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A show about how to thrive in the New Economy. It's All About What's Next!

Kerry Lutz

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    All Your Stimmies Belong to Us and More Black Friday Insights with John Rubino #5339

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 32:09

    Summary: The markets were down on Black Friday, and I sit down with John Rubino to discuss this phenomenon along with all of the other driving factors in the economy that led to this decline. The markets seemed to be a bit spooked, and they're back up now, but we could be in for a volatile year. Tune in for more. Highlights: -In terms of the market, everything was down on Black Friday -The ferocity of the decline was quite intense. When a market is this overvalued, however, falls like that are expected -There was a cause for the market tanking, and it was the announcement of the new variant of the virus. This spooked the markets -The markets are back up today -This could be a choppy, volatile year, and Friday's action seems like it could be the new normal -Germany's inflation is at a modern record high. The question is, how much further does this have to go for them to make a major decision going forward? -Used cars have become relatively more valuable, and people are feeling pressured to buy houses -The inflationary psychology is turning into an inflationary pathology -When people start to think that the world is inflationary, they start to buy precious metals -Inflation is now as high as it was in the 70s -As we broaden our understanding of crypto and metals, we'll realize that they're similar and on the same side of history, but they are not the same asset Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse Here's What Will Spook Markets | John Rubino John Rubino: Why Everyone Should Own This

    Financial Education is Your Road to Financial Salvation with John MacGregor #5338

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 22:15

    Summary: Lack of financial education creates some of the most pressing problems that people face in their lives. I sit down with bestselling author and financial expert John MacGregor to discuss how to tackle this, and what you can do to get on the right track. When it comes to finances, it can be helpful to learn from the mistakes of others and look for advice on how to avoid financial mistakes. Tune in to hear more on the philosophy behind better financial decision making and to learn how you can change your mindset and practices. Highlights: -Lack of financial education is causing a lot of problems amongst individuals -The percentage of people living paycheck to paycheck has gone up significantly -Many people know what to do with their money but don't do it—it's more of a behavioral problem -Learning from people's mistakes is genius—it's important to learn why people suffer financially and how to avoid this -There are many underlying beliefs that make us form bad spending habits, and it causes people to get stuck in a bad cycle -Other aspects of your life improve as well when you improve your financial habits and mindset -“Above the line, below the line” is a mentality that helps -Many people think that there is a quick fix to your financial problems—or hope in a box -Small things you do on a daily basis can transcend your entire life -Be, do, and have—it's important to do all of these things -For many people, it's not enough of a priority to make the changes they need to make until it's too late -It's important to understand what drives people to make specific financial decisions, and what their beliefs are -There's a direct correlation between financial disorganization and financial destruction -Hope is not a retirement strategy—it's important to start thinking and planning now for your future Useful Links: Financial Survival Network John MacGregor Bullish on Gold? Why Not Own the Gold Mine? – Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, John MacGregor Wall Street is Gambling with Your 401(k) – Robert Kiyosaki, Ted Siedle, and John MacGregor

    Low Risk Winning Options Strategies - Cody Yeh #5337

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 23:45

    Summary: How do you make money in real estate, stocks, crypto, etc. and manage to minimize risks? I sit down and chat with Cody Yeh, who has been developing these strategies for years and advises others on this topic. He gives meaningful tips on how stocks move, the ideal times to buy and sell, and provides more useful knowledge to help you thrive in your investing. Tune in for more. Highlights: -There are a number of ways to make money including real estates, stocks, cryptos, etc. -Risk is always a factor -Cody Yeh has figured out a way to minimize risk and invest in worthy areas -Yeh geared his efforts towards financial freedom and independence after graduating from university -He had a full time job as well as a trading coach so he could participate in day trading -With real estate investing in Canada, it's hard to find cash flow -With real estate and stocks, they want to be able to hold them for a long time and retain cash flow without having to sell -Every time Tesla goes up, it then pulls back a bit -The Tesla stock is very inflated, but the company collects major data and is in the pioneering space -Most people want to chase the high stocks, but then panic and sell them, and this leads to people losing money—you shouldn't just buy when something is marked at its highest level -Focus on the top ten of the crypto -How do you not become an options loser? You need to have the right mindset when you buy stocks—looking to make 1%-4% Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Cody Yeh  

    A 29 Year Old Who Likes Gold and Insurance - Jerry Fetta #5336

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 28:07

    Summary: I sit down and chat with Jerry Fetta—who started his career in mainstream financial services and now helps people gain financial education and achieve financial freedom. We discuss life insurance, the precious metals, cryptocurrency, and inflation to grasp the current economy and pinpoint what you can do to invest efficiently. Tune in to hear more. Highlights: -Jerry started his career in mainstream financial services -As he learned more about macroeconomics, his business evolved tremendously -He helps people gain financial education and achieve financial freedom -Family offices have also played into financial success -There is bank owned and corporate owned life insurance; it serves as a tier one reserve pool -Everyone should look into life insurance to set cash aside -Precious metals haven't behaved well since hitting their all time high in August of 2020 -The value of gold is intrinsic and does not dictate the price—other factors within the market do -Gold always mirrors inflation and is based on consumer emotion -People are in denial of inflation, but once they come to terms with it, gold prices will probably shoot up -Crypto needs intrinsic value to be able to promise earnings; it does, however, have extrinsic value -The intrinsic value also needs to be higher than the extrinsic value -With inflation, there is the expansion of the money supply as well as price increase Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Jerry Fetta Instagram Jerry Fetta Website

    A Young Financial Expert Who Likes Gold and Insurance - Kenneth Rapoza #5335

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 20:43

    Kenneth Rapoza started out in financial services selling the usual products. After speaking with his best friend's father, he had an epiphany. This guy never seemed to have a job and yet the family always did well. Much like Robert Kiyasaki, his friend's rich dad taught him the ropes of successful investing. Kenneth is bullish on precious metals and believes that the proper life insurance policy can pay huge dividends.

    Are Battery Metals are the Best Inflation Hedge? Jamie Keech #5334

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 21:28

    We sat down with Jamie Keech to discuss inflation and inflation hedges. Jamie is of the opinion that inflation is here to stay and that factors are making commodities such as Uranium and battery metals better hedges than the traditional one of precious metals. Perhaps this is a sign that when even the most stalwart supporters start looking elsewhere, gold and silver are getting ready for the big move. Time will tell. 

    Invest in Real Estate Inflation - Andrew Ragusa #5333

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 17:42

    Summary: If you're looking at investments that will keep up and stay ahead of inflation, you have to look at real estate and understand the market. Andrew Ragusa comes on the show to tell us about real estate in the Northeast and what's happening in the market. Properties are selling for around $30k higher than their asking price, which is a trend that will probably stick around for a bit. Tune in to hear about where the market is going, and what to expect in this industry in 2022. Highlights: -Andrew Ragusa unpacks what's happening with real estate in the Northeast -Houses are selling, on average, $30k over asking price -Some people are trying to list their houses at very high prices just to see what happens, but they end up just sitting on the market -Properties around the $400k price point go extremely fast -Zillow was relying on the zestimate model, which is no longer very accurate -There is not enough data to figure out the exact estimate for every property -Real estate will probably remain somewhat stabilized in terms of slightly higher asking prices -Some people are waiting because they think the market is going to crash -On a nationwide level, people are hesitant about where to go once they do sell their property -For 2022, more inventory will probably show up -Changes in representation in the Northeast will probably cause more people to leave and different people to come in—the political landscape is shifting -Interest rates are lower at the moment Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Real Estate Coming Back Down to Earth with Andrew Ragusa Flight From New York City Continues with Andrew Ragusa Real Estate Market Innovators

    The Collapse of Western Civilization - Doug Casey #5332

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 25:31

    Summary: It seems as if everything we've worked for in Western civilization is crumbling, and I have Doug Casey on the show to talk about some of the economic catastrophes that have been unfolding. As time passes, we're seeing more shortages, increased prices, and intensifying inflation. With the government putting out unreliable figures and doing the opposite of what should be done to resolve inflation, things seem to be headed downhill quickly. Highlights: -We're seeing shortages, increasing prices, and inflation -The figures the government is putting out are not completely reliable -The collapse of Western civilization seems to be upon us -In an advanced industrial society, supply chains are complex, and the people in charge are doing the opposite of what actually should be done -International air travel is down 80% -The world is tipping towards collectivism -The digitization of the US dollar is also bringing large changes -The government may opt to put out wage and price controls -Who is going to collapse the old economy and move towards the free economy? It seems that no one is willing to take this step -During the next 3-4 years, we are in for rough times in the US Useful Links: International Man Doug Casey's Take Financial Survival Network Financial System Would Collapse if Fed Tapers, Inflation Spiking, Warns Doug Casey Confessions of an Economic Hitman – John Perkins with Doug Casey

    Gold Prices Starting Their Ascent - David Erfle #5331

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 22:01

    Summary: What's going on with the price of gold, and has it bottomed? I sit down and chat with David Erfle, a self-taught mining sector investor, to discuss what's happening with this portion of the precious metals sector. On the last day of the quarter, gold had a huge reversal, and its price hasn't looked back since. Erfle advises us to expect the unexpected, and not to rule anything out wen it comes to this sector. Highlights: -What's going on with the price of gold? Has it bottomed? -You can never leave certain price points off the table in the gold sector -On the very last day of the quarter, gold had a huge reversal and the price hasn't looked back since -You have to be mindful of resistance points -Before gold started going up, the stocks started leading again -Volume on up days has been higher than volume on down days, which is a sign of accumulation -The upward moves with gold need to happen slowly in case anything happens -Inflation is probably not coming down any time soon Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Junior Miner Junky Gold Will Be Off to the Races When We See This with Pro Mining Investor David Erfle Where Are Gold and Silver Prices Headed? with David Erfle

    Tier One Silver — We are in the infancy of a new silver discovery, says CEO Peter Dembicki

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 18:22

    TIER ONE SILVER INTERSECTS 1,480.5 G/T SILVER EQUIVALENT OVER 1 METER ON THE MADRE STRUCTURE AT CURIBAYA Tier One Silver released some highly positive news from their Curibaya Project in Peru. CEO Peter Dembicki explaind that, “[Drill] Hole #6 is the first plus-kilogram intercept at Curibaya on a feeder vein that may host the extensive high-grade silver on surface, which gives us the confidence that we are in the infancy of a new silver discovery. Drilling along structures that have yielded positive channel sample results is proving to be a sound strategy as the Company looks to realize the vast potential of the property indicated through high-grade silver mineralization on surface.“ Senior VP of Exploration David Smithson, speaking to us from the core shack at Curibaya, further clarified, “The positive results from hole 6 represent a major advancement in our understanding of the controls on high-grade mineralization within the project. The combination of alteration vectoring, targeting the margins of high chargeability anomalies and surface geochemical channel sampling is paying dividends with the drill. These results continue to support our view that Curibaya has the potential for a major discovery.” Clearly these results are a major milestone in Tier One's advancement towards a major discovery. Smithson suspects that there are a number of similar structures throughout their extensive land package and the team believes that their thesis has been further validated. Results are due in for 9 more holes. Dembicki is expecting more good news. As shareholders we're excitedly looking forward to the next release. Website: Ticker Symbols: OTCQB: TSLVF — TSX-V: TSLV

    Protect Yourself from the Next Stock Market Crash - Anthony Saccaro #5330

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 20:32

    Summary: Will the Fed kill the market or the currency? It seems that it could come down to having to choose between the two, and I talk with Anthony Saccaro to unpack this tricky situation. With low unemployment and high inflation, the Fed is forced to raise interest rates. No matter what they do, it's going to be bad on the market. To find out what's happening with this situation and how to prepare, listen in because you won't want to miss it. Highlights: -Will the Fed kill the market or the currency? It could come down to a choice between the two -The Fed is in a precarious position -The unemployment rate was doing well for a number of years pre-covid, and they hadn't raised interest rates in a long time -Now, unemployment is low and there is high inflation—and they are forced to raise interest rates -They're in a position where no matter what they do, it's going to be bad on the market -The worse of the evils at this point is letting inflation continue to run -The question is whether inflation is temporary or transitory—or if it's going to be long term -There aren't enough workers to unload ships, which is causing issues on the supply side -Any inflation we have is going to be permanent, but going forward it will hopefully settle off at a lower level -With the stimulus, people had more money, but less goods and services available -People begin to expect prices to go higher -The government is building an economy based on printing money -If you're still in the accumulation phase of life, continue with your stocks -Focus on dividend paying stocks -If you're in the older phase of life, you need to be more cautious -Focus on investments that are going to protect your principles -Dividend paying stocks fluctuate a lot less than non-dividend paying stocks Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Providence Financial Inc.

    The First We Do Is Jail All The Speculators! - Octavio Marenzi #5329

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 21:42

    Summary: I sit down and catch up with Octavio Marenzi, who has a lot of insight on why exactly inflation comes about, what price trends look like, and what is being done to fix this phenomenon. Price increases across the board are the result of monetary policy, and we keep seeing this more and more. Tune in to hear more from Octavio and myself. Highlights: -The President has ordered the FDC to immediately probe illegal conduct by oil and gas companies -Are price controls inevitable? -When there are supply shortages, certain prices go up -When you see prices up across the board, this is the result of monetary policy -There was a tremendous demand for cash. As things return to normalcy, people begin to spend this money, and there are supply chain issues -Speculators are important for stabilizing prices -Everything being done about inflation is exacerbating the problem -Government cannot improve the standard of living overall -Wage/price controls come from the same political ideas Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Opimas

    The World Will Go Cashless, Almost - Richard Turrin #5328

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 22:59

    Summary: The world is becoming more digital in a multitude of ways—one of the most prevalent being with money transactions. I sit down and speak with best selling author Richard Turrin about what some of these changes look like, and why this is a game changer for the big economies—starting with China. Tune in for more, and visit the links below to access Richard Turrin's main website and book. Highlights: -Everyone seems to be getting into crypto -There are very few cash transactions taking place in China -Are digital currencies going to completely replace cash/standard currency? -China is a cashless society in the big cities -China is launching the world's first central bank digital currency (CBDC) for a major economy -A CBDC is not a cryptocurrency; it is a digital representation of paper money -These transactions are free -This also gets rid of the middle man—no credit processing needs to be done -central digital currencies can be built on blockchain, but blockchain usually can't sustain them in a large economy -Central bank digital currency is issued by the central banks -Stable coins are a cryptocurrency and they are a special kind of cryptocurrency that is tied to the value of the dollar -There will be stable coin companies that are regulated similarly to banks -With a lot of crypto coins, an unlimited amount can be created -The new version of stable coins will be great Useful Links Financial Survival Network Rich Turrin Cashless: China's Digital Currency Revolution by Richard Turrin

    10 Things I Love About My Tesla - Triple Lutz Report #489

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 17:30

    Summary: Teslas are amazing vehicles for a multitude of reasons, but today I talk about what I consider to be their top ten qualities. From the digital usability features to its efficiency, it is a top notch investment built for the future. Tune in to hear more. Highlights: -Today, I talk about why the Tesla is amazing on so many different levels -It has every gadget that has been created for a car, and then some -You can control you car with your phone, or with a programmed chip—there are no keys -You can save video footage the vehicle takes in case you get in an accident -The vehicle has an amazing sound system -Never having to go to a gas station again is perhaps one of the best perks -The ride is extremely quiet and vibration free -it has smartphone integration, and the app is constantly updated -You can virtually control every feature of your Tesla—through your phone or the panel -There is an autopilot feature -The only negative factor is that if you're doing a longer trip, the battery doesn't hold as long Useful Links: Financial Survival Network

    Tank the Dollar or the Economy - John Rubino #5327

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 20:59

    Summary: The Fed seems to be losing control of the inflation narrative. No one believes it's just temporary as the list of everyday things like gas and coffee that are soring in price gets longer. And fewer people think the Fed has any way of fixing things.  The labor market is the tightest it's ever been, producing some scary/funny stories.  US housing is officially a bubble. Now it's not just prices but behaviors that have become dangerous.  This month's elections in VA and NJ imply big things for next year's Congressional midterms. Thanksgiving dinner cost is hitting a record. If nothing else brought home the cost of inflation, this dinner will. Highlights: -Is the Fed losing control? They have always controlled the narrative, but now, not so much -The narrative is everything in the currency world -The Fed has gotten away with the story that the higher prices are transitory and that normality will return -Financial markets are being affected—there are inflation hedges and gold and silver are starting to ramp up -It looks as if people don't believe the Fed anymore -Inflation started getting closer to double digits in the 70s -The Fed has made the decision to let the current inflation run for a while and do a tiny bit of tapering -Inflation is forever now -In a government bond, you would lose so much capital every year -Thanksgiving dinner is up to as much as $100 a turkey -This is a great time to be a debtor -The complexion of the precious metals market has changed entirely over the last three weeks -We've seen upside reversals Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse Kill the Dollar or the Economy with John Rubino John Rubino on Strikes and Wade Inflation

    The Fed's Experiment Worked - Michael Pento #5326

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2021 32:10

    Summary: We are continually presented with this notion of ‘transitory' inflation, which is entirely inaccurate and misleading. I sit down with Michael Pento to discuss the real driving factors of the current monetary situation, and what this is going to look like as we enter the new year. Over the last couple of years we have seen $6 trillion handed out to increase consumption, but the balance increase is going to be $0 in 2022. Will the markets be able to survive in these conditions? Tune in to find out more. Highlights: -The notion of ‘transitory' inflation is focus group driven and is not realistic -Thanksgiving Turkey alone this year could be over $100 for ten people -The central bank was finally able to launch modern monetary theory—borrowing money from the treasury, giving it to consumers, and printing it all -Countries like Israel are experiencing hyper-inflation -Next year, this will probably melt down -We have a fiscal and monetary cliff heading into 2022 -There is going to be a crash in asset prices -You may see a crash in real estate bonds outside of treasuries which could cause inflation to crash all at once -In 2 years, $6 trillion was handed out to increase consumption, and the balance increase is going to be $0 in 2022 -The stock market will most likely look like it did in 2018, and crumble in a month or two -2022 is going to look nothing like the previous two years -Inflation is a monetary phenomenon—it's not what happens as a result of shortages -Is the Fed going to let all these markets collapse? -We are probably headed towards a blockchain currency managed by the Fed—there wouldn't even have to be a treasury -Real interest rates are not going to go much higher -Gold is going to trade much more towards the level of real interest rates -China saved the global economy to a great extent in 2008 with construction projects, but they can't do that again -No one country will be able to save us from what's happening in 2022 Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Pento Portfolio Strategies Interest Rates will Skyrocket if Fed Keeps Printing Money – Michael Pento with Greg Hunter Ahead: Runaway Inflation & Bail-Ins | Michael Pento Tofu Dreg Article

    Zillow Flips Out - Debbie Bloyd #5325

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 19:10

    Summary: Real estate is still in a major up-swing: prices continue to go up, inventory is low, and people are over-bidding just to get a house. A major online business that has added to the confusion is Zillow, and Debbie Bloyd comes on the show to explain how utilizing real experts and technology (rather than just technology) allows for accurate appraisals. Tune in to learn about the factors that Zillow tends to neglect when valuing a home, and how to be more aware in the current market. Highlights: -Not everyone is making money in real estate; Zillow has lost a lot of money with house flipping -Here to explain where Zillow went wrong is mortgage broker Debbie Bloyd -Zillow was messing up people's expectations of how business should be done. You have to stay within the market range and not take people out of the equation -You can't only pay attention to technology and algorithms -Zillow's estimate does not have the final say; their algorithm doesn't factor in everything -A true appraisal is the only way to know what a property should sell for -Zillow is a technology company applied tor real estate -We need more people involved within the transactions -There are going to be new ways to do appraisals on digital platforms in the coming years—utilizing technology and people -Rates have been steady, but next year they're going to go up -With the stagflation in the 70s, real estate prices didn't go up until the 80s Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Money Strategies Looking to Dive Into the Housing Market? The Time is Now with Debbie Bloyd Wells Fargo Closes All Personal Lines of Credit with Debbie Bloyd

    It's Inflation, Stupid - Michael Busler #5324

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 18:57

    Summary: We are currently experiencing the highest inflation we've seen in about 30 years, and I sit down and chat with Michael Busler to discuss some of the factors that have played into this. This is something that we experienced back in the 70s, and it is likely here to stay. Inflation is manifesting in a number of areas including energy and working wages—fueled by supply chain shortages and people leaving the workforce to receive money from the government. Something has to give, and we must show resistance to increasing prices if we want to avoid further damage to the economy. Highlights: -Is Build Back Better going to happen? We have inflation, an infrastructure bill, and a lot of other factors -This is the highest inflation we've seen in about 30 years -The Biden administration and the Federal Reserve say that it will go away—but this is not necessarily true -They want the price of fossil fuels to increase, and have carried this out by restricting the supply -Energy prices are going to rise in these conditions—manufacturers are also paying more to get energy -Energy inflation is here to stay -Wage inflation is also a major problem—3 million workers left the job market during COVID and are not returning -Businesses had to raise the starting wage of these workers to get them back, and had to raise them for other workers as well -The government has spend $6 million more than they've brought in in tax revenue in the last 2 years -These things should not be passed at this time since we're already in a hole -Even when the supply chain issue is resolved, there are still number of other things causing inflation -We could end up having stagflation, which we haven't seen since the late 1970s -The 70s was a great time to be a debtor -As long as people keep receiving free money, they start to expect it. This mindset doesn't help with the labor shortage -Stock prices will usually go up more than the inflation rate -When you see prices go up, don't automatically pay them—see if there are substitute products -If people become resistant to it, there will likely be less inflation Useful Links: Financial Survival Network News Max Michael Busler Twitter Funding Democracy Facebook Taxing the Rich to Death with Michael Busler Inflation Isn't Going Anywhere But Up with Michael Busler

    The Precious Metals And Economic Factors That Influence This Market - Craig Hemke #5323

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 26:46

    Summary: If you want expert insight on the precious metals and economic factors that influence this market, you won't want to miss this episode. I sit down and chat with Craig Hemke about recent happenings, in which gold and silver broke the same number last week and are on the upward trend. There is a market inefficiency developing within gold, and this has to do with people buying into the idea of ‘transitory' inflation. Highlights: -On the same day last week, gold and silver broke the same number and have been headed up ever since -The bank created 30,000 contracts and added them to the existing contracts, which diluted the flow -There is a market inefficiency developing within gold -This is due to market participants believing the transitory claims -When copper started taking off, this was the first hint that inflation wasn't transitory -Gold is a global thing and is influenced by so many factors, so you have to keep your eye out for them -Even natgas is heavily influenced by geopolitics -Most of the people alive today don't know what inflation really is—specifically the inflationary times of the 70s -So many countries have had hyper-inflation over the last 50 years, but a lot of Americans don't understand that inflation never really left us -Inflation is going to stay and get a lot worse before it gets better Useful Links: Financial Survival Network TF Metals Report Miles Franklin

    Medicare Hacks Made Easy - Scott Malibor #5322

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 27:48

    Summary: As you approach the age of 65, it's absolutely critical to know about medicare and what plan is best for you in advance. I sit down and chat with Scott Maibor who is an expert on this topic, and he talks through Medicare, advantage plans, and Medigap, which have different facets suited for different individuals. There are many moving parts of the equation, so it's important to look into them and see what makes most sense for you. Highlights: -It is important to know about medicare and the different aspects of it if you are approaching the age of 65 -If you're going to be on medicare, you need some sort of additional coverage (medigap) -Medicare combines government coverage as well as private insurance -With any doctor that takes medicare, you're covered 80%—but the 20% is no cap -With medigap, you pay a fixed monthly fee -A medigap plan is usually around $200 a month, and depends on a number of health factors -With an advantage plan, there are no fixed costs -Medigap plans have been around longer than the advantage plans -It is important to look into state regulations to find out if you are allowed to switch plans at any point -You can sign up for part A before you're retired—it has no premium -People compare medicare options to employer options, and there is a lot to consider -You do get penalized for making too much money, which you also get with social security -There's so many moving parts of the equation -You can avoid so many things if you plan these things out ahead Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Senior Benefits Boston

    Financial Deflation Coming Soon - Bob Hoye #5321

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 43:22

    Summary: Ever since the election, the 1970s type of inflation has come into full swing, and Hoye has observed that the big game in the financial markets is inflation and financial assets. Hoye has looked at the history of these financial bubbles and the patterns that accompany them to determine what we can expect out of the current circumstances Highlights: -Since the election, the 1970s type of inflation has come into play -In the financial markets, Hoye has observed that the big game is inflation and financial assets -In a history of interest rates, you've never had anything trade negative on a nominal basis -People are saying tangible assets are going forward, but Hoye thinks this is improbable -Following every great financial bubble, there is a pattern -The fed was unaware in the dangers of the great financial bubble—once it's over, most prices have deflated -The rise in commodity prices is associated with the increase in business activity you get at the final stages of a business mania -Rising real rates will be part of the post-bubble world -Copper is declining, gold's real prices is declining, interest rates are declining, and the dollar is prepared to rally -These items are doing what they've done at the climax of previous bubbles Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Charts and Markets  

    Inflate Rate is Over 14% - John Williams #5320

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 21:39

    Summary: I have the opportunity to chat with John Williams, who has been studying inflation for years—looking into the numbers that the fed has been leaving out of the equation. The government has majorly changed the way that they measure inflation over time, and they have been making alterations to reduce the headline inflation rate. Tune in to get the more accurate depiction of inflation, and to hear about where this situation is headed in the near future. Highlights: -My last article was on 12 reasons why inflation is here to stay, but John Williams has been tracking inflation for years—using the methods from back in the 70s -Most people on the planet have never lived through a major inflationary cycle—it has historically been minimized -We've seen changes in the way that the government has measured inflation over time -They changed how they measured housing costs, shifting to a homeowner's equivalent rent, or what a homeowner would pay himself to rent his own house/how he would raise the rent -They kept making changes to reduce the headline inflation rate -6-7 percentage points have been taken out of inflation -Inflation is directly tied to supply chain issues, followed by shortages -We are in an unusual circumstance since the economy shut down and employment has declined -Holding US currency means that you're losing purchasing power—it's better to hold gold and silver, which will retain your purchasing power -Williams thinks there is a good chance we will see hyper-inflation -The best economic statistic is payroll employment—it's a very broad measure -People start to increasingly expect inflation Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Shadow Stats Hyperinflation Worst in 40 Years, and About to Get a Lot Worse | John Williams Fed Trying to Keep Economy from Collapse – John Williams with Greg Hunter

    Writing Books Explaining Free Markets to Children - Connor Boyack #5319

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 17:42

    Summary: Do you want to educate your children on how the economy works? Connor Boynack sits down with me to talk about the books he has written over the last several years that expose children to the benefits of personal freedom and free markets in a way that they can comprehend. A Dad himself, Boyack wants to give young minds access to the knowledge that extends beyond what children learn in school, and he provides the perfect tools to do so. Tune in to hear more about these great resources. Highlights: -Boyack writes books that expose children to the benefits of personal freedom and free markets -He started in 2014 and has sold 3 million copies of these books -He is a Dad and owns a think tank that deals with policy reform -He wanted his children to understand the concepts that he deals with on a daily basis -The first book was successful and the demand for these resources has been increasingly strong in the last few years -The books are story-based and fully illustrated -Their model is directed at families trying to educate their children—whether they are homeschooled or enrolled in school -Children are pretty good at understanding complex topics, and this has been a thrilling aspect of Boyack's publishing -These children are ultimately going to help run our nation one day—it's important to talk about these ideas because you don't know what type of positive impact you could have Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Tuttle Twins Teaching Children About Liberty - Solutions Watch  

    Cash for Any Clunker - Pam Oakes #5318

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 19:50

    Summary: If you're looking to buy a car, to sell one, or even looking for vehicle repairs, you're going to want to tune in to this episode. I sit down with Pam Oakes and discuss the automobile market—which is in a very unique situation. There's a shortage of new cars, and an increased demand for used cars—so prices have increased substantially. Tune in to get insight on what to be on the lookout for, and what may be the best option for you. Highlights: -If you're in the market for a car, looking to sell one, or looking for repairs, you're going to want to tune in -There's a shortage of new cars, and used car prices are escalating -There is a large demand for used cars -It is not in the consumer's favor to purchase -Cars that would normally get repaired are getting totaled because companies know that they won't be able to get the parts -Wrecked cars are also going at record prices -There is also a transition to electric vehicles that is occurring—with certain benefits and drawbacks Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Find Me Auto Help

    Mediocre Hacks Made Easy - Rick Rule #5317

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 38:26

    Summary: Rick Rule and I sit down to discuss all things investment in light of the fed giving every indication that they're going to taper. We discuss the oil and gas industry—which we're pretty optimistic about—as well as the precious metals and how inflation is affecting jobs. Tune in for more insight from myself and Rick. Highlights: -The fed is giving every indication that they intend to taper—gold and silver prices are taking hits -Rule enjoys security analysis and credit analysis, and likes what he does -He enjoys looking at the interplay between income statements and balance sheets -He also enjoys interviewing younger entrepreneurs -The easiest sector to be optimistic about is the oil/gas business because they are generating substantial free cash flows -The dividends associated with oil and gas are appealing -Rule is also attracted to precious metals -There's lots of under-investment in things that help us to sustain our lives -The oil and gas price had to go up based on the cost of production -Businesses are giving large bonuses—especially in the case of trucking -Certain McDonalds around the country are paying $18-$20/hr and giving hundreds of dollars as a sign on bonus -People need a living wage -The market will resolve itself eventually -The easy money has been made in Uranium—the incentive price will probably rise significantly in the next few years -Inflation makes existing resources more economic—it increases barriers to entry -Inflation is the friend of people that have very large developed resources Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Rule Investment Media

    Eminent Gold Launches Nevada Treasure Hunt

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 23:08

    Eminent Gold Launches Nevada Treasure Hunt with CEO Paul Sun and Chief Geologist Dan McCoy   We were joined by a new sponsor Eminent Gold Corporation. CEO Paul Sun, a mining engineer with extensive experience in capital markets is at the helm. Chief Geologist Dr. Dan McCoy has over 30 years of global mining experience. He headed up the teams at Keegan Resources and Cayden Resources, which led to the acquisition of both companies. There's 4 PhD's pursuing Eminent's exploration ambitions. The company has four projects, all of which show great potential. As far is which one is the most promising, McCoy likens it to picking your favorite child, a hard task at best. To date, sampling has taken place at Weepah and Gilbert South. Results have greatly exceeded expectations, with channel grades up to 60 g/t gold and 30g/t gold respectively. This has helped form a better understand the underlying geology and to further refine future drill targeting. Eminent is not just another Johnny-Come-Lately Nevada gold explorer. Their projects are in close proximity to other large past and present producing mines. They've upped the game by looking for gold in places where others haven't previously ventured. They're using the latest technology to re-examine historic projects. In earlier times, when less effective methods were the only one's available, miners pursued low-hanging high-grade fruit and ignored deposits that were not then economic. Times have changed; Sun and McCoy believe they are on to the next great Nevada discovery(ies) and expect a steady stream of news and catalysts to follow shortly. Company Website: Ticker Symbols: OTCQB: EMGDF  — TSX-V: EMNT Prior company interview: Eminent Gold Corp: Four Nevada Lottery Tickets with CEO Paul Sun

    A Profitable Low Risk Options Strategy - Adam Mesh #5316

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 14:14

    Summary: At Financial Survival Network, we're always in search of more ways to bring in more revenue. Adam Mesh comes on the show to talk about low risk and decent return strategies that you can implement within your investing. Mesh tries to focus on long game—doing things that won't get him burnt out quick and provide great results. Tune in for more pointers from Mesh and myself. Highlights: -We're always looking for more ways to bring in more revenue -Adam Mesh talks to people about trading and takes part in trading himself -HIs focus is on the long game—doing things that won't get him burnt out quick -He started out day trading, and evolved from there. He likes having premium collection as a component of his trading -If you think the market is going to go higher, you can sell a put and take ownership of a stock at a lower price -A diagonal calendar is a synthetic cover call—it's based on the expected moves Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Wealthpop Cannabis Sector Looking Even Better with Adam Mesh

    Good Time to Buy Mining Stocks? - Rob Stevens Summary: #5315

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 19:54

    Summary: Rob Stevens comes on the podcast to help us get a better understanding of why mining stocks move the way that they do, and he gives us some context around the current situation. Companies are expanding resources and making discoveries, but people are holding back on riskier stocks due to the equity markets. Tune in to learn more about what's to come, and to get information on resources that can help you comprehend the inner workings of this industry. Highlights: -When it comes to understanding the mining sector, you want an understanding of why these stocks move in a certain direction—especially when you don't expect them to -When you think you know what you're doing here, that's when you're most vulnerable -Market indifference towards drilling results -Companies are expanding resources and making discoveries -People are holding back on riskier stocks because the equity markets are a bit depressed -There has been a lot of financing -The vast majority of investors in the market are at the wrong side of the trade -The metal price index is sitting at the same high point as it was in 2012 -We are going to see a lot more news flow and activity as we get into the new year -There's a lot of money on the sidelines waiting for a peak -Electric vehicles increase interest in commodities like copper -Copper hit its peak and pulled back, but it's definitely in an up trend -$4.50-$5 copper makes new discoveries really attractive—copper is something to keep your eye on -$4 seems to be the new floor for copper -Gold is treading water, but at good prices -There are so many different influences on gold price -Safety is always an issue for uranium -You also need to understand the mining process to understand why the stocks do what they do Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Mining Essentials How to Analyze Exploration Company Drill Results with Dr. Rob Stevens Non-Technical Resource Investors Can Succeed if They Are Willing to Put in the Work with Rob Stevens

    Inflation is Here to Stay- Andy Schectman #5313

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 24:16

    Summary: It seems as if inflation is not quite as transitory as the media has portrayed. I sit down and chat with Andy Schectman about this ongoing phenomenon, which seems to be solidifying more and more as time passes. While CPI seems somewhat normal, things like commodity prices and house prices aren't factored into this number. Tune in to hear Schectman and myself breakdown the inflationary situation that is definitely structural, and to hear about the wide-reaching implications of this matter Highlights -Inflation is not so transitory -The largest social security increase in decades is coming -Companies are paying higher hourly wages and offering sign-on bonuses -Prices are going up, house prices are going up, but these numbers aren't factored into the CPI -The media doesn't do a good job of telling the truth -This inflation is definitely structural -Until you get a change in policy and the government is willing to make difficult decisions, this will be with us for the foreseeable future -As money depreciates, it never has as much value as when you first had it -The US leaving Afghanistan had a major impact on OPEC—they're being protected by Russia and opened up oil to other currencies Useful Links Financial Survival Network Miles Franklin Silver Supply Could Vanish Overnight with Andy Schectman Silver Bullion Will Disappear – “People Are Waking Up” with Andy Schectman

    Learning to Love Inflation - John Rubino #5314

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 26:49

    Crescat Capital gold macro article great charts, including: The gold miners are the only major sector now generating positive free cash flow The miners' gold reserves have peaked and are now declining, forcing them to acquire more by buying up juniors. In the VA governors' race the Dems staged a fake white supremicist rally and tried to pin it on the Repubs, and got caught big-time. Meanwhile, school board protests are a huge factor and might be a sign of things to come for the midterms.  In Australia, the bond yields are spiking through the central bank's target levels. Emerging market interest rates are rising too. Brazil is good example, but lots of other countries have interest rates up in historically normal ranges of 5%-10%. The developed world is looking like the outlier. Are central banks starting to lose control of rates? Shiba Inu and Squid Game cryptos soar by multi-000%. It's the dot-com bubble on steroids.  Tesla gets an order from Hertz that's worth $4 billion and its market cap rises by $40 billion. Elon Musk's net worth now exceeds Exxon's market cap. Time to short them again? 

    Mickey Fulp's Monthly Major Market Review (October 2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 19:10

    For October, markets were up across the board. Dow up 5.8% 35800 and S&P 500 up 6.9% to 4605, Nasdaq up 7.3%. Russell 2000 up 4.2%, TSX up 4.8%, and TSX.V posted a major 10.6% increase. VIX settled back down to 16.3. The Dollar was mostly flat closing at 94.14 and the Euro was .2%. 10 Year yield up slightly 2.6% to 1.56. Bitcoin closed at 60698 for a massive 38.5%. Gold's up an unimpressive 1.7% to 1784. Silver was up 8.1% to 23.85. Pt added 6% to 1018. Pd was up 5.3% for the month to 1937. Copper up 10% to $4.46. WTI keeps going higher 11.4% to 83.57. Brent up another 10% to 84.43. Natgas skidded 7.5% to bring it to 5.43. Uranium added to its parabolic move up 7.1% to $45.50, more thanks to the Sprott Uranium Trust.  Ratios:  Au:Ag down to 74.7, Pt:Au .57, Pt:Pd .53. BRT:WTI 1.01, WTI:HH 15.4, and AU:WTI 21.3.  

    Big Social Security Increase Coming - Mark Singer #5312

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 16:35

    Summary: As you get older, it's important to have a plan regarding retirement, social security, and medicare. I speak with Mark Singer to address how changes in the economy are affecting these things, and what the benefits will look like based on the circumstances. Social security is seeing a substantial increase, but at the cost of the funds potentially running out faster. Tune in to get insight from Singer and myself on how you can prepare for what's to come. Highlights: -Lots of individuals are wondering what to do in terms of social security, medicare, and retirement -Mark Singer is the proprietor of 55retire -Social security is getting the biggest increase we've seen in decades…will it last? -The first two quarters ran about 5.5-6% higher than the previous year, and for the 3rd quarter it showed a 5.9% increase from the previous year -As a result of this inflation, social security's liquidity decreased by a year -If we do nothing, social security will not have enough necessary funding to provide 100% of the benefit. Starting in 2033, they will be able to pay out 80% of the benefit -There are ways we can increase the funding -Be cautious of long term investments in consideration of interest rates -Inflationary prices will probably stay with us for another year -Get your goals straight and your strategy worked out so that you can prepare for what's to come Useful Links: Financial Survival Network 55retire Retirement Quiz 'What's Inflation?' with Mark Singer 'Semi-Retire at 55' with Mark Singer  

    More Real Estate Wholesaling Hacks - Zack Boothe #5311

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 14:27

    Summary: How are people becoming so successful by getting involved real estate investing? Zack Boothe comes on the podcast to give us some insider knowledge on how he not only became a full time real estate investor, but started securing high-profit deals by doing so. He presents a concept called ‘driving for dollars,' and is eager to share some of his expert advice. Tune in for more. Highlights: -Zack Boothe is an expert in what I like to call “drive-by real estate investing” -Boothe wants to share the seven reasons why driving for dollars is the fastest way to make a fortune in real estate investing. A free PDF is linked below -This strategy allowed him to become a full-time real estate investor -Boothe has been utilizing his YouTube channel, doing exciting investment challenges, and he recently launched his podcast -Real estate wholesaling is assigning/selling a purchase agreement -You can get a property under contract that allows you to sign it to someone else -He just did his first six-figure assignment through selling an agreement -He uses an app called Deal Machine to find properties, and he reaches out to sellers -Even larger deals like this can be completed in just over a week if you have a good strategy -The foundation of any real estate investing business is generating discounted opportunities -There is never a bad time to get into real estate investing -There are incredible profit margins—in Boothe's case, it is around 80% -This allows him to have financial and time freedom -If you're looking to get started in this industry, make sure you have a coach that can guide you along—you will end up saving a lot. -Look for a coach that has a heart of a teacher and is helping other people succeed. Make sure it is someone that you like and trust Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Real Estate Wholesaling Course Driving For Dollars 7 Reasons Free Guide 'He Turned $1000 Into $93,000 in 30 Days' with Zack Boothe

    Insider's View of Auto/Chip Shortages #5310

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 17:14

    Summary: We've been seeing car/chip shortages, and prices that are through the roof…what exactly is happening in the automobile industry? I sit down and chat with Heath, who is with Ultimate Car Negotiators and has an acute awareness of the trends with vehicle production and sales. The shortage right now is as real as it gets, and it's something that we'll need to get used to for a while. Tune in to get advice on some of the things you can do to adjust, as well as changes to be aware of in the realm of buying, selling, and repairing cars. Highlights: -We've discussed cars, car shortages, prices that are through the roof…what is happening? -Heath is the ultimate car negotiator -The shortage is as real as it gets—dealerships are emptying as a result of the lack of car production -Used cars have gone up about 28% in the past year -Used cars are becoming the only option -There is a substantial chip shortage going on—perhaps purposely to maximize profits -It will probably be fifteen months before things return to a more normal circumstance -Car dealers are antsy to get more vehicles produced -There is also a shortage of mechanics to work on cars -A lot of people now are waiting to get what they want -People are also becoming more flexible in regard to what car they're willing to buy -It will become necessary to order what you want, and wait for it to arrive -Prices of parts have gotten so high that it is a lot harder to extend the lives of older cars -Every car now is a “hard-to-get” car Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Ultimate Car Negotiators

    Be a Victor, Not a Victim - Randy Gage #5309

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 21:39

    Summary: No matter what, you can always turn your life around and become the best version of yourself. I chat with Randy Gage—who has battled addiction and financial problems, and has ultimately done a 180. He emphasizes the value of mindset, and says that when you start viewing yourself as a victor rather than a victim, you can come to terms with what it is that you want to change in your life. Tune in for an inspiring message from Gage, and for tips on how you can take steps toward change. Highlights: -There is always a chance for you to turn your life around and be the best version of yourself -Randy Gage managed to turn his life around despite getting into a lot of trouble in his younger years -The break he needed was having someone believe in him more than he believed in himself—one of his friend's Father's helped him out -How do you make people believe in themselves and take advantage of a second chance? You can decide whether you are a victim or victor -Gage started working on a restaurant and learned he cold play by the rules and still get far in life -He ended up investing all of his money to start his own restaurant, and he lost it, but learned from this experience. -People think the opposite of success is failure, but failure is part of the process of succeeding -Gage tells his story at detention centers and halfway houses -You have to be committed to working on yourself every day, analyzing what's working and what's not working -It comes down to self-honesty, and you have to admit what needs to change within yourself -The pandemic also allowed people to re-evaluate their life Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Randy Gage

    "Student Loan Forgiveness" - Paul Oster #5308

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 18:47

    Summary: Student loan debt has been a pressing issue in our country for quite some time, with little progress in resolving it. I sit down and chat with Paul Oster to analyze some of the causes of this phenomenon, and possible ways out. It seems that we are in an endless cycle of finance companies lending out more money, causing institutions to up their prices. There needs to be more awareness around the implications of taking a loan, and the long-term financial commitment it entails. Highlights: -Student loan debt has been a pressing issue for quite some time -There has been talk of forgiving student loan debt—which is great in theory—but isn't necessarily feasible -What sounds great can be difficult to execute -We must consider who is going to help fund this -Student loan debt is something we have to get ahold of immediately; finance companies are lending more, so institutions are charging more. It's an endless cycle -In order to forgive this absurdly large sum of money, something has to give -The deferment period and relatively low interest rates make loans attractive -There needs to be a more in-depth discussion of these things and adequate planning before loans are taken so that people understand the consequences -Students don't receive enough information on all of the obligations of a loan—it can affect the rest of your life and set you back financially. -It is good for building credit, but only if all payments are made on time -There are lots of negative consequences that can come about in the case of emergencies -Income-based repayment entails paying back your loans based on what you can afford -The government is trying to solve a problem that they created—which typically just makes it worse -The opposite of financial education is financial ignorance, and at a younger age it's harder to make a decision that can harm the rest of your life -Your credit score is either going to save or cost you money every month Useful Links: BetterQualified Financial Survival Network "Millenials Messing Up with Too Little Credit?" with Paul Oster "Threat of RansomWare is Quickly Spreading" with Paul Oster

    This Copper Project is the “Real Deal” Says Torq Resources' Michael Henrichsen

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 13:01

    Torq Resources' Executive Chair Shawn Wallace and Chief Geologist Michael Henrichsen came on to discuss their recently acquired Chilean gold-copper Santa Cecilia project. Wallace mentioned that Santa Cecilia was always their major goal. He had been hinting at something big during our last interview and now he's delivered. At 32.5 square kilometers, it's sitting on a major system in the world-class Maricunga belt. Some historical work had been done in the 1990's, and then it inexplicably sat on ice for decades, ignored by all. According to Henrichsen, “This is the real deal… The initial discovery has already been made…” Now they just have to identify the most promising targets. It's an extremely unique place, which explains why the team spent the better part of two years on its acquisition. Henrichsen's global mining network was instrumental in getting the deal done, especially in light of the global health concerns that made international travel all but impossible. To sum it all up, Wallace says, “The Santa Cecilia gold-copper project represents the culmination of our acquisition strategy in Chile. It is our belief that exploration at a project of this magnitude will be transformative for Torq. Now that the project is in place, it's time to start to realize its exploration potential.” Ticker Symbols - TSX.V : TORQ OTCQX : TRBMF  

    Record Gold Prices on the Way? - Chris Vermeulen #5307

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 18:02

    Summary: On this episode of FSN, I catch up with Chris Vermeulen on what's happening with the metals, as well as other sectors subject to the effects of inflation and market trends. The metals have been struggling for the last year, and when you look at the miners, they're starting to break to new highs. We're looking for a pause/pull-back and then a surge higher to indicate that the sector is about to take off. Tune in for more information and predictions from myself and Vermeulen. Highlights: -Chris Vermeulen tells us what's going on with metals -The metals have been struggling for the last year -When you look at the miners, they're starting to break to new highs -It's frustrating to see the back and forth trend, but the miners are starting to show a bit of strength -The market is at a nice run, and we may see a pull-back for a week or two -Gold miners are bottoming from a technical standpoint -Gold miners and precious metals could be shining by the end of the year -Key indicators of the sector about to take off will be a pause/pull-back and then a surge higher -During the pause, more money will pour into these sectors -They haven't committed to the turnaround yet—we need to see higher prices -We just saw a year-long consolidation, so it just has to turn the corner -Oil, energy, and natgas do not seem like they're going to pull back at all -Energy stocks have been leading the way higher, and this is a good sign -FPL is getting a 3-4% increase—pretty much all of it is natgas -Power generation has a lot of fixed costs, and doesn't instantly correlate with higher electric prices—but they it eventually drive electric prices higher -People are relying on Florida as a port—which seems to be at capacity -This is an interesting time for investors and the stock market -Transportation is leading the way -The small cap sector is trading sideways in a tight range -The stock market is probably starting a major run towards the upside -We need to see if the Russell is going to break out—which could lead to a euphoric phase in the stock market -Due to inflation, commodities are on fire and everything is up -Real estate is on fire, but real estate agents are doing too well—there are a surplus of agents with a lack of people looking to sell homes -Is this going to lead to prosperity? After every good rally, we see a pause or a rough patch -The Russell 2000 has a really strong looking chart—it has a lot of upside -This year has been dormant in terms of sectors -Tech sectors are probably going to lead the way Useful links: Financial Survival Network The Technical Traders "Gold, Silver, U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar" with Chris Vermeulen "Market Drop Following Last Fall's Pattern" with Chris Vermeulen

    Searching for Gold in CBD Tobacco Replacements - Setti Coscarella #5306

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 14:14

    Summary: Are you or is someone you know looking to quit smoking cigarettes? On this episode of FSN, I sit down and chat with Setti Coscarella, the CEO of TAAT Global. TAAT is a cigarette replacement that is doesn't contain nicotine, tobacco, or any of the other harmful ingredients in cigarettes. It still satisfies the taste of a cigarette, and contains CBD—which allows one to feel the calm sensation that a cigarette gives off. Tune in to hear more about this fascinating, healthier alternative to smoking that has the power to change the industry. Highlights: -We discuss a cigarette replacement that it made from hemp and doesn't contain nicotine, tobacco, or the harmful ingredients in cigarettes -It still satisfies the taste of a cigarette, and gives the calm sense that smokers traditionally enjoy from smoking -All cigarette alternatives rely on the consumer being addicted to smoking/the product -TAAT contains CBD, which operates as a calming property -Smokers go about their life in a state of withdrawal, but with TAAT, you don't have to face this effect -It is designated to be a smoking replacement -This gives consumers something they can enjoy as much—if not more—than a cigarette -They are currently adding more states and countries to their market -If you register with TAAT, they'll send you your first pack for free Useful Links: Financial Survival Network TAAT Global

    Finding Bargains on the Pinksheets and the TSXV - Mariusz Skonieczny #5305

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2021 29:17

    Summary: When it comes to investing, it's a veritable minefield out there. I sit down and chat with Mariuscz Skonieczny, the creator of MicroCap Explosions, to get access to some of the advice he gives to current investors. Especially when competition is so fierce, it can be profitable to consider lesser exchanges with lower competition—this is where value abounds. Tune in to hear about Skonieczny's strategy for finding companies to invest in so that you can take advantage of good opportunities. Highlights: -When it comes to investing, it is a veritable minefield -Some people think resource investing is dangerous, but it can also be very profitable -When you go to lesser exchanges, it seems that value abounds there -The central concept is competition—this dictates most things in life -With big exchanges, everyone is paying attention to them and there is a lot of competition -It can be beneficial to go places with little competition, like with secondary exchanges -Oracle Resource has a copper project in Mexico, and Skonieczny discovered this a few years back -He started investigating this company and learned that they were involved in a legal battle over a title dispute -How do we recognize these deals? There is no particular formula, but it's important to have an open mind; look at all the moving parts and analyze what is happening -Have someone within the company explain to you why you may be interested and what is going on with the company -Success in investing is finding good opportunities and letting them play out -Investing involves a lot of sitting and waiting—you have to be willing to be patient -Go through every company on a particular exchange individually Useful Links: Financial Survival Network MicroCap Explosions  

    Triple Lutz Report #488

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 15:19

    In this Triple Lutz Report, I focus on what has been an increasingly prevalent topic in today's economy: non-transitory inflation. The fed has been telling us not to worry, but the current trends say otherwise. So many commodities have already shot up in price, and more are on their way up. Tune in to hear some analyses and predictions regarding the economy, and to get an idea of what to expect in the coming months and years. Highlights: -Non-transitory inflation is the subject: the fed has been telling us not to worry, but it looks as if the situation is not getting better -Inflation never went away—we've had it since the federal reserve was created, after WWI, and after WWII -In 2020, 38% of all NatGas used in the US went towards generating electricity -We're going to see higher electric prices soon -Heat is also going to rise in price -Your largest annual expenditure is taxes—especially with indirect taxes that are hidden from consumer view -Costs of commodities are going to increase exponentially (i.e. appliances) and your choices are limited -Food prices are also being driven higher—and the government excludes it from the consumer price index -The fed will have to choose the economy or the currency -Whoever has the gold makes the rules -US sales of guns and ammunition have catapulted forward -All of the low trends are coming to an end—it's time to decide what you can do to protect yourself and your family Useful Links: Financial Survival Network

    When it Comes to the Economy, Who Can You Trust? - David Morgan #5304

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 30:12

    Summary: David Morgan comes on the podcast to give us insight on the markets. We tackle inflation—which is not so transitory after all—the future of the dollar, the Chinese real estate debacle, and the precious metals market. A lot is changing and there will probably be many unintended consequences that our nation needs to prepare itself for. Tune in to find out more about what's to come where the markets are headed. Highlights: -Inflation is not so transitory; what does this mean for the economy and your ability to accumulate wealth? -By definition, inflation is an increase of the money supply. We've done this by about 20% since the new administration came into office—but it's been this way for years -The deficit keeps increasing -If you don't trust the dollar today, why would you trust the future dollar? -When you control the price of money, you control everything -If interest rates are near zero, this means that money has become less valuable -There will probably be many unintended consequences with cryptocurrency and Chinese real estate -The US market has not taken hold of these consequences yet -Oil is reflecting what's happening in the economy -Platinum is going to go higher than Palladium -The metals market in the worst of times will do well -Must look at where the market is going with goods like electric cars -China real estate is in big trouble Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Morgan Report

    It's Good to Be a Debtor- John Rubino #5303

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 27:09

    Summary: John Rubino and I catch up on all things in the economy starting with false information in the media—we are not receiving honest commentary on inflation, which could lead to other problems down the road. Furthermore, we discuss some of the effects of inflation in sectors such as energy, and discuss issues surrounding the Chinese real estate market and what could potentially happen. Highlights: -Is gold going to have its rally? When is it going to happen? -Joe Rogan exposed CNN for giving false information to adhere to their own agenda -The mainstream media is losing popularity and credibility -Attention is shifting from corporate networks to independent journalists -The media has lied about inflation—these lies can be fatal -$80+ per barrel oil -Heating bills in American homes are predicted to rise -The whole energy complex is in an inflationary spiral -How long does this have to continue before we see it as a psychological market shift? -People are buying things in fear of not being able to get them later at a reasonable price -You need to hold assets that are going to go up -It's better to be a debtor in an inflationary period -Developing countries are terrified of inflation in ways that we are not -Labor has the power to start clawing back some of the wealth taken from it -Renting is going to be a really difficult thing to do—they will be set by people charging as much as possible -The Chinese real estate market is the largest asset class -Chinese real estate and US treasury seem connected   John Rubino 10-18-21 Rogan! Americans' heating bills to soar up to 50% this winter Oil is over $80 a barrel. Labor flexes its muscle as leverage tips from employers to workers   (wage inflation) Labor unrest is making a comeback in the USA. Wages going up is a really bad thing as far as the Fed is concerned. Emerging market central banks raising rates because inflation is deadly there (this is big) Potemkin store shelves Renters are getting squeezed. Hedge funds are buying up the available housing stock and will squeeze the renter class. Chinese real estate bubble is bursting, perhaps the largest bubble in history and creation. 75% of household assets are wrapped up in real estate. Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse

    Will Your Retirement Keep Up With Inflation? - Jim Sloan #5302

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 21:48

    Summary: Inflation is affecting many areas of the economy, so how do you ensure that it doesn't affect your retirement plan? I interview Jim Sloan to discuss this topic so that you can live life your terms in these inflationary circumstances. It's important to educate yourself on this topic and know the facts, and look into valuable retirement plans that will benefit you in the long run. Tune in to hear more from myself and Sloan on this topic. Highlights: -Will your retirement keep up with inflation? Even with a decent return, you may face problems -How do you live life on your terms in inflationary circumstances? It's important to become informed and make financial decisions based on logic and actual facts -Many peoples' incomes are not keeping up with inflationary factors -Inflation will probably remain around 5% in most advanced economies -We are having increased inflation, but people should not necessarily worry about hyper-inflation -Old models cannot be used anymore -Fixed annuities and index annuities are worth looking at -Not many people want to plan their income based on a life insurance policy -Almost every insurance policy is not designed or funded correctly -Index annuity gives client the greater potential to earn the 5% -This year, social security benefits are going up -A lot of people don't know the optimal age to take social security, and this is the most important component of social security Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Jim Sloan

    Navigating Real Estate Successfully in Today's Economy - Douglas Beck #5301

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 18:42

    Summary: Are you trying to be successful in real estate? In this episode, Douglas Beck shares his insights into the real estate market and valuable experiences that are relevant to those looking to grow within this market. It's a tough time to try and do wholesale flips and fixing, but buying and holding will allow you to invest and build your portfolio. Tune in to hear more from myself and Beck on how you can navigate real estate in the current economy Highlights: -Douglas Beck started out in corporate IT and procurement, and then got into real estate -He was always looking for a way to exit the corporate world, because it didn't align with the entrepreneurial spirit he grew up around and possessed himself -We discuss how to make money in the current market—it's hard to do wholesale flips right now -Beck's company primarily focuses on renovation projects right now -Flipping and fixing is a business, but buying and holding is an investment -It's a good idea to build up a good portfolio if you want to be successful in real estate -If you're buying right now, inflation could help you; interest rates are low -Hedge funds are buying all over the place -Follow the surges in activity—especially companies buying in bulk Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Douglas Beck

    Inflationary Boom Taking Place - Mark Skousen #5300

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 38:34

    Summary: I sit down and chat with Mark Skousen about the Freedom Fest Conference as well as the economy and crypto to analyze the shifting market and what's to come. The economy is picking up and we have been seeing an ongoing inflationary boom. The biggest anomaly, however, is that gold and silver haven't moved. Could crypto and the digital currency revolution be a key player in the future of our economy? Tune in to find out more, and to hear about Freedom Fest and how you can get involved. Highlights: -Interest in Freedom Fest has increased significantly, especially since the pandemic has eased—they had a record crowd at the conference this year -The economy is picking up -There is an inflationary boom (labor shortages, supply chain problem, etc) -Inflation is coming back with a vengeance -Commodity prices are rising, shortages are developing, wages are going up, and people have more money in their pockets -The biggest anomaly is that gold and silver haven't moved -The only thing that has changed is that crypto/Bitcoin have possibly replaced gold and silver -Gold went up at the start of the pandemic, and now it's retracing -You can guess what is going to happen or when something is going to happen, but not both at once -Can governments allow cryptos to remain unfettered? They're probably here to stay -You can't eliminate deception and fraud in business, but you can minimize it -There is regulation that's coming with crypto because companies are coming out with ETFs and have to get approval Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Mark Skousen

    Bank on Yourself - Anthony Faso & Cameron Christiansen #5299

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 16:19

    Summary: I sit down and chat with the masterminds behind Infinite Making to get an idea of what this company is and how you can financially benefit from their services. There's a lot of turmoil in the markets and it's crucial to think about how to grow your money. Infinite Wealth combines various teachings and incorporates a specially designed life insurance policy so that you can see valuable results. Tune in to find out more about this growing company. Highlights: -There's lots of turmoil in the markets, and we need to think about where to put our money and how to make it grow -Infinite Wealth combines various teachings and incorporates a specially designed life insurance policy -The product will get you 20% of your results, and the process will give you 80% of your results -This is designed for cash value, for people that need a place to put their money -Their purpose is to have as much cash as the IRS will allow -You pay the same premium, but typical financial advisors get 2.5 times more commission -They value transparency Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Infinite Wealth Consultants

    Economy Out of Control Thanks to the Fed - Joseph Salerno #5298

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 15:32

    Summary: Central banks come and go; monetary systems go—but hopefully the US Dollar is forever…right? I sit down with Joseph Salerno to discuss some of the implications of federal spending—which has increased exponentially. It is ultimately essential that we take taxes off minor things in (gold, silver, bitcoin, etc.) just in case the Dollar does crash. Tune in to hear more insight about what's to come with rates, inflation, and our currency. Highlights: -Central banks come and go; monetary systems go—hopefully the US dollar is forever, but we cannot be sure -Federal spending is out of control—just in the last year, the fed has added $2.5 trillion dollars to the money supply -This money doesn't just drive up prices. It enters the economy and goes through Wall Street -Interest rates are being pushed very low which allows the federal banks to run deficits -Every time the alarms go off, we step back and don't resist the tremendous increase in spending -We need a competitive currency we can use in case the dollar collapses -We need to take taxes off minor things (gold, silver, bitcoin) -Congress debates are a rush for power, and economic issues have taken a backseat -We're in the midst of national emergency, so economics take a backseat -The huge spending is hollowing out our economy, making it less productive in the future -The government has shut down large parts of the production structure, and we are still seeing the effects of this -If the fed raises interest rates in a serious way, we are going to have a collapse -We have to stop increasing the money supply and bring spending down as much as possible -The people who have been saving will benefit from this collapse, or the move back to more realistic pricing -In this situation, you don't know what's happening until it's too late Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Mises Institute

    Inflation Getting Worse by the Day - Jim Welsh #5297

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 15:37

    Summary: The underlying theme of the current economic circumstance is that transitory inflation is not so transitory, and I sit down with Jim Welsh to chat about this ongoing phenomenon. It seems that inflation is either going to reach a higher level or plateau, and deflation is most likely going to be the even bigger risk at play. Listen in to hear more from myself and Welsh about what's happening in the economy and what to expect during this tumultuous time. Highlights: -Transitory inflation seems to be yesterday's meme or theme -Now purported tapering and employment numbers have to fit within this -It's no coincidence that treasury yields are starting to head North -People wanted to believe that inflation would be transitory -Inflation is going to reach a higher level or plateau -Deflation is probably the bigger risk—population growth and lack of productivity growth determine GDP -We're going to see a pop in the metals, and gold stocks will probably move higher in the next 3-5 weeks -The economy at large is slowing -People can't spend their money because there is not enough supply to fulfill this Useful Links: Financial Survival Network  

    Time to Be a Defensive Investor - Brad Williams #5296

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 12:53

    Summary: It looks as if we had the shortest correction in history within the markets, and I sit down with financial expert Brad Williams to discuss some of these changes. Natural gas prices have gone up with the change in policy—and as a result we have seen increases in other areas as well. Williams advises that we look at the stock market from an investing standpoint rather than a trading standpoint and focus on things that generate income. Tune in to hear more useful tips and insights. Highlights: -It looks as if we had the shortest correction in history for the markets -We are in for a tough winner with natural gas prices going up with the change in policy -When fuel increases, the cost of everything else goes up -Is the stock market just beginning to comprehend the disruptions? -It seems like too many people are looking at the stock market from a trading standpoint and not an investing standpoint -Un-sound economic policies have consequences -It's important to be defensive and look at things that generate income -It's hard to imagine what would happen if interest rates normalized at this point Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Brad Williams Financial Services

    New Crypto Platform Making Waves with Gabriele Musella #5295

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 11:38

    Summary: We are constantly wondering what's next with crypto. I sit down and chat with Gabriele Musella to get some insights on where it's headed, and some of the services available to allow you to have success with this market. Crypto is converging with the rest of the existing currencies, and is becoming increasingly prevalent as central banks reach the end of their primacy. Highlights: -What's next with crypto? Bitcoin has jumped up to 57,000 -Crypto is heading towards natural convergence with the rest of the market -Crypto will end up replacing other things within the market -The US has decided to let the space flourish, whereas other places have been more wary -Want balance between personal freedom and those that control currencies -Central banks are perhaps coming to the end of their primacy, and we will see the democratization of currency Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Coin Rule

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