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This is a poker podcast that breaks the mold of boredom and forges its own path to both inform and entertain! Todd "Dan Druff" Witteles and his unique group of friends unite for their all-too-honest and blunt commentary on the poker community. This show is a mixture of discussion of real poker-wor…

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    • 6h 1m AVG DURATION
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    Latest episodes from PokerFraudAlert - Druff & Friends

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/16/2023 - Just What the Mister Doctor Ordered

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2023 414:57

    Topic begins at (0:13:17) mark: Druff invited to Commerce party and freeroll for influencers, meets Robbi Jade Lew.... (0:48:29): Eric Persson has fellow player "Mr. Dr. Batman" banned from Hustler Casino Live over a joke tip jar -- Batman is on with Druff to tell his story.... (2:07:23): Poker Bunny (Paulina Loeliger) is pregnant.... (2:35:34): A guy on Facebook tried to sell Druff a massive amount of MGM MLife credits for super cheap.... (3:16:52): Druffytime Theater: Druff was followed out by an angry fast food employee in 2021.... (4:39:04): Jami Lafay in another social media battle, this time against fellow Native American female player "Pokerhontas".... (5:06:16): Pro poker player Thomas Zanot wins $6.45 million Pai Gow jackpot at Flamingo, leaves monster tip.... (5:27:30): Adele is filling seats with Caesars employees in order to make her show seem successful.... (5:49:58): Major offshore sportsbook Red44 shut down by feds, 11 Americans indicted.... (6:01:08): Australian site "Marley's House of Sport" turns out to be the scam that many suspected it was.... (6:20:08): Legislators attempting to bring live poker to Hawaii, where all gambling is prohibited.... Mr. Dr. Batman co-hosts first 2.5 hours of the show, and tradershky co-hosts the last 2 hours.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/06/2023 - Dave Lerman's Final Act

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2023 383:48

    Topic begins at (0:22:05) mark: Dave Lerman, friend of Druff's and amusing character who appeared several times on PFA Radio, passed away at age 55.... (1:17:10): Call from Matt the Rat about various topics.... (1:33:51): Jerermy Ausmus lost heads up to Jared Strauss in October $7777 WSOP online event, and now says that he found out WSOP banned Strauss right after.... (2:31:09): Daniel Negreanu posts overall tournament results for past 10 years, gets into bizarre battle with unhinged Jordan Cristos.... (3:08:57): BetMGM / GlobalPay bank theft update: San Diego based crime ring was behind the scheme.... (3:16:12): David Copperfield's show in Vegas is said to be one of the worst -- but how has this happened?.... (3:38:38): Vanessa Alvarez, aka "Mamacita", accused of scamming 2+2 member out of $17k.... (4:02:23): Jami Lafay calls out smelly poker player, Twitter says she's mean.... (4:25:18): Psycho stabs four people at Washington poker room, in apparent unprovoked attack.... (4:40:18): Former site of Steven Paddock shooting tragedy will likely become an Indian casino.... (4:47:00): FTX update -- Caroline Ellison's testimony released, SBF is still tweeting.... (5:05:55): Daniel Friedberg has been cooperating with the feds since mid-November regarding the FTX matter.... (5:20:03): How much should you worry about new dominant COVID variant XBB 1.5?

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/24/2022 - Rest In Peace, Sir... I Mean Ma'am!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 26, 2022 430:06

    Topic begins at (0:23:50) mark: Druff hit by weird ear pressure issue which ends up delaying radio a few days.... (0:38:50): PFA member & regular radio listener IAmGreek has probably passed away -- and Druff made a startling discovery about the person behind the account.... (0:52:26): Hustler Casino Live finally releases investigative report on themselves, and Bryan Sagbigsal's arrest warrant is published.... (2:15:48): Tyrone calls in, and asks Druff two personal questions.... (2:31:54): BetMGM acknowledges May 2022 data breach which allowed players' personal info to be stolen -- is it related to the recent thefts?.... (2:45:47): Druffytime Christmas Theater: A Christmas DirecTV Story.... (3:20:55): Ethan "Rampage" Yau wins Wynn $25k High Roller event on second bullet, refunds first bullet buyers, Twitter controversy ensues.... (3:51:45): Social media slot player "D Lucky" charging people over $1700 to spend 10 minutes with him -- is this a scam?.... (5:07:28): Andy Stacks grabbed $10k worth of opponent's chips on Hustler Casino Live -- was it intentional?.... (5:27:35): Livestream poker player Ramsey Doumani passes away at age 34.... (5:42:41): Former UB shill Prahlad Friedman is popping off on Twitter about poker cheating.... (6:03:25): FTX update - Caroline Ellison and Gary Wang plead guilty, SBF arrested.... (6:41:49): For the second time in 2022, a Rolex was stolen from a Vegas strip hotel room, and shoved inside a vagina.... (6:54:55): Old lady wins $1.6 million jackpot at Harrah's Atlantic City, and tips $77,000.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/11/2022 - Rigging Nemo

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2022 420:00

    Topic begins at (0:26:12) mark: Female chess YouTuber Qiyu "Nemo" Zhou holds contest to give away $12k WPT Wynn seat, and then rigs it for her boyfriend Alex "Thallo" Epstein.... (2:09:37): Shaun Deeb, Ryan Laplante battle on Twitter over yet another markup debate.... (2:46:13): Several victims of the BetMGM bank theft scheme are now getting obnoxious collections letters.... (3:16:45): Former UB cheating coverup lawyer Daniel Friedberg added to class action suit against FTX.... (3:51:01): Caroline Ellison isn't hiding in Hong Kong -- she's venturing out in the open in New York City.... (4:05:07): Why is SBF doing so many media appearances, and what will it mean for his future?.... (4:15:35): New controversy on Hustler Casino Live, as Yuuki "Sashimi" Kaida appears to expose bare breasts on stream.... (4:43:39): Andy Frankenberger complains on Twitter that a simple breakfast cost him $100 through Wynn room service.... (4:54:07): Former Hustler Casino Live employee Bryan Sagbigsal now has a warrant out for his arrest, regarding chip theft.... (5:02:00): Former Dodgers player Yasiel Puig now charged by feds for lying about a bookie he was betting with.... (5:38:53): Horseshoe Las Vegas -- the former Bally's -- will not offer 100x odds on craps like other Horseshoe casinos.... (6:38:18): New CDC COVID graphing tool proves that the virus is killing fewer people than it ever has.... tradershky and khalwat co-host.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/27/2022 - Pay That Mandi Her Money

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2022 288:23

    This is Part 2 of the show which aired on 11/26-11/27/22. Topic begins at (0:04:30) mark: Minnesota poker player "Mandi Minx" wins $241k jackpot on Ignition, gets account unfairly frozen for weeks with no answers, but Druff comes in to assist. Interview with Mandi.... (1:41:46): Joey Ingram and Norman Chad in ugly dispute, Joey threatened on his stream to punch Norman in the ribs.... (2:18:22): Sam Bankman-Fried sends out a bunch of controversial tweets.... (2:38:52): NBC News contacts UB cheating figures Russ Hamilton, Travis Makar, and Daniel Friedberg regarding Friedberg's FTX involvement.... (3:00:42): Former poker cheater Haseeb Qureshi did Effective Altruism speeches with SBF and Caroline Ellison.... (3:06:11): Alvea, where Cate Hall is COO, was somewhat backed by SBF, but they've scrubbed it from their website.... (3:14:39): SBF bought tiny Farmington Bank in Washington, in what has parallels to Full Tilt's SunFirst Bank in 2009-10.... (3:34:00): Genesis Global Capital and Gemini struggling after FTX debacle, both somewhat in danger.... (3:48:07): Tom Brady subject of criticism over 2021 FTX commercial.... (3:54:06): Mainstream media has been doing puff pieces on SBF and Caroline -- but why?.... (4:02:54): Liquidator of FTX says he has never seen such an absence of corporate controls in his entire career.... (4:07:28): Adele finally performs at Caesars Palace, after tons of controversy over previous failed residency.... (4:23:28): Hellmuth-promoted Bitcoin Latinum sued in California -- is Hellmuth himself next?

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/26/2022 - Don't Play, Lose $10k Anyway

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2022 189:58

    This is part 1 of the long show which aired on 11/26-11/27/22. Part 2 will follow a few days after. This portion only covers the BetMGM/Viejas/Global Payments Bank Theft scandal which victimized Druff and several other poker pros for up to $10k each. Topic begins at (0:15:10) mark: Druff hit with $10k bank account theft through BetMGM, later discovers it's a major fraud scheme aimed at poker pros.... (0:32:52): Druff starts investigation, calls BetMGM, where he never had an account.... (0:48:59): Druff calls Global Payments, the payment processor he believed might be partially at fault for allowing this theft to take place.... (1:01:21): After learning exit strategy to get the money off BetMGM and into the fraudsters' hands, Druff contacts PayPal and Venmo.... (1:33:40): Are you vulnerable, too? Druff explains who could potentially see thefts from their bank accounts via this scheme.... (1:40:46): Poker media and mainstream media take notice of the scandal, featuring Druff front-and-center in the stories.... (1:50:07): Reeling from bad publicity, Global Payments frantically calls Druff on a Saturday morning to make sure he got his money back.... (2:08:00): Has Borgata and BetMGM dropped Global Payments for the time being, due to this incident?.... (2:23:32): Draftkings has its own money theft scandal which may be related to this one.... (2:50:48): Where do we stand right now?.... Part 2, which will be over 5 hours, will be released a few days after this one.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/13/2022 - Poker Powerball

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2022 276:46

    This episode was split into two parts, and this portion is everything but the FTX scandal stuff, which was released as a separate episode. Topic begins at (0:15:44) mark: Republicans tremendously underperform in midterms, Druff gives his opinion on election and Republican Party.... (0:54:42): California sportsbetting propositions 26 and 27 fail miserably.... (1:13:40): Listener "garrett" (not Adelstein) calls in, and Druffs gives him some life advice.... (1:24:36): Alan Mendelson, the original founder of the forum which eventually became Druff's Vegas Casino Talk, passed away at age 70.... (1:48:39): Druff fat-fingers college football bet, accidentally wagers 5x what he intended -- what was the result?.... (2:09:21): Shaun Deeb led attempt for poker players to win record $2 billion Powerball, bringing their odds down to 1-in-6,493.... (2:30:03): Update: Sentencing of Jeffrey Morris who murderered of Susie Zhao.... (2:38:21): Update: Six eBay-employed stalkers of Massachusetts family sentenced in recent months.... (3:01:06): "Mattress Mack" wins $75 million on Astros 2022 World Series bet, setting a sportsbetting record, but is there more to the story?.... (3:15:51): Formula 1 Race will take place on Las Vegas strip on November 18, causing hotel rates to skyrocket.... (3:25:00): Massachusetts Gaming claims Encore Boston isn't hiring enough women.... (3:38:46): Second COVID infection usually more harsh than the first? New study says so.... tradershky and khalwat co-host.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/14/2022 - Scammin' Sam and Sweet Caroline

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2022 207:15

    This is a special episode covering the FTX Crypto Exchange Scandal. An episode featuring other subjects will be released in a few days. Topic begins at (0:01:52) mark: Intro and general discussion of FTX Crypto Exchange crash, and its main perpetrator, CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.... (1:10:25): Caroline Ellison, Sam's polyamorous, sometimes-girlfriend, was the main accomplice to the scam.... (1:56:51): Former Ultimatebet lawyer and coverup architect Daniel Friedberg was the compliance officer of FTX -- a look back at his scumbaggery.... (2:37:56): Is this the beginning of the end for cryptocurrencies?.... (3:06:19): Are other crypto exchanges going to also collapse soon? Could the Tether stablecoin crash?.... (3:16:03): Druff talks about a girl he met online in the 1980s who reminds him a lot of Caroline Ellison.... khalwat joins Druff near the end of the show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/04/2022 - I'm Going to Disneyland

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2022 402:03

    Topic begins at (0:19:14) mark: Druff predicts 1994-like red wave in 2022 midterms coming up.... (0:35:57): Druff goes to Disneyland for the first time in almost 7 years, gives his impression & tips.... (1:19:39): Rip's wife reverses course, claims to believe him, and goes at it with Garrett and Doug Polk.... (1:56:51): Was there really a car recently unearthed from 1992 with the license plate "LEW J4"?.... (2:00:54): Arrest warrant issued for chip thief Bryan Sagbigsal, but police can't find him.... (2:15:38): Former Live at the Bike and Hustler Casino Live employee Patrick Curran speaks out on Twitter.... (2:35:33): Aaron "Daliman" O'Rourke claims he was scammed by Quincy "Q" Collins out of $4,000.... (3:23:17): Career thief wins $1.732 million from Isle Waterloo (Iowa Caesars property) after security fails to stop fellow patron attacking him after theft of player points.... (3:49:58): Massachusetts man pleads guilty to illegal sports betting and extortion.... (4:00:33): Three states attempt to crack down on NFT online casino ownership scheme.... (4:08:00): Kalshi seeks ability to allow Americans to bet on politics, similar to soon-to-be-closed Predictit.... (4:32:10): Cincinnati Reds legend -- and banned baseball figure -- Pete Rose will place Ohio's first legal sportsbet on January 1.... (4:42:01): Casino tycoon Tilman Fertitta bought 6% of Wynn Resorts -- what does this mean?.... (4:49:11): Chinese developer accused of giving Los Angeles councilman casino chips, cash, and hookers in order to get major project approved.... (5:02:59): Shocking, mostly suppressed data shows that almost nobody under 65 without major preexisting conditions is dying of COVID in US.... (5:26:02): Did social media figure Julie Powell really die of "Black Hairy Tongue"?.... (5:42:43): Author Emily Oster proposed a "pandemic amnesty" for mistakes made during COVID times -- is this reasonable?.... (6:03:38): Druff explains new COVID variants BQ.1 and BQ1.1, and whether you should be concerned.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/24/2022 - Sunday Afternoon at the Stadium

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2022 364:07

    Topic begins at (0:03:58): PFA member "Daly" makes generous donation to PFA, almost results in $9000 win for future PFA contest.... (0:22:14): Robbi Jade Lew and Jacob "Rip" Chavez seen on TV looking like a couple at the October 23rd Raiders game, Rip's wife speaking out.... (1:03:13): Reddit thread making allegations about Ryan Feldman sees new responses, including from former commentator Limon.... (1:51:53): Nick Vertucci melting down on Twitter, attacking Berkey and then Twitter troll "ThePokerKaren".... (2:19:14): Nick Vertucci was sued in 2014 related to his real estate seminars -- but it's not for the reason you would think.... (2:29:45): Robbi plays WPT Five Diamond at Bellagio, cashes as "last woman standing"... (2:41:22): Alex Jacob aggressively defending Robbi on Twitter, getting backlash from community.... (3:20:26): Garrett Adelstein does LA Times interview, claims to have quit poker for the time being.... (3:29:56): Who let the dogs out?! Nick Howard claims he ate dog food in 2012 after going broke playing poker.... (3:45:07): High stakes poker pro robbed in parking lot of Doug Polk's The Lodge in Texas.... (3:59:28): IGT prevails in lawsuit against DOJ, with ruling that 1961 Wire Act does not apply to non-sportsbet gambling.... (4:16:44): Oops! A week after PokerGo announcing ban on two accused cheaters, admitted cheater Martin Zamani wins one of their events.... (4:27:25): Sean McCormack moves up the MGM chain, leaves as Aria poker director.... (4:42:45): launches in Ontario, using GGPoker software.... (4:50:22): ZED Run update: How are things doing now that NFTs are crashing?.... (5:05:03): Should you get the bivalent COVID vaccine? Are new variants BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 going to be a big problem?

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/14/2022 - Robbi, Rip, and Bryan's Chips

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2022 466:07

    We are continuing deep coverage of the Robbi Jade Lew cheating allegations at the Hustler. Topic begins at (0:15:49): Recap of the Robbi situation, and where we stood as of last week.... (0:23:01): Hustler Casino Live employee Bryan Sagbigsal caught stealing $15k from Robbi Jade Lew's stack, just hours after controversial hand.... (1:06:18): Garrett Adelstein releases two controversial statements, doubling down on original cheating allegations.... (2:07:40): Is Robbi simply aiming for social media fame?.... (2:19:21): Some people believe Bryan's message to Robbi was actually written by Robbi herself... (03:01:22): Stream player "DGAF" now under suspicion, but is it fair to accuse him?.... (3:08:16): Movie producer Julie Yorn makes allegation against Robbi involving angleshot at Bicycle Casino, leading to argument on Chicago Joey's show.... (3:40:04): Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci both facing criticism over past allegations of wrongdoing.... (4:10:51): Mike Postle sounds off on Facebook regarding the Robbi situation, and hints at a documentary about himself being near release.... (4:27:21): California Bureau of Gambling Control clears Hustler Casino to keep operating streamed games, but what does this really mean?.... (4:37:44): Matt Berkey and others insist Hustler Casino Live should shut down until this is decided.... (4:51:07): Robbi takes a lie detector test, but was there something suspicious about the entire process?.... (5:09:14): Robbi changes her mind, decides to press charges against Bryan after all.... (5:30:03): Eric Bensamochan leading lawsuit against Amazon involving unfair seizures of sellers' money.... (5:56:09): Controversial Watauga Social Lounge in Texas raided by police during $100k guaranteed tournament, players ticketed -- we interview Jason "The Mayor" who was there when it all happened.... (6:37:47): Update: Accused murderer Jeffery Morris finally went to trial over killing of poker player Susie Zhao.... (6:56:21): Seemingly low stakes player wins WSOP Online High Roller event, sparks suspicion of ghosting.... (7:22:52): PokerSasha aka Sasha Liu alleges GGPoker fired her as ambassador because she is a married mom of twin boys... tradershky and khalwat co-host at various points during the show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/03/2022 - Robbing Robbi

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2022 417:02

    This episode is a Poker Fraud Alert Radio Special, only covering one topic -- the controversial J4o hand at Hustler Casino live, featuring Garrett Adelstein and Robbi Jade Lew. Throughout the show, Druff plays clips, and analyzes everything. Coverage starts at the (0:15:08) mark: Background of Hustler Casino Live and its similarity to the 2019 Stones cheating scandal.... (0:32:45): Audio of the controversial hand, and Garrett's reaction.... (1:16:51): Druff's impression of Garrett and Robbi prior to this hand.... (1:28:21): Robbi somehow gives the $135k she won from Garrett back to him, but claims she was pressured into it.... (1:58:00): Robbi appears in an interview on Hustler Casino Live to explain herself.... (2:10:32): Garrett tweets why he was sure Robbi was cheating, and defends taking the money.... (2:20:59): Call from Darren "Beanz" Attebery, who reveals two very interesting (and not previously known) facts about Robbi.... (2:56:48): Call from "Patrick from the 507", who suggests that Robbi might have been trying to become a social media star via her appearance.... (3:14:21): Hustler Casino Lives makes various statements on Twitter.... (3:37:45): Robbi's Hendonmob results suddenly get partially redacted, Druff investigates, and gets to the bottom of several mysteries regarding Robbi herself.... (3:56:26): Robbi appears on Chicago Joey's show to explain herself.... (4:57:44): Robbi's husband Charles Lew comes onto Joey's show and claims he will sue Garrett and maybe others.... (5:43:28): Druff gives his not-so-expert legal opinion on whether a defamation case could succeed here.... (5:52:18): Druff explains whether or not the RFID card setup at Hustler could really be potentially hacked.... (6:04:52): Hustler Casino Live co-owner Nick Vertucci comes on Joey's show to fire back at Charles Lew.... (6:23:40): Druff wraps up everything, and gives his prediction regarding where things will progress going forward.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 09/24/2022 - Guaranteed Screw Job

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2022 336:10

    Topic begins at (0:18:29) mark: Daniel Negreanu tweets out link to PFA Radio after enjoying last week's Ebony Kenney segment.... (0:35:52): Donna Morton, the "evil chat mod" from last week's Ebony Kenney story, speaks out on Twitter.... (0:54:01): Major update from Eric Bensamochan regarding PayPal case.... (1:13:44): Venetian cancels guaranteed prizepool events after poor showing in early events of "Stairway to Millions" series.... (1:38:30): Druff pledges to lead effort to lobby Nevada Gaming to clamp down on casinos which stiff players out of guaranteed prizepools.... (2:28:46): PokerGO bans accused cheaters Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler from its events.... (2:50:38): Gambling-related scam on Twitch leads platform to ban all "unlicensed casino gambling content".... (3:27:47): Class action lawsuit seeks millions from MGM over cashout tickets which will not pay change.... (3:55:05): Druffytime Theater - The Cosmopolitan Identity Program does battle with Druff in April 2022.... (4:17:06): Brett Butz of PokerPaint hit with cease and desist notices from Pokernews and Pokerstars.... (4:40:47): Pennsylvania casino fined for failing to prevent minors from gambling there.... (4:55:41): Poker pro Jan Suchanek, old school poker/gambling figure Cat Hulbert, and Triton co-founder Ivan Leow all pass away.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 09/16/2022 - Ebony, Joey, and the Evil Chat Mod

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 320:03

    Topic begins at (0:02:39) mark: Colonel Nigel Fabersham gives a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.... (0:23:22): Ebony Kenney wins almost $2 million on Phil Nagy's stake at Triton tournament in Cyprus, but gets into controversy on Joey Ingram's show.... (2:48:33): A scammer sold one of Tony Hsieh's Las Vegas buildings without having any connection to the Zappos founder's estate.... (3:06:32): Poker dudes look like a lady? Vanessa Kade alleges ladies event on GGPoker was full of men.... (3:22:01): Mojave Desert and Las Vegas History: California City -- a planned large city which was actually 60-year scam.... (4:25:18): Blackjack dealer in Buffalo shows players her hole cards, allows easy winnings, gets arrested.... (4:32:25): Brazen thief belly-flops onto craps table to steal $19k worth of chips at El Cortez in Las Vegas.... (4:39:04): Vegas police choose not to charge thief of $1600 cashout ticket, after he claims his rent was due.... (4:51:16): Second Mafia-run New York gambling operation busted within past few weeks.... (5:02:12): Michigan bank accused of discrimination after it accuses 71-year-old black woman of depositing a fraudulent casino check which was actually real.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 09/08/2022 - Public Administration and Elimination

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2022 452:56

    Topic begins at (0:20:17) mark: Breaking - Clark County official Robert Telles arrested -- did he murder veteran reporter Jeff German, who investigated his wrongdoing this spring?.... (1:48:01): Druff does a long breakdown of Bryn Kenney's appearance on Chicago Joey's show.... (4:10:41): Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut announces major expansion.... (4:16:00): Veteran poker pro Patrik Antonius makes amazing call in $25k High Roller event.... (4:34:43): Australia considering taking action after staggering average lost in Victoria is nearly $US 2000 per player.... (4:42:12): Three arrested in Europe for cheating poker game on cruise ship.... (5:13:08): Another Vegas casino to close soon.... (5:20:48): khalwat and Druff debate about various COVID topics.... (6:04:06): Druff lists COVID mistakes in the US, 2020 to 2022.... (7:07:53): Druff hits first ever poker jackpot after nearly 22 years of play.... Brandon, tradershky, and khalwat co-host various parts of the show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/31/2022 - The Mystery of the Phantom Swap

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2022 378:40

    Topic begins at (0:16:33) mark: 2022 WSOP Main Event winner Espen Jorstad accused of welching on a 3% swap worth $300k, but is the accuser telling the truth?.... (1:13:15): Druff gets a Twitter debate started on whether Vanessa Selbst's table behavior should keep her out of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame.... (2:04:25): Women's Poker Association giving trophy for Reno event which looks like a vagina.... (2:14:21): Jean-Robert Bellande wins a historic $800k on Hustler Casino Live stream.... (2:41:10): Blond Versus Blond: Veronica Brill vents about Vanessa Kade while on Nick Vertucci's show.... (3:16:04): Call from listener Tyrone.... (3:20:10): Druffytime Theater: khalwat and Druff talk about life online in the 1980s.... (4:34:32): Update: More information has come out regarding the $100 million armored truck jewelry heist in Frazier Park, CA.... (4:58:45): Methy looking woman bangs trucker in casino parking lot for $20, forgets underwear in truck, robs him.... (5:14:03): Luxor has a challenge where you get your food free if you can eat a massive meal -- is it doable?.... (5:34:50): Feds bust Mafia-run underground gambling operations in New York City.... (5:44:39): Nevada Gaming Commission puts violent pimp into state's "black book", banning him from all casinos.... khalwat co-hosts most of the show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/23/2022 - Propeller Head

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 503:24

    Topic begins at (0:17:59) mark: Druff deals with tough hack by Russians which threatened to force PFA down.... (0:33:39): PFA listener calls in to discuss Laughlin "boat rental damage" scam which victimized him, and which also exists in multiple cities around the US.... (1:53:52): Dueling propositions 26 and 27 both seek to legalize sportsbetting in California -- which one does Druff support?.... (2:38:44): Sapphire strip club in Vegas looking to be first major strip club in city to have gaming machines.... (03:03:04): Conservative troll Alex Stein disrupts Las Vegas city council meeting.... (3:15:38): Call from listener "goodfella".... (3:28:45): Mojave Desert and Las Vegas History: Caesars Palace.... (4:29:42): GGPoker runs bizarre "combined stacks forward" format, which seems to majorly benefit deep-pocketed pros & stables.... (4:56:48): Five years after shooting, Mandalay Bay renumbering floors near the room where Stephen Paddock committed his crimes.... (5:09:25): Man at hacker convention "DEFCON" ejected from Paris Las Vegas room by private SWAT team for suspicion of having weapon.... (6:13:00): Two hookers steal $35k Rolex watch from man at Cosmopolitan who let them use his room to "rest".... (6:27:45): Shootout takes place at Wildhorse Casino in Oregon after man attempts to rob cage.... (6:39:35): Brandon "Drexel" Gerson joins the show.... (6:53:07): Casinos and the state of Nevada make a fortune on unredeemed "less than a dollar" tickets.... (7:57:39): Amsterdam-style pot lounges coming to Las Vegas

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/14/2022 - Grayson the Grifter

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2022 301:31

    Topic begins at the (0:20:25) mark: Former teen actor Grayson Hunter Goss accused of scamming poker player Ethan "Rampage" Yau, YouTuber Ludwig, several others.... (1:46:38): Las Vegas property manager accused in court of requiring struggling mom to sign "sex contract" before moving into the home she rented.... (2:07:35): Political betting site "PredictIt" in hot water with US government, likely to go down in February 2023.... (2:55:58): Three poker players arrested, charged in idiotic scheme to bend cards at Las Vegas table game.... (3:10:56): Mojave Desert & Las Vegas History: The frequent flooding of The Linq parking lot is intentional -- and dates back over 60 years.... (3:49:10): Las Vegas man charged with defrauding bettors in $8.5 million sportsbetting handicapping scheme.... (4:00:16): Bellagio security rescues puppy trapped in hot car in garage for 2 hours, arrests owner.... (4:15:29): Gambler mugged after flashing $54k win in Florida.... (4:28:06): FBI violated warrants in order to seize contents of private safe deposit boxes in Beverly Hills.... (4:49:10): to allow Pennsylvania and Michigan players to join some Nevada/New Jersey tournaments in the fall.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/07/2022 - I Guarantee It

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 376:34

    Topic begins at (0:00:00) mark: Druff memorializes Vin Scully, who passed away this week.... (0:38:08): Hustler Casino removes $250k guarantee from tournament midway, huge controversy erupts.... (01:50:02): Armored car outside of Hustler is target of robbery, shootout.... (1:58:40): MGM Grand pays out only $1500 for $3000 guaranteed tournament.... (2:13:38): Dan Shak charged with spoofing gold market, Druff tells his own 2005 story regarding Shak and his then-wife Beth.... (2:43:20): Landon Tice embarrasses himself with cringeworthy Ignition Slots ad on Twitter.... (3:15:39): Landon Tice agrees to spend a year at Bally's/Paris for $100k.... (3:41:30): Mojave Desert & Las Vegas History: Death Valley.... (4:40:46): Fresh off cheating allegations, Bryn Kenney is an investor & ambassador for a new online poker site called "4 Poker".... (5:11:47): Vital Vegas, Druff debate on Twitter about "casino bar slowplaying" for drinks -- is it unethical?.... (5:28:11): MGM Grand Las Vegas starts weird promotion to pay grinders an hourly wage, but it has some weird twists.... (5:48:34): Mask mandates again? Will this do us any good?

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 07/23/2022 - Don't Trample On Me

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2022 290:04

    Topic begins at (0:07:06) mark: Druff makes abrupt return to Vegas to meet with radio co-hosts.... (0:23:21): Rocks thrown through MGM Grand window touches off stampede, trampling throughout the strip and the WSOP -- interview with Jason Lipiner, who was there.... (1:48:25): Interview with Scotter Clark, who was subject to odd ban/trespass due to a costume the WSOP asked him to wear.... (2:17:48): Now that it's all over, what was Druff's impression of the first year of the Bally's/Paris WSOP?.... (2:44:27): Norwegian Espen Jorstad wins Main after opponent does two epic tanks on final hands.... (2:58:59): Mason Malmuth has odd complaint about Chris "Fox" Wallace's new book, and a funny story about Mason & Druff from April 2022 also gets revealed.... (3:25:35): Update: Gutted? Adele taking a second shot at a 2022 Caesars residency in the fall.... (3:40:54): "Professional poker player" mom buys fentanyl, leaves it sitting out in her Orleans room, kid dies after taking it after she doesn't bring him to hospital.... (3:48:45): Three Las Vegas casinos to permanently close.... (3:55:39): Interview with Rich Lehman of Pop's Poker in Virginia about what is happening to poker in that state.... (4:28:10): Armored truck burglary in Frazier Park, CA nets possible $100 million score of jewels.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 07/12/2022 - The Neverending Shortstack

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2022 432:15

    Topic begins at (0:14:44) mark: Update - Eric Bensamochan, co-counsel to appeal arbitration-related ruling involving PayPal theft case.... (0:24:11): Druff plays 2022 WSOP Main Event, runs into highly unusual opponent hand.... (1:12:16): Druff stuck as perpetual shortstack at Mixed Omaha event -- does he cash?.... (1:36:59): Matt the Rat and Druff discuss Ari Engle's deep run in his first-ever Main Event cash.... (1:48:45): Did Mike Matusow make a smart bluff, or punt his chips to bust the Main?.... (2:03:11): Kentucky country girl Shelby Wells making unlikely run deep in Main Event, but somehow lacking coverage.... (2:21:08): Luke "Slay" Vrabel gets 5-year ban from WSOP overturned in time for the Main Event, thanks to assistance from unlikely party.... (2:42:29): Flop at WSOP Mystery Bounty had two of the same card on it -- then people were reportedly threatened with bans for taking pictures.... (3:00:57): Veronica Brill called nasty name at WSOP by "derogatory" guy, and both he and she got a warning... but is that the whole story?.... (3:17:06): Player in WSOP Ladies event caught sneaking fake chips onto table, but supposedly was allowed to continue & cash in event after small penalty.... (3:33:33): Scotty Nguyen in controversy after he claimed to have never received his 60k in Main Event chips, but then found them in his pocket.... (3:43:38): PFA listener Matt Glantz hits million dollar bounty prize in successful inaugural WSOP Mystery Bounty event.... (3:58:59): Tamon Nakamura accused of taking money from Adam Hendrix for $50K PPC and not playing.... (4:10:10): GGPoker, Pokerstars unleash plans to keep known online cheaters out of live events.... (4:30:35): Nice to be noticed? PFA part of WSOP credentialed media again, Druff gets invited to GGPoker party at Nobu Villa.... (4:52:26): Jared Jaffee catches Brock Wilson using helper app on his phone during Wynn tournament.... (5:12:45): Doug Polk leaves Coinflex after it appears to be broke, Phil Hellmuth & others battling with Doug about the matter.... (6:25:59): Layne Flack inducted to Poker Hall of Fame, less than a year after his death.... (6:31:59): Mikki Mase staked in WSOP event by Spencer Cornelia.... (6:52:01): Update - Lake Mead at extremely low level -- is the southwestern US in danger?

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/26/2022 - Druff Senior

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 322:00

    Topic begins at (0:14:28) mark: Druff returns to WSOP to play his first Seniors event, has a rollercoaster experience.... (1:23:42): Massive scheduling fail wreaks havoc upon Colossus event.... (1:45:45): Daniel Negreanu has major meltdown, throws camera equipment against the wall after bad beat in $250k High Roller.... (2:11:50): Latest WSOP drama: Quadriplegic KL Cleeton versus spoiled Asian chick Kitty Kuo.... (2:46:33): WSOP Cafe closes after players reject its expensive, lousy offerings.... (2:59:03): Coinflex, a stablecoin heavily promoted by Doug Polk, has "paused" withdrawals and may be in serious trouble.... (3:20:59): Druffytime Theater: Major Caesars fail causes Druff's old hotel room to continue to rack up charges.... (4:02:11): Shooting at Fremont Street Experience during fight kills one, injures bystander.... (4:11:29): Two players banned from Deadwood, SC casinos after being caught using fraudulent poker tournament ticket.... (4:17:19): Poker Hall of Fame nominees announced -- when will they fix it?.... (4:39:05): Should you fear immunity-breaking Omicron BA.4/BA.5?.... (4:50:08): Editorial: Roe v Wade overturned, but both sides are to blame for this.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/14/2022 - Tweak a Nipple, Lose Your Job

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 343:42

    Topic begins at (0:18:41) mark: Druff gets COVID at WSOP, despite recent 4th vaccination shot.... (1:00:19): Prior to COVID diagnosis, Druff was struggling at WSOP events.... (1:25:47): Joke nipple massage given to Frank "The Tank" Stepuchin gets masseuse Cintia Amstalden fired, possibly due to Farah Galfond's complaints -- Cintia comes on about 15 minutes in for long interview.... (2:34:37): Daniel Negreanu dealing with false allegations, stalking, and blackmail over past month, involving three different individuals.... (3:31:50): Scott Seiver enters WSOP Flip-n-Go 43 times -- and doesn't cash.... (3:47:03): Nice guys finish last? Accused cheaters/scammers Ali Imsirovic, Jake Schindler, David "CSM" Misicowski, and Nicky Palma all make WSOP final tables.... (3:58:41): Alex Livingston loses bracelet 20 minutes after winning it.... (4:03:03): Dan Bilzerian has separated from GGPoker, bashes them on YouTube show.... (4:45:11): Mikki Mase claims he was almost thrown out of the WSOP while trying to register.... (5:00:25): Admitted former cheat (and onetime PFA Radio guest) Houston Curtis running Live at the Bike these days -- is that a problem?.... (5:13:11): Former NBA star Paul Pierce sued over $180k poker debt.... (5:20:07): Newest Omicron variants seem very cold-like for most adults and kids -- has COVID become like the flu in risk level?

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/06/2022 - Tanks for the Memories

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 260:16

    Topic starts at (0:18:37) mark: PFA hat update.... (0:21:09): Eric Bensamochan and co-counsel get result in motion to deny PayPal's arbitration requirement.... (1:09:07): Druff goes to WSOP, plays O8 and Stud events, gives impression of new venue.... (1:57:55): Major dealer fail in Housewarming WSOP event causes hourlong delay for everyone in middle of event.... (2:11:32): Christoph Vogelsang angers poker world in $25k Heads Up event by massive tanking and obnoxious, face-blocking outfit.... (2:30:39): Phil Hellmuth chooses not to play $100k WSOP High Roller after failing to sell action at 30% markup, blames diarrhea.... (2:36:21): PFA forum member plays O8 event hours before COVID symptoms start, and was highly contagious at the time.... (2:48:46): Lisa Vanderpump does first "Shuffle Up and Deal", uses live dog as card protector.... (3:07:35): Kevmath makes rare error on @WSOP Twitter account, causing some to come back from Housewarming dinner a bit late.... (3:18:05): King's Lounge cashier situation is still a tremendous fail.... (3:29:53): GGPoker runs Women's Championship event, gets mostly men entering, including one of their own pros.... (3:45:40): Druff goes over true and false assumptions about WSOP COVID danger.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/29/2022 - Cory and Encorey

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2022 438:34

    Topic begins at the (0:17:59) mark: PFA Hat update.... (0:29:03): Eric Bensamochan and co-counsel have hearing in Paypal case.... (0:37:08): WSOP bracelet winner Cory Zeidman busted in $25 million sportsbetting tout scheme.... (1:46:00): WSOP about to kick off at Paris and Bally's -- what can we expect?.... (3:08:21): Druffytime Theater: Druff versus Las Vegas apartment management.... (4:22:55): DOJ accusing Steve Wynn of being a foreign agent.... (4:36:27): Caller asks Druff what to do about "bubbly toilet" at Encore Boston.... (4:45:04): MGM Resorts hacked in 2019, 30 million people's records being sold on the dark web.... (4:59:59): Man steals $500,000 MacLaren car from Crown Melbourne valet.... (5:09:49): Texas card room Prime Social accused of cheating involving shufflers.... (5:47:29): Lawsuit revived which alleges Encore Boston Harbor got sweetheart deal on its land purchase, thanks to Massachusetts Gaming.... (6:03:02): Why are more vaccinated people now getting Omicron than unvaccinated in some areas?.... (6:23:13): Editorial: Solution to school gun violence isn't as simple as it might appear.... tradershky co-hosts portions of the show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/22/2022 - Fourth Time's the Charm

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 385:04

    Topic starts at (0:17:37) mark: Update on PFA Hat development.... (0:31:42): Druff takes 4th Pfizer shot -- did he have another bad reaction?.... (0:53:30): Doug Polk starts controversy after criticizing overweight woman on Sports Illustrated cover.... (1:54:20): 2000s/2010s poker pro and 2+2 Todd Terry passes away at 48 from nasty neurological disease.... (2:24:51): Update: Scammer Dan Bekavac finally makes players whole from Midway Poker Tour, following good run in poker.... (2:44:15): Poker author, columnist, and old school figure Bob Ciaffone passes away at 81.... (3:02:21): Druffytime Theater: Druff's transformation into a +EV gambler in the year 2000.... (3:43:49): Update: Photographer Danny Maxwell accuses Brett Butz of PokerPaint of stealing his work yet again.... (4:04:31): "Christopher Bitchell" calls back in.... (4:10:35): MGM Grand Las Vegas $20k Guarantee Tournament is only paying $19,700.... (4:25:57): Alex Harry Jones accused of scamming players in Europe.... (5:09:07): Update: Leading theory in "Lake Mead barrel" murder connects to notorious mob hitman Tony "The Ant" Spilotro.... (5:39:38): Japanese man chunks off entire town's COVID relief money while gambling.... (5:46:21): Is monkeypox the new concern for 2022?

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/14/2022 - Crypto Luna-tics

    Play Episode Listen Later May 15, 2022 289:16

    Topic begins at (0:19:00) mark: PFA News - Get your new PFA hat, Belly Buster resigns as NoFraud Online Poker Room manager.... (0:41:56):Bryn Kenney donates $10k WSOP Main Event seat to well-respected giveaway contest for female players -- is that a problem?.... (1:07:50): Randy Garcia says that Maurice Hawkins still hasn't paid him, despite agreement three years ago... (1:48:30): Druff wins $750 in Betonline blackjack tournament, but finds out bad news when he sees terms of the contest.... (2:15:39): Druffytime Theater: College freshman Druff attempts to ask out a fellow student who works in the cafeteria -- does it work out?.... (2:41:49): Terra/Luna disaster causes major cryptocurrency crash.... (3:27:08): "Christopher Bitchell" calls in with a special offer.... (3:35:23): ACR not letting high stakes player "Rampage" withdraw -- but are they in the right?.... (3:52:09): Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hands out $5000 bonus to all workers.... (4:02:40): Brutal fight breaks out at Hustler Casino over "Yo mama" insult.... (4:11:13): New study comes out regarding 4th COVID vaccine shot.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/05/2022 - Fold Your Hand, Win the Pot

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 414:21

    Topic begins at (0:25:32) mark: Update - Major hearing coming this month involving Paypal money seizure lawsuit.... (0:39:58): Update - Bryn Kenney responds to allegations via weird Pokernews interview.... (2:57:30): Update - Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler supposedly banned from EPT due to Pokerstars ban.... (3:11:18): Crazy high stakes game of YouTube streamers takes place on Hustler Casino Live, but did Hellmuth angle a rec player?.... (4:13:19): WSOP Circuit ring winner Mohammed Moeini murdered at his business over money dispute.... (4:44:26): Phil Ivey suing marijuana company involving failed investment.... (4:58:24): Lake Mead at historic low levels, body found in barrel from early 1980s.... (5:31:27): Fool Me Twice: Adele about to sign new deal to have residency at Caesars-owned Planet Hollywood.... (5:53:15): Editorial: Druff gives his thoughts about likely end of Roe v Wade..... tradershky co-hosts beginning, Brandon co-hosts end.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 04/26/2022 - Crazy Frog

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 419:04

    Topic begins at (0:20:28) mark: Update: ACR Withdrawal Scandal seems to be winding down, but ACR still won't admit to what really happened.... (0:56:50): Alex Foxen makes explosive cheating allegations against Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler.... (1:54:55): Matt the Rat calls in about the Founders Card and the Diamond match with Caesars.... (2:01:05): Major analysis of the Bryn Kenney scandal, where former stakehorse Martin Zamani made allegations of collusion and cult-like atmosphere directed by Bryn.... (4:39:21): Update: All American Dave appears to have taken a large PPP loan in 2020.... (4:52:28): Late 2000s poker short stacker Lorin Yelle killed in wrong-place-wrong-time gas station murder.... (5:08:53): Minnesota poker player Wade Woefel accused of murder after fatal drug overdose of an associate of his.... (5:17:57): National Indian Gaming Association changes name because acronym accidentally spells a racial slur.... (5:22:39): Eric Persson talks trash, tilts Hellmuth at PokerGo Heads Up challenge.... (5:42:57): Update: Weird saga involving Resorts World CEO Scott Sibella and accused scammer Brandon Sattler continues with Gaming investigation.... (6:05:44): Florida judge forces abandoning of mask mandate on airplanes and other mass transit -- was it the right move?.... (6:28:27): Druff gives his feelings on Elon Musk buying Twitter.... tradershky co-hosts for final 2 hours.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 04/14/2022 - Substantial Penalty for Early Withdrawal

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 446:43

    Topic begins at (0:17:30) mark: ACR Withdrawal Theft Scandal heats up after Druff publicly presses the issue on PFA & social media.... (1:37:26): All American Dave closes down due to WSOP decision, can't/won't refund customer balances held from last year.... (2:24:06): Fillippos Liakounakos caught scamming again -- this time he's in jail, and his victim history involves several poker players with past scandals of their own.... (2:51:39): Big fight brewing between Fremont Street Experience "street performers" and city of Las Vegas.... (3:27:59): Update: RobinHood702's bail revoked, free speech rights curtailed in bizarre criminal case.... (4:01:49): Expensive parking could be another tax on WSOP players this year, for the first time ever.... (4:11:29): Druffytime theater: Maintenance man fixes Druff's toilet at Vegas hotel, front desk doesn't believe it ever happened.... (4:41:57): Venture capital firm "First Round" hires Annie Duke as "Special Partner for Decision Science".... (5:23:36): Tristan Wade suspects 3rd place finisher in online WSOP bracelet event was disqualified for cheating.... (5:51:54): Bicycle Casino in southern California sold, will change name soon.... (6:08:10): Update: The Lodge at Hualapi employee, forced to pay back money stolen by serial armed robbers, sues establishment.... (6:24:30): Another shooting at Legends Poker Room in Houston.... (6:30:51): Brandon joins us, we talk again about All American Dave.... (6:53:15): What Would Druff Do -- Possible missing money on GG Poker?.... (6:59:38): Palms to finally reopen on April 27.... (7:09:38): Resorts World to release 100,000 ladybugs on property.... (7:15:03): Steve Wynn update.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/27/2022 - The Withdrawal That Wasn't

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022

    Topic begins at (0:14:41) mark: Q4o-gate! Phil Hellmuth gets everyone talking after calling a big all-in bet with Q4o, but Druff has personal history with him which shows it's happened before.... (1:00:50): Update: Dan Bilzerian maybe not so fired after all.... (1:21:22): WSOP raising pay for its dealers, but how much is out of generosity?.... (1:47:40): ACR player claims a withdrawal was made without his permission. PFA is on the case, with breaking news during the segment.... (2:32:24): Secret of Siam restaurant in Vegas sickens numerous people in Vegas with THC-laced food... (2:38:57): Druffytime theater: How well do you know Druff? Four short stories from his past where YOU can guess what happened.... (3:27:05): Update: Scammer Dan Bekavac, owner of former Midway Poker Tour, wins tournament, vows to pay people back.... (3:49:52): $8 million awarded to Vegas-area casino customer served cleaning solution instead of beer.... (4:23:22): Texas Card House in Dallas gets results of appeal to stay open.... (4:32:09): Couple charged with cheating roulette at Pittsburgh casino.... (4:37:58): What Would Druff Do? PFA listener asks question regarding casino reneging on promised dinner comp.... (5:21:55): Isle Casino in Black Hawk to become "Horseshe Black Hawk", Druff explains his own observations on Black Hawk..... Brandon joins us for the final 4 hours of the show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/19/2022 - Hennigan or Heneghan?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2022

    Topic begins at the (0:14:00) mark: Girl sets up guy on dating site in Vegas, attempts to murder him during sex in retribution for 2020 killing of Iranian general Soleimani.... (0:43:19): High stakes poker player Gal Yifrach charged with illegal slot machine operation, and money laundering at Bicycle Casino.... (1:09:21): Update: Las Vegas Metro Police officer charged with two other casino robberies after being arrested for robbing Rio.... (1:16:53): WSOP releases 2022 schedule, ditches vaccine requirement.... (1:55:56): Dan Bilzerian fired as GGPoker rep, Vanessa Kade follows up with big tournament win.... (2:28:54): Druffytime theater: Druff's weird and sporadic history on terrestrial radio.... (3:38:42): Top Shelf Poker Room in Texas raided, shut down.... (4:02:54): Major hotel planned for south side of Vegas strip, to compete with Cosmo.... (4:25:31): Brandon brings a ton of topics about Las Vegas and Nevada.... (6:25:08): WSOP bracelet winner right after Druff in 2005 arrested for January 6 riot involvement.... (6:47:03): Caesars closes Wyndham status match loophole which allowed people to get perpetual Diamond status in both programs.... (7:10:24): Caller asks Brandon for his expertise on craps and casino comps related to play.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/03/2022 - Ten Years, Thirteen Hours - Part 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022

    Poker Fraud Alert 10th Anniversary Special, Part 2. This show was 13 hours long, so it is being released in two parts. Topic at (0:02:14) mark: Sherif the Scammer from Nigeria makes his triumphant return to PFA Radio.... (0:53:07): Midget comedian Donny Davis found dead in Resorts World hotel room, foul play suspected.... (1:02:03): All American Dave kicked out of the WSOP.... (1:18:52): Belly Buster calls in to say hello and cheerio.... (1:34:12): Poker player Ben Ross kicked out of Texas' Watauga Social Lounge tournament, two from the money, for calling it a "rathole" and objecting to alleged hidden add-on fee.... (1:58:45): VitalVegas claims he heard "Strip casino CEO" was detained for questioning. Could it be related to the weird RobinHood702 / Brandon Sattler mess involving Resorts World?.... (2:42:04): Former co-host Chinamaniac calls in to give a life update.... (3:13:41): The controversial Desertrunner calls in to talk about guns and Nevada governor Steve Sisolak, and listener jsearles also joins in for the remainder of the show.... (3:48:13): Druff recaps the biggest story from each year on PFA, from 2012-2021.... Also featuring co-hosts Brandon "Drexel" Gerson and khalwat during portions of this second part of the show.

    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/02/2022 - Ten Years, Thirteen Hours - Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2022

    Poker Fraud Alert 10th Anniversary Special, Part 1. This show was 13 hours long, so it is being released in two parts. Part 2 should follow in a few days. Early show co-hosts include tradershky, Vintage_One, khalwat, and Nothern California Guy. Timestamp at (0:14:47) mark: Interview with mysterious forum poster "Karen Nathan".... (0:49:46): Attorney Eric Bensamochan gives PayPal class action lawsuit update.... (1:11:26): Onestep makes another indecent proposal to the PFA audience.... (1:17:26): Call from Tyrone from Las Vegas.... (1:48:35): Bart Hanson joins us.... (2:01:56): Ken Scalir joins us.... (2:32:01): Brandon and Daredevil join.... (2:49:27): Nevada governor Steve Sisolak confronted by angry citizen at Mexican restaurant, zero security was present.... (3:43:34): Las Vegas Metro Police officer arrested for robbing Rio sportsbook.... (4:24:27): Matt the Rat joins us.... (4:39:47): Daredevil reveals major life news.... (5:24:29): Northern California guy tells us what he's been up to.... (5:51:55): Interview with Mike Matusow.