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MuggleCast is your weekly ride into the Wizarding World. Pioneering the Harry Potter podcast phenomenon in August 2005, MuggleCast has continued to bring its listeners entertaining and thought-provoking discussions about J.K. Rowling's expanding universe. With each new episode we discuss everything…

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574: What Did 'Good' Harry Potter Characters Do That Got On Our Nerves?

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2022 79:09

Inspired by a popular Reddit thread, this week's episode asks the question: what was something that a 'good' character from the Harry Potter series did which rubbed us the wrong way? Are characters like Molly Weasley or Remus Lupin above reproach? You may find yourself nodding along with Andrew, Eric, Micah and special guest Chloé as they detail just what these supposed 'heroes' of the series did to get on our nerves! As we announced last week, Chapter By Chapter will be returning soon with Book One! Now that we are all grown-up. Look for it in September! Our hosts have recently appeared on each other's other podcasts, including Eric appearing on #Millennial, and Micah appearing on Thank You for Spieling! This week's main discussion was inspired by this great Reddit thread. Shout-out to Pamela G.'s brother for suggesting! Each host picks a supposedly 'good' Harry Potter character and lists their most heinous offenses. Molly Wealsey may be the motherly type, but her love is not evenly spread. What did Hermione or Fleur ever do to receive her ire? Albus Dumbledore may be the series' biggest 'good guy' after Harry, but his reckless endangerment of students via his choices for DADA staffers are preposterous. Remus Lupin was our very favorite teacher, but when it comes to being a dad or a romantic partner, his skills are somewhat lacking. Hermione's activism might win her some points, but she's much colder to anything that is somebody else's idea. Especially if she hasn't read about it in a book! Consulting the Reddit thread, the MuggleCast hosts pick a few more of their favorite examples. Why did EVERY adult let Ron use his broken and unsafe wand? Did Dobby go too far when stopping Harry's mail? Did the Weasley Twins go too far trying their products on students? August's Bonus MuggleCast will cover personal secrets from the hosts' early days podcasting and working on the Web. The latest Trelawney Tea Edition will be available exclusively via our Patreon. Quizzitch: in book canon, what color hair does Firenze have? This week's episode is brought to you by MeUndies (Get 20% off your first order and 100% satisfaction guarantee at, Shudder (Stream 30 days free by using code mugglecast), and Masterclass (Get 15% off an annual subscription at!

573: 'MuggleCast, A History' Trivia Game!

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 65:40

Happy Birthday, MuggleCast! To celebrate our 17th year of podcasting, we host a very special edition of Quizzitch Live! Do you think you know everything about our hosts? What about our special guests? How good are you with episode titles and past segments? It's time to put your MuggleCast knowledge to the test! Plus, we have a very big announcement about the future of the show! Watch the full episode of Quizzitch Live: MuggleCast, A History! It's official! Chapter-by-Chapter returns this September! This week's episode is brought to you by MeUndies (get 20% off your first order and free shipping at, MintMobile (get your new wireless plan for just 15 bucks per month, and have the plan shipped to your door for FREE at and BetterHelp (get 10% off your first month at! On next week's episode we're talking about things that "good" characters did that rubbed us the wrong way in the Harry Potter series!

572: 'Secrets of Dumbledore' Screenplay Review and Revelations, and Perspective-Changing MuggleMail

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 75:43

Armed with the brand new Secrets of Dumbledore: The Complete Screenplay book, the MuggleCasters go to work finding answers for mysteries that were not made clear by the 3rd Fantastic Beasts movie, but may have been clearer during production!  What revelations do we have from the new Fantastic Beasts 3 screenplay? The MuggleCasters are hosting an Instagram Live event this Wednesday, August 3rd at 8:30 PM ET to celebrate our birthday! More birthday fun:  MuggleCast is hosting a LIVE Quizzitch game about ourselves this Saturday at 11 AM ET! Stay tuned to our social media for links. Don't miss our 2022 Patreon Gifts - The MuggleCast Collectors Club and the MuggleCast Wand! Pledge to our Patreon by August 7, 2022 and fill out the form(s) to receive your gifts! We are so proud of this year's items and hope you check them out! The Secrets of Dumbledore screenplay offers some very tiny moments that did not make it to the movie, but no deleted scenes. Dumbledore and Grindelwald's tea time was likely a flashback, the Qilin comes from China, and Jacob's bakery has some vermin trouble! Concept art provided with the screenplay includes Lally's Charms book, and Whiskey the Goat! Was Yusuf Kama passing secret messages to Queenie? Mirror World confirmed! Albus and Credence's battle takes place within the Deluminator. The visual effects department points out a fun fact. SUPREME MUGWUMP CONFIRMED! Posters for the candidates reveal the use of word that was omitted from all the dialogue in the movie. Eric cries with joy. The 'little lobster creatures' and the giant manticore at the bottom of the pit are the same creature, the screenplay confirms. Dumbledore's fist fight is detailed on his family tree, with a mysterious page number we'll be speculating about for years to come. MuggleMail includes Sorting Madame Pomfrey, James and Lily's love, whether Squibs can talk to cats, Jedi in Harry Potter, Percy's motives, and a new Marvel version of Voldemort! Quizzitch: Who succeeded Albus Dumbledore as Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards? This week's episode is brought to you by Indeed (Claim your $75 credit now at, BetterHelp (Get 10% off your first month at, and MeUndies (Get 20% off your first order and free shipping at!

571: What if 'Deathly Hallows' Played Out Very Differently?

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2022 80:32

This week, we wrap up our month-long Deathly Hallows 15th anniversary celebration by discussing a number of "What If" scenarios from the final installment of the Harry Potter series! What if things had gone drastically different at several key moments of the seventh book? Would Harry, Ron and Hermione have found another way, or would it have just been GAME OVER? Welcome back Sequoia, from Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them podcast! Don't miss our 2022 Patreon Gifts - The MuggleCast Collectors Club and the MuggleCast Wand! Pledge to our Patreon by August 7, 2022 and fill out the form(s) to receive your gifts! We are so proud of this year's items and hope you check them out! News: Quidditch is changing its name to Quadball We continue our Deathly Hallows 15th Anniversary Celebration! Main Discussion: What if... Deathly Hallows Edition What if... Harry had been sorted into Slytherin? What if... Harry had not inadvertently destroyed the Diary Horcrux in Chamber of Secrets? What if... Lily and James had kept Sirius as their Secret Keeper? What if... Cedric Diggory didn't die in Goblet of Fire? What if... Draco had changed allegiances and served as double agent for Dumbledore's Army? What if... he was a double agent all along? What if... Rita Skeeter never published The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore? What if... Dumbledore got it all wrong and Harry died? How would the Epilogue be different? What if... Snape never shared his memories with Harry? What if... Harry didn't disarm Draco at Malfoy Manor? What if... Draco had given up the Trio to Voldemort? What if... Ron or Hermione had died? Listener What Ifs cover Hermione leaving instead of Ron, Narcissa's confirmation of Harry's death, Dobby and more! Next Week: We will be reviewing the Secrets of Dumbledore script book and see if we can gleam any new details from it! Quizzitch: What resident of Little Hangleton is quoted as saying that Frank Bryce definitely killed the Riddles no matter what the police think? This week's episode is brought to you by Upside (Download the free Upside app and use promo code 'mugglecast' to get $5 or more cash back on your first purchase of $10 or more), Shudder (stream your first 30 days of Shudder for FREE at and BetterHelp (Get 10% off your first month of therapy at!

570: 'Deathly Hallows' Turns 15! Revisiting Our Dramatic First Impressions

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2022 76:48

This week, the hosts grab their Time Turners and summon all the nostalgia that will fit in their beaded bag as they revisit the day after receiving Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Andrew, Eric and Laura were in London for a live podcasting event at Waterstones, and Micah was stateside. We reflect on our initial impression of the book, what things we feel differently about 15 years later, and how magical it felt to witness the "end" of an era together. Also on this episode: dramatic line readings of some Book 7 reactions and e-mails from the day after that we finally respond to! We've just announced our 2022 Patreon Gifts - The MuggleCast Collectors Club and the MuggleCast Wand! Pledge to our Patreon by August 7, 2022 and fill out the form(s) to receive your gifts! We are so proud of this year's items and hope you check them out! Main Discussion: Revisiting MuggleCast #101, our first Deathly Hallows reactions episode Why did we start off Episode 101 talking about Lord of the Rings? Eric reminds us of how things have changed since 2007. Laura and the hosts lament the lack of return to the Department of Mysteries, across two time periods! Podcasting had made all the hosts cold, hard people. Did the deaths in Book 7 really even affect them? Did any of the deaths feel 'unnecessary' to us then, and do they now? 15 years later... does the epilogue feel satisfying? And what about those names for the kids? The hosts listen to themselves predicting what the Deathly Hallows movie will entail. We read some of the most dramatic reactions to the book, found in the MuggleNet Comments Section on July 21, 2007. Listener e-mails include: Who was the late-blooming Hogwarts student? What was it about Lily's eyes? And, what happened to Kreacher? Quizzitch: Who witnessed Dumbledore using the Sword of Gryffindor to destroy the Gaunt Ring? This week's episode is brought to you by BetterHelp (Get 10% off your first month of therapy at and HelloFresh (Get up to 16 free meals and three free gifts by going to and using code muggle16 at checkout!)

569: What Happened to the Room of Requirement? And More Questions 'Deathly Hallows' Didn't Answer

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2022 82:16

On this week's episode of MuggleCast, we begin our celebration of the 15th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by looking at the burning questions the seventh  book didn't answer. In the weeks ahead, stay tuned for more Deathly Hallows book discussions in honor of the anniversary! We're excited to announce our 2022 Patreon Gifts - The MuggleCast Collectors Club and the MuggleCast Wand! Pledge to our Patreon by August 7, 2022 and fill out the form(s) to receive your gifts! We are so proud of this year's items and hope you check them out! Main Discussion: Burning Questions Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Didn't Answer Did Deathly Hallows provide the conclusion we all wanted? Which character(s) got the most disappointing Deathly Hallows resolution? Lavender Brown: dead or alive? What retributions (if any) were there for Death Eaters and Voldemort sympathizers after the second war? Did Kreacher live through the Battle of Hogwarts, and did he ever find out that the locket was destroyed? Gringotts, The Room of Requirement & Grimmauld Place: what happened to some of our favorite wizarding world locations? Listeners share their questions on everything from The Veil to Snape's Boggart to Fawkes and more! How did Harry figure out so much during his time at Shell Cottage? Did the snake Harry set free in Sorcerer's Stone ever make it to Brazil? Nagini & Bathilda Bagshot... HOW?!? Was the taboo on Voldemort's name a copout? Was Azkaban absolutely PACKED after the Battle of Hogwarts? On next week's episode, we'll revisit our reactions to Deathly Hallows after reading the book for the first time, and read old e-mails from the days just after the book was released!  Quizzitch: In Deathly Hallows, during the camping scenes, after complaining about their meal to Harry and Hermione and saying his mom can conjure food from thin air, what does Ron Summon for dinner? This week's episode is brought to you by MasterClass (get 15% off an annual membership at and BetterHelp (get 10% off your first month at!

568: Indefensible Characters in Harry Potter, and How to Understand Them

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 79:45

On this week's MuggleCast, the hosts take on the most indefensible characters, and figure out what about them gets under our skin. How can we defend the actions of someone like Gilderoy Lockhart or Rita Skeeter? Do we really believe that James Potter matured out of being a bully? And finally, is Umbridge a case of nature or nurture? Join Andrew, Eric, Micah and Laura for a deep look at characters who bug us in Harry Potter. For Pride month, MuggleCast is participating in The Hogwarts Hunt, a fundraiser and scavenger hunt to benefit LGBT charities. We're team Hufflepuff! Visit our social media for more info. Who are the most indefensible characters in Harry Potter? Why do we say that they can't they be redeemed? The hosts unexpectedly discuss a few Ravenclaws and Micah and Laura get nervous. Micah says the Death Eaters would actually approve of the Dursleys' treatment of Harry if they knew. Among the irredeemable characters, which ones do we LOVE to hate and why? Characters like Snape or Umbridge have scenes that are greatly written as to illustrate their motives clearly, and we are shook. Could anything or anyone humanize Bellatrix Lestrange? What allow us to defend some characters, but not others? Their upbringing? Their intelligence and skill? Where do we draw the line? Is Argus Filch a character we understand? Would a Squib living at a magic school always have his attitude? Is James Potter a defensible character, since we see so little of him and when we do he is still that teenage bully of Snape? Do we believe that James would have made a good father and raised Harry without prejudice, had he lived? Debate: Umbridge, Nature vs Nurture? Quizzitch: Which of Umbridge's Educational Decrees (what number) barred teachers from giving the students any information that was not related to the subjects they were hired to teach? Andrew was on Swish & Flick podcast discussing the history of Dumbledore's sexuality! Check it out here or wherever you listen to podcasts! This week's episode is brought to you by BetterHelp (Get 10% off your first month at and Warby Parker (Try 5 pairs of glasses at home for free at

567: 'Philosopher's Stone' Illustrator Thomas Taylor Reveals the Secrets Behind the Cover

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 57:33

On this week's episode of MuggleCast, we're joined by a very special guest, Mr. Thomas Taylor, who originally illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in 1996!  He talks about what it was like to land the job and all that ensued! Join us as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the book that began a phenomenon! Welcome Thomas Taylor, illustrator of the very first Harry Potter book in the UK! Thomas shares what it was like to get the job at just 23-years-old! How did he decide to illustrate the iconic Hogwarts Express scene? Did he ever speak with J.K. Rowling? What was it like to be one of the first people to ever read Harry Potter? Was he ever asked to work on the remainder of the series? Who is the mysterious gentleman on the original back cover, and what's in his pocket? Did you know there is a connection between Dumbledore and The Hobbit? Thomas shares his thoughts on the first Harry Potter movie, his favorite characters and his Hogwarts House! What was it like for him to transition from illustrator to author? Be sure to check out Taylor's other works, including The Legends of Eerie-on-Sea and follow him on Twitter and Instagram!  Quizzitch: Dumbledore's nose appeared as though it had been broken how many times, according to the first chapter of Philosopher's Stone? This week's episode is brought to you by MeUndies (get 15% off your first order, 25% off your first Membership item, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee at and Shudder (stream your first 30 days of Shudder for FREE by going to and entering code MuggleCast)! Bonus MuggleCast, available later this week: In celebration of Pride Month, we had fun whipping up some gay Harry Potter pick-ups lines (parental advisory warning: these pick-up lines are of an adult nature and not suitable for children). Become a supporter of the show today at!

566: WB is Planning HBO Max Harry Potter Shows -- We Pitch Lots of New Ideas!

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 79:13

A merger of Warner Bros and Discovery, Inc. has led Andrew to speculate as to what the future of the Wizarding World may look like on film and TV. And he's prepared a presentation about it! Hosts Eric, Micah, Laura and special Slug Club guest Neil join in and speculate as to the future of Fantastic Beasts, and what - if any - television series set within the Wizarding World we might see from Discovery Time Warner. It's a jam-packed episode with lots of laughs and really cool ideas! Welcome Slug Club guest Neil, who's joining us from South Korea in the middle of the night. What CEO David Zaslav might do with Fantastic Beasts, Harry Potter, and his upcoming meeting with JKR. While Secrets of Dumbledore is the lowest performing Wizarding World film of all time, it still technically has broken even, reaching $400M globally. Is the future secure for its remaining announced sequels? Hypothetically, what scripted Harry Potter TV shows could we see coming if not a direct reboot of the original Potter books? The hosts all provide an idea for a television series that fills in canon and explores plot holes from the series. Laura wants an episode dedicated to "The Missing 24 Hours", while Micah wants a series focused on Tom Riddle's ascent to power. Is a Marauders series anybody's second choice for new TV content? How about one that shows the events of Deathly Hallows from the students' perspective in Hogwarts? And finally, Andrew's idea for an Auror Dept. police procedural is intriguing! Next, the hosts "Star Wars-ify" a Wizarding World story, pairing an adult and child character together in the style of Disney+'s The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Would Salazar Slytherin look good boasting a gray area? Are outcasts Hagrid and Luna the perfect pair for an exploration of Wizarding World secrets? Would Tonks and Mad-Eye see eye to eye if placed together for long? How about Snape and Draco? And would a time-traveling Neville Longbottom learn a few things from Professor Sprout? Finally, falling in line with Discovery Channel's past offerings, the hosts predict which educational and/or questionable reality programming we might get from the content creators. Ideas include space-faring wizards, Charms disasters, a travel show, and "Trelawney Truckers"! Quizzitch: Who illustrated the first book cover for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, published in 1997 by Bloomsbury in UK? This week's episode is brought to you by MeUndies (visit for 15% off your first order and 25% off your first membership item), Framebridge (Use promo code 'muggle' for 15% off your first order), and BetterHelp (Go to for 10% off your first month)

565: 'Secrets of Dumbledore'

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 4, 2022 145:54

Watch Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore with the MuggleCasters in our movie commentary track! We had a ton of fun watching the movie together and making sense of everything that's going on. What are each character's motives? What are we noticing now that we're watching in the comfort of our own homes? Even the credits had a surprise that a couple of us weren't aware of! We discuss every moment of the movie as we watch it together! The Secrets of Dumbledore was just released on HBO Max, and now you can watch the movie in real time with your Harry Potter friends (Us). You will need to bring your own copy of the movie to get the full experience. Currently it's available on HBO Max and will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital at the end of June. At the beginning of the episode we help you sync up with us. Our sync point is just after the WB logo flies past the camera. For us, this was 53 seconds into the movie, but your timecode may differ if you don't have a HBO ad at the beginning. This week's episode is sponsored by BetterHelp (Get 10% off your first month at and Masterclass (Get 15% off an annual subscription by visiting

564: Who's the Threat in 'Fantastic Beasts 4' if Grindelwald's Been Qilinized?

Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 69:15

On this week's episode, Micah and Eric talk about what Fantastic Beasts 4 needs to do in order to keep fans interested in the franchise. Then open our Muggle Mailbag to take feedback on Secrets of Dumbledore. Plus... Alakazam! Can wizards and witches really use spoons to do magic? Main Mini-Discussion: What does Fantastic Beasts 4 need to do in order to be a satisfying story for fans? With where Secrets of Dumbledore left us, what more story is there to tell?  Can the franchise continue to hang its hooks on Potter nostalgia, but then fail to deliver? Do we feel there is enough meat for five Fantastic Beasts films? Could a flashback movie work? It's time to bust open the Muggle Mailbag! What did Grindelwald know about Dumbledore's future when he said: "Who's going to love you now?" Will Jude Law's Dumbledore ever reenact the Half-Blood Prince potion scene? Is Secrets of Dumbledore too gay? Did Dumbledore plan for Jacob to be an "assassin" all along? Why did Leta choose Theseus? Is Newt to blame? Which characters are the best examples from each Hogwarts House? Can you use spoons to do magic? Quizzitch: In Half-Blood Prince, during the cave scene, what does Dumbledore toast before drinking the potion? On next week's episode: we're off for the Memorial Day Holiday, but back the following week with our Secrets of Dumbledore movie commentary! This week's episode is brought to you by Mint Mobile (to get your new wireless plan for just $15 bucks/month and get the plan shipped to your door for FREE, visit and BetterHelp (get 10% off their first month at!

563: Analyzing Eulalie Hicks, Our Favorite New Character

Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 66:32

In their first dedicated character discussion since the premiere of Secrets of Dumbledore, the hosts of MuggleCast turn the pages of their study guides to Professor Eulalie Hicks of Ilvermorny! "Lally" was a huge highlight of the third Beasts film, and we're here to say why that was. Join Andrew, Eric, Micah and Laura as they analyze the character through her words, attitude and relationships. It's a fun episode for sure. Main Discussion: Professor Eulalie "Lally" Hicks in Secrets of Dumbledore Going back to the first section he ever headed on MuggleNet, Micah starts us off with Lally's Name Origin Jessica Williams, who portrays Lally, was herself a big Harry Potter fan, and even shares his birthday! The announcement of Jessica's casting likely took place at the next table over from Andrew, Eric and Micah when they saw Cursed Child on Broadway. What makes Eulalie a member of Thunderbird house? It's been a while since the hosts had a chance to talk about Ilvermorny canon. As a Charms professor, Eulalie's surely competent in some of our favorite Charms, which we recap. Lally, like Newt, wrote a book which is widely circulated. She also has a unique-looking wand. Professor Hicks and Professor Hagrid both share a job title in common! But... what does it mean? We received some insightful e-mails regarding Lally's "Transatlantic" accent, a relic of Old Hollywood in the 1930's and 40's. Lally's friendhsip with Jacob is a reason to see the film, even if it got off to a rocky (problematic?) start. The hosts discuss. What do we see happening between Theseus and Lally romantically, if anything, and why? Andrew's idea for a Eulalie Hicks spinoff TV show will have you ready and waiting for the first season. Quizzitch: What did students have to do in their end of year exam for Charms class in Harry's year one? This week's episode is brought to you by Framebridge (Use promo code MUGGLE for 15% off your first order), Warby Parker (Go to and try five pairs for free right at home), and AMC Shudder (Use code MUGGLECAST for 30 days of Shudder for free)

562: Answering Burning 'Secrets of Dumbledore' Questions With New Canon

Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 83:07

On this week's episode, the fearless MuggleCasters take it upon themselves to answer Secrets of Dumbledore's biggest unanswered questions, using their extensive knowledge of the Wizarding World to provide plausible answers and put to bed the movie's most dangling plot threads. Join Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah on this fun journey through the plot points and listen as they finally discuss whether their own prophecy about the movie came true! Main Discussion: Can our knowledge of book canon help us explain the events of Fantastic Beasts 3? In what YEAR is the third movie set? Some title cards would have been helpful! Are there clues in the props? What became of Nagini? Andrew, Laura and Micah provide a tragic outcome while Eric imagines a spa day. Where is Tina Goldstein, really? The "she's busy" explanation does not hold any giggle water for us! Was Newt ever allowed back to Hogwarts after his expulsion, and did he complete his schooling there? What makes Dumbledore "more than a teacher" to Newt, in his own words? How and under what circumstances did Dumbledore and Eulalie Hicks first meet? What is the little drop of "water" that Albus blew onto Credence? And is it connected with the Deluminator or an alternate dimension? The Predictions of Tycho Dodonus... did they come true, and might they still? How about our predictions of Nostradamus? Exactly when did Aberforth find out about Credence and when did they establish their mirror chats? Regarding romances, where do Jacob and Queenie honeymoon, and is anything happening with Lally and Theseus? The hosts wrap up discussing the most pressing questions that the next movie MUST answer. Who Got it Right?! Laura and Micah sweep The Bunties (tm) with Price is Right rules applying, on our various FB3 guesses. Next week, a character discussion on Eulalie Hicks! Submit your questions and thoughts on the character! Quizzitch: Who was the headmaster of Hogwarts school immediately before Dumbledore? This week's episode is brought to you by NordVPN (Go to and receive a huge discount) and BetterHelp (Get 10% off your first month at

561: Why Did the Qilin Bow to Dumbledore? Listeners React to 'Fantastic Beasts 3'

Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 78:24

On this week's episode, we bust open our Muggle Mailbag to answer your burning questions and take your feedback on Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore! Twitter Polls Galore! Which host would the Qilin bow to? What was the best Secrets of Dumbledore ship? And overall, what did listeners think of the movie? What did Yusuf Kama have to help fight Grindelwald? The hosts celebrate Eulalie Hicks after leaving her hanging in our initial review! Why did Grindelwald's followers not kill Theseus when they captured him? Why did Theseus not question Queenie after her return to the good side? Did Dumbledore and Grindelwald's fight scene fail to deliver? Why did the Qilin bow to Dumbledore? Why not Newt? Or Jacob? Did the producers tie up loose ends enough so that this could be the last film? Where are Graves and Nagini? How did Jacob and Queenie get permission to marry? Prediction Time: Which host was closest to the box office number and what does this number mean for the future of the franchise? On next week's episode: What questions should've Secrets of Dumbledore answered, and what questions must Fantastic Beasts 4 answer? Quizzitch: What book hits Lucius Malloy in the eye during his tussle with Arthur Weasley in Flourish and Blotts? Later this week on Bonus MuggleCast: Why has J.K. Rowling been completely silent about Fantastic Beasts 3? You can get Bonus MuggleCast and other great benefits by becoming a patron at! This week's episode is brought to you by Framebridge (visit and use promo code MUGGLE to save an additional 15% off your first order) and BetterHelp (MuggleCast listeners get 10% off their first month at

560: The Best Characters, Scenes, and Beasts of 'Secrets of Dumbledore'

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 66:45

This week, we continue our review of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, this time focusing on the various odds and ends of the film! Plus, we hand out our "Bunty Awards," which are accolades for several aspects of the movie! Stay tuned for many, many more thoughts on the weeks and months ahead! The "Bunty" award for our Favorite New Character, Favorite New Beast, etc What was the one stand-out scene of the film? Was the movie poster for the film misleading? (YES) Eric took a stopwatch into his Secrets of Dumbledore screening... for a very specific experiment. We, like Jacob, were confused by the plot to confuse Grindelwald. What about Grindelwald's visions in the puddles and mirrors, what do they mean? Was Credence made to sound more like Aberforth at the start of the film? And was anyone else thinking he would have a romance with Queenie from their early interaction? The re-use of classic Harry Potter lines is scrutinized by Micah. Was the Anton Vogel actor too similar in appearance to Mads as Grindelwald, and did that lead to confusion about the plot and characters? Could Credence be conceivably written out of the franchise at this point? And why can't the phoenix intervene to save him from his condition? It's... right there. How do we feel about all the Aberforth and goat stuff now after seeing this movie? Why doesn't anyone in the film call the head of the International Confederation of Wizards by its book-given title? Revisiting some 'Crackpot Theories,' could Leta still live? Quizzitch: According to The Secrets of Dumbledore, What is Bunty's given surname? Submit your answer! This week's episode is sponsored by BetterHelp (Get 10% off your first month at and Masterclass (get 15% off an annual membership at!)

559: 'Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore' Review!

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 81:18

On this week's episode, it's all about reviewing Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore! It's finally here, so just how many secrets were there, and did they live up to expectations? We touch on some of the film's biggest moments and discuss whether or not this could be the last installment in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Welcome Slug Club member, Jemima! Main Discussion: Our review of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore The hosts given their spoiler-free initial reactions to the third Fantastic Beasts film before jumping into all the details and spoilers Did this movie course-correct like we hoped it would? The Top 7 Moments from The Secrets of Dumbledore... Say what, kid?!? Aurelius is Aberforth's lovechild?!? Ariana WAS an obscurus! Were we satisfied with the reveal? Tea time with Albus and Gellert Is Mads the Grindelwald we've been waiting for? The Brothers Scamander take on the Manticore Could any of us make sense of The Election? The Blood Pact: Explained & Destroyed Queenie & Jacob: Going to the bakery andddd gonna get marrrried! Next week: More on The Secrets of Dumbledore, including our favorite characters, scenes, and beasts Be sure to check out Micah on Everyone's A Reel Critic (where they discuss movies with at least a 20% differential between the critic and audience rating) to talk about Crimes of Grindelwald! This week's episode is brought to you by AMC Shudder (stream your first 30 days of Shudder for FREE by going to and using code mugglecast) & MeUndies (get 25% off your first Membership item or 15% off your first order and a 100% satisfaction guarantee by visiting!

558: Play Our 'Fantastic Beasts' Trivia Game!

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2022 53:09

With just a few days before the release of Secrets of Dumbledore, we host our 7th installment of Quizzitch Live to test your knowledge to-date on the Fantastic Beasts series. Are you up on your fantastic casting? Can you guess who said these memorable quotes? Is your knowledge of beasts at the Magizoologist level? Just how well do you know Gellert Grindelwald ? Join us for Quizzitch Live: Fantastics Beasts and the Suitcase of Fun! Prizes benefit Lambda Legal, The Trevor Project, Trans Lifeline and GLSEN! Next week will be part 1 of our big Secrets of Dumbledore review! After you see the movie, be sure to send in your feedback and theories, and we may include it on air! This week's episode is sponsored by BetterHelp (Go to and get 10% off your first month) and HelloFresh (Go to and use code muggle16 for up to 16 free meals AND 3 free gifts!)

557: Let's Lock-In Our Final 'Secrets of Dumbledore' Theories!

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With this being our final episode before The Secrets of Dumbledore hits theaters (in the U.K., at least), we set our predictions and theories for the third Fantastic Beasts movie in stone. Plus, one of us has already seen the movie and offers a positive spoiler-free review! Are you new to MuggleCast? Be sure to subscribe to us on your favorite podcast app, and check out our Patreon for additional benefits! Our next Quizzitch Live is Saturday, April 9th, at 11 AM ET! Winners will receive $40 to a charity of their choice and tickets to see the next Beasts film. Main Discussion: The hosts make their final predictions and theories about The Secrets of Dumbledore ...but Eric has just come back from an early screening! He gives a quick, spoiler-free review of the movie. What will the film's Tomatometer score end up being? How much money will it gross on opening weekend in the U.S.? Andrew, Micah and Laura guess  how gay the Dumbledore and Grindelwald relationship will be? On the subject of relationships, will Queenie and Jacob get back together in this movie? Will Newt and Tina finally start dating by its end? Will we hear about other characters from Potter history? Will the Order of the Phoenix get a shout-out? How many times will Harry Potter soundtrack music play during the movie? About Ariana, will we get a full flashback to the day she died? And does she share an Obscurus with Credence? Will this be the last movie for "the Scamander Six"? How about for Credence? Who will be the MVP of the movie, and what's the deal with Jacob's wand? Finally, the hosts share their thoughts on the blood pact, Credence's origins and any additional crackpot theories. Patrons weigh in with their predictions, as we close the box of guesses with a lock and key. Quizzitch: James Newton Howard, composer of the Fantastic Beasts series, also composed the music for the film adaptations of THIS, young-adult post-apocalyptic fiction book series, once marketed as "The Next Harry Potter."  Submit your answer! This week's episode is sponsored by BetterHelp (Get 10% off your first month at and Framebridge (Get 15% off your first order by going to and using promo code MUGGLE)

556: Dumbledore Confesses Love for Grindelwald in New 'Fantastic Beasts 3' Previews

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With just a few weeks to go until the release of The Secrets of Dumbledore, the hosts review some recently released clips and featurettes. Why did Dumbledore create the blood pact and what happens if he tries to destroy it? Will Dumbledore's love for Grindelwald continue to cloud his judgment? And, are the Fantastic Beasts producers relying too much on Harry Potter nostalgia? Plus next week, don't miss our Secrets of Dumbledore predictions episode! News roundup covers Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch, early Fantastic Beasts fan screenings and The Secrets of Dumbledore screenplay Main Discussion: The Latest Secrets of Dumbledore Clips & Featurettes Dumbledore attempts to destroy the blood pact! Why does this scene feel oddly familiar? Dumbledore confesses his love for Grindelwald! How will Newt and team bring down Grindelwald... it's all about CONFUSION?!?! Does David Heyman's Dean Thomas reference seem out of place? Are the Fantastic Beasts producers relying too heavily on Harry Potter nostalgia? Magic upgrade: How will Secrets of Dumbledore improve upon battle magic? Aberforth and His Mirror: who is he trying to communicate with? All aboard, The Great Wizarding Express! SAY WHAT, Dumbledore? “The fact that that everything didn't go precisely to plan was precisely the plan!”  Quizzitch: Why doesn't Bellatrix intervene in Dumbledore's fight against Voldemort in the Ministry?  Submit your answer! This week's episode is sponsored by Nord VPN. Exclusive! Grab the NordVPN deal ➼ Try it risk-free now with a 30-day money-back guarantee! This week's episode is sponsored by AMC Shudder. Stream your first 30 days of Shudder for FREE! Visit and enter CODE mugglecast! Next week's episode: We'll lock in our Secrets of Dumbledore predictions!

555: 'Hogwarts Legacy' Reveals Huge Sneak Peek, '98-'99 Hogwarts School Year Deep Dive

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On this week's MuggleCast, we return to an e-mail that we received that asks us what the 1998-1999 Hogwarts school year would have been like, when Hermione returned to complete her Hogwarts education and when Ginny and Luna were her classmates. The hosts think critically and speculate which accommodations might be made in wake of the destruction of the school and considering the mental health and well-being of students and staff! Plus, a recent Hogwarts Legacy trailer gives us the first real look inside the much-anticipated Wizarding World game. All this and more can be found inside the episode! Playstation's 'State of Play' event gives Potter fans an in-depth look at Hogwarts Legacy. The hosts discuss what interests them about it as gamers. Main Discussion: Annette asks us, what do we think the 1998/1999 school year would have looked like at Hogwarts? September 1 is only 4 months after the Battle of Hogwarts! Is that enough time to repair the school and memorialize the fallen? What would the Sorting Hat's song be like? More calls for unity, amid Slytherin's recent walkout? If McGonagall was now headmistress, who would take her spot as head of Gryffindor House and professor of Transfiguration? Is Oliver Wood too young / too obvious? What would Hogwarts' graduation ceremony look like, and why did we never see one? Would Ron and Harry pop by on the weekends to visit their girlfriends Hermione and Ginny? Will Hogwarts FINALLY, finally, get some grief counselors? And did Dumbledore put an unnecessary target on Hogwarts when he was headmaster? The hosts discuss tributes that occurred to students who died during their own educational history. Listeners provide their questions, such as: will rebuilding Hogwarts add elevators and unisex bathrooms? What happens to the statues of the knights that defended the school? Quizzitch: This Week's CURRENT Quizzitch Question: Finish this line: "Minister, the evidence of the Dark Lord's return is _______." A) Incomparable B) Inconvenient C) Inconceivable! D) Incontrovertible  Submit your answer! This week's episode is sponsored by MasterClass (go to for 15% off an annual membership) and BetterHelp  (go to for 10% off your first month)

554: Analyzing Newt Through His Relationships with Theseus, Leta, Tina, Dumbledore

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On this week's episode, our Fantastic Beasts character discussions return to focus on the one-and-only Newt Scamander. With about a month to go before the release of Secrets of Dumbledore, we analyze all of Newt's relationships from the last film and debate what the future holds for our favorite magizoologist. Plus, its Newt's birthday, so just will the hosts gift him? A niffler fanny pack may be in his future! Welcome to our social media manager, Chloe! The cover of the Order of the Phoenix Illustrated Edition has been revealed! Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Newt Scamander We last talked about Newt back on Episode 326 with Evanna Lynch! Horoscope Check: Newt is the perfect Pisces! The hosts break down Newt's relationships in Crimes of Grindelwald What exactly is the dynamic between the brothers Scamander? Does Newt still love Leta? Why does Dumbledore trust Newt so much? Are there more comparisons between Newt and Snape than meet the eye? The Newt and Jacob BROMANCE continues! Did the writers do the Newt & Tina relationship an injustice? What does the future hold for Newt in Secrets of Dumbledore? Given we recorded on Newt's birthday, the hosts share what presents they would get him. Quizzitch: What is Yusuf Kama's mother's name?  Submit your answer! On Bonus MuggleCast (available on our Patreon), we discuss the recently revealed Alternative Titles for Crimes of Grindelwald. Yes, Fantastic Beasts: The Statute of Secrecy was an option... This week's episode is sponsored by BetterHelp (get 10% off your first month at and Indeed (Go to to claim your $75 job credit before March 31st!)

553: The New and Improved 'Cursed Child' Reviewed, Yet Another 'Secrets of Dumbledore' Trailer Reveals Exciting Footage

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On this week's episode of MuggleCast, we break down new scenes from the recently released Japanese Secrets of Dumbledore trailer, take listener feedback and talk about the 18 new character posters. Plus, we're joined by a very special guest to review Cursed Child in San Francisco! #Millennial co-host Pam joins the show to review the new-and-improved one-part Cursed Child in San Francisco! Check out new episodes of Andrew, Laura, and Pam's #Millennial every Wednesday. Subscribe via Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen! The hosts analyze the new Japanese Secrets of Dumbledore trailer, which includes even more exciting footage! Oh brother! Did Theseus and Newt successfully defeat the Manticore? Professor McGonagall namedrop! Dumbledore comes face-to-face with the portrait of Ariana Newt: “To save our world, each of us has a role to play." What exactly are the roles that Theseus, Eulalie, Jacob, Yusuf and Bunty will play in the third Fantastic Beasts film? Tina is inside Newt's suitcase (kind of)! Dumbledore: “I drew my wand, which was even more foolish.” Will this be how we're going to get Ariana's backstory? Not via flashback, but from Dumbledore himself? Listener feedback covers Tina as Bunty, Dumbledore and Grindelwald's duel, Tina possibly being pregnant and more! We analyze The Secrets of Dumbledore character posters (Dumbledore's First Army, Grindelwald's Followers, and Global Wizards). The Secrets of Dumbledore screenplay will be published July 19. We debate whether or not this big gap between the film and the screenplay is to push fans to go to theaters? This week's episode is brought to you by HelloFresh (visit and use code "muggle16" for up to 16 free meals AND 3 free gifts) and BetterHelp (MuggleCast listeners get 10% off their first month at! On next week's episode, we bring back our Fantastic Beasts character discussions featuring the one-and-only Newt Scamander!

552: 'Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore' Trailer 2 Deep Dive!

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The latest (and final?) trailer for Fantastic Beasts: the Secrets of Dumbledore is here! Overall the trailer is very Dumbledore-and Grindelwald-focused and we are here to pick it apart, scene by scene! Join Andrew, Eric, Micah and Laura as they discuss that interesting Michael Gambon cameo, long-haired Credence, Jacob's wand, Dark Queenie, and more. Plus, is Theseus in trouble? Do we know some of the "new" beasts? And did Bunty get a promotion? Listen now! First, we stand with the people of Ukraine and encourage everyone to keep an eye on the news coming out of the country. It's time to talk about the new Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore trailer! This time the hosts will all be on the same page... YouTube page, that is! We use this video when referencing all timestamps during our discussion. Laura is optimistic that the Michael Gambon Pensieve appearance foreshadows memory being a crucial part of the plot for this film... ...and Eric thinks it's another desperate attempt to market the film to old-school Potter fans. Fan-service, if you will! The Blood Pact is shown prominently and the hosts discuss similarities with the Unbreakable Vow in visual style. Is that McGonagall visiting Dumbledore at the Hog's Head?! Grindelwald declares war, Credence has longer hair, and Eulally Hicks apparates around Jacob's shop -- and we love it. An important title card which has been missing from some marketing materials is back in the trailer, and the hosts discuss. What is with this mysterious message on the back of Aberforth's bar? We use our Wordle experience to try and figure it out. Are Albus and Gellert meeting in person? Is this an Applebees? Or merely a memory? Micah thinks he can identify several of the beasts shown throughout the trailer, and Theseus does some interesting magic. Is Theseus doomed? Some sleuthing reveals it may be his tie and wand that are shown with Teddy and Pickett. Is Tina Polyjuiced into someone else, like Bunty? Does that explain why Katherine Waterston is missing from all promotional material in this film? The Deluminator is back! And who's that group resting on the stairs at the theorized end of the movie? Next week, we'll be reading YOUR submissions on theories and trailer thoughts. Be sure to send us an e-mail or voicemail using our regular channels for inclusion on the show! This week's episode is sponsored by BetterHelp online therapy. Get 10% off your first month at

551: The Importance of Black Representation in Harry Potter (feat. Adriana Redding)

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This week we're talking about black characters as well as people of color in the core Harry Potter books, the movie adaptations of those books, and the media that has come out since! Joining us as our honored guest is the amazing Adriana Redding, who led Hufflepuff Team to victory on Harry Potter: Tournament of Houses! Together she, Andrew, Eric and Laura discuss the reasons why black characters are so few and far between, and what their diversity hopes are for future releases set in the Wizarding World. Our guest Adriana Redding talks about her time on Harry Potter: Tournament of Houses as well as black representation in the Harry Potter series! Adriana recounts how she got into Harry Potter a bit later than others, and how this affected her take on diversity in the series. The hosts discuss the importance of seeing somebody like yourself in the stories you consume. Was the statistical diversity of England and Wales in the 1990's a factor in the lack of black and POC characters in Harry Potter? We explain why this excuse doesn't hold water. Dean Thomas' backstory was omitted by the author in favor of Neville's, but old writing exists describing what it would have been. We analyze it. Did you know two black actresses played Lavender Brown in COS and POA? The third actress to play her was white... and she's the one who had lines and got to date Ron in Movie 6. We discuss the gradual increase in diversity since the films wrapped up, including a black MACUSA President, Hermione in The Cursed Child, and more. Adriana details a recent trip to the Wizarding World theme park, and asks the hosts what their ideal hope is for future installments of Potter. Eric can't resist the urge to quiz Adriana on last week's Quizzitch Question, on the spot, and she does pretty well! Quizzitch: How many Quidditch matches does Lee Jordan commentate that Harry participates in, in the books?  Submit your answer! This week's episode is sponsored by AMC Shudder (Go to and use code 'mugglecast' for 30 days free!) and Indeed (Go to to claim your $75 credit before March 31st).

550: What if Harry told Narcissa that Draco was dead? And more MuggleMail

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Our mailbag is overflowing with feedback from our recent Snape and Lily episode, and people want to talk about Jacob in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts film. We hear from another one of our youngest fans, and even dig up a classic e-mail from 2006. All on this latest milestone episode of MuggleCast! Important Note: Next week, we're celebrating Black History Month by talking about how the books handle representation. If you're a listener of color and have feedback on this topic, please send us your owls! Previously unseen photos of Ariana Dumbledore have leaked online, and Andrew and Micah did an IG Live about it. View that now on our Instagram. Last week, Eric attended Albion School, a live action roleplay, and had a blast. The results of our listener house survey are in! Find out what Hogwarts house the majority of our listeners are in! (It's very close, but not as close as O.G. Pottermore said they were.) Voicemails kick off from an Aquarius listener who brings even more insight into Lily's character from her horoscope. More voicemails cover bagel flavorings of the 1930's, Narcissa's love for Draco (What if Harry had told Narcissa that Draco was dead?), and something misunderstood about Harry Potter. Two listeners e-mail us with theories on how Jacob remembered Queenie, and whether his account of it to Newt can be trusted. Is Draco's future wife linked to Nagini? And could Jacob's wand help get him in to wizarding spaces? Is Cursed Child and other Potter missteps giving outside spectators a very bad impression of the Harry Potter franchise on a whole? What memory does Snape use to summon a Patronus? And why exactly did Lily choose James? In an email from 2006, one listener guesses at what Dumbledore is really seeing when he takes Riddle's potion. Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast soul returns and this time it's from a teenager who found us last year. Quizzitch: What two solutions does Hermione offer Ron to help it stop raining in Yaxley's office?  Submit your answer! This week's episode is sponsored by MasterClass (go to for 15% off an annual membership) and BetterHelp  (go to for 10% off your first month)

549: Female Friendships and Male Vulnerability in Harry Potter

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It's our annual Valentine's Day episode and this year we're switching things up to talk about the female friendships in the Harry Potter series!  So... Happy GALENTINE's Day! Hermione & Ginny, Ginny & Luna, and Lavender & Parvati are just a few of the pairings we dive deep into! Also, don't miss our Top 7 Moments Male Characters Were Emotionally Vulnerable! Next week, we're opening up our Muggle Mail bag, so don't forget to send us your owls! Don't forget to follow us on our new TikTok! It's Galentine's Day and we talk about the importance of female friendships in the Harry Potter series! Hermione and Ginny: are they best friends? Why are the two so mean towards Fleur? Sisterhood in Friendship: Ginny and Luna Why did these two characters bond so closely with each other? Support and Compassion: Lavender and Parvati & Tonks and Molly The Top 7 Moments Male Characters Were Emotionally Vulnerable in Harry Potter Harry, Ron, Draco, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Sirius and Dudley all make the list! Quizzitch: In Deathly Hallows, where are the trio camping while Ron leaves?  Submit your answer! Eric and Micah appeared on the most recent episode of SpeakBeasty, talking about the character pairings in the latest Secrets of Dumbledore trailer - check it out! This week's episode is sponsored by BetterHelp (Go to for 10% off your first month) and MeUndies (get 25% off Matching Pairs for Valentine's Day, 15% off your first order, and free shipping at ).

548: Will There Ever Be Another Harry Potter-Level Book Series?

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After the Potter series proved to be successful, there was the Twilight Series. Next came The Hunger Games. And then came Divergent! Each series was marketed as "the NEXT Harry Potter." But, they weren't really as successful as Harry Potter at all! On this special episode of MuggleCast, the hosts dive deep into what makes the tale of a boy wizard so enduring, and how the other series just didn't measure up in terms of financial success OR staying-power. We also compare HP to Star Wars and discuss what the two series have in common. It's another great episode this week, be sure to listen at your leisure! MuggleCast is now on TikTok with the username @MuggleCast! Be sure to follow us there and enjoy all the fun content we've got coming. This week's Main Discussion: Why the so-called "Next Harry Potter" hasn't happened yet. Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah discuss what made Harry Potter so special. From the story beats to the complexity of the mystery, we dive deep into what we love and what inevitably translated to the publishers' bottom line. Strong themes in the HP series? We think we spot a few that hit home! And being rewarded for catching references and foreshadowing really felt like a present to us as readers. HP fans were feverish for new Harry! That's just something that cannot be said about some other series. The hosts talk Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Andrew and Laura even had a Twilight podcast back in the day! Were The Hunger Games and the Divergent series simply too dystopian for readers to love? Another example of a franchise that may live forever is Star Wars. What do that and HP have in common from a storytelling perspective? Did Star Wars' opening up its canon to multiple creators allow it to flourish, and what lessons can Warner Bros. learn there regarding HP? The hosts compare the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and wonder aloud if "the next Harry Potter" will even be a book at all. Finally, are older Millennials going to be the ones to spot the next HP, or will the younger generation determine what the next candidate is? Quizzitch: In Divergent, the hero Tris is eligible to join 3 factions. Which faction does she join, and for bonus points, what are the 3 she has to choose from?  Submit your answer!  This week's episode is sponsored by BetterHelp (Go to for 10% off your first month) and HelloFresh (Get up to 16 free meals by going to and using code muggle16)

547: The Rise and Fall of Severus Snape and Lily Potter

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In light of Snape and Lily both being born in January, this week we're analyzing the rise and fall of the relationship between the two characters! What did Lily initially see in Snape? Should she have given him another chance? And just how creepy is Snape's life-long commitment to Lily? Then, we unveil the Top 7 pickup lines Snape used on Lily... no wonder things didn't work out! Welcome back to our guest host and HP super-fan, Irvin! Irvin's book on Dumbledore titled Dumbledore: The Life and Lies is available now wherever books are sold! MuggleCast is now on TikTok, aka Laura's favorite app. Subscribe to us at @mugglecastpod Our 2022 Patreon perks have been announced! The new MuggleCast Collector's Club and Fandom Lookback features are sure to thrill all who subscribe to our Patreon. Our main discussion this week is on Lily Potter and Severus Snape, and their relationship throughout the series. Both Lily and Severus are born in January! But, they have different star signs. What in their zodiac aligns with their lives as they lived them? At what point in their lives did Lily and Snape's relationship go south? When does Snape's tragic home life cease to be a valid excuse for his Dark Arts tendencies? Did Lily even TRY to sway Snape towards the light? And what would that have looked like? How much of Snape is nature vs. nurture? What does Snape having Lily's Patronus say about him? And, similarly, why is his love for Lily unhealthy or one-sided? The MuggleCast hosts read aloud the Top 7 Pickup Lines that Snape Definitely Used on Lily. Quizzitch: For a chance at winning one of 5 copies of Irvin's book, what are the names of Snape's parents?  Submit your answer!  This week's episode is sponsored by MeUndies (Get 25% off Matching Pairs, 15% off your first order, free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee at and Warby Parker (Try 5 pairs of glasses at home for free at

546: How Will Jacob Remain a Vital Part of 'Fantastic Beasts'?

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With just three months to go until the release of Secrets of Dumbledore, we continue our Fantastic Beasts character discussions with Jacob Kowalski!  The heart of the Fantastic Beasts series is a true, loyal friend and partner. But what does the future hold for him? Slipping on a strudel? Getting lost in Newt's suitcase? Don't miss our Top 10 Ways in Which Jacob Kowalski WILL DIE! And next week we explore the loving/semi-toxic relationship between Lily Potter and Severus Snape, so send us your feedback! Welcome Slug Club member, Roshni! Coming this October... the Illustrated Edition of Order of the Phoenix by Jim Kay! Did you buy your Harry Potter eBooks from Pottermore back in the day? Make sure you have your digital copies downloaded! Here's why Fantastic Beasts Character Discussion: Jacob Kowalski If you missed our first deep dive on Jacob, check out Episode 319! How does Jacob humanize his fellow wizards? Why introduce a Muggle as one of the core four? Is Jacob the stereotypical fat, funny guy who is the comic relief of the series? What happened to Jacob between the first two films? Did Jacob's memory return too quickly? If Queenie and Jacob had gotten legitimately married in England and then moved back to America, would she have been put in jail?  How does Newt's character and attitude change when Jacob is around? EVERYTHING is WRONG with Nicolas Flamel What do the hosts make of Jacob's reaction to Grindelwald's rally, especially his "another war" line? What does the future look like for Jacob? Will he be a sacrificial lamb? What does he bring to the table that the rest of the team will need in Secrets of Dumbledore? Top 10 Ways in Which Jacob Kowalski WILL DIE Quizzitch: What was the name of Jacob Kowalski's former fiancee? Submit your answer!  This week's episode is brought to you by Indeed (get a $75 credit) and BetterHelp (get 10% off your first month)!

545: Can Anyone Tell The Phelps Twins Apart? And Fans React to the Reunion

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2022 63:41

We open up our Muggle Mail bag for the first time in 2022, as we take listener feedback on  the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts reunion special! You wont want to miss our Top 10 Outtakes That We Don't Know For Sure Happened During the Reunion But They Totally Did! Plus, did Andrew predict Jacob getting a wand five years ago?!? And speaking of Jacob, next week we return to our Fantastic Beasts character discussions, so send us your feedback! What did we miss during our Reunion Special episode? Where was Steve Kloves? Why did Emma Roberts make a cameo? Can Warner Bros. tell the Phelps twins apart? MuggleCast's Top 10 Outtakes That We Don't Know For Sure Happened During the Reunion But They Totally Did Muggle Mail, Muggle Mail, Muggle Mail! Listeners sound off on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on everything from Tom Felton and Emma Watson to Dan Radcliffe and Helena Bonham Carter! Voicemails cover Michael Gambon, Robbie Coltrane and the In Memoriam Andrew predicted Jacob having a wand on Episode 311... and we have the proof! One listener convinces us we ARE headed to Rio in Secrets of Dumbledore Could Jacob be in possession of the Elder Wand? 2006 Throwback Email: Did Nicolas Flamel and Dumbledore swap places? Quizzitch: This Phelps twin, who plays Fred, in real life has a scar on his left eyebrow. Name the Phelps twin. Submit your answer!  This week's episode is brought to you by BetterHelp (get 10% off your first month) and MasterClass (get 15% off an annual membership)!

544: The Harry Potter Stars Reunite, and We Review!

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MuggleCast excitedly kicks off the year 2022 with their review of the brand new Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts reunion special! Join Andrew, Eric, Micah and Laura as they go "chapter-by-chapter" on the 100 minute show and discuss the highs and lows, cast members who were noticeably absent, and how the reunion special did or didn't meet their expectations. We also have a mail-bag show next week, so be sure to send us YOUR thoughts on the special! 2022 started off with a brand new Reunion Special, looking back on the making of all 8 films and featuring the cast including Dan, Rupert and Emma Harry Potter Reunion Special First Impressions: did it satisfy our craving? Did it make us cry? (Spoiler alert: yes, it did.) Andrew found the beginning to be a little clunky, and the fact that Rupert, Dan and Emma were not physically all in the same space was ultimately a missed opportunity. Laura thinks the special would have benefitted from having a dedicated host to guide us through the many different interviews and set a more static tone for the special. Micah wanted to see more groups together and would have expected a higher focus on the first film, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary and not the others. Eric wanted more Ian Hart! They brought him in for a whole day and he only appears in the last 5 minutes of the show? Release the Snyder Cut of Back to Hogwarts, you cowards! We all appreciate getting to hear from all 4 directors who helmed the Potter films. Dan Radcliffe's chat with Chris Columbus and some archival footage of the young trio warmed all of our hearts, multiple times. Hearing Alfonso Cuarón discuss Prisoner of Azkaban changed Micah's mind on the film! Eric is not so cheaply bought... but admits that Cuarón clearly really cares and that his take on Harry's adolescence is valid. Dan Radcliffe and Gary Oldman's chat shows that they truly mean a lot to one another and is great to see. After seeing Mike Newell wrestle with the Phelps Twins and break some of his own ribs while doing so, everything we've ever wondered about why the Goblet of Fire movie is the way it is makes perfect sense. The trio talking teenage hormones reignites the spark of all of our ships, including Emma and Tom who CLEARLY HAVE SOMETHING GOING ON... ...but perhaps not as much as Dan and Helena Bonham Carter! That steamy handwritten note, wowza... The hosts lament the exclusion of a Sirius/Bellatrix duel that was evidently filmed, and recount other surprising times during this special where an actor says something shocking which paints director choices in a questionable light. Evanna Lynch appears with an inspirational message for the outsiders in all of us. The cast discussing their on-screen kisses is very popcorn worthy, even if the kisses themselves weren't all so. The In Memoriam segment touches us all as we reflect on cast members who are no longer with us, and the nice things said about them in this special. RIP also to Millie the hamster. We never knew ye before! The special ends back at the beginning, with footage of the 11-year-old trio, and lots of emotional admissions from the actors about each other and the films' legacy. The hosts discuss JK Rowling's appearance in archived footage and what mystery still remains about her involvement in this special. Quizzitch: What is the name of Rupert Grint's child? Submit your answer!  Finally, Eric and Micah played Fandom Feud last week, with fellow members of HP Fandom to benefit trans-supportive charities. Check out the whole video of both games they played over on YouTube!

543: Harry Potter Reunion Special Preview, More 'Secrets of Dumbledore' Trailer Analysis, Year in Review

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2021 64:41

On this week's episode, we preview the forthcoming Harry Potter Reunion Special, dive deeper into The Secrets of Dumbledore trailer, take listener feedback on just what in the world Jacob is doing with a wand and look ahead to 2022! Plus, a bonus MuggleCast you won't want to miss - just what goes down at a Hogwarts Holiday staff party! Another year, gone (in your best Dumbledore voice)! We discuss the upcoming Harry Potter Reunion Special. The trailer was supposed to be released last week prior to our recording, but never appeared. It was eventually released Monday, December 20th. Rumors abound about a member of the trio not being present for the reunion! Don't forget, we'll be recording our first MuggleCast of 2022 following the airing of the reunion on HBO MAX! We return to analyzing The Secrets of Dumbledore Trailer now that we've had more time with it Look close... can you see Ariana? Dumbledore is in New York City! What brings him there? Could the portkey in the Room of Requirement be a Tibetan Prayer Wheel? Rise Great Avenger! Laura calls out some very watery phoenix imagery behind the title card! Listener feedback covers all things Jacob! Did Dumbledore enchant Jacob's want to work only in times of need? Was Jacob expelled from Ilvermorny? Could he be a late bloomer? Does Jacob get a wand because, well, it would just be too dangerous for him NOT to have one? Could Credence hold the secret to destroying the blood pact? What do we have to look forward to in the wizarding world in 2022? Quizzitch: What is the street address for Weasley's Wizard Wheezes in the books? Submit your answer!  This week's episode is brought to you by BetterHelp (get 10% off your first month at! Coming up on Bonus MuggleCast later this week (available on Patreon), the hosts discuss just what goes down at a Hogwarts Holiday Staff Party (Warning: This might not be suitable for younger audiences)!

542: 'Secrets of Dumbledore' Trailer Analysis: Wizard Jacob, Aberforth, Dark Queenie, Oh My!

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2021 48:59

The first trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore has finally arrived, and we're here to discuss everything in it! What's up with Jacob and his wand? Hey there, Aberforth Dumbledore! New Year, New Doo for Credence! And thank goodness that there are still magical beasts in this thing! We recorded this Secrets of Dumbledore trailer analysis just minutes after it was released Monday morning, so we go character by character and scene by scene to figure out what we can expect in the Fantastic Beasts threequel. (Just THREE points awarded to Hufflepuff? THREE?) Send us your feedback about the Secrets of Dumbledore trailer, and we may include it in the next episode, which we're recording later this week! We want your theories and feelings. This week's episode is sponsored by BetterHelp (Get 10% off your first month at and MeUndies (get 15% off your first order and free shipping at

541: What Happened To Queenie in 'Crimes of Grindelwald'?

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On this week's episode, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses makes it television premiere! And speaking of trivia, join us for Quizzitch Live: Holiday House Battle on Sunday, December 12 at 10 a.m. ET! In other news, our Fantastic Beasts character discussions continue with Queenie Goldstein. How has her character changed from Fantastics Beasts to Crimes of Grindelwald? Welcome Slug Club member, Sam! We review our magical stats from this year's Spotify Wrapped! Welcome to our new listeners in Cameroon, Mongolia, Brunei, Russia and Kenya! Eric and Micah will be doing an Instagram Live on Tuesday, December 7 at 7 p.m. ET! Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses debuts! We offer our initial thoughts! Our Fantastic Beasts Character Discussions return with Queenie Goldstein  What happened to Queenie between the first and second films? Have we seen a complete devolution of her character? Or is it just bad writing? Do Jacob and Queenie have a healthy relationship? What do we make of Queenie using a Love Potion on Jacob? Does it give us Merope Gaunt vibes? Is Queenie's power of Legilimency a blessing or a curse? Why does it always rain during Queenie's major scenes? Should we be suspicious of the tea in Grindelwald's flat? What does the future look like for Queenie? What will make her leave Grindelwald's side?  Could Queenie already be a double agent and will she become one? Who is Quentin Kowalski? Quizzitch: What day of the year does Professor McGonagall say she wouldn't be surprised if it were known as “Harry Potter Day” in the future? Submit your answer!  This week's episode is brought to you by Quip (visit for your first refill free and up to 40% off bundles for the holiday ) and Thirdlove (get 20% off at!

540: The Trio's Reuniting, Albus/Scorpius Becomes Canon?, and our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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On this week's episode, major news hits the fandom! We discuss the upcoming reunion of cast and crew from Harry Potter to celebrate the first film's 20th anniversary. In addition, the new, shorter version of Cursed Child is reportedly a lot more heavy on an Albus/Scorpius relationship! And finally we bring you our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Join Andrew, Eric, Laura and Micah as they reveal what awesome fan-crafted finds they've discovered this year. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint will all take part in a 20th Anniversary Special for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone's release Even actors from later films, such as Gary Oldman and Mark Williams, will be joining in as well as SS/COS director Chris Columbus There have been no reports of J.K. Rowling in attendance. The hosts weigh in on what involvement she'll have, if any. A Cursed Child fan has passionately revealed that the new, shorter version of Cursed Child on Broadway has a lot more direct references to Albus and Scorpius being interested in one another, and fewer references to girls like Rose and Polly Chapman! The hosts guess at why the play would make changes now, and for only half of its current productions. Main Discussion: Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide episode is here! Each host has two recommendations of fan-made items to check out. From Andrew's list: A custom Hogwarts acceptance letter and a really awesome personalized lenticular Chocolate Frog card! Eric just loves the super-crafty, miniature Book Nooks that can be found on Etsy, as well as Etsy seller Clever Badger designs, who make many hand-crafted gifts for book lovers. Additionally, MuggleNet's 2022 fandom calendar is donating part of its proceeds to Fandom Forward (formerly the HP Alliance) Micah has found Wine Goblets from Ravenclaw house and themed soy candles from Frostbeart Studio! And Laura has found a way to get The Grim in your teacup every day, as well as these neat custom Apple Watch bands In addition to their fan-made recommendations, the hosts discuss where to go for vintage Harry Potter merchandise (eBay!) We also ask: if money weren't an object, which piece of official Harry Potter merchandise would we buy? Lastly, what newly-released official merchandise are we eyeing at the end of this year? Quizzitch: What 14th Century witch enjoyed being burnt at the stake so many times that she did so at least 47 times under different guises? This week's episode is brought to you by Beam (Visit for 40% off the first 3 months of any Beam sunscription, plus a free mug and frother -- OR 20% off any one time purchase) and BetterHelp (get 10% off your first month at

539: What Was The '98 Hogwarts School Year Like? And More Muggle Mail

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On this week's episode, we empty some owl post from our Muggle Mail bag! What would the 1998-99 Hogwarts school year have looked like? Why did Harry decide to become an Auror? Plus, we analyze several new Credence theories, a Chicken Soup from India and a horcrux email from 2006 that we'll finally answer! We're confounded! Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is closing this January! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone director Chris Columbus says he thinks they got Harry's scar wrong... and is interested in making a Cursed Child movie! It's our monthly Muggle Mail episode with voicemails covering Dumbledore and Grindelwald's blood pact, Mads Mikkelson's casting and more! Would Hermione, Ginny and Luna have been close? Would the Slytherin students have been treated poorly? How would Snape have been remembered? Credence theories abound! Would J.K. Rowling ever write a HP-world book from a different character's perspective? What is Grindelwald's emotional motivation? Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul returns! Our throwback email from 2006 covers Harry's glasses being a horcrux! Quizzitch: What was the first movie directed by Chris Columbus, which co-starred a young Vincent D'Onofrio as the Norse god Thor? This week's episode is brought to you by BetterHelp (get 10% off your first month at, WarbyParker (try 5 pairs of glasses at home for free at and ThirdLove (Get 20% off at Coming up on Bonus MuggleCast (available on Patreon), the hosts discuss a certain character not appearing in The Secrets of Dumbledore and give their predictions on when we will see our first movie trailer!

538: Sorcerer's Stone Movie Commentary Track

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This week's episode is a movie commentary track for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone! The movie turns 20 years old this weekend, and you can finally watch along with the MuggleCasters. Listen as Andrew, Eric, Micah and Laura share their insights and revisit the magical movie that launched the franchise.  You need to bring your own copy of the movie in order to fully enjoy this commentary track. We will help you sync up with us at the beginning (Press 'pause' as soon as the WB logo finishes fading to black. Then press 'play' when Andrew says '3'). Director Chris Columbus recently spoke about the movie in honor of its 20th anniversary, and some of his comments leak in to our lively discussion. The full list of MuggleCast movie commentaries can be found on our website's Must-Listens page. More to come in the years ahead!

537: The First Harry Potter Movie Turns 20 Years Old

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 67:47

On this week's episode, we're celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone hitting movie theaters, and kicking off an incredible film series! Where were we on opening night? How did movie critics react to the first Potter film? Who would we cast in some of our favorite Potter roles?  Plus, Eric as the Sorting Hat? Join us for the first of several episodes celebrating this epic movie anniversary!  Good news: ALL episodes of MuggleCast are now available in our RSS feed! Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the podcast feed to relive the old days. What did we do for the film's release on November 16, 2001? Thumbs up or thumbs down? We read some initial critical reviews of the movie! Quidditch hype! John Williams slander?!? No liberties taken?!? What were some of the more notable scenes that didn't make it to the screen? Box Office Breakdown: how did Sorcerer's Stone measure up? Recasting the first Potter film - our listeners weigh in with great suggestions! The hosts give their best Sorcerer's Stone movie impersonations! Quizzitch: Eventually released in 2017, what is the name of the song Bruce Springsteen wrote for Harry Potter between 1998-2001 and offered to Chris Columbus for use in the first Harry Potter film? Submit your answer! This week's episode is brought to you by MeUndies (get 15% off your first order at, HelloFresh (Get 14 free meals and 3 free gifts at and Quip (get your first refill of any refillable product free at

536: Evanna Lynch discusses 'The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting'

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On this week's episode, long time friend of the show Evanna Lynch joins us to discuss her new book, The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting. She talks about the challenges in writing her memoir and the hosts ask her about her experiences as a newly published author. Her book chronicles a struggle with mental illness and an eating disorder, as well as her correspondence with JK Rowling via letters, years before she was cast as Luna Lovegood. Evanna was kind to answer all of our questions and give us her time. This is one episode you won't want to miss! Evanna Lynch returns to MuggleCast, a newly published author! Her book, The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting is a deeply moving, at times comical and mostly challenging tale of her struggles with an eating disorder while she was growing up. The hosts take turns asking Evanna questions both about her book, and some of the surprising stories found within. Evanna details why she was inspired to write Butterfly Hunting... and how she managed to remember so many details from when she was eleven. What lessons and messages can readers hope to get from the book? Laura asks Evanna what she would say to her younger self, and Evanna replies gravely and honestly. The interview touches on Evanna's early correspondence with J.K. Rowling via letter. What made her reach out? The reasons Evanna is connected to the character of Luna. Evanna recounts her transition from everyday Harry Potter super-fan to friend and colleague of the cast, and how strange it was to get used to. Finally, what does the title of the book mean? And how did becoming a vegan change Evanna's way of seeing the world? MuggleCast recently was on Evanna's The ChickPeeps podcast, and we had a great time. Evanna leaves us with a story of walking into bookstores to sign copies of her book, and what it was like to record the audiobook. Quizzitch: What is Aragog's wife's name?? Submit your answer! This week's episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Get 10% off your first month of therapy at!

535: Harry Potter Halloween Extravaganza, New 'Secrets of Dumbledore' Info Revealed

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 63:13

On this week's episode, it's our annual Halloween extravaganza! We invent some of our own wizarding world candy, discuss what treats Potter characters would hand out for Halloween and Potter-ize your favorite Halloween movies! Plus, some new and exciting info about The Secrets of Dumbledore following a test screening in Los Angeles last week! A new behind-the-scenes look at Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore sheds light on where the film will pick up and what countries we will be visiting! But what happened to Rio? We have a small, exciting, and spoiler-free tidbit about The Secrets of Dumbledore from someone who attended a test screening in Los Angeles last week. It's our annual Halloween episode! Have any of the hosts ever dressed up as Harry Potter characters for Halloween? (Here's Andrew's Morning Show appearance as Harry Potter) Laura has a great costume recommendation for Micah this year! We try our hand at inventing Wizarding World candy What kinds of goodies would Snape, Molly, Mad-Eye and McGonagall give trick-or treaters? How about Remus, Sirius, Arabella Figg and Xenophilus Lovegood? Ron as Carrot Top? Dumbledore as a Lemon Drop Martini? We discuss what Potter characters would dress up as for Halloween! Night of the Living Fred! Horcrux Pocus! Who has the best Potter-ized Halloween movie title? Quizzitch: What sweet treat does Professor Flitwick give to Harry after his interview is published in The Quibbler? Submit your answer! This week's episode is brought to you  BetterHelp – get 10% off your first month at!

534: What The Heck Is Going On With Credence in 'Fantastic Beasts'?

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 75:21

On this week's episode of MuggleCast, we follow up on our original character discussion on Credence Barebone, aka Corvus Lestrange, aka "Aurelius Dumbledore"? Wading deep into prophecy, including forming one of our own using Nostradamus, the hosts try to answer the question: "Just what is going on with Credence?" Listen as we find some answers by reviewing the scenes and subplots of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. We heard from the creator behind Harry Potter Database and its astonishing collection of deleted and unreleased movie scenes! The surprise main character in Crimes of Grindelwald is Credence Barebone! Micah points out why this is more usual than unusual. Filmmakers chose twice not to include a scene where Credence survives his bout with MACUSA, both the end of the first film and the start of the second. Would such a scene have been an improvement? What brought Credence to "Circus Arcanus," and is it all one master manipulation from Grindelwald that has set Credence on his path to find his 'family'? What do Credence's name origins tell us about the character, for his various names? We revisit an old e-mail which explains how Greek mythology may influence the future of the character. The hosts read aloud the predictions of Tycho Dodonus... and try to identify characters within. Could the "son cruelly banished" be somebody else, like Albus Dumbledore? Eric reads key passages from the script book which lends a little insight into that humongous shipwreck. Does the script book quietly reveal an important element? We revisit major theories about Credence including, is he Ariana's twin? Does he have her Obscurus? Is he really Corvus Lestrange, or a science experiment made by Dumbledore and Grindelwald? The hosts pick some numbers at random, and consult Nostradamus himself for a prediction of the future! Quizzitch: What was Leta Lestrange's mother's name? Submit your answer! This week's episode is brought to you by Quip (get your first refill free at and Thirdlove (Get 20% off your first order at

533: Discussing Hermione Granger's Academic Prowess and Perceptiveness

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 78:12

On this week's episode of MuggleCast, we get back to our Harry Potter character discussions with the brightest witch of her age, Hermione Jean Granger.  We discuss her personality traits, her academic prowess, and her overall perceptiveness. Plus, on Bonus MuggleCast on our Patreon, the hosts try to figure out if Hermione has a female best friend and debate which member of the trio is the "third wheel"? The Secrets of Dumbledore will hit theaters a week earlier in the UK. Why, just days after the franchise's big announcement, are they making this change? Unimpressed by the The Secrets of Dumbledore official movie synopsis, Micah writes his own! Wizarding World Gold is coming to an end this month! Does this news have larger implications for other endeavors of the Wizarding World franchise? Character Discussion: Hermione Jean Granger Much like Hermes, messenger of the gods, does Hermione serve as messenger between the Muggle and wizarding worlds? Why we, as readers, should identify more with Hermione than Harry! What do we make of Hermione's decision to return to Hogwarts after the war? How does she balance personal achievement with what is necessary and urgent? The hosts recall their initial impressions of Hermione. Is she really an "insufferable know-it-all"? Where does Hermione's academic drive come from? Her parents? Pressure to fit into a new school? Pressure to fit into a new society? HER-MEE-OWN! How long did it take us to the proper pronunciation? Emma Watson and Noma Dumezweni: how each made their own profound impact  We share Our Top 7 Hermione Moments and give our Best Hermione Impressions Quizzitch: These 'splintery' treats were considered by Hermione for her parents while in Honeydukes? Submit your answer! This week's episode is brought to you by Greenchef - the #1 meal kit for eating well (visit and use code mugglecast100 to get $100 off, including free shipping)! Coming up  on Bonus MuggleCast (available on Patreon), the hosts discuss if Hermione has a female best friend. And, just who is the true third wheel of the Harry, Ron and Hermione trio?

532: 'Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore' Title, Release Date Analysis

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 52:10

On this week's special episode of MuggleCast, we finally have some Fantastic Beasts 3 news to discuss! The third entry in the Fantastic Beasts series will be titled, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore! Also, a plot synopsis and new release date (April 15, 2022) are out! Join Andrew, Eric, Micah and Laura as they discuss their first impressions of the title, what specific "secrets" the title may be hinting at, and we hear from Slug Club-level Patrons listening live who have some great theories as well!  Fantastic Beasts 3 will be titled, The Secrets of Dumbledore. The hosts all owe Andrew money. He has heavily speculated that "Dumbledore" would be in the title! Back on MuggleCast 442, the hosts each predicted the title of the movie in 2019, and some came close! What do we make of the title? Is this anything other than a money-motivated decision to get people to see the movie because it is called something "Dumbledore"? What does this mean for how prominent Dumbledore will be versus the Core Four and Grindelwald from previous movies? What could the "secrets" of Dumbledore be? Will it have to do with the Blood Pact, or Ariana perhaps? Will the secrets of Dumbledore be better explained than the crimes of Grindelwald in Crimes of Grindelwald? We discover that the film title shares a word with another Harry Potter movie! Will this be a trend? Andrew points out the huge visual difference in the size of both series titles on their respective title cards. It's huge! The movie's synopsis includes phrases like "intrepid explorers" and "Muggle baker" - but otherwise is pretty vague. Are we still going to visit Rio de Janeiro in this movie?! Was the Brazil setting filmed exclusively at Leavesden? Quizzitch: Who is the main character of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? WRONG answers only! Submit your answer! This week's episode is brought to you by MeUndies, makers of the most comfortable loungewear and underwear! Get 15% off and free shipping by going to

531: The Vibrating Broomstick, Hogwarts House Analysis Wrap Up, How Did Harry Know Lily's Patronus?

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 61:51

On this week's episode of MuggleCast, Andrew has some news that's been 14 years in the making! Plus, we open up our Muggle mailbag to hear from listeners about our most recent Hogwarts House discussions (don't forget, you can find them all here: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw & Slytherin). And on Bonus MuggleCast, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, we review deleted and unreleased scenes from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! Andrew's long-awaited Harry Potter Vibrating Broomstick review is here! Did Slytherins have collective guilt about leaving the Battle of Hogwarts? Was J.K. Rowling really trying to course correct for the lack of love for other Hogwarts Houses? Snapping the Elder Wand?!?! Why one listener thinks the movie got it right! Pickett The Ring Bearer Cuteness Alert! We hear from one of our youngest Hufflepuff listeners! Did J.K. Rowling subtly rank the Houses based on their colors? Do fans' perceptions of their House common rooms differ based on personality? We read several strong defenses of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Houses.  What if... Tom Riddle was in Gryffindor? A 2007 throwback emails asks how Harry could recognize Lily's patronus? Quizzitch: What form does Cho Chang's Patronus take? Submit your answer! This week's episode is brought to you  BetterHelp - get 10% off your first month at! Coming up later this week on Bonus MuggleCast (available on Patreon), the hosts discuss the deleted scenes from Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone, to celebrate 20 years since the movie was released! Did you know they filmed the Professors singing the Hogwarts school song?

530: Celebrating and Criticizing Gryffindor House

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 76:41

This week, the MuggleCasters tackle the fiercest Hogwarts house of them all with their main discussion centered on Gryffindor! Joining the discussion is long-time friend of the show and boyfriend of Andrew, Pat! The panel of current and former Gryffindors talk about the good and the bad traits of Gryffindor, like why being bold can be a bad thing, and how being "daring" can mean you like to get into trouble. The hosts also examine Gryffindor's security system, ask why it is so insecure, and how famous Gryffindors like Minerva McGonagall and Peter Pettigrew fit into their house assignments! On this episode we conclude our epic House-themed discussions with Gryffindor House! What do daring, nerve and chivalry have to do with the panel's own experiences as former/current Gryffindors? Is the Sorting Hat's description of Gryffindors the complete picture? Why is Pottermore's welcome letter for Gryffindors so hilariously short? We examine the good and bad of Gryffindor, including their readiness to admit fault once they've been proven wrong, their hot-headedness and ill temper, and loyalty to one another. Is everything Snape said about Gryffindors true? We examine moments between he and the Marauders. What does it mean that Gryffindor House has had two pairs of troublemakers that we know of across two generations? What happens when Gryffindors fight each other? Seamus and Harry's argument in Book Five may give us insight into the personalities of Gryffindor. The Fat Lady's password system STINKS! It's a security nightmare!  Notable Gryffindors include Dumbledore, McGonagall and... Peter Pettigrew? The hosts discuss who fits in and who doesn't. Quizzitch: The Sorting Hat tells us that Hufflepuff came from Valley Broad, Slytherin from Fen, and Ravenclaw from Glen, but from where did Godric hail? This week's episode is brought to you by Quip -- get $5 off a mouthwash starter kit at Coming up later this week on Bonus MuggleCast, available on Patreon, the hosts discuss HBO Max's new Harry Potter Hub, where the platform makes TV and Movie suggestions based on what Hogwarts House you're in. Do we agree with HBO Max's choices? Definitely not -- Laura is hurt by the Ravenclaw picks.

529: Celebrating and Criticizing Ravenclaw House

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 92:12

Intelligence. Wisdom. Learning. Wit. Our four-part series on the Houses of Hogwarts continues this week with Ravenclaw (be sure to check out our Slytherin and Hufflepuff episodes)! Andrew and Eric are surprised with just how critical Micah and Laura are of their own house (but, honestly, would you expect anything less of Ravenclaws?). Join us as we "look down" upon the Hogwarts grounds from high atop Ravenclaw Tower and discuss some of the House's most notable members! Main Discussion: Ravenclaw House Could Ravenclaw be the house we know the least about? Does the Sorting Hat group Ravenclaws together based on academic prowess, regardless of their intent?  Why was Hermione not sorted into Ravenclaw? What makes Micah and Laura Ravenclaws... Andrew and Eric have some ideas! Do certain descriptions of Ravenclaws, especially that of their common room, make them come across as elitist? What sort of students were the hosts during their younger years? What does it mean for Ravenclaw House that Luna was the character most often referred to as being authentically herself? What do we make of Cho Chang, a Ravenclaw, being Harry's first love interest? Would the reader's perspective have changed at all knowing the first two Defense Against the Dark Arts professors/frauds were both Ravenclaws? We discuss other notable Ravenclaws, including Garrick Ollivander, Sybill Trelawney, Filus Flitwick, The Grey Lady and more ! Quizzitch: On which floor at Hogwarts can you find the staircase that leads directly to the door to Ravenclaw's common room? Visit to submit your answer! This week's episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (get 20% off your first purchase) and HelloFresh (use code muggle14 for up to 14 free meals, including free shipping)!

528: We're Going Back to Hogwarts!

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 66:23

CHOO CHOO! Join us as we head back to Hogwarts on this week's episode of MuggleCast! Andrew, Eric, Micah and Meg as they play a few games and discuss the school's prime locations for first kisses, homework, parties and more! Plus, with David Yates beginning a new project, could the latest Fantastic Beasts news spell more trouble for the five-part movie franchise? Last chance! Only one day remains to select your 2021 MuggleCast patrons physical gift! Join us at Patreon and make your selection between our throwback socks and the customizable wooden car by September 1st! With so much time having already elapsed between Crimes of Grindelwald and Fantastic Beasts 3, what do we make of the news that there will be a "break" between Fantastic Beasts 3 and 4? Could the Fantastic Beasts franchise rest on the success of the third film? Andrew has a theory for what this break really means! Main Discussion: It's time to go Back to Hogwarts! Where would each of the hosts sit on the Hogwarts Express? What would be the first thing each of us did upon return to Hogwarts? "What Would You Do?" & Guess That Book (Back to Hogwarts Edition) Where at Hogwarts would you: have your first kiss? Do your homework? Have some "me" time? Hold secret parties? Quizzitch: In what books does Harry not directly interact with Draco Malfoy while on the Hogwarts Express? Visit to submit your answer! This week's episode is sponsored by MeUndies (get 15% off your first order plus free shipping ) and GreenChef (get $100 off plus free shipping)!

527: In Defense of Hufflepuff House

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 78:10

Coming off of the success of our last episode where we defended Slytherin House, the MuggleCasters turn their sights to that other maligned Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff! Join Andrew, Eric, Micah and Laura as they discuss the qualities possessed by Hufflepuff students, examine why Hufflepuff does not get much glory in the books, and why everyone should want to know a Hufflepuff in real life. All that and more, on MuggleCast episode 527! Important: Only one week remains to select your 2021 MuggleCast patrons physical gift! Join us at Patreon and make your selection between our retro throwback socks and the customizable wooden car by September 1st! We begin the episode with a fun segment, "The Top 5 Most Disparaging Scenes Featuring Hufflepuff"! Main Discussion: While they may have been "picked last for kickball" in the books, Hufflepuffs may represent the best of us. A brief video of the author from after the books were published seems conciliatory to all Hufflepuffs burned by their book representation. What do traits such as "just" and "loyal" mean? What are the values of hard work and patience, and why do Hufflepuffs prefer to walk the quiet road to glory? Helga Hufflepuff's philosophy of "I'll teach the lot, and train them up the same" is actually the best policy when it comes to education, Laura explains. Eric shares which moments from the Hufflepuff Welcome Letter made him feel most at home in his new house. Other famous Hufflepuffs: from Newt AND his brother Theseus, to Helga herself, Hepzibah Smith, the founder of Hogsmeade and more, just which witches and wizards wore the badger when they were at Hogwarts? Each hosts says something nice about Hufflepuff House and listeners give their thoughts! Quizzitch: What conceals the entrance to the Hufflepuff Common Room? Visit to submit your answer! This week's episode is sponsored by UE Fits True Wireless, Custom Fit Earbuds (Get 15% off your order by going to and using promo code MUGGLECAST at checkout) and BetterHelp (Get 10% off your first month at