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Innermap’s Lights On with Mitra Manesh was born to shed light on the challenges and magic we call life. Innermap is a mindfulness platform with a newly launched app (IOS) that uses transformational stories, meditations, and binaural sounds to stir up change, growth, and stillness. Mitra is a mindfulness expert, storyteller, coach, executive trainer and UCLA teacher at the Semel Institute School of Neuroscience and Human Behavior with 35+ years of experience. These sessions are taken live from Mitra’s keynote talks, classes and some studio recordings. They are real questions, real answers, and real challenges people are facing. We hope you find value in the coaching and teachings offered. From today forward let’s move in the direction of lights on, facing what’s in front of us and more importantly inside of us. To contact innermap team with comments, questions, or suggestions, please email If this podcast works for you we ask that you please rate/review/share it. Music for Episodes 1-36 by: Title of the song: 22:22 (from the EP Enmore20) Artist: Markusen  Instagram: @senormarkusen Facebook: @senormarkusen Music for Episodes 36-present by: Pablo Guadalupe & Ariel Zutel

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