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This is a poker podcast that breaks the mold of boredom and forges its own path to both inform and entertain! Todd "Dan Druff" Witteles and his unique group of friends unite for their all-too-honest and blunt commentary on the poker community. This show is a mixture of discussion of real poker-wor…

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/26/2021 - Mark "shoeshine box" Fucile Memorial Episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 27, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:23:33 mark): PFA friend Mark "shoeshine box" Fucile passes away at age 58 from cancer, Druff memorializes him.... (0:38:32): On the way to Vegas, Druff develops sudden intense illness in the middle of the desert.... (1:04:40): Update: Hospital with Druff ER fail gives result of investigation of incident.... (1:27:27): The gambling world attempts to make sense of self-professed -EV game casino crusher "Mikki Mase".... (4:14:44): Bovada and Ignition have a massive, multi-day crash -- what happened?.... (4:43:46): New rule on 2+2 means trolling days there are over.... (4:58:43): You might qualify for a free cryptotoken worth real money if you used Opensea to buy/sell NFTs.... (5:06:51): Update: Johnny Chan's 88 Social sells to new owner, changes cardroom name.... (5:14:53): Sam Farha gets roughed up by poker dealer at Legends in Houston, following alleged chronic rude behavior.... (5:28:10): Las Vegas McCarran Airport changes name to Harry Reid International Airport.... (5:38:20): PFA member "Jeff Dime" runs into weird "tenant's rights" issue during long Bally's Las Vegas stay.... (6:08:20): Paris Las Vegas security drops the ball, allows man with knife into secure area, who then attacks an employee.... (6:15:58): MGM National Harbor doing "rookie event" on February 19th, for people with less than $25k in Hendon Mob documented cashes.... (6:23:03): Omicron variant quickly dominating new infections in US, but has it evolved into something like a common cold?

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/11/2021 - Where's Johnny?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:02:07 mark): Druff tells a mostly unknown story about recently passed Monkees member Michael Nesmith.... (0:29:59): Mysterious health issue strikes Druff, sends him to the ER, fail occurs.... (1:43:56): Johnny Chan's "88 Social" poker room in Houston closes doors, leaves tons of players with chips unpaid, Johnny explains situation to Mike Matusow.... (3:13:31): Poker Paint controversy heats back up, lawsuits threatened.... (3:41:47): Online poker legend (and onetime PFA Radio guest) Dusty "Leatherass" Schmidt passes away at the age of 40.... (3:57:03): Doyle Brunson, age 88, is in the hospital with pneumonia.... (4:20:06): Poker pros share horrifying stories of civil forfeiture and harassment from authorities over the years.... (4:46:26): High stakes online pro "BERRI SWEET" makes massive all-in call with Jack high on river -- and wins.... (5:03:30): Politician claims four Atlantic City will close unless property tax is dropped to zero.... (5:15:47): Oakland A's put bid on Tropicana Las Vegas, in preparation for possible Vegas move.... (5:36:59): Omicron variant causes panic -- but is there real danger?

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/24/2021 - Rio's Last Stand

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:25:51 mark): WSOP officially announced to be moving to Bally's/Paris in 2022.... (1:14:47): German pro wins WSOP Main, 49-year-old amateur finishes 2nd.... (1:28:29): Josh Arieh edges Phil Hellmuth for 2021 WSOP Player of the Year, but is the race really over?.... (1:47:52): khalwat revisits the late registration & rebuy issue with tournaments.... (2:03:22): Negreanu blows 3-handed chip lead to finish off 1-for-26 in final tables at Rio.... (2:18:37): Vegas poker player Zach Gensler plays 124 straight hour poker session at Resorts World -- sort of.... (2:35:05): Eli Elezra elected to Poker HOF, but what about the 2019 controversies regarding him owing lots of people money?.... (3:15:51): Could "El Sueno", a planned large, Spanish-speaking casino resort in Beatty, Nevada actually be successful?.... (3:48:11): Mysterious poker player scores $900k win at Caesars on $30k 2021 MVP bet for Shohei Ohtani, and we identify who he is.... (4:07:12): Druff gives advice how to reach local phone reps at Las Vegas Caesars properties.... (4:34:58): COVID vaccine boosters available to everyone -- should you get it? Will this be every 6 months for the rest of time?.... khalwat co-hosts first three hours of the show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/16/2021 - Main Event Malady

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:16:13 mark): Druff runs a below-average stack close to the money at WSOP Main -- did he make it?.... (1:02:12): COVID outbreak occurs among now-busted WSOP Main Event players, just being discovered.... (1:20:42): Report: CLEAR App rumored to have been vulnerable to fake vaccine cards.... (1:43:39): Chris Moneymaker had huge first few days at Main Event, but will he contend to repeat his 2003 title?.... (2:11:40): Chance Kornuth in controversy over angle-shot at Main Event TV table.... (2:29:36): Chance Kornuth in controversy over angle-shot at Main Event TV table.... (3:10:43): Jonathan Little in controversy after he created an NFT of downtown Vegas images, one featuring a homeless woman sleeping.... (3:52:50): Mike Matusow seeks to reduce WSOP late registration -- is he right?.... (4:10:46): Software bug in New Jersey online casino allows woman to win $100,000, but they won't pay her.... (4:31:19): Montbleu Lake Tahoe renamed to Bally's.... (4:42:35): Editorial: Explosion of foreign call centers with no way to reach US reps should be made illegal.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/08/2021 - Just Your Average Day at the WSOP

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021

    Broadcasted live from Rio Las Vegas.... (0:16:53 mark): Surprise! Druff shows up to play WSOP Main, plays Day 1.... (1:20:05): Will Main Event have a big problem with lack of space on November 9th?.... (1:31:20): Update: COVID-afflicted Vanessa Kade plays Main Event Day 1C, but was it safe?.... (1:50:56): Justin Bonomo calls out Chris Hunichen for not notifying him about COVID diagnosis after they played together.... (2:10:53): PokerGo employee tackled, arrested at Rio during Day 1A of Main Event.... (2:23:55): Ryan Leng makes terrible fold at $50k Players Championship 3-handed, saves Jungleman from busting..... (2:50:48): David Williams thinks the WSOP Main should be a one-per-flight rebuy event -- is this a good idea?.... (3:01:04): War on Lammers: The WSOP is cracking down on players selling satellite prize tokens to other players.... (3:14:39): Landon Tice finishes with 1k stack (lowest in event) after epic bluff fail on final hand.... (3:26:54): The Bike pays 6-figure fine for massive money laundering incident in 2016.... (3:37:05): MGM announces that they will be selling operations of Mirage Las Vegas.... (3:49:31): Follow-home murder takes place at Parx Casino.... (3:57:18): A burrito caused a massive, multiday crash of Roblox, one of the biggest multiplayer games in the world.... (4:12:12): Is Las Vegas a bad influence on Raiders players? Two players in hot water for off-the-field trouble.... khalwat co-hosts, with tradershky joining in at one point.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/30/2021 - WSOP Patient Zero

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:12:23): Vanessa Kade comes down with COVID, should she be allowed to play upcoming Main Event?.... (0:37:14): MJ Gonzales buys in a man with terminal cancer to WSOP Main Event, and lets man keep all winnings.... (0:47:45): Two recreational players at last weeks' Ivey/Dwan Hustler Casino Live game were in the news for all the wrong reasons.... (1:07:38): Phil Ivey hosts 2000s-style lavish poker party to promote new shoe-based NFT.... (1:33:56): Druff gives updates regarding the status of his ZED Run progress.... (1:44:54): Minnesota man found way to obtain other people's MLB accounts, streamed games illegally, then tried to extort MLB.... (2:02:12): Update: Zappos founder Tony Hsieh alleged to have been manipulated by close associates for "millions" at the end of his life.... (2:39:09): Allen Kessler calls out Vegas Burger King for bad service, but does he really have any recourse?.... (3:09:40): Resorts World getting desperate, offering new deals for locals.... (3:39:30): Atlantic City casinos scammed for $1.1 million by bad check scheme.... (3:51:52): Update: Yasiel Puig settles lawsuit with woman who apparently set him up for fake sexual assault allegation.... (4:33:16): Pfizer booster shown to be successful at resetting waning effectiveness of vaccine.... (4:42:30): FDA approval for 5-11 year olds means that California kids will be force-vaccinated in January 2022.... (4:59:08): What is going on with Kristen Bicknell?.... khalwat co-hosts part of the show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/23/2021 - Booster Blues

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021

    (Topic starts at 0:20:46 mark): Druff got Pfizer vaccine booster, had bad reaction, might play WSOP.... (0:58:57): Phil Hellmuth dominating WSOP, keeps making final tables, acting worse than ever, wins 16th bracelet.... (1:53:15): Adam Friedman wins $10k Dealers Choice event for third WSOP in a row.... (2:03:04): US to allow vaccinated international travelers on November 8, changes WSOP Main Event schedule.... (2:19:48): Shaun Deeb claims someone broke into his Rio room at 6am and tried to steal from him while he was sleeping.... (2:50:03): Jack Mclelland versus Peter Costa in bizarre race to offer new "Chess With Dice" games.... (3:33:48): Mike Postle case update.... (3:49:40): Elon Musk's Boring Company gets permission to build tunnels throughout Vegas.... (4:04:45): Will Dan Bilzerian play billionaire Alec Gores in $50 million buyin freezeout?.... (4:26:11): Seven Stars Insider creator Darryl McEwen passes away at 72.... (4:51:14): Marriott backs away from operating troubled Fontainebleu Las Vegas property.... (5:07:01): Latest civil forfeiture scandal involves seizure of over $100,000 from Vietnamese immigrant looking to buy land.... khalwat co-hosts first 2 hours.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/10/2021 - Return of the Real WSOP

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021

    (Topics begin at 0:20:06, covering first 10 days of WSOP): Over a week in, there are surprisingly no known WSOP COVID infections.... (0:45:09): WSOP numbers are somewhat down compared to 2019.... (1:01:35): PFA listener Ari Engel scores second career bracelet after grueling heads up match.... (1:16:36): Kelly Minkin in controversy after being witnessed unregistering and re-registering same event.... (1:43:16): Nate Silver battles for bracelet at final table of $10k Limit Holdem event.... (1:59:35): Massive Caesars computer outage shuts down Total Rewards for part of day, delays WSOP.... (2:06:11): New "Flipament" event allows anyone to buy a cash, fails Druff's "monkey test".... (2:21:42): Kids destroy 52 custom chocolates at Resorts World banquet setup -- but who is responsible, and for how much?.... (2:57:03): "Poker Paint" NFT pisses off community when it's revealed their "art" came from poker photographers without permission.... (3:31:18): Update: Jenny "Savage" Leong claims she will sue Andy Stacks over allegations.... (3:44:05): Cosmopolitan operations bought by MGM, to become MLife property.... (3:57:31): Bally's Las Vegas likely to become Horseshoe, ahead of 2022 WSOP.... (4:09:08): 66-year-old man arrested for stealing casino chips dating back to the 1990s.... (4:14:08): Man commits suicide off the top of the Strat (former Stratosphere).... (4:19:17): 18 NBA players arrested for dental/medical reimbursement scam.... (4:31:13): Young poker pro Zhaun Ruan accused of angle-shooting, using real-time assistance programs online.... (4:40:48): It's looking likely kids don't transmit COVID very much. Druff explains why that is very important to know... khalwat co-hosts first half of the show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 09/25/2021 - Caught in the Crossfire

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:17:22 mark): Druff skipping first portion of WSOP, possibly entire event.... (0:29:31): Poker Fraud Alert to give away thousands to charity, and you can help suggest where it goes.... (0:48:28): Bizarre pro-Postle website linked to figure in HONR Network charity.... (1:28:49): PFA now in center of Andy Stacks vs. Jenny Savage controversy.... (2:33:03): Daniel Negreanu accuses Will Faila, Robert Mizrachi of "passing fake vaccine cards" at the Wynn, then changes story.... (2:48:23): Mike Matusow battling on Twitter over markup debate.... (3:29:01): FBI seizes contents of Beverly Hills private safe deposit box business.... (3:48:16): Mount Charleston Lodge burns to the ground.... (4:02:57): Station Casinos disciplined for taking "illegal sports bets" over a 3-year period.... (4:11:04): Former employee of Vegas locals bar "Lodge at Hualapai" accuses ownership of forcing him to pay $4k after being victim of armed robbery.... (4:50:16): High Roller at LINQ gets stuck for 90 minutes, top cars tilt badly.... (5:04:28): Bizarre moon-themed megaresort planned across from Wynn.... (5:13:35: Are the Oakland A's really coming to Las Vegas?.... (5:26:31): Murder at Golden Nugget Biloxi.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 09/11/2021 - Twenty Years Later

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:17:56 mark): Druff's 9/11 Retrospective: 20 Years Later..... (1:41:11): WSOP removes the 2021 mask mandate -- Matt the Rat calls in.... (2:26:30): Update: Andy Troumbly, former owner of disgraced Fox Poker communicates with Druff, agrees to pay back players.... (2:45:05): Update: Mike Postle files opposition to involuntary bankruptcy, but how much does it mention Druff?.... (3:06:56): Andy Stacks of "Live at the Bike" fame calls out fellow player for stiffing him on $16k loan, then deletes video.... (4:00:34): Druffytime Theater: Druff did battle in 2000 with a predatory towing company in Vegas.... (4:56:52): Prahlad Friedman claimed on Twitter to have received 20 death treats while walking around Brazil wearing a skirt.... (5:11:06): Proposal on the table for banks to report all accounts with total transactions over $600 to the IRS.... (5:28:30): Could a new futuristic city of 5 million people be coming to the Nevada or Arizona desert?.... (5:49:32): Arizona joins legalized sportsbetting market after tribal court challenge fails.... (5:55:05): Resorts World removes iconic Rolls Royce dispay.... (6:05:05): How safe should you feel without a COVID vaccine booster? With a booster?.... (6:27:50): Druff appears on "Melissa Does Vegas" podcast for debate on casino tipping with VitalVegas (replay of their show).... tradershky joins us for second half of the show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 09/04/2021 - Shifty Like a Fox

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:17:16 mark): PFA gets rave reviews on Twitter for last week's "Pokergirl" story.... (0:22:48): Fox Poker shuts down, huge bombshell dropped regarding theft by main owner Andy Troumbly.... (2:03:09): WSOP employees don't need to be vaccinated, but players do.... (2:29:22): Former US Marine gets $87k seized in northern Nevada, in questionable civil forfeiture action.... (3:02:25): Prahlad Friedman comes out as bi, nobody cares, he tries to come out a second time for more attention.... (3:26:50): PFA Storytime: 1991 Druff versus the UCSB Dorms Dining Commons.... (4:27:52): Harrah's Cherokee, Foxwoods plan to sell marijuana in the future.... (4:35:23): Single-game sportsbetting finally offered legally in Canada.... (4:45:49): Update: New recommendations for alternatives.... (4:52:54): Somehow a random dude snuck his car into the Elon Musk tunnels.... (5:12:27): Editorial: Texas abortion law causing outrage, but the most tragic abortion laws in the US aren't being discussed.... (6:06:55): Can you really get a Moderna booster shot if your first two were Pfizer?.... tradershky co-hosts second half of show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/28/2021 - The Greatest Bots of Yesterday

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:13:10): WSOP announces vaccination mandate for 2021 series.... (1:08:50): Private "Fox Poker" room having massive payout issues.... (1:57:25): Case closed? Druff might have solved long-running questions about infamous 2007 Full Tilt bot bannings which spawned lawsuit.... (3:41:08): Report: Commerce high limit room has shut down all poker games, conceded loss of action to other area rooms.... (3:56:00): Mojave Desert & Las Vegas History: Desert Center, California, which just sold for $6.25 million, has an interesting 100-year history.... (4:45:14): Tom Dwan ends Phil Hellmuth's win streak -- and is Dwan still married?.... (5:05:20): Phil Galfond beats Brandon Adams in heads up challenge.... (5:14:19): Vital Vegas calls out woman who tipped $200 on $120k jackpot at Circa.... (5:59:55): WARNING: closing accounts due to gambling transactions.... (6:13:33): Third vaccine shot side effects revealed in Israel study.... tradershky co-hosts in later portion of show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/22/2021 - Druff's So 2008, Mason's So 2000-And-Late

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021

    (Topic beings at 0:21:35 mark): Update: Matt Marafioti suicide confirmed.... (0:42:30): Update: Mike Postle files answer to Druff & Veronica's involunatry bankruptcy petition, goes after Marc Randazza.... (1:23:41): Kristen Bicknell and Party Poker part ways -- was it due to her vocal anti-vaxx positions?..... (2:09:29): Mason Malmuth stupidly posts never-before-seen emails between him and Pokernews involving trying to cover up Sklansky/Hawkbaker story.... (3:05:42): Resorts World rooms still going for surprisingly little money. Does this mean the property is failing?.... (3:35:35): Complex Ukraine romance scam robs UK man of $250,000.... (4:35:41): WSOP Pennsylvania botches online bracelet events badly.... (5:02:31): Poker After Dark surprisingly gets Senator Ted Cruz and top YouTube star "Mr. Beast" to play on stream.... (5:15:29): What will a third COVID shot do for you?.... tradershky joins Druff at the end as co-host.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/16/2021 - From the Ashes PFA Rises

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:20:30 mark): Happy anniversary? Druff talks about 10-year anniversary of fallout with good friend, which led to PFA's creation.... (1:41:30): Controversial early 2010s poker pro Matt Marafioti likely just committed suicide in New Jersey.... (2:28:44): Users on 2+2 go after Sklansky and Malmuth for past transgressions, now that they are no longer admins.... (3:23:32): WSOP publishes disturbing COVID disqualification policy, semi-retracts it, full truth still unknown.... (4:24:58): PayPal updates Acceptable Use Policy -- was it because of attorney Eric Bensamochan's upcoming class action suit?.... (4:40:10): Caesars Palace now charging guests a $75 fine for storing their own drinks in minibar.... (5:07:42): Update: Reason for Rio's 2-week non-acceptance of bookings now known.... (5:20:14): Caesars CEO claims company will sell Vegas casino in 2022.... (5:29:35): Southwet Airlines sues "Skiplagged" site for making people aware of cheaper ways to fly to major airports.... (6:34:32): Are children really in big danger due to Delta?.... tradershky co-hosts during the later hours.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/05/2021 - Hustling Away From the Bike

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 6, 2021

    (Topic starts at 0:25:19 mark): Druff takes long Colroado road trip, talks about notable events.... (1:00:44): Druff, Veronica Brill file petition to put Mike Postle into involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy.... (1:12:22): Interview with Ryan Feldman, who has started new live streaming poker show from Hustler Casino in southern California.... (2:24:20): New Russian 2+2 owners make controversial changes to forum rules.... (3:05:25): Druff gives thoughts on Layne Flack, who passed away last month.... (3:32:15): Prison sentences being handed down in shocking eBay scandal where owners of an eCommerce newsletter were stalked and harassed by the company.... (4:40:15): Brandon Adams and Phil Galfond get into controversy during their heads up challenge.... (4:57:43): Phil Hellmuth to face Tom Dwan in heads up match later this month, has eight straight heads up victories.... (5:05:35): Delta variant of COVID forces masks back in Vegas, threatens WSOP again.... (5:38:07): Gambling movie "The Card Counter" coming this fall -- will it be good or terrible?.... (5:50:20): Addicted gambler and NHL player Evander Kane accused of betting on his own games.... (5:58:42): Rio Las Vegas has bizarre shut down of reservations for the first 11 days of August.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 07/24/2021 - Validate Me! Sincerely, Pistolslap

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021

    Audio posting of special YouTube show featuring Brandon, sonatine, PLOL, tradershky, and others. Video version can be found on the "PFA Radio DWAHOOOOO" YouTube channel. Layne Flack found DEAD: Drex shares his only memorable Layne Flack Story.... Poker twitter ablaze this week after sources claim 2021 is last year of WSOP at the Rio. But it may not be moving to where you think!... announces Pennsylvania only online bracelet series. Have they finally gone too far this time???.... Long domed Vegas Fountainbleau half finished strip property may open (I

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 07/14/2021 -

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:19:23 mark): Mason Malmuth sells the 2+2 forum to a mysterious Russian company.... (1:13:43): Controversial 2000s poker media figure Joy Miller passes away.... (1:48:29): Mike Matusow joins class action lawsuit against Paypal involving money confiscation... (2:00:51): Listener "go buccos" joins Druff to talk about businesses degrading service, and using COVID as an excuse.... (2:33:58): Listener "Candy" calls up drunk, and Brandon joins.... (3:06:09): Update: Landon Tice's backers pulled the plug on him, coach Kevin Rabichow sheds light on reasons Tice lost heads up match.... (3:26:21): NJ State Police arrest man who used 1,800 stolen identities to make online gambling accounts.... (3:36:57): Planet Hollywood closes poker room, clusterfuck occurs on final day when promo money is being awarded.... (3:49:46): Everyone loved the recent Mystery Bounty Wynn tounrmanet, but hated the WPT Venetian.... (4:03:22): The cost of NFL data is rapidly rising, and legalized sportsbooks are feeling the sting.... (4:22:05): Caesars benefits from 2020 are still available through January 31, 2022.... (4:29:45): Daniel Negreanu breaks long slumps, wins a tournament right after Doug Polk mocks him for dry spell.... (4:41:25): Two sixes of clubs were dealt on the flop at a Venetian event.... (4:47:14): At Resorts World, you can now hold slot machines when you go to the bathroom, and an unauthorized back-room photo of dealer tokes was released... (5:00:00): Brandon's miscellaneous Vegas topics, plus banter with tradershly, Druff, and khalwat.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 07/04/2021 - Return to Vegas

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:17:32 mark): Druff returns to Vegas for the first time in over 16 months.... (1:04:56): Update: Druff makes contact with Nick Scheel, the guy who made a shady $100 request for money on Venmo.... (1:24:28): Landon Tice waves the white flag after 25% of hands in challenge against Bill Perkins.... (1:53:55): Norman Chad's Twitter hacked by Turkish charity scammer.... (2:16:46): ZED Run has two more masive fails, including embarrassing "fake contest winner" e-mail blunder.... (3:01:00): Brandon censored on Facebook for talking about Vegas restaurant "Egg Slut".... (3:20:50): Druff and Brandon visit two high-end Vegas restaurants together, and have some strange events.... (4:11:05): Clonie Gowan and other forgotten 2000s poker personalities return as pros on new "Dealio Poker" site.... (4:39:55): The Micros returns - sort of.... (4:58:01): Woman on Facebook reports weird video poker scam at Planet Hollywood.... (5:13:40): Druff, Brandon, and tradershky review the just-opened Resorts World.... (6:49:32): Pinball Museum finds out bad news that expensive new location was accidentally built on someone else's land.... (7:06:43): 1999 WSOP Main Event Champion Noel Furlong passes away.... (7:25:30): Poker fan's YouTube channel shut down by overaggressive PokerGo lawyers.... (7:40:20): Poker player Sarah Stefan alleges chaotic, abusive scene at Flamingo poker tournament.... (7:59:45): Did courts make the right decision in releasing Bill Cosby?.... (8:19:30): Nevada casinos see record wins in May 2021.... (8:28:37): Druff tells bizarre story about a flaky girl from Sparks, Nevada who repeatedly promised in the early 1990s to travel 500 miles to have sex with him.... (8:47:14): Ben Affleck spotted playing high limit blackjack in Vegas again.... (8:50:43): MGM sells more hotels to Blackstone.... (8:58:42): Woman exploits glitch on BetMGM Michigan, runs up $3.3 million, gets caught.... (9:13:42): Sporttrade seeks to be the first legalized "sportsbetting exchange" in the US, where players directly bet against each other.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/18/2021 - Slut Pull

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:25:13 mark): Ruling finally comes down for Veronica Brill's attorney's fees versus Mike Postle, with a surprising twist.... (0:44:03): Major update in case of Chris Moneymaker versus Paypal case, featuring call with his attorney Eric Bensamochan.... (1:17:47): Massive Twitter drama breaks out involving crass comments made by ACR CEO Phil Nagy on a stream.... (3:31:27): Druff uncovers the likely return of the strange "Rachel Lees" Twitter user, causing controversy under a new name.... (3:47:17): Matt Berkey challenged to a fight by Robert Kuhn, which turns into heads up match, plus has old politically incorrect tweets unearthed.... (4:06:33): Bizarre tweet by Dan "Wretchy" Martin claims he just assaulted Matt Stout.... (4:21:10): Full WSOP schedule released -- Brandon joins during this topic... (5:12:54): Doyle Brunson, 88, plans to play in this year's WSOP.... (5:25:44): Druff wastes 5 hours attempting to book rooms for WSOP -- tradershky joins us.... (6:16:01): Resorts World to open this week on June 24.... (6:34:32): Commerce seems to have lost its middle and upper stakes limit holdem games.... (6:59:05): Haralabos Voulgaris alleged in article to have major control over Dallas Mavericks' moves, and said to have issues with star Luka Doncic.... (7:38:49): Disasterous ZED Run drop last week casts doubt upon future viability of project.... (8:15:15): Latest chapter in the saga with Sherif the Nigerian scammer.... (9:06:39): Resorts World will have cashless wagering, becoming the first casino in the US to do so. This was the longest show in PFA history, clocking in at 9 hours and 33 minutes.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/11/2021 - Who is Nick Scheel?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:20:09 mark): Mike Postle's ex-wife appears on Veronica Brill's YouTube show, makes explosive allegations.... (0:54:57): Mike Postle files document bashing Veronica Brill and Marc Randazza, ahead of upcoming attorneys fees hearing.... (1:59:09): Venmo hacker targeting poker pros might be going after Druff right now.... (2:31:46): Phil Ivey does rare long-form interview with Chicago Joey.... (3:38:37): Prahlad Friedman admits for first time in a decade that he hypocritically promoted UB in 2010 due to need of money.... (4:05:54): Matt Berkey creates drama regarding Landon Tice / Bill Perkins match taking place on ACR.... (4:35:49): UK recreational player David Afework claims Party Poker wrongly disqualified him after $160k tournament win.... (5:04:51): Why is there a poker media blackout regarding Dan Colman's allegations against Sean Perry?.... (5:16:45): Some sportsbooks paying bettors on Jon Rahm after COVID-19 forced him to withdraw from PGA tournament.... (5:40:49): $22 million embezzler and WPT champ Dennis Blieden gets sentenced - tradershky joins us at this point.... (6:08:25): Vital Vegas claims rumors going around that embattled Virgin Vegas hotel already looking for buyers.... (6:23:12): Dumb robber hits Cosmo cage for $10k, gets busted quickly.... (6:39:50): Nun steals over $800k to fund gambling habit.... (6:51:36): Wynn has great status match program right now for higher tier cards at other properties.... (7:09:12): Hydroxychloriquine turns out to be effective, after all.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/04/2021 - Ode to Otis

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2021

    Show is dedicated to Druff's pug Otis, who passed away this week at age 16 1/2.... khalwat co-hosts first 2+ hours.... (Topic begins at 0:22:49): Landon Tice and Bill Perkins play two sessions in their heads up match.... (0:57:41): Zenith Poker posts preflop charts from poker coaching programs on YouTube, controversy ensues.... (1:14:10): Update: Sean Perry wins high roller event for $365k, will that go to Daniel Colman?.... (1:39:28): Daniel Negreanu "accidentally" destroys plexiglass after bustout from high roller.... (1:56:05): Bovada leaving New York market, but Ignition is staying..... (2:09:24): Legalized sportsbook opens at Capital One Arena in DC..... (2:32:47): Brandon joins at this point - Ray Davis claims RealGrinders poker room has gone down, and the operator stole the money.... (3:06:44): New COVID cases in the US have declined by 96%.... (3:14:57): What is the story behind the controversial Fauci e-mails?.... (3:45:25): Will the Rio try to restore itself to 1990s glory?.... (4:15:33): Vegas sets record for million dollar home sales.... (4:24:10): Nevada comes up with bizarre self-exclusion procedure for online gaming.... (4:34:34): Mega-progressive jackpot hit in Vegas.... (4:37:32): Kelly Stewart loses job at ESPN due to 2012 slurs on Twitter.... (4:52:02): Record traffic jam forms on Memorial Day leaving Vegas.... (5:03:48): Should Silk Road owner Ross Ulbricht have gotten a life sentence?.... (5:12:21): More miscellaneous Vegas topics.... (5:26:58): Sherif the Nigerian scammer attempts to finally extract bitcoin from Brandon, and Colonel Nigel Fabersham is brought in to help.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/28/2021 - Monkeymaker Strikes Back

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:14:22 mark): Druff explains how he was very sick with a fever in the middle of last week's radio.... (0:29:30): Update: Chris Moneymaker moves forward with class action lawsuit against PayPal, and you probably know his attorney.... (1:05:01): Interview with online poker grinder Mike "BrockLesnar" Holtz, who alleges mistreatment, unjustified ban by management and Caesars.... (2:07:49): Major ACR tournament crash gives Chris Moneymaker a chance to shine as ambassador.... (2:26:53): Faraz Jaka claims nobody understands why it's so hard for ACR to fix its problems.... (3:01:42): "Billy Joe Taylor" recently arrested for an alleged $88 milion COVID testing scam, possibly the same Billy Taylor as high stakes poker player "Bildo".... (3:23:23): California's Big Day: June 15 set as full reopening date for the US' largest state, Brandon joins the show.... (3:34:28): Disabled poker pro KL Cleeton gets special van through poker players' fundraising.... (3:51:23): Brandon's weekly Las Veags news.... (5:24:33): The "Wuhan lab" theory of COVID origins picking up steam in the US, after longtime denial by many.... (5:35:10): Brandon, Druff, and tradershky continue to string along Nigerian scammer "Sherif".

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/21/2021 - Punitive Paypal

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2021

    (Topic starts at 0:28:47): Chris Moneymaker, Ryan Feldman, Mike Matusow, others accuse PayPal of outright stealing tens of thousands from them.... (1:36:41): Veronica Brill's hearing for attorney's fees from Mike Postle delayed four weeks.... (2:01:03): $1 million in cash and chips stolen from Chad Power in nasty follow-home burglary.... (2:38:29): Cryptocurrency crash depresses many poker pros who are heavily invested in it, featuring call from "CryptoNinja".... (3:28:19): Connecticut man wins $1.35 million in lawsuit against Foxwoods, in their own tribal court.... (3:50:45): Bettor accuses Barstool Sports of punishing him for winning.... (4:12:54): NBA Top Shot - what happened? / Brandon joins during this segment..... (4:41:38): Update: Laurel/Diamond lounges at Caesars rumored to be replaced by coupon system.... (5:01:07): Update: Greyhound racing could be banned in US by end of 2022.... (5:11:14): Several states are trying lottery-style giveaways for vaccinated people.... (5:20:58): What Would Druff Do? "I work in a casino, am fully vaccinated, and masks are now optional".... (5:41:44): Where is the best value hotel on the Las Vegas strip?.... (5:55:45): Nigerian scammer "Sherif" calls the show again, believing it to be Brandon's phone number.... Note that at around the 4:11:00 mark, Druff started getting very sick, and didn't realize it yet! He completed the show for the final two hours with a high fever and terrible chills, while not letting on during the episode!

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/14/2021 - Defamation Unknown

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:19:16 mark): Druff finally gets a result in Mike Postle's defamation suit against him.... (1:16:00): CDC changes masking guidelines, which immediately affects Nevada casinos.... (2:02:08): Former PFA guest Anna Khait named in New York Times in alleged plot to seduce "deep state" government employees.... (2:48:02): Baccarat coaching scammer Christopher Mitchell releases especially obnoxious new video mocking construction workers.... (3:14:15): Woman arrested for allegedly stealing $1.5 million from employer, and then chunking it off at MGM National Harbor.... (3:29:42): Weird prop 7-figure prop bet in negotiation regarding Jason Koon running 100 meters in 10.9 seconds.... (4:04:14): Listener claims to have had almost identical Pfizer second shot reaction to Druff.... (4:14:30): Druff remembers: Three minor occurrences allowed Druff to finish 1st and 3rd at his first two WSOP events ever.... (4:34:35): Brandon joins, we discuss the Vegas masking situation again.... (5:03:53): Brandon's Las Vegas news, tradershky joins.... (6:17:09): Gleyber Torres and Bill Maher get COVID despite being fully vaccinated.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/08/2021 - Every Rose Gold Phone Has Its Thorn

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:10:58 mark): Daniel Colman claims Sean Perry scammed him out of over $1,000,000 via weird Daily Fantasy Sports prop betting scheme.... (1:25:50): Phil Hellmuth beats Daniel Negreanu - again.... (1:42:55): Brandon Cantu and Negreanu go at it on Twitter.... (2:04:38): Druff spends $3000 on virtual horses in new "Zed Run" fad.... (2:42:19): Druff discusses a dental scam which Nolan Dalla was victimized by in Vegas.... (3:03:49): Is a restaurant at Paris Las Vegas charging a resort fee?.... (3:22:16): Caesars to open sportsbook at Chase Field, home of Arizona Diamondbacks (Brandon joins in the middle of the topic).... (4:00:45): Wynn Las Vegas casino opens at full capacity... (4:12:52): Colorado poker rooms can finally offer real NL holdem and PLO.... (4:21:28): What are sensible COVID rules right now for poker rooms?.... (4:37:48): Druff and Brandon mess with a Nigerian scammer who has been texting Brandon.... (5:10:03): COVID vaccine to be authorized soon for 12-15 year olds -- but is it a good idea?.... (5:24:27): Nigeria Part II, as the scammer calls back.... (5:58:31): tradershky shows up and we talk with him.... (6:17:09): Brandon has tradershky and Druff guess various stats for casinos in March 2021.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/02/2021 - Technically Multiaccounting

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:20:46 mark): Gunman kills 2 people at Wisconsin casino.... (0:45:29): Vlogger Matt Vaughn won $136k in Ignition tournament, but claims he didn't get paid.... (1:36:45): Las Vegas casinos can reopen to 80% capacity, and nightclubs can reopen, but is this the right thing to do?.... (2:22:17): VitalVegas claims Palms has been sold to the San Manuel Indian tribe.... (2:45:33): Players Casino in Ventura, CA has filed for bankruptcy and moved out.... (3:02:45): Update: Scammer & fake sportsbetting genius Robert Gorodetsky gets 28 months in prison for stealing $10 million.... (3:34:56): Player amazingly calls out flop, turn, and river on live stream.... (4:05:00): Discussion of possible legalized online poker in Florida brings out Brandon, who stays with us for the rest of the show.... (5:12:09): Limit Holdem with Dan Druff: 3-betting a set on the turn, out of position, against 2 opponents on a bad board.... (5:36:47): More online poker sites to enter Pennsylvania market.... (5:44:24): tradershky joins us, as we talk about the COVID situation in India.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 04/24/2021 - Stalking Across the World

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:11:00 mark): Druff talks about his troublesome experience with the 2nd Pfizer shot.... (0:29:08): Brandon calls in for about 40 minutes to banter about Vegas and other topics.... (1:07:42): Mike Postle defamation case update.... (1:20:28): Baccarat coaching scammer Christopher Mitchell is missing from YouTube -- but what happened?.... (1:48:18): Interview with UK poker player Lynne Beaumont, who alleges another player scammed her for over $200,000 in bitcoin.... (2:40:03): WSOP to leave ESPN, move to CBS Sportsnet.... (2:53:44): itcoin poker site Seals With Clubs ("SWCPoker") alleged to have recent deposit/withdrawal issues.... (3:10:42): Mark Vos has public Twitter battle with Aussie sportsbook over one of his bets.... (3:27:12): Double Down Casino and Big Fish Casino -- both free-money slot apps -- are accused of causing addicted gamblers to lose big money with no possible upside.... (3:44:07): Resorts World Las Vegas to open June 24.... (3:57:53): Kentucky nursing home sees 18 vaccinated residents get COVID -- what does this mean?.... (4:17:34): Why is the flu almost nonexistent during times of COVID?

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 04/16/2021 - The $775 Co-Host Reunion

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 17, 2021

    The first 100 or so minutes of the show involves a reunion of a number of past PFA co-hosts, along with phone calls from desertrunner (at 1:11:44) and Eric Bensamochan. Guest co-hosts for this segment include Drexel, Daredevil, khalwat, and tradershky, the latter two staying on to co-host for a little more time. khalwat sponsored a generous $700 bounty on tradershky, Eric, and Drexel.... (Regular show begins at 1:42:19 mark): Governor Sisolak claims Nevada has goal to fully reopen by June 1.... (2:21:01): Call from Tyrone.... (2:38:54): A complete retrospective on the 10-year anniversary of poker's Black Friday.... (4:29:54): Pete Rose signs on with shady "Upicktrade" to provide baseball picks.... (5:06:59): Was Yasiel Puig set up in Staples Center bathroom by a lesbian looking to sue him?.... (5:48:44): Kane Kalas apparently sings the National Anthem at the every Phillies home season opener.... (6:00:03): Weird recycling scam involved 7 men stealing Vegas trash to recycle in California.... (6:17:12): Northern CA poker pro David Valdez passes away suddenly.... (6:31:20): Class action lawsuit filed against Massachusetts casinos regarding "misleading" 6:5 blackjack.... (6:56:33): Cosmopolitan to pay employees to get COVID vaccine.... (7:11:23): Johnson & Johnson vaccine paused due to blood clots, but is this vaccine still useful?

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 04/10/2021 - Every Breath You Take

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:23:54 mark): Civil forfeiture continues, putting gamblers at risk carrying cash through airports and in their cars.... (1:32:45): Update: VitalVegas and Sahara had more legal wrangling over the past 6 months.... (1:59:55): Cosmopolitan settles defamation lawsuit with OJ Simpson.... (2:11:39): Virgin Hotels Las Vegas accused of banning bloggers from propert.... (2:55:27): Scientific Games, maker of casino shufflers, facing another antitrust lawsuit.... (3:09:30): Tom Boyden, editor of popular bodybuilder YouTube channel, fired after embezzlement allegations involving poker staking.... (3:41:20): Paul Pierce fired after posting video of home poker game with strippers & drugs.... (3:52:55): Wynn to require vaccination or testing for all employees.... (4:00:26): Caesars Seven Stars member claims he was denied "retreat" to Caesars Palace.... (4:40:10): Second dose of COVID vaccines will probably get you sicker than you think.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 04/04/2021 - World Series of Autumn

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:24:27 mark): WSOP 2021 is happening -- 4 months later than normal.... (1:03:18): Druff's tweet about wearing masks at WSOP 2021 causes Twitter controversy.... (1:52:53): Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu play first heads up match.... (2:13:51): Pokerstars loses appeal in Kentucky, will probably owe $1.2 billion to the state.... (2:36:18): Colorado Sportsbettor gets screwed by William Hill, gaming commission won't help.... (3:12:57): Update: Major news in the Postle defamation case, including a replay of April 2's emergency radio with Eric Bensamochan.... (3:54:59): Poker coaches involved in two separate Twitter fights, Brandon joins at 4:11:12 mark.... (4:16:10): Utah teen creates "racially diverse" deck of playing cards.... (4:38:54): Jackpot hits on Spin-n-Go, and a player Druff doesn't like gets a lot of it.... (4:53:14): 5 people indicted for February 2021 kidnapping & robbery at MGM National Harbor.... (5:07:07): tradershky joins us too, and we all have a long discussion about COVID and masking.... (6:09:06): Mojave Desert & Las Vegas History: The Mojave Phone Booth.... (6:31:52): Proposal on table to remove federal excise tax on sportsbets -- plus lots of Vegas talk.... (7:32:24): Editorial: Trump campaign ran a negative check-off scam against his donors, and Druff hates it.... (8:27:34): COVID vaccines said to be effective for at least 6 months, perhaps longer.... (8:46:16): "Vaccine passports" drawing tremendous controversy. At 9 hours, 23 minutes, this is the longest show in PFA history.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/26/2021 - The World Series of Hyatt

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:19:06 mark): Druff has mysterious illness despite not going anywhere, takes COVID test.... (0:34:30): ACR signs Vanessa Kade, then she goes on to win the Pokerstars 15th Anniversary Sunday Million for $1.5 million.... (1:23:48): Max Silver claims he lost over $140,000 to a bitcoin sportsbetting scam.... (1:50:30): Doug Polk announces he is leaving Las Vegas and beginning a "new chapter".... (2:20:48): Mike Postle defamation case update.... (2:33:08): Hyatt Hotels claims it has partnership with Rio Las Vegas, and will renovate/brand it.... (2:48:37): Gender reveal party at the Rio led to a man being shot in January.... (3:11:17): Virgin Hotels Las Vegas to charge you for comp room if you don't play enough.... (3:50:10): Caesars sues insurance companies for over $2 billion regarding non-covered losses from COVID.... (4:07:21): Driverless cars tested in Las Vegas to be part of Uber/Lyft in 2023.... (4:34:15): Druff analyzes the current state of legalized online poker.... (5:00:22): California lagging way behind in vaccinations, as much of rest of country can get vaccinated at any age.... (5:27:02): Three different drugs look promising to treat COVID.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/12/2021 - The Hoe Has Gotta Go

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:23:08 mark): Poker Twitter drama erupts after GGPoker drops Vanessa Kade as an affiliate due to her accusations of misogyny.... (2:33:13): Jared Jaffee attacks Matt Savage, WPT, Venetian for decision to play two four-handed tables during final 8 in event.... (3:04:13): Roland Rokita had to leave WPT Venetian final table due to "severe emergency" to be admitted to hospital.... (3:18:45): Young sportsbettor "Parlay Patz" arrested for threatening to murder athletes who caused his bets to lose.... (3:41:05): Illegal offshore sportsbook MyBookie posing as legalized book BetMGM in Google store.... (3:55:09): Update: Tim Cramer, Joe Cada latest victims of Venmo hack targeting poker pros.... (4:09:40): Stock analysis website releases scathing report about real money skill game app maker Skillz.... (4:49:45): Wynn employee shoots another dead, then kills himself in parking garage.... (5:00:52): Consumer group Travelers United sues MGM over charging resort fees.... (5:25:56): Electronic Arts facing scandal over black market sale of virtual FIFA cards by employees.... (5:45:00): CDC under major fire after nonsensical safety recommendations for people who have been COVID vaccinated.... (6:06:29): Many areas have large numbers of non-seniors getting vaccinated. What's going on?.... (6:22:56): Israeli study claims vaccinated people rarely get asymptomatic COVID.... (6:37:40): tradershky joins at end of show and we talk a bit.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/06/2021 - Non Las Vegas Sands

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:20:51 mark): Druff snags his first "NBA Topshot" pack, now what will he do?.... (0:41:14): Las Vegas Sands corporation has sold both Venetian and Palazzo.... (1:08:00): Dutch Boyd sued former "Crew" member Joe Bartholdi over 2006 prop bet, gets result.... (1:41:12): DraftKings settles class action lawsuit over alleged unfair practices.... (2:03:08): New marketing agency seeks to bring poker pros to corporate events -- but is this idea too late?.... (2:21:41): Former "Live at the Bike" producer Ryan Feldman banned from The Bike.... (2:36:22): Doug Polk makes huge fold against Phil Hellmuth, with flopped straight under flopped straight.... (3:05:27): Doug Polk accuses "limitless" and Fedor Holz of fixing heads up match on GGPoker.... (3:33:39): Daniel Negreanu makes $400k bet with Hellmuth over Aria tournament results.... (3:45:18): Vegas casinos struggled in January, but Reno-area casinos thrived.... (4:11:23): Three men, including Encore Boston dealer, charged in baccarat cheating scheme.... (4:22:30): Two men get long sentences for robbery of illegal California internet casino.... (4:33:19): Is it going away or not? Debate lingers on future of COVID post-vaccine.... (5:11:49): High school baseball team suspended for taking outdoor picture without masks on.... tradershky co-hosts first 2 hours.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 02/27/2021 - Win $60k, Get a Bullet for Free

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:18:58 mark): Justin Bonomo, Owais Ahmed latest victims in Venmo hackings targeting big name poker pros.... (0:48:12): Mike Postle defamation case update.... (1:06:02): A guy won $60k at MGM National Harbor, showed off, and then a girl set him up for robbery in his room.... (1:25:58): NBA Top Shot craze brings opportunity for virtually guaranteed profit, if done right.... (1:48:15): Full Tilt Poker brand finally shut down for good.... (2:00:18): Norman Chad suffering long-term COVID damage from August illness, can't do WSOP commentating.... (2:17:53): apestyles was banned from GGPoker in late 2020, now is pressuring them to bring him back.... (2:36:35): 1990s WSOP double bracelet winner charged with sending white powder to scare NY gaming officials.... (2:58:04): Charming "Pinball Museum" in Vegas almost killed by COVID, saved by over $200k in donations.... (3:22:28): Vegas Golden Knights cuts controversial partnership with a tout service.... (3:40:06): Allen Kessler calls out Prime Social Club in Houston for "weak" attempt to prevent COVID spread.... (3:53:55): Johnson & Johnson vaccine approved, but what about its worse efficacy than the others?.... (4:06:30): Some states moving to an age-based system for vaccine distribution after initially resisting it.... (4:21:03): COVID-obsessed employee versus Trader Joes -- who is in the right?.... (4:42:00): Jew Tip of the Week: Reducing or eliminating medical bills - Brandon calls in near beginning of this topic.... (5:20:39): Banter with Brandon..... tradershky co-hosts first half of show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 02/20/2021 - Cancellation Department

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 21, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:20:42 mark): Negreanu and Hellmuth will play the next high profile heads up match, but is it what it seems to be?.... (0:46:23): What Would Druff Do? PFA listener writes in about $12,000 Superbowl ticket disaster on Stubhub.... (1:40:19): Hilarious prank call to foreign "computer tech support" scammers.... (2:02:06): McCarran Airport named after former Senator Harry Reid.... (2:33:24): Update: Lee "AHoosierA" Bradbury had another court hearing involving Christopher Mitchell and frivolous restraining order.... (2:55:55): Call from "Mary", who claims Ignition froze her account due to the wrongdoing of the affiliate she signed up through.... (3:25:43): JC Pearson, Puggy's brother, has passed away at 87 -- and he was also a poker pro.... (3:52:29): Flashback: Druff tells poker player at Wynn in 2012 to sell 1000 BTC, after being asked for advice.... (4:07:03): Four Las Vegas hotels resume normal operations after previous midweek shutdown policy.... (4:17:54): Cosmopolitan hotel fire on 51st floor causes injuries.... (4:26:53): Man hits $1.1 million jackpot on table game at Tropicana Atlantic City, tips $50,000.... (4:57:04): Tennessee Lottery voids numerous bets at regulated books, closes 74 accounts, citing that they were "illegal".... (5:06:08): Johns Hopkins scientist believes COVID will be "mostly gone" by April.... (5:20:22): Pfizer vaccine no longer has to be stored at -94 degree temperatures.... (5:29:21): Call from listener "Craig" about his experience with the COVID vaccine.... (5:40:41): Biden Administration flubbing messaging about vaccine, drawing grim picture of post-vaccine life.... (6:14:23): Editorial: What is a real Republican?.... tradershky co-hosts the first portion of the show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 02/12/2021 - The Terrence and Mike Twitter Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 14, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:24:28 mark): The Heads Up Undercard - Landon Tice versus Bill Perkins.... (0:49:12): Terrence Chan, Mike McDonald get into Twitter battle over Pokershares bet on Tice/Perkins match.... (2:12:28): Update: Fired Bellagio dealer "Patches" lands on his feet, gets new job.... (2:25:10): The controversial desertrunner calls in.... (2:33:06): Bovada refusing to pay out any bets regarding streaker at Super Bowl.... (2:52:29): Hustler Casino owner Larry Flynt passes away at 78.... (3:25:38): Ridiculous "Mastermind of Roulette" app claims it can help you beat roulette.... (3:55:49): Caesars raising resort fees at three Vegas properties, Brandon calls into remainder of the show during this topic.... (4:43:58): Bally's "Power Poker" series flops badly with very low turnout.... (5:21:23): Virgin Hotels Las Vegas to open March 25.... (5:49:49): Update: Hawaii casino bill gets deferred.... (6:16:10): Massachusetts study of gamblers shows most don't know what they're doing.... (6:37:10): Jeannie calls in to talk about a weird Ultimate Texas Holdem variant she found at Sahara.... (7:07:32): Los Angeles area 90-year-old man takes out ad in Wall Street Journal to shame AT&T for bad internet service.... (7:15:07): 116-year-old woman survives COVID-19.... (7:23:41): Some scientists claim COVID-19 will never be completely gone.... (7:41:16): Tyrone from Vegas calls in to talk about his experiences with trying to get the COVID vaccine.... (7:55:42): Joe Biden claims there will be 300 million COVID vaccine doses by July 31.... (8:12:10): Chris from the Midwest calls in.... (8:26:31): CDC claims findings show COVID vaccine somewhat prevents transmission. tradershky also joins us near the end. NOTE: Brandon and Druff made a $20 pizza bet regarding whether one of the major hotel chains charges for parking in 2021.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 02/05/2021 - The End of the Grudge

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:20:28 mark): Doug Polk defeats Daniel Negreanu in heads up match by fairly wide margin.... (0:48:36): Negreanu has different story about tanking strategy than people were claiming.... (1:11:23): Polk claims he will go on two podcasts, but Druff explains why PFA won't apply to be one of them.... (1:22:54): Polk says he will not do more heads up matches, citing hatred of poker.... (1:30:28): Will this match's end also mean the end of the Polk/Negreanu feud?.... (1:39:23): Chris Moneymaker signs with ACR.... (1:55:00): Veronica Brill to host "Poker After Dark".... (2:05:10): Vegas legend Tony Bennett has Alzheimer's.... (2:23:36): 888 Holdings, software provider for, shooting for Pennsylvania linked site by 2021 WSOP.... (2:41:56): Prizm Outlets aka Fashion Outlets mall at Primm, NV sold at auction for surprising price.... (2:58:53): Brandon "Drexel" Gerson joins the show for the remainder.... (3:16:52): Dutch Pokerstars players to get massive tax refund due to ruling.... (3:44:04): Power failure at Circa has very surprising cause.... (3:51:41): COVID numbers on the decline in US since early January peak.... (4:05:54): Why the obsession with deep cleaning, given what we know?.... (4:20:11): "COVID tongue" new coronavirus symptom to watch out for.... (4:27:00): Brandon and Druff banter about the Superbowl, the upcoming baseball season, Saved by the Bell, and other random topics.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/29/2021 - The Four Polyps of the Apocalypse

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:18:58): Druff describes his experience with his colonoscopy, and the surprising result he got.... (0:47:23): Call with Master Scalir.... (1:08:06): Week of internet financial influence: Reddit board sends hedge funds into turmoil, Dogecoin pumped up.... (1:52:11): Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu get into flap over limping & stalling during match.... (2:21:14): Christopher Mitchell's baccarat scam cracking as angry customers rebel.... (2:58:28): Mike Matusow accuses Scott Ball of scamming.... (3:36:39): Dan Bekavac of Midway Poker Tour plays tournament despite having recently stiffed players of $50.... (3:45:44): Update: Biological mother of kid raised by Kristin Ting, shows up on Allen Kessler's Facebook, tells her side.... (4:16:19): Wire Act re-re-interpreted by US Appeals Court -- very favorable to online poker & online casinos.... (4:32:20): Pokerstars launches in Michigan, experiences first-day fail.... (4:44:50): Gambling world figure Shane Sigsbee accuses Jon Martinelli of a premeditated $500k sportsbetting scam.... (5:03:49): WSOP bracelet winner Ivan Deyra banned for multiaccounting on Winamax.... (5:23:51): World Poker Tour sold to private investment firm for $78M.... (5:32:44): New Jersey online sportsbooks accused of offering bonuses to customers to not withdraw.... (5:48:34): Vaccine distribution continues to have issues.... (6:08:34): New York COVID deaths in nursing homes are apparently double of what was believed.... (6:28:54): Double and triple masking? Is it ridiculous, or a good idea?.... (6:34:48): Transgender doctor Rachel Levine selected as assistant health secretary, but has ugly recent past involving COVID. tradershky co-hosts during beginning and end of show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/17/2021 - So Long, Sheldon!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:14:57 mark): Mike Postle's attorney Steven Lowe dismissed by judge as his counsel, Veronica Brill files anti-SLAPP motion..... (0:36:29): Sheldon Adelson dead at age 87.... (1:04:05): Netherlands woman releases "gender neutral playing cards".... (1:31:26): Annie Duke featured in cringey Forbes article.... (2:11:46): Daniel Negreanu goes on winning streak, then gives some back against Doug Polk.... (2:20:57): Australian sportsbettor sues site after mistaken line wins him $120k, but he doesn't get paid.... (2:33:12): Colorado officially kills $100 max bet limit, change to take place starting May 1.... (2:46:48): Degenerate NHL player Evander Kane files for bankruptcy despite signing $49 million contract in 2018.... (3:08:25): $13 million stolen by employee of South Korean casino.... (3:16:30): Popular old-school poker player Howard "Tahoe" Andrew passes away at 86.... (3:36:55): Chinese vaccine CoronaVac is only 50% effective.... (3:47:26): WHO finally investigating Wuhan for lab being responsible for COVID-19.... (3:55:50): State and local governments flub vaccine.... (4:18:45): Call from female forum user "splitthis"

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/09/2021 - Looking for Love in All the Wrong Tweets

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:20:49): Check-in with Ken Scalir..... (0:36:12): Vanessa Kade under fire after tweet suggests most men in poker are degenerate losers.... (1:09:31): Prahlad Friedman's ex-wife dropping serious accusations against him on Twitter.... (1:27:54): Damian Salas wins WSOP Main heads up match, continues recent trend of older champions.... (1:47:22): Veronica Brill has retained famous first amendment lawyer Marc Randazza in Postle case.... (2:06:03): Correction: Voting system for Poker HOF wasn't quite what Druff thought, but still bad.... (2:15:25): Vegas New Years Eve celebration brings COVID case spike back to the city.... (2:30:12): Mojave Desert & Las Vegas History, Part 5: Goodsprings, Nevada.... (2:57:18): New Philadelphia-area casino springing up.... (3:25:51): What conclusions should be made from the dreadful Capitol Riots on January 6?.... (4:15:52): Twitter bans Trump, Parler banned from app stores. What does this mean?.... (5:09:35): Biden makes baffling decision regarding COVID vaccine's second dose.... (5:25:25): Failures in vaccine distribution causes mounting pressure to prioritize elderly.... (5:34:35): The kids are alright? No immediate plans to vaccinate those under 16.... (5:54:55): Banter with Brandon and tradershky.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/02/2021 - World Series of Negative Testing

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2021

    (Topic begins at 0:20:37 mark): WSOP Main Event final tablist Upeshka De Silva disqualified for positive COVID test, force-finished in 9th.... (0:58:08): Matt Stout draws community's ire on Twitter for making multiaccounting accusation against De Silva.... (1:21:22): WSOP "International" Main Event winner Damian Salas couldn't get into the US to play $1 million heads up freeroll.... (1:34:53): Huck Seed elected to poker HOF.... (2:06:37): Matt the Rat calls in.... (2:16:26): Seals With Clubs loses domain and goes down due to Brexit-related oversight.... (2:48:04): PokerStars and Chris Moneymaker part company after 17 years.... (3:17:27): GGPoker introduces weird "GGCares" campaign regarding bad beats and coolers.... (3:29:44): Soccer superstar Neymar back with Pokerstars as sponsored player.... (3:39:24): Caesars Rewards member has $700 of his RCs stolen, and Caesars is avoiding reimbursing him because of internal fail.... (3:55:53): Caesars sells Caesars Southern Indiana due to requirement after merger.... (4:02:40): New, more contagious version of COVID arrives in US after first appearing in UK.... (4:22:39): Has the US rollout of the vaccine really been a disaster?.... (4:38:10): What's the story with "mental illness" being experienced by 20% of those after recovering from COVID?.... (4:49:53): Druff's Jew Tip of the Week: When to ditch your dentist, and how to avoid getting scammed at a shady one.... tradershky co-hosts the first 2 hours.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/26/2020 - You Ain't Got a Thing, If You Ain't Got That Ting

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2020

    (Topic starts at 0:15:50 mark): Druff gives his thoughts on Flight Simulator 2020.... (0:35:31): Druff's son Benjamin in a battle with Roblox game after getting hacked there.... (1:03:37): Poker player Krsitin Ting in unusual legal battle to become guardian of ex-boyfriend's son.... (1:32:41): British gambler threatens to burn down casino after massive loss.... (1:44:08): Danish poker player & hacker Peter "Zupp" Jensen sentenced to 3 years in prison for cheating.... (1:53:59): Pokerstars may owe $1.3 billion to Kentucky after dead court case revived.... (2:16:39): Randy

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/18/2020 - That Dam Hoover

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2020

    (Topic begins at 0:19:58 mark): Update: Bart Hanson's battle with continues, and spills over to Twitter (featuring Bart call-in).... (1:01:29): Update: Aria dealer "Patches" officially fired for attacking player, posts apology on Facebook.... (1:16:52): Poker HOF nominees announced, including Isai Scheinberg.... (2:00:58): Mojave Desert and Las Vegas History, Part 4: The Colorado River and Hoover Dam.... (3:00:50): Ike Haxton calls for poker players to quit live poker until COVID vaccine widely released.... (3:31:58): Crown Casino in Australia closes poker room, possibly due to money laundering investigation.... (3:54:18): Chinese player chooses not to travel to WSOP final table in Czech Republic.... (4:07:22): Pennsylvania shuts down all casinos until at least January 4.... (4:14:02): Druff teaches you how to properly use bitcoin to gamble online.... (4:36:59): COVID numbers in US remain bad -- what is driving this?.... (5:22:08): Some California hospitals claim they have 0.0% ICU space, but what does that really mean?.... (5:37:15): CDC draws some criticism for recommendation to distribute vaccine first to healthcare workers before elderly.... (5:54:54): Moderna vaccine approved, here's how it's different from Pfizer's.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/12/2020 - SLAPP Dat Ass

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2020

    (Topic begins at 0:20:37 mark): Druff's attorney Eric Bensamochan comes on to talk about major developments in Mike Postle's civil case against Druff & others.... (1:22:22): Veteran poker dealer "Patches" gets in fight with unruly Aria player while dealing.... (2:03:42): Update: November ruling in 21 Blitz case goes in favor of plaintiffs.... (2:28:55): Daniel Negreanu continues getting walloped by Doug Polk, has after-game meltdown.... (2:58:28): High Stakes Poker returns for first time since 2010, featuring Gabe Kaplan and AJ Benza.... (3:07:55): Palazzo to completely close hotel, while others have shut down midweek.... (3:18:34): Former PFA guest Anna Khait makes controversial speech at right wing rally.... (3:34:33): Baccarat coaching scammer Christopher Mitchell releases ridiculous video spinning tall casino tales.... (4:05:35): Mojave Desert and Las Vegas History, Part 3: The Lake Dolores Water Park in Newberry Springs.... (4:36:47): Harrah's New Orleans to become Caesars New Orleans in major renovation ending 2024.... (5:00:13): The coronavirus numbers keep getting worse - US deaths top 300k, now over 3k per day.... (5:13:17): Bizarre CDC recommendation suggests young people to get priority for vaccine over middle-aged people.... (5:25:04): Why have COVID outcomes been worse for black and Hispanic people in US?.... tradershky co-hosts.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/04/2020 - The GG Hoedown

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2020

    (Topic starts at 0:31:50 mark): Dan Bilzerian signs as GGPoker ambassador, immediately gets into hot water after calling Vanessa Kade a "hoe".... (1:29:52): Update: Daily Mail claims Tony Hsieh accidentally died after passing out while doing nitrous oxide whippets.... (2:19:50): Update: Cheating Cubans CAUGHT at Dallas-area cardroom, thanks to PFA listener.... (2:28:35): 2+2 strangles own forum with obnoxious, persistent ad at bottom of screen.... (2:57:01): Former employee of armored car company pulls of $1.7 million burglary in broad daylight without using any weapons.... (3:08:57): Seth Palansky leaves WSOP for Conscious Gaming.... (4:03:22): Eric Baldwin gets stiffed by after his satellite win doesn't match posted payout.... (4:37:39): Anna Antimony makes staking impropriety claim against former PFA guest Clayton Jiang.... (5:01:03): Pennsylvania online slots revenue dwarfs online poker revenue, making future of legalized online poker look questionable.... (5:11:17): Record COVID-19 death, new case numbers cause major concern for months leading up to vaccine in US.... (5:49:32): Vaccine will cause major (but temporary) side effects in some -- will this be a problem?.... (6:06:31): Druff has to decide if he gets a colonoscopy in January during likely peak in COVID cases.... (6:27:16): Editorial: When voter fraud (and non-fraud) claims and common sense don't match up

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/28/2020 - The Last of the Greyhounds

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2020

    (Topic begins at 0:23:20 mark): Jeff Madsen and Bart Hanson battle on Twitter.... (0:55:18): Interview with Bart Hanson about election betting and a variety of other topics.... (2:08:22): Former Zappos CEO and downtown Vegas investor Tony Hsieh dies as a result of November 18th house fire.... (2:39:13): Nasty Venmo hack targets Erik Seidel, Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Selbst, and perhaps others.... (3:16:05): Bellagio renames famed "Bobby's Room".... (3:27:14): Doug Polk wallops Daniel Negreanu in sessions #11 and #12.... (3:43:27): Flashback: Daniel Negreanu had other high profile heads up matches back in the 2000s.... (4:19:51): Las Vegas & Mojave Desert History, Segment #2: The MGM fire of 1980.... (5:06:12): PFA member "Bincs" alleges that slot techs are "legally" rigging gas station slots in Virginia.... (5:15:20): The death of Greyhound racing in the US.... (5:46:55): Listener "Drawingdead" calls in to accuse Fox Poker of turning a blind eye to cheating.... (6:27:24): Master Scalir, Eric Bensamochan COVID updates.... (6:36:19): Ugly COVID winter likely coming for the northern hemisphere.... (6:49:58): Confusing/dishonest messaging likely fueling lack of public cooperation in US.... (7:22:39): What to expect for WSOP 2021

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/21/2020 - Amanda's Long Road Back

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2020

    NOTE: Poker Fraud Alert Radio now on Google Play Podcasts, and several other platforms.... (Topic begins at 0:28:10): Interview with Amanda Stinchecum, former PFA guest, about her past life issues.... (1:59:33): Amanda describes the Texas poker scene.... (2:17:29): Ty Stewart, head of the WSOP, explains to Pokernews why Caesars decided to do second 2020 Main Event.... (2:48:24): Gamber claims Four Queens is not interested in following up on assault he experienced in elevator there.... (3:03:27): tradershky joins show. Bill Perkins in another high-profile Twitter battle, this time involving Doug Polk.... (3:27:35): Update on Negreanu/Polk heads-up match.... (3:34:43): States shutting down casinos again due to COVID.... (3:51:18): Druff describes a crazy limit holdem hand he recently played online.... (4:10:32): Update on Master Scalir's COVID-19 situation.... (4:20:48): Moderna claims its vaccine is 94.5% effective, Pfizer upgrades theirs to 95%.... (4:49:06): Major spikes throughout the US create spring-like panic, hoarding, new restrictions.... (5:10:09): Editorial - Masks and the illusion of COVID security.... (5:54:00): Brandon calls in to banter for 2 1/2 hours.... (6:31:50): Master Scalir joins the call as well, and stays on until the end.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/13/2020 - World Series of Asterisks

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2020

    (Topic begins at 0:24:36 mark): Master Scalir has COVID-19.... (0:51:31): Biden wins the election, but other Democrats didn't do so well. What does this mean?.... (1:22:31): Druff goes over his remaining bets on the House of Representatives.... (1:32:55): How will online gambling change under a Biden Administration?.... (1:41:30): WSOP announces a $10k Main Event will take place in 2020, but with some weird twists.... (2:04:37): Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk get off to an up-and-down start in their heads-up match.... (2:19:13): Vanessa Selbst makes tweet about assassinating the President.... (2:35:57): San Manuel Casino in California accidentally issues freeplay worth 100x intended value for all customers.... (3:09:34): Ryan Feldman takes new job to bring live streaming poker to Hustler Casino in Los Angeles.... (3:35:31): Ballot measures regarding gambling expansion do well in the election.... (3:52:01): DraftKings in controversy over Florida high limit bettor using proxy service to place bets on New Jersey site.... (4:06:40): Pfizer claims its new vaccine is 90% effective.... (4:47:34): A real look at COVID death stats by age, from the CDC.... (5:16:03): Are hospitals really going to run out of room in middle America COVID hotspots?

    Poker Fraud Alert Election Special - Audio Simulcast - 11/03/2020

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2020

    This is the audio simulcast of the 8-hour video show we did on election day, featuring PLOL, Drexel, Dan Druff, khalwat, tradershky, Daly, matos, Jean Gluck, adamantium, sonatine, DaGreek23, and others!

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/30/2020 - The Restraining Order From Hell

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2020

    (Topic starts at 0:06:13 mark): Announcement about PFA YouTube Election Show on November 3 at 3pm.... (0:40:14): Interview with Lee Bradbury (AHoosierA) about his ordeal with Christopher Mitchell's frivolous restraining order against him.... (2:29:04): Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu set for heads up match on November 4, sidebetting is heavy.... (2:59:06): Old school poker character Sam Grizzle passes away.... (3:28:44): Interview with forum member "Kn1sh", who claims two Cubans are cheating live PLO games throughout the US.... (4:04:02): Controversial WSOP Main Event winner Jonathan Duhamel in tax battle in home country of Canada, which may have major implications for other Canadian poker pros.... (4:38:38): Sheldon Adelson might sell Venetian and Palazzo.... (4:55:00): Late stat change costs DFS player almost a million dollars.... (5:02:00): DraftKings refunds sportsbettors for blown call in Penn State game.... (5:14:38): WSOP, PokerstsrsNJ, PartyPokerNJ, all have massive geolocation failure.... (5:29:26): Dan Bilzerian responds to critical YouTuber Tom Nash regarding his company IGNITE.... (6:17:02): VitalVegas wins anti-SLAPP motion, gets lawsuit from Sahara dismissed.... (6:26:12): Update on Dustin "neverwin" Woolf and his recent plans.... (6:55:18): 12-to-30-year-olds are getting the coronavirus at a fast pace in the US. Is this good or bad?.... (7:23:47): Editorial: What is fake news, and who should judge it?.... tradershky co-hosts in final 2.5 hours.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/18/2020 - Don't You Dare Cut That Deck

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2020

    (Topic starts at 0:10:07 mark): Interview with Clayton Jiang, who claims he and others got scammed for big money at a live, private poker game.... (1:24:24): BetOnline getting hammered by brutal DDoS attack or hacking, site repeatedly going down.... (1:45:40): Doug Polk goes on Twitter trolling spree.... (2:00:36): Hackers playing poker for people's stolen identities.... (2:14:16): Gambler hits amazing 20-bet parlay to turn $1 into $680k.... (2:27:30): A look at some questionable YouTube slot machine personalities.... (3:11:14): Encore Las Vegas closing midweek due to weak business.... (3:36:29): Mojave and Las Vegas History - The Story Behind Zzyzx Road.... (3:55:06): YouTuber Tom Nash claims Dan Bilzerian and his company IGNITE are nearing bankruptcy.... (4:16:31): Twitter deletes tweet from Trump adviser Scott Atlas saying masks don't work -- but is he wrong?.... (4:46:55): William Hill offering $500 free bet for those physically in New Jersey.... Brandon joins at 4:50:30 mark, tradershky joins about an hour later. Last 3 hours of the show are informal random banter.

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