect believers?Should Christian leaders receive a salary or work secular jobs to pay their own way?Support the show

    WARNING!: Savage Wolves That Don't Spare the Flock (Acts 20:28-31) - Session 46

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2023 33:25

    Paul warns the leaders of the church that savage wolves will arise from their midst to draw away the flock.  Today's session discusses Paul's warning about false teachers and heretical doctrine which will arise and challenge the church.  Paul also gives us a chance to talk about limited vs unlimited atonement.  We talk about indictive study methods and how to use them to ground us in biblical teaching. Is it possible that people from inside the church will rise up and be deceivers? How do we keep from being deceived?How can we recognize wolves in sheep's clothing?Did Jesus' death pay for some or all of the world's sin? Support the show

    The Long Goodbye (Acts 20:17-27) - Session 45

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2023 41:43

    Paul gives his last goodbye to the leaders of the church of Ephesus. These were men who had worked alongside each other in ministry and had a great affection for each other.  In this passage we learn some things about church government, both elders (or overseers) and deacons.  We also learn about making promises to the Lord,  how hard Paul worked in ministry, the churches trials and tears, the kingdom of salvation and the future physical kingdom, and the need to give the entire word of God to people.What was the type of church government used in the New Testament church?Should we expect trials and tears in the Christian life?How do we know that the Holy Spirit is a person?What is the place of women in church work? Does the Lord give each of His children a ministry job?Support the show

    Falling Asleep in Church (Acts 20:1-16) - Session 44

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2023 27:35

    We meet a long-winded preacher and a boy who falls asleep in church. These were the first, but not the last.  Paul has purposed to go to Jerusalem then on to Rome.  This chapter gives a detailed travelog that gives us an accurate history of what Paul and the churches in the first century.  What day of the week should churches meet? What is the purpose for listing all the travel details?How much dedication did Paul have toward his work? Will Christians get tired in the Lord's work?Support the show

    Q&A Session #5 - Topical Series 21

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2023 32:10

    This episode is a Q&A that discusses the following: Is it wrong to repeatedly submit to sin?Are all sins equal?Should a Christian be afraid of demonic activity?  Support the show

    That Time the Gospel Caused a Riot (Acts 19:21-41) - Session 43

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 6, 2023 29:45

    This chapter shows us a riot ensues in Ephesus because the livelihoods of the idol makers were impacted by Christianity.  What type of idols do people have today?What happens when the true God gets close to someone's idol? Are there people today who are getting rich from religion? What proof do we have that Jesus was correct about what He taught?Support the show

    Changed Lives Result in a Drastic Action (Acts 19:12-20) - Session 42

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2023 40:41

    Some Jewish exorcists try to remove a demon using the authority of Jesus, but instead they get a rude surprise. This story gives us a chance to discuss demonic activity and Christians.  We also see people whose lives are changed by Jesus get rid of the sin in their lives. Is the office of apostle a special one in history? Should Christians be afraid of demons? What is the evidence of true revival? Support the show

    Informal Discussion: Jews, The Mosaic Law, & The Third Temple - Topical Series 20

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2023 26:16

    This informal discussion is about whether Jews who believe in Jesus are still required to keep the Mosaic Law.  The Mosaic Law has made the Jewish people a distinct people for so long that it becomes their identity, so issues arise when Christians teach about obedience to the law.  What is required of Jewish Christians? What is the significance of the temple sacrifices? If a temple is rebuilt, would sacrifices be restarted? Support the show

    Powerfully Refuting Blasphemers in Public (Acts 18:24 - 19:11) - Session 41

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2023 37:50

    This session introduces us to Apollos. Here becomes a becomes a new believer and immediately begins ministry. Apollos "powerfully refuted the Jews in public" when they blasphemed Jesus, and in doing so "greatly helped those who believed."  The same can be true today, for when strong believers correct those who contradict Christianity, the church is encouraged. We then learn of the followers of John the Baptist who were baptized into Jesus. The Holy Ghost then comes upon them and they speak in tongues. When should we correct in private and when in public?Can a husband and wife work together as a ministry team? What are tongues, who gets tongues, and what is their significance?Support the show

    What Happens When Leaders Are Not Strong and Fair? (Acts 18:12-23) - Session 40

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2023 30:12

    In Acts 18 we meet a local government official who refuses to deal with cases that come before him.  This event not only presents true history but also gives us an accurate historical setting for the entire book of Acts.  This session discusses what happens when leaders are not strong and fair enough to ensure public safety.  Paul takes Priscilla and Aquilla with him on the missionary journey, which is surprising since he previously refused to take Mark. How are women presented in the Bible?How should people make vows to God?Why would Paul not stay in Ephesus even though they asked him to stay?Support the show

    Paul Goes to Corinth (Acts 18:1-11) - Session 39

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2023 34:46

    Paul pays his own way by being a tentmaker, and in doing so converts his coworkers Priscilla and Aquilla. Paul spends a great deal of time building and teaching a church in Corinth. The Corinthian church, however, has a great deal of questions and issues even though they had so much of Paul's time.  As always, Luke includes a great deal of historical detail which corroborates the book of Acts in history.  We learn about Paul's methods for starting new churches. Jesus gives a word of encouragement to Paul to reassure him, which the Lord will often do with all His followers. Should Christian workers take donations or work a job? Who is responsible when someone does not accept Christ?Is it possible that a church can have a great pastor and still have a lot of problems and issues?Support the show

    Paul Speaks to the Philosophers (Acts 17:22-34) - Session 38

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2023 28:21

    Paul is invited by the Greek philosophers to speak with them. Paul starts with something they will understand, an idol to the unknown god, then presents the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Paul seems to know the philosophers' teaching well enough to address it directly, quoting two their philosopher poets, showing that their teachings are corrected by the gospel of Jesus.  How familiar should Christians be with the beliefs and culture of the non-believing world?How should we speak to people who are wrong about their beliefs?Does God need our worship? How far away is God? Support the show

    Paul in the Streets of Athens (Acts 17:16-21) - Session 37

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2023 26:02

    Paul finds himself in Athens waiting on his friends.  Paul is not idle while he waits, for he speaks with everyone he meets as he goes through daily tasks.  He speaks to Jews, Gentiles who were worshiping the true God, and the Greek philosophers.  God raises Paul's spiritual interest in all these people.  Paul is doing ministry with everyone as he goes through his daily activities.  What must we have to be successful in reaching people for Christ?How are we to speak to others about Biblical things? Should we follow ancient paths or new innovative ones?Support the show

    Problems Starting New Churches (Acts 17:1-15) - Session 36

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2023 34:26

    The apostle Paul, still on his second missionary journey, comes to the town of Thessalonica.  There he starts a church but also encounters resistance.  Paul reasons with all of the people he encounters, drawing logical conclusions with them about Jesus.   Many of the problems Paul encounters is due to jealousy, which can cause great problems still today.  Paul converts people, including leading women and the leader of the synagogue.  Does the gospel exist in the Old Testament scriptures?What problems can jealousy cause? Can Christians expect to be persecuted today?Support the show

    Acts 17: Beware of Philosophy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 16, 2023 41:05

    In this session we discuss Paul in Acts 17 where he evangelizes the philosophers in Athens.   Was it wise of Paul to reason with the Greek philosophers? How did Paul treat the philosophers compared to the average people in the marketplace and the Jews? Paul quoted the writings of the philosophers . . . was this effective  or not?How can we beware of philosophy while still being careful to understand the difficult concepts of the Bible and being able to discern truth from error? Support the show

    Singing Hymns at Midnight (Acts 16:25-40) - Session 35

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2023 29:15

    Paul and Silas were beaten severely and thrown in prison. Yet they were singing praises to God at midnight and all the prisoners were listening. God does a miracle and frees them. In this process, the center of power shifts so that the municipal leaders start out thinking they are in charge, but soon find out who is actually controlling things.   As always, God blesses faithfulness. What rights go to a citizen of heaven? What gives us rights in God's kingdom?What good things happened because of Paul's beating and imprisonment? Support the show

    Informal Discussion: How Do We Know When Someone Is Saved? - Topical Series 18

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2023 20:28

    In Acts 8, Simon the Sorcerer professes belief in Jesus and begins to follow the apostles. Yet later he says things that give us doubt whether he truly was saved.  Since similar situations happen today, how can we know whether someone is saved? In this informal discussion, we talk about Lordship Salvation, professed by John MacArthur, and Free Grace, championed by Zane Hodges.   Can we be saved and not have the Holy Spirit?   Support the show

    Paul Starts a Church in Philippi . . . But Pays a Price (Acts 16:11-24) - Session 34

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2023 43:11

    Paul and his companions travel to Philippi and start a church with a rather eclectic group of people. We meet Lydia, a businesswoman from the upper class, and a slave girl from the lower class.  The Lord delivers both of them.  When Paul casts a spirit out of the slave girl, the owners charge him with a crime and Paul is beaten and thrown in prison.  We again learn of the accurate history in the book of Acts. What is the first thing Christians typically do after they believe?What happens to people who grow up in a place where they have not heard about Jesus?Can an evil spirit tell the truth?What should we do if someone tells lies about us? Support the show

    Ministry Direction & Philosophy - Topical Series 17

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2023 24:02

    In this informal discussion, we give comments on our approach to Bible teaching, how churches should teach the Bible, and the Kingdom of Heaven vs. the Kingdom of God.  This session reveals our philosophy of how we approach Bible teaching in our RTTB ministry. Support the show

    Discussion on Covenant & Dispensational Theology - Topical Series 16

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2023 24:09

    What is Covenant Theology?  How about Dispensational Theology? Amillennialism? In this session we have an informal discussion on our thoughts on these systems and their strengths and weaknesses.  We start with discussing Matthew 19:28 where it says the apostles will sit on twelve thrones judging Israel.  What does this mean specifically? Was it fulfilled in 70 AD or is it still future? How are people saved?  Are Israel and the church the same thing or different? Support the show

    Circumcision, Baptism, & The Leading of the Holy Spirit (Acts 15:36 - 16:10) - Session 33

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 2, 2023 37:50

    This session talks about the disagreement between Paul and John Mark, making sacrifices for the good of ministry, circumcision and baptism as signs of the covenants, Covenant Theology and Israel, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We also learn where Luke joins the ministry team. Why would Paul circumcise Timothy when the church council just said it was not necessary?Why would the Holy Spirit forbid them to go to certain places?Is it OK to start a ministry and not know exactly what God would want us to do?If I forgive someone, do I have to put them in a position to hurt me again? Support the show

    Discussion of Michael Heiser's "The Unseen Realm" (Part 2) - Topical Series 15

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2022 26:11

    This informal discussion is about Steve and Glenn's thoughts on the author Michael Heiser and his book "The Unseen Realm."  Note that this discussion is only over critical portions of Heiser's work, but provide thoughts on the strengths, weaknesses, and questions about his work.  Note that this informal discussion merely provides our initial thoughts and concerns and does not pretend to be a detailed analysis of Heiser's work.  Support the show

    Discussion of Michael Heiser's "The Unseen Realm" (Part 1) - Topical Series 14

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2022 24:00

    In this informal discussion, Steve and Glenn discover the author Michael Heiser and his book "The Unseen Realm." This first part is a discussion upon first learning of Heiser and his views about the Divine Council and the possible assignment of gods to be over earthly realms. This first part is an introduction prior to examining Heiser's work.  Part two includes a more detailed reaction to Heiser's position.  Support the show

    The First Church Council (Acts 15:12-35) - Session 32

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 26, 2022 33:55

    To resolve the question of what is required of the Gentiles, the church leaders gather with all the church members in Jerusalem. We see the leaders speak and listen respectfully to each other.  We learn how the early Christians decided doctrinal questions, which was by discussion among the leaders, not from one leader.  We learn the importance of the church not requiring the law in order to be saved. We also see a wise compromise based on the needs of different groups within the church. How is the doctrinal decision made in the early church?What would modern churches have to do to reconcile differences like was done in Acts 15?Support the show

    The First Church Disagreement: What is Required for Salvation? (Acts 15:1-11) - Session 31

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2022 38:58

    Because the church had both Jews and Gentiles, there was a great dispute that arose.  Some Jews maintained that the Gentiles must be circumcised. As always happens with legalism, the rules keep growing and expanding. When the controversy involves what is required to be saved, it becomes a serious doctrinal question. So the church sends Paul and Barnabas to Jerusalem to decide the issue. What is required for salvation?Why would Paul circumcise Timothy?Why is circumcision so important to the Jews? On which issues should we compromise vs. not compromise? Support the show

    Historical Accuracy of the New Testament - Topical Series 13

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2022 33:08

    Ministry Update

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2022 27:06

    Here is our update on the status of our ministry. We summarize what we have accomplished so far and talk about what is coming in near future. We talk about our plans and schedules, what you can pray about, and how you can support the program. Support the show

    Q & A # 4 - Topical Series 13

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2022 34:56

    This session discusses two questions:   Did Jonah die in the belly of the fish? Is the prosperity gospel true or false? Support the show

    Just Another Day in Ministry: Paul is Left for Dead (Acts 14:19-28) - Session 30

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2022 27:57

    We again see people who fight against Paul as he speaks the good news of Jesus. The people of Lystra use the execution method of the day to stone Paul and leave him for dead outside the city. Yet Paul does a wonderous thing that shows his dedication to reaching people.  When we run into hardship, what are we to do? What if we get killed for the Lord's work? Where did Paul and Barnabas get the strength to go back to the people who tried to kill them? Support the show

    Paul and Barnabas Confront Another Religion (Acts 14:8-18) - Session 29

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2022 40:25

    God heals a lame man through Paul. This healing led the local pagan priests to try to worship Paul and Barnabas, but they refused the efforts to worship them. Paul does not hesitate to call them wrong, saying their religion is worthless and empty. Paul then gives another sermon, this time starting with things the Gentiles would understand, but again ending with the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Are all religions equal or basically the same? Do non-religious people worship things?What about people who never hear about Jesus? Support the show

    Is the Bible Literally True? - Topical Series 12

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2022 33:57

    Some traditions hold that the Bible should not be taken literally. But what does this mean? Is the Bible literal or not? How can we tell the difference between passages that claim to be literal and those which are not?  In this session we learn that many of the claims about the Bible cannot be understood correctly without dealing with specifics. We know that some passages use poetic, symbolic, or apocalyptic language and some do not. We learn simply method of interpretation where we can know what is true about the Bible.   This session also discusses the claim that no one should impose their beliefs on others. Support the show

    Envy Creates Controversy (Acts 13:42 – 14:7) - Session 28

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2022 35:01

    Paul's first message draws a large crowd of both Jews and Gentiles. The leaders then become envious of Paul's success and begin working against the message of the gospel. In the face of severe opposition, Paul rejoices and keeps on doing the Lord's work, then goes on to work in an area where there is great opposition to the word of God.  What problems can envy create? Are there people today who fight against the Lord's work?How can people rejoice in the midst of persecution? Should we intentionally go where there is great opposition to the Lord?Support the show

    A Great Message: Paul's First Sermon (Acts 13:13-41) - Session 27

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2022 44:58

    Paul speaks at a synagogue and gives his best sermon. Like Stephen, Paul starts with the history of the Jewish people and works toward the death and resurrection of Jesus for the forgiveness of sin. Paul reminds his audience that God chose the forefathers and led Israel out of Egypt.  Paul accuses the Jewish leaders of not knowing their own prophets, for the prophets spoke of Jesus. This passage also tells us who is justified in God's eyes.  Is it possible to know the words of the Bible but still be blind to the meaning?How do we get enlightened so we know what the Bible means?Was Jesus' resurrection physical? Why can't obedience justify us before God? Support the show

    Barnabas and Saul Confront a Sorcerer (Acts 13:1-12) - Session 26

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2022 29:54

    From a very diverse church in Antioch, the Holy Spirit selects Barnabas and Saul for a specific job He has for them. Going from Antioch, they preach the word to Jews, a political leader, and a sorcerer who works against them. We learn Saul's approach is direct and blunt, a technique that is sometimes needed in the face of opposition. We also see the dangers of opposing the Lord's work.  How diverse was the Gentile church in Acts compared to today? Are there people today who seek to stop the word of God? Is the gospel for intelligent people?Will people come to church if we give a blunt message? Support the show

    God Delivers Peter from Prison (Acts 12:5-25) - Session 25

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2022 34:43

    Peter has seen the death of a close friend and is promised the same fate, which is the most severe problem he has ever faced. Yet his response may seem surprising. We also see a humorous story that proves the power of prayer. We also see some dire consequences to King Herod when he accepts worship. This passage also mentions ancient Tyre and whether the prophecy of Tyre's destruction in Ezekiel was fulfilled.  Can God's child rest while in difficult circumstances?How many times do we believe God will not answer our prayer? Does the Bible contain humor? Support the show

    The Persecution Gets Serious: The Death of an Apostle (Acts 11:27 – 12:4) - Session 24

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2022 34:47

    First, God providentially ensures that those people with money are able to give to those in need. We discuss what motivated the Christians to help their fellow believers even though they lived far away.  Next, King Herod kills James the apostle.  Some Christians in every age have faced persecution and death. This session gives some guidelines to be prepared if we happen to be ones who are persecuted.  Why does God allow some to die but save others?What are the guidelines for giving in the New Testament church? Who ran the local churches? How should we respond when the world threatens us for our faith?Support the show

    You Weren't Hanging Around with Those People, Were You? (Acts 11:1-26) - Session 23

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2022 29:27

    When Peter gets back to Jerusalem, the other Jewish Christians seem appalled that Peter went to a Gentile home and ate with them. Peter retells the story of God sending him to the gentiles. Peter's fellow Jewish Christians change their theological position based on the evidence of what Peter tells them.  This session again discusses the point at which people are saved. Then some unnamed Christians start the first missionary outreach to the Gentiles. Barnabas, the encourager, goes to Antioch and goes to some trouble to being the one best man for a teaching job.  Support the show

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